October - NLA-International



October - NLA-International
Leather Association: lnternational, PMB #155,3439 N.E' Sandy Blvd., Portland, OR
Natlonal Leather Association Internat¡onal
(the ultimate disclaimer)
By Jan Hall
- with an Editor's suggestions -
The following is the "ultimate disclaime/'
designed to cover every eventuality, every
foreseeable & unforeseeable faux pas which
the editor/authors/printer/envelope stuffer/
postie mightbe liable for. Given the litigious
nature of Society atthe moment, we ALL have
to cover our posteriors you know!! Anyway,
here it is...
The National Leather Association: International is now accepting advertising
for The LINK, its bi-monthly member's newsletter, with an identical ad linked
to the new business associates page of the NLA-I's web siæ. This promotion
is at a special, introductory price, so don't delay, consider advertising in the
National Leather Association International' s publication.
'l'ho lrtj'l'URE: October 10, 1999
The following rates include, insertion of course, if you want to advert¡se in
in The LINK for 2 issues, and 4
on the web
just The LINK, the rates for insertion in
2 issues are:
lli Mo¡u, l'rn l'lomel!!!! Rememberwhen
you cr¡ught tnc ûnd Tommy tying each
otltcr up'l Wcll Mom it's gone full circle
r¡¡rrl lrcrc I r¡nr at Living In Leather )ilV in
lrrttrty lrkrridu. For the event they are
'This Link does not reflect the thoughts or
opinions of either me (the Prez), my perv
friends, or my huge, vicious dogs; don't quote
me on that; actuallY, don't quote me on
culllrr¡¡ it lrt l,cuthcrdale.
anything; Copyright (C) 1999 NLAI; all
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rights reserved.
lnside Front
This document is distribution copyrighted to
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not make a profrt from it or includethe article
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360.00 Back Cover
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And, if you opt for advertising on the web site alone, the rate for a 4 month
insertion is a straight $25.00.
For more info, please contact: Hromovy at "[email protected]'. or call [501] 253-
2832, You can also write her at 304 Spring Street, Eureka Springs, 4R72632'
text is
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deletions, or milk coming out of your nose due
to laughing while drinkingl other restrictions
may apply.
something offends you, lighten up, get a
life, and move on."
A non-leather version of this wonderiul disclaimer
was on the JOKES main Page:
www.people.cornel Ledu/pages/bsl 6/iokemain
flavor added.
do not induce vomiting. If
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Page 20
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Jan Høll
mom, making me choose between subjects
like bondage, flogging and cbt.....what's a
person gonna do? And yes mom, I ate well,
they had a bbq luncheon with burgers and
origittul thcatrical production, thatl
llrirrk cvcrt you tnom, would have found
vcry littttty, tutd I never wanted it to end. If
food was great! Not only did Guy Baldwin
give a speech, but also, Breaux, who
directed a movie about my lifestyle talked to
us as we dined. Then the show stafed mom,
and I almost split a gut laughing to Shann
Can who was the entertainer and emcee.
Then I saw some of the most incredible acts
thcy lupcd
enter; possible penalties for early withdrawal.
One size fits all; pain offer is valid only at
Some assembly required'
Saturday was just like Friday' except I was
more exhausted, but didn't da¡e want to
sleep through a thing. Also, now I knew so
many of the other participants. I even went
to a book signing and some of my favorite
authors like Guy Baldwin and Molly Devon
were there! Again the sadists were at work
l'rrt cxhuuslcd, but having the time of my
lll'c, 'l'hursduy night started with an
ilrcrcdihlc curribean buffet by the water
rurul nrultlcnly wc were herded inside and
lurw nn
part of any fee-based services or products'
Further redistributions only allowed unedited
and in its entirety by electronic t¡ansfer
(anonymous FTP, Gopher, WW'W and mail
servers), storage media, and printed copy as
long as this notice is included and no
monetary fee is charged; jokes subject to
r ISSUE 5 o October, 1999
ll¡rrl, I wtnl n copy to share it with friends
ht¡e k ltolnc, I think you might even enjoy it
ilronr, 'l'hur$duy night I went to this great
tltttt¡cott, but mom, I'm sure you don't
wunl lo hc¡tr nbout that!!!!
Saturday night was the gala formal dinner.
The tables looked beautiful mom and the
by the Human Sculpture Troupe, all of
which I can't tell you about! The evening
stJnrinr¡rs 0t 9 a.m.
So I was up at 8 a.m'
a great Brunch followed bY more
workshops til 3:00 p.m. Good thing that I
decided to stay down here for an extra day
mom, cause maybe, finally, these sadists
will give me time to go to the beach across
Your every laving adult chíA
October 7-10.1999
was amazing.
I nctually got up early, for these
lìrlks rìrc truc sadists, stafing great
it's not over yet mom. Tomorrow there is
Mom, this trip IS amazing. I've met so many
new friends, I am so glad that I attended, and
For More i¡formation write to:
Living In Leather XfV
3439 NE Sandy BIvd.PMB #155
Portland. OR9'7232
http://www.nla-i.com or
[email protected]
http ://www.nIa-i.com.4il.html
(National Leather
Association International)
(NLA-I Living In Leather)
NLA-Florida, PO Box 491I
Ft Lauderdale, Fl 33338-4911
to gcl thc hrcakfast that was included'
I )kl I ntcrtlion thc folks putting this on are
¡rrrlixls lttont'l Wcll it's true, for every
lwo hours I hucl to chose between SIX
tlll'l'crcnt wttrkshopsl I wish I had a split
¡rcrsorrtlity so I could attend two at
oncclII'l'hc scminars lastcdtil 4:30p.m.
Oh, ycult tnonr, thcy fcd me lunch too,
¡rizzu, cucsur sulad, brcadsticks, & mom
llrc pnstu ltutl u suucc.iust likc at homel
I hcatlcd to the
fìllccl with
Al'tcr nll lltc sctttiltt¡rs
gïelll vcrì(l(lrs. Moln. i think i nluxcd out
Ctrtlll! lrridty rright thcrc wcrc
ttntl lttls ol'litn wtts hud and
I cvcn wcnt und visitctl thc South Florida
rrry Vistt
Ilos¡litality rooml Ncxt door thcy
lwo professional m¡¡sscuscs, so you
gucsscd it mom, I got the most incrcdible
"Christine Baker & Mark Frazier presenting NLA-l Banner at LIL in Portland"
et¡onel Leather Association: lnternational, PMB #155,3439 N.E. Sandy Blvd., Portland, OR 97232-19stslilll(
Leather Association: lnternat¡onal, PMB #155, 3439 N.E. Sandy Blvd,, Portland, OR 97232-
Executive Committee
Jan Hall, President
Spencer Bergstedt, Vice President
Don Bastian, Sgt-at-Arms
Mark Frazier, Treasurer
Phil "Flutfy" Swenson, Secretary
Athena Lyons, NCSF, LIL Committee
Jim Richards, Elections
Eric Lawrence, LIL Committee
George Cameron, LIL Vendor Coord.
Mitch Williams, Chapter Liaison
Hardy Haberman, WebMaster
Tony DeBlase, NLA Archivist
Sallee Huber, P&P Manager
Dean Felt, Volunteer Coordinator
Ron Hertz, Electronic Resource Ctr
Rick Spector, Membership Chair
(assisted by Tammy in the
membership drive)
Bruce Armstrong, Link Editor
Hromovy, Advertising Rep,
NLA Chapters
We currently have 10 NLA Chapters in operation throughout North America.
Please contact Mitch Williams, Chapter Liaison, with any corrections and./or
alterations at:
hotmail. com
Well, the ballots have been counted and
s/fn R(flvlsr
So, the line-up for
Living In Leather XfV conference [LIL] will
showcase sm authors. Authors who willbe atLIL
to do book signings include Molly Devon,
EC 2000 is:
President - Spencer Bergstedt
Vice-President - Athena Lyons
Secretary - Lady Victoria
Treasurer - Ma¡k Frazier
Joseph Bean, Tristan Taormino, Guy Baldwin,
The Activist Roundtable at LIL this year will
include fundraising tactics for activists to use to
fund projects. Lolita and Jack McGeorge will be
Lynda "Ms Twisted" Blakeslee
Wes Randall Passes Awav
it's been obvious that a revision ofNLA-I Policy and Procedures was necessary to bring
the organization into compliance with its By Laws, changes that had been made over the years, and a
cla¡ification of the roles of Chapters and NLA-I itself.
morning while being cared for at BaileyBoushay.
Sallee Mallard Huber, former NLA-I Co-Chair 92-94, was appointed by the EC as the P&P Manager,
with the assignment to present a re-write of the P&P. During the Aug. 29th meeting of the EC, the
proposed changes were finally accepted by the EC.
Mitch Williams, EC Member and Chapter Liaison, will be mailing out copies of the new P&P to the
Chapters, and Huber has sent an electronic version of the work to NLA-I Webmaster Hardy Haberman.
NLA-I PresidentJa¡r Hall is lookingforward to the ofhcial 'unveiling' of the new P&P during LIL, where
Chapters and Members can provide input for any additions or changes they may wish to discuss.
The newly revised P&P will also be included in EC Member George Cameron's "Red Book', an
historicaVarchival collection of NLA papers and statements.
Jan Hall said, "The NLA offers its sincerest thanks to Sallee Huber for her time and work to prepare this
updated P&P for the EC's approval. Despite the complexity of the task, Sallee stuck with it to its
It's Huber's hope that the revised P&P will lay to rest much of the confusion and ambiguity that
existed between the roles of Chapters and NLA-I, as well as offering further protection to the rights
individualmembers. HuberwelcomestheinputofanyNLA-IMembersastosuggestionsforfutureP&P
changes, as she feels P&P to tæ an on-going process, and can be reached at: malla¡[email protected]
Salle Huber
was one of the six cofounders of
Generic Leather Productions back in 1990.
Wes came up with the name "Generic
Leather Productions." 'Wes was also
Mr. Leather 1991 and
Northwest Mr. Drummer 7995. A co. founder of the annual Washington State
Vy'ashington State
Leather Pride Week Celebration & past
President of NLA: Seattle, he was featured
on the cover of Drummer #I42 and.
appeared in several Zeus Studio videos.
Most recently, Wes was a Supervisor at The
Cuff Complex and a judge at the 1999
V/ashilgton State Mr. Leather Contest. A
memorial was held later that week at the
Seattle A¡boretum. \Ve all miss him dearlv.
- for LIL hotel reservations call: The Cla¡ion
Hollywood, 954-458-1900; or 1-800-Cla¡ion
@e sure to mention NLA or Living in Leather to
get our special room rates, $75-85.00).
travel a¡rangements contact: Tony
Gorrell, Travel Bureau of Dallas, l-800-598-
[email protected]
for NLA-I's membership form & information
Below is the Treasure/s Report for the period ending el20l99. As you can s
was a big iump in The LINK expenses (better newsletters = more money), as
substantial increase in LIL revenues (a sure sign of our rapidly appt
'conventionl'). All in all, we are heading into the Living ln Leather weeker
healthy balance & a positive financial attitude. lf you have any comments or q
please let me know.
Respectfully Submitted, GENERALOPEFATING
Mark Frazier, Treasurer 1999 Opening Balance
Opening Balance
One of Seattle's community leaders passed
awayTuesday, July 6th, 1999. V/es Randall
passedpeacefully in his sleep early Tuesday
The incoming Chapter Chair Representative
be named at Living In Leather XlV.
- for LIL registration forms
- for LIL
www.col ght.com/n la-okc/i ndex.htm
Since last year,
WisdomKeeper - JanHall
www.nla-l.com,/dallas ([email protected] juno.com)
NLA-Florida, PO Box 491 1, Ft. Lauderdale FL 33338-4911
www.geoc¡t¡es.com/-zometimes/nla-f l.htm
NLA-Houston, PO Box 66553, Houston TX 77266-6553
NLA-New England,831 Beacon St#9100-164, Newton Center MA
021 59-1 822
www.nla-newen gland.org
NLA Calgary, 10'lA-601-'17 Ave. SW, Calgary, AB, Canada, T2S 083
NLA-New Orleans, PO Box 820302, New Orleans LA 70122
NLA-Oklahoma City, 4400 N. Hemingway #236, Oklahoma City OK, 731 18
this practical and
Athenø Lyons, NLA-I EC
TX 75219-0432
Cain Bedinger, Bert Herman, Drew Campbell,
Viola Johnson, and Cain Berlinger.
http://adu lt.denclty.com,/NLAColumbus/
Nl-A-Dallas, PO Box 190432, Dallas
elected to the Executive Commitæe.
Ch¡istine Baker
Rick Spector
NLA-Atlanta, PO Box 7941 , Atlanta GA 30357-7941
NLA-Austin, PO Box 49801, Austin TX 78765
Nl-A-Columbus, PO Box 2763, Columbus OH 43216
...RT ut xlv
Athena Lyons, Lady Victoria,
Lynda "Ms Twisæd" Blakeslee, Hromovy,
Ch¡istine Baker, and Rick Spector have been
results are
Thursday Dinner...........
Sunday Brunch
Total income
Dallas ...........
Vending Coord............
Presenter Coord ...........
Hotel .............
Total Expenses ....................
Closing Balance (8/20199)
Opening Balance
............,..$ 7,655.00
........., 125.00
............ 3.095.00
......... $1500.00
........... 1,589.00
....,,... 1.000.00
....... $5,359.00
....... $37,853.00
...,.... $3,179.00
.................... nil
George Cømeron
Page 3
Leather Association: lnternat¡onal, PMB #155,3439 N.E. Sandy Blvd., Portland, OR 97232-195
There's only a month to go before you have a new President,
Spencer Bergstedt. I want to take this opportunity to recap some of
First Come, First Party
by Joseph W. Bean, Executive Di¡ector of LA&M
the super things have been accomplished this year.
The Leather Archives & Museum is ready to celebrate its new,
permanent home in Chicago, and you're inviæd!
First, we have a terrifrc convention coming up in October. There,
secrets will berevealedto you; the mysterious willbe shownrightin
front of you; our love that da¡e not speak its name will be shouted
out; friendships will be forged, and our bonds will grow stronger.
As of August 4, 1999, the LA&M is legally the owner of the
forrner Greenview A¡ts Center at 6418 N. Greenview Ave.,
Chicago n- 60626. (You may now record that as the permarient
mailing address for the LA&M in your address file.) Sometime in
October it will be possible to start the move-in of the collections,
Second, this year has brought us valuable gains in many ¿ueas. For
after tenant leases have terminated and some essential repairs and
reconstruction have been done. This brings up two big issues:
Paying the mortgage andcelebrating the achievement. First things
first, let' s celebrate.
