Spring 2004 Cutting Edge



Spring 2004 Cutting Edge
Bourgault Systems
Provide Increased Efficiencies
by Gerry Bourgault
s was the experience last year, Western Canada provided
farmers with some with their best crops in their history but
others with their worst. Generally, areas in Western Canada with
drought conditions were small. This year, larger areas had excessive
moisture. By province, farmers in Alberta had the best crops followed
by Manitoba farmers. Most of Saskatchewan’s farmers experienced
major frost damage, as did farmers in south-central
and southeastern Manitoba. Unfortunately,
because of the abnormally wet and
cold fall, some crops are still in
the fields. However, the warmer
than average dry spell we
experienced in November
has allowed some farmers
to complete their harvest
Canadian farmers are facing in finding ways and means of remaining
profitable. We are responding by continually investing in the
development of new or improved implement systems. Our seeding
equipment is being designed to provide farmers with the tools for
increasing their efficiencies, and giving them the best chances of
achieving top grades and yields.
By producing superior emergence, eliminating
the risks of inducing maturity delays due
to fertilizer burn, and providing a
system that requires less tractor
horsepower, the Bourgault MRB®
system provides a tool for
increasing efficiencies.
By producing superior emergence,
eliminating the risks of inducing
maturity delays due to fertilizer burn,
Globally, a huge crop has been
and providing a system that requires less
produced. The U.S. has produced
tractor horsepower, the Bourgault MRB® system
both their largest corn and soybean crops
provides a tool for increasing efficiencies. The new
ever! These record crops have caused a dramatic drop
Series 25 MRB is an example of one of these design developments.
in grain prices.
The MRB approach eliminates the threat of poor emergence and
extending time to maturity that can be caused by nitrogen seed burn.
Many farmers, even those with good crops,
Seed and fertilizer separation are never lost due to soil lumping and
are asking themselves how
opener wear as it can be with side banding systems. Further, seedbed
they are going to continue to steer their farms
quality is never compromised. And, lastly, because a MRB system
to a profitable future.
produces less soil disturbance, it requires lower draft forces. With
Many farmers, even those with good crops, are asking themselves cordless drill compatibility designed in, the Series 25 MRB II design
how they are going to continue to steer their farms to a profitable makes depth adjustments and, “parking” of the coulters, when not
future. Global steel demand increases, fueled by a recovering world required, as when seeding pulse crops, quick and effortless.
economy and a rapidly expanding Chinese economy have caused
steel shortages. Steel prices have risen dramatically over the past
As you learn
year, having more than doubled in the past 18 months. The steel
more about Bourgault’s innovative designs,
price increases have only partially been reflected in the price of farm
you will understand how they can assist you
equipment. Unfortunately, as high priced as new farm equipment
currently is, the prices will probably still go higher unless steel
in dealing more effectively with
prices begin to decrease. Increased oil and gas prices have increased
the adversity you face.
fuel and fertilizer costs.
As you learn more about Bourgault’s innovative designs, you
Western Canadian farmers are facing higher machinery costs, will understand how they can assist you in dealing more effectively
higher input costs, lower grain prices and a difficult harvest, with the adversity you face. This edition of the Cutting Edge features
yielding a lot of low quality, tough and damp grain. They can also more of the company’s latest designs, including the 6000 Series Air
add to their list, tariffs on hard spring wheat, a ban on the export of Seeder carts available with the industry’s most advanced and user
live animals to the U.S., losses of other beef export markets due to friendly loading/unloading auger systems. The 6000 Series carts
BSE and tariffs on live hog exports to the U.S.
also features a hydraulic Calibration Box and Bagged Product Lift
system which greatly reduces the effort required to load the contents
Farming is certainly not for the faint of heart! Many farmers, of calibration boxes, and seed and inoculant bags, into the air seeder
even those with good crops, are asking themselves how they are cart. With optional Zynx electronic monitoring and controlling
going to be able to continue steering their farms to a profitable technology, you have access to the world’s most advanced electronic
future. This is where Bourgault equipment can help.
systems. I believe that if you learn more about Bourgault’s innovative
designs, you will agree that Bourgault is focussed on assisting you
Our company recognizes the immense challenges that Western succeed in spite of the adversity you face.
