NNE London Book Fair 2016 rights list



NNE London Book Fair 2016 rights list
London Book Fair 2016
NNE publisher
office: Viale Sabotino 14, 20135 – Milano
NN is a new independent publisher based in Milan, Italy, founded and managed by four
partners: Eugenia Dubini, Alberto Ibba, Edoardo Caizzi and Gaia Mazzolini.
The name NN comes from the Latin words Nescio Nomen, and it means “Name Unknown”. In the past it was the mark used to identify orphans.
NN refers to the idea that, like orphans, today we lost all the “fathers”: ideologies, ideas,
responsibility, poetics, ethic, values, authenticity and beauty.
Our core mission is to investigate issues about contemporary identity both individual and
collective, through fiction and literary nonfiction, with a special attention to the authorial
poetica. Words like identity, memory, orphan, maternity, paternity, unconscious, parental
ties, belonging, generation identity, gender identity, new families, roles and relationships,
loyalty, love, betrayal, desire, shame, future are on our list.
We will structure our catalogue in short term and long term collections, the first ones
devoted to series of books linked one another in terms of contents, characters, layout and
language topics; the long term series, on the other hand, aimed at focusing on a particular
topic through different book genres dealing with the chosen themes of investigation.
NN Publisher is searching strong projects, beautiful writings, responsible ideas, with no
preconceptions. We strive to publish books by authors who have a unique perspective and
an impressive authority. Books that enlighten our culture, our community and our society; that illuminate, inspire, provoke, and enhance. We seek to establish communities of
conversation surrounding our books.
Eugenia Dubini – Publisher
[email protected]
0039 347 2646543
Alberto Ibba
[email protected]
0039 392 2690982
Edoardo Caizzi – Sales & rights
[email protected]
0039 339 4072781
Serena Daniele
[email protected]
0039 340 3429073
Alex Pietrogiacomi – Press Office
[email protected]
0039 347 80574961
Marianna Gennari
[email protected]
0039 342 0338756
We have fifteen books in our 2016 catalogue: first of all, the third novel by Kent Haruf, Crepuscolo, the final chapter of the trilogy, that will be in bookshops in June.
The series Viceversa closes with two novels: Maestro Utrecht by Davide Longo (in bookshops in
February) and Premessa per un addio by Gian Luca Favetto, who supervised the whole series (in
bookshops in March).
The Season 2016 follows up the research on identity, enlightening the deep bond between past
and future: how our past – meaning legacy, destiny, place or dead weight – throws its light on
our future, affecting the way we live our here and now. The Season starts in February with
the Dominican writer Rita Indiana, author of I gatti non hanno nome, goes on in March with
Cristina Henríquez, author of Anche noi l’America.
In May we present the first masterpiece of our beloved Jenny Offill, Le cose che restano alongside
with the novel by Giacomo Sartori, Io sono Dio. In June the bookshops will open up to Joseph Incardona, Italian-Swiss author of the winner novel of the Grand Prix de la Littérature
Policière, La metà del diavolo.
In August you’ll be free to read peacefully, but in September watch out for Tristan Garcia, the
French author of Faber, and Rupert Thomson, the English author of Katherine. In October it’s
the turn of La mia vita è un paese straniero by the American poet and writer Brian Turner, and of
Le ossa di San Lorenzo by Vicente Alonso, Mexican writer discovered by his publisher during the
flight to Frankfurt Bookfair, and by us during the flight back from Frankfurt Bookfair.
In November, we end the Season with two precious gifts: Kent Haruf’s last masterpiece, Le
nostre anime di notte, which is not part of the trilogy, but set up in the imaginary city of Holt as
the previous, dedicated to all Haruf enthusiasts; and finally we are honoured to announce the
publication of Antonio Franchini’s short stories, Racconti postemingueiani, in November.
As in Rita Indiana’s debut novel, Papi, it is a
child’s voice – innocent, but with a certain sarcastic edge – that holds forth on a range of topics in
Nombres y animales.
The narrator discusses animals, music, and television, as well as – more revealingly – family, mothers and fathers, initiation, learning, and what may
exist after life.