The Grand Opening of the LA&M on Greenview will take place on the
weekend of February 17-27. Yes, I know, that's not a weekend per se. It's a
Thursday, for theribbon-cuttingceremony and achral opening ofthe building
to the public, through President's Day Monday: Four days to party! The
details are not yet settle( but the weekend will also be Leatherfest Chicago,
sponsoredby Cell Block, and there are probably going to be special events in
other locations-like the Chicago Eagle-as well. There's time to frgure all
that out, but the time is now to make your plan to be in Chicago for the big
Thursday's Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony will be everyone' s hrst chance to see
the new building. We certaidy don't expect to have all the exhibits and work
spaces in thei¡ final order by then, and we don't promise the complete and
stately order of things that you might expect at, say, the Smithsonian
Institutions. Whereverwe areinthe process of setting thingsup, we'lljust stop
and party with you.
some point in the weekend, most likely Saturday evening or Sunday
afternoon, there will be a dedication program and the presentation of the
Centurion Awards to the Leatherman and Leatherwoma¡r of the Century and
ten other Centurions. This program will take place in the 200-seat theater in
the new building! (Ihere are actually 161 installed seats and the occupancy
permits justunder 200, so space is definitely limited. If you want to be part of
this historic moment, you'll need to reserve ea¡ly. First come, fust party.)
Speaking of space space-as I just did in parentheses-I am amazed at
myself. At the former Cla¡k Sneet addres s, we' d have, been doing well to have
50 or 60 people in the building at one time, and were shocked when 150+
people came through in the course of the evening for the opening of Kink A
Women' s Perspective. Now, we can easily accommodaæ 400 people at a time,
and it is still appropriate to be warning you that "space is limited." That's
progress with a capital P, don't you think?
As the frnal details of the Grand Opening Weekend, Centu¡ion Awards
Program and Leatherfest a¡e worked out, the news will be announced by all
means available, but you don't have to wait. You can let me know you're
interested now, and I'll send the details directly to you along with ticketing
information as soon as they are available, and-because I heard from you
before the announcement-you'll get priority in ticketing and seating.
Then there's subjectnumbertwo: Paying themortgage. Obviously, any andall
money contributed to the building fund is dedicated lrst to the paying of the
mortgage atthis point. Butthe current level ofsupport forthe capital campaign
is not going to do thejob. Besides, people who can not afford to write a $500
check (and that's most ofus!) are not much encouraged by the established
system for recoCniring dono¡s to the fund to buy the building. So, naturally
enough, someone came up with a new and brilliant plan.
example, we now have a fully updated manual of policies and
procedures of the EC. Our Link looks fabulous, has exciting
content, and a¡rives to members securdin an envelope. W'e have a
new packet of information that is sent out to to\ilns who want to start
chapters; and in fact, we have a new chapter, Oklahoma City! We
now have monthly mailings to chapters of helpful information. In
the membership area, NLA bought an upgraded computer to give
the best service possible to new members. This year more
businesses have made alliances with
Details of all of this will follow, but my gratitude to everyone for sharing my
dream and participating ìn it is already up and running full-steam ahead.
As I write this letter to you, pins and patches are being developed
and will soon be available as part of membership. Our web site has
abrand new look, but that's not all you get-as of this year you can
now download membership forms and convention registration
forms in a user-friendly way. You can get a copy of the bylaws there.
You can even buy SM books there!
Third, we continue to be strong in education and activism,
continuing our role with the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom
I threw some pennies into a
fountain and wished for them. They happened because a lot of
people cared to take the time to make them happen. These people
deserve our recognition and thanks: Spencer Bergstedt, who is
directing LtL'99 and who has lined up dynamite workshops. Eric
Lawrence and Beth F., who are making sure LIL is on track in
Florida. George, who has provided the Red Book this year as well
as achieved a fine vendor area at the convention. Don Bastian, who
has been instrumental in bringing theword of safe, sane, consensual
to Canada; the Calgary chapter is going strong! Jim Richards for
us an updated catalogue of
policies and procedures for the EC. Ron
Hertz, who helps with electronic archiving; IIromovy, with
advertising; and Tammy, with the membership drive.
Finally, a hearfelt thanks for the efforts of all of our chapters to
provide education, fun, support to charity, and fellowship
throughout the country, throughout the whole year. It is through
these chapters that much of the best work is done towards our
Statement of Purpose: New England, Atlanta, Florida, Houston,
Austin, Dallas, New Orleans, Columbus, Calgary, and Oklahoma.
Yours in Leather,
fan Høll
by Spencer Bergstedt
I hope you're all getting as excited about the upcoming LIL as I am!
I tell ya, we are going to have such a good time this year. There a¡e
great presenters and workshops, some of my favorite entertaine¡s
and authors, great food, good friends, and the beach right across the
So what else has been happening at
NLAI beyond LIL planning.
Well we've been holding our elections - I hope y' all voted! ! ! I think
we had apaficularly good crop sf nqminees this year - people with
a strong
committment to the leather community.
In between running my business, getting married in July, planning a
conference for 500 lawyers that happens two weeks after LIL, and
gee, trying to actually spend time with my leather kids, I've been
ha¡d at work with NLAI related tasks.
I've also been answering emails from all over the place about
æd Co¡tsuJlaf¡on
The EC has finished reviewing our Policies & hocedures and are
pleased to announce that we have passed a new and improved
handbook ofP&P.
1126 Fillmore Stræt
I've been working on getting things ready for the incoming EC
variety of matters, getting us listed in the DAMRON guide and the
Whole Lesbian Info book and providing each of them with info
about NLAI and
Pryeimtft er*py
563'61tì wice
For more information or to conüibute to the collections or funding of the
LA&M, write Leather Archives & Museum, 6418 N. Greenview Ave,
Chicago, IL 60626 or e-mail [email protected]¡n.com
leather activists. Rick Spector, who keeps membership and
convention registration in order and up to date. Mitch Williams,
who shepards in new chapters and provides chapters with monthly
mailings. MarkFrazier, who keeps ourtreasury impecably. Flufiþ
Swenson, who got LIL off to a great start and keeps our records.
Karen S. and Bruce Armstrong, who both did Links to be proud of.
Doug Buhrer, who did our Link printing. Hardy Haberman, our
reliable Webmaster. KT Chase, for helping to get the mail. Tony
DeBlase, who reminds us of our history. Sallee Huber, who brought
I'm proud of the National Leather Association. We kick
These things did not happen because
Mercea Strecker, AmericanLeatherwoman 1998, devised a scheme by which
just about anyone could become a major donor to the building fund. It's a
pledge plan in which you may promise as [ttle as $20 a month and charge it
to a credit card, use your check card, send in checks, or set up automatic
payments . Even at the minimum rate of $20 a month, a donor who stays in the
program for 25 months will have donated $500 and be recognized as having
bought a "brick'on the plaque at the new building. Anyone who stays in
longer or pledges at a higher monthly rate will, almost painlessly, be an even
bigger donor. For example, if you pledge $30 a month and stay in the program
for the entire 60 months of its existence, your gift will amount to $1,800.00
that you never knew you could afford to give. If you want details on this
program, e-mail Bill Stadt ([email protected]) or write to Mercea Strecker,
Executive Ofhces,5015 N. Clark Steet, Chicago IL, 60640.
It' s time for the confetti and cheering and a bit of champagne, don' t you think?
Time topatourselves on the back (ust for a moment) and to congratulate each
other. We, the leathercomrnunities of the world, have purchasedabuilding in
which we can preserve and enjoy, research and remember the times and people
and accomplishments of our commonpast-our heritage-and where we can
safely compile the legacy we are leaving for future leatherfolk.
Page 4
heading up our elections. Athena Lyons, our NCSF rep, who is
bringing to the convention a bevy of great authors and inspiring
$an Franeiscs, f;Â 94115
meeting to hopefully make everyone comfortable and feel like they
have all the information they need for the meeting and the year.
See "VP REPORT" on page 6
Page 5
Leather Association: lnternational, PMB #155,3439 N.E. Sandy Blvd., Portland, Ong72g2-1
Remove the
VP REPORT, continued from page 3
I've been preparing for the Annual General
Membership meeting. If you have anything
in particular that you would like discussed at
the AGM, please let me know. One of the
things on the agenda is a motion to alter the
NLAI Statement of Purpose.
The proposed changes are as follows:
'"To provide information and education to
organizations, publications and businesses
within our communities to fight for: freedom
of expression, freedom of the press, the
right to f ree association and equal treatment
under the law."
Why? V/ell
J. ñlEdien
Transgenderals is an
oldterm, not used by anyone in
the gender
leaving their positions vacant just prior to the
(aka Dr.
election process beginning. After one year as Spark of Desi¡e co-owner Art Z.
MaL Mitch Williams stepped down as did
Calendar ltems:
Haete La Vista Bulg*s...
Transgendered persons covers
a wide range of individuals and
th*y wcn't be hack
change its
the EC thinks that the cunent
times on this issue.
Nov. 2 - NLA: Dallas General Meeting and
3. In section
workshop. Topic: Dominance & submission the popwer exchange found in many SNI/
leather relationships and is often described as
an erotic dance.
To remove the words ttdefense fundstt
lawyers that would be necessary to evaluate
cases, nor do we have the kind of staff or
money necessary to do theinitial screenings.
4. In section
does not currently have the
resources, staff, skills, and more to be able
to responsibly handle legal defense fund.
Vy'e don't have the kind of numbers of
To change the wording to:
website (www.nla-i.com/dallas) and our
sexual acts between consenting adults."
Why? Its atighter sentence that conveys the
goal of the organization.
look forwa¡d to hearing your comments
and questions and to seeing you all
helps direct and focus the organizations
one word in Section 6:
For example, the chapter supplied everyone
with handy pocket-sized booklets about
selves once agun at this summer's Fetish
basic sm safety. The local sm women's
group sold food and pop all day. Chapter
members and other volunteers did an
effrcientjob of setting up and taking down,
Fleamarket. Shoppers numbering over
including putting up some interior walls.
The New England chapter outdid them-
Other volunteers checked-in people at the
door, ran raffles, provided security assistance, assembled the sacks, and handled the
huge number of vendor tables and chairs.
Exit interviews of shoppers were conducted
to provide some feedback. Both vendors
and shoppers felt thatit hadbeen agreat day.
2,100 came to buy and cruise at
this one-day event. For several
hours in the afternoon, there was
a line to get in, stretching down
the streeq a fifteen-minute wait
to enter, so as not to exceed the
building's crowd capacity.
Many people also
night parties hosted by other
by Fetish Diva
Jan Høll
was an armory. There were also
"l heard that it was a great time.
Keep up the G.R.E.A.T. work,
NLA: New England..,
information tables by va¡ious
local groups. Shoppers were
Page 6
dinner meeting and exchanged information and
paperwork. Plans a¡e already under way to set
the 2000 program schedule that will again
include the very successful and well-received
Advanced Workshops that were open only to
NLA: Dallas members. The 2000 schedule will
be announced at the November General
Newsleather newsletter. It
been on the
has traditionally
fust Sunday of December.
I\LA: Dallas
elects their 99lfi) officers
general meeting the members of
NLA: Dallas elected their new Executive
Council. The new ofhcers and committee
At the July
chairs took their respective offices
August 3 meeting. Co-Chai¡ Ken Benson sta¡ts
his second year of his two year term and is
joined by new co-chair Ann Brown (MsMine to
many), a long time Dallas leather activist and
player. Three term co-chair Lynda Blakeslee
(known to many as Ms Twisted) turned her
reins (and whip) of power over to Ann in a very
emotional thank you
for the support
friendship and experiences she has had through
her involvement in the NLA: Dallas chapter.
Lynda was Assistant Di¡ector for LIL XItr
(along with Hardy Haberman) in Dallas, and is
continuing her involvement in the chapter as
co-director with Jim Richards of Beyond
Vanilla X (see related a¡ticle below for more
BV X information).
weekend in November, but co-directors Lynda
Blakeslee and Jim Richards have not been able
to locate a leather/kinkfriendly hotel or venue
for the very popular annual educational event.
The event was not held in 1998 so the chapter
could concentrate on LIL X[I, and in the
previous three years the event has grown to
capacity at the G/L Community Center where it
has been held. The directors and the EC felt it
was very important to find a venue that will
"Some of the New England Group"
treasurer Jim Glass. Hardy Haberman was reelected as a Member-at-Large and is joined by
new MaLs Ryan Shaw, Miss Kiny and Phillip
Hamilton. Membership Chai¡ James Jordan
and Newsleather editor Brittany were ¡eelected and joined by new program chair Ron
Hertz and social chair Robert Owen.
Art's favorite piece is a muscle therapy
from the '60's, a Medcotronic. The recipe is to
put one electrode into a vagina, and another in
the rectum. Turn it on, and there is a nice
crescendo orgasmic effect.
Art has several cautions about the devices.
First, old ones often have problems, for
example, frayed cords. Be inquisitive and take
your purchases apart to see how they
how to repair them. Second, to avoid causing a
heart attack, do not use anything above the
waist but a violet wand. Third, use ground-fault
interrupters, and use a multi-oì¡tlet strip that has
an on & off switch. Fourth, stay away from
can and want
can attend.
Tentatively plals are set for an early spring
date. The EC and di¡ectors also plan on
establishing a pemranent date for it. Watch for
future updates or check out the NLA: Dallas
website at www.nla-i.com/dallas or The
Leather Networks calendar page
...See "ZAP" on page 6
ww.leathernetwork. com/calendar.
submitted by
Wølradt, S ecretary
We at NLA: Calg-y have just finished our
weekend (members only) Top/bottom Auction/
Playparty and raised $1 125.50. Because it was
for members only, we added a few more
folks...total members now at 75! Also, books
sales of 'Chainmale' are good, and the funds
will now allow
our workshops.
Victoria relocated to San Francisco and MaL
Artemis Silverowl relocated to Austin, Texas
of course also know that there a¡e two other
reasons for Art to collect these things; first, he
was struckby lighnring as a child, and secondly,
because it's a good way to get a date.
attendance cap that had to be placed on it in
1996 and 1997. Plus with this being the 10th
year of the event the organizers wa¡rt to make it
one to remember and one that as many people as
2 yean as treasurer
began collecting shortly after Living in
working. This is the only way to begin to learn
Bledsoe. Former program chair Lady
Stepping down after
Leather in 1992," A¡t says. "That was the year
that I hea¡d the late Albert K¡aus explain about
electrical play. I justknew I had to have some of
that stuff!"
allow the event to grow beyond the
D e øn
Joining Ken and Ann on the EC are Dean
Walradt, re-elected as secretary and new
medical quackery of the past. His collection
spans from violet wands, to medical batteries,
to diatherrry pads, to muscle stimulators. Most
items in the collection a¡e 50 to 100 years old.
Vy'e asked A¡t to illuminate us about these items.
The EC has decided to postpone Beyond
Vanilla X. It had originally been set for the fust
clubs, and a series of evening
Vendors frlled every nook and
cranny of the huge circular
building, which in its past life
treated to a series of demos and
each received a sack of business
and informational fl yers.
The old and the new EC members met at a
Beyond Vanilla X POSTPONED
December - No general meeting or workshop.
The annual NLA: Dallas Holiday Party will be
scheduled in the next couple of months and
infomration published through the NLA: Dallas
"To advocate for the decriminalization of all
statement is fine except fo¡ the fact that it
calls upon the organization to do things it is
not currently doing, doesn't really have the
ability to do, and certainly won'tbe doing in
the near future. The changed language as
above reflects NLAI's strong committment
to education and social change in a way that
2. To change
social chai¡ Silk.
