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March 2015
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Rocking the
Local coach
prefers baseball to
spotlight of musiclegend lineage
2015 Senior Section Inside!
“It was a miracle,
an absolute miracle.”
Independence, Ohio — Are you long in the tooth or do you have
sensitive teeth? You may have receding gums. In fact, 50 percent of
people have some form of gum recession. A painful surgery was the
only answer, until now. Out of necessity, one dentist is trying to ease
the pain for his patients and millions of others.
Dr. Thomas Bilski,
NE Ohio’s leader in
PST procedure
No surgery, no sutures, all smiles, that’s what Dr. Thomas Bilski wanted for his patients.
“I just didn’t see why dentistry has to have a procedure that hurts so much,” said
Thomas Bilski, DDS; general dentist in Independence, Ohio. So, Dr. Bilski searched for
an alternative and found a new technique called, the Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST).
Conventional gum grafting is painful. Dentists cut and remove tissue from the roof
of the mouth, and then graft it onto the receded gum. Now, Dr. Bilski provides the new
PST procedure that is an almost painless option.
“There’s some recession of the gums that many children and adults suffer with this
unattractive and very sensitive problem.
Maria had the procedure.
“There’s some sensitivity and I do not like the way my gums look,” Maria told Dr.
Dr. Bilski doesn’t cut, but uses a needle to make a small hole above the diseased area.
“We loosen up the gum and drape it down to where it’s supposed to be. Then we
reinforce it with some collagen,” Dr. Bilski explained. There are no grafts, no sutures,
and no incisions needed with the Pinhole Surgical Technique™. It simply involves the
adjustment of the existing tissue.
The pinhole procedure uses a needle, can correct 10 to 14 teeth at once, takes about
20 minutes for up to three teeth, and recovery is less than a day. Traditional surgery
requires two incisions, only corrects one to two teeth at a time, takes almost two hours,
and there’s a three-week recovery. Joyce was one of the first to have it done.
“It was a miracle, an absolute miracle,” Joyce explains and is happy to tell everyone
about her pretty new smile.
It is expected to be a permanent procedure and should not need to be repeated.
As for risks, in the past Dr. Bilski says he has not seen any higher risk with the pinhole
technique than with traditional methods. The cost is comparable to traditional methods and can range from 500 dollars to 1,800 dollars. Right now, Dr. Bilski is the only
dentist doing this procedure, in northeastern and northwestern regions of Ohio and is
one of 500 dentists in the world to have been trained and certified by the inventor of
this technique, Dr. John Chao of Alhambra, CA.
The benefits of the Pinhole Surgical Technique™ are many:
• Less discomfort for the patient after treatment
• Faster recovery for the patient than traditional grafting
• No need for uncomfortable sutures
• No need for scalpels or invasive surgical tools
• No need to take donor tissue from the patient’s palate
• Excellent, natural-looking, long-lasting results
This is an exciting new way to handle a very common problem. Call our
office at 216-524-4410 and schedule a complimentary consultation with
Dr. Bilski.
One Patient at a Time
Healthy Teeth For A Lifetime!
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On Our Cover
Randy Rundgren, 29, brings his baseball skills along with the
surname of his famous musician-father, Todd, to Broadview
Heights. See story on page 4.
In this Issue
3����������� State files motion to dismiss
7����������� ODOT study suggests slower
speeds on SR 82
8����������� Council talks pay raise for mayor,
council members
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10�������� City wants to make downtown
area the center of it all
12�������� District leaders talk classroom
technology, strategic vision, busing
12�������� Calevich looks back on 36 years
14�������� North Royalton contemplates
ECC closure
16�������� Electrify Your Strings concert
benefits orchestra students
Senior Living Section
22�������� The Danbury hits the Heights for
24�������� Ohio CAT continues construction
on company headquarters
26�������� Annual school fundraiser
celebrates silver jubilee
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The BroadView Journal, March 2015
28�������� Dogs, bunnies, birds offer pet
therapy at Harborside
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Robin and Denise Prestien of North Royalton are ready to enjoy
their meal at A Taste of Broadview Heights. Photo by J� Kananian
by Tess Wolfe
An annual fundraiser for the
Broadview Heights Community Foundation gave 462 participants a night
of food, music and fun on Jan� 29� A
Taste of Broadview Heights, sponsored
by the foundation and supported by
Date ______________________________
Tom Fraley (r) of Broadview Heights is about to be served dinner
by Antonio of Giant Eagle. Photo by J� Kananian
the chamber of commerce, raised more
than $10,000�
“It was awesome,” Foundation President Lori Siwik said� “We had 15 great
restaurants; the food was phenomenal�
Everyone I spoke with said this was the
best one to date� People really enjoyed
In its fifth year, a Taste of Broadview
Heights was held at the Al Koran Shriners Temple and included music and
food prepared by popular area eateries�
“We printed 400 tickets and we sold
out,” Siwik said� ∞
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The BroadView Journal, March 2015
State files motion to dismiss MADION case
by Jon Huff
The state is challenging a class-action
lawsuit filed by Mothers Against Drilling
In Our Neighborhoods (MADION)� Ohio
Attorney General Mike DeWine submitted
a motion of dismissal for the group’s case
against Gov� John Kasich and the State
of Ohio� According to the Jan� 8 motion,
DeWine states that MADION, along with
plaintiffs Tish O’Dell, Gerard Volk and Barbara Vonbenken, “failed to allege sufficient
facts to demonstrate that they have standing
to assert any claims�”
Bass Energy and Ohio Valley Energy Systems are also listed as defendants in the case�
“The attorney general of the state, Mike
DeWine, filed a motion to dismiss the case,”
said O’Dell, a co-founder of MADION�
“Again, they are trying to claim we don’t
have any legal standing� They want to block
us from even getting into the courtroom�
And this is the state government that we’re
supposed to go to when we need something
changed� Reading the motion says so much
about what is wrong with the system�”
At the center of the suit, filed Dec� 4 in
Cuyahoga County common pleas court, is
the Broadview Heights Community Bill of
Rights� Voted into city charter during the
Nov� 6, 2012, election, the bill of rights
prohibits new oil drilling in Broadview
Heights among other items�
On June 10, 2014, Bass and Ohio Valley
sued the city over the bill of rights, claiming it denied their right to drill as stated in
Ohio House Bill 278� Judge Michael Astrab
of Cuyahoga County common pleas court
denied the request of MADION, alongside
the city, to intervene as a party defendant�
The case between Bass and Broadview
Heights remains to be settled�
“We want to be on the offensive instead
of the defensive,” O’Dell said� “The state
continues to issue permits that do not take
our law seriously� We were not allowed to intervene [in the Bass case against Broadview
Heights]� They keep trying to keep us out,
but we will keep trying to present our case so
our side can be heard� How can the residents
of the community directly affected not have
In his report, DeWine refers to the suit as
an attempt by MADION to be included in
a case against Bass and Ohio Valley�
“This case must be seen for what it is: an
end run around a denied intervention motion,” DeWine said in the motion�
“No one knows what will happen if a case
The BroadView Journal, March 2015
goes to the courts,” O’Dell said� “It seems
they are fighting tooth and nail to keep this
from getting into the courtroom… The
way [the state] says it, it’s like the people
are interfering with state affairs that don’t
concern them� That kills me� He is talking
about overturning a law that the people of
Broadview Heights passed by 67 percent�
[Oil companies] claim that they have the
right to drill� The drillers get to make that
case but the people aren’t allowed to bring
their case�”
While waiting for the court’s decision
and responses from Bass and Ohio Valley,
O’Dell and MADION are looking at their
next moves if the case is dismissed� O’Dell
believes a continued optimism is needed
despite whatever challenges may come�
“We’re following the court process because
we want to give the court the opportunity to
recognize that we have community rights,
because the court process is supposed to
produce justice,” O’Dell said� “We’re filing
a response to the attorney general’s motion
to dismiss; but, we also recognize that everything is stacked against us� So, like the
other movements in history, the women’s
rights or civil rights movements, we are not
putting all our faith in the courts to make
justice happen� We’re fighting for our community rights� The community decided we
don’t want drilling in our future� If the law
dismisses us, it is unjust law�” ∞
to the
l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l
Resident is appalled by
bird bowling
To the Editor:
In regards to issue February 2015 and
article “BBHHS bowling with the bird
benefits the needy,” I am compelled to
give an opinion� I find it appalling to use
an animal carcass that was meant to be
food as a bowling ball� That animal had
a life once and was a beautiful bird that is
the symbol of Thanksgiving� Hopefully, it
took its beating and became food again�
Louise Fiszer,
Tollis Parkway ∞
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We reserve the right to edit all letters for
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on a single topic submitted multiple times
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Additional copies of the magazine can be purchase for $1.50 each from our main office located
at 4300 W. Streetsboro Rd., Richfield or visit us at to see the magazine online.
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601-D Towpath Trail • Broadview Hts
Local coach brings back baseball fundamentals
with a big name background
by Nancy Hudec
Aspiring young Brecksville-Broadview
Heights baseball players know Randy Rundgren as a coach/instructor at
Broadview Heights Diamond Elite Sports
and the Ohio Elite 11U team baseball
coach� But there is more to Randy Rundgren than meets the proverbial “good eye�”
Rundgren is a former shortstop who
played and won the Hawaii State Championship in 2001, was drafted by the
Kansas City Royals in 2004 and won
“We make things easier
during trying times.”
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the Golden Glove in the North Woods
League in 2008� He is also the son of singer/ songwriter/musician Todd Rundgren
and the stepbrother of actress Liv Tyler�
Other than that, he is just an ordinary
29 year old, catching baseballs and teaching baseball fundamentals to young players and that is just the way he likes it�
“Although I have a framed album of his
on the wall at Diamond Elite, I am not
sure the kids even know who my dad is,”
he laughed�
“Growing up I never really cared that
my dad was a rock star, I pretty much
concentrated on playing baseball,” said
Rundgren� “I followed my older brother
Rex’s lead� He was also a shortstop and
was drafted by the Florida Marlins and
played in the minors for the Colorado
Rockies and L�A� Dodgers,” he said�
When his brother, Rex, began his baseball career, their musician father had to
switch gears�
“My dad never knew anything about
baseball and really studied up on it and
followed my brother’s career,” said Rundgren� “When I started to play, he also kept
track of my career�”
As to how his father’s career influenced
Randy, Rex and their younger brother ReBop, Rundgren said, “I remember we used
to go to some of his shows, but that was
before we moved to Hawaii when I was
11� None of us can sing, but I do think
we all have an ear for music� My brother
ReBop is perhaps the most interested in
music and is doing voice-over work on the
West Coast� Rex is now working with my
dad as a stagehand and is also studying in
Although his brothers are enjoying
the warm weather and abundant sunshine on the West Coast, Rundgren is
happy in Northeast Ohio� No stranger to
changes in season, he was born in New
York, moved to California and eventually settled in Hawaii with his family�
Rundgren left Hawaii to attend Sacramento City College in California where
he competed in a final four tournament
in� After college he continued to work
in the college’s baseball camps before
coming to Ohio�
“My aunt lives in Parma and knew Diamond Elite Sports was just getting started
The BroadView Journal, March 2015
emphasizing things like good form on the
field and good positioning for catching
fly balls� You might say we are remolding
the players so they can play their best,”
he added�
Rundgren said he is also working with
the Walsh Jesuit High School boys baseball team and is enjoying every minute
of it�
“They are a great powerhouse and have
a good coaching staff, which I am happy
to be contributing to,” he said�
As he adjusts to life in Ohio, Rundgren
admitted he is a fan of his new hometown
baseball team�
“I am a long-time fan of the San Francisco Giants, but I have begun to root for
the Indians,” he said� “Omar Vizquel is
one of my all-time favorite players, topped
only by Derek Jeter�” ∞
Nestled down in the valley along
Tinkers Creek Road you’ll find one of
Walton Hill’s hidden gems!
Athlete Randy Rundgren shares his baseball know-how through Diamond Elite
Sports in Broadview Heights. His father
is rock-n-roll musician Todd Rundgren.
Photo by J� Kananian
and told me they were looking for instructors� I contacted them, came out here and
am pleased to be part of an organization
teaching baseball fundamentals to young
players,” said Rundgren�
“Many kids have been taught the wrong
way and have been yelled at or berated in
the past� We are retraining those kids and
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The BroadView Journal, March 2015
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From the desk of
Mayor Sam Alai
It’s winter again in northeast Ohio–
snow, wind chills below zero, snowplows,
salt and some snow days� So far, this has
been a gentler winter than last year, but
we’ve all seen snow in April, so it’s not
over yet� On days when it snows, our road
crews are out around the clock, plowing
and salting roads� When you see them,
please keep a safe distance, both for your
safety and theirs� It’s a tough job� Also, on
days you see the plows out, please move
vehicles off the street� Parking bans are in
effect on those snowy/icy days, but it is
not possible to notify everyone that a ban
has occurred� Unfortunately, sometimes
the weight of the snow being plowed by
the drivers causes damage to mailboxes�
If this should occur, please call City Hall
at 440-526-4357 and request a temporary
mailbox� In the spring, we will install a
new U�S� regulation mailbox�
February also brings Valentine’s Day�
Every year, our Human Services Director
Amy Washabaugh hosts a fantastic party
for our senior citizens� At that event on
Feb� 12, I had the honor of renewing vows
during the annual party, which includes
a free lunch, an afternoon of dancing
and door prizes� Resident Jean Krzywicki
donates a beautiful cake every year and
Creations by Lynn donates the boutonnieres and flowers� The seniors share their
wedding pictures and Dick Jansik takes
beautiful photographs at the party� In addition, the Brecksville-Broadview Heights
Mothers’ Club and local elementary
H r o n e k L aw, L L C
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The Richfield Art Studio - Mini Matisse Classes
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schools make valentines for each senior
resident that attends� This year’s lunch was
sponsored by Generations HealthCare
Management and the Heights� A good
time was had by all�
Finally, one of the most vital and
important aspects of the operation of
any municipality is its finances� Fiscal
responsibility continues to be one of the
main priorities of this administration,
even though it is not often covered by the
media� Broadview Heights has been very
prudent in the way it allocates funds and
we are also very cautious when it comes to
spending the taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars� Because of the sound fiscal policy my
administration has been following for the
past seven years that I have been mayor,
the city has never had a higher general
fund balance at the year’s end than we
have seen for the past few years� Because
of the hard work and fiscal integrity of the
fine people who work for the city, whether
hired or elected, Broadview Heights
continues to be a financially strong and
vibrant city–a place that we are all proud
to call our home town�
As always, I welcome your feedback
about how we are doing� Things continue to progress on many fronts� Every
department works collaboratively on
your behalf, but your input is also valued�
Please feel free to contact me via phone
at 440-526-4357 or via email at sa[email protected]
broadview-heights�org� You can also stop
in during my open hours, which are on
Wednesdays from 4:30-6 p�m� (Check
the website home page for any changes
to open hours�)
Last, let’s hope that March “comes in
like a lion and goes out like a lamb!” ∞
Honor a
Loved One.
ScripType Publishing now offers
In Memoriam notices for families
to share the story of a departed loved
one in a remembrance. Families can
choose from a variety of sizes to
create a customized published eulogy
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Email [email protected] or call
330-659-0303 for more information.
