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Letter from the President
Since its founding in 1906 as an institution of teacher training - the Southern Normal School
of Bowling Green - WKU has changed and evolved dramatically over the past century. In 1922,
the school acquired other schools in the area and officially became Western Kentucky State
Normal School and Teachers College. In 1948, the Kentucky General Assembly designated the
school Western Kentucky State College. Primarily by incorporating Bowling Green Business
University,WKU achieved university status in 1966.
Over the next year and a half, you will be hearing a great deal about WKU’s upcoming
Centennial as we take the opportunity to recognize and celebrate the many people and events
that have made this university the great place it is.
Our Centennial Committee, under the direction of Dr. David Lee, Dean of Potter College and a superb historian, and Jayne
Pelaski, Assistant to the Dean of University Libraries for community outreach efforts including the Southern Kentucky Book
Fest, have done an outstanding job developing events, projects, materials and exhibits to honor WKU.
It has been exciting to learn about all the events and ceremonies that are currently being planned for the campus and surrounding areas to mark the various accomplishments by members of the WKU family or to commemorate milestone dates in
our history.
A large part of my role as president of this great university is to look to the future. The Board of Regents and I are constantly
looking forward to the opportunities and challenges it will bring. What will our campus and student population look like in 10
years? How will we continue to serve the needs of southcentral Kentucky and the Commonwealth? What will the needs of
the community even be in 10 or 15 years from now?
The Centennial is an excellent opportunity to reflect backward for a change and remember how
Western has arrived to the place it resides today. It is an opportunity to recognize the many men
and women who have literally shaped the culture of Western. It is an opportunity to use our history to help guide us in the future toward our mission and vision.
Much has been done, but much remains to be done to finalize all the plans for the marking of this
milestone. Please continue to read ALUMNI Magazine and view our website about ways we will be
commemorating this historic event. As alumni, you are critical to our efforts. I encourage you to
take full advantage of Centennial celebration events and opportunities.
As a person for whom ties to Western run extremely deep, I am extremely proud of the
wonderful history of this institution. With your help,Western can be an even better place
for our children and their children for the next one hundred years.
Dr. Henry Hardin Cherry, the school’s first president, coined an expression – “The Spirit Makes the Master.” Now, after a
Century of Spirit, that phrase remains an inspiration to our faculty, staff, students and alumni to this day.
Gary Ransdell
Jessie Mack Burns
Romeo Crennel
Dorothy Grider
Western Kentucky
University has special
Judge Margaret Huddleston
meaning to so many. It’s not
just a place where academics are taught,
James Marshall Jr.
Bruce Merrick
it’s a place where many learn about who
they are and what life has to offer. It’s a place
where some have met their spouse, future business
partner, or best friend.
In the following pages, 8 alumni share some of their favorite memories from this university.
From their stories, we learn that Western’s motto “The Spirit Makes the Master”
lives with us long after we leave campus.
Hassan Shanehsaz
Dr. Orba Traylor
Successful Businessman
— By Jill Blythe
James Marshall Jr. discovered self motivation and assertiveness as a means to become successful in the classroom, on the track field and on Wall Street. As the owner of Marshall
Capital Management Group, Kentucky’s only minority-owned registered investment
advisory firm, Marshall climbed the ladder of success influenced by his professors,
family and job experiences.
Marshall, a 1986 alumnus from Louisville, says one of his first lessons in self motivation came from Coach Dell Hessel who was the track coach in the mid 1980s.
He walked into Coach Hessel’s office to inquire about trying out for Western’s
track team. “He told me that everyone on the team was on scholarship and that
my chances of making the team were slim to none but I was welcomed to try.”
Try he did. Not only did he make the team and traveling squad, he also learned
many lessons from Hessel who he describes as a great motivator.
Family and friends also impacted the way James looks at life. “I grew
up as the only boy with four older sisters, but at Western I met my
best friend and adopted brother, Falando B. Clay from
Chicago. And even today with him on the other side of the
world in Korea, we still try to stay in touch,” he said.
Marshall began his career path by first working as a
design technician with the Kentucky Transportation
Cabinet Division of Highways. During his employment with the state he opened a hair salon in downtown Bowling Green called Beautiful You Hair
Salon. “….which was my second business failure in
Bowling Green, but a great learning experience,” he
said. “I was able to open this business by creating a
business plan and attracting investors and that’s
when I caught the Wall Street bug,” he said.
Two years later, he was working for Merrill Lynch in
Louisville as a stock broker trainee. “After working for
companies like Merrill Lynch, New York Life, Metlife
and American Express Financial Advisors, I decided that
Photo by Sheryl Hagan-Booth
I had enough knowledge and a large enough client base to
go it alone. So in April 2001, I started Marshall Capital
Professor Ford, a part-time instructor in the real estate certificate
program, was another faculty member who influenced James to succeed. “He used to tell me that I was too aggressive, and that I would
either be a millionaire someday or bankrupt……well, I am not bankrupt!”
James Marshall Jr.
Class of ‘86
Top Experiences Of My Life
— By Carol Cummings
Bruce Merrick of Louisville says he participated in many activities
as a student at Western Kentucky University, but most of them are
not suitable to print! Still he has gone on to be a successful businessman and owes many of his skills to what he learned at WKU.
In 1979 Merrick founded Dant Clayton Corporation in Louisville.
The company manufactures and contracts outdoor sports stadiums
for professional, collegiate, and high school facilities throughout the
United States. Today Merrick serves as chairman of Dant Clayton.
Major projects for the company have included football stadium
renovations at Ohio State, Oklahoma, Virginia Tech, the University
of Kentucky and more than 30 others. Dant Clayton has also completed facilities for six major league baseball stadiums and two NFL
stadiums, and Merrick fulfilled projects for WKU baseball and softball, donating the softball facility.
“At WKU I served as president and treasurer of Sigma Chi
Fraternity and president of the Inter-Fraternity Council,” he said.
“The fraternity participation stands out as one the top experiences
of my life. The opportunities for leadership development were outstanding, and many of my best lifelong friendships were developed in the fraternity.
“While at Western I was exposed to new ideas and ways of thinking that improved my problem-solving skills and have been critical in my professional life,” he said. His influences included WKU
government professors Dr. Joerge Seitz, Dr. Jay Sloan, and Dr.
John Parker.
Entrepreneur of the Year in 2000. For 14 years he has served as a
member of the Young Presidents Organization. He is married to
Karen McCoy, and they have four children ages 18 to 25.
Bruce Merrick
Photo by Sheryl Hagan-Booth
Besides his thriving business, Merrick stays busy with civic and
community activities. For 13 years he has served as a board member for the Actors’ Theatre of Louisville, and he is a current member of both WKU’s Board of Advisors and Student Life
Foundation. He was an Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist for
Kentucky and Southern Indiana in 1997, and was named
It’s A Small World After All
— By Carrie L. Barnette
For WKU alumna Jessie Mack Burns being surrounded by cartoons is
all in a day’s work. Currently serving as Walt Disney World’s
Planned Work Specialist in Horticulture Support, Burns started
her love affair with the mouse, more accurately with Winnie
the Pooh, while attending WKU from 1987-1992. Studying
horticulture, Burns found herself spending the summer as
an intern at the Walt Disney World Tree Farm and Nursery.
Upon graduation, she received a call that sent her packing
to the wonderful world of Disney to work as part of the
special events, topiaries, then hanging baskets teams.
In the past 12 years, she has spent her professional career
designing, building and maintaining many horticultural
aspects of the parks and resorts located in Florida. She
knew horticulture and plant design would be her career
while doing the task for rush parties hosted by her sorority, Kappa Delta. She now helps to oversee the horticultural maintenance of all the peripheral areas associated with
the land of Walt Disney World, which encompasses more
than 44 square miles in central Florida.
When Burns isn’t busy hanging out with Mickey and friends,
she hosts the Do-It-Yourself Network television program,
“Weekend Landscaping.” She has also provided guest appearances on HGTV and other garden-related
programs. Burns credits her comfort in front of
the camera to a public speaking course while on
the Hill and a natural ability to talk about her
passion, horticulture.
Photo by Sheryl Hagan-Booth
Growing up in a military family, Burns chose WKU
to be with friends and live close to home, as well as
the beautiful campus that inspired her career.
However, she stayed at Western because of the great
atmosphere and spirit of campus, a spirit she still
possesses today. Of her time at Western, Burns says,
“I felt a part of the campus of WKU. The connections
created on campus and in the community were,
indeed, special.”
Jessie Mack Burns
Class of ‘92
The Artful Life
— By Carrie L. Barnette
“Western Kentucky will always be home. It helped me become
successful doing something I really enjoy,” states Dorothy Grider
as she sits among the portraits and paintings she has spent her life
creating. Western was the logical choice for Miss Grider who grew
up on 11th Street in Bowling Green. Announcing at age 8 that she
would be an artist, she fulfilled that dream becoming illustrator of more than 100 children’s books, coloring books,
paper-doll collections and other child-related products.
Additionally, she has painted portraits and landscapes
for collections around the world.
While visiting New York City at age 14, Miss
Grider enrolled in art school becoming the
youngest student to train at Phoenix Art
Institute. After learning many skills from
Ivan Wilson and painting group partners
including Isabel Robenson, wife of
Colonel Robenson of WKU’s ROTC program, she graduated from Western in
1936, finishing in 3 years. After returning to New York for advanced training on a scholarship she received for
paintings she did at Western, she
worked as a playing cards and greeting
cards illustrator. Her talents were discovered when an
agent saw a card and asked her to illustrate,“The Little
Rabbit who wanted Red Wings.” After the success of that
collaboration, she spent her life free-lancing with her painting
and photography skills, moving to a private studio on the
banks of the Delaware River in New Hope, Pa.
Dorothy Grider
Class of ‘36
Photo by Sheryl Hagan-Booth
Still living in Pennsylvania, Miss Grider continues to paint, enjoying the
talents she developed at Western. Of her campus experience, she confides
that Western played a vital role in her success. Memories of sitting on the front
row of chapel, listening to Dr. Cherry and learning from teachers like Gordon
Wilson and Frances Richards well prepared her for the amazing life she has led.
Instilled Sense of Civic Duty
— By Tommy Newton
Judge Margaret Ryan Huddleston has built her career on the foundation
of civic engagement and community involvement she received at Western
Kentucky University.
Huddleston was appointed Warren Circuit/Family Court Judge in 1998
and was elected to an eight-year term in 1999, but traces her sense of civic
duty to her arrival on Western’s campus in 1967.
“I was involved on campus. I lived on campus. I worked on campus,” said
Huddleston, who graduated in 1971 with a B.S. degree in business administration. “Western instilled a sense of civic duty. I felt an obligation to
serve the community. Ever since Western, I have been committed to public service.”
After graduation, she joined VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America)
and worked as a community organizer in a desolate coal-mining town in
eastern Kentucky. “At Western my goal was to own and manage a business,” she said. “Once I got more involved in the community, my goal
shifted to addressing issues of poverty and family.”
That led Huddleston to become a registered nurse then a lawyer.
“Western, because of its educational foundation and community
spirit, has been a stepping stone for every career move I have
made up to this point,” she said.
She practiced law for 13 years before being appointed
Family Court Judge. Huddleston is the Chief Warren
Circuit Judge and member of the Executive Committee
of the Kentucky Circuit Judges.
Photo by Sheryl Hagan-Booth
She remains active in groups at Western and is a member of the College of Education Advisory Board and
an Honoree of the Beta Gamma Sigma Chapter of
the Gordon Ford College of Business. In the community, she serves as president of the Bowling
Green Chamber Orchestra Board of Directors and
chairman of the Warren County Juvenile
Delinquency Prevention Council and is actively
involved in other civic organizations.
“I encourage students at Western to be active in student government, be involved in the community and
offer to volunteer because one gets the greatest experience volunteering and making connections in the community. For those who are WKU alumni, I encourage each one to
volunteer and remain active in their communities.”
Judge Margaret Huddleston
Class of ‘71
The Consummate Team Player
— By Paul Just
Forty years ago a young man, about to graduate from Fort Knox High School, was looking
for a place to go to college. A place where he could play football. Now, four decades and
10 stops later, he is one of the National Football League’s newest head coaches after taking over the Cleveland Browns.
Back in 1965, that young man journeyed to Western Kentucky State College and walked
on in football. It took the coaching staff just one semester to see things they liked and
Romeo Crennel went on scholarship the following spring. He spent nine years on
the Hill as an athlete (lettering from 1966-69), a graduate assistant (‘70) and
an assistant coach (‘71-74) before moving on to Texas Tech, Mississippi
and Georgia Tech.
In 1981, Crennel jumped to pro football where he has been ever
since, honing his skills with the New York Giants (‘81-92), New
England Patriots (‘93-96 and ‘01-04), New York Jets (‘97-99), and
Cleveland Browns (2000). Along the way, he earned five Super
Bowl rings, two with the Giants (‘86 and ‘90) and three with the
Patriots (‘01, ‘03 and ‘04). But, in 1965, Crennel didn’t know
what was ahead for him. “I wasn’t recruited,” Crennel recalled.
“A young man I competed against at North Hardin was coming
to Western on a partial scholarship. He thought I could make it
and encouraged me to walk-on. I decided to go. Things didn’t work
out for him, but I continued on,” he remembered.
After redshirting his first fall at Western, he started four seasons.
His Hilltopper teams went a combined 25-11-3 (65.4%) — 20-6-3
(74.1%) his last three years. As a senior, he appeared to be a prime
candidate for all-conference honors as a defensive lineman. But, a
consummate team player, he volunteered to fill a gap on the offensive line. That’s the kind of guy Crennel is.
Crennel is the third Western alum to be a head coach in the NFL. The others were:
Joe Bugel (‘60-63 and assistant coach ‘64-68); Jerry Glanville (graduate assistant coach ‘67);
Bugel led the Phoenix Cardinals (‘90-93) and LA Raiders (‘97); Glanville directed the
Houston Oilers (‘86-89) and Atlanta Falcons (‘90-93). Ironically, all three were members of
the 1967 Hilltoppers — Crennel as a player and Bugel and Glanville as assistant coaches.
Romeo Crennel
Class of ‘69
Photo by Sheryl Hagan-Booth
Originally, Crennel was planning a career in the military. But, that didn’t work out, so he began to concentrate on football. After graduation,
he was offered a graduate assistantship, splitting time between football
and the Housing Office. Then, opportunity knocked. “Sometimes it’s
timing, sometimes it’s luck,” he said. “But, after I got my master’s
degree, there was an opening on Western’s staff. Coach ( Jimmy) Feix
was so gracious to offer me the position and the rest is history.”
A Man on the Go
— By Krista Steenbergen
According to Dr. Orba Traylor, if it hadn’t been for
Western, he wouldn’t have gone anywhere.
And boy did he go!
After leaving WKU in 1930, the Providence, Ky.
native, earned his Masters and Doctorate degrees at
UK and his Law Degree at Northwestern. Western was
one of 19 institutions where Dr. Traylor served.
He enlisted in the Army in 1942 and was assigned to
Cairo, Egypt, where he met his wife Josette, and by 1946
held the rank of captain. During his career, the U.S. State
Department sent him to Greece and Turkey on a three-year
economics mission, known as the Marshall Plan, a two-year
public finance mission to Egypt and Iraq sponsored by the
United Nations, and to Okinawa in the Ryukyu Islands to serve
as the Director of Finance and the Director of Economic Affairs.
In between these assignments, Dr. Traylor was Assistant
Professor, Coordinator for the Army at Redstone
Arsenal, Alabama, Executive Director of the
Legislative Research Commission, Executive
Assistant to the Lieutenant Governor, and
Commissioner of Finance for Kentucky.
In 1964 he accepted an appointment at University of Alabama in
Huntsville and settled his family there. During his time at UAH, he also
served as project director in NASA’s technology transfer program and
consultant to the U.S. State Department, Tennessee Valley Authority and
Teledyne-Brown Engineering.
After retiring from UAH in 1975, Dr. Traylor continued to work for the
U.S. State Department as a financial economist in Monrovia, Liberia,
and as research consultant and faculty at several universities. He is
very active in professional, community and civic organizations, and
he and his wife have two sons and three grandchildren.
Because of the support of Dr. L.O. Taft and Dr. A.M. Stickles at
Western, Dr. Traylor has become a public servant and educator
that qualifies him as a distinguished contributor to the
Twentieth Century.
Dr. Orba Traylor
Class of ‘30
Preserving the Past, Preparing for the Future
— By Krista Steenbergen
When Hassan “Rocky” Shanehsaz arrived in Bowling Green in 1977,
he had no idea where passion and vision could take him. A 1979
graduate of Bowling Green High, he worked his way through college,
earning degrees in animal science and chemistry. “After the war broke
out, it became harder for Iranian students to get their finances taken
care of. If not for the personal and individual treatment I received
from the International program, I might not have stayed at Western.”
Upon graduation, Rocky completed two years of medical school, married his WKU college sweetheart, Gayle, and moved to Indiana
where he started a computer consulting firm, Compumed.
After having Abrahim, they moved to Noblesville, Ind., for the small
town atmosphere. “I wanted to know what my son was up to,” says
Shanehsaz. Through his wife’s 15-month battle with brain cancer,
Rocky remembers everyone’s kindness. Once again, personal, individual treatment spurred passion for his adopted hometown. Rocky
sees Compumed as a way to finance historic preservation of
Noblesville. He started with the courthouse square converting part of
it to office space and a popular Italian restaurant. Next, he began renovation of the Model Mill, vacant for 50 years, converting it to 60,000
square feet of office space. Most recently Rocky developed a plan to
move three historic homes when a City Hall expansion threatened to
destroy them. They now house nonprofit groups and a center for
musical performances and art exhibits.
Rocky and his current wife, Terri, adopted 16 month old Ava June and
are preparing Abrahim, now 16, to pursue his passions. “I hope,” says
Rocky, “that in college he learns the culture beyond the classroom,
and takes advantage of all the opportunities for involvement. The
individual treatment that I received is something I would like for him
to experience.”
Photo by Sheryl Hagan-Booth
Hassan “Rocky” Shanehsaz
Class of ‘83 & ‘84
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Website: www.wku.edu/info/bookstore
Coach Bill Powell retired after 36 years coaching
swimming at Western.
Photo by Joe Glowacki
Hilltopper point guard Danny Rumph died May 8,
2005 after collapsing during a pick-up basketball
game in Philadelphia. He was 21.
Coach Joel Murrie retired after 26 years as
head baseball coach at Western.
total ever in NCAA Division I men’s
swimming, 15 conference championships in three different leagues and
10 coach-of-the-year awards.
After a 3-4 finish in his inaugural
season, Powell’s Hilltopper swimming
and diving team posted 35 consecutive
winning seasons. In eight seasons, the
Lady Toppers won 85 percent of their
meets and won all five Sun Belt championships since the league began sponsoring the sport for women in 200001. Last year the Preston Center pool
was renamed the Bill Powell
Associate head coach Bruce
Marchionda, who has been at WKU for
three seasons, was promoted to head
coach, with Powell remaining on staff as
a part-time assistant.
Basketball point guard Danny
Rumph died May 8, 2005 after a pickup
game in Philadelphia.
Rumph, 21, was home visiting family after final exams when he collapsed
after a pickup game. An autopsy
revealed that cardiomyopathy was the
cause of death.
Baseball infielder Michael Wilhite
died after drowning July 28, 2005 in
Bend, Ore.
Photo by Joe Imel
Photo by Joe Glowacki
Two Hilltopper coaching legends,
Joel Murrie and Bill Powell, announced
their retirements this spring. Murrie
retired after 26 years as head baseball
coach, while Powell stepped down after
36 years on the Hill.
Murrie, the winningest coach in
the 86-year history of Hilltopper baseball, picked up his 800th career win on
March 18. He led WKU to five regularseason conference championships:
three in the Ohio Valley Conference
(1980-82) and two in the Sun Belt
Conference (1985, 1988). He won
Coach-of-the-Year honors in the OVC
in 1980 and 1981 and in the Sun Belt in
1985 and 2002.
Chris Finwood, who spent the past
five years as an assistant at Auburn
University, was selected to replace
Powell started the WKU swimming and diving program in 1969 and
amassed a remarkable record – 425
total victories, the second-highest win
Photo by Joe Imel
Wilhite, 20, was floating in the Deschutes River when
his raft flipped over. The former Franklin-Simpson
High School star was playing his third season of summer baseball with the Bend Elks of the West Coast
Collegiate Baseball League.
Western Kentucky University
Distinguished Alumni
As Western Kentucky University prepares to celebrate its Centennial, the Hall of Distinguished Alumni class of 2005 has a definite touch of past, present and future.This year’s three inductees are Neil Budde, an innovator in the online news publishing business; Lee Robertson, one of Western’s greatest ambassadors who gave the Alumni program a national focus; and Col. Ed
Stansbury, who has maintained his ties to Western for about 80 years. The members of the 14th class of noted alumni will be
inducted during a Homecoming week luncheon at 11:30 a.m. Oct. 14 at the Sloan Convention Center.The theme of Homecoming
2005 is “Celebrate Traditions, Build Memories.” For ticket information, contact the WKU Alumni Association at 1-888-WKU-ALUM.
Neil F. Budde
In the past decade, Neil Budde
has been at the forefront of changes
in the high-tech online publishing
industry, but his journalism career
had a rather low-tech start.
Budde was born in the Chicago
suburb of Elmhurst, Ill., but his family moved to the Cleveland area
where he launched his first paper -a hand-written newspaper distributed to neighbors.
When Budde was a ninth-grader, the
Elizabethtown, Ky., which he still
considers his hometown and where
he got his first real newspaper job at
the then-twice-weekly Hardin
County Enterprise (now the daily
Budde’s first experience at
Western was as a Junior Scholar
during the summer of 1973, while
still in high school.When he enrolled
full-time at Western a year later,
Budde was a journalism major.
Throughout his years at Western he
worked on the College Heights
Herald and served as editor in the
spring and fall of 1976. After graduating in 1977, Budde worked for a
Alumni Fall 2005
Neil F. Budde
Lee Robertson
Lee Robertson
year at the Richmond (Va.) TimesDispatch, then at The Courier-Journal
in Louisville and USA Today. During
his eight years at The CourierJournal, Budde completed his MBA at
the University of Louisville.
In August 1987, Budde joined
Dow Jones News Retrieval where,
as deputy editorial director, he oversaw design and development of new
information services. In 1993, he
developed the initial ideas and business plans for an online version of
The Wall Street Journal and was
asked to form a team to build it. He
was named editor and directed the
design, development and evolution
of The Wall Street Journal Online,
which debuted in 1996.
In January 2000, Budde added
the title of publisher as The Wall
Street Journal Online defied skeptics
and became the largest paid-sub16
scription news site on the Internet
with about 700,000 subscribers.
Budde left the online Journal in
late 2002 and launched a consulting
firm, the Neil Budde Group. In
November 2004, Budde returned to
online news management as general
manger of Yahoo! News, the No. 1
news site on the Internet, with more
than 25 million monthly visitors.
In 2002, Budde was named one
of four finalists for the World
Technology Awards in the category
of Media and Journalism. In 1998, he
was named Business Journalist of
the Year by TJFR, a newsletter covering business journalism.
Budde and his wife, Virginia B.
Edwards (editor of Education Week),
live in Richmond Hill, Ga., and
Washington, D.C. Budde is based in
Yahoo’s Santa Monica, Calif., office.
In his more than half a century association with the school, Lee
Robertson has earned the title “Mr.
Robertson, a native of Calhoun,
is a 1950 graduate with a major in
health and physical education and
minors in English and biology. He
completed his master’s degree in
educational administration in 1957.
Robertson began his professional career as a teacher and coach
at Park City High School in 1950-52
then moved to his native McLean
County where he was teacher,
coach and principal at Livermore
High School.
In 1957, he became assistant
superintendent of Barren County
schools. In 1958, he was named
While in Glasgow, Robertson
was an active member and president
of the Alumni Association National
Board of Directors.
In April 1960, President Kelly
Thompson asked Robertson to
return to Western as director of
Alumni Affairs and Placement
Services. As alumni director,
Robertson was instrumental in
increasing the number of clubs from
one to more than 50, creating quality Alumni publications, and beginning
an annual giving program and other
alumni activities.
The placement office became a
separate department in 1971, but
Robertson remained as alumni
director until 1985. That’s when he
retired for the first time and went
to work in the private sector in
But Robertson soon returned
from Florida and served as director
of the WKU-Glasgow campus. Then
he answered the call from Western
again and served as men’s golf coach
for six years.
Western Kentucky University
Robertson now serves as special assistant to the vice president
for Institutional Advancement,
where his longtime association with
Western alumni and friends allows
him to assist the offices of
Development and Alumni Relations
and to continue his support and
promotion of the University.
In August 2002, Robertson
received the first Spirit of Western
Award, which recognizes an individual who represents enthusiasm for
Western, loyalty to the institution
and principles of the Western experience and its motto “The Spirit
Makes the Master.”
Robertson also served with the
U.S. Army’s 44th tank battalion in
World War II from 1942-45 and
spent 18 months in the South
Pacific. He was awarded five Bronze
Arrow Heads for beachhead landings in New Guinea and the
Philippine Islands.
Robertson and his wife, Joyce,
live in Bowling Green. They have a
daughter, Melinda; a son, Steve; and
three granddaughters.
seasons as tennis coach.
Overall, in those three sports,
the Western teams he was associated with as a coach ran up a total of
234 victories against only 47 losses
and five ties – an 83 percent success
Following a stint in the military
in World War II, Stansbury returned
to the Hill in 1946-47 as director of
athletics, head of the Department of
Health and Physical Education and
assistant football and basketball
coach. Late in 1947 he returned to
the U.S. Air Force, retiring as a
colonel in 1961. He was inducted
into Western’s Athletic Hall of Fame
in 1994.
Stansbury attributes his long
relationship with Western to three
people: Coach E.A. Diddle; Dr.
Henry Hardin Cherry, Western’s
first president; and former Athletics
Director L.T. Smith, who encouraged him to earn a master’s degree
from Peabody College.
In 1998, Stansbury pledged
more than $1 million to fund three
scholarship programs at Western:
the Col. Edgar B. Stansbury Athletic
Scholarship, the Edith R. Stansbury
English Scholarship, and The Col.
Edgar B. and Edith R. Stansbury
Scholarship for Teacher Education.
In recognition of his support,
the second floor concourse of E.A.
Diddle Arena is named the Col.
Edgar B. Stansbury Concourse.
Stansbury is retired and lives in
Largo, Fla. His wife, Edith, died in
Col. Ed Stansbury
Ed Stansbury has maintained a connection to Western
since he arrived on the Hill in the
mid-1920s. He turned 99 in July and
will celebrate his 100th birthday
during WKU’s Centennial.
A native of Shepherdsville, Ky.,
Stansbury was a three-sport athlete,
playing football, basketball and baseball for coach E.A. Diddle. He
earned three varsity letters in each
sport and was an All-State performer in football and basketball in
Stansbury, a 1930 graduate,
returned to Western in 1934 as an
assistant football coach, and spent
eight seasons as an assistant coach
in football and basketball and three
Alumni Fall 2005
Col. Ed Stansbury
Dr. H. L. Stephens
Personification of “The Spirit of the Hill”
By Toby Hightower
We veterans of World War II who
descended on Western in 1946 were
an aggressive and impatient lot. We
were eager to make up for lost time,
and we had little tolerance for big egos,
pretensions, or educational jargon. We
were looking for professors who could
take us on short and straight paths to
learning and meaning.We were certainly in no mood to honor odd or peevish
behavior; we were looking for competence with a courteous face.The faculty at Western rose to this challenge
splendidly, but one among them stands
out particularly. The head of the
Biology Department accepted our
credentials of maturity and treated us
Memories of the stability, grace,
intelligence, wit, and teaching skills of
this good man remain with me until
this day.
The recollection of a great teacher
is a pleasant reverie for me in my old
age. I had many great teachers at
Western in the period right after
World War II, but Dr. H. L. Stephens
comes to mind as my ideal of a superb
teacher.To me, Dr.“Steve” was the personification of “The Spirit of the Hill.”
His teaching glorified Western and seldom involved his own ego.
Any time that I was in the presence of this great teacher, I felt that I
was likely to get an intellectual or cultural uplift. Many teachers at Western
were precious and memorable because
of their idiosyncrasies, but Dr. Steve
was memorable and precious because
he seemed totally free of eccentricities.
He was anything but bland, however.
Quite the opposite of bland, this man
was handsome, sophisticated, athletic,
and profoundly intelligent. With all of
these attributes, he never made you
feel inferior in his presence.To the contrary, you always felt uplifted by his
comfortable professionalism and his
respectful attitude of high expectations
from you. You always knew that he
wanted you to succeed and expected
you to succeed.
From an ordinary student such as
me, he got the best I could give. From
an extraordinary student such as
Martin Massengale, he got the excellence that he knew to be lurking
behind a deceiving rural patois. Truly a
Renaissance man, Dr. Stephens made
educated excellence seem almost ordinary. In any of his classes, you had to
learn the relevant facts, but his classes
were far more than a collection of
facts. He seemed particularly adept at
understanding and teaching the impact
of scientific facts.
ALUMNI welcomes letters about your favorite professor and your days on the Hill. Letters are subject to
editing, and not all letters can be published, nor can they be returned. Anonymous letters will not be published.
Send your letters to “Life Lessons from the Hill,” WKU Alumni Association, 1906 College Heights Blvd. #31016,
Bowling Green, KY 42101-1016 or [email protected]
Here was a man with good proof
of his high academic achievements, but
a man who never tried to awe you with
his personal record. He could be your
good friend without surrendering the
least of his professionalism. He laughed
often with you but never at you.
After leaving Western, I attended
several great universities including the
University of Illinois, Loyola, Baylor, and
the University of Chicago. I found
great teachers at all the places, but I
never found anyone who fit my image
of the Grand Professor more closely
than my good friend H. L. Stephens.
Toby Hightower received a BS
Degree from Western in 1948 and a
Masters in 1951. He taught two
years in Hopkinsville and was a
school administrator in Illinois for
28 years. He writes a weekly column for the Todd County Standard
in Elkton and has written many articles for Educational Publications. In
1971, he won the Freedoms
Foundation of Valley Forge award
for newspaper journalism.
Henry LeRoy Stephens was
born Sept. 13, 1898 in Dodgeville,
Wis. He received bachelor’s and
master’s degrees from the
University of Wisc. before joining
Western’s faculty in 1927. A few
years later he took a leave of
absence to earn his Ph.D. (1932) in
plant physiology and chemistry from
the University of Wisconsin. Dr.
Stephens served as chairman of
Western’s biology department from
1940 until his retirement in 1969.
On his retirement, he received the
University’s first faculty award for
excellence in teaching. Dr. Stephens
died March 25, 1983.
Monday, October 10
Homecoming Coloring Contest
Bowling Green and Warren County elementary students should start
practicing now! Big Red will be coming to your school to give information on Western’s Homecoming Coloring Contest! Winners will be
announced on Friday, October 14 at the Wachovia Securities Big Red
Street Fest. For more information, contact Kim Sowders at
Tuesday, October 11
Glasgow Homecoming Tailgate Party
5:30 to 7:00 p.m.
Glasgow Regional Center on Trojan Trail
Sponsored by WKU’s Barren County Alumni Chapter, the WKU
Glasgow Campus, and Dickerson Lumber
The party starts here! Join Glasgow campus students and faculty and
area alumni as they celebrate Homecoming festivities with a gigantic
bonfire, food, fellowship, and some Western cheer! Hear from Head
Football Coach David Elson, the WKU cheerleaders, and local bands as
Glasgow prepares to kick off Homecoming Week with a bang! For more
information, contact Barren County Alumni Chapter President Bryan
Baysinger at 270.651.2663.
Wednesday, October 12
Office Decorating Contest
WKU Campus
Faculty, staff, and students can build their own Homecoming memories
by decorating their campus office! Prizes will be awarded for the
best decorated departmental office. For more information, contact Special Events at 270.745.2497.
Western Kentucky University
October 10-16, 2005
For general Homecoming information, call the Office of Alumni Relations
and Annual Giving at 270.745.4395 or 1.888.WKU.ALUM or e-mail [email protected]
WKU Soccer vs. Eastern Illinois
7:00 p.m.
WKU Soccer Complex
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority 35th Anniversary
Members of the Eta Zeta Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority will
celebrate 35 years of sisterhood. For details, visit the chapter’s website: www.dstetazeta.org or email [email protected]
Thursday, October 13
Chili and Cheese Luncheon and Pep Rally
11:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
Hall of Distinguished Alumni
Luncheon and Induction Ceremony
11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
The Presbyterian Church at State Street
Sloan Convention Center
Sponsored by Junior Achievement of South Central Kentucky and
the Warren County Alumni Chapter
The official Homecoming Pep Rally continues its tradition with good
food, great fun, and lots of WKU Spirit! WKU Football players,
cheerleaders, and Topperettes will join Coach David Elson for an
exciting afternoon that is sure to elevate Topper excitement. Tickets
are $5 each and may be reserved by calling 270.745.4395 or
270.782.0280. Tickets will also be sold at the door. Carryout is also
available if requested at least one week in advance. Proceeds benefit Junior Achievement of South Central Kentucky.
Sponsored by the WKU Alumni Association
Make plans to attend this celebration of the highest honor WKU
bestows upon its alumni. This commemoration of the outstanding
contributions of WKU alumni is something you will not want to
miss. Tickets are $25 each and $350 for a corporate table. For more
information or reservations, call Tracy Morrison at 270.745.4395.
5:30 p.m.
WKU Campus – Normal Drive
Sponsored by the Warren County Alumni Chapter
The 2005 Homecoming Parade will begin at the intersection of 15th
and State Street (across from Hardin Planetarium) and proceed
down Normal Drive. For information regarding parade entries,
contact Ginny Hensley at 270.745.4395.
Wachovia Securities Big Red Street Fest
6:30 p.m. (or immediately after Homecoming Parade) to 8:00 p.m.
WKU Campus – DUC South Lawn at the Guthrie Tower
Sponsored by Wachovia Securities.
Hosted by the Warren County Alumni Chapter
Army ROTC Leadership Lab
3:00 to 5:00 p.m.
Join ROTC for the “Homecoming Prep” Leadership Lab. For more
information, contact CPT Linda Lewis at 270.745.4293.
5th Annual Summit Awards
5:30 p.m. Social, 6:00 p.m. Program
Carroll Knicely Conference Center at South Campus
Western Kentucky University honors its outstanding volunteers at
this recognition and awards ceremony. For details, call Amy Miller at
Friday, October 14
1952 Football Reunion
Activities on Friday include a campus tour, football practice, and dinner. On Saturday, a full day of events include: W-Club’s Athletic Hall
of Fame, tailgating, the football game, and dinner following the game.
Check your mail for complete details. For more information, contact Andrea Haynes at 270.745.4395.
A true community event…what a way to start Homecoming
Weekend! This FREE event has something for everyone in the family. With games, prizes, and lots of family fun, there’s no better place
to spend your Friday evening! No reservations necessary – just
come on in after the Homecoming Parade and have fun!
WKU Football Team Reunion Tent
6:30 p.m.
Downing University Center South Lawn
Stop by and meet your 2005 Hilltopper Football Team, plus
Hilltopper favorites of the past! All fans are invited. For more information, contact the football office at 270.745.2984.
The GLBT Outlet Reception
6:00 to 8:00 p.m.
McCormack Hall office suite 100-B
The Outlet, Western's Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered
resource center welcomes all alumni to the annual event. For further
information, please contact Molly Kerby at [email protected]
WKU Volleyball Celebrates 25 Years at WKU!
WKU Volleyball vs. Denver
7:00 p.m.
E.A. Diddle Arena
For more information, contact Natalie Furry at 270.745.7090.
Big Red’s Roar
7:00 p.m.
Fine Arts Center Colonnade
Featuring the 2005 Hilltopper Football team as well as Coach David
Elson, Big Red, the Big Red Marching Band, cheerleaders,Topperettes,
and Homecoming Queen candidates! All WKU alumni, students, and
friends are welcome to join in this roaring campus tribute to
Homecoming weekend!
College of Health and Human Services
Open House and Coffee Hour
For details, visit www.wku.edu/Dept/Academic/chhs.
Department of Allied Health
Allied Health will hold a continuing education course with speaker
Society of African American Alumni
Association Social and Mixer
10:00 p.m.
Dr. Brian Fingerson. For more information, contact Becky Tabor at
Garvin House
Enjoy the night life with cards and music. Bring your own spirits –
refreshments are provided. For more information, contact the
Alumni Association at 888-WKU-ALUM.
College Heights Herald Breakfast
9:00 a.m.
Garrett Center Ballroom
Marching Band celebrates its 80th Anniversary!
Relive your college years once again by performing with the Big
Red Marching Band during the Homecoming football game!
Rehearsal will be the morning of Homecoming Day, followed by
lunch at the WKU Music tent at the Festival of Friends. Interested
band alumni may contact Director of Bands John Carmichael at
270.745.5893, the Big Red Marching Band Director, Eric Smedley
at 270.745.4024 or call 888.WKU.ALUM.
Saturday, October 15- HOMECOMING DAY!
Department of Nursing “Evidence- based Practice
in Nursing Education”
Academic Complex 118
Join the one hour continuing education course. For details, visit the
Nursing website at www.wku.edu/Dept/Academic/chhs/nursing.
[email protected]
The College Heights Herald will celebrate Homecoming 2005 with
its 54th annual breakfast. For information, any former Herald or
Talisman staff member should contact Bob Adams at 270.745.6285.
Consumer and Family Sciences Department
and Home Economics Alumni Association
Homecoming Silent Auction
9:00 a.m.
Academic Complex Room 202
The entire community is invited to visit the silent auction! Bids will
be accepted until 12:00 p.m. For more information, contact Lauri
Warden at 270.745.4352.
Alpha Gamma Delta Homecoming Brunch
10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Chapter House - 1540 Chestnut Street
Contact Cristen Osborne at [email protected]
Residence Hall
Open Houses
10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Take a look at WKU’s
Halls 2005! Stop by
your former residence
hall to see how things
have changed!
1:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Downing University Center South Lawn
The foundation of Homecoming traditions – reuniting with friends and fellow
alumni! Tailgating has truly progressed at
WKU. Don’t miss your chance to celebrate Homecoming 2005 with old
friends as you prep for the WKU vs.
Missouri State University game while
enjoying music from Exit 4! Alumni from
across the globe will gather at the
Festival, which features rows and rows
of tents representing the Colleges,
Departments, Student Organizations,
Alumni Groups, and more!
Architectural and
Manufacturing Sciences Tent
The department formerly known as
Industrial Technology is sponsoring a barbecue for all alumni, students, and faculty.
AKPsi Tent
For more information on Homecoming
activities, contact Marilyn or Kyle at
BSU Tent
For more information, contact Tommy
Johnson, Campus Minister, at 270.781.3185.
12th Annual Gordon Ford College of Business
Homecoming Brunch for Alumni, Spouses
and Friends
11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
Side Lawn of Grise Hall
Van transportation will be available from Western’s Campbell Lane
lot to Grise Hall beginning at 10:30 a.m. and running every 30 minutes. In the event of rain, the brunch will be held in Grise Hall Lobby.
For more information, contact Paula Newby, Office of the Dean,
Gordon Ford College of Business, at 270.745.6311 or
Kappa Delta Homecoming Brunch
11:00 a.m.
Phi Mu Alumnae Homecoming Brunch
10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Chapter House – 1600 Chestnut Street
The Kappa Delta house will be open for all alumni and students.
Chapter House – 1666 Normal Drive
For other Homecoming event information, call 270.793.9694.
Department of Agriculture
Alumni Meeting and Luncheon
11:00 a.m.
Alumni W-Club Athletic Hall of Fame and Brunch
11:00 a.m.
Diddle Arena’s Hall of Champions
Calling all W-Club Letterwinners! Come and join in Homecoming
celebration at the Annual W-Club Brunch as we induct new members into Western’s Athletic Hall of Fame! For more information, call
L.D. Brown Agriculture Exposition Center
An alumni luncheon will begin at 12:30 p.m., following the
Agriculture alumni meeting. For more information, contact Dr.
Rudolph at 270.745.3151. Check the fall newsletter for details.
Music Department Tent
For more information, call 270.745.3751.
Housing and Residence Life Tent
Are you a former residence hall assistant, hall
government member,or hall director? Reunite
with current and former staff members under
the Housing and Residence Life Tent. For more
information, call 270.745.4359.
Department of Political Science
and The Masters of Public
Administration Program Tent
All alumni and current are invited!
Reminisce about the good ole’ days of the
Government Department. Celebrate both
the traditions and the changes of the new
Department of Political Science. For more
information, contact Dr. Saundra Curry
Ardrey at 270.745.4558 or
[email protected]
Forensics Alumni Association
Homecoming Tent
Tailgate at the Forensics alumni tent with
food and entertainment. Group tickets will
be purchased in advance so Forensics alumni will be seated together at the football
game. For more information, contact Judy
Woodring at 270.745.6340.
WKU’s Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual,Transgendered,
and Ally Organization invites everyone to
stop by. They’ll be grilling!
Women’s Alliance Tent
We invite everyone to stop by and see why
we are, “Not Just a Quilting Party”. For
more information, contact Susan Morris at
Society of African American Tent
Come by the Society’s tailgating area to find
out more about how the Society is shaping
the future of Western Kentucky University.
Visit with old friends and enjoy food and fun
before heading to Smith Stadium.
Army ROTC Alumni Tent
Army ROTC invites alumni and friends to
our camouflage-covered Army tent on the
South Lawn near Preston Center. Join us
for camaraderie, fun, food, and some competition! For more information, contact
Military Science at 270.745.4293.
The Department of Geography
and Geology Tent
All Geography and Geology alumni and
friends are invited to stop by the tailgating
tent for barbecue before the football game!
Alumni Association Tent
Do you want to tailgate, but
you’re not sure where to go?
Celebrate Homecoming under
the Alumni Association tent. All
alumni and friends are welcome!
Program of Dental Hygiene
Dental Hygiene will offer a Continuing Education Seminar on
Homecoming Day. For more information, call 270.745.2427.
School of Journalism and
Broadcasting Alumni Cookout
12:00 p.m.
Mass Media and Technology Hall Courtyard Patio
All Broadcasting and Mass Communication Alumni are encouraged
to attend the cookout. For more information, contact Kathy
Williams at 270.745.4143.
Geography and Geology Departmental Tour
(including the GIS labs and Centers for Applied Research)
1:00 p.m.
Meet on the 3rd Floor of EST Building.
BSU Alumni and Friends Reception
1:00 – 2:00 p.m.
Baptist Student Union – 1574 Normal Drive
After the reception, we’ll be tailgating on South Lawn. For more
information, contact Tommy Johnson, Campus Minister, at
School of Journalism
and Broadcasting Photo Auction
2:00 p.m.
South Lawn
Included in the auction will be student photos, signed Pulitzer Prize
photos, photos by WKU alumni, and a dinner for six with President
Gary Ransdell. The auction is open to the public, and will be located beside the WKU Presidential Tent on South Lawn. For more
information, contact Kathy Williams at 270.745.4143.
WKU Volleyball vs. North Texas
2:00 p.m.
E.A. Diddle Arena
For more information, contact Natalie Furry at 270.745.7090.
For more information on 40th Anniversary
Homecoming activities, contact Stephanie at
[email protected]
Saturday, October 15
Homecoming Tailgate Tent, 2:00 p.m.
For more information on 40th Anniversary
Homecoming activities, contact the Sigma Chi
House at 270.782.2586.
Friday, October 14
11th Annual Sigma Chi Fraternity Golf Scramble
Saturday, October 15
Open House, 11:30 a.m., Sigma Chi Chapter
House – 1215 College Street
Saturday, October 15
Homecoming Tailgate Tent, 2:00 p.m.
For more information on 40th Anniversary
Homecoming activities, contact Charley Pride at
270.745.2459 or 270.796.3807
Friday, October 14
Jimbo DeVries Memorial Golf Tournament
1:00 p.m., Crosswinds Golf Course
Friday, October 14
Alumni Reception, 7:00 p.m.
Ellis Place/State Street Pub
Saturday, October 15
Homecoming Tailgate Tent, 2:00 p.m.
Saturday, October 15
Gathering of Phis, 8:00 p.m.
Old Stone Clubhouse
For more information on 40th Anniversary
Homecoming activities, contact
[email protected]
Friday, October 14
40th Anniversary Celebration, 8:00 p.m. to
1:00 a.m., Carroll Knicely Conference Center at
South Campus
Saturday, October 15
Homecoming Tailgate Tent
For more information on 40th Anniversary
Homecoming activities, visit www.kybeta.com.
Friday, October 14
Social Gathering, 8:00 p.m., Iron Skillet
Saturday, October 15
Cookout, 12:00 to 2:00 p.m., 1410 College Street
Saturday, October 15
Homecoming Tailgate Tent, 2:00 p.m.
Saturday, October 15
40th Anniversary Gala, 7:30 p.m., Carroll Knicely
Conference Center at South Campus
For more information on 40th Anniversary
Homecoming activities, contact Kelley Manning
at 781-9654 or [email protected]
Saturday, October 15
40th Anniversary Homecoming Reception
11:00 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Chi Omega House – 1580 Normal Drive
For more information on 40th Anniversary
Homecoming Activities, visit www.etarho.com.
Friday, October 14
Luncheon prior to Golf, 11:30 a.m.
Golf at Crosswinds Course, 1:00 p.m.
Reception following golf, 6:00 p.m.
Saturday, October 15
Alumni Breakfast & Business Meeting
Holiday Inn University Plaza
Saturday, October 15
Homecoming Tailgate Tent, 2:00 p.m.
Saturday, October 15
40th Anniversary Dinner & Dance, Post Game
Holiday Inn University Plaza
Hilltoppers vs. Missouri State University
4:00 p.m.
Sunday, October 16
L.T. Smith Stadium
Get your tickets now to see the 2005 Hilltoppers take on Missouri
State University. Cheer the Toppers on to victory while celebrating
Homecoming with the crowning of the Queen and other exciting
Homecoming “extras.”
The 9th Annual Jim Wayne Miller
Celebration of Writing
Featuring a reading by Sallie Bingham
2:00 p.m.
Garrett Conference Center 103
Free and open to the public. Winners of the Jim Wayne Miller
Writing Contest will be announced. Book sales and reception begin
at 3:00 p.m. For additional information, contact Mary Ellen Miller at
270.745.5721 or [email protected]
Annual WKU Homecoming Concert
3:00 p.m.
Van Meter Auditorium
Don’t leave campus without one last singing of the alma mater. The
Music Department's Homecoming Concert and Wall of Fame presentation is the final event of homecoming weekend, and one you
don’t want to miss! Admission is free and will feature the WKU
University Choir and Symphonic Band. For more information, call
Step Show
8:00 p.m.
Diddle Arena
Sponsored by the National Pan-Hellenic Council
Make plans to attend this traditional Homecoming event that is a
showstopper! After the game, join the thousands who head to
Diddle Arena to see step performances that will astound, amaze, and
dazzle you! For more information, contact the Office of Diversity
Programs at 270.745.5066.
Alumni Dance
10:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.
Carroll Knicely Conference Center at South Campus
Sponsored by the Society of African American Alumni Association
For more information, contact the Alumni Association at
270.745.4395 or 888.WKU.ALUM.
Bowling Green, Ky. 6:30 pm
Sat, Nov 5
Northern Iowa*
Bowling Green, Ky.
4:00 pm
Sat, Sep 10 Eastern Kentucky
Bowling Green, Ky. 6:30 pm
Sat, Nov 12 at Youngstown State*
Youngstown, Ohio
Sat, Sep 24 at Auburn
Auburn, Ala.
1:30 pm
Sat, Nov 19 at Florida International
Miami, Fla.
5:00 pm
Sat, Oct 1
at Indiana State*
Terre Haute, Ind.
1:00 pm
Sat, Nov 26 NCAA I-AA Playoffs
Sat, Oct 8
at Illinois State*
Normal, Ill.
2:30 pm
Sat, Dec 3
NCAA I-AA Quarterfinals tba
Thu, Sep 1 West Virginia Tech
Sat, Oct 15 Missouri State* (HC)
Bowling Green, Ky. 4:00 pm
Sat, Dec 10 NCAA I-AA Semifinals
Sat, Oct 22 at Western Illinois*
Macomb, Ill.
Fri, Dec 16
Sat, Oct 29 Southern Illinois*
Bowling Green, Ky. 5:00 pm
* Conference Game
4:05 pm
NCAA I-AA Championship Chattanooga,Tenn.
Honor Roll
Western Kentucky University is fortunate to have alumni and friends who support the university through private gifts. This support allows Western to enhance current programs and create new opportunities for the
18,500 students Western serves.
We want to share with you those donors who have made these generous gifts and express our gratitude
for their support. Western Kentucky University is achieving great things and the enhancements we are experiencing could not be done without you. Thank you!
We strive to ensure accuracy within this Honor Roll listing of all our donors for the fiscal year. If you find
your information to be incorrect or if you prefer your name to be listed differently in the future, please contact
us toll free at (888) 958-2586 or locally at (270) 745-4395 or via email to [email protected] so we can make
appropriate changes to our database. The gift categories are defined as follows:
Lifetime gift recognition
The Henry Hardin Cherry Society recognizes donors who have made cumulative gifts of
$25,000 or more to Western during their lifetime.
Spirit of Western
Colonnade Level
Cornerstone Level
Commencement Level
of $1,000,000 and above
between $500,000 and $999,999
between $100,000 and $499,999
between $25,000 and $99,999
annual gift recognition
The names presented in this listing are a compilation of annual gifts made to the University during
the fiscal year (July 1, 2004 - June 30, 2005). Annual gifts are divided into five recognition circles:
President’s Circle
Founder Level
Regent Level
Trustee Level
Director Level
$1,000 and above
$10,000 and above
$5,000 to $9,999
$2,500 to $4,999
$1,000 to $2,499
Dean’s Circle
Gifts of $500 to $999
Scholar’s Circle
Gifts of $250 to $499
Century Circle
Gifts of $100 to $249
Inaugural Circle
Gifts of $1 to $99
Cupola society
The Cupola Society recognizes donors who support Western Kentucky University
through consecutive annual giving. Cupola Society members have a number (following
their name) indicating the total number of consecutive years they have made a gift to WKU.
Western Kentucky University - The Henry Hardin Cherry Society
Spirit of Western
($1,000,000 and Above)
ARAMARK WKU Dining Services
Jerry E. Baker
Bowling Green Properties, LLC
Commonwealth Health Corporation
Confidential Football Lead Trust
William H. Fletcher Estate
Glenda and Gordon (d.) Ford
Mary E. Peal Hutto Estate
Insight Communications
Jostens Learning
Carroll and Evelyn Knicely
Dixie and Pete Mahurin
Ann and William M. McCormack
Drs. Dennis and Nancy Minix
National City Bank of Kentucky
National City ~
J.W. Potter and J.L. Harman Trusts
Ogden College Foundation
Leon and Lassie Page
Raymond B. and Hattie L. Preston
Raymond B. Preston Family Foundation
Rita and Jim Scott
Col. Edgar B. and Edith R.(d.)Stansbury
Dr. James H. Stuteville Estate
Sygen International
Barbara Terry-Porter
J. Clifford Todd
Dr. and Mrs. L. O.Toomey Estate
Trace Die Cast, Inc. ~
Carolyn and Lowell Guthrie
Don S.Vitale
Suzanne Vitale
($500,000 - $999,999)
J. Estill Alexander Estate
Ann and Raymond L. Cravens
Nicholas and Whitetta Crawford
Janet C. and Richard Frockt
Fruit of the Loom
Greenview Regional Hospital
Kenneth E. and Irene S. Hall
Mary E. Heltsley
Mary and Owen Lawson, Jr.
Jana and Bud Layne
Mary R. Nixon
Alumni Fall 2005
Martha and Bob Owsley
Pepsi Americas of Bowling Green
Dr.Walter N. Scott
Susan and Zuheir Sofia
Tennessee Valley Authority
James and Martha Thompson
Margaret and Cal Turner
Judy and Steve Turner
U.S. Bank
Carol and Denny Wedge
Glen, Frieda (d.) and John Wells
Beulah R.Winchel
Ralph S. and Mary Ann Coffman
Basil C. (d.) and Florence Cole
Commonwealth Health Corporation /
Center Care Health Benefit Programs
Brian E. Coutts
Virginia Wood Davis Estate
E. Clifton Dowell Estate
Sam M. Dunaway
($100,000 - $499,999)
Jessie Ball duPont Fund
Ed and Gretchen Adler
Alcoa Inc.
Alliance Corporation
Judy and Robert Armstrong
Ashland, Inc.
AT&T Foundation
AT&T Network Systems
Atmos Energy
Betty R. and David W. Bailey
Kathy and Dr. Craig Beard
James M. Beckley
Joyce R. and William A. Bell
Margaret and Steve Eaton
English Lucas Priest & Owsley LLP
Irene M. Erskine
Gary Force, Inc.
C. Ray and Ruth Franklin Estate
Franklin Bank & Trust Company
Franklin Rotary Club
Friends of the Lost River, Inc.
Helene Fuld Health Trust
Joan B. Garrison
C. M. (Bill) Gatton
Mildred Givens Estate
James N. Gray Company
Bonnie Berman
Louis Berman
Kathleen and Vince Berta
Anne and Dan Greenwell
Kerr Greulich Engineers, Inc.~
Donald J. and Jennifer W. Greulich
Barbara and John D. Grider
Ann and Rick Guillaume
Bluegrass Cellular
Bowling Green Area Convention &
Visitors Bureau
Bowling Green Municipal Utilities
Bowling Green Noon Rotary Club
Sue and Ken Bragg
Eck Branham (d.)
Mary Carolyn Wolfe and James W. Brite, Sr.
David F. Broderick
Neil F. Budde and Virginia B. Edwards
Walter D. and Gladys Bunnell Estate
Cabletron Systems
Jean and Henry Carlisle, Jr.
Dr. Lourine Cave Estate
Citizens Scholarship Foundation
Oscar Payne Cleaver Estate
Tish and Tommy Gumm
Dr.William R. and Frances D.
Hammond Estate
Olga E. Hantelmann Estate
Henry Norman Hardin
Dr. Lowell and Penny Harrison
William Randolph Hearst Foundation
Robert B. Hensley
High Field Farms
Mary and Glenn Higdon
William L. Hix
Holiday Inn University Plaza Hotel
Charles Phillip Holland
Ervin G. Houchens Foundation
Houchens Industries, Inc.
The Humana Foundation
Western Kentucky University - The Henry Hardin Cherry Society
Mike and Belle Lady Hunt
Dorris J. Hutchison, Ph.D.
IBM Eduquest
Integra Bank
Calvin (d.) and Rosella Isbell
Jim Johnson Pontiac Nissan
Robert and Shirl Johnson
Jones Builders ~ Ray, Bud and Barry Jones
Sandy and Martin Jones
Linda and John M. Kelly
Kentucky Bank Management Institute
Edward G. and Jeanette Murphy
Klemm Estate
Dr. L.Y. Lancaster Estate
Leco Corporation
Mitchell Leichhardt
Dr. David Daniel Lessenberry Estate
Casey and Doug Lester
Martha Lloyd
Logan Aluminum, Inc.
Drs. John Lynn and Bobbie Boyd Lubker
Margaret L. Madison (d.)
Gail and Cornelius A. Martin
Charles H. McAdams Estate
C. B. and Anita Hardin McDole Estate
The Medical Center at Franklin
Bruce Merrick
Nelle B. Moss
W.S. Moss Estate
Miko Muraguchi
Norton Healthcare
Owensboro Medical Health System
Harry (d.) and Jean Peart
Philip Morris USA
L.D. and Dr. Joyce Rasdall
Audrey and Tom Redford
Dorothy and Lester Reeves
Garland Reeves (d.)
Vickie and Dan Renshaw
Ann Rose and Joseph H. Richards
John W. Ridley
Roiann Ridley
The Ridley Group of Wachovia Securities
Betty A. Royce Estate
T.J. Samson Community Hospital
Kathy and Terry G. Scariot
Henry Schlinker Estate
Robert and Virginia Schneider
Patricia and Jim Smith
Scott Murphy and Daniel
Shirley C. Scott
Val Scott
Scotty’s Contracting & Stone
Charles and Karen Shuffield
The Walter H. Simson Foundation
Dr. James Darrell Skaggs
Ben Smith
Paula Anne Smith
Sodexho Campus Services
South Central Bank
State Farm Companies Foundation
Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems, Inc.
TA Instruments
Avo and James W.Taylor
Paul and Elizabeth (d.) Terrell
Dr. Pam Johnson (right), director of the School of Journalism and Broadcasting, introduces
the winners of Hearst Journalism Awards Program during the Board of Regents meeting.
Western’s School of Journalism and Broadcasting won the overall title in
the Hearst Journalism Awards Program for the third time since 2000.
Often called “The Pulitzers of College Journalism,” the Hearst program
conducts yearlong competitions in print journalism, photojournalism and
broadcast news.
In the past seven years Western has finished in the top four nationally in the
Hearst program’s Overall Intercollegiate Competition -- third in 1999, first in
2000, first in 2001, second in 2002, third in 2003, fourth in 2004 and first in 2005.
In the overall competition, Western was followed by Arizona State,
Nebraska, Missouri, North Carolina, Northwestern, Penn State, Florida, Kent
State and Syracuse.
“To have an independent authority name one of our prominent academic
programs as the best in American higher education is indeed a mark of distinction for WKU and for the Commonwealth,” President Gary Ransdell said.
Western also won the Intercollegiate Photojournalism Competition for the
15th time in 17 years. Bowling Green senior Jim Winn, one of six WKU students to qualify for the Hearst national semifinals, won the photojournalism
national title in May in San Francisco.
Western Kentucky University
Western Kentucky University - The Henry Hardin Cherry Society
Terri Ann and Steve Thornton
Cal Turner Family Foundation
Laura Goad Turner Charitable Foundation
U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Manufacturing LP
Van Meter Insurance
Ferris Van Meter
Wal-Mart Foundation
Bob and Katie Ward
Hays T. and Betty J.Watkins
WBKO Television
Wendy's of Bowling Green, Inc.
Frances H. and Lively M.Wilson
Dr.Willson and Erma (d.) Wood
($25,000 - $99,999)
ACT Recognition Program Services
Linda and Buddy Adams
Buddy Adams & Associates
Sandy and Bob Adams
Jo-Ann and Henry Albers
Allen County Board of Education
Julie and Jody Allen
AmSouth Bank Scholarships
Ann and Mark Allen
Alliza Sod Farms, Inc.
Allnutt & Associates
American Chemical Society
American Legion Post 23 ~
Roger Miller, Commander
Faye and Charles Anderson
Sandra and Robert Appling
Architectural Services of KY, Inc.
Army Emergency Relief
Atlantic Richfield Foundation
Nancy and Tom Baird
The Baker-Geary Dunne Foundation
Baulch Family Foundation
Monie Beard (d.)
Bell Orr Ayers & Moore, PSC
BellSouth Services
The Belo Foundation
Best Western Motor Inn
Mimi and Bill Bewley
Big B Cleaners
Big Red Radio Network
Mary Bingham (d.)
Jerry Blacketer
Blake Hart Taylor & Wiseman
Insurance Agency
Alumni Fall 2005
Charles R. Blakey (d.)
Jan and Jim Bohannon, III
Booth Fire & Safety, Inc.
BG Area Chamber of Commerce
BG Consolidated, Inc.
BG Kiwanis Club
BG Noon Lions Club
Bowling Green Western Symphony
Orchestra Association
Lucille King Boyd Estate
Cam Collins and Jane Bramham
Brantley Appraisal Company
Breece Enterprises, Inc.
Breiwa Ware and Jeskie PSC
North America Tire LLC
Marilyn and Robert Bristol, Jr.
Gail and Gary Broady
Ellen and Michael O. Buchanon
William E. and Mary H. Buckler Scholarship
Builders Association of Bowling Green
Marla and John Burch
Burger King
Byrd Scholarship – TN Student
Assistant Corporation
Judy and Rich Callahan
Campbell Chevrolet
Canaan Missionary Baptist Church
Amelia and Joseph Cangemi
M. Edward Carter ~
Eddie Carter Enterprises
Tracy and Gary Carver
Sallie Potter Carwell
Keith Cassady
Dr. Deborah and Stephen Catron
Thomas E. Caudill
Center of Insurance
David Chandler
Chandler Real Estate
Citizens First Bank
Rebecca and Keith Clark
Joan and Ronald W. Clark
Carolyn and Spencer Coates
Eric Coffman
Coldwell Banker/Legacy Real Estate
John David Cole ~ Cole & Moore
Yvonne and Michael W. Coleman
Wilda L. Collins
Commonwealth Broadcasting Corporation
Community Action of Southern KY
Kay and Thad Connally
Elizabeth and Ray (d.) Cossey
Costello Chrysler
Alvah Cox Memorial Scholarship Fund
Crescent-Warren County Youth Association
Ralph E. Crump (d.)
Janine and Ben Cundiff
Dana Corporation Foundation
Davis on the Highlands
Mills and Dan Davis
Joe B. Davis
Joe T. Davis
Mary Riley Davis (d.)
Paul Davis Restoration, Inc.
Martha and Walter M. Dear
Delta Dental Plan of Kentucky, Inc.
Melissa and Ken Dennison
David A. Dickerson
Brents Dickinson, III
Sharon and Gary Kendall Dillard
Irene and Donald R. Dizney
Anne (d.) and Howard Doll
Dollar Brothers Shoe Company
Dollar General Corporation
R.R. Donnelley
Cindy and Tad Donnelly
Dow Jones Newspaper Fund, Inc.
Mary Ruth and David R. Drescher
Carol and Charles E. Earles, Sr.
Eastman Kodak Company
Eaton Corporation
Janice and Gerald Edds
Education and Training Resources
Shirley and James Elkins
Emerson Electric
Barbara and Charles E. English, Sr.
Environmental Wood Recycling
Exxon Mobil Foundation
Famous-Barr, a division of the May
Department Stores Company
Bob R. Farley
Farmers National Bank
David Fields
First Union Foundation for
First Union Securities
First Union National Bank of NC
Ford Furniture Company
Ford Motor Company
Western Kentucky University - The Henry Hardin Cherry Society
Franklin Simpson Community Boosters
Friends and Family of Pat Eubank French
Fujifilm, USA
Gannett Foundation
Larry and Dr. Cecile Garmon
R. Neal Garrison
Nelda and Vernon Gary
Teresa and Scott Gary
GE Foundation
General Growth Management
General Motors Corporation
Gerald Printing
The Gheens Foundation
Dr. Raymond Gibson Estate
Kent E. Gildersleeve
Larry B. Gildersleeve
Gillie Hyde Ford Chrysler, Inc.
City of Glasgow
Jack and Janice Glasser
Robert A. Goodwin
Pat and Thomas Gorin
Carrie and Doug Gott
Governor’s Scholars Program
C.A. Graham & Associates, Inc.
Gravil Funeral Home, Inc.
Lila L. Greene
Louise A. Greene Estate
Dorothy Grider
Dianne and William Grimes
H+M Company
Dr.William R. Hammond Estate
Mildred Tucker Hardcastle Estate
Dr. Elizabeth McWhorter Harden
Nettie R. Harrison Estate
Dr. and Mrs.William E. Harston, Jr.
Joyce and Tom Hart
Morris and Dorothy Haskins Foundation
The Helm Foundation
Tony Henon Construction
Hill Motley Lumber
Hilliard Lyons
Hill's Pet Nutrition
Hilltopper Broadcasting, Inc.
Suzanne and Warren Hines
Richard A. Hodge (d.)
Glenn Hodges
Holland CPAs PSC
Holley Performance Products, Inc.
Cora Dee Hooks
Dr. Paul and Jean Page Hoskins
Ruby Taylor Howard Estate
Drs. Michael and Karin Egloff Howell
Hughes & Coleman
Hughes Kirkpatrick High School
Cynthia and Timothy Hulsey
Humana, Inc.
Judy and Thomas Hunt
Anne and Michael Hyde
Investors Realty Management
Jacque and John Jarve
Mike Jarvis
JBLCo., Inc.
Dr.William M. Jenkins, Jr. (d.)
Darlene and Jim Johnson
Norm and Jimmie Lou Johnson
Stanley Jones Corporation
Jostens ~ Jerry and Chris Bush
JTK Masonry Company, Inc.
