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February - Stylist and Salon Newspapers
Venture Into Viral Video
Business Buzz
Charlene Abretske
What possibly could Susan Boyle, the
recent protests in Iran and a wedding party
dancing down the aisle all have in common?
If you guessed they were watched by billions of people worldwide on YouTube, you
are correct. What this could possibly have in
common with your salon -- a lot more than
you might think!
We are all looking for cost effective ways
to promote and educate our salons, right?
Why not use something completely free and
post the link to your Facebook, Twitter, blast
the link through e-mail, and embed into your
web pages?
Gone are the days when you had to have a
huge production budget to create a promotional
video or have to pay huge web development
fees to get it loaded to your website. It is easy,
can help your clients tremendously on a day-today basis and it gives you instant access to:
• Promote special events
• Showcase individual talent
• Let your clients in on insider beauty tips
• Instruct clients on styling tips
• Recruit new team members
• Share product knowledge
preciated when it is actually seen. Imagine
when you do a makeover on a client and you
record the before and after. Pictures are great
to capture the moment, but how much more
gratifying is it to get a testimonial from the
client that is over the moon happy, you can
hear it in their voice, you can see it in their
smile, it creates loads of excitement which
becomes palpable and tangible to others who
staggering from the tens of thousands to the
millions, imagine what numbers like that can
translate to for your business?
You don’t need millions of viewers to
Before you post your video consider:
make an impact on your business. If you
• What will appeal to the type of clients you
are trying to build or grow, video gives the
currently have, they will be the ones hitting
unique opportunity to your prospective
it and spreading it to their friends who are
clients of actually feeling like they are already
interested in your message.
part of your business. New customers begin
• Be comfortable and have fun, the
experiencing your talent, expertise
entertainment value alone can set
and vibe long before they walk
you apart from other videos.
through the door. In this cash
YouTube and uploading hundreds of thousands of videos daily. • Make sure your message is
strapped economy you can offer
conveyed the way you want it to be,
In fact, every minute, 20 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube.
more value to your existing clients
you can always reshoot!
• User base is broad in age range, 18-55, evenly divided between
by instructing them at their leisure
• Watch several of the existing
males and females, and spanning all geographies. 51 percent of
in a fun way. Think about it, there
popular video to get ideas and stay
users go to YouTube weekly or more often, and 52 percent of
are no other mass mediums for
original to the mission and values
your message that allow the client
of the salon.
to feel so immersed as video.
Break out your video camera,
The viral nature of video and
get creative, this may just the
websites where anyone can watch them.
YouTube allows you to begin
thing to excite the team and
• Can be used for public or private videos: Users can elect to
with a message to your clients,
propel your business. As a stylist,
broadcast their videos publicly or share them privately with
your clients can pass it on to their
be ahead of the game, show your
friends and family upon upload.
— YouTube factsheet
friends and they can pass it on to
flair, creativity and the fruits of
their friends, and so on, and so
your education. As a business
on. Originally what might have 50
will want that same feeling on their visit.
your credibility and show you
views by your direct customers can be spread
I searched “how to style your hair” on
as seriously as your clients
on to hundreds and thousands of people in a
YouTube - there were 138,000 videos. Topdo, actually be on the leading edge before
few short days. Using the power of video in
ics range from: the perfect French twist,
your competitors know it exists.
conjunction with your other tech endeavors
blow-dry your bangs, to how to style your
like Facebook, Yelp and Twitter can only
maximize the effect.
Remember you are in a visual field and
the power of the work you do is best ap-
Mohawk, and everything in-between. These
videos were created by stylists in their bathroom, to top celebrity salons and world-wide
product companies. The number of hits were
du c i
In n Lase
Charlene Abretske is a business advisor with Your Beauty Network and supports salons and spas with growing their businesses through on-demand
back office tools designed for beauty professionals. For more information
call (866)364-4926 or email [email protected]
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OHIO STYLIST & SALON | FEBRUARY 2010 | In this issue...
Social Networking: the New Marketing Tool
From the Editor
Beauty Business Buzz
If you are trying to build or grow,
video gives the unique opportunity to your prospective clients
of actually feeling like they are
already part of your business.
Three Months of
When it comes to social media
marketing, one of the keys to a
successful strategy lies in the first
word: Social. it’s easy to become
addicted to the real conversations
that are occurring every day on
the “virtual” world.
10 The Mane Objective
Marco Pelusi provides some immediate action steps for you to
leverage social media and online
tools to build your business
Beauty Business Buzz . . . . . . . 3
Social Networking . . . . . . . . . 5
Three Months of Marketing . . . 6
Esthetic Endeavors . . . . . . . . 7
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The Mane Objective . . . . . . . 10
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Better Business . . . . . . . . . . 14
Lisa Kind
Is social networking the new marketing
tool of this century?
We asked some of our friends on Facebook
(yes, even Stylist Newspapers has a page on Facebook) to make some suggestions on how social
networking can bring in new customers while
keeping current clients informed.
Sheila writes... “I like to keep my posts
positive and upbeat like, ‘I’m having the time
of my life with my customers at the salon’.
Also, I advertise daily specials on my page that
target stay-at-home moms, or specific local
business employees. It really works!”
Darryl says... “You have to be truthful,
and disclose everything. No one on Twitter
wants to hear that you are sleepy or that you
are sick. When you do Tweet, it should be for
a purpose.”
So how can you benefit from the new
world of online social networking? Read what
Gerard McAvey shares on page 5, the things
you should know about social networking
to maximize your interaction from student
to teacher, or technician to client. Don’t underestimate how far reaching and the diverse
opportunity social networking provides.
On page 6, Elizabeth Kraus emphasizes
that the key to social networking lies in the
word “social”. Using this media as a way to
further increase your web presence and letting
your clients and potential clients know more
about you will create opportunity for word-ofmouth marketing (always the most important
type of marketing) without being overt with
your message.
Salon owner, Marco Pelusi believes using
social media for marketing is way beyond a
necessity anymore. On page 10, he provides
some immediate action steps to leverage social
media and online tools to build your business.
Have you heard of YouTube? Video is going viral these days. If you are trying to build
or grow your business, video gives the unique
opportunity for prospective clients to feel they
are already part of your business. On page 3,
Charlene Abretske suggests you use your video
camera, get creative, post your video and you
will find you not only excite your team you
also propel your business upward.
Social media gives you access to clients
for little or no cost. Take advantage of these
opportunities, but don’t replace your other
marketing methods just yet. Use social networking as a way to enhance your business.
