2010 - November - Greater Houston USBC



2010 - November - Greater Houston USBC
News To Spare
Volume 4 Issue 3
Official Publication of the GHUSBC Association
November 2010
Mission Statement: The Greater Houston USBC Association ensures the integrity and protects the
future of the sport, provides programs and services and enhances the bowling experience.
Highlights in this Issue:
 GHUSBC Fall Membership
 100 Year Old Bowler
 Association Manager’s
 Is Bowling A Sport?
 National Wii Competition
 Senior Games
 Tournament Info
Doris Chesser, Editor
Tim Anderson
Cindy Berry
Larry Caldwell
Ed Calcote
Susan Hancock
Kendra Hardy
Robbie Fravel
Dominick Savage
Our Location
Greater Houston USBC
2805 Bagby Street
Houston, TX 77006
Fax 713-524-3186
If you can’t visit us in
person then visit us on the
Greater Houston USBC
HOUSTON, October 9, 2010. Greater
Houston USBC paid tribute to the winners
of the 2010 Open Championship Tournament at a luncheon held at the Hobby Hilton Hotel.
Darrell Coats—1503
Dennis Dedmon—1488
Just Bowl—3344
Reggie Chester, Delma Colatrella,
Paul Havens, Sandra Havens
Martha Warnken, Aubrey Harding,
Ralph Hernandez, Wayne Kennedy
OPEN DIV 1—Michael Heineman—851
OPEN DIV 2— Delma Colatrella—748
SENIOR DIV 3—Ron De Mott—832
SENIOR DIV 4—Paul Havens—748
OPEN DIV 1— Daryl Walton—1658
OPEN DIV 2—Delma Colatrella—1558
SENIOR DIV 3—Paul Coover—1644
SENIOR DIV 4—Paul Havens—1433
The city record for high series has been
held by Donna Conners since 2005 with a
score of 829. This Spring the record was
broken, not once, but three times. These
women were recognized for their outstanding performance on the lanes.
Kerry Moreland ~~ 831
January 19, 2010
Julie Haley ~~ 844
February 20, 2010
Sandra White ~~ 846
April 15, 2010
Association Awards for the 2009-2010
Season were recognized at the Fall Membership Meeting following the luncheon,
such as high city averages for men,
women, youth and senior men and senior
women, along with 800s, 700s for
women and youth and 300 games. Those
receiving these awards were named in the
October 2010 issue of News to Spare.
Delegates were elected to attend the 2011
USBC Annual Meeting in Grapevine, Texas
in June and the 2011 TSUSBC Annual Meeting in Round Rock, Texas. Greater Houston
receives 13 delegates on the national level
and going to Grapevine, Texas to represent
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News to Spare
Volume 4 Issue 3
Page 2
November 2010
(Presented at the GHUSBCA Fall Membership Meeting by Donna Hall, President)
As a member of GHUSBC you share something in
common with over 12,000 people in the city of Houston. In
fact, you share something in common with over two million
people who belong to USBC. Years ago, that number would
have been quite a bit larger, but that is a whole other story
for another day! During the 1970’s bowling was in its heyday, membership was at its peak and bowling centers were
full with double shifts. Fast forward 40 years, over 70 million people bowled at least once in the past year which
makes bowling still the sport with the largest participation in
the world.
Yes, bowling is a sport! We know, but it is up to us
to get those other millions of people to recognize it for the
sport it is today. When you think of sports, excluding bowling of course, what is the first one that comes to mind?
Well it is football season, so let’s talk a little football. It can be compared to bowling and no one would dare
question whether or not it was a sport especially here in
Texas. Texans love their football teams! Football is played
as a team; the players wear jerseys with their name on it just
as bowlers are members of a team. Some bowlers still wear
shirts with their names on it, but our youth bowlers and
many of the pros wear jerseys. Both sports have a team captain and require special equipment and special shoes. Football has a line of scrimmage, while bowling has its own special line, the foul line. A bowling ball is out of play when it
is in the gutter, but in football, it is out of bounds when the
players do not keep it between the lines. There are 1696
players during the season in the NFL, but we bowlers have
them outnumbered. Yea! Bowling wins! Score: Bowling
1; Football Zero!
