Newsletter 2012 Summer



Newsletter 2012 Summer
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First Family News
A Quarterly Newsletter
“Called to Influence Our Community to Know Christ”
Emergency Response Team Training June 9
Summer, 2012
Moving Forward
It’s Summertime!
Support Youth Missions
Honor Your Father and Mother
After the training, you get a
cool green t-shirt like this.
The Global Outreach team has scheduled an
Emergency Response Team (ERT) Training for Saturday
June 9. It will be an all-day affair, beginning at 7:30. If you
are interested in more information or would like to sign up,
fill out the form below, tear it off and return it to the church
office. For more information you can also visit the church
website at, click on Global Outreach, and
select Emergency Response Team Training. There, you
can download a PDF of the training manual or or click and
send an email to GO Coordinator Preston Judah or Richard
Emergency Response Training Registration
Name(s): __________________________________
After 20 years of partnering with ASP we are once again
asking our church family to support our youth as we serve
families in Central Appalachia to make their homes safer, warmer
and dryer.
We are counting on you to support YOUTH MISSIONS by,
once again, participating in the HONOR YOUR FATHER AND
MOTHER Campaign. You may make a gift “IN HONOR” or “IN
MEMORY” of your father and/or mother and at the same time
make a HUGE difference in the lives of our youth and those they
will be serving in Central Appalachia.
The names of the Mothers and Fathers honored and
remembered will be listed in the worship bulletin on Father’s Day,
June 17, 2012. In that worship service we will also offer prayers
for our ASP Mission Team.
In order to be included, gifts must be received
by Sunday, June 10.
Make checks payable to Huntsville First and designate for
"Youth Missions." Enclose the following information
with your check and turn your gift in to the church office.
Name ___________________________________
Donation _________________________________
In Memory of Mother
In Honor of Mother
Email: _____________________________________
In Memory of Father
Phone: ____________________________________
In Honor of Father
Can you believe it? School is out
and all the activities are beginning…it’s
summertime. Here are a few notes of
events which have taken place and
some which are coming. I hope you will
make worship attendance a priority this
summer, whether you are here or on
General Conference 2012
988 delegates and representatives
of the United Methodist Church
worldwide met in Tampa Florida to
consider the nearly two thousand
petitions to re-word or change our
United Methodist Book of Discipline.
Each petition is assigned to a legislative
committee which collates and then
presents the changes to the delegates
for a vote. There was much “in the air”
this year with the possibility of restructuring the General Church,
changes proposed in social areas,
changes for the clergy (pastors) , and
changes for the laity (members) of the
UMC. In the end, after long hours of
debate, Methodist pastors no longer
have a guaranteed appointment. (This
is painful since we have always
covenanted that we would go where
sent, but knew we would always have a
place to serve) And, what was
previously called Lay Speaker Ministry
will be called Lay Servant Ministry, since
ministry is more than just speaking. As
to the re-structure, it looks like the bulk
of the work will have to come at a later
date, but the conference did reduce the
size of General Church Boards and
Agencies by about one half. It was
also a great change to note that now
some 42% of the world church resided
in the African nations. I will be glad to
have more discussion with folks about
General Conference, but these were the
major points of change.
Summer Blockbuster Sermon Series
Beginning June 3rd, we will focus
on the theme of “Life by the Spirit.
Each week we will focus on one of the
fruits of the Spirit listed in Galations 5:
13-26. This will be a great time to
consider how to live with greater
understanding and commitment to the
spirit of Christ. While our traditional
services will be as usual, the
contemporary services in the Wesley
Center will use recent movies to
accentuate these themes. So, make
your plans to be here and learn more of
walking in the Spirit and enjoy such
movies as Footloose, The Help, War
Horse, Moneyball, Dolphin Tale, and
The King’s Speech. This should be an
exciting and enjoyable summertime.
We are blessed here at Huntsville
First. There is so much evidence of
God’s activity in our lives. Why don’t
you invite those in your sphere of
influence (who are not worshiping
somewhere else) to join you here for
worship. Most people come into the
church now because they are invited.
Let’s continue to influence our
community to know Christ.
