2012 Annual Report - The Ivy Foundation



2012 Annual Report - The Ivy Foundation
Ivy Foundation
2012 Annual Report
The Ivy Foundation
Who We Are...
The Ivy Foundation of Washington, D.C., a 501(c)(3) organization, was established in 1986 by the
members of the Xi Zeta Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated. The purpose of the Ivy Foundation is to provide opportunities for young people to achieve healthy and
productive outcomes; support academic achievement and higher education; promote community
economic development; and encourage volunteerism through community service.
What We Do...
With over 190 volunteers, the Ivy Foundation serves as a vehicle through which contributions are
channeled for the enrichment of the Washington, D.C. community.
How You Can Help?
The Ivy Foundation is a not-for-profit organization, which answers to the community -- not investors. The monies raised are used to fund community programs and initiatives to ensure that we
continue to provide the best possible services for the children, youth and families the organization was created to support. By supporting the Ivy Foundation, you support your community in
many ways.
Chairman’s Message
The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much. It’s
whether we provide enough for those who have too little.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
This 2012 annual report spans an extremely hopeful but challenging and turbulent political
and economic years for our nation, our children, and for nonprofit groups like The Ivy Foundation. The slow climb out of the recession left the largest number of poor people in America
in the last 54 years and child and family suffering was widespread. Political lions roared about deficit reduction and
budget cuts as more children and families fell into poverty. Persistent unemployment, hunger and homelessness increased throughout the country. The Ivy Foundation inspired by a dedicated investment of human capital and a bold
commitment to the principles of basic human rights, we devoted our talent and resources to this cause. Awareness,
advocacy and action were the primary vehicles for our service initiatives. We pursued justice for children and the
poor with urgency and persistence in the midst of budget battles that nearly paralyzed our nation, and never gave up
and we never will.
The history of The Ivy Foundation is rooted in the idea of transformation, the belief that individuals, organizations or
even entire societies can fundamentally change in order to alter the trajectory of the world we live in. Many of the
great advances of our times—human rights, civil rights, early childhood education, the green revolution—have transformed lives, nations and the world.
The pace of our progress over the past 25 years speaks to the remarkable partnership between our grantees and Foundation members, who every day demonstrate exceptional talent and deep commitment to the institution’s values,
goals and mission. Every one of our initiatives is grounded in the idea that each of us has the right to live in a just
society, one in which every individual is afforded the opportunity to contribute to the maximum of his or her ability,
and that such full participation benefits everyone in that society.
Together we have traversed a time of profound transformation, and the Foundation has emerged stronger. Now it
is time for another change. This year will be my last as the Chairman of the Board. One of the hardest things for a
leader to know is when to pass the baton. After all that we have accomplished together, both in the Washington D.C.
Metropolitan Area and at the Foundation as a whole, that moment has come for me.
In signing this annual letter, it is hard for me to express adequately the deep respect and admiration I hold for the
members of The Ivy Foundation, our board of directors and especially our grantees. They are the true visionaries who
not only see a better world but who work for it every day with intelligence, courage, creativity and passion. Through
the experiences I have shared with them—working on critical issues in troubled places and under challenging
circumstances—I have found myself changed in ways I could not have expected and for which I am deeply grateful.
I want to thank our board of directors in particular. They have been there every step of the way. Together we have
learned that we are can respond with urgency and agility. We have learned that across the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area the unmet desire for social justice runs so deep that meaningful progress can be made. And we have
learned that, no matter the challenges of our era, we have a duty to serve, as best we can, those on the frontlines of
the necessary, enduring and irrepressible quest for human dignity.
It has been with great honor and gratitude that I have served The Ivy Foundation. Its transformative work has touched
my life as profoundly as it has touched tens of thousands of people across the metro area.
Sabrina E. Williams
Sabrina E. Williams
Chairman of the Board
Executive Director Message
In his book, “Recharge Your Team,” Jay W. Vogt suggests several core values
that might be helpful for running a truly successful nonprofit organization.
Although these values may sound like common sense virtues that our parents
instilled in us during our formative years, these little nuggets have been the
building blocks of the Ivy Foundation throughout its existence. Mr. Vogt has listed his core values
as: Integrity; [Giving] Freely; Openness; Experience; Scale; and Sustainability. I believe that the
Ivy Foundation has applied these same principles and values to what we do and how we do it,
• Integrity: We as members of the Ivy Foundation remain true to our mission of providing
opportunities for young people to achieve healthy and productive outcomes; supporting
academic achievement and higher education; promoting community economic development;
and encouraging volunteerism through community service.