NLA: Dallas General Meeting and work
shop. Topic: HI-INTENSITY PLAY - Caning,
zippers, single-tails and more. 7pm at the G/L
Community Center, Reagan & Brown in the
Oak Lawn area.
language to keep up with the
1. To rewrite section 5 as follows:
help build and strengthen
tttransgendered personstt
NLAI should
In the Statement of Purpose
6transgenderals" and replace
it with the phrase,
us to start
flying in speakers for
Don Bøstian
Art Z. takes electrical play to new heights.
Photo credit: Jan Hall
Page 7
Leather Association: lntefnat¡onal, PMB #155,3439 N.E. Sandy Blvd., Portland, oR
Leather Association: lnternational, PMB #155,3439 N.E. Sandy Btvd., Portland, OR 97232-195
continued from page 5
by Lolita (Lolita does "Thunder")
anything flammable. Last, do not use glass
inside the body.
"Be aware the people are very different in how
conductive they are," he says. "When you do it
right, quackery is very satisfying to play with!"
A¡t's business sells new violet wands that a¡e
not as touchy as the antique ones.
The NCSF thinks every good letter to a media
organization should stress the following four
Resou¡ce Center, can contact NLA through
the website, http://www.nla-i.com, or write
to our PMB.
A Fragile
Union, is a collection of ten years of work.
Joan Nestle's new book from Cleis,
"Á'rtZ.. and h¡s amaz¡ng old electrical gadgets." Photo credit: Jan
TheMaleBody(Bordo, pub. byFarra, Staus, &
Giroux) maps out what is thought of the male
body in U.S. cultu¡e, particulady the private
The Technology of Orgasm (Johns Hopkins, by
Maines) details the history of use of the vibrator
for women.
Ever Since Adam and Eve (Potts & Short) is a
weighty Cambridge University tome that still
may entrance folks
The Whole Lesbian Sex Book, by Newman
(pub. by Cleis), is a guide for lesbian and bi
of our ilk lookjng for
Along with her usual insights about butch-
interesting reading about the anthropology of
femme, this book relates her struggle with colon
cancer, and hew illness affects sexuality.
sexual behavior.
Jason Cromwell has written Transmen and
FTMs, published by the Univ. of Illinois Press.
a Woman (Bantam), by Dianne Hales,
uses gender science to redefine what makes
women different from men.
Alaskan historian Lael Morgan is the author of
Good Time Girls of the Alaskan-Yukon Gold
Rush. (Mountaineers Press)
When Chickenheads Come llome to Roost
Do you realize how many classic works have
(Simon & Schuster) is afeisty, general Íeatise on
the nature of black women, by Joan Morgan.
Some discussion about black women who
effectively work their erotic power.
been tragets ofcensorship? Ka¡olides et al. make
And speaking of Joan, she's part of Cleis's new
anthology entitled The Oy of Sex. Edited by
Marcy Sheiner, this collection is 20 tales of
Jewish women's erotica, and besides Joan
includes Erica Jong and Marge Piercy.
Jo Foxworth and Moyer Bell press bring us The
Bordello Cookbook. with stories of historical
American women who were...successful.
by Jeanne Bauer.
note of the top books despised for religious,
political, social, or sexual reasons in 100
Banned Books (pub. by Checkmarþ.
Prometheus offers
A History of X
meaning the history
Calendars for 2000:
The Perfect Guy; Sellers: [800] 625-3386
Wild Words from Wild Women, Putnam: [212]
Women of Star Trek, Pocket: 18001223-2336
Aubrey Beardsley, Brown Trout; [800] 6266579
Men of Structure, At-A-Glance; [800] 6266579
pornographic films.
Reviews have not been good, noting that there is
little here on gay films, and much here that is offtopic.
Grove has just brought out John Rechy's The
Coming of Night, a novel that follows its gay
cha¡acters through LA in 1981. Some sm
themes; plenty ofplot; as usual, Rechy is not for
the squeamish. The author just won a lifetime
achievement award
at the tenth
Publishing Triangle event.
Love and Desire, by Ewing, is a photographic
study of human intimacy. (Chronicle Books)
Silver Pixel press offers techniques
photography in The Nude (by Pinkard).
.rVhips &
The Splintered Day (Serpent's Tail) concerns a
bi woman obssessively focused on love and sex
in multicultural New York. Author V.K. Mina
has been cha¡acterized as "a queer-positive
Hen¡y Miller for the year 2000."
Justice at Risk (Doubleday, by Wilson) is a
murder mystery involving police brutality coverups and gruesome "gay S&M underworld" sex
and violence.
1l What aficle or story you are writing ab'óut;
2l That you are a member of a large and active
local community;
3l What you did or didn't like about the story.
4l Draw a personal connection between your
opinion and the story in question.
Here's an example:
"Dear Editor:
I would like to express concem about the series
columns published by your
newspaper in December, 1998, and February
and March, 1999, about the Carter Stevens
Pocono weekends and events in the Poconos
for people whose sexual preferences include
BDSM and other alternative sexual expression.
Conúary to the implication of your articles, we
who participate in such events are ordinary
citizens. The Kinsey New Report on Sex i¡
1990 found that between 5Vo to l07o of the
population share our interestin SM as a form of
of aficles and
sexual expression.
particular, those who attend BDSM
weekend events which involve signifrcant
expense tend to be professionals, parents,
teachers and, in all cases I am aware of,
We spent Friday morning at the pool. Being a mile above sea level, the sun is very strong and just a
little will do ya. In the afternoon, Michael, Frank Strona and I borrowed Nanette's car (the leverage
in negotiating this was that I would mention Nanette in the P+P in exchange for the use of her vehicle:
Thank you, Nanette !) and headed out of the city to go horseback riding. Frank had only one limit for
the excursion and I pushed it. Oy! We never found the right horses but we had a nice drive and then
dinner at a good Mediterranean restaurant.
Friday night's Meet & Greet was moved indoors because of the rain. The presenters and the judges
were introduced. I could not believe that I was there among the legends and icons of the community.
Then the contestants were announced. Th¡ee women and nine men would compete for the local titles
that would go on to IML and MsL.
The event organizers had had some problems with the dungeon location and were forced to relocate
2 weeks before the event. No problem! The parties were held at a fitness cetter. Very perfect. The
players took advantage of the weights and pulleys for CBT scenes. Others did a locker room hazing
scene. The showers were also used. There was a lot of creative energy. I played with a couple on
Friday night (and I forgot to ask ifl could mention them in the P+P and I never mention anybody here
without permission). The top pierced the bottom and attached jeweþ to her chest with needles. I
then used a thuddy moose flogger on her back and she growled.
The Law with Lenny Broberg, a former IML and a San Francisco cop. He gave us a view from the
cop'sperspective. Copsdonothavealotofdiscretionwhenenforcingthelaws. Solawsneedtobe
At Noon I gave my Caning workshop. teresa was my bottom. I had met teresa last year at Thunder
andshebecameanAOlbuddyofmi¡e. Buddy? Didlsaybuddy? Harumph! ShehasIM'dmeand
goaded me for the last six months. My answers made her very nervous. Heheh! The workshop was
a lot of fun. I felt comfortable with her and the participants. I showed them how to cane butt as well
as the back of thighs, the fronts of thighs, the insides of thighs, calves, pecs and even her back. Even
after I left her bruised all over, two people volunteered from the audience to try bottoming to the cane.
They left srniling.
...Continued next page
€--*- Circlct Prr:ss
reputable citizens. We conduct our activities in
F ¡¡ ¡-¡ s rr F'.pu*-L-A srr<;
Er)¡ ¡ rrù þT Cr-c¡t.i,{ T,-rn, 514.95
private and do not do anything to emba¡rass
Deviant Desires by Gates (pub. by Powerhouse)
is a conversation with people about their
Continuum has published Sexuality in America
(by Francouer), which looks at sexuality in terms
of the aspects of biology, psychology, social
structure, and spirituality.
"An SlM
I just loved Thunder In The Mountains. For two years in a row, this was just a great event and they
treat their presenters like guests of honor (or as Mr Marcus says, "holy cows." LOL). Michael
Horowitz and I disemba¡ked from our plane and there was Paks ready to direct us through the Denver
airport and chauffeur us to the hoæI. The Ramada had been undergoing big renovations and looked
great with its indoor Southwest theme and new outdoor landscaping. The staff was friendly and
Anyone who has detailed questions about
quackery, or would like to request in-depth
electrical play information from the NLA
people of different views. Your newspaper
coverage ofthis eventis uninformed and in my
viewbiased. As youknow, itledto cancellaúon
of the Ca¡ter Stevens weekends, which was
!:útuiistìs giìláa
Lllj 1)ÕlrËr ùltil ILr-çt fTùln {öd"lt's sgl+tsl
unrlcr¿,3re>urrri. 'llx:sc trusla s9.{;rirs ttansf¡>¡tn nt¡¡<le'r* ro'-xt¡¡t.[.
frtis!ì(rs {5r/ì\4" t'u¡rcl¡¡ge. *'tc-) Ínl{:t rvhE>le Ít::tv âir(}ti(: u'tr¡'l¡:ls.
!\litJt c¡¡ver ¿¡rt
greatly unfair.
lfnr.rs Frìcr\it -fl¡f: Ent;rlrç HÞG[:
Irt>nr (-ìrc.l+t Èræks ínto rrne.: l {l+-Íara!¡¿F ¿)¡.'¡J't tr'\/ai('rt 5rf.'t<.rrrtJ:,
hw {irq:ilire '}'+n. ¿!4¡¡f<¡, l>r,' I-,¿*sre¡r }r. tlurha, f:rÌi¡¿t: f .:iir:lv:l:,
*$ît<:¡l l:,r, ¡::c¡ñroi¡l, rtrril Èì:r.y,.'<J iJrr¡¡:fs, *r:Literd l:r¡ (:t:::ili:¡ 'l'¿rxr Thás coH¿ution is [<iltk1' atr¿1 c{iÌf'x'e¡rt, h'ít!ì ;e clteide<Ì 5/ ir4
You goffa love those Cosmo quizzes. Here's a
whole anthology
of them from
adult slumber parties.
If you have
coÍrments about or suggestions,
please e-mail [email protected] Please
alert us to positive, negative or neutral stories
about sexual minorities in your local media
For those of you who like weeping in scenes, you
please e-mail [email protected]
might enjoy Lutz's Crying (Norton), which is a
natu¡al and cultural history of tea¡s.
Be sure to check out the NCSF web site at:
Jan Hall
http ://www.ncsfreedom.org
^A' Clrtq:ur,-¡-
.I'rrl$LÐrYr-lD tìr (:ÉrcÌll.Þ
'Jane Smith'
(your address here)
(IMPORTANT - your phone number here)"
Comspolitan Bedside QuizBook. Suitable for
Évv Þfi¡:l¡¿.rr:l òvl:rrrrrirr¡.r.
ÈGn1ËitltÉ i:;4t¿tlc)trì of s,/ft': fÌcliÕrÌ, ercltjc¿ì ðr'È{J fìÕl.v1Ö, s(:r'¡d 3f É 5r{5E
¡üvisfl I *'Ê- .fg6: s1¿-rl'*rYlet-Ê, ctr c¡ìefk Õnl¡n(: .îE !v!vw.cifc¡e{.conìTo ûr(fÊt $É:r¡<:È ch{¡¿k (]Í r'ttÉrìÊ:y Src}er Í}ILáE $3-5O shippüûg Ëcrr tlìc first t}ôf}k.
and Sl -G0 for eecF! åddit.ior}*l boc¡x(. .ind -r ståterneflt tfìat y('t.¡ are at le.lst
¡ g .years (}f åge-
Circlet Press, Dept NLA 99
PtvtB #27A 177A Mass .Aúe C'arnbridge M.A. O214()
vrf \,vvrf
-c ¡ rc ¡ et -c o rrr
or effrail [email protected] rclet-corn
Leather Association: lnternational, PMB #155, 3439 N.E. Sandy Blvd., Portland, oR
Leather Association: Internat¡onal, PMB #155, 3439 N.E. Sandy Blvd., Port¡and, On g72g2-1
At 2pm I attended Peter Fiske's Whipping
Workshop. Notbecause I necessarily wanted to
learn more about Whipping but it was Peter
Fiske and he is a legend! Peter unpacked about
After that she was pretty done! Greg was there
and I went staight for his balls, unzipping his
jeans and ptrlìing them and squeezing them. He
allowed me the amusement, yelling in pain, and
thentu¡ned the tables on me. I lethim. Although
heis usually abottom, he is avery skilled top and
a lot of fun. He caned my pecs and left pretty
It did not
At 4pm, I was on the "Creating & Developing A
teresa and tried all sorts of
toys out on her. My favoriæ was a long whip by
Roger Paterson. It had three tails that had little
stingy multiple crackers. I also liked his short
hippo sjambok with the metal tþ and handle.
was a program that I had suggested because last
year's Thunder was the first ever leather event
for so many of the attendees and I felt that there
was a need for this topic. I was relieved to see a
After a half hou¡, Peter instructed us to switch.
Uh-oh! I had beaten the crap out of teresa in the
crowded room. I was also nervous that my
prepded presentation would be too novice-ish.
But I stole an idea from Frank and handed out
BDSM Relationship" panel with Frank, Michael,
Cleo Dubois, Sþ Renfro and Vi Johnson as
moderator. It was a very interesting panel as we
are all very different both in the way we relaûe
with our partners but also in how we relate within
the community. I am still feeling a bit fragile
a¡ound this tgpic, but managed to get past it
talking about poly and how I am pulling away
from the idea of building a leather family and
getting into building a ci¡cle. The ci¡cle is more
fluid and not as hiera¡chal as a family. I love
hierarchy but I find that sometimes the family
model can be stifling - especially among my
circle of switches and how they interacl with
paper to the audience and asked them each to
each other.
60 whips from his collection. Wow!
always heard of his collection. He was going to
let us all play with his toys. We all chose partners
and could take one toy at a time to try out,
I partnered up with
caning demo and then used the nastiest whips on
her and now I was supposed to switch! Peter had
no nice whips on the table. lhey were all mean
- no deerskin.
A lot of the people in the workshop left because
they did not want to switch, but I decided to stay
and be a sport and switch with teresa. We t¡ied
out different whips and it felt good.
At 4pm, I went to BDSM With No Toys with
Tony DeBlase topping CJ. What a hoot! Tony
went from seûsuous to sadistic using hands,
nails, mouth, knees and feet. When Tony asked
for input from the audience, I was happy to
oblige. Now CJwants hisrevenge. OK! Sounds
good to me.
missed the big clothespin scene
and got to the contest late. Rich Dockter aqd CJ
took 200 clothespins each to raise money for the
Michael and
Leather A¡chives
Museum. These
placed on as 10 zippers with 20 clothespils each.
Ouch! I had bought 10 clothespins and wrote on
them "Lolita Wants CJ & Rich To Suffer."
We saw some of the contestants' speeches and
questions. Tim Creekmore was named Mr.
