Much Thanks Websites Credits



Much Thanks Websites Credits
to my family and friends, specifically; Christine Porubsky, Rob Poland,
Randy Wills, Don Ross, Dan LaVoie, Jeff Schmidt, Antoine DuFour,
Jared Guth, Thomas Leeb, Nicholas Barron, Stephen Bennett,
Masa Sumide, Huang Chia Wei, Isato Nakagawa, Jacques Stotzem,
Masaaki Kishibe, and Steve Lukather.
My life and career has been enriched by knowing each
of you. I am forever grateful.
All Songs Copyright 2007 Andy McKee
ASCAP / BMI Publishing All Rights Reserved, except
“I’ll Be Over You,” written by Toto
“Venus As A Boy,” written by Bjork
Andy uses Dean Markley Strings and plays Andrew White and Naga Guitars
The Gates of Gnomeria – A tune inspired
by my inner-geek, for sure! This song is
inspired by the likes of Tolkien, The Elder
Scrolls, Warcraft, and Dungeons and
Dragons. I wanted to tell an aural tale of
some adventurers traveling through caverns
to a deep dark place in the heart of the earth.
Their journey takes them to a subterranean
city of magic ruled by gnomes called
“Gnomeria,” where spells and technologies
have evolved outside of human influence. I
hope you can see it!
I’ll Be Over You – I kind of got hooked on the melody of this tune so I wound up
trying to arrange it for solo guitar. This is my second arrangement of a 1980s tune
and it just happens to be by Toto, like the last one as well!
7-14 – For my life-long friend Jacob and his wife Kim.
July 14th is their wedding day.
A Sphere – Inspired by the flawless shape.
Ouray – I once took a spring vacation trip with some friends to a remote Colorado
village named Ouray. It was such a beautiful and inspiring place, located in the
San Juan Mountains.
Dependant Arising – Dependant Arising is a term I have seen in a few books
All Laid Back
and Stuff – Like
while studying Buddhism. From my understanding, it basically means that
for anything to come into existence, it is dependent on every other thing in the
universe. I think it is a pretty profound and accurate view of life as we know it.
nearly all of my
tunes, I was having
a hard time naming
this one. I played it
for a friend and he
said “That’s all laid
back and stuff.”
I agreed.
Venus as a Girl – This is an arrangement of one of my absolute favorite songs
by Icelandic singer Bjork. Originally, the song is titled “Venus As A Boy.”
I really love all of the textures and there is such a smooth melody in there.
This is the first tune where I have abandoned the solo guitar path. There are
around 10 tracks of guitar on this tune!
She – For my fiancee,Christine.
Nakagawa-san – A dedication to the steel-
string forefather of Japan, Isato Nakagawa.
Isato invited me to perform with him and
Masaaki Kishibe in Japan back in 2005. It
was such an honor and I absolutely loved
the culture and people. In this tune I tried to
emulate parts of Isato’s style, particularly his
guitar vibrato, by shaking the entire guitar.
Ebon Coast – The sonic opposite of the Ivory Coast. This is the first tune
I composed on my acoustic baritone guitar.

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