• Giving Freely: The Ivy Foundation provides services to the community without a charge and
remains a true 501(c)(3) entity not only in the eyes of the IRS, but also to our donors and those
we serve.
• Openness: The Ivy Foundation will continually reevaluate who we are and what we do to as
sure we are operating in a completely transparent fashion so that we are beyond reproach.
• Experience: The Ivy Foundation has been in existence for 26 years and we bring with this
experience, substantial knowledge, expertise, and dedication of over 250 college-educated
professional women who have committed themselves to “serve all mankind.”
• Scale: The Ivy Foundation has humble beginnings threaded in the chartering of its mother
chapter, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated’s Xi Zeta Omega of Washington, DC. Al
though our membership has tripled, we know that even our smallest efforts are successful
because we value the people we serve.
• Sustainability: The Ivy Foundation has assured its growth was careful and well thought out and
we will continue to grow with diligence and honesty and carry on in service for years to come.
As the Executive Director of the wonderful Ivy Foundation, I promise to assure that we move forward with integrity and determination in realizing our mission, continue to provide our services
without fee, are transparent in all of our dealings, utilize the experience and knowledge of our
members, appreciate small as well as big successes, and finally withstand and continue to grow
and exist for today and the future.
Thank you for your continued support.
Ivana Roberts Williams
2012 Service Snapshot
I.Emerging Young Leaders (EYL) Initiatives – This signature program will impact the lives of 10,000
girls in grades six through eight by providing leadership development, civic engagement, enhanced academic preparation and character building. The increasing demands of the twenty-first
century mandate our youth to be better leaders at a younger age making smart choices with positive consequences.
II. Health Initiatives – These initiatives encourage personal fitness and healthy life styles. We will
support organizations which advance access to treatment and coordinate awareness and advocacy campaigns to reduce health disparities, save lives and impact health related legislation. Cosponsored health forums will address: diseases that disproportionately affect women and minorities, prevention and treatment options.
A. Asthma Prevention and Management Initiative – This signature health program will
benefit children and families enrolled in Head Start and Early Head Start programs. The
goal is early diagnosis, treatment awareness and parental education and advocacy.
B. Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability – This initiative, through community
forums and activities, promotes strategies and awareness campaigns to encourage energy
efficiency, conservation, eco-living, reforestation, urban gardening, education and em
powerment of consumers with limited resources, go green-living green eco-tourism,
opportunities for women owned businesses, environmental zones in urban communities
and advocacy for and legislation related to public health and environmental justice.
III. Global Poverty – The goals for this initiative are to end hunger, preserve the environment and
empower women. The program will provide food production skills and training in self-reliance
through gifts of seeds, livestock and training in environmentally sound agriculture. Education in
sustainable food practices will make women equal partners in ending poverty and hunger. Alpha
Kappa Alpha will continue its membership and consultative status with UNESCO (United Nations
Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization). We have global partners for self-help projects
and awareness campaigns within the United States and abroad.
IV. Economic Security Initiative – This effort expands the current programs related to wealth building and allocation of resources, home ownership, estate planning, support and empowerment of
female owned businesses and urban enterprise zones.
V. Social Justice and Human Rights Initiative – These initiatives will address gender equality issues
including: human trafficking and domestic violence, services for children with incarcerated parents, youth aging out of foster care and children in homeless shelters. Voter empowerment; access
to technology; training of parents as advocates for educational and health care needs of children
and support of the arts will be emphasized.
Grantee Spotlight
Xi Zeta Omega Chapter, the Ivy Foundation’s primary grantee, with resolve and dedication,
worked diligently in the Washington DC Metropolitan community focused on the immediate
challenges facing our communities with the determination to impart a legacy of enduring prosperity to marginalized communities.
Emerging Young Leaders
Results of national studies suggest that for girls, the middle grades can be a time of significant
decline in self-esteem and academic achievement. Research also supports the finding that many
girls seem to think well of themselves in the primary grades but suffer a severe decline in self-confidence and acceptance of body image by the age of 12. The development of a positive self-image
is critical in the middle grades. Many educators report a general decline in school performance
among girls as they enter adolescence. Xi Zeta Omega’s Emerging Young Leaders (EYL) program
sought to reserve this trend. The EYL program is structured to speak to the next generation in their
formative years about issues of self-worth, goals, and aspirations and to reinforce the message that
young women need not objectify themselves or relinquish their autonomy. Xi Zeta Omega’s EYL
program has boldly taken on the crisis of female youth of color in the Washington DC metropolitan area head on and understands the need for positive self-images and a strong sense of awareness. At the end of 2012 Xi Zeta Omega’s Emerging Young Leader participants accomplished the
following under each academy.