The BroadView Journal, March 2015
City Government
l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l
ODOT study suggests slower speeds on SR 82
by Jon Huff
Jan. 26 council work session
The Ohio Department of Transportation
(ODOT) recommends some changes to
speed limits along state Route 82 between
Broadview Heights and Brecksville� City
Engineer Eugene Esser asked Broadview
Heights City Council to consider ODOT’s
speed zone study�
ODOT sponsored the study, requested
by the cities of Broadview Heights and
Brecksville, in preparation for the Route
82/Interstate 77 improvement project� The
study examined speed zones between Treeworth Boulevard in Broadview Heights and
Highland Drive in Brecksville� As a result
of the study, ODOT suggests reducing the
road speed limit from 45 mph to 35 mph
between Treeworth and I-77� Also suggested
is a reduction of speed from 50 mph to 45
mph between I-77 and Old Royalton Road
and a quarter-mile 35 mph “transition zone”
before reaching the 25 mph stretch through
the center of Brecksville�
Ray Mack, director of public services,
requested council approve the purchase of
a new pump for the Boston Road Pump
Station� The new pump would be a 75 HP
submersible pump to replace a 150 HP
pump rebuilt in early 2014� The new pump
costs $19,980�
“We had some problems with pumps last
year; at that time I took a 150 pump out of
service,” Mack said� “I would like to buy a
second pump and take the other 150 pump
out of service� It is over-designed for our
pump station and less efficient than today’s
equipment� We will keep the old pumps as
The service department is also looking to
buy a new backhoe� The backhoe is priced
at $88,941 from Ohio CAT�
“The backhoe we use now is 21 years old,”
Mack said� “We intend to keep it in service�
With the new backhoe, we will be able to
work on two dig jobs in different parts of
town at once� Currently we have to do one
job at a time�”
Fire Chief Jeffrey Hajek requested to sell
the department’s 2004 Road Rescue ambulance� If approved, the ambulance will be
sold to Highland Hills for a cost of $23,000�
The Broadview Heights planning commission gave final approval to plans for the
Club Motor Estates development� The “car
The BroadView Journal, March 2015
condominium” complex will be done in two
phases� The first phase will modify the existing Al Koran Shriners building on Edgerton
Road with a second phase to construct two
additional buildings on the property�
In other council news, local lawmakers
tabled a resolution to rezone three parcels
of land on Akins Road during its Jan� 20
regular meeting� The parcels would be
rezoned to allow construction of a nursing
home near the intersection of Akins and
Broadview roads� Council members voiced
apprehension over spending public money
on the special election while residents shared
concern about introducing a commercial
zone on a residential street� ∞
Stop in or call
to schedule a
5801 Royalton Rd. N. Royalton
OPEN MON - FRI 6:30am to 6:30pm
Best place to visit!
[email protected]
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As your neighbor, I can assure you the most personal as well as professional service.
City Government
l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l
Council clears backhoe,
pump purchases and
basin repairs
by Jon Huff
Feb. 2 regular council meeting
Broadview Heights City Council
approved the purchase of a new 420F
backhoe from Ohio CAT for the service
department� The department will keep
its current machine, a 416 model with
21 years of service, as a backup�
The Craun Liebing Company will
provide a new pump at the city’s Boston
Road pump station� Council approved an
agreement for the company to replace an
old 150 horsepower pump with a new 75
horsepower pump at a cost of $19,980�
The city will pay J & J Enterprise Services $9,900 for work done on Harris
Road� The company dug a sewer line and
performed sewer repairs for the city at
5093 Harris Rd�
An agreement with Bontrager Excavating will allow channel repairs along Victoria Drive� Bontrager will clean out the
north channel and retention basins and
redirect the south channel� ∞
Council talks pay raise
for mayor, council
April 18
June 13
by Jon Huff
Feb. 9 council work session
After five years of salary freezes,
Broadview Heights City Council discussed the future of pay rates for the positions of mayor and council members�
“Every four years we decide on salaries
for the mayor and city council,” said
Council President Robert Boldt� “What
we have to decide is whether we want
to separate the mayor from the council,
and then what compensation council
will receive�”
According to Boldt, after speaking
with council members outside of the
work session, the general consensus was
to put the mayor on a higher pay scale
than council members, but less than the
police and fire chiefs� To do so, council
created tentative plans for a pay increase
over the next four years� If approved,
The BroadView Journal, March 2015
the mayor’s pay would be increased by
5 percent for 2015-2016, and 4 percent
each year for the following three years�
During the previous pay discussions in
2010, council set the mayor’s pay rate
at $94,227 each year from 2011-2012
through 2014-2015�
“After a five-year freeze [for the mayor’s
pay rate], it’s probably time for an increase,” Boldt said� “I think we need
to make an adjustment where he is the
highest paid [member of council]� Ultimately, he is responsible for everything
that passes through council�”
Councilman Glenn Goodwin questioned making the mayor the highest
paid position�
“In most of the cities around us – Independence, Seven Hills, North Royalton – the mayor isn’t the highest paid
position in the city,” Goodwin said� “In
North Royalton, the mayor has a city a
little over one and a half times our size�”
“But do they have the same amount of
responsibility?” Councilwoman Jennifer
Mahnic asked�
Councilman James Giomini spoke of
the pay rate in a business sense�
“We can’t look at this as the seven
people sitting here,” Giomini said� “We
need to look at the future, as a business
case� I believe a full-time mayor is the
CEO of the city and he should be paid
as such for compensation�”
Council unofficially decided to separate the mayor’s pay rate from that
of council� Under the potential plan,
council will also get a pay increase at a
rate of 3 percent each year for the next
four years� Council plans to finalize the
proposal and vote on it at the Feb� 16
regular council meeting�
City engineer Eugene Esser also asked
council to vote on an agreement with
the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) to resurface Route 82
from Ken Mar Industrial Parkway to
the city’s eastern border� The project is
part of ODOT’s Route 82/Interstate 77
interchange improvement�
The cost is estimated at $1�5 million�
Esser said this is the last piece of legislation needed for the project to move
ahead� If approved, Esser said ODOT
could put the project out to bid by the
end of the month with construction
beginning later this year�
Building Official Michael Skvasik presented council with a plan for the Wiltshire development by Petros Homes as
passed by the city planning commission�
The commission approved a revised lot
split, removing a planned cul-de-sac on
St� Andrews Lane and reducing the lot
plan for St� Andrews and Fairway lanes
by two lots�
Goodwin asked about the number of
approved units for the plans� The plans
originally called for 240 units before revision and the addition of Fairway Lane�
“There were more lots approved on
St� Andrews and fewer lots on Fairway,”
Skvasik said� “Now there are more lots on
Fairway� They changed the configuration
of lots and eliminated the cul-de-sac on
St� Andrews to allow for a stormwater
basin� [The change] is just where the lots
are located�”
Police Chief Michael Vizer asked council to approve the purchase of four 2015
Dodge Charger patrol cars� The cars are
priced at $26,172 each for a total cost
of $104,688�
“It’s again time for the department to
rotate four vehicles out,” Chief Vizer
said� “We would like to rotate our four
HOURS: Mon., Wed., Fri. 10am-6pm | Tues., Thurs. 10am-8pm | Sat. 10am-5pm
12801 State Rd., North Royalton
(Royalwood Centre)
2012 [vehicles] out of service and I ask
permission to replace them with 2015s�”
Vizer also asked council to accept an
Alco-Sensor FST portable breath tester�
The piece of equipment, valued at $540,
was given to the department by University Hospitals as a prize for participating
in a 2014 motorcycle safety program�
No action was taken� Council was set
to vote on the proposals at the Feb� 16
regular council meeting� ∞
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City Government
l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l
City wants to make downtown area the center of it all
Petros development underway
by Nancy Hudec
In 1994, Meijers proposed building a
230,000-square-foot store and separate
gas station on the southwest quadrant of
Route 82 and Broadview Road. Touted as
an economic boon by creating 700 new
jobs and $315,000 in real personal property taxes, the project created a lightening
rod of opinions. Cries of, “there goes the
neighborhood, here comes the traffic,”
were heard throughout the Heights.
Meetings were held, letters were written
and on October 10, 1994, city council
voted against the project.
Two decades later there are no signs of a
Meijers, Target, Walmart or any other big
box retail store on the site. Del Corpo’s
Home and Garden Center is gone from
the corner, the Dairy Queen west of it is
rubble and a new Dunkin Donuts is the
only sign of new life, for now.
Change is coming. Although not on the
same superstore scale, nor mired in the
same controversies, things are a changing.
“This summer the city would like to
build a park on the 1.3-acre plot of land
we own on the southwest corner,” said
Economic Development Director Dave
“We would like it to feature something
unique to Broadview Heights, maybe a
fountain or a clock tower,” he added.
When asked about the 20 to 25 acres of
land further south and west of the park
site, Schroedel said, “There are multiple
land owners involved and while there
has been talk of development, there are
no immediate plans. When the economy
tanked, large developers were not even
considering building in northeast Ohio.
As things have improved, interest has renewed, but while retail developers claim
they like the income levels in Broadview
Heights, they want more density.”
Schroedel said the downtown area
(Route 82 and Broadview Road) has
zoning that allows for higher density. He
said the new Petros’ homes project on the
east side of Broadview Road, off of Town
Center Drive addresses that issue.
According to Sam Petros, “The nineacre property behind existing homes on
Broadview Road and accessible off of
Town Center Drive can accommodate
23 homes. We have one model nearing
completion. Home prices will start right
around $300,000, a good price for being
in the Brecksville-Broadview Heights
school system,” said Petros.
As the Petros’ homes go up on the
southeast side of Broadview Road, a
Broadview Heights Walk-in Urgent Care
will rise from the old Dairy Queen store
rubble. Construction on the 4,000-square
foot center is expected to begin when the
weather breaks.
Schroedel said the one-story building
would be staffed by doctors, making it “a
step above a walk-in clinic at the major
drugstore chains.”
Wi t h t h e c h a n g i n g d ow n t ow n
Broadview Heights landscape, city officials are, according to Schroedel, dedicated to the same ideals that were true
decades ago.
“We want to increase walkability and
connect the area with our city campus,”
he said. ∞
North Royalton board appoints new officers
The North Royalton Board of
Education appointed Anne Reinkober as president of the board. Jackie
Arendt was appointed vice president.
Additionally, the board appointed
Russ Wells as its representative on
the Cuyahoga Valley Career Center
(CVCC) Board of Education.
“We have much to be thankful for
in our district and community as we
begin 2015,” said Reinkober. “I look
forward to working with my fellow
board members in addressing ways
we can continue to inspire and empower our learners, while examining
all of our facility and building issues
so that we may continue offering
the high level of educational excellence our students and community
Wells had been a teacher in the
district for 25 years, as instructor
for advanced woods and metals,
architecture and engineering classes
and other areas of the industrial arts.
Having retired in 2009, he heads his
own business, rehabilitating homes
for Sallie Mae and Freddie Mac, and
works extensively employing individuals in the construction industry.
Wells has experience cooperating
with the CVCC and has directed
camps at the facility for several years.
He has been active in the community
and directed baseball and basketball
The North Royalton Board of Education appointed
Anne Reinkober
as president of the
board on Jan. 12.
Russ Wells was
appointed as its
representative on
the Cuyahoga Valley Career Center
Board of Education.
programs. Wells has been chairman
of the city recreation board for more
than 20 years.
“He brings a real-world understanding of the job market and a hands-on
comprehension of how the CVCC
operates,” Reinkober said.
Committee appointments are as
follows: Business Advisory Council
– John Kelly and Barbara Zindroski (alternate); Policy – Susan Clark
and Anne Reinkober; and Financial
Advisory – Anne Reinkober and Barbara Zindroski (alternate). The Ohio
School Board Association Legislative
Liaison is Jackie Arendt. ∞
The BroadView Journal, March 2015
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OH LIC No. 17411
Brecksville-Broadview Heights School Board
l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l
District leaders talk classroom technology, strategic vision, busing
by Tess Wolfe
Jan. 26 work session and regular meeting
Board President Mark Jantzen turned
the floor over to Superintendent Scot
Prebles to introduce strategic vision proposals for the 2015-2016 academic year. If
approved by the board in coming months,
the proposed changes would result in
$312,000 in expenses and $242,000 in
reductions, leaving a total cost to the
district of $70,000.
Among the elements Prebles covered
were proposed changes in media and
technology for students. He suggested
that software for internal, longitudinal
tracking of students’ academic progress
was merited. Prebles also proposed that,
starting with the 2015-2016 academic
year, each sixth-grade student be assigned
his or her own laptop device, encouraging
student accountability and responsibility,
which would also result in the eventual
integration of assigned laptops from sixth
through twelfth grades. Paired with reducing computer lab use in the schools, this
would not result in increased cost to the
district. It could potentially involve an
increase in specialists and a decrease in
assistants at the media center.
“Technology integration is extremely
important,” Prebles said. “This is a move
toward more personalization, more
responsibility for [students’] own equipment and learning.”
Board members responded with questions regarding the use of the media
center, staffing and coordination of the
equipment and computer labs. Several
board members emphasized that further
discussion would be required prior to any
action on the matter.
Prebles agreed that these proposals
were for further board consideration, but
added, “We believe this is the future…
What we want to do is make it consistent
across the entire school district.”
At the regular meeting, board members
voted unanimously to no longer provide
district school bus transportation to
Brecksville and Broadview Heights students attending St. Ignatius High School.
That would save the district $33,000
annually. According to the Jan. 14 letter Prebles sent to St. Ignatius Principal
Dan Bradesca, six factors identified by
the Ohio Revised Code were considered,
including transportation costs, mileage
and ridership. Morning ridership to the
Cleveland private school averaged four
to eight students, while the afternoon
return trip averaged one to three students.
The BBHCSD will reimburse parents of
St. Ignatius students for transportation
beginning with the next academic year.
Among the staff recommendations approved unanimously by the board was
the retirement of Carla Calevich. The
director of curriculum and instruction
for the school district will retire on June
30, after 36 years of service. The position
will be posted during the second week of
February, she said.
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Other retirements at the end of February include those of BBHCSD bus drivers
Sharon Robinson-Figueroa, after 30 years
of service, and Ellen Sanzo, after 28 years
with the district.
Prior to adjournment, the board unanimously voted to go into executive session. ∞
Calevich looks back
on 36 years
by Michele Collins
Carla Calevich got her first job in the
Brecksville School District as a fourthgrade teacher in 1979. She was hired the
Friday before school started and when
asked if she could get her classroom ready
over the weekend, she didn’t hesitate to
say yes. Thirty-six years later, Calevich has
that same sort of ready-to-go attitude as
she enters a new phase in her life, that of
Effective June 30, Calevich will no
longer go to work in the same district
she has worked in for her entire career.
But she plans to stay active in education
and to continue to help others in her
“It has been an honor and a privilege
to have been at Brecksville-Broadview
Heights for my career. Many people
come to the district and don’t leave and
that is a tribute to what kind of a district
it is and what kind of people work here,”
said Calevich.
“I guess what I will miss most, though,
are the staff and the students. They are the
ones that make it hard to leave.”
Calevich said she is already planning to
stay involved during her retirement.
“I hope to volunteer in the BrecksvilleBroadview Heights community and
with my church. There are many ways to
provide service to our community and I
look forward to doing that,” she said. In
addition, Calevich said she will continue
to stay involved in education, perhaps
through consulting work.