And why you are out there, don’t forget to
become a fan of Stylist Newspapers on Facebook. join in on the “social” conversation at
Cover Contest to be Held Monthly
We used our social network to decide on
another issue and here’s the result: We asked
what readers thought of using local beauty
pro’s photo shot submissions for the covers
of Stylist Newspapers on a monthly basis. In
the past 20 years it has been our policy to use
manufacturer’s professional models.
The results were overwhelming in favor of
local beauty pros gracing the covers. Since Stylist Newspapers is YOUR newspaper we decided
to give local beauty pros the opportunity to
submit artwork for our covers every month.
This will give our readers twelve times per
year to potentially see their work on our cover
instead of only once with our annual contest.
We will still choose the best photo submission monthly, they have to be professional and
of the high quality you have come to expect,
however, we know many of you are superb at
accomplishing that. You can submit as many
as you want and anytime you get that perfect
shot. For more information on what we are
looking for, deadlines for each month and how
to submit, email [email protected]
or check out www.stylistnewspapers.com.
Calendar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14
What’s New in the Market . . . 15
On the cover...
Photo Courtesy of
Hair: AFFINAGE Artistic Team
Photography: Paul Sargaison
Salon and Spa Sustainability Summit
America’s Beauty Show’s Third Annual Salon and Spa Sustainability Summit will be
held Saturday, March 27 during the three-day America’s Beauty Show, March 27-29, 2010 at
McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois.
America’s Beauty Show was the first to introduce the concept of a Salon and Spa
Sustainability Summit at the 2008 event in Chicago. The Summit focuses on cutting-edge
theory and practice ideas for “going green” in your salon, spa and personal life.
“Sustainability is important to all of us,” said Frank Gironda, president of Cosmetologists Chicago, “In the area of professional and personal well being and commitment to the
environment, America’s Beauty Show is proud to continue our commitment to sustainability by bringing the Salon and Spa Sustainability Summit.”
A special keynote presentation from environmental philanthropist John Paul DeJoria of
John Paul Mitchell Systems, will kick-off the Summit on March 27. According to DeJoria,
the topic of his presentation is “Giving Back Is The New Black.”
For more information visit www.AmericasBeautyShow.com.
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Social Networking and the Evolution of Marketing
by Gerard McAvey, Executive Marketing Manager, Milady
A social network is a group or community
of people getting together that share a common interest. Individuals in the social network
of the beauty and wellness world are represented in such a diverse manner including, but
not limited to, gender, ethnicity, and age.
According to a report in March of 2009,
almost 45 percent of existing Facebook users
are women between the ages of 26-44 and are
among the fastest growing demographic on
In my experience, a lot of the hesitance in
taking the proverbial jump into the swimming pool of social networking is folks
lacking computer skills, as well as people
believing it’s impersonal. Let me answer the
initial objection first. Do you remember playing vinyl records or 8-tracks? Do you remember when the CD Player came out (costing
almost $1,000 I might add)?
CD Players made life easier and the
sound quality was better and it didn’t take
very long for people to figure out how to use
them. Now what….we have the iPod. Did
you ever imagine being able to upload thousands of your favorite songs onto a tiny little
device that only weighs a few ounces that
you can fit it into the palm of your hand….
I know some of you are all for nostalgia
but let’s face facts that quality, efficiency, and
affordability at this point in time are crucial
factors in all of our buying patterns. Don’t
even get me started on DVD players, fax
machines, laptop computers, e-mail….and
the internet!
I could probably talk for days on this so if
you liked this piece I wrote, they may let me
write another one. Oh, I almost forgot – the
concern of being impersonal. Email, text
messaging, mass web updates, micro-blogging, etc. These aren’t necessarily methods
of people distancing themselves from one
another. If anything, these tools provide the
forum for people to bring themselves closer,
in a more routine and consistent manner. Focus on the fact that intention hasn’t changed,
the stories haven’t changed, the individuals
haven’t changed…..only the method of communicating has changed.
So how can you…the student, the teacher,
the school owner, the administrator, the technician, the salon/spa owner benefit from this
new world of online social networking and
maximize your interaction?
STUDENTS – communicate with your
fellow classmates about questions, ideas, suggestions you have from class and help each
other out; network with potential employers,
post your resume and showcase some of your
work via photos uploaded to your page.
TEACHERS – Use some of these sites
to remind existing students of homework assignments that are due or exams coming up;
get your students involved and photograph
the contests and/or activities at your school
and show the world how good they really are.
SCHOOL OWNERS/ADMINISTRATORS – share the strengths of your
school to post success stories, photos, distinguishing factors in your program to market
to potential students. These types of sites are
also the perfect way to keep in touch with
your alumni and potentially communicate
advanced academy programs.
TECHNICIANS – This is a fantastic
format to build your networking and client
base by sharing your expertise with folks in
your area (as well as across the country) via
social networking sites. As these sites become
more prominent, you may start seeing your
State Boards creating pages that you can access for information on licensing, continuing
education, etc.
SALON/SPA OWNERS – The possibilities are endless for you to utilize these
types of tools. You can start a referral program
and utilize these types of sites for that sole
purpose. You can also build up your database
of clients and continually market new and
special offers and promotions to increase
business and keep tabs on those that come
into your place of business... making each
and every one of them feel a little special by
having you, “just check in with them.” (Note:
School Owners can do the same thing).
So I hope you had as much fun reading this as I had writing it. Please complete
your due diligence when venturing into
the creation of any of these sites; although I
believe that the mere fact that some of them
have hundreds of millions of users should be
enough incentive to get you moving on this.
Facebook is the “giant elephant in the room,”
hence all the references; however Twitter is
right up there as a strong contender to reach
people and YouTube is a perfect site to share
videos and commercials with the world.
Five Things to Know and Mention
about Social Networking
1) Don’t underestimate the reach
of information — When updating these
websites, either personal or professional ones,
please assume that everyone can see what you
post….good and bad. If you wouldn’t write it
on a postcard, then don’t write it on these sites.
2) The Diverse Opportunity — One
of the greatest things about social networking
is that it doesn’t discriminate because all you
need is an internet connection. Everyone has
access to so many different types of people
from all different walks of life. These sites
provide forums for not only reaching out
to people in your immediate community
but it gives the opportunity for that student
living in rural Wyoming to interact with the
seasoned technician based out of New York
City…it’s fantastic!
3) Be Courteous — A colleague of mine
put it best when she stated that social networking is like going to a BBQ. Be friendly
with everyone, make introductions, don’t ask
personal questions right away, get to know
one another and build the relationship by
routine socializing.