Vicky Jungers
Mary (d.) and Douglas Keach
Linda Keen and Chris Keen
Susan and James Keffer
Ruie (d.) and Harold Kelley
Tori and Rick Kelley
Kendall Company
Kentucky Farm Bureau Education Foundation
KY Orthopedic Rehab Team
The Kentucky Turfgrass Council
KY Rural Water Association
Kerrick, Stivers and Coyle
Key Charitable Trust
Maxie and Lester Key
Keystops Benefit Golf Classic
Keystops Incorporated
J. C. Kirby & Son Funeral Chapel
Lynn and Kevin R. Kirby
Dennis and Brenda S. Kirtley
Dennis R. Koon
Gary S. Koon
Juanita R. Koon
Alice and Biff Kummer
Geraldine and John (d.) Kunstadter
Connie and Stacy W. Lamb
Landmark Community Newspapers
Leachman Buick GMC
Dr. Albin Lee
Lee Brick and Block
LG&E Energy Foundation
Life Care Foundation Education & Research
Eli Lilly & Company Foundation
Alton and Patsy Little
Mildred and Dr. Randal L. Littlepage
Peggy and Gerald Loafman
The Louisville Institute
Mary and James (d.) Lucas
Luther Family Foundation
M&L Electrical, Inc.
Glenn R. Malchow
Mariah’s Restaurant
Benedict Marino
Eva and Jim Martens
Dr. and Mrs. Jerry W. Martin
Virginia M. McCalister (d.)
Dr. Ken and Pat McGuffey
Gina and Barry McIntosh
Mrs.William H. McLean
Alice and William F. (d.) Meacham
Joe W. Meador
The Medical Center at Bowling Green
The Medical Center at Scottsville
Meyer Mortgage Corporation
Microsoft Corporation
Susan and Chip Miles
Perry & Lucy Miller Scholarship
Jean and Ray E. Miller
Minit Mart Foods, Inc.
Will Tom (Billy) (d.) and Rebecca
Parrish Mitchell (d.)
Bharat and Bharati Mody
Monarch Environmental
Stacey and Keith Morrison
Muhlenberg Co. Alumni Club
Muhlenberg South High School
Caney Creek Foundation
Mickeye and Mike Murphy
Cheri and Joe B. Natcher, Jr.
National FFA Foundation, Inc.
National Panhellenic Council, Inc.
Nation’s Medicine
Neace Lukens Insurance Agency
Julia Neal Estate
News Inn of BG
Nuckols & Cohron PSC
Louie B. Nunn (d.)
Bunny and Mike Owsley
Wanda (d.) and Tate C. (d.) Page
Cathy J. and Alan W. Palmer
Papa John’s Pizza
Paras Research Corporation
Park City Daily News
Jane and William J. Parker
Payless Inns
Betty Pease
The Pelino Family
Christine and Vincent Perriello
Ann and Joe Petrocelli
Mary Jo and Dr. James E. Phillips
Leigh and Darell Pierce
PNC Bank Foundation
Esther Polk (d.)
Western Kentucky University
Western Kentucky University - The Henry Hardin Cherry Society
Mary Hall Porter
Bob and Bea Preston
Nancy and Whayne C. Priest, Jr.
Allan and Susan Pribble
PricewaterhouseCoopers Foundation
Procter & Gamble
Opal and Bob Proctor
Quebecor World Franklin
Mary and Charles Ralph, Jr.
Lee and Jeff Ralph
Willanna and Robert Ramsey
Julius Rather
Thomas Remiszewski
Dan Renshaw’s Greenwood Ford
Research Corporation
Reynolds Johnston Hinton
Thomas & Pepper LLP
Mary Dale and Mike Reynolds
Richardson Foundation, Inc.
Sarah and Bill Richey
William Larkin Ritter
Claire and Dave Roberts
Drs. Richard and Julia Roberts
Roofs, Inc.
Lynette and J Russell Ross
Ruth W. and Charles M. Ruter
L.V. Saefke
Scholarly Pursuits, Inc.
Scholarship & Recognition Programs
Scott and Murphy, Inc.
Scott & Ritter, Inc
James Anthony Scott
Scripps Howard Foundation
Service One Credit Union, Inc.
Anne and Ronald Sheffer
Terri and Steve Sheldon
Jane and William Shreve
Sallie and Ron Shrewsbury
Simpal Pup Tent 9 MOC
Kim and Mike Simpson
Linda and Jim Skaggs
Bette and Cooper Smith, Jr.
Barbara and Gilbert Smith
Southern Foods, Inc.
Southern School Supply
Mr. Ron and Dr. Debra Sowell
Sparta, Inc.
Col. and Mrs. Robert E. Spiller
THE SPONSORS Scholarship Program
Zelma L. Steene Estate
Jan and James Brouder Stewart
Gwynn Stewart
Larry Stewart
Stewart Richey Construction, Inc.
Alumni Fall 2005
Don Vitale, Covella Biggers and Jerry Baker pose for the camera at the President's Circle Retro Gala.
Wes Strader Productions
Jeffrey D. Stone
Jan and Wendell Strode
Stupp Brothers Bridge & Iron Co. Foundation
Sharon and Curtis Sullivan
Sunbelt Construction, Inc.
Preston Sweeney
Priscilla Garland and James B.Tennill, Jr.
Jane V.Tetrick
Carolyn and William Throneberry
Mary and Robert Tincher
Dr. Samuel W. (d.) and Jeane Payne Tinsley(d.)
Janet and Stephen Tolopka
Marilyn and James B.Tomes
Trace at Bays Fork
TS Trucking
James M.Tuggle, Jr.
Turner Industries II LTD
Fred M. and Yvonne Turner
Neal Turner Realty
Terry Tyler
Caroline H. (d.) and Alfred Tyson
United Negro College Fund, Inc.
Valspar Corporation
Van Meter Contracting Inc.
Amy and Shane Van Meter
Vette City Liquors
Stephen Vinsavich
WAKY Sign Company
William R.Walls Estate
Warren Co. Health Care Services
Warren Rural Electric Cooperative
Jane and George E.Warren
Glenna and Johnny D.Webb
Dr. Belgen Wells Estate
Robert V.Westerman
Western Kentucky Plastics, Inc.
WHAS Crusade for Children
Whayne Supply Company
Fleur and David T.Whitaker
Jimmie D.White
Rosemary and Richard Wiesemann
William L.Wilcox
Williams Gas Pipeline Texas Gas
Georgia P.Willis Estate
J. David and Miki Wiseman
Dolores and Glenn Womack
Woosley Brothers Painting Co., Inc.
W.R.O.T.E., Inc.
Wyatt,Tarrant & Combs, LLC
Yum! Brands Foundation, Inc.
(d.) Deceased
Western Kentucky University - Annual Giving
Founder Level
($10,000 and Above)
Ed and Gretchen Adler (8)
Julie and Jody Allen (6)
Alliance Corporation (18)
Altrusa International, Inc. (6)
ARAMARK WKU Dining Services (8)
Army Emergency Relief (4)
Atmos Energy (4)
The Baker-Geary Dunne
Foundation (10)
Jerry E. Baker (35)
BB&T (25)
James M. Beckley (6)
BellSouth (14)
Louis Berman (13)
Kathleen and Vince Berta (7)
Bluegrass Cellular (11)
Bowling Green Area Convention &
Visitors Bureau (5)
Bowling Green Noon Rotary Club (14)
Bridgestone-Firestone North
America Tire, LLC (2)
Marilyn and Robert Bristol, Jr.
Neil F. Budde and Virginia B.
Edwards (8)
Builders Association of Bowling Green
Byrd Scholarship-TN Student
Assistant Corporation (6)
Canaan Missionary Baptist Church
Chandler Real Estate (14)
David Chandler (14)
Chase (4)
Citizens Scholarship Foundation (7)
Rebecca and Keith Clark
Yvonne and Michael W. Coleman (5)
Mrs. Ellen D. Collier
Commonwealth Health Corporation (6)
Community Action of Southern KY (7)
Confidential (6)
Confidential (7)
Confidential (7)
Brian E. Coutts (4)
Mr. D. Michael Coyle (3)
Janine and Ben Cundiff (8)
Dana Corporation Foundation (7)
Daviess County Fiscal Court
Mills and Dan Davis (3)
Melissa and Ken Dennison (6)
Sam M. Dunaway
Margaret and Steve Eaton (5)
Janice and Gerald Edds (15)
English Lucas Priest & Owsley LLP (29)
Barbara and Charles E. English, Sr. (29)
Environmental Wood Recycling
Ervin G. Houchens Foundation (13)
Rich and Andrea Ewald (8)
Famous-Barr, a division of the May
Department Stores Company (6)
Farmers National Bank (21)
Fidelity Investments (2)
Glenda and Gordon (d.) Ford (12)
Education and Training Resources
Franklin Bank & Trust Company (24)
Franklin Simpson Community
Boosters (3)
Friends of the Lost River, Inc.
Janet C. and Richard Frockt
Fruit of the Loom (3)
Gannett Foundation
Joan B. Garrison (3)
C. M. (Bill) Gatton (6)
General Motors Corporation (10)
Gheens Foundation (4)
Kent E. Gildersleeve (2)
Larry B. Gildersleeve (2)
Greenview Regional Hospital (24)
Kerr Greulich Engineers, Inc.
Donald J. and Jennifer W. Greulich (10)
Ann and Rick Guillaume (22)
Tish and Tommy Gumm (18)
Carolyn and Lowell Guthrie (14)
Olga E. Hantelmann Estate
Dr. Elizabeth McWhorter Harden (5)
Dr. Lowell and Penny Harrison (38)
Leachman Buick GMC (4)
Mr. John R. Helm
Robert B. Hensley (33)
Mary and Glenn Higdon (8)
Holiday Inn University Plaza Hotel (7)
Charles Phillip Holland (2)
Imogene Page Hoskins (3)
Ms. Mabel T. Hoskins
Houchens Industries, Inc. (18)
The Humana Foundation (2)
Mike and Belle Lady Hunt (24)
Dorris J. Hutchison, Ph. D. (8)
IBM (2)
Independence Bank (2)
Insight Communications (9)
Integra Bank (40)
Calvin (d.) and Rosella Isbell (8)
Hilliard Lyons (2)
James N. Gray Company (3)
Ms. Nelda M. James (d.) (4)
Jacque and John Jarve
JBLCo, Inc.
Jessie Ball duPont Fund (2)
Jim Johnson Pontiac Nissan (18)
Darlene and Jim Johnson (4)
Norm and Jimmie Lou Johnson (6)
Drs.William Johnson & Connie St. Clair
Sandy and Martin Jones (12)
Jones Builders - Ray, Bud and Barry
Jones (30)
Linda Keen and Chris Keen
Linda and John M. Kelly (9)
Kentucky Farm Bureau Education
Foundation (6)
Kerrick, Stivers and Coyle (22)
Robin and Thomas N. Kerrick (19)
Keystops Benefit Golf Classic (2)
Carroll and Evelyn Knicely (12)
Gary S. Koon (20)
Ms. Stephanie M. Lanier
Mr. and Mrs. C.William Leachman (3)
Mildred and Dr. Randal L. Littlepage (14)
Logan Aluminum, Inc. (13)
Mary and James (d.) Lucas (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Lynn Lyons (3)
Dixie and Pete Mahurin (34)
Gail and Cornelius A. Martin (17)
Max Media of Kentucky LLC (2)
Mickeye and Mike Murphy (4)
Cheri and Joe B. Natcher, Jr. (4)
National FFA Foundation, Inc. (6)
National City Bank of Kentucky (35)
News Publishing LLC (20)
Mary R. Nixon (11)
Norton Healthcare (3)
Mr. J. Richard Oexmann
Olde Stone, LLC
Oracle Corporation
The City of Owensboro
Owensboro Medical Health System (2)
Bunny and Mike Owsley (29)
Leon and Lassie Page (24)
Cathy J. and Alan W. Palmer (3)
Paras Research Corporation
The Pelino Family (3)
Pepsi Americas of Bowling Green (10)
Mr. and Mrs.Vincent E. Perriello (4)
Philip Morris USA (7)
Dr. and Mrs. James K. Phillips, Jr.
Mary Jo and Dr. James E. Phillips (20)
PNC Bank Foundation (5)
Raymond B. and Hattie L. Preston (15)
Allan and Susan Pribble (12)
Nancy and Whayne C.
Priest, Jr. (17)
Opal and Bob Proctor (23)
Rafferty's (16)
Raymond B. Preston Family
Foundation (2)
Thomas Remiszewski (9)
Vickie and Dan Renshaw
Dr. and Mrs. John Thomas Riley
Franklin Rotary Club (4)
Scholarly Pursuits, Inc. (6)
Scholarship America (2)
Scott Murphy and Daniel (17)
Rita and Jim Scott (21)
Shirley C. Scott (2)
Dr. Walter N. Scott (2)
Service One Credit Union, Inc. (13)
Charles and Karen Shuffield (4)
Pat and Jim Smith (19)
Paula Anne Smith (10)
Ben Smith (6)
Sodexho Campus Services (3)
Susan and Zuheir Sofia (7)
South Central Bank (6)
THE SPONSORS Scholarship
Program (5)
State Farm Companies Foundation (2)
Alicia and Greg N. Stivers (4)
Sumitomo Electric Wiring
Systems, Inc. (13)
T. J. Samson Community Hospital (4)
J. Clifford Todd
Trace Die Cast, Inc. (14)
Laura Goad Turner Charitable
Foundation (9)
Margaret and Cal Turner (2)
United Negro College Fund, Inc. (5)
U.S. Bank (40)
U.S. Smokeless Tobacco
Manufacturing LP (9)
Ferris Van Meter (13)
Van Meter Insurance (28)
Don S.Vitale (9)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Vitale (4)
Suzanne Vitale (9)
Warren Co. Health Care Services
Warren Rural Electric Cooperative (6)
Jane and George E. Warren
Wendy's of Bowling Green, Inc. (24)
Weyerhaeuser (8)
Fleur and David T. Whitaker (15)
Mr. Gerald Willis
Regent Level
($5,000 - $9,999)
Allen County Board of Education (7)
Altria Group, Inc.
American Cancer Society (4)
American Legion Post 23 - Roger
Miller, Commander (8)
AmSouth Bank Scholarships (3)
Faye and Charles Anderson (20)
Angus Opportunity
Mrs. Ashcraft and Mr.Tu (6)
Baulch Family Foundation (19)
Joanne and Robert E. Baulch, Jr. (22)
Bell Orr Ayers & Moore, PSC (20)
Mimi and Bill Bewley (5)
BG Area Chamber of Commerce (16)
Bowling Green Municipal Utilities (15)
BGWC Community Foundation (2)
Big 33 Scholarship Foundation
Big Red Radio Network (3)
Western Kentucky University
Western Kentucky University - Annual Giving
Ms. Mary Bingham
BMW-Mercedes of Bowling Green (3)
Boston Society of the New Jerusalem
Bowling Green Kiwanis Club (10)
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Paul Bowman
Breiwa Ware and Jeskie PSC (6)
Dr. John N. Breiwa (14)
Gail and Gary Broady (26)
Dr. George Wayne Bush (3)
Caesars Riverboat Casino Foundation (3)
Tracy and Gary Carver (5)
CIC Foundation
Citizens First Bank (6)
Mrs. Ginger Leanne Cleary (3)
Carolyn and Spencer Coates (20)
Cole & Moore (36)
John David Cole (36)
Cam Collins and Jane Bramham (21)
Commonwealth Broadcasting
Corporation (6)
Commonwealth of Virginia
Community Foundation of Southern
Confidential (25)
Cumberland Cellular Partnership (2)
Mrs. Mary Frances Davenport (2)
Delta Dental Plan of Kentucky, Inc. (6)
Mr. James W. Denhardt
Mr. Michael Ryan Dennis
David A. Dickerson (16)
Irene and Donald R. Dizney
Cindy and Tad Donnelly (14)
Dow Corning Corporation
Dow Jones Newspaper Fund, Inc. (22)
Carol and Charles E. Earles, Sr. (4)
Elizabethtown Board of Education
Emerson Electric (4)
Enterprise Rent-A-Car Foundation
Fifth Third Bancorp (2)
Gary Force, Inc. (14)
Mr. Gary D. Force (14)
The Ford Family Foundation Scholarship
Forest Park Baptist Church (4)
Teresa and Scott Gary (13)
GE Foundation
Gentry Family Foundation (3)
Mr. Raymond Darrell Gentry (3)
Gillie Hyde Ford Chrysler, Inc. (11)
Glasgow Rotary Club (7)
Pat and Thomas Gorin (8)
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas John Gorman (11)
Governor's Scholars Program (7)
Grand Portage Reservation
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin A. Gregory (9)
Dr. David A. Grove (10)
Mrs.Vera G. Guthrie (10)
The Bette Bennett Hammond Memorial
Hardin Co. Educational Foundation
Ms. Paula Daniel Harer
Alumni Fall 2005
Harrison Co. Board of Education (2)
Joyce and Tom Hart (5)
Dr. P. Graham Hatcher (2)
Helping Hands Ministries, Inc. (3)
Horton Hill, LLC (5)
J. C. Kirby & Son Funeral Chapel (23)
Dr. John W. Jeskie (4)
Robert and Helen Jewell
Scholarship Foundation
The Kentucky Turfgrass Council (3)
Lynn and Kevin R. Kirby (6)
Dr. James B. Kirkwood (2)
Dennis and Brenda S. Kirtley (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Kline (4)
Alice and Biff Kummer
LG&E Energy Foundation (6)
Peggy and Gerald Loafman (13)
Louisville-Jefferson Co. Metro
Government (2)
Luther Family Foundation (4)
Lyon Co. Scholarship Foundation (5)
M & L Electrical, Inc. (25)
Mrs. Georgetta W. Madole
Ms. Patricia H. Manning (13)
Mansfield Chevrolet
Margie Holt Memorial Scholarship (4)
Mr.Venson Phillip Mathews
The Medical Center (15)
Miles Farm Supply, LLC (2)
Susan and Chip Miles (16)
Mimco Inc.
National Panhellenic Council, Inc. (2)
Nation's Medicine (12)
Mr. and Mrs. George Nichols, III (5)
Northern Trust Company
Oneida Nation of Wisconsin (2)
Mr. David Ralph Payne
Mr. Charles L. Peery
Mr. H. Harris Pepper, Jr. (4)
Leigh and Darell Pierce (17)
Mr. Nolan Porterfield (2)
Procter & Gamble
Lee and Jeff Ralph (7)
The Ramey Companies (2)
Richardson Family Foundation (4)
Rocky Mountain Support Services
Royal Music Company, Inc.
Saint Thomas Health Services
Ms. Ann Beal Salamone (2)
Satellink Communication
James Anthony Scott
Shaker Village Pleasant Hill (4)
Kerry McCay Sharer Memorial
Terri and Steve Sheldon (4)
Sallie and Ron Shrewsbury (20)
Kim and Mike Simpson (10)
The Walter H. Simson Foundation (14)
Southern Foods, Inc. (19)
Col. and Mrs. Robert E. Spiller (25)
Performing on the stage at the Russian Officers Palace in St. Petersburg.
The WKU band was the first foreign group ever to perform at the Palace.
Mr. John Hardin Stigall (12)
Sharon and Curtis Sullivan (3)
Priscilla Garland and James B.
Tennill, Jr. (5)
Paul and Elizabeth (d.) Terrell (2)
Terri Ann and Steve Thornton (6)
Janet and Stephen Tolopka (13)
Tradeway, Inc. (3)
Mr. Joe Ben Tucker (3)
The Tyson Foundation, Inc. (2)
Unitarian Universalist Church
Van Meter Contracting, Inc. (8)
Amy and Shane Van Meter
Vanguard Charitable Endowed
Program (4)
Visteon Corporation
Dr. and Mrs. Lowell C. Ware (5)
Mr. Charles W. Weaver
Mrs. Donna Sue Weber (6)
Glen, Frieda (d.) & John Wells (11)
Whayne Supply Company (3)
William Randolph Hearst
Foundation (2)
Mr. and Mrs. P. Bryne Wiseman (7)
Dolores and Glenn Womack (14)
Mr. Gerald Fudge and Ms. Mary Lea
Woods (9)
Trustee Level
($2,500 - $4,999)
ACT Recognition Program Services
Allen County Junior Miss Board (4)
Ann and Mark Allen (13)
Alvah Cox Memorial Scholarship
Fund (3)
American Association of School
Administrators, Inc.
American Samoa Government
Anderson Co. Jr. Miss Sch. Program
Sandra and Robert Appling (34)
Arkema, Inc. (2)
Mr. Willard G. Atkinson (7)
Mrs. Audrey Aull
B & D Pallet (2)
B.G. Consolidated, Inc. (15)
BADA Division Hennessy
Industries (10)
Nancy and Tom Baird (19)
L.S. Woods Charitable Trust
Bank of America - Charlotte
Bonnie Berman (2)
BG AM Rotary Club
BG Co-op Sonic Drive-In (6)
Mr. Larry T. Biggerstaff (8)
Mr. George Barry Bingham, Jr.
BKD, LLP (15)
Dr. and Mrs. John Scott Black (12)
Blake Hart Taylor & Wiseman
Insurance Agency (32)
Mr. Keith Bode (2)
Ms. Betty Bond
Booth Fire & Safety, Inc. (24)
Bowling Green Country Club, Inc. (14)
Bowling Green Road Runners (8)
Bowling Green Western Symphony
Orchestra Association (6)
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Bowra (4)
British Consulate General
David F. Broderick (35)
Ellen and Michael O. Buchanon (6)
Western Kentucky University - Annual Giving
William E. and Mary H. Buckler
Scholarship (5)
Bullitt East Athletic Boosters Inc. (3)
Dr. and Mrs. John T. Burch (14)
Dr. Andrew M. Burt (5)
Burton Memorial Baptist Church (3)
C.A. Graham & Associates, Inc. (39)
Cabbage Patch Settlement House (3)
Judy and Rich Callahan (19)
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Earl Campbell (24)
Campbell Chevrolet (24)
Canadian Consulate General
Canon U.S.A., Inc.
Col. Sidney C. Carpenter (16)
Dr. and Mrs.Thomas F. Carroll (21)
Mr. Bobby K. Carter (2)
Mr. David Brian Carter (2)
CarTopSystems N.A. Inc. (3)
Center of Insurance (20)
Charles M. Moore Insurance
Agency (14)
Circuit City Foundation (6)
City of Bowling Green (6)
David Clement, State Farm Insurance
Clientlogic Corporate
Eric Coffman (7)
Commonwealth Health Foundation (2)
Commonwealth Health Free Clinic
Costello Chrysler (7)
Mr. and Mrs. Gil Ray Cowles (3)
Crescent-Warren County Youth
Association (6)
The Maxine B. Curtis Foundation
Pictured from left to right are Jacqueline Addington, President
Owensboro Community and Technical College; Dr. Marilyn Brookman,
Director of the Owensboro Campus; President Gary Ransdell; Dan
Lanham, Chairman of the Advisory Council for the WKU Owensboro
Extended Campus; State Representative Joe Bowen; Big Red; and Tom
Watson, Mayor of Owensboro.
More than 100 people turned out June 8 to help
Western’s Owensboro extended campus celebrate its
new home at the Owensboro Community and Technical
WKU-Owensboro classes were moved to the
OCTC campus on New Hartford Road in September.
Administrative offices, which had been housed in the
Longfellow Center next to Owensboro High School, were
relocated after space was renovated on the second floor
of the Learning Resource Center.
Western, which has been in Owensboro since 1968,
has nearly 700 students enrolled on the Owensboro
extended campus. Of those, almost 100 are former
OCTC students who have received their associate’s
degree and are working on baccalaureate or graduate
degrees.WKU offers junior and senior level courses, graduate courses and Rank 1 education courses in
Joe T. Davis (17)
Delta Research & Educational
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Lynn Denton (4)
DESA, LLC (24)
Deweese Carpet & Floor Covering
Mr. and Mrs. Larry A. Deweese
Sharon and Gary Kendall Dillard (23)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Dodd (4)
Dr.Timothy Donley (7)
DPR Ventures, LLC.
Drobocky Orthodontics, P. S. C. (3)
Drs. Carroll and Burt, DMD, PSC (5)
Mr. and Mrs.Timothy E. Earnhart (10)
Eli Jackson III, PSC
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Embry (2)
Fairfield Inn-Marriott
Bob R. Farley (37)
Farmers Rural Electric Cooperative (6)
Dr. and Mrs. Wade Ferguson
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin P. Ford, Jr. (11)
Foresters (2)
Gerald W. Fudge Attorney At Law
Future Brands Distributors
Foundation (2)
Larry and Dr. Cecile Garmon (22)
George & Loraine Morgan
Memorial Trust (2)
Gerald Printing (2)
GH Weems Educational Fund
Jack and Janice Glasser (24)
Goat Gary Junior Golf, Inc.
Goodman Chevrolet, Oldsmobile,
Cadillac, Nissan, Inc. (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Lewis
Goodman, Jr. (23)
Carrie and Doug Gott (13)
Graham Alumni Association (5)
Mr. John B. Graham, Jr. (4)
Grand Encampment Edu. Loan Fund
Mr. James Harold Grant (3)
Graves Gilbert Clinic (17)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Graviss (13)
Drs. Harry and Shirley Gray
Grayson County High School
Barbara and John D. Grider (24)
Kenneth E. and Irene S. Hall (8)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Hardcastle (5)
Harlin Parker Attorneys At Law (13)
Mr. and Mrs. James Douglas
Harris, Jr. (17)
Harrison County Community
Foundation (3)
Hart County Stone Company
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Thomas
Henderson, Jr. (5)
Heritage Hills Scholarship
Foundation (2)
Hikes Point Optimist Club
Hill Motley Lumber (36)
Hines Pharmacy (18)
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Scott Hines (19)
Suzanne and Warren Hines (26)
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Floyd Hinton (2)
Hitcents.com (2)
Mrs. Dawn Marie Hitron (8)
Glenn Hodges (7)
Holley Performance Products, Inc.
Mr. E. John Hornsby, Jr. (7)
Hunt Ford Mercury Chrysler, Inc. (2)
Anne and Michael Hyde (26)
Intel Foundation
J. Allen Builders, Inc. (3)
Dr. Eli O. Jackson, III (3)
Mike Jarvis (5)
JBK Network Consulting (2)
Johnny Warren Foundation
Dr. Linda Ellis Johnson (25)
Mr. and Mrs. R. Harvey Johnston, III (3)
Jordan-Chiles, Inc. (2)
Mr.Tommy Aaron Joseph (6)
Jr. Miss Scholarship
KAPHCC Debit Account
Tori and Rick Kelley (27)
The Kentucky All A Classic (5)
Kentucky Bankers Association, Inc.
Kentucky H. S. Athletic Association (2)
Kentucky National Bank (3)
Kentucky Restaurant Association (6)
Kentucky RSA #4 Cellular (4)
Kentucky Trust Bank (4)
Dr. Lee and Mr. Ray A. Knight (10)
Dennis R. Koon (24)
Dr. Joan and Mr. Robert E. Krenzin (24)
KY Grocers Education Foundation
KY Transportation Employees Assn. (5)
Connie and Stacy W. Lamb (18)
Jana and Bud Layne (12)
The Liberty Group (5)
Logan County Schools (3)
Ms. M. Melissa Losson (4)
Louisville Male High School
Foundation, Inc. (3)
Lowe's of Bowling Green
Ms. Rebecca J. Loyall (3)
Mr. Michael Delaney Lynch (4)
Mariah's Restaurant (27)
Marsh USA, Inc. (6)
Mr. and Mrs. James Arthur Martens (24)
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Martin (6)
Maryland Higher Ed. Commission (2)
Mr. and Mrs.William H. Mason, Jr. (36)
Matsushita Floorcare Company (4)
McDonald's/Franklin (16)
Ms. Katherine Ann Mead (11)
The Medical Center at Scottsville (6)
Dr. Kristy and Mr. Kim Allen Menke (10)
Michael V. Bryant State Farm Ins. (2)
Western Kentucky University
Western Kentucky University - Annual Giving
Michigan Merit Award (4)
Microsoft Business Solutions
Mr. Christopher Owen Mills (2)
Mr. Clinton William Mills (2)
Modern Woodmen of America (2)
Mr. and Mrs. F. Hampton Moore (2)
Morgan Memorial Scholarship Fund (2)
Stacey and Keith Morrison (10)
Mr. Michael B. Mountjoy
Mr.Timothy J. Mullin
Mr. Danny C. Munford (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Marshall Nation (14)
National Black MBA Association
National City Bank Trust Operation
National Forensic League (3)
The National Honorary Beta Club (3)
Neace Lukens Insurance Agency (3)
New Hope Missionary Baptist Church
Mr. Michael Ray Nutter
Officers Wives Club (2)
Omni Custom Meats, Inc. (8)
Orthopedics Plus Physical Therapy (3)
Par Maker Golf Club, Inc.
Mr. Ronald R. Parry
Patti Dillard State Farm Insurance (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Jon W. Pauli
Pauline Young Scholarship Foundation
Ms. Dorthy Jewell Pearson (2)
Pennyrile Dental Society
Pepper, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry H. Pepper (17)
Ann and Joe Petrocelli (25)
Photronics Scholarship Foundation (3)
Pierce, Simpson & Shadoan (7)
Mr. Leo Pitt (2)
President's Student Service
Scholarship (4)
PrimeCare Medicine Associates
Protective Life Corporation
15th District PTA of Kentucky (3)
Public Radio Partner (2)
Quick Rent A Car and Sales
Monie Beard (d.) (24)
Mary and Charles Ralph, Jr. (4)
L.D. and Dr. Joyce Rasdall
RASP Scholarship Service (2)
Dan Renshaw's Greenwood Ford
Reynolds, Johnston, Hinton,Thomas
& Pepper, LLP (3)
Mary Dale and Mike Reynolds (3)
Rhoades Properties Inc.
Mr. and Mrs.Tony Gil Rhoades (10)
Mr. and Mrs. William Noel Rich (16)
Richardson Family Foundation (6)
John W. Ridley (23)
Drs. Richard and Julia Roberts (19)
Mr. and Mrs.Virgil Max Robinson (25)
Rod Martin Construction (13)
Mrs. Erleen Joiner Rogers (d.)
Alumni Fall 2005
Lynette and J Russell Ross (23)
Ruth W. and Charles M. Ruter (10)
Scott County Board of Education
Scotty's Contracting & Stone (18)
Mr. and Mrs. David Sears (5)
Dr. and Mrs. Camden Wood Selig (6)
Mr. Jack W. Sheidler (7)
Mr. Larry B. Shelton (5)
Sigma Kappa Foundation, Inc. (4)
Sigma Phi Epsilon (2)
Mr. and Mrs. John Patrick Simms (9)
Mr. B. Alan Simpson (3)
Barbara and Gilbert Smith (27)
Southern Kentucky Rural Electric (2)
South Spencer Scholarship (6)
South State Contractors (4)
Southland Manufacturing Co. Inc. (7)
Mr. Ron and Dr. Debra Sowell (24)
Mr. George M. Speed, Jr.
Spencer County High School
Springfield Rotary/Smith/Draughon
Springhill Pharmacy (13)
Springview Hospital
Mr. Craig Christopher Stahl (4)
Stephen Burton Memorial Ed. Fund (6)
Jan and James Brouder Stewart (7)
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Dixon Stone
Stupp Bros. Bridge & Iron Co.
Foundation (7)
Sumitomo Scholarship Fund
SunTrust Bank Atlanta Foundation
Sygen International
Dr. John Taormina
Mr. David Bailes and Mrs. Linda
Thomas (3)
Carolyn and William Throneberry (13)
Times Publishing Company
Mary and Robert Tincher (30)
Marilyn and James B.Tomes (27)
Toyota Motor Manufacturing Ky, Inc. (3)
Turner Industries II LTD (35)
Ms.Valerie Lynn Van Eaton (5)
Mr. and Ms. Mark Van Meter (5)
Veterans of Foreign Wars
Stephen Vinsavich (12)
VSA Arts of Kentucky (2)
Wachovia Foundation
Michael Wade State Farm Insurance
WAKY Sign Company (13)
Walton Family Foundation, Inc. (3)
Warren County Fiscal Court (6)
Mr. Stephen Michael Washer (14)
Western Kentucky Orthopaedic
Western Kentucky Plastics, Inc. (16)
Western Realty Company (13)
Western Ky Diagnostic Imaging (4)
Mr. and Mrs. James Kevin Westray (5)
Mr. Jimmy White
William L. Wilcox (20)
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Lamar Williams (4)
Frances H. and Lively M. Wilson (8)
J. David and Miki Wiseman (20)
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Wismann (5)
Mr.Tom Witthuhn (3)
Dr.Willson and Erma (d.) Wood (13)
Mr. Donald K. Woolley
Woosley Brothers Painting Co., Inc. (11)
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Daniel Woosley (24)
World Competition Consultants
Wyatt,Tarrant & Combs, LLC (11)
Yearwood Equipment
YMCA of Greater Louisville
Young Manufacturing Company, Inc. (5)
Mr. Michael A.Young
Dr. Joseph J. Zaydon (3)
Director Level
($1,000 - $2,499)
4-S Foundation (2)
Jannice Owens Aaron and Henry
Baughman (6)
Abel Construction Company, Inc.
Adair County Farm Bureau
Adairville Church of Christ
Linda and Buddy Adams (32)
Ms. Marion L. Adams (17)
AJ Jolly Elementary
Mr. and Mrs. Mark David Alcott (9)
AllDorm, Inc.
Allen County Farm Bureau
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Michael Allen (7)
Alliza Sod Farms, Inc.
Allnutt & Associates (20)
Mr. and Mrs. Lance B. Alm (3)
Alpha Omicron Pi Foundation
American Bank & Trust
Company, Inc. (5)
American Business Women's Assoc. (5)
American Legion Auxiliary - Louisville
American Legion Auxiliary Ft. Campbell
American Legion Post No. 13
American Postal Workers Union
American Folklore Society
Appalachian Student Fund (2)
The Arabian Horse Foundation
Argonaut Group, Inc.
Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation
Mr. John Stephen Asher (2)
Ashland Inc.
AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP
Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Ayers (15)
B. G. Freight, Inc. (16)
B. G.Technical College (3)
BA+Architecture Associates
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Adrian Bachert (20)
Mr. and Mrs. Claude M. Bacon (6)
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Eugene
Bailey (10)
Ms. Ellen Lee Bale
Dr. and Mrs. Phillip W. Bale (19)
Bandy Carroll Hellige Advertising
Bank of Caneyville (19)
Bank of Edmonson County (4)
Mr. Bill W. Barker (4)
Carrie and Chris Barnette (7)
Barren County Beef Products
Mr. John R. Baum (8)
Dr. Juanita C. Bayless (11)
The BBC Foundation (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Bennie P. Beach, Sr. (5)
Mr. Ronald C. Beal
Kathy and Dr. Craig Beard (22)
Beargrass Christian Church (2)
Beaver Dam Baptist Church (5)
Bellevue Baptist Church
Benevolent and Protection Orders (2)
Mr.Ted Alan Bennett (2)
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Bennison
Bessemer Trust
Beta Rho Omega AKAS
Betsy Travis Memorial Scholarship
BG Human Rights Commission
BGWC Medical Society Alliance (2)
Ms. Covella H. Biggers (13)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Earl Bilyeu (4)
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Bernard Binder (7)
Mr. Michael K. Bishop (4)
Dr. and Mrs. John P. Blackburn
Leslie and John Paul Blair (12)
Mr. Gerald G. Blank
Bloomfield Baptist Church
Blue Grass Energy Coop. Corp. (2)
Ms. Carla Bohannon (8)
Jan and Jim Bohannon III (4)
Boise Office Solutions (4)
Drs. John and Ellen Bonaguro (2)
Ms. Carla Hinton and Mr. Dale Bond (2)
Mrs. Sue F. Borders (40)
Mr. and Mrs.Tom B. Boston (4)
Mr. Lee C. Bowden, Jr. (19)
Bowling Green Enterprise
Community (4)
Bowling Green High School Alumni (5)
Bowling Green Noon Lions Club (3)
Bowling Green Woman's Club, Inc. (5)
Mr. David Bradford (3)
Mr. Douglas A. Bradford (40)
Harold Brantley Appraisal
Company (14)
Breece Enterprises, Inc. (26)
Mr. and Mrs. James Breece (2)
Mary Carolyn Wolfe and James W.
Brite, Sr. (24)
Dr. Jack H. Britt (18)
Western Kentucky University - Annual Giving
Rev. and Mrs. James L. Britt (2)
Dr. and Mrs. Jenks S. Britt (10)
Broadway United Methodist
Mr. and Mrs. Dan W. Brooks
Mr. and Mrs. James Thomas Brown (3)
Marcia Jan Brown (9)
Mr. R. Sclater Brown, Jr. (2)
Ms.Valerie C. Brown (7)
Mr. Jody D. Bryant (3)
Mr. Michael V. Bryant (9)
Mr. Ray B. Buckberry, Jr. (24)
Bullington Consulting, Inc.
Hon. and Mrs. James Robert
Bullington (4)
Bullitt County Education (2)
Drs. Barbara and Kenneth Burch (10)
Burnam & Son Mortuary, Inc. (2)
Mr. Cedric C. Burnam
Ms. Carlotta Kay Bush (9)
Mr. Jerry C. Bush (3)
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Butler
Mrs. Katharyn M. Byrne (4)
Cagles-Keystone Foods LLC
Mr. Paul Brent Calico (10)
Camden Place
Mr. Julian JN Campbell
Amelia and Joseph Cangemi (22)
Mr. and Mrs.William Alan Cannon (9)
Mr. Grover M. Canty (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Capp
The Carpenter Group
Mr. Howard Ralph Carpenter
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Carrico (9)
Ms. Darla Michelle Carter (6)
Dr. and Mrs.Tom Parker Carter (24)
Casey County Alumni Association (2)
Keith Cassady (13)
Caverna Education Foundation (3)
The Cecilian Bank (3)
Jimmie M. and Sara Downing Celsor (6)
Center for Rural Development (5)
Central High School Magnet C.A. (4)
Century 21 Buddy Adams & Associates
Mr. and Mrs. Craig John Cero
Mr. James W. Chamberlain
Mr. and Mrs.Wilson Lee Chapman (4)
Chase Lexington
Mr. Robert Chaudoin (2)
Chick-Fil-A, Inc.
Mrs. Beverly L. Childress (2)
Christian Academy of Lousiville (4)
Chubb & Son Foundation
Cincinnati Scholarship Foundation
Clark Properties
Mr. David Edward Clark (2)
Mr. Fred Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Clayton (4)
Mr. and Mrs. David N. Clement (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Randell Cline (3)
Dr. and Mrs. Jerry E. Cohron (2)
Coldwell Banker/Legacy Real Estate (5)
Dr. Maurice Cole (7)
Honorable Jo Ann and Mr. Lee L.
Coleman (6)
College Heights United
Methodist Church
Colonial House Furniture, Inc. (3)
Columbia Lions Club Activities
The Columbus Foundation (6)
Commonwealth Industries, Inc. (3)
Commonwealth Wine & Spirits, Inc. (2)
Community Foundation Alliance (5)
Mr. Harold E. Cook (14)
Corky's Coaches Corner (3)
Mr.Thomas J. Corum
Mr. Robert Jay Couch (2)
The Courier Journal (6)
Dr. Keith M. Coverdale (24)
Covington Capital, LLC (4)
Mr. Gil Cowles, Jr. (7)
Crestmoor Properties, Inc.
Crowe Chizek and Company LLC
Cumberland Electric Membership (3)
Mr. Richard Cummings (13)
Dan D.Vickery Insurance (5)
Dance Images (4)
Dr. David Edward Danhauer (3)
DAV Henry County Chapter
David M. Pittman, DMD, PLLC
Daviess County Farm Bureau, Inc.
Dr. Neal C. Davis (9)
Davis Construction (14)
Davor Photo Inc.
Ms. Irma S. Day (4)
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas M. De Lessio (2)
Ms. Carolyn S. Dearing (23)
Decorators Supply (10)
Deloitte & Touche Foundation
Delta Omicron Prof Music
Fraternity (4)
Ms. Gayle Demersseman
Denney Building Services, Inc. (19)
Mr. Michael Denney (3)
Dept. of Texas Veterans of Foreign
Wars of the U.S.
Mrs. Lara Myatt Derryberry (2)
Destiny Dental (7)
Diamond Caverns (3)
Ms. Crystal G. Diamond (3)
Mr. Mack Dickerson (6)
Brents Dickinson, III (33)
Dickson Co. Retired Teachers
Dr. and Mrs. Gary E. Dillard (19)
Ms. Patricia A. Dillard (4)
Mr. Ralph Dillihay (6)
Mr. James G. Dinning (27)
Distributive Education Clubs
Dixie Youth Baseball, Inc.
Mr.Thomas Lacey Dixon
Mr. and Mrs. Berry Michael
Donnelly (13)
Ms. Roxy J. Doogs
Alex Downing (13)
Mr. Howard J. Downing (5)
Mr. Earl L. Doyle, Jr. (2)
Dr. Joseph J. Zaydon, M.D. (2)
Rick and Carol DuBose (24)
E & B Paving, Inc. (2)
E. H. Harris Lumber Co., Inc.
Eagle Industries, LLC
East Kentucky Power Cooperative (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Eaves (12)
Educational Foundation of the
Kentucky Society of CPAs (2)
Edgar and Lucile Schergens Fdtn.
Edward Jones - Brad Golden (2)
Effective Mail Marketing, Inc. (2)
Dr. and Mrs. Warren Eisenstein (7)
Elizabeth Buford Shepherd (2)
Elizabeth L. Stone Scholarship
Elizabethtown Lion's Club, Inc.
Elks National Foundation (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Ward Elliott
Drs. Erin and Randy Elliott
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas Dale
Emberton (14)
Mrs. Norma Lou Engle
Enlisted Spouses Club Ft. Campbell, Kentucky
Enlisted Spouses Club Ft. Knox, Kentucky
Enterprise (2)
Drs. Sam and Mary Evans (8)
F. S. Community Arts Council (4)
F.B.L.A. Club
Farm Credit Services
Federal Employee Ed. & Assist. Fund (2)
Dr. Kela L. Fee (6)
Felker Brothers
Mr. Lloyd Ferguson (3)
Fern Creek High School (3)
Dr. and Mrs. Blaine Richard Ferrell (19)
Mr. and Mrs. Geoff Fields (14)
Dr. Jeanne R. Fiene (5)
Fifth District VFW (6)
First Capital Bank of Kentucky
First Command Educational Fndtn.
First Southern Bancorp, Inc. (2)
First United Methodist ChurchMorganfield
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Earl Fischer
Dr. and Mrs. John O. Fitts (24)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Fletcher (23)
Dr. and Mrs. James S. Flynn (24)
Ford Furniture Company (4)
Forecasters Club
Fort Knox Federal Credit Union (2)
Fort Knox National Company (6)
Mr. Danny Ray Foster (5)
Mrs. Carolyn and Dr. Nader Fotouhi (5)
Mrs. Mildred Fox (15)
Franklin City Board of Education
Franklin Co. Farm Bureau, Inc.
Franklin Precision Industry, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Franklin (33)
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Randal Freeman (2)
Dr. John H. Frick (8)
Friends of Moody School Foundation
Friendship Baptist Church
Ft. Eustis Swim Team Boosters Club
Mr. and Mrs. Sandy Fulgham (10)
Fulton Rotary Club
Dr. and Mrs. William H. Funk (5)
G & M Homes Inc. (3)
G. F. Resort
The Gallup Organization (3)
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Gann (13)
The Garden Club of Kentucky, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Garner (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Mary Jane Garrett (13)
R. Neal Garrison (20)
Mr. David Berry Garvin (2)
Gates F.Young Trust (10)
Mr. David L. Gay (12)
Mr. Frank J. Genzianelli (4)
Georgia-Pacific Corporation (2)
Mr. James L. Gibson (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie P. Gipson (25)
Girl Scouts Central Savannah
Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana (4)
Glasgow Kiwanis Club (4)
Glenview Health Care Facility, Inc. (14)
Golden State Scholar Share Trust
Mr. Julian Goodman (24)
Dr. and Mrs. Lewis W. Graham (4)
Gravil Funeral Home, Inc. (20)
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Gravil (5)
Mr. and Mrs. David T. Gray (7)
Mr. Scott T. Graybill (7)
Greater Missionary Baptist Church
Greenview Apartments
Dr. and Mrs. Bill Clyde Greenwalt (5)
Mr. John R. Gregory, Jr. (2)
Mr. David C. Greulich (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald F. Grim (10)
Dianne and William Grimes (27)
Mr. Chris Grinstead, III (2)
Ms. Wilma C. Grise (3)
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas Bartley
Hagerman (24)
Mr. Gary E. Hairlson (3)
Ms. Frances F. Hall (7)
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Hall (5)
Western Kentucky University
Western Kentucky University - Annual Giving
Mr. Albert Vance Hamm (2)
Mr.Timothy Ryan Hampton
Mr. Edward Tate Hanks
Mr. William Thomas Hardcastle (4)
Hardin County Conservation
District (3)
Hardin Memorial Hospital
Mr. and Mrs. Norman E. Harned (23)
Harness Horsemen International
Foundation (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael V. Harper (7)
Harrison & Goin Law Firm (14)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Harrison (4)
Hartmann, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs.Allan Howard Harvey (2)
Mr.Tom G. Hawkins, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Haynes (8)
Helm Foundation (3)
Mary E. Heltsley (13)
Henderson Co. Sports Hall of Fame
Henderson Rotary Club
Mr. and Mrs.Tony Henon (5)
Mr. Scott Henon (3)
Heritage Bank of Burlington, KY
Dr. Andy Higgins (2)
High Noon Rotary Club of Dickson
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas K. Hightower (4)
Tom and Sara Hiles (8)
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Hines (13)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lewis Hinton (16)
William L. Hix (10)
Ms. Forrest Roberts and Mr. Allen
W. Holbrook (3)
Mr. Frederick G. Holcomb, Jr. (6)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Holderfield
Holderfield Battery Company
Holland, Inc. (14)
Mr. James E. Holland (3)
Mr. John B. Holland
Mr. and Mrs. Montroe Holland (4)
Mr. Richard Darnell Holton
Holy Rosary Foundation, Inc.
Mr. Joe T. Hood (5)
Cora Dee Hooks (18)
The Hooper Foundation (3)
Horse Farm Workers Education
Assistant Fund, Inc. (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Robert
Horton (4)
Mr. Joe B. Houchens, II (23)
Col. (Ret.) and Mrs. James F.
Huggins (7)
Hugh Sims Ear, Nose and Throat (4)
Dr. and Mrs. Luther B. Hughes, Jr. (22)
Mrs. Mary Barr Humphrey (17)
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas Raymond
Hunt (23)
Charles and Sharon Hunter (7)
Ms. Lillie Mae Harston Hurt (d.)
Alumni Fall 2005
Mr. and Mrs. Roderic Wilson
Hutcheson (5)
Illinois AMVETS Service Foundation (3)
Independent Charities of America
Indiana Laborers Training Trust
Fund (6)
Ingram Insurance Agency (7)
Mr. John Ingram (13)
J.Todd and Jenny (Stelmach) Inman (3)
Inter County Energy
Inter Fraternity Council (6)
International Bluegrass Music
Association (4)
International Bluegrass Music
Museum (2)
International Council for Canadian
International Fed. of Prog. & Tech. (4)
Mr. Walter T. Ivie
J. B. Distributors, Inc. (4)
J. P. Morgan Chase Foundation, Inc.
Mr. Steven Lee Jackson (2)
Jefferson High School Alumni Assn. (2)
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Wayne
Jefferson (9)
Jeffersonville High School
Jefferstown Chamber of Commerce
Jeffrey J. McKenna Scholarship
Mr. Larry M. Jenkins (5)
Jim & Gil's Men's Shop (3)
John D. Miller Education Foundation (2)
Johnny Unitas Golden Arm (5)
Johnson & Johnson
Johnson Controls Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. James S. Johnson (17)
Mr. and Mrs. Roger D. Johnson (24)
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Johnson (22)
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Jones
Dr. and Mrs. Gordon F. Jones (13)
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph C. Jones (9)
Mr. William J. Jones (5)
Josh's Friends, Inc. (4)
Jostens Foundation
Junior Achievement of South
Central Kentucky (4)
Kaba Select Sires, Inc. (4)
Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas Z. Kafoglis (24)
Mary (d.) and Douglas Keach (11)
Mr.Tommy Kelley, III (2)
Kenergy (4)
Kentucky Banking Centers, Inc.
Kentucky Congress of Parents
Kentucky Cystic Fibrosis Services
Kentucky Teacher's Retirement (5)
Kentucky Thoroughbred
Association (3)
Kentucky Trust Company (3)
Dr. and Mrs. James Gus Kereiakes (6)
Kerr Greulich Engineers, Inc.
Ms. Sylvia H. Kersenbaum (19)
Dr. and Mrs. Frank M. Kersting, III (8)
Mr. and Mrs.Walter Bruce Kessler (6)
Mr. Paul A. Kimbel (7)
Kirby Building Systems, Inc. (6)
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald W. Kirby (6)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rodes Kirby (9)
Kiwanis Club of N. Side Evansville
Kiwanis Club of Plymouth, Inc.
Knight Ridder, Inc.
Mrs. Eleanor G. Koon (9)
Kroger Food Stores
Mr. Brian William Kuster (9)
Kentucky Hospital Research and
Education Foundation
Ky Lumber & Building Materials
KY Peace Officers Assoc. Charities
Dr. Hugh Barret Lessenberry (2)
Lexington Herald-Leader (6)
Lexmark International, Inc.
Ms. Susie Likes (13)
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Edward Lile (17)
Dr. and Mrs. Muh B. Lin (2)
Lions of Texas
Mr. and Mrs. Alton Dean Little (10)
Ms. Edna Lloyd (24)
Martha Lloyd (31)
Logan Telephone Cooperative (7)
Dr. and Mrs.Timothy Richard Long (6)
Lord Corporation (2)
Louisville Agricultural Club Schol.
Louisville Metro Housing Authority
Mr. Marc Allen Lovell (13)
Todd Parker Lowe, CFA (3)
House Speaker Jody Richards addresses the crowd at the Center for
Research and Development ribbon cutting on May 31. Pictured from left
to right are: Ed Tivol, vice president of EWA Government Systems; Jim
Host, Kentucky Commerce Secretary; House Speaker Jody Richards; and
Buddy Steen, director of the Central Region Innovation and
Commercialization Center.
LaGrange Rotary Club
Mrs. Harriet Largen Lair (2)
Mr. Jack Lancaster (2)
Lancaster Heating & Cooling (27)
Leadership Bowling Green Alumni (2)
Lee Brick and Block (24)
Dr. Albin Lee (23)
Mr. Kenneth G. Lee
Dr. and Mrs. David Dale Lee (18)
Lee Masonry Products
Leichhardt Landscape
Company, Inc. (13)
L'Elegance Cotillion Beautillion
Lenawee Co. Education Foundation (2)
Dr. and Mrs. William Everett
Leonard (7)
Luciano Prida and Co., P. A. (7)
JF Maddox Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. John Wesley Madison (8)
Dr. and Mrs. Nace R. Magner (7)
Malchow and Lawless Orthodontics
Glenn R. Malchow (23)
Mallinckrodt, Inc. (3)
Manning Rental (17)
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Manning (17)
Mr. and Mrs. Jerald Wade Manning (7)
Marathon Ashland Petroleum LLC
Marie R. and Ervin Turner (2)
Marilyn and William Young
Charitable Foundation
Marine Corps. Scholarship Fnd. (5)
Marion County Board of Education (6)
Western Kentucky University - Annual Giving
Mr. Ronald P. Markel (4)
Mr. Wade T. Markham, II (21)
Jerry Martin (20)
Martinsville ACE Hardware
Karen W. and David B. Matchus (8)
Mr. Harold T. Matthews (18)
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph MacDonald Mayfield
Mr. Kevin McCay
Mr. and Mrs. Craig C. McCormick (8)
Jonathan McDaniel State Farm Ins. (3)
Sue Lynn and Bob McDaniel (13)
Dr. and Mrs. Sam Grady McFarland (18)
Ms. Christi Jo McGown (13)
McGuirk Oil Company, Inc. (26)
Mr. James W. McGuirk (d.) (11)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. McGuirk (3)
Ms. Diana Lynne McQuady (3)
Meade County Rural Electric
Co Op (4)
Mediacom CC Midwest
Disbursement (2)
Drs. Prabodh and Daksha Mehta (3)
Memco, Inc.
Merlin Gish Scholarship
Metcalfe Co. Jr. Miss Schol. Prog. (2)
Mr. George H. Meyer, Jr. (10)
MGM Charitable Scholarship (4)
Michigan First Credit Union
Mickie's Alterations (20)
Microsoft Foundation
Middletown Community
Foundation (3)
Mid-South Sales, Inc. (4)
Ms. Irmagarde Mielke (3)
Mike Nutter Construction Company
Ms. Brigid A. Millea (8)
Mr. C.Terrell Miller (2)
Karl and Jennifer Miller (12)
Mr. and Mrs. Fred T. Miller (16)
Ms. Nancy E. Miller (14)
Hon. and Mrs. John Dean Minton, Jr. (8)
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas L.
Montgomery, Jr. (6)
Monticello Banking Company (13)
Ms. Andrea Moore (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Moore, Jr. (9)
Mr. Gary Reid Moore (6)
Dr. and Mrs. William T. Moore
Mr. Reed Morgan
Morgantown Bank & Trust
Mr. and Mrs. J Lewis Moseley (24)
Mr. Douglas Wayne Mosley (4)
The WKU Board of Regents approved a $272.6 million budget for 2005-06. The budget represents a 12 percent increase or $29 million from all sources of funds
from 2004-05, including approximately $8 million in additional state funding.
Highlights include a 4 percent merit salary increase
pool plus a 1 percent pool to address market, performance and equity issues; a 4 percent increase in operating
budgets to address enrollment growth and other cost
increases; $2.3 million for scholarships and other aid; and
$5.6 million for academic quality improvements.
“We are deeply appreciative to Governor Ernie
Fletcher and the 2005 General Assembly for reversing the
years of budget reductions and for providing a much
needed funding increase,” WKU President Gary Ransdell
said. “This budget will result in strategic promises being
made and subsequently promises being kept to this campus and to our current and prospective students.”
Tuition and fees make up the largest source of revenue, accounting for 35 percent of the total budget. State
appropriations account for 29 percent of the budget.The
other 36 percent is from self-generated revenue and
restricted funds.The fiscal year began July 1.
Most Worshipful Prince Hall (4)
Mount Washington Spring Festival
Muhlenberg North High School (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry C. Mullican (7)
Munfordville Lions Club (4)
Mr. and Mrs. James Lee Murray (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Allen L. Murrell (13)
Dr. Lisa Ellen Murrell (10)
Dr. Daniel A. Myers (12)
N. O. Kimbler Memorial Fund, Inc.
Nadine Lovan Sunday School Class (9)
Napa Alley Wine Shop LLC (2)
Nashville CO-OP
Nashville Financial Service Center
National Society of the Daughters
of the American Revolution (2)
National Press Photographers
Foundation (6)
National Tourism Foundation, Inc.
Nelson County Farm Bureau (3)
Nelson County High School (6)
New Albany High School (2)
New York Life Foundation
Nolin Rural Electric Coop. Corp. (2)
Ms. Diane Louise Noll (2)
Norstam Veneers, Inc.
Northwestern Mutual Life Foundation
Mr. Robert Allen Norvell (17)
Nuckols & Cohron PSC (20)
Ohio County Conservation District (3)
Ohio Valley National Bank (13)
Dr. Courtenay L. Olney, Sr.
Optimist Club of Louisville, Inc. (2)
Orchid International (2)
Mr. John Lee Osborne (14)
Oshkosh B'Gosh Foundation, Inc. (6)
Judy and Ernie Owen (17)
Owensboro Board of Education
Owensboro Tourism Commission (5)
Papa John's Pizza (18)
Mr. and Mrs.William A. Parsons, Jr. (2)
Partners for Youth Foundation, Inc.
Mr. Sam Patrick (3)
Mr. and Mrs.Albert William Pedigo (16)
Mr. and Mrs.Tony Pelaski (9)
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Edward
Pendleton (24)
Dr. and Mrs. John H. Petersen (18)
Mr. J. Morris Pickerell, Jr. (4)
Pioneer Hi Bred International, Inc.
Dr. David Mallory Pittman (8)
Pleasant Green Baptist Church
Mr. Carl F. Pollard
Precision Strip, Inc. (5)
Presbyterian Church (USA)
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Price (13)
Mr. Luciano Prida (4)
Ms. Mary Elizabeth Proctor (2)
Professional Marketing Association (6)
Mr. and Mrs.Troy D. Puckett (2)
Quebecor World Franklin (2)
Radcliff Rotary Club
Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging (3)
Jeff Ralph State Farm Insurance (5)
CW3 (Ret.) and Mrs. James L.
Ramge (9)
Willanna and Robert Ramsey (20)
Dr. and Mrs. George Thomas
Ransdell (8)
Dr. and Mrs. Gary A. Ransdell (15)
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick L. Rather (13)
Mr. and Mrs. Lemual O' Neil Ray, Jr. (5)
Raytheon E. Systems
Mr. and Mrs.Terry J. Reagan (15)
Recycling Research Foundation
Mr. and Mrs.Timothy Brian Reed (13)
Dr. Cathy Reeves
Republic Bank & Trust Company (13)
Retired Teachers Association
Reynolds Farms (4)
Mr. Daniel Miles Reynolds (10)
Reynolds Sealing & Striping (23)
Rhode Island Higher Education
Mr. Charles Forest Rice (11)
Dr. David Richards (5)
Dr. and Mrs. Steven Kraig
Richardson (13)
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Riley (19)
Riley's Bakery, Inc. (5)
Rineyville Optmist Club
Dr. and Mrs. Richard C. Rink (7)
Mrs. Stephanie Roach (4)
Claire and Dave Roberts (2)
Robertson Co.Young Farmers (3)
Lee and Joyce Robertson (13)
Drs. Stephen Robertson and
Gina Davis (12)
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney L. Rogers (2)
Mr. Steven Allen Rogers (10)
Mrs. Ann McKeel Ross (13)
Hon. Dale Ross (5)
Rotary Club of Cadiz
Rotary Club of Harrodsburg
The Rotary Club of Nicholasville (2)
Rotary Club of Owensboro
Rotary International
Rotary International District
Roundstone Native Seed, LLC
Brandon T. and Stephanie M. Rucker (3)
Mr. James V. Rush (9)
Mr. Carl Joseph Russell
Mrs. Katherine Russell (d.) (3)
Dr. and Mrs. Marvin W. Russell
Mr. William R. Russell (3)
Russellville Independent Schools (5)
Ms. Jennifer Salisbury (2)
Western Kentucky University
Western Kentucky University - Annual Giving
Mrs. Michele H. Salisbury (10)
Kathy and Terry G. Scariot (9)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Schell (13)
Dr. Robert H. Schell (12)
Irving Scherman (9)
Mr. George H. Schroer (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Joann Schweers (13)
Scott Christian Memorial
Soccer Foundation
Scott County Woman's Club
Scripps Howard Foundation (7)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Seadler, II (2)
Second Head Div. Assoc. Schol.
SEMC Federal Credit Union
Seventh Street Baptist Church
Drs. David and Rebecca
Shadowen (13)
Mr. James Richard Shannon (6)
Mr. James Robert Shaver (3)
Mr. Shaver and Ms. Koon (13)
Dr. and Mrs. Lynn Sheffey
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Wayne Shelton (24)
Jane and William Shreve (20)
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph D. Shrewsbury (15)
Siegel-Robert, Inc.
Signature Signs & Ad Specialties (13)
Simpson County Chapter of
Vietnam Veterans, Inc.
Simpson County Junior Miss
Mr. and Mrs. Delane Simpson (24)
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas E. Simpson (2)
Mr.Tony W. Simpson (9)
Jennifer and William Skaggs (10)
Dr. and Mrs. Julius John Sloan, III (24)
Jennifer and Donald Smith (11)
Mr. Franklin J. Smith
Mr. Jack H. Smith, III (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Craig Smith (4)
Society of Physics Students
Somerset Community College (3)
South Kentucky Services Corporation
Southern Kentucky Society
Southern Ky. Concert Band
Southern Recycling, Inc. (6)
Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline
Southern Ky Estate Planning Council (2)
Mr. and Mrs. David Sowders (6)
Special Education Foundation
Speck and Hays Heating and
Air Conditioning (14)
Mr. and Mrs. Neal D. Spencer (5)
Springs Valley Bank & Trust
St. Clair Co. Republican Party
Mr. Andrew R. Stahl
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Stamps (21)
Derron and Krista Steenbergen (6)
Mr. and Mrs.William E. Stewart, Jr. (3)
Dr. David Arthur Stiles (3)
Dr.Vernon A. Stone (d.) (15)
Alumni Fall 2005
Jan and Wendell Strode (24)
Stuart Family Foundation (2)
Mrs. Flora Templeton Stuart (7)
Dr. and Mrs. Donald W. Swoboda
Syngenta Crop Protection, Inc. (2)
T. P. M., Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Martha Talley (13)
Taylor Co.Young Woman of the Year
Taylor County Junior Miss, Inc. (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Joe William Taylor, II (14)
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas Scott Taylor (10)
Tender Touch Auto Wash Inc. (5)
Tennessee Baptist Foundation (4)
Tennessee Farmers Mutual Insurance
Tennessee Grocers (2)
Tennessee School Plant
Management (2)
Tennessee Valley Authority
The Texas American Legion
Dr. Henry C.Thomas (10)
Mr. and Mrs. J. Roger Thomas (10)
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Thompson (6)
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans (2)
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald E.Tice (5)
TN Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic PC
Mr. Stephen Todd and Mrs. Pamela
Kielty (11)
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Tomblinson, Jr. (25)
Tony Henon Construction (35)
Towne & Country of Bowling
Green (3)
Hon. and Mrs. Freddie L.Travis (13)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mark Troutman
Mr. Donald Silas Turner (4)
Fred M. and Yvonne Turner (26)
Two-Ten Foundation (3)
Terry Tyler (13)
United Propane Gas Companies
United Steelworkers Of America
Valor Oil Company (24)
Vanderbilt University
Variable Annuity Life Insurance Co.
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A.Vaughn (12)
Verizon Foundation
Vette City Liquors (13)
Mr. Dan D.Vickery (13)
VietNow National Headquarters (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Christiaan Lance
Volkert (3)
Vulcan Materials Company
Mr. and Mrs. James Michael Wade (5)
Ms. Michelle Wade
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Alan Walker (17)
Mr. Eurie Vaughn Wallace (5)
Wal-Mart Foundation (8)
The Walt Disney Company Foundation
Ms. Kathy Cox and Dr. Richard Wan (3)
Wan's Medical Clinic PSC (23)
Bob and Katie Ward (22)
Warren County Cattle Producers
Warren Co. Republican Women's Club
Warren County Junior Miss
Program (7)
Warren County Youth Softball
Mr. and Mrs. Dean A. Warren
Dr. David Allen Watkins (2)
Hays T. and Betty J. Watkins
Chris and Leslie Watkins (7)
Mr. and Mrs. Byron C. Watkins (26)
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bradley Watson (13)
Mrs. Regina A. Webb
Mr. Randall A. Weghorst
The Wells County Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. George M. Wells (13)
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Patterson
West (2)
White House Mens Club
Mr. and Mrs. Barry White (18)
Dr. and Mrs. Richard J.Wiesemann (2)
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Wilkins (11)
William Henry Oliver Scholarship (2)
Williams Gas Pipeline Texas Gas
Mr. and Mrs. James Barry Williams (13)
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A.Williams (18)
Mr. W. Alfred Williams (6)
Williamson County Swim League
Mr. and Mrs. Linda L. Willis (12)
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Steve Wilson (13)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard N. Wilson (13)
Mr. Alan Winkenhofer (2)
WKU Panhellenic Association
Woman's Club of Smiths Grove (2)
Woodbine CP Church
Woodcock Foundation
Woodford County Homemakers (5)
Wright Medical Tech., Inc. (4)
WYMT - TV, Basketball Classic (3)
Mr. and Mrs. John Paul Yonts (11)
Mr. William David York (2)
Mr. Jerry Hicks Young (5)
Dr.Tracey and Mr. Robert Young (12)
Mr. and Mrs.Trent Allen Young (9)
(d.) Deceased
Hilltopper alumni gather on the field of the Cleveland Browns stadium prior to a Cleveland Alumni chapter event
featuring new Browns Head Coach Romeo Crennel. Featured from left to right are Mark Marsh,Wayne Bush, Jimmy
Feix, Crennel, Butch Gilbert, David Elson, Sherrod Coates, Norm Johnson and Alex Downing.
Western Kentucky University - Annual Giving
Dean’s Circle
($500 - $999)
1st Independence Bank
1st Source Bank (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Abell (10)
ACFS Lumber Supply (3)
Mr. William G. Adams (24)
Alabama District Employees
Jo-Ann and Henry Albers (15)
Alcan Composite
Allen County Conservation District (5)
Mrs. Alicia Allen and Dr. Marion
Lucas (19)
Mr. S. Norfleet Allen, III
Hon. and Mrs.William E. Allender (27)
Alpha Chi Corporation (9)
Ambucs Scholars
American Association of Airport
American Express Foundation
American International Group, Inc.