Calevich has a lot of experience to
draw from. In addition to teaching
fourth-grade at Chippewa Elementary,
she taught high school Spanish and
reading at Brecksville Broadview Heights
The BroadView Journal, March 2015
or put up bulletin boards� I just knew
that I wanted to be a teacher and that
has never changed,” she said�
And even after 36 years, Calevich, the
teacher, the principal and the administrator, will continue her quest for lifelong
learning as she moves into this new phase
in her life� ∞
Additions • Basement • Baths
After 36 years in education, Carla Calevich
is still smiling. Photo by J� Kananian
High School� She was then a principal
at Chippewa Elementary and in 2003,
took the position she currently holds as
Director of Curriculum and Instruction
for the district�
A graduate of Villa Angela High
School, Calevich obtained her undergraduate degree in education from John
Carroll University� She received a master’s degree from John Carroll University
and her principal certification from the
University of Akron� She obtained her
doctorate in curriculum and instruction
from Kent State University�
Being in education for 36 years, gave
her a unique perspective� She said she has
seen an entire shift in the way students
learn over her three decades in education�
When she started teaching, she said education centered on students listening to
facts the teacher would review� Today, she
said education is a collaborative system
where technology goes hand-in-hand
with instruction and where students are
encouraged to find the answers themselves in real time�
She added that one of the positives
of today’s education system is that it
encourages lifelong learning–something
Calevich herself has embraced during her
time at BBH school district�
“Being a teacher was my dream since I
was a small child� I had an aunt that was
a teacher and she became a mentor for
me� As young as second or third grade,
I would help my teachers grade papers
The BroadView Journal, March 2015
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north royaLton sChooL Board
l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l
North Royalton contemplates ECC closure
start of the 2015-16 school year� Should
the center close, the district’s preschool
program would be moved to Royal View
Elementary, according to Superintendent Greg Gurka� Kindergarten students
by Judy Stringer
The North Royalton City Schools’ administration and Board of Education are
in discussions to close the Early Childhood Center (ECC) Elementary for the
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would attend one of the three primary
schools – Albion Elementary, Royal View
Elementary, and Valley Vista – based on
where they live�
Gurka presented the idea to board members at the work session on February 5� The
board will discuss the option with more
detailed data and vote on the proposal in
March, he said�
The discussion started when enrollment
data for the 2015-2016 school year showed
the district will be able to reduce elementary staffing through attrition and other
methods, which opens up classrooms to
accommodate the preschool and kindergarten students� A modular unit might be
needed at Royal View Elementary�
Gurka said there are educational and
financial benefits to the closure� For one
thing, kindergarten students will no longer
need to transition out of one building to
another at such an early age�
Students will be in one building for five
years with the added benefit of being in a
school environment surrounded by older
peers and participating in all school assemblies and educational programs, he said�
Preschool and kindergarten students will
also get access to technology and computer
labs and special classes such as art, music
and physical education, at the three school
On the financial side, the district will save
the $103,000 a year it spends to rent the
ECC facility owned by Broadview Heights,
reduce the cost of transporting students
to the ECC and eliminate a number of
positions, such as the building principal�
“We are hoping we are able through attrition, to put everybody in a position in
the district so nobody loses a job, although
it might not be the same position,” Gurka
A press release issued by the district said
Gurka has had a discussion with Broadview
Heights Mayor Sam Alai and Alai supports
the move due to the positive educational
benefits to the children�
“I believe the timing is right,” Gurka said
in the release� “The benefits to moving out
of the ECC, which when started in 2003
was only supposed to be a temporary
situation, and into the elementary buildings next year are numerous and the right
decision�” ∞
The BroadView Journal, March 2015
Silvana DiBiase
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Laundry, 2 1/2 BAs on 1st flr, also MBR/FP, 2 walk-in
closets, lux BA. 2nd Flr: 2nd MBR + 3 BRs. Flr 3: bonus
rm. 9880sf w/fin walkout LL/sauna, more. 4+ car, circulr
drv. Landscpd, cul-de-sac. $1,189,000.
GlenCairn Subdiv. 4 FP’s, solid wd drs, crown moldngs,
sound systm, more. FamRm w/flr to ceilng FP, blt-ins &
windw wall.DinRm, gourmt kit, hearth rm.1st flr laundry,
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hdwd flrs. FamRm/stone wall/FP, carpet ‘10. Eat-in kit/
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Ba, more. Stone wall, custm patio, newly landsacpd,
wooded cul-d-sac lot. Shows like a model. $509,900.
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fixtures, Andersen windws, hi-end electronics &
audio, dual staircs to flr 2 & bsmt.Wrought iron rails/
staircs in 2-story foyr & Grt rm/wall of blt-ins w/FP &
83” TV. DinRm/floatng buffet. Gourmt eat-in kit/SS
appl’s, opens to hearth rm. MBR/Ba on 1.6934sf w/
newly fin. bsmt. Patio, landscpd, culdsac. $789,000.
New ‘14: roof, carpet & fresh paint thru-out. 2-story
foyr/marble flr. Forml DinRm & LivRm. FamRm/FP.
Kitch/walk-in pantry, appl’s stay. Den/blt-in cabs & wd
panelng. 1st flr laundry. 2nd Flr: Loft, 5BRs, MBR/2
walk-in closets, BA. Indr inground pool. 2 staircases
to bsmt w/great rm, more. 3+car side load. Patio,
porch, fenced yrd, circular dr, culdesac. $499,000.
Airy w/gorgeous 2-story foyr & GrtRm/FP, blt-ins,
bar. Gourmt kit/newer granite tops, wd flr, walk-in
pantry. Liv/Hearth rm/FP. BA/shower + dog shower
off laundry on 1. Office/wd flr, wainscot, blt-ins on
1, also MBR/lux Ba, sit area/FP, 2 walk-in closets.
Loft, 2 BRs, Ba up. Beautiful walkout LL/addt’l liv ste.
Sunrm, deck, priv wooded 1.62 acres. $815,000.
Brick front, Pella windws, 6 panel wd drs, extensv
custom moldngs thru-out. 2-story foyr/2-way staircs,
wd flr. Crown moldngs DR, LR & Den/blt-ins,
wainscotng. FR/windw wall, FP. Gourmet eat-in kit/
SS appl’s. MBR w/sit area/FP, lux BA, walk-in closet.
Laundry on 1st. 5979 sf w/fin. bsmt. 3-car side load,
privt landscpd, stampd concrete patio. $499,000.
$650K+ to duplicate. Upgrades & updates. 2-story
foyr & GrtRm/FP, windw wall. DinRm, eat-in kit/custm
cabs, granite, SS appl’s, island, pantry. SunRm/windw
wall, tile flr. 1st flr den & MBR/FP, sit rm, glamr Ba,
walk-in closet/blt-ins. Loft area. 4000 sf w/fin’d bsmt.
Front porch, stamped concrete patio, relaxng views
of pond/golf course, area amenities.
Custom front dr/staircs in 2-story foyr/wd flr. Den/
crown mold, blt-ins. 2-story GrtRm/FP. Din Rm/tray
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walk-in closet.Walk-out LL. Patio/firepit, pro landscpd.
Private lot backs up to conservation area. $447,900.
4 BR/2.2 BA COL., $100K+ IN UPDATES
2-story foyer/dual staircs, ceramic flr. Lg 2-story
FamRm w/windw wall, FP.Formal Liv & Din rms.Den,
laundry, half Ba on 1st. Eat-in kitch/lots of cabints, ctr
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fin. bsmt/media rm, wet bar, garden windws, more.
3-car side load.Wooded cul-d-sac lot, deck.$439,900.
Extensive details. $160K+ in updates since ’06, includng fin’d walkout LL w/separate entrance, FamRm,
office, more. 2-story foyr & GrtRm/windw wall, FP.
Eat-in kitch/custm cabints, granite, SS appl’s, FP, dr
to deck. 1st Flr: MBR/tray ceilng, wd flr, walk-in closet,
glamr BA/custm shower; 2nd BR/BA; laundry. Deck,
27’ heatd pool, pro landscpd 1.68 acres. $439,000
Custom blt, 9’ ceilngs on main lvl. Foyer/hdwd flr.
Formal Liv & Din rms. Kitch redone ’12, Kraftmaid
cherry cabints, SS appl,s, quartz tops, ceramic flr,
bar. FamRm/FPlc. All BA’s redone ’11, includng mstr
BA/Jacuzzi & shower off lge MBR/14’ cathedrl ceilng.
4675sf w/fin’d bsmt ’05, theatre rm, bar, much more.
Wooded lot, deck. Country lakes amenities. $424,900.
10’ ceilngs & Pella windws w/transoms on 1st. 2-story
foyr/wrought iron staircs. Formal DinRm, Bulter’s
pantry, Kitch/granite, island, SS appl’s, dr to coverd
deck/views of golf course & pond. GrtRm/windw wall,
FP. MBR/Ba w/Jacuzzi, shower, walk-in + wall closet.
Loft/Den w/wall of blt-ins. Pro landscpd, patio, front
porch. Extended 3-car. Area Amenities. $419,900.
Area amenites & breathtaking views. Blt ’07, owner
invested $440K+.2-story foyr/wd flr.Fam Rm/cathedrl
ceil, windw wall, FP, open to bar/wine cooler, refrig,
also custm cabs, granite, wd flr in bar & Kit/hi-end SS
appl’s, island. DinRm/wd flr opens to patio. Laundry
& MBR/vault ceil, dr to patio, glamr Ba, walk-in closet
on 1. New fin’d 14 course LL ’10.
The BroadView Journal, March 2015
Open flr plan, 9’ ceilngs on 1. 2-story foyr/wd flr. Den/
French drs on 1st & laundry. LivRm opens to formal
DinRm. Kitch/custm cabints, granite countrs, island,
pantry, wd flr. FamRm/custm FP. Mstr BR/cathedrl
ceilng, glamr Ba/jacuzzi tub, lge walk-in + dbl closet.
Fin. bsmt/huge GrtRm + storage. 2+car + xtra crt yrd
parkng. Landscapd, custm tiered deck. $359,900.
2-story foyr/marble flr. Formal Din & Liv rms/vault ceil,
wd flr ’11. Eat-in Kit/cherry cabs, island, ’14 dishwashr
& SS refrig, wd flr. FamRm/FP, bar, sliders to lge deck.
Laundry + Den/BR w/Ba on 1. MBR/lux Ba, walk-in
closet. Carpet 11/14 in 3BRs up, hall, stairs. ’11 C/
Air, ’09 roof. 3986 sf w/fin. LL. Wooded, landscpd on
culdesac. 3-car side ld. Area amenities. $349,900.
Custm blt w/many updates past 5 yrs. 2-story foyr/
ceramic flr. Liv rm/bay windw opens to din rm. Kit/
island, custm cabs, pantry & dinette area opens to
FamRm w/FP, windw wall. Den/wd panelng & laundry
on 1st. Mstr ste w/coffered ceilng, 2 walk-in closets,
glamr Ba. 4180sf w/fin. bsmt. Deck, screened gazebo,
view of pond & privt backyard.
Pine Valley Care Center
openings for experienced STNA’s to join our
highly professional and caring staff!
We do 12 hour shifts, 7 - 7!
CominG events
l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l
We have
the following
orchestra students
by Full
Kay Kerezy
is coming� 3
Time•Day shift 7am-7pm,
a Orchestra
week DiAlthough the Brecksville-Broadview
rector Jennifer O’Neal is bringing Mark
Heights orchestras have branched out
Wood and Bridgid Bibbens, from Transfrom a traditional, all classical-music style
Siberian Orchestra fame, to the middle
Our dynamic and supportive working environment offers a
from time to time, a unique experience
school for two concerts�
family-friendly atmosphere and an excellent benefits package
for full time associates:
STNA - State Tested
Nursing Assistants
• Medical, dental and vision coverage
• Group life insurance
Pine Valley Care Center currently has
• Short term disability
openings for experienced STNA’s to join our
• 401K retirement plan
highly professional and caring staff!
• Paid vacation
We do 12 hour shifts, 7 - 7!
Pine Valley Care Center
• Personal and sick days for part time
employees, as well 6 paid holidays,
have the following STNA positions available:
• Andhave
much more!
the following STNA positions available:
Full Time • Day shift 7am-7pm, 3 days a week
Have: and supportive working environment offers a family-friendly
7am-7pm, 3 days a week
• High School
or GED benefits
an excellent
package for full time associates:
• STNA Certification in state of Ohio
dental and vision
•• Newly
•• Must
a good
Must Have:
• High
School diploma oroffers
GED equivalent
• STNA Certification in state of Ohio
• Short term disability
atmosphere and an excellent
benefits package
• Newly Certified welcome
If• you
for plan
excellence, come join
good work history
our World Class team of employees in
• Personal and
sick days
for part
dignity If you strive for excellence, come join our World
• Medical,
as well 6 paid
our residents!
•• Group
Class team of employees in providing World
And much more!
• Short term disability
Class care with dignity to our residents!
• 401K retirement plan
Please send resume to [email protected]
• Paid vacation
or part
to 330-659-2944
• Personal and sick days for
employees, as well 6 paid holidays,
tuition reimbursement,
• And much more!
Come See Us For
A Nice Smile and
Healthy Teeth & Gums
Must Have:
• High School diploma or GED equivalent
• STNA Certification in state of Ohio
• Newly Certified welcome
• Must have a good work history
Kind, knowledgeable
and caring doctor
and staff, providing skilled and gentle
If you strive for excellence, come join
our World Class team of employees
in in a comfortable environment.
providing World Class care with dignity
Complimentary Consultations & Second Opinions
to our residents!
Please Call
[email protected]
Offer for New
or fax to 330-659-2944
Mark Kozlowski, DDS
• Comprehensive Exam
• Cleaning
• All Necessary X-Rays
• Personal Consultation (a $234 Value)
with Dr. Kozlowski
1000 W. Wallings Rd., Suite D
Broadview Hts., Ohio 44147
(Wallings & Broadview Road)
[email protected]
Mark Wood from the Trans-Siberian
The Electrify Your Strings (EYS) program, created by Wood, has Wood and
Bibbens facilitating workshops with the
middle school and high school orchestra
students� On Saturday, March 7, at 6
p�m�, the middle school orchestra will perform in concert, with Wood and Bibbens�
The high school students will perform
with Wood and Bibbens at 8 p�m� The
concerts give the students an opportunity
to showcase their newly acquired talents
from the EYS program�
O’Neal wanted to bring something different to the students, because, she said,
“Music is, and should be, an extension
of ourselves that not only expresses who
we are but can also express the current
world we live in� EYS gives our students
an opportunity to share 21st century ideas
in music education and they will have a
blast being a part of it�”
A supporter of public education, Wood
created the EYS program because, he said,
“We saw an important opportunity as
professional musicians to give back, that’s
our initial instinct�”
The program has many goals; one is to
introduce technology and incorporate a
wide variety of styles� Wood said he does
not want to replace classical music but
augment it� His style, he said, compliments the curriculum that teachers have
been using for 400 years�
Another goal is to elevate music proThe BroadView Journal, March 2015
grams so they are equal with academic
and athletic programs� “Music stimulates
brain activity and the grades of a child in
school,” he said� We try to send messages
out to the communities, parents, and
administrators that music programs are
critically important� Less than ten percent
of public schools have string programs
and it’s shrinking�”
A New York native, Wood’s mother
graduated from Oberlin Conservatory�
He said, “She had four boys in four years
and was determined to have a string
quartet�” The brothers performed in a
quartet� Afterward, Wood said, he would
go home and listen to Led Zeppelin and
the Beatles� He said he did not initially
understand that the music he loved could
be fused with his classical training�
Wood was given a full viola scholarship
to Juilliard at age 15� Instead of pursuing
classical music in a traditional way he
sought to try new things� He switched
to the violin and in addition to being a
founding member of the Trans-Siberian
Orchestra, Wood said, “I invented the
first electric violin� The violin, viola, and
cello world had not changed in 400 years
until I came along� I am still the only
person in the world still pursing this� We
are celebrating 25 years and all the famous
electric violinists play our instruments�”
The EYS program also introduces new
concepts of expression and connecting
with the kids of today who are completely
connected to their technology� “Computers, iPhones and iPads, have changed our
society in the world dramatically,” Wood
said� “If we don’t incorporate new styles
and new types of learning we will struggle
with relevancy in our school programs�”
The workshops promote empowerment
and support� “Since music is an elective,
recruitment and retention is important
to keep kids connected to musical instruments,” he stated� He said his belief is
that the mind, body and soul are critically
important to creative expression and his students learn that message through the music�
At each concert a four-string Electric
Stingray Violin, created by Mark Wood,
will be raffled off� Raffle tickets are
$3 each or four for $10� All proceeds
from the concert and raffle benefit the
middle school and high school orchestras� Concert tickets, $15 each or $25
for both shows, can be purchased at
bit�ly/BBHEYStickets�com or for willcall tickets, email O’Neal at [email protected]
bbhcsd�org� ∞
The BroadView Journal, March 2015
Summe r
P r o g r a ms
at Lawrence School
Enhance Skills
Have Fun
Explore! Create!
Make New Friends
Build Confidence
For program details, visit
[email protected]
nReady, Set,
Kindergarten Readiness
Prepare your child for a successful
kindergarten experience, and
start building skills that support
requirements under the 3rd
Grade Reading Guarantee!
nLions Leap
Academic Enrichment
Grades 1-6
Experience academic success
and reinforce organizational
skills. Supports requirements
under the 3rd Grade Reading
nCubs Camp
Summer Fun for
Grades 1-6
Cubs Camp is all about FUN!
Get active, explore, create
and play.
June 15 - July 10
Lower School
1551 E. Wallings Road
Broadview Heights, OH 44147
The Grass Is Always Greener...
When You Call Us.
• Weekly Lawn Maintenance •
• Complete Installation
• Patios, Pavers & Retaining Walls
• Landscape Renovations
• Lawn Seeding & Sodding
• Irrigation Systems
• Landscape Lighting
• Lawn Maintenance
• Landscape Design
• Mulching
Quality, Reliable Service
Over 20 Years in Business
Call Today For A Free Estimate or Lawn Analysis s 330-460-6078
Kern Landscaping Co.
