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Informa on on the Media Region North Rhine
on the Media Region
North Rhine-Westphalia
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Mobile Game Design
Germany’s most successful games hub
A crea;ve games scene has se<led in the Rhine and Ruhr
region, ini;ated by a number of pioneers whose success
story began here in the 1980s. Par;cularly in the Ruhr
metropolis, the turnover of the so(ware and games
industry has increased by more than 120 per cent between
2001 and 2007. From market leaders to award-winning
avantgarde designers, the industry has a diversified and
successful structure now: It made NRW into Germany’s
financially strongest games hub in 2011.
Electronic Arts and Ubiso
One of the leading interna;onal companies in the field
of interac;ve entertainment so(ware, Electronic Arts,
has its headquarters in Cologne’s Rheinauhafen from
where it distributes games like Ba6lefield, Crysis or Need
for Speed. The football simula;on game FIFA 13 was the
most successful game of 2012, selling more than a million
units on the Playsta;on alone in just six months. The French
company Ubiso( is also one of the five largest publishers
in the world and has its German HQ in Düsseldorf. With
series like The Se6lers and Anno, Ubiso( publishes the most
successful strategic games in Germany. In 2014, Anno
Online received the German Computer Game Award for
the Best Browser Game. Successful publishers have developed from within the local scene such as Ahoiii!, which
was successful in three categories at the German Developer Award in 2013 with its children’s game Fiete, and the
Mönchengladbach-based Astragon So(ware, which won the
German Developer Award in 2011 for its farming simulator.
Astragon's main shareholder is Rondomedia, which is also
based in Mönchengladbach. Together, they are the second
largest producer and distributor of computer games in
Germany with sales of well over two million games.
With its dynamism and good educa;onal
landscape, NRW yields crea;ve talents for the
games industry. The local developers’ scene
must be supported with specific funding programmes so that games „made in NRW“ can
become a trademark.
Benedikt Grindel, Managing Director
Ubiso%-Studio Blue Byte
Well-connected developer scene
Further synergy effects have arisen in the region. Electronic
Arts, for example, has its successful game EA Fußballmanager
developed by the Cologne-based company Bright Future,
while Ubiso( took over the studio Blue Byte in 2001 and
has since been the exclusive distributor of the legendary
strategic game series The Se6lers and Anno. Blue Byte,
founded in Mülheim an der Ruhr in 1988 and now based in
Düsseldorf, was one of the pioneers of the German game
developers. The studio, which is now one of the fastest
growing game developers in Germany, is regarded as
the nucleus of the lively scene in the Ruhr region. This is
where the Crazy Chicken’s inventors Phenomedia in Bochum
and its subsidiary at the ;me, Piranha Bytes, set important
new standards at the end of the 1990s. These companies
in turn led to new players such as Nevigo in Bochum and
today’s Piranha Bytes/Pluto 13 in Essen, which is responsible for, among other things, the successful fantasy role
playing games Gothic and Risen. Headup Games from
Düren won the German Computer Game Award in 2014
for The Inner World from Studio Fizbin.
Online Gaming, Serious Games, eSports
The new trends in the games market are also reflected
in NRW. For instance, Ubiso( has agreed on a strategic
partnership with RTL Interac;ve for online gaming. The
established development studio Funa;cs in Oberhausen
is also ac;ve in this growing segment with browser games
like Cultures Online. And KaiserGames in Cologne operates
Germany’s most visited online game site,,
with more than 10,000 free games. KaiserGames also
drew a<en;on to itself in 2012 by its takeover of the social
game The fact that the game developer scene
Authors, directors, designers, programmers,
actors and musicians need a crea;ve, networked environment in order to create computer games. This is exactly what NRW and
the area around Cologne have to offer.
Olaf Coenen, CEO
Electronic Arts Germany
Spleemo & Glob: Monster Defense Fiete
The Inner World
in the Rhine and Ruhr region also has great poten;al in
the field of games with educa;onal content, the so-called
serious games, is proven by such companies as Zone 2
Connect and Takomat with award-winning projects like
The Virtual Supermarket and E2010 – Power to Energe5ka.
The game Meister Cody by the Düsseldorf-based so(ware
developer Kaasa Health was supported by the Film- und
Mediens;(ung NRW and presented with the Vodafone
Smart Solu;on Award in 2013. Cologne’s Turtle Entertainment is also one of around 50 game developers and more
than a dozen publishers who are successfully opera;ng
on all pla:orms in NRW. Turtle has specialized in eSports
and is the operator, among other things, of the Electronic
Sports League with 3.5 million players regularly playing
in 37 countries.
gamescom, GDC, Developer Award
The games industry in NRW is accompanied by some pres;gious events. In 2014, gamescom – the world’s largest
trade fair for interac;ve entertainment – was held for
the sixth ;me, with more than 350,000 visitors, including
around 31,500 professional delegates from 88 countries
and more than 700 exhibitors from 47 countries. Other
conferences and mee;ngs are held at the same ;me as
gamescom to a<ract the games scene and professionals to
Cologne, ranging from the Game Developers Conference
(GDC), the newly developed Respawn – Gathering of Game
Developers, the Notgames Fest, the Video Days, to the
Pla;ne Fes;val and Evoke as well as the European Pirate
Summit start-up event. Numerous other games events
are held in NRW during the year, including the German
Developer Award in Düsseldorf and the Next Level Conference in Dortmund.
NRW is gaining in importance as a centre for
the games industry. This is underscored by
the recent establishment of interna;onally
successful games companies in Düsseldorf. In
par;cular, the highly qualified workforce as
well as the opportuni;es for synergy with
the local industry enterprises are what make
NRW into a unique loca;on.
Thomas Friedmann, CEO
Facts and Figures
> Financially strong games hub
> gamescom in Cologne – trade fair of global importance
> Global players Electronic Arts and Ubiso(
> One in four German game developers based in NRW
> Arvato, one of the most important distributors
> Wide range of training opportuni;es
> gamescom, GDC Europe, German Developer Award
Research and teaching
The universi;es and colleges in NRW are also con;nually
expanding their exper;se in the field of games: The Cologne
University of Applied Sciences (FH), for example, has
developed the Cologne Game Lab ins;tute in coopera;on
with ifs interna;onale filmschule köln, offering a Master’s
Degree in Game Development and Research. The FH and
Cologne Game Lab organize the biennial Clash of Reali;es
academic conference in collabora;on with Electronic Arts.
The courses in game design at the Media Design College
in Düsseldorf are also unique in Germany, while the universi;es of Paderborn and Duisburg-Essen offer research
specializa;on in the field of computer games.
Promo,on of ideas and start-ups
The Film- und Mediens;(ung NRW has been suppor;ng
the young developer scene in the region since 2011 with
its pilot funding programme for innova;ve audiovisual content. The funding programme was extended and expanded
in 2014. In addi;on, the media industry in NRW has received sustainable support since 2012 through the innova;on programme Digital Media NRW/Create.Media.NRW
as part of the Digital Media Region NRW ini;a;ve. The innova;on programme is administered by the federal state
government. The Mediengründerzentrum NRW also provides an extensive bursary package for young game companies. And the UFA Lab NRW, which has been located in
Cologne since 2012, supports colla-bora;ons between
young crea;ves from all sectors. <
We opened an office in NRW to provide an
entree into the industry for those talents
who would like to work on culturally valuable
games without applying the thumbscrews,
but with lots of crea;ve freedom. A(er a few
weeks, it could be seen that the plan was a
complete success.
Carsten Fichtelmann, CEO & Founder
Daedalic Entertainment Studio West,
Squirrel & baer
Service Providers
Phoenix Grafik
TASK four Studio
The Art of Games
The Light Works
Timm Dapper
Turtle Entertainment
Two Pi Team
Webdesign Höhne
4D Projects
Gaming Communi;es
ESL Electronic Sports League
Research/Training Ins;tu;ons
Cologne Game Lab
FH Köln – Insitut für
und Medienpädagogik
ifs interna;onale filmschule köln
Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln
Mediadesignhochschule Düsseldorf
SAE Ins;tute
Universität Duisburg-Essen
Universität Paderborn
Clash of Reali;es
Deutscher Entwicklerpreis
Gametreff NRW
GDC Europe
Next Level Conference
NRW Game Developers
Role Play Conven;on
Sports Media Summit
eco – Verband der deutschen
Internetwirtscha( e.V.
Fachhochschule Köln –
Projekt „Spielraum“
G.A.M.E. e.V.
Zentrum für interak;ve Medien e.V.