~ Dr. Glenn Conner
First Family Shares
News Briefs
Associate Pastor Wren Miller
to be Ordained
On my first mission trip at
the age of 12 I felt a strong call
to ministry in the United
Methodist Church. My first
reaction: “no way!” Seven
years and many more
synchronistic moments later I
realized that ordained Christian
ministry was my calling and
running from it would never bring true fulfillment. After
graduating from seminary at Yale Divinity School in May 2009,
I packed my bags and books up and headed back home to
begin serving in my first appointment here at Huntsville First
They teach you in seminary that you should not really be
friends with your congregation. That you should keep a
boundary firm between your pastoral duties and personal life.
Throughout my time here though I have learned that ministry
means living life in the community of faith and reaching out to
the community who does not yet know Jesus. This cannot be
done in isolation but must be done together. Huntsville First
UMC has become not just my parish but my home.
When I stand before the Bishop at the ordination service
at Annual Conference, the two clergy that will stand beside
me - Glenn and Coy - and lay hands on my head as I am
formally ordained will not just be my “supervising pastors” but
they are my brothers in Christ and mentors in the journey of
faith. Your love and faith has enabled me to reach this
enormous goal toward ordination and I give thanks to God for
your willingness to journey with me. I look forward to
continued ministry with you here at Huntsville First UMC!
Missionary Michelle Ozier Begins a New Assignment
Michelle left on May 14, for Managua, Nicaragua, where
she will be assigned to Accion Medica Cristiana (Christian
Medical Action). After spending around 6 weeks in Managua
for language study, she will be based at the Sahsa Field Office
in Puerto Cabezas, on the Caribbean side of the country, to
help with nutritional assessment and data collection at their
Model Farm for 3 or 4 months. Living conditions at the Field
Office will be “rustic” and at the farm even more so. Cell
phone and internet access will be very limited; however, she
will maintain as much contact with us as possible and she will
be able to come back for
Gena’s wedding in August.
Welcome Nikki Skidmore, Music Leader for Exalt
Nikki has played the piano
since she was 8 years old, and
has taught piano lessons for
over 20 years. She was a vocal
performance major in college
and has been a church
musician since she was 15. We
welcome her wide experience in
worship leadership and her
heart for guiding worship music
in both traditional and
contemporary settings. When
asked to write a bio to introduce
herself to Huntsville First, this is
what she submitted...
"But an hour is coming, and
now is, when the true worshipers
will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for such people the
Father seeks to be His worshipers.” John 4:23.
Isn’t it amazing that we are ALL called to be worshippers?
Our very existence is to bring God honor and praise! My
name is Nikki Skidmore, and I am completely honored to be
the new Exalt Worship leader. In my first month here at
Huntsville First I have met some amazing people and had
many inspiring experiences! I love the heart of Huntsville First
bringing the entire body together with many and varied
options for worship. What an honor to serve at a church that
displays God’s heart for all people in all people groups and
Paul displayed it best in I Corinthians 4: “I have become
all things to all people so that by all possible means I might
save some.” I truly believe that is the ultimate display of the
heart of Christ, and love that Huntsville First embraces that
same vision! We have some exciting new things happening in
Exalt, as we seek God’s face and heart for the continued
future of this service. I am beyond excited to see what that
will look like as we continue to co-labor with God to reach this
city! Come by and see us!!! The lyrics and style may be new
to you, but they were new to us too!! Yours and His In Christ,
Please join us as a Friend on Facebook and be a part of
influencing our Community to know the love of Christ through
positive social media interaction!
You can join Facebook at You may
access the Huntsville First Facebook page through our
website at There is a link on the top,
right-hand side of our home page. You may also search
Huntsville First UMC from your Facebook homepage.
We also have separate Facebook pages for our Global
Outreach team and our Youth Ministry. Friend us today!
(March 13 - May 22, 2012)
New Members
We are pleased to introduce our newest
members to the church family:
Jeanie Tauss; Kelly Walsh-Tidmore; Jay
and Carol Jones; Bob and Toni Campbell;
Jason and Jennifer Elwell; Leon J.