4) Don’t place all your eggs in one
basket — Social networking can enhance
your school or business but it should be used
to “build on” other communication and marketing methods, not replace them. To be honest, it’s important to get your toes wet now
because before you know it, a 19 year old kid
from Georgia will have created an insanely
creative new website making Twitter out of
date….it’s how the evolution of technology
5) Keep your money in your wallet
— Basic use of any of these sites is completely
free. My suggestion to you would be to reach
out to one of your prize students or have one
of your more tech-savvy technicians help you
out. I’m betting that they can have you set
up with a beautiful looking site in a matter of
hours guaranteeing at some point that it will
lead to at least one new client for your business or one student to your school. I don’t
know about you but I think it’s worth it.
Editor’s note: This article was edited due to
space constraints. To read the full version visit www.
Valid FEB. 7th - MAR. 31st 2010
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OHIO STYLIST & SALON | FEBRUARY 2010 | Marketing with Social Media
Starting January 1, 2010
The Brittany Group is
the new home for...
Exclusive Distributor for Ohio
888-892-6382 / www.thebrittanygroup.com
Three Months
of Marketing
Elizabeth Kraus
Ding-dong! The doorbell rings while
you are making dinner and (reluctantly)
you answer, opening the door to a total
stranger who (you correctly assume) is
there to make a pitch.
Despite your repeated attempts to
(politely) say, “no, thank you,” the salesperson (trained to overcome your objections with
at least 99 different scripts) continues to
pressure, cajole, flatter and otherwise annoy
you until you either give in and buy a little
something or send them away with a firm
How do you feel afterward? Would you
answer the door to this stranger again or
pretend not to be home? Would you seek
out the company that trained them in order
to make additional purchases, thanking them
for preparing the salesperson not to take no for
an answer? Or would you craft a less complimentary message for this company?
While, for the most part, traditional
marketing and advertising is comprised of
overt sales and brand messages and a call
to action, when it comes to social media
marketing, one of the keys to a successful
strategy lies in the first word: Social.
While you may include overt marketing
messages on your social marketing channels
once established, your primary goal in using this media should be to further increase
your web presence, letting customers and
prospects know more about who you are
(sharing your values, principles, expertise),
and creating opportunities for word-ofmouth marketing.
Using social media marketing channels
to facilitate a hard sell message is a turn-off
that will likely ensure that your sites receive
significantly less – not more – traffic.
Why? In social media marketing you are
inviting your customers and prospects to
engage with you on a more personal level.
You are asking them to trust you enough
for an introduction to their friends, family,
co-workers and neighbors. How personal
would you get with the salesperson at the
front door? Would you send them on to
your family and friends?
When it comes to social media marketing
for your salon, remember this is not just another marketing channel. Before you set up a
Facebook page for your salon or professional
services, set up a Facebook page for yourself. Add “Friends” and review their pages;
chances are you will find that they are on
Facebook primarily for social purposes and
engaged primarily in social conversations.
When it comes to your salon’s social
media marketing, use these channels in such
a way that it is welcome in the lives of your
readers. Craft messages that will be seen as
an organic part of the conversation found in
the “News Feed” on Facebook, rather than
blatant sales pitches. Use these sites as if
you were invited into the living room of the
reader for a visit; yes, you would talk about
your business, but you would not try to sell
them – well – anything.
One of the best aspects of social media
marketing is that there is little monetary
cost associated with its use; however, it
can become a costly endeavor in terms of
time, especially when this assignment is
one added to a long list in the life of a busy
salon professional.
Some guidebooks suggest that as much
as 25 percent of your working time should
be devoted to social media channels. While
the time you need to devote to this aspect
of marketing may vary, the point remains
that to be effective, it requires that time be
consistently invested in updating, blogging,
adding photos to demonstrate your work,
inviting people to events and providing follow up to questions and comments.
Like any other campaign, your social
media marketing cannot thrive without
being nurtured. If time is at a premium for
you, if you have never ventured onto the
internet or if the idea of setting up a Facebook page or Twittering makes you break
into a cold sweat, don’t despair! Social
media sites have created interfaces that can
– literally – be managed by even a computer
If you are still reluctant to do it yourself, you can readily find a high school student in your family or among your clientele
aspiring to a future in the salon industry or
marketing who would be thrilled to work
for you for a couple hours each week either
to set up and manage your social marketing
channels on an on-going basis, or to train
you to take over. You may find that once
you begin to experiment with these social
sites, it’s easy to become addicted to the
real conversations that are occurring every
day on the “virtual” world.
And remember, as you wade deeper in to
viral marketing waters, use these channels to
create more “customer love” by sharing stories about your salon or staff that you would
want to share in your client’s living room,
and that they will want to pass on to others.
Elizabeth Kraus is the founder of Be InPulse Marketing and Design in
Auburn, Washington and the author of 12 Months of Marketing for Salon and Spa. Email the author at [email protected]
View this article and more at www.stylistnewspapers.com
Marketing Options for Esthetics
Esthetic Endeavors
Judith Culp
In the past, marketing of esthetics was
done with flyers, brochures and carefully
selecting the media you would use.
But then your choice of media was newspapers, billboards, television, radio, telephone
directories and press releases.
Now everything is more complex. Some of
the old standbys don’t work as well and some
of them never worked.
Yellow pages – these used to work great
and were the staple of our industry. Now we
have multiple phone books distributed in each
town which makes the decision of who to go
with more difficult or the cost of advertising
exorbitant. Ask your clients where they learned
about you.
There are some who say they never use
phone books as the internet has significantly
changed how people seek information. More
and more people are turning online to find
business information. They can choose a
yellow page search, merchant connection,
city search, web search or many others. Each
of these has costs related so plan carefully as
to which will give you the best return. It is
a quagmire we will all wade through and is
going to take continued monitoring to find
what works for each type of business. We can
no longer find one and stick with it, constant
monitoring is the new norm.
Television – a good alternative depending
on how many stations are in your area. The
cost per viewing and client demographics will
help make this decision. Do they all watch
different stations? Can we afford to advertise
on all of the different stations? Television can
work but it must be planned and budgeted
Radio – there are even more radio stations
than television stations. In several polls that I
have done I could not find a commonality in
the channel preferred. If they are all listening
to different stations or have opted for other
audio sources, then reaching the “potential”
client this way could be much trickier. If we
are dealing with a very specific target group
– say college-age girls for hair removal, now
we may have a narrower range of radio stations
that focus on this demographic.
