2014-2015 Annual Report - Lycée International de Los Angeles



2014-2015 Annual Report - Lycée International de Los Angeles
Annual Report
Message from the
Board of Trustees and
Head of School
Dear International School of Los Angeles community,
We are pleased to share our 2014-15 Annual Report, which highlights the key achievements of our school community over the last year and
our progress towards the realizations of the 2012-17 Strategic Plan. The 2014-15 school year was indeed an exciting and rewarding one,
during which we celebrated our 35th anniversary and witnessed our largest graduating class ever.
We first must thank all of our parents, neighbors, and friends for the myriad ways in which you generously supported our school, whether
through time, expertise, or contributions. Your heart-felt support is deeply valued.
On the academic front, we are proud to have become the first school in the United States to be authorized to deliver the Section Internationale
of the French Ministry of Education’s Collège (middle school) program. This will enable us to internationalize the curriculum and recognize
our students’ bilingualism in the context of our existing French credentials, the Brevet and the Baccalauréat. We are excited about these
pedagogical developments, and The Washington Post’s 2015 ranking of 12th in the USA for our high school program is further testament
of the quality of our academics.
Our branding exercise has been another expression of our internationalization. Our new dual name enables us to preserve the best of our
history while evolving into the diverse and thriving community that is the International School of Los Angeles.
Nothing embodies more the spirit of our school than the story of recent alumna Haya Kaliounji, who joined us in February 2013 from wartorn Syria. We were happy to welcome her and her family to our community. Haya is an accomplished young woman, an excellent student,
and an outstanding tennis player who quickly found her place at the International School of Los Angeles. Haya wanted to give back to her
country and started to sell handicrafts for donations. With the money she raised, she purchased prosthetic devices for children who had lost
limbs in the war in Aleppo. Haya received an award from the International School of Los Angeles for exemplary leadership in school and
community activities and she also received the Girl Scout Gold Award. She set up a website, http://www.limbsforlittleones.com, to further
her project. In 2015, Haya earned her French Baccalauréat S with Mention Bien. We are proud of her achievements and will be watching her
future with much interest.
We strive to make all that we do in our school about our students. We strive continually to meet their needs: current, emerging, and postschool. Whether it be facilities, quality instruction, innovative pedagogy, or well-being initiatives, it’s all about giving them the very best
education we can. Your financial contributions and support help make this happen – merci!
Iain WhyteMichael Maniska
Chair - Board of Trustees
Head of School
About us
Angeles was established in
1978 as a non-profit organization by
visionaries of varied cultural backgrounds who
felt that the Los Angeles community needed a school
that would prepare children for life in an increasingly international
environment. The School is now recognized as one of the most
academically challenging private high schools in the United States and
continues its long commitment to academic excellence.
At the International School of Los Angeles we adopt ways of thinking
and expression that reflect an appreciation for cultural differences and
multiple world views. Diverse groups learn more from each other when
exchanging different points of view, introducing new pieces of information,
and confronting alternative ideas. The School’s small and nurturing classes
facilitate the sharing of different viewpoints.
Being immersed in a truly multicultural environment helps develop the
ability to better understand one’s own culture - what makes it different,
but also in which ways it is similar. This, in turn, helps maintain a strong
sense of one’s own background. Teachers, staff and students come from all
over the world, each bringing their own experiences and perspectives. Our
students study and live in a world community every day.
Our vision
adults, we
did not grow up
in the same world children
live in today. The evolution of
technology and society has created a vastly
different landscape where communication,
adaptability, problem-solving and agility are
essential. At the International School of Los
Angeles, we believe it is important to equip
our students with life skills that ensure their
future success.
Angeles is an international,
preschool through 12th-grade school
committed to academic excellence in a nurturing
and intimate environment that encourages
personal initiative, creativity and curiosity. Students
are challenged through the rigorous and wellbalanced bilingual curricula of the French and
International Baccalaureate institutions. Our goal
is to develop confident, caring, and open-minded
critical thinkers who will thrive in a diverse
competitive world.
Our mission
Our core values
Academic Excellence
first and foremost, through a
world-class curriculum.
Cultural Diversity that promotes
intellectual curiosity and openmindedness.