Film- und Mediens;(ung NRW
Mediencluster NRW
Mediengründerzentrum NRW
Games > 3
Need for Speed Shi%
netSTART Venture
Seven Principles
App Development
2up Mobile
4D Media
ac;ve value
AppCom Interac;ve
BaM! Interac;ve Marke;ng
Gesamtkunstwerk Entertainment
g.on experience
Hot Chili Apps
Kaasa Solu;on
Maple Apps
Me=gel So(ware
mobile mind
net mobile AG
oneline media
Pi Filmproduk;on
Three of the four largest German operators of mobile
phone networks – Telekom, Vodafone and E-Plus – are
based in NRW. Overall, more than 40 per cent of all those
companies working in this sector in Germany are located
here. Moreover, the excellent infrastructure in the field
of interac;ve entertainment so(ware has, thanks to the
presence of global players (Electronic Arts, Ubiso() and
an extremely crea;ve independent games scene, just as
posi;ve an effect as the extensive television and publishing
scene as well as NRW’s excep;onal posi;on within the
Federal Republic in the field of geodata. And this has all
happened against the background of prospering economic
data: At the beginning of 2014, 50 per cent of Germans
over 14 used a smartphone. Most consumers use the
mobile phones to surf in the Internet. In 2013, the volume
of data in the German mobile phone networks increased
much faster than expected. 267 million Gigabytes passed
through the mobile phone operators' networks (up 71 per
cent compared to 2012). In 2014, the mobile phone networks in Germany are expected to generate 9.6 billion Euros
turnover with mobile data services. And the market for
apps is also con;nuing to flourish. In 2014, it is expected
that around 717 million Euros will be generated with apps.
In 2013, this was 547 million Euros.
Successful apps development: Glanzkinder,
mobiven,on, Appsrise, Grandcentrix
Embedded in an environment that is ideal both in business
and structural terms, an innova;on-friendly developer
scene has emerged in recent years in NRW to design and
market applica;ons for smartphones. Major players like
Electronic Arts and Ubiso( successfully produce app versions of many of their ;tles (FIFA, Need for Speed, Anno,
Coupies has its company headquarters in the
centre of Cologne, the Internet city. Besides an
ac;ve Web 2.0 scene and the biggest mobile
phone companies in Düsseldorf and Bonn, the
economic informa;on technology department
of the University of Cologne is a great address
for new ideas.
Frank Schleimer, co-founder and CEO
etc.). Other leading names in the sector such as Vodafone
have given rise to new companies like the Düsseldorf-based
Appselera;on which was taken over by Apprise Düsseldorf
in 2014. The previous year saw one of the largest developers of mobile apps, Mubaloo, se=ng up shop in Düsseldorf. Since the beta phase of the iPhone, Glanzkinder from
Cologne has so far developed over 200 applica;ons for
such clients as Siemens, BMW, Audi, VW and Viessmann
and subsequently received numerous awards. In 2013,
for example, the Cologne-based company celebrated the
“Best of 2013“ award from the Ini;a;ve Mi<elstand for
its;vator app. Furthermore, mobiven;on from
Cologne has made a name for itself throughout Europe
with games (Hangman Hero, Tic Tac Toe) and graphic
applica;ons. Its interna;onal clients include more than
100 app stores, mobile phone operators, brand names
and adver;sing agencies. NRW is also excep;onally wellposi;oned in the field of mobile marke;ng, not least
thanks to its prospering adver;sing scene with such companies as BaM! Interac;ve from Düsseldorf, which create
marke;ng concepts from mobile adver;sement through
to mobile Internet.
Mobile TV: RTL, WDR
Mobile television is another extensive field of business. In
Cologne, for example, WDR mediagroup and RTL interac;ve
are both involved in developing broadcas;ng content for
mobile applica;ons, such as the Sportschau or Soccer World
Cup app at WDR. The Now apps by RTL, RTL II and Vox
enable buyers to watch the majority of the TV programmes
via streaming on their mobile phones immediately following the broadcast. Apart from especially popular programmes like Who Wants To Be A Millionaire or Formula 1
As a digital na;ve among the German mobile
phone providers, simyo has had its headquarters in Düsseldorf for ten years. An outstanding
infrastructure, the large number of top players
from the telco sector, access to talented professionals and, not least, the Rhenish openness
and conviviality make living and working here
so a<rac;ve.
Nicolas Biagosch, CEO
simyo GmbH
Molly Monster
The Day It Rained Forever
Tomb Raider Underworld
(with their own tailor-made applica;ons produced by
RTL interac;ve), the in-house developer also sa;sfies the
demand for moving images on the mobile phone with a
mobile version of Clipfish with approx. 4.35 million app
downloads. The No. 1 television hub is also a fer;le environment for mobile service-providers in NRW: Grandcentrix
from Cologne develops and handles more than 22 applica;ons for RTL, incl. the iPhone apps for Idol, Got Talent
and X-Factor. Moreover, the company is also behind the
smartphone app for the ARD-Quizduell as a commission
from ITV Studios Germany Cologne. The apps for Berlin
Day & Night and Dalli Dalli are part of the product portfolio at Appsrise in Düsseldorf.
Loca,on-based services
In North Rhine-Westphalia, the importance of geodata
for business and the media was recognised early on. The
result: a unique posi;on within Germany as shown by
developers of successful applica;ons based on geodata,
who have set up shop in the region. In the field of mobile
media, this is especially the case for naviga;on and loca;onbased services: innova;ons are made here, for example,
by Logiball from Herne, which is, among other things, the
official distributor of the TomTom naviga;on device producer. Logiball has developed into Europe's largest independent IT service-provider handling digital street maps.
In 2013, GeoMobile GmbH from Dortmund introduced
the GeoCompanion app, which provides orienta;on and
security for journeys in crisis and war zones and received
the Human Telema;k Award at the IFA Berlin in 2013. In
2014, it picked up the Telema;k Award for the BusAccess
app for passengers with restricted mobility in public transport services. Meanwhile, Naviki is the name given to a
NRW is THE media region par excellence since
we also have a crea;ve media landscape alongside solid technology that is concentrated in a
radius of 150 km – and all of this with the nice
ambience of the Rhine and Ruhr: the perfect
combina;on for breathtaking apps.
Mustafa Mussa, CEO
bam! Interac5ve
Facts and Figures
> Global players: Vodafone, Telekom, E-Plus,
Electronic Arts, Sevenval, and others
> Successful app developers
> Ideal infrastructure
> 40 per cent of German mobile companies in NRW
> Mobile capital Düsseldorf
> Pioneer in the field of loca;on-based services
> iPhone DevCon, Mobile Media Summit,
route planner for bicycles – a successful app which was
developed at the Münster University of Applied Sciences
and has also been available throughout Europe since 2013.
Publishers also make use of this high-performance infrastructure: for example, WAZ with its traffic conges;on
informa;on and signpost service. The Cologne-based
company Coupies offers loca;on-based coupons and discounts for mobile phones, and received several awards
(incl. Best of Mobile Award 2014) for its loca;on-based
service. The bargain service from NRW claims to have
now reached 3.5 million mobile end-users.
Mobile future in NRW
NRW thinks mobile. In fact, Cologne was the first city in
Germany to be included by Telekom in its new high-speed
mobile network LTE, and, thanks to Vodafone, Düsseldorf
has also been able to surf in the fast UMTS successor
network before other ci;es.
NRW also shows in other ways that it is well prepared for
the mobile future: this is where car parking payment by
mobile phone was first introduced in Germany (available
in Cologne since February 2008); this is where Sevenval,
the inventor of FIT Technology and technological leader
for mobile web so(ware, is based; this is where professional training programmes are offered (e.g. Mobile
Media at the ifs interna;onale filmschule Cologne); this
is where the app developers conference iPhone DevCon
takes place. And this is where there are ins;tu;ons suppor;ng mobile start-ups in their launch and growth phases
(e.g. Startplatz Cologne and the Mobile Incubator 1st
Mover in Düsseldorf). <
The Sims 3
Rabbids Big Bang
App Development
Pythia Mobile Infotainment
Rocket Apes
RTL interac;ve
The APP Guys
WDR mediagroup
wp solu;ons
ifs interna;onale filmschule köln
Advance Conference
Interac;ve Cologne
iPhone DevCon
Mobile Media Summit
Telekom App Award
Digitale Wirtscha( (BVDW)
Cluster IKT.NRW
Digitale Stadt Düsseldorf
eco – Verband der deutschen
Internetwirtscha( e.V.
networker NRW
Web de Cologne
Now a leader in the field of counter-surveillance, Secusmart highly appreciates the support from the Land of NRW. This includes the
valuable networks and key industry events
such as the Düsseldorf mobile campaign:
NRW breathes mobility.
