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State Grange News - Massachusetts State Grange
State Grange News
March, 2012
Volume 53 No.3
The official publication of the Massachusetts State Grange
Regional Meetings Coming Up
Inside This Issue
11, 14
Grange News
Ag Day Info
During the next couple of months, regional meetings are
being held throughout the state. If you have never been to a
regional meeting, they can provide a wealth of information
about Grange ritual, proper procedure, officers duties, and so
much more. It is a great time for Grangers to make connections with other Grangers in their regions. State Master Matthew Johnson will be conducting the question and answer portion of the meeting. Check page 19 for the date of your region’s meeting and additional information.
Specials Inside This Issue
There is a lot happening this month and the committees
have been busy getting out information. There are pages that
can be printed out as posters to publicize the Talent/Sign-ASong/Public Speaking/Bake off contests, Ag Day at the State
house and Ag Youth Day in May. The Agriculture Committee
has also submitted the contest coloring pictures. There are 3
age groups and the pictures are labeled. To print the newsletter without the coloring pages, and the Ag posters, when you
go to the printer window, select pages and then put in the number of the pages you want to print. The printer will only print
the designated pages.
There is a poster for Homesteading workshops in New
Braintree. And the Youth committee provided information on
upcoming contests. Youth: take note! The Youth Drill team is
being started and a rehearsal date has been set.
With all this information….
State Grange News
Page 2
From the Editor’s Desk…..
Wow! Do we have news this month! Lots of great things
coming up! Regional meetings, talent contest, sign-a-song
contest, bake-off., Ag Day at the State House, and Ag Youth
I had a lot more Granges confirm their meetings this
month, and from what I can see, there are some “dynamite”
programs out there. Check the listings and set up your
Grange visiting schedule now. A special thank you to those
who took the time to send their Grange meeting information in.
The regional meeting calendar is in this issue. It is important to make an effort to attend your region’s meeting.
“ A special
thank you to
those of you
who took the
time to send
their Grange
information in.”
Make sure you check out the Youth Program contests
listed in this months SGN, as well as information on the Home
and Community Committee’s bake off contest. Put the April
29th date on your calendar and attend the State Grange talent
contest, sign-a-song contest, and the bake off, which are all
held on that day!
The Agriculture and Environment Committee has noted
upcoming contests and one key change to the display contest.
Make sure you put the State Ag Day on your calendar.
See you on the Grange circuit!
Massachusetts State Grange Inc.
Executive Editor
Board of Management
Kathleen M. Peterson, Chairman
Mary J. Jordan, Vice Chairman
Scott Davis Calvin Chase Alicia L. Brazie
Randall L. Vaill George Thomas
Advertising from Grange affiliates, news items and photos solicited. Deadline is the
15th of each month to the Executive Editor. Advertising rate: $5 per column inch.
Email: [email protected]
Webmaster: Jason Gregory
State Grange News
Page 3
From the Master’s Office
As I sit and write this column, I have just returned from the
park with Brett. We were out taking batting practice, fielding
ground balls, and shagging flies. We talked on the way over to
the softball field about how last year the fields were under several feet of snow and we didn’t know if it would be melted by
the time the season started. Today it was fifty degrees, beautiful blue sky, and it’s the middle of February. I could get used to
this type of a winter. Since my last column, things have been
pretty busy at my desk in Haverhill. It seems that some
Granges take this time to plan for the upcoming year and to get
their programs in line and prepare for the season ahead.
Most of you should have heard that regional meetings are
coming back! This is your chance to view the opening and closing of the Grange. In some cases, the draping of the Charter,
flag presentation, and balloting for candidates. There will also
be a question and answer period when I’ll answer questions. I
hope that all Granges send representatives to this important
meeting and I strongly encourage new members and officers to
attend. I have been a Grange member for 27 years and I am
still learning new things all the time. Check the State Grange
News and the website for further information and dates.
Speaking of the website. Have you had a chance to check it
out lately? A big Thank You to Jason Gregory for over-hauling
the website. It was indeed a lot of work and there are still a few
tweaks to be made. I believe the new layout of the State
Grange News and the website show that the Massachusetts
State Grange is willing to change with the times and look toward the future.
Between now and the next State Grange News, I will have
the opportunity to attend the Middlesex County 4-H Program in
Westford on February 25th. The State Grange voted at our annual session to donate money to support both the 4-H and the
Massachusetts FFA. These two organizations, chock full of
youth and enthusiasm, are perfect for us to partner with. They
have the same ideals as we do, the same belief in community
service, and the same roots in agriculture. We would be remiss
to just dismiss them and not take advantage of the opportunity
“I hope that all
Granges send
to this important
meeting and I
encourage new
members and
officers to
continued next page
State Grange News
We need to stop
out of our halls
and meeting
places and into
the community.
We have to find
our niche.”
Page 4
to work with these organizations. The days of Granges sitting
back and waiting for people to come to them are long past. We
need to step out of our halls and meeting places and into the
community. We have to find our niche. Our place. We hear stories from our 50 plus year members about what the Grange
“used to do”. We hear of all the grand deeds the Granges
“used to do” as we hear Secretaries read the history of the
Grange at 100 year anniversaries. Is that what we want our
legacy to be? The Grange has a deep, rich history of agricultural and community involvement. Let us use that history, our
ideals and teachings, and become Granges that “DO NOW”!
