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Spring Break 2014 Dominican Republic | The Eco Challenge
March 8 – March 15, 2014
Join the Dominican Republic’s Brigada Verde
(Peace Corp Operation) in their quest for
environmental responsibility. At National
Forestry Service sites in Jarabacoa and Salto
de Jimenoa, hands-on fieldwork and transcultural
collaboration define a service experience rooted in
education, while community exchanges and nature
excursions challenge the way you see the world.
Day 1: Fly to the Dominican Republic from St. Louis
Day 2: Santo Domingo, Architecture tour of the capital• Jarabacoa
Day 3: Jarabacoa, service learning
Day 4: Jarabacoa, service learning and Salto de Jimenoa waterfall
Day 5: Jarabacoa, service learning and whitewater rafting on the Rio
Yaque del Norte
Day 6: Jarabacoan service learning and Estero Hondo home to the
country’s Marine Manatee Sanctuary
Day 7: Jarabacoa
Day 8: Depart for St. Louis
For more information
Professor Jon Daniel Davey PhD, AIA
453 3734 [email protected]

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