Bourgault Mid Row Bander Systems
Guarantee Good Results
This year, in most of Saskatchewan and in south and central
Manitoba, this rule came into effect. Some farmers did everything
right and still were badly hurt by frost. The excessive moisture and
the cold weather simply did not allow them to get on their fields
soon enough. However, those who were able to seed early but had
their crop maturity delayed due to poor seed placement and fertilizer
The ability to maintain seed and fertilizer separation varies, based burn experienced more damage than if they would have followed the
on factors such as soil type, soil moisture level, fertilizer form, Golden Rule.
fertilizer application rates, soil compaction levels, speed and opener
Mid Row Banders provide a 100% seed and fertilizer separation
guarantee. No other one-pass system delivers this type of performance,
especially with all forms of nitrogen fertilizer. Without guaranteed
separation, owners of double shoot boot and double knife systems
must always operate in fear.
A double knife system or double shoot seed boot may provide
proper seed to fertilizer separation most of the time.
. Erratic seed placement
will affect emergence. Inconsistent placement and insufficient
separation of seed and fertilizer will have a negative impact on your
crop, your nerves and your bottom line. Farmers need proper seed
to fertilizer separation 100% of the time. Why subject yourself to
uncertainty when there is an option?
Shown top right: Ten wheat plants pulled at random from a
field seeded with a Bourgault 5710 Air Hoe Drill with Mid Row
With Mid Row Banders the fertilizer coulter placed the fertilizer
without adversely effecting the placement of the seed. The seed
was placed on a firm seedbed, at a consistent depth. As illustrated
in the photograph, the seed was placed at approximately 1-1/2" to
1-3/4” deep. With a consistent seeding depth, a quality seedbed
and guaranteed seed and fertilizer separation, this crop had all the
ingredients to maximize crop yield and quality.
The consistent seed depth achieved
with a Bourgault MRB system
Shown bottom right: Ten wheat plants pulled at random from a
field seeded with a double knife seeding system.
Seeding depth varied from 1.5" to 4” deep as can be seen in the
photograph. With this particular system, the leading knife opener
applied the nitrogen fertilizer with the trailing knife striving to place
the seed above and to the side of the fertilizer. If the leading knife
shatters the seedbed, then the seed knife simply cannot place the
seed on a firm seedbed. Often, seed to fertilizer separation will
also be compromised. As illustrated in the photo, the seeding depth
varied from approximately 1-1/2” to 4” indicating that the seedbed
integrity was sacrificed to apply the seed and fertilizer in one pass.
Uneven, delayed or even reduced emergence due to erratic seeding
depths usually results from this much variation. Typically in this type
of situation, the seed will also usually come into contact with the
nitrogen fertilizer causing fertilizer burn, which generally also
contributes in delaying emergence and increasing time to maturity.
The yield potential of this field was reduced the day it was seeded.
We are guided in our developments by what we call, “The Golden
Rule of Seeding”. It states: “Never sacrifice seedbed quality to apply
your fertilizer or, sooner or later, you will pay a heavy price.”
Inconsistent seed placement depth
with a double knife system
Page 3
6000 Series Air Seeders
Leading the Industry
6350 - 350 BUSHEL
The patented integral
tank design allows the
center tank to meter
independently or to
be combined with the
front or rear tank.
Dual and single tire
options available
Since the introduction of the model 138, Bourgault Air Seeders have
led the industry in terms of performance and durability. Bourgault is
proud to continue this solid reputation with the 6000 series of tanks.
The design features carried forward to the 6000 series from previous
generations are too numerous to mention. However, these are some of the
top items:
- The all-steel tank construction ensures your tank will be in one
piece for decades to come.
- The patented integral tank configuration allows you to combine
or separate tanks to obtain maximum utilization of tank capacity.
- The twin fan, double shoot system provides independent
air stream control.
- The steerable fifth wheel hitch design on tow-behind models
provides superior tracking when compared to free wheeling,
castor wheel designs.
- Class-A distribution means fewer hoses to maintain, no worries
about part of the metering roller not delivering grain and leaving
unwanted unseeded strips and superior tank clean-out with
no grain spillage.
- Infinitely adjustable transmission metering drives allow you to
change rates on-the-go.
- Two stage platform provides easy access to the tank top and
doubles as a storage area.
- Patented ‘Power Calibration’ gives precise rates with minimal
- Optional Working Light package for night time operation.
- Easy Hitch option provides efficient connection of tank and drill.
