Sep/Oct 2016 - Lancaster Liederkranz



Sep/Oct 2016 - Lancaster Liederkranz
September 16, 17, & 18
Presented by the Alpenrose Schuhplattler Verein
A celebration of German music, food, drink, song, & dance!
Volunteer contact information on page: 14
Don’t forget to return your Oktoberfest Raffle Tickets!
An informational flyer was included with your raffle tickets.
Please use it to help promote our fest with your family and friends.
President’s Message
As we head into our fall season, we are looking toward our fest season and our newly
revived kitchen business. Our kitchen business since Chef Matt has been here, has
been going great guns during the summer, which we consider to be our slow season.
There have been nothing but great comments about Matt’s menus, and the taste and
quality of our kitchen’s food selections. We are currently still in the process of having
Matt interview and hire a line cook to help him out on kitchen nights and at banquets.
It has been somewhat of a slow process to find just the right person for that job. During that time, we have been operating with the help of volunteers in the role of line
cook, pot washer, and a person to fry the schnitzels, which are still big sellers, each
week. Unfortunately, our volunteer pool has been shrinking, and it’s been harder and
harder to find volunteers to help us get through our kitchen. We’re asking for a few more volunteers to help in
the kitchen until Matt finds a suitable line cook to help him. If interested, please contact me.
While we are talking about volunteers, our Oktoberfest is coming up real soon, and we are still in need of volunteers to help, mostly with the Potato Pancakes, Cakes, and the entire food service line. The biggest need is in
the area of organizing and supervising the food service area. Susan and Jim Williams, who have been doing the
coordinating of the food service line, have given up those responsibilities, after many years of running that operation. Of course, we are looking for another couple or two to share those duties as kitchen coordinator/
captains. Obviously, at the time you are reading this newsletter, we will only be a couple weeks away from the
fest, and we will be in need volunteers for these positions, as well as all the other volunteer positions for the fest
stands. Please contact me A.S.A.P. to let me know where you want to help us. (con’t on page 2)
Club Hours of Operation:
 Monday through Thursday: 4:00 -11:00 p.m.
 Friday: 4:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m.
 Saturdays & Sundays - Closed except for special events and club dances.
Dining Hours:
 Thursday & Friday: Full Dinner Menu with bar & table service
- Thursday dining: 5:30-8:00 p.m. (7:30 on first Thursday meeting night)
- Friday dining: 5:30-8:30 p.m.
 Dance Night Saturdays: Menu specials served 5:30-8:00 p.m. in the Ballroom for dance patrons or in the
Bar area for those not attending the dance. Dances held select Saturdays October through May. Check schedule
of events for dates.
Page 1
(con’t from page 1) One final subject for my message this month, is the recognition of the retirement of
Susan Williams as our banquet manager. Susan’s last banquets are scheduled for Labor Day weekend.
Our chef Matt will be handling much of the banquet set-up with customers, and Larry Kepner will be taking
the calls from prospective customers and referring them to Matt for details of the banquets. The rest of the
details are still being worked out, prior to our banquets scheduled after Labor Day. If you look on Page 4 of
this newsletter, you will see the entire tribute article, recognizing the more than 20 years of service as Banquet Manger, provided to us by Susan Williams.
I would be remiss, if I didn’t make a thank you statement to Drue Bullington and Judy Zodet, for once again,
organizing a very successful Sommer Singspiel, summer day camp program. Drue, Judy, and all our teachers did a fantastic job with 37 students this year, and the success was helped along with all the hard working volunteers that were here every day, preparing the food, and helping the campers with all their kitchen
Throughout the newsletter, please pay attention to information regarding our upcoming dance season, our
first ever Christkindlmarkt (page 8), the new chorus season and possibly even a “grand opening” event for
our kitchen business (once we have our staff in place). As usual, there is plenty to do at the Liederkranz.
Hope to see you there, soon!
Einigkeit macht stark!
Robert L. Kilp
Please support our Advertisers
You will see in every newsletter issue small ads at various locations Many of the ads are members
and do pay for these ads. This income is used to offset some of the newsletter printing and mailing
costs. Please take a look at these ads and please support them. John Northup - Editor
Reservation and Dining Information:
Thursday & Friday Dining: Reservations allowed in the Ballroom only. No reservations allowed in the Barroom or Stammtisch areas. Please remember your servers and bartenders are volunteers of the club and
are not receiving paid compensation for their work.— please support them.
First Thursdays:Non-members must exit the Ballroom at the start of the Membership meeting at 7:30
Page 2
Welcome New Members
The Lancaster Liederkranz Officers and Members welcome our new members:
For the month of July
Front Row — L to R: Kisha Kauffman, Sally Heineman, Helen Venesky, Kris Shertzer, Lee Shertzer, Art Young
Back Row — L to R: Craig Kauffman, Matthew Emmert, Dan Emmert, Dave Overbach, Dan Fahringer
For the month of August
Front Row — L to R: Rox Perrefort, Wendy Volulopos, Nicole Breczewski Castagna
Back Row — L to R: Nick Perrefort, Blain Hertzog, Steven Castagna
Page 3
Trustees’ Report
By Joe Eckenrode Head Trustee
Greetings from all of the club trustees
First off I'd like to thank my fellow trustees and ALL of those that worked hard to make
the 2016 Club Picnic a great event. The weather was beautiful, the food delicious and yes
the beer was nice and cold too. That's a hard combination to improve on. I personally
really enjoy the picnic to see the many faces that are always volunteering through out the
year to keep our club such a great place to be involved with. Thanks again to everyone.
