09-10 issue 1 page 1 - Coweta County Schools



09-10 issue 1 page 1 - Coweta County Schools
Smokey Road Middle School
965 Smokey Road • Newnan, GA 30263 • 770-254-2840 • www.cowetaschools.org/srms
SouthTowne Citizenship Winners
Alex Cantrell | Samantha Dunsmore | Shereka Bell
Jocelyn Revell | Terrell Newson
SouthTowne Academic Winners
Troy Lewis | Kassi Carter | Noah Bridges
Arden Jobe | Geoffery Mathais
Gabi White | Trevor Sawyers
Jasmine Brewster | Eric Bounasis
Ciara Davis | Josh Hill | T. J. Stewart
Issue #2
October 2009
Principally Speaking . . .
Dr. Laurie Barron, Principal
We have concluded our first nine weeks at Smokey Road! I encourage
you to continue to be actively involved in your child’s education. School
Council Meetings are open to the public, and all parents are invited to
attend. Staying involved and communicating with your child’s teachers
will help to ensure that your child is successful. Also, please note that
parents have the right to request the professional qualifications of their
children’s teachers and paraprofessionals. If you would like this information, please contact me. Listed below are several ways to stay involved
with your child and with Smokey Road Middle School:
Smokey Road
Monthly Grade Reports and Monthly Newsletters
Progress Reports/Newsletter
Report Cards/Newsletters
Wednesday, September 16, 2009
Thursday, October 15, 2009
Friday, November 20, 2009
Friday, January 15, 2010
Friday, February 12, 2010
Wednesday, March 24, 2010
Friday, April 30, 2010
Friday, June 4, 2010
Quarterly School Council Meetings 9:00 a.m.
Wednesday, September 16
Wednesday, March 17
Wednesday, November 18
Wednesday, May 19
Wednesday, January 20
Extra Curricular and Athletic Events
See Student Agenda, School Website, or Monthly Newsletter
Oct 16/19
Oct 22
Oct 26-30
Oct 28
Oct 30
Nov 6
Nov 11
Nov 12
PTO Meeting
Book Fair
Red Ribbon Assembly
Veterans Day Program
Band Concert
Band Parent Association
8:30 am
8:45 am
8:45 am
5:30 pm
6:30 pm
band room
Soccer pre-season trournament
Girls Soccer - vs. AMS (home)
Boys Soccer - @ AMS
Citizenship Award: Teachers choose five students each month based on outstanding
citizenship. These students receive a trip to Golden Corral during lunch courtesy of
SouthTowne Motors.
Academic Award: Each Team chooses two students each nine weeks based on
excellent grades, cooperation, motivation, enthusiasm, and team work. These students
receive lunch on campus courtesy of SouthTowne Motors.
Attendance Award: All students who have no absences, no tardies, and no check outs
for the entire nine weeks receive donuts and juice for breakfast courtesy of SouthTowne Motors.
Athletic Award: Coaches choose one student-athlete per active sport each nine weeks
based on skill, sportsmanship, enthusiasm, team spirit, cooperation, and participation.
These students receive a gift certificate courtesy of SouthTowne Motors.
Oct 20
Oct 22
Oct 22
Also, we are excited that we are able to continue with our SouthTowne Student
Recognition Program this year. Our goal is to recognize students in all areas that are
important to a student’s overall success. Each month, we recognize students for
excellence in Citizenship, Academics, Attendance, and Athletics. These recognitions
are sponsored by Steve Mader and SouthTowne Motors, one of our school council
business partners. These awards are listed below:
cont. on page 2
Thank you again for your support as we are Striving to Reach and Motivate Students
at Smokey Road Middle School.
Laurie Barron, Ed.D.
Striving to Reach and Motivate Students
Wildcat Watch - Page 2
Beta News
Sponsors: Loree Stapp, Greg Cook, Tim Hixson, & Katie Davis
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the faculty
and students at SRMS for helping raise over $380.00 for Cystic
Fibrosis. The Beta Club is donating this money in honor of
Thomas Broadwater who lost his battle with Cystic Fibrosis this
summer. He would have been a senior at Northgate High School.
Again, thank-you for supporting this cause.
Beta Convention is around the corner, Nov. 19-20th in Macon,
GA. We are looking forward to this event where the talent at
SRMS competes with the talents from other schools in GA.
Remember, we are meeting every Thursday from now until Nov
12th, from 3:45-4:30 to work on the group entries.
The Beta Club would like to remind everyone to show a sign of
leadership by encouraging the heart of those you come in contact
with. The students were able to exhibit this behavior “hands on” at
our last meeting by making get well cards for someone that has
helped make the Beta convention happen over the past years.
They were able to lift up this person through his time of chemo.
Smokey Road’s Art Club for the 2009-2010 school is off to a
creative start! The Art Club this year is responsible for setting up
hall displays, the end of the year art show, and Expo Night. These
students will also participate in a cookie decorating contest,
sidewalk chalk contest, designing beautiful clay sculptures, and so
much more. I am looking forward to a wonderful year with 33 very
talented and excited students. If you would like to see photos of
different meetings and their beautiful works of art, you can find
them on the Smokey Road website.
Southtowne Motors of Newnan
SRMS Business Partner
of Carrollton
Let us all remember the wonderful “Merry
Anne the Librarian,” Mrs. Anne Powell,
who built this wonderful collection with
her years of service. She is greatly
Our Fall Book Fair is this month, Oct.