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10” DELUXE LOAD UNLOAD AUGER The 10” deluxe auger uses a
low profile hopper designed to operate with semi-trailers. With up to 85
bushels per minute output, the 10” deluxe auger fills the Air Seeder in
short-order. When empty there is only approximately 14 cups of product
left in the deluxe auger prior to clean-out. Most operators simply won’t
bother to carry this small amount up to the top of the tank. This makes
the process of filling the Air Seeder one
step easier. Hydraulic control of lift,
swing and hopper clean-out functions
are provided to manage operation of the
auger. The deluxe auger is standard on
the 6550 and optional on the 6450.
This auger is standard equipment on the
model 6450. It has an output of up to 70
bushels per minute and has a hydraulic
assisted swing out to aid operation.
New features for the 6000 build on what is already the industry’s
best air seeder tank.
- The two, three or four transmissions on the 6000 series now
utilize a shaft drive system.
- Resetting torque limiting protection for the transmission will get
you seeding faster if obstructions have to be cleared from the
metering auger.
- A new tank lid design provides an improved sealing arrangement.
- The accurate PDM Plus metering system has been enhanced with
a UHMW polyethylene metering auger mounted on a steel shaft
for reduced build up of select seed treatment or low
quality fertilizer.
- An over-running clutch protection prevents damage if the unit is
moved backwards with the main clutch engaged.
- More tire options have been added to the 6000 series to better
meet your area’s requirements.
- A 10” auger is available on larger models for reduced loading
- A new hydraulically controlled Product Lift option on the 6000
series allows bagged product or left over product to be lifted from
ground level up to tank top level.
- The optional Zynx monitoring system marks a quantum leap in
the advancement of air seeder monitors.
The Product Lift is a hydraulic powered lift system that is mounted on
the left-hand side of the 6000 Air Seeder. The Product Lift enables the
operator to move up to 250 lbs. of product from ground level to the top of
the Air Seeder tank. This convenient option is available on models 6280,
6350, 6450 and 6550.
The optional Zynx monitor and controller system is truly revolutionary. It
is a computer based, touch screen monitor with unique capabilities such
as :
1) Voice alarms 2) Contour guidance with “As-Applied” maps 3) Variable
rate control. The Zynx monitor is available with a GPS driven rate
controller as well as a rate controller for liquid and NH3. In time, the
Zynx will have optional seeding implement depth control and tractor auto
steer functionality.
6550 - 550 BUSHEL 4 TANK DESIGN The patented integral tank
design allows tanks to be combined or separated, enabling 6 different tank
split combinations. Dual and single tire options are available.
6450 - 450 BUSHEL 4 TANK DESIGN The patented integral tank
design allows tanks to be combined or separated, enabling 6 different tank
split combinations. Dual and single tire options are available.
6280 - 280 BUSHEL 3 TANK DESIGN The patented integral tank
design allows the center tank to meter independently or to be combined
with the front or rear tank.
Rounding out the 6000 line-up will be the MODEL 6200. It is a two
tank model with an 80 bushel front tank and a 120 bushel rear tank. The
6200 is available with all the performance features of the larger 6000s
including, Zone Rate Control, The Zynx monitor system and rice, lug or
diamond tire options.
Page 5
LFC Cone Bottom Series
Designed to be better
LFC 2400, LFC 3000
tend to pull down on side hills. The front axle
pivots on a lubricated pin and bushing system
The Cone Bottom series of liquid fertilizer that offers a long life and trouble free operation.
carts from Bourgault are designed to be a The walking axle provides uniform tire loads
superior product. The fully pivoting and and prevents three point loading scenarios. The
steerable front-end design is the same as the one distinctive ‘Goose Neck’ hitch allows the front
used on Bourgault’s Air Seeder line. The design axle to turn sharper than any tie rod equipped
utilizes two large fifth wheel plates separated steering axle design.
by a highly durable polymer wear pad. With
a fifth wheel plate design, tracking is superior MODELS AVAILABLE
to free wheeling caster wheels, where the carts
The Cone Bottom Series
is available in 1800, 2400
and 3000 US gallon tank
sizes. A common frame
is used through all of the
models to allow the cart’s
capacity to be upgraded by
simply changing the tank,
tires and straps. Like all
Bourgault products, the
Cone Bottom series of
liquid fertilizer carts have
undergone extensive and
severe endurance testing to
verify structural integrity.