Golf or bus stop bench advertising
– Don’t laugh. They sell these routinely. It
will depend on your budget if you want to give
this a try, but it wasn’t a success story for me.
Likewise some people do advertising on busses, cabs or other vehicles that have high visibility due to their driving patterns. Consider
the cost per day as well as the cost per exposure
to determine if this is in your budget.
YouTube – has become an interesting
marketing approach. You can find people
demonstrating all sorts of different services as
well as manufacturer’s using this method to
distribute information. How protected is your
submission? Can it be confiscated or used by
unauthorized persons? Does it drive clients
back to you as opposed to others in the area?
How many local people will find it, and how? I
think it has great promise, but I think we need
to do our research to effectively use it.
The most important part of marketing is a
thorough knowledge of our client base. Who
are they and what are their demographics?
How do they get information and how do they
prefer to be reached? While this always was
important, it is even more critical today. If you
don’t know your customer base you will waste
time, money and lots of effort to no avail. The
teen and college age client uses text messaging
as their preferred mode of communication.
This makes them a perfect market for Tweeting or text-mails.
Those on a tight schedule may not have
access to their text phones on a full time basis.
The best way to approach this group may be
emails rather than tweeting. The message will
be there when they have access to it. They may
also love e-newsletters, e-cards and e-specials.
As we get into a more maturing group of
clients, they tend to be less comfortable with
tweeting or email contact. They may use their
blackberry but they are not as comfortable
with incoming information. The older the
client’s age bracket, the more they may prefer
a reminder phone call or to receive a printed
newsletter, in lieu of a text or an email. The
problem with this is the cost factors. It was
startling to realize that this year 70 percent of
our business holiday cards from suppliers and
manufacturers were transmitted via email.
So the more clearly the esthetician has
their target market defined the easier it will
be to allocate time and efforts into reaching
potential clients. It is important to ask clients
about their preferred contact method and what
methods they read or just delete/ toss. This
will help those very valuable marketing dollars
be the most effective.
There is no one marketing method that
will make everyone happy. With internet contacts, it is important to have the client update
us when they change carriers just as in the past
it was important to know when they moved.
It’s all about staying updated and continually
innovating in a changing market place.
Judith Culp, a CIDESCO Diplomat has been in the esthetics industry since 1980.
A CPCP permanent makeup technician for over 18 years she served a 4-year
term as a Director for the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals, two
years as their president. She is president of Culp Enterprises Inc. and CEO of NW
Institute of Esthetics. Judy Culp is available for consulting. For more information visit www.estheticsnw.com.
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OHIO STYLIST & SALON | FEBRUARY 2010 | Effective Social Networking
The Nail Extension
Vicki Peters
I think back to all requests to be “friends”
in Facebook I did not respond to because I
thought it was just another teenage fad.
Then I figured out I needed my own
page. I still resisted for a while and then
did my own Facebook page; not that I ever
looked at it again, but I knew it was there.
I still didn’t get it. Along with this tweet
thing, ah just another thing I need to stay on
top of, who has time? Finally I gave into that
too now that Ellen has made it such a big deal.
I’m trying not to end up like some of
my friends that are out of the loop, don’t get
emails on their phones and refuse to get involved. Once I got involved I started to tweet
daily and check my Facebook page often. I
know I have to stay on top of what’s going
on, and Facebook and Twitter are where it is
You can follow national news, local news
and sports as well as keeping up with your
friends or promoting your business. Facebook
and Twitter, among others are becoming an
every day thing.
The increase of people using Twitter
to get the word out about their companies,
jumped more that 250 percent since the
spring of 2009, according to a study done
by Palo Alto Networks, a maker of firewall
technology. The number of companies using
Facebook for tasks grew by 192 percent. The
report said everyone is using social networks
as a promotional vehicle for their businesses.
Maisie Dunbar, one of the industry’s savviest and well known nail techs, and owner
of her own salon, Maisie Dunbar Spa Lounge
in Silver Springs, Maryland uses Facebook to
promote special events and services at her Spa
with messages to her clients like this one:
Come and enjoy a men ONLY night
out Jan. 9, 2010 5 p.m. - 8p.m.
That’s right, we’re taking care of our men.
Spa services include: 1/2 hour Massage for
$35 (valued at $56), Foot Detox for $30
(valued at $65), Sugar Butter Manicure/
Pedicure for $40 (valued at $90), and any
Waxing Treatment for $15 (...valued at $20
and up). 10% off any retail product.
Dunbar also follows up with posting
photos about the events on her Facebook
page to make it even more interesting. Her
posts and twits draw you right in and the
next thing you know you’re on her Facebook
page booking an appointment.
According to Maisie she uses social networking not only for business, but for hiring
It’s a lot easier to use social networking then telling each customer about
the special when they come in.
as well. She has seen a two percent increase
in business, which may not be much, but
considering the economy right now, that’s
pretty remarkable. She uses Facebook more
than Twitter, however she does post specials
on both. She also networks with other professionals like her, and local businesses. She
uses them as a tool to get the word out about
what ever she is doing in the spa community,
as well as for mentoring and announcing her
class schedule.
One of the biggest holes in our marketing
plan is that we don’t have enough resources
or time to effectively market our business so
this is one of the tools we can use. We can
send press releases to the trades and local
newspapers, write a time-consuming newsletter that our clients won’t read anyway or do
something short and sweet like tweet them
about an upcoming special service.
We already have their contact information and email address, so that makes it a
smart choice. It’s a lot easier to use social
networking then telling each customer about
the special when they come in. They walk
in already knowing about the special so that
should make it an easy sell.
The nice thing about tweeting is it is
short, fast and easy information. Just take
the NSS salons. Most clients like the walkin service, the fact they don’t have to get
to know the manicurist and they can have
non-committal appointments. Tweeting is
the same: informational, short and with no
commitment to respond.
Although Facebook is a little more of
a commitment, it can provide you with a
website if you don’t have one where you can
easily post photos, salon specials or photos
of your vacations, which we all know our
clients want to hear all about.
And the best part of this fast pace social
networking is it’s free!
Vicki Peters is a 28 year veteran master nail tech, competition champion,
judge, international educator, author and manufacturer and serves on the
Nail Manufacturer Council. For more information visit www.vickipeters.com
or email her at [email protected]
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Color Guru
Roy Peters
Join Forces
Build Your
Color Business
March 14th & 15th, 2010
The Academy | 455 Ken Mar Industrial Pkwy
Broadview Hts., Ohio 44147
—Two Ways to Learn —
1 Day Only– 8 CEU / 9a-5p
Business & Color Correction Theory
Ticket Price: $99 (includes lunch). Reserve your seat now!