At the end of the regular baseball season, they play
the World Series. Bowling has its own World Series which
will be held in Las Vegas, October 24-November 6. Who is
the favorite? I don’t know but I am betting on Kelly Kulick.
She has had one fantastic year in bowling. Baseball has
other similarities to bowling besides the World Series. It
requires special equipment and special shoes, too. In baseball, the ball goes into play at home plate and if it hits outside the foul pole it is out of play. The playing field is
unique because of its shape and some ball parks have been
known to host bowling events, too. Think October, 2004 –
Miller Park – Danny Wiseman wins the USBC Masters
Tournament at a baseball stadium. There are 750 MLB
players. Score a strike for bowlers! Score: Bowling 2;
Baseball Zip!
Another sport that compares to bowling is soccer.
It too is a team sport that requires special clothing and
shoes as well as its own unique playing field. A soccer ball
is similar in size to a bowling ball, both have an average
circumference of nearly 27 inches. It is the weight that
makes them so different! Soccer balls weigh ounces, while
bowling balls are measured by the pound. Soccer players
kick the ball and hope it rolls, but bowlers live to see that
ball roll and smash those pins! There are 416 MLS players.
Score another strike for bowling! Bowling 3; Soccer None!
Basketball is another sport that comes to mind with
a lot of similarities to bowling. It is a team sport consisting
of five members per team with a captain. They use subs
regularly and they wear special clothing as well as shoes
which have a special surface, too. The competition is held
on hardwood or a synthetic floor and they throw the ball
around trying to score. Most bowling centers have synthetic lanes but you can still find some hardwood ones
around town. After a break in the summer, the basketball
season starts in October and ends in April with each team
playing 82 games. Most bowlers take off for the summer
and start back in September. The average league bowler
rolls 96 games. A basketball is slightly bigger around than
a bowling ball and may vary slightly in weight too.
guess it is true what they say that size does not matter.
There are 532 NBA players. Bowlers just keep rolling the
ball looking for that perfect score! Which brings us to our
final score: Bowlers win four!
One more thing…hot off the press! The PBA
adopted a rule to use instant replay in nationally televised
competition. How can that be you ask? It is rarely needed
in competition but issues with fouls and pinfall have created some disputes over the years. There is a foul line
judge that carefully monitors pinfall, but there have been
situations which occurred making an accurate ruling difficult without closer review. It should be noted that instant
replay was used in PBA events previously. In 1999, Parker
Bohn was bowling Pete Weber in Austin and it appeared
Parker fouled on a spare attempt. During a commercial
break, it was reviewed and determined Parker Bohn did
indeed foul which negated the spare. However, he did go
on to win the title, 225-211. The following week PBA
players voted against any future use of instant replay.
News to Spare
Volume 4 Issue 3
Page 3
November 2010
(Delivered by Cheryl Polak at the GHUSBCA Fall Membership Meeting)
Good afternoon everyone. I would like to thank everyone for taking
time out of your busy schedules to attend your Fall Membership
Meeting. One year ago I stood in front of you and reported that for
the first time since the 2006 season our membership had declined
by 1,239 members. We know that this was due mostly to the closing of several centers in Houston that resulted in the loss of 72 lane
beds. Unfortunately, I must report once again we had a decline for
the 2009-2010 season. Our membership stands at 12,894 members;
12,150 adults and 744 youth. But it was a decrease of only 237
members, a 1.8 percent decline. USBC President Darlene Baker
and Executive Director, Stu Upson has asked the local associations
to focus on increasing memberships and I believe we can. Our association is committed to this. Several members of the association
board had the opportunity to talk to leagues at the beginning of this
season who were considering not to certify because of the USBC
award program last year. The leagues allowed our association representatives the time to explain the many benefits of joining USBC
beginning with league bonding. bowling in a USBC certified center,
using approved equipment, supporting scholarships for our youth, a
member’s reward program, and yes, the one thing that is unique to
our sport, an award program. After presenting the benefits of certification every league voted to certify again. Headquarters heard the
bowlers across the country and this will be the last year for the
magnets and next year there will be a new award program introduced from the national level. But please we must remember that
our membership dollars are not only about awards, but many other
services that insures the integrity of our sport such as standardized
rules and the means to enforce them.