After all, the last thing a
farmer needs is for the
Distinctive ‘Goose Neck’ hitch designed
liquid cart to fail and a spill
for the tightest of turns
to occur in the hectic seeding season.
Standard Features:
· 10° cone bottom tank
for total drainage
· Heavy duty
polyethylene tank
· 16” hinged lid
· 2” BanjoR bulkhead
· Tank bottom sits on a full steel saddle
· Emergency rinse tank
· Electric clutch on ground drive system
· Drive disconnect does not require
chain removal
· Tow - behind design
· Vent / overflow line
· Offset front and rear tracking
· Heavy duty 8” x 8” frame
· Heavy duty frame accepts tanks
up to 3000 US gallons in size
· Transport light package
· Rear Tow Hitch
Optional Features:
· Soft-Trac or lug tires option
· 3” transfer pump with 6.5 hp engine
· Single or double piston pump metering
The refined and robust design of the Cone
Bottom series distinguishes it as a clearly
superior liquid fertilizer cart.
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Series 25 MRB II
The Next Generation
Guaranteed Seed and Fertilizer separation
without compromising seedbed quality in
all conditions and with all fertilizers.
UP or
with a
The Series 25 MRB II is designed with more convenience in mind.
The patent pending height adjust system allows the operator to quickly
adjust the height of the coulter relative to the seed openers (refer to item
1) .This feature is important to compensate for height differences between
different openers, opener wear, or changes in seeding depth. The coulter
can also be raised up and out of operation. The height adjustment can be
performed with a typical drill. Height adjustments are made by turning
the plated acme threaded rod from the top of the upright. The coulter
assembly moves up or down on two chrome shafts. Height can be easily
gauged on the indicator bar.
Other design improvements found on the Series 25 MRB II include:
That is what Mid Row Banders® users have witnessed for the last eight
years, which in turn has allowed them to grow the best crops possible each
and every year. With MRBs placing the nitrogen fertilizer, the operator
can choose the opener that is correct for the given condition. When a
low disturbance opener, such as a knife, is chosen the operator gains the
benefits such as: a smoother field finish, lower horsepower requirements
and better moisture retention as compared to many other one pass
2. A larger 20” coulter disc set at a 5° angle cuts field residue better
and extends coulter life.
3. A new user friendly slide adjust scraper/boot system allows for
more adjustment as the disc wears.
4. A heavier duty arm with a 4” wide pivot replaces the 3” wide
pivot. A greaseless composite fibre bushing, protected with
urethane seals and plastic thrust washers pivots on
the chrome pin.
5. The initial trip force has increased from 380 lbs to 450 lbs.
6. An improved pivot stop and spring connection to the arm helps
eliminate wear.
7. Adjustment is now straight vertical as opposed to the assembly
being tripped out. This prevents hoses from kinking when the
MRB® is completely out of the ground.
8. Fiberglide® bushings in the cast height adjustment mount provide
a solid low friction fit on the chrome shafts.
Mid Row Banders are the best way to seed! The benefits of MRBs are
proven over tens of millions of acres. The Series 25 MRB II will continue
to add real value to Western Canadian farms as the best just got a little
Page 9
5710 Air Hoe Drill
The Industries’ Number One Seller
The 5710 Air Hoe Drill from Bourgault outsells all other models of Air Hoe Drills in North America.
When reviewing the checklist
of requirements for an Air Hoe
Drill, the 5710 gets the nod of
approval on all counts. There
isn’t a competitor that comes
close to the capabilities of the
The 5710 is not only the
best selling drill, it is also the
drill that retains the highest
resale value. The long term
performance and durability of
the 5710 have given this drill
a reputation of being a true
workhorse. The 5710 is known
for giving years of virtually
trouble free operation with low
maintenance costs.
that the marketplace values
this durability can be found on
the used machine lots where
used 5710’s are highly sought
after and command the highest
prices for any used drill. This
high resale value suggests that
the next best drill to a new 5710
is a used 5710!