Partner with other organizations. Make meetings enjoyable,
entertaining, beneficial, and meaningful. We have made
changes at the State Grange level. Recommendations were
passed and accepted by the delegate body at State Grange
Session to help give Granges the framework and ideas to
grow. My Grange is worth the extra effort. Is yours?
Chaplain’s Message
How much technology is too much? Are we currently using too many of these fascinating new gadgets? Are there simply too many of them at our disposal? Sometimes, the world is
so fascinated with the next new item available for our technological yearnings and desires, that it is possible to become
bored with the same old thing we have been using for the past
two weeks! In addition to that, it is likely that by the time we actually figure out how to use all the functions of these shiny toys,
there is a new model available and it has even more bells and
whistles than the previous model.
Take computers for example. I could choose to purchase
a new computer, because the operating system I use is no
longer supported by Windows. So, out come all the sale flyers
from the Sunday paper and I'm off and running, looking at all
the fancy new computers with all of the newest options that are
available. I research the different brands that are on sale now,
because the brand I had before is no longer available. Then, I
State Grange News
Page 5
go to the store to purchase one and find that it is currently out
of stock. The store clerk tells me that it is due in on the truck
next week, but the sale price will not be honored on that item
at that time.
Of course not, why would it be? So, I ask him where else
I could go to get one. I really want that particular one because
of all the time I have invested already and I really don't want to
start all over again. Then I begin calling the other stores and
suddenly I find the exact one I want and drive to the store to
get one. Then, after bringing it home it sits on the counter for
the day, until I can find a twelve year old who can start it up.
So goes the cycle and I'm sure that by now, there are news reports being formed about the newest technology for computers
that will make life much easier - and faster. Sending an email
to the State Master will be even easier than it has been, except
that the function to do that is not supported by my brand new
computer - because it is too old! Ugh!
"Smart phones" are equally as fast changing. Imagine
yourself trying to stay on top of the latest technology of the
swiftest evolving piece of technology today. Beginning with
Blackberry, techno-savvy consumers have been lining up for
decades to be one of the first to have one of these elegant
new cell-phones. Not only can I call someone, I can text, send
pictures, emails, check the score of the game, record a message, and take notes about the seminar that I'm currently attending, right from the little device in my hand! With these new
smart phones, it is possible to perform almost any task, right
from the phone. The phones today almost know what you want
to do before you do, and the phone is planning the task before
being asked to do it.
So, now we can text, email, take pictures, send pictures,
search the web, post videos to Face Book, listen to music, or
even talk directly to someone faster than before on the nicest
shiny new phone we've ever had. If only it wasn't so big. And
it's so heavy!
Then it happens. Here comes the brand new model. It
does all the same things and more, and guess what? It's
lighter than before. It's smaller and sleeker than before. And
what color do you want? Persimmon? No problem! Technologi-
“Then, after
bringing it
home, it sits on
the counter for
the day, until I
can find a
twelve year old
who can start it
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State Grange News
“Let’s never forget
that the best way
to talk with God is
down on our
knees….we cannot send him an
him is not an option.”
Page 6
cal choices are more abundant than ever and it seems there is
a never ending supply of something we don't have, but we
know we need it.
Let's never forget that the best way to talk with God is
down on our knees. He doesn't have a computer so we cannot
send him an email. He doesn't use one of those smart phones,
so texting him is not an option. He does hear us however, and
although we may not always recognize his answer, the answer
is there if we look for it. And remember - there isn't an app for
that! Amen.
Randy Belseth
From the Lecturer’s Desk
To participate
or attend the
State Grange
Talent Contest
April 29th
1:00 PM
Mark your
July 30th thru
Aug. 2nd
Rivier College
Nashua, NH
If the winter continues with the gentle touch we’ve witnessed over the last few months, then March will surely come
in as a lamb. Looking forward to the official arrival of the
spring season brings thoughts of increased outdoor activities –
yard work, gardening, long walks or hikes, visiting neighboring
Granges, and participating in events sponsored by the State
There is nothing more heartwarming to a Lecturer than
having a large attendance to join in his/her program. Quarterly
reports from Subordinate Lecturers and monthly reports from
Pomona Lecturers show the fine programming that exists
across Massachusetts. Thank you for getting those reports to
me in a timely manner. I also appreciate receiving the detailed
program ideas that can be passed along to other Lecturers
through my quarterly bulletins.
Have you planned to enter the State Talent Contest on
April 29th? Since there is no limit on the number of people in
an act, do you want to ask someone to join you? Please let
me know in which category you will be entering. Prizes will be
awarded for adults, juniors up to age 9 and juniors ages 10
and over in three categories: vocal, instrumental, and variety.
In addition to performers, I look forward to many people in the
audience at the Boylston Town House, 599 Main Street, Boylston. (Please note: address incorrect in last month’s issue.)
State Grange News
Page 7
Let’s Meet….. the Lecturer of Laurel Grange #161
Jacalyn Carter especially loves being Lecturer. Her favorite programs are the ones that make you think “outside the
box.” In her seventh year as Lecturer, she continues to provide
opportunities to stimulate that kind of thinking in her fellow
Spending time with her husband, Peter, and their 4-yearold son, George, reading books, and working as an afterschool
teacher at the YWCA of Newburyport are among Jackie’s favorite things to do. To complete the lists of favorites, she says
she wears any color except yellow and pink, eats any kind of
beans, and anticipates the excitement of Halloween each year.