The everyday and the dream-like collide in this
novel that reverberates with echoes of the Caribbean and that describes what it means to come of
age in that region, what it means to be a woman
in Latin America, and what it means to write in
the present day.
is a Dominican-born Puerto Rican
novelist and short story writer. Her previous works
include Ciencia succión, La estrategia de Chochueca, Papi
(translated in the US), Rumiantes and La mucama de
rita indiana
y animales
Rita Indiana
Collection: Season 2
176 pages
Out: February 2016
Translation rights and publisher
Editorial Periférica
Translator: Vittoria Martinetto
When fifteen-year-old Maribel Rivera suffers a terrible
injury, the Riveras are forced to leave behind a comfortable life in Mexico and risk everything to come to
the United States so that Maribel can have the care she
needs. Once they arrive, it’s not long before Maribel
attracts the attention of Mayor Toro, the son of one
of their new neighbors, who sees a kindred spirit in
this beautiful, damaged outsider. Their love story sets
in motion events that will have profound repercussions
for everyone involved. Here Henríquez seamlessly interweaves the story of these star-crossed lovers, and of
the Rivera and Toro families, with the testimonials of
men and women who have come to the United States
from all over Latin America. The Book of Unknown Americans is a stunning novel of hopes and dreams, guilt and
love, a book that offers a resonant new definition of
what it means to be American.
The Book
of Unknown
Cristina Henríquez
Collection: Season 2
280 pages
Out: March 2016
Translation rights
The Book Group
Translator: Roberto Serrai
Rights sold in:
UK (Canongate), Spain/LA (Malpaso),
The Netherlands (De Bezige Bij),
Israel (Matar)
is the author of the story collection
Come Together, Fall Apart, which was a New York Times Editors’ Choice selection, and the novel The World in Half. Her
works have appeared in The New Yorker, The Atlantic,
The American Scholar, Glimmer Train and Oxford American, as well as in various anthologies. She lives in Illinois.
The Book of Unknown Americans was a US Best Seller and
a New York Times and Washington Post Notable Book
of the Year.
cristina henríquez
Grace is eight and grows up surrounded by unusual characters: a father with a scientific mind, who
reads the constitution to her teacher when she tells
Grace her name is religious, and a mother who
teaches her encrypted languages, the story of the
universe, detective tricks and takes her to swim in
the lake late at night. Plus a baby-sitter, Edgar, who
is bearded, tall and studies moulds and a grandfather who spoke eight languages and had invented
As Grace’s family begins to fall apart she takes
shelter in her imagination. Until one day the police
finds a car, with her mother inside, on the bottom
of the lake.
Grace will have to come to terms with facts and
fiction to regain hope.
Last Things
Jenny Offill
Collection: Season 2
180 pages
Out: May 2016
Translation rights:
Union Literary
Mark Knopf
Translator: Gioia Guerzoni
“Offill’s debut is a rare feat of remarkable constraint and
nearly miraculous construction of a most unique family.”
Publishers Weekly
“But if Last Things means things that will last, then Offill’s novel is one of them.”
New York Times
Winner of Grand Prix de la Littérature Policière 2015 in France
Pierre left everything apart, and now lives in his car,
on the highway. Where his life changed forever, six
month earlier. He looks, and waits. Between all the
people he met in that closed world, he crosses someone who could know what he is looking for.
And in the weekend of mid August, when hot
weather and need of a holiday blows over the flat
and reassuring asphalt, everything starts again. A
little girl is kidnapped. And then sirens, uniforms,
Under the asphalt the ground is hot, like desires.
And Pierre never came so close to what he is looking for.
Derrière les
panneaux il y a
des hommes
Joseph Incardona
Collection: Season 2
272 pages
Out: June 2016
Translation rights and publisher
Finitude, France
Translator: Claudine Turla
is the author of highly acclaimed noir novels, including Remington, Lonely Betty,
Trash Circus, Misty. With Derrière les panneaux, il y a
des hommes he wins the Grand Prix de la Littérature
Policière in 2015.
giacomo sartori was born in Trento in 1958.
He is an agronomist specialized in science of
the soil.
He wrote the novels Tritolo (il Saggiatore, 1999),
Anatomia della battaglia (Sironi, 2005), Sacrificio
(Pequod, 2008; Italic 2013), Cielo nero (Gaffi,
2010) and collections of short stories: Di solito
mi telefona il giorno prima (il Saggiatore, 1996),
Autismi (Sottovoce, 2010) winner of the Frontiere-Grenzen 2011 award, nominated for the
Premio Settembrini 2012), Avventure (Senzapatria, 2010), Zoo a due (with Marino Magliani,
Perdisa Pop, 2013).