Contour Depth
Shorter contour depth than Deere, CNH, or Morris
Ease of Leveling
Easier than all other drills
Ease of depth adjustment
Faster than the competition and infinitely adjustable
with the patented Quick Shift Depth Control
Trash clearance
Five (5) rows vs. competitor’s four (4) rows
Good depth control
Patented Precision Line Lock Valve, hydraulic filter
and high quality cylinders
Fewer grease nipples and more bushing protected
hinges and linkages
Safe to transport
Over center linkage takes weight off of cylinders in
Heavy Duty Construction
Stronger frames and packers designed to handle
tough direct seeding conditions and
to accommodate Mid Row Banders®
Ability to change openers
Quick and easy with Speed-Loc® adapters
Three Year Limited
Three (3) spacings, three (3) trip strength options,
eight (8) packer wheel options, eight (8) sizes
from 24’ to 64’, blockage monitors, walking
castor wheels, automatic air seeder clutch,
in-frame harrow option, Mid Row Banders®
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Bourgault Mid Row Bander® Systems
… Produce Smooth Fields!
Fields seeded with Bourgault’s Mid Row Bander® systems produce smooth results for smooth post seeding operations
Rough fields, the common by-product of double knife opener and double
shoot boot systems, often produce additional costs that are not bargained
for when these systems are acquired. The extra costs from using double
knife and double shoot boot systems are often not recognized.
Deep furrows have operators trying to perform all follow up operations
in the direction of seeding. Unfortunately, it is not always practical to
A smooth, Mid Row Bander field
Note the size of the pop can relative to the furrow
· A 5710 Air Hoe Drill with Mid Banders and seed rows
on 9.8” centers provides a superior field finish.
·The 5710 unit that seeded this field was equipped with 1”
vertical knives and 3” rubber packers, operating at 5-1/4 mph.
·The furrow height throughout this field measured a mere 1-1/2”
to 2-1/4” in height.
Page 12
travel in the same direction that the field was seeded. Farmers are often
forced to spray in the direction that the wind allows in order to prevent
unwanted drift to adjacent, susceptible crops. Alternatively, spraying
across the rows can prematurely shorten the service life of a sprayer. To
compensate for the roughness, some farmers are investing into the larger,
more expensive self-propelled sprayers equipped with large diameter
A rough, double shank field
Note the size of the pop can relative to the furrow
- Double shank units can leave a very rough, undesirable field
- The furrows in this field measures in excess of 3” in height.
... Continued from previous page
Swathing of rough fields often produces unwanted consequences and
problems. Laying a swath parallel to the direction of seeding does not
provide the necessary stubble support for preventing the grain from
contacting the soil. This can lead to unwanted sprouting and downgrading,
as well as a crop that can’t be picked up.
Double shoot boot
Bourgault MRB
When fields are rough, it can also be difficult or even impossible to do
a good job of cutting short or lodged crops thereby increasing crop losses.
Finally, when the field is rough, the job of seeding the following year
can be compromised. Rough fields are hard on you, your equipment
and your pocket book. Why subject yourself to them if you have an
option? Mid Row Banders® provide a superior solution to one pass
seeding and fertilizing.
Double knife and double shoot boot systems use knife openers to try
to achieve seed and fertilizer separation. Knife openers are used for The above photo depicts a side-by- side comparison between a
achieving the deeper placement of the fertilizer, and they produce more double shoot boot and a Mid Row Bander system On the left, a
soil disturbance than do Bourgault Mid Row Bander coulter sytems. double shoot boot was seeding on the right a Bourgault Mid Row
The MRB coulter places the fertilizer deeper than the seed with very Bander system was seeding. Is there any question which system
little disturbance. The seed openers used with the Bourgault MRB based delivers a superior field finish?
systems penetrate only to the seeding depth.
less time to maturity, less repair costs and time, less crop losses and less
downgrading. With many double shoot/double knife systems you get
Low disturbance MRB systems provide the smoothest fields and
more than you bargained for…more roughness, more seedbed shattering,
retain maximum moisture for plant development. Smoother fields also
more repair costs, more downgrading and crop losses, and more time to
mean lower repair costs for machinery doing follow up operations, better
maturity. There are times when it is better to get less than you bargained
grades, better emergence, less time to maturity, reduced crop losses when
for than more!
swathing is required and, of course, less operator stress.
With Bourgault’s MRB system, it can be stated that you do indeed Rough fields are hard on you and your equipment.. Why subject
get less than you bargained for…less soil disturbance, less roughness, yourself to rough fields when you can use Mid Row Banders?