In addition to her involvement in the Subordinate Grange,
Jackie is also on the Executive Committee of Heritage Pomona
and serves on the State Home and Community Service Committee. In commenting on the personal impact of the Grange,
Jackie concludes, “I have enjoyed what the Grange has taught
Update on the Lecturer’s traveling animals…..
I caught up with Woody Woodchuck in Whately at a Connecticut Valley Pomona meeting. He was enjoying the interesting information about the butterflies at the Magic Wings Conservatory until, the speaker, Kathy Fiore, introduced OJ, the lizard that resides at the conservatory. I’m not sure who was
more afraid of the face-to-face encounter – OJ or Woody!
Gordie Ram continues his trek around the Central Area.
Most recently, he played “Apples to Apples” at Central Community Grange and was presented a Junior Grange member pin
at Central Community Jr. Grange.
Looking ahead …..
Grange month is just around the corner. Congratulations
to those Granges that annually invite the public into their halls
as part of a Grange month activity! National Grange designates April as a time “to promote the Grange in your community, to encourage people to think about the Grange as a community-oriented organization, and to invite non-members to join
in our efforts. It is also a time to revitalize an interest in the
Grange among those members who may not be attending
Now that Woody
and Gordie have
been found, we
wonder what
Bessie Cow and
Dutch Bunny are
up to.
Continued next page
State Grange News
Page 8
meetings on a regular basis.” This year, National Grange
urges Subordinate Granges to hold an open house and award
ceremony. Lecturers can play a key role in planning such an
event. The Community Citizen Award is presented by a Subordinate/Community Grange to a nonmember, individual or group
in your community for his/her/their outstanding achievements
in your community. Similarly, a Pomona Grange can present
the Award for Public Service to a member or non-member, following the same criteria. These awards are available from National Grange Headquarters, 1616 H Street, N.W., Washington,
DC 20006-4999 or on-line at Presenting
membership awards for years of service would make an appropriate addition to your event. Of course, top off the awards
ceremony with a good program, incorporating some of the elements of RIME: recreation, information, music, and entertainment.
My Lecturer’s Coordinating Committee will be meeting
this month to work on the Massachusetts program to be presented at the NE Lecturers’ Conference at Rivier College in
Nashua, NH. The conference will be held July 30th – August
2nd. The theme is “Beyond the Earth.” I welcome any ideas or
suggestions as well as volunteers to participate in our program
on the planets. More information will be available next month.
Until next time…..
Janet Segur
Woody the wood
chuck isn’t quite
sure about OJ the
lizard. He’s never
seen a lizard
before. “Hey, wait
a minute….I didn’t
say I wanted to
hold him!”
State Grange News
Page 9
State Grange News
Page 10
Agricultural and Environment
The Agricultural and Environment Committee has lots of
news to share with you. As there are only six members on the
committee we will be using the State Grange News and website to distribute information as much as possible.
See ALERT box for NEW information on Exhibit contest.
The coloring, drawing, and photo contests will continue
unchanged. Coloring sheets can be found in this issue and on
the website. Please make sure that each entry has the child’s
name, age, and sponsoring Grange on the back. Remember it
is open to non-members as well, so encourage children who
don’t belong to Grange to enter.
Although we will not be selecting a specific project as we
have in the past, we will be supporting Heifer Project. The raffle is back and Marjorie Shea is spearheading this endeavor.
Tickets will be available from Deputies and our committee. Donations will also be accepted.
Information on the Gladiolas Bulb sale will be coming in
the April SGN
Our BIG endeavor this year is to sponsor an Ag Youth
Day at the University of Massachusetts South Deerfield Research Farm on May 12. The day will start at 9:30 a.m. and
continue until 3:30 p.m. It is open to all Youth between the
ages of 10 and 20. Participants will split into 4 groups and rotate through 4 workshops consisting of Animal I.D., Animal
care, planting and tractor wars. We are doing this in collaboration with the Massachusetts FFA and 4-H. A copy of the poster
is in this SGN and we ask for any help advertising this project.
An important date coming up is April 3, which will be AG
day at the Statehouse. This is the day that we get to show and
tell our legislators how important Agriculture is in our state.
Check the last page of this newsletter for schedule of that day.
Contact Mary Jordan and she can have a nametag preprinted
for you.
We will also be having a booth at the Mass 4-H
Blue Ribbon calf sale on May 24. Watch for updates and more
news next month.
Peter Carter
State Agriculture and Environment Committee
All A & E committee
contests can be
found on pages 2 &
3 of the Massachusetts State Grange
Program handbook.
We have
changed our Ag
exhibit contest.
We love to see
Granges continue
to display exhibits
in public places,
however, we want
to have bragging
contests at State
Keep track of what
your Grange’s agricultural activities
are throughout the
year and tell us
about them in a
display at State
State Grange News
Page 11
Massachusetts Youth Drill Team Rehearsal
A rehearsal of the Massachusetts Youth Drill Team will
be held on March 18, 2012 at 2:00 PM at the Dunstable Town
Hall, Main Street in Dunstable. ANYONE that is in the youth
group of 14-35 years of age, that would like to join, please
come that day.