Dr. Hans-Christoph Quelle, CEO
Mobile > 5
ac;ve value
Brain Injec;on
Coworking Cologne
Endemol beyond
goneo Internet GmbH
Play Massive
Putpat TV
Responsive Design Viewer
RTL interac;ve
WAZ NewMedia
WDR mediagroup digital
10000 Flies
01 Digitales Design
antwerpes ag
Bassier, Bergmann & Kindler
Con Carne
LBi Germany
netSTART Venture
nexum AG
Oevermann Networks
People Interac;ve
Reality Bytes Neue Medien
Rheinklang Media
Spyke Media
T-Systems Mul;media Solu;ons
TWT Interac;ve
wysiwyg So(ware Design
Advance Hackathon
Advance - Interna;onal
Web & Startup Conference
Cologne Web Content Forum
Consumer Content Conference
Grimme Online Award
Interac;ve Cologne
The Bobs Awards
Deutscher Webvideopreis
facebook’s global network
Internet & Web
Strong Players, crea,ve start-ups and webvideo stars
The German Internet sector con;nued to prosper in 2013
thanks to a significant rise in adver;sing investments: with
a gross adver;sing volume of over 7 billion Euros, the
Internet has established itself as the second strongest
adver;sing medium behind television and ahead of newspapers. Many e-commerce companies ( in Bonn, in Düsseldorf, in Münster) are directly
profi;ng from the online boom, as are service-providers
like the Bertelsmann subsidiary arvato in Gütersloh (4.41
billion Euros turnover in 2013), which, for example, oversees the adver;sement payments for Google around the
globe and manages the Xbox Shop for Microso( for several
countries. The general use of the Internet is constantly
increasing: Three out of four Germans use the Web, NRW
has the highest level of digi;sa;on in Germany. Such posi;ve signals come together in North Rhine-Westphalia with
an industry that is ideally geared to economic dynamism
with innova;on, first-class companies and successful concepts. Small, crea;ve and fast start-ups assume the role
of providing innova;on. The publishing and media groups
bring innova;on into the old market by supplying venture
capital to the start-ups.
Clipfish, Mediakra, Putpat TV, PONK
With, RTL has access to a popular video portal
with more than 55,000 music videos on offer. In 2012,
Clipfish launched a second music portal, closely allied to
social media features, called, which allows the
users to recommend their favourite music to friends via
Facebook. Meanwhile, Putpat TV, founded in 2008 by
Cologne-based TVRL, offers online music television that
everyone can organise according to their own taste. Putpat
Cologne also offers us crea;ve, cosmopolitan
poten;al due to the proximity of high-quality
film and TV producers: at the heart of a state
where innova;on is both sought a(er and
Marc Schröder, CEO
RTL interac5ve
TV is the No. 1 music app on smartTVs and the top music
video app on the iPad. Thanks to a network of media and
co-opera;on partners, the Cologne-based company reaches
over 18 million unique users each month, with more than
2.5 million users having registered. Mediakra( Networks is
experiencing a veritable boom with its broadcas;ng centre
in Cologne, making it the largest online TV channel in the
German-language area. Mediakra( operates a series of
online video networks on various pla:orms and supports
the most talented video makers in producing content for
viewers of all age groups. In total, Mediakra( reaches
more than 16 million individual viewers each month and
registers more than 420 million video hits globally per
month. This is equivalent to an average growth in viewers of
10 per cent per month since the network was established
in September 2011.
kalaydo, derWesten, WAZ NewMedia,
RTL interac,ve
Alongside the newcomers of the Internet, the online presence of tradi;onal media has also developed in NRW in a
crea;ve and profitable way. The best example of this is the
Cologne company, an Internet adver;sement
portal, which was founded by NRW publishers (incl. the
DuMont Schauberg Media Group, Rheinische Post Verlagsgesellscha(, Zeitungsverlag Aachen). Almost six million visits
each month and many prizes are proof of a successful
realisa;on. WAZ NewMedia runs a local news portal,, as a joint project by the daily newspapers of
the Funke Mediengruppe, pos;ng up to ten million visits
monthly. The television sta;ons have also been involved
for some ;me now in providing web content: While RTL
In the media city Cologne we have an excellent
network of tradi;onal media, start-ups and
already established Internet companies. Many
successful start-ups in recent years, one of which
is, show that we enjoy a great climate
for the industry here.
Joachim Vranken, CEO
Facts and Figures
> Leader in online adver;sing
> Crea;ve start-up scene
> Innova;ve developers and programmers
> Important Internet agencies from NRW
> Bundesverband Digitale Wirtscha(,
eco – Associa;on of the German Internet Industry,
Eyes & Ears of Europe, Web de Cologne,
Digitale Stadt Düsseldorf, etc.
>,,, Y-Ti<y,
Ponk, Endemol beyond, etc.
> dmexco, Advance, Grimme Online Award,
Interac;ve Cologne, German Web Video Award,
interac;ve develops for the web and, for example, regularly
makes into the TV website with the highest traffic,
WDR mediagroup digital, for its part, offers a full service to
prepare formats in an interac;ve and media-friendly way.
AdAudience, Valtech, denkwerk, LBI Germany
A motor of the NRW Internet industry is the lively and
diverse landscape of so(ware developers and Internet
agencies. One example of a company on the direct interface between adver;sers and content is Düsseldorf-based
AdAudience, a joint venture of major marketers (incl. G+J
Electronic Media Sales, IP Deutschland, SevenOne Media,
Tomorrow Focus, Axel Springer Media Impact), who reach
more than 80 per cent of all German Internet users. NRW
is also the home of high quality Internet services providers,
be it content management systems from Hürth (Imperia AG)
and Dortmund (e-Spirit), hos;ng and streaming services
from Düsseldorf (nacamar) or Web 2.0 consul;ng from
Cologne (Brain Injec;on). The Telekom subsidiary T-Systems
Mul;media Solu;ons with its branch in Bonn has been
at the forefront of the Internet agency rankings for many
years. Other well-known agencies at the front of the market
include LBi Germany, denkwerk, Antwerpes, nexum AG,
TWT Interac;ve, i22, Valtech, Reality Bytes Neue Medien
und Bassier, Bergmann & Kindler.
Networking and Events
At the end of each September, koelnmesse extends an invita;on to come to Cologne for dmexco, the leading interna;onal mee;ng place for players in the digital industry.
More than 800 exhibitors and around 31,900 professional
delegates a<ended in 2014. Opportuni;es for networking
Cologne – and thus also NRW – has developed
into the hot spot for web video produc;on.
Many of the most well-known faces have moved
here. That is a great advantage because the
distances are short. People even meet in
the street or at par;es and can chat about
upcoming projects.
Y-Ti6y, You Tube Stars
are offered by the Web de Cologne ini;a;ve which was
founded by six Cologne-based online companies and the
memi-Ins;tut. Interac;ve Cologne is a fes;val which brings
hackers, designers and start-ups together. The start-up
conference Advance has already spawned such spin-offs
as the Pitching Day and the Hackathon. The Digital City
Düsseldorf associa;on, joined by many important companies from the media, IT and telecommunica;ons industries,
regularly organises such events as the Digitalks. NRW is
home for the Bundesverband Digitale Wirtscha( and eco
as well as serving as the venue for the Grimme Online
Awards which are presented each year by the Grimme
Ins;tute in Marl.
Web video scene
NRW’s posi;on as Germany’s number one TV hub is
unchallenged on a na;onal level. The Land has now also
developed into the leading region for web TV and web
video produc;on, breaking records annually with the
VideoDays in Cologne (15,000 par;cipants in 2014), and it
is home to the most important award for this scene, the
German Web Video Award, which is presented in Düsseldorf in May. In 2014, a scholarship programme for the
development of web videos was launched by the Filmund Mediens;(ung NRW and the European Web Video
Academy. The funding is intended to enable young web
video makers from NRW to realise their ideas and projects
as independent micro-producers. The funding also includes
par;cipa;on in a training and support programme organised by the European Web Video Academy. <
Cognos AG
Deutsche Medienakademie Köln
European Web Video Academy
Fachhochschule Aachen
Fachhochschule Dortmund
Fachhochschule Gelsenkirchen
Fachhochschule Köln
Hochschule Fresenius
Macromedia Hochschule
Medien Management Ins;tut
memi Köln
Ruhr-Universität Bochum
SAE Ins;tute
Universität Köln
Bundesverband Digitale
Wirtscha( (BVDW) e.V.
Digitale Stadt Düsseldorf
eco – Verband der deutschen
Internetwirtscha( e.V.
European Web Video Academy
Eyes & Ears of Europe
Web de Cologne
Zentrum für interak;ve Medien
NRW is the No. 1 federal state for web video.
Nowhere are there more successful web video
makers, nowhere is the young video scene
more ac;ve. Although the life of the YouTube
genera;on takes place on the net: the personal
contact is s;ll the most important. And NRW
provides the best condi;ons for this – as well
as for the German Web Video Award.
Markus Hündgen, Managing Partner,
Chief Execu5ve Videopunk
Internet & Web > 7
Coworking Space GarageBilk
Good environment for young ideas
Dressed Monkeys
Heat Pool
Kaasa health
United Equity
Incubators/Venture Capital
Business Angels Netzwerk
Capnamic Ventures
High-Tech Gründerfonds
netstart Ventures
T Ventures
Ufa Lab NRW
NRW as a start-up stronghold
North Rhine-Westphalia offers start-ups excellent condi;ons.
The good infrastructure, numerous support programmes
as well as the high regard for innova;on have provided the
basis for one of the highest rates of start-ups in Germany.
The self-confident scene in Cologne with its extensive
startup and event culture has spawned such renowned
companies as Kalaydo, Adcloud, and Simfy. The federal
state has developed its par;cular strength through the
interplay between the ci;es and regions: from the hotel
price comparison site Trivago in Düsseldorf through the
Bonn document management service doo to the Dortmundbased crowd working service Clickworker.