Personalized Landscape Care
CominG events
l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l
Fridays in Lent
St. Joseph Fish Fry
Walleye, baked scrod, fried shrimp,
“krab” cakes, fried clams and pierogies are
the featured entrees at St� Joseph Church
Friday Fish Fry during Lent� Lunch from
11:30 a�m�-1 p�m� is $7�50� Dinner is 4-7
p�m�, for $9�
Carryout is available� St� Joseph Church
is at 8111 Brecksville Rd�, Brecksville� For
more information call 440-526-1818 or
440-526-0016� ∞
Feb. 27 and 28
Spotlights’ 2015 Cabaret
Series: ‘Mike and Mary’
The Broadview Heights Spotlights’ 2015
Cabaret Series continues with local musical duo, “Mike and Mary�” Mary Osburn
lends her voice to songs from the American
Songbook, accompanied by Mike Elkins
on piano� The evening will feature songs
by legendary composers, such as the Gershwins, Irving Berlin and Harold Arlen�
Performances are Friday, Feb� 27, and
Saturday, Feb� 28, at 7 p�m� Doors open
at 6:30 p�m� Tickets are $7� By special
arrangement with the Broadview Heights
City Council, audience members are
invited to bring a bottle of wine to enjoy�
The theater will provide light food, nonalcoholic beverages and glassware�
For reservations visit broadview-heightsspotlights�org or call 440-526-4404� ∞
March 1-31
Power of Women
Experience the Power of Women at
Brecksville Center for the Arts gallery
during March� The mission of the show
is to promote artwork created by women�
Many local residents will be represented�
Exhibition dates are Sunday, March 1
through Saturday, March 28� Brecksville
Center for the Arts is at 8997 Highland Dr�
Gallery hours are Tuesdays and Wednesdays,
9:30 a�m� -3:30 p�m�; other times by appointment� For more information, call 440526-6232 or visit [email protected]�org� ∞
March 1
Baldwin Wallace Brass Choir
Brecksville United Church of Christ will
host a free concert featuring the Baldwin
Wallace Brass Choir� Under the direction of John Brndiar, the ensemble will
perform works by Hindemith, Reynolds,
Nelhybel, Lendvay and others� A free-will
offering will be received� A light reception
will follow the program� The concert is
Sunday, March 1, at 4 p�m� ∞
March 7
Heights Preschool Mothers’
Club spring consignment sale
The Brecksville-Broadview Heights Preschool Mothers’ Club semi-annual consignment sale will feature gently used clothing,
books, toys, baby equipment, furniture,
bedding, bikes and other outdoor toys� At the
conclusion of the sale, pre-selected low-income
families can shop the sale for free� Remaining
merchandise will be donated to local charities�
The consignment sale is Saturday, March
7, 8 a�m�-12 p�m�, Brecksville-Broadview
Heights Middle School, 6376 Mill Rd�
Early bird admission is $5 per person� After
9 a�m� admission is $1�∞
MORE Events, MORE Information,
MORE Broadview Journal!
Now you don’t have to wait a month
to get the events and information
Broadview Journal has to offer.
Our website brings the latest right to
your computer, tablet or smartphone.
Your Source for Community News
March 14
Heartbeats team show
The Heartbeats jump rope team and
its junior team, the Beats, will perform a
community show, displaying competition
and performance routines� The Heartbeats
participated in the 2008, 2009 and 2013
Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parades�
The performance is Saturday, March 14,
7 p�m�, at the Revere High School gymnasium, 3420 Everett Rd�, Richfield� All are
welcome� Admission is free, but donations
will be accepted� For additional information
contact coach Pam Evans at 440-227-9797
or [email protected]�com� ∞
March 19
Student job fair at CVCC
Area businesses and nonprofit organizations will interview students for parttime/seasonal employment and volunteer
opportunities at the Cuyahoga Valley
Career Center (CVCC) student job fair�
All students who will be age 16 or older by
summer are invited to attend� The event
is free to students�
The student job fair is Thursday, March
19, from 3:30-5:30 p�m� at CVCC, 8001
Brecksville Rd�, Brecksville�
Information, including a list of participating businesses and organizations, is available
on CVCC’s website, cvccworks�edu�
Employers and organizations with positions available for students ages 16+ are
invited to participate� Employers can register at cvccworks�edu, or contact Nanci
Coleman at [email protected]�edu
for additional information� ∞
March 21
Bee Athletic Boosters March
Madness Party
The Bee Athletic Boosters March Madness party features a silent auction, raffles,
games and more� One lucky winner will
go home with a 32-inch smart TV�
The party is Saturday, March 21, 7
p�m� to midnight, at St� Sava Church
Event Center, 2151 Wallings Rd�,
Broadview Heights� The $35 ticket
includes dinner, beer, soda and fun�
To order tickets visit beesboosters�org/
tailgate-party� ∞
The BroadView Journal, March 2015
March 21
Band, orchestra and choir
boosters pancake breakfast
The boosters groups of the BrecksvilleBroadview Heights High School band,
orchestra and choir have joined forces to
hold the first Music in Our Schools Pancake
Breakfast. The five-hour fundraiser is Saturday, March 21, 8 a.m.-1 p.m., BBH High
School cafeteria, 6380 Mill Rd.
There will be musical performances by
BBH High School, Middle School and
Central School musical groups/ensembles,
starting at 9:15 a.m.; raffles; vendors; photo
booth; and pancake and sausage breakfasts.
Monies raised will help repair and replace
the high school auditorium sound system.
Tickets are $8 per person; $5 for seniors
and children 12 and under. To-go orders are
available 8 a.m.-noon. All are welcome. For
tickets visit ∞
March 28
Nordonia Hills Preschool
Parents Group babies and
kids consignment sale
Nordonia Hills Preschool Parents
Group annual “everything baby and kids
consignment sale” will include strollers,
furniture, toys, games, books, children’s
clothing, maternity clothing and more.
Credit cards and cash will be accepted.
The sale is Saturday, March 28, 9 a.m.noon, at the Nordonia High School cafeteria, 8600 S. Bedford Rd., Macedonia.
Early bird admission is $3 from 9-10
a.m. and $1 from 10 a.m.-12 p.m. A $5
bag sale and 50 percent off large items is
12:30-1:30 p.m. For more information
visit ∞
Save the Date – 2014
MAY 9 - Brecksville Women’s Club
Fashion Show
To have your future event included on
this list, email a one-sentence date and
title to [email protected]
Cheryl Wiegand Schroer
Realtor; ASP, CRS, GRI, e-Pro
Beyond 2000
Consistent Top Producer since 1986
3505 E. Royalton Rd. Suite 125
Broadview Hts., OH 44147
Brecksville $439,000
Country Woods Colonial on cul de sac with private back yard. 4 BR 2.5 Baths. Over 3400 SF.
Family rm with fireplace & wet bar. Large deck. 3
car garage. Partially finished bsmt. MLS#3679317
North Royalton $239,900
Ranch with 3 Bedrooms. 2 full & 2 half
baths. Family rm with fireplace. All appliances to stay. MLS#3677302
Seven Hills $275,000
Five year young Colonial with 4 bedrooms and
3.5 baths. Kitchen w/island & morning rm. Hardwood in family rm w/fireplace. Finished LL w/full
bath. Call today. Priced below duplication.
Seven Hills $349,900
Former Ryan Colonial model. So many upgraded features. 4 BR 3.5 baths. Over 4000
SF with finished lower level. MLS#3662309
Brecksville $299,900
Colonial on almost 3 acres. Family rm w/fireplace and addition w/wood stove. Newer
furnace and air. Trex wrap around deck.
North Royalton $79,900
Over 2 acres in the Metro Parks. Build your
dream home. Utilities at street. Septic approved. MLS#3612996
The BroadView Journal, March 2015
Rocky River
Cluster home. Over 3700 SF on private wooded lot.
1st fl master. Kitchen w/granite & top of the line appliances. Gas cooktop, double oven, & subzero. Finished walk out LL. Loads of upgrades.
Broadview Hts. $321,900
Colonial 4 BR 2.5 Baths. Over 3000 SF.
Kitchen w/island, breakfast bar and morning room. Unfinished walkout basement.
Direct: (440) 897-7771 • Fax: (440) 551-7343
Broadview Hts $167,900
Brick Bungalow on park-like setting. 4 bedrooms & 3 full baths. Updated kitchen & baths.
Finished LL. Newer furnace, windows, electric,
roof, & air. Absolutely adorable. Call today!
Broadview Hts. $539,000
Custom built Petros in Wiltshire. 1st fl master
w/ sitting room and fireplace. Guest bedroom
up with full bath. Finished LL with guest
suite, fireplace, and wet bar. MLS#3674537
Sagamore Hills $139,900
Ranch 3 BR 2 full baths on over 1 acre.
Walk to hiking and bike trails. Furnace, air,
electrical 10 yrs. MLS#3667671
Valley View $58,900
Build your dream home on over a half acre.
Ideal lot for walkout basement. Call today
for more details. MLS#3668114
[email protected] •
reGionaL events
l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l
Countryside U: Countryside Conservancy
is offering classes focused on deep-pantry
skills like cheese-making and bread-making
through its educational program, Countryside U, for beginners who want to explore
something new. On March 24, learn to make
bread at home in a class taught by expert
Kathy Lehr. On March 28 explore various
starter cultures including kefir, sourdough,
and kombucha Countryside in a class by
“Fermentation on Wheels,” Visit or contact Heather Roszczyk at [email protected] ∞
Kids Closet: Strongsville Early Childhood
PTA will host its Kids Closet resale event, on
Saturday, March 21, 8 a.m.-12 p.m. at Strongs-
Affordable Progressive
Veterinary Care
In-House Bloodwork
Laser Surgery
Orthopedic Surgeries
Advanced Diagnostics
Full Dentistry
Cruciate Repair
Digital X-Ray
Senior Wellness Program
ville High School, 20025 Lunn Rd. Table Sales:
early bird before Feb. 15: $15 SECPTA member, $20 non-member; after Feb. 15: $20
SECPTA member, $25 non-member. Register
at Admission is $5 before 9 a.m.;
$1 after. Contact [email protected] ∞
Kids resale event: The Independence Primary School PTO will host a Spring Kids Resale on
Saturday, March 28 at the Independence Middle School, 6111 Archwood Rd., from 8 a.m.12 p.m. Early bird sale begins at 8 a.m. with
$5 admission and the general sale at 9 a.m.
with $1 admission. It includes gently worn
clothing, sizes newborn to 14/16, baby gear,
car seats, strollers, small furniture, toys, books,
games and sports equipment for sale . ∞
The Personal Trainers
The Fountain of Youth
for Baby Boomers!
Appointm !
2909 Center Rd. • Brunswick OH
NO monthly fees.
Brecksville Office
Throughout history, explorers have searched for the
fabled Fountain of Youth. The promise of taking a simple
drink to defy the aging process is certainly attractive! Unfortunately, such a pool probably only exists in our childlike
imaginations. That doesn’t mean we are doomed to fall
apart. There are a few ways that we can instigate control to
help our bodies age more gracefully.
A resistance-training program can add precious muscle
back to your frame and increase overall strength. Strength
training over a period of time can prevent bone loss, which
helps conditions such as osteoporosis. Weight training also
protects joints that are affected by arthritis.
franchise fees.
NO monthly
NO monthly fees.
Many ailments that are often attributed to “old age” are
minimum penalties.
NO franchise
actually the result of poor fitness. By making sound nutri-
NO monthly
franchise fees.
tious choices, you can ward off conditions such as high
blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol. Fruits and
NO minimum
annual commission
vegetables contain many vitamins and minerals that our
NO franchise
NO fees.
minimum penalties.
NO annual commission
NO minimum
annual commission rollbacks.
8185 Brecksville Road
NO annual commission rollbacks.
Learn more about
the Stouffer Family of Realtors®
Realtor® Sales Manager
Realtor® Sales Manager
[email protected]
Sales Manager
[email protected]
[email protected]
Serving All Your
Real Estate Needs
bodies need to function. They also contain powerful antioxidants, which boost your immune system and improve your
We often hear that as we get older our metabolism slows
down, but what truly slows down? We do! As kids, we run
around the yard and have endless amounts of energy. Then
we get busy with a family and job where we sit for most
of the day. By getting in planned, regular exercise you can
increase your energy and improve your endurance so that
you can actually keep up with the little bundles of joy when
they’re around…at least until you have to give them back!
Fitness Together
8251 Chippewa Rd., Brecksville
Call Today for a Free Consultation
The BroadView Journal, March 2015
Relay for Life of
Cuyahoga Valley
prepares for 2015 event
Relay For Life of Cuyahoga Valley,
which includes participants from North
Royalton, Broadview Heights and Brecksville is building momentum for their
2015 event to help the American Cancer
Society� The leadership team is holding a
coffee and cookies night on Wednesday,
Feb� 25, at 7-8:30 p�m� at the North
Royalton City Hall meeting room, 14600
State Rd� Leaders will talk and answer
The Relay For Life event is Friday, June
5, at the Broadview Heights Recreation
Center fields, from 6 p�m� to midnight�
The theme is a birthday party, since Relay
For Life is celebrating its 30th “birthday�”
Several local fundraising events have
already raised over $1,300 for this year’s
relay� For example, team “Hope Springs
Eternal” is holding a Wing Ding fundraiser at the 3 Spot, 13855 Ridge Rd�,
North Royalton, on Sunday, March 8,
from 5-8 p�m� For tickets or information,
call team co-captains Ken and Chris at
Joelle Kluck is the Community Manager
for Relay For Life of Cuyahoga Valley� For
more information visit RelayForLife�org/
CuyaValley� ∞
Giggles and Grins
Rebecca Kucera, DDS
Board Certified Pediatric Dentist
Applying for Food Bank
benefits is easy
The Cleveland Foodbank has a benefit
outreach program to make the application process quick and easy� The outreach
program provides assistance for more
than 20 programs, including SNAP (food
assistance, formerly called Food Stamps),
prescription benefits, child care vouchers,
WIC and medical coverage�
Foodbank benefit counselors help people through the application process over
the phone� Those not receiving SNAP
are encouraged to call the foodbank to
determine eligibility, which is based on
monthly income and expenses including
medical, rent and utilities� Assistance is
available for seniors, students, families,
full-and part-time workers, unemployed
and those 18 years or older, struggling to
make ends meet�
For additional information call the
Cleveland Foodbank at 216-738-2067,
10 a�m�-4 p�m� ∞
The BroadView Journal, March 2015
Celebrate Children’s Dental Health Month
New Patients Enjoy a Free Exam or $25 family credit
with mention of this ad!
9075 Town Centre Drive, Suite 130
Broadview Hts., OH 44147
ing our 5th Gene
2 16 - 5 2 4 -1413
We are right in your neighborhood!
150 E. Sprague Rd - Broadview Hts.
We Always
10% Discount for
New Customers and Seniors
No Trip Charge*
*With work performed
OH License #26224
Business Update
l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l
The Danbury hits the Heights for seniors
by Nancy Hudec
Cuyahoga Falls has two Danburys.
Wooster, Westerville, North Canton,
and Columbus each have one Danbury
and Alliance is getting one. Not to be
left out, Broadview Heights will also get
one this fall.
Danburys are senior living facilities for
those needing assistance, independent living and/or memory care. The Broadview
Heights Danbury is being built on the
west corner of Broadview and Akins
Roads. The two-story, 101-unit building
by Lemmon and Lemmon of Canton,
should be completed in October.
“How long it takes after completion
before we are state licensed, is not clear,”
said William Lemmon. “It is generally
a one-to three-month process, but my
understanding is that the state is attempting to shorten that and make it a ten-day
If the procedure is shortened, it is likely,
said Lemmon, that the facility will accept
residents before year’s end.
Lemmon, who founded the Danburys
with partner Robert J. DeHoff, said, “I
began in the building business 50 years
ago and went into senior housing sixteen
years ago.”
In those 16 years, Lemmon has built
six Danburys that he said are, “without
entrance, endowment or up front community fees.”
There is a $1,000 deposit for application
that is, he said, “significantly different
than many other senior living facilities.”
As to what kind of living seniors can
expect at the Danbury of Broadview
Heights, Lemmon was quick to say, “the
best of everything.”