Mutual Respect that leads to
collaboration, communication and a
strong sense of community.
Our accreditations & partnerships
The 2014-2015 school year
New Head of School
After an extensive international search led by the Board of
Trustees, the International School of Los Angeles welcomed
its new Head of School, Michael Maniska, from Sydney,
Australia on October 1, 2014. The entire school community teachers, staff and parents – were involved in the assessment
of the final candidates. “References from both his current
school and his past school credited Michael with improving
almost every aspect of those institutions during his time as
head of school and for keeping them true to their respective
mission and core values,” explains a Board representative.
“We feel that Michael’s strong sense of community, his
understanding and respect for cultural differences, and his
ability to communicate clearly and eloquently will make him
a great ‘fit’ for LILA”.
In April, 2015, LILA received official word
from Paris that we had been accredited
by the French Ministry of Education to
offer the International American Section
of the French curriculum in Middle School,
making us the first school in North America
that is accredited to deliver the Diplôme
National du Brevet – International (DNB-I),
and thereby allowing us to lead the way in
international education in French schools
across the continent. LILA’s 6th, 7th and 8th
grade students will be officially recognized
as Section Internationale Américaine from
2015-16, with our first DNB-I graduates
being the 9th grade in 2016-17.
The 2014-2015 school year
In June 2015, we bid farewell to the school’s largest ever 12th grade graduating class of 32 students.
French Bac / International
Baccalaureate Split
French Baccalauréat
of students presented
were awarded the French
Baccalaureate Diploma
out of 12 students received
the IB Diploma. This year’s
median & average score
representing our best score
in the last 5 years
honorable mentions
5 mention très bien
10 mention bien
4 mention assez bien
Diplôme National
du Brevet
pass rate for 9th graders
schoolwide pass rate for
elementary and secondary
students in Diplôme
d’études en langue
100% 97%
with honors
32 graduates
Financial highlights
2014-2015 Revenues
Tuition and Fees
Campus & Auxiliary
Total Revenues
Tuition and fees
Campus & Auxiliary
2014-2015 Expenses
Educational & Auxiliary
Payroll and Benefits
Total Expenses
Operating Gain (Loss)
Educational & Auxiliary
Payroll and Benefits
School highlights
5 1,055 48
27 49
& maintenance
& teacher aids
elementary teachers
secondary teachers
faculty is francophone
Our Community in % :
2014-2015 Annual
Los Feliz
Orange County
West Valley
Thanks to the enthusiastic and tireless efforts of
parent volunteers from all campuses, supported
by the Development team led by Michele
Khateri, Director of Advancement, and the
campus directors, raised a record amount for the
International School of Los Angeles
On October 25th, 2014, we celebrated 35
years of bilingual international education. The
festivities took place at the Burbank campus
with more than three hundred members of
the community in attendance. Students and
their families, teachers, and school staff came
together for LILA35. The event included a
live auction, food, wine tasting, and dancing.
Proceeds from the auction went toward
scholarships for international and local field
trips for students, as well as the Burbank
Campus athletic field. We are fortunate to have
been able to provide field trip scholarships for
four students thus far.