The 2011 Texas State USBC Senior Queens Classic and Senior
Masters Tournaments will be held in Houston at AMF Alpha
Lanes January 29th and 30th. The Bluebonnet Queens and Masters Tournaments are being held at the same center February 26th
and 27th. Please spread the word to your fellow bowlers and support your state tournaments. If you have not already done so, pick
up an entry before you leave today. Derrick Mitchell and
Gretchen Harmon will receive an entry into one of these tournaments as our City Champs.
One thing Greater Houston USBC has is exceptional bowlers. For
the 2009-10 Season Greater Houston has not one, but two teams
that are being honored on the national level for posting the highest
score in the nation in their categories. We congratulate the Rocket
Strikers who’s series placed them first in the 4-player, under 8
years team series category. Team members, Michael Sartor,
Daniel Salinas, Christian Sanders, and Joshua Del Angel, bowled
series of 237, 232, 161 and 279 on January 9th this year.
On February 22nd S.I.D.K. series placed first in the 3-Men, 2Women team series category by bowling series of 718 by Kristy
Krol, Sarah Wharton rolled 696, followed by Robert Eason with a
782, Chris Bennett posted a 729 and anchor, Jeff Clark bowled
764. Congratulations to our National Award Receipts and yes,
you make us “Houston Proud”.
The association has introduced a new local award program this
season and we are very excited about it. In talking with some of
you, you seem to be excited about it. Starting with an award for
75 pins over average in a single game which is awarded a writing
pen. We have re-introduced awards for the 7-10 Split, Big 4 Split,
All Spare Game, Triplicate and Dutch 200. The awards are all
wooden bowling pins denoting the bowlers accomplishment. The
last award that we are introducing is the one I am most excited
about; we are presenting the last place team in each league certified this season with the Last Place Champs! award. We are hoping this help to encourage our new and seasoned bowlers alike
who end up in last place to keep bowling and to let them know
they are appreciated.
The Men’s Invitational Championship Tournament was held at Palace Lanes. Derrick Mitchell is our Men’s City Champion with a
pin fall of 2,155 in All-Events. The Women’s Championship Tournament was conducted at Emerald Bowl and City Champion
Gretchen Harmon shot a scratch score of 2,181 in All Events.
These winners were recognized at our Annual Membership Meeting
and received their awards at our Champions Luncheon in April.
The Open Championship Tournament was held at Del Mar Lanes
and once again the optional virtual doubles were extremely popular.
We congratulate the Open winners, who will be recognized later in
the meeting. All of our city tournaments saw an increase in teams
again this year and of course we want this trend to continue.
We are extremely fortunate to have an outstanding staff at the
bowling office to care for your needs; Penny Shannon is my assisThe Board of Directors will be introducing some new ideas this tant and handles the memberships and leagues; Georgette
coming tournament year in the hopes of increasing participation as McNally is our awards coordinator, who filled over 13,000 awards
well as promoting our local tournaments. We will be alerting the last season, and Sandy Little, who fills the job as our Youth
bowlers by hanging banners in the host center promoting the city Scholarship Administrator. This is a great Staff and I, along with
tournament. Another is presenting the tournament champions with the Board of Directors, thank you for the job each of you do for
jackets rather than plaques. The tournament committee will be our bowlers!
working to develop an award to present to the highest three game
series and highest game bowled during each city tournament. Entry I believe the biggest challenge any local, state or national organiforms for the 2011 Women’s Championship being held at AMF zation has is in the area of communication. Technology has
Diamond Lanes during February and the Men’s Invitational Cham- brought us many avenues to use; websites, email blasts, Facebook,
pionship Tournament being held at AMF Alpha during March are and Twitter. So please visit our website and visit often to keep up
available today.
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News to Spare
Volume 4 Issue 3
Association Manager’s Address
(Continued from page 3)
with news, tournaments and programs
we are offering throughout the year.
Also be sure to check out the latest
edition of our newsletter, News to
Spare. If you haven’t been on the website lately, please check out our new
look and pages. We are asking everyone to visit the News Blast tab and opt
in to receive emails blast from the
association. Also, become our fan on
The national organization is making
great strides in communicating with
local and state organizations. This last
year they introduced Regional Managers. The Regional Manager over the
Houston area is Jim Zeberhazy. We
have monthly conference calls with
him and we’re joined by other state
and local managers from different
parts of the country. This gives us a
platform to share ideas and voice concerns with headquarters. USBC, in
Arlington, is forming task forces that
include employees of bowling headquarters, proprietors, board members
and association managers, from the
local and state level. I have had the
privilege to participate on two different national task forces. I believe this
is a step in the right direction to bridge
the gap between the National and Local level, bringing a new trust between
the organizations.