He is editor of the literary blog Nazione Indiana.
Io sono Dio,
mi dico
Giacomo Sartori
Collection: Season 2
240 pages
Out: June 2016
Translation rights:
The Italian Literary Agency
was born in
Rome (1968) and lives in Sabina.
Playwright, theater director, television and
documentary author, won the Flaiano Prize in 1991 and 2001.
Graduated Mindfulness Counselor, has
lost 60 pounds of weight with meditation,
and recently taught this slimming method
in courses and seminars.
giorgio serafini prosperi
Una perfetta
Giorgio Serafini Prosperi
Collection: Season 2
240 pages
Out: June 2016
Translation rights:
Clementina Liuzzi Literary Agency
Tristan Garcia
Collection: Season 2
400 pages
Out: September 2016
Translation rights and publisher:
Translator: Sarah De Sanctis
In a small imaginary town of the French suburbs, Faber,
a man whose intelligence is tormented by the refusal
of all limits imposed by his existence, a modern fallen
angel, embodies the lost dreams of a generation that
lived its twenty years during the first decade of the third
millennium, tempted by the devil of a revolution in a
period of crisis and social stagnation.
“We were child of the medium class in a medium country in Europe, two generation after the one that won a
war, and one generation after the one who lost a revolution. We were not poor nor rich, we did not fight aristocracy, we did not dream of any modern utopia and
we were pacifically used to democracy. We where nurtured by books by movies and by songs, on the promise
to become individuals. I believe that we had the right to
expect something different. But to make a life as everybody else, once we were adults, we understood that
there will be no other solution than to queue and start
was born in 1981 in Toulouse (France)
and attended École Normale Supérieure in Paris, where
he specialised in Philosophy. He is the author of several novels, including: La Meilleure Part des hommes (Hate: A
Romance), Le Saut de Malmö et autres nouvelles, Les Cordelettes
de Browser, Mémoires de la Jungle, Faber and 7, published in
France by Gallimard.
tristan garcia
“Katherine Carlyle is a masterpiece.” Philip Pullman,
best-selling author of the His Dark Materials trilogy
Katherine Carlyle
Rupert Thomson
Collection: Season 2
256 pages
Out: September 2016
Translation rights
Other Press
Translator: Federica Aceto
Rights sold in:
UK (Little, Brown)
France (Denoël),
The Netherlands (Xander)
Katherine Carlyle is Rupert Thomson’s breakthrough novel. Written in the beautifully spare, lucid, and cinematic
prose Thomson is known for, and powered by his natural gift for storytelling, it uses the modern techniques
of IVF to throw new light on the myth of origins. It is
a profound and moving novel about identity, the search
for personal meaning, and how we are loved.
Unmoored by her mother’s death and feeling her father
to be an increasingly distant figure, Katherine Carlyle
abandons the set course of her life and starts out on a
mysterious journey to the ends of the world. Instead of
going to college, she disappears, telling no one where
she has gone. What begins as an attempt to punish
her father for his absence gradually becomes a testing
ground of his love for her, a coming-to-terms with the
death of her mother, and finally the mise-en-scène for a
courageous leap to true empowerment.
is the author of nine highly acclaimed
novels, including Secrecy; The Insult; The Book of Revelation,
which was made into a feature film by Ana Kokkinos;
and Death of a Murderer, which was shortlisted for the Costa Novel of the Year Award. His memoir, This Party’s Got
to Stop, was named Writers’ Guild Non-Fiction Book of
the Year. He lives in London.
rupert thomson
Upset by the serious charges on his patient Remo Ayala,
psychologist Alberto Albores joins the team of defense
attorneys who will represent the young man. But as
soon as he starts to dig, the details of the story get
more and more unsettling, until he is forced to recognize whether Remo is simply lying or the atrocities
he’s revealing are true. Has he really killed the mysterious Farid Sabag or his twin brother has? How did
the twin’s mother die, and why is a powerful politician
trying to cover their tracks? What is the role of Mexican guerrilla in the whole story? Who’s the soothsayer, disappeared in creepy circumstances, who seems to
know the truth?
was born in Torreón (1977) in a
family of miners. He attended a jesuit school for thirteen years. With Huesos de San Lorenzo he won the Premio Internacional de Novela Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz
2014. He also wrote Partitura para mujer muerta (Premio
Nacional de Novela Policiaca), Contar las noches and El
síndrome de Esquilo.
vicente alfonso
de San Lorenzo
Vicente Alfonso
Collection: Season 2
240 pages
Out: October 2016
Does the reality exist? The best answer is in this
A sparkling novel, full of twists.