Some of our recently completed projects include:
-Refinishing of the ballroom floor.
-Shingled Roof repaired from what appeared to be wind damage and missing shingles.
-Continued kitchen improvements to help our chef maximize his space and efficiency.
On going projects include:
-Barroom carpet to be steam cleaned on Sept 24 by Certified Carpet
-Possibly insulate the HVAC duct system to improve efficiency and control the ducts "sweating" during the hot
-Replace ruined ceiling tiles in the ballroom from the "sweating"
-10 new ceiling fans for pavilion and 2 new ceiling fans for barroom have been ordered and should be installed
See you at the club,
Susan Williams, Banquet Manager Retires
Susan Williams, our Banquet Manager, is retiring from her position, after 20+ years
on the job. When we first moved to our new home, a banquet business was new territory for us. Susan was one of the first people to help us with our new business on a
volunteer basis. Over time, we had several volunteer managers, and finally a paid
banquet manager. In 2005, Susan returned as our Banquet Manager, and has been
in that position ever since.
During that time, Susan has built our banquet business from the fledgling startup
business, to a major, robust banquet service in our club house, as well as the huge
pavilion rental business we have from April through October. All this is attributed to
Susan’s hard work in organizing and promoting our properties, and providing stellar
customer service to our members, and non-members alike.
Besides serving as our Banquet Manager, Susan and her husband Jim, have led the way as volunteers, as well.
For many years, Sue and Jim have been the faces of our fest kitchen. They have been the organizers of the fest
kitchen, being the captains in the food service area, running food, specifying what food is needed to keep the
service moving throughout the fests. She and Jim were also the instrumental in all the set up for the kitchen
area, and the arrangements for tent set-up and other services.
Susan’s service will be severely missed, and it will be difficult to find volunteers to step in and fill her shoes in the
fest area. Now that Sue will have some free time, hopefully you will see her getting to enjoy her time in the club,
relaxing and enjoying a meal and a drink. When you see her, please be sure to thank her for her many years of
service to the club.
Page 4
Alleweil Jung German Folk Dancers
We are learning a couple new dances for the Oktoberfest
season. We have one we really like, and one we are trying
hard to perfect. Hope to see you all there.
We debuted our Creek Bank Crafters booth at the Parrot
Fest. There was a great deal of interest, but not too many
sales. In case you forgot, Some of us in the Alleweil Jung
folk dance group formed the Creek Bank Crafters to help
pay off the club’s debt from the tropical storm Irene flood
repairs. We have been making crafts, and collecting crafts from other Liederkranz
members to sell at events at the club. The bag pictured here is one of several dozen that we made as a group
After our first attempt, we have some new marketing strategies. Our next event will be the Oktoberfest. We are
hoping our new ideas and a home turf crowd will make this a big success. Come check us out and help us kick
this debt! 100% donated items, 100% proceeds go to the Creek bank debt!
Thanks Bill and Doris for letting me write the newsletter this month. As always, everyone is welcome to join in the
fun at our practices on the second and fourth Mondays of each month at 6:30 in the Rathskeller.
Candy Eichenser
Want Fast Updates to Weekly Menu Specials,
Events, Last Minute Changes?
Check out our web site and sign up for announcements. The club now has over 1,000 members receiving our
weekly e-mails. You too, can get e-updates by entering your e-mail address in the box at the bottom of our Web
Site Home Page.
Visit us at
Print out newsletter forms that are on our web site.
Page 5
Be a part of
“The Heart of the
Preventing loss of assets due to
nursing home expenses
Join the Chorus
New Singers are always welcome
Rehearsals held Wednesday Evenings
Call Laura Schaeffer, President 717-201-0517
Fall is just around the corner, and that means the
Liederkranz holiday chorus season is almost upon
us. Our chorus continues to evolve with our new
conductor, Rebecca joining us last season, and
we have a number of new members joining us this
The chorus rehearses on Wednesday evenings at
7:00 PM in the ballroom, commencing on September 14th. Our first singing engagement will be at
the Liederkranz Oktoberfest, with a short performance on the afternoon of
Saturday, September 17th in the pavilion.
Our holiday concert is scheduled for Saturday afternoon, December 3rd,
followed by our chorus sponsored dinner and dance at the club.
The R. M. Lombard
Hyperbaric Oxygenation
Medical Center
255 N. 6th St, Columbia,
PA (717) 684-3228
An alternative and complementary medical therapy for a
variety of conditions including:
Sports Injuries/Concussions/TBI
Hypoxic birth injuries
New Stroke, Autism
Lyme Disease, Post surgical
healing, Radionecrosis/
Slow-healing diabetic
Helps natural healing
with pure oxygen
Pennsylvania Pension
Planners, Inc.