200 Series Product Distribution Kits
High output quality distribution
200 Series Air Seeder Kits deliver approximately 20% more output. The
Heavy Duty black secondary hose will deliver exponential durability over
the standard hose used throughout the industry.
by the Prairie Agricultural Machine Institute. Bourgault air kits established
a zero percent seed damage rating in peas and lentils in 1993 under PAMI
test 702 with proper fan speed (airflow) settings. The 200 series air kits
will maintain this perfect rating with the Quick Inspection Manifold’s
resilient cover plate. The Quick Inspection Manifold allows easy access
to the distribution system to inspect and remove foreign material.
Presently, customers are covering 10,000 plus acres per year
with their highly productive Bourgault drills. Due to higher productivity
the industry standard 2-1/2" air seeder hose is not always able to provide
Bourgault customers with satisfactory level of durability. Connecting the
Primary and secondary manifolds, the 200 series air kits use a heavy duty
black water suction / discharge hose. This hose was originally used
on Bourgault distribution kits in the 1980’s. The durability of this hose
is impeccable as some of these 20 plus year old units have never had the
secondary hose replaced. The 200 series air kits are standard equipment on
5-plex Bourgault Seeding systems to deliver more quality and quantity.
A new series of product distribution kits are available from Bourgault.
The 200 series air seeder kits use newly designed primary and secondary
manifolds to increase distribution output levels by approximately 20%.
The 200 series adds higher output without sacrificing quality. Every
configuration (size and spacing) of distribution kit is tested to ensure
that the coefficient of variation is as good or better than existing kits. The
coefficient of variation varies with the type of product and rate of product
being applied. In a worse case scenario, Bourgault kits are always well
below the acceptable standard of 15% coefficient of variation established
provides fast
access to
remove foreign
matter in the
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Bourgault Mid Row Bander® Systems…
Designed to Perform Without Compromise
To perform well in a direct seeding application, a seeding unit must have
good trash clearance and good soil flow around the openers to fill in the
seed rows. To contend with these heavier straw conditions, some owners
of double knife systems have been forced to remove the straw from the
field. (See below) Others have resorted to burning their fields as a straw
management technique. This is costly, because there is a considerable
amount of nitrogen value in the straw. Further, in dry years the practice of
burning will promote substantially greater losses due to evaporation and
increased soil erosion.
Bourgault’s Mid Row Bander systems have excellent soil and
residue flow allowing you to direct seed with excellent results.
Double knife systems are mainly being sold on 12” spacing. This is
done to make the units more capable of handling residue and minimizing
“windrowing,” which is the effect of back rows throwing excessive soil
and residue over front rows. Results have proven that even at 12”, some
double knife systems direct unwanted soil and straw over adjacent seed
rows, unless un-practical slow seeding speeds are used. The five row,
5710 Air Hoe drill handles the heavy residue very well. When the 5710
is equipped with Mid Row Banders, the coulters cut through the straw,
aiding residue flow. The narrower the opener and the shallower it runs ;
the less the soil is thrown and the better the soil will fill in the furrow in different regions. Generally, the wider spacing is acceptable in some
to uniformly cover the seed. A narrow knife, running shallow, allows areas whereas it is not as acceptable in others. With a 5710, you don’t
have to make a spacing compromise to be able to seed and fertilize in one
seeding at higher seeding speeds before windrowing becomes a factor.
pass. In theory, double shoot opener and double knife systems promise to
deliver side banding. However, in practice, there are many compromises
associated with side banding than can have a major negative impact on
your crop.
Removal of straw is one method some double shank owners
use to contend with residue.
Less Disturbance Allows for Higher Field Speeds
With a hoe drill, for a given soil condition and crop, there are four
factors which determine the maximum satisfactory operating speed for
a drill. They are: the width of the opener, the shape of the opener, the
opener’s operating depth and the distance between openers. Furthermore,
as the operating depth of a knife opener increases, the amount of soil
Double shoot boots are large
disturbance increases exponentially.
and penetrate deep to insert the fertilizer below the soil. With double
knife systems, the fertilizer knife penetrates deep. With both of these
systems, operating speeds are often recommended not to exceed 4 MPH.
Customers who find this speed and the associated level of productivity too
low are often advised to purchase a wider spacing unit than they would
prefer. Granted, the wider spacing will allow for a higher operating speed;
however the increased spacing may have a detrimental effect on your
With a Bourgault Mid Row Bander based seeding system, you can
choose the single shoot seed opener that will work best for your conditions.