NRW is also home to very successful young B2B entrepreneurs who have been hardly no;ced by the media,
including ParStream from Cologne (Red Herring Europe
2013 Top 100 Companies) and Cleverbridge AG, one of the
world’s leading E-commerce providers with 150 employees and offices in Cologne, Tokyo and Chicago. The Games
Factory Ruhr in Mülheim an der Ruhr is currently serving
as a new home for 16 companies and freelancers.
Investors and incubators
Incubators for start-ups are booming. Never before have
so many of them been launched as at present. Start-ups
find everything they need here: offices, infrastructure, fast
Internet, conference rooms as well as support on tax and
legal issues. In the past, it was o(en public authori;es who
had set up incubators in the form of start-up and technology
centres. However, former start-ups and venture capital arms
NRW has many crea;ve thinkers and prac;;oners for the Digital Economy, and a coopera;on
between startups, SMEs and industry will make
it possible to master the challenges for the
digital transforma;on necessary in the western
part of Germany.
Prof. Dr. Tobias Kollmann, Head
NRW Digital Economy Office
of large media and publishing groups are now increasingly
the ones who are crea;ng the organisa;onal prerequisites.
The following ini;a;ves have made a par;cular impact:
the High-Tech Gründerfonds in Bonn, which provides
companies with the necessary capital and knowhow in
the early stages and the incubator Startplatz in Cologne
which began by inves;ng in two companies (Tanked und
Maple Apps) as well as serving as a venue for numerous
events and co-working spaces. The space available for
start-ups at the Mediapark was doubled in 2013.
The incubator 1stMover has posi;oned itself in Düsseldorf
and specialises in mobile Internet. In its co-working space
K LAN close to the Vodafone Campus, it offers young startups the chance to realise their projects. Another important
player is netSTART Ventures of Tobias Kollmann who is
a professor in e-business and e-entrepreneurship at the
University of Duisburg-Essen and also serves as commissioner for Digital Economy for the Economics Minister of
North Rhine-Westphalia. The establishment of this posi;on
shows that start-ups have a par;cularly high priority for
the regional government.
Universi,es and academies
In ;mes of skills shortages, NRW is fortunately home to
many renowned talent labs. The RWTH Aachen University,
for example, is one of the three biggest universi;es for
technical courses in Germany with over 40,000 students
and provides important qualified manpower. The University
of Cologne has Mark Kley as an experienced start-up consultant who can support the university graduates in se=ng
NRW offers start-ups financial funding possibili;es at every stage as well as advisors with interna;onal experience, top universi;es, favourable
co-working programmes and very good transport connec;ons. The proximity to investors and
a broad client base from all industrial sectors is
unique in Germany. At the same ;me, a be<er
chance for interna;onalisa;on is offered here
in the heart of Europe.
Thomas Grota, Investment Director T-Venture
up their companies. Moreover, in a na;onal comparison,
NRW is the leader with its 17 professorships for Entrepreneurship, and with an upward trend. The Cologne University’s Start-up Network offers an intensive programme of
training, workshops and advice for start-ups.
Conferences, networks, pitchings
Up to 40 events for the digital industry are listed by the
Cologne-based calendar pla:orm Nerdhub in NRW each
week. And a considerable number of these events are aimed
at the co-working scene. For example, the Cluster House,
where more than 60 start-ups and agencies are based,
provided the launchpad for the annual European Pirate
Summit which has developed into one of Europe’s most
important start-up events within just two years. In 2013,
Startplatz ini;ated a new pitch and networking format.
The goal of this monthly “Rhineland Pitch” is to give young
start-ups from the Rhineland region an opportunity to
present their business ideas to a high-calibre audience.
Up to 80 start-ups meet regularly at alterna;ng venues
to network. Other events like dmexco, the leading trade
fair for the digital industry, or events such as Advance –
Conference, Pitching & Coaching Day and Hackathon –
underscore the region’s a<rac;veness. The posi;ve development of Interac;ve Cologne shows how closely the
scene in NRW works together to create something special:
in 2014, more than 120 events and numerous satellite
events provided the media, crea;ve and digital industries
with opportuni;es to inform themselves and to experiment. <
Facts and Figures
> one of the highest rates of start-ups in Germany
> Kalaydo, Trivago, Clickworker, Auxmoney
> strong talent labs
> the largest number of professorships for
Entrepreneurship na;onwide
> Strong games hub, large independent scene
> B2B with strong players: ParStream, Cleverbridge
> Booming incubators: Startplatz, 1stMover
> Events: European Pirate Summit Week, Rhineland
Pitch, dmexco, Advance–Conference, Pitching &
Coaching Day, Hackathon, Interac;ve Cologne
We consciously decided in favour of Cologne
when establishing STARTPLATZ as there is a
developed start-up culture here, which we
can also help to shape even further. With the
Rhineland Pitch, we have also devised a pitching
format which is specially targeted at founders
from all over NRW. The start-up scene is flourishing and we are happy to be part of it.
Ma6hias Gräf, Managing Director Startplatz
With the UFA Lab NRW in Cologne, we – as a leading provider of the moving image in Germany
– are pu=ng our strategy into prac;ce of par;cipa;ng in the digital transforma;on of the
media landscape. In this respect, NRW is an extremely inspiring region for us with established
media companies and young founders and
Jens-Uwe Bornemann, Vice President Digital
Ventures & Innova5on UFA Film & TV Produk-
We were s;ll students when we set up our
company in the crea;ve quarter of CologneEhrenfeld and have grown together with the
hacker scene in the Rhine area. NRW is home
to one of Europe's most ac;ve start-up ecosystems, and Cologne offered us the infrastructure to become today's Railslove GmbH –
and there is more to come...
Jan Kus, Managing Director
In 2000, Pixum was one of the Internet pioneers in the region. Today, NRW and my city of
“Kölle” are a mecca for start-ups and Internet
entrepreneurs from all over the world with the
best opportuni;es for inspiring networking –
whether it’s at the Medienforum, the European Pirate Summit or the ac;vi;es of Web
de Cologne.
Daniel A6allah, founder & CEO
As a budding mobile app agency, we regard
NRW as the leading hub for digital media in
Germany. Therefore, – and especially because
we are fascinated by the solidarity and spirit
among the founders – that’s why we are based
in Cologne.
UFA Lab, Cologne
Film- und Mediens;(ung NRW
Gründerzentrum Kulturwirtscha(
Hochschulgründernetz Cologne
Mediencluster NRW
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European Pirate Summit
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Web de Cologne
Cowoco in der Bo<mühle
Coworking Space GarageBilk
Solu;on Space
Workcafé Duisburg
Arne Horn, Managing Director
Maple Apps
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Cologne Cathedral
Media Harbour Düsseldorf, Gehry Buildings
Media Region NRW
Super RTL
SAT.1 Landesstudio
ZDF Landesstudio
Deutsche Welle
radio NRW
Producers Film/Televison
ac;on concept
Ansager & Schnipselmann
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Zeitsprung Pictures
Zentropa Interna;onal Köln
Zieglerfilm Köln
blueBox Studios
Cubic Studios
MMC Studios
Moviepark Studios
WDR-Studios Köln-Bocklemünd
Welcome to North Rhine-Westphalia, the federal state of
media, communica;ons and the crea;ve industries. With
around 18 million inhabitants, NRW is not only the most
populous of the German federal states, but it is also one
of the most economically powerful metropolitan regions
in Europe. The media and communica;ons industry plays
a crucial role in this. With 25,000 companies in the media
and communica;ons sector (2013), approximately 414,000
employees (2013), and a turnover of 130 billion Euros (2012),
the federal state has developed into Germany’s leading
media and crea;ve hub and one of the strongest in Europe.
An incomparable cultural landscape ensures that the
region is a<rac;ve and offers a high quality of life as well
as produc;ve synergies between media, art and culture
that guarantee its crea;vity and innova;ve vitality.
Interna,onally opera,ng media companies
Two global players lead the ranks of the most influen;al
media companies in North Rhine-Westphalia. Bertelsmann,
the largest media concern in Europe and the number eight
in the world, has its headquarters in Gütersloh in East
Westphalia. The media giant operates in the following four
main business fields in more than 50 countries around the
world: television (RTL Group), books (Penguin Random
House), magazines (Gruner + Jahr) and media services
(arvato). Bertelsmann employs more than 110,000 people
globally and posted turnover of 16.4 billion Euros in 2013.
The city of Bonn, located some 200 kilometres southwestward from Gütersloh, is home to Deutsche Telekom. With
142.5 million mobile phone customers, 31 million landline
Bertelsmann is based in North Rhine-Westphalia and interna;onally. The media business is
experiencing rapid transforma;on. Digitaliza;on and crea;vity find the perfect innova;ve
environment to par;cipate in these changes in
North Rhine-Westphalia.
