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Starlight_Annual Report_2008 - Starlight Children`s Foundation
children smile.
families cope.
ANNUAL REPORT 2008 [ Canada ]
Founded in 1983, the Starlight Children’s
Foundation is an international non-profit
organization dedicated to helping seriously
ill children and their families cope with
their pain, fear and isolation through
entertainment, education and family activities.
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A Letter From Our Executive Director
Dear Starlight Friends:
For almost two decades Starlight Canada has been
developing programs that educate, uplift spirits, foster
a sense of community and help alleviate the pain and fear
of prolonged illness. It is because of our long term devotion
to this mission that we are able to offer perspectives on
what Starlight is all about. Starlight is about adaptability:
directing resources to meet the changing needs of
hospitals tending to ill children. Starlight is also about
responsiveness; after all, sick kids need help now,
not 20 years down the road when their childhood
is a fading memory. Starlight is about innovation:
creating new methods and using the newest technologies
to provide the best entertainment and the most distraction
possible for kids who need it the most.
For the past several years we have worked hard to ensure
that our programs are delivered to children in need from
coast to coast. Our presence is strong in over 97 hospitals
and we can be proud of the impact that we are having in the
lives of sick kids and their families. We continue to achieve
this through the distribution of Hospital Happenings,
the placement of PC Pal and Fun Center units, awareness
of the Starbright programs and our ever-expanding
Great Escapes program.
One of our major highlights of this year has been the
expansion of our Great Escapes program. Great Escapes
activities allow everyone in the family to enjoy new
experiences, attend exciting events and meet others who
are facing similar challenges. The networking that this
S t ar l igh t Childre n ’s Fo un datio n Cana d a
program provides is an important tool for parents and
children who are coping with the stress and weight that
comes with serious illness. As part of this expansion we have
added a Great Escapes Coordinator in Vancouver, B.C. and
Calgary, Alberta.
Another major highlight has been the increasing expansion
of our Hospital Happenings program to the hospitals
that we serve across Canada. This year alone we were
able to ship over 22,840 kits to 93 hospitals coast to coast.
The scope and depth of this program allows us to reach
children not only in large pediatric facilities, but also the
smaller more regional centres.
Although we have grown, there still is so much more that
needs to be done. Requests for Starlight services have
doubled over the past few years. It is only with the support
of caring individuals, companies and foundations that
we can continue to meet this growing need.
Our heartfelt thanks are extended to our generous
donors, sponsors, board of directors, staff and volunteers
who lend the time and support that enable Starlight to
continue to make a difference. Proof that each of us
together can make a difference.
Warmest Regards,
About Us
While others treat the
illness, Starlight treats
the family and the child.
Founded in 1983, the Starlight Children’s Foundation is an
international non-profit organization dedicated to helping seriously
ill children and their families cope with their pain, fear and isolation
through entertainment, education and family activities.
The positive impact of Starlight’s programs on the lives of seriously
ill children has been widely acknowledged by researchers, medical
professionals and child life specialists who work directly with these
children in the pediatric care units of hospitals. All our programs are
designed to bring laughter and happiness to seriously ill children.
Children who participate in our programs receive the following benefits:
• Decreased pain and anxiety
• Increased knowledge and sense of
responsibility for managing their disease
• Better methods to cope with their illness
• Decreased need for pain medication
• A greater willingness to return for treatment
• Released and transformed emotional pain
• A greater sense of peer support
• New friends who understand
• Alleviation of stress, loneliness and isolation
that often accompany prolonged illness
Children, infants and teens served by Starlight suffer from chronic,
serious or life-threatening illnesses, physical disabilities and
traumatic injuries. While other children’s organizations focus on
finding cures, there are few organizations that provide children with
strategies, programs and services that enable them to cope with
the challenging daily demands of illness, injury or disability. While
others treat the illness, Starlight treats the family and the child.
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Fun Centers & Starlight Sites
F U N C E N T er S
Watching movies and playing video games can serve
a noble purpose of reducing a child’s feeling of pain and
anxiety. Starlight has seen the benefits of these activities
and in response has created the Fun Center.
Fun Centers are interactive entertainment units that
include a 20” flat-panel television, a DVD player and
a preloaded Nintendo Wii™ game system that can
roll right up to the bedside of a hospitalized child.