The knife opener penetrates the soil only to the seeding depth and the low
disturbance Mid Row Bander coulter places the fertilizer deeper between
every second seed row. The disturbance from the banders is so low that it
is often difficult to determine between which seed runs the fertilizer has
been placed. The end result is that farmers using MRB’s, can seed faster
even using a narrower spaced drill. Owners of 5710’s typically operate
between 5 and 5.5 MPH and some even faster. This provides for huge
productivity gains over competitive double shoot opener and double knife
systems that are limited to 4 MPH. The higher allowable operating speed
with a 5710 equipped with MRB’s is like having a 25% wider drill. The
reduced draft with a 5710 and MRB’s is like having a 25% larger tractor.
Rough double shank fields with buried
adjacent seed rows are a sign of
windrowing, which is a potential source
of major crop losses.
Although 5710s are offered on 7”, 9.8” or 12.6” spacing, they are
predominantly configured as 9.8” spacing. Only a small percentage are
configured on 12.6” spacing. Agronomic research has produced mixed
results when trying to predict the effect of row spacing on maximum yield
Page 15
6000 Mid Harrow®
Process Residue not the Soil
70’ and 90’ Sizes Available
The Bourgault Mid Harrow® bridges the gap between a light harrow
and a heavy harrow. It has applications in conventional or direct seeding
practices. A Mid Harrow can be easily adjusted to perform straw
management, stimulate weed growth, level fields and firm seedbeds.
also important to evenly spread the straw and chaff left by a combine
to provide a favorable environment for good plant emergence. Light
harrows maintain the standing stubble, but lack the down force to move
the concentrated chaff rows. Heavy harrows can level standing stubble,
reducing the ability to trap snow. The 6000 Mid Harrow spreads residue,
while leaving enough of the stubble standing to act as a snow trap. The
Mid Harrow has 7/16” x 20” tines on 2” centers which provide a smooth
field finish for subsequent seeding operations.
The 6000 Mid Harrow is designed for high speed operation. The harrow
sections are positively connected to the harrow with two spring-loaded
arms. Light harrows use drag chains, allowing harrow sections to bounce ADJUSTMENTS
Because field and weather conditions change, it is important to have
and gallop, even at low speeds. The two independent spring arms on the
6000 provide high speed stability and allow the harrow sections to follow a harrow that is highly adjustable. The 6000 has a hydraulic height
adjustment that allows the operator to place
ground contours. A heavy harrow can
up to 750 pounds on the harrow sections.
easily require up to five horsepower
The harrow section level is controlled
per foot of machine. Three horsepower
hydraulically by the boom angle adjustment
per foot is ample for harrowing
to optimize harrow performance. Tine angle
stubble at a high speed with the 6000
is manually adjusted with a quick pin.
Mid Harrow. The combination of easy
In 1974, Frank Bourgault introduced the
pulling and high-speed operation will
four row, 8” spaced multi-purpose cultivator
allow you to harrow hundreds of acres
to Western Canada. It could handle the tough
per day with the 6000.
conditions like a chisel plow, yet provided a
field finish similar to that of a field cultivator.
In most areas across the prairies,
This machine met the requirements of many
moisture is the limiting factor in
farms across the prairies.
crop yield. To maximize moisture
The 6000 fills a similar void that currently
retention, farmers want to keep the The 6000 Mid Harrow spreads residue while leaving
exists with today’s field preparation
stubble standing to catch snow. It is enough of the stubble standing to act as a snow trap.
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1650 RBM
Handling the Big Loads
The Bourgault 1650 is the best way to bring home the hay. The double row design allows you to transport up to 16,five foot long bales. A last
bale indicator will alert you when the row is full. The guide rails on either side of the center chain provide secure transport of bales from 4’
to over 6’ in diameter.
The patent pending
The massive 6” x 6”
rubber paddles on the
x .250” loading arms
bale chain move the
will accommodate
bales along without
bales up to 2500 lb.
damage or slipping. A
Angled forks will
total of 105’ (52' per
rotate the bale into
side) of bale chain is
position for problem
covered to ensure you
free loading on either
have adequate loading
side of the mover.
length for your bales.
The walking & oscillating
axle design distributes
the load and provides
the smoothest ride in the
industry. Proper distribution
of weight will eliminate the
danger of tire failure due
to tire overloading. The
running gear is designed
so that 45% of the load is
carried on the front wheels,
and 55% on the rear. This helps prevent the tires from diving in on soft
soil. Wheels are also easily accessible for tire repairs.