Thomas Rabe, Chairman of the Board
and more than 17 million broadband connec;ons, it is one
of the world’s market leaders. The company offers products
and services for landline telephones, mobile communica;ons, Internet and, increasingly, moving images via IPTV and
ICT solu;ons for corporate clients; it has a presence in
some 50 countries and has a workforce of 230,000
throughout the world. In 2013, the turnover of Deutsche
Telekom amounted to 60.1 billion Euros. The Essen-based
Funke Media Group also plays in the inter-na;onal media
league. It publishes no figures , but is
considered by the industry as one of the most profitable
media companies in Germany. Newspapers and magazines
are the tradi;onal focus of opera;ons for this company
in the heart of the Ruhr region.
Publishers with a future
Along with Bertelsmann and the Funke Media Group, the
DuMont Schauberg Media Group, the Handelsbla< newspaper from Düsseldorf and the Ippen Group in Hamm are
among the most important na;onal players in the whole
of Germany. Nowadays, what used to be classic publishers
has now evolved into broad-based, interna;onally ac;ve
media corpora;ons facing up to the challenges of new
digital distribu;on and aware of how to take advantage
of them. The book publishers are also fit for the future.
More than 500 publishers from NRW generated a turnover
of 3.8 billion Euros in 2012, headed up by the German
market leader in the field of hardcover fic;on, Bastei Lübbe,
and the renowned publisher Kiepenheuer & Witsch
in Cologne.
Deutsche Telekom is not only providing society
with infrastructure. We are also a reliable companion in the digital world. Both privately and
professionally. Any;me and anywhere. Simplifying and enriching people’s lives – that is our
mission. NRW is the home from where we take
on this responsibility – also in partnership with
the media.
Timotheus Hö6ges, CEO
Deutsche Telekom
Facts and Figures
Dortmunder U, centre for art and crea5vity
Germany’s number one television loca,on
WDR, RTL, VOX, Super RTL, n-tv, Phoenix and several others:
North Rhine-Westphalia is one of the biggest TV hubs in
Europe and the undisputed number one loca;on in Germany. The TV capital of Cologne is not only home to WDR,
Europe’s largest public broadcaster, and RTL, the most
successful commercial television sta;on in Germany, but
also to the majority of Germany’s most important TV producers. Their entertainment formats dominate the ra;ngs
figures: major players like UFA Show & Factual, ITV Studios
Germany, Brainpool, Endemol Deutschland and Eyeworks
produce such successful formats as Idol, I’m a Celebrity,
Get Me Out of Here!, Let’s Dance, Come Dine with Me,
Henssler – The Restauran6ester, Who wants to be a millionaire?, TV Total, Beat your Host. ZDF is also a successful
producer in NRW. Germany’s second na;onal channel
has a presence in Düsseldorf with the editorial offices for
the regional studio and the programme Volle Kanne, the
market leader of the morning magazine programmes.
Moreover, the ZDF audience favourite heute-show is r
ecorded in Cologne each week.
What’s more, there is also succesful fic;on produc;on –
TV events like Genera5on War, The Adlon, Hindenburg
and The Krupps, television films like Schimanski, Mord in
Eberswalde, Nichts mehr wie vorher and George, series
such as Lindenstrasse, Stromberg, Die Anrheiner, Alarm
for cobra 11 and The last cop, daily soaps such as Verbotene Liebe and Alles was zählt, sitcoms and comedy like
Pastewka, Switch reloaded, Ladykracher as well as the
NRW is one of Germany’s most important media
loca;ons. Cologne is especially important, above
all in the field of major entertainment shows and
long-running series. We see the func;oning network of crea;ve minds, producers and service
providers as well as the RTL Deutschland media
group’s geographical proximity to a large number of produc;on companies as being a key
factor of our success.
Anke Schäferkordt, Managing Director
RTL Group
> Germany’s leading media and communica;ons loca;on
> 25,000 companies, 414,000 employees, 130 billion Euros turnover
> Interna;onally opera;ng media and telecommunica;ons companies
> Bertelsmann, Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone, Funke
> Strong newspaper and book publishing sector
> Leading TV broadcasters WDR, RTL, VOX, Super RTL, n-tv, Phoenix
> Cologne: German TV capital No. 1
> Majority of Germany's leading TV producers in Cologne
> Highly professional service-providers
> One-third of domes;c television programming produced here
> Lively and crea;ve film scene
> Financially strong film funding ins;tu;on
> Booming games cluster, strong Web scene
> Düsseldorf – adver;sing loca;on with the biggest turnover,
mobile capital
> Diverse art and cultural scene
> Highly qualified specialist personnel
> Excellent universi;es and colleges
highly popular NRW Scene of the Crime series from Münster, Cologne and Dortmund. The professional and produc;ve environment of North Rhine-Westphalia
generates an output unmatched elsewhere: more than
a third of the TV programming produced in Germany
comes from NRW.
German films and interna,onal star cinema
Cinema from NRW – we are talking about award-winning
produc;ons and box office smashes as well as arthouse
highlights. Outstanding movies for the cinema have been
produced here con;nuously for the past 20 years, including Til Schweiger’s Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door, Tom Tykwer’s Run, Lola, Run, Sönke Wortmann’s The Miracle of
Bern, Michael „Bully“ Herbig’s Manitou’s Shoe, Wolfgang
Becker’s Good Bye, Lenin!, Wim Wenders’ Oscar-nominated Pina, Philipp Stölzl’s The Physician, and Margarethe
von Tro<a’s Hannah Arendt. On top of this, many interna;onal produc;ons benefit from the federal state’s firstclass infrastructure, ideal produc;on condi;ons and a
wide variety of unusual loca;ons for shoo;ng. Thanks to
the crea;ve and financial input from North Rhine-Westphalia, Michael Haneke (Hidden), Ken Loach (The Wind
That Shakes the Barley) and Apichatpong Weerasethakul
(Uncle Boonmee) have won Golden Palms in Cannes,
Semih Kaplanoglu (Bal) has won a Golden Bear in Berlin,
Samuel Maoz (Lebanon) a Golden Lion in Venice, Philip
Gröning (Into Great Silence) the European Film Award, Gérard
Corbiau (Farinelli) and Hany Abu-Assad (Paradise Now) a
Golden Globe each, and Kate Winslet an Oscar. >
The diversity of the a<rac;ve media region of
NRW is unique in Europe. With its crea;vity
and passion for cinema, WDR is an excellent
partner for exci;ng and modern projects. This
is where risks are taken and experiments carried out. We support the next genera;on of
film-makers and media crea;ves and offer
them a fer;le home at WDR.
Tom Buhrow, Director of
Zollverein Coal Mine
Industrial Complex
ACT Videoproduk;on
ARRI Film & TV Services
Chaussee SoundVision
cine plus Köln
LAVALabs Moving Images
PICTORION das werk
digital postproduc;on
Auten;c Distribu;on
The Match Factory
media luna new films
New Docs
astragon So(ware
Blue Byte
Electronic Arts
Piranha Bytes/Pluto 13
RTL interac;ve
Turtle Entertainment
KIT digital
netSTART Venture
Seven Principles
RTL interac;ve
WDR mediagroup
Bassier, Bergmann & Kindler
RTL interac;ve
T-Systems Mul;media Solu;ons
WDR mediagroup digital
Media Region NRW > 11
RTL Group, Cologne
Funke media group, Essen
Media Region NRW
Ippen Gruppe
M. DuMont Schauberg
Rheinische Post Verlagsges.
Funke Mediengruppe
Book Publishers
Bastei Lübbe
Emons Verlag
Random House
Kiepenheuer & Witsch
Taschen Verlag
Adver;sing/PR Agencies
DDB Tribal
Hering Schuppener
Ketchum Pleon
McCann Erickson
Media Concept
Oliver Schro< Kommunika;on
Saatchi & Saatchi
Scholz & Friends
Vok Dams
Weber Shandwick
Deutsche Telekom
LG Electronics
Cable & Satellite TV
Tele Columbus
ASTRO Strobel
NRW's radio sta;ons are at the forefront as well: four
of the ten sta;ons with the highest audience figures in
Germany come from NRW, including the na;on's No. 1,
radio NRW. Large public broadcasters are also based here,
headed up by WDR, Germany's largest broadcaster with
six FM channels, as well as Deutschlandfunk and Deutsche
Welle. Nowhere else in Germany do more listeners tune
into their radios, and there is no comparably dense network of public and private sta;ons.
Games, Mobile, Internet, Start-up scene
NRW’s games industry also gets high scores: its turnover is
one of the highest in Germany. Electronic Arts and Ubiso(,
two of the world’s leading games developers, are based
on the banks of the River Rhine; moreover, a quarter of
all German games developers and arvato, one of the most
important distributors for the domes;c industry, operate
from here. The gamescom in Cologne is one of the three
biggest games trade fairs worldwide, and young talent in
the crea;ve field of game development has access to a wide
range of training opportuni;es. An ideal infrastructure is
also in place for the new mobile sector that is especially
involved in developing apps and benefits from the proximity to all of the market players: apart from the games
producers, there are numerous telecommunica;ons
companies, crea;ve developers, innova;ve so(ware companies and the top TV sta;ons as content-providers. In
total, 40 per cent of the companies involved in the mobile
sector in Germany are based in NRW. The Internet indus-
As a media loca;on, NRW is crea;ve, successful,
exci;ng, varied and lively. Here you will find the
biggest TV and radio broadcasters, more than 40
daily newspaper publishers, more than 10,000
adver;sing companies, and numerous growing
start-ups from the games and Internet scene, all
next door to each other. That is a very interesting and exci;ng crea;ve pool which generates
mutual inspira;on and new ideas!