Special thanks to our LILA35
Adventure International
Asian Box
Julienne Fine Foods and
Louis Vuitton
Chipotle Mexican Grill
The Little Door & Little Next
Monsieur Marcel
Wilding Cran Gallery
Daphne’s California Greek
NAOS Yachts
Delfosse Vineyards and Winery
Nicole’s Market Café
Novo Café
Fiesta of the Spanish Horse
Ramona Winery and
Peruvian Paso Horse
Lionel Renard Salon
Bread-Los Angeles
Mademoiselle Madeleine
Monopole Wine
Colton Family
Disney/ABC Television Group
Peet’s Coffee
Figaro Bistro
Portucal Peri Peri
French a L.A Carte
Giggles N Hugs
International Travel Brokers
Intuitive Nutritionist
Sofitel- Beverly Hills
The Barrette Factory
The Beachwood Children’s
Theater Company
We Eat Green
Silver Lake Wine
Sir Michael’s Party
Special thanks to our parent
Los Feliz
Admissions Ambassadors
Chris Palmieri – Ann Levi – Tammy O’Keefe - Taline
Saad - Laura Biederman – Greg Cruz – Yekaterina
Poloskhina – Delphine Hirsh – Grace Gaerlan –
Stephanie Marrache – Lena Wald – Alex Ceretti – Nahid
Colton – Dalia Hassan – Alison Priestley – Sundra
Oakley - Cecile Gareton – May Shabshab – Ai-Lin
Grison – James Rubin
Admissions Ambassadors
Brandi Jordan – Jackie Weinstein – Veronica Hoomani
– Tonie Ledru – Cassy Clarke – Cassandra Morrison –
Stacey Boucher – Pia Radisch – Kara Petreccia – Sundra
Oakley – Carina Chocano – Daniel Brown
PA committee
Sundra Oakley – Sheryl Knepp – Florence Delva –
Odile Tartaglia
LILA35 committee
Susan Debonne - Sheryl Knepp – Guylaine Gamble –
Nahid Colton – Deborah Cozen – Carrie Whyte
Annual Campaign leaders
Cecile Gareton – Marc Gareton – Sandrine HobonMetras – Grace Gaerlan – Sabine D’herbecourt..–
Susan Debonne – Christine Staggs – Christine
Papazian - Chris Palmieri – Delphine Hirsh – Sesilia
Song – Annette O’Neal – Marionne Epalle – James
Rubin – Greg Cruz – Claire Hawley-Best – Geoff
Domenghini – Gaelle Ibsen – Benedicte Guenoden..–
Laura Biederman – Arielle Dupertuis-Bauman –
Anne-Cecile Devanneaux – Carrie Whyte – Suzanne
Thurston - Valerie Remy-Milora
PA committee
Greg Matuskiewicz – Pascha Goodwin – Jane Ropell –
Veronica Hoomani
LILA35 committee
Radhika Delfosse – Jane Gauthier – Nathalie Chapple –
Kathleen Mahoney – Cassandra Morrison
Annual Campaign leaders
Carolyn De Fanti – Jean-Luc De Fanti – Brandi Jordan –
Salvator Xuereb – Delphine Hirsh – Veronica Hoomani
– Pia Radisch..– Kara Petreccia – Yvonne Alvarado –
Lisa Schulz – Lisa Temple – Isabelle Brocas – Shizuka
Barthelemy..– Geneva Chao – Pat Hadnagy – Marise
Samitier..-Campbell - Dana Tannenbaum – Elizabeth
Hall Conley – Jane Ropell – Tonie Ledru – Cassy
Clarke..– Patricia Perez – Anne Underwood – Sundra
Oakley..– Arnaud Dudemaine – Gabrielle Pascoe – Kate
Tickel.– Jackie Weinstein – Lucy Kim Hosein – Meg
Special thanks to our parent
Orange County
Admissions Ambassadors
Susan Klaren – Ashleigh Aitken – Yasaman Olivier..–
Christele Demuro – Christine Ma – Kathleen
Kincade – Ernest Priestly – Svdetla Kibota – Marie
PA committee
Ernest Priestly – Jason Escoto – Nada Rami –
Yasaman Olivier
LILA35 committee
Kathleen Kincade
Annual Campaign leader
Yasaman Olivier
West Valley
Admissions Ambassadors
Tara Grand – Samantha Steyns – Andrea Bidart –
Karine Theard – Pascale Bernadberoy
Admissions Ambassadors