The Bourgault 1650 RBM
provides excellent visibility
when loaded. You have a clear
view to the oncoming traffic
between the rows. Transport
chain and transport lights
provide safety and peace of
mind during operation.
Unloading is a breeze with the 1650
RBM. The large 3.5” x 20” cylinder
will tilt the heaviest load. The bale
rails slide along the ground as the
bale chain moves the bales off the
cart into neat rows.
Bourgault 1650 RBM Specifications
Main Beams . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8” x 6” x .188” Wall
Trusses . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6” x 4” x .250” Wall
Hitch . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8” x 4” x .250” Wall
Running Gear . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 - 12.5L x15 F Rated
6000 lb. 6 bolt hubs
Walking & Oscillating Axles
Capacity . . . . . . 16 five foot bales, 40,000 lb. maximum load
Unloading System . . . . . Tilt deck & bi-directional bale chains
Carrying Chain . . . . .2082 Chain with 105 ft of rubber paddles
Greaseless bushings on sprockets
Hydraulics . . . . . . . . . 43 in3 hydraulic motors for bale chains
Two remotes required
Standard electric-over-hydraulic system
Safety . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Standard safety lighting and chain
Power Requirements . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 100 h.p. minimum
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5725 Air Coulter Drill
Minimal Disturbance ... Maximum Benefit
Available from 24 to 64’
New 20” diameter seed
coulter with spring
loaded closer wheel
New Coulter Assembly
The 5725 uses a new 430 lb. trip force coulter assembly with a new
larger diameter 20” seed coulter for excellent penetration. A new solid
steel closer wheel which is one half of an inch wide x 13 inches in
diameter is mounted at a compound angle to move displaced soil over
the seed prior to the packer wheel applying packing force over the seed.
The closer wheel is mounted on a spring-loaded arm to keep the coulter
in contact with the soil at all times.
Double Shoot with the New MRB® II
The 5725 is made for double shooting with an optional Mid Row
Bander® System, allowing the user to safely apply granular, liquid, or
NH3 fertilizer. On the 5725, the Mid Row Banders operate independently
of the seed coulters. This way the performance of the seed coulter is
not affected by the fertilizer placement, guarantying seed and fertilizer
The new Series 25 Mid Row Bander II will compliment the performance
of the 5725. The larger 20” coulter assembly has a higher trip force for
excellent penetration. More importantly, the quick height adjustment
will allow the MRB II to be quickly lifted up and out of the way when
not required. This is especially important for crops that do not require
nitrogen fertilizer. Lifting the Mid Row Banders up and out of operation
further reduces soil disturbance, draft and disc wear.
The 5725 uses a single point depth control, allowing the depth to be
set in seconds. Other coulter drills require depth adjustment on every
assembly, making changing depth a major, time consuming chore. This
single point depth control maximizes productivity, saving you hours in
adjustment time each and every year.
Capture More Moisture …Expend Less Moisture
The 5725 Coulter Drill is for the individual who desires ultra low
disturbance seeding. As the availability of moisture decreases, the need
for conservation increases. In low precipitation areas, farmers need to
maximize moisture retention and minimize moisture loss when seeding.
The 5725 coulter drill addresses both of these issues. The 5725 is designed
to operate in stubble that was cut higher to improve snow-catching
capabilities and reduce evaporation losses in the spring. Tall standing
stubble acts as a barrier between the wind and the earth, preserving
valuable moisture and protecting newly seeded plants. The 5725 is also
perfect for seeding into the previous year’s chemical fallow. The coulters
disturb very little soil, which maximizes moisture retention during seeding. In
addition, the coulter disturbs little of the surface residue that shields the soil
from the evaporative effects of the wind and sun.
More Productive ... More Durable
Maintenance is a key issue with farm equipment. There is a lot of work
to do and only a short time available to do it. The new 5725 Air Coulter
drill is the lowest maintenance coulter drill on the market. Comparable
units have a multitude of linkages and pivots that are prone to bending and
wear. Routine greasing and depth adjustments are time consuming. The
5725 coulter assembies feature oversized 2000 lb. hubs and greaseless
composite bushings in wear pivots to achieve extreme durability with a
minimal amount of complexity. Tests show that the 20” discs used on
the 5725 provide an additional two times the life of an 18” coulter.
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