Dr. Angelica Schwall-Düren,
Minister of Federal Affairs, Europe and Media
Bertelsmann, Gütersloh
try with such players as,, Mediakra(,
RTL interac;ve and WDR mediagroup digital is also highly
apprecia;ve of these first-class structures. A crea;ve and
confident start-up scene with one of the highest enterprise birth rates in Germany, leading Internet agencies
and important associa;ons for the digital economy are
addi;onal posi;ve factors for the region.
Music is well posi;oned in NRW. A crea;ve scene in the
Rhine-Ruhr Region as well as four state-run music colleges
provide the basis. The concentra;on of extraordinary
venues is unique within in Europe, a<rac;ng major ar;sts
from the worlds of pop and classical music. Music companies like Rhingtön, Rough Trade, Al!ve, Medion and
Denon operate out of NRW where a total of around 2,400
companies are ac;ve in the music industry, genera;ng
around 2 billion Euros per year.
The top address for the adver;sing and communica;on
business is Düsseldorf, Germany's adver;sing hub with
the largest turnover. The federal state capital is the base
for the largest network agencies BBDO, Grey and Heimat,
home to five of the ten biggest media agencies in Germany
(incl. MediaCom and OMD), the biggest event agency (Vok
Dams) as well as the na;on's second-largest PR agency
(Ketchum Pleon). Agencies and crea;ves appreciate the
interna;onal character, the large companies and media,
the quality of life, and the relaxed combina;on of lifestyle
North Rhine-Westphalia is an a<rac;ve loca;on for the crea;ve and cultural industries –
and thus also for the media sector. This is
where global players, an innova;ve SME sector
and a crea;ve, produc;ve start-up scene are
working closely together. For NRW offers
companies the complete package: brains,
capital and coopera;ons .
Garrelt Duin, Minister for
Economics, Energy, Industry and Commerce
of the Land of North Rhine-Westphalia
Deutsche Telekom AG, Bonn
and business. In addi;on, the cultural environment provides a strong crea;ve input.
Cables, Connec,ons, Networks
Three of the four German mobile phone operators are
based in Bonn and Düsseldorf: Vodafone, T-Mobile and
E-Plus. Close to 90 per cent of the mobile phone market
in Germany is covered by the companies from NRW.
Major ITC companies and leading universi;es are present
throughout the whole of NRW. Thanks to its Entertain
TV service, Deutsche Telekom has become a player in the
cable market which is also well represented in NRW.
Unitymedia in Cologne is the second-largest cable network
operator in Germany, and NetCologne the largest city
carrier. They all benefit in turn from the presence of the
leading content providers.
Events and Awards
With so many professionals from the fields of media,
communica;on and crea;vity being located in NRW, there
is also a need for communica;on pla:orms and industry
events. A permanent fixture in the calendar for all in the
media industry is the Media Forum NRW in Cologne. In
2014, it was staged for the first ;me in coopera;on with
the conference for ANGA COM, Europe's leading trade fair
for cable, broadband and satellite. Each year, the Media
Forum is a venue for thought leaders from film, television,
radio, print, games, telecommunica;ons and media policy
to come together and exchange views. The gamescom is
one of the most important interna;onal trade fairs for
I put my faith in the media loca;on NRW
because it is so diverse, so exci;ng, so crea;ve
and so challenging. It never gets boring here
because things are moving all the ;me.
Dr. Jürgen Brautmeier, Director
State Media Authority of NRW
West German Broadcas5ng, Cologne
interac;ve entertainment. It is held at the koelnmesse trade
fair grounds, the same venue as for the photokina and
dmexco fairs.
As far as film fes;vals are concerned, North Rhine-Westphalia has a variety of events. Almost 30 events of regional
and interna;onal significance are organized during the
year for cineastes and film professionals. Europe’s largest
reading fes;val, lit.Cologne, has been making reading
into a popular event for the past 14 years. More than 200
individual events a<racted around 101,000 visitors in 2014.
And not least of all, NRW as Germany's centre of television
also serves as the venue for the most important German
television awards. The broadcasters WDR/ARD, ZDF, RTL
and SAT.1 have been presen;ng the German Television
Award (Deutscher Fernsehpreis) at the Coloneum in Cologne
each year since 1999. The awards ceremony for the German
Comedy Award (Deutscher Comedypreis) is held during
the Interna;onal Cologne Comedy Fes;val which underscores Cologne’s status as Germany's comedy capital anew
each year. Since 1964, works for television of outstanding
ar;s;c and journalis;c quality have annually been awarded
the Grimme Prize in Marl. And the venerated German
Camera Award (Deutscher Kamerapreis) is also at home
in NRW along with the enormously popular German Web
Video Award (Deutscher Webvideopreis) and the renowned
German Developers Award (Deutscher Entwicklerpreis)
from the field of digital media. <
We have been based in NRW since 1956. With
good reason: Düsseldorf is one of the leading
German centres of adver;sing with a strong
business environment. And there are numerous
TV and media companies in neighbouring Cologne. The region stands for communica;on and,
at the same ;me, for a lively art and cultural
scene. All of this a<racts crea;ve talents. This is
an environment where we can work successfully.
Frank Lotze, CEO
BBDO Germany
1LIVE Krone
c/o pop Fes;val
Cologne Conference
Deutscher Comedypreis
Deutscher Entwicklerpreis
Deutscher Fernsehpreis
Deutscher Kamerapreis
Deutscher Webvideopreis
Duisburger Filmwoche
DW-Global Media Forum
Eurovision Song Contest 2011
GDC Europe
Grimme Online Award
Grimme Preis
Hörspielpreis der Kriegsblinden
Int. Köln Comedy Fes;val
Int. Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen
Int. Frauenfilmfes;val
Interac;ve Cologne
Karlsmedaille für Europ. Medien
Kinofest Lünen
Living Games Fes;val
Medienforum NRW
Radio Adver;sing Summit
red dot award
Summer Jam
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Film- und Mediens;(ung NRW
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Gründerpreis NRW
Mediengründerzentrum NRW
Founded in 1991, the Film- und Mediens;(ung NRW is one
of Germany’s financially strongest regional film funders
with an annual budget of 31 million Euros. Apart from
suppor;ng film and televison and innova;ve media content, its remit also includes loca;on marke;ng and development. Following the takeover of the Mediencluster
NRW in 2011, the Film- und Mediens;(ung NRW has now
become an integrated funding ins;tu;on and the central
contact point for media in NRW.
In addi;on to its par;cipa;on in the most important funding ins;tu;ons, the federal state of NRW also supports
the film and media industry with compe;;ons for the
development of innova;ve and convergence-oriented
business models in the digital media of the future. The
interests of the media are represented poli;cally by
the Ministry for Federal Affairs, Europe and the Media,
located within the State Chancellery.
Since 1991, the Film- und Mediens;(ung NRW has supported around 1,800 film and television produc;ons with
funding amoun;ng to almost 580 million Euros. The focus
of the funding ac;vi;es is on films for cinema and television,
par;cularly interna;onal co-produc;ons. The support
is allocated in all phases of produc;on and exploita;on:
from story development through screenplay and produc;on to distribu;on and sales.
The Land of NRW
The Department of Culture at the Ministry for Children,
Youth, Culture and Sport supports media and cultural
projects in various different ways, ranging from fes;vals
to the region’s film houses and media workshops. NRW’s
Ministry of Finance supports the crea;ve industry and
the informa;on and communica;ons technology with
the associated clusters.
North Rhine-Westphalia is the place for ideas, for
crea;ve minds. They develop visions and stories,
and so they all make NRW into the most successful film and TV loca;on in Germany. Whether films
for cinema or TV, documentaries, soaps or the best
in entertainment – there is no other loca;on producing as much as the Rhine and Ruhr region. This
is a success story we owe to crea;ve minds from
film and TV. But the state has contributed a lot as
well. And it will stay that way. That’s a promise.
Marc Jan Eumann, State Secretary for
Federal Affairs, Europe and the Media
Film- und Mediens,ung NRW
NRW is one of Europe’s leading media regions. In order
to consolidate this posi;on in economic, technological
and crea;ve terms, the federal state supports the industry
with sustainably effec;ve, mul;-faceted funding programmes and ins;tu;ons. Consequently, NRW is not only the
federal state with one of Germany’s financially strongest
regional film funding programmes – its commitment to
companies and projects in the field of new media, startups and young entrepreneurs also ensures that there are
outstanding opportuni;es for development.
