OBH Heatmor exchange program



OBH Heatmor exchange program
The Outback Heating exchange program gives you, the owner of a Heatmor furnace,
an opportunity to upgrade your current model to a new redesigned model(CB or X series).
How does it work?
We take your current furnace in on trade and offer you a value that will be
taken off the price of a new Heatmor furnace. The trade value will be determined by
the date of purchase and current condition of your outdoor furnace.
Why should I Consider this?
By upgrading your furnace, you can enjoy a new Heatmor limited lifetime warranty
along with improved efficiency. The Heatmor CB Outdoor Furnace is a redesign
of the original Heatmor that is designed for Coal Burning. The X-series are the
high efficiency EPA qualified models that will burn up to 30% percent less wood
than the current models.
How Can I afford this?
Think about all the savings on your heating bills that you have enjoyed with your Heatmor.
You can upgrade now and use our available 0% financing for a low monthly payment.
With this program your cost for upgrading to a new furnace will be reduced as
we will give you value for your used Heatmor.
Got a friend with another brand that may be interested in this program?
Have them call us, we will determine their options on a case by case basis.
Are there any other costs?
If your new furnace is delivered to you, you will be responsible for transportation costs to
your location. If you are in need of installation (back of furnace plumbing and electric only)
there will be a charge. Installation requests will require emailed photos of your current hook-up
before prices can be quoted. These extra costs can be included in the financing for the new furnace.
Heatmor Eastern U.S. Distributor
OutBack Heating
of Virginia, Inc.
89 Arrow Lane
Stuarts Draft, VA 24477
Call 800-743-5883 today for more information.

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