Melissa Young – Sunida Parkin – Jo Di Sante – Krista
Sutton – Claudine Kushner – Chris Palmieri – Jeannet
Denichou – Irina Sardaryan – Sihem Aiteche – Anna
PA committee
Tara Grand – Tracy Dennison – Ruth Atkinson –
Samantha Steyns – Cecile Chalifour
LILA35 committee
Cecile Chalifour – Jean-Marc Durviaux
Annual Campaign leaders
Secil Baysal – Cecile Chalifour - Alexandra Copete
Jennifer Aplin – Henrik Beijar – Tracy Dennison –
Andrew Cheung – Jean-Marc Durviaux – Karine
PA committee
Melissa Young – Claudine Kushner – Teresa WilliamsLeon – Haleh Birjandi-Tsipena
LILA35 committee
Nina Rasho – Krista Sutton – Jo Di Sante
Annual Campaign leaders
Ghazeleh Ziglari – Sunida Parkin – Krista Sutton – Slim
Chabane – Irina Martirosyan – Jessica Bogart – Valerie
Desjardins – Jo Di Sante – Marina Michel – Xavier
Heartfelt thanks to our
Annual Campaign
2014-2015 donors
Oscar and Norie Abadia
Carla Abiven Payen
Christine and Nicholas Agas
Daniel and Amy Ahearn
Laura Ahmed
Paula and Allan Akerman
Richard Amano-Lassalle
Afshin and Roxanne Aminian
Jean and Karina Ampuero
Maher and Candi Anous
Christopher and Jennifer Aplin
Janine and Kevin Arai
Jeet and Sonali Asher
Anna and Michael Aten
Stephane and Wilkes Athlan
Mark and Ruth Atkinson
Robert and Ann Aubuchon
Sandrine and Frédéric Auerbach
Douglas Avery and Pascha
Ivan and Janet Baas-Thomas
Nadim and Roula Baba
Tarek and Diane Baba
Lee and Kim Back
Christine Baisez
Angelica Ballesteros
Vincent and Zoe Bannon
Mark and Pascale Barad
Marjorie Skouras and Bruno
Rene and Yudisbel Barge
Jacques and Stefania Barreau
Shizuka Kusayanagi and Laurent
Janet Bass-Thomas
Christophe and Kari Basset
Todd and Lisa Batstone
Frederique and Jean-Claude Bauer
Secil Baysal and Marie-Laure
Vanessa Beecroft and Federico
Paul Beesemyer and Cecile
Martine and Roland Belloir
Arnaud and Laurie Benahmed
Jeffrey and Andrea Bennett
Eric and Cassandra Bergemann
Christian and Jennifer Bernhardt
Nathalie Bernstein
Mike and Erica Bessinger
Alain Betrancourt and Florence
Gregory and Judith Beylerian
Stefen and Laura Biedermann
Max and Katherine Biscoe
Julie Blore and Alain Bizot
Cecile Hokes and Rodrigo Blaas
Chadwick and Tanya Blair
Sheldon and Melissa Blumling
Richard and Valerie Bobet
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Mikael and Karen Brami
Stephane and Nicky Brankovic
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Charmaine Breitengross
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Stephane and Zoe Bryois
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Jay and Kris Calvert
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Jeff and Mago Chen
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Christophe and Mirian Siegler
Todd and Jean Sievers
Niclas and Maranda Sigevall
Dana and Emmanuel Simmons
Victoria and Xavier Simon
Ulrich and Anabel Sinn
Elisabeth and Fabrice Sion
Miguel and Emmanuelle Sipaque
Vanessa Sirault and Ronald Hackett
Rashel Kushner and Jason Smith
Alejandro Soltero and Iyari Perez
Sesilia Song and Vincent Lee
Fabrice and Isabel Sopoglian
Ludovic and Virginie Soto
Alix Soubiran and Joseph Mauceri
Jacques Spillmann and Reyna
Jamila and Damon Springs
Anna and Peter Sprouse
Christine and Marlon Staggs