To quote a friend of mine, “Friendship
is one of the best parts of bowling”!
Page 4
The article below was printed in the Houston Chronicle September 22, 2010.
They’re organized and competitive with scores regularly in the 200s. Donning Tshirts proclaiming “Happy Rollers” the Wii bowling team at Parkway Place senior-living
community is off and rolling in the National Senior League Fall 2010 Wii Bowling Competition, which began Aug. 16. Competition will culminate in a national championship on October 27.
“This is the first time Parkway Place will participate in the national tournament, although we’ve had an active Wii bowling group for two years,” said Rhonda Duncan, director
of Life Enrichment at Parkway Place. “When we first learned about the opportunity, the
players were very excited.”
The tournament was established by the National Senior League, a national Wii competition dedicated to residents of senior-living communities. The national web-based league
lets participants compete virtually, without leaving their communities.
Ten weeks of regular season play lead up to the national championship with teams
competing weekly against each team in their conference. Scores are turned in weekly. Top
teams from each of the eight conferences advance to “Open Bowl” playoffs, followed by a
championship web-cast production.
“Our players will be competing against teams from Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania,
Minnesota, Michigan, Indiana and Idaho”, Duncan said, “They are especially enjoying this
tournament though Wii sport games are extremely popular year round”.
Parkway Place is sponsored by Buckner Retirement Services and offers independent
and assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing.
USBC recognizes scores in specific categories for certified competitions
from August 1 through July 31 each year. Houston bowlers set two record
series for last season. The following series placed first in the two named
categories for the 2009-2010 Season. We offer our congratulations for these
excellent performances.
ROCKET STRIKERS—237—232—161—279 909
Michael Sartor, Daniel Salinas, Christian Sanders, Joshua Del Angel
Kristy Krol—718
Sarah Wharton—696
Robert Eason—782
Chris Bennet—729
Jeff Clark—764
Series Total—3689
Happy Thanksgiving.
November 2010
News to Spare
Volume 4 Issue 3
Page 5
November 2010
November 13 & 14 AND November 20 & 21, 2010
Host Center EMERALD BOWL—9307 Boone Road—Houston, Texas 77099 (281) 933-6180
Entry deadline for RESERVED LANES—Sunday, October 31, 2010
Inquire at your bowling center for entry forms
Entries and Team Re-entries will be accepted up to squad times if lanes are available
February 5 & 6—February 12 & 13—February 19 & 20
Host Center—AMF DIAMOND LANES—267 N. Forest Drive—Houston, TX 77090—(281) 440-9166
Multiple Team Entries Allowed—Highest Score will count for All Events
Optional Scratch All Events
City Champion receives paid entry to the 2012 Texas State Bluebonnet or Senior Queens Classic Tournament
Scratch Champion will be recognized in each event
Lanes will be conditioned between each squad
Entry forms available in centers and on www.bowlhouston.com
March 5 & 6 — March 12 & 13 — March 19 & 20
Host Center—AMF ALPHA BOWL—318 W. Bay Area Blvd, Webster, TX 77598 281-338-1272
Handicap and Scratch Events
Bowlers must enter Handicap Events to participate in Scratch Events
Multiple Team Entries Allowed — Highest Score will count for All Events
City Champion receives paid entry to the 2012 Texas State Masters or Senior Masters Tournament
Handicap and Scratch Brackets Offered
Lanes will be conditioned between each squad
Entry forms available in centers and on www.bowlhouston.com
News To Spare
Page 6
Greater Houston USBC Recognition Luncheon, October 10, Hobby Hilton Hotel. Many of the Open Tournament Champions
were unable to be at the luncheon and their awards were presented in their respective bowling centers. Presenters are Donna
Hall, President, Cheryl Polak, Association Manager and Cindy Givens-Berry, Director, GHUSBC. The host center for the
Open Tournament was Del Mar Lanes. (We apologize for the quality of the pictures.)
