– cables that are better by design
Nordost cables look different because
they are different – distinctly different.
Why? Because only we can make
cables this way. That matters because
every aspect of a cable’s design affects
its performance: materials, shape, size,
connectors and the process by which it
is produced.
When you specialize in manufacturing
high-technology cable solutions for
the mission critical space, aviation and
medical industries it’s no surprise that
you have to create innovative answers
to complex performance demands.
The result is a raft of proprietary
techniques and technologies that
have materially extended the
performance envelope – techniques
and technologies that we also apply to
our purpose built range of world-class
audio leads.
Our cables employ extruded Teflon
insulation, a unique approach that
combines the best possible dielectric
material with greater geometrical
accuracy and closer tolerances,
vital factors when it comes to cable
performance. It also allows us to
produce our trademark flat speaker
cables and revolutionary micromonofilament conductors,
both of which have delivered
huge advances in the state of the art.
Unlike the vast majority of audio
cable companies, actually producing
our own conductors allows us to
optimize materials, dimensions and
geometry to maximize performance
at each price level. Our Balanced
Design Concept ensures that we also
maintain complete consistency of the
conductors and dielectric materials
within a cable family, an approach that
we have pioneered and that delivers a
demonstrably more coherent musical
Combine the superiority of these
manufacturing techniques with the
care we put into creating complete
product lines, with matched AC
power, signal and speaker leads, and
the careful selection of the very best,
lightweight connectors and it should
come as no surprise that
Nordost leads the world
when it comes to
delivering high-quality
two-channel and
AV performance.
– your one stop cable shop
“...this is a
cable that
tells it like it is”
Dreamcaster Interconnect (Best Buy)
Richard Black, Hi-Fi Choice
The Wyrewizard cable
range represents a
comprehensive family of AC, signal
and speaker leads designed to offer
superb performance at an affordable
price, meaning that even in the most
complex, multi-source AV systems
and installations, you don’t need to
skimp on cable quality. Solid-core
conductors and FEP insulation across
the range mean that you can select
cables according to priority without
compromising system coherence, whilst
the Magus power cord and Shamen
digital interconnect employ the same
micro-monofilament construction for
these critical applications that you will
find in the legendary Valhalla cables.
Analog Interconnects
• Enchantress (RCA)
• Dreamcaster (RCA)
• Spellbinder (RCA)
Speaker Cables
• Dreamcaster Bi-wire
• Spellbinder
• OK 16/2 and 16/4 Installation cables
Digital and AV Interconnects
• Shamen Co-axial Digital
• Fibre Optic
• HDMI Cable
• Component Video
Power Cords
• Magus Power Cord
Email: [email protected]
– the cable revolution
Nordost’s thinner than a credit card
flat speaker cables took the
audio world by storm when
they first appeared, offering
a balance of performance,
value and practicality
that still hasn’t been
bettered. Combining solid
core conductors with our
proprietary extruded Teflon
construction gives these cables
their distinctive appearance and
telling performance advantage. The
classic Flatline is available in single
and bi-wire configurations, while Blue
Heaven an Red Dawn raise the bar with
silver-plated copper conductors and
matching interconnects. Installation
and AV demands are met by the 2Flat
and 4Flat speaker cables and purpose
built BassLine sub-woofer interconnect.
Analog Interconnects
“If you are planning
to purchase cables
in, or anywhere near
this price range (up as
well as down) Nordost
Blue Heaven is strongly
for audition.”
Dave Davies, Hi Fi+ Magazine
• Red Dawn (RCA, XLR)
• Blue Heaven (RCA, XLR)
• BassLine (RCA, XLR)
Speaker Cables
• Red Dawn
• Blue Heaven
• Super Flatline
• Flatline Mk II
Installation Speaker Cables
• 4Flat
• 2Flat
– state of the art technology
for the real world
“(Baldur) serves up the greatest
amount of detail (and) manages
to differentiate dynamic
subtleties with ease. The top
extends beautifully, and it’s
incredibly rhythmically precise.”
What Hi-Fi Magazine
Tonearm Cables
• Tyr
• Frey
• Heimdall
Analog Interconnects
When the now legendary Valhalla
cables first appeared, their proprietary
micro mono-filament technology and
solid core conductors redefined the
parameters of cable performance.
The Norse series has brought that
same technology within reach of real
world listeners, delivering a complete
range of signal and AC leads that
share the same construction and
materials, allowing listeners to choose
their performance level, prioritizing
within their system without impacting
on musical coherence. The result
is a musical performance that few
cables can match – at prices that are
genuinely realistic.
• Tyr (RCA, XLR)
• Frey (RCA, XLR)
• Heimdall (RCA, XLR, iKable)
• Baldur (RCA, XLR)
Loudspeaker Cables
• Tyr
• Frey
• Heimdall
• Baldur
Digital Interconnects
• Silver Shadow 75 Ohm
• Silver Shadow 110 Ohm
Power Cords
• Brahma
• Vishnu
• Shiva
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– the high-end benchmark
When we first introduced the Valhalla
cables in the year 2001, they rapidly
became the standard benchmark for
high-end performance, the product
that all others tried (and failed) to
beat. Their multiple silver-plated
solid-core, micro mono-filament
conductors set new standards for
transmission speed, phase accuracy
and low-loss signal transmission – a
technical performance only surpassed
by the dual micro mono-filament
conductors developed for the Valhalla
AC cord. Musically, listeners revelled
in the unprecedented dynamic
range, detail and sheer energy, a
sound so unconstrained and delicate,
yet explosive when required, that it
challenged our notions of what
was possible.
“Once you’ve heard these
cables you’ll realize that,
regardless of budget,
they are so cost effective
that far from being an
accessory or luxury
afterthought, they should
be the first name on the
system team sheet.”
Roy Gregory, Hi-Fi+ Magazine
“As close to a
universal reference
as there is…”
Harry Pearson, the abso!ute sound
FEP mono-filament
Available as:
• Tonearm Cable
• 75 Ohm Digital Interconnect
• 110 Ohm Digital Interconnect
• Analog Interconnect (RCA, XLR)
• Speaker Cable
• Power Cord
FEP in
– simply the best
When you have to have
the best and cost really is
no object, The
Odin family
offers the
ultimate audio
solution. Dual
micro mono-filament conductor
technology throughout the range
minimizes dielectric effects from the
cable itself, while Total Signal Control
virtual solid shielding protects delicate
signals from the outside world.
Combined with the best possible
connectors and complete material
consistency across the range, the
musical results genuinely redefine the
state of the art. This is no idle boast:
everybody who loves music should
hear Odin; everybody who loves
music should hear just how good their
equipment can sound.
“This cable has rendered my
system significantly more
convincing, more alive, more
compelling than any other single
change I can recall…”
Roy Gregory, Hi-Fi+ Magazine
Nordost Corporation 200 Homer Avenue Ashland MA 01721 USA
Tel: +1 508 881 1116 Fax: +1 508 881 6444
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