The best being a movie theater, spa,
beauty salon, fireplace lounge, fitness
area, private dining facility, craft room
and bright modern living suites.
With 101 suites, the Broadview Heights
facility is neither the smallest nor the
largest of the Danburys. “We have 43unit facilities and 135-unit facilities,”
Lemmon said.
The Danbury senior living facility at
corner of Broadview and Akins roads
should be completed in October. Photo
by J. Kananian
“We chose to come to Broadview
Heights and were given the full cooperation of the mayor and Dave Schroedel,
the economic development director. We
will be creating 100 to 110 jobs,” he said.
Schroedel noted, “We were pleased to
get the Danbury and especially like the
fact that they build and manage their
He added that there is room and plans
for a 30-unit expansion off the back end
of the building. ∞
(440) 237-1777
• Furnaces
• Boilers
• Oil Furnaces
• Humidifiers
• Air Cleaners
• Heat Pumps
• Air Conditioners
Ask About Rebates
& Utility Incentives
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Coupon must be presented at time of sale.
Cannot be combined with other advertised
sales. Prior sales excluded. Expires 3-31-15.
Coupon must be presented at time of sale.
Cannot be combined with other advertised
sales. Prior sales excluded. Expires 3-31-15.
100 OFF
The BroadView Journal, March 2015
Thank you for making us the #1 Home Seller
in Brecksville & Broadview Heights in 2014!*
Visit us at or Howard Hanna Brecksville Office on Facebook
6589 Glen Coe Drive
4 BR/2 full, 1 half BA Colonial
Jeannie Tavrell 440-785-9177
6644 Hidden Lake Trail #E4
2 BR/2 full BA Condo
Pat Davidson 216-789-0799
9700 Highland Drive
4 BR/2 full, 1 half BA Colonial $509,900
Jody Gillombardo 440-591-2984
Karen Leheney 440-476-2422
9402 Kings Court
4 BR/3 full, 1 half BA Colonial
Suzanne Lambert 440-364-4545
9303 Snowville Road
3 BR/1 full BA Ranch
Jeannie Tavrell 440-785-9177
8777 Breckenridge Oval
4 BR/2 full, 1 half BA Colonial
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8337 Eastwood Drive
3 BR/2 full BA Ranch
Gina Grassi 216-952-9078
1860 Hickory Lane #25
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3097 Osage Way
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8263 Stratford Road
2 BR/2 full BA Ranch
Jeannie Tavrell 440-785-9177
10322 Wildflower Way
3 BR/2 full, 1 half BA Colonial
Suzanne Lambert 440-364-4545
9485 Woodchip Lane
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4 BR/3 full, 1 half BA Colonial
Diane Joeright 216-390-0127
11421 Villa Grande Drive
4 BR/4 full BA Colonial
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17359 Waterbridge
4 BR/3 full, 2 half BA Colonial
Diane Joeright 216-390-0127
9481 Yvonne Drive
4 BR/2 full, 1 half BA Tudor
Debbie Mottl 216-215-7542
7645 Oakwood Drive
4 BR/1 full, 1 half BA Ranch
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1967 Yorkshire Drive
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3273 Fox Run Drive
3 BR/2 full, 1 half BA Contemporary
Joyce Martin 440-237-0024
13401 Carpenter Road
3 BR/2 full, 1 half BA Colonial
Debbie Mottl 216-215-7542
13000 York Blvd.
3 BR/1 full, 1 half BA Cape Cod
Karen Leheney 440-476-2422
Home Values on the Rise!
National and local forecasts indicate home values will climb throughout 2015.
Currently, the demand for housing exceeds the inventory of homes for sale, so
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*This representation is based in whole or in part on residential sales data supplied from the Northern Ohio Regional Multiple Listing Service from 1/1/14 – 12/31/14
in the communities of Brecksville and Broadview Heights. Data supplied by the MLS may not reflect all sales activity in the marketplace. Statistics as of 1/7/15.
The BroadView Journal, March 2015
Business update
l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l
Ohio CAT continues construction on company headquarters
by Jon Huff
The scene is fitting� Construction is
underway on a company that deals in
construction equipment� The headquarters of Ohio CAT is in the middle of a
$25 million expansion� When complete,
the structure will contain more than
140,000 square feet of housing offices
and company operations�
“It is well under construction,” David
Schroedel, Broadview Heights director
of economic development, said� “Phase
1 was completed last year� They are currently working on Phase 2, building on
the front of the structure, adding more
office space, area for meeting rooms,
lunch rooms, training rooms�”
According to Ohio CAT President Ken
Are you tired of your old cabinets? Has cabin fever set in
already? Do you feel the desire to spruce up your kitchen or
bathroom? We at Freedom Design Kitchen & Bath invite you to
get out of your house and stop into one of our three beautiful
showrooms to inspire your kitchen or bathroom dreams.
Visit our Brand New Stow Shrowroom to view the latest and
greatest Kraftmaid Cabinetry and Cambria Quartz has to offer.
Stop in to one of our three locations
or visit us on the web
4944 Neo Parkway
Garfield Hts., OH 44128
Phone: (216) 587-7010
11683 Royalton Road
North Royalton, OH 44133
Phone: (440) 877-9464
State of the Art Showroom
3500 Hudson Drive
Stow, OH 44224
Phone: (330) 929-1705
Taylor, the construction was planned
in two stages� The first phase, completed late 2013, expanded space for
offices, technical training and support
operations� Now in progress is Phase 2,
to build meeting room space and conference space and prepare for company
operations being moved to Broadview
Heights� A familiar face in the city, the
expansion is something of a facelift�
“The facility opened in 1971,” Taylor
said� “We needed to update into a more
current building for a more comfortable
work environment� We also wanted more
physical space for collaborative work�
The building had a lot of space defined
as office space, but we didn’t have a lot
of meeting space� Our rental business
is located in Oakwood Village� We
will bring that to Broadview Heights,
which will bring additional people over�
We need to create office space for that
group� By bringing the rental business
to Broadview, we need to improve the
traffic patterns and flow� We also have
our agriculture business, Ohio Ag Equipment, and we are building headquarter
space for that division to operate out of
Broadview Heights�”
Expansion comes as business grows for
the company� Ohio CAT sells Caterpillar
equipment throughout Ohio, northern
Kentucky and southeastern Indiana�
“Our business has been driven by the
oil and gas markets in eastern Ohio along
with heavy highway road construction,”
Taylor said� “Strong numbers in a decent
market have driven sales�”
Job creation is expected with the
expansion� Taylor said Ohio CAT has
been hiring company-wide, with some
of those positions at the company
headquarters� Ohio CAT added 23 new
workers between June 2013 and January 2015, and the company estimates
another 30 positions will be created over
the next three years�
“We are building the space to accommodate more people,” Taylor said�
“Some we have already hired and are
right now working in cramped space�
Some we have yet to hire�”
With the new positions, Ohio CAT will
continue to be the largest employer in the
The BroadView Journal, March 2015
city� The expansion will bring benefits to
the city with added jobs and raised property value� The presence of the company
provides other benefits for Schroedel’s
development efforts�
“The construction will increase the
property tax, it will raise the value of the
property,” Schroedel said� “The company
will be adding employees� That number
has varied, but it will certainly be a significant increase� Ohio CAT is beneficial on
a couple different fronts� Ken Taylor has
helped me attract other companies to the
city� He sent letters to potential companies looking for a city≠≠ and I think those
letters helped companies make that decision� They are also very involved in the
city� They help us with our Home Days,
donating equipment and generators� They
are good corporate citizens�”
Completion of construction is planned
by summer 2016� The project, being
run by Marous Brothers Construction,
continues to move toward the finished
product� Not even a cold, snowy winter
is slowing it down�
“We are underway moving on the
building enclosure,” Chris Auvil, director of design for Marous Brothers, said�
Running out of space?
Need to un-clutter a room or garage?
We’re here for all your storage needs!
The headquarters
of Ohio CAT is
undergoing a $25
million expansion
that will result in
more than 140,000
square feet, housing
offices and company operations.
Photo by
J� Kananian
“We’re framing and roughing in electric,
plumbing and mechanical� Winter has
not kept us from building� The work is
going pretty well, but we know we can’t sit
back� Everyday until the 2016 deadline,
we need to push�” ∞
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Laurie Malone
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The Ganley Professional Center
8748 Brecksville Rd., Suite 130
Brecksville, Ohio 44141
The BroadView Journal, March 2015
Annual school fundraiser celebrates silver jubilee
by Kimberly Bonvissuto
Assumption Academy, part of Church
of the Assumption in Broadview Heights,
celebrated the silver jubilee, or 25th anniversary, of its annual Night at the Races
by moving the event off-site and including
More than 300 people gathered at Carrie Cerino’s Ristorante & Party Center
in North Royalton on Jan. 31, to be
entertained by 10 videotaped horse races.
The night also included raffle baskets,
football squares and sideboard, and nine
premium baskets in a silent auction of
student artwork.
Guests were invited to dance the night
away and were treated to appetizers, a
gourmet buffet dinner, an open bar and
pizza. Michael Angelo’s Bakery provided
a dessert display.
Principal Donna Sejba said a group of
progressive parents with a vision for the
school launched the event to create a
computer lab. She said it was the “advent
of technology” at the time, and the group
– then known as the education commission – took on the role of sponsor for
the fundraiser. The success of that event
fueled plans for an annual event.
“I’ve worked with many parents and different advisory boards over the years and
they are all diligent and committed to the
best interest of the school and students,”
Sejba said. “This is for the students.”
Over the years the proceeds from the
event mainly fund tuition assistance for
students in need, but funds also are used
for special projects, including technology and safety activities for students,
such as presentations on the dangers
of the Internet and social media. Sejba
said proceeds from this year’s event will
event that brings our
school, church and
community together.
It is a night where we
are all there for the
same purpose – the
greater good of our
children and school,”
Croft said. “This event
provides help to assist
children and families
that need support in
giving their children
a Catholic education,
as well as funding
un-budgeted school
The Rev. Justin
Dyrwal, pastor of the
church, said the event
Volunteers staff the booths at the silver jubilee of Night at serves as a vehicle to
unite the people of
the Races.
Assumption parish
go toward buying
together as a means of lending support to
Chromebooks or
the various needs that present themselves
iPads as technology
to bring Assumption Academy into the
continues to be ef21st century.
fectively integrated
“The most exciting part of this, for me,
into the education
is to witness the enthusiasm among those
of students at Aswho plan the event, as well as the energy
sumption Academy.
inside the hall as the event is taking place,”
Dyrwal said. “Many of the same groups
Amanda Croft,
of friends and families plan to spend this
one of the co-chairs
special evening together year after year to
of the event with
enjoy one another’s company and lend
Tina Ciocca, said
their support to Catholic education at
she volunteers her
SCHOOL... SIL- time with the event
The school’s eighth-graders traditionally
VER JUBILIEE and school because
care of the coat rack for the event,
helpAssumption Acadearning service hours and using tips toemy celebrated its ing others.
ward their group field trip at the end of
25th annual fund- “The Night at
the school year.
raiser in January. the Races is an
The Assumption Academy advisory
board – Dyrwal, Sejba, President Mary
Jance Zarach, Recording Secretary Terri
Flanagan, Croft, Ciocca, Luke Schlueter,
Tim Bokmuller, Carrie Dudick and Kathy
Dobrowsky – organized the event for the
Major event sponsors included: Gold
Sponsors – Renner, Kenner, Greive,
Bobak, Taylor & Weber Co. LPA; and
Skylight Financial; Silver Sponsors –
Buckingham Doolittle & Burroughs LLP,
Accurate Refrigeration and Pat Catan’s;
and Bronze Sponsors – St. Columbkille
Credit Union, Pioneer Savings Bank and
Kaczmar Architects. ∞
The BroadView Journal, March 2015
Dancers from Broadview Heights studio perform at Cavs game
by Tess Wolfe
A group of area dancers, ages 9 to 18,
took the stage at the Q in January to
perform at halftime of the Cleveland
Cavaliers’ game against the Sacramento
Kings� The 79 dancers – 78 girls and one
boy – participate in a non-competitive,
pre-professional program offered by
the Creative Movement Center in
Broadview Heights�
“We put together, with the help
of a professional DJ, a mix of songs
that we felt represented the story of
LeBron James and his journey back
home,” Hayley Schmidt, owner and
artistic director of the center, said�
They portrayed several of James’ recent
commercials and stories from his life
in custom-made jerseys, with a large
“23” on the back, as costumes� Also on
the jerseys was an image of Cleveland
and the words, “There’s no place like
Afterward, the dancers “spoke candidly…about just how powerful this
experience was for them,” Schmidt said�
“Performing on such a grand stage, for
A group of 79 area dancers, ages 9 to 18, took the stage at the Q in January to perform at
halftime of a Cleveland Cavaliers’ game. The Pre Pro Company dancers participate in a
program offered by the Creative Movement Center in Broadview Heights. Photo by S� Serdinak
such a large audience, representing their
city and studio was truly a once-in-alifetime experience for our dancers�”
The dancers have also for the past
four years performed at the Lake Erie
Monsters games�
“We were very lucky to have this
amazing opportunity,” Schmidt said� ∞
Richfield Auto Center
3924 Broadview Road, Richfield
330 659-3430
HOURS: Monday thru Friday 8-6 • Saturday and Sunday Closed
“We Don’t Just Fix Your Car... We Take Care Of It”
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Free WiFi
The BroadView Journal, March 2015
We Specialize in
“Check Engine”
Dogs, bunnies, birds offer pet therapy at Harborside
by Nancy Hudec
There is aromatherapy, dance therapy,
cognitive-behavioral therapy and mud
and salt therapy. But there is no therapy
quite like pet therapy and Broadview
Heights Harborside Healthcare residents
have the smiles to prove it.
“We’ve always been pet friendly, but
I think our pet therapy actually started
about 15 years ago when one of the nurses
brought in her dog,” said Harborside Activities Director JoAnn Lunsford.
Pet therapy at the Broadview Heights
facility involves everything from petting
the therapy dog, Molly, to brushing the
facility’s two Mini Rex bunnies or watching cockatiel bird brothers Knuckles and
Izzy flutter about in their cage.
According to,
Mini Rex bunnies are medium-size rabbits with short ears and plush coats. They
weigh three to four-and-a-half pounds,
come in a variety of colors, have friendly
personalities and enjoy petting. Harbor-
“When they touch the
animals they get a
sensory experience and
their responses will melt
your heart.”
JoAnn Lunsford
Harborside Activities Director
side’s Mini Rex bunnies are brown and
black and are mother and child.
The same website lists cockatiels as
clever birds that make good pets. They
are 10- to 14-inches long, have yellow
crests, bright orange cheeks and long tail
feathers. Often able to mimic words, the
Harborside birds are brothers and only
say “cheeseburger.”
“We find that residents that may not
interact with others will pet Molly, or
hold the bunnies and even laugh at the
birds,” said Lunsford. “When they touch
the animals they get a sensory experience
and their responses will melt your heart.
Even those with diminished cognitive
abilities, or those residents that can no
longer communicate, are touched by
touching the animals.”
Not only can residents touch the
animals, but in the case of the nowdeceased first bunny, Bun-Bun, they
enjoy watching the bunny ride around in
a wheelchair. Having the bunny ride in a
wheelchair puts them on the same level
as 75 percent of the patients, explained
“We are in the process of training the
two new bunnies to ride in the wheelchair and are having the residents name
them,” said Lunsford. “At this point,
Velvet is one favorite name, but the final
votes are not in,” she quipped.
Animals at Harborside are, she said, “rehomed,” meaning they came from shelters.
They live in the activities room in cages
and are never brought into dining areas
or a resident’s room while they are eating.
“There are state guidelines that prohibit
the animals from being around at meal
times, but there are no guidelines on
feeding the animals,” Lunsford laughed.