Rocþ Mountain Leather '99 and Phyllis Darcy
is Ms. Rocky Mountain Leather '99. Bruce
Chopnick spoke about many things in his step
down speech. I was impressed when he spoke of
how sometimes mistakes a¡e made but that we
have to let go and move forwa¡d. He pointed out
Coors' sponsorship of the contest as an example.
He also took off his Rocky Mountain Leather
vest and modeled his gorgeous new IML vest
made by David Menkes.
After the coritest, it was back to the dungeon.
teresa \ryas
still not done - she still wanted to play.
I found a nice
padded weight
lifting bench and
tied her to it with her legs spread wide. I put
clarnps on her labia and then singletailed her.
Then I took the clamps off and single tailed her
pussy directly.
On Sunday moming, I went to BDSM Burnout
with Frank. This was a topic I could relate to and
Frark is a great presenter. At Noon, I presented
BDSM 101. Iwas abitnervous about this one. It
write a question.
the ice with a mini-talk oD terminology
and then collected the questions. While some of
At 8pm about5O ofus metfor di¡ner and went to
Racine's. The restaurant \¡/as very friendly and
accommodating and the food was good. Joseph
the attendees were not shy about
Bean made a toast to the organizers of Thunder.
down thei¡ questions so that they would be
Then Connie made a toast about the upcoming
nuptials of CJ and Nanette. Afterwa¡ds, back at
the hotel, I did an electricity scene with Cristo,
her fi¡st scene with an Ornron.
I broke
questions, others felt more comfortable
anonymous. Soon, the gfoup became comfortable and asked questions as we went along. It
was easy to fill the time and everybody lea¡ned
what they wanted to lea¡n. Cool!
At 2pm, I went to see Body Punching with Brian
Dawson and Mark Frasier. They stared with a
sexy demo that lasted ahalf hour. The two spoke
about various aspects from safety to the fetish
side. Then we sptt up and punched each other as
Brian and Mark went around the room giving us
tips. I paired up with teresa again and we
BD/SM Study
matter that she was all
bruised up - teresa is a pain pig. (Well, my pecs
were bruised, too, and I liked having her punch
me there.)
On Monday, Paks came to pick me, Midori and
Blue up to go to the airport. Midori had sooooo
much luggage ....OK, well, she had been
traveling for 3 weeks, but still! Paks managed to
pack all of the luggage in but I had to ffavel with
Midori on my lap. I did not suffer - she's light,
her skin is just so soft and she's an interesting
conversationalist, too.
LIL 14
in the
people who are have registered for
(as of 8/1/99)
under member rates that a¡e not
l0 Active Chapters
Chapter breakdown:
Atlanta = 11
Austin = 17
Calgary = Jf
Columbus = 38
Dallas = 111
Florida = 26
Houston = 13
New England = 19
New Orleans = 24
Oklahoma City = 12
None = 141
I've also added this
interested in learning how these factors relate to BDSM role preferences.
It takes about 20 minutes to complete; most of the questions are multiple choice and can be answered quickly. Participants can remain
completelyanonymous. QuestionnairescanbesenttopotentialparticipantsviaE-mailorviamail(withapostagepaid,returnenvelope)'
Take part in important new research that can help others better understand BDSM and reduce the misconceptions associated with it. If
interested or if you have questions, you can contact me via E-mail at:
[email protected], or [email protected]
viathe study's website
http ://members. aol. corn/BDSMstudy/index.html
or by phone ar my roll-free number, 67T642-8321 (enter PIN #1152). Thank you for your time.
Department of Psychology (MC 285), iOOg e"h"uioral Sciences
Building, 1007 West Harrison Street
Chicago, lllinois 6061 7-71 37
We need your help to learn more about HETEROSEXUAL
men who like SadoMasochism (SM),
ìlVhat is this questionna¡re about?
You are being invited to participate in a research study conducted
by Will Damon, a doctoral student specializing in sex research at
the University of lllinois at Chicago. This questionnaire was
developed to find out more about adult heterosexual men (18 +)
who are involved in SM (or D&S or B&D). More spec¡fically, this
questionnaire asks about job characteristics, personal
characteristics, and SM experiences. By doing this research and
publishing the findings, I hope to help others better understand
SM and reduce the misconceptions associated with it.
How can I participate?
Membership Chair's Reportthat's in the latest
Link, so maybe the members themselves wiÌl
get onto their Chapter to have things sent in a
timely manner whenever they get this Link.
I am asking you to please take about 20 minutes of your time to
complete the questionnaire and return it as an E-mail attachment
to [email protected] lf you would prefer, you can also return
it by mail to Will Damon, BDSM study investigator, at the UIC
address above.
Registered as of 8/1/99
Can I participate anonymously?
Vendors = 23
Vendors' Asst. = 12
Volunteer = 17
lf you would like to complete this questionnaire, I do not need to
know your name or any identifying information. However, if you
would also like to participate in a follow-up intervieq I will need
some way to contact you. I have sent you a contact information
form in a separate E-mail file. lf you are interested in doing a
follow-up interview, please send the contact information form back
to me as a separate E-mail attachment from that in which you
Full = 36
Presenters = 3
Comps = 3
Gift Cert. =
I am conducting aquestionnaire study of adult heterosexual men (18 +) who a¡einvolved in BDSM orfor whomBDSM is a significantpart
of their sexual fantasies. The questionnaire asks about personal characteristics, job characteristics, and BDSM experiences. We are
database. I've written Chapters to no avail.
Commercial Members = 20
Active Individual Members = 470
Total = 490
send the questionnaire. This way, your questionnaire responses
and contact information will never be in the same file. Even given
this precaution, it is possible, though rare, for people to "break in"
to E-mail systems; thus, individuals otherthan the intended recipient
may have access to your E-mail. lt is advisable to not respond via
E-mailfrom your place of employment. Once I receive your E-mail
attachment, it will be downloaded, printed onto hard copy, and the
E-mail file will be deleted. At this point, I can assure you strict
confidentiality. Your answers will be seen only by the staff of this
study, No information that could identify you and your unique
answers will be released to anyone or published in any form. Your
contact information will be physically separated from the
questionnaire and kept in a secure and locked location. The contact
information will be used only for the purpose of contacting you for
a follow-up interview; after the interview is complete, your contact
information will be destroyed. When I contact you, I will follow any
instructions you may have in order to keep our contact discreet
and confidential.
What if I have further questions?
You're participation is completely voluntary. lf you have any
questions or comments about this research, please write to the
study investigator Will Damon, M.4., at E-mail address above, or
call Dr. Joseph Stokes at (312) 996-4462. For questions about
the rights of subjects, please contact the UIC Office of Protection
from Research Risks at (312) 996-1975. lf you find during the
questionnaire that answering questions about your SM experiences
is upsetting, you may want to contact the National Mental Health
Services Knowledge Exchange Network at (800) 789-2647. Ïhey
can provide you with information about counseling services in your
area. Alternately, you may want to contact the Society of Janus at
(415) 292-3222 or at www.soj.org. They can provide you with
information about the SM support and education group nearest
you. By completing and returning a questionnaire, you are
indicating that you are a heterosexual man over the age of 18 with
interests in SM.
I hope to receive a completed questionnaire from you soon!
There's still a problem with chapters getting
dues/applications to us. This is evident by the
Leather Association: ¡ntefnat¡onal, PMB #155, 3439 N.E. Sandy Blvd., Poftland, OR
Leather Association: lnternational, PMB #155, 3439 N.E. Sandy Blvd., Portland, OR 97232-195
some semblance
For information on what Døedalus
Race Bannon
Editorial Note: We are fortunate in having
Race Bannon, noted author & publisher, as
a contributor to this LINK. Thanks, Race,
When mostpeople discuss how to do S/lvI, they
generally concentate on the physical aspects how to tie someone up, how to spank someotre
properly, how to do a hot wax scene, etc. But
that's only oûe component of S/1v1. The really
important part is the mind. How do you feel
during an S/IVI scene? What goes tbrough your
mind as a scene is taking place? What we're
referring to here is menta.l technique.
Mental technique covers the erotic world of the
mind. It focuses on techniques used to enhance
person's mental enjoyment of the scene, apart
from the physical sensations. Mental technique
is much harder to define or illustrate because it is
so unique to each individual and each different
scene. It is also important to remember that the
physical and mental aspects of an S/IVI scene
often, in not usually, blend one into the other in
such a way that they become
What follows is a discussion of how the mind
plays such an importarit pa¡t in S/lvI, and how to
make the best use of this fact. The discussion
will give you a better idea as to how to utilize
584 Castro Street, PMB 518,
San Francisco
cA 941 14-2594, U.S.A.
Phone (415) 626-1867
Fax (415) 487-1137
The Unlimited
We all have physical limitations. But ou¡ minds
know no such limitations. We can think about
anything without regard for physical bounda¡ies.
This fact can be exploited to both partners'
benefit in an S/IVI scene.
Now, this is a very important concept, so pay
attention. In S/ùI, it makes absolutely no
difference what the body is doing so long as the
mind is having a good time. In fact, you can
experience and enjoy an S/1VI without your body
being involved in any way. S/M fantasies a¡e a
good example of this. The scenes that exist in
your fantasies are just as much an S/lvl
experience as any other. This doesn't mean that
most of us don't want to also experience S/lvI in
the physical world as well. However, it is
importantnotto dismiss your fantasies as un¡eal.
They make you feel good, and nothing that does
that can be considered un¡eal.
Think about how important this
is. You don't
actually have to do something to experience the
fun of that activity. Let's say you have
repeatedly fantasized about being tied up and
spanked severely, but the actual reality of it
doesn't appeal to you much. Ifyou can find a
partner who would enjoy making you feel as
though you are being tied up and spanked, you
can have just as much fun with this type of scene,
as someone who is actually doing it. At some
level, this phenomenon is utilized by everyone
who enjoys S/M.
not actually be slaves, but they feel that way
during the scene.
In order for someone to enjoy the mental aspect
for your mental
negotiation process comes
Role playing is a vital part of much of S/NI.
Some people do not have a complete S/M
experience unless a cefain amount ofrole play
takes place. Although various roles might
manifest themselves in cefain physical ways,
role play is basically a mental S/I\lf technique.
productive, you must have a pretty good idea of
what turns your partner on, and that's where the
web: htto://www. bannon.com/daedalus
your own mental techniques to better your
Getting the Information You Need
They can also be reached by:
e-mail: daedalus @ bannon,com,
People who enjoy kidnap S/M scenes are not
actually kidnapped, but they feel that way during
the scene. Thei¡ mind, at least to some extent,
believes they are being kidnapped. People who
enjoy being tortwed by their captor would not
necessari-ly enjoy being tortured in reality, but
they feel that way during a scene. People who
enjoy being a slave to a master or mistress might
Page 12
thei¡ S/lvI needs met.
Daedalus Publishing Co.
'A Basic Guide To Søfe
ø.nd, Fun SIM Loaernøhing"
searching for undiscovered territory. Remember
also that how you say something often is more
important than what you say.
playing. Neither way is more correct, but the
latter person is going to find it a lot easier to get
publìshes, you cøn wríte to:
of the SIM role they are
of S/ù1, theymustbe ableto tapinto thechildlike
quality of imaginative play. In other words, they
must be able to pretend. Now, there may be
some in the S/IVÍ community who willbalk atthe
term pretetrd. "But what we do is real," many
will say. Yes, it is real, but it is also in the realrn
partner's dominant
It wouldbe niceif there were some magic way to
get such information, but there isn't. It must be
done on a case by case basis. But it must be done
if your scenes are to reach the heights of
pleasure you desire.
I call a reality
in reality while others find it very
Finding a person's reality threshold is an exact
a¡t form, at best. There is no one method of
getting this information. One good ¡eason for
this is that the person you are playing with, and
probably you you¡self, havenotgiventhis much
thought. You know what turns you on, but you
have not b¡oken it down into reality and fantasy
componeûts. And perhaps there is no need to.
Sometimes excessive analysis of something
th¡eshold, the easier it is for them to realize thei¡
S/14 fantasies. The reason is obvious. Thei¡
mind can more easily fill in the reality gaps.
While one person might need a fully equipped
dungeon with lots of ornate S/lvl gear and a
partner who maintains a strict role persona, and
personmight onlyneed a dimly litbedroom with
a few S/IVI toys and a partner who maintains
Using the mind-before-body concept can be a
useful tool for S/Nf play. If you have an interest
in some aspect of S/lvI and your partner does not,
or has never thought about it before, introduce
the idea in a non-threatening way, perhaps in a
activity you want to experiment
memorable scene arìyway. So why bother? Go
into the scene with as much preparation as
But extensive is not necessary here. Simply
around to trying something any new idea. Few
people think about something as exciting as S/M
one day and do it the next. They dwell on it for
on. What mental
information as you do to thei¡ safer sex
guidelines and safe words. You are 50Vo of the
scene. Besides, if you don't get this
information, you are likely to have a not so
Mind Before Body
Before you ever had sex, your mind may have
enjoyed countless sexual experiences in your
fantasies. Before you experience anything in
life, you usually think about it fi¡st. So it is with
No two people take the same path to S/lvf. But
one thing is alrnost always true. Their mind
usually thought about it before they did it with
their body. And usually
takes time to get
of a fantasy role although I guess perhaps some such person
existed in another place and time.
Amazon queen is more
casual conversation. Or leave a magazine or
book around the house which discusses the S/M
dream about and hope to have fulhlled in
reality? And how much of this should remain
fantasy? Expect such information from your
partner also. You have as much right to this
ruins the enjoyment of it.
person's reality
Roles can be based in either reality or fantasy.
Nurses and doctors really do exist, while an
Good, honest and open communication between
partners is vital. Tell your partner exactly how
you feel about S/IVI and what situations turn you
and emotional elements are
required for a scene to work for you? Do you
like an extremely affectionate or rigid approach
from yow partner? What erotic fantasies do you
necessary. No two people are the same.
the lower a
submissive needs.
that doesn't tell you how they like ,it
administered or what situation the fantasv
threshold. This th¡eshold is the degree ofreality
they find necessary to an SIM scene. [n other
words, how much of the S/ùf situation must be
based in reality for there to be a successful S/IVÍ
experience? Some find they need little of a
Spanking means something different to each of
these people. You might have gotten an "I like
spanking" from them during negotiations, but
The Reality Threshold
having a sense of a person's reality threshold is
all that is necessary. It is more something you
feel about a person than a fact you know.
a role? A role is the part you play in the
erotic theater presentation we call a scene. It is
the personality you adopt for the duration of the
scene. The terrn "role" is also sometimes used to
identify the side of the power dynamics you are
playing on. For example, the bottom role or top
role, the dominarit role or the submissive role.
example. One partner might think of spaniöng
as a fantasy punishment scene, while the other
considers spanking as merely serving their
And therein lies the dilemma many face in S/IVI
- how to make a scene real enough to be exciting,
but grounded enough in reality so as to abide by
the safe, sane and consensual guidelines. The
satisfactory solving of this dilemma is the goal
of mental S/M technique.
scene based
Two people might both enjoy spanking, for
of make believe.