Leadership Development AKAdemy • Speak in front of and make introductions to individuals and
small groups
Educational Enrichment AKAdemy • Identify at least three career choices and the required educational/skills requirements • Evidence improved academic performance and on-time grade promotion
Character Building AKAdemy • Identify three ways to maintain personal hygiene • Identify three
ways to manage stress in a healthy manner • Identify three indicators of a healthy and an unhealthy relationship (which includes peers, parental, and adult relationships as well as bullying
Girls Rock Conference
Pre-teens are bombarded with negative pressures that can lead them to
make life-altering choices that result in
a myriad of challenges, including teen
pregnancy, contact with the criminal
justice system and academic failure. The
increasing demands of the twenty-first
century mandate our youth to be better
leaders at a younger age making smart
choices with positive consequences. The
Girls Rock: EYL Empowerment Conference taught girls in grades 6-8 to be
empowered, responsible leaders! The
Conference workshops were designed to
be fun and interactive while providing vital information to participants that will empower them
succeed in all of life s arenas. The girls learned to love themselves, respect others and soar to new
heights academically and socially. There was also a morning workshop for a limited number of
parents/guardians designed to empower them to be advocates for the educational, emotional and
physical needs of their girls.
Xi Zeta Omega focused its health initiatives that encouraged personal fitness, healthy life styles,
and environmental stewardship. We supported organizations that advance access to treatment
and coordinate awareness and advocacy campaigns to reduce health disparities, save lives and
impact health related legislation. We also co-sponsored health forums that addressed diseases
which disproportionately affect women and minorities, prevention and treatment options.
Global Poverty
Xi Zeta Omega held various fundraisers throughout the year to enable the chapter to purchase 4
heifers. The chapter decided that a gift of livestock and training would help families improve their
nutrition and generate income in sustainable ways.
Economic Security
Xi Zeta Omega program efforts for this initiative focused on wealth building and allocation of
resources, home ownership, estate planning, support and empowerment of female owned businesses and urban enterprise zones.
Social Justice & Human Rights
Xi Zeta Omega’s programs addressed gender equality issues including: human trafficking and
domestic violence, services for children with incarcerated parents, youth aging out of foster care
and children in homeless shelters. Voter empowerment; access to technology; training of parents
as advocates for educational and health care needs of children and support of the arts was also
Supporters Individuals ($250 or more)
Alicia Johnson
Alisa Hughley
Allison McNeil
Alwilter Wilson
Amani Foster
Andrea Ireland
Andria Caruthers
Angela Edwards
Angela Screen Galloway
Atiya Hoye
Barbara Wallace
Barbara White
Barbara Freeman
Bea Hicks-Simmons
Bertha Harrison
Beverly Fields
Blayre Josey Redrick
Brenda Neal
Brendolyn McCarty-Jones
Brianna Bourne
Camelia Mazard
Camille Coppock
Carl Turnipseed
Carolyn Bryant
Carolyn Thomas
harlene Mitchell
Charles & Gail Kirkland-Briscoe
Charlie Jones
Charlotte Givens Douglass
Charnika Plenty
Cheryl Lynn Campbell
Constance Pugh
Consuelo Pettigrew
Crystal Penn
Crystal Lloyd-Williams
Daphne Benbow
Davida Grant
Debbie-Anne Reese
Deborah Christie
Debra Flowers
Desha Hagens
Destiny Saunders
Devin Hairston
Donna Lewis Johnson
Donna Crawford Townsend
Doretha Johnson
Earline Davis
Eleanor Lewis