Hastings; John and Cheryl McAuley; Jane
Giglio; Bryan and Alice Bentley; Jim and
Jeanne Young; Ed and Sylvia Gullatt
(Affiliate members); Matthew and Courtney
Green; Matt and Renee Moore; Matt and
Julie Cowan; Scott and Ann Tucker (He is
an associate member; she is a professing
member); Emily Bowen Lambert; Dr. Frank
S. (Sandy) and Gayle Barnett; David and
Laura Hodge, and the Confirmation Class
of 2012, April 15: Frances Lillian Ange;
Elizabeth Nichol Armstrong; Gabrielle Quinn
Armstrong; John Robert Bateman; Adams
Vann Bragg; Grace Elizabeth Brandon; Warren
Woodruff Butler; Savannah Sumners Cagle;
Charles Logan Christopher; William Hugh
Darden; Benton Reed Davis; Alexander
Joseph Dombrowski; Jacob Paul Dumbacher;
Alvie Ewing Ellett, III; Sydney Summers Flesch;
Olivia Kate Fountain; Abigail Claire Frazier;
Annie Elizabeth Hardin; Alice Kathleen
Henshaw; William Jason Hooker, Jr.; Margaret
McKenzie Huckaby; Caroline Lamar Jewell;
Anna Grace Johnson; William Armstrong
Johnson; Mackenzie Layne Johnston; Samuel
Owen Johnston; Charles Harrison Jones, Jr.;
Bradford Wheeler Layton; Richard Van
Valkenburgh Lockwood; Alexander Waggoner
McCrary; Margaret McCulloch Mitchell; Elaine
Madison Moore; Julie Carlisle Nunn; Benjamin
Hunter Raiford; Jack Norman Roby, IV;
Courtney Anne Roth; Nathaniel Erik Shell;
Julia Myron Shoemake; Cullen Patrick
Sutherland; Charlotte Jean Tauss; Grayson
Michael Thurman; Virginia Kathryn Wilson;
William Robert Zeek
The following children were baptized and
received as baptized members:
Eleanor Anne Alford (Ellie), daughter of Brian
and Margo Alford, March 18
Sophie Grace Helton, daughter of Chris and
Jennifer Helton, April 8
Chase Taylor Thurston, son of Shannon and
Katie Thurston, April 8
James Edward Klingler, III (Jim), son of Ed
and Caroline Klingler, April 15
Charles Garrison Tabereaux, son of Paul
and Christina Tabereaux, April 22
Lucy Reeves Beam, daughter of Jared and
Anna Beem, May 20
The following were baptized and received as
professing members:
Emily Bowen Lambert;
Confirmation Class members: Elizabeth
Nichol Armstrong; Gabrielle Quinn Armstrong;
Abigail Claire Frazier; Elaine Madison Moore;
Nathaniel Erik Shell; Grayson Michael
Best wishes and congratulations
to the following:
Ashley Elaine Zeek and Andrew McDonald,
June 7, 2011
Lindsay Ann Cagle and Aaron Matthew
Schliesman, March 24
Julia Zeigler Sutton and George Nathan
Boyd, Jr., April 21
Frances Celeste Richard and John Thomas
McCarty, April 28
Helen Elizabeth Lombardino and Devin
Heath Clevenger, April 28
Jennifer Ann Tilghman and Brian Jay
Herrin, May 12
Gina Renee Groome and Justin Alexander
Wells, May 19
Congratulations on these additions to the
Lucy Reeves Beam was born February 27,
to Jared and Anna Beam, in Birmingham.
Maternal grandmother is Linda Gimenez.
Ellis Annamarie Handley (Ellie) was born
March 14, to Paul and Lori Handley.
Crawford Alexander Avant was born April 20
to Will and Leslie Avant. Maternal
grandmother is Phyliss Crawford.
Raney Grace Gwennap was born May 23 to
Rev. and Mrs. Todd Gwennap of North
Carolina. Maternal grandparents are Dr. and
Mrs. Henry O. Everitt.
Our sincere sympathy is expressed to the
Matthew and Amy Schmitz and Family in
the death of her grandfather, James “Bud”
John and Jerry Ann Wynn and Family in the
death of her mother, Ellistine Thames Aycock.
Woolsey and Linda Finnell and Family in
the death of his brother, Steve Finnell.
Linda K. and Neil Speer and Family in the
death of her father, Clarence M. “Butch”
Swain, Jr.,.
Gary and Mary Beth Davis and Family in
the death of her mother, Mary Marcelline
Will and Whitney Heaps and Family in the
death of her grandfather, John Burton Cox.
Betty Peeler and Family in the death of her
sister-in-law, Ann C. Driver.
Jennifer Staggs and Family in the death of
her father, William (Willie) H. Staggs, April 17.