Vicente Alfonso is one of the most interesting features in the new Latin American literature.
Tusquets editores, Mexico
Translator: Fabio Cremonesi
was born in Naples in
1958. His debut was in 1991 with Camerati.
Quattro novelle sul diventare grandi (Leonardo).
In 1996 he wrote Quando scriviamo da giovani
(Sottotraccia). A selection of short stories from
these collections was published in 2003 by the
publisher Avagliano with the same title.
With Marsilio he published: Quando vi ucciderete,
maestro? (1996), Acqua, sudore, ghiaccio (1998),
L’abusivo (2001, paperback in 2009) and Cronaca
della fine (2003). With Mondadori he published
Gladiatori (2005).
antonio franchini
Antonio Franchini
Collection: Season 2
240 pages
Out: November 2016
“The most haunting book I read this year.”
Irish Times
“Turner is a soldier with the soul of a poet.”
Daily Telegraph
“Beautiful, electrifying and full of pain.”
Washington Post
My Life as
a Foreign Country
Brian Turner
Collection: Season 2
280 pages
Out: October 2016
Translation rights:
Rocking Chair Books
WW Norton
Guido Calza
Rights sold in:
UK (Jonathan Cape)
The Netherlands (Arbeiderspers)
In 2003, Sergeant Brian Turner was at the head of a
convoy of 3,500 US soldiers as they entered the Iraqi
desert. Now, still stalked by conflict, he retraces his war
experience and meditates on the echoes between his story and those of generations of soldiers marching to battle before him.
Spanning pre-deployment to combat zone, World War I
to Vietnam, boredom to bloodlust, roadside bombs to
open mic nights, My Life as a Foreign Country asks what it
means to be a soldier and a human being.
brian turner,
born in 1967, is an American poet, essayist and professor. He won the 2005 Beatrice Hawley
Award for his debut collection, Here, Bullet, the first of
many awards and honors received for this collection of
poems about his experience as a soldier in the Iraq War.
His honors since include a Lannan Literary Fellowship.
His second collection, shortlisted for the 2010 T.S. Eliot
Prize, is Phantom Noise. Turner served for seven years in
the US Army.
A spare yet eloquent, bittersweet yet inspiring story of a
man and a woman who, in advanced age, come together
to wrestle with the events of their lives and their hopes for
the imminent future.
In the familiar setting of Holt, Colorado, home to all of
Kent Haruf ’s inimitable fiction, Addie Moore pays an unexpected visit to a neighbor, Louis Waters. Her husband
died years ago, as did his wife, and in such a small town
they naturally have known of each other for decades; in
fact, Addie was quite fond of Louis’s wife. His daughter
lives hours away in Colorado Springs, her son even farther
away in Grand Junction, and Addie and Louis have long
been living alone in houses now empty of family, the nights
so terribly lonely, especially with no one to talk with.
Their brave adventures – their pleasures and their difficulties – are hugely involving and truly resonant, making
Our Souls at Night the perfect final installment to this beloved
writer’s enduring contribution to American literature.
Our Souls at Night
Kent Haruf
Collection: Season 2
200 pages
Out: November 2016
Translation rights:
Nancy Stauffer Associates
Fabio Cremonesi
Rights sold in:
UK (Picador)
The Netherlands (Pimento
“A delicate, sneakily devastating evocation of place and character...
Haruf ’s story accumulates resonance through carefully chosen details; the novel is quiet but never complacent.” The New Yorker
“His great subject was the struggle of decency against small-mindedness, and his rare gift was to make sheer decency a moving subject... [This] novel runs on the dogged insistence that simple elements carry depths, and readers will find much to be grateful for.”