2090 Linglestown Rd, Suite 201 Harrisburg,
PA 17110 717.652.5858
Let us establish, communicate and administer your organization’s pension,
profit sharing and 401(k) Plans.
Top of the Line
Roofing Specialists
713 West Main St.
Mt. Joy, PA 17552
Shingles-Rubber Roofing
Roll Roofing-Siding
Windows-Wood Shingles
Slate Repair
We welcome all adult voices of any age to join us and promise you a fun
and rewarding singing experience.
Machen Freudige Musik
New members that are voted in each month must pick up their cards at the
bar approximately two weeks after becoming a member – cards will not be
mailed, you must come to the club, and receive your proximity card from the
bartender. Your name has been entered into the roster books at the door and
at the bar—just state your name to be given club privilege until receiving
Make sure your name is correct and sign the back of your card.
Note: There is now a build up of new member cards that have not been
picked up at the bar.
If you have not picked up your new card, please come to the club bar and
claim yours.
414 E. King St. · Lancaster
Charles F. Snyder, Jr., Supervisor
(717) 393-9661
441 N. George St. · Millersville
Mark D. Burkholder, Supervisor
(717) 872-5041
Charles F. Snyder Jr.
Funeral Home & Crematory Inc.
3110 Lititz Pike · Lititz
Charles F. Snyder, III, Supervisor
(717) 560-5100
Thank You—Data Administrator—John Northup
165 S. Orchard St.
Dallastown, PA 17313
Phone 717-244-3494
Fax 717-244-9401
Mark & Brian
Clayborne, owners
Page 6
Alpenrose Schuhplattler
As has been the custom for me the past couple of years, I have started the fall
newsletter with this brief history of the Oktoberfest. The official sign of fall, for us, is
the beginning of Oktoberfest! This festive celebration was established in October of
1810 by Prince Ludwig of Bavaria (crowned as King Ludwig I) in celebration of his
marriage to Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen. The unusual thing was
that the general public was invited to share in his celebration. At the time, such a
thing was unheard of, nobles rarely associated themselves with the general public
however, and some 40,000 Bavarians attended the celebration in Munich on what is
now called Theresienwiese (the Teresa Meadow). Almost 200 years later, year after
year, the celebration is held at the same location. "Wies’n" (the local term for the
celebration, derived from Theresienwiese) is truly a Bavarian event that has become
a celebration of life not only for Bavarians, but for all Germans and now the world,
with some form of Oktoberfest happening in many cities and breweries. Although major amounts of beer were
had at the very first Oktoberfest, the event was initially built around its horse race and state agricultural show.
The horse race has since been dropped, however the agricultural show continues and the festival has taken on
many carnival characteristics. Oktoberfest now lasts 16 days, beginning in mid-September and ending on the
1st Sunday in October, with major Munich breweries sponsoring the event, up to 6 million attendees packing
into mega beer halls and over 5 million liters of beer consumed every year
With that little bit of history concluded, our summer season is coming to a close and our Monday evening
practices are in full swing as we prepare for another busy Oktoberfest season. The month of September begins
with an invitation to attend the Enzian VTG Stiftungsfest in Delaware. We then are performing all three days at
our annual Oktoberfest the following weekend. The dancing and fun continues until the end of October with performances scheduled for the German American Oktoberfest at the Maryland State Fairgrounds and the Oktoberfest in Cockeysville, MD.
To digress for a moment, since the printing of the last newsletter, we have the pleasure to congratulate one of
our long time dancers Grace Hanley on her “tying the knot” with Scott Carson. Best wishes for many years of
wedded bliss.
With the many events we are involved with we are always eager to welcome any new member looking to share
in this aspect of German culture and enjoy an atmosphere of “gemuetlichkeit”. Stop by and check it out. As with
the other Active groups in the Liederkranz, it is one way to share in the club’s activities and promote and foster
our heritage
“Treu dem Guten Alten Brauch”
Bis zum wiederschauen
Page 7
Kindergruppe Report
The Kindergruppe has begun practicing again and will be getting ready for performances at the Oktoberfest. The next practice in September, will be after the Oktoberfest, on Monday, September 26th, at 6:30 in the ballroom.
Our group will once again be selling Soft Pretzels at Oktoberfest. Look for the cute
kids in Bavarian Tracht, carrying baskets of wonderfully fresh baked soft pretzels.
Thanks to Kathy Buckwalter and her helpers, we will also be selling Lebkuchen
hertz. They will be available at the cake stand. After the Oktoberfest, we will begin
again, our annual Christmas wreath, Greens and Poinsettia sales. Watch for more
information about that in your weekly e-mails and on the website. As always, we
want to thank our members, officers, trustees and parents/grandparents for all your
support of the Alpenrose Schuhplattler Kindergruppe. Thanks also to our accomplished accordion and
button box player, Tom Markow. If anyone is interested in the Kindergruppe, contact Bob (717-475-2784,
[email protected]) or Mary Ellen Kilp (717-475-2785, [email protected]) by e-mail or phone.