Austin and Hannelore Stephens
Andrew Lawson and Samantha Steyns
Sophie St-Onge and Aaron Quigley
David and Iris Strauss
Zurab Sumbadze and Julia IboldSumbadze
Ethan and Brandy Suplee
Helene and Omar Sy
Sandrine and Justin Szlasa
Mark Mermelstein and Dana
Michael and Solena Tapia
John and Odile Tartaglia
Antoine and Anne Taverniti
Carrie and Latif Tayour
Lisa and Lew Temple
Linda and Miguel Teoule-Lalanne
Adriana and Romain Tesler
Karine and Olivier Theard
Christophe and Hilda Thelia
Jasper and Sabrina Thomlinson
Colin and Rebecca Thompson
Marcus and Katie Thompson
Suzanne and Michael Thurston
Katherine Tickel
Inghua and Niki Ting
Philippe and Amy Ting
Jake Gerhardt and Karen Todd
Dennis and Yoo-Mee Tong
Tracy and Brian Tram
Roger and Alice Tran-Phat
Ashitey and Cherish Trebi-Ollennu
Alan Triger and Krista Sutton
Cedric and Lu Troadec
Herve and Zorica Tropea-Scagni
Glenn and Jeana Trost
Francois and Yoko Truffart
Mitie Tucker
Firas and Haleh Tsipena
Akexander and Polosukhina Vakoula
Franklin and Sevda Vallette
Arabelle Van Ranzow
Pieter and Titia Vermeer
Jamie and Vincent Vernhes
Anne Laure and Laurent Verrando
France and James Vincent
Carina Chocano and Craig Wadlin
Kyle and Geneva Webster
Iain and Carrie Whyte
Dean and Silja Willis
Ross and Selena Willows
Patrick and Sophie Wizmann
Robert and Lacey Wlodarczyk
Robert and Shona Woollard
Edvin and Diana Yarcan
Vahan and Tanya Yepremyan
Raffi and Yvette Yessayantz
Andrew and Sooah Yoon
Brent and Dina Young
Guy and Melissa Young
Sarah and Jia Zhou
Ghazaleh Majd and Rasool Ziglari
Michael and Sali Zimbrich
Faculty & Staff
Emmanuelle Acker
David Agostini
Jonathon Allen
Valentine Aubert
Yasmina Azar
Caroline Baccou
Julie Ball
Esmeralda Barraza
Frédérique Bauer
Jennifer Bealmear ‘06
Dounia Bentahar
Ludovic Bertaut
Sarah Bienfait
Anne Blancafort
Sheri Blank
Danielle Blette
Emmanuel Bonin
Mathieu Bonin
Karima Boualia
Nordine Bouriche
Mylène Bram
Coralie Brenel
Jeffrey Bresyn
Françoise Caillat
Roman Chaponot
Mona Charbel
Cindy Chaubard
Mathilde Chauvière
Claudette Choubair
Julie Ciliotta
Stacy Cooke
Karima and Laurent Correa
Andrea Coulson
Christiane Craipain
Liza Cureghian
Sylvie Damadyan
Isabelle Dang
Nairi Danielian
Shannon de la Fuente
Marjorie Decriem
Sevag Dekermenjian
Michele Demian
Pierre-Loïc and Jeanet Denichou
Philippe Detzen
Sophie Donoghue ‘06
Magguie Dorsainvil
Laure Doublier
François Drevillon
Romain Dupont
Violaine el Basri
Nancy El Hachem
Olivier Esmiol
Mastaneh Fatemi
David Fenard
Patrice Filin
John Fleck
Pauline Fontaine
Laura Fournie
Florian Franceschini
Sonia Gaspar
Pierrette Gaspart
Noemie Germain
Gerome Givron
Sonia Gmar
Justin Griffiths
Madeleine Grigoryeva ‘14
Fred Grolier
Emilie Guestier
Isabet Gulsoy
Danielle Habib
Nicole Halfon
Mort Haidarbaghi
Maximilien Hamon
Lourdes Harris
Anneli Harvey
Soraya Hassaine
Alex Herrera
Michael Higgins
Ryan Hillebrand
Mohamed Immassi
Dominique Jamgotchian
Lisa Jaquez
Cengiz Kaplan
Dana and Ali Kasfy
Loic Kavala
Christine Kelley
Ted Kelliher
Romain Keltz
Mariam Khachatryan
Michele Wray Khateri
Sarah Koa
Guillaume Kronus
Delphine Krzeminski
Barbara Kuhl
Marina Kutan
Michael Kutan ‘07
Celina Lacaille
Laurence Laneque
Juliette Lange
Mehdi Lazar
Christine Lebellegard
Maimounay Lemailloux