Funding ac,vi,es
In addi;on, there is support for cinemas and radio plays
as well as recently introduced funding programmes for
digital content and innova;ve TV formats, and bursaries
for web video-makers and the young genera;on of filmmakers: 2011 saw the launch of the funding programme
for the development of innova;ve audiovisual projects in
the fields of games, Internet and mobile. The development
of non-fic;on, innova;ve TV formats in entertainment,
comedy, series, show, talk and serial formats has been
The development of both film and media culture and the film and media industry in NRW is
our mission, the funding of film, television and
innova;ve media content is our core competence. With the media region’s sustainability in
mind, we help create a network of companies
and players and promote NRW as the leading
hub for film and media, communica;on and
convergence in the middle of Europe.
Petra Müller, CEO
Film- und Mediens5%ung NRW
Facts and Figures
> Film- und Mediens;(ung NRW: one of Germany’s
financially strongest regional film funders with
31 million Euros
> Pilot funding programme for the development
of digital content
> Pilot funding programme for innova;ve TV formats
> Pilot funding programme for gradua;on films
from NRW film academies
> Bursary for the development of web videos,
Wim Wenders scholarship, Gerd Ruge scholarship
> Innova;on programme Create.Media.NRW
> Promo;onal awards and scholarships
for start-ups and young entrepreneurs
> NRW.Bank – financial partner of the crea;ve industries
> NRW.Invest supports companies re-loca;ng
to the region
> Commi<ed state media and loca;on policy
Mediencluster NRW
supported since 2012. In 2014, the na;on’s first bursary for
the development of web videos was awarded in coopera;on with the European Web Video Academy. The same
year saw the launch of a programme suppor;ng gradua;on
films from NRW film academies. The Wim Wenders Founda;on joined forces with the Film- und Mediens;(ung
to award scholarships from 2014 to promote innova;ve
cinema;c language.
The Mediencluster NRW is the regional contact point for
the digital media scene in NRW. Start-ups, young crea;ves
and companies are offered a comprehensive range of services and informa;on. It creates visibility for the industry
at trade fairs at home and abroad and makes an ac;ve
contribu;on for the networking and further development
of NRW as a digital hub.
Since 1999, the Film Commission NRW has served under
the umbrella of the Films;(ung as the first port of call
for na;onal and interna;onal crea;ves. It provides support
in scou;ng loca;ons in the region, applying for shoo;ng
permits and establishing contacts to service-providers.
The Cologne-based Mediengründerzentrum NRW supports
start-ups and young companies in the areas of cinema,
TV, new media and games with grants, seminars, consulta;on and coaching. The programme has an annual
intake of 12 media companies.
Since 1992, the Films;(ung has also housed one of Germany’s five Crea;ve Europe Desks who offer comprehensive advice in the prepara;on of funding applica;ons for
Brussels and network support for European coopera;on.
The NRW.Bank also offers appropriate possibili;es of
public funding and private capital loans to start-ups and
medium-sized businesses in NRW. Among other things,
it supports promising start-ups with micro and start-up
loans such as the crea;ve credit.
Film Commission NRW
Crea,ve Europe Desk
Create.Media.NRW funding compe,,on
2012 saw the launch of the Digital Media innova;on
programme, ini;ated by the Land of NRW and financed
by the EU, to support NRW-based small and mediumsized enterprises, training and research ins;tu;ons in
the realisa;on of their projects and business concepts.
The funding compe;;on was con;nued in 2014 under
the new name of CreateMedia.NRW.
North Rhine-Westphalia is the leading media
loca;on in Germany. Companies will find outstanding loca;on factors here: superb public
transport links and infrastructure, a highlydefined research scene, a qualified workforce,
and a unique quality of life.
Petra Wassner, CEO
Mediengründerzentrum NRW
As the federal state’s own business development corpora;on, NRW.INVEST offers a one-stop service to poten;al investors from home and abroad by providing loca;on
informa;on and help in the search for premises as well
as liaison and assistance in nego;a;ons and permit
procedures. <
The varied media landscape in NRW offers the
best opportuni;es for training and qualifica;on. This represents an essen;al basis for a
sustainable development of the produc;on
hub. Young media professionals find ideal condi;ons here for entrepreneurial development
and sectoral prospects.
Joachim Ortmanns, CEO
Mediengründerzentrum NRW
Funding > 15
State Chancellery NRW
Minister for Federal Affairs, Europe and the Media in the Federal State of NRW
Dr. Angelica Schwall-Düren
Minister for Federal Affairs, Europe and
the Media State/Representa;ve at federal level
Stad<or 1 | 40219 Düsseldorf
Telephone +49-211-837-161 0
Personal advisor: Dr. Deniz Alkan
Press officer: Nina Heil
Dr. Marc Jan Eumann
State Secretary for the Minister for Federal Affairs,
Europe and the Media
Telephone +49-211-837-151 3
Telephone +49-030-275 75-170 (Berlin)
Dr. Benedikt Berg-Walz
Referatsleiter Medienwirtscha(
Am Fürstenwall 21 | 40219 Düsseldorf
Telephone + 49-211-837 117 3
[email protected]
The promo;on of North Rhine-Westphalia as a media loca;on is a departmental task of the Minister
for Federal Affairs, Europe and the Media, Dr. Angelica Schwall-Düren. Among other things, media
policy covers the development of media law, media industry funding and loca;on development, the
alloca;on of frequencies for radio broadcas;ng and accompanying the digitalisa;on of broadcas;ng,
as in DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcas;ng – Terrestrial), for example.
Film funding, especially with respect to educa;on and training in the media industry, is a further
focus of media policy, as is the promo;ng of media competence among the state’s ci;zens. As
a central event for the media industry, the annual Medienforum NRW in Cologne is supported
by the state. Minister Dr. Angelica Schwall-Düren and her State Secretary Dr. Marc Jan Eumann
are supported in mee;ng their departmental responsibili;es by the media department in the
State Chancellery.
Ministry of Economic Affairs, Energy and Industry of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia
Garrelt Duin
Minister for Economic Affairs, Energy and Industry
Horionplatz 1 | 40213 Düsseldorf
Telephone + 49-211-837 02
Press officer: Ma<hias Kietzmann
Claudia Nussbauer
Head of Sec;on Crea;ve Industries
Haroldstraße 4 | 40213 Düsseldorf
Telephone + 49-211-837-2778
[email protected]
Crea,ve.NRW – Crea,ve industries cluster
Chris;an Boros
Hofaue 63 | 42103 Wuppertal
Telephone +49-202-248 432 0
[email protected];
Werner Lippert
Hofaue 63 | 42103 Wuppertal
Telephone +49-202-248 432 0
[email protected];
IKT.NRW – ICT cluster
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ingo Wolff
Carl-Friedrich-Gauß-Str. 2-4 | 47475 Kamp-Lin:ort
Telephone +49-231-975056 0
[email protected]
The name says it all: the Ministry for Economic Affairs, Energy and Industry formulates the basic
principles of economic policy, sets the agenda for regional economic and structural policy, and provides the parameters for industry, commerce, cra(s, trade and services to operate. Moreover, it is
responsible for the energy industry, nuclear power and mining. We want to a<ract crea;ve minds
for industry, services and science – and to have those people at our side, who can contribute
through their work to a NRW that is strong and ready for the future.
As a forward-looking industry funding programme which also views internal and external marke;ng as one of its key tasks, the cluster management makes a valuable contribu;on to the
consolida;on and development of the region. The combina;on of economic strength and
crea;ve industries is intended to a<ract the best minds and help emerging companies in the
field. The cluster management concentrates on the art market, adver;sing industry, design
industry, fashion design, music business and book publishing.
The IKT.NRW cluster is the focus of informa;on and communica;on for all players in the growing
field of ICT in North Rhine-Westphalia. Goals pursued by the IKT.NRW cluster include the early iden;fica;on and further development of exis;ng strengths, poten;al for synergies and trends in the ICT
industry. IKT.NRW helps with networking between partners involved in the various fields of ICT or
using cross-sec;onal technologies, and champions the ac;ve promo;on of innova;ve processes.
Film- und Mediens,ung NRW GmbH
Petra Müller
Telephone +49-211-930 50 11
[email protected]films;(
Chris;na Bentlage
Head of Film Funding
Telephone +49-211-930 50 20
chris;[email protected]films;(
Film und Medien
S;(ung NRW GmbH
Kaistraße 14
40221 Düsseldorf
Telephone +49- 211- 930 500
[email protected]films;(
Sabine Bull
Head of Marke;ng
Telephone +49-211-930 50 17
[email protected]films;(
Katharina Blum
Head of Conferences and Events
Telephone +49-211-930 50 48
[email protected]films;(
Heike Meyer-Döring
Head of Crea;ve Europe Desk NRW
Telephone +49-211-930 50 14
[email protected]
Tanja Güß
Head of Press and PR
Telephone +49-211-930 50 23
[email protected]films;(
Mediencluster NRW GmbH
Anastasia Ziegler
Kaistraße 14 | 40221 Düsseldorf
Telephone +49-211- 930 50 301
[email protected]
Till Hardy
Kaistraße 14 | 40221 Düsseldorf
Telephone +49-211- 930 50 42
;[email protected]
Mediengründerzentrum NRW GmbH
Joachim Ortmanns
Schanzenstr. 36 | 51063 Köln
Telephone +49-221- 611 07 48
[email protected]
Founded in 1991 and with an annual funding budget of 31 million
Euros the Film- und Medien-s;(ung NRW is one of the financially
strongest regional film funding ins;tu;ons in Germany. Among
its shareholders are WDR and the federal state of North RhineWestphalia, as well as ZDF, RTL and the state media authority,
the Landesanstalt für Medien. The goal of the founda;on is to
promote film and media culture as well as the film and media
industry in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.