Whether hospitalized children are nervously awaiting
surgery, sitting restlessly during a long treatment,
or feeling lonely in their hospital room, the Fun Center
helps them cope by providing endless hours of fun
and distraction.
Starlight Sites help ease
young patients’ stress by
stimulating the senses…
S tarlight S ites
Starlight Sites are beautifully designed and inviting
hospital playrooms that provide pediatric patients
with a haven in which they can relax, play and interact
with each other. Here children can go online,
play with games, toys, crafts and other children.
These environments are created to meet the needs
of kids coping with the stresses of long hospital
stays. Starlight Sites help ease young patients’ stress
by stimulating the senses, providing an antidote
to loneliness and an escape from the isolation of a
hospital room. Off limits to medical procedures,
doctors must check their white coats at the door.
While each is unique, every Starlight Site offers respite
from the tedious routine most pediatric patients face.
S t ar l igh t Childre n ’s Fo un datio n Cana d a
PC Pals
P C P al S
PC Pals connect
seriously ill children
through Starbright
World®, an online
community for teens.
In 2007 Starlight Canada was proud to launch our PC
Pal Program. PC Pals are laptop computers that come
loaded with games and Starlight programs that provide
medical information in a fun, engaging manner and teach
children how to manage and cope with their medical
conditions. PC Pals connect seriously ill children through
Starbright World ®, an online community for teens.
This unique community is a safe place where teenagers
with serious illnesses and their siblings can chat, send
emails, search for friends, participate in fun events
and contests, play games and even blog. Having access
to the communication, education and entertainment
opportunities offered by an internet-enabled computer
helps raise children’s spirits, distract them from their pain,
and provide them with a sense of community.
By hospital request, PC Pals are preconfigured for
immediate use and include flexible design features
to accommodate the needs of all hospital partners.
PC Pals support dial-up, wired, and wireless internet
connections. They also accommodate important hospital
concerns, such as portability, security, and infection
control. Training and tech support are provided to
minimize downtime if a problem occurs.
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Everything about Great Escapes
is designed to make a sick child
feel extraordinarily special…
Great Escapes
Program Highlights
• 84 wishes granted
• 74 Fun Centers placed
• 35 Great Escapes events impacted over 4,849 people
• 70 Day Brighteners
impacted 1,100 people
• Strong relationships with over
93 hospitals across the country
• Over 23,000 hospitalized
children impacted through
Hospital Happenings
• 5,340 Starlight In A Box Packages:
– 9,625 Emergency Room Admit Kits
– 7,875 Oodles of Doodles activity books
– 55 wagons donated to hospitals
– 17 toy shipments donated to hospitals
When a child is seriously ill, everyone in the family is affected.
Sometimes the daily struggles of caring for a sick child are so
challenging that even the mere thought of leaving the house for a
family event seems impossible. Starlight understands what families
go through when a child is sick and the importance of breaking the
cycle of depression and loneliness. Everything about Great Escapes
is designed to make a sick child feel extraordinarily special, from
the personalized invitations to being greeted by name at every event.
But more importantly, Great Escapes makes children feel incredibly
normal as they experience fun activities in a friendly, accepting
environment. Parents frequently cite Great Escapes experiences as
truly therapeutic, giving courage and energy to all family members.
The variety of activities offered through Great Escapes is endless:
movie screenings, circus trips, harbour boat cruises, mother-daughter
makeovers, sporting events, picnics and more. At Great Escape
events, family members are able to meet others who are facing
similar challenges and who can relate to their circumstances,
reducing their feelings of isolation. This community-building bolsters
spirits, provides outlets for buried emotions and creates
a vital support system during the most difficult times in a family’s life.
Starlight families make lasting connections through Great Escapes –
connections that endure through medical treatments, the hope and
despair of serious illness, and even the tragic loss of a child.
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W ishes
A defining characteristic of a child is their capacity to revel
in the moment. Imagine then, how important good moments
and happy memories are to the development of a child who
is battling a serious illness. When their treatment is stressful,
tiring and painful, the idea of a Starlight wish can often help
to offset this experience.