Delma Colatrella, Div. 2
Singles Champion
Paul Coover,
Senior, Div 3 Champion
Dennis Dedmon
Senior Scratch Champion
Cheryl Polak
High Female Series Sr
Karen Roberts
High Average Sr Female
Paul Havens
Senior Div 4 Champion
Kerry Moreland
5-year City Record Broken
Sandra White
GHUSBC City Record
Immediately following the Recognition Luncheon was the GHUSBC Fall Membership Meeting. Kay Smith, Association
Manager of the Texas State USBC, did the honors and installed the Board of Directors whose terms began August 1, 2010.
Donna Hall and Kay Smith
Installed Directors
Award Winners that were able to attend the Fall
Membership meeting for bowling a perfect game
Installed Youth Directors
Open Sr Team Champs
Fun and Games
Martha Warnken, Aubrey Harding,
Ralph Hernandez, Wayne Kennedy
Presentation at Del Mar Lanes
Mike Holland, Proprietor
Cheryl Polak Presenting
Walter Goldston
High Average, Sr Male
Open Team Champs
Just Bowl
Reggie Chester,
Delma Colatrella,
Paul Havens, Sandra Havens
News to Spare
Volume 4 Issue 3
Page 7
November 2010
November 11, 2010
BVL—Bowlers to Veterans Link
It's not what. . . it's who. . . Bowlers throughout America have collected funds and given their time for
the nation's wounded and disabled veterans for more than 66 years. Indeed, the Bowlers to Veterans
Link (BVL) plays a vital role in the VA Medical Center community, comprised of 173 Department of
Veteran's Affairs Medical Centers and 206 Vets Centers, as well as State Veterans Homes throughout
the country.
The BVL, founded as the Bowlers Victory Legion, was formed on September 26, 1942 in the midst of
World War II when the men and women bowlers of America sought to make life more bearable for the
service personnel overseas. These bowlers promised “We will not forget about the sacrifices made by
America’s service men and women.”
BVL's first campaign during WWII raised money to purchase medical evacuation planes to ferry the wounded
home from the battle fields of Europe.
BVL supported the dependents of those killed during Operation Desert Storm with academic scholarships for
BVL has shipped more than 550 portable carpet bowling lane kits to active duty troops in Iraq, Afghanistan and
a host of other locales including to the USS Enterprise and USS Ronald Reagan.
BVL local volunteers not only raise money for America's veterans but also spend countless hours volunteering
their time at veterans' facilities - organizing games and events, reading, coordinating bowling programs and
much more.
In the month of December GHUSBC Volunteers assemble gift packages for the veterans hospitalized in Houston at the Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center. Each year we spend time with each patient in our assigned
unit, hopefully bringing a little holiday cheer to them all.
BVL sponsors the tours of the entertainment troupe "Re-Creation‚" which performs at VA Hospitals and State Veterans Homes around the country. Thursday, October 28, 2010 “Re-Creation” entertained at the hospital in Houston to
the delight of the many patients that were able to attend. GHUSBCA provides
hospitality for the members of the troupe when they are in our fair city.
Since Veteran’s Day is this month, GHUSBC will be collecting for the BVL
during leagues the week of November 11. Please be as generous as you have in
the past for this worthwhile charity. Donations collected will be sent to the VA
Hospital right here at home.
News to Spare
Volume 4 Issue 3
(continued from page 1)
you are: Cheryl Polak, Donna Hall, Doris Chesser, Larry
Caldwell, Georgette McNally, Lance Thompson, Kendra
Hardy, Bette Kelley, Penny Shannon, Thomas Berry, Cindy
Berry, Kelly Patterson, and Sandy Little.
Texas State USBC allows a maximum of 5 delegates based
on the number of certified bowlers to attend their annual
meeting. Elected to represent Greater Houston were:
Cheryl Polak, Donna Hall, Doris Chesser, Lance Thompson
and Georgette McNally.
The Greater Houston USBC 2011 Annual Meeting is scheduled to take place in the Spring of 2011. We will be recognizing the winners of the GHUSBC Men’s Invitational Championship Tournament and the GHUSBC Women’s Championship Tournament. Elections will be held for the Board of
Directors as follows: Three Officers (1st Vice President, 3rd
Vice President and Sgt-at-Arms) and also, there will be ten
adult director positions and three youth director positions
available. Please mark the date on your calendar now and
plan to join us on April 9, 2011. Until then, we’ll see you on
the lanes!