The competition will be in July at the North East Youth
Conference. Any questions please call or email Lisa Johnson
at 978-372-8845 or [email protected]
This is a great opportunity for new youth members to
know other youth and have a fun time.
From the Home & Community Service Director
“I would like to
invite you to
participate in the
bake-off contest
on Sunday, April
29th at the
Boylston Town
House. It is open
to Grange
members and
non-members. …
Adults - a yeast
bread and a
coffee cake;
Juniors - frosted
yellow cupcakes.”
continued next page
Happy March! Spring is right around the corner and
many Grange activities are quickly approaching.
I would like to invite you to participate in the bake-off
contest on Sunday, April 29th at the Boylston Town House. It is
open to Grange members and non-members. The contest begins at 1:00 and we request that you have your entries there
by 12:30. Categories are: Adults - a yeast bread and a coffee
cake; Juniors - frosted yellow cupcakes. Please refer to the
program handbook for rules and a copy of the entry form. The
judging will take place during the talent, sign-a-song and public
speaking contests. The winners will be announced after the
other contests have concluded and all entries will then be auctioned off to benefit Grange projects. If you do not want your
entry to be auctioned, please notify us in advance and pick it
up before the auction begins. I encourage you to support the
other contests as well, but if you are unable to attend and still
want to enter the bake-off, please contact a committee member in your area and we will find a way to get your entry picked
I am also looking for 2-3 people that would be interested
in judging the bake-off entries. A background in food judging is
preferable, but not necessarily required. Please contact me if
you are interested at: [email protected] or 978-249-9425.
The Go To Church Sunday has been scheduled for Sunday, May 6th at the All Saints Church in West Newbury. Please
mark your calendars. I would love to have a large Grange turn-
State Grange News
Page 12
out for this year's event. More details will be coming soon regarding the time of the service, the luncheon and entertainment.
Your Granges will be receiving the Community Service
Report information packets soon. Please be sure to look them
over and start getting your time and projects listed. National
Grange requires at least 25% participation by Granges for our
state to be eligible for prize money. Your Grange does not
have to make a fancy notebook to participate. All we really
need is the report form filled out for it to count. I would like to
see a much higher number of Granges participate this year.
Jessica Gale-Tanner
Operation Touch of Home
The photo was sent
to us with a thank
you note from the
Lt .Col. of an Air
Force Rescue
Squadron based in
Western Afghanistan.
Operation Touch of Home, a community service project
started by North Orange Grange in 2007, will be having its
10th care packaging event on Saturday, April 14th. We are
seeking names and addresses of service personnel stationed
overseas. If you know of someone that would appreciate a
care package, visit:
to download a copy of the soldier referral form and send it to
us no later than Friday, April 6th. The blog has a list of suggested supply donations for anyone interested in donating
items for the packages. Monetary donations can be mailed to:
Operation Touch of Home, 93 Royalston Road, Orange, MA
01364-9633. Please make checks payable to: Operation
Touch of Home. E-mail [email protected]
with any questions or comments.
Thank you for your help in making this project a success!
State Grange News
Page 13
Legislative Up-date
Day on April
Granges to send
a youth member
as this is an ideal
opportunity for
them to learn
about the
process in MA.”
continued next page
Happy March! I want to start this month’s column with
advertisements for two upcoming legislative events that I believe our members should consider being involved in.
At this point you should have received the letter about
Agriculture Day on April 3rd. I want to take a moment to again
encourage all Granges to send representatives. I would also
strongly encourage Granges to send a youth member, as this
is an ideal opportunity for them to learn about the legislative
process in Massachusetts. This event is the perfect opportunity for each of our members to advocate for agriculture in
Massachusetts directly with your legislators. This is your
chance to make a difference but also to sample the “Tastes of
Massachusetts.” I encourage every Grange to send a representative to this great event. Also, National Grange’s Annual
Legislative Fly in Washington, DC is May 14- 16. This is another great opportunity to advocate on behalf of the Grange
with your legislators. More information on this event can be
found at
This month I want to ask the question, what does your
Grange advocate for? We have policy books that dictate what
the National Grange and State Grange stand for, but what
does your Grange stand for? As we approach Grange month in
April, this may be something to consider, because it is a tool
you can use to increase your membership. The history of our
organization shows us that we have been most successful
when we stand for something, whether it was fairer prices on
the railroad or for the vote for women. As a nonpartisan organization we are able to advocate for commonsense ideas that
are for the betterment of our communities. People want to join
organizations that share their values and what is a better value
than standing up for our communities? In a practical sense this
means staying involved in your community, especially legislatively. Pay attention to what is going on in your community and
if there is something that your Grange feels strongly about, talk
about it in your community. Not only does it get the name of
your Grange in to the community but it also shows that you
State Grange News
Page 14
care about the community and gives people another reason to
join your Grange.
I still encourage all Granges to email me the names and
email addresses of their legislative chair. I will be sending out a
bi-monthly e-newsletter and encourage all Granges to get involved.