Each S/lvl player has what
Unfortunately, though, negotiations often become
merely a lisúng of physical dos and don'ts.
Many mental requirements important to a scene
are often left unsaid.
introduce the idea during your other erotic play
without acting on it. If your partner has an
inclination toward such an S/lvI activity, their
mi¡d will dwell on it and eventually they may
decide they want to try it. Allowing plenty of
time to let it simmer is the key. Of course, they
just might nothave any interest at all in what you
brought up and that's OK too. There are plenty
of other choices in S/lvL
The Power of the Voice
the power of the human voice is amazing. A
well-chosen words delivered with the right
volume, pace and inflection can influence
someone greatly in a matter of seconds. This
holds true for one's sexuality as well.
The degree of submersion into the role can also
vary from person to person. While one person
may elect to take on only a few of the
characteristics of a role, another may try to
literally become thatrole with costuming, voice,
cha¡acter, personality and manner, all in line
withthe assumption of thatrole. There is no one
right way to play.
The S/lvl community tends to foster a number of
traditional S/M play roles. This does not mean
these are the best ones. They are simply the roles
that a large percentage of the S/M population
favo¡s. Just a few of the more popular
master/mistress-slave. father/mother-son/
daughter, abductor-captor, and dungeon master/
mistress-torture victim. You will encounter such
roles if you develop a network within the S/M
community. Be ca¡eful not to be too heavily
influenced by other people's preferences. If the
roles you prefer to play with do not fall within
traditional styles, do not try to conform. Being
open to experiencing new things is always a
good idea, but bending your desires solely to
meet the approval of others rarely proves to be
worthwhile. Be yourown person. Play your own
I would venture to say that most people in the S/
scene do not play with specific roles. Rather,
the roles they adopt are personal creations
Learn to use your voice to your advantage in S/lvI
scenes. Experiment with the words you use and
how you deliver them. Experiment with
pieced together from va¡ious elements of
of silence as a coufiterpoint to
different roles they fantasize about or encounter
sound of your voice. Someone as gifted verbally
can take their partner through the most amazing
scenes while doing nothing more, physically,
than holding that person. The voice influences
the mind and it can take offfor erotic outer space
in daily life. Since they are personal creaúons,
they can be fulfilling erotically because more is
invested in them.
Race Bannon
Page 13
ational Leather Association: lnternational, PMB #155,3439 N.E. Sandy Blvd., Portland, OR
li..lc-ationalLeathefAssociation:lnternational,PMB#155,3439N.E.SandyBlvd.,Portland,oR97232.1959"Sado-Masochism: It's a Republican Thing'
National Coalition for Sexual Freedom
Media Update: [email protected] - vìtww.ncsfreedom.org
"SF Drummer Boy resigns over allegations:
Lack of evidence clears Duncan McKenzie"
Bay Area Reporter, August 27,1999
by Katie Szymanski
a¡e what caused certain members of
"It's ha¡d to believe the community wishes
this way when they've seen how badly
bruised my body was," said Dover.
"I did suggest it might be in his best interest to
resign, considering his emotional trauma and the
controversy within the community," Turner told
the B.A.R. "But I want to quell the rumors thathe
was dismissed. He did not resign in disgrace, but
with integrity."
Dover won the SF Drummer Boy title in April,
and went on to compete in the Northern
California Drummer Boy contest on July 24. It
was after that event that Dover alleges the abuse
took place.
In an a¡ticle published Jltly 29, Dover told the
B.A.R. that he and Duncan McKenzie of
Chicago had agreed upon a safe SM encounter
on the night of July 24,
'"There has to be a ca¡eful balance between not
scape goatilg the leather community for a rare
scene gone bad, and not abusing a true victim by
saying he shouldhave expected it," Fiske told the
comes down to the fact that you
cannot give consent to an assault."
Fiske said the most important lesson from the
Dover-McKenzie incident is that safety comes
hrst. "Investigate before you date. Sometimes
discussing limits is not enough, which is why
Texas during the early '80s
when I fi¡st ¡aû across the existence ofLesbian
sado-masochism. I had no clue that we engaged
in the violent, corrupt legacies of the womanhating Marquis de Sade and self-hating von
Sacher-Masoch. Why, I wondered, would any
the nation into silent compliance, much like
sado-masochists used sex and guilt to manipulate Lesbians 30 years later. In the '50s,
opposition Democrats publicly supported anticommunism just as privately dissenting l,esbians
felt compelled to pay public lip service to s/m in
Lesbian feminist deliberately
the '80s and early '90s. Substitute "vanilla,"
"sex-police," or my particular favorite, "sexnazi," for "pinko" or "commie."
men who have always "pushed" whatever
boundaries women have labored to construct?
We gain genuine power by resisting our brutal
conditioning, not by further submitting to it; by
setting, not erasing, those limits.
One womar told me that s/m 'þlay" was how she
dealt with memories of childhood sexual abuse.
Okay, I thought, it's a therapeutic tool, a passing
phaseon thepathtowholeness, away of working
through unthinkable old trauma. Fine, but then
move on!
paficularWest Coast Festival where,
after gaining ground for years, sado-masochists
had virtually take over, strutting about in thei¡
I recall one
harnesses, whips, chains,
big knives,
assorted paraphernalia, turning work crews into
Lesbian or want to be hurt herself? My Texan
guides who practiced "s&m" (as it was called
before "slash" replaced "&") tried to explain, but
I didn't get it. I figured I must be missing
dysfunctional families run by a "daddy" who
ridiculed and bullied whoever was disinclined to
'þlay." To require the non-consensual participa-
masochistic mind-fuck for feminists.
It was time to educate myself, so I wrenched my
mind open and read the brand new Coming Ío
Power, and whatever else I could find on the
subject. Everything I learned led me back to the
inescapable conclusion that s/m was even more
repulsive and un-feminist than I had previously
Everyone seemed to be going along, especially
the Festival authorities who pretended s/m was
harmless and hoped that ignoring it would make
it go away. But it never does. [nstead, it ups the
ante a¡d provokes increased dissociation which
in turn produces even deeper numbness.
tion of the enti¡e crew exemplihes the sado-
Lesbian Connection, personal
conversations, and attention in the media are any
indication, it would seem that the s/m star has
lost some of its shine. However, it may have
survived as the predominant Lesbian sex model
for young or new dykes by default.
But who exempted s/m from the thoughtful
scrutiny we feminists used to apply to
Whether or not there was a lack of consent
between Dover and McKenzie remains unan-
masochism as 'Tust another" (and "cool") sexual
practice, but in fact, s/m has little to do with sex.
swerable. But statements from the San Francisco
Police Departrnent's Sex Crimes Unit suggest
that inconsistencies with Dover's account point
to a lack of evidence against McKenzie.
S/IVI serves
When questioned, dykes told me that they felt
powerful by'þushing limits" through s/m. Okay.
Lesbians are good at'þushing limits." Butpain?
everything? For one thing, light-weight pundits
and "sexperts" have been legitimizing
only to glamorize the
Humiliation? Excuse me, but doesn't Patriarchy
depend on the absence of these limits? Isn't it
sat in on an s/m meeting.
"What's your position on s/m?" challenged
smirk on her face and a leather
vest over her flexing muscles. Her nose was
chained to her ea¡.
woman wearing
The question was i¡rtended to intimidate me. She
already knew what I thought because it was no
secret. WE had both worked at past Michigans,
and until that moment she and I had enjoyed a
casual friendship.
answered, meeting her eyes and
holding them steadily, "the more I learn about s/
m the more I hate it!"
There was a stunned silence. Eyes migrated and
bodies shifted. A bit of grumblirg and they
resumed the conventional "poor us" rehash of
thei¡ victim status.
Since sado-masochists had clearly assumed
control of this Festival with no apparent dissent,
was surprised to spot a small hand written
announcement for an impromptu gathering to be
held for women who wanted to discuss the s/m
presence. This in itself, I felt, was an act of great
courage and I wondered who the brave Lesbians
were who would risk the public scom a mere
suggestion of potential non-support for s/m
would surely produce.
admired the women who had idtiated this
"non-judgmental" (as the notice said) session,
and decided to check it out. As I started to make
my way up to the isolated site, a million reasons
for turning back raced through my mind. I was, I
realized with a shock, afraid that someone might
see me. Despite my long experience of holding
unpopular opinions, as clea¡ as my convictions
were, and as publicly confrontational as my
...Continued next page
dominance/submission we feminists are on earth
to overthrow.
Feminism moves toward wholeness. SadoInspectorDonald O'Connorwith the Sex Crimes
Unit told the B.A.R. that >McKenzie was never
arrested, just questioned and released. And while
Dover insists that he filed charges against
McKenzie and will proceed with the case,
O'Connor said no charges were f,rled and the
police department would not bring
against McKenzie.
that McKenzie
"I talked to Mr. Dover, or whatever he's calling
himself these days," O'Connor told the B.A.R.
"And the department feels there is a lack of
cooperating evidence to charge Mr. McKenzie."
McKenzie could not be reached for comment,
but friends ofhis said he was "deeply hurt" and
that his reputation had been tarnished by the
The B.A.R. erroneously reported in the July 29
a¡ticle that McKenzie was a¡rested and charged,
when in fact he was not.
This a¡ticle is posted on:
http://www.ebar.com.ibarlnew s.htm#a¡ticle3
Many in the leather community were quick to
Page 1 4
It was on tour in
Republicans maintained control by intimidating
public spaces exist to explore things safely," said
Fiske. "You cannot give up responsibility for
safety, whether you a¡e a bottom or a top."
refused to give Dover a safe word once the two
entered McKenzie's hotel room. Dover said
McKenzie then proceeded to brutally attack him,
bullwhipping him over 150 times, crushing his
testicles with a mallet, and ejaculating into his
sores before announcing he was HlV-positive.
defend McKenzie once the story broke, and
discussions on the Internet atd at local leather
bars have speculated about the accuracy of
Dover's account. Dover said these speculations
During its heyday in the Lesbian community,
sado-masochism reminded me of America's red
scare during the repressive 1950s. Backthen, the
Reporter has lea¡ned.
"I was asked by the title owner himself to resign,"
Dover told the B.A.R. "People in the community
felt I could not c¿ury the title any further. So
rather than watch him pull the title, I gave it up."
Turner, however, said he did not ask for Dover's
"Republicans understand the importance of
bondage between a mother and child." (J.
problem with evaluating and prosecuting cases
of actual SM abuse, according to Peter Fiske,
former chai¡ of the 1 5 As sociation, a local leather
DrummerBoy title ownerPhilip Turner calls
"dignified," Dover resigned his "Drummer Boy"
title on August 17 due to growing suspicion in
the leather community that he fabricated or
embellished his story of alleged abuse. Dover
said that Turner, who owns Daddy's ba¡ and
sponsors the regional San F¡ancisco Drummer
Boy contest, asked him to resign.
spaces, unsuspecting bystanders have
been routinely subjected to images of terrifying
brutality and degradation. An involuntary 1990
Michigan Womyn's Music Festival audience
was strafed with s/m propaganda from an
unma¡ked low-flying air-plane. Why?
Danforth Quayle)
Of cou¡se bruising is nothing new or unusual in
consensual SM sex, which is in fact the very
enslaved, controlled, and punished us for
millennia. In the midst of women's so-called
his allegations that he was abused during a
consensual SM scene in July, the Bay Area
In a move that Dover describes as "pressured"
A Perspective by Alix Dobkin
community to call for his resignation.
San Francisco Drummer Boy Chris Dover has
resigned his title due to public controversy over
enough, but far worse is the insistence that we all
witness ¡e-enacfnents
how men have
Lesbian & Gay New York
Send signed letters to theBay AreaReporter,395
Ninth St¡eet, San Francisco, CA 94103. Or
masochism fragments, and reinforces dissociative behaviors. As I see it, s/m has played a major
role in getting Lesbians off the ferninist track and
back on the patriarchal bandwagon. Actually,
given the overabundance of these
everywhere in patriarchy, it would be surprising
women did not absorb and reflect them,
especially those individuals made paficularly
vulnerable through early sexual abuse. The
strength of s/m's addictive allure is proportional
to numbed feelings, but not everyone belongs to
the "tribe of survivors of atrocities frozen in
childhood," as Carolyn Gage, the noted Lesbian
playwright, orice corrunented.
believe that sex has mo¡e to do with deeply
personal intimacy than with public performance
or play-acting fantasy. So of course I am
distressed by public displays of aggtessive
"tops" and servile "bottoms" at Lesbian events,
particularly because not only do they present
themselves as "sexually correct," but also as the
sole/single Lesbian sexuality worth mentioning.
To eroticize torture and humiliation is bad
Page 15
Leather Association: Internat¡onal, PMB #155,3439 N'E. Sandy Blvd', Portland, oR 97232-195
I've gotten i¡to
It disturbed
a bunch of trouble for publicly
resisting s/m, much like I am now branded "anti-
opposition to s/m was, I had still bought in to the
stereotype so successfully perpetrated by s/m
propaganda, and I had to force myself to
continue on.
way to uûderstand it:
bi" and "transphobic" in certain misinformed
Fewer than a dozen Lesbians sat in a circle on the
rock forrnation, far away f¡om the crowds. We
introduced ourselves, and each told, in true
consciousness-raising fashion, why we were
there and our thoughts about the s/m prevalence
"Some of my friends a¡e sado-masochists. I see
how it damages and changes them, and I don't
feel comfortable with them anvmore. What am I
supposed to do?"
at the Festival and in our communities.
"I'm afraid to
"NCSF - Media Update," continued...
'woman after another spoke about not wanting to
censor any woman, about the importance of
respecting each one's right to make her own
community she had lea¡ned to trust and love?
and frightened her, and she had no
say what
I think to my friends."
and boots and bondage.
But my job, as I see it, is to question mindless
givens, to stir thhking, and encourage women to
love themselves wholly, not in fragments like
was the suÍrmer when I was six." remembers
Adam, who is wearing a paw-printed T-shirt at
the bash. "I was in the tall grass outside my
grandmother's house and some olde¡ cousins,
who were maybe 12 or 13, were tickling my feet.
It was an overwhelrning experience. I felt really
running the gamut from political repugnatce to
personal agonzrng memories triggered by
familiar and gruesome sights, familia¡ tales I had
hea¡d from sco¡es of women in
discussions. Most diffrcult for me had been
tryitrg to explain s/m to my teenaged daughær at
Michigan. Why did she need to know about
incomprehensible crueþ practiced by members
"My father kicked the shit out of me when I was
a kid! I know what those boots mean."
does not have a website where you can
view this article. To respond, write to:
Each of us had to overcome the brainwashing
making us distrust the motives of others, but we
were each glad we came. Like with all genuine
consciousness raising, we felt strengthened by
each other's stories and relieved to learn that we
weren't alone. Or f¡ekas. Feminism was alive
and I was proud of us.
