Leasing Procedures



Leasing Procedures
Leasing Procedures
1. Create a new quote in LightSpeed.
2. Enter customer name as Equilease Corp.
3. Select edit customer
4. Select the contacts tab.
5. Select new and add the customer information. Make sure you gather phone, email,
address, etc. Click Save and close the window.
6. In the customer field, select the drop down list and select the customer you just
entered. Use as shipping address.
7. Compile the quotation of what the customer wants to purchase. Click Save.
8. Click Email and send it to Allen Abbott. Please let Allan know if they are in the store
awaiting his call or they are at home.
9. Allan will contact customer within the hour and ask credit questions to determine
payment terms. Let the customer know that this will happen during regular business
hours (no evening or weekends). Credit process should take 30 minutes at most. If
approved Allan will send documents to the customer for signature. Customer must
sign approved invoice for lease.
10. When Lease is signed, Equilease will send the store a PO (Karen will be cc’d)
11. When you receive the PO, click the invoice button on the bottom of the quote
12. Enter the PO number in the PO field. The items listed on the PO must match the
13. Attach the serial numbers for the applicable devices. Click Save
14. Print two copies of the invoice. The customer must sign one copy of the invoice.
The other is for the customer as a proof of purchase.
15. The signed copy of the invoice must be emailed to Allan Abbott and to Karen.
16. DO NOT apply a method of payment. Karen will post payment when it has been
received from Equilease. This will not effect your end of day reporting.

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