Joan Silber, The New York Times Book Review
“Utterly charming [and] distilled to elemental purity... such a tender, carefully polished work that it seems like a blessing we had no
right to expect.” Ron Charles, The Washington Post
It’s the last summer for Dad Lewis in his beloved
town of Holt. Friends pass in and out to voice their
farewells, while his wife and daughter work to make
his final days as sweet as possible. Dad’s ghosts are
there too, and sit by his bed talking with him. Next
door, a little girl moves in with her grandmother and
is drawn into this circle of friendship, while down
town Reverend Rob Lyle attempts to mend strained
relationships of his own, as he faces up to his latest
Haruf handles human relationships with fierce and
delicacy, exploring rage, fidelity, pity, honour, timidity, obligation; he deals with complex moral issues,
but he doesn’t raise his voice. He talks quietly, intimately, yet with reserve, as one adult to another. And
this plain conversation becomes a restrained voice, a
quiet music.
Kent Haruf
Collection: The Plain Trilogy – 1
280 pages
Out: March 2015
Translation rights:
Nancy Stauffer Associates
Fabio Cremonesi
Rights sold in:
UK (Picador)
“Haruf achieves a novel of wisdom and grace – a narrative that
builds in strength and feeling until, as in a choral chant, the voices
in the book surround transport and lift the reader off the ground.”
James Wood
(1920-2014) his honors include a Whiting
Foundation Writers’ Award, the Wallace Stegner Award
and a special citation from the PEN/Hemingway Foundation; he has also been a finalist for the National Book
Award, the Los Angeles Times Book Prize, the New
Yorker Book Award and the Folio Prize 2014.
kent haruf
“Ambitious, but never seeming so, Kent Haruf reveals a whole
community as he interweaves the stories of a pregnant high
school girl, a lonely teacher, a pair of boys abandoned by their
mother, and a couple of crusty bachelor farmers. From simple
elements, Haruf achieves a novel of wisdom and grace – a
narrative that builds in strength and feeling until, as in a choral
chant, the voices in the book surround, transport, and lift the
reader off the ground.”
From the citation for the National Book Award
Award: ALA Alex Award, New York Public Library
Books for the Teen Age, YALSA Best Books for Young
Adults, National Book Awards (Finalist)
“A novel so foursquare, so delicate and lovely... it has the power to
exalt the reader.” The New York Times Book Review
Kent Haruf
Collection: The Plain Trilogy – 2
“A compelling and compassionate novel... [With] his sheer assurance as a storyteller, [Mr. Haruf] has conjured up an entire community, and ineluctably immersed the reader in its dramas.” Michiko
Kakutani, The New York Times
“A work as flawlessly unified as a short story by Poe or Chekhov.”
Jon Hassler, Chicago Tribune
280 pages
Out: November 2015
Translation rights:
Nancy Stauffer Associates
Fabio Cremonesi
Rights sold in:
UK (Picador)
France (Robert Laffont Éditions)
Germany (BTB)
“Haunting, virtuosic, inimitable.” Sarah Saffian, San
Francisco Chronicle
Kent Haruf, award-winning, bestselling author of
Plainsong returns to the high-plains town of Holt, Colorado, with a novel of masterful authority. The aging
McPheron brothers are learning to live without Victoria Roubideaux, the single mother they took in and
who has now left their ranch to start college. A lonely
young boy stoically cares for his grandfather while a
disabled couple tries to protect themselves from violence. As these lives unfold and intersect, Eventide unveils the immemorial truths about human beings: their
fragility and resilience, their selfishness and goodness,
and their ability to find family in one another.