Celebrate the Holiday Season at the Liederkranz's
first German Christmas Market December 11, 2016!
As in traditional German Christmas Markets, vendors will sell
their wares, food and drinks will be served, and cultural entertainment provided - hours 12pm to 6pm.
All interested vendors should complete and return the Vendor
Application Form located on the "News" page of the LL website. Stay tuned for further details, an official list of vendors,
and schedule of events.
- As a member, it is your responsibility to validate your membership upon entrance to the club either to the Door Attendant or the Bartender on duty—even if you may be a
long time member. This practice, along with signing-in of nonmembers is not meant to be an annoyance to
you, but are requirements by the PA Liquor Control Board who govern our private club status. Please be
prepared to offer your membership card each time you enter whether or not you feel the door attendant or
bartender should know you. Our growing membership makes this practice even more important.
FRONT DOOR ATTENDANT VOLUNTEERS NEEDED - Thursday & Friday evening front door volunteers are needed. For their work, door volunteers receive dinner and beverage. Couples are welcome! If interested in learning more about this volunteer work., please contact any officer or trustee of the club.
Page 8
2016/17 Season Dances - Fall Line-up:
Labor Day - Club Closed
Sat., October 15, 7:30-11:30 pm
$8 Members in advance ~ $10 Guests
and $10 members at the door
Dinner service available 5:30 - 8:00
Music by: Heidi und die Heimat Echo
September 1 & October 6 ~ 7:30 pm
Come join the fun...see if you can steal
a bottle of wine and stay out of jail!
Maria, John & Chip - Sept 2, 7pm
Saddle Up - Sept 9, 7:30pm
Dinner service is available on all Saturday Dance
nights from 5:30 to 8:00. Service is available in the
Ballroom and Bar for those not attending the dance.
Thursdays - 7:00 pm
Sept 8 & 22 and Oct 13 & 27
Sat., November 12, 7:30-11:30
$8 in advance ~ $10 Guests
and $10 members at the door
Dinner service 5:30 - 8:00
Music by: George Tarasek Orchestra
Sponsored by the Alpenrose Schuhplattler Verein
September 16 - 17 - 18
Friday, 6-11pm - Die Lustigen Almdudler 7-11
Saturday, 1-11pm - Maria & John Band 2-6
Die Lustigen Almdudler 7-11
Special Military March. Come in your uniform!
Sunday, 12-6pm - Joe Kroboth Band 2-6
Throughout the Fest:
Alpenrose Adult & Kindergruppe Dancers
Liederkranz Chorus, Hobby Chor,
Alleweil Jung Folk Dancers, Singspiel Youth
Adult $6 - Children 6-15 yrs $2
Age 5 & under N/C
Sat., December 3, 7:30-11:30 pm
$8 Members in advance ~ $10 Guests
and $10 members at the door
Music by: Joe Weber Band
Christmas Dinner and Dance at the Club
immediately follows the Liederkranz Chorus
Winter Concert to be held at
Zion Church in Landisville at 5pm
Sunday, 6:00 - Oktoberfest Raffle Drawing
$1000 top prize! Don’t forget to return your tickets!
Additional tickets available at the club.
Additional Dance Information on page
Many Thanks to Club
members, Chip and Chad
Snyder and the Charles
F. Snyder Family
Funeral Homes for their sponsorship of printing
costs for our Oktoberfest Raffle Tickets.
And a thank you also goes out to our club member Jack Brinker for assembling the raffle ticket
mailing to the members.
Celebrate the Holiday
Season at the Club’s
first Christkindlmarkt
Sunday, December 11
at the Pavilion
Noon - 6:00 p.m.