The Film- und Mediens;(ung NRW is the central contact point
for media in NRW. It provides funding for films for cinema and
television in all stages of produc;on and exploita;on: from story
and project development through produc;on to distribu;on and
sales. In addi;on, there is support for cinemas. In 2011, Filmund Mediens;(ung NRW also became an integrated funding
body for film and media and, a(er the takeover of Mediencluster NRW GmbH, opened up to the funding of innova;ve media
content. Apart from funding measures, the Films;(ung’s brief
also includes the marke;ng and development of the region NRW.
Within its responsibility for film and media in the federal state,
the Films;(ung NRW also holds interests in numerous ins;tu;ons and companies: Mediencluster NRW, ifs interna;onale
filmschule köln, Mediengründerzentrum NRW, Grimme-Ins;tut
and German Films.
The Mediencluster NRW is the regional contact point for the digital media and startup scene in
the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and located in Dusseldorf. They connect, consult and inform
about funding and financing, and look a(er companies during the process of loca;ng, founding
and expanding their business models.
The Mediencluster create visibility for the digital content industries at home and abroad, thereby
helping to develop the media region in general. Their innova;ve network embraces large and
small companies, na;onal and interna;onal players, media-related service providers, universi;es
and research ins;tu;ons as well as funding and financing partners.
Launched in May 2006, the Mediengruenderzentrum NRW is aimed at start-ups and young
companies from the media industry. Budding entrepreneurs are supported by accompanying
consulta;on and the awarding of grants. Thanks to the close coopera;on with NRW’s media
and communica;ons industry and targeted know-how transfer, the Mediengruenderzentrum
prepares young professionals for the future.
Ansprechpartner > 17
Media representa,ves of the ci,es
> Stadt Aachen
Fachbereich Presse und
Harald Beckers
Haus Löwenstein
Markt 39
52062 Aachen
Phone +49-241-432-13 11
[email protected]
> Wirtscha%sförderung
Ulrike Richtscheid
Rathausplatz 2
59759 Arnsberg
Phone +49-2932-201 222 1
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> Bielefeld Marke5ng
Elke Kringel
Willy-Brandt-Platz 2
33602 Bielefeld
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Herbert Schmitz
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> Stabsstelle Veranstaltungskoordina5on Stadthaus Bonn
Berliner Platz 2
53103 Bonn
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> Dinamit GmbH Dinslaken
Monika Melles
Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 44-46
46535 Dinslaken
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[email protected]
> Stadt Dortmund
Hans-Werner Rixe
Friedensplatz 3
44122 Dortmund
Phone +49-231-502 581 4
[email protected]
> Gesellscha% für
Duisburg mbH
Susanne Kirches
Dr.-Hamacher-Straße 49
47051 Duisburg
Phone +40-203-363 935 1
[email protected]
> Stadt Düsseldorf
Theresa Winkels
Marktplatz 1-2
40213 Düsseldorf
Phone +49-211-899 305 6
[email protected]
> Kreis Düren
Josef Kreutzer
Bismarckstr. 16
52351 Düren
Phone +49-2421-222 383
[email protected]
> Stadt Lünen
Simone Kö<er
Willy-Brandt-Platz 1
44532 Lünen
Phone +49-2306-104 150 1
simone.koe<[email protected]
> Wirtscha%sförderung
Rhein-Er% GmbH
Andrea Barisic
Willy-Brandt-Platz 1
50126 Bergheim
Phone +49-2271-994 99-11
[email protected](.de
> Fröndenberg an der Ruhr
Bahnhofstraße 2
58730 Fröndenberg/Ruhr
Phone +49-2373-976 224
[email protected]
> Kreis Me6mann
Marion Strack
Düsseldorferstraße 26
40822 Me<mann
Phone +49-2104-992 030
[email protected]
> Filmservice Münster.Land
Nicola Ebel
Klemensstraße 10
48143 Münster
Phone +49-251-492 138 0
[email protected]
> Kreis Siegen-Wi6genstein
Hans-Peter Langer
Koblenzer Straße 73
57072 Siegen
Phone +49-271-333 116 1
[email protected]
> Essen Marke5ng GmbH
Anke Borm
Rathenaustrasse 2/
45127 Essen
Phone +49-201-887 204 5
[email protected]
> Stadt Hamm
Katja Johannpeter
Werler Straße 3
59065 Hamm
Phone +49-2381-173 484
[email protected]
> Pro Herford
Stadtmarke5ng GmbH
Manfred Bischoff
Goebenstraße 3-7
32052 Herford
Phone +49-221-189 150
[email protected]
> Stadt Herne
Ju<a Daniel
44626 Herne
Phone +49-2323-16-224 9
Phone +49-2323-16-258 3
[email protected]
> Stadt Hürth
Claudia Dahmann
Christa Derigs
Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 40
50354 Hürth
Phone +49-2233-531 80
[email protected]
[email protected]
> Wirtscha%sförderungsGesellscha%
Stadt Kevelaer mbH
Ruth Keuken
Venloer Straße 33-35
47623 Kevelaer
Phone +49-2832-953 7 0
[email protected]
> pro Wirtscha% GT GmbH
Julia Peschke
Herzebrocker Straße 140
33334 Gütersloh
Phone +49-5241-851 086
[email protected]
> Kreis Minden-Lübbecke
Sabine Ohnesorge
Portastraße 13
32423 Minden
Phone +49-571-807-221 30
[email protected]
> Köln
Stabsstelle Medien Köln
Roland Berger
Stadthaus Deutz –
Willy-Brandt-Platz 2
50679 Köln
Phone +49-221-221-245 71
[email protected]
Stabsstelle Medien Köln
Andreas Füser
Stadthaus Deutz –
Willy-Brandt-Platz 2
50679 Köln
Phone +49-221-221-246 61
[email protected]
> KulturStadtLev
Anke Holgersson
Am Büchelter Hof 9
51373 Leverkusen
Phone +49-214-406 4170
[email protected]
> Mülheim an der Ruhr
Volker Wiebels
Ruhrstr. 1
45468 Mülheim an der Ruhr
Phone +49-208-455 135 0
[email protected]
> WFMG Wirtscha%sförderung Mönchengladbach
Pascal Hermanns
Lüpertzender Straße 6
41061 Mönchengladbach
Phone +49-2161-823 798 9
[email protected]
> Stadt Ne6etalWirtscha% und Marke5ng
Christoph Kamps
Doerkesplatz 11
41334 Ne<etal
Phone +49-2153-898 800 2
[email protected]
> Tourismus und Marke5ng
Oberhausen GmbH
Helmut Kawohl
Essener Str. 51
46047 Oberhausen
Phone +49-208-824 573 3
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> Stadt Recklinghausen
Reinhold Hegemann
Rathausplatz 3
45655 Recklinghausen
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> Stadt Rees
Ludger Beltermann
Markt 1
46459 Rees
Phone +49-2851-511 76
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> Rhein-Kreis Neuss
Robert Abts
Oberstraße 91
41460 Neuss
Phone +49-2131-928 750 0
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> Wfg Wirtscha%sförderung
Kreis Soest GmbH
Sonja Peck
Villa Plange
Sigefridwall 20
59494 Soest
Phone +49-2921-30-226 1
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> Stadt Viersen
Axel Greuvers
Heimbachstr. 12
41747 Viersen
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> Stadt Wiehl
Angelika Stückemann
Zentrale Koordina;on
Bahnhofstr. 1
51674 Wiehl
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> Wuppertal
Lutz Ahr
c/o Bergische
Entwicklungsagentur GmbH
Kölner Str. 8
42651 Solingen
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[email protected]
Wuppertal Marke5ng GmbH
Simone Neutert
Friedrich-Engels-Allee 83
42285 Wuppertal
Phone +49-202-563 283 9
[email protected];
Die besseren Wälder
Film und Medien
S;(ung NRW GmbH
Kaistraße 14
40221 Düsseldorf
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Telefax +49-211- 930 505
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Ralph Sondermann,
Film und Mediens;(ung
NRW (6x), Mediencluster
NRW (2x), Mediengründerzentrum NRW
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The Good Evil
The selec;on of the companies and loca;ons described
serves as an example for the
region and does not claim
to be complete.
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Film- und Mediens;(ung NRW GmbH
Kaistraße 14
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Phone +49-211-930 500
[email protected]films;(
Mediencluster NRW GmbH
Kaistraße 14
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