American Legion Aux. 203
American Legion Ladies
Auxiliary #81 (3)
Mr. John Thurman Anderson, III
Aqua-Land Pool, Spa & Patio (13)
Architectural Services of KY, Inc. (8)
Judy and Robert Armstrong (11)
Mrs. Claire M. Arnold (14)
Dr. Nedra Skaggs Atwell (3)
Mr. Michael J. Aune (2)
Mr. Samuel C. Austin (12)
Auxiliary of Hopkinsville Lodge 545
B. G. Evening Lions Club
B. J. Killian Foundation (3)
Dr. Darragh Moffat Bailey (2)
Bandy Bedding, Inc. (13)
Bank & Trust Community of Cheatham
Bank of Magnolia
Mr. Wayne Barber (19)
Mr. John R. Barker (12)
Dr. and Mrs. James B. Barksdale (10)
Mrs. Elizabeth Largen Barlow
Mr. David Barnaby (7)
Mr. Alexander H. Barnes, Jr. (3)
Barren County Junior Miss (3)
Mr. Steven W. Barrick (17)
Mr. Donald F. Barrickman (6)
Mr. Raleigh S. Basham (13)
Mr. and Mrs. George Robert
Baysinger (18)
Ms. Jenna P. Begley (2)
Belmont Elementary School
Mr. Michael Jan Bernot (9)
Beta Gamma Sigma, Inc. (3)
Mr. Bradley Wayne Bickett (7)
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Craig Biggs (5)
Mr. Glenn J. Bill (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Billingsley (3)
Ms. Alice E. Bivin (16)
Mr. John B. Blossom
Dr. George William Boatwright (4)
Mr.Terry B. Boeckmann (4)
Dr. Dawn Langkamp Bolton (14)
Boonville Lions Club
Mr. Charles Terry Borders (5)
Mr. William H. Borders, II (3)
Bowling Green Senior High School
Bowling Green-Warren Co.NAACP
Mr. Brian A. Bracco (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Eugene
Bradshaw (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Paul Brandt (12)
Mr. and Ms. Peter Arlan Brandt (12)
Bratcher Financial Services, Inc.
Breckinridge Co. Homemakers
Breckinridge County Junior Miss
Brenntag Mid-South, Inc. (2)
Briar Ridge Christian Church
Broadcast & Communications Systems
Ms. Anne Brock
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin C. Brooks (25)
The Brown School PTSA (2)
Mr. and Mrs. James Lee Brown (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Reide Brown (18)
Mr. David Leslie Brown (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Steven Brown (3)
Mr. John B. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Brown (8)
Mr. and Mrs. William Brown (5)
Brown's Ice Cream Company (40)
Mr. William Bucher (6)
Ms. Emma E. Buckley (d.)
Bullit County Junior Miss
Burgin Christian Church (3)
Burkmann Feeds
Bus. and Professional Women's Club
Butler Traditional High School PTSA (4)
Dr. and Mrs. John F. Cabelka, II (2)
Capitol Window & Door (21)
Dr. and Mrs. Randall Capps (13)
Mr. Kevin L. Cardwell (5)
Mr. Roger Carey
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Carr (24)
Carroll County Farm Bureau Fed. (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Martin Carwell (24)
CASE Kentucky
Casey Co. Bank/Samuel Murphy Trust
Ms. Margaret M. Cather (16)
The Caverna Independent School District
Mr. and Mrs.Terry Lee Cawthorn (4)
CDS #10 Pharmacy (12)
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Wayne Cecil (9)
Central Eastern Ky. Chapter N.F.F. (2)
Century Bank and Trust
Mr. Richard D. Chapman (14)
Charles M. Anderson and Associates
Dr.Todd Richard Cheever (7)
Mr. David A. Chelf (3)
Dr. and Mrs. Carl P. Chelf (16)
General and Mrs. Edward Daniel
Cherry (15)
Chorus Active Parents
Citizens For Gospel Music, Inc.
Citizens National Bank
Mr. Donald Glenn Clark
Pat Clark (13)
Clarksville Masonic Lodge #89
CLHS Boys Soccer Booster Club
Mrs. Kathleen Cockrill (6)
Coldwell Banker/Advantage Realtor
Mr. Don Cole (3)
Mr. Edward Leroy Colley (11)
Mr. and Mrs. H. Phillip Constans (18)
Mr. James Conway
Ms. Sondra Lee Cook (18)
Dr. Stanley S. Cooke (5)
Mr. Robert S. Cooley (4)
Mrs. Cornelia Dozier Cooper (19)
Dr. and Mrs.Tim Cottingham (2)
Ann and Raymond L. Cravens (24)
Mr. and Mrs. Romeo A. Crennel (19)
Dr.Thaddeus Reed Crews, Sr. (5)
Crittenden Co. High School
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Lee Crutcher (7)
Cumberland Valley Electric, Inc.
Cumberland Valley National Bank
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cummings (9)
Mr. Donald Ray Cundiff, Jr. (9)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Curtis Dale (26)
Mrs. Clara W. Daniels (3)
Mr. John Stephen Daugherty (17)
Mr. and Mrs. W. Lynn Davenport
Seeing Double?
Hundreds of donors were seeing double when they made a gift to
Western last year. Why? They work for a matching gift company. Do
you work for a matching gift company? You might be surprised.
Thousands of companies nationwide will have you seeing double, or
triple, when they match your gift and help you make a difference. Call
your Human Resources Department, contact Western, or go online to
www.wku.edu/IA/giving.html. You may be seeing double before you
know it!
Top 10 Matching Gift Companies
(Fiscal Year 2005)
The May Department Stores
State Farm Companies
Price Waterhouse Coopers
GE Foundation
Procter & Gamble Fund
Wachovia Foundation
General Motors Foundation
Bank of America
David Chelf Auctioneers (2)
Daviess Co. Beef Cattle Assoc.
Ms. Catrina Renee Davis
Ms. Olive E. Davis (8)
Mrs. Susann M. Davis (5)
Mrs. Willa W. Davis (12)
Dawson House, Inc. (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Day (25)
Delta Kappa Gamma- Delta
Chapter (13)
Dennis M. O'Keefe, M.D. (3)
Mr. Wayne Devine
DeVries Family Dentistry
Dr. John P. DeVries (6)
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Robert Dillard (18)
Ms.Valerie Nichol Dillard
Dr. and Mrs. Carl W. Dobson, Jr. (6)
Mr. William Frederick Dost, Jr. (2)
Dotson Electric Company, Inc. (3)
Mr. Larry R. Dotson
Ms. Margaret K. Dotson
Mr. and Mrs. Orville W. Dotson, III (14)
Dr. and Mrs. Dero G. Downing (14)
Dr. and Mrs. John E. Downing (5)
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Drake (18)
Drs. Dobson & Hatcher, P.S.C. (8)
Mrs. Joyce Caylor Dunagan (3)
Dunbar Alumni Association
Ms. Fanny E. Dunn
DuPont Manual High School (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Anthony Durso (2)
Mr. Curtis Duvall (4)
Mr. Michael Brent Duvall (12)
East Logan Water District (2)
East Robertson High School
Ebenezer United Methodist Church (2)
W.Thomas and Rebecca L. Eblen (2)
Edmonson County Industrial
Edmonton State Bank
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Eggleton (24)
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Eisert (4)
Elizabethtown Hardin County
Mr. Nolan Elkin (3)
Mr. David Kevin Elkins
Ms. Ann Lynn Ellerkamp (6)
Dr. and Mrs. Larry P. Elliott (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd H. Ellis (9)
Ms. Pamela J. Elrod (18)
Mr. Bob Elson (2)
Mr. Robert Brad Elson
Emberton Enterprises, Inc.
Hon. and Mrs.Tom D. Emberton (14)
Mr. Danny Guy Emerson (25)
Mr. Charles E. English, Jr. (5)
Enlisted Assoc. of the National
Ensafe, Inc. (4)
Mr. Lee R. Eppinger (4)
Dr. and Mrs. John Wilson Eubank (19)
Eugene & Kalen Koch JT Rev.Trust
F & H Drug Company, Inc. (10)
Mrs. Penny S. Fahrlender
Fairdale Alumni Association
Fairview High School
Familyworks LLC
Farbest Foods, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Joe Faris (3)
Fayette Co. Bar Association
Fazoli's Management, Inc. (3)
Mr. John Ferris (3)
Mr. Paul A. Feser (3)
Mr.Thomas A. Finegan
Mr. and Mrs. John Bryan Finkbone (24)
Mr. James Howard Finn, Jr. (3)
The First National Bank (2)
First Southern National Bank (2)
Fleenor Plumbing & Heating, LLC (4)
Mr. Robert S. Fleenor (4)
Floyd Co. Extension Homemakers
Mr. Jim Ford
Mr. Ron T. Ford (34)
Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Foster (4)
Foundation of FBI Alumni
Mr. Robert M. Fox (3)
Dr. L. Michael Fraser (13)
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Corey
Freeman (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence R. French (8)
Friends of the Daviess Co. Library (8)
Mr. Anthony Andrew Fugate (5)
Mr. Donald L. Gaddie
Mrs. Sherry L. Gainer (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Quin R. Galbraith (2)
Galilean Children's Home (5)
Gallatin County Schools (2)
Mr. Gary R. Gamlin
Mrs. Lois E. Gargotto (7)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael John Garrett (3)
Gary Raymer Police Scholarship
Fund (2)
Mr. and Mrs. David Allen Gentry (11)
Mr. James E. Gibson (13)
Mrs. Carol C. Gilbert (13)
Mrs. Jessie Gill
Ms. Lisa Gail Gilliam
Ginsburg, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Ginsburg (4)
Glasgow-Barren Co. Board of
Realtors (3)
Glasgow Highland Games, Inc. (5)
Mr. David Anthony Glaspie
Mr. and Mrs. Joe F. Glasser (10)
GlaxoSmithKline Foundation
Mrs. Denise M. Golden (2)
The Golf Club of Tennessee
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gooding (13)
Goodlark Educational Foundation
Ms. Jill Frances Goodman
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert R. Gousha (7)
Mr. Lawrence H. Graham (16)
Grant County Conservation District
Dr. Dante James Graves (2)
Greater Clark County Schools (2)
Greater Leeds Area BPW Club
Greater Louisville Alumni Chapter (14)
Dr. Murphy Howard Green (12)
Mr. Gilbert W. Grogan (33)
Mr. Wayne P. Gustafson (15)
The Guttman Family Foundation, Inc.
Mr. Frank E. Hall (4)
Hallmark Cards, Inc.
Mr. Jack A. Hanes
Dr. James Randall Hansbrough (12)
Harlan County Conservation District
Mr. and Mrs. Spikal Miller Harmon (18)
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Eugene Harmon (4)
Harned, Bachert & Denton
Attorneys (17)
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas L. Harned (19)
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas L. Harper (10)
Mr. and Mrs.Woody Eugene Harrell (7)
Mr. and Mrs. James Michael Harris (13)
Dr. Pamela Kaye Harston (3)
Hartland Animal Hospital P. S. C.
Hartsville Lions Club
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Hatcher (4)
Mrs. Martha G. Haunz (9)
Ms. Barbara J. Hause
Dr. and Mrs. Robert V. Haynes (21)
Hedrick/Lantz Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Mrs. Elizabeth F. Helm
Henderson Co. High School Booster
Club (3)
Mr. Donald Hendrick (13)
Highland Raku Studio (2)
Highland Ridge, LLC (2)
Mr. and Mrs. C. Carroll Hildreth (17)
Hill's Pet Nutrition (3)
Hillvue Heights Church (5)
Mrs. Julie A. Hinson
Mr. and Mrs. Brad C. Hogan (3)
Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Holdsworth (16)
Holy Name of Mary Church
Ms. Elizabeth E. Honeycutt (16)
Mr. David O. Hopper (22)
Horizon Development Group
Ms. Claudia Ann Houston (9)
Ms. Denise Howard
Howell Lodge No. 38 F & AM
Mrs. Annette Jones Howlett (7)
Hudson, Paula Attucks Class of 1965
Mr. Gary L. Huff (7)
Brad and Judy Hughes (16)
Mrs. Dorothy J. Hughes (12)
Mr. and Mrs. J. Marshall Hughes (3)
Ms. Bev Furnish and Mr. Douglas
Humphrey (24)
Mr. Stephen Gilbert Hundley (8)
Mr.Timothy Allen Hunt (9)
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Lee Hunter (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Steven Husk (4)
Western Kentucky University
Western Kentucky University - Annual Giving
I Care, Inc.
Ingram-White Castle Foundation
Insurance Specialist LLC
Interep Radio (7)
Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Iracane (7)
Mr.Timothy Collins Irons (14)
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Isenberg (18)
J.Todd and Jenny (Stelmach) Inman
Jackson Co. Schneck Memorial
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Allan Jacobs (5)
James Moorman Orphans Home
James R. Adams & Associates, Inc. (20)
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Harold James (17)
Mrs. Mary Hall James
Mrs. Staci Kitchens James (8)
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas C. Jenkins (8)
Drs. Martha and Jeff Jenkins (37)
Joe Daniel Construction Co., Inc. (3)
John D. Skoglund Schol. Fund (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Jordan (13)
Junior Achievement of Oki Partners
KAGE Daviess County Chapter
Mrs. Roma E. Smith Kauth
Mr. Bevin Kennedy
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Dale Kennedy (7)
Mr. Michael E. Kennedy (7)
Kentucky Alpha Psi (2)
Kentucky Down Under (2)
Kentucky New Era (2)
Kentucky Railway Museum, Inc. (6)
Kenway Concrete, LLC
Mr. Ronald G. Kerry
Lt. Col. (Ret.) John M. Keyser (d.) (24)
Mrs. Nancy S. Keyser (11)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Kieswetter (2)
Kim Escue-Willis Memorial Scholarship
Mr. and Mrs. John Harman Kington
Kiwanis Club of TC Service AC
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis F. Klattenberg (2)
Mr. Peter Klein
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Kleinhenz
Koch Measurement Devices, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Randall E. Koedyker (22)
Dr. and Mrs. James A. Koper (13)
Mr. Richard J. Kral, II (2)
Mr. Paul M. Kramer
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Lee Kreke (3)
Kroger Food Stores
Karen Kirsch Krzmarzick, CAE, CMP (11)
Ky High School Speech League
KY-TN Kiwanis District Foundation (3)
Dr. Garry and Mrs. Cheryl Lacefield (12)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lacefield (3)
Lacey McCandless Memorial Fund
Mr. William T. Ladusaw
Mr. and Mrs. Larry E. Lancaster (24)
Mr. and Mrs.Andrew Charles Lange (19)
Mr. Charles S. Lanphear (5)
Lanphear Construction (13)
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Wayne Larimore (8)
Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Lawrence (13)
Mr. Samuel C. Lawrence, Jr. (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Samuel
Lawson (4)
Mary and Owen Lawson, Jr. (5)
Mr. Rhea P. Lazarus (40)
Dr. and Mrs. Marvin D. Leavy (13)
Ms. Darchelle Leggett
Leo Eggleton Accounting (24)
Mr. and Mrs. Perry Lewis (16)
Mr. Paul M. Lewis (3)
Lewisville Education Foundation
LHS Class of 1973
Mr. John H. Libby (9)
Mr. Donald D. Litten
Mr. and Mrs. Quintin Dale Littrell (4)
Mr. Lanny Henry Loague (2)
Logan Co. Fraternal Order of Police
Longview Fibre Company (4)
Mr. Christopher S. Louder (3)
Col. (Ret.) and Mrs. Gregory A.
Lowe (14)
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Houston Lowe
Mr. Stephen Alan Lowe (22)
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Lowry (3)
Mr. Sam W. Lyverse
Mrs. Kathy Lynne Maciel (2)
Macon County Educational Foundation
Mr.Timothy B. Mahoney (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Maier (15)
Alumni Fall 2005
Mr. and Mrs. W. Paul Manning (7)
Sandy and Don Mansfield (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Martin (4)
Master Musicians Festival (2)
Maurie S. and Richard Bedwell
Mrs. Michelle James May
Mays Chapel Baptist Church
Mr. William Kevin Mays (2)
McBrayer, McGinnis, Leslie and
Mr. and Mrs. James B. McCaslin
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen F. McClanahan (10)
Mr. Cavey McCoy (2)
Mr. Chad M. McCoy
Mr. Jonathan Russel McDaniel
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. McFarland (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Harold B. McGuffey (50)
Mr. and Mrs. Sean Patrick
McGuinness (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Douglas
McPherson (11)
Ms. Judy McReynolds (13)
Mr. Michael B. McReynolds (5)
Meade Co. Homemakers Club (2)
Meade County Bar Association
Dr. William Joseph Meadors (4)
Medical Arts Pharmacy of Glasgow
Mr. and Mrs. David H. Mefford (13)
Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation Inc.
Metcalfe Co. Conservation District (3)
Middletown Optimist Club
Military Family Member Scholar Fund
Mr. Byron Neal Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie L. Miller (19)
Mr. and Mrs. W. Currie Milliken (11)
Milton PTO
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Boyd
Minnich (2)
Dr. and Mrs. John Dean Minton (23)
MiraCosta College
AB Mitchell Scholarship Fund
Bharat and Bharati Mody (21)
Mr. Zubair M. Mohamed (2)
Montgomery and Webb, CPA's (3)
Mr. Dean S. Montgomery
Monticello Banking Company
Mr. James H. Mooneyhan (24)
Ms. Ann F. Moore (2)
Mr. and Mrs. John Patrick Moore (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Allen Moore (5)
Mr. William O. Moore (10)
Morris Tool and Plastics, Inc.
Mr. Wayne D. Morse (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Allen Moss (5)
Muhlenberg County Farm Bureau (5)
Muhlenberg South High School
Caney Creek Foundation (6)
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Russell Murphy (24)
Ms. Lee Anne Murray (2)
Dr. Susan Stevenson Murray
Dr. Loretta and Mr. Harrell Murrey (16)
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Eugene Myatt (13)
Mr. and Mrs. Carl L. Myers (3)
Ms. Lori Myers
Nasco (13)
Nashville Opera Association (2)
National Football Foundation
National Wild Turkey Federation (2)
Neely Brothers (13)
Mr. John William Nelley, Jr. (2)
New Mather Metals, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs.William David Newman (2)
Mr. Garry Morris Newson (8)
Mr. Barret Nichols
Dr. Gregg Ford Nicks (3)
Dr. Donald R. Nims (12)
Mr. and Mrs. George D. Niva (12)
Northeast High School
Mr. Bryan Carson and Mrs. Gayle
Novick (3)
Nyloncraft of Kentucky (17)
Ogden College Foundation
Ohio County Chamber of Commerce
Dr. and Mrs. Dennis O'Keefe (3)
Dr. Chike O. Onyejekwe
Orlinda Baptist Church (6)
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick O'Rourke (10)
Mr. and Mrs. D. Bruce Orwin (6)
Oskaloosa AG Promotional Schol.
Outback Concerts of Tennessee, Inc.
Outokumpu Copper Franklin, Inc. (13)
Owensboro Community College
Owensboro Pediatrics, PLLC (3)
Owensboro Rotary Club Foundation
Mr. Carlos Manuel Padilla (9)
Dr. and Mrs. Oscar C. Page (9)
Hon. and Mrs. John S. Palmore, Jr. (21)
Dr. and Mrs. Roger Sam Pankratz (16)
Ms. Mary Ann Teater Pardieck (5)
Ms. Melissa Gaye Pardue (5)
The Parker Agency
Mrs. Anna Sue Parker (10)
Mr.Terry Lee Parker (6)
Dr. and Mrs. David Lee Parks (13)
Mr. Roger Mills Parrish, III (19)
Ms. Karen Payne
Mr. Bobby Joe Pearson (2)
Mr. Jerry W. Pearson (13)
Mr. and Mrs. John Alan Peay (6)
Mr. and Mrs. William Leo
Peckenpaugh (2)
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Pegues (13)
Mr. and Mrs.Terry W. Pemberton (14)
Pendleton Co. 4-H Council, Inc.
Pendleton Co. Education Foundation
Pendleton Co.Youth Fair
Pendleton County FFA Alumni
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond D. Pendley (7)
People's Bank and Trust Company
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Perkins (39)
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Perkins (13)
Pfizer, Inc.
Mr. James O. Philpott (6)
Drs. Linda and Charles Pickle (6)
Mr. Kirk P. Pierce (3)
Lowrie G. and Carson M. Piercy (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Stewart Pillow
Howard A. and Susan O. Pincus (3)
Mr. Dino W. Pinerola (11)
Pinnacle National Bank
Mr. David Chris Pirtle
Mr. and Mrs. David Jon Pollock (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Porta
Mr. and Mrs. J. Mike Porter (14)
Portland Memorial Missionary Bap.
Bea and Bob Preston (24)
Prevention Laboratories, LLC
Mr. Charles Louis Pride (11)
Professional Men's Club of Radcliff
The Publishing Group, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Pulsinelli (24)
Quality Fence Company (23)
R. L. Craig Company, Inc.
Mr. Robert F. Rabold (5)
Rabold Financial Concepts (13)
Mr. Philip Thomas Rackley (7)
Mr. Charles G. Ramsey
Mrs. Ina K. Rawert
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Allen Reber (6)
Mr. William D. Rector (7)
Mrs. Elaine M. Reed (14)
Mr. Franco Paul Reever (3)
Reeves Enterprises, Inc.
Dorothy and Lester Reeves (9)
Rehabilitation Services, PSC (3)
Ms. Candace Mason Revelette (2)
Ms. Perry Lyvonne Rey
Ms. Faye S. Reynolds
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Richards (15)
Ms. Patricia A. Richardson (17)
Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Ritter (14)
River Counties Longbeards
RiverPark Center
Dr. Cassandra Pinnick Rodgers (4)
Roger Welch CPA (13)
Ron Kirby Auction & Realty, Inc. (12)
Mr. Marty Ross (2)
Mrs. Sharon Rosso (2)
Rotary Club of Russellville (2)
Rotary Student Loan Fund
Rowan Co. Senior High School
Speech Boosters
Mr. and Mrs. S. Richard Royster (3)
Dr. and Mrs. William B. Russell (24)
Russellville Logan County NAACP (6)
Dr. Jason Walker Rutledge (3)
Mr. Eric R. Sack (12)
Mrs. Mary C. Sample (13)
Satterfield and Harmon
Mrs. Louise A. Sauerland (5)
Saylers Family Scholarship Fund (4)
Mrs. Evelyn H. Schell (10)
Mrs. Kathryn Schell (2)
Mr. Bernard Joseph Schrembs, III (24)
Dr. Douglas William Schutte (d.) (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew C. Sears (6)
Second Baptist Church of Greenville
Mr. Michael Thomas Shadoan (5)
Shaker Museum
Mr. and Mrs. Knowles Howard
Shaw, IV (6)
Shelby Co. Cattlemens Assoc. Inc.
Shelton & Associates, LLP (13)
Mr. Nelson Wayne Shields (2)
Mrs. Patricia Ann Shields (13)
The Shoppe on the Square (3)
Mrs. Brenda B. Shores (10)
Dr. Kerry Lynn Short (5)
Siloam Springs High School
Scholarship Committee (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Simon (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Earl Simpson (3)
Ms. Susan C. Simpson (2)
Mr. Jonathan Lane Skaggs (4)
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas Frederick
Skaggs (16)
Ms. Janet S. Skees (5)
SKY Rehab Hospital (4)
Mrs. Angela Hudson Sledge (4)
Ms. Gail Smallwood (4)
Bette and Cooper Smith, Jr. (24)
Mr. and Mrs. Dewitt Duncan Smith (2)
Mr. Earl Dewayne Smith (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Eddie L. Smith (23)
Mr. George Noel Smith (20)
Mr. and Mrs. Jarrod R. Smith (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Reed Smith
Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Smith (11)
Mr. Michael A. Smith (4)
Mr. Patrick Bouvier Smith
Dr. and Mrs. John L. Smith (4)
Mr. Steven Wade Smith
Southern Kentucky Regional
Farmers Market
Southern Delight Gourmet Foods (3)
Southern Belle Dairy (12)
Southwire Company
Sowders Company
Designers/Builder (23)
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan L. Sowell (16)
Mr. Nevil C. Speer (6)
Mr. Paul F. Spencer, Sr.
Dr. and Mrs. Steven L. Spencer (5)
Mr. Danny Lynn Spillman (2)
Springfield Baptist Church
Square Deal Lumber Company (6)
Stamping Ground Optimist Club, Inc.
Stark County Farm Bureau
Mrs. Lucy Crowe Starks (14)
Mr. Mark Andrew Staynings (9)
Dr. Wilson and Dr. Stayton (14)
Ms. Linda D. Steder (13)
Ms. Roberta Jeanne Steder (19)
Mrs. Frances Kidd Steenbergen (7)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Steenbergen (10)
Steven A. Moore CPA (17)
Mrs. Susan Marie Stockton
Mr. Garrick A. Straub (8)
Stringtown Ruritan Club
Mr. Wayne Strode (16)
Styline Industries
Suburban Social Club, Inc.
Sullivan Mountjoy Stainback Miller (13)
Sullivan University System, Inc.
Dr. Darrell L.Tade (3)
Tarc-Scholarship Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Laurence E.Tarvestad
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brandon Tarvin (2)
Taylor County Bank
Mr. and Mrs. Craig H.Taylor (19)
Mr. and Mrs. Jack L.Theuerkauf (4)
Thomas A. Lirot, CPA, PSC
Ms. Kim M.Thomas (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lloyd
Thompson (13)
Mr. William A.Thompson (12)
Thornhill Baptist Church (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Hal Sanford Thurmond (7)
Mr. S. E.Thurmond (14)
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Allen Tibbs (2)
Mr. Ronald A.Tinsley (3)
TN Department of Transportation
Todd and Boeckmann (5)
Mrs. Sara M.Tomblin (9)
Tony Rhoades, State Farm Insurance
Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Martin Trabue (2)
Mr. Bradley Kevin Travis (4)
Mrs. Cecilia Goff Travis (2)
Trigg Lyon Newcomers Club
True Kentucky (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Wayne Tuck (13)
Dr.Thomas Kelly Tyre (5)
UAW Local 2383 (2)
United Citizens
United Parcel Service
Valor, LLC (3)
W. W. Norton & Company, Inc.
W.R.O.T.E., Inc. (2)
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Ross
Wagner (11)
Mr. Bradley Dale Walker (5)
Mr.Timothy George Wallace (3)
Walnut Street Baptist Church
Dr.Trina and Mr. James Warden (4)
Warren County Medical Society (5)
Ms. Ann E. Webb
Mr. Bobby David Webb (3)
Carol and Denny Wedge (7)
Mr. Roger D. Welch (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Weldon (27)
Wells Fargo Bank (2)
WFD Oil Corporation
WHHS Touchdown Club
White River Valley High School
Mr. Charles L. Whitlow (5)
Mrs. Dorothy E. Whitney
Mr. and Mrs. Larry K. Wilcher
Mr. Lacy Wilkins (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Charles Wilkins (24)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Willett, Jr. (4)
William H. Funk, DMD (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Cordell E. Williams
Mrs. Kathy Jo Williams (2)
Williamson County Soccer
Association (2)
Roland and Mary Frances Willock (24)
Mr. Warren A. Willoughby (23)
Wilson & Company, PSC (10)
Ms. Nancy F. Wilson (7)
Winn-Dixie Stores Foundation (6)
Mr. and Mrs. James Travis Wix (11)
WKU Home Economics and Family
Living Alumni Association (6)
Mr. Henry Wohltjen (13)
Woman's Club of Greenville (2)
Dewey and Sue Wood (24)
Mr. George W. Woodcock (2)
Woodford County Board of Education
Mr. and Mrs. Connie Woods, Jr. (4)
Mr. and Mrs. James P.Worthington (13)
Mr. and Mrs.Thurman Keith Wright (15)
Mr. Jeffrey Lee Yan
Young American Bowling Alliance (2)
Mr. William W.Young (9)
Dr.Thomas Alan Yungbluth (6)
Mr. David Alan Zack (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Zeller (5)
Ms. Elizabeth Zutt (16)
Scholar’s Circle
($250 - $499)
Ms. Brenda Abell
Mr. Jim Acquaviva
Mrs. Lisa Hahn Acree (2)
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Adams
Sandy and Bob Adams (12)
Adams Investments (14)
Allen County Technical Center (4)
Mr. Gordon K. Allen, Jr. (2)
Mrs. Rachel Allen (13)
Alpha Gamma Delta (2)
Capt. and Mrs. Daniel F. Anderson (24)
Mr. Lyle W. Anderson (7)
Marilyn Anderson and Michael
Cobb (16)
Anheuser Busch Foundation (2)
Mr. John Danny Annis (8)
Mr. Joseph Allen Anthony (d.) (14)
ARC Thrift Stores
Western Kentucky University - Annual Giving
Alumni Participation Rate
Dr. Saundra and Mr. Larry Ardrey
Arlo Richardson & Son Construction
Mr. and Mrs.Travis C. Armstrong (10)
Mr. Joseph Richard Arnold (7)
Ascencia Bank, Inc. (2)
Mrs. Melanie Asriel (7)
Mr. and Mrs.Timothy Linus Atzinger (3)
Audubon Area Community Serv., Inc. (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Leon Michael Augusty (5)
Mr. Douglas K. Ault
Mr. Matthew P. Ayers (4)
B. G.Tent Rental, Inc.
Mrs. Julieta Baasch (6)
Dr. Donald W. Bailey (14)
Ms. Patricia M. Bailey (10)
Mr. Ricky Joe Bailey (4)
Lt. Col. (Ret.) Norval E. Baird, Sr. (2)
Ms. Shelley Dawn Baird
Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Baker (13)
Mrs. Holly Morris Baldwin (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Alan M. Barclay (3)
Drs. Edward and Kaye Barefield (9)
Mrs. Lisa Kathryn Barlow (4)
Mr. and Ms. Gerald W. Barnaby (11)
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Barnard (3)
Mr. Douglas Ray Barnes (7)
Mr. Philip Wayne Barnett (3)
Barren County Farm Bureau (4)
Mr. John Barrett (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph H. Barringer (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Cortney Shane Basham (3)
Mr. Marion Basham (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Bernard
Baushke (4)
Ms. Mary Darlene Baxter (14)
Mr. Jeffrey Thomas Baynham (3)
Beach Ford, Inc.
Mrs. Betty Jo Beard (6)
Dr. and Mrs. William A. Beard (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew T. Beck (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald D. Beck (24)
Mr. and Mrs. Harold C. Becker (17)
Dr. Robert O. Begtrup (7)
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Bell (5)
Mr. Irving Lee Bell (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Gayle Bell (13)
Ms. Edith L. Bennett
Dr. James D. Bennett (12)
Ms. Jo Bennett (2)
Mrs. Susan Miller Bennett
Bennie Jones Construction (4)
Mr. Robert Berridge
Mr. Gary Leroy Best (12)
Beta Delta Phi Upsilon Omicron
Better Quality Business System (2)
Dr. and Mrs. Mark E. Bigler (6)
Dr. Bilotta and Dr. Lemerise (8)
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Victor Binger (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Robbie Birdsell (4)
Ms. Stephanie Rena Blair
Dr. James G. Bland (7)
Mr. Charles Edward Bledsoe, Jr. (10)
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Keith Blevins (2)
Mr. Ronald G. Blotch
Blue Grass Reining Horse Assoc.
Mrs. Glenda T. Boisseau (3)
Mr. and Dr. Jerry Elmer Boles (22)
Bomi Investment, Inc.
Mr. J. David Borders (8)
Mrs. Julie K. Borders (14)
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin V. Borland, Jr. (5)
Ms. Pearl N. Borton (4)
Mr. Brooks H. Bower
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Duwayne
Bowles (3)
Bowling Green Internal Medicine
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis W. Boyd (8)
Mr. Irvin Gene Boysen (9)
BP Corporation
Ms. Cheyanne R. Bradfield
Mr. Jerry Bob Bradley (4)
Ms. Nancy E. Brandenburg (8)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Branstetter (7)
Mr. and Mrs. Myrl C. Brashear (16)
Mr. James Allen Bratcher (9)
Mr.Tim Brent
Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Bretz (5)
Briarwood Elementary PTA
Mrs. Muriel Brock (5)
Dr. Marilyn K. Brookman (8)
Dr. and Mrs. Carroll Clark Brooks (7)
Brown Bros.
Mrs. Eunice Brown (16)
Mr. Gatewood Brown (d.) (38)
Mr.Tim Brown
Brown-Forman Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Jude Browning (16)
Mr. Stanley Ray Bryan (2)
Dr. and Mrs. Farnsworth Dudley
Bryant (13)
Dr. Robert C. Bueker (6)
Mr. David John Buerger (6)
Mr. Michael F. Bufkin
Dr. Janice L. Bunch (7)
Mr. and Mrs. Don R. Burton (12)
Mr. and Mrs. Hadley Earl Bush, Jr. (15)
Mrs. Linda Nalbach Bushong (4)
Butler County Homemakers Assoc. (2)
Ms. Patsy Butler (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Thomas
Button (13)
Mrs. Sonja M. Byrd (2)
C. Graviss, Inc. (2)
Dr. and Mrs. Larry M. Caillouet (2)
Cambridge Market & Cafe
Mrs. Brenda K. Campbell (9)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Campbell
Campus Marketing Services, LLC
Mr. Ralph William Carey
Mrs. Joyce V. Carlisle (7)
Chad and Carla Carlton (13)
Ms. Deborah O. Carlton
Dr. Howard R. Carpenter (21)
Mr. Patrick Keith Carrico (5)
Mr. and Mrs. David Craig Carter (8)
Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Carter (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip C. Carter (14)
Mr. Roger William Casalengo (4)
Mrs. Bobbie J. Cash
Castle H. S. Dollars for Scholars (2)
Mr. Steven Eugene Caswell (14)
Mr. Edwin M. Cates (18)
Chase Kentucky
Cherry Management, Inc. (3)
Mr. Stephen C. Cherry (2)
Mrs. Carolyn B. Chesher (7)
Ms.Virginia L. Christensen (5)
Mr. and Mrs.William M. Christopherson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Earl Chyle (4)
Ms. Gayla Mae Cissell (4)
Mr. James E. Clark, Jr. (5)
Mr. Michael Ray Clark (2)
Ms. Peggy Purdy Clark (10)
Mr. James W. Claybourn (4)
Mr. and Mrs. James Emerson
Claycomb (16)
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Edward
Claycomb (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W.
Coates (24)
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Coates (19)
Ms. Jeanette M. Coates (3)
Ms. Margaret Coatney (4)
Coca Cola Corporation
Mrs.Torie T. Cockriel (4)
Dr. David M. Coffey (8)
Mr. Keith Coffman (3)
Coldwater Community Schools
Mr. and Mrs. Willard D. Cole (15)
Mr. and Mrs. Jerre Ward Coleman (8)
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Donal Coleman (2)
Mrs.Tonya Louise Colley (3)
Mrs. Nelda L. Barton Collings
Mr. Michael Sherman Colvin (2)
Mr. Kevin Comer (2)
Concord Baptist Church
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher P. Conlee (3)
Mr. Benjamin B. Conner (11)
Mr. Russell T. Conner
Control Systems Design (2)
Dr. and Mrs. Paul B. Cook (24)
Dr. James Calvin Coomer (14)
Mr. Davis Alan Cooper (5)
WKU continues its move into the nation’s elite
among public master’s degree institutions.
Mr. Chris Corrie
Mr. and Mrs. Cletus J. Cosby (11)
Ms. Stephanie Lee Cosby (5)
Ms. Sarah E. Cottongim (6)
Mr. Gilbert B. Covey (8)
Mr. and Mrs. Opal Cowles (11)
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Harvey Cox (2)
Ms. Lynn Crabtree (13)
Mrs.Tracie Leigh Crabtree
Mr. Darryl W. Cravens
Mr. John T. Creamer (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Alan Crenshaw (2)
Mr. Ronald E. Crisp (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Howard R. Crittenden (10)
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin M. Cross (9)
Ms. Winnie M. Cross (16)
Mr. Gil Crouch (10)
Dr. and Mrs. Gene Cox Crume, Jr. (5)
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Cummins (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Lynn
Cundiff (12)
Mr. Howard Mark Curry (6)
D. Bruce Orwin, Attorney at Law (5)
Mr. Benjamin G. Dahmer (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Gary E. Dallas, Jr. (2)
Daniel Boone Development Council
Mr. Barton D. Darrell (5)
Mr. Gary S. Davidson (6)
Mrs. Erin Connolly Davis (4)
Dr. Jay and Mr. Ronald A. Davis (13)
Dean Williamson, Inc.
Ms. Marie Annette Demaree (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred T. Dent, Sr. (3)
Dr.Yusuf K. Deshmukh
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Dean Detre
Ms. Gail A. DeVine (15)
Mr. James Stuart Devries (6)
Ms. Monica Louise Dias (2)
Mr. Ricky A. Dickerson (2)
Mrs. Cynthia E. Diemond (12)
Mr. John Phillip Diercks, III
Digital Design Advertising (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Scott Dillard
Dr. Don Carl Dinkmeyer, Jr. (16)
Dr. and Mrs. James Pat Dinning
Division Nine Finishes, Inc. (5)
Dixie Firefighters Association
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas Lee Dotson (11)
Ms. Jenny Jean Downing (23)
Mr.Terry Wayne Downs
Dr. and Mrs. Oles B. Drobocky
Rev. Robert Drury (2)
Ms. Marilyn A. Dubree (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Horace H. Duff, Jr. (5)
Mr. Brandon P. Duffer
Mr. Brent Casey Duffy
Mr. Steven Glen Dunleavy (8)
Mrs. Laveda M. Durbin
Mr. David Durham (21)
Mr. Scott C. Duvall (2)
Mr. Robert T. Dye (3)
Mr. Dyer and Ms. Gonzalez (2)
Mr. Michael Todd Dyer
D'Zine Ltd.
E. P.Waggener & Sons Booksellers (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Philippe Francis Eason (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Mike R. Eastridge (2)
Mr.Timothy L. Eckley (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Gayle Ecton (7)
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Edward
Edmonds (4)
Edward Jones - Claude Robertson (5)
Edward Jones - Jeanette Rayles (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Edwards (12)
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Edwards (12)
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Allen Edwardson (5)
Electrical Sales Engineering, Inc.
Mr. Meryle V. Elftmann (7)
Eli Lilly & Company Foundation
Mrs. Jannette W. Elliott
Mr. David Timothy Elson (6)
Mr.Timothy L. Elson (2)
Mr. Gary L. Elwood (7)
Mr. Lee D. Emanuel
Lt. Col. (Ret.) and Mrs. Keith O.
Emerine (18)
Dr. James T. Engle, Jr. (6)
Dr. and Mrs. Curtis Lee Englebright (4)
Mr. Robert A. Enholm
Enscience, Inc. (7)
Evans, Hall & Company, CPA's (10)
Mr. Douglas Scott Evans (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Brent Fackler (2)
Farmers Deposit Bank
Fayette Co. Project Graduation
The Fechtor Family Foundation, Inc. (2)
Mr. and Mrs. James Feix (24)
Dr. Jeffrey M. Feix (3)
Mr. Marc Anthony Fella (8)
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Felts (13)
Mrs. Jane L. Fife (2)
First Baptist Church
First Baptist Church of Mt.Washington
First Christian Church
Fiserv Bowling Green, Inc. (6)
Mr. and Mrs. Edward N. Fisher (5)
Mr. Mark H. Fisher (2)
Mr. William R. Fitzpatrick, Jr. (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Fleenor (6)
Ms. Carolyn Jo Fleenor (10)
Mrs. Betty Sue Flora (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest W. Florence (3)
FOHS Hall Community Art Foundation
Ford Motor Company (5)
Dr. and Mrs. Scott Ford (14)
Mrs. Marilyn G. Forney
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas Albert Foster (18)
Mr. and Mrs. William Theodore
Fraebel (4)
Mr. Alan Francis (7)
Ms. Debra Ennis Francis (9)
Frank Martin Law Office (3)
Dr. and Mrs. Robert H. Franklin (23)
Franklin-Simpson Industrial
Mr. Daniel Frantz (9)
Mrs. Laura D. French (6)
Mr. William Gary French (9)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Frey (11)
Friends of the Warren Co. Library (2)
Mr. Robert A. Froelich (17)
Ms. Marissa Fugate
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Fugitte (14)
Mrs. April A. Fulcher (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Jason C. Fulkerson (8)
Ms. Peggy Jo Furgerson
G. William Moore, CPA
Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Gabhart
Mr. David Gaddie (14)
Mr. Micheal R. Gaddie (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Gaffney
Mr. John B. Gaines (2)
Mr. Daniel Martin Gammon
Garmon & Goodman (3)
Mrs. Rebecca W. Garrett (3)
Mr. and Mrs.Todd Andrew Garrison (4)
Mr. Joseph Ray Garst (3)
Gateway Junior Miss
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas Paul
Gawarecki (16)
GB Unlimited Enterprises, Inc. (2)
Dr. Dorine Geeslin (16)
Mrs. Pamela Steff Geisselhardt (3)
Ms. Alma W. Gentry (3)
German American Bank
Ms. Janice Phelps Gibson (17)
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gieselmann (3)
Mr. Sidney Ben Gilliam, Jr. (7)
Mr.Terry Otis Gilpin (9)
Ms. Rose D. Glaiber (2)
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Anthony Glaser (8)
Glasgow-Barren County Industrial
Mr. John Glosick (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence E. Glover (7)
Dr. George Corban Goble (20)
Mr. Howard T. Goodman (23)
Mr. Eldridge C. Goodrum (13)
Gordon B. Newell, M. D. (18)
Dr. and Mrs. John Lee Gordon, Jr. (8)
Mr. Jamison R. Gorrell
Mr. Amos E. Gott
Mrs.Virginia Gott (3)
Ms. Henrietta M. Gouvas (21)
Grand Chapter of Kentucky, O. E. S. (6)
Mr. Jim Grant
Mrs. Mary Grant (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Carl David Graves (3)
Mr. Gary A. Graves
Mr. Brian Keith Gray (4)
Greater Clark Education Association
Ms. Maryhelen Greaves
Western Kentucky University
Western Kentucky University - Annual Giving
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas E. Green (12)
Ms. Mary Lou Green (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Greene (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Paul Greenlee (16)
Greensburg Elementary PTO
Anne and Dan Greenwell (17)
Greenwood Spirits Shoppe (6)
Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie V. Gregory (3)
Mrs. Patty L. Greninger (5)
Mr. Robert R. Greninger (d.) (33)
Grider Drug (7)
Ms. Ann Trusty Griffin (6)
Mrs. Sydna Rose Griffin (16)
Mr. Chris T. Grinstead, II (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin H. Gritton, Jr. (3)
Mr. Kent Frederick Groemling (2)
Joseph and Dr. Mitzi D. Groom (4)
Mrs. Amy Appling Ground (2)
Mrs. Erika Gruber
Lt. Col. Gerald D. Guthrie (10)
Mr. David Graham Guy (12)
Dr. and Mrs. John A. Hagaman (22)
Dr. (Col.) William Burton Haley, II (10)
Mr. Christopher K. Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Charles William Hall (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Robert Halter (2)
Dr. E. Poston Hamilton, III (5)
Mr. and Mrs.Andrew G. Hamilton, III (2)
Mrs. Dorothy T. Hanes (9)
Dr. Edward Clark Hanes (d.) (34)
Mrs. Lou D. Hanes (13)
Hargis Bolton, LLC (2)
Mr. Eugene Hargis (2)
Dr. and Mrs. David Gary Harlow (8)
Harman Kentucky
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Harris
Ms. Helen P. Harris (13)
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Anthony Harris (2)
Ms. Carmen Harrison
Mrs. Kathy B. Hart (8)
Ms. Joy Hawkes
Mr. Albert A. Hawkins (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Hayden, Jr. (19)
Mr. David Cole Haydon (11)
Ms.Tanisha Terese Hazel (4)
Mrs.Vickye Darlene Heater (7)
Capt. and Mrs. Mark Evan Heath (5)
Mrs. Marsha L. Heidbrink
Dr. and Mrs. Ward Hellstrom (18)
Helton Insurance
Mr. Warren C. Helton (2)
Mr. William L. Hemphill (9)
Hennessy Industries, Inc.
Dr. Robert Lyle Henry (12)
Mr. and Mrs.Andrew Reed Hensley (7)
Mrs. Martha A. Hensley (4)
Heritage Community Bank
Heritage International Christian
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald K. Herriford (14)
Mr. Creighton Lee Hess (16)
Mr. James Edward Hess (8)
Dr. Joseph Hall Higginson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Hines (13)
Mr. and Mrs. R. Gene Hoffman (20)
Msg. Archie S. Holland
Mr. David Allen Holland (13)
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Holland (12)
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Kent Holt (7)
Mrs. Carol Ann Holton (3)
Mr. Paul Lawrence Hondorp (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Trent Hopkins (7)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard John Hopkins (2)
Ms. Joan M. Hopper (15)
Mr. Dion W. Houchins (14)
Housing Authority of Bowling Green
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Houston (5)
Mr. James N. Howard (5)
Mr. Lawrence R. Howard
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick G. Howard (3)
Mr.Thomas G. Howard
Howell High Twelve Club
Mr. David Howell
Dr. and Mrs. Gary M. Howerton (3)
Mr. Daniel T. Hudson (5)
Mr. Joseph Farley Huggins (4)
Hughes & Coleman
Hughes Kirkpatrick High School (2)
Mrs. Barbara F. Hughes (5)
Mrs. Betsy Ross Hughes (6)
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Hughes (4)
Alumni Fall 2005
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas E. Hunt (13)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Hunt (25)
Ms. Agnes F. Hunter (15)
Mr. and Mrs. Dett P. Hunter (7)
Mr. Ronnie Lee Hurley (13)
Mr. and Mrs. John Bruce Inman (2)
Lt. Col. and Mrs. Michael T. Inman (4)
The Insurance Place, LLC
Dr. Samuel Adesoji Irefin (2)
Iroquois High School
Irving Materials, Inc. (2)
Mr. Gregory K. Isenberg (13)
J. David Borders Attorney At Law (3)
Mr. Clarence J. Jackson (4)
Mr. A. Keith James (2)
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas Ryan James
Dr. Patrick F. Jenkins, Jr. (8)
Jewish Community Foundation of
Metrowest New Jersey
John P. Rakutt, D.M.D., P.S.C.
John Walter Leedy Memorial Fund
Mr. Bradley Dale Johnson (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Kemble F. Johnson (8)
Mr. Russell Talmage Johnson (13)
Ms. Sarah Nadler Johnson (6)
Mr. Anthony Glen Jones (10)
Ms. Peggy M. Jones (8)
Mr. Richard P. Jones (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Jordan (9)
Mr. and Mrs.William Joseph Jordan (16)
Joseph Hall Higginson, DMD, MSO
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Joseph Just (13)
Mr. Dennis J. Kay (2)
Dr. Peggy D. Keck (13)
Dr. David John Keeling (9)
Mr. Barry Kennedy (4)
Lt. Col. (Ret.) and Mrs. Michael R.
Kenney (2)
Kentucky Bank
Kentucky Center for the Arts (4)
Kentucky Council of Cooperatives
Mr. David L. Keown (2)
Mr. Curtis R. Keplinger (14)
Ms. Betty Ann Kern (6)
Mr. and Mrs. Ira Nelson Kerns (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Lester Key (2)
Mr. Paul N. Kilgus
Mr. and Mrs. Martin E. Killebrew (24)
Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Walton King (2)
Mr. Robert W. Kingsolver
Kirby & Kirby CPA's
Capt. Charles R. Kirby (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kim Kirby (5)
Mr. Stokes and Mrs. Kirby-Stokes (10)
Dr. and Mrs. Richard H. Kirchmeyer (6)
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Kistler (22)
Mr. and Mrs. Larry G. Kitchens (14)
Mr. Mark Klein
Mr. Irvin H. Kline (11)
Mr. Daryl Bruce Knauer (2)
Mrs. Jocelyn R. Knepler (5)
Mr.Terry Lee Kokinda (13)
Mr. Leon Michael Krantz (5)
Dr. Kelly Elliott Kries
Mr. Jason Alexander Kristof (2)
Mr. Mark A. Kristy
Ms. Luiza Eiko Kubota
Mr. and Mrs. James Scott Kuegel (19)
Dr. Kenneth William Kuehn (3)
Mr. and Mrs. George Kwok (11)
KY Association of Counties
Kentucky Pork Producers Association
Mr. and Mrs. Brad D. Lacefield (2)
Mr. and Mrs.William G. Lagermann (16)
Dr. John Shea Lair
Lake Cumberland KY Counsel
Mr. Randall Lamastus (12)
Mr. and Mrs. Dan E. Lamont, Jr. (20)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lampton (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Landreth (11)
Mr. and Mrs. Harry K. Largen (13)
Mr. Jeremy Wayne Lasley (5)
Mr. Eric M. Laster (2)
Ms. Lavery and Mr. Gelderman (10)
Lawn Doctor of Bowling Green (3)
Mr. Bobby Joe Lawrence (3)
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Leach (24)
Mr. Derek C. Lehman
Mr. and Mrs. Carroll T. Lehman (2)
Mitchell Leichhardt (22)
Guests enjoy music from The Monarchs at the President's Circle Gala. Pictured from left
are: Anne and Dan Greenwell, Dr. John Reis and wife, Barbara; Ann Salamone; and Ginny
and Don Swoboda.
Mr. and Mrs.Timothy Yarbrough Leigh (2)
Ms. Janet H. Leonard (8)
Mr. and Mrs. Odell Lewis (17)
Mr. Philip W. Lienesch (4)
Life Care Ministries
Mr. Joe Vernon W. Liles, III (24)
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher D. Lind (3)
Mr. Karl J. Link
Mr. Eric Linkov
Mr.Todd William Liscomb (3)
Drs. Cassandra and Harold Little (9)
Dr. Lee Little (22)
Mr. Marvin L. Logsdon (13)
Mr. Robert W. Logsdon (13)
Dr. and Mrs. John E. Long (12)
Mr. Irwin John Lott (2)
Mr. Walter Loving
Lube Express
Mr.Thomas Lucht
Mr. Steven Brett Lyles (3)
Mr. James Terry Lynn (9)
Lyon Co. Historical Society, Inc. (2)
M. Catron Collier Scholarship Fund
Machined Ceramics, Inc.
Mr. William G. Maddox (2)
Mr. Danney Thomas Madison (4)
Mrs. Annie Embry Mahre (10)
Dr. Rebecca and Mr. Joseph D.
Mahurin (16)
Mr. Chris A. Malone (8)
Mr. and Mrs.Victor Mann (12)
Mr.Tommy Maples
Mr. John David Mardis (4)
Mr. Stan Paul Markham (14)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Markle (24)
Mr. and Mrs. John Daniel Maroney (24)
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Alan Marsh (2)
Mrs. Juanita T. Marshall (4)
Mr. Paul William Marshall
Mr. Frank Martin, Jr. (9)
Dr. and Mrs. James M. Martin (13)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Martin (4)
Ms. Julia H. Martin (4)
Mr. Stephen Ray Martin (7)
Mr. James Matherly (7)
Mr. and Mrs.Terry Lee Matthews (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin C. Mattingly (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Mattingly (15)
Mr. Robert D. Mattingly
Mr. and Mrs.Timothy Leigh Mauldin (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. May (7)
Mrs. Naomi J. McAfee (7)
Mr. Larry Allen McCarty (17)
Mr. and Mrs. David W. McCaulley (21)
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey W. McClanahan
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wayne McCoy (15)
Mr. and Mrs. Darien Bruce McDonald (5)
Mr. and Mrs.Willie Thomas McElroy (22)
Mr. and Mrs. Phil McGown (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur M. McGuffin, III (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Dale McIntyre (3)
Mrs. Anne Elizabeth McKee
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey B. McKenzie (2)
Ms. Elizabeth Jones McKinney (9)
Mr. Frankie Ray McKinney (3)
Dr. and Mrs.Thurman Dwight
McKinney (14)
Mr. Robert B. McMahan (5)
Mr. Kennan D. McReynolds (12)
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Keith
McWhorter (24)
Meade County High School
Mr. Don R. Meador (4)
Memphis Marsha's (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Meng (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Meredith (14)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Meredith (5)
Dr. and Mrs.Thomas C. Meredith (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Merriam
Metropolitan Woman's Club
Mr. Barry J. Michaels (8)
Mid South Handling Inc.
Mid-America Equipment Retailers (7)
Mr. Louis R. Miles
Mrs. Patricia A. Millea (15)
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Miller (3)
Mr. James D. Miller (2)
Dr. John R. Miller (4)
Ms. Kristi Leigh Miller (7)
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Miller (7)
Mr. Michael Miller (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Franklin Miller
Miss Heart of the South Scholar.
Miss Kentucky Pageant Escrow
Ms. Carol Cheal Mollyhorn (4)
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas Jeffery Moody (4)
Mr. G. William Moore (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Todd Moore (6)
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas C. Moore (11)
Mr. Randall E. Moran
Morgan Keegan & Company Inc.
Morgan Stanley
Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Morgan (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Morgan (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Eugene Morris (2)
Mrs. Jo Jean Morrison (2)
Mr.Thomas Morrow
Dr. John S. Mulligan, Jr. (6)
Mr. Lance C. Mullins (14)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lorrin Muse (12)
Ms. Sharon Ann Mutter (14)
Mr. Clifford Conrad Nahm (9)
Mr.Thomas J. Nall
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Alan Nash (4)
National City Bank of Indiana
Natural Health Institute of B. G. (3)
Mr. Roger W. Naylor (12)
Mr. and Mrs.William T. Neathamer, Jr. (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Needham (9)
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas Scott Neely (17)
Mr. Mitchell Nethery (4)
New Chapel United Methodist Church
Dr. and Mrs. Gordon B. Newell (18)
Mr. Robert A. Newman (18)
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Nichols (16)
Mr. John Lenny Noe, Jr.
Mr. Richard L. Norris (5)
Mr.Troy Adam Nunn (4)
Mrs. Angela L. Kerrick Nusky (3)
Oldham County High School (2)
Mr. and Mrs. John O. Oldham (13)
Dr. James Larry Oldham (3)
Mr. and Mrs. William Hubert
Oldham (13)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert James Oppitz (24)
The Optimist Club of Radcliff
Mrs. Donna Caywood Orr (3)
Mr. John D. Osborne (2)
Ms. Earline M. Overfelt (13)
Mr. and Mrs. George Clark Overstreet
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Stephen
Owens (13)
P and P Telecommunications, Inc. (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Padget (19)
The Paducah Sun
Mrs. Laura Page (2)
Mr. and Ms. Ronald E. Pardue (17)
Jane and Jerry Parker (18)
Dr. Paul J. Parks (23)
Mrs. Charlesetta H. Parr (2)
Ms. Beth Partin, ND,MSN,ARNP (4)
Mrs. Ann Roark Patterson
Mr. and Mrs.Terry Neil Patterson (24)
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Charles Patton
Paul F. Riley Scholarship
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Peeler (7)
Penn Virginia Corporation
Mr. and Mrs.Tom A. Pennington (9)
Mr. Robert Edward Penrod
Western Kentucky University - Annual Giving
WKU ROTC cadets are commissioned during the spring graduation ceremony.
Ms.Virginia Pethalsky
Phelps Dodge Foundation (2)
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Phillips (8)
Ms. Margaret Jenrose Pierce
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Pike, III (17)
Mr.Vernon Pillow (14)
Pine Oak Dairy Farm
Mr. and Mrs. Delane Pippin (13)
Ms. Sue Pogorzelski
Mr. Charles Thomas Poole (4)
Potter Sales, Inc. (3)
Hon. Brent Jay Potter
Mr. Douglas Potter (6)
Mr. and Mrs. Larry James Powell (24)
Price Waterhouse Coopers
Mr. Kenneth Michael Price (3)
Mr. Wallace B. Price (3)
Mr. Philip Priebe
Mrs. Robin Manning Prybil (2)
Mrs. Charlotte Puckett (2)
Ms. Paula M. Quinn (18)
R. Dan Greenwell, Inc.
R. R. Donnelley
Mr. Bob Raby (4)
Radcliff Woman's Club (2)
Dr. John P. Rakutt
Mr. and Mrs. Kirby Lewis Ramsey (17)
Ms. Latoya N. Ramsey
Randolph Co. Farm Bureau, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Mohan K. Rao
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Rascoe (11)
Mr. Fulton T. Ray, Jr. (7)
Mr. Jack L. Ray (3)
Mr. Marion W. Ray (18)
Mrs. Jeanette B. Rayles (6)
Audrey and Tom Redford
Mr. and Mrs. Chester Chet Redmon (24)
The Marie B. and Sanford Reed
Dr. Robert G. Reed (10)
Ryan and Bonnie Reed (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Nelson Reed
Mr. William Douglas Reed
Mr. and Mrs. Steven F. Reiner (6)
Mr. David J. Reinhardt (9)
Dr. Kitty and Mr. Maitland
Remington (18)
Mr. and Mrs. Leon Remington (14)
Mr.Travis S. Renfrow (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Roy D. Reynolds, Jr. (16)
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Reynolds
Linda and James Michael Reynolds (5)
Ms. Mary Patricia Reynolds (9)
Mr. Sam A. Reynolds (12)
Mrs.Teresa Sue Reynolds (13)
Mr. and Mrs. John Timothy Rhea (16)
Ms. Hope Richards (19)
Ann Rose and Joseph H. Richards (11)
Hon. and Mrs.Walter D. Richards (22)
Mr. Chris Richardson
Mr. Murrel Rickman (25)
Mr. Stanton Keith Rideout (2)
Mr. Michael T. Ridge
Roiann Ridley (4)
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Rigsby
Mr. G. Alan Riley (13)
Mr. Joe Riley (3)
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Ritter (18)
Mr. and Mrs. Mark L. Ritter (5)
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Roach (17)
Mr. Wayne Robbins (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Roberson, Sr. (15)
Robert Newman Insurance &
Investments (18)
Robertson Cook Agency
Mr. Jack Robertson
Ms. Karen Elizabeth Robinson (5)
Mrs. Barbara Morgan Rodgers (7)
Mr. Luis D. Rodriguez
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh David Roe (8)
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Roenker (6)
Mr. George M. Rogers (14)
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Patterson
Rogers (5)
Rogers Chiropractic Office (4)
Rotary of Kenton County
Ms. Mary Lynne Rousseau
Mr. Jonathan Rue and Mrs. Melinda
Rue (3)
Mrs. Catherine M. Rusch (11)
Mr. Robert Bryan Russell (2)
Russellville High School Athletic (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Edward
Rutledge (9)
Mr. Larry J. Rutledge (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Ryan, Jr. (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Ryan (12)
Sams Insurance Agency (11)
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Sandefur (25)
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Sanders (18)
Ms. Linda S. Sanders (7)
Mr. Marc Satterthwaite (5)
SBC Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Hal M. Schmitt (6)
Mr. William P. Schmitz (6)
Dr. Karen L. Schneider (10)
Mr. and Mrs. Randall Wayne
Schocke (10)
Mr. Rick P. Schuster (10)
Scott and Murphy, Inc. (2)
Mr. and Mrs. David Charles Scott (2)
Ms. Kelly N. Scott (3)
Dr. William Russell Scott (2)
Mrs. Amy Deann Scully
Mr. and Mrs. John William Searcy (23)
Ms. Krista Seigle (3)
Select, Inc. (2)
Mrs. Melinda Jayne Senters (3)
Mr. George Boyd Sexton (3)
Mr. Derek E. Shadoan
Dr. Michael Wilson Shadowen (7)
Ms. Patricia Shanahan (2)
Mr. Gregory Earl Shelton (4)
Rob and Ellen Shirley (2)
Dr. Elizabeth Lynn Shoenfelt (13)
Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Shoultz (14)
Sigma Chi Fraternity (2)
Mrs. Julie C. Simmons
Mr. and Mrs. Shane Simmons (7)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Simons (8)
Mr. Leo A. Simpson (4)
Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Simpson (24)
Mr. Donnie Sims (4)
Mr. and Mrs. James Michael Sisk (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Sivley (3)
Mrs. Barbara Whites Skean (5)
Mr. Irvin L. Small (3)
Mr. Steven D. Small (2)
Smith & Smith Contracting, Inc.
Ms. Abigail Marie Smith (2)
Dr. Anthony Smith
Mr. Bradley C. Smith (8)
Mr. Bruce Alan Smith (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Rickey K. Smith (7)
Mr. David Lee Smith
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Charles Smith (2)
Mr. Eldon J. Smith (15)
Mr. Gordon E. Smith (15)
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Smith (8)
Mr. and Mrs. Harold P. Smith (14)
Mrs. Nancy R. Smith
Mr. Renny Smith (9)
Mr.Thomas L. Smith (3)
SMR Engineering (7)
Sons of American Legion Sign 81
South Central Counselling Assoc.
Mr. Madison Sowell (14)
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Spalding (10)
Ms. Sharon Lee Spall (2)
Col. and Mrs. Donald Eugene Sparks (6)
Dr. John S. Spraker (15)
Springfield Pacesetters, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Alan Springs (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kelley St. Charles
Mr. C. K. Stacy
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Stamps (5)
Mr. and Mrs. John Selbert Stephanski (6)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Stephens (7)
Mr. Bart Randolph Stewart (4)
Mr. James L. Stewart (10)
Larry Stewart
Mr. John Robert Stoess, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Stokes (3)
Stonebridge Financial Inc. (2)
Mr. Charles Wesley Strader, Jr. (12)
Mr. Kenneth F. Strausburg (6)
Mr. Barry Lewis Strong (7)
Dr. Martha Welch Sucheston (7)
Dr. Gerald E. Sullivan (23)
Ms. Betty Gayle Summers (13)
Ms. Cynthia Summers (2)
Summit View Church
SunTrust Bank (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Glen Sutton
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Switzer (18)
Drs. Beverly and Howard Sypher (2)
Mr. Brian Talley (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Harry B.Tate (19)
Mr. Raymond Terry Tatum (4)
Avo and James W.Taylor (4)
Mr. Daniel Thomas Taylor (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gerard Taylor (4)
Mr. Charles Theis (13)
Thessen Concrete Contracting, Inc. (16)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E.Thessen (14)
Mr. Robert Perry Thessen (3)
Mr. Brent Bennett Thomas (4)
Mr. James A.Thomas (13)
Mr. Jerry G.Thomas (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Jessie Thomas, Jr. (9)
Mr. Matthew D. L.Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Donnie L.Thomas (6)
Mr. Charles M.Thompson (2)
Ms.Virginia E.Thompson (13)
Thompson's Trophy Center
Thoroughbred Business Systems (16)
Mr. Kenneth Jeff Thrasher (5)
Mrs. Beth R.Tibbitts (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Russell Tinius (13)
Ms. Leslie Tinsley (2)
Todd County Board of Education
Ms. Edna M.Todd (4)
Toot's Restaurant (4)
Total Fitness Connection
Mr. Charles W.Townsend (5)
Mr. and Mrs. George Thomas
Townsend (11)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E.Travelsted (3)
Mr. Joe Kelley Travelsted (3)
Trimble County Board of Education (2)
Trousdale County High School
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L.Troutman (18)
Mr. and Mrs. Lee C.Truman, Jr. (24)
Mr. Frederick W.Trusty
Dr. Janna M.Tuck (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Michael
Tuck (8)
Mr.Thomas R.Tuck (2)
Mr. Gerald Tucker
Mr. William L.Tyler
Mr. Jeffrey Kyle Tyree (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Rollin D. Underwood (3)
Union TWP Alumni Association
University of Southern Indiana
The UPS Foundation, Inc.
