Are you a Boss or a Leader?



Are you a Boss or a Leader?
Are you a Boss or a Leader?
Effective Leadership
by Christine Corelli, Author, Speaker
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Are You a Boss or a Leader?
Effective Leadership in Your Business
How to succeed in business–Just count the ways…
Forget tough. Today, competition is fierce. It takes more to succeed in business than just having a solid
strategy, good reputation, and a top-notch product. In reality, a company’s human capital holds the key
to sustainable, long-term corporate growth.
Businesses don’t do business–people do. They create the force that ensures an organization’s successful
future. These individuals hold the solutions to problems, the ways to improve productivity, the creativity
to enhance products and services, and the insight that the company needs to move forward.
These goals become a reality if the company treats their people as well as they treat their most
important customers. Smart companies know that without the full support of their employees, no
initiative can succeed, nor can any individual leader achieve their goals.
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Christine Corelli
Businesses Don't Do Business – People Do Business
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Food For Thought: Employee Motivation – Whose Job is it Anyway?
It is always up to the leaders in an organization to keep employees motivated and set the tone for a positive
attitude, strong work ethic, team spirit, and quality work. Despite some popular (but misguided) opinions,
most employees have difficulty motivating themselves in a work situation. It is always the job of the leader to
provide the motivation needed to create a top-notch company or team.
Being a great boss, creating a great place to work, and keeping people motivated is one of the best things you
can do to impact your bottom line and help your company grow and prosper. Within the motivated employee
there is the bright idea, the best solution to a problem, the ability to connect and impress customers, establish
a reputation for superior customer service. A motivated staff increases productivity, ensures profitability and
creates higher levels of customer service, which, in turn, creates higher levels of customer loyalty.
When it comes to employee motivation, remember that you don't automatically earn someone's respect and
trust because you have a title. You must EARN it. You earn it not by being a “boss,” or because you have a
title, but through dynamic leadership. You need every single employee’s complete dedication if you want to
create and sustain success in the most challenging economic times we’ve ever experienced.
"You Can Buy a Person’s Time,
You Can Buy Their Physical Presence, You Can Even Buy Their Skilled Muscular
Motions Per Hour – But You Cannot Buy Loyalty, You Cannot Buy Enthusiasm,
You Cannot Buy The Devotion of Hearts, Minds and Souls…
These, You Must EARN.”
(Clarence Francis)
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The Difference Between Management and Leadership:
Management: Directs, decides, interacts with people to accomplish dealer goals, manages people and
projects, oversees operations, is accountable
Supports, empowers, inspires, influences human behavior
The Boss VS The Leader:
The Boss
The Leader
Says, "GO!"
Says, "Let's go!"
Says: "That's the decision"
Says: "I'm not sure what the outcome of this decision will be, but we're
all going to roll up our sleeves and pull together to make it happen.
Were in this together. And, I'll do all I can to help you."
Depends on authority
Depends on goodwill
Pushes you to produce
Pulls you by inspiring and encouraging you.
Uses people
Helps people
Sees what is
Sees what could and should be, works to make happen
Focuses on day to day activities
Focuses on what is urgent, never losing sight of their goals
Lets people know what they’re doing wrong
Sets expectations and coaches people to greatness
Works hard to achieve immediate results
Works hard to achieve ultimate objectives and goals
Seeks credit and recognition
Shares credit generously with entire team
Inspires fear
Inspires strong work ethic and enthusiasm
Says, "I"
Says, "We"
Blames for problems
Works with people to solve problems - Asks for ideas
Drives people
Grows people
Is concerned with looking good
Is concerned with their team looking good
Complains they can’t find good help
Hires only the best
Treats employees as workers
Treats employees as well as customers
Stuck in old ways of thinking and doing
Thinking and taking action for a successful future
Talks about the “Good old Days”
Meets their challenges head on
Focused on the bottom line
Focused on their competitive strategy, and knows that keeping
employees and customers happy will drive business growth.
Add one example:
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The Role of the Leader:
1. Create the Vision / Mission / Strategy / Values / Set goals / Standards
2. Consistently communicate Number 1 and create a "buy-in"
Which is the most
difficult role?
3. Initiate and implement change
4. Sustain the momentum – Motivates employees
5. Execute strategies, actions needed for survival and success
Great Leaders: Who Comes to Mind and Why?
What Great Leaders Have in Common: _____________________________________________________
Two Common Characteristics of Great Leaders:
The Most Effective Leadership Style:
• Transformational leaders: Transform companies or society as a whole?
• Creative, experimental risk takers?
Take big risks financially
• Charismatic, domineering battlers?
Bureaucrats with charisma
What Matters Most:
• Relentless pursuers of performance? Drive hard. Won’t settle for less than the best
• Servant leaders? - There to serve employees so they can excel.
• Situational leaders? - Use different styles for different situations
Which best describes your style?
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Attributes of Dynamic Leaders— Which Would You Most Desire, Admire, and Want to Follow:
• Visionary
• Talent developer
• Inspiring
• Expert strategist
• Trustful
• Ambitious
• Team-leader, team-player,
• Sets the tone and is the example for others to follow
• Courageous risk-taker
• Strong communicator
• Dependable
• Knows how to manage people
• Creative
• Brings out the best in people
• Determined
• Disciplined `
• Strength of character
• Humble
• Hard-working
• Has passion and purpose
• Loyal
• Intelligent
• Strong values
• Fair
Results of Extensive and Ongoing Research: Three Most Important Attributes to Employees:
How Do You Build A Great Organization? One Person At a Time, One Day at a Time
Communication – The Most Important Element
Effective communication is critical to the success of your company. Communicate initiatives and talk to your
staff. They need to hear what you have to say and they need to tell you their thoughts.
