Term 1 No 4 - Korokoro School



Term 1 No 4 - Korokoro School
28 March 2013
Dear Parents / Caregivers.
100 km to go…
Next weekend at 6am on April 6, our very own
Frances O’Neil is going to walk the Oxfam
100km Taupo trail. Oxfam is a charity that
focuses on issues such as fair trade, poverty
and famine in the Pacific region. Frances is part
of a group called “!Are we there yet?”. 100 km
is quite a long way to walk, especially when you
don’t plan on sleeping and only have brief toilet
and food stops. Frances is hoping to complete
the entire 100km challenge in 24 hours. Good
luck Frances – it’s going to be a hugely difficult
event – (although I doubt it comes close to the
1000km walk I’ve completed this year in the
small hours of the morning with a crying baby!)
A warm welcome to Claire Tiffen who is our
student teacher in Room 2. Claire is on her first
teaching placement and on behalf of the school
I would like to wish her well. She has already
made an excellent start with her positive,
proactive and friendly contribution to Room 2’s
Term 1 No 4
will no doubt involve the addition of foliage
rather than the subtraction!
Thank you to Noel Shanks and Dene Waters for
their voluntary work in the safe felling and
removal of the dead trees in the school
Wedding bells…
Congratulations to Caine Webster who will
finally be tying the knot with his long time
partner Lisa on April 6. On behalf of our
community, I wish both Caine and Lisa well on
their wedding day.
Yesterday was a great day of Athletics. It was
neat to see so many kids in their class colours
trying their best in all the events. It was also
very gratifying to have so many family members
in attendance. Thank you for your continued
support. I extend my sincere thanks to Caine
Webster for his work in organizing the event.
Caine does a great job with our various school
sport programmes and the level of work
required to make these events happen should
not be underestimated.
The article about me in this week’s Petone
Herald is an excellent example of dubious
journalism. The editor decided to focus on none
of the educational issues that we discussed,
instead focusing on some miscellaneous and
briefly mentioned background on me.
Speaking of being misquoted…some students
have somehow concluded that I intend on
chopping down all the trees in the school? This
seems to have come about through the removal
of two dead trees in the past week. I can assure
you that I do not have a secret tree removal
agenda! and any future landscaping projects
Sarah Bagley “defies gravity”
heads filled with flour with each one individually
decorated. Room 4 made the decorated Easter
baskets. Thank you guys!
Annie-Mae van Krimpen booked a car boot via
her mum and painted fingernails raising $70.00
which she donated to the school. Thank you
The overall profit was $2,800 which was more
than double last year’s effort so we are heading
in the right direction.
A big thank you to the following people:•
Brandon Christensen “UFO spotted”
Grace Newman-Holt “high flyer”
School Gala & Car Boot Sale
The school gala was a wonderful community
event and I thank the members of the Home
and School for their dedication and hard work in
putting it together.
A message from Fiona Gullery – Home &
The school gala and car boot sale was held on
Saturday 16th March and we were extremely
lucky that the rain stayed away until the
Sunday. There was a nice community
atmosphere again, like last year, and everyone
appeared to have a good time.
Room 4 and 5 had their own stalls and raised
an awesome $118.00. Room 5 made balloon
Fran MacDonald (Concept Sign &
Display) - signage
Alex Gibb (ReMax Leaders) – signage
Shelley Wright – bread
Shelleene Eksteen (Professionals) - free
trestle tables and $200 donation
Maungaraki Community Centre (Daryl
Hopkins) – trestle tables + delivery
Normandale School – Trestle tables
Simon Annear – trestle table pick
up/drop off
Andi Hulse – Face painting - $30 to
Tattitude – temporary tattoo man - $50 to
Hot Rod/Vertical Bungee (Event Hire) $50 to school
Leonie Poynter – cakes stall
Tyshia Gillies – huge amount of fudge
Tonia & Graeme Joy – Placemakers
barbecue trailer & raffle prizes
Marrice Fraei – raffle ticket selling
Room 4 – Easter baskets
Room 5 – balloon/flour heads
Lorna & Iain Suter – Expresso Revival
(coffee) $50 to school
Lisa Bagley, Frances Austin, Nicole
Bannister – White Elephant stall
Carla, Hamish & Maureen Mosley,
Vivienne Findlay, Jan Godfrey, Sarah
Clifton, Rachelle Sickles, Vanessa
Rhodes, Rochelle and Shayne Williams
(parent help)
Emily Keddell – poster design and flyer
Melissa Lilley, Karen Houghton – flyer
Annie-Mae van Krimpen donated $70
from painting nails out of mum’s car boot
Chrissie Slade - $12 from sale of doll’s
All the people who donated baking and
white elephant items
Also a big thank you to everyone who came,
spent money, booked a car boot or a stall, and
anyone else who we may have missed out but
helped with this event.
And lastly, thanks to the Home & School team
who are:- Fiona Gullery, Alex Noonan, Leesa
McKendrick, Catherine Green, Tonia Joy, Deb
Green, Fiona Knott, Alice Cleland.
Voting papers sent by:
Voting closes:
Votes counted:
Board takes office:
21 May 2013
Noon 30 May 2013
5 June 2013
6 June 2013
More information about being a Board member
is available on the NZ School Trustees
Association website www.nzsta.org.nz or you
can talk to current Board members about their
You can also come along to our Board
meetings to find out more about what we do.