“Writing in a style reminiscent of Hemingway, Haruf has a
pitch-perfect ear for dialogue... Eventide is a spare, delicate
and beautiful book. Haruf has created another poignant
meditation on the true meaning of family.” Oregonian
Kent Haruf
Collection: The Plain Trilogy – 3
280 pages
Out: May 2016
Translation rights:
Nancy Stauffer Associates
Translator: Fabio Cremonesi
Rights sold in:
UK (Picador)
France (Robert Laffont Éditions)
“A clear distillation of the writer’s craft, [Eventide is] a book
that grabs you by the heart on first page, refusing to
release its grasp until the last.” The Denver Post
“Highly charged and compassionate... Every action in
Holt casts a long shadow, and the gist of Haruf ’s story is
what happens when those shadows touch.” The New Yorker
“[Haruf] writes with such unabashed wonder before life’s
mysteries, such compassion for frail humanity that he seems to have
issued from another time, a better place.” Newsday
Dept. of
Jenny Offill
Collection: Season 1
168 pages
Out: March 2015
Translation rights:
Union Literary
Translator: Gioia Guerzoni
Rights sold in:
North America
Germany (DVA), France (Calmann Lévy),
Brazil (Novo Conceito), UK (Granta/Portobello),
Turkey (Domingo)
Dept. of Speculation is a portrait of a marriage. It
is also a beguiling rumination on the mysteries
of intimacy, trust, faith, knowledge. Jenny Offill’s
heroine, referred to in these pages as simply “the
wife,” confronts an array of common catastrophes – a colicky baby, a faltering marriage, stalled
ambitions. The wife analyzes her predicament,
invoking everything from Keats and Kafka to the
thought experiments of the Stoics to the lessons
of doomed Russian cosmonauts. She muses on
the consuming, capacious experience of maternal love, and the near total destruction of the self
that ensues from it as she confronts the friction
between domestic life and the seductions and demands of art. With cool precision, in a language
that shimmers with rage, Jenny Offill has crafted
an exquisitely suspenseful love story that has the
velocity of a train hurtling through the night at
top speed.
is the author of the novel Last Things,
which was chosen as a Notable Book of the Year
by The New York Times and was a finalist for the
Los Angeles Times First Book Award. She teaches in the writing programs at Queens University,
Brooklyn College, and Columbia University.
jenny offill
In each of the stories, David James Poissant delivers
a moving portrayal of a relationship in turmoil. His
gritty, all-too-real characters stand on the precipice
of their lives, chased there by trouble of their own
making, and face a singular choice: do they jump,
or turn away? Lee Martin writes that Poissant forces
us “to face the people we are when we’re alone in
the dark,” and from the two men who save a sick
alligator in “Lizard Man” to the girl buttressing her
boyfriend against his worst fears in “The End of Aaron,” from a man grieving his father in “100% Cotton” to a brother’s surprise at the surreal beauty of a
late night encounter with a wolf, Poissant’s invented
worlds shine with honesty and dark complexity, but
also a profound compassion.
Fresh, smart, lively – and often wickedly funny – the
stories in The Heaven of Animals are breathtakingly
original and compulsively readable.
The Heaven
of Animals
David James Poissant
Collection: Season 1
256 pages
Out: October 2015
Translation rights
Brandt & Hochman Literary Agents
Translator: Gioia Guerzoni
Rights sold in:
France (Albin Michel),
Spain/LA (Edhasa)
david james poissant’s
stories and essays have appeared in The Atlantic, The Chicago Tribune, Glimmer Train, The New York Times, One Story, Playboy, Ploughshares, The Southern Review, and in the
New Stories from the South and Best New American
Voices anthologies. He teaches in the MFA program
at the University of Central Florida. His debut collection, The Heaven of Animals, was published by Simon
& Schuster. He is currently at work on a novel, Class,
Order, Family, also forthcoming from Simon & Schuster.
The First Fifteen
Lives of Harry
Claire North
Collection: Season 1
400 pages
Out: April 2015
Translation rights
Little, Brown Book Group
Translator: Valentina Daniele
Rights sold in:
US (Orbit), Bulgaria (Ciela Norma), Czech
Republic (Argo), The Netherlands (Nieuw
Amsterdam), France (Éditions Delpierre),
Germany (Luebbe), Hungary (Athenaeum),
Poland (Swiat Ksiazki), Portugal (Saída de
Emergência), Spain (Hidra), Turkey (Koridor)
Every time Harry August dies, he reborns in exactly
the same time and place as his last life, destined to
live the same lifetime over and over again. He doesn’t
know why he is special, but he does know that there
are others like him, and throughout history they have
formed secret clubs across the world to spread the
message to new members that they are not alone.
Every life Harry lives is different – and yet some
things are always the same. As Harry nears the end
of his eleventh life, a little girl appears at his bedside.