Myriam Lemailloux
Virginie Lemaire
Laurence Leroy
Stephanie Lévêque
Sylvie Lewkowicz
Manuel Lopez
Tim and Monique Lough
Michael Maniska
Lori Matsunaga
Doug Maxwell
Zachari Medendorp
Nadjiba Medjaoui
Milan Mendis
Franck Merabti
Chloe Miglioli
Daniel Miralles
Mathieu Mondange
Celine Morvan
Lydie Muller
Jennifer Natividad
Alphonse Nguyen
Isabelle Nichols
Julia Noh
Sheila Noonen
Veronique Nuta
Sergio Orantes
Alex Padilla
David Padilla ‘05
Libby Padilla ‘02
Lucie Pages
François Paire
Hourieh Parchami
Shahin Partiyeli
Claire Perifel
Cynthia Perinat
Virginie Petit
Marion Philippe
Marion Pirou
Morgan and Adrien Pladys
Stephane Plancke
Miriam Ramos
Paul-Henri Rasoamanana
Franck Reynaud
Sophie Riaux-Desblanc
Julien Rivière
Anna Robinson
Wilmer Rojas
Laura Roubicek
Marc Sahores
Anuradha Samarasinghe
Solange Sauve
Nicholas Schofield
Anna Scotti
Souad Semaan
Maja Shipp
Vanessa Sirault
Benoit Smette
Madjouline Smith
Ludovic and Virginie Soto
Jamila Springs
Souad, Semaan
Amaury Suchon
Monique Suissa
Muy-Loing Sun
Samantha Swamy
Dalila Tair Chabane
Tina Tamamian
Agaron Tavitian
Linda Teoule
Bruno Thomas
Corinne Thomas
Veronique Tourbillon
Diana Tudora
Ellen Turner
Trevor Van Petten
Claire Vieillard
France Vincent
Karen Williamson
François Zabka
Amina Zerro
Board of Trustees
Susan and Yann Debonne
Charles and Anne-Cecile
Hermine Fuerst Garcia
Françoise and Olivier Goldschmidt
Taline and Edmond Grigorian
Susan Klaren and Gregory
Anne and Olivier Leonetti
Chantal Mariotti
Peter and Rachel Schubin
Adam Weisman
Iain and Carrie Whyte
Amgen Foundation*
Bank of America*
Beckman Coulter*
Benevity Community Impact Fund*
Capital Group Companies*
Cordell Hull Foundation
Distinc, Inc.
Drive Wise Auto
Fremantle Media*
Keyes European
Mattel Children’s Foundation*
Lionel Renard Salon
Sempra Energy*
Toyota- California Community
Louis Vuitton
Walt Disney Company Foundation*
Warner Bros./Time Warner*
Jennifer Bealmear ‘06
Roman Chaponot ‘13
Sophie Donoghue ‘06
Madeleine Grigorveya ‘14
Michael Kutan ‘07
David Padilla ‘05
Libby Padilla ‘02
Hilda and Christophe Thelia ‘87
Trevor Van Petten ‘12
Trustee Emeritus
John Mickus
*Indicates a matching gift.
Alumni Parents
Yasmina Azar
Mylène Bram
Françoise Caillat
Magguie Dorsainvil
Mastaneh Fatemi
Pierrette and Jacques Gaspart
Dominique Jamgotchian
Françoise and Scott Kramer
Marina Kutan
John and Deborah Mickus
Veronique Nuta
Hourieh Parchami
Shahin Partiyeli
Laura Roubicek
Monique Suissa
Lee and Kim Back
Jackie Downing
Hooshang Dalavarian
Pierrette and Jacques Gaspart
Françoise and Olivier Goldschmidt
George James
John and Deborah Mickus
Robert Olivier
Victor and Cathryn Palmieri
Edward Ruscha
Peggy Schulz
Joanne Tannenbaum
Marion Tannenbaum
Friends of LILA
Dwight Bragdon
Dan Devico
Arthur Galstian
Kim and Rajir Ghatalia
David and Kiki Gindler
Dan Hobgood
Kathy Kraas and Leon Shapiro
Shana Leon
Lois Mermelstein
Steven Mermelstein
Carol Smithson
Every effort has been made to
list all donors and volunteers
accurately. If we have overlooked
a donor or volunteer, please
accept our apologies and
notify the development team at
[email protected]
1105 W Riverside Dr
Burbank, CA 91506
tel 818-994-2961
fax 818-994-2816

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