Page 9
Lancaster Liederkranz 2016/17 Yearly Schedule of Events
1 Thu Membership Meeting - 7:30pm
2 Fri
Friday Music - Maria, John & Chip
5 Mon Labor Day - club closed
8 Thu Team Trivia - 7pm
9 Fri
Friday Music - Saddle Up
14 Wed Fest Set-up - 4:45pm
* 16 Fri
Oktoberfest - 6-11pm
Clubhouse & Bar closed during Fest
* 17 Sat
* 18 Sun
22 Thu
Oktoberfest - 1-11pm
Oktoberfest - noon-6pm
Team Trivia - 7pm
6 Thu Membership Meeting - 7:30pm
7 Fri
Friday Music - TBD
13 Thu Team Trivia - 7pm
* 15 Sat
Weinlesefest - 7:30pm
22 Sat
Pavilion Closing - Trustees’ Work Day
27 Thu Team Trivia - 7pm
28 Fri
Music by Kompass Rose - 7:30pm
3 Thu Membership Meeting - 7:30pm
4 Fri
Music by Alpenlaender Trio - 7pm
10 Thu Team Trivia - 7pm
* 12 Sat
Military Ball - 7:30pm
18 Fri
Music by Ellis Woodward - 7pm
19 Sat
Stiftungsfest - 7:30pm
23 Wed Thanksgiving Eve Music - Randy Z
24 Thu Thanksgiving - club closed
1 Thu Membership Meeting - 7:30pm
2 Fri
Hayrides, Caroling, Glühwein and
Music by Maria, John & Chip
* 3 Sat Winter Concert, Dinner and Dance:
Concert 5pm - Dinner 6:30 - Dance 7:30pm
4 Sun
8 Thu
10 Sat
* 11
Children’s Christmas Party - 2pm
Team Trivia - 7pm
Volunteer & Organization Covered Dish
Christmas Party - 6pm
Christkindlmarkt at the Pavilion
Team Trivia - 7pm
Music by Kompas Rose - 7:30pm
Team Trivia - 7pm
New Year’s Eve Party - Res. Required
JANUARY - 2017___________________________
5 Thu Membership Meeting - 7:30pm
12 Thu Team Trivia - 7pm
* 15 Sun Schneeball Dance - 2pm
20 Fri
Alpenrose Spaghetti Dinner - 6pm
Ellis Woodward at the Bar - 7pm
26 Thu Team Trivia - 7pm
28 Sat Eisfest at the Pavilion - noon-6pm
FEBRUARY _______________________________
2 Thu Membership Meeting - 7:30pm
5 Sun Super Bowl Party - club opens 4pm
9 Thu Team Trivia - 7pm
* 11 Sat Fasching Club Dance - 7:30pm
Dinner service available 5:30-8pm
23 Thu Team Trivia - 7pm
* 25 Sat Lumpenball - Club Dance - 7:30pm
Dinner service available 5:30-8pm
MARCH __________________________________
2 Thu Membership Meeting - 7:30 pm
5 Sun Cabbage Hill Day - noon
9 Thu Team Trivia - 7pm
* 18 Sat Bockbier Fest - 7:30pm
Dinner service available 5:30-8pm
23 Thu Team Trivia - 7pm
26 Sun German Student Day students by invitation
APRIL ____________________________________
2 Sun Parrot Fest Ticket Sales to Members - 2pm
6 Thu Membership Meeting - 7:30 pm
* 8 Sat Ein Abend in Wien - 7:30pm
Dinner service available 5:30-8pm
13 Thu Team Trivia
27 Thu Team Trivia
* 29 Sat Spring Concert, Dinner and Dance:
Concert 5pm - Dinner 6:30 - Dance 7:30pm
4 Thu Membership Meeting - 7:30 pm
7 Sun Chorus Fundraiser Breakfast -11-1pm
7 Sun Volunteer Sign-up Day noon-2pm
* 13 Sat
Maitanz - 7:30pm
Dinner service available 5:30-8pm
* Denotes event is open to the public
- Save the Date Sunday, December 11, noon - 6pm
at the Pavilion
Thu Sep 1
Membership Meeting
Tue Sep 13 Executive Meeting
Tue Sep 27 Trustee Meeting
Tue Oct 4
Thu Oct 6
Tue Oct 18
Tue Oct 25
Page 10
Executive/Trustee Meeting
Membership Meeting
Executive Meeting
Trustee Meeting
722 S. Chiques Rd., Manheim, PA 17545
Phone: 717-898-8451 (after 4pm weekdays)
Email: [email protected]
Bob Kilp .................................................... 475-2784
[email protected]
John Blank................................................ 406-6620
[email protected]
Elise Bullington
[email protected] ............ ...... 870-0723
Laura Schaeffer, President ..................... 201-0517
[email protected]
Jason Brill................................................. 666-9554
[email protected]
Virginia Smith .......................................... 880-2081
[email protected]
- FINANCIAL ASSISTANT - by exec. appointment
Jan Rosenfeld ........................................... 898-7397
[email protected]
Greg “Bucky” Buckwalter ........................ 572-5616
Bar Operations - beer
[email protected]
Joe Eckenrode - Special Projects ............... 333-0549
[email protected]
2 year Trustee, 2nd year:
Mike Eyster - Bar Operations - liquor ...... 669-1387
[email protected]
2 year Trustee, 1st year:
Jeff Munster - Outside Grounds ................ 666-8008
[email protected]
Mary Munster ............................................. 330-8883
[email protected]
Larry Withum ............................................. 572-8796
Small Games of Chance
[email protected]
Glenn Yanos ..................................... home 964-1951
.......................................................... cell 413-0142
- Facilities Rental Administrator
Larry Kepner
[email protected] ....................... cell 951-1634
- Executive Chef
Matthew Miller
[email protected] .......... cell 743-7890
Laura Schaeffer, President ..................... 201-0517
[email protected]
Rebecca Achenbach, Director ................. 989-8093
[email protected]
Tim Haertter, President .......................... 538-2900
[email protected]
Mark Stanavage, President ..................... 397-6423
[email protected]
Bob Kilp, president & Mary Ellen Kilp, director
[email protected] Bob cell ........ ...... 475-2784
[email protected] Mary Ellen .. ...... 475-2785
Bill Eichenser, President ................... 932-2833
[email protected]
Doris Blouin, Vice President .................. 697-8455
[email protected]
Nordöstlicher Sängerbund, USA (NÖSB)
Deutscher Chorverband, Germany
Gauverband Nordamerika
North American Federation of German Folk Dance Groups
Renate McElheny ........................... home 392-8804
[email protected] ................... cell 201-4281
Greg “Bucky” Buckwalter ....................... 572-5616
[email protected]
Mike Eyster......................................... ...... 669-1387
[email protected]
John Blank ................................................. 406-6620
[email protected]
Bob Kilp .................................................... 475-2784
[email protected]
Jeff Munster ............................................... 666-8008
[email protected]
Jim Fasnacht.............................................. 870-1967
[email protected]
John Northup ................................. home 569-3752
[email protected] cell 471-1141
Linda Feilmeier .............................. home 285-7701
[email protected] cell 283-9118
Doris Blouin .............................................. 697-8455
[email protected]
Page 11
Furman Home for Funerals
CALL (717) 656-6833
FAX: (717) 656-4962
Tim Haertter, President
As I am typing this newsletter one week before our big Annual Golf Outing, I am so humbled and impressed by all the wonderful people I have met at the Lancaster Liederkranz , especially my brother members (and spouses) of the Hobby Chor. Once again it
is the countless hours of your generous time and talents that makes this place so special.