Starlight wishes provide a special once-in-a-lifetime
experience to children between the ages of 4–18 who are
seriously ill. The enchanting nature of Starlight’s wish process
is a multi-step adventure, involving doctors, children and
their families. Looking forward to having a wish granted
often helps give a family the chance to have fun together
outside the rigors of long-term treatment. In this happy place
of dreams come true, there are no doctors or social workers,
just a child’s imagination and a little stardust!
Thank you Starlight – you made my wish come true.
It means a lot to me. I loved the cruise it was amazing.
They had every thing I loved. I was so excited to go away
because we weren’t able to go away for a while because
I was in the hospital. Me and my family had the best vacation.
I even got to go para-sailing!!! It was a lot hotter there than in
Canada. I wish I was there right now (instead of at school)!!
Thank you again for all your hard work.
Ari, age 9 (Ewings Sarcoma)
S t ar l igh t Childre n ’s Fo un datio n Cana d a
I just wanted to say thank you again for all that you have
done. Alan had a wonderful time today, and so did the rest
of the family. The whole wish experience has been wonderful
and a great morale booster for all of us, and Alan is absolutely
thrilled with his Maple Leaf dressing room!
Alan’s Mom
Alan, age 14 (Cerebral Palsy)
The trip was awesome!!!! The golf was awesome and
Hawaii was awesome, the only bad side was the beach
was really busy but I guess you get that in such a beautiful
place. Thank you so much for making this work. I had an
amazing time.
David, age 19 (Kidney Transplant)
We all had an excellent time. And I must say THANK
YOU for all you have done. We never could of done it
without Starlight. This will be something Chelsey and the
whole family will never forget. Thanks and thanks again.
I have never seen Chelsey so full of energy and happy. I have
to thank you for that as well. I will send more pics in another
email. Just look at her smiling. She wasn’t scared one bit.
You guys are remarkable. Job well done. If there is anything
we can do down here to show our appreciation just let us
know. Anything.
Tanya, Chris, Kyle and Chelsey
Chelsey, age 12 (Cerebral Palsy)
The whole wish experience has
been wonderful and a great
morale booster for all of us...
Hospital Happenings
H ospital happenings
It’s generally not a lot of fun for anyone to be in a hospital,
but it’s especially tough on kids. Sometimes because of long
or complicated treatments it just can’t be helped. While
doctors, nurses and visiting family members all try to make
long hospital stays more bearable, they can’t always
provide that extra level of fun every child needs, and that
is where our Hospital Happenings program comes
to the rescue. For children, the ability to share a laugh
with family, roommates and caregivers can be the best
medicine possible.
Emergency Room Admit Kit
This program is designed to make admittance to the hospital
a bit easier. Often times when a child is unexpectedly
admitted to the hospital, parents are unprepared for the
stress and vulnerability that this situation brings. The
Starlight Emergency Room Admit Kit contains a variety
of products for children and their parents that will help to
help ease some of the inconveniences upon admittance
in an emergency situation.
I wanted to thank your organization very much for the
Emergency Admit packages you donated. I was in a situation
where my child was admitted to hospital directly from
emergency, and found the kit very helpful and comforting! The
age range covered was excellent to help entertain the older
S t ar l igh t Childre n ’s Fo un datio n Cana d a
sibling,too. As an employee of Alberta Children’s Hospital,
I am proud to tell colleagues and friends about the positive
contributions that are made to support the patient and
their family. Thank you and keep up the great work!
Leanne Ravenhill RTR, Diagnostic Imaging
Alberta Children’s Hospital
We would like to thank the Starlight Children’s Foundation
and Toys “R” Us for the generous donation of Emergency
Admit Kits that we recently received. Here at Etobicoke
General Hospital approximately 85% of children are
admitted through the emergency department. Many of them
have spent a significant amount of time in Emergency
before arriving to our unit. Most have not had a chance to
go home and get the “little things” that can make such a
big difference when admitted to the hospital. Due to our
close proximity to the airport here in Toronto, we also see
a variety of families who are arriving new to the country,
these families in particular are in need of a variety of items.
The Emergency Admit Kits that you have provided us with
enable us to provide families with some everyday necessities
such as a toothbrush and deodorant that we would not
otherwise be able to provide. The games and other distraction
items in the kit help to minimize the stress associated with
being admitted to the hospital. Thank you for your donation
and for supporting the children and families.