2 Day Ticket– 16 CEU or 8 CEU for Day 2 / 9a-5p
Ask Abo
Hotel Ra
Business & Color Correction Theory (Day 1) | Hands On Workshop (Day 2)
Ticket Price: $350 (includes lunch both days)
Just Day 2 Workshop Ticket: $250
Bring stylist tools for workshop. Mannequin included. Workshop limited to 30 attendees
ABOUT ROY PETERS | Hair color expert Roy Peters, who Modern Salon named “One of the 75
Strongest Educators of the Century,” recently announced his decision to join Keune Haircosmetics.
Formerly a top Redken Certified Haircolorist, Peters is known for establishing the brand as a “hair color”
company. As much of a powerful educator as he is a renowned stylist, Peters has taught countless
classes, inspiring generations of competent colorists.
Peters’ long career has been well-marked by many of the most prestigious awards in the hair care
and styling business, including the Lifetime Achievement Award from Haircolor USA and the 2009
ANDY from the American Board of Certified Colorists. Peters is an accomplished man with diverse
background, including movies, television, fashion and photography. His well-rounded and open minded
personality, paired with such extensive expertise, make him a valuable part of any team. Roy believes a
salon’s success depends on teamwork, and Keune is delighted to have him on board.
North Coast Salon Systems 800-465-5887
Accept: MC, VISA, DISCOVER, AmEx. Checks made payable to: The Academy Salon
OHIO STYLIST & SALON | FEBRUARY 2010 | Indifference: When “I Don’t Care” Leverage Social Media
Infects Your Salon
to Build Your Business
and absenteeism will increase. If allowed to
go unchecked, indifference can evolve into a
Better Business
major case of “destroy from within.” Simply
Neil Ducoff
put, there is no way to prevent customers
from coming into contact with “I don’t care”
Every salon suffers from indifference.
Here’s the rub: employee indifference is a
Without question, it is the single most toxic
response to compromised thinking and behavbehavior that wreaks havoc on salon cultures
ior at the leadership level.
and performance.
If trust is compromised through breaking
It can be as subtle as someone saying,
commitments, expect indifference.
“Why should I do that?” or, “That’s not my job
If the salon vision has lost its luster, expect
- I’m not paid to do that.”
In contrast, indifference can be as blatant
If employees have a reason to question
as people collectively refusing to follow new
your leadership values and integrity, expect
salon procedures and
sounds like, “If they’re
If you allow double
not doing it, why
Yes, indifference begins at
should I?” No mategos, conflicting agendas
ter how you view it,
and poor communication,
the leadership level and
indifference is a toxic
expect indifference.
behavior that can spread
The indifference of “I
the trickle down quickly
rapidly throughout an
don’t care” often means,
“you don’t care enough.”
becomes a raging river.
In business, there
It means that you are
are two areas of indifnot playing to your full
ference. The first is leadership indifference
potential as a leader. You’re not communicatthat can be observed in many forms. It can be
ing enough or clarifying expectations. You
a leader who lacks compassion and respect for
must address your own indifference to certain
his or her employees such as leaders who talk
leadership responsibilities first. You must “care
down to people or reprimand in public.
without restriction.” You must lead by example
Or when a leader refuses to follow the
at a level you have never played at before. Your
same rules and procedures that employees
clarity and consistency – and determination
are held accountable to. It is indifference
to be your best – will restore trust and replace
when a leader lacks concern for budgets,
“I don’t care” thinking with “I give my best”
employee feedback systems and other essential
thinking and behavior throughout your salon.
Change begins with you.
Yes, indifference begins at the leadership
level and the trickle down quickly becomes a
Neil Ducoff is the founder and CEO of Strategies, a business training and coachraging river.
ing salon specializing in the salon and spa industry. Ducoff is the author of Fast
The second area of indifference resides
Forward, the business resource book for salons and spas, and his new book,
No-Compromise Leadership, available at www.amazon.com. For a signed
with employees. When “I don’t care” thinking
copy, go to www.strategies.com. You can email Neil at [email protected]
surfaces in one or more employees, your salon
culture will begin to deteriorate. ProductivView this article and more at www.stylistnewspapers.com
ity will slow and behavior issues like lateness
NEW! Bonus Material
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Our website has improved navigation
with easy links to articles, classifieds,
calendar dates and bonus material.
And our Online Edition gives you a
virtual tour of our paper with direct
links to your favorite advertisers
and products.
Now with More Value for Your Advertising Dollar
your old friends. It’s time to let everyone
in your life (from childhood ‘til now) in
The Mane Objective
on your successful business as a hairMarco Pelusi
dresser and/or salon owner.
You’ll find your old friends are probably
on Facebook and are happy to supAre you hearing about Facebook from
business. Your biggest problem
your clients or staff?
should be that you become overloaded
Are people texting you and/or emailing
with old and new friends sending you
you about hair appointments? Are you getmessages on Facebook asking you for hair
ting calls from potential clients who found
appointments. Wouldn’t that be a nice
your name through a Google search?
problem to have?
Hopefully your answer to all of the
In addition to Facebook, there are other
above questions is a big fat YES. If you anonline
opportunities to increase your visswered no, or even a maybe, to any of the
ibility such as blogs and
questions, you might
reviews. If you have clihave some work to do
ents who are bloggers,
with social media this
The simplest and most
have them write about
you or ask if they’d like
powerful way is for you to
We all do, actually.
you to write a guest arWelcome to the new
start increasing your search
ticle. Any blog post that
online world of salon
includes your website
business. Social media
engine optimization (SEO)
will also help increase
is beyond a necessity
visibility is to create your
your SEO visibility.
and/or a requirement
Additionally, online
anymore. We’re so
salon fanpage on Facebook.
are a great way
far into it that we can
as long
hardly catch up.
For example, salons all over the world
are profiting at this very moment as a result
of leveraging social media tools like Faceabout businesses in your area and then ask
book. It’s time for you and your salon to
get involved with this fabulous and exciting your clients to submit reviews. However,
as you know, it only takes one bad review
craze. Allow me to give you some tidbits
of you to negatively impact your reputathat work for my salon.
tion. So remember to always take care of
I just “Googled’ my salon, and a lot of
your clients, put the work in, and your
hits came up. I also Googled “Haircolor
hard work will come back to you always
West Hollywood,” and my salon name
– even online.
comes up. There’s no reason your salon
Hopefully I’ve provided some imcan’t experience a similar response to a
mediate action steps for you to leverage
Google search.
social media and online tools to build your
The simplest and most powerful way
business. I personally find that emailing
is for you to start increasing your search
and Facebook together make for a brilengine optimization (SEO) visibility is to
liant online networking combination. You
create your salon fanpage on Facebook.