I would specially want to acknowledge (too many to list) to our organizers, patrons and
our participating golfers this year who contributed towards another successful fundraising
In additional to our Golf Outing event, The Hobby Chor has also been busy rehearsing
on Thursday nights as we quickly approach a busy and festive fall season:
Indoor Oktoberfest – 2:00 pm —- Our Savior Lutheran Church — Sept. 10th
Oktoberfest here at our beloved Lancaster Liederkranz — Sept 16, 17, 18th
Allentown Steel Stacks Beer Festival — October 9th
Like to Sing?
Always wanted to learn the lyrics of the music sung at many of our clubs social events ?
Look no further. We are always looking for new singers to join our beloved Hobby Chor. The Hobby Chor is
a great way to learn the German language and surround yourself with great people. We currently rehearse
the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Thursdays at 8 pm. Please join us in song and fellowship.
I would to conclude this report by thanking Bill Eichenser for his vision and leadership as our
President. Bill has accepted a promotion at work that has resulted in a difficult decision resigning as our President of the Hobby Chor. We all wish Bill the best in his new career endeavors and thank him for sharing his time and talents with all of us.
Hoch lebe die Gemütlichkeit!
: 717 65
Fax: 65 654
970 Re 625
ar W .
y Shop,
M. Barto
Compliments of
Swimming Pool & Spa Supplies•Spas
Chemicals•Pumps•Filter Systems
Residential and Commercial
883 S. Chiques Road, Manheim, PA 7545
717-898–SWIM Ext. 22
Fax: 717-898-9110
Nikolaus & Hohenadel
Attorneys at Law
327 Locust St., Columbia, PA 17512
(717) 684-4422
FAX (717) 684-6099
Page 12
Lasst Uns Erinnern,
Gerhard H. Börger
Kapitänleutnant z.S.a.D. und Gerbermeister
26. April 1914 - 12 July 2000
Hobby Chor Sänger
mit Leib und Seele
O’Day Law Associates
LANCASTER, PA 17602-2951
(717)393-4001 FAX: (717)393-8014
Lancaster Liederkranz Team Trivia - Come to the club bar at 7:00 on the 2nd
and 4th Thursdays of the month to enjoy a fabulous dinner and learn new and
interesting facts while you play! There are 3 rounds of general information and 1
round of a specific topic. First and second place teams will win beverage chips
for prizes. Come and join the fun! If you have any questions, contact trivia organizer: Jeanie Bachand: [email protected] Upcoming Team Trivia
Dates: September 8 & 22 at 7PM, October 13 & 27 at 7PM.
In Memoriam
Our heartfelt condolences to the families of our departed members and friends:
May their souls and the souls of all our departed members and friends rest in peace
Want Fast Updates to Weekly Menu Specials, Events, Last Minute Changes?
Check out our web site and sign up for announcements. The club now has over 1,000 members receiving our weekly e-mails. You too, can get e-updates by entering your e-mail address in the box at
the bottom of the Home Page.
Visit us at
Also, you can print out newsletter forms that are included in our web site.
If you forgot to send in a self addressed envelope, you will have to pick up your 2016 labels at the
Your 2016 label will not be mailed to you.
To pick up your label, tell the bartender
you are here to pick up your 2016 label green lined coin envelope.
“Metal Fasteners to Solve
Construction Challenges,
(717) 333-2344
Paul Stanavage –
whether Big or Small.”
520 North Hartley St.
York, PA 17404
Phone 717-843-9934
Fax 717-845-7802
[email protected]
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Fri., Sat., & Sun., September 16, 17, & 18
If you volunteered last year and are interested in helping again in the same area
or perhaps in another area, contact an area committee chairperson to sign-up.
Volunteers are entitled to admittance to Fest and limited food & beverage tickets.
