March 2012 - MIST Edition - Al



March 2012 - MIST Edition - Al
Periodic Bulletin of Al-Noor Academy, Mansfield, Massachusetts
Members of Al-Noor Academy’s 2012 Muslim Inter-Scholastic Tournament (MIST) team pose with their five consecutive annual firstplace trophies, holding up the fingers of their hands to signify “five.” ANA won the arduous contest again on March 10 and 11.
Academy Wins Fifth Muslim Title
l-Noor Academy of Mansfield has
successfully defended its fifth title
in succession at the annual Boston
edition of MIST, the Muslim Inter-Scholastic Tournament.
A team of more than 20 ANA students
journeyed to Suffolk University on March
10 and 11, competing in events including,
but not limited to, the performing arts, creative writing, knowledge of the holy Islamic Qu’ran and Islamic culture and history,
scrapbooking, and creative displays. The
team won several first place awards, and
placed in other categories. One of its most
distinguished students, Amal Adra, was selected as best overall individual in the tournament, competing in several events. Miss
Adra is a freshman, and defeated numerous
upperclass, veteran opponents.
Al-Noor mathematics instructor Sister Siham Yagoubi was the team’s adviser.
“I’m so proud of the students,” said Sr. Yagoubi. “They worked very hard, and for a
very long time.”
Preparations to defend the MIST title began at Al-Noor weeks ago, with students
signing up in various categories and mapping out strategies which included writing,
art, and performing.
Al-Noor seniors will have the distinction
of graduating in June never having not won
first place in MIST at Boston, which is part
of several regional competitions for Islamic-based schools.
Coordinating their efforts was especially
challenging for Al-Noor students, because
upperclassmen attend some academic classes at area colleges, as part of a dual-enrollment program.
by Habibah Fahr
of the Lighthouse staff
he room was dark, hot; the heavy air
a mixture of nervous sweat and expensive floral perfume. There was a
stage, a big one. On this grand stage was a
simple white table with all the glimmering
trophies and shiny medals. This theater held
300 student hearts, all expecting to win first
place for their competitions. It instilled anxiety in the Uber Noobers hearts, as we call
The Uber Noobers chanted, like patriots,
demanding the respect they worked hard for.
Some parents came to watch. At first they
sat in the suspended upstairs seats, when
they saw our unreleased tension, they came
down to us, like angels, to support their children’s team. They advised us and pushed us
to remember Allah’s Greatness.
We saw a six-foot, four-inch Imam Suhaib Webb walk on to the stage, dressed
in typical imam apparel, except for his vibrant, Celtic green, glow-in-the-dark Nike
sneakers. He instantly connected with the
audience of teenagers. For once the alwaysnoisy teens sat in the fold over chairs calm,
listening to what valuable essences and stories the beloved imam had to tell. The muchawaited award ceremony was interrupted
for something better, something everyone in
that room needed and shared: advice for religious maturity.
When it came time to announce the top
three individual scorers, it was a surprise
that there was an Uber Noober in each category. Congratulations to Amina Fahmy and
Omayr Abdelgany for winning third place.
For second place, Malak El-Sayed’s victory
didn’t seem like a surprise, considering she
was the pioneer of many projects. Last, but
definitely not least, I salute Amal Adra who
won first overall individual points. Her work
was breathtaking, creative and insightful.
Emam Sanousi, a senior at Al-Noor a few
years back, had the honor of announcing
his own winning team. We hurried onto the
stage, we pushed Sister Siham to the front,
handing her the heavy trophy to happily display.
Clockwise from left: distinguished MIST
speaker Imam Suhaib Webb; talented
freshman and first place individual
performer Amal Adra; loading the Big
Brother Big Sister truck with donations;
and the enormous First Place team trophy.

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