Stylist readers are truly my peers – my most
You’ll need to post some beautiful photos
important people – my ‘peeps.’ I’d love to
of you, your salon, your work and/or your
be able to stay in closer touch with you,
staff on the fanpage.
so please join my Facebook fanpage (just
How do you get fans on your fanpage?
search for Marco Pelusi Hair Studio Inc.).
Well, you have an entire salon full of cliThen send me an invite to join your salon’s
ents to start. Hopefully you keep a current
fanpage. See you soon on FB!
list of your client’s emails – if you don’t
– do it now. Then send an email to that list
asking everyone to join your fanpage.
Now you have a place to keep everyone
informed about what’s going on at your
salon including promotions, events and
hairstyle trends. Once your fanpage is up,
“Google” your salon, and you’ll see your
salon name come up. When you have some
down time, search for and reconnect with
Marco Pelusi is globally recognized as a haircolor trainer and platform
artist. Marco Pelusi Hair Studio, Inc. was named Best Hair Color in Los
Angeles 2007 by KTTV Fox11’s “myfoxla Hot List” competition. Pelusi
created the Marco Collagen Color Guard HairCare System, the collagen
system developed for color and chemically treated hair. For more
information, visit www.marcopelusi.com.
View this article and more at www.stylistnewspapers.com
Staff Member Spotlight
Submitted by Sonja Roe and Shelly Billingsley
National Teen Dating Awareness Month
by Richard Cordray, Ohio Attorney General
It is common to regard domestic violence
as something that happens between adults
who are married. But more accurately it is
a potential problem for anyone in a dating
relationship—and increasingly that includes
Spreading awareness of this problem is
the goal of National Teen Dating Awareness
Month, which is recognized in February.
Ohio is beginning to come to grips with
the problem of teen dating violence: recently,
the state legislature, with my support, enacted
legislation that will require schools to teach
teens about dating violence. That’s a good
first step, but it is still important that adults
find ways to reach out to teens who might be
in trouble.
It is hard to say exactly how widespread
teen dating violence is, although it appears to
affect many teens. The National Teen Dating
Abuse hotline – www.LoveIsRespect.org
– has gathered some statistics:
• One in five teens who have been in
a serious relationship reported being hit,
slapped or pushed by a partner;
• One in three girls who have been in
a serious relationship said they have been
concerned about being physically hurt by
their partner;
• One in four teens who have been in
a serious relationship say their boyfriend or
girlfriend has tried to prevent them from
spending time with friends or family.
With this many teens potentially affected,
you very well might come across someone in
this situation either at work or at home who
needs help.
Recognizing the signs of abuse in teen relationships can be challenging, in part because
teens might not realize they are being abused.
For instance, teens are among the heaviest users of text messaging, and abusers may try to
control their victim through texts. Constant
phone calls or 24/7 text messages like “Where
are you?” and “You better IM me back or
else” could be signs of controlling behavior
and emotional abuse.
Teens, just like adults, might show
changes in mood or appearance that could be
the sign of abuse, or they might dress inappropriately for the weather in order to cover
up signs of violence.
Ask questions about what’s going on in
the lives of the teens you care about. Listen to
the answers with an open mind: Teens can be
wary of adults overreacting and denying them
access to their social network and friends. Be
open-minded and let them speak freely, and
when they do ask for help, be there for them
without being judgmental. Remind them that
although relationships can be difficult, love is
not abuse.
Teens can get help from the National
Teen Dating Abuse Helpline, which can be
reached at (866) 331-9474. They also have
trained Peer Advocates available to chat online with teens from 5 p.m. to 3 a.m., again at
As always, we encourage you to learn
about how you can help all the victims of
domestic violence by attending a Cut It Out
training, which are held across the state. If
you would like to schedule or attend a training, please call my office at (800) 582-2877
or visit www.OhioAttorneyGeneral.gov/
Richard Cordray is Ohio Attorney General. For updates on how to combat
domestic violence and other news affecting Ohioans, visit www.OhioAttorneyGeneral.gov/SignUp.
The Ohio State Board of Cosmetology
currently serves more than 130,000 licensees across the state and most every licensee
has had some form of contact with one or
more of the board’s 35 staff members. This
particular article is written with mixed emotions; as we introduce three new
team members and bid farewell to
a longtime member of the OSBC
Ms. Christine Reynolds
retired after thirty years of service
with the Ohio State Board of
Cosmetology. Ms. Reynolds has
been instrumental in the numerous positions
she held during
Christine Reynolds retires
her tenure
after thirty years of serwith the board.
vice with the Ohio State
Ms. Reynolds’
Board of Cosmetology.
spanned the
various areas of cosmetology; from laws and
rules, through continuing education requirements, to license examinations. Her pleasant
and friendly demeanor made it very easy to
work alongside her. So, “bon voyage” Ms.
Reynolds; we wish
you the best on
your retirement!
Andrew (AJ)
Ewing recently
joined the OSBC
team as our Data
Analyst / IT SupAndrew (AJ) Ewing recently joined OSBC.
port person. Mr. Ewing will be filling the
position formerly held by Ms. Reynolds. He
brings both a friendly personality and a strong
work ethic to our agency. Although most
licensees and customers may not see him,
Mr. Ewing will be involved with most every
aspect of the board operations, and bringing
the board to the forefront in technological
If you call the main phone
number to the board office,
you may be greeted by Mr.
Taylor or Ms. Jones; either of
our next staff spotlights:
Phyllis Jones joined the
OSBC team in May 2009 as
a Customer Service Associate. Her 20 plus years of
customer service experience
are a tremendous asset to our
agency. You might recognize
Ms. Jones’s point-blank line
of questioning which allows her to assist
the largest amount of callers, as efficiently
as humanly
Kijuana (Ky) Taylor joined
the OSBC team in early
December 2009.
(Ky) Taylor
joined the
OSBC team
in early December
2009 as a Customer Service
Associate. Mr.
Taylor provides
our customers
with proficient
service coupled
with patience
and attention to
Get All the Latest News as it Comes...