Contact any committee chairperson to offer your volunteer help:
General Fest Chairperson:
Bob Kilp Ph: 475-2784
[email protected]
Anneliese’s Potato Pancakes:
Glenn Yanos Ph: 964-1951 or 413-0142
Club Merchandise Tent:
Barbi Stanavage Ph: 333.-3071
[email protected]
Food Service:
Connie Waltz Ph: 575-3457
[email protected]
Cake Donations & Sales:
Kim Reinfried Ph: 413-1158
[email protected]
Larry Kepner Ph: 951-1634
[email protected]
Food/Bev. Ticket Sales:
Linda Feilmeier Ph: 285-7701
[email protected]
Renate McElheny Ph: 392-8804
[email protected]
Bob Schlinkman Ph: 394-2587
John Blank Ph: 406-6620
[email protected]
Fest Trash Duty:
Scott Britcher Ph: 649-6075
[email protected]
Kids Craft Tent:
Carolyn Santos Ph: 599-5493
[email protected]
German classes will be offered again this fall! Classes will run for 10 weeks and cost $60. The day, time
and start date for each is still TBD. Please watch the weekly Wednesday email for detailed information,
or contact the instructor by email to register and get more specific information, once it is available.
Beginner - Gwen Phillips - [email protected]
Intermediate - Stephanie Henrich - [email protected]
"For Peace of Mind... When It Matters Most"
717-872-2266 717-397-8298
Bill Eichenser,
722 S. Chiques Rd.
Page 14PA 7545
Serving The Community
With Dignity And Reverence,
Regardless Of Expenditure
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2016/17 Dance Schedule and Ticket Information
The Liederkranz offers a full season of 10 fun Saturday evening dance events beginning
October 15 with our popular Weinlesefest followed by the Military Ball on November 12. Also,
a Sunday afternoon Schneeball/Kaffeeklatsch event on January 15 (the full dance schedule is
listed below.)
Tickets are available by individual dance, or by purchasing a season pass which is available at
a discounted rate! All season dances are open to the public, and are a great way to introduce
friends to our club. All dances are sponsored by the club’s cultural organization groups.
Individual dance ticket prices - $8/member in advance and $10/guest and member at
the door. Individual dance tickets for Weinlesefest and the Military Ball will go on sale at the
Bar at the end of September.
Full Season Pass - A season pass is a benefit 2 ways: you will have guaranteed seating at
your table throughout the season and it offers a season discount. Season passes are available
by emailing the club at [email protected] Select your preferred table now,
payment of $60/pp ($120 per couple) is not required until you pick up your pass. Deadline
for season pass sign-up is September 23. All tables seat 8 people except 1 smaller table that
seats 6. Seating is for table only, not specific seat assignments.
Note: Previous season pass holders have first refusal of their seats.
2016/17 Dance Schedule:
Dances are Saturdays from 7:30-11:30 p.m.
The Schneeball/Kaffeeklatsch is Sunday afternoon event, 2-6 p.m.
Dances are open to the public, and are a good way to introduce people to the Club.
Dinner service is available on all dance nights from 5:30 to 8:00 p.m.
October 15
November 12
December 3
January 15
February 11
February 25
March 18
April 8
April 29
May 13
Military Ball (come in uniform!)
Christmas Concert & Dance
Lumpben Ball
Bockbier Fest
Ein Abend in Wien
Spring Concert & Dance
Heidi und the Heimat Echo
George Tarasek Orchestra
Joe Weber Band
Maria & John
Mike Surratt & the Continentals
Joe Weber Band
Heidi und the Heimat Echo
Walt Groller Orchestra
Mike Surratt & the Continentals
Joe Kroboth Band
Independent events not included in regular season dances:
 November 19
 December 31
 March 5
New Year’s Eve Dinner Dance
Cabbage Hill Day
Maria, John, & Chip Trio
Maria & John the Band
Note regarding New Years Eve: Season ticket holders will have first refusal for NYE seating
until the Nov. 3 membership meeting, at which time they will go on sale to the membership.
DANCE NIGHT DINNER SERVICE: It’s not necessary to attend dances in order to enjoy
our dance night menu! Service is available in the Ballroom or Bar area from 5:30-8:00.
REMINDER... The Alpenrose Kindergruppe Schuhplattlers will be selling
holiday greens and poinsettias again this year. Deadline for orders will be in
November. Look for an order form in the next newsletter, and also in
upcoming emails and on the website. These flowers & greens are of excellent
quality! Please plan on supporting the Kindergruppe’s winter fundraiser.
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Report of the 17th Annual Hobby Chor Golf Outing
The Hobby Chor held its 17th Annual Golf Outing and Dinner on August 19th. We had 132 participating golfers welcomed at the Four Seasons Golf Club with perfect weather and invited
back to the LLK pavilion for an award and dinner social.