William Osler Health Centre, Etobicoke
Oodles of Doodles
Oodles of Doodles is an art therapy book which empowers
children to use their creative and imaginative powers to
visualize their world outside of a hospital room. This provides
a safe haven where doctors, nurses and x-ray machines are
not invited and the child is the decision-maker who can do
no wrong. This activity book allows children who are coping
courageously with serious health issues to articulate both their
suffering and strength, while remaining playful and content.
Thank you for donating Oodles of Doodles and Chill &
Spill to our hospital. In the hospital – a place many children
equate with fear and pain – your activity books give kids a
chance to play, create and explore. Thank you! Recent
expansions to our pediatric services have made your generous
support more important than ever before.
Lisa Westermark, Executive Director, Foundation Office
Richmond Hospital, British Columbia
Starlight In A Box
Starlight In A Box is a unique program that offers a medical
worker the opportunity to provide activities to either a group of
children or just one child. Individual themed packages (such as
scrapbooking, painting, make your own teddy bear etc.)
can easily be distributed to children during a hospital party
or to a child in isolation to help provide an afternoon of fun
and distraction.
Thank you for your continued commitment to the Hospital
Happenings program and to Children’s Hospital at London
Health Sciences Centre. These packages are truly magnificent
providing children and youth with lots of fun, distractive
and entertaining items. Our children and youth have been
overjoyed by the kindness and thoughtfulness of these special
gifts. They particularly liked the art supplies (eg. T-shirt).
Thanks so much for putting these packages together with
care and compassion! Your generous donations are valued
and cherished by all.
Michelle Wilband, Coordinator, Child Life
Children’s Hospital at London Health Sciences Centre
I just wanted to write to you again and tell you how much
the kids on our ward are loving those “Be An Artist” kits. I
have already given quite a few out and I have heard nothing
but wonderful feedback from the children (and parents too!)
about how fabulous the kits are and how great they are to pass
the time in the hospital. They are great because designing the
mugs and t-shirts aren’t necessarily something they get to do
very often, so it is something exciting that they can do while
they are here.
Laura Walter, Child Life Specialist
Markham Stouffville Hospital
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Interactive Multimedia Programs
I nteractive
M u ltimedia P ro g ram s
Over the past few years Starlight has worked hard with
experts in the field, developing a series of multi-media
programming to help children find ways to better learn
about and manage their illnesses.
Back to School
This MTV style DVD features teens sharing stories and
advice for overcoming their fears about returning to school
after an extended absence due to a chronic illness or
injury. Also included are segments on coping with frequent
hospitalizations and improving communication with the
medical team.
Blood Tests: Exploring our Incredible Blood
Using a virtual microscope, children discover the fascinating
facts that a single blood test can reveal.
Coping With Chemo™
A series of short animated, web-based movies that speak
to teens in their own language about having cancer.
Each webisode helps to answer questions teens might
have about their disease and treatment.
Fitting Cystic Fibrosis Into Your Life Everyday™
Children learn the importance of airway clearance
techniques, exercise, diet and taking medications.
S t ar l igh t Childre n ’s Fo un datio n Cana d a
Get Fit, Get Right
Interactive, web-based program that leverages current
technology and teen-friendly programming to help
overweight teens and those at risk learn to incrementally
adopt healthier behaviours that are sustainable over
time. Get Fit, Get Right is designed to help teens prevent
Type 2 diabetes and other obesity-related diseases and
chronic conditions in youth.
Living With Kidney Disease™
Teens hear real advice from other teens and learn how the
kidneys work, how medication and proper diet helps and
what to expect from treatment.
Medical Imaging: Welcome to the Radiology Center
Children take a closer look at X-rays, MRIs and CT scans.
Quest for the Code®
Children learn how to manage their asthma through
an interactive online game.
Sickle Cell Slime-O-Rama™
Through this online game, children learn pain management
and prevention strategies.
Through this online
game, children learn
pain management and
prevention strategies.
Spinal Tap: Discovering the Secrets of Spinal Fluid
Children discover why spinal fluid is an important part
of diagnosis and how to cope with the procedure.
Spotlight on IVs
The program explains what it’s like to get an IV and offers
tips for making the process easier.