Mr. Stanley Urbancic
Utility Precast Products, LLC (2)
Mr. Joseph A. Uveges, Jr. (5)
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Ritchie Van Bussum
Mr. Eric Jon Van Dellen
Mr. and Mrs. Edward L.Van Metre (20)
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C Vanover
Mr. Willard C.Vaughan
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Vaughn (16)
Mr. Joseph D.Vaught
Mr. Jacques M.Veeneman, Jr. (9)
Mr. David Vickery
Mr. and Mrs. Perry Glenn Vincent (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory S.Waddell (13)
Mr. and Mrs. James Anderson
Wagoner (5)
Mr.Terry M. Waldridge
Ms. Carol Sue Walker (3)
Mr. Richard D. Walker (2)
Mr. Gary Douglas Wall (12)
Mr. Charles Wallace
Dr. and Mrs. Kyle David Wallace (13)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Todd Wallace
Mr. and Mrs. Chester Franklin Ward
Mr. and Mrs. Sean Patrick Ward (2)
Warden Family Eyecare, PLLC
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wardlow (12)
Warfield Lodge No. 44 F & AM
Mr. and Mrs. Robert I. Warner
Mr. Robert J. Wasson (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Garry Dale Watkins (22)
Ms.Victoria A. Webb
Mr. Richard Theodore Weber (5)
Mr. Jeffrey Scott Wells (6)
Mr. Gregory A. West (3)
Mrs. Sherri Lynn Westbrook (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Whalen (18)
Ms. Kimberly Ann Whalen
Ms. Rose Wheat (15)
Mr. Bradley A. Wheeler (5)
Mr. and Mrs. James Eugene Wheeler (16)
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce J. White
Mr. and Mrs. Barton Curtis White (8)
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Andre White (9)
Ms. Imogene B. White (25)
Mrs. Georgianne G. Whitehouse (14)
Whites & Heintzman Court
Reporters (9)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Whitley (22)
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Whitson (13)
Why Not, Inc. (2)
Drs. Joyce and Jerry Wilder (9)
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Williams (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Williams (13)
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Stanley
Williams (15)
Mr.Tom Williams (10)
Col. and Mrs. Gary N. Williamson (8)
Mrs. Anita Willis
Maj. (Ret.) and Mrs. Mitchell H.Willis (7)
Mr. Harold Eugene Wills (20)
Mr. Carlis E. Wilson (13)
Mr. and Mrs. George R. Wilson (4)
Mrs. Janette B. Wilson (5)
Ms.Tara Lynn Wise (3)
Mrs. Patricia S. Wolpert (7)
Mrs. Nicole Girvin Woodward (2)
Mrs. Dorothy Word (3)
Dr. and Mrs. Eric William Wright (2)
Mr. Garry Wright
Ms. Mary Margaret Wright (11)
Mr. Mitchell L. Wright
Dr. Robert Wyatt (6)
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest W.Yates (3)
Mr. Lamont Young (3)
Mr. Maurice Young, USAF (Ret.) (3)
Mr. Norman Marvin Younger (4)
Mr. Jeffrey Alan Younglove (14)
Mr. John Joseph Yuda (3)
Mr.Thomas Addison Yunt (7)
Mr. and Mrs. David F. Ziller (13)
Century Circle
($100 - $249)
3M Foundation, Inc.
Mrs. Cindi Sue Aaron
Mrs. Katherine L. Abbott (3)
Mr. and Mrs. H. Sam Abell, II (12)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Abell (14)
Mr. Robert Absher
Accenture Foundation, Inc.
AccuSurv Land Surveying
Mr. and Mrs. William Adair (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Edwin Adams (4)
Mr. Jackie Adams (5)
Western Kentucky University
Western Kentucky University - Annual Giving
Hon. and Mrs. John W. Adams (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Adams, IV (13)
Mrs. Michelle L. Adams (3)
Advanced Office Machines (7)
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Aebersold (3)
Mrs. Alice P. Ahmed
Dr. Gary Wayne Akin (17)
Mrs. Alexis Mitchell Albach (3)
Dr. and Mrs. Mark T. Alberhasky (2)
Ms. Lee Alcott
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Aldrich (9)
Dr. Charles Richard Aldridge (7)
Ms. Martha J. Aldridge (5)
J. Estill Alexander Estate (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas G. Alexander
Mrs. Caroline Martha Alford
H. C. and Margaret Alford
Mrs. Melissa K. Alford (3)
Ms. Catherine M. Algeo (4)
Dr. Ahmed Al Khatib
Ms. Linda Lee Allan (18)
Mr. Frank W. Allara (2)
Mr. Augustus L. Allen (6)
Mrs. Barbara R. Allen (2)
Dr. Connie Irish Allen (8)
Mrs. Heather Shrout Allen (10)
Dr. J. Kenneth Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Leigh Allen (4)
Mrs. Jo Ann Allen (13)
Mrs. Susan Quisenberry Allen (2)
Dr. and Mrs.Thomas M.
Allensworth, Jr. (10)
Mr. and Mrs.Terry Allgood (10)
Mrs. Sharon Gayle Allison (5)
Mr. and Mrs. John Allpress (12)
Alpha Delta Kappa - Mu Chapter
Alpha Kappa Alpha
Alpha Delta Kappa Ky Nu Chapter
Ms. Maureen A. Altherr
Altria Employee Involvement
Program (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wayne Alvey (5)
American Legion Post No. 271
Ms. Susan Ammons (3)
Dr. Alan B. Anderson (20)
Mr. and Mrs. Barry T. Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Andy D. Anderson
Mr. David Bruce Anderson (2)
Mrs. Katherine Assmar Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Anderson (7)
Ms. Robye Anderson (13)
Mrs. Susan Stuebing Anderson (3)
Dr. Billy W. Andrews (12)
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Wesley Angstrom
Mrs. Lisa White Angstrom (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Angelo Antone (9)
Mr. Mark Alan Antonini
Mr. Christopher W. Antonsen
Mr. Robert D. Antrobus (2)
Any Length Guttering Soffit
Ms. Darlene Ann Applegate (7)
Ms. Edith C. Arlt (12)
Mr. Glenn Armstrong (5)
Mr. James R. Arnett
Mr. Cornelius Flippo Arnold
Mr. Larry Totty Arnold, Jr. (2)
Dr. Marion E. Arnold (17)
Ms. Mary Jo V. Arnold (23)
Mr. Owen G. Arnold (11)
Mr. Ryan Arnold (5)
Mrs.Yvonne Burchett Arnold (3)
Arvin Meritor, Inc.
A's Baseball Team
Ms. Betty L. Ash (12)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Ashbrook (24)
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Brent Askins
Mr. Lloyd Asp (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Atkinson
Mr. John Kirk Atkinson (5)
Mrs. Annette Gayle Atwell (8)
Mr. David Anthony Atwell (13)
Auburn Banking Company (2)
Mr. L. Stuart Augenstein
Mr. Nicholas Witcher Aulbach (14)
Ms. Ersa Whitlow Austin (12)
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Earl Austin (3)
Mr. Leonard Ray Austin
Automatic Data Processing, Inc.
Mr. Napoleon S. Avery (3)
Mrs. Susan R. Avril
Alumni Fall 2005
Lt. Col. (Ret.) Charles Monroe Ayers (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Ayers (2)
Mr. Lucian Craig Ayers (2)
Mr. Reginald L. Ayers (18)
Mr. Wesley Harold Aymett (2)
B & B Cleaning Company (3)
B. G.Warren Co. Contractors Lic. (3)
Dr. and Mrs. Fuad Baali (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Babcock (3)
Back Yard Burgers
Ms. Elizabeth A. Bacon (4)
Mr. Robert S. Bahnick
Ms. Marsha Gayle Bailey (9)
Mr. and Mrs. Darrell R. Baird (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis O. Baird (4)
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas Kelly Baird (9)
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Vernon Baker (7)
Mrs. Becky Gelke Baker (18)
Ms. Doreen Gurbacka Baker (2)
Mr. Horace R. Baker
Hon. and Mrs. Walter A. Baker (21)
Mr. Leonard Richard Baker (7)
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Baker
Mr. Mark W. Baker (4)
Dympna Bakhshay
Mr. Shelby Garnett Bale, Jr. (6)
Mr.Thomas M. Bale (4)
Balfour-Ralph E. Baker, Inc.
Ball Interiors Limited
Ms. Carol R. Ball
Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Ball (14)
Dr. and Mrs. Donald M. Ball (3)
Mrs. Dorothy Taylor Ballard (10)
Ms. Mary D. Banahan (2)
The Bank of New York Foundation
Ms. Jackie L. Banks (5)
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas Allen Barber
Ms.Vickie Blakeley Barea (11)
Mr. Joseph William Baribeau
Mr. and Mrs. John Frank Bariola (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Wayne Barman (5)
Mr. D. Wade Barnes (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Hamilton Barnes, II (2)
Mr. Paul L. B. Barnes (2)
Mr. and Mrs.Teddy Barnes (2)
Mrs. Cynthia A. Barnett (4)
Mr. John Barnett
Mr. Phillip W. Barnhouse, Jr. (6)
Barren River Regional SPL'S
Barren Wholesale Greenhouses (3)
Mr. Keb Barrett
Mr. Bruce Barrick
Ms. Mary Clagett Barris
Ms. Jane Barthelme (6)
Mr. David Bartholomy
Mr. William R. Bartlett, II (5)
Mr. Fred Bartley
Mr. Christopher N. Baseheart (4)
BASF Corporation (3)
Lt. Col. and Mrs. Steven Lamar
Basham (2)
Mrs. Freda Basham
Ms. Patricia F. Basham (6)
Dr.Vickie P. Basham (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Garrett Rex Bates
Mrs. Joe Bates (3)
Batson and Associates
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas E. Batson (8)
Dr. George William Bauer, III (15)
Ms. Marcia C. Baugh (3)
Mr. Ricky W. Bault
Mrs. Carole E. Baum (4)
Baumgardner & Associates, PSC
Mr. Richard O. Baumgardner, Jr. (2)
BD Matching Gift Program
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Beals (18)
Ms.Terri Bearbower
Mr. David Miller Beard (4)
Rev. and Mrs.Thomas F. Beard (4)
Mrs. Laura H. Beard (7)
Lois-Don Beard (2)
Mr. William L. Beard, Jr. (9)
Ms. Elizabeth Ann Becker (15)
Dr. and Mrs. James Paul Becker (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Beckman (2)
Mr. John W. Bedell (12)
Ms. Leslie R. Bedo (3)
Mr. Jimmy E. Belcher (3)
Mr. Rick L. Beliles
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Bell (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Claude Anderson Bell (15)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Paul Bell (3)
Ms. Martha Louise Bell (17)
Mrs. Brenda F. Beloin (3)
Ms. Alma Lea Benedict (12)
Ms. Barbara Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Maury Thomas Bennett
Mrs. Diane Whiston Benoit
Mr. and Mrs. Darren N. Bensing (3)
Dr. Marilee Benson (5)
Col. and Mrs. Sylvester C. Berdux, Jr. (3)
Mrs. Margaret S. Berg (4)
Mr. Richard William Bergen (3)
Mr. and Mrs. James Bergin (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Larry G. Berrong (5)
Ms. Cheryl B. Berry
Mrs. Lynne Ford Berry (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Burns Berry
Mr. and Mrs. Monty Shawn Bertram (2)
Mr. Phil Allan Bertram (18)
Mr. O. Franklin Beumer
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Bewley (20)
Mr. Ronald Beyke (3)
Drs. Prana and Omkar Bhatt (3)
Big B Cleaners
Mr. Gill Biggers
Mr. Gary Franklin Biggs (10)
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Billingsley (2)
Ms. Hilda Bingham (6)
Ms. Hilary A. Biolzi
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas K. Bird (5)
Ms. Joe Anne Bird
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas A. Birdsong, Jr. (2)
Mr. and Mrs.Timothy K. Bischoff
Mr. Jerry C. Bishop, Jr. (13)
Mrs.Teresa L. Bishop (4)
Mr. Hoy C Blackburn
Mr. and Mrs.Terry Lance Blackburn (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Thomas Blacketer (2)
Mr. Robert Brent Blackman (10)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles O. Blair (22)
Ms. Gail Blair (6)
Mr. James C. Blair (13)
Dr. Michelle E. Blake (2)
Mr. Alton E. Blakley, Jr. (3)
Mrs. Linda Blanding
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Blankenbaker
Mr. Owen Lee Blanton, Jr. (13)
Mr. Jack R. Blease (6)
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Blewett, Jr. (4)
Mr. Clifton T. Blick (6)
Mr. Donald W. Bloodworth (3)
Blue Cotton, Inc. (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Keith McKinney Board (2)
Dr. and Mrs. Jerry E. Bode (5)
Joy B. Bodner, RN/BGS/CNOR (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Henry Boeckmann
Mr. Chad Boggs
Mrs. Juanita McClellan Bogle (3)
Mr. James E. Bohannon, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Edward W. Bohlander (18)
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene N. Boldrick (4)
Dr. Steven Scott Boley
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Bolt (5)
Mr.Thomas Bomgardner (2)
Ms. E. Kathleen Booher
Mr. and Mrs. Carl N. Boon (13)
Mr. Michael A. Boone (6)
Mr. Earl R. Boonstra
Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon L. Booze (2)
Dr. and Mrs. Harry E. Bopp
Mr. John W. Borders
Mr. and Mrs. Walker E. Borie, Jr.
Mr. Daniel Bernard Botula (10)
Ms. Laura E. Boulden (14)
Dr. Richard George Bowker (4)
Bowling Green League of Bicyclists
Ms. Margaret Lois Bowman (5)
Col. (Ret.) and Mrs. Robert O.
Boyle (7)
Boys 4th Region Basketball Tourn.
Mr. Harold R. Bradford (2)
Mr. Robert L. Bradford
Mrs. Pamela B. Bradley (3)
Dr. and Mrs. Charles P. Bradshaw (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Warren Bradshaw (3)
Dr. Susan Erika Brady (16)
Mr. and Mrs. Laurance W. Branch (7)
Mrs. Barbara Goodwin Brand (2)
Mrs. Martha B. Brandenburgh (3)
Mr. Joel Douglas Brashear (11)
Ms. Nora Brashear
Drs. Orlando and Leticia Bravo (3)
Mr. William J. Bray (4)
Breeders Insurance
Mr. Michael A. Breen (2)
Ms. Alice K. Brennan (12)
Ms. Betty C. Brent (4)
Mr. Gerald Don Brewer (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Donald P. Briddon
Capt. and Mrs. Christopher Troy
Bridges (4)
Mr.Thomas Al Brieske (2)
Mr. and Mrs.Vincent W. Bristow (5)
Mr.Thomas C. Brite (20)
Dr. and Mrs. Danny G. Britt (9)
Ms. Suzanne Britt (16)
Mr. and Mrs. Huie Clinton Brizendine (4)
Mr. John Michael Brock (10)
Mr. Harold Thomas Brockman (12)
Mr. Gary Wayne Broenneke (10)
Col. (Ret.) Billy T. Brooks (12)
Mr. George Dennis Brooks
Mr. John David Brooks
Mr. Neill Brooks (6)
Mr. Scott Allen Brooks (2)
Mr. and Mrs.William Scott Brooks (8)
Mrs. Nancy C. Broome
Mr. William W. Broussard (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Adlie Franklin Brown
Mr. Barry M. Brown
Mr. Ben F. Brown (2)
Mr. Boyd Brown (5)
Mr. Christopher Lloyd Brown (5)
Ms. Deborah Bentley and Mr. Corby
Brown (12)
Mr. and Mrs. Danny Lee Brown (4)
Mr. George Brown (6)
Mr. Hugh Barton Brown (2)
Mr. James W. Brown
Mrs. Judy D. Brown (9)
Mrs. Judy H. Brown (11)
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Ray Brown (7)
Ms. Rita Carol Brown (3)
Mr. Robert L. Brown, Sr.
Mr. Russell A. Brown
Mrs.Terri Kay Brown (7)
Mr. Willie Kyle Brown (3)
Mrs. Adrianne Evitts Browning
Mr. Craig E. Browning (2)
Rev. and Mrs. Robert F. Browning (5)
Mrs. Debra L. Broz (4)
Ms. Sandy Brue
Mr. Dillard Brumfield
Mrs. Lora W. Brumley (7)
Mrs. Rebecca B. Bruner (17)
Dr. Barry W. Brunson (22)
Dr. Beth Ann Bryant (4)
Mrs. Debra C. Bryant (3)
Mr. Dennis Rhea Bryant (2)
Ms. Frederica J. Bryant (5)
Mr. Peter McNally Bryant (6)
Buchanon Rentals (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Reno Buckles (16)
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Mr. and Mrs. Barry Joseph Bumm (2)
Mr. Natty Bumppo (13)
Mrs. Patsy G. Bunch (10)
Mr. William Albert Bunnell (8)
Mr. Gregory Carl Burbach (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Douglas Burchett
Ms. Shelley Burgett
Mr. Daniel J. Burke
Mr. Heath Douglas Burnette (8)
Mrs. Margaret Fitzgerald Burnley (7)
Mrs. Carmen Cajilig Burns
Mr. Michael Burns, Jr. (2)
Mrs. Anita S. Burr
Mr. Paul M. Burrell, II
Mrs. Barbara J. Burridge (2)
Mr. Kevin Burt
Mr.Thomas Massey Burt (3)
Mrs. Ruth Carolyn Burton (13)
Ms. Silvia M. Burton (3)
Mrs. Elaine S. Bush
Mr. Harry L. Bush, III (6)
Maj. and Mrs. Hickman E. Bush (14)
Ms. Glenda Fowler Bussell (15)
Ms. Nancy Buster (2)
Butler Co. Longbeards Chapter
Mr. David Allen Butler (9)
Mrs. Wendy Jean Butler (7)
Mr. and Mrs.W. Martin Buttermore, Jr. (2)
Mrs. Nora Buttram (4)
Dr. Samuel Thomas Buttram (8)
Mr. Robert W. Byrd (3)
Mr. William A. Byrnes (6)
C. P. Bradshaw, D.M.D. (2)
Mr. Stephen C. Cabell
Mr. J. Swingley Cage (13)
Mr. John A. Calabrese (3)
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas A. Caldwell (11)
Dr. James Timmons Callis (11)
Mr. and Mrs. Danny J. Calvert (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Campbell (15)
Mr. John William Campbell (25)
Mr. Lucky R. Campbell (2)
Camping World, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Dann Dale Cann (3)
Ms. Etta Lou Cantrell
Mr. R. Jeff Caplenor (9)
Dr. Juan Manuel Cardenas
Mrs. Loretta Jump Cardin (4)
Cardinal Office Systems
Mr. Howard Cardwell (2)
Cargill, Inc.
Ms. Lena Anne Carlson
Dr. and Mrs. John Charles
Carmichael (12)
Mr. William Paul Carneal (8)
Mr. Ronald Glenn Carnes (7)
Mr. Christopher Howard Carpenter
Mrs. Laura K. Carpenter
Mr. Bob Carper (13)
Mr. Michael O. Carr (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Scott B. Carr (14)
Dr. Carol and Mr. Robert Arthur
Carraco (22)
Mr. Bryan Aloysius Carrico (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Cloys Carrico (5)
Mrs. Janet Gray Carrico (9)
Mr. Leonard Harel Carrier (2)
Ms. Deborah Floyd Carroll (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Charles Carson, II (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick C. Carter
Mr. Paul Wayne Carter
Mr. Steve C. Carter
Mr. and Mrs.Terrell S. Carter (5)
Ms.Vikki Elizabeth Carter (6)
Mr. William Randy Carter, II (10)
Mr. William T. Carter
Dr. and Mrs. Clark L. Carthrae (4)
Ms. Betty Jo Caruthers (12)
Sallie Potter Carwell (3)
Mr. Chris A. Case (10)
Mr. J.V. Case
Mr. Jack R. Case (3)
Mr. Merritt William Cash (12)
Ms. Clarice Casper (15)
Ms. Marilyn Cassady (5)
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Cate (6)
Mr. Michael G. Catlett
Dr. Alan Dale Cato (2)
Mr. Garry Keith Caudill (7)
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Edward Cecil (15)
Mr. Kevin Lee Cecil (4)
Ms. Nora Paige Cecil
Mr.Thomas M. Cecil (5)
Mr. Frank Joseph Cerjak, Jr. (6)
Cetech, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. Henry F. Chambers (8)
Mr.Thomas R. Chambers, Jr. (4)
Mr. Billy Chance (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Sean Chandler (3)
Mrs. Ladonna Joy Chaney
Mrs. Beth R. Chapman
Ms. Beverly Chapman
Randall and Carolyn Chapman (3)
Mr. and Mrs. John Mark Chapman
Mr. Dean Chapman (9)
Mr. James G. Chapman (13)
Mr. Walter T. Chapman (9)
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Chappell (8)
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Leon Chappell
Lt. Col. and Mrs. Gregory Taylor
Chasteen (3)
Mr. Joseph James Check (5)
Western Kentucky University - Annual Giving
Ms. Nancy C. Cheek
Ms. Beverly Wolf Chelgren
Dr. and Mrs.William Bailey Cherry (7)
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Cherry (12)
Mr. Stephen A. Chesek (4)
Dr. John Jeffrey Chewning (13)
Dr. and Mrs. Indudeep S. Chhachhi (7)
Mr. Paul W. Childers (4)
Mr. and Mrs. George M. Chinn (17)
Ms. Scenna and Mr. Chmielewski
Mr. Mike Chou
Mr. John Thomas Chumney (10)
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas M. Church
City of Glasgow
Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Civils, Jr. (3)
Mr. Paul A. Civils (2)
Mr. Harry P. Clagett (14)
Mr. and Mrs. David Bryce Clark (14)
Mr. Danny M. Clark (14)
Mr. Fredrick A. Clark (19)
Mr. James E. Clark, Sr. (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Edward Clark (2)
Mr. Michael D. Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Morgan Clark (12)
Joan and Ronald W. Clark (13)
Classic Cleaners (2)
Mr. Randall S. Clauson (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Scott L. Clay (3)
Mr. David R. Clements (3)
Mr. Nelson E. Clemmens (5)
Mr. Harvey Clendining (4)
Mr.Terry Climer (2)
Dr. Richard M. Clouse (3)
Mr. Kevin D. Clutter
Mr. Alan R. Coates (20)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Coatney (11)
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Cobb (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Allen Cobb (5)
Ms.Velva Jerdene Cockrel (13)
Coe Dental Group P. A.
Dr. Susan B. Coe (5)
Ms. Ann Coffey (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Randall Coffey (19)
Mr. Michael Lee Coffey (2)
Ms. Pat Coffman
Mr. Mickey Cogburn (2)
Dr. Janet L. Colbert (8)
Bennie Cole
Mr. David Gerald Cole (2)
Mr. Larry Cole (3)
Mrs. Mary Ellen Cole (5)
Mrs. Re Jeana Coleman
Mrs. Katherine S. Colley (2)
Mr. Ivan E. Collier, Jr. (2)
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Vernon Collins (5)
Mr. Donald Eugene Collins (14)
Mrs. Melissa England Collins
Mr. Michael P. Collins (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael John Collins
Mrs.Talia McKinney Collins (3)
Ms. Connie Lee Colter (7)
Dr. Ellen Marie Colwell (3)
Mrs. Shelly Glasscock Compton (9)
Dr. and Mrs. Franklin D. Conley (37)
Kay and Thad Connally (24)
Col. (Ret.) Doral Glen Conner (22)
Mrs. Mary G. Conner
Mr. and Mrs. James Christian Conway (4)
Dr. Charles Eugene Cook (14)
Mr. Donald E. Cook
Mr. James W. Cook
Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie M. Cook
Mr. Matthew Cook
Mr. McClellan Cook (5)
Dr. and Mrs.Thomas B. Cook, Jr. (4)
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas E. Cooke
Ms. Laura Jane Cooley
Ms. Amanda Bass Coomer
Frank Leo Coomer (d.) (8)
Coomer's Service (12)
Mr. Bob Cooper (4)
Ms. Jill A. Cooper (10)
Mr. Sammy Cooper (3)
Mr. William S. Cooper (11)
Mr. J. Richard Copeland (4)
Mrs. Anna Lois Copley (3)
Mrs. Patricia Garrison Corbin
Ms. JoAnn B. Cordary
Mr. Marvin Cornett (11)
Ms. Debra A. Cornwell (4)
Mr. William J. Cortus
Mr. Jack Cosby
Mr. Darrell Cossey
Mr. Dewayne Vincent Cothron
Ms. Geneva A. Cottrell (20)
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lee Counts, Jr. (5)
Couples Class Sunshine Fund (6)
Mr. Wendell F. Couts (7)
Mr. George Cowan
Mr. James L. Cowell
Ms.Tamara Mazzoccoli Cowherd (2)
Mr. Joe R. Cowles (2)
Mrs. Linda Cox
Ms. Robin Bruington Cox (3)
Mrs. Sandra L. Coyle
Mrs. Paula M. Crabtree (3)
Mr. John Pierce Craddock (3)
Mr. Donald L. Crady (2)
Mr. and Mrs. James Edward Craft
Col. Richard William Craig (2)
Ms. Jean M. Craighead (7)
Mr. Fred J. Craney
440 Main Restaurant
Mr. Kenneth Mark Crawford (2)
Mr. Dala Glenn Creech
Dr. Mary A. Crenshaw (9)
Ms. Susan J. Crim
Mr. Gary Critser (6)
Ms. Bonnie L. Croft (2)
Dr. Rachel Gray Croft (18)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Cron (3)
Mr. David Martin Cross (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Crousore (10)
Dr. Lou Ann Crouther (4)
Ms. Margaret Crowder (3)
Mrs. Joann B. Crowe (8)
Mr. John Wesley Crowe
Mr. John M. Crudele (2)
Ms. Emily Paige Crume
Mr. Gene Cox Crume, Sr. (4)
Mrs. Katrina A. Crutcher (6)
Mr. Angel A. Cruz, Jr. (14)
CSX Corporation, Inc.
Ms. Betty Jean Cummings (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron T. Cunningham
Ms. Anne Cunningham (7)
Ms. Janine Marie Cunningham (16)
Mrs. Margaret W. Cunningham (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick F. Curl
Mr. Buddy R. Curnutt
Mr. Alvin Ray Curtis
Sandra and Charles Cusumano (2)
Dr. C. Harwell Dabbs (7)
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Arthur Dahlhauser
Mr. and Mrs. Barton Lee Dahmer (3)
Mrs. Jo Ann Dalby (4)
Mr. and Mrs. E. Randolph Dale (2)
Ms. Corinne E. Dale
Maj. (Ret.) D'Amico and Ms. Axt (3)
Dance Time Productions
Mrs. Carrie Daniels (6)
Mrs. Charlene Lyons Daniels
Dr. Harry Kirk Dansereau
Mr. Philip N. Dare
Mrs. Peggy Darnall (3)
Mr. Bob Darrell
Mr. Eric J. Daugherty (2)
Mr. Richard Lee Daugherty (5)
Mr.Thomas Todd Daugherty (7)
Ms. Diana O. Daunt
Mr. Charles B. Davenport (4)
David B. Clark, D.D.S., M.S.D. (4)
Mr. Peter C. Davids (3)
Mrs. Frederica Agnes Davies
Mr. Simeon W. Davies (7)
Davis H. Elliot Company, Inc. (2)
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas W. Davis (10)
Mr. Bruce Kevin Davis (2)
Dr. Cheryl Diane Davis (5)
Mrs. Geneva C. Davis
Mr. James H. Davis
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas A. Davis (7)
Mr. Leslie T. Davis (21)
Dr. and Mrs. Chester L. Davis (19)
Drs. Nancy and James Davis (24)
Mrs. Sonya Leigh Davis (2)
Mr. and Mrs. James Brian Davis (2)
Mr.Thomas Wayne Davis (6)
Mr. Patrick Sean Davison (2)
Mr. Bruce L. Dawson
Ms. Diane Dawson
Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Joseph Dawson
Ms. Jennifer L. Day (4)
Mr. Morgan Day
Ms. Patty F. Day
Mr. Marlin D. Dayoub
Mr. Gerald Jude De Peppe (6)
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Anthony Decker (4)
Mr.Vincent E. Decker (13)
Ms. Barbara Deeb (6)
Mr. Mark T. Deeb
Mr. and Mrs.William Mitchell Deep (2)
Ms. Heather Morton Dehart
Mr. John Anthony Del Piano
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Delk (4)
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Mr. Orval Leon Denham
Mr. Allen Denney
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Mrs. Clara R. Dewilde (20)
Mrs. Donna Gail Diaz (3)
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DiFabio's Casapela
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District 19 F & AM PHA of Tennessee
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Mr. William Eugene Dixon
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Ms. Dorothy Grise Dodson (22)
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Mr. and Mrs. Joe Frank Duncan (24)
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel D. Duncan (12)
Dunes Investment Club
Mr. and Mrs. John Frank Dunn (9)
Mr. Paul Durbin
Mr. Felix E. Durham (17)
Dr. and Mrs. Don L. Durham (2)
Ms. Donna N. Durning
Ms. Barbara S. Jones Durrett (2)
Mr. Paul Duvall
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Alan Dye (4)
Mr. James Nile Dyer (2)
Ms. Elizabeth Eade (18)
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Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Keith Earles (3)
Mr. William Randy Earls
Ms. Gina Kaye Easton (3)
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Mrs. Sally Q. Eggers
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Eldred (19)
Mr. Roger D. Eldridge (5)
Electronic Arts, Inc.
Eleventh Street Baptist Church
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Mr. Robert W. Ellison (3)
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Ms. Bonnie R. Embrey
Mr. Carlos B. Embry, Jr. (6)
Mr. Rod Embry (3)
Mrs.Virginia G. Embry (2)
Mr. David Kenneth Emerson (3)
Mr. Roy L. Emmick (5)
Dr. Robert J. Emslie (4)
Mr. Daniel England
Mrs. Rayner Wineman England (14)
Mrs. Rebecca Ann Englehart (3)
Dr. Gerald D. Enlow
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall L. Enoch (4)
Ms. Judith Ann Escue (3)
Lt. Col. (Ret.) John William Espey (14)
Mr. Bill Estep (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Esterle (19)
Ms. Janet Louise Estes (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Esz (8)
Ethics and Excellence in Journalism
Mr. David T. Eubank
Mr.Thomas Leon Eubank (4)
Dr. Eugene E. Evans (13)
Mr. John Evans
Dr. and Mrs. Glenn Hurst Evans (3)
Mrs.Teresa Craig Evans
Mr.Timothy Henry Evans (6)
Mr. Ross Everhard (3)
Mr. Richard Allen Eversman (8)
Mr. and Mrs.T. Jack Eversole (18)
Exxon Mobil Foundation
E-Z Money Pawn & Jewelry, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Rory Scott Ezell
Ms. Carrie Ezzell
Dr. Ronald E. Falls
Mr. Anthony F. Fargnoli (22)
Mr. Paul Kenneth Farley, III
Ms. Louise D. Farthing
Ms. Brenda Joyce Faulkner (3)
Mrs. Bridget M. Canny Faulkner (4)
Ms. Suzi Faulkner
Mr. Philip E. Fay (3)
Mr. Joseph E. Feeney (12)
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First Class Car Care
First National Bank (2)
First Federal Savings Bank (2)
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Dr. Jennifer Fishkoff
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Ms. Kimberly Ann Flory (7)
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Mr. Gary Winston Flynn (12)
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Mrs. Rilla Clore Foley (3)
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Mr. Lee Henderson Forst
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Mrs. Becky Foster (2)
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Mrs. Nancy B. Foulke (9)
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Mr. and Mrs.Timothy Dwayne Fowler (3)
Mr. and Mrs. John Melvin Fox (4)
Mrs. Nancy P. Prince Fox (9)
Maj. (Ret.) Richard Lynn Fraker, Jr.
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Mr. David M. Fravala (2)
Mr. Kerry Lee Frazier (10)
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Mrs. Wendy C. Free (2)
Mr. Brian David Fremund (2)
French Brothers Cleaners, Inc. (2)
Mrs. Sue Frericks
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Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. Frith (10)
Mrs. Ruth Thomas Froedge (7)
Mrs. Sandra K. Frost (8)
Mr. Paul A. Fryman (2)
Mrs.Terri Kathryn Fugate (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Fuhrer
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Avery Fulks (4)
Dr. David Lloyd Fullen (8)
Mr. Bryan Scott Fuller (3)
Ms. Donna Hines Furlong (2)
Future Designs Building Materials (2)
Ms. Mary Abbitt Fye (3)
Dr. William R. Gabbert (15)
Mr. Wallace Gerald Gabennesch
Mr. Christopher Lind Gaddis
Mr. Andrew King Gailor
Mr. Paul “Skip” Gaines, III (2)
Mr.Theodore Gaither
Mr. Charles Gregory Gallas (2)
Mr. Aaron David Galloway
Ms. Loeta Pile Galloway (2)
Ms. Stacie Marie Gamble
Ms. Kay Gandy (2)
Mr. Carlen R. Gant
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Roy B. and Bobby C. Garrett (13)
Ms. Geneva Garrison (8)
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Dr. and Mrs. Garland R. Garst
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Geoghegan (2)
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Girls 4th Region Basketball Tourn.
Mr. and Mrs. David Payton Givens (12)
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Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Patrick Glasgow (15)
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Western Kentucky University
Western Kentucky University - Annual Giving
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Dr. and Mrs. James W. Grimm (11)
Mrs. Phyllis R. Grimm (3)
Hon. and Mrs. John R. Grise (5)
Alumni Fall 2005
Western Kentucky University and Sygen
International have announced a collaborative
venture that will further establish the
Commonwealth of Kentucky as a leading center for biotechnology and applied research.
Sygen International has agreed to commit $2.5
million over a 10-year period to establish the
Sygen Chair in Biotechnology to enhance the
research and development capacity at Western
Kentucky University.
The chair holder will be a senior scientist
on the WKU faculty in biology. The research
activities of the chair will broadly encompass
aspects of fundamental and applied research,
together with consulting, supervision of postgraduate students, publications, and where
appropriate, the technical support of commercial products.
An international search is underway to
identify candidates with outstanding records of
scholarly achievement and scientific publication, demonstrated excellence in the areas of
animal quantitative genetics or genomics, and
successful incorporation of M.S. or Ph.D. students into research initiatives, as well as a history of developing a research program with a
focus on technology that has potential to stimulate economic development.
“This is good news for Kentucky,” said
WKU President Gary Ransdell, “because
biotechnology represents a critical component
in Kentucky’s vision for economic opportuni-
ties. Biotechnology’s capacity in animal and
plant breeding is the new frontier in Kentucky’s
new economy.
“This partnership between a public university which possesses great academic strength in
biotechnology, together with a private business
which is a world leader in genetics, is of enormous consequence.”
“Sygen recognizes the important role of
university partners in reaching our market
potential,” said Graham Plastow, Chief
Technology Officer for Sygen. “The establishment of this teaching and research position is
the first for our organization in Kentucky, but
builds on decades of commitment by our business units to the state.As a result of this investment by Sygen, the Commonwealth will have
additional opportunities for growth in biotechnology.”
Sygen’s proprietary technology, products
and services enable producers and farmers to
enhance meat quality and improve efficiency in
the production of meat animals through the
application of genetic selection. This unique
combination of quantitative genetics and
biotechnology, which is applicable across all
livestock species, enables farmers and producers to produce higher quality and healthier
non-GMO food products.
Headquartered in Oxfordshire, England,
Sygen companies operate in 30 countries on
five continents, with laboratories located in
Franklin, Ky., USA and Cambridge, UK. Sygen
companies have deep Kentucky roots. Sygen’s
North American swine business unit, PIC, has
been headquartered in Kentucky for more than
30 years. Most recently, Sygen expanded its
offices in 2003 in order to relocate its North
American research operations from Berkeley,
Calif., to Franklin, Ky. Sygen’s technology and
products add value throughout the global meat
supply chain of farmers, breeders, processors,
distributors, retailers and consumers.
Western Kentucky University - Annual Giving
Lindsay Harned, recipient of the Thelma Griggs Piano Scholarship, performs at the Gift of
Music Recital on April 16.
Mr. Michael J. Grossman
Mr. James M. Groves (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Groves (2)
Mrs. Darci K. Guerrein (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Jamie D. Guffey (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Guillory
Mr. Joseph John Guinane
Col. Lindy C. Gunderson (16)
Mrs. Melva J. Guthrie
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Ryan Haas (3)
Mr. Louis A. Haas (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Fredric Norman
Habermel (4)
Mr.Terrence L. Hackett
Mr. and Mrs. Haynes Leconte Haddock
Mr. Gene R. Hagan
Mr. Joseph L. Hagan (14)
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Hagan (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Alexander Hahn II
Mrs. Kelly Neill Haile
Mr. and Mrs. Mark O. Haines (4)
Mr. and Mrs. David Haining (4)
Mr. and Mrs. James Earl Haire (3)
Mr. and Mrs.Virgil Hale (6)
Mr. Robert D. Haley
Dr. Stephen Edward Haley (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Wayne Hall (2)
Mr. Dennis James Hall (2)
Mr. Gregg A. Hall (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Lanny Shayne Hall, Jr. (7)
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Douglas Hall (8)
Mr. and Mrs. Larry C. Hall (5)
Mr. Paul Lester Hall, Jr. (8)
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Eldon Hall (5)
Dr. and Mrs. Jack O. Hall (14)
Mrs. Charlsie M. Halliburton (18)
Ms. Amy Hallwood
Mrs. Karen Washer Halpern (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Ambrose Hamilton
Ms. Ledean Bailey Hamilton (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Hamlet, III (8)
Mrs.Tina Benge Hamm (2)
Mr. Jerry L. Hammonds
Mr. and Mrs. Merrill R. Hammons, Sr. (18)
Mr. William Cecil Hammontree
Hampton Inn (2)
Mr. Brad Handley (3)
Ms. Ann F. Handy (13)
Mr. John Frank Hanel (14)
Ms. Claudia Hanes (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Brian W. Haney
Mr. William Morton Hanna
Mr. John William Hannan (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Hans (5)
Mr. Richard Hansen (2)
Mr. Robert E. Hansen (9)
Ms. Doris Jean Hardcastle (9)
Mrs. June Hardcastle (3)
Mr. Mark Stephen Hardcastle (4)
Mrs. Holly M. Hardenberg (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wilson Hardin (4)
Hardin McLane Company/Realtors (4)
Ms. Norma Jonell Hardison (6)
Mr. Joel K. Hargis (7)
Mr. and Mrs. James Earl Hargrove (5)
Mr. Anthony A. Harkins (2)
Harlan Construction, Inc.
Mr. Douglas Wills Harlan (3)
Ms. Nelda A. Harlow (2)
Mr. Richard N. Harlow (2)
Brenda Joyce Harmon (4)
Mr. Jerry Harmon (2)
Mrs. Betsy Harned
Mr. David A. Harper (3)
Mrs. Jane Y. Harper (6)
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Allen Harpool (15)
Mr. O'Neil Harrell
Dr. William B. Harrell (20)
Harris & Harris, P. S. C. (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Lee Harris (3)
Mr. Benjamin Rush Harris
Mr. Danny L. Harris (16)
Mr. Donald Brent Harris
Mr. Gerry Lee Harris (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ray Harris (11)
Mr. Michael Harris and Mrs. Laura
Henry (2)
Mr. Richard Harris
Mr. Robert Ewing Harris (2)
Hon. William R. Harris (17)
Dr. and Mrs. Danny Lee Harrison (12)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Harrison (4)
Harry Owen Trucking, Inc.
Mr. Charles Louis Hart
Mr. Charles Duane Hartlage (2)
Hartland Equipment Corporation (17)
Mr. and Mrs. David Robert
Hartman (12)
Mr.Timothy James Hartman (11)
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Donald Harvey (3)
Mrs. Ann M. Haszard (16)
Mr. Dudley Wayne Hatcher, Sr. (4)
Ms. Laura A. Haury
Josh and Andrea Hawkins (3)
Mr. David Lee Hawkins (19)
Mr. Walter L. Hawkins (19)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Hay
Mr. Joseph Maurice Hayden
Mrs. Kristie F. Hayden (4)
Dr. and Mrs. Delbert J. Hayden (14)
Mrs. Frances C. Haydon (2)
Ms. Margaret L. Haydon
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace C. Hayes (7)
Mr. Charles M. Haynes (7)
Dr. Charles T. Hays (5)
Ms. Eunice Hays (4)
Mr. Donald R. Hazeltine
Mr. Robert J. Heady (9)
Heartland Insurance Agency, Inc.
Heartland Pathology Consultant (2)
Mrs. Lily Beth Hedges (6)
Mr. Roy D. Hedges (d.) (6)
Mr. Arthur L. Hedgspeth (6)
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Patrick Heffley (10)
Ms. Sheryl L. Heggs (3)
Dr. and Mrs. James M. Heldman (24)
Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Helm (6)
Mr. Nelson Helm, Jr. (2)
Mr. Ronald James Helms (2)
Mr. Dale Roger Helton (8)
Henderson YMCA
Mrs. Carole B. Henderson
Mrs. Lea Carole Henderson
Mrs. Melanie Lee Henderson (5)
Mrs. June Hanna Hendrick (2)
Mr. Steve Hendrick (3)
Dr. Charles H. Henrickson (18)
Ms. Daffney Alice Henry (2)
Mr. James Henry (12)
Mr. Kenneth C. Henry (3)
Mr. Allen A. Hensley (2)
Herbert B. Sparks,Attorney At Law (2)
Heritage Bank of Hopkinsville, KY
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Herndon (3)
Dr. Roy L. Herndon
Mr. and Mrs. Stan Michael Herren (2)
Mr. Matthew William Hester
Mr. Kevin Brian Hetzer (2)
Dr. Susan Jane Hibbs
Mr. James Eric Hickerson (6)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Hickman
Mr. Edward Lee Hickman (4)
Mr. Andrew Robert Hicks (12)
Mr. Charles T. Hicks (7)
Mr. Mark L. Higbee
Mr. and Mrs. Scott T. Higdon (8)
Mrs. Belinda Waller Higginbotham (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Marshall Higgins
Mr. Rickie Lee Higgs (2)
Mrs. Marla Kay Highbaugh (3)
Mr. Gerald R. Hignite
Mrs. Barbara W. Hill
Dr. Camille Crunelle Hill (12)
Mr. David M. Hill (4)
Mrs. Clarice Hill (3)
Mr. James E. Hill (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Hill (3)
Mrs. Lori A. Defoor Hill (8)
Mr. Michael A. Hille
Ms. Delores L. Hilliard
Mr. Luke Hilton (13)
Ms. Amanda Lea Hines
Mr. and Mrs. G. Cliff Hines (15)
Mr.Thomas C. Hines (3)
Ms. Joy Louise Hinkle
Mr. and Mrs. Sam D. Hinkle, IV
Ms. Betty Jean Hinton (13)
Mr. and Mrs. Bryant Wesley Hinton (2)
Mr. Corey Lee Hobbs
Mr. Byron Lee Hobgood
Mr. and Mrs. Albert K. Hockensmith
Mr. Phillip D. Hocking
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Preston Hodges (3)
Mr. Brett Paxson Hoffman (2)
Dr. Wayne Hoffman
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Kyle Hogan (2)
Ms.Tammy Hogan
Mr. Morton Holbrook (14)
Mr. H. Scott Holder (2)
Mr.Thomas C. Holderfield (6)
Dr. Beverley and Mr. James Holland (3)
Lt. Col. Emmet Elmer Holley (3)
Mr. R. Kent Holley
Mr. James Roger Hollins (5)
Mr. Michael O. Holm
Mr. and Mrs. Henry T. Holman
Ms. Jeanette M. Holman (3)
Ms. Darla Holt (6)
Ms. Linda Holthaus
Mr. Robert J. Holtzman
Mr. James J. Homolka (10)
Mr. Mark Hood
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas R. Hood
Mr. and Mrs. Asa Eugene Hoofer (4)
Col. and Mrs.Thomas W. Hoover (17)
Hopkins Automotive, Inc.
Mr. Jeff Hopkins
Mr. Guthrie Horgan
Mr. and Mrs. Darrin McKinley Horn (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Horn (18)
Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Gene Horn (13)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Horn (19)
Mr. and Mrs. Finis E. Horne (2)
Ms. Mary Ellen Wiederwohl Horner
Mrs. Emily Jane Hoskins (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Brent Houchin (3)
Mrs. Jean Clark Houghton (3)
Household International
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Houston (3)
Mr. Rick Houston (4)
Mrs.Virginia E. Hovious (2)
Mr. Buford Howard (2)
Mr. David Howard
Mr. and Mrs. David Alan Howard (2)
Mr. Glenn Carlas Howard
Dr. H. Fred Howard
Mrs. Patricia M. Howard
Dr. William R. Howard (2)
Howards Creek District ME Assoc.
Mr. Frank B. Hower, Jr.
Mr. Roy Michael Howsen (8)
Mr. and Mrs. J. David Huber (7)
Mr. James Paul Hubert
Huddleston Van Zant, P. S. C.
Hon. and Mrs. Joseph R. Huddleston (20)
Ms. Macie Wanella Huddleston (14)
Mr.Timothy W. Hudnall (4)
Mr. Ancil Hudson
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard H. Hudson (24)
Mr. and Mrs. Jamie I. Huff (2)
Mr. Daniel Brent Huffman (2)
Mr. and Mrs. David Ambrose Huffman
Ms. Nancy T. Huffman (4)
Mr. Joe Burgin Huggins
Col. (Ret.) Nathan Wallis Huggins (2)
Mr. Bryan Forest Hughes (4)
Mr. Estle Ray Hughes (8)
Mr. Hugh Tim Hughes (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Stewart
Hughes (4)
Mrs. Sandra W. Hughes
Mr. and Mrs. C.T. Hughes (20)
Mr. and Mrs. James Randolph
Huguely (4)
Ms. Christine G. Hullett (10)
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Hulsey (17)
Maj. Gen. (Ret) and Mrs. Jerry D.
Humble (3)
Dr.Timothy D. Hume (5)
Mr. Bobby Humes and Mrs. Linda
Patterson (17)
Mrs.Teresa Kay Humphrey (8)
Mr.V. C. Humphrey (7)
Mr. Roy G. Hundley
Mr. Billy F. Hunt
Ms. Kimberly Davenport Hunt (3)
Mrs. Nancy Davenport Hunt (5)
Hunter Parts and Services
Mr. Rick Hunter
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Allen Hunton (14)
Mrs.Virginia T. Hurley (7)
Mr. Christian L. Hurst (4)
Mr. Rickey Earl Husk (9)
Mrs. Ann P. Huskey (7)
Ms. Alyce C. Hutchins (7)
Rebecca McCaulley Hutchison, MSFS (4)
Mr. John Thomas Hutton (2)
Ms. Grace V. Hyde (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Phillip Idlett
Dr. and Mrs. Bryan T. Iglehart (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Immings
Dr. Rosemary Oliphant Ingham
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Iracane
Mr. Edward James Ising (15)
J. W. Insurance Agency (2)
Mr. Malcolm D. Jackson (8)
Ms. Renee E. Jackson
Mr. Sigrid H. Jacobshagen (2)
Mrs. Patricia Lindsey Jaggers (3)
Mr. Scott Jaggers
James Lee Plumbing
Mr. and Mrs. Hubert V. James
Hon. Joe Moss James (13)
Dr. Narendra James
Mr. Robert L. James
Janet M. Salyers, M.A., P.A. (2)
Mr. Paul Joseph Janssen (8)
Dr. Charles Daniel Jarboe
Mrs. Edith Walters Jarosz (3)
Mr. John Stuart Jarvis (5)
Mrs. Nita G. Jaynes (8)
Mr. Elbert B. Jean (6)
Mr. C. H. Jeannette (12)
Mr. Jack Jeannette
Mr. Stephen Joseph Jecker
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas Lyle Jecker (3)
Ms. Beth Lane Jeffers
Mrs. Belinda M. Jefferson (8)
Mr. Eddie Lee Jefferson
Mr. Russell Jefferson
Jeffrey T. Morgan, DMD
Mr. and Mrs. Brian T. Jeffries (4)
Mr. Brian M. Jenkins (2)
Mr. Donald H. Jenkins (8)
Master Sgt. (Ret.) Luther V. Jenkins (4)
Mrs. Patricia A. Jenkinson (2)
Mr. Paul Thomas Jennings
Mr. Larry Robert Jewell
Mr. Roy Jewell
Jimmy John's
Mrs. Florence H. Joeckel
Mr. Benge Johnson (12)
Dr. and Mrs. Bertil G. Johnson (11)
Mr. Brian Keith Johnson (16)
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Johnson (3)
Mr. Ishmael E. Johnson (14)
Mr. J. Lewis Johnson, Jr. (3)
Col. Jackie F. Johnson
Mr. Jeffrey Davis Johnson (4)
Mrs. Jo Alice Johnson (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Johnson, Jr. (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Brandon T. Johnson
Mr. Kenneth R. Johnson (3)
Mrs. Kimberly Ann Johnson (3)
Western Kentucky University
Western Kentucky University - Annual Giving
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Glenn Johnson (19)
Mark Johnson and Elizabeth
Downing (14)
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Ford Johnson (10)
Mr. Meredith Johnson (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Daren Lawrence Johnson
Hon. Rebecca J. Johnson (4)
Hon. Rickie Allen Johnson (3)
Mr. Robert T. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. H.Troy Johnson (30)
Dr.Thomas W. Johnson (3)
Mr.Timothy W. Johnson (8)
Lt. Col. and Mrs. Michael E. Johnson (3)
Jones Do It Center
Mr. Charles Ray Jones
Mr. Donald E. Jones (7)
Dr. Edward A. Jones (13)
Ms. Holly F. Jones
Mr. John E. Jones
Mrs. Judy Gaye Jones (3)
Mrs. Kristin R. Jones (4)
Mrs. Malinda Jones (2)
Ms. Nancy C. Jones (13)
Mr. David Jordan
Mrs. Frances C. Jordan
Mr. Havard A. Jordan, Jr. (3)
Mrs.Virginia Owens Joyce (5)
Judy Greene Enterprises, Inc. (2)
Mr. and Mrs.T. Marshall Judy (12)
Ms. Wilma Jean Julius (3)
Mrs. Cornella Jurling
Mr. Zachary M. Kafoglis (19)
Mr. William G. Kaiser (13)
Ms. Laura Kamperman (2)
Mr. James W. Kanan (3)
Mr. Mike Kanan
Kapos (2)
Mr. Michael Francis Karnes (3)
Lt. Col. and Mrs. Edmund Powell Karr
Mr. Kevin Lemoine Kast (2)
Mr. Wayne M. Kay (7)
Dr. Mark Glenn Keen (3)
Ms. Barbara T. Keith (8)
Mr. Douglas Bailey Keith (3)
Mr. John Keith
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas William Keith (4)
Mr. Robert C. Kellermeier
Mr. Carl T. Kelley (2)
Mr. Jack O. Kelley
Mr. Marc N. Kelley (12)
Mr. William E. Kelley, Sr. (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Edwin Kelly (2)
Mr. and Mrs. David Nelson Kelly (2)
Mr. Marshall Hadden Kemp, II (8)
Mr. Robert L. Kempf (6)
Kenneth Simpson Construction, Inc. (14)
Mrs. Melissa B. Kennon
Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance
Kentucky School Public Relations
Mrs. Loyce B. Keough (8)
Ms. Ann Toni Kereiakes
Mr. James William Kerr (3)
Deanna Phillips Kerrigan, MBA, CPA (4)
Mrs. Kyra W. Ketron (10)
Mrs. Jenna Rae Key
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Matthew Keyser (9)
Mr. and Mrs. Scott F. Kilgore (2)
Mr. Brandon S. Killebrew (3)
Ms. Mildred A. Killian (8)
Mr. Edward Thomas King, Jr. (5)
Mr. Elwood F. King
Mrs. Nancy L. King (12)
Linda J. and Stephen E. King (8)
Ms. Lana Kington (4)
Mr. Randall L. Kinnersley (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Billy B. Kinslow (2)
Dr. Kiraly and Dr. Kacer (5)
Mr. Steven R. Kirby
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Edmond
Kirchner (9)
Mr. Robert S. Kirkland (3)
Mr. Ben L. Kirkpatrick (2)
Mr. and Mrs. James Trace Kirkwood (4)
Mr. Dwight O. Kittell (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Larry T. Kittinger (12)
Mrs. LeAnn Klineline (2)
Ms. Susan Lee Knatz
Mrs. Miliska Knauft
Dr. Robert B. Knowles
Ms. Evelyn Knox
Alumni Fall 2005
Mrs. Deloris L. Koch (10)
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Russell Koenen (17)
Dr. Irene Kokkala (6)
Mr. and Mrs. George R.
Kolbenschlag (10)
Mrs. Sally Lou Kopanski
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas Paul Kopatich (17)
Mr. Donald B. Korb (4)
Dr. William Kornfeld (9)
Mr.Thomas Richard Kovach
Mrs. Kathryn T. Kozero
Mrs. Elisabeth P. Kral
Mr. and Mrs. Clint Edwin Krause
Mr. and Mrs. Howard J. Krauss (5)
Mrs. Ashley Rose Kretzmeier (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Kjell Kristiansen (5)
Mrs. Andrea Beth Kristof (2)
Mrs. Sue V. Kroupa (2)
Mrs. Bonnie J. Kuhn
Mr. Gregory J. Kunkel (3)
Kofi B. Kwarteng
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Douglas Lacefield (3)
Capt. Robert Nathaniel Ladd
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Keith Laferty
Mr. and Mrs. Sean Lyle Laflin
Mr. David Gregory Laird (7)
Mr. and Mrs. C. Gregory Lamb (4)
Mrs. Carolyn Delores Lambert (3)
Mrs. Dianne L. Lambert (6)
Mr. Kenneth Lee Lamkin
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Lampkins (2)
Mr. Joe L. Lancaster, Jr. (9)
Mr. Peter M. Landreth (13)
Mrs. Eveyln W. Lane
Dr. and Mrs. David M. Lane (9)
Lanesville Food Mart, Inc.
Mr. Charles Lang
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Langdon (5)
Mr. Charles Daniel Lanham
Ms.Tracy Marie Lara
Mr. Preston Denny Larkin
Mrs. Sherry Howell Larson (10)
Col. Ret. James Michael Lasalvia
Law Office of Gerry L. Harris
Dr. Sandra Lawler
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Lawrence (2)
Mr. Richard Allen Lawrence (5)
Mrs.Theresa C. Lawrence (3)
Lt. Col. (Ret.) Owen D. Lawson
Mrs. Deanna Enoch Layman (12)
Mr. Billy Darrel Leach (12)
Mrs. Lynne Leach (2)
Mrs. Patricia L. Leach (3)
Dr. Patrick Book Leach (3)
Ms. Amy Leachman (4)
Mr. James Daniel Leahy
The Learning Tree Fine Arts Center (2)
Mr. Dan E. Lee (3)
Dr. Joseph M. Lee (4)
Mr. Randy Wayne Lee (5)
Mr. Brice Terry Leech, Jr. (2)
Mr. Michael D. Legg (4)
Leitchfield Deposit Bank (3)
Mr. Jude Thaddeus Lenahan, Jr. (4)
Dr. Steven D. Lenn (6)
Mr. Joseph Paul Leone, Jr. (6)
Lessenberry Realty Company
Mr. Robert A. Lessenberry
Mr. Richard Levy
Mr. Docey Lewis
Ms. Patricia Ann Lewis
Mr.Vernon Robert Lewis (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Lich
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Liedtke (4)
Lindsey Madison Institute
Mrs. Cara Leta Lindsey (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Paul Lindsey
Mr. and Mrs.Tony D. Lindsey (2)
Mrs. Frances M. Link (2)
Mr. Leon D. Link (6)
Mrs. Andrea Joan Lischer
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Littell (5)
Mr. and Mrs. George William Little, Jr. (5)
Mr. and Mrs.Wayne Thomas Lively (9)
Ms.Theresa D. Livers (2)
Ms. Mildred Livesay (11)
Mrs. Clariss B. Lloyd (7)
Loch Mary Friends
Mr. Phillip Marshall Locke (18)
Lockheed Martin Corporation
Mr. Richard Loeffler (3)
Ms. Nancy M. Logan (7)
Mr. Joseph D. Long (14)
Ms. Mary Camille Long
Mr. Robert C. Long (3)
Morris and Barbara Longacre (5)
Ms. Brenda Longhofer (2)
Ms. Phyllis K. Lonneman
Ronald and Alice Chumbley Lora (5)
Louisville Junior Miss
Dr. Nathan Leroy Love
Dr. Donald Ray Lovelace (9)
Mr. Ralph L. Lovelace (15)
Mr. John Culp Lovett
Mr. William Henry Lowendick
Drs. John Lynn and Bobbie Boyd
Lubker (6)
Lubrizol Foundation
Mrs. Jean Lucas (3)
Ms. Natalie Rae Lund (19)
Mrs. Elizabeth Minnich Lupo (2)
Mr. William G. Lussky
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Luther
Mrs. Gaynell B. Luttrell (4)
Mr. and Mrs.Timothy Lutz
Mr. George R. Lynch (7)
Mr.Thomas P. Lynch (9)
Ms. Martha Jo Lyne (14)
Lynn J. Cothron Family Dentistry
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hayden Lyon (15)
Mr. B. W. Lyons (3)
Mrs. Joy Medley Lyons
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas K. Lyons (8)
Mr. Louis B. Lyvers (12)
Ms.Yvette Elyria Mack
Drs. Deanna and Frederick Mader (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Billy G. Madison (4)
Mrs. Debra Young Maggart
Ms. Glema M. Mahr (2)
Mr. and Mrs. James Richard Mahurin
Ms. Paula Metzger Maier
Mr. Jason Christian Mallory (3)
Mrs. Carolyn S. Mancinik (4)
Mrs. Charlene Mae Manco (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mann, Jr.
Ms. Bonnie D. Manry (18)
Mr. Michael David Manship (3)
Ms. Deborah J. Marchand (2)
Ms. Louise C. Marcum (8)
Mr. Howard J. Margolis (4)
Mark E. Clark, CPA, P.S.C. (2)
Mr. Ronald Markwell (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Quinten B. Marquette (16)
Dr. and Mrs. John Marsh (3)
Mr. Walter Marsh
Marshall Alexander American Legion
Mr. Carl Marshall
Mr. Kenneth Alvin Marshall, Jr. (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Marshall (5)
Ms. Patricia Hill Marshall (3)
Mr.Thomas A. Marshall
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cecil Martin
Ms. Edith Wells Martin (7)
Mr. Greg Martin (4)
Mr. Guy Martin, Jr. (15)
Ms. Linda G. Martin
Ms. Sara L. Martin
Mrs. Shirley H. Martin (8)
Mr.Thomas A. Martin (3)
Dr. and Mrs. Carl Richard Martray (5)
Mr. and Mrs. John Thomas Mason (9)
Maj. and Mrs. Donald G. Mason (13)
Dr. Cynthia P. Mason
Mr. Steven Douglas Mason (6)
Mr. Henry T. Massalon (11)
Dr. and Mrs. Martin A. Massengale (17)
Mr. Robert Earl Mastin (2)
Mr. Giulio Mastropasqua (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Alan Mateja (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald P. Matera (24)
Mr.Thomas J. Maurer (6)
Ms. Wanda Pauline May
Mr. Bret Lee Mayberry (8)
Mr. Stephen J. Mayer
Mr.Tony Joe Mayes (16)
Mr. Ezra Gordon Maynard, II
Ms. Cindy S. McCallister
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Wayne McCarty (18)
Mr. and Mrs.Warren H. McCaulley (5)
Ms. Cheryl McClain
Mr. John W. McClain (2)
Mrs. Rosetta McClain
Mr. A. Herb McClaugherty
Mr. John D. McClearn (3)
Mr. Dennis W. McClellan (3)
Mr. Robert W. McClement, Jr. (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W.
McClenaghan (2)
Ms. Sheree McClernan (5)
Ms. Kelly Lynn McClure (3)
Mr. Mitchell Jay McConnell (16)
Lt. Col. Ronald O. McCown (16)
Dr. and Mrs. William J. McCoy (7)
Mrs. Judy C. McCoy (2)
Mr. Dale McCreary
Ms. Katherine McCutchen
Mr. Randall Roger McDevitt (7)
Mrs. Dorothy Elise McDivitt (19)
Mr. Dewayne A. McDonald
Mr. Mac McDonald
Mrs. Susan Rae McDonald
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ray McDonner
Mr. Paul Edward McDougal (4)
Mr. Roddy David McDowell
Mr. Douglas McElroy (7)
Mr. Richard Keith McFall (2)
Mr. Kenneth R. McGhee
Dr. and Mrs. William R. McGhee (3)
Mr. Benjamin Poindexter McGill, Jr. (13)
Mr. Jeffrey L. McGill (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Mark McGill (10)
Mr. Michael P. McGinley
Mr. Dennis Robert McGlincy (7)
Dr. Pat McGrath (5)
Mr. Randall Wade McGraw
McGraw Hill Foundation
Mr. Ray D. McGregor, III
Mr. Bobby B. McGuire (7)
Mr. Donald Joseph McGuire (7)
Ms. Pauline B. McIlvoy (6)
Ms.Victoria McKinley (3)
Mr. Jason Lewis McKinney
Mr. Keith C. McKinney (3)
Mr. Scotty L. McKinney (2)
Mr. William Ray McKinney (2)
Mr. and Mrs.William Hardin McLane (24)
Mr. Andrew M. McLaren (12)
Mr. David G. McLaren (5)
Mr. Patrick W. McLaughlin (4)
Mr. Michael Dwayne McLaury (2)
Mr. and Mrs. William E. McMahon
Mrs.Tobie R. McMahon
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. McMillin (10)
Dr. Mary Kathryn McNeal (6)
Mr. J. G. McPherson (5)
Ms.Valarie McPherson
Mr. and Mrs. John V. McReynolds (12)
Col. Charles E. McWhorter (3)
Marty Meacham
Mr. Walker E. Meacham (6)
Joe W. Meador (17)
Dr. Ruby F. Meador (4)
Mr. and Mrs.Trafton Coy Meadows (4)
Mrs. Rosan Medaris (18)
Mrs. Mary K. Medley (12)
Ms. Jenna N. Medlin
Mr. Allen J. Medus, Jr. (9)
Mr. Robert Lawrence Meek (3)
Dr. Ronald A. Meeks (2)
Mr. Paul Mefford (2)
Drs. Albert and Ouida Meier (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew A. Meineke
Melloan Real Estate (2)
Mr. and Mrs. John Gordon Melloan (4)
Mr. Samuel Headley Melloy (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Melton
Mrs. Lisa Eversole Mencer
Ms. Sara A. Mendell
Mrs. Robin Andrews Mercer (8)
Ms. Courtney Meredith
Mr. Robert D. Meredith (2)
Mr. Ronnie Allen Meredith
Metcalfe County Extension
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Mette (16)
Dr. and Mrs. Frank J. Metzmeier (12)
Mrs.Anna Faye Clemmons Meunier (3)
Mr. Brian K. Meyer
Mr. Hugh A. Meyer, III (17)
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Meyer (5)
Meyer Mortgage Corporation (12)
Dr. M. Michelson and Dr. J. Beattie (14)
Mr. Jerry Mitchell Midden (10)
Mr. Donald G. Middendorf
Ms. Sylvia F. Middleton (16)
Mr. James L. Mignerey (3)
Mike Breen, Attorney at Law (2)
Mr. Joseph Richard Milak (11)
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew D. Milburn (7)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Miles, Jr.
Mr. James Edward Miles
Mrs. Amy Sue Miller
Mr. Arthur L. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Carl William Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher N. Miller (3)
Mrs. Connie Sue Miller
Mr. David R. Miller
Mr. David Todd Miller (4)
Mr. Douglas Bruce Miller (2)
Dr. Francis M. Miller (15)
Mrs. Gian Miller (12)
Ms. Jamie Lynn Miller (3)
Mr. John Mark Miller
Mr. John Pearson Miller (9)
Mr. Joseph Anthony Miller (3)
Mr. Kenneth H. Miller (17)
Mr. L. Grant Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Lanny Royce Miller (17)
Dr. Leslie Scott Miller
Ms. Margaret Ann Miller (3)
Professor Mary Ellen Miller (17)
Mr. Morris L. Miller, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Miller (18)
Mr.Troy S. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. “Jakie” Miller (13)
Mr. William Jesse Miller, II (3)
Mr. Maurice R. Millett (5)
Mr. John M. Milliken (4)
Ms. Constance Ann Mills (18)
Mr. James Don Mills (13)
Mr. Nathaniel C. Mills (7)
Mrs. Angela M. Mimms (12)
Mrs. Pamela N. Minke (2)
Mr. Harold Timothy Minor (5)
Dr. Patricia and Mr. Michael A. Minter (8)
Mr. Carl Joseph Mistlebauer (2)
Ms. C. C. Mitchell (4)
Mrs. Eleanor B. Mitchell (16)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Mitchell (9)
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald M. Mitchell (3)
Mitzi Richardson Counseling
MMC Matching Gifts
Mr. and Mrs. Kai Cheong Mo (3)
Mr. Melvin E. Modderman (10)
Mr. Daniel Lyle Modlin (15)
Dr. Charles L. Moffatt (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Mohammed
Moghadamian (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Mohler (4)
Mona R. Stone Insurance Company
Mr. William J. Monin (2)
Monsanto Company
Ms. Jacquelyn Montgomery
Mr. and Mrs. Jack G. Montgomery (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Shaw Montgomery
Monumental Life Charitable Foundation
Mr. Billy Moody (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Marlin Dale Moody (13)
Mr.Thomas Newton Moody (22)
Mr. Curtis Calvin Mooney (7)
Mr. Ricky Mooneyhan
Mr. Donald F. Moore (3)
Dr. and Mrs. Conrad Taylor Moore (16)
Dr. James Frederick Moore, Jr. (6)
Mrs. Jean H. Moore (16)
Dr. John A. Moore (4)
Mr. Nathan C. Moore (4)
Mr. and Mrs.Terrence Lamont Thom
Mr. Robert Warren Moore (3)
Ms. Robin L. Moore (3)
Mr. and Mrs. David K. Moorman (7)
Mrs. Joyce A. Moran
Mrs. Julia Emberton Moran
Mr. and Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Moran (7)
Dr. Jeffrey Thomas Morgan
Ms.Tish Bryson Morgan (30)
Mr. Richard G. Morris (3)
Mr. William Kinnaird Morrison (7)
Mr. Dent Morriss (2)
Mrs. Carolyn Morrow
Western Kentucky University - Annual Giving
Mr. Dale G. Morton (7)
Dr. Charmaine and Mr. William O.