Our next meeting is on Tuesday 9 April 2013 at
Current Board of Trustees:
Elected Parent Trustees
2013 Board of Trustee Elections
The 2013 elections are being run by the NZ
School Trustees Association in partnership with
the Ministry of Education.
Parents and caregivers of our students and
interested members of the public are all eligible
to stand for nomination to the Board.
Grant Reese (Chairperson)
[email protected]
Peter Scanlan
[email protected]
Mark Gullery
[email protected]
Megan Fink
[email protected]
Elections will be held for five elected parent
representatives on 30 May 2013. Nominations
close on 16 May 2013. Nomination forms will be
posted to all parents and immediate caregivers
and will also be available at the School Office or
on this site from 15 April 2013.
Martin Hookham
[email protected]
The elections are an opportunity for the
community to reflect on the skills, knowledge
and values needed to represent our school,
students and community.
Board Secretary
Jan Twort
[email protected]
This is the time to consider who would make an
ideal trustee for the next three years.
Have a relaxing long weekend. See you back at
school on Wednesday 3 April.
The timeline for our election is:
Nomination forms posted to all parents and
15 April 2013
Nominations close:
16 May 2013
Staff Representative
(To be confirmed)
Martin Hookham
Email: [email protected]
these camps are as follows:
Kids Domain
We are now taking enrolments for the April
School Holiday Programme
Cost from $25 per day
Work and Income Subsidies available
Activities: Laserforce Wellington, Naenae Pool,
Mini Golf etc
Ph: 5266398 or 027 4749573
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.kidsdomain.biz
Rachel McNabb
Holiday Programme For Primary School
Supported by HVTA
Dates: Monday 29 April, Tuesday 30 April
and Wednesday 1 May, 2013. (wet or fine)
Venue: Mitchell Park (Mitchell Street, Lower
Timetable: 9.00am-10.00 am- Girls from 5-8
years old
10.00am-11.00 am- Boys from 5-8 years old
11.00am-12.00 noon- Girls from 9 years +
1.00pm-2.00 pmBoys from 9 years +
Cost: $32-00 for the 3 days. Money to be paid
on the first day.
Registration: Contact Gary Nelson –Ph.
5897178 or Email - [email protected]
By—Monday 22 April, 2013.
EARLY ENROLMENT is advised as this
programme is very popular and the first 12
enrolments in each age group will be
Lake Taupo Christian Camp
Hi there. Here at Lake Taupo Christian Camp
we are running two Kids Camps these April
holidays, there will be one camp here at Lake
Taupo Christian Camp and one at Lake
Whakamaru Christian Camp. The dates for
Lake Whakamaru Christian Camp: 22nd – 26th
Lake Taupo Christian Camp: 29th April – 3rd
Age: 7 – 13 years
Cost: $155
For the week of camp we provide a week of fun
and entertainment in a safe and secure
environment. We would appreciate your help in
advertising our camps to the children that
attend your school. I have attached our flyer,
which we would love you to put up somewhere
in your office, our registration forms, which you
can print out and give to some of your children
if they are interested, and a small extract which
could go in your school newsletter. Children
that attend our camps benefit from the time they
spend with us, as we provide them with a
positive experience.
Thank you very much for your support in this,
and if you need any more information, please
feel free to get in contact with us. You can reply
to this email, check out our website,
www.ltcc.org.nz or www.lwcamp.com, or ring us
here at camp on 073867967.
Jessica Parker
Ministry Co-ordinator
Lake Taupo Christian Camp
Lake Whakamaru Christian Camp
Ruapehu Christian Camp
100 Rawhira Road R.D.2 Tuarangi
P (07) 386 7967
F (07) 386 0169
M 0275895900
E [email protected]
OSCAR House Holiday Programme enrolments
are now
upcoming school holidays. We have some
exciting trips planned including trips to Percy’s
Reserve, Swimming, Movies and Roller
Skating. We have been operating since 1998
and are a reliable, fun, quality after school care
and holiday programme. We are an OSCAR
approved programme and WINZ subsidies are
Our programmes are held at Epuni School,
Waiwhetu for the Junior Programme for Years
0-3 and at 34A Pretoria Street, Lower Hutt for
the Senior Programme for Years 3-6 (some
discretion in Year 3) and we welcome new
families. Dalena is happy to answer any
queries on 566 0833 or 027 551 1040 or
contact [email protected] and you will
be forwarded a programme plan and an
enrolment form. Enrolments open now.
Dalena Wallace & Kelsey Arthur
Managers of OSCAR House
[email protected] - for enrolments
Dalena 027 551 1040 566 0833
[email protected]
for fee matters Kelsey 565 3141 evenings
Lower Hutt
939 0884
The YMCA provides fantastic holiday
programme options over the summer holidays.
We know it can be a challenge to ensure your
kids stay entertained throughout the holidays.
The YMCA is here to help by keeping your kids
busy with a range of experiences for children of
From day trips around the city to arts and crafts
projects, from sports competitions and outdoor
games to week long holiday camps, we’ve got
you covered! Our day programmes operate
from 11 locations around the Greater
Wellington Region. Holiday Camps run all week
long from the picturesque Camp Kaitoke and
offers your child a chance to experience
independence, self-reliance and the opportunity
to make great friends.
Visit your local YMCA Branch for more
www.ymcawellington.org.nz and book online
Prices start from $27
Programmes for children aged 5-15
years - WINZ Subsidies available
Sims |
Coordinator YMCA
Inc Head Office ( 04 568 3252 ext 804 | ( 027
[email protected]
: www.ymcawellington.org.nz

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