Starbright World®
The premier online social network for teens with chronic
and life-threatening medical conditions, and their siblings.
Sick teens and their brothers and sisters are able to
connect with other teens that are at home or in the hospital.
Users post pictures, chat, post blogs and bulletins and find
new friends in similar situations.
UC and Crohn’s
This website features teens talking about living with
ulcerative colitis and crohn’s disease. This site has stories
and tips, a chat group where teens can connect with other
teens, fun quizzes and surveys, and places where teens
can get more information.
Uncovering the Mysteries of Bone Marrow:
Aspiration and Biopsy
Children discover the role that bone marrow plays
in the body.
The X-Men® in: Life Lessons
An authentic X-Men® comic book that helps teens and
pre-teens recover emotionally from a serious burn
injury and cope with teasing, staring and ridicule as they
re-enter society.
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Fundraising Events
F u ndrai s in g event s
Starlight can only achieve our success with the help
of generous individuals, corporations and foundations.
Whether through program and event sponsorship,
volunteering of their time and talents, or the donation of
services, Starlight is indebted to all those who have opened
their hearts to the seriously ill children we serve.
Bear Program
Our collectable 2007 bear was named in honour of Pierce,
a beautiful four year old boy who lost his battle with brain
cancer. Pierce’s mom and dad helped design the bear
which was named “Baloo”, after the character from his
favourite movie, The Jungle Book. The bear was also
adorned with a special blue ribbon in honour of his
beloved television hero, Bob The Builder. Pierce “Baloo”
Bear made his debut in November and sold more than
2,000 bears – in just one month.
D r e a m Wa l k
The 2nd Annual Dream Walk, presented by Schick Intuition
saw walkers enjoy a fun filled day that featured a 5 KM walk
followed by family activities, entertainment and a BBQ.
More than 300 people in Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver
joined Starlight Wish Families and collected pledges to raise
funds and awareness for the Foundation.
S t ar l igh t Childre n ’s Fo un datio n Cana d a
On November 10, 2007 more than 600 guests joined
Starlight for our 13th Annual Gala, sponsored by Toys “R” Us
Canada. Themed “Great Escapes”, guests were provided
with the opportunity to explore exciting travel destinations…
all from the comfort of the Liberty Grand ballroom.
Host Michael Landsberg guided attendees through an
evening that featured a live and silent auction, toe-tapping
entertainment and an exotic dinner. The evening, highlighted
by Meghan Ford’s speech about her family’s involvement
with the Foundation, raised more than $670,000 for
Starlight programs.
Corporate Partnerships
C orporate P artnerships
To y s “ R ” U s C a n a d a
Brookfield Place
Toys “R” Us Canada completed their 9th Year as a key
partner of the Campaign of Wishes and Dreams. This national
program encourages consumers to purchase a star and make
a donation to the Starlight Children’s Foundation. Throughout
the months of November and December, over $1,000,000
was raised by the customers, staff, and vendors of Toys “R” Us.
These funds will be used to support important programs in the
communities where Toys “R” Us Canada has retail locations.
As a result of this staggering donation we will be able to touch
the lives of more than 45,000 seriously ill and hospitalized
children in more than 60 communities across the country.
After 9 years as a corporate partner Toys “R” Us has raised
an overwhelming $4.7 million dollars.
Brookfield Place celebrated a “Decade of Giving” to
Starlight with their Annual Holiday Lighting Ceremony.
Thousands of guests joined host Tim Weber and Canadian
Idol finalists Milla Miller, Martha Joy & Tara Oram for the
festivities. The event was held in Allen Lambert Galleria which
was transformed into a Winter Wonderland for the event.
The giving spirit was definitely the theme with guests, tenants
and suppliers helping to raise more than $170,000 for
Starlight’s wish program.
Insurance Gala
“It’s A Kind Of Magic” brought together more than 500
insurance professionals for a night of enchantment at the 13th
Annual Insurance Gala. Highlights included an amazing live
and silent auction and entertainment provided by “Out Of
The Box.” The theme was very appropriate as the event
raised more than $200,000 to support programs that provide
magical experiences to thousands of Starlight children.
A special thanks to the evening’s sponsors, attendees,
and supporters for helping to create such a wonderful event.