Mosby (18)
Mr. Dick Moseley (3)
Dr. Douglas D. Moseley (3)
Mr. Daniel Leon Mosier (2)
Mrs. Marjorie P. Mosiman
Mr. Robert E. Mosley (10)
Ms.Tracy Lynn Mosley (9)
Mr. Pete Moss
Mr. James Robert Mountain (2)
Mr. Patrick J. Mountain (6)
Mr.Thomas George Mountain (2)
Ms. Sydney E. Mountford
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Keith Mounts (14)
Mrs. Nancy R. Mouser (15)
Mr. and Mrs.Timothy Joseph Mudd (3)
Mr. Fred N. Mudge
Dr. Gary L. Mueller (7)
Ms. Mary Martha Mueller (6)
Mr. and Mrs.William Joseph Muller (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Edwin Mullikin (9)
Mrs. Sandra W. Murabito (7)
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Murphy, Jr. (11)
Mr. Michael Lee Murphy (16)
Mr. Kevin N. Murray
Mrs. Susan L. Mettert Mustatia (3)
Dr. Bradford E. Mutchler, Jr. (4)
Mrs.Virginia S. Mutchler (6)
Mrs. Kassandra K. Myers (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Justin P. Mylor, Jr. (2)
Mr. John Kevin Nagel (14)
Mr. Keith Alan Nagle (3)
Mrs. Marjorie C. Nahm (19)
Ms. June Nakoski
Mrs. Joyce P. Nall (10)
Dr. and Mrs. William D. Nally (2)
Dr. Allan M. Nash (2)
Mrs. Marilou C. Nash (15)
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Lee Nash (4)
Mrs. Barbara H. Nation (7)
Mr. Michael R. Naton (3)
Nat's Outdoor Sports, Inc. (2)
Ms. Julie Neal
Mr. and Mrs. Kenny Nealy
Mr. and Mrs. William Nedvidek (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Hal Neel (12)
Ms. Burla Neeley
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Nehm (2)
Mrs. Barbara E. Neighbors
Mr. Kenneth M. Neighbors (4)
Mr. Ricky Neal Nelson
Mr. William A. Nelson
Ms. Betty Neville
Ms. Marcia W. Newberry (4)
Mrs. Annette Newby (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Newby (6)
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas Wyatt
Newcom (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Earl Newman
Ms. Polly E. Newman (4)
NewMarket Services Corporation
Mr. Charles George Newton, Jr. (7)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Newton
Mr. Darwin L. Newton (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Newton (7)
Mr.Trung Chi Nguyen
Mr.Tuan Dinh Nguyen
Mr. Paul J. Nichol (2)
Mrs. Debbie L. Nichols (6)
Mr. John M. Nichols
Mrs. Marie B. Nicholson (8)
Ms. Nadine Ford Nicks
Ms. Sarah Elizabeth Nicks (11)
Mr. James Frank Nirmaier
Mr. Joel M. Nivens, Sr. (3)
Mr. Lynwood Nixon (8)
Mr. Stewart G. Noble (2)
Ms. Carol Perry Noe (3)
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas A. Noe (7)
Mr. Donald Anthony Noel
Mr. Patrick James Noon (9)
Ms. Ginger Taylor Norris
Mr. Keith Wayne Norris
Mr. and Mrs.Tim Norris (9)
Mr. Randall Edward Norris (2)
North America Administrators, Inc. (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Larkin Joel Northern (4)
Northrop Grumman Foundation
Mr. Neil Norton (d.) (6)
Dr.Thomas Carlen Noser (2)
Mr. Gerald W. Nottingham (3)
Mr. Alexander Nottmeier
Mr. N.Thomas Nuckols, III (7)
Mr. Robert John Nugent
Mrs. Sarah C. Nunnelly (2)
Col. and Mrs. Raymond T. Nutter (2)
Ms. Linda W. O'Brien (7)
Mr. Michael O'Brien
Dr. and Mrs. John O'Connor (23)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. O'Keefe
Okolona High School Alumni (4)
Mrs. Janet L. O'Koon (3)
Mr. Louis O'Korn (6)
Mrs. Karin K. Olinger (4)
Ms. Kimberly A. Oliphant
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory M. Oliver (8)
Dr. Charles M. and Mrs. Helen V. Oliver
Dr. Jane I. Olmsted (7)
Ms. Deborah L. Olsofka (3)
Mrs. Margaret S. O'Malley (6)
Mr. and Mrs. C. Gregory O'Neil (11)
Mr. K. Osi Onyekwuluje
Dr. Mary Hall O'Phelan (9)
Mr. Michael J. Orefice
Col. (Ret.) and Mrs. Norman E. Orr (8)
Mr. Wayne A. Orscheln (12)
Mrs. Mary Bandy Orzo (2)
Mr. Larry G. Osborne (3)
Mr. and Mrs. John N. Osborne (9)
Mrs. Ruth D. Osburn (5)
Ms. Fryer and Mr. Oslakovic
Mr. Gregory Allen Ostendorf (8)
Ms. Elizabeth Osting
Mrs. Holly B. Ota (6)
Mr. James Michael Otto
Dr. Robert A. Otto (17)
Our Gang Investments
Mr. Calvin Neil Overstreet
Mr.Tim Owens
Martha and Bob Owsley (5)
Takeshi Ozawa
Mr. Joseph G. Packard
Mr. Robert Padgett
Dr.Thomas Barry Padgett (2)
Ms. Reba Page
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mark Page (18)
Mr. and Mrs. Brett F. Painter
Panther Youth Sports
Mr. and Mrs. Millard Coley Pardue
Mr. and Mrs. James Glenn Parker (3)
Dr. and Mrs. John David Parker (23)
Mr. Robert David Parker (3)
Mr. Steve Murray Parker, Jr.
Mr. Danny B. Parrish (6)
Mrs. Mary Louise Parrish (8)
Drs. Kelli and David Parrott (5)
Mrs. Carol Parson (2)
Ms. Kimberly Jo Parson
Party 1 Superstore
Dr. Surya Patel (10)
Mr. Alexander Bruce Patrick (4)
Mr. and Mrs.Twyman L. Patterson (4)
Patton Funeral Home (2)
Mr. Donald Glenn Patton
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney L. Patton (20)
Mr. and Mrs. Howell C. Patton, III
Ms. Jeanne Alexander Patton (6)
Dr. Marcus Patton
Mrs. Marianne L. Patton (2)
Mrs. Suzette Kinder Patton (4)
Paul Davis Restoration, Inc. (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Paxton (14)
Mr. Barry Payne (3)
Mr. John F. Payne
Mr. R. Barkley Payne
Mrs. Dorothy Shea Payton
Mr. and Mrs. Clabe Pearson
Mr. David Michael Peden (2)
Mrs. Mary Dean Pedigo (3)
Mr. Charles F. Pemberton
Mr. and Mrs. D. Gaines Penn (7)
Mr. Darrell Austin Pennington (2)
Mr. Garnet E. Pennington (3)
Mr. Larry Pennington (5)
Mr. Ronald B. Pennycuff (9)
Pep Fire Equipment
Frances and Oscar Perdue (24)
Mr. Christopher Wood Pergrem
Maj. Frederick B. Perkins (2)
Mr. Jeffrey L. Perkins
Mr. John Casey Perkins, Jr. (7)
Ms. Leta Gaye Perkins
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas B. Perkins
Mr. and Mrs.Troy R. Perkins (3)
Mr. and Mrs.William Lee Perkins, Jr. (3)
Mr. Donald Havel Perry (3)
Mr. Edwin H. Perry
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Ben Perry (4)
Mrs. Margaret F. Persilver (2)
Mr. Arthur C. Peter
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Albert Peters, III (3)
Dr. Albert J. Petersen, Jr. (4)
Mrs. Sue Petersen
Mr. Jon Nels Peterson (4)
Ms. Carrie E. Petrocelli
PeTroCoke, Inc.
Mrs. Betty G. Pfannerstill (25)
Dr. Peter Edward Pfannerstill (3)
Mr.Thomas A. Pfannerstill, Sr. (d.) (7)
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Pfohl, Jr. (10)
Burley and Beverly Phelan (7)
Ms. Irene K. Phelps (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan A. Phelps (9)
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Phillips
Mr. Lawrence D. Phillips (4)
Mr. Stuart Louis Phillips (3)
Mr. Don O. Pickerill (3)
Mr. Kyle Calhoun Pierce
Ms. Pennie Pierce
Mrs. Rebecca Ann Pierce (6)
Pike Electric, Inc. (3)
Mr. Dennis W. Pike, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Pilegge (3)
Mr. Ned Pillersdorf
Mr. Patrick Alan Pinder (6)
Mr. Charles P. Ping (3)
Ms. Devon Lynette Pinkston (7)
Mr. Jon W. Pipe (18)
Mr. Edward Lee Pippin, Jr. (9)
Mr. Stephan Pirtle (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Philip D. Pitcock (2)
Mrs. Sheri Lea Plain
Ms. Christine Anne Platt (3)
PLJ Anesthesia (3)
Mr. Richard McCurdy Plummer (7)
Mr. and Mrs.Walton Dale Plummer (8)
Mr. Joseph Daniel Plunk (4)
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas Glenn Pobanz (2)
Mr. Charles Edward Polk, III (9)
Sgt. 1st Class and Mrs. Douglas E. Pollard
Polson & Company, PSC
Mr. Robert W. Poole (3)
Mr. John R. Poore (4)
Mr. James Russell Pope (12)
Mr. Donald G. Porter (6)
Mr. and Mrs. John Henry Porter (14)
Mr. Stevan Dean Porter (3)
Portland Christian School
Portland High School (2)
Mr. and Mrs.Terry Lee Potter (2)
Mrs. Jan Pottorff
Mrs. Gwynne Bryant Potts (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher W. Poulos (2)
Mrs. Carolyn Sie Powell
Ms. Dorris Faye Powell (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Freeman C. Powell (11)
Mrs. Gay V. C. Powell (2)
Mr. Gregory Wayne Powell
Mr. Gregory William Powell (11)
Mr. and Mrs.William Arthur Powell (16)
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Powell (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Alan D. Powers (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Randall Gene Powers (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell G. Powers
Powr-Lite Electric Supplies (21)
Mr. Chris D. Poynter
Mr. Gerald D. Poynter
Ms. Carrie Frances Pratt (3)
Mrs. Julia F. Pratt
Mr. Dwight Preston (4)
Ms. Megan Preston
Mr. Corey Lee Prewitt
Ms. Joann K. Prewitt
Mrs. Chrissy D. M. Pribyla (4)
Mr. and Mrs. William O. Price (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Willard F. Price (7)
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas Jay Price (10)
Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Price (17)
Mr. Lewis Ray Priddy (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Marcus W. Priddy (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Philip D. Priddy (3)
Princeton Rotary Club
Mr. and Mrs. John Russell Prine
Mr.Thomas Henry Pritchard, III (3)
Mr. Lawrence Keith Probus (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Dare Prochaska (5)
Professional Embryo Services
Mr. David M. Prow (2)
Mr. Jeremy Ross Pruitt
Mr. Joseph Michael Pruitt
Mr. Andrew M. Prusz (3)
Dr. and Mrs. Dillon Hugh Puckett (2)
Mr. William A. Pulce
Mr. Stephen Vincent Pulliam (3)
Mr. Kenneth Pushko (3)
Mr. Leonard Pyzynski, Jr. (16)
Ms. Nancy L. Quarcelino (2)
Mr. and Mrs. John Robert Quire (6)
Mr. and Mrs. John Allan Ragan (3)
Mr.Thomas Bradley Ragland
Mr.Thomas D. Rainbow (2)
Capt. and Mrs. Al Demeaches
Ralston (2)
Mrs. Katrina D. Ramey (d.) (3)
Mr. Mark Alan Ramey (3)
Mrs. Miriam B. Ramirez (18)
Dr. and Mrs. James R. Ramsey
Mr. John L. Ramsey (5)
Ms. Karen T. Ramsey (3)
Dr. and Mrs. Frank W. Randall (13)
Mr. Bruni and Mrs. Randolph (9)
Ms. Shari L. Ranger (2)
Ms. Charlotte Smith Rather (11)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cooper Ray
Mrs. Evelyn A. Ray (24)
Mrs. Kathleen Andries Ray (2)
Mrs. Maxine Butts Ray (3)
Mr. Michael Shawn Ray (7)
Mrs. Sharon Ann Ray (12)
Mr. William Joel Ray (2)
Mr. Jack W. Raybourne (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Leo Raymer (5)
Raymond James Financial Services (4)
RDK, Inc.
Mr. Robert S. Read (2)
Mr. Ronald Reagan
Mr.Tom Reagan
Mr. and Mrs. William Mark Record
Redbone Entertainment (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Redmon
Mrs. Connie L. Redmon (3)
Mr. R. Douglas Reed
Ms. Elissa Andrea Rees
Ms. Danita Reese (2)
Mr. Dennis Earl Reeves
Ms. Meredith L. Reeves
Mr. Robert Lynn Reeves (2)
Ms.Vivian Lee Reid (6)
Mr. William Mark Reid (5)
Ms. Rosie M. Reising
Ms. Judy Lynn Renfrow (15)
Mr. Daniel Jay Renkes (7)
Mr. Bill Reynolds
Mrs. Dana Parsons Reynolds (4)
Dr. Betsy and Mr. Dennis Reynolds
Mr. George E. Reynolds (3)
Mr. James Steve Reynolds
Ms. Mary Jo Reynolds
Mrs. Minnie Rhodes
Mrs. Ann Rice
Mrs. Sharon K. Rice (11)
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Brooks Rice (8)
Mr. H. James Richardson, Jr. (8)
Mr. Matthew Lee Richardson
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey B. Richardson (12)
Mr. and Mrs. Bert L. Richey (3)
Mrs. Deborah Jones Richey
Dr. Judy Frances Richey
Mr. Michael Brent Richey
Sarah and Bill Richey (11)
Ms. Kimberli Ann Richie (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Joseph Richio (10)
Richpond Market & Deli (2)
Mr. Jeffrey Alan Riddle (15)
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Allen Ridenour (4)
Ridge Runner, Inc.
Mr. Richard James Riely, Jr. (2)
Col. (Ret.) Gary A. Riggs (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Woodrow Riggs (4)
Mr. Paul Riggs
Mr. John S. Riley
Mrs. Regina J. Riley (2)
Ms. Sara P. Riley (2)
Mr.Thomas Riley
Mrs. Kathy L. Rindfleisch (3)
Mr. Claire A. Rinehart (17)
Mr. Harry A. Rinehart (13)
Mr. Chad A. Ringo
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Ritchie (18)
William Larkin Ritter (3)
Mr. James D. Robbins
Robert Kilmer Jr., Inc. (10)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Arthur
Roberts (14)
Mr. and Mrs. Hayden Browning Roberts
Mr. William Joseph Roberts
Lt. Col. O. D. Robertson
Mr. Steven Bennett Robertson
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Robertson
Mr. Harvey C. Robinson
Mr. Mancil and Mrs. Jane Robinson
Dr. Joseph Carl Robinson (d.) (13)
Dr. Mark P. Robinson (14)
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Lloyd Robinson (3)
Mr. Milton F. Robinson (4)
Ms. Phyllis L. Robinson
Mr. Randall Parks Robinson (2)
Ms. Sara Robinson
Dr. A. Faye and Mr. William
Robinson (6)
Mr. and Mrs. William Allen Robison
Mr. John Edwin Roby (10)
Mrs. Patricia Smith Roca (3)
Rocking F. Cattle LLC
Tim and Johna Rodgers (3)
Mr. Michael Edwin Rodgers (5)
Roger Thomas for State
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Rogers (4)
Ms. Ruth Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony C. Romolo (3)
Mrs. Linda P. Rone
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Roos (3)
Mr. Barlow Ropp (18)
Mrs. Brenda W. Rosalez
Mr. Gary Rose (2)
Mr. Alton Ross
Ms. Deborah Ross
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Dennis Ross (5)
Mr. Mark T. Ross (5)
Dr. Phillip Andrew Ross (2)
Mr. Edward Goeb Rottmann, Jr. (8)
Mrs. Elizabeth A. Rounds (7)
Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Rowe (2)
Dr. Nora Alice Rowe (8)
Mr. Larry Rowell
Royal Crown Bottling Corporation
Ms.Virginia B. Rozelle
Mr. K. Eric Ruby (4)
Ms. Oleda M. Rudy
Mrs. Martha L. Ruebelman (4)
Mr. Adam J. Rumsey
Ms. Carole Elizabeth Runyon (3)
Mr. David Eugene Rupp (14)
Mr. Lawrence Lee Rusch
Mr. Ancel Rush (13)
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Owen Rush (5)
Mrs. Joy Farnsworth Russak (4)
Mrs. June E. Russell
Mr. and Mrs. John Phillip Russell
Mr. Kenneth Dale Russell (3)
Ms. Mildred S. Russell (13)
Mr. Sherrel Roey Russell (2)
Mr. Steven Reese Russell
Dr. Dale Edward Rutledge (15)
Mr. Jerry Walker Rutledge
Mr. Dale Ryan
Mr.Thomas N. Ryan, III
Mr. Matthew Turner Rydson (3)
S & R Tire, Inc.
S & J Vending Company (2)
S. Scott Boley, D. M. D.
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Sagabiel (7)
Mr. and Mrs. Randall C. Salley
Mr. Robert Salm (6)
Western Kentucky University
Western Kentucky University - Annual Giving
Mr. F. Allan Salsbury (3)
Mrs. Janet M. Salyers (2)
Mr. Marcus A. Samale (3)
Mr. Joshua H. Sampson
Mr. Maurice Gene Sandefur
Dr. Sarah Jo Sandefur (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lynn Sanderford
Mr.Tennyson C. Sanderfur (9)
Ms. Brooke Nicole Sanders
Mr. Everett G. Sanders (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel David Sanders (2)
Mr. Ronald Lee Sanders (3)
Ms. Frances Sue Sandifer
Ms. Martha Sue Sartin
Mr. David Michael Sass (4)
Mrs. Kimberly A. Sauter (3)
Mr. William Alexander Savage (8)
Mrs. Margaret T. Saxton (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald A. Sayres, III (12)
Mrs. Clarice P. Scarborough (15)
Ms. Jan Scarbrough (3)
Mr. Donald W. Schardein (6)
Mr. David John Scharlotte (14)
Mrs. Robin Hight Scheier
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Schell
Ms. Ruth Scherbarth (3)
Schering Plough Foundation
Mrs. Notheisen and Mr.
Schieferdecker (20)
Dr. Martin G. Schiller (10)
Mr. Luke B. Schmidt (3)
Mr. Mathew George Schmidt (6)
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Schnacke (22)
Mr. Gregory Edward Schneider
Ms. Janet Talley Schneider (13)
Mr. John Earl Schneider
Robert and Virginia Schneider (9)
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Schnoes
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Schott, Jr. (8)
Mr. Kenneth Roger Schreiber (8)
Mr. Kevin L. Schreiber (2)
Ms. Melissa J. Schreiner
Mr. William Edward Schreiner
Mr. and Mrs. Leo A. Schroeder (2)
Mr. Milburn F. Schuler
Mrs. Nina Marie Schultheis (12)
Mr. Christopher Paul Schultz (2)
Dr. and Mrs. William A. Schwank
Mr. James Doug Schwartz, Sr. (2)
Mr. Joseph D. Schwarzer (8)
Mr. David E. Schweickhardt
Science Applications Int. Corp. (2)
Dr. Brian F. Scott (6)
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Wayne Scott (13)
Mr. Ronald D. Scott
Mr. William Delano Scott (7)
Seagle Pizza, Inc.
Mr. P. David Searles (13)
Mr. Roger Secor (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Secrest (4)
Ms. Bonnie Ray Segers
Select Designs (7)
Mr. David Scott Self
Dr. Julian Wood Selig, Jr. (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Lance Allen Sennett (3)
Mrs. Marsha Rae Senninger (10)
Mr. and Mrs. Larry W. Sensing (4)
Mr. Craig R. Sepko (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Settles
Mr. Frank Sewell
Mr. Joe Sexton
Ms. Juanita Sharer (8)
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Sharer (15)
Mr. Perry L. Sharer, Jr. (d.) (8)
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas R. Sharp (5)
Mrs. Pamela Gail Shaver
Ms. Faye R. Shaw (6)
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Lee Shaw (3)
Dr. Robert W. Shaw, III (3)
Ms. Elizabeth Arlynn Shearer (10)
Shell Oil Company Foundation
Mr.Timothy Wayne Shelton (2)
Mr. Rickey S. Sheppard (7)
Mrs. Barbara B. Sherrard (17)
Ms. Polly Sherwood (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael David Shields (15)
Mr. Randolph Shields (7)
Lt. Col. John Todd Shipp (7)
Dr. and Mrs. John E. Shirley (7)
Alumni Fall 2005
Dr. and Mrs. Eugene H. Shively (3)
Ms. Nancy J. Shores (5)
Mrs. Patricia V. Short (10)
Mrs. Susan W. Shortt (4)
Mr. Larry Shoulders
Mr. Charles O. Shults
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Y. Shum
Mr. Harland W. Shunk, III (17)
Mr. and Ms. Scott R. Sieckert (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael William Siemens (7)
Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick D. Siewers (7)
Mr. Herb G. Siewert
Ms. Sandra Lee Siffrin
Mr. Frederick J. Sigda
Mr. Jon L. Sights (3)
Dr. Carolyn Linda Silber (2)
Ms. Miriam Silman
Mr.Thomas C. Simek (6)
Mr. Robert E. Simmons (11)
Mr. Woodrow W. Simmons
Mr. Joseph Eugene Simms (18)
Mrs. Nora Wheeler Simms (3)
Simpson County Wood Products, Inc.
Mr. Kenneth Simpson (4)
Ms. Sherrie Simpson
Dr. John J. Sims
Mr. Christopher A. Sinclair (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Keith Sine (11)
Mr. Darren Sipes
Mr. James Stephen Sipes (2)
Mr. Jeffrey Lin Skaggs (2)
Ms. Martha D. Skaggs (2)
Dr. James Dan Skean, Jr. (8)
Mr. Jerome Skees (2)
Mr. Patrick W. Skees (4)
Mr. Robert A. Skipper (10)
Mr. and Mrs. Blake Sloan (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Small (3)
Mr. Larry Dean Smallwood (3)
Mr. Hugh M. Smaltz, II (6)
SMI Services, LLC
Mr. William T. Smiley, Jr. (11)
Smith Brothers Trucking, Inc.
Ms. Belinda Wilkins Smith (3)
CMSgt (Ret.) Bobbie Carolyn
Smith (8)
Ms. Brandy Lynn Smith (3)
Mr. Bryan C. Smith (4)
Ms. Catherine Jane Smith
Mr. David Fayette Smith (9)
Mrs. Deborah Cole Smith (7)
Mr. and Mrs. J. Brown Smith (4)
Mr. Don T. Smith (3)
Mr. Frankie Duane Smith (2)
Mr. Herbert J. Smith (16)
Mr. James T. Smith (10)
Drs. Charles and Janet Smith (11)
Mr. Jeffrey A. Smith (2)
Dr. and Mrs. Jerry W. Smith (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Fulton Smith (2)
Ms. Katherine Smith (2)
Mr. Lewis E. Smith (4)
Mrs. Lisa Sheehan Smith (2)
Dr. and Mrs.Thomas Edward Smith (2)
Mrs. Mary Ann Smith (18)
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Richard Smith (3)
Mrs. Reggie Smith (5)
Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Smith (3)
Mr. Robert Dale Smith (5)
Mr. S. Frank Smith, Jr.
Mr. Samual Allen Smith (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Ray Smith (7)
Mrs.Tamela Maxwell Smith
Mr.Thomas J. Smith, III (3)
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Smith, Jr. (9)
Mr. Mason Todd Smoot
Dr. David Sneed and Mrs. Susan H.
Sneed (4)
Dr. H. M. Snodgrass
Dr. James Tutt Snodgrass, III (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Snodgrass (3)
Mr. Stanford C. Snodgrass (3)
Steven L. Snodgrass, M. D. (8)
Ms. Janet S. Sommer
Ms. Lucy Song (4)
Mr. Ed Sorace (3)
Mrs. Stacee Jo Sorensen
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Southard (7)
Southeastern Data Cooperative, Inc. (3)
Julian Goodman, former NBC chairman, was one of the panelists for a Town Hall Meeting during the First Amendment First program at WKU in April. First Amendment First was a joint
program with the School of Journalism and Broadcasting and the American Democracy
Project in the Provost’s Office. The goal of First Amendment First was to engage students
through dialogue, presentations and entertainment regarding how the First Amendment
impacts their career as a journalist or broadcaster and as a citizen.
Southeastern Telecom, Inc. (2)
Southern Care of Kentucky, Inc. (3)
Southern Kentucky Auto Brokers
Ms. Lea Michele Soyars (16)
Mr. Joseph Glenn Spalding (2)
Mr. and Mrs. James David Spann (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Darrell G. Sparks (9)
Mr. Herbert Baker Sparks (2)
Mr. Harry L. Spear
Mrs. Bonnie Bayles Spears (7)
Dr. and Mrs. James Richard Spears (14)
Mr. John Sackett Speed
Dr. Donald R. Speer (12)
Mr. Stephen Sheridan Spencer (9)
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Christopher Speth
Mr. Michael Kevin Sprague (8)
Ms. Cynthia D. Sprouse (8)
Mr. Ryan Denton Sprouse (2)
Mr. Wilbur R. Sprouse, Jr. (14)
Mr. Shawn Lamont Spurgeon
Dr. and Mrs. John Howard Spurlock (12)
Ms. Sandra L. Staebell (13)
Mr. Bill Staggs
Ms. Patricia Ann Stagner (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Briggs P. Stahl (5)
Mr. Gerald G. Stahl
Mr. Ernest R. Stair (7)
Mr. John Patrick Stamper (2)
Mr. Robert W. Stanley
Mr. Dennis Arthur Staples (11)
Mrs. Jo Ann Staples (17)
Mr. John Carl Stark (5)
Mrs. Kay G. Starks (8)
State Bank and Trust Company (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Brian G. Stauss (2)
Mr. Richard Steele (3)
Mr. Bernard Leo Steen, Jr. (4)
Mrs. Rita V. Steger (5)
Mr. William Karl Steinmetz (2)
Mr. Alonzo Theodore Stephens (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne O. Stephens (5)
Ms. Betty L. Stephenson (13)
Mrs. Donna T. Stephenson (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Christoph B. Stepp (8)
Steven L. Snodgrass, M. D. (4)
Mr. Lawson R. Stevens (11)
Mrs. Reva K. Stevens
Ms. Jane L. Stevenson (13)
Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Stevenson (6)
Ms. Anne Craighead Stewart (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Ray Stewart
Mr. Gene A. Stewart (12)
Mr. and Mrs. Joel F. Stewart (3)
Ms. Kathryn Reynolds Stewart
Mr. William Scott Stewart (8)
Mr. Gregory Thomas Stickler
Mr. C. David Stiff “FJC” (13)
Ms. Mary Virginia Stiles (6)
Mr. Matthew Stiles (2)
Mr.Theodore C. Stiles (11)
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Stinson (9)
Ms. Pamela Napier and Mr. Joseph
Stites (8)
Mrs.Vivian E. Stobaugh (2)
Ms. Candice B. Stockton (2)
Dr. and Mrs. William J. Stodghill (13)
Mr. Stephen Fentress Stoess (5)
Mrs. Kimberly M. Stofer (2)
Mr. Eric Stogner
Dr. and Mrs. William M. Stokes (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Carl L. Stoltzfus (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Stone (8)
Mr. Hugh A. Stone (2)
Dr. Richard G. Stone (8)
Mr. Mark S. Stoops (2)
Mrs. Marcia C. Storch (12)
Mr. and Mrs. Leland H. Stott, Jr (9)
Mr. John A. Stovall (2)
Mr. Homer Sam Strader, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Jeffrey Straney (2)
Mr. Anthony Guinn Stratton (3)
Mrs. Mattie Susan Clark Stratton
Ms. Barbara A. Strickler (14)
Dr. Sally and Mr. Ellsworth Strickler (17)
Ms. Cynthia L. Strine
Mr. Jeffrey W. Stringer (3)
Mr. Zack J. Stroble (3)
Mr. Jackie T. Strode (4)
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Strode (7)
Mr. Richard Scott Stroot (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle David Strother (2)
Mrs. Linda Lou Struve (5)
Mrs. Joyce Stuart
Ms. M. Kristin Stuedle (8)
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Thomas Stum
Mrs. Mary Jane Stumph (8)
Mr. Richard J. Styza (17)
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Suffill (4)
Mr. Matt W. Sugg (d.) (8)
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Christian Suiter (5)
Mrs. Juliane Carter Sullivan (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Carrel K. Sumner (3)
Mrs. Ze Yun Hsu Sun
Rev. and Mrs. H. Howard Surface (24)
Mr. Dennis E. Surna (4)
Mr. Marcus William Suter (6)
Mr. Craig M. Sutter (3)
Dr. Bobbie C. Sutton
Mr.Terrence L. Sutton
Ms. Ellen L. Suwanski (2)
Okan Suzer
Mr. James Greg Swack (2)
Mrs. Alice Swan (13)
Mr. Bradley Wayne Swinney (5)
Mr. Carl L. Swope
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Swope (14)
Col. and Mrs. Elliott P. Sydnor, Jr. (5)
Mr. Joseph D. Sydnor (23)
Mr. Kenneth N. Szymanski (13)
T & T Rentals
T. J. Rhoades Insurance, Inc.
Mr. Douglas Alan Tabbutt (4)
Mr. George T.Tabor (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Brodus Tabor (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Keith Taliaferro
Mr. Samuel Wayne Talley (3)
Ms. Lucinda L.Tanner (18)
Mr.Vincent C.Tanner (5)
Mrs. Stephanie Mink Tant (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Tapp
Mr.Timothy Michael Tapp (3)
Tapps Rental Properties LTD
Mr. Michael S.Tarter (5)
Dr. and Mrs. John D.Taulbee (6)
Tax Time, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kenneth Taylor (3)
Ms. Brandi L.Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Taylor
Mr. Eric Jon Taylor (5)
Mr. John Beauchamp Taylor (3)
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Eugene Taylor (2)
Col. and Mrs. Robert H.Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Joe William Taylor, Sr. (2)
Mr. Robert Thompson Taylor (13)
Western Kentucky University - Annual Giving
Dr. Jannice Aaron
Mr. James Marshall
Smithfield, Ky.
Louisville, Ky.
Ms. Mary Cohron
Ms. Gail Martin
Bowling Green, Ky.
Bowling Green, Ky.
Mr. Alex Downing
Mr. Kevin Mays
Bowling Green, Ky.
Bowling Green, Ky.
Mr.Tim Earnhart
Dr.William M.
Bowling Green, Ky.
Mr. J. Stephen Eaton
Norcross, Georgia
Mr. Clarence Glover
Louisville, Ky.
Ms. Lois Gray
Vine Grove, Ky.
Mr. Don Greulich
Louisville, Ky.
Mr. Pete Gritton
Georgetown, Ky.
Mr. Glenn Higdon
Owensboro, Ky.
Ms. Belle Hunt
Bowling Green, Ky.
Bowling Green, Ky.
Mr. George Nichols III
Tampa, Florida
Ms. Mary Nixon
Louisville, Ky.
Mr. Leon Page
Franklin, Ky.
Mr. Mike Reynolds
Bowling Green, Ky.
Mr. Zuheir Sofia
Columbus, Ohio
Ms. Ferris Van Meter
Bowling Green, Ky.
Ms. Suzanne Vitale
Bowling Green, Ky.
Mr.Theodore F.Taylor (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Bill F.Taylor
Team Leadership Center (2)
Mr. John E.Teeple
Mrs. Linda Faye Terry (7)
Texas Instruments Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Samanta B.Thapa (7)
Mr. and Mrs. James Brian Theilmann (2)
Mr. Walter W.Theiss
Mr.Terrance Thiessen
Mr. and Mrs. Alva Ray Thomas (4)
Mr. and Mrs. William F.Thomas (2)
Dr. Barbara Schocke Thomas (2)
Ms. Betty Thomas
Ms. Deborah Thomas (4)
Mr. Edward G.Thomas (9)
Mr. Forest Lee Thomas (15)
Mr. Jack A.Thomas (8)
Mr. John R.Thomas (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Joe H.Thomas
Dr. Norman Dale Thomas (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Allen Thomas
Mr. Ronald Michael Thomas (6)
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Joseph
Thomas (13)
Mr. Walter E.Thomas, Jr. (4)
Mr. and Mrs. David Thomison (12)
Mr. Stephen Fechtor and Ms. Amy
Thompson (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Brandon M.Thompson (3)
Mrs. Carol B.Thompson (3)
Mr. George C.Thompson (4)
Mr. Kelly David Thompson, Jr. (13)
Ms. Maida Thompson
Mr.Thomas Alexander Thompson
Ms. Peggy Thomsen
Mr. Richard C.Thornton (15)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S.Thurmond (3)
Mr. Carroll B.Tichenor (14)
Mr. Claude B.Tiller, Jr. (3)
Mr. John R.Timdall, Jr. (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Rick L.Tingle (2)
Mr. Joe David Tinsley (3)
Ms. Kathryn Payne Tinsley
Mr.Thomas W.Tinsley (6)
Ms. Debbie Tinthus
Ms. Mildred Ann Todd (4)
Mr. William T.Todd
Mr. John J.Tohill (7)
Dr. and Mrs. Frank R.Toman (3)
Ms. Courtney Tomes
Mr. Charles R.Tomkins, III (7)
Tompkinsville Jaycees
Stephen Ray Torstrick (2)
Ms. Carol Tosczak (6)
Townsend Tree Service
Toys R Us
Ms. Amanda L.Trabue (4)
Mr.Timothy T.Tracey
Mr. William Dwight Tracey (4)
Dr. Khue N.Tran (12)
Transformer Decommissioning LLC
Mrs. Carolyn Sue Hay Traum (5)
Dr. Chester C.Travelstead (7)
Dr. and Mrs. William Joseph Travis (5)
Ms. Sharon Travis
Treetops Enterprises (2)
Mr. Don L.Trent (4)
Mr. Scott Kilian Triplett (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Dan David Troutman
Tru-Check, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey F.True
Mr. and Mrs. Don Trey Trumbo (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Claude Edward Tucker (6)
Mr. and Mrs. Neal R.Tucker (5)
Mrs. Jean M.Tucker (6)
Mr. and Mrs. William Allen Tucker (9)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Harold Tudor (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Edward L.Tullis
Mr. David Turner (2)
Mr. Larry Morgan Turner (3)
Mrs. Rita Roberts Turner
Turners Janitor Service (2)
Twin Lakes Regional Medical Center
Mr. Miley W.Twyman
Tyco International
Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Tyree (4)
Mr. Stephen A.Tyson (2)
Mr. Eddie Underwood
Unilever United States Foundation
United Defense LP
United Systems & Software, Inc.
United Utility Supply Cooperative (3)
UPS Supply Chain Solutions
Mr. Johnny Urban (6)
Mr. William D.Valentino (2)
Mr. Jack D.Valz
Mr. Harold D.Van Hook (12)
Mr. Allan R.Van Meter (3)
Mr. David L.Van Zant (7)
Mr. James R.Vanada (2)
Mrs. Debra P.Vance
Mr. Donald W.Vance
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M.Vance, III (2)
Ms. Maribeth Vanderford (5)
Mr. John L.Varner (3)
Mr. Garry Dennis Varney, II (2)
Mr. Dwight Alan Vaughan
Mr. and Mrs. Gene H.Vaughn (13)
Mr. and Mrs. Allen D.Vaughn (2)
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald A.Veenker (20)
Mr. Ray A.Vencill, Jr. (9)
Lt. Col. (Ret.) and Mrs. Douglas L.
Verdier (8)
Dr. and Mrs. Gary L.Verst (7)
Ms. Janet Lee Vessels (2)
Mr. Joe L.Vessels
Dr. Corazon A.Veza
VFW Post 1298 (5)
Mr. Ralph Dennis Vick (3)
Mr. Darrell Vincent
Mr. Michael D.Vincent
Mr. Owen D.Vincent, Sr. (2)
Mrs. Patricia M.Vincent (2)
Mr. William A.Vincent (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W.Vinson
Mr. Robert V.Vitale
Dr. and Mrs. Rick Voakes (19)
Mr.Thomas C.Volz (2)
Dr. and Mrs. Arvin G.Vos (9)
W. A. Kendall & Company, Inc. (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Bruce Wade (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wesley Wade
Mr. Robert C. Wade, Jr. (5)
Mr. Gary J. Wagner
Mr. David Gerard Wagoner (6)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Vernon
Wagoner (8)
Mr. Gary J. Wahl
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Waldrop (23)
Mrs. Shirley Smith Walker
Ms.V. Suzan Walker
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie L. Wall, Jr. (17)
Ms. Mary Ellen Wall (4)
Mr. Bruce W. Wallace (3)
Mr. Barry White Walrond (3)
George P. and Laura Roos Walsh (4)
Walter E.Thomas & Associates (3)
Mr. Stanley Lee Walters
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Walthall (3)
Mr. Bailey Walton (13)
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Scott Walz (7)
Ms. Jeanette E. Wand (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Duane Eugene
Waninger (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel V. Ward (5)
Dr. William G. Ward (4)
Mr. Danny E. Ware (4)
Warren County Homemakers (8)
Mr. Jack Marshall Warren, Jr. (2)
Mr. and Mrs.Wendell Ray Warren (2)
Warren County Farm Bureau
Warrick County Drug-Free Council
Mr. Keith David Washer (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Benedict Joseph
Wathen (14)
Dr. James Yancey Watkins (8)
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J.Watson (2)
Mr. Gary B. Watson, Jr.
Mr. Daniel Joseph Watterson, Jr. (3)
Ms. Lesa Michelle Watts
Mrs. Mary F. Wawrukiewicz (16)
Lt. Col. and Mrs. Richard Ray Wax
Mrs. Laurel K. S. Weatherford (2)
Webb Foundation (2)
Dr. and Mrs. Bill D. Webb
Glenna and Johnny D. Webb (2)
Mrs. Janice M. Webb
Dr. and Mrs. William A. Webb (27)
Mr. and Mrs. C. Michael Webber (16)
Mr. Neil V. Weber (5)
Ms. Sarah Marie Weber
Mr.Tracy Nicholas Webster (5)
Mr. James W. Wedding (10)
Wedge Insurance Agency (2)
Mr. Joseph Andrew Wegenka
Mr. Robert C. Wegner (3)
Dr. and Mrs. Richard David Weigel (20)
Mr. John H. Weikel, Jr. (6)
Mrs. Natalie Jane Weis (7)
Mr. Richard A. Weiss (9)
Mr.Theodore Weiss
Mr. James M. Welker (8)
Dr. Robert G. Wellman (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Wells (7)
Mr. John D. Wenk (5)
Mr. James Robert Werner
Ms. Molly D. Wesley
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Wesley (8)
Mr. Brett and Mrs. Constance Wesnofske
West Pharmaceutical Services
Mr. Charles B. West (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Lawrence West (4)
Mrs. Joyce S. West (18)
Ms. Beverly Jean Westerman (3)
Ms. Lisa Kilcher Wetherell (3)
Mr. William A. Wethington (3)
Mr. and Mrs.Walter Scott Wever (11)
Mr. Gerald E. Weygandt
Ms. Christine Weyman (4)
Dr. Ruric E. Wheeler (4)
Mrs. Betty Joe Whitcomb (17)
Ms. Carrie Elaine White (2)
Mrs. Charlotte Elizabeth White (3)
Mrs. Dana S. White
Ms. Donna M. White
Mr. Hugh E. White (3)
Mrs. Jessica A. White
Mr. and Mrs. Clinton E. White, Jr. (3)
Mr. Leslie C. White, Jr. (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Thomas
Whitehouse (13)
Dr. and Mrs. Jim H. Whiteside (4)
Dr. and Mrs. George Philip
Whiteside (20)
Mrs. Bessie Cates Whitfield (5)
Mr. Lanny L. Whitlow (11)
Mr. and Mrs.William Carl Whitmer (5)
Rev. Fred C. Whitmore (8)
Mr. Ronald E. Whitmore (14)
Dr. and Mrs. Bill D. Whittaker (14)
Mr. Kenneth Gary Whittle
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Wigodsky (18)
Dr. Lance J. Wiist (3)
Mrs. Susan M. Wilcox (2)
Mr. Billy K. Wilder
Mr. James Wilson Wiley (8)
Mr. Aric Daniel Wilhelm (12)
Mr. and Mrs. Jackson C. Wilhelm (15)
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Wilhoit (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald A. Wilhoyte (8)
Mr. Claude Manuel Wilkerson
Mr.Todd Wilkerson (2)
Hon. Robert D. Wilkey (7)
Mr. Russ Wilkey (2)
Wilkins Insurance Agency, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. David T. Wilkinson (18)
Mrs. Catherine Wilkowski (2)
Mr. Woodrow William Will (7)
Dr. David E. Willey
Mr. and Mrs. John Robert Willi (8)
William A. Schwank, M.D.
William D. Nally, DMD
William J.Travis, M. D. (4)
William R. Howard, M. D.
Mr. and Mrs. Abraham A. Williams (3)
Ms. Ann C. Williams (6)
Mr. and Mrs.Tony Williams (8)
Mr. Dennis Roy Williams (2)
Ms. Frances Williams (13)
Mr. James Allen Williams (2)
Mr. and Mrs. David Morgan Williams (10)
Dr. John N. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. George H.Williams, Jr. (14)
Dr. Michael Ann Williams (16)
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Williams
Mr. Robert W. Williams
Mr. Royce A. Williams (7)
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Anthony Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Ray Willingham (7)
Mr. Finley Willis, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Douglas Willis (5)
Ms. Brenda Martin Willoughby (18)
Wilson Trust Account
Mr. Don H. Wilson (2)
Mrs. Dorothy D. Wilson (5)
Dr. Gene O. Wilson, Jr. (4)
Mr. Jack Wilson (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Glenn Wilson (2)
Mr. Jimmie Randall Wilson, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wilson (18)
Ms. Linda L. Wilson (12)
Mrs. Pamela Jo Wilson
Mr. Stephen Decatur Wilson (8)
Mrs. Susan Busic Wilson (7)
Mr. and Mrs. William John Wilson (6)
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas E. Wimsatt (5)
Dr. M. A. Winchester (2)
Mr. Roy Lee Winchester (5)
Ms. Suzie Windward (5)
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Wingfield (6)
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Richard Wininger (4)
Mr. and Mrs.Vincent Gordon Wirth (2)
Mr. Francis Patrick Wise (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Brien Lynch Wissert
Mr. and Mrs.Timothy Allen Wissing (4)
Mr. Preston Allan Withers (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Danny P. Witten (7)
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Franklin Witten (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron L. Witten (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Witten (19)
Ms. Lori B. Wittlin (2)
Mr. James W. Witty (8)
Mr. Scott Owen Witty (8)
Dr. Bruce Alexander Wolf (8)
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Richard Wolf
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sales Wolf (12)
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ray Wolfe (18)
Dr. Mary Elizabeth Wolinski (11)
Women & Children's Clinic (3)
Women's Missionary Council CME
Mr. Lawerence Allen Wonderling, Jr.
Ms. Andelys Wood (13)
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth P. Wood (7)
Mr. James Welby Wood (3)
Mr. Richard Eugene Wood, Jr. (3)
Mr. Rick Wood (3)
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Wood (14)
Mr. Glenn B. Wooden (3)
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Woodring (2)
Woodstock Mills, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. James D. Woodward (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Scott Woosley (2)
Mr. Phillip David Woosley
World Reach, Inc.
World's Greatest Studio Tour & Sale (2)
Mr. Francis L. Wortham (7)
Mr. Francis J. Wright (d.) (8)
Mr. George D. Wright (14)
Mrs. Ina Ree Wright (8)
Mr. and Mrs. John Harrison Wright
Mr. Ricky Dean Wright (19)
Mr. Robert Larry Wright
Mr. Francis Xavier Yacovino (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Jack L.Yaggi (14)
Mr. Curt Yarberry (2)
Dr. Frank L.Yarbrough (24)
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Lee Yates (14)
Mr. Callan F.Yeoman
Dr. and Mrs. Stuart G.Yeoman (7)
Mr. John J.Yeric
Mr. John Thomas Yewell (18)
Ms. Mary D.Yohe (7)
Ms. McKenzie L.York
Ms. Cindy Kay Young (7)
Mr. Clifford C.Young (3)
Mrs. Dorothy F.Young (9)
Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey D.Young (11)
Mr. Robert R.Young (2)
Mr.Terry Alan Young (6)
Mr.Thomas C.Young (2)
Western Kentucky University
Western Kentucky University - Annual Giving
Mr. and Mrs. W. Richard Young (4)
Mrs. Barbara A.Yozwiak (4)
Zabel Environmental Technology (2)
Mr. James S. Zaya (3)
Ms. Uta Ziegler and Mr. Claus D.
Ernst (12)
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Raymond
Zimmer (11)
Dr. Gerald M. Zimmerman (2)
Ms. Laura Zimmerman
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Zimny (5)
Ms. Mary Beth Zinsius (6)
Zion District Association
Mr. Stephen Michael Znaiden (11)
Mr. Gregory Zoeller (10)
Mr. Randolph Zoerb (4)
($1 - $99)
2012 Dominican Sisters
Mrs. Jessie R. Aaron
Ms. Susan Abbey
Mrs. Amy Abbott
Ms. Kathryn A. Abbott (4)
Mr. Steven Mark Abbott (10)
Abbott Laboratories Fund
Mrs.Trannie C. Abboushi
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas R. Abell
Mr. Richard M. Abell, Jr. (2)
Mr. Richard Michael Abell, Sr. (3)
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas Scott Abell (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Johnn Randall Abernathy
Ms. Kristan J. Abernathy (3)
Mrs. Sudith B. Abernathy
Mr. and Mrs. Darrell H. Abney (2)
Dr. William Irvin Abney (3)
Ms. Cristina Ann Abrell (3)
Mrs. Rose Maltry Abt (5)
Mr. Jan C. Acrea (6)
Mr. Dennis L. Acree
Mr. Wesley Earl Acton (3)
Mrs. Susan Hilliard Adair (2)
Mrs. Bettye S. Adams (2)
Ms. Brenda Sue Adams (6)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Adams (2)
Mr. David Adams (3)
Mr. David E. Adams (2)
Mr. David Lawrence Adams
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas F. Adams (2)
Ms. Jennifer L. Adams (3)
Ms. Lisa K. Adams
Mrs. Mary Margaret Adams (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Adams (18)
Mr. R. Eric Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Rocky Lynn Adams
Mr. Steven Gregory Adams (3)
Dr. Stuart Thomas Adams (4)
Mrs. Susan B. Adams
Ms. Susan D. Adams (12)
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald E. Adams (3)
Hon. and Mrs. John Paul Adams (8)
Mr. and Mrs. Lendell D. Adams (4)
Mrs.Victoria B. Adams (2)
Mr. William Robert Adams (2)
Adaptive Enterprise
Mr. and Mrs.Timothy Neal Adcox (9)
Ms. Nancy Jackson Addington
Mrs. Jean W. Addleton
Mr. Gene C. Adkins (9)
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle F. Adkins
Mr. and Mrs. James Darwin Adkins
Mrs. Joyce Nelle Adkins (13)
Ms. Judith O. Adkins
Mrs. Marian Miller Adkins
Mrs. Sherry L. Adkins
Mrs. Lori Anne Adkinson
Mr. Harry Lindol Adkisson, III (9)
Advanced Consultations
Ms. Carolyn Sue Adwell
Mr.Tarsem L. Aggarwal (3)
Mr. Renato Javines Aguilos
Mr. Mark Wayne Aicken
Mr. Alan Cary Akin
Ms. Glenda Akin (3)
Akins Construction, Inc.
Mr. David Akins
Alumni Fall 2005
Mrs. Nona Christine Akridge (3)
Mr. Kalyan Chakravarthi Ala
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas A. Albani (3)
Mrs. Marie Anne Peacock Albers
Ms. Angela Kay Alcorn
Mr. and Mrs. Skip Alcorn (4)
Mr. John Martin Alcott (7)
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick David Alcott (9)
Mr. and Mrs.Todd Russell Alcott
Dr. and Mrs. Frank H. Alden (2)
Mr. Corey Trevor Alderdice
Mrs. Rachel J. Alderman
Mr. Reginald T. Alderman
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas B. Aldridge (3)
Ms. Cynthia Jeanette Aldridge (2)
Mrs. Nicole Zirnheld Aldridge (2)
Mr. Scott James Aldridge (2)
Rev. Ben C. Alexander (3)
Mr. Danny Carroll Alexander (2)
Mr. Dexter L. Alexander
Ms. Helen Alexander (2)
Mr. John F. Alexander (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Blaine Alexander (2)
Mr. Kevin M. Alexander (6)
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Alexander (4)
Ms. Lynn Alexander
Mr. Richard Alexander
Mr. Richard Ronald Alexander, II (2)
Mr. Robert Matthews Alexander (16)
Mr.Todd N. Alexander (5)
Mr. Ben R. Alford
Mr. Jeffery S. Alford (3)
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Alfred
Mr. Mirsad Alic
Ms. Sara All (2)
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Allard
Mrs. Pamela Suzette Allard (12)
Ms. Betty Ann Allen (4)
Dr. Billy R. Allen
Ms. Carla Whitaker Allen
Mr. Charles Raymond Allen (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Felix E. Allen, III
Mr. Christopher Eric Allen (2)
Mrs. Cynthia Ann Allen (4)
Mrs. Eleanor Ruth Allen
Ms. Eva Doris Allen (2)
Mrs. Frances Ann Allen (5)
Gene Allen
Mr. James Edward Allen (3)
Mr. Joel Allen (4)
Mr. John Vincent Allen (3)
Mr. Joseph D. Allen
Ms. Linda F. Allen (5)
Mrs. Lisa Scites Allen
Mrs. Lou Ann Allen (2)
Mrs. Monica Allen (3)
Mr. Robert E. Allen (3)
Mrs. Sherrille Allen (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Stephon Lee Allen (5)
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Allen (2)
Mr. and Mrs.Tony L. Allen
Mr. William Franklin Allen (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Allgeier (2)
Ms. Jana Lynne Allgood
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Allgood (4)
Mr. James C. Allison
Mr. Keith Edward Allison (3)
Mrs. Linda L. Allison (5)
Mr. Paul L. Allison (7)
Mr. Robert T. Allison
The Allstate Foundation
Mr. Christopher P. Almes (2)
Mr. and Mrs.Virgil Leroy Almond, Jr. (5)
Mr. Milton L. Almquist, Jr.
Alpha Kappa Psi
Mr. Rodney J. Alsop
Mr. Allen I. Alston
Ms. Gwendolyn A. Alston (3)
Mr. Jeffrey W. Alsup
Mrs. Debra C. Althaus (4)
Mr. Raymond G. Althaus, Jr. (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Altmaier (19)
Ms. Cynthia Alvey
Mr. James D. Alvey (12)
Ms. Sachi Amatya
Ms. Shawna Lynn Amell
Ms.Terre Ament (3)
American Private Enterprise Schol.
Mrs. Phyllis Piercey Amonett (9)
Mr. William H. Amos, Jr.
Western Kentucky University
closed the 2004-2005 fiscal year
with a record-breaking $13.2 million received in cash gifts. This figure represents a six percent
increase over last year and a 41
percent increase over what was
raised just five years ago.
In annual giving, WKU won
the 2005 Kentucky Challenge for
young alumni giving participation.
The Kentucky Challenge was a
year-long friendly competition
that compared annual giving participation from alumni who graduated in the last decade from public
Commonwealth. In addition to
WKU, participating universities
University, Morehead
University, Northern Kentucky
University, the University of
Kentucky, and the Universtiy of
Louisville. With 1,472 young
alumni donors WKU achieved a
9.4 percent participation of giving
among young alumni--a number
Dr. and Mrs.Arthur N.Anderson, Jr. (4)
Mrs. Carisa B. Anderson
Mrs. Carrie W. Anderson (2)
Mr. Charles H. Anderson (6)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Edward
Anderson (3)
Mrs. Ellen Kay Anderson (7)
Ms. Janice Anderson
Mrs. Jo Ella Anderson (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Todd Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry D. Anderson
Mr. Kristopher N. Anderson (3)
Ms. Leslie Nicole Anderson
Ms. Linda A. Anderson (4)
Mr. Michael Owen Anderson
Mrs. Nancy L. Anderson (3)
Mrs. Nikki L. Anderson (3)
Mr. Ray Anderson (2)
Mrs. Ruby H. Anderson
Mr. Russell Craig Anderson
Ms. Shannon Leigh Anderson
Mr. William D. Anderson
Mr. David H. Andrews (9)
Mr. Lucas Andrews
Mr. and Mrs. William K. Andrews (4)
Mrs. Patricia T. Andrews (8)
Mrs. Sallie O. Andrews
Ms. Susan E. Andriot (9)
Mr. Jeremy Andrew Angermier
Mr. David A. Angle
that was more than two percentage points higher than its nearest
In addition, WKU’s overall
alumni participation rose to 16.4
percent during the 2004-2005
year. With 15,778 alumni participating, this marks the highest
number of alumni that have ever
made an annual gift to the institution. President’s Circle membership also rose to a record-breaking 1,807 members – a seven percent increase over last year and
more than double the number
from five years ago.
President’s Circle recognizes
donors who make an annual gift of
$1,000 or more each year.
WKU’s total endowment has
also seen phenomenal growth
within the last five years. At yearend, the combined total endowment is at $75.3 million – a 10
percent increase from last year’s
figures and triple the total from
just five years ago.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Angle (6)
Mrs. Janet Sparks Anglin
Mr.Tom Angsten (4)
Anna Maria Oyster Bar, Inc.
Ms. Caroline Louise Anna
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Anthony (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Anthony (11)
Mr. and Mrs. Dan L. Antle (2)
Dr. Robert J. Antony
Mrs. Duraine Apperson (8)
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Leon Appleby
Mr. Richard Raleigh Appling
Mrs. Aleen Davis Arabit
Mrs. Alicia Arbuckle (15)
Mrs. Holly Lynn Archey
Mrs. Jennifer Lynn Archie
Lt. Col. (Ret.) and Mrs. Richard L.
Ardisson (17)
Mrs. Cheryl Lynn Armes (3)
Mr. David Armey
Mrs. Laura Armstrong
Mrs. Rhonda Jenkins Armstrong (3)
Mr. Richard L. Arneson (3)
Mrs. Dianne Marie Arnett (11)
Ms. Annetta Yvonne Arney (15)
Ms. Marie Arney (3)
Mr. Albert Arnold
Mr. Carl J. Arnold (3)
Mrs. Cynthia B. Arnold
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Arnold (6)
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin D. Arnold
Mr.Thomas L. Arnold
Ms. Jane C. Arterburn
Mrs. Ramona Lynne Arterburn (15)
Maj. and Mrs. James A. Ary (4)
Ms. Imogene Ashby (3)
Mr. Phillip Randal Ashby (3)
Mr. Robert Henry Ashby
Mr. Ronald Glenn Ashby (3)
Ms.Teresa Kay Ashby (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne T. Ashby (3)
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Asher
Mr. Barton E. Ashley
Mr. John David Ashley
Mr. Larry Douglas Ashley (2)
Mrs. Angela Marr Ashlock
Mr. Chad Askins
Assembly Products of Tennessee, LLC
Erdogan Atasoy (14)
Mr. Michael W. Atcher (2)
Mr. Joel C. Atchison (2)
Mrs. Rebecca N. Ates
Mr. Danny J. Atherton (4)
Mrs. Deborah A. Atherton
Rev. Michael David Atherton (3)
ATK Foundation
Ms. Lucy Rose Atkerson
Mr. Phillip W. Atkerson (4)
CWO Curtis Atkins, Jr. (2)
Mr. Derek David Atkinson
Western Kentucky University - Annual Giving
Mr. Edward J. Atnip (2)
Mrs. Rita Harris Atwell (2)
Ms. Sheila Diane Atwell
Mr. Jeremy G. Atwood
Mrs. Angela K. Aull (3)
Mr. Chad Robert Aull
Aurora Enterprises LLC
Ms. Nancy Carol Ausbrooks (d.)
Mrs. Jane S. Austin (15)
Mr. Michael Shane Austin (4)
Mr. Paul G. Austin (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Austin (6)
Mr. Rod Austin
Mr. Kenneth Ray Autry
Mrs. Lisa H. Autry
Ms. Beth D. Avent (6)
Mrs. Ada Waddell Avery
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Avery (2)
Mrs. Janet B. Avery (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Luther D. Avery (4)
Mr. Ronald Lee Avitt (6)
Shrimont Ayarm
Mr. Richard C. Aydt, II
Mr. Anthony A. Ayer (2)
Mr. Hugh M. Ayer (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Mason Ayer (17)
Ms. Jacqueline C. Ayers
Ms. Sara L. Ayers (2)
Mr. Karl D. Babb (3)
Dr.Tony G. Babb (12)
Mr. James A. Babcock (14)
Mr. James Baber (2)
Mr.Thomas M. Babik
Ms. Laura K. Bablove
Mr. David J. Babula
Mr. John F. Bacher
Dr. Richard Keith Bachman
Mrs. Kathy Backer
Mr. Danny Richard Bacon (3)
Mrs. Kathryn S. Baczek
Mr. Raymond E. Badger (2)
Mrs. Stephanie M. Badstibner
Mrs. Lori Hunsaker Baerg (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. Baerveldt (4)
Mr. James Brandon Bagby (3)
Mrs.Terri Lynn Baggett
Mr. Jeffery Bagwell
Mrs. Margaret G. Baic
Mrs. Alice Valentine Bailey (2)
Mr. Alton Bailey
Mr. and Mrs. Joe K. Bailey (2)
Mrs. Barbara O. Bailey (2)
Mr. Jerry M. Bailey (9)
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Bailey
Ms. L. Elaine Bailey
Mrs. Lisa Maria Bailey (14)
Mr. Mark Kevin Bailey (2)
Ms. Mary Rose Bailey (3)
Ms. Rita Jo Bailey
Ms. Jill Lawson and Mr. Rhett Baird
Ms. Linda Baird
Mrs. Brenda J. Baise
Ms. Mary R. Baise (3)
Mrs. Angela D. Baker (3)
Ms. Ann Tate Baker (3)
Mrs. Helen Baker
Mr. and Mrs. Alan L. Baker
Ms. Mary Margaret Baker (7)
Ms. Melanie Ann Baker (9)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Baker
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Baker
Mr. Rufus Kimbell Baker, Jr. (3)
Mr. Robert Louis Baker (5)
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Baker (5)
Mrs.Therese D. Baker
Mr. William L. Baker
Mr. Luther Douglas Bakken
Mr. Edward R. Balak (6)
Mrs. Sara R. Baldridge
Mr. Robert Jeremy Baldwin
Mrs. Eleanor E. Bale (10)
Ms. Gertrude E. Bale (24)
Mr. Grover Michael Bale (8)
Mr. James Gary Bale (4)
Mrs. Robin R. Balistreri
Mr. Billy C. Ball (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Ball (2)
Ms. Jeanne Elizabeth Ball (3)
Mr. Jeffrey Harrison Ball (3)
Ms. Kimberly L. Ball
Mr. and Mrs. Mickey L. Ball
Mrs. Sandra M. Ball
Ms.Teresa Kay Ball (18)
Mr. J. Gerard Ballard (2)
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Ballard
Mrs. Jodi Faye Ballard (4)
Mrs. Judy Kay Ballard (7)
Mr. Patrick Channing Ballard
Mrs. Susan L. Ballard
Ball Corporation
Mr. Craig Lee Ballenger (7)
Mr. and Mrs.Todd Andrew Ballenger (4)
Mrs. Suzanne Ballinger (17)
Mrs. Juanita Fay Ballman (14)
Ms. Amy Karen Ballou
Mrs. Adrain Bandy
Mr. John A. Banet
Ms. Carol P. Banks (4)
Mr. James R. Banks, Jr.
Mr. Michael Alan Banks (5)
Mrs. Paquita Banks (2)
Mr. Jeffrey Barbee
Ms. Ruby I. Barbee (15)
Mrs. Debra A. Barbour (3)
Mr. Robert R. Barbour (2)
Mrs. Kimberly Walters Bardin (13)
Mr. James T. Barger
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Lee Barger
Mr. Barry Melvin Barker
Ms. Darla G. Barker
Ms. Michelle C. Barker (2)
Mr. Patrick Wilson Barker (12)
Mr. Robert C. Barker, Jr. (2)
Mrs. Patricia Lynn Barlow (2)
Mr. James A. Barnard (7)
Mr. John David Barnard (3)
Ms. Doris Hiser Devore Barnes
Mr. James Barnes
Ms. Joanette T. Barnes
Mr. John Mason Barnes
Ms. Madeline W. Barnes (5)
Ms. Susan D. Barnes
Ms.Victoria J. Barnes
Mrs. Anne Ingram Barnett (2)
Ms. Betty Jane Barnett (20)
Mrs. Cheri C. Barnett (3)
Ms. Jalynn A. Barnett (5)
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Barnett (8)
Ms. Jeanne A. Barnett
Mrs. Marcina Joyce Barnett
Mr. Stephen Lee Barnett, Jr.
Mrs. Martha Barney
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Barnhart (4)
Mr. Kevin O. Barr (6)
Ms. Sara R. Barr (2)
Mr. and Mrs.Troy Dale Barr (3)
Mr. Uhel O. Barrickman (16)
Mrs. Nancy H. Barrier (2)
Ms. Carolyn W. Barron (3)
Mr. Danny Barron
Ms. June C. Barron (6)
Mr. Stanley J. Barron (4)
Mrs. Cynthia Barrow (3)
Mrs. Sandra M. Barrow (2)
The Rev. Suzanne Barrow (2)
Mrs. Ann Guthrie Barry (6)
Mrs. Carol D. Barry
Dr. and Mrs. James C. Barry (4)
Ms. Carol Ann Barsky (2)
Mr. William E. Bartelt (3)
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Bartholomew (2)
Ms. Denise L. Bartholomew (3)
Ms. Betty Bartlett
Mr. Jason Kyle Bartlett
Mr. Luke Bartlett
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby R. Bartley (8)
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Vincent Bartley (9)
Ms. Ann Barton
Mr. Arlin J. Barton (12)
Ms. Charlotte G. Barton (3)
Mr. William Thomas Barton (2)
Mr. Robert Thomas Bartsch (2)
Mr. Gary N. Basham
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wayne Basham
Mrs. Martha Sue Basham
Mr. Michael Kerry Basham
Mr. Danny J. Basil
Mrs. Betty Baskett (3)
Ms. Michelle D. Baskin
Mr. Henry Bass
Ms. Shannon L. Bass (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Bassett (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Damon Bastin
Ms. Connie Ramsey Bates (2)
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Bates (5)
Mr. Mark Evan Bates
Mrs. Mellie B. Bates
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas A. Batsel (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wayne Batsel
Mr. Michael R. Battram
Mr. Charles Taylor Bauer (4)
Dr. Dennis E. Bauer
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Baugh
Mr. George Andrew Bauman (2)
Mr. and Mrs. David Mark Baxter
Ms. Cynthia K. Baxter
Ms. Kimberly S. Baxter
Ms. Mary Jo Baxter (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Glenn Baxter (2)
Mrs. Donna Perry Bayless
Mr. Bryan James Baysinger
Mrs. Barbara Sewell Beach (17)
Mr. Bradley Beach (2)
Mr. and Mrs. John Alan Beach
Ms. Nancy A. Beal (5)
Dr. Howard Lee Beall (2)
Mrs. Melanie T. Bealmear (2)
Mr. James Lennis Beam, Jr.
Mrs.Yvonne Beam
Ms. Bethel Beane (2)
Mr. Johnnie Beard, Jr.