Page 8
November 2010
The Texas State Senior Games were held in Houston
October 17 - 31 at various venues around the
city. Bowling is just one of the many activities included in this statewide event.
Other activities include archery, badminton, basketball, cycling,
golf, horseshoes, racquetball, shuffleboard, swimming, table tennis, tennis, track & field events, triathlon, volleyball, billiards, dominoes & 42, fencing,
pickle ball, Scrabble, soccer, softball & football
throw, Texas Hold 'em and washers. First, second
and third place medals were awarded to participants
in each event. These events are qualifiers for the
National Senior Games Association Event to be held
in Houston in 2011. Each medalist earned the right
to compete in the National Senior Games next year.
100 Years Old and Still Bowling
Harry Pepper just turned 100 years old in October and
he’s still an active bowler. He has been bowling since
1939. He bowls at Palace Lanes in the Friday Senior
League. His scores the week at his birthday were 168,
155, and 105 for a 428 series. Pepper doesn’t use a 16pound ball anymore; like a lot of bowlers he has
dropped the weight to 12-pounds. He says the “pins
still go down if you hit ’em right”. He bowled in the
Texas State Senior Games last week in the bowling
He recently purchased a 2011 luxury automobile and the salesman tried to sell him an extended warranty which would keep him from paying for repairs
until 2023. Harry decided to save his money and declined the extended warranty.
Do you know these gold medal winners in the doubles competition? Be the first to correctly identify
both bowlers by calling 713-874-1277. Reward not
open to GHUSBCA Board Members or personal
friends of the two bowlers.
Harry lives with his girl-friend who is quite a
bit younger than he; she’s only 85. They have no
plans to marry as he feels he is a little old for that.
He was a three-pack a day smoker, but gave
that up 60 years ago. He gets up in the morning pain
free and eats whatever he wants to. He still has an
occasional Crown and Coke, then admitted it was
more than just occasional.
Greater Houston USBC provides a newsletter which is printed at least twice each year. It is our goal to provide you with more upto-date information about the Houston bowling community monthly rather than twice a year. In order to do this, we are asking that
you help us by e-mailing noteworthy accomplishments at your bowling center. This can include unusual spare pick-ups, such as the
l-7-10, the 5-7-10, 7-8-9, etc. Things such as a triplicate 112 when the bowler’s average is 112, human interest stories, jokes, bowling cartoons, or anything you feel is worth mentioning. We won’t promise we will print everything you send but if we feel it is of
interest to our readers and with space in mind, we will make every attempt to print it. You may email this information to [email protected]
2805 Bagby Street
Houston, TX 77006-2205
President—Donna Hall
1st Vice President—Larry Caldwell
2nd Vice President—Kendra Hardy
3rd Vice President—Lance Thompson
Sgt-at-Arms—Bette Kelley
Cheryl Polak
Tim Anderson
Kim Baird
Ron Baird
Cindy Berry
Tom Berry
Dot Breland
Doris Chesser
Dennis Davis
Robbie Fravel
Ken Fulkerson
Ellen Gilmore
Jim Hollis
Richard Kreger
Georgette McNally
Kelly Patterson
Kathy Phillips
Billy Rector
Jesse Rohde
V. T. Spicer
Gilbert Trevino
Tory Brown
Ashleigh Calcote
Ed Calcote
Susan Hancock
Sandy Little
Dominick Savage
AMF Alpha Bowl—David Mitchell
AMF Clear Lake
AMF Diamond Bowl
AMF Humble—Kyonnie Hordge
AMF Stafford
AMF Willow—Robbie King, Bill Walker
AMF Windfern—Jim Sands
Armadilla Lanes II
Copperfield Bowl
Cougar Lanes (U of H)
Del-Mar Lanes—Helen Cousby
Emerald Bowl
Main Event
Max Bowl North—Neilia Gallien
New Fun Plex
Palace Lanes—Tom O’Dell, Walter Goldston
Ten Pins—Mike McCray
Times Square Entertainment
Tomball Bowling Center—Kathy Nabors
Bob Beck, Margie Rountree, Joe Thompson, Robert “Marty” Martin
If you would like to volunteer at the center where you bowl, please e-mail us at [email protected]

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