Until next month,
Christopher Szkutak
Legislative Director
Hello from the Youth Committee
“Fun in the Snow” was recently held on Sunday, February 12th at the Blackmer Farm in Orange, MA. Although there
was no snow and it was VERY cold and windy, we had a great
time! About 35 youth and adults spent the afternoon together
going on a scavenger hunt and tractor ride, having hot dogs
and s’mores and just being able to socialize with friends.
MANY thanks to the entire Blackmer family for hosting us
again this year and cooking us lunch and taking us for a tractor
ride among many other things. We really appreciate your hospitality and friendship. It was a great day!
Our next event is the Sign-a-Song and Public Speaking
contests which are held in conjunction with the Talent Contest
and Bake-Off. It will be held on Sunday, April 29th at 1:00 pm
at the Boylston Town House. Please let us know if you would
like to sign-up to participate in either contest or would like more
information. We would love to have a large number of participants this year!! We are here to help you if you need ideas or
encouragement. The rules for both contests can be found in
the MA State Grange Program handbook and are also printed
“Our next even is
the Sign-A-Song
and Public
conjunction with
the Talent
Contest and Bake
April 29th”
Public Speaking Contest:
This outstanding program helps to build leadership and
self-confidence in all those who participate by developing a
skill that is important both in and out of the Grange.
There are three contests:
continued next page
State Grange News
Page 15
Time limit is 4-7 minutes, on a topic of the speaker’s choice.
An impromptu question on the speaker’s subject will also
be asked at the end of the speech.
The contestant must provide three copies of an outline of
their speech of their speech two weeks prior to the state
contest. Copies must be sent to the Youth Directors.
State winners must agree to represent the State at the
Northeast Regional Youth Conference.
No props or costumes.
You are to answer the question “What is the Grange” for
someone you have just met in a restaurant, elevator, etc.
Time limit is 90 seconds.
State winners must agree to represent the state at the
Northeast Regional Youth Conference.
Each of these contests is open to all Grange members and
have three age categories:
Category 1 – 14-19 years old
Category 2 – 20-29 years old
Category 3 – 30 + years old
AWARD: State winners receive certificates and cash prizes.
Regional winners receive cash prizes and also the Oliver Hudson Kelly Public Speaking Ruby award from National Grange.
All regional contests are judged for a chance to showcase at
National Session.
DEADLINE: Those members wishing to participate must inform the State Youth Directors of their intention to participate in
the contest at least two weeks prior to the State Contest.
continued next page
Participants will draw two topics, select their choice of the
two and return the other one.
Competition will be held at the State and Regional levels –
You need not have participated in a state competition in order to participate in the Regional Conference.
Your response must be at least 1 minute long but less than
7 minutes.
State Grange News
Page 16
The Sign-a-Song contest promotes the use of non-verbal
skills of communication. This contest will be held in conjunction with the Public Speaking contest. Please note there are
new categories and rules.
Novice – one who is beginning to learn sign language, has
had no more than three sign language classes and has
entered the Sign-a-Song Contest no more than two
Hobbyist – one who signs on an occasional basis and
strictly for fun. One who has entered the Sign-a-Song
Contest more than two years.
Group – two or more people signing and may include up to
two Junior Grange members.
Open to any Subordinate Grange member, who has been a
member for at least 1 year. (Separate contest for Juniors)
The participants must provide three copies of the words to
their song two weeks prior to the contest.
Participants must furnish their own music. A cassette and a
CD player will be available.
Anyone who is a professional instructor or receives money
for signing, may not enter.
Signers use total communication techniques: Sign language, facial expressions, mouthing words for lip reading, finger spelling if appropriate and body movement.
Props and costumes are not allowed.
Only one song may be signed during the competitive performance. Medleys are not allowed.
Participants must sign their own name and song title.
Participants must inform the audience and judges what type
of sign language they will be using (Pidgen, ASL, ESL, etc.).
State winners must agree to represent the state at the Regional Youth Conference.
PRE-REGISTER: Those members wishing to participate must
let the State Youth Directors know of their intention at least
two weeks prior to the Contest.
continued next page
State Grange News
Page 17
AWARDS: State winners receive recognition.
We have been asked to have a team of youth put on the First
Degree at State Session this year. We have a few offices left
to fill. Please contact LuAnn or Tracee if you would like to take
part in the degree with us. We hope you are all enjoying this
very mild winter!!
LuAnn Belseth & Tracee Perkins, Co-Directors
Rebecca Ingram & April Rose Carter
New Braintree Grange News
“The big news
coming from
New Braintree
Grange is that
we’ve created a
series to be
held monthly.”
Submitted by Kerry Metcalf
The March 14th meeting of New Braintree Grange will
feature a short Maple Syrup program and we will be beginning
degrees. We meet at the New Braintree Congregational
Church, Hardwick and Oakham Roads in New Braintree. Our
meetings start at 7:30 PM.
The big news coming from New Braintree Grange is that
we've created a Homesteading Workshop series to be held
monthly. We're going back to our roots with such topics as
Bee Keeping, Preserving the Harvest, Soap Making, Bread
Making, etc. March 21st the workshop will be Seed Starting
and will be from 7 PM to 9 PM. See our flyer on page 00 of this
issue of SGN.
There will be more items to share in the next couple of
months as New Braintree plans a Spring Dinner, and Citizens
Award. Already in the planning stages is our 2nd Annual
Grange Day Pig Roast. New Braintree Grange is growing fastI believe 9 new members and counting since September!
