Miss Castaldi`s Newslełer



Miss Castaldi`s Newslełer
Miss Castaldi’s NewslePer April 4th‐ April 8th Special Reminder: Please remind your students to bring their recorders and song books for Monday’s music class. ASPIRE TesHng takes place from April 11‐15. See the note below regarding ASPIRE. Please pack a healthy snack (on the approved snack list) for each day of ASPIRE tes;ng (Monday‐Thursday)! Mrs. McGowan’s Tes8ng Tips: Before the test: • Get a good night’s sleep. Try to maintain a regular bed8me. PuAng away electronic devices an hour or so before bed8me allows your body to prepare for sleep. • Get ready the night before. This includes making your lunch and your snack, seAng your clothes out, and packing your backpack. • Think about leaving for school a few minutes earlier than usual. Tes8ng starts at 9:00, it is easier to start the day if you are not in a hurry! In the morning: • Eat a healthy, protein rich breakfast. If you are allowed a snack, make a good choice. Fruits, proteins and whole grains are ideal. Avoid sugary snacks. Drinking water is essen8al to keep you hydrated and focused. Before the test begins: • Take a few moments before the test to belly breathe. This is a good way to calm your body down, and allow your ‘thinking brain’ to take over. • Posi8ve self talk is another technique that Second Step emphasizes. Thinking ‘I can do this’ is more posi8ve that ‘I am not going to do well’. During the test: • Remember to read the direc8ons carefully • Fill in the bubbles completely • Check and make sure you answered all of the ques8ons • Make sure you answered all of the parts of the ques8on • Make sure to read all of the choices before you choose the best answer • Check your answers • If you finish before 8me is up, go over the test, and review your answers • Make sure there are no ques8ons leT blank Upcoming Events: 4/11‐4/15: ASPIRE TesHng 4/15: NJHS Ice Cream Sale during lunch 4/22: Special Lunch 4/25: No Classes This Week Religion‐ We con8nued our work with the Kind Campaign and discussed the ideas of Inside Out further. Students discussed how they see their emo8ons and how we can recognize the emo8ons we are feeling. We also discussed Riley’s Mind Map and the islands that make Riley who she is. The students loved having the opportunity to create their very own Mind Maps. English Language Arts‐ Students took a deeper look at Poetry in Reader’s workshop. We discussed how poetry makes us feel and iden8fied messages of different poems. Math‐ Students learned reviewed 8me and learned how to find elapsed 8me. We also learned about mass and volume. Social Studies‐In social studies this week, students engaged in an interac8ve webquest using the iPads. Students used my website to access different outlets for researching the three types of government. Take a look! Science‐ Students closed our unit on Ecosystems with the Ecosystems Quiz. Second Step Mrs. McGowan’s Second Step class focused on test anxiety. She helped the students understand that there is nothing to fear! Students discussed how to prepare for the ASPIRE tests. No, there’s no studying to do. The best thing for you student is to get a good night sleep, eat a healthy breakfast, and to TRY THEIR BESTS. Your student brought home an interac8ve brochure of the content of this class… Take a look! Next Week: Aspire TesHng: No assessments this week. QuesHons? Feel free to call or e‐mail me. [email protected] @ Rachel Thorp 2013 Miss Castaldi’s NewslePer April 4th‐ April 8th Aspire InformaHon Dear Third Grade Family,
Next week your child will be taking the ASPIRE standardized test. Below you will find the test
schedule. Please note that we will not be testing on Friday, April 15.
Grade Monday, April 11 Tuesday, April 12 Wednesday, April 13 Thursday, April 14 3 Reading: 65 min. Math: 65 min. English/Wri8ng: 40 min./30 min. Science: 60 min. By working together, we can make your child’s test experience positive and successful. Here are
some suggestions that you can do to help your child succeed:
Make sure your child gets a good night’s rest.
Have your child eat a healthy breakfast.
Make sure your child arrives to school on time.
Gently encourage your child to do their best.
During test week, your child may also bring a healthy snack from the SJS Approved Snack List.
Please refer to the school website for an updated list.
Thank you so much for your help and support!
Miss Castaldi
QuesHons? Feel free to call or e‐mail me. [email protected] @ Rachel Thorp 2013 

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