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Who we are - First Equilease
- Who we are?
Board of Director
Management Te
Major Shareholde
- What we do?
- Why First Equ
Our Operations
Our Promise
Our Services
Our Clients: Our
Who we are
We were established in 2005 as a Kuwaiti closed shareholding
We aspire to be the market›s first choice in equipment leasing
in the Middle East, recognized for the innovative trend-setting
solutions, Client-centric approach, ethical standards, and
dedicated towards the sustainability of our community and the
Mohammed A. Alqahtany
Chairman & Managing Director
Meshal A. Al-Nassar Vice Chairman
Sultan S. Al-Ghanim
Board Member
Bandar A. Al-Qamlas Board Member
Ahmed A. Al-Majid
Board Member
Management Team
Mohammed Alqahtany
Chairman & Managing Director
Osama Wissa Executive Vice President Finance
Ahmed Al Majid
Executive Vice President Business Development
Major Shareholder are
Lo’lo’a National Holding Company
Al-Mubabder Co w.l.l.
What we do
We stand ready to partner with and support our clients in
all their equipment leasing requirements.
Catering to the GCC region, Equilease offers flexible
equipment leasing services, with a focus on the petroleum,
industrial, and infrastructure sectors. The unique, flexible
approach to client servicing positions Equilease as a
market leader in equipment leasing solutions
Why First Equilease
Our Operations
Equilease operates in a niche market where our services
are versatile and highly customized leasing solutions that
cater to our client’s specific needs. We go beyond the
traditional and conventional services to create new product
and define new boundaries.
Our Promise
To employ our high-caliber skills, thorough business
expertise and diverse quality equipment to find for you the
leasing solutions that best fit your needs.
What we offer
Equilease is able to leverage its extensive network and
strong relationships with equipment manufacturers, agents,
suppliers, and auctioneers, to provide its customers
competitive pricing for both new and used equipment.
Our modus operandi at Equilease goes beyond offering
quality services and reliable equipment.
The High-caliber human skills, thorough business expertise
and reliable, diverse equipment at Equilease’s disposal
ensure that we could innovatively offer each of our clients
custom-made lease transactions, specially tailored to their
individual demands.
Our diverse squadron of
equipment includes:
Heavy Lifting
- All Terrain
- Crawler
- Truck Mounted
- Rough Terrain
- Tower Cranes
- Cantilever Cranes
- Backhoe Loaders
- Bulldozers
- Excavators
- Dump Trucks
- Tankers
- Trucks
- Loaders
- Roller Compactors
- Concrete Mixers & Pumps
- Graders
Material Handling
Supporting Equipment
- Pipe Layers
- Forklifts
- Reach Stackers
- Material Handlers
- Generators
- Air Compressors
- Welding Machines
- Jack Hammers
- Tower Lights
Our flexible approach to service provides many
benefits to our clients. Working with us will enable
our clients to:
- Conserve cash
- Maximize efficiency of equipment utilization
- Avoid obscurity in calculating residual value
- Cut cost of retaining equipment only needed for
specific phase(s)
- Preserve Credit Lines
- Enjoy convenient Structure & Terms
- Benefit from off-Balance Sheet Financing
- Mitigate inflation hedge
- Protect yourself from obsolescence
Our Services
At Equilease, we work with diverse leasing tools that
enable us to customize the services that best fit our
clients’ needs. These tools include:
Financial/Capital Lease
Enables the customer to retain the equipment post the
completion of the lease term. A Financial/Capital lease
is a flexible way to fund customer’s equipment needs
without having to draw upon his cash reserves. This lease
type provides an option to purchase the equipment for a
nominal fee at the end of the lease term.
Operating/True Lease
Is most appropriate for customers who intend to use the
equipment for a specific time period of a project. It’s an
efficient method enabling the customer to gain access to
the latest equipment, at a minimal cost, without undertaking
the residual risk at the end of the lease term. During the lease
term, the customer enjoys the use of the equipment, and at
the end of the lease term, the customer simply returns the
equipment without undertaking any further liability related
to the obsolescence or disposal of the equipment.
Sales and Leaseback
Is an appropriate option for the customer who already
own the equipment, and want to free up capital tied up
in the equipment for use in business expansion. In such
a transaction, the customer would sell the equipment to
Equilease for cash, and then immediately lease it back.
Hire Purchase Lease
Allows the customer to use equipment over a fixed period,
in return for regular payments. After all the payments
have been made, the customer becomes the owner of the
equipment, either automatically or on payment of an option
to purchase fee.
Short-Term Rental
Fits the customer who seeks equipment for short-term use
without having to deal with maintaining or operating them.
Equilease would take care of operating and maintaining
the equipment. The customer enjoys all of these benefits
and avoids any liability related to the obsolescence or
disposal of the equipment.
Providing our clients with an effective tracking and
performance reports for the leased equipment which
enable the client better utilization of the equipment.
Our Clients
Over the years, Equilease has worked with clients across
the GCC, and across various industries, including but
not limited to construction, manufacturing, logistics &
transportation. Possessing the capability to mobilize
equipment anywhere in the GCC within a short duration,
our esteemed clientele includes large local & regional
contractors. Equilease provides equipment leasing
solutions to both:
Business Owners In need of financing solutions for their
equipment fleet.
Equipment Sellers Seeking to assist their clients in
financing the acquisition heavy equipment.
Our Business Partners
Equilease has a strong relationships with different business
partners in the equipment industry, including suppliers,
agents, auctioneers, and valuators.
Consolidated Contracting Company S.A
Gulf Capital for General Trading & Contracting
Gulf Capital For General Trading & Cont . ES
Mushrif for Trading & Contracting Company
MECS for General Trading & Contracting
Arabian Beverage Company
Environment Preservation Industrial Company
United Arab Group General Trading & Contracting
Fixed Assets for general Trading & Contracting
Contact Us
First Equilease for Equipment & Transportation Company
K.S.C (Closed)
Kuwait City - Sharq – Block 1 – Building no.15 ,
Al-Massaleh Real Estate - Ahmed Al-Jaber Street,
Universal Tower – 11th floor.
P.O. Box: 23444 Safat 13095, Kuwait
Tel: (+965) 2224 85 58
Fax: (+965) 2224 85 59
Email: [email protected]
Working Days/Hours:
Sunday To Thursday From : 8:00 a.m. To: 3:30 p.m.

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