Eleanor Joan Smith
Ellen Griffiths
Eric Black
Ethel Lee Walker
Felisha Lawrence
Ferial S. Bishop
Florida Lorraine Burroughs
Freddie Peaco
Gail M.Whitley
Gina Adams
Gloria Smith-Hill
Gloria Lawlah Walker
Grace Whitmore-Moss
Harriett Wells-Kegler
Hattie C. Brown
Helena S. Valentine
Ivana Roberts Williams
Jacqueline W. McGlen
Jacqueline Mathews Jiles
Jade Howard
James Bassfield
Jamika Burge
Janette Houston Harris
Janice Jackson
Janis D. Brown
Jean Hobbs Dobbins
Jeanann Williams Watson
Jennifer Padgett
Jennifer Heck Cole
Jeryl Jackson
Jesenia Jackson
Joy Holland
Judith D. Brown
Karen McAdoo
Karen M. Spruill
Keight S. Tucker
Kimberly Lincoln-Stewart
Kimberly Varner
Komeka Freeman
L’Ornya Bowie
Larry Parish
Latiera Streeter
Lauren Pitman
Leslie Nesbitt
Linda Felton
Lorenzo Walker
Maggalean W. Weston
Margaret Webster
Marilyn Mitchell
Marjorie Brown
Marlyn Morgan
Marsha Minter
Martha Herrin
Mary Rogers
Mary Pitman
Melanie Curry
Melena Nelson
Molette Green
Monica Arrington
Monica Rose
Monica Roache
Monica Harris Johnson
Natasha Rountree
Nichelle DeJesus-Sertsu
Nicole Clifton
Nicole Wilds
Ora Brown Tilghman
Ora Darby
Pamela Castleberry
Patricia Williams
Patricia Strang
Patricia Melvin Khan
Paula McKann
Quentin Black
Rachel English
Regina Gill
Rhonda Caver-Holmes
Rhonda Gill Jones
Rodney Henderson
Rolandmarie Turner
Romaine Nelson
Roselyn Aker-Black
Ruth McPherson
Sabrina McIntyre
Sabrina E. Williams
Samuel L. Cunningham
Saxon Graham
Shana Wilson Diagne
Shanteli McNatt
Sharon Turner
Shaunia Wallace Carlyle
Sheila Roberts
Sheila Ruffin
Sherri Street
Sherry Bassfield
Sylistina Johnson
Sylvia Gilbert
Sylvia Eaton Anderson
Tavia Cummings
Tawana P. Tucker
Tifini Burgess
Tina Harris
Toni Jackson
Valerie Walker
Valerie Toyer
Veronica Morrow
Virgenia Embrey-Brock
Yvonne Kelley
Zaunder Saucer
Statements of Activities
Statements of Activities
Years Ended December 31, 2012 and 2011
Unrestricted Revenue and Support
Program service fees
Membership dues and assessments
Grants and contributions
Investment income
Total unrestricted revenue and support
Program services
Supporting services:
Management and general
Total supporting services
Total expenses
Change in Net Assets
Net Assets, beginning of year
Net Assets, end of year
See Accompanying Notes and Independent Accountants’ Review
2012 Corporate Sponsors & Grants
Ivy Foundation Board of Directors and Committees
Sabrina E. Williams, MA
Board Membership: 2006 - Present
Vice Chairman
Tina Williams Johnson
Board Membership: 2011 - Present
Executive Director
Ivana Roberts Williams, MPA, PT
Board Membership: 2011 – Present
Ferial S. Bishop, MS, PRP
Board Membership: 1990 – 1998; 2010 - Present
Bea E. Hicks-Simmons, MBA
Board Membership: 2008 - Present
Financial Secretary
Danielle Turnipseed, Esquire
Board Membership: 2011 - Present
Assistant Financial Secretary
Angela Edwards, MS
Board Membership: 2012 - Present
Mamie King Fields
Board Membership: 2009 - Present
Attorney Advisor
Shaunia Carlyle, Esquire
Board Membership: 2004 – 2010; 2012 - Present
Members of the Board
Janis D. Brown, Ph.D.
Board Membership: 2011 - Present
Alicia D. Johnson, Esquire
Board Membership: 2009 - Present
Marsha L. Minter
Board Membership: 2011 - Present
Brenda Neal, M.Ed.
Board Membership: 2011 - Present
Crystal R. Penn
Board Membership: 2013 - Present
Mary E. Pittman
Board Membership: 2010 - Present
Blayre J. Josey Redrick, MBA, PHR
Board Membership: 2009 - Present
Sheila Roberts, MBA, CPA
Board Membership: 2011 - Present
Sherri Street
Board Membership: 2010 - Present
Rosalie H. Stroman, MS, PRP
Board Membership: 1989 – 1993; 1998 – 2001; 2007 - Present
Kimberly S. Varner, MA
Board Membership: 2002 - Present
Maggalean W. Weston
Board Membership: 2006 - Present

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