Ohio State Board of Cosmetology is Now on Facebook
Become a fan of the Ohio State Board of Cosmetology by joining Facebook®. Find out
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Ventilating: Facial Hair & Wig Making, Burbank, CA 1-877-978-6673
 14-15: North Coast Salon Systems presents Build Your Color
Business with Color Guru Roy Peters and Keune Haircosmetics,
Broadview Heights, OH 1-800-465-5887
 14: Songs of the Sidhe Day Spa presents Massage Certification,
Kent, OH (330)592-0874 sidhedayspa.com
 15: Songs of the Sidhe Day Spa presents Aromatherapy Signature Services, Kent, OH (330)592-0874 sidhedayspa.com
 15: Review for Successful Salon management testing presented
by Joyce Provens (eight CEU’s), Columbus, OH (614)353-5091
 21: Touch - The Private Spa presents 8 CEU European Face
Massage Workshop, Cincinnati, OH www.nitarosemassage.com
 21: Amy Colvin Concepts presents Foolproof Updoing, Sandusky,
OH (419)346-7699 www.foolproofupdoing.net
 21: NovaLash Eyelash Extension Class (8 CEU’s), Cincinnati, OH
(513)520-3929 or (513)871-7394
 21: Clipper Cutting presented by Joyce Provens (four CEU’s),
Columbus, OH (614)353-5091
 21: Songs of the Sidhe Day Spa presents Massage Certification,
Kent, OH (330)592-0874 sidhedayspa.com
 21-22: Maly’s presents Redken Step Up Events, Perrysburg, OH
 22: Songs of the Sidhe Day Spa presents Aromatherapy Signature Services, Kent, OH (330)592-0874 sidhedayspa.com
 22: Review for Successful Salon management testing presented
by Joyce Provens (eight CEU’s), Columbus, OH (614)353-5091
 22-26: Westmore Academy of Cosmetic Arts presents Retro
Fashion Makeup 30’s-60’s, Burbank, CA 1-877-978-6673
 28: Focus On Image presents Training the Trainer, Lancaster, OH
Increase your earning (and hiring)
potential by adding full body RELAXING
massage to your services and resume.
MARCH 2010
 7-9: IBS NewYork, New York www.ibsnewyork.com
 7-9: International Esthetics, Cosmetics and Spa Conference IESCS
New York, www.iecsc.com
 7-9: Professional Beauty London, professionalbeauty.co.uk/london
 13-15: Day Spa Expo, Las Vegas, NV www.dayspaexpo.com
 14: Beauty School Forum, Barristar Productions, Orlando, FL www.
barristar.com 800 SHOW-432
 14-15: ABA Canada - Montreal, Canada www.abacanada.com
 14-16: Professional Barber & Beauty Show 2010, Ponce, Puerto
Rico www.sanjuanbeautyshow.net
 21-22: Spectrum International Beauty Expo, Los Angeles, CA www.
spectrumintlbeautyexpo.com 310-680-7367
 21-22: BSG Cosmoprof Beauty presents Nashville Fashion Focus,
Nashville, TN www.fashion-focus.net
 27-29: America’s Beauty Show, Chicago, IL call 1-800-648-2505
 27-29: Face & Body Midwest (formerly America’s Expo for Skin
Care and Spa), Chicago, IL www.faceandbody.com
 27-29: America’s Latino Beauty Congress, Chicago, IL call 1-800648-2505 or visit www.AmericasBeautyShow.com/Congreso.
 28-29: Beauty School Forum, Barristar Productions, Anaheim, CA
www.barristar.com 800 SHOW-432
APRIL 2010
 10-12: International Congress of Esthetics and Spa, Miami Beach,
FL 1-800-471-0229 [email protected]
 11-12: BSG Cosmoprof Beauty presents Biloxi Fashion Focus,
Biloxi, MS www.fashion-focus.net
 18-19: Beauty School Forum, Barristar Productions, Phoenix, AZ
www.barristar.com 800 SHOW-432
 21-22: BSG Cosmoprof Beauty presents Spring Style Show, San
Jose, CA www.springstyleshow.net
 24-26: IBS Las Vegas, www.ibslasvegas.com
IESCS Las Vegas, www.iecsc.com
 25-26: BSG Cosmoprof Beauty presents Seattle Fashion Focus,
Seattle, WA www.fashion-focus.net
 25-26: ABA Canada - Winnipeg, Canada www.abacanada.com
MAY 2010
 2: Beauty School Forum, Barristar Productions, Minneapolis, MN
www.barristar.com 800 SHOW-432
 2-3: ABA Canada - Edmonton, Canada www.abacanada.com
 2-3: BSG Cosmoprof Beauty presents Baltimore Fashion Focus,
Baltimore,MD www.fashion-focus.net
 2-3: CCA Regional Stylz Symposium, Redding, CA 800-482-3288
 2-3: Intercoiffure Symposium, Miami Beach, FL intercoiffure.us
 16-17: International Congress of Esthetics and Spa, Dallas, TX
1-800-471-0229 [email protected]
 16-17 Empire’s Future Professionals Expo featuring Nick Arrojo and
his master Stylist team, Hershey, PA [email protected]
 16-17: The Makeup Show NYC www.themakeupshow.com
 16-17: Salon Spa Vision, Austin, TX www.salonspavision.com
 16-17: ABA Canada - Vancouver, Canada www.abacanada.com
 20-23: The Aesthetic Show, Las Vegas www.aestheticshow.com
 23-24: Armstrong McCall Houston Fashion Focus, Houston, TX
JUNE 2010
 6-7: Premiere Orlando, FL 800-335-7469 www.premiereshows.com
 6-7: Premiere DaySpa Conference, Orlando, FL 800-335-7469
 13-14: ABCH 2010 Energizing Summit, Los Angeles, CA (310)
547-0814 www.haircolorist.com
 26: Nail Networking Event of the Smokies, Gatlinburg, TN
JULY 2010
 17-19: Face & Body Spa and Healthy Aging Conference, San Jose,
CA www.faceandbody.com
 18: 20th Annual North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA 20), Las
Vegas, NV www.probeauty.org/naha 1-800-468-2274
 18-19: Empire and ARROJO present Masters of Beauty Skills Certification Program, Manhattan, NY [email protected]
 18-20: PBA Symposium “Consumer Culture”, Las Vegas, NV.
1-800-394-5436 www.probeauty.org/symposium
 18-20: Cosmoprof North America, Las Vegas, NV 1-800-557-3356
 18-20: PBA Beacon, Las Vegas, NV 800-468-2274x117 www.
Foolproof Updoing
Take the Guesswork Out of Updoing!
8 CE Hour
Seminars Offered
Throughout Ohio
www.foolproofupdoing.net or call 419-346-7699
You will be legally certified by the Ohio State
Board of Cosmetology, to offer Full Body Massage with your cosmetology or esthetic license!