As always we want to publicly thank our business sponsors and encourage all of our Liederkranz members and friends to support them. Our Hole Sponsors: Allied Veterinary Crematory
Ltd, Barton's Body Shop, Charles F. Snyder Funeral Home & Crematory, Clyde W. Kraft Funeral Home, Inc., Compliments of Doris Blouin, Compliments of Karl Van Dyke, Jr., Four
O’clock Crowd, Frey Lutz, Inc., Fulton Mortgage, Furman Home for Funerals, Harvey's Main
Street BBQ, Highway Equipment & Supply Co.-Brownstown, James M. Hook & Co. CPAs, Lift
Inc., Nikolaus & Hohenadel. LLP, Oak Leaf Manor, Owl Chiropractic Center, Roma’s Pizza –
Red Lion, Sanctuary Financial Group, Scooters Restaurant, Sequinox, Inc., State Farm Insurance – Lois White Agent, Swedish Motors, Inc., Thru It All. Lastly we express an added appreciation to all of our Special Event Sponsors. Event Patrons: Autohaus Lancaster, Country
Meadows Retirement Communities, Hampton Inn & Suites, J L Honberger Inc., Tomlinson
Bomberger, Inc,; Lunch Sponsors: JG environmental; Course Beer sponsor: Union Community
Bank; Pavilion Dinner & Beer Sponsor: Kirchner's Beverage Distributors. Also thanks for gifts
in kind to D. G. Yuengling, Inc., Van Scoy, Mauer &Mash, Von Gehr Jewelry Shop, and to all
those who contributed gifts and donations toward our door prizes or otherwise helped us in any
way. We look forward to seeing everyone next year.
Proceeds from our golf outing support our sponsorship of German student scholarship grants,
charitable contributions as well as help supplement costs pertaining to our singing performances which are for non-profit organizations. Your support also enables us to contribute directly
to many Liederkranz projects and related needs and requests.
Hoch lebe die Gemütlichkeit!
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The Sommer Singspiel camp was a huge success! This year, nearly 40 students
from grades 3 – 10 spent four days (a day longer than our inaugural year) immersed in a unique experience, which culminated in an hour and a half sharing
This summer, students experienced German language, music and culture in many
The German language classes, taught by Stephanie Henrich, Lauren Jannotta and Dawn Miller, included: reviewing the numbers and alphabet and German
songs/chants that go along with them; a lesson on May Day, which included making Wappen and head pieces, and learning to dance around and weave the May
Pole; and a lesson about school supplies and the Schultüte tradition in Germany, including creating a
Schultüte that were magically filled with school supplies labeled auf Deutsch which students can use for the
new school year!
The music and movement classes were taught by Drue Bullington, Michael Luckenbill and Lisa
Sempsey. Students learned to play the ukulele, sing two German songs (“Froh zu sein” and “Lachen, singen”)
and a highlight for many was making instruments from common items such as “spoon sticks,” kazoos and an
Alpenhorn made from PVC piping! Students also learned how to do a traditional German Volkstanz, “ D'hammerschmiedsgselln” and enjoyed a presentation from some of the members of the Alpenrose Schuhplattler.
There were few new and wonderful additions to camp this year! Bob Beck and son Tanner taught soccer skills and got the kids moving and sweaty! In the kitchen, Judy Zodet and her amazing volunteers helped
our students make Apfelstrudel, Lebkuchenherzen and Spaghettieis! The campers loved devouring their creations!
We owe great debt of gratitude to the following people for helping in many ways, including preparing
lunches, helping at recess, doing dishes, taking pictures, registration, baking cookies, helping with the ballroom reset and doing pretty much anything that the teachers needed: Dan and Irene Sheats, Anita Hayward,
Anna Reynolds, Margaret Kuester, Carolyn Santos, Candy Eichenser, Honey Lack, George Grabb, Barbi
Stanavage, Bob Kilp, John Blank, Vicki Zodet, Angie Beck, Liz Fredricks. A special thanks to Jess Kling for
making the brilliant highlights video which we will share through the club’s weekly e-mail and at the the membership meeting.
Please check out our website at for upcoming dates of activities throughout
the school year.
Get your passports stamped! Our Singspiel Calendar of Events is printed in the form of a Passport and we’re
hoping that you’ll pick up a Passport and help the younger Liederkranz members fill these with stamps! Your
first chance is coming up!
We’ll be having an Oktoberfest Cultural evening for all ages on Wednesday, September 14th from 6:30-8:00
p.m. where we’ll teach about the history of Oktoberfest and we’ll practice some songs to share in the pavilion
on Sunday of our Liederkranz Oktoberfest and maybe even show off our Kazoos and Alphorns!
Vielen Dank!
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The Singspiel Staff
The Trustees and Officers would like to thank all of the members who provided food and goodies for our club's picnic on
Sunday. It was a wonderful day of food, fun and gemütlichkeit.
Mike & Larry
Andy & Mike
Jeff & Bob
Horseshoe Winners:
Gold Medal: Mike McGinnis and Larry Withum
Silver Medal: Andy Deck and Mike Rhoads
Bronze Medal: Jeff Munster and Bob Beck
The club will be open on Sundays for Philly
Eagles and Pittsburgh Steelers
games. Come enjoy a beer and the games
o n o u r b i g s c r e e n TV w i t h yo u r cl u b
friends. Snacks for sharing are always welcome! Check weekly emails for scheduled games to be shown.
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Lancaster Liederkranz
722 S. Chiques Rd.
Manheim, PA 17545-9131
(Salunga exit off PA 283)
Phone 717-898-8451 after 4 PM
Web site:
York, PA
Permit 163
Founded 1880
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