Ms. Julia Ann Beard (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Roy M. Beard (2)
Mr. Larry Michael Beasley (3)
Mr. Robert Norman Beaty (4)
Mr. Ron Beaty
Mrs. Colette Beaugrand (18)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Edward Beaven (3)
Ms.Tammy Marie Beaven (4)
Mr. John Beaver
Mr. Kevin Lee Beavers (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Thomas Beavin (2)
Mr. Nathan T. Beavin
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Allen Beavin (5)
Mr. and Ms. Carlos Lee Beck (13)
Mrs. Florence Beck
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew P. Beck (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen William Beck
Mr. and Mrs. Hugo H. Becker (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Eugene Becker (9)
Mr. and Mrs. George David Beckley
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin W. Beckman
Ms. Beckman and Mr. Miller (4)
Mr. and Mrs. J. David Beckner (14)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Leland Beckort (3)
Mr. James R. Bedo (3)
Mrs. Connie Priddy Bee
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Beeckler
Mr. and Mrs.Warren Francis Beeler (3)
Mrs. Lucretia Chilton Begley
Mrs. Susan M. Behl (6)
Mr. Robert A. Beimdick (13)
Ibrahim Bejjani
Ms. Drucilla T. Belcher
Mr. and Mrs. Cluster R. Belcher
Mrs. Imogene M. Belcher
Mr. Larry L. Belcher (2)
Mrs. Linda Gayle Belcher
Mrs. Winnie P. Belding (3)
Ms. Margaret Belford
Mr. Michael D. Beliles
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Bell (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Gary S. Bell (3)
Ms. Beverly J. Bell
Mr. Charles B. Bell (20)
Mr. David Glenn Bell (2)
Mr. George S. Bell
Ms. Jo Bell (2)
Mrs. June Deloriea Bell (3)
Mr. Leigh Roy Bell (10)
Mr. Luther Samuel Bell (8)
Mrs. Nancy Beth Bell (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Dale Bellamy
Mr.Verkatesh Babu Bellarkonda
Mrs. Judy K. Bellemere
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Belwood (4)
Ms. Janet Gail Bemiss
Mr. Bernard Gene Bena
Mr. Robert W. Bendon (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Carroll S. Benedict (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Benefield
Mrs. Nancy D. Bennet (6)
Ms. Brenda Joyce Bennett
Mrs. Deborah Ann Bennett (3)
Ms. Diana Lynn Bennett (4)
Mr. and Mrs. James K. Bennett
Mrs. Kathryn W. Bennett
Mr. M. K. Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Coleman
Bennett (10)
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick A. Bennett (3)
Mrs. Jane Reed Benningfield (2)
Mr. and Mrs.William S. Benningfield (3)
Ronnie Benningfield
Mr. Edmund J. Benson (2)
Mrs. Elaine H. Benson (2)
Mr. Jeremy Daniel Benson
Ms. Julia D. Benson (6)
Dr. Wilma Louise Benson (4)
Mr. Dennis M. Benthall
Mr. Stephen R. Bentley (5)
Ms. Liz Benton
Ms. Allison L. Benz
Mrs. Marjorie A. Berge (3)
Mr. and Mrs.William David Berger (4)
Mr. Casey Brett Berger
Mrs. Connie Marie Beringer
Ms. Amy Bernard
Mrs. Bev Bernard (3)
Mr. Richard O. Bernard (8)
Mr. Darin Duane Bernhard (3)
Mrs. Christy P. Berry (4)
Rev. Ephraim A. Berry (4)
Mrs. Karen S. Berry
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Fleming Berry (2)
Mr. Mark Forster Berry
Mr. Robert Earl Berry (5)
Mr. Ronald D. Berry
Ms. Sally E. Berry
Maj. and Mrs. James Michael Berry
Mr. Dudley G. Berthold, Sr.
Mr. John Richard Bertotti (2)
Mr. John D. Bertram (2)
Mr.Thomas M. Bertram (13)
Mrs. Ann M. Bertrand (2)
Ms.Teresa E. Bertrand
Mr. John Tyler Beshear (2)
Ms. Paige Ann Beshens
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Richard Bessette
Mrs. Phyllis Jewell Bessette (7)
Mr. and Mrs. Roger B. Bessinger (7)
Mrs. Debra Ann Bethel (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lynn Betten
Mrs. Margaret Bevarly (2)
Mrs. Judy Tichenor Bevil (3)
Mr. Gary Waddell Bevill (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel F. Bevington
Mr. and Mrs. John Edward Bevington
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Bewley (2)
Mr. Steve Bewley
Ms. Chandra Kaur Beyer (2)
Mr. Mark E. Bezold (2)
Mr. William M. Bibelhauser (7)
Mr. and Mrs. Justin H. Bice
Ms. Dana M. Bickett
Mr. and Mrs. Darrell T. Bicknell
Mr. and Mrs.Tory Bidinian
Mrs. Brenda A. Bidwell
Mrs. Ella Marie Bieber (2)
Ms. Utona Williams Bieber (4)
Mr. Park Pershing Bierbower, Jr. (4)
Ms. Minion Miller Bigbee (7)
Mrs. Erin O'Brien Biggers (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Earl Biggers (2)
Mr. Jay Biggs
Mr. John Stephen Biggs
Ms. Claudia Jean Bilbrey
Dr. Daniel C. Biles
Mr. James William Biles (4)
Mr. Robert V. Bilik
Ms. Kimberly Billings
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Billingsley (4)
Hon. Stanley M. Billingsley (2)
Mrs. Pamela B. Bills (3)
Mrs. Judith Maxfiled Bilyeu
Mr. Phillip Hodgen Bilyeu (3)
Mr. Charlie Binger
Ms. Crystal Dawn Bingham
Mrs. Wendy L. Birch
Mrs. Sandy L. Birchwell
Ms. Andrea Bird
Mrs. Mary J. Bird (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Birdwhistell (17)
Mrs. Gene C. Birkhead (5)
Mrs. Kim A. Birkhead
Rev. and Mrs.Thomas L. Birkhead (2)
Mrs. Angela Glass Bishop (4)
Mr. David Ray Bishop (8)
Mr. Jack Bishop
Mr. Joseph Harry Bishop (14)
Mr. Michael Andrew Bishop
Ms.Tootie Bishop
Mr. William H. Bishop (2)
Ms. Ruth Ann Bittel
Mr. and Mrs. Harold G. Bittinger (2)
Mr. Mark Joseph Biven (4)
Ms. Marsha L. Bivens (8)
Mrs. Martha M. Bivens
Mr. Roger E. Bivin
Ms. Elizabeth A. Bivins
Mrs. Shelia Bivins
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Lythe Bivins (9)
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Jon Bixler
Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Bizer (2)
Mr. Brian Davis Black (5)
Mr. David M. Black
Col. (Ret.) and Mrs. Michael Allen
Black (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Black
Mrs. Julie Black (5)
Mrs. Karen Black
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Rogers Black (3)
Mr. Robert C. Black, Jr. (2)
Mrs. Sara L. Black (15)
Ms. Ashlee Blackburn
Ms. Kathleen Blackburn
Mr.Thomas K. Blackburn (5)
Dr. Jeffries L. Blackerby (15)
Mr. Marvin W. Blackford (3)
Mrs. Carrie Ann Blackham
Mr. and Mrs. Bradford H. Blain (2)
Mr. Benjamin J. Blair (2)
Mr. C. Kevin Blair
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Alan Blair
Mr. Roger Blair (2)
Mrs.Valeria Blair
Mrs. Marilyn Blair Ford (2)
Mr.Terry Blake (3)
Ms. Phyllis Blakeman
Lt. Col. and Mrs. James T. Blakey (9)
Mr. Larry Thomas Blalock
Mr. David William Bland (3)
Mr. Francis H. Bland (6)
Ms. Kelly Jean Bland
Sister Mary Timothy Bland (2)
Mrs. Nanette Ann Blandford
Mr.Terry Michael Blandford
Mrs. Barbara Anne Blandino (2)
Ms. Brooke E. Blaney (3)
Ms. Debra W. Blanford
Mr. Barry Scott Blankenship (3)
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Blankenship (15)
Mr. and Mrs. Lenual L. Blankenship (2)
Mrs. Laura Ellen Blanton (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Blanton (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Larry R. Blanton (2)
Ms. Stephanie Lynn Blanton
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Blaske
Mr. James Blemker
Mr. Robert Blencoe
Mrs. Nora Leann Blevins (8)
Mr. and Mrs.William Grider Blewett (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Dannie W. Blick
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur R. Blick
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Blincoe
Mr. Garrett Daniel Blincoe
Mr. Lance Michael Blincoe
Mr. Mike L. Blincoe (4)
Ms. Marianne Bluhm (5)
Ms. Ruth S. Bly
Mr. David Graves Blythe (3)
Ms. Carrie L. Board (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Gene D. Boaz (3)
Mrs. Hope Boback (2)
Ms. Catherine P. Bobrow
Western Kentucky University
Western Kentucky University - Annual Giving
Ms. Maurella Mary Bochenko (3)
Mrs. Patricia A. Bockelman
Ms. Brittany L. Bockweg
Mr. Paul William Bode
Ms. Dana W. R. Boden, PhD (14)
Ms. Cynthia M. Boecker
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Douglas Boehman (6)
Mr. and Mrs. George Bernard
Boehnlein (10)
Ms. Mary Dee Boemker (4)
Dr. Robert Mandell Boerner
Mr. Steven Joel Bogach (7)
Ms. Carrie M. Bogart
Dr. William K. Bogdan
Ms. Hilary Megan Bogert
Mrs. Julia Lee Boggs (3)
Mrs.Tiffany Kerstin Bogle
Mr. Bruce Wayne Bohanon (2)
Mrs. Melissa Anne Bohmer
Dr. Bertram R. Bohn (6)
Mr. and Mrs. Beril Bohrer (6)
Mr. Damon Cooper Boldrick (20)
Ms. Stacie Bolen (4)
Mr. James M. Boley
Mrs. Wanda L. Bolin (3)
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Boling, Jr. (3)
Mrs. Rebecca A. Boling (6)
Mrs. Laurie E. Bollig (2)
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Bolling
Mr. Andrew R. Bolt
Mr. H. D. Bolton
Mrs. Charlotte R. Bond (13)
Mr. Donnie Bond
Mrs. Phyllis Bond
Mrs. Marjorie M. Bonds (6)
Mr. Eddie C. Booher
Mr. Ralph E. Booher
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Book, Jr. (3)
Mr. Arthur W. Boone, Jr. (2)
Mrs. Margaret Carol Boone
Mrs. Shannon Jill Boone
Mrs. Susan E. Boone (2)
Mrs. Beth G. Boothe (3)
Mrs. Emily M. Boots (12)
Mr. Richard G. Borchardt (14)
Ms. Robin L. Borczon (3)
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Bordas (8)
Mr. and Mrs. John Wayne Borders (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Wayne Borders (4)
Mr. Don Borders (6)
Mr. and Mrs. James Borders, Jr. (4)
Mrs. Penelope Anne Boren
Mr.Twyman Boren
Mr. Carl W. Borho
Mr. Jonathan Lawrence Borie (6)
Mrs. Lorraine Bagwell Bormann (4)
Mr. Robert Bennett Borton
Mr. Marcus W. Bosley
Mr. and Mrs. Philip B. Bosley
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Bosma
Mrs. Elizabeth Vaughn Boston
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Stevens Boston
Mr. and Mrs. George B. Boston
Mr. J. E. Boucher
Mrs. Martha E. Bouman (7)
Mr. Franklin Bourn
Mrs. Marcya H. D. Bove (2)
Ms. Deidre M. Bowen
Mr. and Mrs. Brendan Bowen
Mrs.Teresa J. Bowen (3)
Mr. John S. Bowers
Mr. and Mrs. David Brian Bowers (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Paul Bowlds (12)
Dr. and Mrs. James M. Bowles (2)
Mr. and Mrs. David Lewis Bowles (7)
Mrs. Gean M. Bowles (2)
Mrs. Opal Barbour Bowles (2)
Mrs. Jane Balhatchet Bowlin (2)
Bowling Green Tax Service
Mrs. Connie Bowman
Mr. Daniel Lee Bowman (7)
Mrs. Lucile M. Bowman
Mr. Ronald H. Bowman
Ms. Sandra S. Bowman
Mrs. Jennie Boyarski (4)
Mrs. Karen Faye Boyce
Mr. Sean Boyce (5)
Mrs. Becky Layne Boyd
Ms. Jessica L. Boyd
Alumni Fall 2005
Mrs. Marsha Rae Boyd
Mrs. Mollie Mahan Boyd (11)
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Dale Boyd (13)
Mrs. Wanda Beth Boyd (2)
Mr. Ryan Edward Boyer
Mrs. Karen E. Boyette (6)
Ms. Mary Marta Ruxer Boyken
Mrs. Ann Tracy Boylan
Mr.Thomas R. Boyle (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Allen Boyles (3)
Mr.Todd Jeremy Boyles (2)
Mrs. Dawn M. Boyter (7)
Mrs. Donna Bozarth (9)
Mrs. Laura Beth Brack
Mr. Edward Bracken
Mr. Charles Brackett (6)
Mrs. Jennifer Ann Bradbury
Ms. Jamie Elizabeth Bradford (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Abner M. Bradley (10)
Mr. Eric Bradley
Mr. Harry Stephen Bradley (2)
Ms. Patricia L. Bradley (2)
Ms. Susie Bradley (2)
Ms.Tina Marie Bradley
Mr. Walter T. Bradley, III (4)
Ms. Carolyn A. Bradshaw (8)
Ms. Dona Jo Brady
Ms. Mikki L. Brady
Mr. and Mrs. John Paul Brady (4)
Mrs. Melissa Ann Bragg
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Louis Brake
Mrs. Amy Lynne Bramblette (3)
Mr. and Mrs. David Macklin Bramel
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas B. Brand (2)
Mr. Denny Joseph Brand (7)
Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Lee Brand (12)
Mrs. Cathy S. Brandon (4)
Mr. Larry H. Brandt
Mr. Leon Brangers (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Ulysses Sonny Branham (3)
Mr. Michael Lee Brannick (3)
Ms. Myra D. Branscum
Ms. Iva R. Branson (12)
Ms. Beth L. Branstetter (2)
Mr. Harvey W. Branstetter
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Fowler Branstetter
Ms. Leona Branstetter
Mr. Patrick Roy Branstrator (8)
Mr. and Mrs. James Dewey Brantley (2)
Ms. Jean P. Branum (2)
Mr. Michael F. Brashear
Mr. David G. Brasher
Mrs. Charlotte Austin Bratcher (7)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Bratton (3)
Mr. William E. Bratton (2)
Mr. Dan E. Brawner (3)
Mr. and Mrs. W. Larry Brawner (14)
Mr. Robert Allen Brawner (2)
Mr. David W. Bray (2)
Mr. Glen D. Bray (4)
Mr. James M. Bray (7)
Mr. John Edward Bray
Dr. Rhonda S. Bray
Mr. and Mrs. John Brecht (5)
Mr. Darrell Breeden (2)
Ms. Katherine Ann Breitholle
Mr.Tim Brelig (7)
Ms. Marion A. Brennan (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Warden
Brenner (2)
Mrs. Carita F. Brents
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Larry Breunig
Mr. Bradley Ray Brewer
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Brewer
Ms. Desiree A. Brewer
Mr. and Mrs. Howard E. Brewer (17)
Mrs.Terry Lynn Brewer (11)
Mrs. Dana Lynn Brewington (3)
Mrs. Karyn M. Brey
Mr. Ronald Patrick Brey
Briarwood Homemakers Club
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard R. Bricker
Mr. Darryl Lee Bridges (3)
Mr. Steven Brier (12)
Mrs. Joy Smith Briggs (2)
Ms.Tabitha Monique Briggs (d.)
Bright Spot Cleaning Service LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Bright
Mrs.Trilba D. Briley (3)
May 23, 2005 brought the celebration of steps taken to broaden access to a WKU degree.
Representatives from Western traveled to New York City to take part in a commencement
ceremony for 29 new WKU alumni.They are the first graduates to receive master’s degrees
in communication disorders through a unique partnership between WKU’s Division of
Extended Learning and Outreach and the United Federation of Teachers.
Mrs. Barbara R. Brindle (6)
Mr. David S. Brinkley (7)
Mrs. Jennifer Brinkley
Mrs. Jennifer Lee Ann Brinkley (4)
Mrs. Kathleen Elizabeth Brinser
Mrs.Vanessa Jones Briscoe (2)
Ms. Denise Elizabeth Bristol (2)
Mr. Duane Bristow (9)
Ms. Aletha Britt
Ms. Anita Ann Britt
Ms. Connie Suellen Britt (2)
Ms. Florine Britt (5)
Mr. Jonathan S. Britt
Mrs. Madge W. Britt (2)
Mr. and Mrs. John Brittain (3)
Mr. Larry L. Brittain (6)
Broadstone Media LLC
Mr. Ernie Broady
Mr. Brian G Brock
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin W. Brock (4)
Mr. John Lawrence Brock, Jr. (2)
Mr. Michael A. Brock (3)
Mr. Orvile Lee Brock (17)
Mr. and Mrs. Steven E. Brock
Neil and Angela Brockman (3)
Mr. Charles Leon Brockman (3)
Mr. Ricky Joe Brockman (8)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael V. Brodarick (3)
Ms. Melissa Ann Brodsky
Mr. Seymour Brodsky (3)
Ms. Carol Broduer (2)
Mrs. Janice Brogli
Mrs. Sharon L. Brokaw
Mrs. Sandra Broman
Mr. James Phillip Bronson
Mrs. Bonnie J. Brook
Mr. Bradley S. Brooks
Mr. David Lynn Brooks (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Edward Brooks (2)
Mrs. Denise Wymer Brooks (3)
Mrs. Janet Brooks
Mr. Joe Brooks
Mr. John Christopher Brooks (2)
Ms. Judy Brooks
Ms. Karen Michelle Brooks (2)
Ms. Laura Susanne Brooks (6)
Mr. Michael Brooks
Mr. and Mrs.Walter Bryan Brooks (3)
Mr. William Lee Brookshire
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Allen Broome (2)
Ms. Kenna B. Brophey
Mrs. Michelle F. Bideau Brotherson
Mrs. Betty Angelina Brown (3)
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Brown (2)
Ms. Brenda Sue Brown (2)
Mr. C. Frank Brown (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Danny Leon Brown
Mr. Darren D. Brown
Mr. Donald Brown (3)
Ms. Donna Brown
Ms. Donna Marie Brown
Ms. Dorothy S. Brown (12)
Mr. and Mrs. Billy Carl Brown
Mrs. Elaine W. Brown
Mrs. Eleanor S. Brown (7)
Mr. Floyd M. Brown
Mr. Freddie Dale Brown
Ms. Heather M. Brown
Ms. Helen B. Brown (6)
Mr. Howard Craig Brown (4)
Dr. J. Herbert Brown, Jr.
Mr. James C. Brown (11)
Mr. and Mrs. Barry W. Brown (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Jarrett Nelson Brown
Ms. Jennifer Brown
Mr. Jerry Lee Brown (3)
Mr. and Mrs. John Michael Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Rickie Fay Brown (3)
Ms. Joan L. Brown
Mr. John R. Brown (7)
Mr. John Robert Brown (12)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Brown (16)
Mr. and Mrs. David Rice Brown (4)
Mrs. Kathryn Louise Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Brown (3)
Mrs. Kathy R. Brown (3)
Mrs. Kristi Mae Brown (4)
Ms. Lajohna Dantez Brown
Mr. Larry Brown
Dr. Larry M. Brown
Mr. Larry Wayne Brown
Mrs. Laura Jo Brown (3)
Mrs. Linda Brown
Mrs. Lisa M. Brown (2)
Mrs. Lucille T. Brown (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Lyndon Lee Brown
Mr. Mac Brown (3)
Ms. Martha Lowe Brown (6)
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Brown (4)
Mrs. Melissa Carol Brown (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Brown (8)
Mr. Mike Brown
Mr. Phillip Allen Brown
Mr. Richard Wayne Brown
Mr. Robert H. Brown (10)
Lt. Col. (Ret.) Robert R. Brown (2)
Mr. Russell J. Brown (2)
Ms. Susan Elizabeth Brown
Mr.Tony Mac Brown
Ms.Vicky L. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ben Browning (3)
Mr. David R. Browning (40)
Mr. John David Browning (5)
Mrs. Kathi Marie Browning (3)
Mrs. Lisa D. Browning
Hon. Sue Carol Browning (9)
Mr. Randal Broyles (3)
Mrs. Janice M. Brucato (2)
Mrs. Kimberly D. Bruch (2)
Mr. Robert Edward Bruck
Mrs. Bettyruth Bruington (5)
Mrs. Frances O. Brumfield (10)
Mr. and Mrs. James Clay Brumfield (16)
Mr. Mike Brumfield
Mr. William A. Brumit, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. William Alton Brumit, Jr.
Mr. William A. Brumm (6)
Ms. Marilyn J. Brumund (5)
Mr. Eddie Bruner
Dr. Margaret R. Bruner
Mr. Larry L. Brush (3)
Mr. Reginald Vernard Bruster (2)
Mrs. Lelia Bruun (5)
Mrs. Elizabeth M. Bryan
Mr. James Ronald Bryan
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Bryan
Ms. Anne Marie Bryant (8)
Ms. Betty Lou Bryant (10)
Ms. Janice E. Bryant
Ms. Marrissa Rose Bryant
Ms. Martha Ann Bryant
Western Kentucky University - Annual Giving
Melissa Hans of the Louisville Alumni chapter and son, Preston, deliver items to Linda Medley,
Home of the Innocents resource development director. The Louisville Alumni chapter donated over 170 items to Home of the Innocents.
Mr. Michael Alan Bryant
Mrs. Minnie Gayle Bryant (2)
Mr. Ralph E. Bryant
Ms. Sharon Ann Bryant
Ms. Sherry Bryant (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Ratliff Bryant
Mr. and Mrs. Chris J. Bryce
Mr. Corey J. Bryson
Mrs. Katherine Lilly Bryson
Ms. Mary Frances Buch (13)
Mr. Bobby L. Buchanan
Mr. Jimmie Darrell Buchanan (2)
Mr. Lewis Buchanan
Ms. Nancy O. Buchanan (3)
Ms. Rachelle B. Buchanan (2)
Mr. Fred Buchanon (3)
Mr. James David Buchanon
Mr. Lee F. Buchtman (13)
Mrs. Linda Ellen Buck
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Buck (5)
Mr. David T. Buckingham (7)
Mrs. Jennifer L. Buckingham
Mrs. Jane Ellen Buckley
Mr. Robert I. Buckley (4)
Dr. and Mrs. William G. Buckman (6)
Mr. Robert E. Buckman (2)
Ms. Susan Buckman
Mr. William Gordon Buckman, Jr.
Mr. William K. Buckman
Mrs. Shirley M. Buckner (2)
Ms. Stephanie Jean Buckner (3)
Mrs. Sarah R. Budde (8)
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Buechler (4)
Mr. and Mrs.Terry W. Buelow (18)
Ms. Sandra Miller Bugay
Ms. Carrye Centimole Buie (2)
Mr. Joe N. Bulhoes (6)
Mr. Neal I. Bulla (7)
Ms. Angela Michelle Bullen (2)
Mr. Kenneth Bullivant
Mrs. Myra Kay Bullock (2)
Mr. Paul F. Bullock (3)
Mrs.Tara Marie Bullock
Mr. Corrie W. Bumps
Ms. Julie Anne Bunch
Mr. Kyle M. Bunch (2)
Ms. Marilyn E. Bungo (2)
Ms. Mary B. Bunnell (8)
Mr. and Mrs. Sydney M. Bunnell (3)
Mrs. Anna Louise Bunting
Ms. Edna K. Burbank (11)
Mr. Lee B. Burbank
Mrs. Cereta Dee Burch (11)
Mr. David A. Burch (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Burcham (9)
Mr. Richard W. Burchell (5)
Mr. Dale Burchett
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Burchett
Mr. Richard Lewis Burchett (2)
Mr. Harvey D. Burd (3)
Mrs. Charolene W. Burden (18)
Mrs. Cilicia H. Burden (18)
Mr. Ralph Clinton Burden (9)
Mr. Pat Burdette (17)
Ms. Deborah Ann Burford
Ms. Barbara Candis Burgess
Mrs. Stacey R. Burgess
Ms. Lisa G. Burgett (7)
Ms. Miranda Gayle Burgett
Mr. Steven Robert Burgi (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wayne Burke (12)
Mrs. Mary Ann Burke
Mr. Michael David Burke
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Burkeen (2)
Mr. Phillip Cardwell Burkeen (2)
Mrs. Susan L. Burkey
Mr. Christopher Mark Burkhead
Mr. Phillip Wayne Burkhead
Mr. William R. Burkholder, II (2)
Mr. and Mrs. John Yancey Burks (5)
Mr. Kelly M. Burks, Jr. (7)
Mr.Timothy Lee Burks
Ms. Martha Burn (4)
Mr. Carl Darian Burnam (2)
Mrs. Carlene Sue Burnell (5)
Mr. Alan Keith Burnett (3)
Ms. Eve Burnett
Ms. Irene Burnett (21)
Mr. William Patrick Burnett (4)
Ms. Meda Joey Burnette
Mr. Larry Burnham
Ms. Emily J. Burnley
Mrs. Betty J. Burns (8)
Ms. Jacquelyn Laveeda Burns (7)
Mr. Perry A. Burns (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Ben C. Burr (3)
Mrs. Donna J. Burress
Mr. Michael Gene Burress
Dr. Robert N. Burress (3)
Ms. Ashley P. Burris
Mr. G. Kevin Burris (10)
Ms. Jemitta Burroughs (2)
Mark and Gwen Burroughs (2)
Dr. John M. Burt (3)
Mrs. Arlene F. Burton (3)
Mr. Daniel F. Burton (7)
Mr. Darren P. Burton
Mr. John Delbert Burton
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wayne Burton (14)
Mr. Steven Lewis Burton
Mr. Stewart Ross Burton
Mrs. Leanne C. Busby
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew John Busby (2)
Mr. Jay Buser
Mr. Michael Pete Buser (7)
Ms. Brenda Ruth Bush (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Bush (3)
Mr. Gregory Keith Bush
Mrs. Janet Stotts Bush
Mrs. Joy L. Bush (6)
Ms. Maria Foster Bush
Mrs. Nancy E. Bush
Mr. and Mrs. Jamie L. Buskill
Mrs. Deborah Michelle Bussey (3)
Rev. John R. Butchko (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Adam W. Butler (3)
Mr. Brian Lynn Butler (2)
Ms. Catherine Jean Butler (3)
Mr. L. Kirker Butler
Dr. Laura Butler and Mr. Wendell
Butler (8)
Mr. Lawrence Alan Butler (4)
Ms. Marcia K. Butler (3)
Mrs. Mary Coursey Butler (18)
Ms.Tracey L. Butler (4)
Ms. Butoryak and Mr. Schafstall (3)
Mr. Eugene Waldon Butters (11)
Mrs. Phyllis A. Buttry
Mr. Michael Butts
Mrs. Mabel Ruth Buzzard (3)
Ms. Regina Byars
Mrs. Mary E. Bybee (3)
Ms.Teresa Joyce Bybee
Mr. Andrew Byers (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hardin Byers (6)
Mrs. Ada Thompson Byington
Mrs. Deniece Ann Byrd
Mr. Malcolm B. Byrd
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Adam Byrd
Sister Elaine I. Byrne
Mr.Thomas Lee Cable (2)
Ms. Jeanne Caffe
Mr. and Mrs. Otis D. Cagle, Jr. (4)
Ms. Andrea D. Cailles (3)
Mrs. Debra Cain (9)
Mr. Keith Raymond Cain (8)
Mrs. Kristi Cain
Mr. Phillip A. Calcagno, Jr
Ms. Helen Lewis Caldwell
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Caldwell
Mrs. Julie Baldwin Caldwell (4)
Ms. Sherri E. Caldwell
Dr. Linda T. Calendrillo (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Gary J. Calery (6)
Mr. Robert J. Calhan, II (7)
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert T. Calhoun, Jr. (10)
Mrs. Raymunda Calhoun (2)
Mrs.Tamara Jean Calhoun (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Crystal Hope Kendrick
Calit (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Callahan (16)
Mr. and Mrs.Terry Callahan
Mrs. Cheryl A. Callis (7)
Mr.Travis Elwin Callis (4)
Dr. James R. Callison
Ms. Debra Katherine Calvert (3)
Mr. Mark Jay Calvert (3)
Mr.Travis W. Calvert
Mrs. Miriam H. Camargo
Mrs. Julie Cambron
Mr. Max Cambron (3)
Mrs. Margaret Evins Cameron (2)
Ms.Verenda Smith Camire (2)
Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Camp
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Lin Camp
Mrs. Andrea Sanders Campbell
Ms. Beulah C. Campbell (17)
Mr. Charles P. Campbell, Jr
Ms. Charlotte H. Campbell (6)
Ms. Doris Jean Campbell (4)
Mrs. Emily C. Campbell (4)
Dr. F. Kent Campbell (6)
Ms. Geraldine B. Campbell
Ms. Jan Nadeen Campbell (2)
Ms. Jessica E. Campbell (2)
Mr. Larry Douglas Campbell (3)
Ms. Lizbeth Susan Campbell (4)
Dr. Martin J. Campbell
Mrs. Pamela Campbell
Ms. Patricia A. Campbell
Mr. Philip Todd Campbell
Mr. Warren Campbell
Mr.Todd Erin Camplin
Ms. Marlene D. Ruby Canaday (4)
Sister Anna Marie Canary
Ms. Kathy S. Canary
Mrs. Marion J. Canary
Mrs. Nancy V. Canary
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford George
Canavera (6)
Mrs. Carol Canfield
Mrs. Lisa Carol Canler (3)
Ms.Vicki L. Cannady (10)
Mr. Clay Edward Cannon
Mrs. Karen Jo Cannon
Mr. Paul E. Cannon
Mr. Steve Cannon
Ms. Patricia Canon (2)
Ms. Sarah Elizabeth Canon
Mr. Greg Allen Cansler (2)
Mr. Jason Cansler
Ms. Rhoda Ann Cantor (2)
Mr. James R. Cantrall (8)
Mr. and Mrs.Timothy Alfred Cantrell
Mr. Henry L. Cantrell
Ms. Margaret S. Cantrell
Mr.Thomas Malcolm Cantrell (13)
Dr. Gregory Scott Canty (8)
Mr. Kevin E. Canty
Capitol Events Consulting
Ms. Carolyn Sue Capps
Mr. Daniel Eric Capps
Mr. and Mrs. Earl W. Capps, Jr. (2)
Ms. Diana Marie C. Carag
Mr. John W. Carbin
Mr. Stephen Denton Carden (5)
Mr. Ronald Dwayne Cardwell (11)
Mr. George David Carey
Ms. Julia Ann Carey (3)
Mrs. Mary Cathy Carey (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Carl Carey
Mr.Thomas S. Caridi
Ms. Carol Carithers (5)
Mrs. Melanni K. Carli (4)
Mr. Michael Eugene Carlile
Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Carlisle (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Carlson
Sgt. Maj. (Ret.) Gwen A. Carlson (12)
Ms. Judy D. Carlton (2)
Mrs. June S. Carlyle (15)
Ms. Hannah Katherine Carman
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Spencer Carman
Mr. Morris L. Carman
Mrs. Candace L. Carmichael (6)
Mrs. Elizabeth K. Carmichael
Mrs. Sara B. Carmichael
Mr.Terry Carmichael
Ms. Amy Carmicle (3)
Mrs. Judy F. Carnes
Mr. Kevin A. Carney
Dr. Becky and Mr. Francis Carothers, III
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Thomas Carothers
Mrs. Barbara S. Carpenter (23)
Mr. and Mrs. Dante Kay Carpenter
Mr. David Carpenter
Mrs. Diane E. Carpenter
Mr. and Mrs. Kamos Carpenter
Ms. Martha Carol Carpenter
Mr. Patrick Allen Carpenter
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Alan Carpenter (3)
Mr. Billy Wilson Carr (8)
Mr. David M. Carr
Ms. Kathy Lynn Carr
Mrs. Lisa K. Carr (3)
Mr. Ronald L. Carr
Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Carr (11)
Ms. Christine Carrico
Ms. Elizabeth Annette Carrico (18)
Mr. John Carrico
Ms. Leigh Anne Carrico (2)
Ms. Lisa Carrico
Ms. Beth Carrigan
Mr. John E. Carrigan (12)
Mr. Barry L. Carroll (8)
Mr. Derald Joseph Carroll (3)
Ms. Elizabeth Ann Carroll (2)
Mrs. Kathryn H. Carroll
Ms.Virginia Brauer Carroll
Mrs. Mary E. Carruthers (8)
Mr. Kenneth A. Carson, Jr.
Mrs. Amy Lynn Carter
Ms. Becky Phillips Carter (2)
Dr. Bruce Harrison Carter (7)
Mr. and Mrs. Willie O. Carter, Jr.
Dr. Carolyn Sue Carter (3)
Mr. Charles Bruce Carter (4)
Mrs. Christina Earles Carter (2)
Ms. Connie F. Carter
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall T. Carter (8)
Mr. J. Kent Carter
Ms. Janis C. Carter
Mr. and Mrs. John Gamble Carter
Mr. Jonathan Laurence Carter (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Ricky G. Carter
Mr. and Mrs. Rex Allen Carter
Ms. Krystal Lynn Carter
Mrs. Laverne Raglin Carter
Dr. and Mrs. Fred P. Carter (3)
Mrs. Lula Marie Carter (2)
Dr. and Mrs. Lee Carter
Mrs. Nancy Lou Carter (3)
Mrs. Peggy C. Carter
Mr. Randy Joe Carter (3)
Mr. Richard Reed Carter (3)
Ms. Sara M. Carter
Mr. Steve A. Carter
Mr. and Mrs. Steven T. Carter (2)
Mr. and Mrs. David Michael Carter
Mrs.Vivienne F. Carter
Ms. Patricia Caruso
Ms. Jean A. Caruth
Ms. Elizabeth Runyan Carver
Mrs. Hazel Carver (3)
Ms. Mary Lucille Carver (18)
Ms. Reeca Gale Carver
Mr. Richard Gene Carver
Dr. and Mrs. Glenn R. Carwell (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Jared P. Carwile (2)
Dr. L. Curtis Cary (3)
Mrs. Sona Fay Cary (14)
Mr. Steven Edward Cary (2)
Ms. Debbie C. Cascaden (2)
Western Kentucky University
Western Kentucky University - Annual Giving
Mrs. Charlotte Ann Casebier
Ms. Paula Casebier
Mr. Paul James Casebolt (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Cash (2)
Mr.Trent Loveless Cash
Mrs. Jeryl R. Cashion (3)
Mrs. Patricia Susan Cashion (2)
Mrs. Edna S. Cashman (5)
Mrs. Mary Louise H. Caskey (14)
Ms. Shannon Ruth Cason
Mrs. Ann L. Caspar (11)
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd W. Cassady
Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Cassady (3)
Mr. Robert Wayne Cassady (3)
Mr. Jim Casslly
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Casteel (11)
Mr.Vincent N. Castillo (3)
Castle Rock Property Management
Mr. Glenn P. Castleberry
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher T. Castlen (3)
Ms. Joanna D. Castlen (3)
Mrs. Sally Castlen (2)
Ms. Cheryl Lynn Cates (9)
Catherine Brand Realty, LLC (2)
Mr. A. Glenn Catlett (5)
Dr. David Nathan Catlett (3)
Ms. Mary L. Cato
Mrs. Gladys B. Catron (5)
Mr. and Mrs. David Lynn Caudel (2)
Mr. Dodd Lee Caudill
Mrs. Heather Elizabeth Caudill (2)
Ms. Lynda G. Caudill
Mr. Richard Alan Caudill
Mrs. Sandra I. Caudle (7)
Mr. Marshall L. Caulk
Mr. Kenneth Lee Causey (2)
Lt. Col. (Ret.) and Mrs. Larry
Glenn Causey
Mr. Stephen Richard Causey (2)
Mr. Jeffery Jay Cavana (7)
Caverna Florist (2)
Caverna Memorial Hospital Radiology
Mrs. Karlotta Katherin Cecil
Mrs. Lisa D. Cecil
Ms. Nora B. Cecil
Mrs. Penny D. Cecil
Mr.Terrence Wayne Cecil
Cedar Forest Advertising, Inc.
Mrs. Marion Anna Cedar (2)
Ms. Leandra Yvonne Celaya (4)
Mrs. Jean B. Celsor (3)
Mr. Zohn N. Centimole (6)
Ms. Ameerah Cetawayo
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Cetera (8)
Mrs. Amanda Fairfax Chadwell
Mr. Michael Chadwell
Ms. Raven Sierra Chadwell (3)
Mr. Hugh Garland Chaffin (3)
Mr. James Kim Chalmers (6)
Mrs.Tallon Chalmers (3)
Mr. Mitchell E. Chamberlain (2)
Mr.Timothy Chamberlain (14)
Ms. Janet A. Chamberlin
Mrs. Allison Gayle Chambers
Mrs. Pamela L. Chambers (3)
Mrs. Laura Roemer Champ
Mrs. Roberta J. Champagne (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Lindsey Champion (5)
Mr. Paul William Champion (2)
Mr. Kam C. Chan
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas Boyd Chance (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Chandler
Mr. David Chandler
Mr. Jeremy Montez Chandler
Mr. William G. Chandler (11)
Mr. Carl N. Chaney
Mrs. Mary Virginia Chaney (6)
Mr.Thomas P. Chaney (3)
Mrs. Kathryn Eppinger Chaplow (2)
Chapman Financial Group
Mr. and Mrs. Dan A. Chapman
Mr. David L. Chapman
Mrs. Dawn L. Chapman
Mr. James A. Chapman (4)
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Wade Chapman (12)
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Richard Chapman
Mr. Mark Chapman
Mrs. Patrice F. Chapman (2)
Mrs.Terri Gwen Chapman
Mr. Bruce Michael Chappius (12)
Alumni Fall 2005
Mr. Richard M Chappius
Charles B. Barrett, D.M.D.
Mr. Dallas Charton
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Chastain
Mr. James G. Cheatham, Jr.
Mr. Frank Leslie Chelf, Jr. (18)
Mr. I-Ting Chen (2)
Mr. John W. Chenault
Mr. and Mrs. David Glenn Cherry (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Potts Cherry (6)
Ms. Donna Lianette Cherry (2)
Mr. Jason Cherry (2)
Mr. Mac S. Cherry (2)
Mr. Phillip Jason Cherry
Mr. William J. Cherundolo (3)
Mr.Vincent E. Cheshire (2)
Ms. Dorothy R. Chesley (8)
Ms. Linda S. Chesser (3)
Mr. Wayne Chesser
Mr. John William Chester (12)
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Chesnut
Mr. Walter Chestnut
Ms. Andrea Lynn Childers
Mr. Sam Gregory Childers (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Danny Ray Childers
Ms. Nancy Lynn Childres
Ms. Cynthia A. Childress (3)
Ms. Heather Gwen Childress
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Childress
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Edward Childress (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Wayne Childress
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Chiles (7)
Mr. and Mrs.Timothy Kirkpatrick Chism
Mr. Wayne L. Chism
Mr. Gerald Lottos Chreste (17)
Mrs. Donna Marshall Christen
Mrs. Carol Ann Christian (8)
Mrs. Joyce K. Christian
Mrs. Linda D. Christianson
Mrs. Bettie J. Christofoli (2)
Ms. An-Chi Chung
Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Church (20)
Mr. Mark Alan Church (4)
Mrs. Jennie S. Ciliberti
Mrs. Sandra Cilyok (2)
Cindy's Consignment's Unlimited
Mr. John F. Cissell
Mrs. Jean Jewell Claiborne (5)
Mr. James Clancy (2)
Mr. Lynn Clapp
Mr. Alderson Clark, Jr. (14)
Mr. Anthony Conrad Clark (12)
Mr. Anthony Quinn Clark (6)
Mrs. Brenda Jane Clark (2)
Mr. Chris Vinson Clark (3)
Ms. Clara M. Clark
Mrs. Courtney Tomes Clark (2)
Dr. Dale W. Clark (4)
Mrs. Doris Keith Clark
Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Clark, Sr. (3)
Mr. Harvey Lee Clark, Jr. (2)
Mr. James Clark (2)
Mrs. Janet Clark (4)
Mr. John Thomas Clark (6)
Mrs. Joy Dean Clark (3)
Dr. and Mrs. Lynn Fred Clark (8)
Mrs. Marjorie L. Clark (3)
Ms. Martha Ellen Clark (17)
Mr. Marvin Eugene Clark
Mr. Merrill G. Clark, Jr. (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gerald Clark (5)
Mr. Paul D. Clark (9)
Mr. Ray Clark
Mrs. Robin Denise Clark
Mr. Roger Dale Clark (2)
Mr. Ronald Lynn Clark (7)
Mrs. Sandra Lynne Clark (8)
Mrs. Shirley Clark (2)
Ms. Somer Kristyn Clark
Mr.Tommy Clark (2)
Mr. Wesley Emory Clark (2)
Mr. John M. Clary
Mr. Mark Clauson
Ms. Barbara E. Clay (18)
Mr. David Wayne Claycomb (9)
Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Hackley
Claycomb (2)
Mrs. Lynn Claycomb (8)
Mr. John Michael Claypool (3)
Mr.Terry Lee Claypool (2)
Ms. Charlotte Withers Clayton
Mr. and Mrs. William Thomas Clayton
Mrs. Kimberly C. Claytor (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Steven F. Cleberg (7)
Mr. Michael Eugene Clemens (2)
Cmdr. (Ret.) Paul T. Clement (3)
Clements Marine Sales and Service (3)
Ms. Janice Clements (4)
Mr. Abraham Clemons, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Clemons, Jr. (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Derek Glen Clemons (2)
Ms. Melissa Clemons
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Clemons
Ms. Sandra Gail Clemons (3)
Mrs. Scotty Lane Clenney (3)
Dr. Laura Siegrist Clifford (14)
Ms.Virginia Clifford
Mrs. Patricia L. Clinard (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Micheal Cline (3)
Mrs. Meredith Clipp-Rodriguez
Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Cloar (6)
Mrs. Rebecca Ann Funk Clonts
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas Clore (2)
Mr. Danny D. Close (2)
Mr. Barry C. Clouse
Mr. Bill Clouse
Mr. James William Clouse (2)
Mrs. Lisa Diana Clouse
Clyde's Shoe Store (2)
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Clymer (2)
Ms. Ruth C. Coad
Ms. Linda N. Coakley (4)
Mr. Mike Coakley (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Reed Coats (3)
Mr. William Orville Coats (3)
Mr. Charles Cobb
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce W. Cobb (3)
Ms. Mattie Jane Cobb (3)
Mr. John Edward Cobelli
Mrs. Heather E. Cochran
Mrs. Lula M. Cochran (13)
Mr. Michael Cochran
Dr. Robert T. Cochran, Jr. (2)
Dr.Todd T. Cochran (5)
Ms. Mayron Justis Cockrel (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Dwight D. Cockrill
Mr. David W. Codell (3)
Coe Electric and Electronics
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory N. Coe (2)
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Coe (3)
Mr. John Coe
Mr. Michael E. Coen
Mrs. Amanda Marie Coffee
Ms. Regina Coffee
Mrs. Jeanne Lynn Coffelt (10)
Mr. and Mrs. David Scott Coffey (2)
Mr. Gary Lee Coffey
Mr. Johnnie David Coffey (14)
Mrs. Lois P. Coffey (7)
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew S. Coffey (2)
Ms. Janice Coffing (2)
Mrs. Martha J. Coffland
Mr. John Coffman (3)
Mrs. Lori Ann Magers Coffman (7)
Mr. Rodney T. Cohen
Mrs. Paula F. Cohn (6)
Mr. Darrell W. Cohron
Mr. Gerald T. Cohron
Mrs. Laura W. Cohron (16)
Ms.Terri Rhodes Coke (3)
Mr. George Coker, III
Mrs. Adrina Marie Colasanti
Mr. and Mrs. Roger K. Colbert (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Calvin A. Colburn (3)
Mr. Donald Ray Cole
Mr. Harold R. Cole (7)
Mr. Jason M. Cole
Mr. Jeremy Paul Cole
Mr. Mark Lanze Cole (7)
Mrs. Nakoma Rice Cole
Ms. Phyllis R. Cole
Ms. Ruth E. Cole (2)
Dr. Stanton L. Cole (2)
Mr. and Mrs. William W. Cole
Mr. and Mrs. George F. Coleman (3)
Ms. Katherine W. Coleman
Col. Mary Louise Coleman (2)
Matthew T. Coleman, MPH, CHES
Mr. Patrick N. Coleman
Mr.Timothy Ray Coleman (3)
Mrs. Wanda R. Coleman
Colgate Palmolive Company
Ms. Beverly White Collard (2)
College High Class of 1955
Mrs. Martha C. Collett (3)
Mrs.Valerie D. Collett (2)
Mrs. Kathy Collier (3)
Mrs. Mildred E. Collier (15)
Ms. Nancy B. Collier (10)
Mr. and Mrs. James Michael Collier (2)
Colliers Turley Martin Tucker
Ms. Jackie Collignon (2)
Collins Law Office
Mr. Al Harold Collins, Jr. (15)
Mrs. Anna Smith Collins (18)
Mr. Bob E. Collins (5)
Ms. Candace Monee Collins
Ms. Christy J. Collins (3)
Ms. Debra L. Collins (2)
Mrs. Glenda B. Collins
Mr. Jeffrey D. Collins
Mrs. Joan R. Collins (6)
Mr. John P. Collins, Jr.
Mrs. Kathryn Dodd Collins (7)
Mr. Kenneth L. Collins (3)
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas David Collins
Mrs. Mary Dele Collins
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lee Collins
Ms. Shelia S. Collins
Mr. W. Ernest Collins, Jr. (19)
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Colon (3)
Ms. Carol Colon
Ms. Mary Grace Columbia (2)
Mr. Gregory Brian Colwell
Mr. John D. Combest
Ms. Kelli Denise Combs
Mr. Russell M. Combs
Mrs.Tamara Jo Comer
Mr. Christopher Steven Compton
Ms. Helen Compton
Mrs. Sue Ann Compton (7)
Mr. Gale Conder (5)
Mrs. Dorothy Conklin (7)
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Conkright (2)
Mr. John D. Conn, Jr. (3)
Mr. William Clark Conn (2)
Mrs. Annice B. Conner (16)
Ms. Harriet B. Conner (17)
Mrs. Susan R. Conner (13)
Mr. Willard Anthony Conner
Mr. Henry D. Connor
Ms. Jennifer Ann Connor
Mrs. Wanda Pendleton Connor
Ms. Billi Ann Conrad (11)
Constance C. Huff, DMD, PSC
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Dale Constant
Mr. Stavros Constantinou (3)
Mr. Lupe Contreras (2)
Mrs. Anita L. Convery (2)
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Conway (4)
Mrs. Nikki Dae Herdel Conway
Mrs. Carole E. Cook (8)
Ms. Christie L. Cook
Mrs. Cynthia A. Cook
Mr. David Bryan Cook (3)
Mr. G. William Cook (2)
Mr. James Forester Cook (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Cook
Mr. Joseph A. Cook, II (2)
Mr. Leonard Earl Cook (16)
Mrs. Linda N. Cook (5)
Mr. Mark Franklin Cook
Mr. and Mrs. William W. Cook
Ms. Miranda L. Cook
Mr. Roger D. Cook
Mr.Thomas Burbridge Cook, Jr. (13)
Mr.Todd Duncan Cook (2)
Graham and Martha Neal Cooke (15)
Mr.Timothy R. Cooke (2)
Ms.Teresa Jane Cooksey (3)
Mr. Scott David Cooley (2)
Dr. and Mrs. Samuel John Coombs
Mr. Scott Thomas Coombs (8)
Mrs. Bobbie Joyce Coomer (18)
Mrs. Sharon K. Coomer
Mr. Ben P. Coomes
Mr. and Mrs.Timothy J. Coomes
Ms. Meghan Coomes
Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Coomes (7)
Mrs. Wilma J. Coomes (3)
Mr. A. Stephen Cooper
Dr. Charles L. Cooper (7)
Ms. Jean Louise Cooper
Mr. John Patrick Cooper (3)
Mrs. Kathy V. Cooper (3)
Dr. Ralph Cooper
Mrs. Rebecca Cooper (2)
Mr.Thomas E. Cooper
Mr.Tom Owens Cooper
Mr. Rick A. Coover
Mr. Chad Andrew Copas
Mr. Christopher Michael Copas
Ms. Karen Ann Copas
Mr. Kelly E. Copas
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Dewayne Cope
Ms. Jerilyn W. Cope
Ms. Martha Lee Copeland
Ms. Nancy A. Coppage
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher L. Corbin
Alice Irene Corbman, CRC, CCM (3)
Mr. Joseph T. Corcoran (2)
Capt. and Mrs. Donald Terry
Corder, Jr. (6)
Ms. Josella Corder
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Eugene Corder (3)
Hon. Kenneth G. Corey (3)
Ms. Zelma Lorraine Corkran (6)
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew C.
Cornacchione (4)
Mr. and Mrs. J. Richard Cornele
Cornerstone Building Consultants
Mrs. Judith Anne Cornett (3)
Ms. Carol Lorene Cornette (4)
Mr. Eric E. Cornish
Ms. Megan B. Cornwall (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Clovis J. Cornwell
Ms. Pamela G. Cornwell
Ms. Patrice D. Cornwell
Mr.Thomas B. Cornwell (15)
Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Correa (4)
Mrs. Rhonda L. Corrigan
Dr. and Mrs. Jacob D. Corriher (5)
Ms. Jennifer Susan Corum (8)
Mr. Michael Corum
Mrs. Donna Cosand (5)
Mrs. April Nicole Cosby
Mr. John Michael Cosby (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles David Cossey (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew R. Costello
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Costellow (3)
Mrs. Ellen P. Costigan (9)
Ms. C. Brooke Costin
Ms. Elizabeth A. Cothron
Mrs. Jennifer B. Cotter (3)
Mr. Scot N. Cottingham (2)
Mr. Garland C. Cottrell (13)
Dr. Gary Lee Cottrell
Mrs. Janice Dianne Cottrell (2)
Mrs. Jo Ann Cottrell (5)
Mr. Adrian Coty
Mr. and Mrs. James Scott Couch (4)
Mr. Kenneth Jason Couch
Ms. Patricia Gail Couden (2)
Ms. Amy Elizabeth Coulter
Mrs. Belinda Eaton Coulter (2)
Mr. Marvin G. Counts (12)
Mr. Richard Counts
Mrs. Stephannie Borders Coursey
Mr. and Mrs.Terry Lee Courtney
Mrs. Samantha S. Courtney
Mrs. Jacquelin C. Covalsen (3)
Mr. Dale W. Covington (3)
Mr. John E. Covington, III (2)
Mr. Matthew W. Covington (2)
Mrs. Shirley Covington
Mrs. Amy H. Cowan (4)
Mrs. Ellen Faye Cowherd (3)
Mr. John Mark Cowherd
Ms. Marjorie H. Cowherd (9)
Mrs. Ella H. Cox
Mrs. Jeanne Woodall Cox (7)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gene Cox (4)
Mr. Kenneth W. Cox (12)
Mrs. Linda M. Cox (7)
Mr. and Mrs. Kerry Gene Cox
Mrs. Pamela Sue Cox (4)
Mr. Roger C. Cox
Mr. Ronald Lee Cox (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Allen Cox (4)
Mr.Thomas C. Cox (5)
Western Kentucky University - Annual Giving
Mr.Thomas Patrick Cox, Jr.
Mr. Wayne B. Cox
Mr. Clifford L. Coyle
Mrs. Jennie N. Coyle (10)
Mrs. Katherine Anderson Coyle
Mr. William J. Coyne
Mrs. Betty B. Crabtree
Mr. James E. Crabtree
Mrs. L. Michelle Crabtree (4)
Mr. Shawn D. Crabtree (3)
Mr.Timothy Brent Crabtree
Mrs. Sandra Young Craddock (12)
Mr. George Chester Crady
Ms. Angela Rena Craft (3)
Ms. April Dawn Craft
Mrs. Melinda M. Craft (16)
Mr. Adam Hunter Crafton
Mr. Charles W. Crafton (7)
Ms. Nancy Atwood Crafton
Lt. Col. (Ret.) William Toby Crafton (3)
Mr. Gary Don Crafts (9)
Mr. John Michael Craig (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Larry S. Craig
Ms. Pamela Kaye Craig (3)
Ms. Anna M. Creekmore (19)
Mr. Kenneth W. Creekmore (2)
Mrs. Barbara A. Crenshaw (5)
Mr. and Mrs. John Howard Crenshaw
Mrs. Debra Faye Crews (2)
Mrs. Ruth C. Crews
Mrs. Amanda Tyson Crick
Mrs. Carole L. Crigger
Ms. Edith A. Crisp
Mrs. Helen B. Crocker (5)
Mrs. Patricia A. Crocker (9)
Mr. Eric Crockett
Mr. Ian Thomas Crockett
Mrs. Christy M. Croft (2)
Mrs. Carol A. Cromer (4)
Mr. Joe Allen Cromer
Mrs. Mylene Henley Cromwell
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Cron (4)
Mrs. Edith H. Cropp (19)
Mrs. Martha M. Cropper (3)
Mr. David C. Cross (5)
Mr. and Mrs. David Thomas Cross (2)
Mr. Fred D. Cross (5)
Mr. Joseph Karl Cross (3)
Mrs. Monica Brockwell Culver (2)
Ms. Alison H. Cummings (2)
Ms. Evelyn Fisher Cummings
Mr. Joe A. Cummings
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew P. Cummings
Mrs. Angela Rice Cummins
Ms. Catherine Cummins
Mrs. Debra L. Cummins (3)
Mr. and Mrs. David Lindsay Cundiff (8)
Mrs. Connie Cundiff
Mr. Darren L. Cundiff
Mr. Don R. Cundiff
Mr. Kevin Neil Cundiff
Mrs. Martenia B. Cundiff (4)
Mr. Mitchell Wayne Cundiff
Mrs. Stacey K. Cundiff (4)
Mrs.Teresa Whitmer Cundiff (2)
Mr. Jim Cuniffe (2)
Mr. Craig Cunningham (8)
Mrs. Dorothy Cunningham
Mr. Doyle R. Cunningham (4)
Mrs. Emily M. Cunningham (5)
Mr. Howard Alan Cunningham (2)
Ms. Kimberly B. Cunningham (3)
Photo by Clinton Lewis
Big Red leads the riders out of the E.A. Diddle Arena parking lot on Rumph's Ride, a poker
run to raise money for scholarship funds in the names of former Hilltoppers Danny Rumph
and Clarence Martin on July 16, 2005. Rumph and Martin passed away earlier this year.
Mrs. Patricia H. Craig
Ms. Alecia Lynn Craighead
Ms. Sarah L. Craighead
Mr. David Storey Crain
Mr. Kevin Crain and Mrs. Sherry Crain
Ms. Betsy Crandall
Ms. Jean Degrace Crandall
Mr. John Cranor (2)
Mrs. Rosalind A. Cranor
Ms.Vivian C. Cranor (2)
Mr. and Mrs. James Timothy Cravens
Ms. Frances Carolyn Cravens (2)
Ms. Cheryl Anne Crawford (3)
Ms. Claudia Rose Crawford
Mrs. Joanne Sneed Crawford (6)
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Allen Crawford
Mr. William Mason Crawford (2)
Mrs. Winifred P Crawford
Mrs. Diane S. Crawley
Mr. Harry S. Craycroft (2)
Mr. Robert Michael Creager (4)
Creative Design (3)
Creative Quilters
Ms. Jessica Renee Creech
Mrs. Melody Beth Creech (9)
Mr.Troy Caleb Creech (9)
Mrs. Laura Scott Cross (2)
Mr. Winfried B. Cross (3)
Mr. Richard Crossley, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Edward Crosslin (7)
Mrs. Elsie S. Crouch (8)
Ms. Monica Oldaker Crowder
Mrs. Brenda Kaye Young Crowe (10)
Mr. Daniel J. Crowe
Mrs. Karen Crowe
Mrs. Miriam P. Crowe (2)
Mr. W. J. Crowe (2)
Mrs. Candace Crowley
Ms. Cris Ann Crowley (7)
Ms. Mary Crum (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Eric Crumbie
Mr. Richard Lee Crumbie, Jr. (10)
Mr. Lee Alexander Crume
Dr. Claudia and Mr. Stanley Crump
Ms.Virginia Crump
Mrs.Terri D. Crutcher
Ms. Isobel R. Crutchfield (15)
Mr. Alex Cruz (3)
Mr. Martin Anthony Cruze
Mrs. Brenda C. Cuff
Mrs.Victoria Lynn Culbreth
Dr. Jonathan Cullick
Mr. Michael J. Cunningham (2)
Mrs. Pauline Cunningham
Mr. Roger D. Cunningham (4)
Mr. Michael Curatolo
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Curlee
Mr. and Mrs.Tom Curley (9)
Mr. and Mrs. Arch J. Curran, Jr. (2)
Mr. Ryan Kenneth Currens
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce James Currie
Mr. Michael Verne Currier (10)
Rev. Christopher Dale Curry (3)
Ms. Christy Curry
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Gene Curry (2)
Mr. Robert Lynn Curry (4)
Mr. Michael Joseph Curtin
Mrs. Belinda J. Curtis
Mrs. Bette T. Curtis (3)
Mr. David S. Curtis (5)
Mr. Craig Edward Curtiss (2)
Mr. James Donald Cutbush (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Joe Cuzzort
D & D Contracting Group, Inc.
Ms. Linda Diana Dabney (2)
Mrs. Mildred K. Dacus
Ms. Alissa Diane Daeger
Mrs. Marye Stone Dahlman (3)
Mrs. Darlene M. Dailey
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard C. Dailey, III (2)
Mrs. Marilou S. Dailey (2)
Ms. Crystal Dawn Daily
Mr. John M. Dalbo
Mr. Joseph Shawn Daley
Mrs. Annette M. Dalton (2)
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Daly (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Allen Dame (2)
Mr. Norman Julius Damer (3)
Mrs. Jama H. Danhauer (5)
Mr. William E. Danhauer (5)
Mr. Danny Joe Daniel
Mr. Dwight D. Daniel
Mr. Lovick W. Daniel
Ms. Mary Jo Daniel
Mr. Murel Daniel (5)
Mr. William Nicks Daniel (15)
Mr. Bob Daniels (2)
Mr. Edward S. Dansereau
Dr. Emil Dansker (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Joseph Dant (7)
Mrs. Shelly H. Dantzler (4)
Mr. Darrell L. Darby
Ms. Katherine Jean Darden
Mrs. Suzanne Darland
Mr. Danny Lee Darnell
Ms. Brandy Marie Dashnaw
Database Works, Inc.
Dr. Lillian R. Daughaday
Mrs. Kathy Lee Daugherty (2)
Ms. Lee Ann Daugherty (3)
Mr. Wesley S. Daughtry
Ms. Jennifer Beth Davenport
Mr. and Mrs. William Walker
Davenport (2)
Mr. Robert B. Davenport (6)
Mrs. Shirley B. Davenport (7)
Mrs.Teresa Evelyn Davenport
Mr. James Ronald Daves (3)
David M. Moody D.M.D. (3)
David W. Lamar Attorney at Law
Ms. Lynn David
Mrs. Lori Anne Davidson
Mr. Oscar Davidson (2)
Mrs. Paula H. Davidson (2)
Mrs. Sarah G. Davidson
Mrs. Susan Davidson
Dr. James C. Davies (4)
Mr. and Mrs. David Lynn Davila (2)
Mrs. Angela Denise Davis
Mrs. Anita C. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Allen F. Davis (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Hardin Y. Davis (7)
Mr. and Mrs. James Mount Davis
Mr. Carl Edmund Davis, Jr. (2)
Mrs. Carolyn D. Davis
Mr. Cary E. Davis (6)
Mr. Chad Wayne Davis
Mr. Charles Davis (2)
Mr. Charles T. Davis (2)
Mr. Cheyenne Thomas Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ken Davis (9)
Mr. and Mrs. Curry W. Davis, Jr. (11)
Mr. and Mrs. David Davis (5)
Mrs. Darlene H. Davis (3)
Mr. Donald Davis (8)
Mr. Donald Lee Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Ford T. Davis (6)
Mr. Eric Lamar Davis (2)
Ms. Erin Marie Davis (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Lee Davis (4)
Mr. Gary P. Davis (2)
Mrs. Gina Elizabeth Davis
Mr. Harold T. Davis
Mr. Harold Wayne Davis (10)
Mr. Herbert C. Davis
Mr. Howard Samuel Davis, Jr.
Mr. Hugo Davis (4)
Ms. Imogene T. Davis
Mrs. Izetta Davis
Mr. James E. Davis (6)
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Davis (2)
Mr. James S. Davis (4)
Mr. Jay W. Davis
Mrs. Jennifer D. Davis (5)
Mr. John G. Davis (2)
Mrs. Lisa Davis (14)
Mrs. Lori Ann Davis
Mrs. M. Elaine H. Davis (3)
Mrs. Mary Virginia Davis
Mr. Michael G. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Corey Douglas Davis (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Davis (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Revere Davis
Mrs. Sherri Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Patrick Davis
Ms. Susan B. Davis (3)
Mrs.Teresa Sue Davis (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Darrel Davis (8)
Mr. William Barry Davis
Mr. William Sinclair Davis
Davisco, Inc.
Mr. Joseph C. Dawkins (14)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Dawson
Mr. Brian Dent Dawson (3)
Mr. C. Leslie Dawson (4)
Mrs. Glennie Dawson (2)
Ms. Jessie Dawson (d.)
Dr. and Mrs. Royce E. Dawson (4)
Mrs. Mia H. Dawson (4)
Mr. Ronald L. Dawson
Dr. Wallace Dawson (3)
Ms. Amanda L. Day (3)
Mr. Brian Douglas Day
Mr. Daniel Day
Mr. and Mrs. Jack L. Day (14)
Mrs. Nancy M. Day (9)
Mr. Paul M. Day (15)
Mrs. Sherry Srygler Day (d.)
Mr. Steven H. Day
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Dayberry (3)
Mr. Jim De Camp
Mrs. Rosemarie Anne Dean (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis R. Dean (7)
Dr.Terry Randall Dean, DMD
Mr. Robert L. Deane
Mr. Donald Dearing (19)
Mrs. Deborah Dearing-Yoakem (11)
Mr. James Michael DeArmond
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Deaton
Mr. Mark E. Deaton (2)
Mr. Brent Lyle Deaves (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Mark David Deberry (2)
DeBiase Family LLC
Mr. Frank Vincent DeBiase
Mrs. Connie L. Debord
Mr. John F. DeBow
Mr.Vernon Ray Debruler
Mr. and Mrs. James Joseph Decesare (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Dwight Decker
Mrs. Pamela J. Decker
Ms.Vicki S. Decker
Mr. Robert G. Decraene
Mrs. Catherine Mary Irvin Deddens (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Dedmond (2)
Mr. Paul J. DeDominico (2)
Mr. Paul C. Deemer
Mr. and Mrs. Randall Edward Deere
Mr. Charlie Dees (5)
Mrs. Rita Jackson Dees (5)
Ms. Natasha Krystal Dejarnett
Mr.Todd W. Delaney
Mrs. Nancy Cawrse Delisio
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery E. DeLong
Delta Air Lines Foundation
Mrs. Cheryl B. Delvisco (2)
Mrs. Lula A. Demaree
Mrs. Nancy C. Demaree (4)
Mr. Jeremy T. Demarest
Mrs. Ann S. Demko (5)
Mr. Edward Demonbrun
Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Steven
Dempsey (3)
Mr.Timothy Dunn Dempsey (2)
Ms. Connie Irene Demunbrun
Mrs. Sara S. Demuth (3)
Mrs.Tracie Lane Dendy
Mrs. Patsy Matthews Denham (8)
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh D. Dening (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Edward Denison
Mr. Charles Melburn Denney
Mrs. Dana Michelle Denney (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Allen Denney
Ms. Norma Jean Denney (5)
Mrs. Heather Kaye Dennis
Mrs. Jennifer C. Dennis (9)
Mrs. Amy L. Dennison
Mrs. Deidra Michelle Dennison (3)
Mrs. Mary Davis Dennison
Western Kentucky University
Western Kentucky University - Annual Giving
Mrs. Merry Q. Denny
Mr. R. Scott Denny
Ms. Stacey Marie Densler
Mr. Peter Duffy Denson
Mr. David Stimson Denton
Mrs. Sandra Denton
Mr. John Anthony Depalma (4)
Mrs. Shauna P. Depp (2)
Mrs.Theresia D. Depriest
Mr. Richard Derby (3)
Mr. William A. Dermody (11)
Mr. Peter Carmen Derosa
Mr. William W. Deskins (5)
Mr. David Taylor DeSpain
Mr. Joseph Y. DeSpain (17)
Mr. and Mrs. James Lawrence
DeSpain (16)
Mr. Phillip Edward DeSpain
Mr. Frank Lowell DeTalente
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Detenber (4)
Dr. Carol Michler Detmer (5)
Mr. Jason Scott Detre
Mr. John Detre
Ms. Katherine Cranfill Deutsch (3)
Mr. and Mrs. James Michael Devine (9)
Mr. Jerry M. Devore (3)
Mrs. Aloma W. Dew
Mr. George R. Dew
Ms. Erika Suzanne Dewald
Mr. Raymond P. Deweese (6)
Ms. Diana Leigh DeWitt
Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Dexter (12)
Mr. Stanley Craig Dezern
Mr.Terence F. W. Di Bella (2)
Mrs. Jamie Elizabeth Di Mauro
Mr. Nick C. Diachenko (3)
Mrs. Alice Elizabeth Dick (2)
Mr. David Dickason (2)
Mrs. Antoinette N. Dickens (16)
Mr. and Mrs. Darrell L. Dickerson (2)
Ms.Virginia Dickert
Hon. and Mrs. Benjamin L.