(Editor’s note: Way to Go New Braintree!)
Card Shower Requested
Please surprise General Deputy, James Martin, with a card
shower to celebrate his 75th birthday on March 10, 2012.
Send your card to: Mr. James D. Martin Jr.
P.O. Box 45, Cummington, MA 01026 - 004
Thank you, Michael Martin
State Grange News
Page 18
State Grange News
Page 19
A letter to all members:
You’ve heard them mentioned in minutes and records
of years gone by. There have been rumors about how much
they can help and improve understanding of ritual and its’ importance in our Order. I am pleased to announce that regional
meetings are returning! This is a perfect time for everyone,
new members to 80 year members, to observe the ritual of the
Grange and learn or re-learn your offices. Massachusetts has
always prided itself in the exemplification of its’ ritual and it’s
time to remind ourselves of that fact. This is a perfect time to
view the ritual and to ask questions. I encourage everyone to
attend. Please see the schedule below for a regional meeting
in your area and the proposed agenda. Agendas may be
slightly different depending on region.
March 8th 7:30 pm
Western Area
March 24th 9 am
Central Area
April 1st
1 pm
South Middleboro
Southeast Area
Rt. 28, Wareham St. A sandwich
luncheon will be available.
April 21st 9 am
April 23rd 7:30 pm
Northeast Area
Western Area
 Opening of the Grange
 Draping of the charter, Balloting for candidates, Voting, Flag
 Closing of the Grange
 Question and answer period with the State Master.
For more information, please contact the respective
area General Deputy.
Matthew Johnson
Master- Massachusetts State Grange
“This is a perfect
time for everyone,
new members to
80 year members,
to observe the ritual of the Grange
and learn or relearn your offices.”
State Grange News
Page 20
Thank You
I would like to thank everyone for their kind expressions of
sympathy on the death of Bill. One of his last requests was
that he wanted to have a Grange service and he would have
been completely overwhelmed at the number of people who
attended the wake and participated in the service. The kindness and love from our Grange Family have helped us
through our loss.
Janet Horne
This just in…Breaking News….Dutch is Dutchess!
While visiting Ponkapoag Grange, Dutch gave birth to
five beautiful bunnies. What a surprise for Lecturer, Patti Thomas, to discover the State Lecturer’s male rabbit friend was
really a female! Their foster mother, Patti, has been busy caring for the new family. Now, Duchess and her babies have
some food and will be transported in their new basket to
Easton Grange. Sister Patti has also initiated a “Name the
Babies” activity for the next Granges the rabbits visit.
Now that we know
that “Dutch” is actually a “Dutchess”
the question that
remains is….who’s
the father? They
do have their
mother’s smile, did
you notice that?
State Grange News
Page 21
Welcome to our New Member
Marlene Stimas
West Boxford #140
Membership Recognitions
50 years
Stasia Couture
Ware #164
55 years
Marianna Vorce
Boxborough #131
Guy Williams
Boxborough #131
Charles Hulse
Ware #164
Charles Moulton Jr.
Ware #164
65 years
Arthur Richardson
Ware #164
75 years
Lilliam Mitchell
Ware #164
Thinking of You…..
There are Grangers who could use cards
and letters from their Grange family.
Please take the time to let them know
they are thought of.
Sister Gladys Stockwell,
of Ware Grange #164
fell and was in an accident,
will be in rehab for a while.
Cards or calls would be appreciated
10 Mateus Way,
Gaithersburg MD 20878-4125
Gordon Taylor
439 South Shelburne Road,
Shelburne, Ma. 01370-9538.
(heart attack & stint put in)
Directory Changes
Robert A. Brown
Boxborough #131
William Horne
Sudbury #121
Hilda Hatt
West Boxford #140
Sarah Leonhard West Boxford #140
James Emery Platt
Laurel #161
Clara Richardson
Ware #164
Mary Obrien
Stockbridge #295
Nancy C. Pease
Middlefield #310
Norfolk Pomona Grange #27 will be
meeting in various places during the
Grange Hall renovation. Check SGN’s
Confirmed Grange Meetings listing each
Change Bradford Grange Master
Matthew Johnson
22 Jordan St
Haverhill MA 01830-6520
[email protected]
Thank You
To our State Grange Family and Friends:
Thank you for the cards and calls following the death of our brother-in-law John,
in February. It is nice to have so many
friends who care.