“In our cooking group, we make sure
The BroadView Journal, March 2015
Pet therapy at Broadview Heights Harborside Healthcare began about 15 years
ago when one of the nurses brought her
dog into the facility. Photo by J� Kananian
we make dog biscuits for Molly and
residents often feed her treats they’ve
Bottled Water
for Home or Office
Harborside is in the process of training the
two new bunnies to ride in wheelchairs
and having the residents name them. Photo
by J� Kananian
saved from their own meals, ” she said�
Molly is the 2-year-old golden retriever
nurse Jean Harhay brings to work a few
times a month� Molly has, Lunsford
explained, completely adapted to the
wheelchairs and will sit quietly by resi-
dents’ chairs with her head in their lap�
“Some of our volunteers will bring
in their dogs, and we always welcome
family pets that want to visit one of our
residents,” said Lunsford�
“Pets can do amazing things that add
to a residents well-being,” she said� “We
had one woman, now deceased, that
was very stand-offish� She never interacted with others and rarely spoke� We
brought her down to the activities room
to see Bun-Bun and she fell in love with
it� She would come down and brush
the bunny and talk to it� Eventually she
began speaking to other residents and
socialized more� It was amazing to see
the change in her�”
Lunsford also saw a change in two
younger residents who do not participate
in any programs and rarely interact with
others� The two women will, however,
interact with the pets, coming out of
their rooms to visit the animals in the
activities center�
The animal kingdom at Harborside may
soon be getting a few finned residents�
“We are looking at getting an aquarium, but have nothing finalized yet,” said
Lunsford� ∞
Crafty Ewe And
Framing, Too
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Softening Salt 40#............................... $5.99
•Dura-Cube Red Out 40# ................... $6.49
$1.00 Fuel Charge Per Delivery
Serving Northeast Ohio Since 1975
The BroadView Journal, March 2015
8035 Broadview Rd. Broadview Hts.
Mon., Wed., Fri., Sat. 10-5:30 • Tues & Thurs. 10-8
Closed Sunday
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Cross-Stitch Supplies
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The Grapevine
by Nancy Hudec
Tis’ the season of shamrocks, shillelaghs
and superstitions� With March 17, the
day of St� Patrick, fast approaching, one
needs to be prepared for fate, fortune or
foe� From a land where legends abound
and leprechauns and banshees make or
break a day, the following is deemed
“fairyly” reliable and true�
Never put shoes on a table or bad luck
will follow�
If you find a penny, pick it up and all
Who is
Toth Painting
Any home or business
owner who has ever
attempted to paint the inside
of a room or the outside of
a storefront knows how
difficult it can be and how
much precision and time is
So do the experienced
painters at Toth Painting
Solutions. This team of
professionals takes every
measure necessary and
uses only the highest quality
materials to ensure that
each job is done correctly and with integrity.
“People call us because they expect that we’re
going to do the best job,” said business owner
and founder Kristopher Toth, who started the
company in 2000. “We get the best painters we
can find; we have quality craftsmen working for
Toth and his staff of 10 painters, many of
whom have been with Toth Painting Solutions for
more than five years, serve clients throughout the
Greater Cleveland area having completed jobs
from Hinckley and Richfield, to Cleveland and
Avon Lake.
“We don’t work for any specific area, and we
don’t want to turn anyone away,” said Toth. “We
just want to serve anyone who wants the job done
Toth Painting Solutions paints interiors and
exteriors of residences and light commercial and
industrial businesses, such as offices, storefronts
and funeral homes. The business has tenured
workers who know how to repair water damage
in drywall and ceilings, remove wallpaper,
refinish aluminum and vinyl siding, and paint
vaulted ceilings, among other crucial tasks.
The business’ office is in Parma, but Toth is a
Brecksville resident and takes his time to become
as much a part of that city’s business community as
possible, like giving 1% of Brecksville sales to the
city food bank. Toth Painting Solutions is a member
of the Brecksville Chamber of Commerce and
regularly carries out jobs in Brecksville, Broadview
Heights, North Royalton and Independence.
The company is also a four-time winner of the
Angie’s List Super Service Award, most recently
in 2014, and is a member of the National
Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI).
“Being involved in NARI not only keeps us in
the loop as to what’s going on in the remodeling
industry, but it holds us to a higher ethical standard
as a business,” said Toth. “It’s an organization that
makes us better overall.”
“We want to focus on our customers first,” said
Toth. “We’re going to be the ones who call you
back, show up on time and, most importantly, do
a clean, quality job.”
Kristopher Toth is President Elect at NARI, is on
the Board of Directors at Brecksville Chamber of
Commerce, and on the board of directors at the
Cleveland Better Business Bureau.
Toth Painting Solutions is located at
5530 State Rd., Unit 4, in Parma. Call 216459-8684, email [email protected] or visit for more information.
–Paid Advertisement –
day long you’ll have good luck� Unless
of course it is tails up, then leave it or bad
fortune may follow�
If your right hand itches, you will get
a new friend� If your left hand itches, a
financial windfall will be yours�
Stumble at the foot of a grave and
you will have bad luck� Fall and hit the
ground at the grave and the end is near�
When toasting, always look your fellow
toasters in the eye� Do not put down your
drink until taking a sip or the goodness
of the toast is lost�
Spilt salt must be thrown over the left
shoulder to avoid bad luck�
Drop a fork and a woman is coming
to visit; a dropped knife means a man is
coming to visit and for a dropped spoon,
expect a baby�
Drinking bubbles from the top of a
teacup will get you money�
And, drinking too much beer on St�
Patrick’s Day will give you a headache�
That aside … the new Bob Evans restaurant on Route 82, west of I- 77, is set
to open March 16, the day before the
wearin’ of the green� Inquiring Broadview
Heights minds want to know why it is so
small� Seems the restaurant is the latest
and greatest the chain has to offer, proving
bigger may not be better�
Bigger is not better when it comes to
snowstorms and city budgets� The Jan�
30-Feb� 2 snow event used 560 tons of
road salt� At $50 a ton plus costs for
overtime and diesel fuel, the storm set
the city back a cool $40,000 to $45,000,
according to city Service Director Ray
Mack� Mack also said the storm saw eight
10-ton trucks and four cleanup trucks on
the road, not to mention the six to eight
truck drivers on each shift�
The anxiously awaited, sorely needed,
newly designed ramps off of southbound
I -77 at Route 82 are closer to becoming a reality� Expect the south loop exit
heading onto eastbound Route 82 to be
straightened out with double lanes and
a stop light� The I 77 southbound exit
that feeds onto Route 82 west will also be
straightened out, with a stop light at the
end of the ramp� City officials say all will
be straightened out by the end of the year�
The Guinness Book of World Records’
fastest haircut controversy is solved� Rob
Sarti of Carlo’s Barbershop on Broadview
Road received notification that his November 2011 haircut on Mayor Sam Alai
was a record winner� It was a long time
The BroadView Journal, March 2015
in the coming, but Rob said it was worth
the wait. For the record, the cut was done
in 49 seconds. No nicks, cuts or lost ears
reported by his honor.
Congratulations to the following students for making the dean’s list: Bejan
Kanga, University of Kentucky; Quincy
Carrier, Madeleine Eicher, Youngstown
State University; Mark Barrett, Joseph
Bena, Emily Callen, Thomas Cipiti,
Kaleigh Hudak, Kathleen Murphy, Evan
Willmann, Evan Wypasek, University of
Dayton; Danielle Mendheim, Grove City
College; Dustin Baird, Andrew Cooper,
Audrey Fuchs, Diana Galay, Marissa
Kabat, Brian Musial, Sara Riley, Lisa
Schmidt, Kelly Sopko, Laura Stopper,
Lexus Uhlir, Jessica Walter, Kyle Yoder,
Baldwin Wallace University; Andrew Cooper, Daniel Saadeh, Baldwin Wallace University Dayton C. Miller Honor Society;
Anastasia Smiley, Michael Taylor, University of Mount Union; Libby Bauman,
Wittenberg University; Kyle Allen, Jordin
Baldari, Andrew Bell, Kayla Franczak,
Patrick Grimone, Jasmin Grindon,
Matthew Lionetti, Emily Rowan, Melissa Siwik, Miami University; Michelle
Goodwin, Ohio State University.
Congratulations to the following students for making the president’s list: Matthew Dietrich, Angela Tomaro, Miami
Anthony Joseph Costanzo received
a Bachelor of Arts degree from Miami
The following students received degrees
from the University of Akron: Kathy
Coughlin, Master of Arts in education;
Kara Dominak, Master of Arts in educa-
tion; Rachel Fahringer, Bachelor of Arts
in mass media; Adam Karcz, Bachelor
of Science in organizational supervision;
Randall Olsen, Bachelor of Science in
education, intervention; Jeremiah Rice,
Bachelor of Science in labor economics;
Ryan Spurlock, Bachelor of Science in
political science; Marek Trzeciak, Bachelor of Science in education, exercise;
Steven Wade, Bachelor of Science in
accounting. ∞
Our goal is to help
you pursue yours.
It’s that simple.
At Merrill Lynch, you’re at the center of every
conversation. Your Merrill Lynch financial
advisor will take the time to understand what’s
most important to you: your family, your work,
your hopes and dreams. Together, we’ll create
an investment strategy that’s uniquely yours.
Kenneth D. Cunningham, CRPC®
Vice President
Senior Financial Advisor
Merrill Lynch
Heritage Corporate Center
6001 East Royalton Road, Suite 210
Broadview Heights, OH 44147
Life’s better when we’re connected®
CRPC® is a registered service mark of the College for Financial Planning.
Merrill Lynch Wealth Management makes available products and services offered by Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Incorporated
(“MLPF&S”), a registered broker-dealer and member SIPC, and other subsidiaries of Bank of America Corporation (“BofA Corp.”).
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The BroadView Journal, March 2015
l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l
X Jump-a-palooza raises funds
Students at Royal View Elementary raised more than $3,400 for technology needs at the
school. Their first Jump-a-palooza took place in January at the Jump Yard in North Royalton.
Student athletes sign on for college
Fourteen seniors from BrecksvilleBroadview Heights High School participated Feb� 4 in the annual signing
day� The college-bound student athletes
include: Austin Assad, wrestling, University of Michigan; Alexis Mack, softball,
University of South Carolina; Rachel
Kotchman, track, Miami University
of Ohio; Dev Dayalal, soccer, Virginia
Tech University; Jackie Milosevic, soccer,
Ursuline College; Olivia Bryan, soccer,
California College of Pennsylvania;
Anthony Krokos, baseball, Walsh University; Samantha Tarbuck, swimming,
Saginaw Valley State University; Paige
Coughlin, swimming, Washington University; Taylor Cave, baseball, Baldwin
Wallace University; Nikki Geringer,
softball, John Carroll University; Evan
Baschko, football, John Carroll University; and Jack Wessel, cross country,
Nazareth College� ∞
or do you know anyone that is?
Customer-Oriented Service
Top Producer Over 30 Years
Over 1,000 Units Sold
Zillow All Star Premier Agent
Kathie Godfray
Largest Real Estate Franchise in North America
100K Strong
Your Neighborhood Specialist!
FREE Market
Servicing Cuyahoga, Lorain, Medina and Summit Counties
Jan� 4 – A Broadview Heights couple
came in to the police station to report a
theft of prescription medication from their
Jan� 6 – Police responded to a Broadview
Road business establishment for a report of
a stolen wallet containing $60 cash and a
credit card� No arrests were made�
Jan� 8 – A Broadview Heights woman
came in to the police station to report a possible identity theft and a fraudulent credit
charge of $462�
Jan� 9 – Police responded to reported
thefts from cars parked at a Broadview Road
business� Each car had windows broken and
a purse removed� Stolen were five credit
cards, three gas cards, a debit card, a checkbook, $450 in cash and two cell phones�
Jan� 10 – Police were dispatched to
Woodmere Drive in response to a report of
a motor vehicle accident� The officer found
the two-vehicle accident to be on Overlook
Avenue, resulting in damage to both cars
but no reported injuries� Police arrested a
35-year-old Broadview Heights man, charging him with operating a vehicle under the
influence and driving left of center�
Jan� 13 – Police arrested a 20-year-old
Broadview Heights resident on charges of
domestic violence, for which he was held
on a $525 cash bond�
Jan� 15 – A Cherry Hill Street resident
reported theft of jewelry with a total value
exceeding $48,000 from his home� There
were no signs of forced entry into the man’s
home� Police will investigate�
Jan� 16 – Police responded to a 911
call that a wife was trying to run over her
husband with a car� The officer observed a
woman sitting in a car in a driveway with a
newborn baby sitting in a carrier beside the
vehicle and the man, who was the baby’s father, walking down the road� Police arrested
the woman on charges of operating a vehicle
under the influence, felonious assault, two
counts of child endangering and reckless
operation of a vehicle�
Jan� 17 – Police responded to a business
establishment on Market Place for a report
of theft of vehicle parts� Using security
footage, police saw two male suspects but
could not confirm the vehicle license plate�
No arrests were made� ∞
The BroadView Journal, March 2015
This Year stop worrying about your weight
and focus on losing your FAT!
by Eric Schaefer, MPT Manager,
Broadview Heights
Year round, day or night, awake or
sleeping, many people believe that if they
eat healthy, they will lose fat. And, almost
anyone you ask claims they eat healthy.
I’ve had clients come
into our studios that
w e i g h 10 0 p o u n d s
and you’d think they
were healthy because
they look skinny, but
50 pounds of that
scale weight was fat.
It’s the unwanted acc e s s p o u n d s of fat
that cause so many of
Eric Schaefer
our country’s current
health problems. Looking at the facts, the
only way to lose fat is to consume fewer
calories than your body burns daily. Yet,
more than two-thirds of the U.S. population is overweight or obese, so there is an
obvious discrepancy here.
The easy explanation for this is that
most people overestimate the healthfulness of their diet, which is usually true.
However, the more important distinction
is that “healthy” eating and fat-loss eating
are not the same things. If you are eating
healthy, you are not necessarily going to
be burning fat. There are several foods and
food groups that are healthy – meaning
they contain high amounts of vitamins and
minerals, as well as healthy fiber or good
fats – but will do very little to help burn fat.
Research over the past several years has
really revolutionized the way we look at
how we can effectively burn fat. Not only
has it been proven that traditional aerobic
exercise is one of the least effective forms
of exercise, it’s also one of the most time
consuming and could even be counterproductive. You’re really getting the least
amount of bang for your buck when you
spend extended amounts of time running
on a treadmill.
High-intensity interval training, on the
other hand, has consistently risen to the
top as the most effective and efficient form
of exercise. You’re actually getting MORE
benefits from high-intensity training than
Sponsored By
you do from aerobic/cardio in a fraction of
the time – all because you’re utilizing your
body as it was designed to be used. You
can literally be done in about 20 minutes,
compared to spending an hour running on
the treadmill. And, for the record, strength
training is not just for men, women have
reportedly started weight training in record
Affordable monthly rates 70% less
than other personal training programs
in Northeast Ohio
Call Now to Get Started!
up to 50% OFF Rates
Terms & conditions apply.
Must present coupon. Exp 4/1/15
The BroadView Journal, March 2015
When you focus solely on diet you’re not
addressing the aging process of losing
muscle yearly, which lowers your metabolism. So, truly, if you’ve struggled finding
time for an effective exercise routine, this
could be the solution you’ve been looking
for. The key to make it work is intensity. The
intensity needs to be high enough that you
reach muscle fatigue.
7985 Broadview Rd
25959 Detroit Rd (Williamsburg Sq Plaza)
831 West Bagley Rd (in Marc’s Plaza)
(next to Marc’s)
[email protected]
Seal the deal
by Arlene J. Coloma, D.D.S., M.S.
What are dental sealants? Why does my child need them?
How long will they last? These are a few of the questions
that parents ask about dental sealants.
Dental sealants are a thin plastic coating applied to
the grooves of the chewing surfaces
on permanent molars to help protect them from decay. They act as a
physical barrier to help seal out germs
and bacteria. Dental sealants are
commonly placed on the permanent
molars. The first molars that erupt in
a child’s mouth are commonly referred
to as their six-year molars because
they erupt around the age of 6 years.
The second set of molars erupts in a
Arlene J. Coloma, child’s mouth around the age of 12
D.D.S., M.S.
and are commonly referred to as the
12-year molars. All of these permanent
teeth are meant to remain in your child’s mouth for the
remainder of his/her adult life.
The 6- and 12-year molars can sometimes be difficult
to clean due to their position in the mouth. These molars
tend to have many grooves and pits that can often be
difficult to keep free from food, germs and bacteria. The
majority of children’s cavities occur in these grooves and
pits. Sealants are meant to cover these deeper areas and
help make the surfaces smoother so bacteria have a more
difficult time penetrating these surfaces.