“The world is ending,” she says. “The message has
come down from child to adult, child to adult, passed
back down the generations from a thousand years
forward in time. The world is ending and we cannot
prevent it. So now it’s up to you.” This book is the
story of what Harry August does next – and what he
did before – and how he tries to save the world and at
the same time save himself. It is a story of friendship
and betrayal, of love and loneliness and loss and joy
and politics and religion and loyalty and redemption
and the inevitable march of time.
is a pseudonym for Catherine Webb,
an acclaimed British author who has previously published several YA novels under her own name, and a
terrifically reviewed fantasy series under the name of
Kate Griffin.
claire north
>>> viceversa <<<
vices and virtues in contemporary days
curated by Gian Luca Favetto
Vices and Virtues share the same DNA, the same roots. They are inclinations of the human soul. The seven
deadly sins: sloth, avarice, gluttony, envy, wrath, lust, pride. The four virtues mentioned by Plato: courage,
temperance, prudence or wisdom, justice. The three theological virtues: faith, hope, charity.
Through each novel, the pattern of the vices and virtues is immersed in present times, where vices and virtues
often change place, change in perception, decompose and recompose.
Vices and virtues such as views, hiking trails, and not abstract entities, principles, or monoliths. In the end,
the novels recompose a map, a geography of the soul. Vices and virtues such as magnifying mirros to look at
present times, to map the contemporary world and its reasons.
Winner of the Sinbad Prize for the best Italian independent novel 2015
Shortlisted for the Bergamo Prize for the best Italian novel 2016
Tommaso Pincio
Out: May 2015
Translation rights:
Clementina Liuzzi Literary Agency
The author is translated in:
Spain, France
Ottavio Tondi never met Ligeia Tissot. They wrote each
other messages for four years. They did chat on the new social network Panorama, he saw her in pictures and he spent
days and nights looking at her bed shot by a live video camera. Before writing messages to Ligeia, Ottavio Tondi never
wrote anywthing, not a single word nor a note. His life and
his work were devoted to the act of reading. But he was not
a common reader, he was The reader, the one who caused
the publication of the major best seller ever seen since years.
And since the discovery of that book, he became the man
who could determine fortunes and misfortunes of novels
on the bookshelves. Yet this was another story, a story that
had happened before, before the accident on ponte Sisto in
Rome, before the world stopped to read books, and before
Ligeia Tissot entered Ottavio Tondi’s life.
tommaso pincio,
writer and painter, lives and works in
Rome. He has published M. (Cronopio), Un amore dell’altro
mondo (Einaudi), La ragazza che non era lei (Einaudi), Gli Alieni
(Fazi), Cinacittà (Einaudi), Lo spazio sfinito (minimum fax), Hotel
a zero stelle (Laterza), Roma Pulp (il Saggiatore). He regularly
contributes to “Rolling Stone”, “manifesto” and “la Repubblica”. He is author of the Italian translations of F. Scott
Fitzgerald, Jack Kerouac, Philip K. Dick.
was born in Susa and lives in Turin. She has a degree in Cinema history and criticism, for
some years she devoted herself to the theater and writing.
Her novels are all published by Salani, among them: L’assassino qualcosa lascia (Bancarella Prize 2010), La felicità è un
muscolo volontario, All’ombra dell’uomo montagna, Chi bacia e chi
viene baciato.
rosa mogliasso
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Clementina Liuzzi Literary Agency
Rights sold in:
France (Finitude)
Bella era bella,
morta era morta
Rosa Mogliasso
Out: May 2015
lives in Milan. After graduating at the Laboratory of dramatic writing of Piccolo Teatro, she followed seminars on writing with Giorgio Strehler
and Tonino Guerra. As a journalist she contributed to several
cinema, art, psychology magazines. Among his novels: Ti perdono (Kowalski), Ti voglio credere (Kowalski, Scerbanenco Award
2010 for best Italian noir), Corpi di scarto (Verdenero), Dritto al
cuore (edizioni e/o). She has also published two essays on writing: Le professioni della scrittura (Il Sole 24 Ore) and Scrivo dunque
sono (Ponte alle Grazie).
elisabetta bucciarelli
La resistenza del maschio
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Meucci Agency
Elisabetta Bucciarelli
The author is translated in:
Spain, Germany, France
Out: September 2015
was born in Naples (1970). She
has published several novels, including: Una lunga notte
(Guanda), Neronapoletano (Guanda), L’amore, quello vero
(Guanda), Napoli sul mare luccica (Laterza), Isole senza mare
(Guanda), Asino chi legge (Guanda). Her last novel Lisario
(Mondadori) was shorlisted for the Strega Prize 2014. She
regularly contributes to the newspaper “Il Mattino” of
Naples and other magazines, and writes for Rai RadioTre
and for the theater.
antonella cilento
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The author is translated in:
UK, Spain, Germany, Russia
La Madonna
dei mandarini
Antonella Cilento
Out: September 2015
was trained at Bottega Gassman, is
an actor of stage and screen (Risi, Moretti, Sorrentino) and is the author of plays and literary works.