Special Love,
Janet and Jim Martin and the Martin
State Grange News
Page 22
Confirmed Grange Meetings
March 1st - Weymouth Grange #387
Meets Weymouth Grange Hall
345 Ralph Talbot St., So. Weymouth
7:30 PM To be announced
March 2nd - Mayflower P. M. Association
Norwell Grange Hall
142 Main St., Norwell
6:00 PM Covered Dish Supper
Hanover hosts
7:30 PM Jean T. Entertains. All Welcome
May 10th - Mayflower North Pomona #40
Scituate Grange @ Mt. Hope Hall
Clapp Rd. & Cedar St., Scituate
5:30 PM Covered Dish support ,
Scituate host
7:00 PM Home & Community Night,
Guest Speaker
March 12th - Abington Grange #57
Abington Grange Hall
833 Washington St., Abington
7:30 PM Surprise Program
March 6th - Norwell Grange #410
Norwell Grange Hall
142 Main St., Norwell
7:30 PM Fun & Games
March 13th - Scituate Grange #389
Mount Hope Improvement Hall
Clapp Rd. & Cedar St. , Scituate
7:30 PM Home & Community Night
March 7th - Rowley Grange #204
Meets at Rowley Public Library
141 Main Street, Rowley
7:30 PM Speaker on Herrick Farm
March 14th—New Braintree Grange
New Braintree Grange #170
New Braintree Congregational Church
Hardwick & Oakham Rds, New Braintree
7:30 PM Maple syrup program,
beginning degrees
March 7th - Shelburne Grange #68
Fellowship Hall
17 Little Mohawk Road, Shelburne
7:00 PM Business meeting
Program by Gordon Taylor
March 8th - Whately #414
Town Hall, 108 Chestnut Plain Rd.
7:30 PM Installation of officers
March 9th– Norfolk Grange #135
Please note location:
Federated Church of Norfolk
Corner of Main & Union Streets
7:30 PM St. Patrick’s Day observance
March 10th - Norfolk Pomona Grange #27
Please note location:
Norfolk Senior Center,
28 Medway Branch Rd., Norfolk
Noon luncheon, Corned Beef & Cabbage
(Contact Patti/George) Penny Sale
1:00 PM Jack Craig: It’s a Great Day for
the Irish songs and culture.
1:30 PM Business meeting
Wear something green
March 13th - Anawan-Oakton #221
Grange Hall
Junction of Rts. 44 & 118, Rehoboth
7:30 PM Fun & Games, Ag. Penny sale
March 13th - Uxbridge Grange #200
Uxbridge VFW Hall
Douglas Road, Uxbridge
7:30 PM Step up night with Code reading
Penny Sale
March 17th - Corned Beef & Cabbage Dinner
Norwell Grange Hall
142 Main St., Norwell
6:00 PM open to public
Adults: $9 Children: $4.50
Reservations to :
Rita Joseph 508-830-1964 OR
Richard Merrill 781-878-0892
March 20th - Norwell Grange #410
Norwell Grange Hall
142 Main St., Norwell
7:30 PM Belated St. Patrick’s Day
State Grange News
Page 15
Confirmed Grange Meetings
March 21st - Shelburne Grange #68
Fellowship Hall
17 Little Mohawk Road, Shelburne
Field trip leaves hall at 6:45 PM
to be at Eddie’s Wheels at 7 PM for tour
of facility.
March 21st—Rowley Grange #204
Meets at Rowley Library
141 Main St., Rowley
7:30 PM To Be Announced
March 22nd - Whately #414
Town Hall, 108 Chestnut Plain Rd.
7:30 PM Educational Aid Night
March 24th - Minuteman Pomona # 16 &
Apple Valley Jr. Grange
Dunstable Town Hall, Main St., Dunstable
12 Noon Pot Luck Lunch
1 PM Apple Valley Jr. Grange presents:
“Juniors Got Talent.”
March 26th - Norwell Grange #410
Abington Grange #57
Abington Grange Hall
833 Washington St., Abington
7:30 PM Easter Traditions
March 27th - Anawan-Oakton #221
Grange Hall
Junction of Rts 44 & 118, Rehoboth
7:30 PM Health and Safety Night
March 27th - Uxbridge Grange #200
Uxbridge VFW Hall
Douglas Road, Uxbridge
7:30 PM Deaf Activities and Hearing
Meeting Place Change for Acushnet Grange
Please note location
Grange Hall,
121 Main St., Acushnet
As meetings can be cancelled due to weather, poor traveling conditions, or illness, It is always a wise idea to check with a Grange
to make sure it is meeting that night. If you don’t know who to
contact, call your own Grange’s Master or Secretary. They have
a State Directory and can give you the phone number of the
Master, Lecturer, or Secretary of the Grange you wish to visit. As
a general rule, the SGN does not publish a contact number or
email unless that information is supplied.
Unconfirmed Grange Meetings
March 1st
Upton Grange #125
Upton Grange Hall,
Corner of School & Warren St., Upton
7:30 PM Agricultural Night
March 2nd
Franklin Worcester Pomona #4
Congregational Church, 21 North Main St.,
7:30 PM Cake Decorating
March 2nd
Pittsfield Grange #14
Pittsfield Masonic Temple, 116 South St.
7:30 PM Farm Bureau Speaker
March 3rd
Williamsburg Grange #225
Grange & Community Hall, Main St.
6:00 PM Pot Luck Supper
7:00 PM Community Service Award &
Meet the Candidates
State Grange News
Page 24
Unconfirmed Grange Meetings continued
March 6th
Petersham Grange #95
Congregation Church , 21 North Main St.
7:30 PM Agricultural Program
Dartmouth Grange #162
Patrons Hall, 1133 Fisher Rd
7:30 PM Dartmouth Grange Birthday
Cemtral Community Grange #22
Boylston Town House, 599 Main St.
6:00 PM Grange Chef Challenge
Guiding Star Grange #1
Grange Hall, 401 Chapman St., Greenfield
7:00 PM
Sterling-Shirley #53
Sterling Grange Hall, 15 Maple St.