Susan K. Neighbors and Family in the death
of her husband, W. W. (Billy) Neighbors, Sr.,
April 30
Ron and Becky Hamilton and Family in the
death of Ron’s mother, Hattie Mae Gentle
Hamilton, May 3.
Friends and Family of Blanche Harper
(Mrs. Dalton), a resident of Acworth, GA.,
who died May 6, in Marietta, GA. Blanche
and her late husband, Dalton, were former
members of Huntsville FUMC. Dearly loved
while in Huntsville, they continued
relationships made here after they moved to
Georgia to be near to family. You may send
condolences to their daughter, Dianne Harper
Parrish and Family, at 5306 Burdock Creek
NW, Acworth, GA 30101.
Friends and Family of Dr. John C. Wicks,
who died February 10, in Huntsville. Please
be in prayer for his family as they travel to
Arlington, VA, where Dr. Wicks will be buried
with honors, at Arlington National Cemetery,
on June 5.
From the Mailbox
I feel so blessed to be remembered in so
many ways by First Methodist members.
Beautiful cards and flowers, calls and visits by
so many people. I want you to know I do
appreciate each remembrance so much.
God bless you all. ~ Kathryn Lanier
Dear Church Family ~ Thank you for all that
you have done for me over the past six
months as I have recovered from my shoulder
surgeries and dealt with other problems. Your
many cards, food, flowers, calls and especially
your prayers have been a tremendous comfort
to me and my family. It is a blessing to be a
part of such a caring fellowship. May God
richly bless each of you.
With love ~ Virginia Walker Jennings
There really are no words that can adequately
express our gratitude to everyone who has
been so incredibly supportive of Chef Jeff and
our family as we continue on this rocky and
uncertain journey. Your love, prayers, cards,
visits and unbelievably generous gifts help
keep us going more than you can imagine.
Everyone who walks into Jeff’s room here at
UAB looks at all the cards, and posters form
the children, and remarks on how much love
has come our way. The light of Christ shines
through every one of you. We feel that love
every day. God bless all of you. Much love
~ Roberta, Chef Jeff and Family
NOTE: Please continue sending the information for the First Family Shares column
to Donna-Lynn Lockard ([email protected]).
Special Giving
Youth News
(March 13 - May 22, 2012)
In Memory Of
Building Fund
Ruth Marie Fuqua
BBVA Internal Audit Dept.;
Mary Evelyn French; Mr. and Mrs.
Ted Fountain; Danny and Nancy
Joseph Sparks
Bo and Doni Harrison; Mr. and
Mrs. Robert Houston
Mary Foster Frye
Linda and Will Pratt; Mitzie and
Phil Irvine
Ellistine Aycock
Dr. and Mrs. Edward R. Green;
Sharon and Wade Russell; Judy
and John Heacock; Lee Anne
and George Smith, II
Dr. Thomas C. Lawson
Voncille J. Cleary; Danny and
Nancy Koger
James F. Nixon, Jr.
Barbara Herrington; Mr. and Mrs.
R. E. Jourdan (Gene and
Beverly); Raymond and Cindy
Jourdan; Mike and Babs Jordan
Hall; Louis Woods; Patricia
Hester; George and Margie
Smith; Jerry M. Laurine; Gerald
Patterson; Mr. and Mrs. Charles
P. Helms
Walter P. Stone
Maye Kathryn (Sissy) and Ed
Steve Finnell
Donald and Mary Huber
Edna Clay
Gerald Patterson
William W. Neighbors, Sr. (Billy)
Jimmy and Charlotte Park; Mr.
and Mrs. J. Donald Lewter; Lynn
and Lynnie Tunnell; Joan Rice;
Nancy Siniard; Corporate Billing
LLC; Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lowe;
Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Davis; Dr.
and Mrs. Ed Litkenhous;
Herschel and Lynne Matheny;
Alex and Taffy Matheny; Paul and
Rachel Matheny; Phil and Freeda
Vest; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Batson,
Jr.; Jim and Libba Roby; Mr. and
Mrs. Edward Ragland; Keith and
Lesley Heidecker; Elizabeth and
Bert Moore; Russ and Wendy
Henshaw; James and Sharon
Brazelton; Pat and Robbie
Burlison; Marion Cox; Dr. and
Mrs. William Goodson; Wynn and
Stanley Rodgers; Voncille, J.