Dickinson (24)
Mrs. Cynthia K. Dickman
Ms. Genie O. Dickson (11)
Mrs. Jenny Sue Dickson (2)
Mrs. Kathy Didio (2)
Ms. Charlotte Dieckhoff (2)
Mr. Bernard Diedrich (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Lee Diedrich
Ms. Debora Jo Diemer
Mr. and Mrs. James Thomas Diemer (3)
Dr. Chuck Joseph Dietzen
Mr. Arthur Digby (7)
Mr. and Mrs.Theodore J. Diguiseppe
Mrs. Susan L. DiLaura
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Allen Dillard (4)
Ms. Linda Sue Dillard
Mrs. Lorvetta Dillard (2)
Mr. Scott Dillery (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Steven G. Dilliha (5)
Mr. James Edward Dillingham (17)
Mrs. Donna Dimmitt
Mr. James F. Dinwiddie (7)
Mr. Norman Darrell Diseker (3)
Ms. Deborah Dishon
Ms. Amy B. Disparte (3)
J.V. and Betty Gunn Ditmore (2)
Ms. Katherine M. Dittmeier
Mr. William F. Ditto (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Kelly R. Divine (10)
Mr. David Dixon (3)
Mrs. Gail B. Dixon (14)
Mr. Givens Dixon (9)
Ms. Lindsey Anne Dixon
Ms. Lorna Dixon
Ms. Deana Lynne Doan (3)
Ms. Paula Blanche Doane (2)
Ms. Susan V. Doane
Mrs. Ruth Anne Dobbins
Mr. Wesley M. Dobbins
Ms.Terri L. Dobbs
Mr. Scott Alan Dobler (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Allen L. Dodd, Jr. (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dodd (11)
Mr. Harry T. Dodemont (4)
Mrs. Cynthia D. Dodson (14)
Ms. Deborah Renee Dodson
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Craig Dodson
Doerr Financial Group, Inc.
Alumni Fall 2005
Mr. Dennis L. Doerr
Ms. Kathleen Dohnert
Mrs. Nancy L. Domeck (11)
Ms. Julie Ann Domian (3)
Dominican Sisters (3)
Mr. James Herbert Donald (11)
Ms. Margaret Ann Donaldson (9)
Mr. Randall C. Donaldson (8)
Mrs.Vicki L. Donaldson
Mr.Thomas A. Donan
Ms. Hermance G. Donnelly
Mr. and Mrs. John Edward Donnelly, Jr. (5)
Mrs. Mary B. Donnelly (3)
Mrs. Hollie H. Donze (3)
Mrs. Dorothy Dooley
Mr.Thomas Leslie Dooley (2)
Mr. Jeffrey Lynn Doom
Ms. Lydia Mari Dorman
Ms. Donna Louise Dorris (10)
Dr. Gordon G. Dorris
Mr. Steven Loyd Dorris (3)
Ms. Megan C. Crumbacher Doss (2)
Mrs. Dana Dossey (2)
Ms. Betty B. Dotson (13)
Mr. Robert L. Doty (8)
Double Dome Systems, Inc.
Double T Construction
Mrs. Cynthia Ann Dougherty (2)
Gen. Russell E. Dougherty (3)
Mr. William R. Dougherty (2)
Mr. A. Ray Douglas (5)
Mr. Johnny Wayne Douglas
Mrs. Marica A. Douglas
Mrs. Stephanie Nicole Douglas (2)
Staff Sgt.Tyrone J. Douthit (2)
Mr. James M. Douthitt (5)
Ms. Joanna Kay Dove
Mrs. Janella Jean Dowd
Mr. David Dowdell
Mr. Ronald B. Dowdell
Ms. Nancy Kathleen R. Dowdy
Ms. Casey E. Dowell
Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Dowell (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Erik L. Dowell (3)
Mr. William Chad Dowling (2)
Mr. Bradley Downall
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Downard
Mrs. Claudia Downey (14)
Ms. Janet L. Downey
Dr. and Mrs. Max M. Downey
Ms. Ashley Downing
Mr. Danny B. Downing (3)
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Downing (2)
Ms. Aimee R. Downs
Mr. Charles Keith Downs
Mrs. Janelle E. Downs (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Roger K. Downs (2)
Mr. Sean Robert Downs (3)
Ms. Sharon R. Downs
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Scott Doyel
Mr. and Mrs. David Lee Doyle
Ms. Gwendolyn Danette Doyle
Mrs. Laura J. Doyle
Mr. Patrick J. Doyle
Mr. Ronald D. Doyle (2)
Mr.Vann I. Doyle
Mrs. Mary Jo Dozer
Dr. Max M. Downey, PSC
Ms. Bettie H. Drake (2)
Mrs. Brenda Alice Drake (12)
Mr. Darryl Drake
Mr. Gregory Keith Drake (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mark Drake (2)
Mrs. Kay Montgomery Drake
Ms. Sarah Frances Drake (11)
Mr. Wilbur B. Drake (9)
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Draper (2)
Mr. Edward L. Dreikorn, Jr. (3)
Ms. Alexandra Dressman
Mr. and Mrs.Tim F. Driggs (5)
Mr. Curtis Dringenburg (2)
Mr. Daniel B. Drinnen
Mrs. Deborah Ann Driskill (14)
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Ray Driver (10)
Ms. Judith Ann Driver (8)
Mr. John Charles Drombosky (4)
Mrs. Clara Mae Druen (11)
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Edward
Drummond (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Drungo
Ms. Marisa Jones Duarte
Ms. Jill D. Duba
Ms. Bobbie Jo Dubree (3)
Mrs.Tammy Lynn Dubree (3)
Mrs. Donna Jo Deason Dubrock (4)
Mr. David A. Dubs (8)
Mr. Claude Duckett
Mrs. Cathy R. Duckworth
Ms. Margaret Jean Dudgeon
Mrs. Angie Dudley (2)
Ms. Adrian M. Duff
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick L. Duff (2)
Mr.Taylor Duff
Mrs.Traci Michelle Duff
Mr. Kevin Scott Dugan (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Denny Duggins (2)
Mrs. Diana Mae Duggins (7)
Ms. Betty Evans Duke
Mrs. Donna Duke (2)
Mrs. Donna Mann Duke
Mr. Jarrod C. Duke (2)
Ms. Laura Belle Dukes
Mrs. Sarah Kay Dukes (3)
Mr. and Mrs.Timothy Ray Dukes (3)
Mr. Alton H. Dull, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Dumke
Ms. Angela R. Duncan
Ms. Doris Jean Duncan
Ms. Jane N. Duncan
Mr. Jeffrey Alan Duncan
Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Duncan
Mrs. Mary Alice Duncan
Mrs. Mattie S. Duncan (7)
Mrs. Nancy D. Duncan
Mr. and Mrs. J. Henry Duncan, Jr. (3)
Mrs. Ruby Carol Duncan (3)
Mrs. Sherry K. Duncan (2)
Ms.Tammy L. Duncan
Ms.Vanessa R. Duncan
Ms. Rachel H. Dunham (16)
Mr. John Dunlop, III (3)
Mrs. Debra C. Pierce Dunn (2)
Mr. Donald L. Dunn
Dr. and Mrs. James David Dunn (16)
Mr. James H. Dunn
Ms. Mary Beth Dunn
Mr. Robert Dunn
Mr. Ronald J. Dunn (7)
Mrs. Rosebud M. Dunn (3)
Mrs.Theresa L. Dunn (2)
Mrs.Tracy S. Dunnavant (9)
Mr. Gary Lee Dunning
Mrs. Judy Marie Dunning (11)
Mr. Ken J. Dunsire (5)
Mr.Troy Lee Dupin
Mrs. Cynthia Faye Dupree
Ms. Shannon Renee Dupree (2)
Mr. Daniel Wayne Durbin
Mrs. Deborah Sue Durbin (9)
Lt. Col. (Ret.) John Brian Durbin (5)
Mr. Joseph Leo Durbin (4)
Mr. Bruce Durham
Dr. and Mrs.Terry W. Durham (12)
Mrs. Debbie S. Durham
Mr. Donald Gary Durham (6)
Lt. Col. and Mrs. Michael D. Durham
Mr. Patrick Hager Durham (3)
Mrs. Kimberly Cheree Durrance (3)
Mr. Samuel J. Durrett (11)
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Jon Durs, Jr.
Dr. James Durston (4)
Mrs. Marla Knight Dutille (2)
Mr. Billy F. Duvall (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Duvall
Mr. and Mrs. Dan M. Duvall (3)
Mr. William J. Duvall
Mr. Joseph Byron Dwyer (3)
Mr. Delbert V. Dyar
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Philip Dye (7)
Mrs. Joni Lynn Dye (13)
Dr. and Mrs. Billy T. Dye (2)
Mr. Edwin Kenneth Dyer (11)
Filma Dyer
Ms. Rebecca Rubini Dyer (4)
Ms. Susan Lynn Dyer
Ms. Mary D. Dykes (2)
Mr. Joseph A. Dyson (6)
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas J. Eade
Ms. Karen S. Eades
Dr. Berry E. Eads (5)
Mr. John Eads
Ms. Sharon Ann Eagles
Ms. Kimberly Dawn Earl (3)
Mrs. Mary R. Earley (10)
Mr. John Michael Early (11)
Ms. Patty C. East
Mr. and Mrs. William East (8)
Ms. Katherine L. Easterday (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Lynn Eastham (3)
Mr. Stephen Hancock Eastin (3)
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Eaton (2)
Mrs. Melanie Eaton
Ms. Nell S. Eaton (2)
Ms. Debra Kathryn Ebelhar
Mrs. Helen Y. Ebelhar (5)
Ms. Janet Graham Ebelhar
Mr. Michael Scott Ebelhar (3)
Mr. Rufus D. Eblen, Jr. (5)
Mr. Gary Andrew Ebling
Ms. Janis Dianne Ebolum (4)
Mr. Rodolfo E Echipare
Mrs. Bonita B. Echstenkamper (3)
Dr. Ronald David Eckard (21)
Mr. and Mrs. William Lawrence
Eckman (10)
Mr. Walter G. Ecton, Jr. (2)
Ms. Jeanette B. Eddleman (2)
Mr. Morrison Lewis Eddleman
Mrs. Anne Celine Edds
Mrs. Cheryl Ann Edelen (7)
Ms. Geraldine Marie Edelen (2)
Mr. James Samuel Edelen
Mrs. Mandy Jo Eden
Mr. Keith Edge
Mrs. Marianne Edge (15)
Mrs. Mary Anne Edge (9)
Mr. Ronald F. Edge
Ms. Mary Annette Edgin
Mr. Gregory Ralph Edinger
Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Edison (4)
Mrs. Colleen Adele Edmiston (7)
Mrs. Ashley Edmonds
Mrs. Deborah A. Edmonds
Mr. John Edmondson (5)
Edmonton Family Vision Center, PSC
Ms. Ruby Teresa Edmundson (2)
Ms. Ola Denise Edsell (2)
Edward Jones - Thomas Wright
Ms. Barbara J. Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. Barry L. Edwards (13)
Mrs. Beverly Bloyd Edwards (8)
Mrs. Carol Oxford Edwards
Ms. Carrie L. Edwards
Mr. James B. Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. David Randall Edwards (3)
Mr. Larry M. Edwards
Mrs. Leigh Ann Edwards
Mr. Lyle Allen Edwards
Mr. Mark Curtis Edwards (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey T. Edwards (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bruce Edwards
Mrs. Ruby Gail Edwards (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Jay Edwards (4)
Mrs.Tonya Denise Edwards (3)
Mr. W. Brian Egan
Ms. Donna S. Egbert (3)
Mr. J. C. Egnew (6)
Mrs. Phyllis Egnew (11)
Ms. Cindy E. Ehresman
Ms.Velma C. Ehresman
Mr. Robert C. Eich (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Peter V. Eiche
Mrs. Carol J. Eicher (8)
Mrs. Sue S. Eicher (3)
Mrs. Mary Margaret Eiland (2)
Mr. Robert A. Eimer (16)
Mrs. Linda L. Ekberg
Mr. Roy Oscar Elam, IV
Mrs. Carolyn B. Elamon (7)
Mrs. Melissa Ann Elder (12)
Mrs. Charlotte Lee Eldridge
Mr. M. Lynn Eldridge, II (4)
Electronic Project Designs, Inc.
Mr. Donald Elliott Eley (8)
Mr. Dennis H. Elgin (3)
Ms. Lisa K. Elkins
Dr. Beth A. Elliott (8)
Mr. Billy Allen Elliott
Ms. Genevieve Elliott
Mrs. Lianne J. Elliott (4)
Mr. Lloyd H. Elliott, Jr. (4)
Ms. Mildred Elliott
Ms. Pamela Elliott
Mr. and Mrs.Tommy Lynn Elliott
Mr. William Barry Elliott
Mr. and Mrs. Clay Hunt Ellis (2)
Mr. Gary D. Ellis (2)
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Ellis (2)
Ms. Jewell Deene Ellis
Mr. Kent A. Ellis (2)
Mrs. Linda Sue Ellis (2)
Mr. and Mrs.Timothy E. Ellis
Mr.Tommy C. Ellis (2)
Mrs.Valerie C.Timmons Ellis (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Ellison (2)
Mrs. Maryde H. Elliston (17)
Mr. Charles Ernie Elmore
Mr. Danny J. Elmore
Mr. David Robert Elmore
Mrs. Marie Michelle P. Elmore (5)
Mrs. Melissa M. Elmore (7)
Mr. Brian W. Elrod
Mrs. Martha C. Elrod (13)
Ms. Katie Elsner
Mr. Norman H. Elsner (5)
Mr. Richard J. Elson, Jr. (2)
Mr.Thomas J. Elsten, Jr.
Mrs. Janice Primel Ely (3)
Ms. Carole T. Emberton
Mrs. Carla D. Embry
Mrs. Dianne R. Embry
Mr. Hugh Embry
Mr. Jason Scott Embry
Mr. John W. Embry
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Allen Embry
Mrs. Mary Carolyn Hill Embry (7)
Mrs. Nancy Embry
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Ollie Emerine (2)
Ms. Deborah Emerson (4)
Mr. Douglas E. Emerson (12)
Mr. Larry Douglas Emerson (3)
Mrs. Mary Ruth Emerson
Ms. Heather Renae Emge
Mr. Ronald E. Emig
Employment Security Commission
Mrs. Mary Vernice Engeset (12)
England Farm
Ms. Courtney A. England
Mr. Danny Creal England (2)
Dr.Thomas G. England (4)
James T. England
Mr. John Clyde England (2)
Mr. Michael Scott England
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Timothy England (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Ray England (4)
Mr. Ronnie England
Mrs. Sandra Petett England (2)
Ms. Sandy S. England
Mr. and Mrs.Timothy Clyde England (5)
Ms. Barbara Janet English (16)
Mr. Daniel C. Ennis
Ms.Veronica R. Ent (3)
Mr. Roger H. Eppinger (2)
Mr. Kelly Thomas Erbse
Mr. Raymond N. Erkkila
Mrs. Diane Escobedo Ermi (2)
Mrs. Elizabeth Hudson Ernsell (3)
Mr. Danny Lee Ernst
Mr. Robert L. Ernst (2)
Mrs. Marcia A. Ernstberger (3)
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas E. Ervin (3)
Ms. Carol M. Esch (4)
Mr. Michael Raphael Esposito
Mr. and Mrs. Oral Fay Esters
Mr. Jeffrey Shane Estes
Mr. Joe Clifton Estes (2)
Ms. Linda Estes
Ms. Natalie Annette Estes
Mr. Paul Curtis Estes (2)
Mr. Joseph W. Etten
Mrs. Carol J. Etzel
Dr. Rachel R. Eubank (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Eubanks
Mrs. Lynda Lee Euster (2)
Pat Eutsler
Mr. Benjamin Levi Evans (3)
Mr. Bruce W. Evans (3)
Mrs. Carol Graham Evans
Ms. Christie Lee Evans (2)
Mr. David W. Evans (2)
Annual Fund Gifts & Total Gifts
Western Kentucky University - Annual Giving
Mr. Eric Evans (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Evans (2)
Mr. Harry Evans
Mr. Hugh Evans
Ms. Jackie Evans
Mr. Jerry Evans
Mrs. Joanne M. Evans (12)
Mr. and Mrs. John Owen Evans (3)
Mrs. Linda M. Evans (2)
Ms. Margaret D. Evans
Mr. Mark S. Evans
Mr. Phillip Wayne Evans, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John David Evans
Ms. Robbie Ann Evans (11)
Mrs. Stacey F. Evans
Ms.Vicki Lynn Evans (3)
Mrs. Carrie V. Evento (20)
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Bryant Everley
Mr. Benjamin David Everley
Mrs. Mary Everly
Mr.Ted David Everly (2)
Mr. Robert N. Eversole (2)
Mrs. Nan Everson Legler (2)
Mr. Harold E. Evilsizor (3)
Mr. Edward F. Ewald
Mrs. Cheryl C. Ewanciw
Ms. Connie Ewen
Mrs. Michelle Margaret Ewing
Executive Inn Hotel - Louisville (14)
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Joseph Eyl (5)
Mr.Theodore S. Eysenbach, Jr.
Mr. Kevin Wayne Ezell
Mr. Raymond D. Ezell (3)
Mrs. Susan Barr Fackler (4)
Mrs. Angela Carter Fahling
Mr. Bret Donald Fahnstrom (7)
Mrs. Connie Kay Fain
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas C. Fain (5)
Mr. Joe L. Fairleigh (3)
Mr.Thomas A. Falicchio, Jr. (14)
Ms. Mary Fallen
Mr. Daniel Brion Faller
Mr. David Alan Faller (7)
Mrs. Mary E. Fallot
Dr. Scott Douglas Falls (2)
Mrs. Robin V. Fambrough
Mr. Moore Family
Mr. Gabriel L. Fancher
Mr. Bruce Fanelli (4)
Mr. and Mrs. William Shane Fant (2)
Mr. Charles Ronnie Farber (2)
Ms. Sandra Sue Fariss (6)
Mr. and Mrs. Elvis Farley (2)
Ms. Cindy Farmer
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Steven Farmer (7)
Mrs. Kathryn C. Farmer
Maj. Nathaniel Wayne Farmer
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Ray Farmer (10)
Ms. Penny L. Farmer (3)
Mr.Timothy Joel Farmer (7)
Mr. and Mrs. John O. Farner
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Edward Farris (3)
The WKU Annual Fund is composed
of annual gifts of less than $10,000
Mr. John K. Farris
Ms. Marjorie F. Farris (4)
Ms. Nana Suzann Farris
Ms. Sandra W. Farris
Mr. William A. Farris
Mr. David Fastman
Fatted Calf Meat Market LLC
Mr. Cornelius J. Faulkner
Mrs. Donna G. Favors
Mr. Wiley B. Faw, Sr.
Mr. David A. Faxon, Jr. (13)
Mrs. June D. Faxon (2)
Mr. John Joseph Fay
Mrs. Katrina E. Featherston (3)
Federated Department Stores
Mr. Ricardo Federico (3)
Mr. Ricci Federico
Mr. Alan Brad Feingold (11)
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Biggers Feix (3)
Mrs. Sandra S. Feldhaus (6)
Mr. J. Joseph Felicicchia (4)
Mrs. Kimberly Leann Fell
Mrs. Suzanne Denise Feller (3)
Mr. Jonathan Burkley Felty
Mrs. Lucia M. Felty (10)
Mr. Matthew Thomas Fender
Mr. Doug Fenn
Mr. David Fentress
Mr. Dennis Britt Fentress (7)
Mr. Louis Fentress, Jr. (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald H. Fentress (5)
Mr. Wayne Fentress
Mrs. Jessica Ross Fenwick (2)
Ms. Jude Fenwick (7)
Ms. Linda Benson Ferber (2)
Mr.Trent Mitchell Fergerson (3)
Mrs. Jane Huey Ferguson (3)
Mr. John Ferguson
Mr. and Mrs. Larry E. Ferguson
Mrs. LeeAnn Rene Ferguson (3)
Mr. Michael P. Ferguson (4)
Mr. Richard L. Ferguson
Mr. Alan N. Fern
Mrs. Kelley Hammers & Mr. Leo
Fernandez (18)
Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Maximino
Fernandez (2)
Mr. Peter S. Ferrara (7)
Mrs. Jennifer Amber Ferrell
Ms. Kathleen Ann Ferry (16)
Mrs. Mary Carolyn Fetherling
Mr. Lynn R. Fetterman (17)
Fiber Clean Inc.
Mr. Billy Wayne Fields (9)
Ms. Cynthia Donne Milligan Fields
Mrs. Jennifer Ferguson Fields (2)
Mrs. Joan L. Fields (5)
Ms. Krissie C. Fields (3)
Dr. Richard M. Fields
Mr. David Figg
Ms. Carolyn Amalie Filzer (4)
Mr.Thaddeus M. Fine (3)
Mr. Billy Dewayne Finkbeiner
Mr. and Mrs. Jason S. Finley (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry T. Finley (16)
Mrs. Rita Jo Finley (2)
Ms. Stacey M. Finley (4)
Mr. Daniel D. Finn
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Finnell
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lee Firchow
First Affinity Mortgage
First Baptist Brannen Sunday
First Tennessee/First Horizon
Ms. Barbara A. Fischer
Mrs. Jennifer C. Fischer
Dr. Robert Scott Fischer (3)
Mrs. Sherrell W. Fischer
Ms. Peggy Fishburn (3)
Mr. William H. Fishburn (14)
Mr. Brian M. Fisher
Mr. E. Austin Fisher, Jr. (5)
Ms. Lillie Perkins Fisher (4)
Mr.Thomas A. Fisher (3)
Mr. Drew Fister
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Raymond Fitch (17)
Mrs.Vicki Hawkins Fitch
Ms. Annamary Janice Fitzgerald
Ms. Jessica Kate Fitzgerald
Mr. John Brodney Fitzgerald (3)
Mr. Larry E. Fitzhugh (7)
Five Inc.
Ms. Sherilyn Verla Fiveash
Mrs. Martha Claire Flack
Mrs. Ann E. Flaherty
Mrs. Beverly J. Flaherty (6)
Mrs. Lisa B. Flaherty (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Russell Flanders
Ms. Lonna Arden Flanders (3)
Dr. Beckie S. Flannagan (8)
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Jerome Flannery, II (2)
Mr. Larry D. Fleener
Mr. and Mrs. John K. Fleenor (8)
Dr. Anita Fleenor-Ford (2)
Ms. Anna M. Fleet
Mr. Douglas Van Fleet
Mrs. Brandy Michelle Fleming
Ms. Jeanne Fleming (3)
Mr. Larry Fleming
Ms. Lynna Renae Fleming
Rev. Charles E. Flener (4)
Mr. Roger Flener (8)
Ms. Wanda Bondurant Flener (7)
Ms. Alicia Joy Fletcher
Mr. John C. Fletcher (4)
Ms. Mary M. Fletcher (12)
Mr. Jason Neil Flood (3)
Mrs. Juliet Rose Flood
Mr. Kelly Lee Flora
Ms. Marie Flora (2)
Mrs.Virginia Catherine Flora
Mrs. Linda S. Florence (6)
Mr. James Porter Flowers (7)
Ms. Sarah Pritchard Flowers (2)
Mrs. Deborah T. Floyd (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Ray Floyd (13)
Mr. Richard H. Floyd, Jr.
Mrs. Sandy Fluker (2)
Ms. Felicia D. Flynn
Mr. Jason Jerome Flynn (3)
Mr. and Mrs.Terry Flynn (11)
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Flynn, III (2)
FMC Foundation
Ms. Donna B. Fogle
Mr. William Sidney Fogle
Mr. Rowland W. Folensbee
Ms. Julie A. Foley
Mr. Kevin Foley (6)
Mr. Robert William Folger
Mrs. Mary Katherine Gore Folkner (16)
Ms. Marsha Folks
Mrs. Gerry Linda Forbes (8)
Ms. Linda S. Forbes (3)
Mrs. Lucy B. Forbes
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ryan Forbis
Ms. Andrea Lynn Ford
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Lee Ford (4)
Mrs. Charlotte Hesler Ford (10)
Mrs. Clarice Ford (3)
Mrs. Colette Ford (9)
Mr. Glenn Allen Ford
Mr. James Thomas Ford
Mr. James Timothy Ford
Ms. Janice Ford
Mr. Jeff Ford
Mrs. Jennifer Louise Ford
Mr. Louis B. Ford (4)
Ms. Martha H. Ford (3)
Mrs. Mary Rose Ford (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Rivers Ford (3)
Mr. Steven M. Ford (2)
Mr. and Mrs. John Robert Ford
Mr. Dwight Forderhase
Mr. William S. Forester (2)
Ms. Malia B. Formes (3)
Mr. Dan Forrest (3)
Mrs.Taqualia G. Forrest (3)
Ms. April Forrester
Mrs. Dawn Elaine Forry (7)
Mr. Kenneth W. Forshee (2)
Mr.Trent K. and LaDonna Forshee (6)
Mr. and Mrs. Buddy Ross Forshee (2)
Mrs. Eva S. Forsythe (8)
Ms. Louise B. Forsythe
Mrs. Norma Jean Forsythe (2)
Mr. Preston L. Forsythe
Dr. C. Mark Fort
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Wayne Fort
Ms. Becky Fortner
Mr. Eric Shane Fortner
Mrs. Judy H. Fortney
Mrs. Glee Anna Fossier
Mr. Jon A. Fosson (3)
Ms. Aleta J. Foster (11)
Mr. Edward R. Foster (9)
Mr. Gary L. Foster
Mr. Gary S. Foster
Mr. Gordon B. Foster, Sr. (4)
Ms. Jonna D. Foster (2)
Leigh Foster
Ms. Melissa Jo Foster
Ms. Merida R. Foster
Mr. Robert Bruce Foster
Mr. Roger Foster
Mr. Gregory E. Fotos (2)
Mr. John P. Fourqurean
Fourth Avenue United Methodist
Mrs. Diane Dooley Fout (5)
Dr. and Mrs. James David Fowler (8)
Mr.Timothy Scott Fowlkes (2)
Mrs. Ashley Chance Fox (2)
Mr. Darrell R. Fox (2)
Mr. James E. Fox
Ms. Lori G. Fox
Mr. Michael Patrick Fox
Ms. Patricia E. Fox (2)
Dr. Ryan D. Fox (4)
Mrs. Sherry C. Fox (15)
Mr. Steven William Fox (7)
Mr. John Robert Fraim (3)
Mr. Jason D. Frakes
Mr. Stanley A. Framburg, III (11)
Mr. Steven Frame
Mrs. Beth Ann Francis
Ms. Holly Christian Francis
Ms. Holly Emery Francis
Mr. James N. Francis
Mrs. Dianne Elaine Frank (2)
Mr. Charles G. Franklin
Mr. Clint H. Franklin (5)
Mr. Donald W. Franklin
Ms. Elaine Franklin
Ms. Sarah E. Franklin
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Todd Franklin
Mr. Gregory Cliff Franzman
Mrs. Margaret B. Fraser (9)
Mr. Gregory Haywood Frasier
Mrs. Ruth Charlene Fravala (9)
Mr. John B. Frazee (6)
Mrs. Amy Beckman Frazier
Mrs. Sharon Smith Frech (2)
Ms. Stephanie Frechette
The Freddie Mac Foundation
The Gail Frederick School of Dance
Mrs. Gail M. Frederick
Mr. William L. Frederick (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Lee Free (2)
Mr. Ron Freedman
Mr. Allen George Freeland (7)
Ms. Jennifer L. Freels
Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie H. Freels
Mr. David Noah Freeman (2)
Mr. Donald W. Freeman
Ms. Jane England Freeman
Mrs. Kathy H. Freeman (10)
Mrs. Laura Grise Freeman (2)
Mrs. Mary Ann Freeman (2)
Mrs. Sylvia R. Freeman (2)
Mr.Thomas R. Freeman
Mr.Todd Freeman
Freeport-McMoRan Foundation
Dr. John H. Freer (8)
Mr. and Mrs. Dax Joseph Freese (2)
Mr. Edward M. French (3)
Ms. Rita Holmon French (6)
Mrs. Lisa Victoria Frericks
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Glenn Freshley (4)
Mr. Charles R. Freuden (2)
Dr. Michael E. Freville (6)
Ms. Carmen Della Frey
Ms. Lori Suzanne Frey
Mrs. Nancy Dianne Frey (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Alan Frey (2)
Ms. Sally H. Friedl
Mrs. Betsy Davis Friedman (2)
Ms. Friedman and Mr. Bardin (10)
Mr. Mark Dennis Friedman (4)
Mrs. April R. Frieske (2)
Mr. Jonathan Scott Frisch
Ms. Martha Mae Frisch (5)
Mr.Thomas T. Frishe (3)
Mrs. Alesia Ann Fritts (8)
Mr. Leroy E. Fritz
Mr. David Brown Frizzell (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip D. Frizzell (2)
Mr. Roger Abney Frizzell
Mr. Jerry B. Frockt (36)
Mrs. Laurie Hagan Froelich
Mrs. Micki W. Froggett (3)
Ms. Peggy Lynn Frost
Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Fruehwald
Mr. Gary Alvin Frye
Dr. Michael Duane Frye (11)
Ms. Emily Fryman
Mr. and Mrs. Alan E. Fryrear (12)
Ms. Katherine E. Fuchs (2)
Mr. Mark Allen Fudge (3)
Ms. Peggy Jane Fudge (13)
Mr. Denver Fugate (12)
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas L. Fugate (5)
Mr. Calvin Fulkerson
Mrs. Camille Lynn Fulkerson
Mr. Douglas Fulkerson (8)
Mr. and Mrs. Harlie Fulkerson
Mr. James L. Fulkerson
Mrs. Janetta Lou Fulkerson (7)
Ms. Jean Fulkerson
Mrs. Jorita McMillen Fulkerson (3)
Mrs. Judy Lynn Fulkerson
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Joe Fulkerson (4)
Mr. Marty Fulkerson
Mr. Michael Hugh Fulkerson
Ms. Rhonda Jo Loyall Fulkerson
Ms. Shirley Rose Fulkerson (2)
Ms. Camille L. Fuller (2)
Western Kentucky University
Western Kentucky University - Annual Giving
Ms. Caroline Rather Fuller
Ms. Dian Graham Fuller (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Hayden K. Fuller
Mr. Wayne W. Fuller (2)
Mrs. Frances Kaye Fulton (3)
Mr. Danny Gene Fultz (4)
Ms. Margaret Ann Fultz (3)
Ms. Betty M. Fulwood
Mrs. Anita Barnett Fuqua
Mr. Jeffrey A. Fuqua (2)
Mrs. Marcia R. Fuqua (15)
Mr. Norman L. Fuqua (2)
Mrs. Sue Ellen Fuqua
Dr. William R. Fuqua
Mr. Jason W. Fura
Mrs. Kathy Furlong
Mr. Alex Furnival
Mr. Joseph N. Futia
Ms.Vicky Fuzzell
G.T. D., Inc. (5)
Mr. Gerald M. Gabbert (15)
Mr. Donald Lynn Gabehart (2)
Dr. Milton Keith Gabehart (16)
Ms. Anita K. Gabel
Mr. Robert Lawrence Gabler (15)
Mr. Gregory L. Gaby (9)
Ms. Nell D. Gaddie
Mr. Roy E. Gaddie (d.)
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas George Gaddis (3)
Dr. and Mrs. John R. Gaddis (3)
Mr.Tony James Gager (5)
Ms. Melissa M. Gagliardi
Mr. John D. Gaines
Ms. Kim Gaines (3)
Mrs. Lelia F. Gaines (3)
Mr. Peter N. Galitzine (9)
Mrs. Sandra Kaye Gallagher
Ms. Janice Gallo
Galloway Ventures, Inc.
Mr. John Raymond Galloway
Dr. Rex Farmer Galloway
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Galloway (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip N. Galloway
Mr. Wayne Thomas Galloway (7)
Mr. and Mrs. Roger P. Ganem
Mrs. Wendy Gant
Mrs. Linda G. Gantley (6)
Mrs. Carla Brooks Gantz
Mr. Brian G. Garay (3)
Dr. Maria and Mr. Boris Garber (17)
Mrs. Darleen Gard
Mrs. Sue Ellen Gardiner (3)
Ms. Ann Gardner
Mrs. Carol W. Gardner
Mr. Lloyd Neal Gardner
Mr. Michael Gardner (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Robert Gardner
Ms. Rebekah Gardner
Mrs. Sandra Rasor Gardner
Mrs. Shannon Wellock Gardner (5)
Mrs. Zelma D. Gardner (3)
Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Gardone (11)
Mrs. Darlene F. Gareau
Mr. and Mrs. James N. Garman (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Kerry Wayne Garmon (3)
Garner Appraisal Services
Master Sgt. (Ret.) Howard C. Garner (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Garner (6)
Mrs. Julie Gott Garr
Ms. Christin J. Garrard
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Garratt
Lee Garret
Ms. Carolyn Garrett (2)
Mrs. Christy C. Garrett
Mr. Gordon Douglas Garrett
Mr. and Mrs. Jim R. Garrett (4)
Dr. and Mrs. Jan Edward Garrett (17)
Mr. and Mrs. William Paul Garris (10)
Ms. Doris E. Garrison
Mr. Joe Garrison (2)
Ms. Karen L. Garrison
Ms. Lori Beth Garrison
Mr. Ray H. Garrison (4)
Ms. Rosemary Garrison (9)
Mr.Tony Garrison
Mrs. Clara Rose Epp Garvey (9)
Hon. and Mrs. Kevin L. Garvey (3)
Mr. Arthur Garvin
Ms. Barbara P. Gary (11)
Nelda and Vernon Gary (2)
Alumni Fall 2005
Ms. Julie Herman Gaskins
Mr. James R. Gaslin
Ms. Linda C. Gates
Mr. Larry G. Gatewood
Mr. Nicholas Gatto
Mrs. Denise S. Gay
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin N. Gay (12)
Mrs. Rhonda Lanita Groves Gay
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory H. Gaynor
Mrs. Rebecca Huddy Gaynor
Ms. Florence M. Gear (2)
Ms. Mary E. Gear (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Edsel Leonard Geary (4)
Mr. Gerald Geary
Mr. Michael K. Geary
Mrs. Mitzi Turley Geary
Mrs.Tina N. Geary
Mr.Thomas H Gebhart
Dr. Douglas Gebler (15)
Ms. Julie Beth Gee (3)
Mrs. Maria Orlando Gee
Sister Ruth Gehres (4)
Mr. Henry A. Geidel, III
Mrs. Sunday A. Gelunas
Mr. Jesse George Gentile (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Gentry
Mr. Danny Dale Gentry
Ms. Jessica Gail Gentry (3)
Mr. John H. Gentry
Mrs. Lisa B. Gentry (3)
Mr. Marion Thomas Gentry (5)
Mrs.Traci Gentry
Mrs.Vivian M. Gentry
Mr. Sean C. Geoghegan (2)
Ms. Gloria Jean George (3)
Ms.Tanya Sue Geraci
Mrs. Margaret Gerald (3)
Mr. Donald Ray Gerard, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Eugene Gerard, III
Mrs.Theresa W. Gerard (4)
Mrs. Adrienne E. Gerber
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew A. Gerbig
Mrs. Jane Marie Gerbitz (3)
Ms. Judith J. Gerhardt
Mr. Jeffrey S. Gerkins
Mr. Keith Philips and Ms. Linda
Gerofsky (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery W. Geron (2)
Mr. John Scott Gerow
Mr. Donald A. Gerteisen (2)
Ms. Gladys Gertisen (12)
Mrs. Andrea M. Gestrich (2)
Dr. and Mrs. Charles J. Getter
Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Lee Gettings (4)
Mr. Willie Royce Gettings
Mr. Bruce Wayne Gibbs (5)
Mrs. Evelyn Celestine Gibbs (4)
Mr. Allen Gibson
Mrs. Caren B. Gibson
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Leigh Gibson
Mr. Doug Gibson (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Richardson Gibson
Ms. Jipaum S. Askew Gibson (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Gibson (7)
Ms. Kristen L. Gibson (2)
Mr. Mark Douglas Gibson
Mrs. Martina Cockerel Gibson (5)
Mrs. Mary Lavonne Gibson
Ms. Raegan M. Gibson
Ms. Shari A. Gibson (2)
Mrs.Vickie Bickett Gibson
Mr. William Evans Giesecke
Mr. Bernard J. Gieske (19)
Ms. Mary Penrod Gilbert
Mr. and Mrs. Larry W. Gilbert
Mr.Timothy Scott Gilbert (3)
Ms. Alison K. Gildersleeve (3)
Mr. James Bradford Gili (3)
Ms. Joanna S. Gili (5)
Mrs. Laura Hibbs Gilkerson (2)
Mrs. Beth Ann Gill (3)
Mr. Gary Gill
Mr. James L. Gill
Mr. Michael Brent Gill (3)
Mr. Michael Earl Gill
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Gillaspie (2)
Mrs. Deborah F. Gillenwater (17)
Mrs. Mary F. Gillenwater (11)
Mr. Philip David Gillespie (3)
Mrs. Sarah Fulmore Gillespie
Ms.Terry G. Gillespie
Dr. George S. Gilliam
Mrs. Patricia A. Gilligan (2)
Mr. George R. Gilliland
Ms. Randa E. Gilliland
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip A. Gillis
Mrs. Savannah M. Gillispie
Gilman P. Peterson, Jr., M.D., FACS
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd F. Gilman (3)
Ms. Lydia Francene Gilmer
Mr. Bill Gilmore (3)
Mrs. Deborah Crider Gilmore (3)
Mrs. Lesley T. Gilpin (3)
Mr. William Kent Gilpin (3)
Mr. William T. Gilpin (2)
Mrs. Cynthia Lee Gilson (2)
Ms. Donna L. Gilton
Mr. Herbert Ginger (5)
Mrs. Deanna Elaine Gipson
Mr. Kenneth T. Gipson (2)
Mr. Glenn A. Gittings (4)
Mr. William P. Gittings (4)
Mr. Gene Givan
Mr. Steven L. Givan (2)
Mr. Michael Terry Given (2)
Mr. Craig K. Givens (7)
Mr. David L. Givens
Ms. Heidi Givens
Mrs. Jennifer Elizabeth Givens (2)
Mr. Roger G. Givens
Mr.Thomas Elry Givens (3)
Mr. James F. Glahn (5)
Mr. Gerald M. Glanville
Ms. Barbara Ruthene Glass
Mrs. Judy M. Glass (3)
Mr. Michael Stephen Glass (3)
Ms. Rhonda R. Glass
Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Scott
Glasscock (19)
Mr. Jeff Allen Glasscock
Mr. Mark Lee Glater
Mrs. Charlene T. Glazier-Ross (7)
Mr. George P. Gleitz (2)
Mrs. Hattie P. Glenn
Mr. Jay Mack Glick
Mrs. Kelli W. Glines
Global Impact
Mr. and Mrs. John Michael Glore (10)
Mrs. Barbara Foulke Glover
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Glover
Mr. Joseph W. Glowacki, Jr. (16)
Ms. Luanne C. Glynn (5)
Mr. Carl Seay Goad, Jr. (15)
Mr. Jeffrey Scott Goad
Mr. Kelly Parker Goad (7)
Ms. Judy Carol May Godbey (2)
Mr. Michael Freeman Goddard
Mrs. Joyce Godfrey (3)
Mrs. Mary Gray Godfrey (8)
Mr. Hal Godigkeit
Mr. Matthew Donald Godsted
Mrs. Jill Marie Goetz
Ms. Catheryn M. Goff (2)
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas Herman Goff
Mr. Edward Ray Goff (8)
Mrs. Kathy E. Goff
Mrs. Michelle Webb Goff (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Larry K. Goffe (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Goffinet (6)
Goff's Fleetwood Home Center (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Goforth (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Don H. Goidel
Mrs. Debra L. Goins (2)
Mr. Joe A. Goins, Jr. (4)
Ms. Perle Golden
Ms.Valerie Kay Golden (6)
Mrs. Helen Goldie (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Chad W. Goldman
Ms. Joni S. Golightly (2)
Mrs. Emma Jane Gollotte
Mr. Robert David Gomer (3)
Mr. Michael Alan Gonzales (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Wayne Gooch
Mr. Rick Kindred Good
Mrs. Gloria E. Goodaker (14)
Mr. Cecil E. Goode (11)
Mr. Eugene Goode
Ms. Pam M Goode
Ms. Kimberly Ann Goodin (3)
Mrs. Melody Scott Goodin
Mrs. Gena Lee Gooding
Mrs. Denise Renee Goodman (3)
Ms. Jane Terry Goodman
Mr. John P. Goodman (5)
Mrs. Joni F. Goodman (3)
Ms. Stacy M. Goodman
Mrs. George Anne Goodrum
Ms. Amy Leigh Goodwin
Mrs. Debbie D. Goodwin
Mr.Todd Elvis Goodwin (8)
Ms. Julie Smith Goodworth
Ms. DeAnna L. Goold (2)
Ms. Jennifer Goolesby
Mr. Mark Eugene Gordon (19)
Mrs. Mary W. Gordon (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Walter Gore (2)
Ms. Jennifer S. Gore
Mrs. Pippa Von Gore
Mrs. Susan S. Gore (9)
Ms.Virginia Gore (3)
Mr. David W. Gorman
Mrs. Jacqueline Gorski (7)
Mrs. Faustina H. Gosa (19)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Foster Gosa
Mrs. Lois Carolyn Gossage (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Danny D. Gosser
Mr. and Mrs. David Lynn Gossett
Mr. Ronald Ray Gossett
Ms. Donna Louise Gossum (2)
Mr.Tim and Mrs. Ellen Gott (2)
Mr. Hugh Warren Gott (2)
Mr. Jason Eugene Gottfried
Jack and Kathy Gotting (14)
Ms. Margaret P. Gottshall (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Norvin L. Gottula, II (4)
Mrs. Leslie Leigh Gough (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Eugene Gough (3)
Mr. Preston Gover
Mr. and Mrs. Carroll G. Gowens (3)
Ms. Charlotte Kay Gower (3)
Mr. Stanley D. Gowin
Mr.Thomas Grabow
Mrs. Dianne G. Grace (6)
Mrs. Karen Lynn Walker Grace
Mr. and Mrs. John Kevin Grace (4)
Ms. Sharon M. Grace (2)
Ms. Annelle G. Gracey
Dr. Stanley H. Grady (9)
Mr. William A. Graff (14)
Graham Builders, LLC
Ms. Ann Graham
Mr. and Mrs. Milton E. Graham (3)
Mrs. Debra C. Graham (9)
Ms. Diana Gail Graham (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Shane Graham
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Todd Graham (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Kerry B. Graham (3)
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas A. Graham
Mrs. Regina Mae Graham
Mr.Tim Graham
Ms. Nettie Joy Gramling (11)
Mr. and Mrs. Lynn W. Granay (3)
Mr. Wilber A. Granderson, Jr.
Ms. Amanda L. Grant (2)
Mr. C. David Grant (3)
Mr. Craig Douglas Grant
Ms. Donna M. Grant (7)
Mrs. Elaine S. Grant (6)
Mrs. Gwendolyn S. Grant
Mrs. Jane Wilson Grant
Mr. Joseph Grant & Ms. Mary Claycomb
Mr. Neilson Eugene Grant
Ms. Shelly R. Grant (2)
Mrs. Rebekah S. Grantham (7)
Mr. Charles B. Graves (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Graves (3)
Mrs. Fances Graves
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Graves (2)
Mrs. Mary Margaret Gravil (2)
Mrs. Angela R. Graviss
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Ray Gray (14)
Mrs. Ann Mark Gray (2)
Mr. David L. Gray (3)
Mrs. Dorothy B. Gray (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Dean Gray (4)
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Gray (4)
Mrs. Joyce A. Gray
Ms. Julie E. Gray (3)
Mr. Mack H. Gray
Lt. Cmdr. Michael Allen Gray (2)
Mr. Nathan Paul Gray (3)
Mr. Paul D. Gray
Mr. Robert Winslow Gray (13)
Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Gray (2)
Mr. Samuel Gray
Mr. Samuel Dale Gray (2)
Mrs. Susan H. Gray (13)
Mr.Terry Lee Gray
Mr. and Mrs. William Lacy Gray, Jr. (6)
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Travis Grayson, Jr. (5)
Mr. William P. Grayson (2)
Mr. Ben Graziano
Mr. Steven D. Greaf (5)
Mrs. Connie L. Greathouse (2)
Mrs. Robert L. Greek (5)
Mr. Benjamin S. Green
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Allen Green
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Green (2)
Mr. Edwin R. Green (4)
Mrs. Emily Allen Green
Mr. George Green, III
Mrs. Jeanette Ann Green (9)
Mrs. Judy D. Green
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Green (2)
Mr. Leland E. Green (14)
Capt. Robert Gardner Green
Mrs. Sharon P. Green
Mr.Travis Leo Green
Mr. Carl K. Greene
Ms. Elizabeth L. Greene (3)
Mr. Stephen James Greene
Dr. Becky L. Green-Marroquin (2)
Mr. Dennis Pierce Greeno (2)
Mr. Alex Greenwell
Mrs. Joan S. Greenwell (3)
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Greenwell
Mr. Joseph M. Greenwell
Mr.Terry L. Greenwell (2)
Mrs. Sandra Jean Greenwood (8)
Ms. Betty P. Greer
Ms. Cindy L. Greer
Mr. Harold W. Greer (8)
Mr. and Mrs. James McKay Greer (4)
Mr. Joseph E. Greer, Jr. (2)
Mrs. Cindy Lee Greger (4)
Mr. and Mrs. David Matthew Gregory (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Donnie Robert Gregory (2)
Mr. Gary Hugh Gregory
Mr. and Mrs. Ferrell Ray Gregory (2)
Mr. and Mrs.William Scott Gregory (3)
Ms.Vicki Ann Gregory
Mr. Craig Alan Grenko (3)
Mr. Jack Reece and Ms. Suzy Grey (2)
Mr. Charles Scott Grider
Ms. Charlotte Crawley Grider
Mr. Daniel Joseph Grider
Ms. L. Sue Grider
Mrs. Lisa Elizabeth Grider (8)
Mrs. Sue Ellen Grider (3)
Mrs. Susan Lee Grider
Mrs. Letitia S. Griepenstroh
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Walker Griffey (3)
Ms. Addie Lucille Griffin (2)
Mrs. Delphine R. Griffin
Mrs. Florence M. Griffin (13)
Hon. and Mrs. Henry McHenry
Griffin (13)
Mr. Ken Griffin
Ms. Lucille M. Griffin
Ms. Sharon A. Griffin (2)
Mr. and Mrs.Timothy Ray Griffin (15)
Mr. William T. Griffin (2)
Ms. Dorothy L. Griffith
Mrs. Helen W. Griffith (4)
Ms. Mildred B. Griffith (5)
Mr. William S. Griffith
Mr. James C. Griffiths
Mr. Alan Lee Griggs
Mr. George Lewone Griggs (3)
Ms. Cassandra W. Grigsby (11)
Mr. Paul Christopher Grimaldi (4)
Mrs. Janice Lee Grimes (2)
Ms. Lisa F. Grimes
Mr. Mark Alan Grimes (2)
Mr.Thomas J. Grimsley (4)
Mrs. Anita K. Grinstead (2)
Mrs. L. Marla Grinstead
Mr. James K. Grise (13)
Dr. Kay and Mr. Larry Grise
Ms. Agnes M. Gritzmacher
Western Kentucky University - Annual Giving
Mr. Robert Bradley Groce
Mr. Justin M. Groenert
Mr. Dwight Grooms (3)
Mr. Carl Gross
Lt. Col. and Mrs. Larry Ground (4)
Mrs. Paula F. Grounds (2)
Lt. Col. Billie R. Groves (10)
Mr. Charles William Groves
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher G. Groves (5)
Ms. Rosaland Marie Groves
Mr.Thomas Dwain Groves (5)
Ms.Valerie Kepley Groves (10)
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Grozdits
Mrs. Faye Grubb (2)
Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Grubbs (7)
Dr. Morris Allen Grubbs (3)
Mrs. Pamela Janes Grubbs (4)
Mr. Michael Wayne Gruber
Mr. James George Grunow
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Bennett Guess (9)
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph T. Guess (5)
Mrs. Beth Marie Guest
Ms. Christen Dawn Guffey (2)
Mr. Paul R. Guffey (6)
Mr. Anthony W. Guffy (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Guffy
Mrs. Connie Reeves Guinn
Mrs. Mae K. Guinn (8)
Mr. Robert C. Guion (22)
Mr. Franklin A. Gulledge, Jr. (2)
Mrs. Susan Lavinia Gulley
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Gullo (8)
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Joseph Gumbel
Mr. David Carlton Gumm (4)
Mr. John G. Gumm (2)
Mr. Matthew John Gunning
Mrs. Jo Ellen Gunter (13)
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Gupton (18)
Mr. Jeff Allan Gurney (3)
Dr. Holly Beth Gustafson
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Keith Gustafson
Mr. Bow Scott Guthrie (2)
Mr. Joe Pickett Guthrie
Mrs. Nicole Guthrie (2)
Ms. Patricia Matthews Guthrie
Mrs. Lisa M. Gutsmann
Mr. Charles R. Guy
Mr. Chester Marshall Guy
Mr. and Mrs. Gregg O. Guy (3)
Mr. W. Dale Guyer, Jr. (9)
Mr. Warren Edward Guyer (2)
Mrs. Sarah Ruth Guzan
Mr. Richard Stewart Gwinn
Mr. Kenneth John Haak (2)
Mr. Walter Richard Haberlock, Jr. (3)
Mrs. Mary Anne Hack (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Keith Hacker (2)
Mrs. Sandra H. Hacker (2)
Ms. Cynthia Hackert
Mrs. Laura Lucile Sullivan Hackley (2)
Mrs. Leslie G. Hadam (6)
Ms. Kari Jean Haddix
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Robert Haddock
Mrs. Jennifer Greenwell Haddow
Mrs. Barbara Cook Hadley (2)
Mrs. Sue Hendrick Hadley (3)
Mr. Henry J. Hafendorfer (3)
Mr. William F. Haffermann (5)
Ms. Chrystena Michelle Hagan
Ms. Diane V. Hagan (2)
Mr. James Leo Hagan
Ms. Laura Hagan and Mr. Eric Smith (8)
Ms. Marilyn L. Hagan (2)
Mrs. Pamela Ann Hagan (2)
Mr. Rickey Hagan
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald D. Hagan (2)
Mr. Randall V. Hagedorn
Dr.Virginia Lee Hagee
Mr. Kenneth Ray Haggard (3)
Mrs. Carol J. Hahn (7)
Dr. Charles L. Haine (7)
Ms. Misty B. Hair
Mrs. Christina Ann Haire
Mr. and Mrs. David Lee Hakanson, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. James O. Halcomb (2)
Mr. Bill Hale (3)
Mr. Chris Alan Hale (8)
Mr. and Mrs. David Allen Hale
Ms. Kathlyn Hale
Mr. Richard Stuart Hale (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Scott Hale
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Hale (15)
Mrs. Shelly Ramona Hales (2)
Mr. Forrest Dennison Halford (4)
Mr. John Martin Halicks (14)
Mr. Allan Hall
Ms. Barbara L. Hall (5)
Mrs. Beth Ann Hall (4)
Ms. Beverly J. Hall
Mr. Billy J. Hall
Mr. Daniel W. Hall
Mrs. Fadocia Annette Hall
Mr. Gary L. Hall
Mrs. Heather G. Hall (2)
Mrs. Helen Christine Hall
Mrs. Jan Hall
Mr. Jonathan Lyle Hall
Mrs. Judith B. Hall
Mr. and Mrs. John Daniel Hall
Ms. Kristin Bryan Hall
Ms. Meghan Alyson Hall (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Corey Hall
Ms. Phyllis M. Hall
Ms. Stacy Lee Hall
Mrs.Vickie Ellis Hall
Mrs. Paula Ann Halliburton (2)
Mr. Blaik Phillip Halling
Mr. James L. Hallman
Mr. Christopher A. Haltom
Mrs. Nancy L. Ham
Mrs. Rachel Carol Hamblen (2)
Ms. Kristi L. Hamblin
Mr.Timothy Ross Hambrick
Mr. Gary Lynn Hamby (2)
Mr. Larry B. Hamby
Mr. and Mrs. Brett Allen Hamilton
Ms. Catherine Hamilton
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Hamilton (3)
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Hamilton (7)
Mrs. Deborah Sue Hamilton (8)
Mrs. Julie G. Hamilton (5)
Mr. L. Jack Hamilton
Mrs. Linda Hamilton
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Hamilton (2)
Mr. William L. Hamilton (5)
Mrs. Shelley L. Hamlet (3)
Mr. Barret B. Hammer
Mrs. Dana C. Hammer (5)
Mr. Kevin Luther Hammer (4)
Mr. Reggie Ray Hammer
Mr. and Mrs. David Franklin
Hammer (12)
Ms. Mary Hammerstone
Mr. Boyd Hammond (10)
Mr. and Mrs. Earl L. Hammons (4)
Dr. Daniel Hamner
Mr. Ernest W. Hampton
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Hampton (10)
Mr. Benjie Lee Hancock
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Vincent Hancock
Mr. Everett D. Hancock (4)
Mrs. Kristi Anne Hancock
Mrs. Lila Louise Hancock (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Reed Hancock (4)
Mrs.Tina Hancock (2)
Ms. Candace Y. Hander
Dr. William R. Handley (15)
Mr. Larry Handwerk (4)
Mr. C. W. Handy (14)
Mr. Riley D. Handy
Mr. Richard Hane (18)
Mrs.Virginia E. Hanks (17)
Mrs. Dorinda L. Hanley (2)
Mr. C. Philip Hanna (12)
Mr. Edwin B. Hanna (3)
Dr. John M. Hanna (8)
Ms. Monique Wright Hanna
Rev. Richard B. Hanna (3)
Mrs. Sabrina Erin Hannah (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Lee Hans
Julie and Alan Hansen (9)
Mr. Kenneth J. Hansen (10)
Mr. William H. Hansen (4)
Mr. David D. Hansford (3)
Ms. Margie Hansford (3)
Ms. Betty S. Hanson (11)
Mr. Ronald C. Hanson, Sr. (18)
Mr. Stephen T. Hanvey
Mr. William Andy Hape
Mr. William E. Hape
Mr. Bret Allen Happel (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Don Happel (8)
Mr. Jack A. Harbaugh
Ms. Melinda Rae Harbin (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Harbison
Mr. Frederick L. Harbison
Mr. Michael O. Hard
Mrs. Patricia Jean Harden (8)
Mrs. Kimberly A. Hardesty (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Hardesty
Mr. Stephen P. Hardesty
Mr.Terry Lee Hardesty
Ms. Debra L. Hardin (14)
Mr. Dennis A. Hardin
Mrs. Sherry Lynn Hardin (3)
Mr. Willard Hardin
Ms. Amy L. Hardison
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Irvin Hardison
Mr. Howard R. Hardman (4)
Mrs. Pamela C. Hardman (8)
Mr. and Mrs. Morris J. Hardwick (2)
Ms. Amy Hardy (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Daryl Hardy (2)
Dr. and Mrs. Jerry D. Hardy (4)
Ms.Theresa Ellen Hardy (4)
Mr. Ronald Webb Hargett (3)
Ms. Bethanie Hargett Slack
Ms. Christian Denis Hargis
Mrs. Kathy E. Hargis
Dr. Herbert N. Harkleroad (20)
Mrs. Martha Marbury Harkleroad (7)
Mr. James A. Harl, Jr.
Ms. Janet H. Harl
Mrs. Angela Turner Harlan
Mrs. Lori Leann Harlan
Mr. Jens Harlander
Mr. John William Harlin (2)
Ms. Linda B. Harlin
Mr. William C. Harlin (3)
Ms. Amy T Harlow
Mr. David Mark Harlow
Mr. Luke Edward Harlow (2)
Ms. Paige Elizabeth Harlow
Mrs. Carla Grimes Harmon (3)
Mr. Gary M. Harmon (4)
Mr. and Mrs. John Frank Harmon (2)
Mr. and Mrs. J. Dale Harmon (3)
Mrs. Laura G. Harmon (3)
Mr. Nicki Jon Harmon
Harmony Landing Country Club
Mr. William H. Harms (3)
Mr. John Anthony Harnage
Mrs. Wilda C. Harne (7)
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Harned (2)
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Harned
Mr. Authur W. Harper
Mr. Brian Heath Harper (3)
Mr. Devin L. Harper (6)
Ms. Elizabeth A. Harper
Mr. Glenn Raymond Harper
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Harper (16)
Ms. Marcia C. Harper
Mr. Steven B. Harper
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Harper (3)
Ms. Megan Harpool
Dr. Alice J. Harpring (2)
Mr. Michael Miles Harpring (7)
Mrs. Willie Lee Harrel (7)
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Lewis Harreld (2)
Mr. Alva T. Harrell (2)
Mr. Darrell W. Harrell (2)
Mrs. Janice Harrell
Mrs. Jerilane Harrell
Mrs. Michelle Renee Harrell
Mr. Robert Michael Harrell (20)
Mr. and Ms. Joseph Dominic Nepi
Mr. Oscar Lee Harrington (2)
Harris & Harris Properties, LLC
Mrs. Barbara Lynn Harris
Mr. Benjamin M. Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Harris (8)
Mr. Charles E. Harris (2)
Mrs. Claudette R. Harris (2)
Mr. Conrad H. Harris (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Darwin Scott Harris
Mrs. Dellah F. Harris
Mrs. Donna Starks Harris (2)
Mr. Eric Allen Harris (6)
Mr. and Mrs. George D. Harris (10)
Mr. Jackie Harris
Mr. James M. Harris, Jr. (2)
Mrs. Jan D. Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Dean Harris (3)
Mr. Jeffery L. Harris
Mr. Jerry W. Harris (2)
Mr. John N. Harris, Jr
Mrs. Kathrine M. Harris (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Lynn Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Randy G. Harris
Mrs. Melissa Garst Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lee Harris (3)
Mr. Robert Leon Harris (4)
Ms. Sheri Kay Harris
Mrs. Susan C. Harris (2)
Mr.Tasso G. Harris (3)
Mr. William F. Harris (7)
Mr. William Norl Harris (2)
Dr. C. Robert Harrison, Jr.
Mr. Gayle R. Harrison
Mrs. Helen Marie Harrison (5)
Mrs. Jan S. Harrison (13)
Mr. Johnny Ray Harrison (3)
Mr. Korlin Thomas Harrison (2)
Ms. P. Kay Harrison
Mr.Thomas McKinley Harrison (3)
Ms.Virginia Mary Harrison (2)
Mr. Charles Gary Harrod (3)
Mrs. Sandra Lea Pierce Harsch (8)
Mr. Jack D. Harstock (2)
Dr. Phillip Harston (2)
Mrs. Patricia Ann Hart
Ms. Rebecca Jean Hart (3)
Mrs. Andrea Brooke Hartell
Mrs. Wilma F. Hartig
Ms. Cindy Hartley
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Hartman (4)
Mrs. Sarah Ann Hartman (2)
Ms.Tamara Hartman
Mr. Jack D. Hartsock (9)
Mr. Michael William Hartwein (3)
Mr. James W. Hartz
Mr. Lois Hartzheim
Mr. Carey A. Harvey (3)
Ms. Kerry B. Harvey
Mr. Charles Franklin Harwood (3)
Mrs. Wendy Ellis Windsor Hashiguchi
Mr. Eugene Haskett
Mr. Clem Haskins
Mr.Terry Hassall
Ms. Deborah Elizabeth Hassell
Mr. Francis Wayne Hatch (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Donnie Lewis Hatchett (3)
Mr. Allen B. Hatfield (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Hatfield (4)
Mr. Robert Daniel Hatfield (3)
Mrs. Jayne M. Hathorne (3)
Ms. Patty H. Hatler (11)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Hauck, Jr.
Mr. David E. Hauenstein (2)
Mrs. Jean A. Haug (2)
Ms. Suzanne Riggins Haug (2)
Ms. Julia Lynn Haun (6)
Mrs. Susan S. Haun
Mr. Bruce G. Hauser (2)
Dr. Hope Michelle Havener (2)
Mr. and Mrs. John Wayne Havron (2)
Mrs. Jennie Lou Hawk (3)
Ms. Maria Halders Hawk (2)
Mr. Matthew J. Hawkey (2)
Mr. Alan Royce Hawkins (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Clayton Hawkins (2)
Mr. Donald B. Hawkins
Mr. Jeff Lee Hawkins (4)
Ms. Jennifer Ann Morgan Hawkins
Mr. Nathan E. Hawkins (7)
Mr. Lenton C. Hawkinson
Ms. Fonda Gail Hawks (4)
Mrs. Mary Jo Butler Hawks (3)
Mrs.Tamera L. Hawks (9)
Mr. Stephen Gabriel Hawley (3)
Mr. J. Robertson Haworth (4)
Mrs. Erna Lee Hay (7)
Mrs. Dinah Phyllis Haycraft (10)
Mrs. Kasey Nicole Haycraft (5)
Mr. William Marcus Haycraft
Mr. Brian Christopher Hayden
Mr. Christopher J. Hayden
Mr. Gerald Alan Hayden (3)
Mr. James Francis Hayden (2)
Ms. Mari F. Hayden (4)
Sgt. 1st Class (Ret.) Michael Hayden, Sr.
Mr. Roy Delbert Hayden (3)
Mr. Steve Hayden (2)
Ms. Zita M. Hayden
Mr. Franklin Haldeen Haydon
Mr. Adrian E. Hayes (11)
Mr. and Mrs.William Meredith Hayes (8)
Mrs. Karen S. Hayes
Ms. Katrina R. Hayes
Mrs. Lisa Lynn Hayes
Mr. Mark Steven Hayes
Mrs. Mary Howard Hayes
Mrs. Mary Jo Hayes (2)
Mrs. Monna Fay Divine Hayes
Mr.Thomas Vernon Hayes
Mr. Kenneth E. Hayford (11)
Mrs. Michele Lynn Haymart
Mr. and Mrs. Corey Dale Haynes (4)
Ms. Heidi Lynette Haynes
Mrs. Helen Leet Smith Haynes (3)
Mr. James Patrick Haynes (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Landon Clint Haynes (3)
Mrs. Mary Haynes (3)
Mr. Roger Keith Haynes
Mr. Ross A. Haynes (3)
Ms. Susanne Haynes (3)
Mrs. Carol A. Hays
Mr. Joseph Stephen Hays (4)
Ms. Lou Ann Hays (2)
Mr. Paul T. Hays
Mr. William R. Hays (3)
Mr. Michael Eugene Hazelett (5)
Mr. Malcolm W. Hazelip (3)
Mr. Dennis Hazle (3)
Mrs. Mary W. Hazle (7)
Mrs. Kimberly Ann Head
Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Keith Head (4)
Mr. John Mark Heady (3)
Heart Strings, LLC
Rev. and Mrs. Hugh Barton Heater
Mr. and Mrs. Wells Heath, III (3)
Ms. Monica S. Heavrin
Mr. Mark Richard Hebert (9)
Mr. Russell B. Hebert, Jr.
Mr. Homer Hecht (5)
Ms. Marcia K. Heckman (2)
Ms. Laura E. Heddleson (22)
Ms. Christina Marie Hedges
Mr. Mark C. Hedges
Mr. Roger Christopher Heeren
Mr. Robert Heeth (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Wade Heflin
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lynn Heflin (3)
Mr. Kenneth E. Heichelbech
Mr. Gordon Nathaniel Heider
Ms. Amanda Lynn Heidrich (2)
Mr. Jeff Heinz
Mrs. Christina Mae Heissler (3)
Mrs. Angela Marie Helbig (5)
Dr. Michael Edward Held (8)
Mr. George Howard Heller (5)
Mr. William C. Heller (2)
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas M. Helm (3)
Mrs. Rhonda Stuart Helm (5)
Mrs. Rebecca S. Helmers
Mrs. Leslie Jane Helmig (2)
Mr. Kenneth E. Helming (2)
Mr. Bart Helson
Ms. Melissa D. Helton (4)
Ms. Wendy W. Helton
Mrs. Elizabeth Heltsley
Ms. Martha Harris Heltsley
Mrs. Paula Marie Heltsley
Ms. Jean H. Henault (13)
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Henderson (4)
Ms. Carmen Denise Henderson
Mr. Estel L. Henderson, Jr. (5)
Mr. Eugene Ray Henderson
Ms. Jamie Nicole Henderson
Mr. and Mrs. James Allen Henderson
Mrs. Mary Jane Henderson (8)
Mr. Michael A. Henderson
Ms. Sarah Elizabeth Henderson
Mrs.Traci K. Henderson (3)
Mr. William E. Henderson, Jr.