150 Fifth Avenue, 6th Floor
New York, Irl-Y 10011
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As with many foot fans, a
I should be
"footophobia, a common Western phenomenon
thatcomes frompeople's fear of their own sexual
attraction towards feet." It wasn' t until 1 9 87 that
he attended his lrst foot-fetish party, a direct
ancestor ofFoot Friends, and began shedding his
www.onelist. conr/subscribe/Leather-boy
Pa¡t of what brings about 125 men to these fetish
parties is clearly the possibility of fìnding the
foot match just right for them. But even with
couples and threesomes and foursomes sucking
on each other's toes under the glow of looping
foot-porn videos, the friend element ofthis event
seems almost as important as the foot play. "I
know a lot ofthe people I met here from ordinary
gay bar events," says Saxe. "And then we run
into each other here and we say, 'Well, this is
wonderfuM didn'tknow you . . . 'Now there's
something special that we have in common that
we can talk about."
'tsa¡efoot John," the Foot Friends 25-year-old
doorrnan, has made a home for himself in this
chummy world, even though he wasn't
particularly into feet when he fi¡st saw the
group's help-wanted ad in H/X magazine. Now,
a year after his interview during which he had his
toes sucked for the lrst time in his life John often
meets partygoers for lunch or the theater. And
since he is moving back to California and this is
his last night collecting $10 from each attendee
and informing the non-foot-obsessed who
happen to stumble in that "this is a party for men
into feet and footwa¡e" John finds himself
Many members of Foot Friends, which caters to
primarily gay, male foot love¡s, describe the
process as a second coming out. "I came out as a
gay man when I was 21, but it took until I was
about 25 for me to be comfortable with the fact
clothes segment of the population.
Expanding into leather work, we started to attract customers who were looking for quality leather
clothes, coats and e¡otic BDSM toys. Latex clothes and toys were imported from England, Los
Angeles (Syren Rubber) and Chicago (House of Whacks) giving us some of the finest rubber lines
availableonthe markettoday. To complimentourownline of leatherproducts, we alsobroughtinMr.
SÆetters Leather from San Francisco. Glass Art Studio evolved through our art interests and soon we
found ou¡selves not only making stained glass items, but carrying various lines of contempora¡y
giftware, from gargoyles to \ryrought i¡on candelabras. Ou¡ actual involvement with NLA-I came
was interested
in feet, tickling,
"It was much
easier to come out as a gay man. I didn't
bondage," says Peter Saxe, now 34.
understand my interest in feet. I thought I was the
only one."
G,,ry, a27-year-old who used to fantasize about
in army boots as a child in upstate New
York, was similarly isolated. "I felt like I was a
freak for it," Guy says. But attending the Foot
Friends pa¡ties got Guy thinking that "maybe
we're all freaks. Now, to me it's so normal, it's
not even funny."
about prior to LIL 12 when we were approached
to bid on building the replacement flag for NLAI. I had known of NLA-I through my friend Don
Bastian's involvement but had never had the
time or opportunity to join.
Timing seemed right for me to get involved, so
between my business, B & B, making the leather
flag and personally presenting the flag at
Portland, to doing workshops at Portland, Dallas
and soon atFt. Lauderdale, being awarded NLAI "Woman of the Yea¡", I have certainly enjoyed
my involvement with NLA on both the
This list is a
pansexual forum for
Leatherfolk who play as boys, and those
who love them. Being a boy can be more
than being a butch bottom or submissive
male; it's about energy. Let's talk about
what makes us boys in Leather. Please do
your trolling in private email. This isn't a
list about sex with minors, so if you're a
minor or want one, please seek another list.
No spamming or flaming. That is a *hard*
limit! !! Subjects might include:
followed on the heels of Adam's discovery. "I
became very aware around eight or nine that
adults looked at my footsy thing somehow
playing other games." Indeed, he met with so
much disapproval, Adam came to define it as
B &B Leatherworks, Lingerie by Barbie, Cozy Time AdultBabywea¡ and Glass Art Studio have all
been combined and will now be known as B & B Emporium! We have always been heavily involved
in the alternate lifestyles, starting out as Lingerie by Barbie and servicing the TVÆS and women's
out of control. There was something frighæning
and at the same time liberating."
askance," he says. "Parents thought
- ct{KtsúA(E ßAKEK
Maybe it was when they were four, or seven, or
maybe even 18, but at some point the serious foot
lovers at last week's Foot Friends pafy rcalized
that the bony, veiny body parts at the end of the
leg were much more than a way to get around. "It
freak because I don't like what I'm
seeing and no one else says anything."
"I feel like
likes to give pleasure to another guy's feet and
that he's into tickling and a¡oma. '\., 1,2,4,6"
says he's into receiving massage, foot ücking,
of the larger community of queers and
sexual minorities which whom lesbians are
lumped these days. My big mouth, perverse
impulse to buck the party line and resolute
loyalty to women has cost me, ca¡eer-wise.
"But, why, Mom? Why would anyone want to do
that?" rüomen told their stories:
We each then described our
"Sole Searching: Men Meet To Find Feet"
Village Voice, September 1, 1999
Body Politics by Sharon Lerner
Indeed there is little shame on display at the Lure
in the West Village, where two Foot Friends
events are held per month. Foot Friends
(www.foofriends.com) also hosts one monthly
foot "action" party that is explicitly sexual and
held at private clubs. At the Lu¡e, zippers remain
receiving good-luck backslaps and fæewel-l foot
kisses from the regulars.
Intemalization of the boy role;
Service issues;
Negotiation issues;
Good scenes;
Bad scenes, etc.
Posting is encouraged, so please don'tjoin
just to lurk. Remember: there a¡e no dumb
questions, just disrespectful ones. No file
attachments permitted. You'Il staf off
moderated, but afteryou'vebeen approved
Meanwhile. a foot model and local studentathlete wearing his team uniform displays his
muddy cleats while revelers bind and tickle his
ba¡e feet. Another pro sits in the metal footworship throne, which bears a certain resemblance to a shoe shine set-up, except that no
shoes are involved. A wiry man named Anthony
and start posting, you'll be taken off
moderated status.
Fusco makes his way through the scene, wearing
black, high-top sneakers and a label that reads "V
l,2,3,4,7." According to the foot code, that
means Fusco is versatile (as opposed to
interested in just giving or receiving), open to
massage, foot licking, socks, boots/sneakers/
shoes, and aroma.
Fusco's label doesn't let on that he's taken
hundreds ofphotographs offeet (he calls himself
a "footographer"). Or that he's obsessed with
really big feet and wing tips. Or thathe likes to sit
in coffee shops sometimes, 'Just watching men
in sandals." Nor can the label or Fusco himself
do much to explain the origin of his passion. "It's
zipped, though socks, shoes, boots, and sandals
are often cast to the beery wind.
just the way I've always been," he
International and Local levels and regtet not
In the betterlit central room,
getting involved sooner.
To read this article, go to:
www. villagevoice.com/columns/993 5/lemer
Send mail to: Letters to ttre Editor, The Village
Chrßtine Baker
around proudly sporting Hello-my-narne-is ¡ style
labels that make them look like conventioneers,
except instead of their names the wearers' foot
fThanks Christine - Editorl
preferences a¡e listed according to the "foot
code" posted on the walls. "G, 5, 7," means a guy
partygoers mill
2] BDSM;
Voice, 36 Cooper Square, New York, NY
10003. Or fax to 212-475-8944 or e-mail to
Page 17
Leather Association: lnternational, PMB #'155,3439 N.E. Sandy Blvd., Portland, OR97232-1
S/M N E W S " ï:iJi:Hf #å::ffi:'i'ñ.'f.'ii l;ff
::"#l,,'tr',ff Í;"Ï #1
that ABLE change the narne to jive with the orientation requirements - i.e.,
Gay American Leathennan, American Leather Lesbian or some such.
Notes fTomLOLITA WOLF [email protected] 1999I
If you want to write a letter, the email
address is [email protected]
Please CC me at [email protected]
Last year, Boymeat was struck with a case of titleholder-itis. LOL. He
wanted to run for a title. He decided that the perfect title for him would be
American Leatherboy. As a leatherperson in his early 20's, he felt that this
title could enable him to do more ouEeach to Gen-Xers. Boymeatreceived
much encouragement from those a¡ound him including many respected
leaders and titleholders - eveû a former ABW titleholder! He wrote to
ABLE Productions, the sponsor of American Brotherhood Weekend which
includes American læatherman, American Leatherwoman and American
Leatherboy. He received an answer back explaining that, as a bisexual
(they checked his AOL profile), he was not eligible to compete. The titles
were only open to those who "self-identify as gay and lesbian."
Jim Cobb and Roger Fleming of ABLE Productions told Boymeat both in
person and viaemail about abad experience with American Leatherwoman
1995 while it was still being produced by MCL Productions. They said
that, other than 2 events, she had no contact with the gay and lesbian
community in her title year. Hmmmm, so, one bad titleholder who
happened to be a bisexual has ruined it for all bisexuals. We have also seen
gay and lesbian titleholders who have not fulfilled their obligations to the
satisfaction of thei¡ sponsors.
am very proud of Peggy aka O. She came i¡ 2nd Runner-up at IMsL and
impressed a lot of folks. S ome of them encouraged her to run for American
læatherwoman. Being familiar with Boymeat's ineligibility, she told them
that she was also ineligible because she is a bisexual. They were very
surprised because they did not know the requirements of the title and had
The Phoenix Society has found a new clubhouse. It's larger, with more
parking, and within a reasonable distance of the old clubhouse. To
facilitate leasing the new space, Phoenix is now a non-shareholding
corporation in the State of Maryland.
passes. Info: www.phoenixsociety.org"http://www.phoenixsociety.org
new women's S/m discussion goup has formed in Toronto, ON.
Focused on the experienced player, member are requested to have some
experience and/or to have take an S/m 101 course prior to attending parties
and such. The group meets 7pm the lrst Wednesday of every month at the
519 Community Centre, 519 Chu¡ch St. Info: [email protected]
The Men of Discipline DC have a unique and exciting way to raise money
for Brother Help Thyself and Servicemen's Legal Defense Fund. Adult
at the IMsL contestants, and did you know that of the top frve
placers, four of them a¡e ineligible to compete at ABW because of their
orientation? Bravo to IMsL forbeing inclusive and accepting the diversity
of ttre leaders in the women's community. This diversity is not only
apparent at IMsL, but also on a local level, and it's the local level that
generates the local titleholders that then compete at the International level'
Here in llYC. 4 out of the 10 officers of LSM are not self-identified
BDSM aficionados who live within a 50 mile radius of Washington, DC
pay a $25 entry fee and complete a simple application. The MOD will draw
a list of ten persons who will be placed under surveillance starting October
I also checked with the top men's contests, International M¡ I-eather and
International Mr Drummer. Both contests are open to all orientations. [n
fact, a traûsman placed in the top ten at IML in 1998.
21. Ãfter aweek of surveillance, two lucþ persons will be selected for the
kidnapping. The winners will not know when, where or how they will be
kidnapped. They will be abducted and taken for 24 hours to a secluded
location for a long ûerm isolation scene. Participants will not be harmed and
may safeword at any time. Info: [email protected]
or www.dcpride.org/lVlOD/entrance
new group for Dominant wómen. It is intended
to be a support group, a sharing ideas/advice $oup, a listening to rants/
bitches group ! It is a re-energizing get-to gether for fun and relaxation. The
group will meet every first and third Friday at 8pm at Moonstruck Diner,
[email protected]
Prints, T-sfiirts, $weatshirts
rrllite. srßatl
,(,t[ \'u.
il!(Ëg{. !È.tt1'; flÀrìf
In 6olor cr Slock
sã¿uF- Pt¿iw'
fK¡ lri[ìrì. a.+ !]!eå
¡ot til
ch iîàtr
5ü15Û (Þ1tô{ì.
Any cÐrtßoaÌ
ond Whife
ãtlllE-the-Èt¡[email protected]€oÈr
For n?úrÈ ißfrrûìat¡Õn plesEe ÊnlÉ.ll;
Prints ññÞÈYùJ I ahB :¿!,-{
llÌu rlàrge.
zRoù.rc.rrolt Õtr
New Gua¡d Leather Masters & Daddies who will
help facilitate discussions on the D/s lifestyle, its
ins and outs, its training, its history and its future.
After a served dinner attendees will be welcome
at a dungeon party hosted by Inquisition Dallas.
Info: www.leathernetwork.com
Alkallah has recently sta¡ted Haven, a leather/fetish group in the New
England a¡ea. Based in the Cent¡al Connecticut a¡ea with a chapter in
Western Massachusetts, Haven is working toward mainstream acceptance
and eliminating stereotypes of our lifestyles. In addition to hosting
discussions, demonsûations and hands-on workshops, Haven works on
projects in their community (the leather one and the mainstream one). They
offer support to each other and to other groups and they socialize together.
Info: www.freespeech.o¡g/haven
...continued next page
golf, sauna and workout room. There is also a
nightclub with fulI 'ime DJ and dance floor, a
separate room for taditional OTK spankers and
a special erotic spankers area. The resort is
BYOB but will have set-ups, mixers and ice.
Prices are all-inclusive double occupancy: $475
per single maìe, $360 per single female or $625
per couple. Info: 800-326-9431 or
Ca¡[email protected]
Cleo, Joansie, and Si¡ Ken introduce The
Resource Pool (TRP), an educational gíoup
dedicated to providing the workshops for the
BDSM community in the Washington, DC area.
Sponsored by TPE, the workshops will usually
be held on a frst or thi¡d Saturday, from I to 5
pm. Location of the workshops varies. Info:
The Trident Knights of Charleston
Millennium Crusade Janua¡y 28-30, 2000 in
Charleston, SC. The theme sci-fi. Vi Johnson,
Joseph Bean, Catherine Gross, Master Doug,
and boy bob a¡e among those who will present
demos a¡d discussions on Flogging, Safety in
Pocono SAMS (Pocono Sma¡t-Ass Masochists
Society) is a new email list for SAMs and all
other people who thinkBDSM should be fun and
to mention Safe, Sane and
I'm hoping for a lighthearted
community, full of friendship and interesting
ideas. The listwill welcome all types of BDSM-
Ca¡ter Stevens announces his fi¡st party of the
new century January 2l-23,2000. You may
remember that Ca¡ter lost the resort in the
Poconos due to local pressure because of the
natu¡e of his party weekends. It was unfair
discrimination! Other Poconos resorts also felt
pressure and would not host his events. Ca¡ter
has now found a new 1000 acre resort for his
fetish and spankers parties in the Berkshire hills
of western Massachusetts.
The event will take over the entire hotel and
property with room for 350 guests. The hotel
staff knows about and fully approves of this kind
ofparty. The resortoffers cross country skiing,
downhill skiing, 1200-foot Toboggan Slide,
horseback riding, outdoor pool and indoor pool,
hiking trails, six tennis courts, softball freld,
volleyball & bocce courts, archery range, skeet
shooting range, golf driving range, miniature
There is a growing movement in the LGBT
community which supports sexual liberation as
part of a greater social and economic justice.