Sealants are considered to be a preventative measure to
help minimize the likelihood of cavities. Dental sealants are
much less invasive than fillings. They protect the tooth and
help to prevent needing dental treatment. They are placed
in an attempt to avoid decay, therefore leaving the tooth
in a much stronger position to fight off future unwanted
bacteria and germs.
Sealants can last for many years and should be checked
every six months at a routine dental check up. As long as
the sealants remain intact, the tooth surface is protected
from decay. Sealants hold up well under normal chewing
conditions and are most important during the first years
of the tooth’s existence in when the grooves and pits are
most prominent. With the incorporation of sealants into
your child’s preventative dental care, your child can be
well on their way to eliminating future tooth decay.
Sponsored By
Dr. Coloma, a Diplomate of
the American Board of Pediatric
Dentristry, specializes in dental
care for infants, adolescents and
Diplomate, American Board
of Pediatric Dentistry
individuals with developmental
disabilities. Her offices are located in Brecksville at 8869 Brecksville Road and in Strongsville
at 15414 Pearl Road. Call 440-526-2350 in Brecksville or
440-878-1200 in Strongsville, or visit
Prepare Your Child for
Future Careers This Summer
By Nanci Coleman,
CVCC Community Liaison
Many of the high-demand jobs of the future do not
even exist today. Many yet-to-be-discovered products
and services will be at the forefront of our economy
in years to come. So…how do parents and educators
prepare students for future careers, using technologies
that haven’t been invented, to solve problems we don’t
yet have?
One of the best things we can do to prepare students
for their future is to expose them to a variety of experiences that will develop their self awareness. The more
students know about themselves, the better prepared
they will be to connect with careers that match who they
are. Summer Career Camps provide students multiple
opportunities to engage in activities that will unleash
their innate skills and intensify their interests.
CVCC Summer Career Camps provide campers with
the opportunity to “try on” a career for a week. While
they acquire new skills, they also learn about themselves,
their interests, values, character traits and skills. This
enhanced self-awareness helps equip them to be able
to make critical college and career decisions in high
school and beyond.
Whether they are building a robot, filming a movie or
creating a website, campers employ science, technology, engineering and math concepts and learn critical
thinking and problem solving skills — all skills that will
be required in future careers. Campers in every camp
collaborate and work in teams, which develop their communication and interpersonal skills. As they participate
in new experiences, they find out what they enjoy and
find interesting.
CVCC will host Summer Career Camps in June for
students who will be entering grades 5 to 10. For a
complete list of camps offered or to register, visit www., or contact Nanci
Coleman at [email protected] or 440.838.8851.
Online registration with payment by credit card is available beginning February 9th.
Sponsored By
The Cuyahoga Valley Career Center
is located at 8001 Brecksville Road, in
Brecksville. If you have any questions,
please contact Nanci Coleman,
Community Liaison.
[email protected]
(440) 838-8851
The BroadView Journal, March 2015
Best Furnace Choice
by Tom Olecki
Furnaces built today basically come in
two different efficiencies: 80% or 95%.
Should you find
yourself in need of
a new furnace, an
important question to address is
how efficient a furnace should you
invest in?
Today, the premium and most
Tom Olecki, owner, efficient gas furBroadview Heating naces are around
95-97% efficient.
These furnaces will benefit you with reduced gas bills, longer heat exchanger
warranties and quieter operation. If
your old furnace was manufactured
approximately 20 years ago or more,
its efficiency might be 70% or less. You
could be saving 25% or more with this
new furnace.
The 95% furnaces are installed a little
differently than a typical standard efficiency furnace. For example, the exhaust
piping cannot go to your chimney. The
95% furnace is so efficient that we no longer need a high temperature vent system.
These furnaces are vented through the
sidewall of your home using PVC plastic
vent materials. A drain is usually required
near the furnace as well.
In contrast, a basic, standard efficiency
furnace manufactured today is 80 percent efficient. These furnaces will save
you around 10% over a typical furnace
that is over 20 years old, and 80% furnaces are usually vented or exhausted
to your chimney. A chimney liner may
be required to prevent condensation in
some instances. These furnaces install
for about $1,000 less than a comparably
featured 95% furnace.
So which should you choose? Since
we have found there is really no big difSponsored By
Questions are
always welcome. For
free help with your
heating/cooling system, ask the experts
at broadviewheating or
call 440-526-7310.
The BroadView Journal, March 2015
ference in reliability between furnaces,
I suggest you base your choice on the
A 95% furnace costs more to buy and
install than a standard furnace. Payback
for the extra money you invest will be
around 5-6 years. If you’re plans are to
sell your home in less than that amount
of time, you would be money ahead if
you chose a standard furnace. Standard
efficiency furnaces are a good solution
also for a rental property where your tenant is responsible for the gas bill.
Best value: If you plan to stay in your
home, there is no reason not to get the
most efficient furnace, if you can afford
the initial extra cost. Selecting high efficiency will benefit you in both comfort
and savings and will pay for itself over
and again during its life.
We will impress you with our customer care®
See What
Our Customers
Are Saying
About Us!
“I Promise.”
- Tom Olecki
OH Lic. # 11699
54Years of
4111 E. Royalton Road
Broadview Hts.
Call us for the best in
customer care!
Attorneys as
by Laurie Malone, Attorney and Mediator
Yes, that’s right, attorneys can be peacemakers. That may
not be how you think of attorneys, but when an attorney
like me wants to help clients in a constructive manner, we
can bring peace to our clients’ lives,
while obtaining the results the clients
think are fair. This is particularly
important when people are dealing
with divorce.
When a peacemaker attorney
works with the family, he or she does
not attack or make things ugly. The
peacemaker attorney advocates
and protects their clients interests
in a productive manner.
Laurie Malone
M a ny p e a c e m a ke r at to r n eys
choose to become mediators or collaborative divorce attorneys. With these options, relationships are strengthened.
Parents are able to parent more effectively, and they have
stronger relationships with their children, as well as with
each other.
If you are contemplating divorce, think about how you
want your life to be five years from now. If you want to
be arguing with your ex, arguing your case in court will
enhance the possibilities of that happening. If you want
to be happy, financially secure, and at peace, consider
retaining a peacemaker attorney; and consider the options
of mediation or collaborative divorce.
As a peacemaker attorney, I am able to help my clients
achieve the best results possible, and that’s why they are
able to move on with the lives in a positive way. Contact
me, and I will help you figure out what’s best for you..
Sponsored By
Laurie Malone is certified by Case Western University in
Emotional Intelligence and Executive Coaching. She is certified to administer the Emotional and Social Competency
Inventory, (ESCI), through the Hay Group. She
is located in The Ganley Professional Center
8748 Brecksville Road, Suite 130 Brecksville,
Ohio 44141. For more information call her at
Clubs & Churches
l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l
Brecksville Women’s Club
Brecksville Women’s Club’s March meeting will include St.
Patrick’s Day music and songs performed by Linda Hamski.
The meeting is Tuesday, March 24, at St. Michael’s Woodside, 5025 E. Mill Rd., Broadview Heights. Lunch is at 11:30
a.m., followed by a brief business meeting. Cost is $18. For
reservations, call Becky at 440-885-0104, by March 17. All
are welcome. ∞
Adult Catholic Education
Dr. Joseph Kelly, professor of theology and religious studies
at John Carroll University will talk about the Crusades, their
impact and their negative consequences. For additional
information, call 440-526-1818. ∞
Emerald Necklace Garden Club
Bill Hendricks, president of Klyn Nurseries in Perry, will share
tips on how gardens can be colored with perennial and annual flowers at the March meeting of the Emerald Necklace
Garden Club. The meeting is Thursday, March 12, 9:15 a.m.,
at the North Royalton Library, Room 122, 5071 Wallings Rd.
All are welcome. Membership is open to those interested in
any aspect of gardening or floral arranging. For information,
contact Judy at 216-470-1223 or [email protected] ∞
St. Basil the Great Seder dinner
Rabbi Susan Stone, Rabbi Steve Segar and members of
the Kol Halev Synagogue will lead a seder dinner filled with
prayer, joyful music, symbolic foods and a chicken dinner.
The seder dinner is Thursday, March 26, at St. Basil Gym, 8700
Brecksville Rd. Doors open at 6 p.m. Seder begins at 6:30 p.m.
Tickets can be purchased at your parish office, from an
Adult Catholic Education representative, or by mail at ACE,
6608 Brookside Rd., Independence, Ohio 44131. For more
information, call Barb at 216-524-1885. ∞
Chippewa Garden Club
Kathy Habib, Chippewa Garden Club master gardener, will
present “growing houseplants,” at the February meeting. The
program will include information on flowering and foliage
houseplants and address identification of pests and diseases.
Bring in a photo or a leaf from your houseplant and Habib
will identify any problem.
The meeting is Tuesday, Feb. 24, at 7 p.m., in the Brecksville
Human Services building, activity room A, 2 Community Dr.
The Chippewa Garden Club September flower show is coming up. For more information, visit the chippewagardenclub.
com or call Noreen at 440-740-0018 or email [email protected] ∞
Organizations: We are happy to print your articles. We
ask only that they be typed, with a limit of 250 words, and
submitted by the 5th of each month. They may be emailed
to [email protected] com or mailed to our office.
The BroadView Journal, March 2015
Writers Group
This Cleveland-area group meets once
a month to offer critiques of fiction,
nonfiction, screenplays or essays. Skyline
Writers Group meets the second Saturday of each month from 9-11 a.m. at the
Parma library, 6996 Powers Blvd., Parma.
For information, contact Susan at [email protected] ∞
TOPS Club Inc., is an affordable, nonprofit, weight-loss support and wellness
education organization with thousands
of associate chapters in the United
TOPS Club (Take Off Pounds Sensibly)
meets every Tuesday with weigh-in from
5:45-6:30 p.m., and the program/meeting from 6:30-7:30 p.m., in the Chippewa
Place activity room, 7005 Stadium Dr.,
Brecksville. All are welcome. The first
meeting is free.
For additional information, call Laurene
Neval 216-832-1106 or email [email protected] ∞
Cuyahoga Valley
Genealogy Society
Tom Neel, library director at the Ohio
Genealogy Society, will speak about “My
Courthouse Records: An Overlooked
Source?” at the Cuyahoga Valley Genealogy Society monthly meeting. His presentation will be an introduction to the
basics of courthouse research, including
probate court and clerk of courts (common pleas).
All are invited to attend on Monday,
March 2, 7 p.m., at the Independence
Civic Center, Pin Oak Room, 6363 Selig
Coffee and refreshments will be
served. For additional information, call
president Mary Boehnlein at 440-7367180. ∞
Cuyahoga Valley Republicans
The Cuyahoga Valley Republicans town
hall meeting will address common core
learning standards in the State of Ohio.
The town hall panel discussion will explain
proposals before the general assembly to
repeal or revise common core in Ohio.
Speakers will include Ohio House Representative Andy Thompson from Marietta,
a primary sponsor of a bill to repeal and
replace common core in Ohio.
The town hall meeting is Thursday, Feb.
26, 7-9 p.m., at the Brecksville Community
Center, One Community Dr. Visit cv-gop.
com for more information. ∞
The BroadView Journal, March 2015
Places of Worship Welcome You
Broadview Heights Baptist Church
9850 Broadview Rd., Broadview Hts. 440-546-1870, Sunday,
Family SS, 9:30 a.m., Preaching, 10:30 a.m. & 6 p.m.;
Wed. Bible Study & Prayer, 7 p.m.; Independent,
KJV, Family-oriented.
Brecksville United Church of Christ
23 Public Square, at intersection of 21 & 82,
440-526-4364; Dave Shackle, Pastor. Mail
to [email protected] – Web site: www.; Sunday worship, 10 a.m. Children
welcome in worship. Church school follows pastor’s
“Word with Young Worshipers.” Wheelchair accessible. Open & Affirming and Just Peace Church.
Archangel Michael Orthodox Church
5025 East Mill Rd., Broadview Hts, 44147
Archpriest John Memorich, Rector. 440-526-5192,
[email protected] Sunday, Divine
Liturgy: 10 a.m. Saturday, Great Vespers: 5 p.m. All
are welcome. Services held in English, Wheelchair
Brecksville United Methodist Church
65 Public Square (Rt. 21 & Rt. 82) Brecksville,
440-526-8938. Rev. Clark Stein, pastor. Come
be a part of our community of faith, worship,
service & fellowship! Sunday contemporary worship service at 8:45 a.m.; traditional worship at
11:15 a.m.; education hour for all ages at 10 a.m.
Childcare available at all services. Learn more at “Whoever you are; in
whatever faith you were born, whatever creed
you profess, if you come to this house to find God,
you are welcome.” –John Wesley
The Friends Church
8645 Avery Rd., Broadview Hts., 440-526-3184,
e-mail: [email protected] Pastor Chad
DeWeerd. Adult & children’s Sunday School 9:30
a.m. Sunday Worship 10:30 a.m. Ministries on
Wed. 6:45 p.m. All ages. Celebrate & grow through
uplifting music, practical messages, building relationships, support & small groups, community outreach & family-focused ministries & activities. Radio
ministry - WHK 1220 AM; Sat. 11:30 a.m./Sun. 7 a.m.
Cuyahoga Valley Church
5055 E. Wallings Rd., Broadview Hts., 440-746-0404,
As of Jan. 5, 2014: Sundays: 8:15 a.m., 9:30 a.m.,
11 a.m., 6:30 p.m. Fresh insights to Biblical truth
in a friendly, casual and energized environment.
Fun learning experiences for kids.
Assumption of B.V.M. Catholic Church
9183 Broadview Rd., Broadview Heights.
440-526-1177, Mass Sat. 4 p.m.,
Sun 7:30, 9, 10:30 a.m.; 12:15, 6 p.m. – Holy Day
Vigil Mass 7 p.m., Holy Day 6:30 & 9 a.m.; 12 & 7
p.m. Sacrament of Reconciliation Sat. 3 - 3:45 or
by appt. Assumption Academy, Pre-School, Pre-K,
and K-8; 440-526-4877.
Community of Hope Lutheran Church
Worship Sat. 5:30p.m. and Sun. 9 & 10:45 a.m. at
4470 Oakes Rd., Brecksville, in Blossom Hill Complex. Nursery care, Modern Worship, Children’s
Ministry; 440-792-4700,
Triune Lutheran Church
4810 W. Mill Rd., Broadview Hts., 440-526-3676.
email: [email protected] Saturday
Contemporary Service 5 p.m. Sunday Worship 11 a.m. Christmas Eve Worship 7 p.m.
Pastor Jane Denison. Come learn, re new & rejuvenate in Christian worship. Wheelchair accessible. Hall for rent.
We Welcome – We Worship – We Witness.
Christ the Redeemer Lutheran Church
9201 Brecksville Rd., Brecksville, 440-526-2303,, Randy O’Donnell,
pastor. Services Sunday 8 a.m., and 10:30 a.m.
Communion served at each service. Wheelchair accessible. Children welcome in worship.
Children’s Room/Nursery available at 10:30 a.m.
service only. Christian Education at 9:15 a.m.
for all ages.
St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church
9549 Highland Dr. 440-526-9865. Sunday worship - 8:30 and 10 a.m. Christian education for
all ages following the 10 a.m. service. Nursery for
toddlers, 10 a.m. to noon. Wheelchair accessible.
Richfield United Church of Christ Interim minister: Rev.
John D. King. 8 a.m. early service, 9 a.m.
Sunday school for all ages, 10:15 a.m. family service.
Youth group activities, men’s & women’s discussion
groups, choir, bell choir for children & adults, book
club, Adult Mission Group, Men’s Health Group,
Gathering Room Gallery & RUCC Garden are just
a few of our activities. No matter who you are, or
where you are on life’s journey, you’re welcome here
at Richfield United Church of Christ.
Independence Presbyterian Church
8111 Brecksville Rd., Brecksville. 440-526-1818.
Fr. Bruce Riebe. Prayer line 440-526-6464. Liturgy: 4 p.m. Saturday,
10:30 a.m. Sunday (June-August 10 a.m.) Wheelchair accessible. “Living the Word of Christ Together.”
6624 Public Square (west off Brecksville Road),
216-524-6307, Worship for all ages:
10:30 a.m. Sunday school for children, preschool6th grade, after Children’s Chat to 11:30 a.m. We
are family-centered; community-concerned;
focused on faith, outreach, world needs.