Cleary; Martha and Charles Hall;
Shirley and George McCrary;
Rhett and Lenda Woody; Dr. and
Mrs. Frank Haws; Joe Ed and
Glenda Bragg; Richard and
Charlotte Gregory; Mr. and Mrs.
Olin B. King
J. B. Pitsinger and John White
Eugenia Pitsinger
Church Library
Joyce Plaster and Edna Mae Clay
Philip H. Kitchens
Mary Frye
Kathy and Quimby Rains
Dalton and Blanche Harper
Need Us / Becomers Class
Children First
James F. Nixon, Jr.
Don and Gwen Riley
Kenneth V. Turvey
Music Fund
Edna Mae Clay
Linda and Bob Akenhead; Jane
Yeargain; Josephine M. Stroud;
Success Enterprises, Delores V.
Kinder; Betty Peeler; Don and
Carolyn Peck; Janet Turvey; Bo
and Doni Harrison; Preston
Hayes; Janet Holland and
Kathleen James; Jon and Linda
Freeman; Richard and Marilyn
Hull; Neal and Virginia Jennings;
Melissa Belt; Dick and Brenda
Titus; Billy and Liz Herrin; DonnaLynn Lockard; Glenda and Joe
Ed Bragg; Carol Baker; Ben and
Lossie Small
Kenneth V. Turvey
Donna-Lynn Lockard
William W. Neighbors, Sr.
Dr. and Mrs. John R.
Steve Finnell
Billy and Liz Herrin
James F. Nixon, Jr.
Virginia Cook
Ruth Ford
Scholarship Fund
Ruth Marie Fuqua
Thomas and Anne McLeod
Youth Mission Fund
William W. Neighbors, Sr.
Gina and Mike Thurman
Local Welfare Fund
Steve Finnell, Edna Mae Clay, and
Ruth Marie Fuqua
Paula and W.F. Sanders Jr.
Marcie Flynn
Glenda and Joe Ed Bragg
Dr. L. Rowe Driver
Betty Lou Jones
Ann Driver
Betty Lou Jones; Donna-Lynn
Lockard; Neal and Virginia
Amanda Taylor Watson
Graduate Award
Ellistine Aycock
James Lee and Julia Parker;
Jan and Jim McMurray
Amanda Taylor Watson
Susie and Tommy Harper
Steve Finnell
Julia and James Lee Parker
Faith Property
Endowment Fund
Steve Finnell
Jean Hinson; Dick and Brenda
Titus; Glenda and Joe Ed Bragg;
Ben and Lossie Small; Fred and
Judy McLaurine
James F. Nixon, Jr.
Glenda and Joe Ed Bragg; Helen
and Bob Middleton
Hattie Mae Hamilton
Dick and Brenda Titus
Bob Forgey, Jr.
Scholarship Fund
Jimmy Wells
Anna, Brant, Whitt,
Wynne and Wells Watts
Children’s Ministry
Ruth Marie Fuqua and William Harvey
Louise Smith
In Honor Of
Kenneth V. Turvey
Music Fund
Lee Harless
The Cragon Family
Local Welfare Fund
Coy Hallmark
Bill and Bobsy Ingram
Patricia Everitt, Alice Ozier,
Lonetta Dawson, Jean Hinson, and
Elizabeth McDonald
Maarjorie Snell
Children First
Julia Sutton and George Boyd
Don and Gwen Riley
Amanda Taylor Watson
Graduate Award
Sydna Johnson
Anna, Brant, Whitt, Wynne, and
Wells Watts
Children and Youth Ministry
James Klingler and Charlie Tabereaux
Julie and Robert Lockwood
Older Adult Ministry
Imogene Davis
Donna-Lynn Lockard and Family
Habitat for Humanity
Steve Finnell
Pat and Roy Martin
Garden/Landscaping Project
Dr. Milton B. Peeler and Exxa T. Hobbs
Donna-Lynn Lockard
Ministry Budget
Kristin Ebaugh
Patrice and Robert Bean
June 4-8 Middle School Mission Project
June 10 Tie-Dye T-shirts & Snow Cones, 6-8 pm
June 17 Pizza in the Park, 6-8 pm
June 18 Mission Monday, 11 am-1 pm
June 24 Kickball/Whiffleball at HMS Park, 6-8 pm
June 25 Mission Monday, 11 am-2 pm
Lift Off at Camp ToKnowHim August 17-19
It’s all about friendship, praise and adventure! Lift Off is a
radical high-energy weekend to help you further your walk
with God. You will experience powerful worship by our
friends, Calling Glory, amazing messages by our speaker
Addison Shocks, games and community. Cost is $125 or
early bird price of $100 to those who register by July 1.