His novels, Esco (2012) and Come un chiodo nel muro
(2013), are published by Bompiani.
tony laudadio
L’uomo che non riusciva
a morire
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Tony Laudadio
Out: October 2015
was born in 1971 in the Province of Turin. In addition to novels he writes books for children,
short stories and articles, and his texts have been used in
musical and theatre productions. He teachs at the Scuola
Holden in Torino.
Among his novels: Un mattino a Irgalem (Marcos y Mardavide longo
cos), Il mangiatore di pietre (Marcos y Marcos), L’uomo
verticale (Fandango), Il caso Bramard (Feltrinelli).
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Sosia e Pistoia agency
Maestro Utrecht
Davide Longo
The author is translated in:
UK, Germany, France, Spain, The
Out: February 2016
gian luca favetto:
was born in 1957 in Turin.
Poet, journalist, writer, playwright, He regularly contributes to “la Repubblica” and Radio Rai. He created the project Interference between the city and
men. Among the recent books: Se dico radici dico storie
(Laterza) and the novels: La vita non fa rumore (Mondadori) and Il giorno perduto (66thand2nd, with Antonhy Cartwright).
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Clementina Liuzzi Literary Agency
Premessa per un addio
Gian Luca Favetto
Out: April 2016
Among other things, this novel is about: a sluggish advertiser
possessed by the spirit of a resolute Clint Eastwood; a guy nicknamed Padrepio wearing gloves trimmed in black leather and
ekes out a living impersonating Jesus Christ; a girl with very special nipples; a man with an erotic passion for cows; a famous
radio DJ able to smell female pherormones at a distance; the
city of Milan devastated by rainfalls; a chimpanzee able to speak
and eat pizza. And the Apocalypse. Or at least something that
resembles it. In just three days, while a heavy rain rages over
the whole world and unexplainable events seem to announce
the end of humanity, a host of unique characters will be forced
to give up their everyday life to embrace a greater destiny. A
succession of twists, this novel nods to pop culture, to the entertainment society and hysteria in contemporary times.
(1970) worked as a copywriter for several advertising agencies in Milan and as screenwriter for television and radio programs and for theatre plays. He also played
as main actor in 5 monologues, featured in theaters in Italy. Auro
Ponchielli contro la fine del mondo is his first novel.
alessandro pozzetti
Auro Ponchielli contro
la fine del mondo
Alessandro Pozzetti
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Clementina Liuzzi Literary Agency
Out: June 2015
Gemma and Vic, a friendship grew up in the suburbs of Naples between dreams, hopes and decisions to make. Gemma chose to move
to Milan to become a journalist, Vic to stay in Naples and become
a photographer. The two friends remain bound to each other until
a mysterious car accident when Vic loses her life. When Gemma returns to Naples to seek some clues in the last days of life of her friend,
she finds herself suddenly merged in a real eco-thriller story. With the
first Gemma’s novel, Stefania Divertito begins her trilogy: each book
will be devoted to an environmental issue. Una spiaggia troppo bianca is
about asbestos.
Gemma never takes herself too seriously. She often feels inadequate,
clumsy, embarrassed. It will be because of a diet, never fully completed, because of her red ruffled curls or the constant scent of tangerine that comes out of her bag... but she is a very good and serious
journalist and a really determined, stubborn, intuitive detective. At
the foot of Vesuvius, a swirl of characters will accompany Gemma
through her investigation.
Una spiaggia
troppo bianca
Stefania Divertito
is a journalist and a writer. Since 1999 she
focused her investigation on environmental issues. Awarded in
2004 as Reporter of the Year and in 2013 with the Pasolini
Award for News Information, she has published four books:
Il fantasma in Europa. La Bosnia del dopo Dayton; Uranio, il nemico
invisibile; Amianto. Storia di un serial killer; Toghe verdi.
stefania divertito
Out: April 2015
translation rights:
Clementina Liuzzi Literary Agency