There are even plans to have a track of sexuality
workshops at Creating Change this year. Info:
ff you
will be no discrimination against such
things as kink, age, race, orientation, location,
etc. To subscribe:
www. onelist. com,/subscribeÆoconoSAMS
It is hoped that Pocono SAMS will evenhrally be
built into a real-time community in the Pocono
Mountains of Pennsylvania" USA.
addition there
Workshops such as "Safe, Sane and Consensual
for Novices," "Politics of Sexual Diversity," and
the annual Leather Caucus have become staples
at the conference. These panels provide forums
for the leather community to discuss our
coûrmon goals and to educate LGBT activists.
Knights the group rate). Info:
http://members. aol. com/TriKnights
Fetish community to participate in the annual
gathering of LGBT activists and organizers.
puppies, those who prefer not to be labeled, etc.
will be vendors. Weekend
package is $85. The host hotel will be the
Holiday Inn Riverview (US 17 & the Ashley
River l-800-Holiday - ask for the Trident
SM, Leather History, SM Spirituality,
California on November 10-14. The conference
has been a great opportuniry for the SM-Leather-
are interested in learning more about the
Leather contingent going to Creating Change,
contactSusanWrightof New York SM Activists
at: \\[email protected] or call 718-383-3318.
interested people, Dom/mes, Tops, Sadists,
Switches, subs, bottoms, masochists ponies,
Cleo, Joansie, and Si¡ Ken introduce The
Resource Pool (TRP), an educational group
dedicated to providing the workshops for the
BDSM community in the Washington, DC area.
Sponsored by TPE, the workshops will usually
be held on a fi¡st or third Saturday, from 1 to 5
pm. Location of the workshops varies. Info:
www.þe. com/resourcepool
Play, Household SM, and SM Relationships. In
playful, not
400 West 23rd St. Info:
Masters Dean Wal¡adt and Jim Glass host
Master's Retreat December 11 in Dallas, TX.
This event is a day long discussion group for
Masters, Daddies & those identifying as such (of
any gender) to gather with experienced Old and
Mistress Blai¡ has started
A letter writing campaign has been sta¡ted. There are two examples of
letters floating a¡ound the Intemet. One asks that ABLE Productions
The last meeting at the old site was Friday, August 27 (Toybag Swap Meet)
and the new space will open approximately 3 weeks after that. To offset the
higher cost of the new space, door fees will be raised by $5 per person.
Additional fundraising includes a donation prograrn where $100 gets your
name listed on a plaque, $500 get the listing that plus a lifetime membership
and $ 1000 gets you the listing, a lifetime membership plus 24 single party
thought that ABW was open to all.
I took a look
ationat Leather Association: lnternat¡onal, PMB #155, 3439 N.E, Sandy Blvd,, Portland, OR
Malicious Masquerade will be held October 293 1 and will feature a fetish Masquerade B all with
various BDSM performance art, a 10,000 square
foot dungeon with play parties on both Friday
and Saturday nights, workshops and discussions,
leather games of skill and fun, and a group dimer
on Saturday. This is being sponsored by the
Leathernet who also host Vicious Valentine. All
activities will take place aÍ. the host hotel, the
O'Ha¡e Ra¡nada Hotel in Rosemont, Ill ($90 per
nighr. 847-827-5137 - menrion LeatherNet).
Info: www.leatherquest.com
Masquerade has published "SM Classics" edited
by Susan V/right. This is a collection ofpieces
by the best SM writers in the last 20 years. The
authors included a¡e like a who's who of SM:
MATRD( is new SM educational group founded
and run by women to provide a forum for
discussion and education for the entire leather
community in Philadelphia. Participants can
Laura Antoniou, Guy Baldwin, Race Bannon,
Joseph Bean, Pat Califia, Molly Devon, Ivo
Dominguez, Dossie Easton, William A. Henkin,
Sybil Holiday, Trevor Jacques, Catherine A.
hear panels
of speakers active iû the SM
community, discuss different perspectives, raise
questions in a safe environmeng and earn and
Liszt, Geoffrey Mains, Philip Miller, Cha¡les
The first panel will be "Ethics and SM" 7:30pm
on Thursday, Oct. 28 at the William Way Center.
The panel includes Viola Johnson (author of "To
One of the realÌy cool features of the book is the
Love, To Obey and To Serve"), Kali Morgan
(owner of Fetishes Boutique), Tama¡a Dobson
(Ms. Philadelphia Leather), a member of the
PhiladelphiaBondage Club and others. Info:
[email protected]
Creating Change"
The Nacional Gay and Lesbian Task Force
(NGLTÐ hosts Creating Change in Oakland,
Moser, Faki¡ Musafar, John Preston, david stein,
Cecilia Tan, Mark Thompson, Larry Townsend,
John Warren, and Jay Wiseman.
of a bio on each author with an
extensive bibliography. This is an excellent
resource and will help readers determine which
authors they like and what fu¡ther books to read.
You can find SM Classics at Purple Passion and
other fine fetish stores. It's also available on the
web from Amazon as well as Barnes & Noble.
You can find Susan Wright at NYSMA meetings
and at the Wednesday, October 20th TES
¡assting where she and Kelly present "Sensual
Spanking" (she'll have some books with her
which she will sell and sign at the break).
Page 19
allonrl L¡¡lh¡r A¡¡oclctlon: lnternat¡onal,
Leather Association: tnternational, PMB #155,3439 N.E. Sandy Blvd., Portland, OR 97232-195
The SouthEast LeatherWomen's Group
taken on a project to attempt to orgarliz.e a list
leatherwomen's clubs, women's organizations
and publications across the nation. We hope to
be able to compile this i¡formation to be placed
onto a webpage on the iûternet, as well as to be
listed in pubtcations such as the Leather Journal.
SouthEast LeatherWomen's Group was forrned
in order to compile this information into a
as a networking tool for the women in the
southeast in order to strengthen the women's
community. We welcome support from anyone
across the nation to network with us. Ou¡
database for publication or about any questions
which you may have about our group. [Her email
address is [email protected] - Edl
is not to be exclusive from the
Yours in the Unity of Leather Community,
community, but to be inclusive in the broader
Paula Smíth
Please feel free to contact me with any grouPs,
publications or i¡forrnation which you may have
Coordinator SouthEast LeatherVy'omen's Group
Ms. LeatherPride '99
By Kyri Connelly and Schelli Dittrnann (.,lhanks
While still high from the workshop, Kyri,'Schelli and Max came up with
the idea to have a mini run, just for TNG types. BR would host it and
invite TES. What a great chance they thought to get everyone together
and network and sha¡e ideas. But they needed a hook, something or
someone to get them all together. That is when
On August 14,1999 an event of historic proportions occu¡red. It was
not signihcant in size, compared to say IML or BR'98, but it was the
thought that counted. Flocks of I 9-35 year olds from all over the eastern
seaboa¡d gathered together in a small Northem Virginia dungeon to sit
and listen to a living legend. The event was Chickenstock '99. What the
heck was this event and why didn'tyou hearaboutityou may be asking?
Well my friends allow me to explain to you how Chickenstock'99 came
to be.
Once upon a ki¡ky time there was a leatherdyke in DC, and she was
searching for a way to give back to her community. Recognizing a need
for outreach to the hordes of young kinþ people searching for the
knowledge thatwouldempower themto become strong and brave young
leather folks. She ran for the Boa¡d of Black Rose and was elected' Then
changes began to happen. A new group was bom under the Black Rose
banner, they called it The Next Generation-and like everything at Black
Rose, and it got shortened to BR-TNG.
Vi Johnson' s phone rang.
Flash-forward to August 1999, announcements had been made and the
time had come for Chickenstock 99. More than 50 khþ young folks
flocked to Jack's Castle loaded down with heavy toy bags, pasta salads,
amazing cheesecakes and their thi¡st for knowledge and leather history.
Recognizing a need for outreach to the hordes of young khky people
searching for the knowledge
that would empower them to become sEong and brave young leather
folks. Vi came loaded with an amazing a¡chive display of books,
newsletters and her wonderful storytelling. She began speaking in an
informal gathering and soon there were several dozen people piled at her
feet hanging on her every word.
\ryhat better than to move the crowd into the spacious dungeon, to a cozy
comer compleûe with a rocking chair and fireplace? Everyone settled in
forwhat turnedoutto bo atwelve-hourjoumey throughthehistory of this
feat, and the brave leatherdyke realized she would need some help. From
the shadows, emerged one of the brightestyoung leatlìer talents to come
around on a long time. This is how Kyri and Schelli became pa¡tners in
When they made Vi Johnson, did they break the mold? How did this artazirrg sadomasochist come
into our NLA tribe? The unbelievable, but true, story is in Mystic Rose Book's new book, "To Inve,
To Obey, To Seme." At the coaching of Molly Devon and the late Phil Miller (authors of "Screw the
Roses, Send Me the Thorns'),Yi Johnson handed over her intimate dia¡ies of slave li[e. What was
written for herself only as a journal of discovery now allows us a glimpse into the lifestyle some
d¡eam of. It' s a fascinating, real-life tale of a sometimes harrowing nature, some of which took place
before "safe, saûe, consensual" became our mainstay.
If you already know Vi, and have thought her mysterious, this book will provide some answers but
hint at more questions. If you don't know her, you will find a portrait of curiosity, courage, stamina,
and steadfast love. The medium itself-the diary-is, in and of itself, a picture of the time in which
the dia¡ist lived, such as the journals of Anais Nin and Andy V/arhol. As such it is a landma¡k
I askher aboutthe book and Vi tells me, "I must admit thatl really am delighted and justa bitshocked
that it has had such a positive and moving reaction in people. There is no way that I can explain just
how nervous I was when the book first came out. Iæts face it-it's pretty raw and emotional in places. I was writing it just for me."
lVhen did you decide on this way of life?
"In truth, I didn't really decide, It just sort of happened. I got into the Scene exploring Jill's fantasies. The role play and interactions with her heþd
me get to know her better. The book can only touch on the complicated events that got the two of us together. Somewhere along the line I came to
realize thatl was playing to meet a need thathgd grown inside of me.Itwas no longerthe intellectual curiousiry thathad originally gotten me involved,
but something else... Something that,
although I couldn't explain it, was as much a part of me as my need for food or ai¡."
What would you do ovcr lf you had the chance?
"In the perfect vision of 20/20 hindsight there a¡e some individual incidents that I would like to change, if only to see what the outcome might be.
Yet to change even onc, might huvc takcn me to a different place than the one that I have come to. I am very happy with who I am and all that I have
learned on this journcy cullcd lifc. Evcry day, every event, joyous or pahful, had taught me something and made me stronger for the lesson."
community. Of cou¡se a break was taken to eat, what else but chicken.
With full bellies, everyone returned to the dungeon to resume
These letters became the call sign of mariy young people in the
Washington area searching for others like them. This was not an easy
PMB #155,3439 N.E. Sandy Blvd., Portland, OR
dialogue. Vi read f¡om her latest book, To Love, To Obey, To Serve, her
personal diary oflife as an old gua¡d slave. The audience was captivated
and was eager to ask many questions. All of which, she eagerþ answered
and also sta¡ted them of on thinking aboutwhatit was they broughtto this
What role has the NLA playcd ln your llfc?
"I wasn't a¡ound for the bcginnings ol'thc NLA, but I havc been a part of the group
since its early days. I remember the struggles to incorporate SSCA
joining. I still remember some of the byJaws meetings, andthe struggles by folks like Steve
Maidoff, Guy Baldwin, and Rncc Bunnon to writc a Statcment Of Purpose that would be a living document for leather generatiors to come. Those
principles were then, und still nrc, part of my lifc. I bclieve in what the NLA stands for."
and SeattleÆortland into onc group, rnudc strong,cr by thc
facilitating BR-TNG.
\ühatis your hope lor thc rcadcrs ofthls book?
The fnst meeting was held a¡rd 35 young leather folks showed up to attend
the DC Gay and Iæsbian Film Fest. Meetings were held once a month,
and it continued to grow. Soon it got bigger than just DC, and TES-TiNG
was spawned. BR's sister group from NYC, The Eulenspiegel Society
(TES) now had its very own young persons leather group. If you wonder
at this point why clubs as large and ever growing as TES and BR needed
a youth outreach program, then I ca¡r offer this explanation. The leather
community and many clubs in paficula¡ a¡e beginning to gray. If no one
is willing to make groups friendly and accessible to our kinþ youth, then
who will carry on our traditions and the torch? TNG was there to
are your future.
ltll this
void. We
Kyri, Schelli and fellow TNGer Tyler were asked to come
to San Francisco, Califomia-Fagdad, Sodom by the Bay, a¡rd do a
workshop at læather Leadership Conference (LLC). They presented
withDan and Carlos. The workshop was standingroom only. Many folks
attending were concemed with the fact that their groups were begiruting
to age and no young people were joining. It was a positive experience for
the youth to present their side and for the elders to be heard as weII. We
all listened to one another. Many great ideas were exchanged. We are in
need of mentors and teachers and they were in need of an infusion of
youth and ideas intheirorganizations. Kyri and Schelli offeredBR-TNG
as a model to guide them in their outreach to youth.
Page 20
We don'twantyou to thinkthatthis eventwas allleaming andnoplaying,
we were, after all, young, kinky and in a fabulous dungeon! Some folks
played and enjoyed the use of the great equipment. Others stood by and
enjoyed watching, and yet others went upstairs with Vi where the talk to
tumed to vampi¡es. She read fromher fustbook, Dhamphir: Child of the
"I have a lot of hopes for those who read 'To Love, To Obey, To Seme.'First, I hope that those who read it will understand that this is a kind of history
book, not a 'How To.' I hope that readers will understand that times were different when I came out. Organizations like the NLA were forrned partially
to help alleviate the loneliness, and make us all feel a
little safer as we sea¡ch for, and expresss! our unique
It was getting close to sumise a¡rd the final [ttle one was pried away from
Vi's feet. As good-byes were said, emails exchanged, and hugs
abounded, a feeling of pride swelled in our little facilitator hearts. Kyri
and I realized that we had done something wonderful here. We had
brought two generations that much closer. Those so willing to leam and
grow wereputin touchwith someonewho has becomeknownas alegend
amongst her community. We were indebted to Vi for sharing her
perspectives, ideas and dreams for our future with us. She told us all that
ou¡ debt would be paid when we had done what she had. rile would be
paid in fulI when we had sha¡ed what we knew with someone else.
As a foot note, Kyri and Schelli are coming soon to a town and leather
event near you, armed with a written model that outlines how to set up,
organize and facilitate a TNG group in your club or town. Plans are
already underway for Chickenstock 2k. Feel free to conüact them at
Kyri @ br. org and Schelli @br.org.
6û 5k¡ff Street, Suite 166
HaR"lden, {T üð517
{ãs3}776-ûì s5
sexual individualify. I hope that those who pick it up
who have also lived the life of a slave. or d¡eamed of
livi-ng that life, will ¡ealize that they are not alone in their
quest for an owner who will love and cherish them.
Most of all, I hope that the readers will realize that we
have all done some pretty crazy (in hindsight) things for
love and for those whom we love. Each person's road
may be different. But I have come to realize that the
emotions we feel, while on the path we choose, are our
coÍlmon and binding thread."