In total this event has raised more than 2.1 million dollars
for Starlight.
Cineplex Entertainment
Cineplex Entertainment kicked off their partnership with
Starlight with a bang, presenting the Foundation with a cheque
for $125,000 at the opening of their state-of-the-art Oakville
SilverCity location. Starlight is thrilled to announce the launch
of our new National Partnership with Cineplex Entertainment.
During the campaign guests will be encouraged to visit any of
their 132 theatres across Canada and donate $1.00 when
purchasing a ticket to the movies. Cineplex Entertainment has
many more initiatives planned including the screening of a
special advertisement during their digital pre-show, involvement
in their annual golf tournament and a number of other
fundraising and awareness programs in support of Starlight.
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Revenue Breakdown
Community Events
Internal Events
Fiscal Year: April 1, 2007 –530,820
March 31, 2008
R eFY2007-08
v e n u e REVENUE
B r e a k dBREAKDOWN
o w n Community
Starlight is proud to be an Imagine Canada member.
Corporate Partnerships
Gifts in Kind
Gala Events
Community Events
in Kind
Corporate Partnerships
Gifts in Kind
Program Services
E x p e n s e s b y C a t e g o Fundraising
Program Services
Program Services
Program Expenditures
Hospital Happenings
Great Escapes
Starlight Sites
Fun Center & PC Pal
Hospital Happenings
Great Escapes
Wishes Sites
S t ar l igh t Childre n ’s Fo
24% un datio n Cana d a
& PC Pal
Great Escapes
The Ethical Fundraising and Financial Accountability Code
lays out a set of standards for charitable organizations to
manage and report their financial affairs responsibly.
By adhering to these standards, we are complying with
generally accepted practices for soliciting and managing
donor dollars. This is important because everyone involved
with the Starlight Children’s Foundation is entitled to
transparency and the greatest impact possible for your
investment in us.
Financial Figures
F inancial F igures
Condensed Statement of Financial Position
Year ended March 31, 2008 (with comparative figures for the year ended March 21, 2007)
Short-term investments
Sundry receivables
Prepaid expenses
Premises and Equipment
1,396,901 147,209 293,081 $
70,994 $
168,876 74,676 $ 2,057,865
L i a b i l i t i e s a n d N e t A s s e t s Current
Accounts payable and accrued liabilities $
236,379 Deferred Contributions
35,556 Net Assets
Invested in premises and equipment
Unrestricted funds
70,994 1,622,613 $
74,676 1,640,791 $ 2,057,865
Condensed Statement of Revenue and Expenses
Year ended March 31, 2008 (with comparative figures for year ended March 31, 2007)
Major events – net
Donations and grants
2,537 501 Gifts-in-kind
953,490 $
315,874 2,175,715 849,137 $ 3,340,726 Expenses
$ 2,027,355 Fundraising
536,198 624,275 General and Administration
277,154 284,198 Amortization
22,003 22,421 $
Excess (deficiency) of
Revenue Over Expenditures
$ 2,958,249 $
382,477 Full audited statements are available upon request.
w w | 1.80 0.880.10 04
Board of Directors 2007 – 2008
Board Of Directors
Paul Durigon
Perlane Construction
Past President
Stephen Burns
Stefi Media Group Inc.
Cynthia Amsterdam
Heenan Blaikie
Caryl Baker Caryl Baker Visage
Dr. Gideon Cohen Sunnybrook Health
Sciences Centre
Mark Cohen Jermark Plumbing
& Mechanical
Joel Fenwick Fenwick Automotive
Paul Fenwick Fenwick Automotive
Marshall Gottlieb Gamma-Dynacare
Medical Laboratory
Todd Halpern Halpern Enterprises
Tim Herron
Hartford Investments
Albert Israel
Jeffrey Joseph Harvey Kalles Real Estate
Dr. Jonathan Maguire
Hospital for Sick Children
Harley Mintz Deloitte & Touche
Antonio Petosa
Aquarius Menswear
David Raby
Graham Ross
Davies Ward Phillips &
Vineberg LLP
Emily Spensieri
F.E.M. (Female Engineered Marketing)
Jim Trak
BCE Place
Tom Via
Toys “R” Us Canada
S t ar l igh t Childre n ’s Fo un datio n Cana d a
A defining characteristic
of a child is their capacity
to revel in the moment.