Hotel, Portland, OR rsvp at [email protected]
 18-19: American Massage Therapy Association Council of Schools
Leadership Conference, St. Pete Beach, FL www.amtamassage.org
 20-21: Spa & Resort Expo and Conference, Los Angeles, CA www.
spaandresortexpo.com www.medaestheticsconference.com
 20-23: Bronner Bros. Mid Winter International Hair and Beauty
Show, Atlanta, GA, www.bronnerbros.com
 28-3/1: The Makeup Show LA, Los Angeles, CA (212) 242-1213
 28-3/1: ABA Canada - Toronto, Canada www.abacanada.com
For a Seminar Near You Visit
Improve the application and overall experience
of all your body treatments by learning how to
apply product professionally. This workshop offers
“hands-on” individual instruction and certification.
Pamper you clients with this heavenly,
luxurious face massage from Europe.
 15: Sidlab Hair Couture Event, DreamBOX Theater at the Jupiter
 24-26: International Esthetics, Cosmetics and Spa Conference
Intense hands-on, low student to teacher ratio for
personal education. Learn a “system” that teaches
you how to do ANY updo. You can look at any
picture and know exactly what to do to recreate it.
19 CEU Full Body Massage Workshop
(For estheticians and cosmetologists)
APRIL 24-26 | 9am-5pm
$399 (includes manual and DVD)
8 CEU European Face “Massage” Workshop
MARCH 21 | 9am-5pm
$145 (includes manual and DVD)
For further information including
registering for a class, you may
call Larry or Nita-Rose.
visit our website to register on-line
1. Advanced Technology Meets Value
JKS International is adding another value to the beauty industry with a one-inch professional
100% advanced ceramic flat iron for less than forty-dollars. The JKS Ceramic Iron features 100% solid
ceramic plates with adjustable temperature control up to 450-degree F. The body style is easy and convenient for hand-operation and the 360-degree swivel cord with hang up loop will never tangle.
Whatever you envision for your canvas, you can achieve it with JKS International: cream colors
and developers, bleaching powder, shampoos, conditioners, styling and finishing products. From start
to finish, JKS International products keep hair restored with supercharged anti-oxidants in vitamin
enriched formulas. For information call 1-877-JKSUSA2 or visit jksusapro.com 2
2. Forever Natural Polytech for Natural Nails
Through advancements in technology comes the next generation of nail care products, polytechs.
Polytechs are thinly brushed over the natural nail, and then cured under a UV light. They offer the
natural nail unmatched strength, while remaining flexible and completely natural feeling. Women that
could never grow their own nails will now be able to. Women who apply nail polish only to see it chip
in a few days will now be able to wear nail polish two to three times longer. The results look and feel
similar to any natural manicure but provide unparalleled adhesion and durability.
Forever Natural is the first brand being launched in the Polytech category. Forever Natural represents an entire new category of nail care. Results are instant and clients will be willingly to pay extra for
this new service. However, with the cost at just under a dollar per application, manicurists can add huge
value to their manicures without raising prices. And if one takes into account the need to eliminate base
coats and ridge fillers, actual costs are only pennies more per application.
Forever Natural is available through The Industry Source, 800.362.6245 or theindustrysource.com.
3. Graham Beauty Answers the Call for Safer Beauty
Graham Beauty is introducing SalonFit® Free Vinyl Gloves to stay in step with requests for options for safer vinyl gloves. Prompted by regulations found in California’s Proposition 65 pertaining to
levels of harmful phthalates found in products, including vinyl gloves, Graham Beauty is launching a
new vinyl glove that is manufactured without the use of those harmful phthalates.
Through extensive investigation, Graham Beauty found that while DEHP is the most commonly
known phthalate, there are other derivatives also known to be harmful such as DIDP. According to
Graham Beauty Marketing Manager, Dan Hnilicka, many glove suppliers may not be aware of, or
recognize, these other derivatives.
“It’s important for consumers to question a claim such as “phthalate-free” or “DEHP-free,” said
Hnilicka. “Products with such claims may still contain a phthalate derivative like DIDP.”
“SalonFit Free Vinyl Gloves are a safe, high-quality alternative to regular vinyl gloves,” said
Hnilicka. For more information about SalonFit Free Vinyl Gloves visit www.grahambeauty.com.
4. Wax Uses Nourishing Blend of Natural Ingredients
Rica Wax does not rely on resin as a base material. The superior waxes use a patented vegetable oil base
that works together with glyceryl rosinate for just the right balance of removal of more hair with less pain.
The range of waxes includes Rica’s original water soluable jar wax, a 100 percent natural wax that
has excellent grip and leaves a clean finish with no sticky residue. The wax contains natural ingredients
such as lemon juice and sugar with hypoallergenic properties that actively reduce redness.
Rica’s premier fruit waxes, include such flavors as Banana, Coconut and Strawberry Liposoluble
Wax for all skin types and Orange, Lemon and Green Apple for sensitive skin. White Chocolate and
Olive Oil Waxes are available for dry skin as well as is an Almond, Azulene, Milk and Aloe Vera for
sensitive skin along with Titanium, Honey and Clorophyll for all skin types.
The use of vegetable oils in Rica waxes provide a nourishing, moisturizing effect on the skin;
titanium dioxide creates a creamy texture and the inclusion of natural plant extracts and essential oils
provide restorative and aromatic affects. For more information on Rica products call 404/459-7058 or visit www.ricagroup.com.
5. Ultimate Flattop Comb for Barbers and Stylists
The flattop is a classic mans haircut that is still worn by many men and servicemen but very difficult to execute quickly and efficiently without the proper instrument. “The Original” Tablehead
Flattop Comb is a balanced, comfortable, easily visible comb that slides smoothly through any type or
texture of hair to give a perfectly clean and sharp flattop requiring very few repeated steps.
The Tablehead Flattop Comb is a full 9 inches long with a comfortable, ergonomic handle. It’s
versatile design is perfect for any type of level cutting needs and it is great for beard trims too.
Once you try this comb not only will it make doing flattops simple and quick, but, you will soon
discover it can be used for many other styling applications as well. For more information visit www.
tablehead.com or call (530) 282-0740
Have your product considered for the Stylist & Salon’s What’s New section. Send press releases with a photo to Managing Editor Lisa Kind
at [email protected] or mail to Stylist & Salon Newspapers, 1750 SW Skyline Blvd., Suite 24, Portland, OR 97221.

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