Deadline to register is August 1.
July 1 Not meeting
July 8 Water Wars at HMS Park, 6-8 pm
July 9 Mission Monday, 10 am-1 pm
July 15-21 ASP
July 15 Pizza in the Park, 6-8 pm
July 16 Mission Monday 11 am-2 pm
July 22 Movie Night, 6-8 pm
July 23 Mission Monday, 11 am-2 pm
July 29 Dodgeball, 6-8 pm
July 30 Mission Monday, 11 am-2 pm
August 12 Giant Milkshake and Swim
at Blossomwood Pool, 5-7 pm
Faith Promise
Ada Wieseman
Thomas Y. and Nancy P. Smith
June 3 Canoe & Cookout, 12:30-8:30 pm
August 5 Not meeting
Dr. John Wicks
James C. May, Jr.
Memorial Fund
Summer Schedule of Youth Events
In Memoriam
Edna Mae Clay (Mrs. Clinton)
March 25, 2012
August 17-19 Lift Off at Camp ToKnowHim
August 26 Big Group Kickoff, 6-8 pm
Col. (Ret.) James Fred Nixon, Jr.
April 7, 2012
Gladys Snoderly Sullins (Mrs.
Samuel, Jr.)
May 22, 2012
Welcome Alison Bocking, New Director of Youth Ministries
Alison grew up all over the Southeast and was raised in
the United Methodist Church. She graduated from the
University of North Alabama with a Bachelor’s degree in
sociology and a minor in public communications. It was
through her involvement at the Wesley Foundation at UNA
and the United Methodist Student Movement that Alison
accepted her call into ministry. Following college graduation,
Alison served with AmeriCorps*NCCC in San Diego, California
and made a trek to Anchorage, Alaska to work for Special
Olympics World Winter Games.
Alison has been in youth ministry for over twelve years;
she served nearly seven years as Director of Student
Ministries at Germantown UMC in Germantown, Tennessee
and is coming to Huntsville First UMC from her role as
Associate Director at Canterbury UMC in Birmingham. She is
passionate about helping students become deeper
committed disciples of Jesus and using their God-given
creativity to express their love for God and others. Alison is
excited to be back in Huntsville, her hometown, where she is
surrounded by her family and friends. Aside from hanging out
with students, Alison loves telling stories, hanging out with her
dogs Ollie and Sadie in the great outdoors, and watching
college football. Her favorite gas station snack is a Moon Pie
and her dream car is a 1980 Jeep Wagoneer with wood
paneling. In
2013, she
hopes to
celebrate her
birthday by
jumping out
of an
Outreach and Influence in Action
A Story of Hope
Mary Langford, who has been homeless for over two
years, now has an apartment and her own bed. One of our
church employees, Rosie Garner, got acquainted with her
riding on the bus. She was impressed with her persistence
and had compassion for her situation.
in the morning by 6 am she had to leave. She also enrolled in
their GED program to help her chances of getting a job, but
Mary also had a number of serious health problems.
When Rosie talked with her last fall, she learned that First
Stop (an agency that works with the homeless) was trying to
help her get disability and housing but they had reached an
impasse. She had an outstanding bill with a housing authority
in another county and would not be able to apply for housing
here until that was resolved. Rosie suggested that she call
Pastor Sallie and see if our C.U.P. (Churches United for
People) assistance program could help. Sallie contacted her
caseworker at First Stop and arrangements were made to pay
her outstanding bill. First Stop assisted her in moving,
obtaining her disability benefits, and some furniture. When
Sallie went to see her in her apartment, she was “all smiles.”
She told her that all she needed now was a TV and a small
desk. The very next day, a couple came to the Chapel service
and told Sallie that they had a TV they would like to donate to
the church. Mary believes that God truly cares about her and
has provided for her needs. She continues to prepare for the
GED test and hopes to receive a certificate.