Five Keys to Effective Communication:
1. Think straight, Talk straight, Appreciate
2. The C’s: Confident Clear, Concise, Consistent, Convincing, Caring
3. Practice the One-Minute Manager
4. Listen – Words, feelings, emotions
5. Ask great questions.
- What are you hearing from customers?
- What ideas do you have?
Question You Should Ask After Every Interaction:
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Questions That Win The Hearts of Your People:
"How are you doing?
"How can we solve this together?"
"Is there anything I can do to help you?"
"How is your family doing?"
"Is there anything you need from me?”
Most Important Question to Ask:
A Question Only a Brave Leader Would Ask:
Leaders must know their strengths and use them in their leadership goal. Write what you believe are your
three biggest strengths.
3. _____________________________________________________________________________________
Areas for Improvement:
Identify three areas where improvement is needed.
3. _____________________________________________________________________________________
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How to Manage Each Group
Slackers –
Ask how you can help.
Ask what's holding them back
Ask for behavior change
Involve them in new projects they did not expect
Reward for behavior change
If all else fails, and you've tried everything you can
to change their behavior or performance, terminate.
Common Characteristics
Negative / Badmouths Company / Boss / Initiatives
Slacks off when boss is gone
Pulls down performance and morale of others
Complains / Whines
Job is just a paycheck
Thinks the grass is greener in other companies / jobs
May be envious of owner/manager's salary
Acts like victim of change and management's decisions
Close-minded – Complacent Stuck in old ways of doing things
Has an "It's Not MY Job" Attitude
Acts disgruntled
Coasters – Develop - Build - Coach
Reward, Recognize, Value
Appreciate, Energize, Involve, Encourage
Be consistent -Don't back down on them
Bring out the best in them
Approve and believe in them before they believe in
Dependable / Punctual / Reliable
Comes forth with ideas when asked
Fluctuating levels of performance
Needs strong leadership
Has a "Wait and see shat happens" through change
Likes comfort-zone
Talks about present and near future
Achievers – Rally to your side
Engage them in helping others to excel
Reward, Recognize, Value and
Don't take advantage of them –
Make sure there is equal distribution of workload
or they can suffer burn-out.
Groom for more responsibility
Assign them as mentors to others
Send them for training
Ask them to head up a team project to advise
you on ideas, important issues, problems
Give them more responsibility
Show initiative beyond their job description
Has positive attitude / Positive energy
Provides service excellence
Demonstrates leadership ability
Likes to be challenged
"Rolls Up Sleeves" through change
Loves to learn
Delivers best performance in all they do
Strives for excellence in all they do
Frustrated by those without strong work ethic
Wants opportunities for advancement
High level of employee engagement
Encourages others / Helps peers
Wants to be a higher contributor
Talks about important matters and the future
Always Do What's Right For Your Company – Have the Courage to Remove
Anyone Who Holds You and Your Team Back from Achieving Your Goals
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Being a Great Leader, Creating a Great Place To Work, and Keeping Your People
Motivated Is One of the Best Things You Can Do To Impact Your Bottom Line. Lead Them
Well, and Treat Them Well, And They Will Become
One of Your Greatest Weapons Against Your Competition.
Leadership in One Sentence:
Make People Feel They Are Working ____________________You
and Not ___________________You.
The Question You Must Consistently Ask Yourself Each Day:
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About Christine Corelli
Christine Corelli approaches her work
enthusiasm and attention to detail. She
is the author of five business books
including the popular Wake Up and
Smell the Competition and the ART
of Influencing Customers to BUY
From YOU. Her newest book release
Customers and KEEP Them, sold out
on the first print run in two weeks and
is still selling strong. She has shared her
insight as a featured guest on numerous
radio and TV interviews including CNBC.
To her credit, she has had over two
hundred articles published in magazines, business journals and trade
publications worldwide.
Christine is a keynote speaker, seminar leader and consultant for
both national and international companies and associations. Her
experience interacting with today's most successful leaders and sales
organizations has given her a definitive yet simple business
"‘Business as usual is over. The game has changed and the rules are
different. If you want to ensure business growth and profitability, you
need a smart competitive strategy, dynamic leadership, and a sales team
with such far superior selling skills that they make any competitor’s team
look weak in comparison. Sales pros need to be masters at connecting with
customers, closing the sale, and building profitable relationships. Once you
win customers over, service excellence will be critical to your success. Every
employee must think and act as brand ambassadors who deliver a
consistently exceptional customer experience. It's the people in a company
who make the difference. They should one of your strongest weapons
against your competition. In the end, the CUSTOMER will be your final judge
and jury.”
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As a consultant Christine an innate ability to see into the
heart of complex issues and is known as a problem
As a business speaker she is known for her energy style
of firing hard questions and generating ideas. People
leave her sessions recharged, refocused, and armed
with “how-to’s. With hundreds of presentations to her
credit, she is a true veteran of the platform and
maintains an active speaking calendar.
Her impressive client list includes major organizations
such as Goodyear, RE/MAX, SIEMENS, Harley Davidson,
Honda, Xerox, Panasonic, GE, Northwestern Mutual,
Caterpillar, AAA, the National Retail Federation, Harvard
Business School Alumni Association, the American
Association Executives and many more.
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