the Athletes Guide 2013



the Athletes Guide 2013
KITZBÜHEL, July 6th , 2013
A WARM WELCOME TO THE TIROLER NUSSÖL WORLD TRIATHLON KITZBUEHEL 2012 This brochure contains all relevant information for your competition. Please take your time to read it carefully. Any changes will be communicated at the Athletes briefing. GOOD LUCK – AND HAVE A GREAT RACE! Your Kitzbuehel LOC‐Team
LOC LOC Event Director
LOC Athletes Travel / Services Herwig Grabner
Bettina Wiedmayr +43 (0) 664 88731660
+43 (0) 664 1543495 [email protected]‐
[email protected]
Time-Schedule Thu/Fri/Sat
THURSDAY, JULY 4 17:00 18:00 FRIDAY, JULY 5 Coaches briefing Elite athletes briefing
13:00 International Press conference Eurotours Headquarter
14:30 – 15:30 Swim start area Schwarzsee
19:30 SATURDAY, JULY 6 Swim familiarization Bike Familiarization (first 5 k / from Lake Schwarzsee to 1 k uphill followed by a bustour possibility to the T2 and the running course) Triathlon Team Exhibition
10:00 – 11:15 Check‐In T2 (for Coaches) T2 “Brunellen Lift”
11:30 Athletes Lounge open (Elite Men) Schwarzsee 12:00 – 12:45 Check‐In T1 (Elite Men) T1 Schwarzsee
12:00 – 12:50 Swim warm up Schwarzsee
12:56 Athletes line up (Elite Men) Swim start area Schwarzsee
13:06 Start TIROLER NUSSÖL World Triathlon Series (Elite Men) Schwarzsee
approx. 14:06 Alpenhaus
14:45 Finish Elite Men Check‐In T2 (for Coaches immediately after the last male athlete is on the run course) Athletes Lounge open (Elite Women) 15:15 – 16:05 Check‐In T1 (Elite Women) T1 Schwarzsee
15:30 – 16:10 Swim warm up Schwarzsee
16:16 Athletes line up (Elite Women) Swim start area Schwarzsee
16:26 Start TIROLER NUSSÖL World Triathlon Series (Elite Women) Schwarzsee
approx. 17:36 Finish Elite Women Alpenhaus
15:30 14:00 – 15:00 K3 Kongresszentrum
K3 Kongresszentrum
Schwarzsee / Bike course
Kitzbühel City
T2 “Brunellen Lift”
Schwarzsee 22:00 After Race Athletes Party Take Five
Time-Schedule Sun
SUNDAY, JULY 7 10:00 Mountain Breakfast followed by Paragliding Meet at the Hahnenkamm cable car bottom station Race course swim- bike- run
Swim - 750 m
750 meter swim in the picturesque Schwarzsee lake. Bike – 11,55 km 11.55 k with 867 meters of a climb. The final 1 km is between 17 and 22% gradient. Run – 2,55 km
2.55 k with 136 meters elevation gain from the second transition area with a loop at the alpine plateau on the final climb to the Alpine House. Race map swim- bike- run
Location Map
Frequently asked questions
Where do I stay in Kitzbuehel ? How do I get to my hotel ? Who does assist me to get around in Kitzbuehel? Bettina Wiedmayr will be your contact person in all these belongings, please contact her under +43 (0) 664 1543495 or +43 (0) 5356 66660‐45 (LOC‐Office) [email protected], for Shuttle service arrangements to the airport Munich, Salzburg or Innsbruck please contact Bettina accordingly. What is the name of the official Host Hotel? Hotel Kitzhof, www.hotel‐, +43 (0) 5356 632 11‐0, Schwarzseestr. 8‐10, A‐6370 Kitzbuehel, [email protected]‐ Is there a track nearby? Yes, There is a 400m running track in Kitzbuehel located at Jochbergerstrasse 120, 5 min by car from the Host Hotel Swim workout? We have reserved lanes for you from Monday, July 1st till Monday, July 8thth at the 25m indoor pool in Kitzbuehel “Aquarena” Klostergasse 2, 6370 Kitzbuehel, +43 (0) 5356 64385 Furthermore there is a great 50m outdoor pool in St. Johann, 10 min by car from the Host Hotel, Panorama Badewelt, Pass‐Thurn‐Strasse 3, 6380 St. Johann in Tirol, +43 (0) 5352 62625, [email protected] please ask directly for price and admission!
Bike service? Stanger Raimund and his team is happy to assist you in all belongings around your bike, Radsport Stanger, Josef Pirchl Str. 42, direct at the race course, +43 (0) 5356/62549 [email protected] Training on the bike course? The bike course is open the whole period during your stay in Kitzbühel. see you in Kitzbühel…

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