[email protected]
Broadview Heights Church
Seven Hills United Methodist Church
St. Joseph Byzantine Catholic Church
8071 Broadview Rd., 216-905-5353 www. Non-denominational. Worship, Bible teaching & kids lesson, Sundays,
10:30 a.m. Spanish speaking Worship & Bible message, Saturdays, 6 p.m. Home Groups throughout
the week. Communion 9:30 a.m. 3rd Sundays. Lunch
together after service 4th Sundays. Check website
or Facebook for Youth group times, Movie nights,
Women’s group times, conferences & outings.
7593 Elmhurst Dr., Seven Hills, OH 44131(Located
one block east of Pleasant Valley Shopping Center). Sunday Worship Service & Sunday School at 9
a.m. Rev. Christopher Statz, Pastor. (216-524-1336)
We are a small, friendly church sharing God’s love
with all people. We provide a home for Happy
Hills Daycare (216-524-7785) and support many
outreach ministries in the area. All are welcome!
[email protected]
China painting, Ceramics,
Lace draped dolls,
Watercolors & silk painting.
Broadview Heights resident.
Call Dottie at 440-570-3039
Free Estimates. Reasonable Prices
Seal Coating, Driveways, Parking Lots
Patching & Concrete. Licensed-BondedInsured 330-467-1378 or 330-963-4165
and Memorial Abbey Mausoleum
4700 Broadview Rd, Cleveland 44109
Variety of home cleaning programs. Free
in-home estimates. Locally owned/operated
since 2001. Bonded, insured. 330-665-3913,
Residential and commercial cleaning
Insured and bonded.
Established 1998.
SAL’S CONCRETE CO. 440-746-9788
All Types of Concrete Work.
Color Stamped Concrete, Driveways,
Walks, Patios, Parking Lots. A+ BBB Member.
Licensed, Bonded, Insured.
COSTA & SONS CEMENT 440-582-0710
Specializing in all concrete. Driveways, patios,
decorative concrete, countertops. Outdoor
entertainment packages. Indoor showroom.
Lic., Bonded, Insured. Free Est. Sr & Vet discounts
Wood or low maintenance materials available.
Free in-home estimates. Attention to finished
details. Licensed, bonded, insured. BBB members.
Visit us online
Hanging, Drywall Finishing,
Repairs and Painting.
Broadview Heights resident.
Call Mike at 216-952-2551
Residential & light commercial
Remodeling, basements, generators,
panel upgrades, landscape lighting.
Richfield resident, Lic. #37393, 440-785-0862
BIG LOU'S ELECTRIC, LLC 216-374-6090
Complete residential electrical services.
Lights, fans, new circuits, service panel
upgrades. Free est. Licensed, Bonded,
Insured. Lic. #45444. Seven Hills Resident.
Father-Daughter team. You call...we come. Overnight generator service. Lic. #28039. 216-789-7544
or [email protected];
Brooklyn Heights
7915 Broadview Road
Broadview Heights
7906 Broadview Road, Broadview Heights
440-546-5353. Complete services including
pre-arrangements. Licensed assistance 24/7
Family owned and operated.
Traditional, preplanning and cremation options.
7076 Brecksville Road
Residential contractor. New construction,
additions, windows, siding, gutters, roofing.
Licensed, Bonded, Insured.
Financing available. 330-650-5322
Service & installation of gutters & downspouts.
Offered in a variety of popular colors.
Installation of leaf protection on new or existing.
Call Matt Cern for free estimate, 330-659-3698
Service & Installation - Freon Recovery
10% Senior Discount - 24 Hour Service
Sales & Service
12608 State Rd., North Royalton
Cemetery & Mausoleums
Sales and Service
4700 Broadview Road, Cleveland, OH • (216) 351-1476
Kitchens, baths, additions, basements,
carpentry, windows, doors and painting.
More than 20 years experience. Free estimates.
Mike, 330-819-4942
Pre-Planning discounts are now
available in our newest Mausoleum,
the Sanctuary of Angels South.
= We are currently offering 10% off niches
and $1000 off double crypts
in our new Mausoleum.
= Interest Free Financing is available
for 24 months with 20% down on
Mausoleum Crypts.
Family Advisor Available for Consultation
Office Hours: M-F 9-4, Sat. 9-2, or by Appt.
8150 Brecksville Road
Brecksville 440-526-6050
7976 Broadview Rd. #102
Broadview Hts., OH 44147
440-546-1996, [email protected]
2483 Front St. Cuyahoga Falls • 330-929-1705
4944 NEO Parkway, Garfield • 216-587-7010
11683 Royalton Rd, N. Royalton • 440-877-9464
Landscape design & installation, shrubs/trees,
stone retaining walls, seed lawns, sprinkler systems,
brick paver patios, colored stamped concrete.
Sal: 440-746-9788
Removal & install., beds, trees, mulch,
seed & sod, irrigation systems, retaining walls,
fertilization, clean-ups, lawn maintenance.
440-838-1462, Cell 216-695-2184
The BroadView Journal, March 2015
Paver & concrete patios, fireplaces/pits,
outdoor kitchens, retaining walls, plants & mulch.
Professional quality installation & service.
Doug Vasulka, 216-376-3700
Mowing, complete landscape maintenance,
shrub & tree installation, mulch, spring clean-ups,
professional service, fully insured.
Call for free estimate. 888-532-2244
Owner always on site. Member of Ohio
Landscape Association since 1986.
Quality education. Convenient location.
Music instruction for all instruments for all ages.
Call now to schedule a free lesson.
Tree removal & trimming,
Brush chipping, stumps.
Since 1990, fully Insured.
Free estimates. 440-582-7669
Specialize in basement waterproofing &
structural repair. Done right from the outside.
No sump pumps. Family owned/operated since 1981.
Free est.440-665-5358
CALABRO & SONS, INC. 440-582-0001
Basement waterproofing, Foundation reinforcement
and repair. Sewer installation and repair
All types of concrete work. Free Estimates.
BBB A+. Licensed, Bonded, Insured.
Windows, Doors, Siding, Roofing.
High quality, low prices.
Windows starting at $159 installed.
To advertise in the Service Directory
call 330-659-0303
Painting & staining. Water damage & drywall repair.
Wall coverings. 2-story foyers. Power washing.
32 years experience. Handyman repairs.
Insured. Senior discounts. 440-877-1009
Repairs, Remodeling, Drain Cleaning,
Hot Water Tanks. Residential/Commercial.
Licensed and Insured, OH Lic. #19447.
330-659-3678 or 440-669-3197
Master plumbers since 1942. We can fix
any plumbing or drain problem. Senior 10% discount.
Support your local business.
Call Jim 440-526-7039
One-stop shop for all of your publishing and printing needs:
brochures, directories, flyers, magazines, newspapers,
post cards, presentation folders, programs, reports,
addressing etc. 330-659-0303
Residential contractors. New construction,
additions, windows, siding, gutters, roofing.
Licensed, Bonded, Insured. Financing Available. 330-650-5322
We offer a clean, friendly secure facility
with great service & everyday low prices!
Roofing, siding and gutters. Free estimates.
Office, 330-659-4876 Cell ph., 216-598-2367
Celebrating 15 Years!
Family owned & operated.
Licensed, Bonded & Insured.
Financing available.
330-929-1785 or 1-800-457-8209
Mention this ad for
first month’s rent!
Residential and commercial. Very dependable service.
Local resident for 30 years.
216-376-6676, 440-666-4107.
Email: [email protected]
9100 Postal Dr. • Broadview Hts.
The BroadView Journal, March 2015
We Are
Rt. 82
Serving the
since 1998!
Postal Dr.
Broadview Rd.
BROADVIEW U-HAUL 440-546-1000
Inside and outside storage
Local and one-way truck and trailer rentals.
Behind Broadview Hts. Post Office off Rt. 82.
3/4 Mile
Located on Postal Drive
(behind the Broadview
Heights Post Office)
just off State Rte 82,
3 4
/ mile west of I-77
Office Open 9am to 5pm, Tuesday - Saturday
Country Bargains
are $8
5005 Rockside Rd.
(216) 525-0770
1/2 OFF Pub
Favorites Section
Plus: $4 Margaritas
$2 Tacos • $5 Flatbreads
$9.99 HALF • $12.99 FULL
Dine-in or To-Go
Kids EAT FREE until 5pm
Family Fun Fair!
8870 Darrow Rd.
(330) 405-3663
$2 OFF
Kegs & Eggs!
All You Can Eat
Breakfast Buffet!
to the
Downtown Parade
from INDY!!
Country Bargains
Country Bargains
are $8
Country Bargain ads are $8 and will be printed in The BroadView Journal and ScripType
magazines of Brecksville, Independence, Sagamore Hills, Richfield, Hinckley, Bath, Hudson
and Twinsburg for a total circulation of 58,800� Listings are limited to 20 words and residents,
not businesses or paid services� We must receive these by the 5th of the month� Please mail
to: Country Bargains, c/o ScripType Publishing, 4300 Streetsboro Rd�, Richfield 44286�
For Sale: Full-length racoon fur coat from Weiss
Furriers, size M, very good condition, $450. 330650-0527.
For Sale: Two dog crates, like new. 30x19x19, $40.
36x22x22, $50. 330-278-2705.
For Sale: Light birch china cabinet, $75. Dark
walnut dining set, table 104x42, 6 chairs, sidebar,
$150. 440-546-0549.
For Sale: Country Comfort airtight, wood-buring
fireplace insert, firebrick lined. Fits standard fireplace opening. Selling due to health condition,
$400. 330-659-6368.
Free: 52" TV, good condition. 330-659-4929.
For Sale: Beautiful, solid walnut, Amish-made
computer/TV cabinet in excellent condition. 7'4"
tall, 48" wide, 24" deep, $800. 330-618-0904.
For Sale: Four computer desks, cherry veneer,
very good condition, $300 each or make offer. Call
216-538-1920 or 440-838-1958.
For Sale: KitchenAid Gallery series convection
oven, stainless, loaded. Brecksville, best offer.
Free: Horse manure for your garden. Will load
truck. Organic brown eggs for sale. Richfield
For Sale: Assembled Foremost Furniture, computer desk #440, 43x20x60, VG, $50. Entertainment center wall unit #6860 48x16x48. VG, $50.
Broadview Heights. 330-273-5414.
For Sale: 1996 Lexus LS400, black, 4-door, sun
roof, multi CD, 128,850 miles, very good condition,
$5,000. 330-468-4124.
For Sale: Story & Clark upright piano w/bench,
original owner, excellent condition. Piano - 58"L
x 24"W x 40"H. Bench - 30x14x19"H, pictures on
CL. 513-657-9322. Also collectable dolls.
For Sale: $2,500 Lazy Boy electric leather recliner
sofa, excellent condition, wall-hugger, taupe. $500.
For Sale: 82" couch, 70" love seat, $150. 40"
round glass cocktail table, $15. 26" round glass
end table, $10. Call: 440-526-2180.
For Sale: Fresh brown eggs. We have happy,
healthy chickens, eating non-GMO chicken feed.
$4 a dozen. 7680 Brandywine Rd., Northfield
Vendors Needed: Food, craft, service, retail.
Assumption Church festival, Broadview Heights,
Aug. 7, 8, 9. email [email protected], phone:
440-526-1177, ext. 0, Diane.
Wanted: Looking for experienced rider to half lease
horse near Metro Parks, indoor riding arena, goes
English/Western. Leave message: 216-310-5784.
Wanted: Buying old gas pumps - buy, sell, restore.
Call Mark: 330-592-4083.
Wanted: Watch restorer buying watchmaker tools,
watch parts, watch books, complete watches or
collections. No quartz watches or fakes. Paying
cash. 330-416-0336.
Wanted: Cash paid for unwanted vehicles, etc.
Call: 440-654-8329.
Wanted: Brecksville collector buying antiques, collectibles, decor, one piece or entire basmt/attic, top
prices paid, clear the clutter. Frank: 216-403-5884.
Wanted: Fishing tackle, boxes, lures, rods, reels;
any fishing equipment; outboard motors. Call Bill:
Wanted: Gun collector wants to buy hand guns,
rifles and shot guns. All brands any condition.
Please call Woody: 330-819-3274.
Advertisers Inside this Issue
Action Plumbing ................................................. 21
Andy’s Auto Body ................................................ 26
Aqua Clear ......................................................... 29
ARP Heating & Air ........................................... 11
Bark Place Dog Day Care, LLC ............................. 7
Bilski, Thomas M. DDS ..............Inside Front Cover
Broadview Heating ............................................. 35
Broadview Mini Storage...................................... 39
Brooklyn Hts. Cemetery Association..................... 38
Brunswick Animal Hospital ................................ 20
Chippewa Place .................................................... 4
Coldwell Banker Hunter Realty/DiBiase .............. 15
Coloma, Arlene J. DDS MS ................................ 34
Covenant Books & Gifts ........................................ 9
Crafty Ewe .......................................................... 29
Cuyahoga Valley Career Center............................ 34
Dermatology Partners ......................................... 14
East of Chicago Pizza............................................ 5
Empaco Equipment ............................................. 14
Especially 4 Paws ................................................ 32
Farian, Zenon DDS ...............................Back Cover
Fitness Together of Brecksville .20, Inside Back Cover
Freedom Design Kitchen & Bath ......................... 24
Giggles and Grins (Rebecca Kucera, DDS)........... 21
Haely Family Chiropractic .................................... 9
Hale Farm & Village ........................................... 21
Halpert, Jeffrey A. DPM...................................... 39
Herald, Dr. John DDS, Dental Ceramics............. 29
Hobbitts Preschool ................................................ 6
Howard Hanna/Brecksville ................................. 23
Hronek, Christina M ............................................ 6
Huntington Learning Center ................................. 8
Jeff’s Computer Consulting .................................... 7
JS Design ............................................................ 13
Keller-Williams/Godfray ..................................... 32
Kern Landscaping ............................................... 17
Kozlowski, Mark DDS ........................................ 16
Laurie Malone, Attorney at Law ................... 25, 36
Lawrence School ................................................. 17
Lisco Heating & Cooling ..................................... 22
Mavis Winkle of Indepenence .............................. 40
Merrill Lynch-Cunningham ................................ 31
Merry Maids ..........................................Back Cover
My Personal Trainer............................................ 33
North Royalton Animal Hospital ......................... 28
Olga Druzhinina ................................................ 31
Petroff, Heather J. DDS ........................................ 3
Pine Valley Care Center....................................... 16
RE/MAX - Highley .................................Back Cover
Re/Max/Wiegand ................................................ 19
Rice’s Landscaping................................................. 8
Richfield Auto Center .......................................... 27
Russell Realty/Hiles ............................................... 2
Salisbury & Salisbury, Attys. ................................. 4
ScripType Publishing............................................. 6
Space Place ........................................................ 25
Stouffer Realty-Brecksville ................................... 20
Tinker’s Creek Tavern ........................................... 5
Toth Painting Solutions ....................................... 30
Village Auto Body ............................................... 40
Wehrenberg, Patricia (Jack Matia Honda)............. 7
West Side Roofing ................................................ 13
Yellow Creek Trading Co. ................................... 12
The BroadView Journal, March 2015
The BroadView Journal, March 2015
4300 Streetsboro Rd. Richfield, Oh. 44286
Serving the community of Broadview Heights
Postal Customer
Richfield, Ohio 44286
Permit No. 26
It takes more than
to have a healthy mouth!
Most Insurances Accepted CALL US TODAY!
Our phones are open 7 days a week for your scheduling convenience
Zenon Farian D.D.S.
Broker Associate
Mobile or Text:
[email protected]
229 E. Wallings Road • Broadview Heights
My Crib is a Mess!
440-526-9700 |
Stunning custom colonial on professionally landscaped
lot. Quality and tasteful décor abound! Two story foyer
with open staircase flanked by glass French doors to
library/den. Formal dining rm with tray ceiling. Gourmet kitchen with maple cabinets, granite countertops,
pantry and center island open to family room w/ floor
to ceiling stone gas fireplace. Beautiful grounds with
patio. Professionally finished lower level features rec
room w/ ceramic floors. Great location near Rt. 77, 271
and Ohio Turnpike. $339,933.
I am NEVER too busy
for your referrals!