In addition to the
diaries by Vi, the book includes a
commenta¡y section by NlA:Atlanta' s Victoria Gayton.
Mystic Rose Books can be reached by calling 1-203-
3354330. The publishing compatry's email
mystrose @palace.com.
Jøn HøIl
Page 21
Leather Association: lnternational, PMB #155, 3439 N.E. Sandy Blvd., Portland, OR 97232-195
This year the Fetish Flea outdid itself, bursting at
the seams. For the first time ever, thete was a
huge line outside that snaked a¡ound the corner
evening. Libby and Mentor had thei¡ annual
Sunday, (Ì'r'r.lr¡r Iirrr ¡rut together a Leather
activist hrr¡nclr rrl lrcr ¡rllcc.. Jan Hall was invited
to addrcss tl¡t' r'vcrrl. We were too exhausted to
go, but wc lrc¡rrtl it wcntreally well. Jan's speech
was wc I I rccc i vctl and everyone felt re-energizcd
about NL¡\ national. We hea¡d Jan had a grcal
time in Boston and we were certainly glltl sltc
came! The Flea market is expanding itt sco¡x'
this time it felt like a thrcc tlity t'vt'ttl. ()ttt
post-flea hot tub and Chinese food party, where
graæfuItiredflea attendees could rest their weary
festivities did not end thcrc lìrr wt' wt'tr' llt'¡ttlt'rl
off for four days on lltc t'tt¡r' \vtllt Mt\ltr'\\
and lasted all day. Cecelia Tan, the FFM
bones and
nourish up for rest of the evening festivities.
There were several after parties to choose from.
We had reserved at The Gallery, but one could
have gone to Restraints, The Ramrod or a host of
other private parties. We had stashed our toys at
The Gallery the night before when Midori spoke,
Srrrrrlrry wrllr prr'¡rl
pre-crowd madness. The flea ma¡ket, for those of
you who don't know is a bi-annual event hosted
by NLA New England. Hundreds of kinky
vendors get together at The Cyclorama in Boston
for a day offetish vending like you've never seen
before. This yeu over 2,200 people attended the
Flea Market.
by Abilina
klitorial Note: This wonderful report
came to me
via Lolita - thanks! And, "Tha¡ks" to Abilina fo¡
writing about her 'summer funl'
Robert and I packed our bags for a 10 day road
lrip to New England in the middle of July. There
was so much happening in Boston we could not
slay away.
organizer kept the doors ope.n an exfta hour so
everyone had a chance
We wandered around for five hours or so, Lalking
with friends, making a few purchases here and
there. We even picked up a little something for
Lolita, but we haven't told her yet. Oops! - I
guess she knows now.... A lot of the national
We had lots of help carrying up our 10 toybags to
vendors were there like Purple Passion, Toy Bag,
Wate¡ HoIe. but in addition a lot of local vendors
was a packed workshop with standing room
onJy as we went through our various suspension
demonstrations. There were plenty of eager
volunteers to try out equipment and positions.
We left one woman suspended the entire class in
our cargo net. We wanted to sho,w people how to
do suspension with very little equipment and
And of course we're the
Afterwards about 30 of us went out for Sushi and
kept the festivities going for the evenhg.
The following night we went to Midori's talk,
presented by New England NLA. She talked
about body worship and fetish worship and had
several props with her to accentuate her talk. It
was a very cozy setting, held at the Gallery, and
a VERY ambitious thing for NE NLA the night
before their mammoth Fetish Flea Ma¡ket. We
were delighted to see Jan Hall there, from NLA
National- I don't remember the last time she was
in Boston. She drove 13 hours straisht to be there
fo¡ this weekend.
Saturday was the big day and finally after 13
Fetish Flea ma¡kets, we have learned how to pace
ourselves. Go to bed early the night before. Take
a cab to the Flea, don't even attempt to drive.
Dress comfortably, saveyour hot fetish for the
with lots of talent. Dragon outdid himself with
his new line of corsets and Black Lab contilues
to make outstanding leather creations. The ki¡ky
craftspeople in New England a¡e first class.
When we left at 5:00, there was still a huge line
outside. Amazing! We showered, napped and
got dressed for the second and thi¡d parts ofthe
so it was wonderful to stroll into the party
without lugging everything up 3 flights of stairs.
Sometimes I wonder what sex wouldbe like if we
only had to carry a condom.
We had planned our scene in advance so we
for the equipment we wanted.
people were expected for the evening, so Danny
had rented extra space. Dragon helped out with
extra equipment and the place looked fantastic.
We wanted to do an err...suspension scene, but
one a little more involved than the ones at the
"Ready for Summer Fun"
vet wrap. He then buckled seve¡al wide black
leather straps around be putting me in a tight
hog-tie, with my legs and arms bent way back.
He hung white ropes from the black straps to a
ba¡ overhead. When this was all done he
removed the bench I was laying on and I floated
gracefully in the ai¡. Oh yes, and he had inse¡ted
a large vibrator before wrapping me up so I was
eventually allowed to have a large orgasm. I
understand they had to unplug the extension cord
to the air-conditioner fo¡ me to have my orgasm.
My apologies to everyone suffering in the 90
degree heat.
ltnt¡¡t' ott
placc slrt'lt¡rr llr'r rltttt¡1r'ltt n rttlrlrrttrltttl,l, No
tlrcaty lrrtsttttlttl lrt lr{'t, lrtrlr'rtl rt lrtlrttlottr liFltl
and liry tolrtt tvillt r¡tlltltlt¡tl r'r'tlltt¡r. 'ittttl
skyligltts ¡rrv¡rtllrl r¡r llr'¡ lr¡tr kptottttrl ttt rlt'si¡tt
was cvitlcnl (\'r'r \'\\'lrlrr'. \\'lllr ltllh' lottt'ltt's ol
elegancc irttrl ',il1rltlrlh rtllillt Siltrtll lr)y\ w('tr
displayctl itt irtt rrtrllr¡ttr'Iutln rrrl)lr('1, ¡t'rl rilk
draped thc lrut L¡rtiltttrrl ill ltr't lr'l lrlIt k S¡t¡ttl
Andrews (Ìosr Srrlrrr rurrl r lrrrlrl llt tt't ltIiltll,
antique truttkr ¡tttrl rrr r r',¡ìilt h'r r'\'r't Vrvltr'tr'.
Robe¡t was ilt ltr'¡tr','tt l¡,' rh¡'¡
rt ¡rrtrrtl
Scott also did a very cool suspension scene with
duct tape and a metal frame on his bottom. He
hooked up this internal cooling system on her,
with water running through a hose that went
down her spine and exited right by her pussy.
Very, very cool to watch. Gawd - we were having
such a good time and we had only been here three
We got to the Flea a little bit before it opened to
schmooze with friends and take advantage of the
...continued next page
lrirrslorl lltis t¡rw ¡riccc of leather into a
lrt. It must have been hot for
lhc ruh llrc¡c lo wllclì thc very whip made that
it't' rrl wor k ol
rvrrr l¡rtt'r r¡sctl r¡n hcr body. We didn't see that
\r'r'n(' hrc¡r,¡sc wc wcre downstairs playing, but
w(' \utc t'rrotrgh hcard the screams.
'l lrt'rc was also another hot scene there that night
I lrld ncvcr sccn before - a a scrotal infusion.
Sissy hrd actually had this done to herbefore, I'd
sccn ¡rictures, so I knew what to expect. The man
llrc lrosts did this to was amazing in his own right
lrc h¿ul t¡vcr 80 piercings - 50 of them in his
gcnituls! With the scrotal infusion, an IV of
sirlirrc is inserted into the scrotal sac. andoverthe
corrrsc of an hour or two, the testicle sac expands
Io thc sizc ol'large grapefruits. I am told this lasts
lor l tlay or two and eventually the scrotal sac
rcturns to normal. I was just surprised with all
tlrrrsc picrcings he didn't leak!
Wc said our emotional good-byes that night to
l,irlit¡uc and Sissy and continued with our
Theyardis pri\,¡rll rrtrl ¡r'tlr'r I llt ¡rottt, ¡rlrtv Sltr'
has two potty ( ¡ttlr, rt Irtrlrh¡ l, \\'llr'lr' \rllll('
humanponics lt¡t\'r'llrt\r,l l,,t ,,\,'t ¡t \r'r't'h My
favorite featrrrc rv¡rr llr¡' lr¡rl lttlr I ltr lttt¡rr'r'ltlrlt'
¡ulvcnturcs. We spent Thursday with Roxanne
rrnrl Scott, as their guests for some kilky waterskiing. Actually, it was a vanilla outing, but half
llrc lìrlks there were scene friends. It was fun
sccirrg cvcryone in thei¡ vanillapersona, all ofus
with or¡r sccret smiles about our connection.
llry, lct nre tell you, Lady J can ski! She was
irrrrlzing - lots of hidden talents in our kinþ
outstanding Sisry l\l¡rlrl
say aboul llrr'
lrr rrr
fourdays, cx('clll lllrrl \\'r lrr'\r'r I rllllt'lrI llrl ¡lll,
Lord, that gitl t'rtrr ¡rlrtlr llrr' lltt¡'r' rrl ttr ll¡¡tl
incfedible crlcl llì, ¡rlrl \\ I' llî rl rlt ltlllt lt t tl ll ¡tr tvr'
could find. Wrtlr \tr,,t rr r ¡r',lrrrrrll\' lltto¡r'¡¡¡¡'
some food itl lltr' rlttttl,,', rtt, IltIt f tt ¡t', llr r |('¡lloll lt I
One highli¡ltt ol llrr tt',ll \r'¡n ottt ltt¡r lo lltc
beach whcrt' ttc lrrr¡ lr'rl l{olrltl ¡¡lttr' Wr' lrlok
Laliquc's h()¡rl ilil1 lrr r¡ ¡'¡ ¡t rrlr' l',1¡rttrl, tvillt itll (ltll
implentcttlr ol rh'rlrttr llltr Wr' lrrtrl l{rrlrt'rl tli¡¡
hiS own 8r¡t\'r'¡[rrl llt¡'¡t rvr'\¡rl¡rlr wlirl)llc(l llilll
frorn rtcck lo lll Wr'¡rttl rtttlltt'rrlott'rltlttcl ltt¡^-tl
ovcr lhirl ¡rtrl Ilrr'tr rr rulrlrr'r lroorl willt ir lrtcittltittg
Yltt ttr'r'r't lrtrrrv rvlutl yorr'll l'irttl
ht:¡rt'lrt'o¡rrlrrrft l lrlrr rvr' lotvr'tctl lri¡u irrlo ltis
early because tomorrow was a big day. Besides
Robert had been wearing his hamess for several
hours. I took him back to the hotel for some
htense CBT. Luckily, I had a gag.
tubc. Ik' llrrlr'rl ltlr' \rnr(' ('xoli(' ltttoy lrottt
That one scene wiped us out, it was long and
intense, so we spent the ¡est of the evening
enjoying other scenes and talking with friends.
Fnizer was hungry to play so I hooked him up
with our lovely Lilly and enjoyed watching them
play for an hour or so.
r'\r tlr'lrr'rl Wlr¡rl
Sissy was lhcrr'¡r\ rrlll, lrr ¡ttlvltlt'ltt't
We had done this scene once before, so we were
pretty sure I woukl survive. Robert hooded me
and then wrapped me from head to toe in white
private play prrty.'l'hc highlight ol-this party was
that Joc Whcclcr wus lhcrc tkring a whip making
demo - wh¡rl u trc¡rl! Wc got to see him make a
whip llorrr se r llclr it was nlcsrnerizing to watch
Saturday was the annual BDS picnic. It was lots
of fun with great friends and food and activities.
We had our own private pavilion so we could do
some kinky things. Questioner got tied up with
the tug of war rope. We dragged out our pussy
harness and cargo net and suspended folks from
the rafters
Wc it¡tivt'rl rtl I rtlir¡ttr"r ('rt¡x'
to get in. This will
probably be thei¡ last time at The Cyclorama they need MUCH bigger space. In addition,
Boston Dungeon Society does demos all day
long at the Flea which a¡e widely attended. This
year there were topics ranging from electric play,
basic impact, bondage and more. Mistress
Lalique dazzled us with her pony demo and
Boomer kept us entranced with his Single-Tail
We arrived on July 22rld. to do a workshop on
Suspension for The Boston Dungeon Society.
the class room at Inner Explorations. Hey- when
you drive, you can take as much as you want...
Nntlonnl Leather Association: lnternational, PMB #155,3439 N.E. Sandy Blvd., Portland, OR
otil tìì un l ty.
itlrry was the kickoff for the BDS picnic
wtrckcntl. I ticd upRobertnice and tightin abody
h¡rrncss with his cock pulled way back and we
wcnt to tlrc KCP - Kinky Cocktail Party. No play,
jrrst krts ol' l'ctish and socializing. We showed
wctltling ¡rictures, and kinky pictures all a¡ound
of the pavilion. We had lots of
excellent technical help, so mostly we just sat
back and enjoyed.
Saturday night was the BDS picnic play parfy at
The Gallery. This was becoming our home away
from home. This time it was Robert's turn to sub.
I managed to suspend the M¡.S. sleepsack from
Danny's web chain with Robert in it. It looked
sooooo hot. The flogging crowd was a bit
bewildered though, I had taken up the prime
flogging spot with my Bondage scene. I tried not
to be too greedy and eventually let him down.
Then we went in the smaller play room for a two
person suspension scene. We suspended Lilly
upside down and tied her hands to a rope leading
to Robert's cock, while he was bound on the
floor. Then we cranked her up high, delighting in
Robert's moans and groans, mixed
Lilly's delicious
was with great sadness that we left Sarurday
night, because we knew our New England
adventure was coming to an end the nextday. But
we had had 10 kinky days in arow, truly enjoying
the best of Boston and envi¡ons. From the
Berkshires, to Cape Cod, we savored all the
delicacies that New England had to offer. And of
to Maryland
Dungeon counfy, where furthe¡ erotic encounters awaited our arrival.
course, we were heading back
lìrl cvcryonc. We were good doobies and left
October, 1999
Published by The National Leather Association -
artolltr'r ¡rlirttr'l
¡¡titvt' ;ttttl t ot't'tt'rl ltttn rr'¡llt r¡¡tttl, rvtllt ttolltittg
llrrt ir llil ol llrt'r¡t¡rrlr rtlrl lrtr'rrlltttr¡.1 trrlx'rtickirl¡l
t¡ul. Wc ltxrk trrrrs lrryrrr¡t orr ltrttt, lx'ttt¡t lr¡tllrirrF
bcautics, Wc porr[crl wirl('r 0\,('r llrt'r¡rttrl lll ilr¡tht'
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lr ¡rtl
carefully controlledhis brcathirrg. Wc tor¡ltl lrr'¡rr
faint moans coming from the hot¡cl. Wc lirrllly
needed to let him out because the boirt wirs in
danger ol'being beached with the outgoing titlc.
He was wipcrl when we let him out and reportcd
it was vcry, vcry intense.
On Wctlrrcstlly, thc last night of our visit we all
drove 3 l/2 lror¡r's oul. to the Berkshi¡es to a small
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