Summer Events and Happenings
Summer Classes for Adults
Summer Vacation is a great time to “practice” the
Christian faith and grow closer to God and others. Read a
book, take a Bible study, be a Vacation Bible school helper,
take a mission trip, be a substitute for Up Street or Chapel
service. While we do take a break from some of our regular
long-term classes, there will be several short-term Bible
studies offered. Check them out.
If you've ever felt inadequate, threatened, or pushed into
situations that seemed overpowering, this is the Bible study
for you. Beginning Thursday morning, 9 AM, June 21 in room
321. Teacher: Lynn Fortner
Thursday morning, 9 AM, on-going in room 129,
sponsored by SAGES, Teacher: Dr. Carey Carlberg.
Jonah: Navigating a Life Interrupted
What do we do when God interrupts our lives? Many
times, like Jonah, we run! Tuesday nights June 26-July 31, 6
PM in room 129 (six weeks) Teacher: Rev. Sallie Colwick.
Childcare will be available if requested two weeks before the
class starts so that we can make arrangements for it. Please
sign up for the class and request childcare by age and
number of children.
College Students!
The L.I.F.T. Sunday school class would like to invite you
attend our class while you are home this summer. Room 129
at 9:35
We Will Explore Galatians 5: 13-26 and the Fruits of the Spirit
June 3 Love
Movie: Crazy, Stupid, Love
June 10Joy
Movie: Footloose
June 17Peace
Movie: Warhorse
June 24Forbearance
Movie: The Help
July 1Kindness
Movie: Hugo
July 8 Goodness
Movie: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2
July 15 Faithfullness
Movie: Moneyball
July 22Gentleness
Movie: Dolphin Tale
July 29 Self-Control
Movie: The King’s Speech
News From the Church Leadership Team
Downtown Rescue Mission and First Stop are mission
partners of Huntsville First, and C.U.P. is our own benevolence
program, which is funded by the Communion offering and
You see, Mary had lost everything after her husband died
and she had a long bout of depression and drug addiction.
About 4 years ago, she had hit bottom and reached out to the
Downtown Rescue Mission for help. She completed the oneyear program successfully but still had nowhere to live. That’s
when she started staying at the Salvation Army each night but
The Church Leadership Team has been meeting monthly,
with various sub-committees gathering as needed. Please
see the church website or contact the church office for
information on your CLT members and for copies of meeting
minutes and other information.
Major Focus - Communication
One of our major focuses at the moment is how to improve
communication within our church overall. This covers a broad
spectrum of needs –communicating between staff and laity;
communicating from ministries to the congregation;
communicating from our church to our community, etc. We
face new and existing challenges on how to get timely
information to the right people in an efficient, cost-effective
way. We want to be sure that all members are reached
regardless of the method of communication (i.e., e-mail,
website, regular mailings, etc.). We will share how our efforts
are progressing as we move along. [Questions regarding
Communications may be directed to Pastor Wren Miller at
[email protected] or you may call her at the church
Priority Task – Ministry Identification
The CLT has also been busy working with staff and church lay
leaders to identify our current ministries, which is no small
task! We are amazed – and excited – about all the ministries
God has created through our congregation - from GO Team
(Missions) to Bible studies to prayer groups to new member
involvement and many, many more areas. We currently have
a list of over one hundred viable ministries, with more to be
identified. Our goal is to make sure we are aware of
everything going on in our church and to look for ways to help
our ministries grow in the direction God is leading us.
Just to share some things going on:
Did you know that the church provides a Snack Pack ministry to
provide food to people who come to the church office for help?
Did you know that the youth of our church attend Confirmation
Classes during their sixth grade year?
Did you know that Tai Chi classes are offered at our church,
especially focusing on senior adults?
Did you know that the church offers Bible study classes virtually
every day of the week during the school year?
And the list goes on and on!
As we move forward the CLT desires and value’s every
member’s input. While we are a large congregation, we know
that it is the individual member’s relationship with our Lord
Jesus Christ that ultimately matters, and we want to find
every way possible to help our members to grow in faith and
help fulfill both the Great Commission and the Vision
Statement uniquely given to us – Called to Influence our
Community to Know Christ.
Please visit the Church Leadership Team page on our
church website -, under “About”, then
“Church Leadership Teams.” There you will be able to learn
more about our work and find a link to minutes of the