1:00 PM Winter Memories by Everyone
Charlton Grange #92
Grange Hall, Route 31, Charlton
7:30 PM Program in charge of Joyce Parent
March 7th
Montague Grange #141
Grange Hall, Main St., Montague Center
7:00 PM Seed Swap
Williamstown #366
671 Cold Spring Rd. (Sheep Hill)
6:30 PM Covered Dish Supper
7:30 Legislative Night
March 8th
Worcester-Norfolk Pomona #10
Upton Grange Hall,
Corner of School & Warren St., Upton
7:30 PM Youth & Educational Aid Night
Middlefield #310
Town Hall, 188 Skyline Trail
7:30 Business Meeting
Note: check with an officer of Middleboro
before attending
March 9th
Laurel Grange #161
Grange Hall, 21 Garden St, W. Newbury
7:30 PM 1st & 2nd degrees
March 9th
Boxborough #131
Boxborough Town Hall, Grange Room,
29 Middle Rd.
8:00 PM 126 Anniversary, Open Meeting
Dunstable #31
Dunstable Town Hall, Main St.
8:00 PM 3rd & 4th degrees,
Chesterfield Grange #83
Senior Center/ Grange Hall, 400 Main St.
7:30 PM Agriculture and Environmental
Swansea Oakhill-Seekonk #148
Grange Hall, 65 Milford St., Swansea
7:30 PM Spring Birds Return
March 10th
Heritage Pomona #2
Laurel Grange Hall, Garden St., W. Newbury
3:30 PM Giant Penny Sale
March 12th
Hope Grange of Hadley #15
First Congregational Church
Routes 9 & 47 Middle St., Hadley
6:30 PM Corned Beef & Cabbage Supper
Hinsdale Grange #19
Town Hall, 39 South St.
7:30 PM St. Patricks Day Program
Holden Grange #78
Holden Town Hall, 1196 Main St.
7:30 PM Visit to a 3rd World Country
March 13th
Groton #7
Grange Hall, 12 Park St., Pepperell]
7:00 PM Birthday Night
North Orange Grange #86
Community Church of N. Orange & Tully
48 Main St., Orange
7:30 PM Open meeting—Farm SchoolCommunity Service Award
Dudley Grange #163
Grange Hall, Center Rd., Dudley
7:30 Luck-O-the-Irish Night
Green Thumb Plant Swap
State Grange News
Page 25
Unconfirmed Grange Meetings continued
March 14th
Rochester Grange #257
Grange Hall, 205 Hartley Rd.
7:30 PM Chief Dispatcher of Rochester F. D.
Worcester Central Pomona #7
Boylston Town House, 599 Main St.
7:30 PM Alternative Energy
March 15th
Upton Grange #125
Grange Hall, Cor. School & Warren St., Upton
7:30 PM St. Patrick’s Day, Open Meeting
March 16th
South Middleboro Grange #337
Note Time and Place:
6:30 PM Pot Luck , Penny Sale & meeting at
Ginny Decker’s, Neck Rd, Rochester
Bay Path Pomona #9
Charlton Grange Hall, Rt. 31, Charlton Center
7:30 PM Irish Music & Poetry Night
March 17th
Community of Feeding Hills #382
Community Grange Hall, 47 North West St.,
Feeding Hills
11:45 AM Regular meeting
March 19th
Beverly Grange #306
Hastings House, 14 Oak St. (Rt. 127)
7:30 PM Regular meeting
Dracut Grange # 216
Grange Hall, Bridge St.
7:30 PM Less Stress
Ware #164
Grange Hall, 297 Belchertown Rd., (Rt. 9)
7:00 PM Game Night
March 20th
Central Community Grange #22
Boylston Town House, 599 Main St.
7:30 PM Election of officers
Sterling-Shirley #53
Sterling Grange Hall, 15 Maple St.
1:00 PM Welcome Spring
March 21st
West Boxford #140
Lincoln Hall, Corner of Main & Washington
7:30 Children’s & Home Garden
Ponkapoag Grange #231
Grange Hall, 163 Turnpike St., Canton
7:30 PM State Lecturer Visits
March 22nd
Middlefield Grange #310
Town Hall, 188 Skyline Trail
6:30 PM Spring Fling Supper
March 23rd
Laurel Grange #161
Grange Hall, 21 Garden St. W. Newbury
7:30 PM 3rd & 4th degrees
Highland Grange #48
Stanton Hall, 26 Russell St., Huntington
7:00 PM St. Patrick’s Night
March 26th
Bedford Grange # 283
First Church of Christ, 25 The Great Rd.
8:00 PM Green Sash Night
Connecticut Valley Pomona #19
@ Montague Grange Hall, Main St.,
Montague Center
7:45 PM Exotic Wood & Products.
March 27th
Southwick #46
Grange Building (behind Best Auto Repair)
580R College Highway
7:00 PM meeting
North Orange Grange #86
Community Church of N. Orange & Tully
48 Main St., Orange
7:30 PM Maple Syrup Meeting
March 28th
Rowley Grange Public Supper
Grange Hall, 29 Central St., Rowley
Seating @ 5 & 6, serving till 7 PM
Turkey Pie Reservations: 978-948-7288
March 31st
Prescott Grange Monthly Supper
Grange Hall, 12 Park St., Pepperell
5-7:00 PM

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