C ontributors
The following is a list of donors who generously made cash and in-kind
contributions totalling more than $5,000 to the Starlight Children’s Foundation
between April 1, 2007 and March 31, 2008.
$5,000 – $9,999
Graham C. Lount
Family Foundation Inc.
Middleton Group Inc.
Sparkav Ltd.
Albert Pace
Spin Master
Amram’s Distributing
Great Wolf Lodge
Newtron Group
Nintendo of Canada Ltd.
Spring Bay Fish Club
Aquarius Men’s Wear
H.Y. Louie Co. Ltd.
Northern Karate School
Bloom Lanys
Professional Corporation
Harley Mintz
Orca Bay Sports
& Entertainment
St. Paul Fire & Marine
Insurance Company
Alan Birnbaum
Brady Dahmer Design
Calsper Developments Inc.
Cambridge Memorial Hospital
ING Foundation
Jack Astors Bar & Grill
Ottawa Senators Foundation
Summer Infant
Pailliser Realty Advisors Inc.
Sun Life Financial
Pangaea Holdings Inc.
Sun Microsystems
Of Canada Inc.
Canadian Greetings Ltd.
Jermark Plumbing &
Mechanical Ltd.
Chubb Insurance
Joe Faria
Paul Durigon
Cinram International
John Cullen
CKNW Orphans’ Fund
John Lind
Pearson - Dunn Insurance
& Financial Services
CNA Canada
Johnvince Foods
Creechurch International
Underwriters Ltd.
Kevin Craig
Kirk Barton
Cycom Annual
Golf Tournament
Marsh Canada Limited
Marshall Gottlieb
Prince Albert & Area
Community Foundation Inc.
Matson, Driscoll &
Damico Ltd.
Quebecor World
Tony DeCicco
RBC Dominion Securities
Towers Perrin Reinsurance
Mattel Canada Inc.
RBC Foundation
Triluxe Fashion Distributors Inc.
McDonald’s Restaurants
Of Canada Limited
RBC Insurance Services Inc.
University of Toronto
Engineering Society
Daroed Metals Ltd.
Denise Macnab
Dorel Distribution
eBay Foundation
Elfe Juvenile Products
Hasbro Canada Corp.
Elliott Special Risks LP
Medieval Times Dinner
& Tournament
Mega Brands Inc.
S t ar l igh t Childre n ’s Fo un datio n Cana d a
Parmalat Canada Limited
Peter Levine
Swiss Reinsurance
Company Canada
The Brettler Mintz Foundation
Pindoff Record Sales Limited
The Harold E. Ballard
Pitney Bowes of Canada Ltd.
The Ottawa Sun
Playtex Ltd.
The Schuster & Osten
Family Foundation
ResortQuest Waikiki
Beach Hotel
The Silent Auction Company
Saunders Farm
Vancouver Kiwanis
Welfare Foundation
South Western Group
Zurich Insurance
$10,000 – $24,999
$50,000 – $99,999
Air Canada Kids’ Horizons
Nick Tsimidis
Aon Re Canada Inc.
Oecta AGM Monte Carlo
Barter Network Ltd.
Patricia Fleischmann
Paramount Canada’s Wonderland
Bonaccorso & Cancelliere
Ras-Con Inc. Golf Tournament
Schick Intuition
Perlane Group Inc.
Bruno Massara
Canada Safeway Ltd.
CE Franklin Ltd.
Chinook Regional Hospital
Discount Car & Truck Rentals
Disney Consumer Products
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Medical Laboratories
Pilot Insurance Company
$100,000 – $249,999
Robert Tighe
Cineplex Entertainment
Rocky Mountaineer Vacations
Estate of Patricia Bytzek
Rogers Communications Inc.
Funds for Canada Foundation
SEIU Local 1 Annual Brooke Lynn
Charity Golf Tournament
Sidney Spiegel
Consumer Healthcare Inc.
Tippet Foundation
Wild Water Kingdom
GlaxoSmithKline Inc.
Yorkdale Shopping Centre
Lego Canada Inc.