October 12-30
Girls Soccer - @ MMS
Boys Soccer - vs. MMS (home)
Girls Soccer - vs. LMS (home)
Boys Soccer - @ LMS
Girls Soccer - vs. ECMS (home)
Boys Soccer - vs. ECMS (home)
Girls Soccer - @ EMS
Boys Soccer - vs. EMS (home)
Girls Soccer - @ AMS
Boys Soccer - vs. AMS (home)
Girls Soccer - vs. MMS (home)
Boys Soccer - @ MMS
Girls Soccer - @ LMS
Boys Soccer - vs. LMS (home)
SRMS Business Partners
Whitney Garner
Mechanical Pencils
Report Covers
Poster Board
Page Dividers
Oct 23
Oct 23
Oct 27
Oct 27
Oct 30
Oct 30
Nov 2
Nov 2
Nov 6
Nov 6
Nov 9
Nov 9
Nov 13
Nov 13
Parents, if you are interested in
volunteering, please email me:
[email protected]
Thank you to all who signed up to be a
Media Center PAGE. Over 60 people
Please keep up with due dates. Any fine of
$0.50 or more will keep you from
participating in the fun extracurricular
Open Referral Period for REACH tests. Referral forms
may be picked up in the front office.
Striving to Reach and Motivate Students
Wildcat Watch - Page 3
Student Government Association
Extra-Curricular Chorus Activities
Karla Wilson
Denise Meacham, Choral Director
The Student Government Association recently held elections. All
students who campaigned and ran for office exhibited qualities of great
leaders! Congratulations to our new SGA Officers for 2009-2010
school year!
Mindy Griffith, President
Savanna Young, Vice-President
Mackenzie Sibley, Secretary
Jacobi Jones, Treasurer
Our annual can-a-thon kicked off on Monday, September 28. Homerooms and administrative teams are competing to bring in the most
cans! So start sending in your cans and/or monetary donations today
for this worthy cause! Our Can-a-thon Charity dance will be held in
November, with all proceeds going to the can-a-thon.
We have 37 active members this year and are looking forward to
working closely with the students to enhance the civic life of our
school community. If you have any suggestions or ideas on how we can
better serve our student body and members of the community, please
see one of your SGA representatives or sponsors.
Students, faculty, and staff will participate in a “Pink Day” in support of
one of our staff members, Ms. Sheron Duffey, who is currently fighting
cancer. Everyone will be encouraged to wear pink, which symbolizes
cancer awareness. Smokey Road will also use this day to honor the
memory of Mrs. Anne Powell, our former librarian, who recently lost
her battle to cancer as well as other friends, faculty, and staff that are
currently fighting cancer, have defeated cancer, or have lost their battle
to cancer. Relay for Life is an important charity at Smokey Road, and
as a school, we will continue to strive to find a cure and support this
worthy cause throughout the school year.
Chorus students have been busily preparing for several extra-curricular
activities. Three students represented Smokey Road at the Spivey Hall
Treble Honor Choir this year. 7th grader Kaylee Wagstaff and 8th
graders Anne Jarrett and Savannah Ohliger performed at Spivey Hall
on Saturday, October 3rd. They also participated in rehearsals on Sept.
26th, Oct. 1st, and Oct. 2nd. Coweta County sends a total of 8 middle
school students to this event each year, and three were from Smokey
Thirteen students prepared for the first round of All-State Chorus
auditions. These auditions were held at Dutchtown Middle School on
Saturday, October 10th. 7th graders Harrision Brown, Gerri Cates,
Evelin Guzman, Morgan Meacham, Clarke Pike and 8th graders
Michaela Bell, Brittney Carroll, Anne Jarrett, Savannah Ohliger, Rachel
Starnes, TJ Stewart, Marilyn White, and Chase Worthey prepared
memorized solos, performed three a capella scales, and participated in
tonal memory and sight reading exercises. Students will be notified
about second round participation in early November.
Auditions for district Honor Chorus were held in late September, and
the following students will represent Smokey Road at the District
Honor Chorus held in Clayton County on November 13-14. 7th
graders Harrison Brown, Gerri Cates, Morgan Meacham, Heather
Thompson and 8th graders Michaela Bell, Rebecca Cowan, Cody Davis,
Autumn Godfrey, Jessica Garrett, Anne Jarrett, Dao Khamsay, Savannah Ohliger, Luke Skinner, TJ Stewart, Casey Wallace, Marilyn White,
and Chase Worthey will represent Smokey Road’s chorus program.
Each school is limited to a total of 17 singers for this event. If a school
does not use its full allotment, alternates are chosen to go in their place.
District Honor Chorus alternates from Smokey Road are 7th graders
Evelin Guzman, Austin Ohliger, Clarke Pike and 8th graders Madision
Cole, Shay Owens, and Casey Tillery.
Smokey Road would like to thank Patti Griffith (The Schoolbox) for
donating the paper used for flyers for Pink Day!
Sponsors: Janice Chestnut
Matt Hauert
Karla Wilson
Transportation changes cannot be made
over the telephone. They must be faxed
or emailed. There will be no exceptions.
(770) 304-5933
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
TIP Line 24/7
770-253-2324 1-800-SAY-STOP
School Safety Mission: To provide a safe and secure
school environment conducive to learning with the cooperation of students, parents, teachers, school administrators, and the community.
If you have a suspicion of drugs, weapons, or violence at
Smokey Road Middle School, we urge you to speak with an
administrator, school counselor, or school resource officer
or to anonymously call the phone numbers above.
Striving to Reach and Motivate Students
Wildcat Watch - Page 4
Wildcat Watch - Published regularly by Smokey Road PTO 2009/10 Editor, Joel Satterfield. Please send comments to: in[email protected]
Smokey Road Middle School
965 Smokey Road
Newnan, GA 30263
Principal: Dr. Laurie Barron
Asst. Principals: Aaron Corley & Maurice Brown
Councilora: Edna Bridges & Dr. Judy Barington
Striving to
Reach &