Local 506 & T.C.A. Charity
Bocce Ball Tournament
Local Ad Hangers Inc.
Lombard Canada Ltd.
The Dominion of Canada
General Insurance Company
Give Kids the World, Inc.
Toys “R” Us Canada
Media Partners
Thanks to our media partners who contributed
$25,000 – $49,999
Fabulous Savings
Gordon Fenwick
$250,000 – $499,999
Swarovski USA
Steven Sofer
The Toronto Dominion Bank
Great Gulf Homes
Charitable Foundation
a minimum of 50,000 of in-kind support:
F.E.M. (Female Engineered Marketing)
Cohn and Wolfe
Joel Fenwick
Kids Up Front
Manitoulin Transport
Mackenzie Financial
Charitable Foundation
MGA Entertainment
Paul Fenwick
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Send a gift from the
heart with a donation to
Starlight in honour or
in memory of a special
person or event.
How You Can Help
H ow you can help
To ensure the future success of Starlight programs we must
continue our quest to secure funds, donated goods and
services. We hope that you may consider one or more of
the following ways to support the Starlight Children’s
Wish Sponsorship – For a donation of $3,000 you can
help grant the wish of a seriously ill child.
Corporate/Foundation Support – Share the message
of Starlight with any of your corporate or foundation contacts
to organize a promotional tie-in, sponsor an event, donate
goods and services or help to secure a grant.
Matching Gifts – This is an easy way to double your
donation to Starlight. Find out if your company participates in
this program, then simply complete your company’s matching
gift form and mail it to Starlight along with your contribution.
Community Events – Individuals and companies organize
some of our most successful fundraising events, including
golf tournaments, garage sales, dress-down days, etc.
Tribute Donations – Send a gift from the heart with a
donation to Starlight in honour or in memory of a special
person or event. Additionally you might consider having
your friends and family make donations to Starlight in lieu
of gifts for a special occasion.
Wedding Favours – Celebrate your special day with
Starlight Wedding Favours. In lieu of the usual table gifts
Starlight will help create a beautiful scroll for each place
setting indicating that a gift has been made by the couple
benefiting Starlight.
Stock Gift – Why not consider making a gift of stock?
Your gift qualifies as a charitable deduction and will also
benefit Starlight.
Holiday Cards – Send your seasons greetings with
Starlight Holiday Cards. In addition to spreading cheer
to your friends, colleagues and family, your donation will
help Starlight spread the holiday spirit to many special
children as well.
Planned Giving – As a non-profit organization, Starlight
Children’s Foundation can be named as a full or partial
beneficiary in a will, life insurance policy, retirement plan,
annuity or trust fund. These special gifts can provide you
with a variety of estate, income and tax benefits.
In-kind Donations – In order to maximize our funds going
directly to the children, we rely heavily on donated goods and
services. Whether they are for wishes, Hospital Happenings,
Great Escapes events or auction items, it all helps to ensure
that we can stretch our funds to where they are needed most.
Event Sponsorship – Underwrite a Starlight event, such
as Dream Walk or the Annual Gala. Different levels of
sponsorship include a variety of promotional opportunities.
w w | 1.80 0.880.10 04
Regional Offices
R egional offices
As a way to ensure our programs are reaching
children throughout Canada, we are pleased to
have staff in cities across the country.
Calgary Office
Ottawa Office
240 Stonegate Place
Airdrie, Alberta T4B 2P3
[email protected]
204-211 Bronson Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario K1R 6H5
[email protected]
Va n c o u v e r O f f i c e
Montreal Office
1443 West 8th Avenue
Vancouver, British Columbia V6H 1C9
[email protected]
1375 Trans Canada Highway, Suite 105
Dorval, Quebec H9P 2W8
[email protected]
Every child you see on these pages is part of the Starlight family – or has been touched in some way
by the magic of Starlight. Our hearts and good thoughts go out to each of them and their families.
S t ar l igh t Childre n ’s Fo un datio n Cana d a
2770 14th Avenue, Suite #100
Markham, Ontario L3R 0J1
Tel 905.752.7827
Fax 905.752.7828
At F.E.M. (Female Engineered Marketing), we poured our ideas – and our hearts – into the creation of this annual report.
We feel honoured to be a part of Starlight’s important work with children and their families.

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