Ms. Ann M. Hendrick (6)
Mrs. Edith Hendrick
Mr. Larry Morton Hendrick (2)
Mrs.Teresa J. Hendrick
Mrs. Diana Hendricks (5)
Western Kentucky University
Western Kentucky University - Annual Giving
Mr. Jonathan Robb Hendricks
Mr.Theodore A. Hendrickson (3)
Ms. Joyce Lee Hendrix (3)
Dr. and Mrs. Wayne Hendrix (2)
Mrs. Kathy L. Henneberg (5)
Mr. Chad Alan Hennessey (6)
Mrs. Jane Vogt Hennessey (14)
Mr. and Mrs. Hobie Henninger (4)
Mr. Jesse Henon (5)
Ms. Carol Gwen Henry
Mrs. Gerri M. Henry
Mrs. Jane Covington Henry (17)
Ms. Jean A. Henry (3)
Mr. Joseph D. Henry, Jr. (3)
Mr. and Mrs.Terry Joseph Henry (5)
Mrs. Linda L. Henry
Mr. and Mrs. Philip C. Henry (10)
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Gregg Henry (15)
Mrs. Karen L. Hensel (4)
Mr. Gregory M. Hensley
Ms. Marta Alicia Hensley
Mr. Steven Keith Hensley
Hensley Dunn Ross & Howard
Mr. James S. Henson (2)
Mr. Orval Elton Henson (5)
Mrs. Mary Ellen Henz
Mrs. Myrtle H. Hepler (3)
Mr. John R. Hepner
Ms. Martha Eileen Hepp
Ms. Kimlin S. Herald (3)
Ms. Leanne Herda (3)
Mr. Walter C. Herdman
Ms.Yvonne M. Hermann (2)
Mr. Joseph P. Hernandez (2)
Mr. Kevin M. Herndon
Ms. Ruby Bernice Herndon
Mrs. Suzanne Berry Herndon (3)
Mr. Phillip Herrin
Mr. Jason A. Herron (4)
Mrs. Heather E. Hertel (3)
Mr. Jon Thomas Hervey (3)
Mr. David Kim Herzer (3)
Ms. Bonnie Renea Hestand
Beth Hester and James Scott
Gilbert (15)
Mrs. Jeanne McInteer Hester
Ms. Joyce Hester
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Scott Hester (3)
Mr. Michael Hetzner (2)
Mr. David Heuring (2)
Mr. William Heyburn, II
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard E. Heydt (2)
Mrs. Marjorie L. Heyduck (11)
Mrs. Betty Hibbs (3)
Lt. Col. Ret. William N. Hibbs (2)
Mr. Hoyt G. Hickey III
Mr. Joseph D. Hicklin
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley D. Hickman (2)
Mr. John E. Hickman, Jr.
Ms. Lucille Hickman (3)
Mr. Bill W. Hickok
Mrs. Dana W. Hicks (2)
Mrs. Dorothy H. Hicks (8)
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Dane Hicks
Mr. Larry D. Hicks (7)
Ms. Lisa R. Hicks
Ms. Mandy L. Hicks
Mr. Michael Joseph Hicks
Mr. and Mrs. Edith A. Hicks (4)
Mr. Stephen L. Hicks
Mrs. Susan W. Hicks
Mr.Timothy S. Hicks
Dr. Ben T. Hieronymus (3)
Dr. and Mrs. Steven Hieronymus (18)
Mrs. Ruth M. Hieronymus (2)
Mr. Alton E. Higdon, USAR (6)
Mrs. Ellen Frances Higdon (5)
Mr. Frederick A. Higdon
Mrs. Jackie A. Higdon
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Anthony Higdon
Ms. Kristi Gold Higdon
Mr. Lance Anthony Higdon
Mrs. Patricia Lynn Higdon (10)
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Alan Higdon (3)
Mrs.Tina Thomas Higdon (8)
Mr. and Mrs. Steven John Higdon (3)
Mr. Douglas Wayne Higgins (4)
Mrs. Janet Frances Higgs (8)
Mr. Aaron Bradley High
Alumni Fall 2005
Mr. and Mrs. Brett Hightower
Ms. Emily Higuchi
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Hild
Ms. Gail Miller Hiles (5)
Mrs. Clara A. Hill
Mr. Clement S. Hill (2)
Mr. David A. Hill
Ms. Diane W. Hill
Mrs. Doris P. Hill (16)
Mr. Ernest L. Hill (4)
Dr. James S. Hill
Mr. Jason C. Hill
Mr. Jesse C. Hill, Jr.
Mr. Joshua Edwin Hill (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Hillard (3)
Mr. James C. Hilliard (11)
Mr. Donald E. Hilliker
Mr. and Mrs. Larry K. Hills (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Roger S. J. Hilton
Master Sgt. (Ret.) Richard Himes, Jr. (12)
Mrs. Peggy S. Hinchman (3)
Dr. Curtis Hinds
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert V. Hinely (3)
Mr. Barry A. Hines (3)
Mrs. Cynthia Vanaey Hines (8)
Mrs. Linda Michelle Hines (2)
Mrs. Mary A. Hines (2)
Ms. Mary M. Hines (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Hines (2)
Mrs. Joy S. Hinson (3)
Ms. Carol McDavitt Hinton (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kenneth
Hinton (15)
Ms. Chastity Willis Hinton
Mr. Kenneth Franklin Hinton (11)
Mrs. Merri Lynne Hinton (2)
Mr. Paul J. Hinton (2)
Mrs. Juanita B. Hire (3)
Mrs. Mary Hooper Hirst
Mrs. Sue Hitchel (8)
Mrs. Catherine Hitchell
Mr. and Mrs. Danny J. Hitchell
Ms. Lisa Hite
Mr. J. B. Hitt, II
Mrs. Cathy Bonneville Hix
Mrs. Beth Elaine Hixon
Mrs. Kathy A. Hlavin
Ms. Jane Hlavsa (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Billy J. Hoagland
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Wayne Hoagland
Mr. Stuart Hobbs
Mr. James E. Hobdy (3)
Ms. Leisa Dawn Hobgood (3)
Mr. Robert Bruce Hobson (5)
Mr. and Mrs. David John Hochstrasser (7)
Mrs. Ann Downing Hocker (3)
Mrs. Jean Render Hocker (20)
Ms. Pamela Burns Hocker
Mr. Kris Vonn Hockstedler
Mr. Kurt Armin Hockstedler (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Hodge
Mr. Glen L. Hodge, Jr. (10)
Mr. and Mrs. Billy Eugene Hodges (3)
Mr. H. Fraser Hodges (14)
Mrs. Kathy A. Hodges (12)
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hodges (3)
Mrs. Sarah P. Hodges (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Hodges (6)
Mr. Steve Hodges
Mrs. Julie N. Hodgkins (2)
Mr. David M. Hoebeke (3)
Mrs. Gemma A. Hoehler
Mr. James L. Hoerner (2)
Ms. Judith L. Hoey (2)
Mr. James R. Hoff (2)
Mr. Jerry Ray Hoffman (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Roland Scott Hoffman
Mrs. Rhonda Ann Hoffman (2)
Dr. and Mrs. Richard E. Hoffman (3)
Mrs. Robin Lee Hoffman (3)
Mr. and Mrs.Virgil Hoffman
Mrs. Susan Bindner Hoffman (4)
Mrs. Winifred Hoffpauir (3)
Ms. Elizabeth Sharon Hogan (4)
Mr. James Dorsey Hogan (2)
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Hogan (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Rondal G. Hogan (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Hoggard
Ms. Kara Renee' Hogue
Mrs. Margaret Beth Holaday
Mr. Michael P. Holaday
Ms. Nanette Webster Holbrook (4)
Mr. William R. Holbrook
Mr. E. Wally Holden (3)
Ms. Helen H. Holden
Ms. Linda Jane Holder
Mr.Tracey Kent Holder (2)
Ms. Laura S. Holderfield (2)
Ms. Louise T. Holderfield (7)
Mr. Michael B. Holian (2)
Holland CPAs PSC (14)
Ms. Frances Turnipseed Holland
Mr. and Mrs. Carl D. Holland (8)
Mr. Marvin R. Holland, Sr.
Ms. Maureen O. Holland
Ms. Cathy Elaine Holley
Mrs. Jan Barnes Holliday (8)
Ms. Kathryn Carty Hollin (4)
Mr. John Anthony Hollinsworth (4)
Mr. L. Rich Hollmeyer
Mr. Richard Wright Holloman (2)
Mr. Michael Conrad Holloran (3)
Mr. Phil Holloway
Mr. Eric Holm
Ms. Carrie Ellen Holman (3)
Ms. Connie Lee Holman (4)
Mr. James Routt Holman (3)
Ms. Kathryn Flowers Holman
Mr. Sherman A. Holman
Mrs. Connie Lynn Holmes (3)
Ms.Yvonne S. Holmes
Mr. and Mrs. David Charles Holt (10)
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Joseph Holt
Mr. Daniel L. Holt
Mr. David A. Holt (4)
Mr. David Franklin Holt
Mr. Keith Holt
Mr. Lanuell Allen Holt (13)
Mrs.Teresa J. Holthouser
Mr. Robert Estin Holton (3)
Mr. David Aurelius Holtzman (4)
Holy Union Sisters (7)
Mr. Roger Kent Holzknecht (4)
The Home Depot
Mrs. Lorie Ann Homiak
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Honchell (9)
Dr. Mary Elizabeth Hood (4)
Mr. Paul Anthony Hooks (5)
Ms. Carole Jane Hooper
Mrs. Christina Lynn Hooper
Mr.Thomas Eugene Hooper (3)
CW4. Mary L. Hootman (3)
Ms. Deneshia Hoover
Ms. Kacy A. Hope
Mr. Leighton Allison Hope, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Lynn Hopkins (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley O. Hopkins (4)
Mrs. Leigh S. Hopper (3)
Ms. Julia Pierce Horn (2)
Mrs. Betty L. Hornback (8)
Mr. Brady Lynn Hornback (2)
Mr. Brian Lewis Hornback (3)
Mr.Thomas Earl Hornbeck (4)
Mrs. Shawna Delane Horne (4)
Mr. Jerry W. Horner
Mr. William Harrison Horrell (15)
Ms. Donna Fay Horton (3)
Mr. James S. Horton
Ms. Jimmie Lou Horton (6)
Mr. and Mrs. George Owen Horton (5)
Mr. Daniel J. Hosek (9)
Ms. Colleen Nicole Hosey
Ms. Christine Miller Hosier
Mr. Alan Hoskins (2)
Mrs. Carolyn G. Hoskins (3)
Mr. Edwin Reese Hoskinson (2)
Mrs. Kathleen Miller Hosna
Mr. Derek L. Hottell
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis William Hottell
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Wayne Houchens (2)
Mrs. Lisa A. Houchens (2)
Mr. Michael Houchens (2)
Mr. Michael D. Houchens (4)
Ms. Pam Houchens
Mr. Rick Houchin
Mr. Robert A. Houchin
Mr. Robert R. Houchin (7)
Ms. Kelley Suzanne Houck
Ms. Amanda Michelle Hough
Mr. Bobby G. Houk
President’s Circle Membership
Western Kentucky University - Annual Giving
The President’s Circle
($1,000 and more annually)
continues its growth as
an important example
of the support of the
Western Family.
Ms. Melinda Houk
Mr. and Mrs. Norman R. House (4)
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen D. House (2)
Mr. and Mrs. William R. House (8)
Mr. Jay F. Householder (4)
Mr. Lawrence J. Houston (7)
Mrs. Lola Faye Houston (2)
Mr. and Mrs. William Ed Houston
Mr.Theodore R. Hovet (10)
Mr. Adam C. Howard (5)
Mrs. Barbara Allen Howard (3)
Mr. Bradley M. Howard (4)
Mr. Daniel L. Howard
Mr. Edward Allen Howard
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Lee Howard
Mrs. Genevieve Ann Howard (2)
Mr. James M. Howard (3)
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Howard (3)
Mrs. Joan Emily Howard (2)
Mr. Marvin J. Howard
Ms. Melissa Lee Howard (12)
Ms. Sandra E. Howard
Mrs. Sonya Lea Howard
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Allen Howard (2)
Ms.Theresa Ann Howard (3)
Mr.Thomas C. Howard (4)
Ms.Tonya Danita Howard (3)
Mr. William Kent Howard (13)
Ms. Milbra Kay Atkinson Howe
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Howe
Mrs. Betty E. Howell (2)
Col. and Mrs. Gerard H. Howell (2)
Mr. Gordon Thomas Howell (2)
Ms. Kathie Howell (11)
Mrs. Melissa Howell (2)
Mr. Richard Lee Howell
Ms. Stefanie Ann Howell
Mr. and Mrs. Buddy Howells
Rev. Christopher Mark Howlett
Mr. and Mrs. Larry C. Howlett (4)
Ms. Lisa Jo Howlett (4)
Mr. John Franklin Hoxworth (9)
Senator David Hoyle
Ms. Julie K. Hoyt (3)
Holtzbrinck Publishing Holdings LP (2)
Mrs. Jane Hubbard (3)
Mr. Henry Hahn Huber, Jr.
Mrs. Janet H. Huber
Mr.Timothy Huber
Mr.Vernon H. Huber (9)
Mrs.Tracey L. Huckeba
Mrs. Christine Whoberry Hudak
Mrs. Laura Denise Huddleston
Mr. Lee Huddleston (3)
Ms. Louise Huddleston
Mrs. Lucile Huddleston (2)
Mr. Walter D. Huddleston (3)
Ms. Kathryn Ann Hudepohl
Mrs. Sandra A. Hudnall (2)
Mr. David F. Hudson (3)
Mr. John W. Hudson, III
Ms. Karen Lynn Hudson (2)
Ms. Kathy Hudson
Mrs. Leslie Janay Hudson (3)
Mrs. Mary Adams Hudson (12)
Wimpy and Regina Hudson (5)
Ms. Ruth L. Hudson
Mr.Theodore J. Hudson (2)
Mr.Thomas W. Hudson
Mr.Timothy Scott Hudson (2)
Mr. and Mrs. J. Graham Hudspeth (8)
Mr. Alan Richard Huelsman (5)
Huff Floor Covering
Ms. Ashley Rae Huff
Mr. Bryan M. Huff (2)
Dr. Constance and Mr. Frank Huff
Mr. Danny Joe Huff (2)
Mrs. Margaret A. Huff
Ms.Tracy E. Huff
Ms. Winifred M. Huff
Mrs. Melanie Huffaker (2)
Mrs. Charlotte A. Huffine (4)
Mr. Billy Wayne Huffines (4)
Mrs. Carolyn Huffman
Mr. Jeffrey Scott Huffman (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd M. Huffman (3)
Ms. Sue Ellen Huffman (2)
Mr.Thomas Bryan Huffman (2)
Mrs. Lisa Vittitow Huggins (4)
Ms. Amanda Leigh Hughes (8)
Mrs. Betty S. Hughes (2)
Ms. Brittney L. Hughes
Mr. Daniel H. Hughes, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Ross Hughes, Jr. (4)
Mr. Ian Nathaniel Hughes
Mr. James Michael Hughes
Ms. Jennifer L. Hughes
Mr. and Mrs. Joe G. Hughes (2)
Mr. John Allen Hughes, Sr. (12)
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Kent Hughes (2)
Ms. Mary Hughes (3)
Mr. and Mrs. William Edward Hughes
Mrs. Melanie L. Hughes
Mr. and Mrs. Larry W. Hughes (3)
Mr. Stefan R. Hughes
Dr. and Mrs. Lewis Nichols Hughes
Mrs. Susan Duncan Hughes (5)
Mr. and Mrs.Timothy Dean Hughes (12)
Dr. Aaron Wilson Hughey (9)
Ms. Leslie D. Huhn
Mr. David Alan Hull (6)
Mr. William G. Hullhorst (19)
Mrs. Mary S. Hullum (10)
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas James Hulsey (4)
Ms.Tammie L. Hulsey
Mr. James Humbane (2)
Mr. Jeff Humberson (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Edward
Humble (2)
Ms. Lee H. Humble
Mr. William Philip Humble (13)
Mrs. Marcia W. Hume
Mrs. Anna W. Humes (3)
Ms. Andria N. Humpert
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Elison Humphrey (3)
Ms. Leslie G. Humphrey (2)
Mrs. Patricia Miller Humphrey (7)
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Craig Humphrey
Ms.Takisha J. Humphrey
Mr. Donald R. Hundley (4)
Ms. Jennifer Leigh Hundley (4)
Mr. David Lee Hungler (15)
Ms. Brenda J. Hunt
Ms. Charmaine L. Hunt
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Dan Hunt (3)
Ms. Erma Daniel Hunt (20)
Ms. Marilyn Hunt (2)
Ms. Melanie Hunt
Ms. Sheila Hunt
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel F. Hunter, III (2)
Mr. Earl D. Hunter (9)
Ms. Jennifer Hunter
Mrs. Jessica Blewett Hunter
Mr. Matthew Todd Hunter
Mr. Robert John Hunter
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Hunter (11)
Mr. and Mrs. James Bollerer Hunt Myers
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hunton (4)
Mr. William G. Hunton (2)
Mr. Mark Huntsman
Mr. Rickie Gene Huntsman (3)
Mrs.Vicki Byassee Hurley
Mrs. Karen D. Hurst (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Donald James Hurst (7)
Ms.Tammy J. Hurst
Mr. Jason William Hurt (9)
Ms. Martha Jo Hurt
Ms.Valina Kay Hurt (11)
Ms. Patricia Husaini (2)
Mr. Charles H. Huss (3)
Ms. Sara Abigail Huss
Mr. Hussung and Mrs. Sullivan
Mr. Gary M. Hutchins
Mrs. Lois J. Hutchins
Mrs. Mary K. Hutchins (13)
Mr. C. Joe Hutchison (16)
Mr. James M. Hutchison, Jr. (3)
Ms. Kimberly G. Hutchison
Mrs. Melissa D. Hutson (3)
Mrs. Susan L.Tipton Huttel (2)
Mr. Lucas Hutton
Mr. Michael J. Hutzel
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Hyatt (7)
Mrs. Donna Kay Hyland (12)
Mrs. Jan A. Hyland (7)
Ms. Ramona K. Hyrne
Ian Industries (6)
Mrs. Julie B. Ice
Mr. Don H. Ignatz
Dr. Martha S. Iley (29)
Major Joseph M. Imorde, Jr.
Independent Insurance Services
Ms. Suma Mysore Indrappa
Lt. Col. and Mrs. Jerry David Ingerick (6)
Ms. Katriina Ingman
Mr. Kevin Lee Ingram (11)
Mr. Richie R. Ingram (3)
Mrs. Shirley Nell Ingram (3)
Interior Concepts
Mrs.Thelma Joyce Irby (9)
Mr. Jan L. Ireland
Mrs. Myria Thomas Ironmonger
Mrs. Brenda W. Irvine (5)
Mr. Frank L. Irwin, Jr. (22)
Ms. Hope L. Irwin
Mrs.Toni Lynn Irwin (3)
Mr. Harry Morgan Isaacs (5)
Ms. Renee Cunningham Isaacs
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Lee Isable (2)
Mr. M. R. Isan (2)
Mr.Timothy Kirk Isenberg
Mrs. Deborah G. Isham (2)
Ms. Jennifer Elizabeth Ishmael
Mr. Jeffery Scott Isom (4)
Mr. Dennis E. Ivey (4)
J. G. Keown Insurance (3)
J. J. Ashley's, LLC
Ms. Jeanne M. Jackel
Mr. Gregory Dale Jackie (3)
Dr. William Jay Jackman (2)
Mrs. Amanda Bower Jackson
Mrs. Betty B. Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick T. Jackson (2)
Ms. Bonnie G. Jackson (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Delvagus Jackson
Ms. Emily Layne Jackson
Mr. Glenn Ford Jackson
Mr. Joe David Jackson
Mr. John Stephen Jackson (23)
Mr. Keith Jackson
Mr. Keith A. Jackson (5)
Mr. Kerry Lea Jackson (3)
Mrs. Kimberly B. Jackson (2)
Mrs. Kimula Valentine Jackson (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Benford Jackson (2)
Ms. Margaret H. Jackson (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Brandon S. Jackson
Mrs. Rebecca D. Jackson
Mr. Rick L. Jackson (3)
Ms. Sally B. Jackson (3)
Mrs. Sherri D. Jackson
Mr. Sherron Jackson (6)
Mrs. Shirley W. Jackson
Mr. and Mrs.Timothy Lee Jackson
Mr.Victor Michael Jackson
Ms. Maxine A. Jacobi (8)
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence J. Jacobs (16)
Mr. Othmar Jacobs (3)
Jaggers Agency
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Jaggers
Mrs. Lisa Manonne Jaggers
James Hagan, State Farm Insurance
James S. Robinson DMD
Mr. Christopher Ray James
Mrs. Eileen P. James
Mr. Joshua Aaron James
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Ray James (5)
Mrs. Mary Margaret James
Mr. Michael C. James
Mr. Paul M. James (8)
Ms.Tiffany Erin James
Mr.Tony Michael Janco (3)
Mr. and Mrs. D. Michael Janes (5)
Nigel Janes
Mr. Andy Janos
Mrs. Pamela Rose Janoski
Mrs. Esther P. Jansing (2)
Mrs. Louise Jarboe (6)
Ms. Pamela Kay Jarboe (7)
Ms. Ruth W. Jarboe (7)
Ms. Margaret A. Jarvis (4)
Ms. Martha J. Jay (4)
Mrs. Debra W. Jayne (3)
Ms. Mary Jaynes
Capt. Bert Byron Jean
Mr. Lewis Jean (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Jeannette (4)
Mrs. Lynn Reeves Jefferies (3)
Ms. Lynnetta Handley Jefferson
Jeffrey W. Chapman DMD (3)
Mr. Jonathan David Jeffrey (2)
Mr. Jon S. Jeffries (2)
Mrs. Krisinda K. Jeffries
Mr.Timothy Lynn Jeffries
Mrs. Zania S. Jenkin
Mr. Alan R. Jenkins
Ms. Brenda Jenkins (6)
Ms. Christine C. Jenkins
Mr. Dennis Michael Jenkins
Mr. and Mrs. Donald V. Jenkins (4)
Mr. Fred C. Jenkins (4)
Mrs. Jean M. Jenkins (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick F. Jenkins, Sr. (14)
Mrs. Neva Kenner Jenkins (10)
Mrs. Norma P. Jenkins
Ms. Sandra W. Jenkins (3)
Ms.Teresa Lee Jenkins
Mr. W.T. Jenkins
Mrs. Cheryl Leigh Jenks (2)
Mrs. Abbie Miller Jennings (2)
Mr. Michael Lynn Jennings (15)
Mr. Robert Glenn Jennings (2)
Ms. Stacey Jennings
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Jensen (5)
Mrs. Susan McChesney Jensen (7)
Mr. and Mrs. Glen E. Jent (8)
Mr. Olin Jent, Jr. (2)
Mr. Jesse T. Jepson (4)
Mr. and Mrs. David Hill Jernigan (9)
Mrs. Judy Kay Jernigan (3)
Ms. Louise Jernigan (11)
Jerry's Auto Sales
Jesse Henon Construction, LLC (3)
Mr. Christopher D. Jessie
Ms.Tammy Jo Jessie (7)
Mr. Elmo Jessup
Mrs. Deborah B. Jewell (2)
Mr. Harry Jewell
Marion M. Jewell
Mr. Martin Luke Jewell
Ms. Phyllis J. Jewell
Mrs. Kathryn B. Grover Jimerson (6)
Jimmy Diemer's Supermarket (3)
Rev. Lenora Sue Job (2)
Mr. Leroy L. Jochum (2)
Joe Walton, Inc. (2)
Joedy Sharpe Construction Co., Inc.
Ms. La Donna M. Joergens (6)
Mr. John M. Joerling (4)
Mrs. Reba R. John (10)
Ms. Agatha Losey Johnson (4)
Ms. Amanda Dawn Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. James Carl Johnson
Mrs. Anne Crookes Johnson (14)
Mr. and Mrs. Barry W. Johnson (3)
Mr. Ben M. Johnson
Mr. Billy E. Johnson (3)
Mr. Billy Gene Johnson (3)
Ms. Brenda Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Brent Andrew Johnson (3)
Mr. and Mrs. C. Edward Johnson (10)
Ms. Candice W. Johnson
Mr. Carol Winfield Johnson (4)
Mr. Charles Hobert Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Danny Blane Johnson (2)
Mr. Daryl Brent Johnson (9)
Mr. David Johnson
Mr. David L. Johnson (12)
Ms. Dolorse J. Johnson (4)
Mrs. Donna Kay Johnson
Mrs. Donna Lynne Johnson
Ms. Donna V. Johnson
Mr. Donnie Ray Johnson (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Shelby Johnson
Ms. Frances C. Johnson (9)
Mr. and Mrs. Glenden F. Johnson (2)
Mr. Grover W. Johnson, Sr.
Ms. Hannah Johnson
Mr. Harold D. Johnson
Ms. Heather Ann Johnson
Mr. Hobert Wayne Johnson (9)
Mrs. Irmtraud F. Johnson
Mr. James Ross Johnson (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Allen Johnson
Mrs. Jean Meredith Johnson (13)
Ms. Jennifer Michell Johnson
Mr. Jerry Wayne Johnson (d.) (13)
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Johnson
Mr. Johnny Carl Johnson
Ms. Joni Marie Johnson
Mr. Joshua L. Johnson
Mrs. Judy Ragland Johnson (3)
Mrs. Karen Connor Johnson (12)
Ms. Katina J. Johnson (7)
Ms. Kelly A. Johnson
Mr. Kenneth Marion Johnson (10)
Mrs. Kim Johnson
Ms. Leigh Carol Johnson
Mr. Lemuel Johnson (2)
Western Kentucky University
Western Kentucky University - Annual Giving
Mr. Les Johnson (2)
Mrs. Loretta Ann Johnson (9)
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Christopher
Johnson (2)
Ms. Mary Ann Johnson
Mrs. Mary C. Johnson (7)
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas Johnson
Ms. Melissa Leigh Johnson (8)
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Johnson (5)
Mrs. Michele Shelly Johnson (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony M. Johnson
Ms. Nancy L. Johnson (4)
Ms. Nicole Johnson (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey W. Johnson (9)
Dr. Pamela McAllister Johnson (2)
Ms. Patricia A. Johnson
Mrs. Paula Darr Johnson (5)
Mrs. Phyllis Hunt Johnson (2)
Mrs. Rebecca Vejr Johnson (15)
Mr. Richard Ashley Johnson (3)
Mr. Richard Dean Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Johnson (4)
Mr. Ross Johnson (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin D.Tays
Ms. Sheila Johnson
Ms. Sherry Lynn Johnson (4)
Robert and Shirl Johnson
Capt. and Mrs. Stanley D. Johnson
Ms. Susan Johnson
Mrs.Terry B. Johnson
Mr.Timothy P. Johnson (12)
Mr.Tony L. Johnson, Sr. (4)
Mrs.Torrie L. Johnson (2)
Ms.Victoria Barthlow Johnson (8)
Mr. William Glenn Johnson (9)
Mr. William M. Johnson, Jr. (7)
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Algene Johnston (9)
Mr. and Mrs. Noel T. Johnston (7)
Mrs. Cheryl Johnston
Ms. Donna J. Johnston (5)
Mr. Ernest S. Johnston (2)
Mrs. Frances J. Johnston (3)
Ms. Janie S. Johnston
Mrs. Pamela J. Johnston
Mr. Robert Bradley Johnston (4)
Judge Martin E. Johnstone (3)
Mr. Richard Neil Johnstone
Mrs. Emma G. Joiner (2)
Ms. Sandra C. Joiner (7)
Mrs. Suzanne Y. Joiner
Mr. Alan G. Jolly
Mr. Andrew T. Jolly
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Lynn Jolly
Mr. Jack Jolly (3)
Ms. Maxine Jolly
Ms. Carolyn H. Jones
Jones Woolfolk Insurance Agency (2)
Mrs. Adrienne Frey Jones
Ms. Amy L. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Darrell Jones (2)
Mrs. Ashby M. Jones (2)
Mr. Curtis Lee Jones
Mr. David Irvine Jones (5)
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Jones (2)
Mr. Dennis Joe Jones
Mrs. Dianna T. Jones (2)
Mr. Dion Devon Jones (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Richard Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hal Jones
Mrs. Emma Catherine Jones (14)
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jeffery Jones (7)
Mr. Garry Jones
Ms. Glenda Hisle Jones
Mr. Henry J. Jones (18)
Mr. James M. Jones (6)
Mr. James Terry Jones (3)
Mrs. Janet H. Jones
Mr. Jesse L. Jones, III
Maj. (Ret.) John C. Jones (9)
Mrs. Joyce Lewis Jones (3)
Mrs. Judith Smith Jones
Mrs. Karla Rutledge Jones
Mr. Kenneth M. Jones (11)
Ms. Kim Jones (2)
Mrs. Kimberly Ellen Jones
Mrs. Kristina N. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Larry W. Jones (4)
Mrs. Laura L. Jones
Ms. Linda D. Jones
Ms. Linda Lu Jones (3)
Alumni Fall 2005
Capt. Lolita C. Jones
Ms. Lorinda Sue Jones
Mr. Marc I. Jones
Ms. Margaret B. Jones (2)
Mrs. Melonie Ann Jones
Mrs. Narda A. Jones (3)
Ms. Natalie J. Jones
Mrs. Patricia L. Jones (2)
Ms. Pauline Griffin Jones
Mrs. Penny Harris Jones
Mr. Perry Andrew Jones (7)
Ms. Rebecca Rae Jones
Mrs. Rhonda H. Jones (9)
Mrs. Rhonda S. Jones
Mrs. Rollanda Ann Jones (2)
Mr. Ronald E. Jones
Mr. Ronald L. Jones (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Bart Jones (2)
Mr. and Mrs.Tom W. Jones (2)
Ms. Shelly D. Jones
Mrs. Stacey L. Jones (2)
Mrs. Susanne Connolly Jones
Mrs.Tamela P. Jones
Mr.Thomas M. Jones
Ms.Tracey E. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. W. Basil Jones (3)
Rev. Walter T. Jones (3)
Dr. and Mrs. Wilburn C. Jones
Mr. Robert Jongedyk (7)
Mr. and Mrs.Albert Lawrence Jordan (3)
Mrs. Amy M. Jordan (3)
Ms. Carol Jordan (5)
Mrs. Claudia Jordan
Mrs. Deborah Kay Jordan
Mrs. Debra Denise Jordan (2)
Mrs. Gladys P. Jordan (5)
Mrs. Janna O'Dell Jordan (4)
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Jordan (3)
Ms. Sue Ferguson Jordan
Mr. and Mrs. Daron E. Jordan
Mr. and Mrs. Carl C. Jordan (21)
Ms. Christine L. Jorgensen (3)
Mr. Curtis L. Jorgenson (9)
Joseph S. McCarty, D.M.D. (2)
Mr. C. J. Joseph (3)
The David J. Joseph Company
Mrs. Joan Lynne Joson (3)
Mr. Ben Journey
Mrs. Elizabeth S. Jowers (3)
Mr. Clyde W. Joyce (6)
Mr. Jeffrey Stuart Joyce (7)
Mr. Charles Mark Judd
Ms. Pamela Kay Sanders Judd
Mrs. Kimberly Suzanne Judy
Mr. Kim Ray Juett (2)
Ms. Lucy Franklin Juett
Mr. William B. Julian (3)
Just Me! Music
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Timothy Justice
Mrs.Vera Opal Justice (5)
Mr.Timothy Wayne Justis (4)
Mr. James H. Justus (2)
Ms. Kathryn J. Kabel
Ms. Marci Kacsir
Mr. Stephen G. Kadlec, Jr. (2)
Mr. John G. Kaelin (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Patrick Kahle (7)
Mrs. Linda L. Kain (4)
Mrs. Mary Sue Kalbfleisch (10)
Mr. John N. Kalergis (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Ints Kampars (2)
Mrs. Leslie Kann
Mr. J. Douglas Kannapell
Ms. Judith Mary Kapelsohn (8)
Mr. Morris Kaplan (2)
Mrs. Marguerite Ann Kapp (9)
Mr. Ghodratollah H. Karimian (2)
Mr. Steven D. Karpinski (3)
Mr. Jeffrey Michael Kasbaum (3)
Ms. Jennifer Kash
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Michael Kaufkins
Ms. Sharon D. Kauka (3)
Mr. John Marvin Kavanaugh (3)
Mr. John William Keabler, II
Mr. Marc E. Kearney
Ms. Kathleen Kearns
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas B. Keck (2)
Mrs. Lisa K. Keeling (3)
Mr.Travis Be Keeling (2)
Mr. Wayne Keeling
Mr. Bennie J. Keen (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Chris A. Keen (3)
Dr. Harold Keen (3)
Mrs. Jewell C. Keen (5)
Mrs. Kourtney Compton Keen (2)
Mrs. Karen L. Keene (3)
Ms. Linda Carney Keene (3)
Mr. Paul David Keener (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Clifton Keepers (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald S. Kees
Ms. Melissa Kay Keffer (2)
Mrs. Judith L. Keiner (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Vincent Keith (2)
Mr. John David Keith
Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick W. Keith
Mr. Wendell Keith
Mr. Robert Levy Kelcy, Jr. (2)
Mrs. Amy Blanford Kellen
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Keller (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Keller (9)
Mr. and Mrs. Kelley
Ms. Alesia B. Kelley (2)
Mrs. Danita Mignon Kelley
Mr. Keith Kelley
Ms. Mary Lee Kelley (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Anderson Kelley (5)
Mrs. Ruby H. Kelley (4)
Ms. Stacey Diane Kelley
Ms. Carol A. Kelly
Mrs. Carolyn Jean Kelly
Mr. Garry Stephen Kelly (5)
Mr.Timothy Edward Kelly (17)
Mr. David Randall Keltner (4)
Mr. Danny Martin Kemble
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Kemker (3)
Mrs. Julie Carol Kemp (8)
Ms. Lela Kemp
Mr. Leslie Patrick Kemp (3)
Mr. Donald K. Kenady
Mr. and Mrs. David Lee Kendall
Mr. and Mrs. Billy Joe Kendall
Ms. Elizabeth Jean Kendell (3)
Mr. and Mrs. George Kendrick
Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Kendrick, Jr.
Ms.Virginia M. Kendrick
Mrs. Amelia Kennedy
Mr. Bryan Kyle Kennedy
Ms. Carol R. Kennedy (15)
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Lamont
Kennedy (3)
Dr. and Mrs. Harry R. Kennedy, Jr.
Mr. Keith C. Kennedy
Mrs. Kristie M. Kennedy (2)
Ms. Megan D. Kennedy (3)
Mrs. Pamela Kaye Kennedy
Mrs. Mary H. Kenney
Kentucky Association of Electric
The Kentucky Jesuit Mission
Kentucky Rural Carriers of District
Mr. Stephen Todd Kenworthy
Mr. Douglas S. Keogh, Jr. (4)
Sister Rosemary Keough
Mrs. Betty Ann Keown (7)
Mr. Brian D. Keown
Mrs. Cynthia P. Keown
Mr. Jesse G. Keown, Jr. (9)
Ms. Betty Jo Kepley (3)
Mrs. Michelle S. Keplinger
Mr. Ronald Anthony Kercheval
Mr. and Mrs. Brent Berry Kercheville
Mrs. Helen Kereiakes
Ms. Neysa Jo Kerfoot (12)
Mrs. Janie B. Kerlick (10)
Dr. David A. Kerr (5)
Mrs. Mary Catharine Kerr
Ms.Terry Lynn Kerr
Mr. Robert Evon Kerrick
Ms. Cheryl Lynn Kershaw
Mr. and Mrs. William Jackson Kesler
Mr. Carrol D. Kessens
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Donald Kessens
Mrs. Kaye Kessinger
Mrs. Barbara Ann Key
Mr. Benton Scott Key (3)
Mr. Lewis Edward Key
Ms. Patricia A. Key
Mr. Joe D. Keys (18)
Ms. Colette Keyser (3)
Mrs. Deborah Tomkinson Keyser (3)
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Keyser (2)
Mr. Jerry Ray Kibbons (15)
Ms. Elizabeth Ann Kickert
Mr. Steven Kickert
Mrs. Onalee N. Kidd
Mr. George Frank Kidwell, Jr. (5)
Mr. John L. Kieffer (11)
Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Kiel (3)
Mrs. Melanie Jan Kiene
Mr. and Mrs. Mary Julie Kieta
Amy Jo Kight, CPA (3)
Mr. Randall Kikta
Mr. Andrew Earl Kilbourne (10)
Mr. Bayless L. Kilgore (3)
Mrs. Renee Fuqua Kilgore
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Kilijian
Mr. Bruce R. Kille (2)
Mrs. Deborah Armstrong Killen (6)
Mr. Steve Killian
Dr. and Mrs. Hak Youn Kim (18)
Dr. Suk Ki Kim (3)
Mr. Wayne H. Kimbel
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Edward
Kimbler (15)
Mrs. Janet Leigh Kimbler (6)
Mr. Larry Ivan Kimbler (10)
Ms. Ida Mason Kimbro (3)
Mr. William Joe Kimbrough (5)
Mr. Jerry Kimmel (4)
Ms. Nita M. Kincaid (2)
Mrs. Gayle Lynn Kindred Price
Mr. Greg Allen Kindschi (15)
Mr. Allan D. King
Mrs. Ann G. King (3)
Mrs. Betty J. King (9)
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick R. King
Mr. Daniel A. King (4)
Mr. Douglas W. King
Mr. James D. King
Mrs. Jimella Ann King (8)
Mr. Johnnye W. King (2)
Mr. Joseph W. King, III
Mrs. Lera King (2)
Mrs. Martha J. King (3)
Ms. Mary Suzanne King (15)
Mr. Matthew Joel King
Mr. Matthew Lewis King
Ms. Melissa Gail King
Dr. Ronald King
Mr. and Mrs. Sean King (2)
Mr. Steven T. King (2)
Ms.Teresa Lynn King
Ms. Georgetta Kingery
Mr. and Mrs.Terrell Lee Kingrey
Mr. Steve Kingsley
Ms. Melanie D. Kington
Dr. Donald M. Kinkel (4)
Mr. James Edward Kinker (3)
Mr. Kevin Robert Kinne (6)
Mrs. Mary Ray Kinney (2)
Ms. Kimberly A. Kinser
Mrs. Sandra Faye Kinser (7)
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Lewis Kinslow
Mr. Walter E. Kinslow (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Glenn Kiper
Mr. James A. Kipp
Ms. Amanda Beth Kirby (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert V Kirby
Mr. Donald E. Kirby
Mrs. Jane Collins Kirby (7)
Mr. John Stephen Kirby (4)
Mrs. Leanne A. Kirby (3)
Mr. Phillip Kirby
Mr. Robert T. Kirby (14)
Ms.Tina Jo Kirby
Mr. Peter L. Kirchoff (6)
Ms. Beverly Kay Kirk (2)
Ms. Mabel R. Kirk (3)
Mr. Sherwood Kirk (3)
Mr. Keith Dewayne Kirkham (2)
Ms.Terry Kirkland (8)
Mr.Thomas J. Kirkland, IV
Ms. Crystal Lea Kirkman
Mr. Gregory Scott Kirkpatrick (3)
Ms. Lois C. Kirkpatrick (9)
Mrs. Gwendolyn Carol Kirstein (2)
Mr. Samuel H. Kirtley, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs.Tony L. Kirves (2)
Ms. Kelly Jo Kitchen (2)
Mr. Charles W. Kitchens, Jr.
Freeman Kitchens
Mr. and Mrs.Terry B. Kitchens
Ms. Rebecca Lynn Kitchens
Mrs. Roxanna L. Kitchens
Ms. Sue McCoy Kitchens
Mr. Johnathan Ellis Kittinger
Mr. Matthew T. Kittinger (11)
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Kivimaki
Mrs. Candace Crain Kixmiller (3)
Ms. Brittany Leigh Kjelland
Ms. Betty Klaas
Mr. Adam S. Klaine
Mr. William Patrick Klapheke
Mrs. Lea Ann H. Klarner
Ms. Deborah Jane Klausing
Mr. Fred J Klausing
Mr. Joseph F. Klein
Mr. Michael Robert Klein (4)
Mr. Carl Robert Kleinholter (18)
Hon. and Mrs. Denis Stephen Kline (18)
Ms. Emily Sanford Kline
Ms. Helen G. Kline (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Hayes Kline (4)
Mrs. Janet Kay Kling (7)
Ms. Jennifer M. Klingenberg
Mr. George C. Klinger (14)
Dr. James C. Klotter (3)
Mr. John C. Klotter (14)
Ms. Elvira Knapp
Mrs. Susan Angela Kniery (2)
Mr. Jeff D. Kniese (7)
Mrs. Dane Nell Knight
Mrs. Doris Ann Knight (9)
Ms. Janet S. Knight
Mrs. Joyce C. Knight
Ms. Kristina Adelle Susanne Knight
Mrs. Martha Faye Knight (3)
Mrs. Mary L. Knight (11)
Ms. Meredith Francis Knight
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip M. Knight
Mr. David W. Knighton
Mr. Robert Knoll
Ms. Margaret A. Knox
Mrs. Leigh Ann Koch (4)
Ms. Judy Rowe Koehl
Mrs. Pamela Ann Koenig (2)
Mr. Nicholas J. Koenigstein (5)
Mr.Theodore Koester
Mr. Rodney Kohler
Ms. Mary E. Kohlmeyer (6)
Mr. Philip A. Kohut (3)
Mr. Arthur F. Kolb (17)
Maj. and Mrs. Dennis L. Kolb
Mrs. Linda Kelly Kompanik
Sairam Kondaraj
Mr. Frank J. Kondracki, Jr. (10)
Ms. Sharon D. Koomler
Mr. Keith Koonce and Mrs. Pam
Koonce (4)
Mr. George Ronald Koppel
Mr. and Mrs. Don Koppel (2)
Mr. Steve P. Koren (2)
Mr. and Mrs.Ted Martin Korfhage (16)
Mrs. Sharon T. Kortum
Ms. Karen Koshewa
Ms. Lattie V. Koss (4)
Mr. Paul Francis Koss (3)
Mrs.Teresa Barber Kosta (3)
Ms. Andrea K. Kostelnik
Mrs. Julie Pleasant Kottak
Mrs. Lyndsay A. Koyama
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Kozlowski (17)
Mr. Stephen P. Kozusko (2)
Mr. Kermit Kracke
Mrs. Barbara L. Kraft
Ms. Jacquelyn S. Krag
Mrs. Kelly Boyd Kramer
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond S. Kramer (8)
Mrs. Carol Krampe
Mr. Marc S. Krank (2)
Ms. LaDawn M. Krantz
Mr. Robert Alan Krausman (8)
Mrs. Kelly A. Kreager
Mrs. Mildred L. Krebs (2)
Ms. Elizabeth Kremer
Mr. Frank R. Kremsner (3)
Mrs. Dorothy J. Krepps (6)
Mr. Winthrop Henry Kretman, Jr. (3)
Ms. Jane S. Krick (15)
Mrs. Ella Morrison Kriete (4)
Mr. John A. Krietzer (2)
Western Kentucky University - Annual Giving
Mr. Michael Robert Krinsky (5)
Ms. Mary Kate Krippenstapel (2)
Ms. Susan Kay Krisher (5)
Mr. Jason K. Kron
Ms. Amy C. Krull (4)
Mr. Dennis Edward Kubiak
Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Kuchenbrod
Mr. William M. Kuegel, Jr. (6)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Kuehl (5)
Dr. Sally L. Kuhlenschmidt (6)
Mrs. Jennifer A. Kuhn
Mr. Jim Kuhn
Mr. Lonnie Shane Kuhn
Mr. Raymond L. Kuhn, Jr. (3)
Mrs. Cara A. Kulenkamp-Shreve (4)
Mrs. Betsy Lou Kullman (15)
Mr. Arthur K. Kunkel, III (2)
Mr. and Mrs.Todd S. Kurtz (2)
Mrs. Amy L. Kurz
Ms. Linda Ann Kuse (4)
Kustom Designs (3)
Mr. Jeffrey Allen Kute (10)
Ms. Maureen Ann Kutsor (2)
Mr. William Kuznitsof
Mr. David Kwok
Ms. Clara Lee Kyle (7)
Mr. Frenchie Russell Kyle (5)
Mr. David Maurice Labelle
Mrs. Joyce Lynn Labelle
Mrs. Dianne Hurley Labrado
Mr. John A. Labudde (6)
Command Sgt. Maj. Alex Ray Lackey
Mrs. Cindy Lackey (2)
Mr. Billy Gene Lacy (2)
Ms. Gina C. Lacy
Mrs. Kimberly G. Lacy (13)
Mrs. Sue Page Lacy
Mr. and Mrs. Dwight A. Ladd
Mrs. Rosemary A. Lafler
Mr. William W. Laing (11)
Ms. Carol D. Laird (9)
Dr. and Mrs. Roger A. Laird (4)
Drs. Andrew and Kathleen LaJoie
Mrs. Kathleen H. Lakarosky (8)
Mr. and Mrs. James Thomas Lally (10)
Mr. Jon Kevin Lam
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lam (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Archie E. Laman (14)
Mr. David W. Lamar (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Lamar (2)
Ms. Patricia W. Lamarr (2)
Mr. Christopher Sean Lamaster (2)
Lamb and Lamb, P. S. C. (2)
Ms. Barbara L. Lamb (4)
Mrs. Jane Banks Lamb
Mr. Justin D. Lamb
Ms. Frances Lambert
Mr. Robert W. Lambert (7)
Mr. Mark Aaron Lamberth (7)
Mr. Randall Carroll Lambirth, II (3)
Mrs. Mary Ann Lamborn (2)
Mrs. Catherine C. Lamczyk (7)
Mr.Thomas Jeffrey Lamkin (2)
Mrs. Sandra Lindsey Lancaster
Mr. and Mrs. Carey D. Lancaster (12)
Mrs. W. Kay Lancaster (16)
Mrs. Olivia V. Landrum
Mr. Earl Jay Lane (3)
Mr. James E. Lane
Mr. John Richard Lane
Mr. Noel Lane (3)
Mrs. Wanda Sue Lane (3)
Mr. Clarence Walter Lange
Ms. Selina Iris Langford (3)
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Langley (2)
Mr. Charles Robert Lanham, Jr.
Ms. Debra Gail Lanham (6)
Mr.Timothy Jensen Lanham (8)
Mrs. Mina Lani
Ms. Melissa Jo Lantrip (4)
Mrs. Brenda E. Lantz
Mr. Charles J. Lapham (3)
Ms. Jacqueline Lapidus
Ms. Alice Larkin (7)
Mrs. Betty Gardner Larkins (8)
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Wayne Larkins (2)
Ms. Katrina Larsen
Mr. Joseph Larson (12)
Mr. Richard D. Larson (4)
Mr. Jack Young Larue (7)
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Lashbrook
Mrs. Lashell Robin Lashley (9)
Mr. Kevin Scott Lasley (3)
Mrs. Melinda A. Laslie (4)
Mrs. Cindy Fitz Lassing (2)
Mr. Willard Laster (3)
Mrs. Carroll Laswell
Mr. David Latham
Mr. Mike L. Latham
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip M. Latham (14)
Mr. L. H. Lathan
Mrs. Rose E. Latino
Ms. Janet Lynn Stevenson Laurent (6)
Mrs. Linda K. Lautner
Mrs. June K. Lavelle (8)
Ms. Laura Elaine Lavinghousez (4)
Lavonne J. Welch Income Tax Service
Mr. Harold J. Law (21)
Mr. James Dwight Law (2)
Mrs. Katherine Marie Law (13)
Mr. and Mrs. Frankie Ray Law (3)
Mr. and Mrs.Tommy R. Law (12)
Mrs. Emily H. Lawler (2)
Mr. John Patrick Lawler
Mr. Patrick Joseph Lawless
Mr. Art Lawrence
Mrs. Daphine M. Lawrence
Mr. Fred Ellis Lawrence (2)
Mrs. Patricia Ann Lawrence
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Lawrence (5)
Mr. and Mrs.William B. Lawson, Jr. (17)
Mr. Donald Gene Lawson (3)
Ms. Jean-Marie Lawson
Dr. and Mrs. Rick J. Lawson (18)
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Lawson, Jr. (9)
Mrs. Phyllis S. Lawson
Ms. Judy Lay (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Layman (17)
Ms. Grace P. Laymon (3)
Mr. Birney S. Layson (2)
Mr. Danny Layton
Lazy River Camp Ground
Mrs. Charlotte Barham Lea
Mr. Glenn S. Leach
Ms. Kelia M. Leach (6)
Ms. Luann Marie Leach (13)
Mrs. Nancy E. Leach
Ms. Rebecca Powers Leach
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Leachman, II (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Lee Leachman
Mr. John Edward Lease
Ms. Bettye P. Leasure (d.) (2)
Mr. Matthew Christopher Leathers
Mr. Alexander G. Lebedinsky (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Ledbetter (10)
Mrs. Rosetta Ledford
Mr. John Willis Ledogar (3)
Ms. Lori Ann Ledogar
Ms. Amy Denise Lee
Mrs. Anna Griffith Lee (2)
Mr. Anthony S. Lee
Ms. Billie J. Lee
Mr. Carl W. Lee (7)
Ms. Lindsey C. Lee (2)
Ms. Marvina Sue Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Lee (3)
Ms. Nancy Williams Lee (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Joe Lee (3)
Mr. Ronald E. Lee
Mrs. Sheri D. Lee (8)
Mr. and Mrs.Van Mark Lee (2)
Mrs. Lenell Brown Leech (3)
Ms.Vicki Whitehead Leedom
Ms. Laura Ruth Leeper
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Allen Leffert (3)
Mrs. Brenda M. Leftwich (9)
Mrs. Wanda Legate
Mrs. Nan Everson Legler (5)
Ms. Susan Angela Legler (3)
Ms. Whitney Rhea LeGrand
Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Haynes
Lehman (2)
Mrs. Monika Lehmann
Ms.Teresa Rose Leibfreid (8)
Mr. Alan Leichhardt (2)
Mrs. Leslie Ann Leidelmeijer (3)
Ms. Sarah Jean Leider (7)
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Charles Leneave
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas W. Lennon (10)
Mr. William David Lenoir
Mrs. Margaret Marie Lentz
Mrs. April H. Leonard (2)
Ms. Kristen N. Leonard
Ms. Rebecca D. Leopard
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Douglas
Leopold (7)
Mr. Gomer R. Lesch (4)
Mr. James Anthony Leslie (5)
Mrs. Barbara J. Lesperance
Mr. Dennis Lester (2)
Mr. Robert Lester (3)
Mr. Roy David Lester (19)
Mr. James R. Letourneau
Ms. Joleen Levering
Mrs.Tara K. Levering
Mrs. Catherine G. Levy (2)
Mrs. Alice Gene Lewis (23)
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald D. Lewis
Ms. Bettie P. Lewis
Mr. Brandon Alastair Lewis (4)
Mrs. Cheryl Ann Lewis (3)
Mrs. Cindy Kay Lewis (2)
Mr. Clifton G. Lewis, Jr. (8)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ivor Lewis
Ms. Edna V. Lewis
Ms. Holly R. Lewis (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Catron Lewis (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Lane Lewis (5)
Ms. June M. Lewis (12)
Ms. Margaret A. Lewis (3)
Ms. Mariea Lewis
Ms. Mary Jan Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Lewis (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Robin J. Lewis (18)
Mrs.Teresa B. Lewis (2)
Mr.Thomas J. Lewis, III
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph H. Lewis (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Alan Leyers (9)
Mr. and Mrs. Jianle Li (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Kenneth Libke
Ms. Debbie Licht
Ms. Elise Talmage Lieb (4)
Mrs. Kathy Charlene Liebau (3)
Ms. Mariah K. Light
Mr. Robert Cory Likens (3)
Mr. Martin L. Likins (8)
Mr. Merle R. Likins (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Benny Cameron Lile (5)
Mrs. Glyna Fancher Lile
Mr. Jeff Lile
Rev. Nola K. Lillie (4)
Mr. and Mrs. David Matthew Lilly (2)
Mrs. Doris A. Lind (17)
Ms. Gloria Lindauer (5)
Mr. Jerry Lindbloom (12)
Mrs. Lisa Ann Lindeman
Mr. B. W. Linder (d.) (8)
Mrs. Ellen Linder
Mr. Mark A. Linder
Mr. Garnett A Lindle
Mr. George W. Lindsay, Jr. (2)
Hon. Gross C. Lindsay
Ms. Betty Lindsey (3)
Mrs. Carolyn J. Lindsey (8)
Mr. Donald O. Lindsey
Ms. Jean B. Lindsey
Mrs. Kathleen C. Lindsey
Mrs. Linda L. Lindsey (7)
Ms. Misty Rae Lindsey
Mr. Phillip N. Lindsey (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Lindsey (4)
Mrs.Teresa Napier Lindsey
Mr. Corey Kenneth Lingo (3)
Mr. Jesse W. Link
Mr. Joseph C. Link
Mr. John M. Linn (3)
Lintner Bowling Supply, Inc. (2)
Mr. Billy Michael Linville
Mr. David Lippman (2)
Mr. Robert Lippman
Mr. Donald Lisby
Ms.Tammy D. Liscomb (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Young Liske (9)
Mrs. Cynthia G. Liston
Nancy Rebecca Litchfield
Mr. Walter B. Litchfield (15)
Mr. Walter Litke (2)
Ms. Lisa Litsey
Mrs.Virginia Q. Litsey (2)
Mr. Gary Alan Little (5)
Lt. Col. (Ret.) Gary E. Little (10)
Mr. and Mrs. John William Little
Mrs. Mary Jo Little (8)
Ms. Patsy Anne Little
Mrs. Paula Sue Little (3)
Mrs.Toni Ruth Little
Mrs.Tracy Littlehale
Mr. Benjamin R. Littlepage (2)
Mrs.Vickie Jeanne Litton (8)
Mrs. Judith Ann Littrel (8)
Mrs. Constance H. Litzenberger (2)
Mrs. Beverly B. Litzinger
Mr. and Mrs. William Robert Lively
Ms. Mary Darlene Livers (13)
Dr. David Livingston (5)
Mrs. Marguerite C. Livingston (2)
Mr. Jeffery R. Lobb
Mr. Leon Joseph Lobred, Jr. (8)
Mrs. Sharon Locke
Mrs. Shirley L. Locke (2)
Ms. Susan Broyles Locke (2)
Mrs. Carol R. Lockhart (5)
Mrs. Sara Elizabeth Lockwood
Ms. Emily Joanne Loehle
Ms. Rita Loehr
Ms. Patricia Loflin
Mr. James T. Lofton
Mr. Christopher Pace Logan
Ms. Gladys Logan
Mr. Jeremy Ray Logsdon (4)
Mr. John H. Logsdon (2)
Mrs. Kaye Bunnell Logsdon
Mrs. Mary M. Logsdon (5)
Mrs. Misti Lynn Logsdon
Mrs. Penelope S. Logsdon (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Lyn Logsdon
Mr. and Mrs. George B. Lohmann (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Kirby Riggs Loid (5)
Mr. Richard F. Lombard (5)
Mr. Anthony Dale London
Mrs. Debra Lynn London (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Shane London
Ms. Beatrice Cowan Long (10)
Ms. Christine Jeanette Long (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Curtiss M. Long (14)
Ms. Elizabeth Morris Long (8)
Mr. James Clifton Long (8)
Mrs. Kellie B. Long (10)
Dr. Larry W. Long (11)
Mr. Nollie T. Long
Mr. Ray W. Long
Mr.Terry Austin Long
Sister Davida Loosbrock (6)
Mr. and Mrs. David Anthony Lopez
Ms. Joyce A. Lopez
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence R. Lopez (3)
Ms. Leta Wilson Lopriore
Mark and Melanie Lord
Mrs. Evelyn Smith Lorence
Loretto Motherhouse Convent (4)
Ms. Sue Ann S. Losey
Mrs. Lynn M. Losik
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence M. Loss (2)
Ms. Angela Michelle Lott (3)
Mr. Bruce Ridgway Lott (3)
Mrs. Martha Lott
Mr. and Mrs.Timothy V. Lott
Mr. Keith N. Louden (3)
Mr. and Mrs.William A. Loudermilk (7)
Mr. David J. Loughrie
Mrs. Raina N. Louis (2)
Ms. Abigail K. Lovan
Mrs. Alice Simpson Lovan (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Lovan (4)
Mrs. Elizabeth T. Carr Love (4)
Ms. Marian Love
Mr. Mark Love
Ms. Nancy Love
Mr. Robert P. Love
Mrs.Teresa Phillips Lovelace (2)
Ms. Frances R. Lovell (18)
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Lovell, III (6)
Mrs. Wanda Lovely (2)
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas William Lovett (2)
Mrs. Sylvia Ann Lovett
Ms. Wendy Lee Cohron Lovett (3)
Mrs. Martha Gail Rice Lovisone (3)
Mrs. Amy Lee Lowe (3)
Mrs. Becky Lowe
Mrs. Betty Davis Lowe (5)
Ms. Catherine Miller Lowe (20)
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas Scott Lowe
Mr. Jay P. Lowe (14)
Mr. Joe B. Lowe (7)
Mrs. Judith M. Lowe
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Stanley Lowe
Ms. Marie S. Lowe (3)
Ms. Mary Jane Lowe
Ms. Nina N. Lowe (2)
Mr. Boyce L. Lowery
Mark and Lisa Lowhorn (3)
Mrs. Marion B. Lowrie
Mrs. Sheryl Eunice Lowry (6)
Mr. Charles Ernest Lowther (4)
Mrs. Brenda S. Loy (3)
Mrs.Tina E. Loy
Mr. Charles Edward Loyal (2)
Mrs. Daphne Loyall (2)
Mr. Norton Harold Loyd (2)
Ms. Ning Lu
Ms.Theresa Ann Lubke
Mr. Jeremy Wayne Lucas
Mr. Layman Lucas
Mr. and Mrs.Thaddaeus J. Lucas (3)
Mr. Patrick J. Luckenbill
Mr. William Gus Luckert (3)
Mr. Gregory A. Luckett
Mr.Thomas Leslie Lucky
Mr. David C. Ludden, Jr. (2)
Mr. Keith John Ludden
Mrs. Nancy J. Luetkehans
Mr. and Mrs.Truman A. Luke
Mr. Miervaldis Lulaks (6)
Ms. Linda J. Lumsden
Ms. Belinda J. Lundy
Mr. Matthew Dale Lunsford
Mrs. Deborah Lush
Mr. Mark Elliot Lush
Mr. Jeffrey Lutgring
Mr. Mark T. Luttrell (2)
Ms. Melissa Lenae Luttrell
Mrs. Sheila Ann Luttrell (6)
Mr. Walton H. Luttrell (4)
Mrs. Mildred Lyons Lutz (2)
Mr. Phil Ray Lutz (8)
Mr. Jace T. Lux
Mr.Titus G. Lyle
Mr. James Thomas Lynch (5)
Ms. Jodi Renee Lynch (3)
Mr. Frank E. Lyne (15)
Mrs. Clara M. Lyninger (2)
Ms. Bonnie Lee Lyon
Ms. Gina Glover Lyon
Mrs. Margaret E. Lyon (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Billy J. Lyons (3)
Mrs. Kimberly J. Lyons (5)
Mr. Ronnie Lee Lyons
Mr. Stephen H. Lyons (15)
Mrs. Irene K. Lytle
Col. (Ret.) William W. Lytle, Jr. (6)
Ms. Cheryl Lyvers
Ms. Sheila L. Lyvers
Mr. Herbert Joseph Mabe (6)
Mrs. Patricia Ann Mabry (3)
Ms. Linda M. MacConnell (2)
Mr. Andrew MacCornack (4)
Mr. Barry B. MacDonald (3)
Mrs. Margaret J. MacDonald (15)
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas K. MacDonell, III (3)
Mr. Michael Harry Mace
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Macemon
Mr. Wayne R. MacGregor (2)
Ms. Debbie L. MacKay (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Claypool Macke (8)
Dr. Jeffrey Dale Macke (12)
Mrs. Laurie A. MacKellar
Mrs. Barbara Clark Mackessy (8)
Macon Dental Health Center
Ms. Lynne R. Macpherson
Mr. Jack L. Maddox (2)
Dr. and Mrs. Noel B. Maddox
Dr. Patrick Maddy (6)
Mr. and Mrs.Toby Dean Madison
Hon. and Mrs. Wayne Madison
Mr. Richard Neale Madison (3)
Madisonville Veterinary Clinic
Mr. Carlton Magan (3)
Col. (Ret.) Lee J. Magers
Ms. Norma Lucille Magers (6)
Mr. Paul E. Magnes
Western Kentucky University
Western Kentucky University - Annual Giving
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Magouirk
Mr. Joseph A. Magruder, Jr. (20)
Mrs. Elizabeth S. Mahan
Ms. Bonnie Mahanna
Mrs. Nancy P. Mahnke (2)
Ms. Larri Ann Mahoney
Mrs. Amanda Carol Major
Mrs. Julia Jetrue Major (2)
Ms. Megan L. Major
Mr. Robert Bennett Major
Mr. and Mrs. Scott L. Majors (20)
Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Shawn Majors (2)
Ms. Shiu Yue Mak
Mr. Alex F. Maksymczuk
Mrs. Charla Jane Malaney
Ms. Shirley C. Malchow
Mrs. Kelly A. Malley
Mrs. Melissa S. Mallicoat
Mr. Bryon Mallory
Mrs. Lisa Ann Mallory (3)
Mr. Jonathan Malloy
Mr. and Mrs. John William Malone
Mr.Taris Minar Malone
Mr. James E. Maloney (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Gavin Malott
Mr. James Charles Malyj
Mr. Robert W. Manasek
Ms. Betty H. Mandabach (7)
Mrs. Sara Louise Mangold (2)
Ms.Tina Denise De Jesus Mangum
Mrs. Wanda Ann Mangum (2)
Mr. Doug Manier
Mr. Brian Keith Manley
Ms. Cynthia L. Manley (2)
Mr. William Manley
Mrs. Anne Hughes Mann (2)
Ms. Becky Mann (8)
Mrs. Brenda Sue Mann
Mr. Craig Douglas Mann
Mr. Henry M. Mann (2)
Mr. James Joseph Mann
Ms. Louise Mann
Ms. Nancy L. Mann (18)
Mrs. Paula J. Mann (2)
Ms. Sharon Mann
Ms. Judy Carol Manners (4)
Mrs. Gayla Monroe Mansfield (4)
Mrs. Margaret F. Mansfield (12)
Mr. Michael Todd Mansfield (9)
Col. William P. Mansfield, Jr. (5)
Ms. Amy L. Manship
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Dean Manship
Mr. James Issac Mantle (2)
Mr. William David Maples (3)
Ms. Peggy W. Marable
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Maraman (3)
Ms. Lorin Lin Marchio
Mr. and Mrs. John Steven Marcum (2)
Mrs. Laura Jean Marcum
Marcus Lee Vanover Attorney At Law
Mr. Jeffrey M. Marcus (2)
Dr. Susan McElroy Marcus (3)
Mrs. Pamela Underwood Mardiney (6)
Ms. Julia S. Maresca
Mrs. Nancy Ellen Marinsek
Mrs. Donnie Williams Marion
Mr. Wes Marion
Mr. Ben F. Mark, II (2)
Mrs. Margaret A. Mark (14)
Mr. Robert R. Marker
Ms. Eva R. Markham
Mrs. Julia Ann Markham
Mr.Tom Markham (2)
Ms. Elinor Bennett Markle (4)
Ms. Jan A. Greenwood Markle
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Markle (16)
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Stanton Marks
Mrs. Leann Chissom Marksberry (2)
Ms. Francine Markwell
Mr. and Ms. Roger D. Markwell
Mrs. Anne Marlin
Ms. Anna Maria Maroney
Ms. Catherine P. Maroney (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Joseph Maroney
Mr. Gary Lee Marr Jr.
Mr. Robert H. Marrett (7)
Mrs. Joy E. Marriner (3)
Mr. Gary Robert Marsh
Mrs. Heloise B. Marsh (18)
Ms. Melony Lynn Marsh
Alumni Fall 2005
Dr. Robert Cecil Marsh
Mr. Derek R. Marshall
Mrs. Georgia Sue Marshall
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Timothy
Marshall (2)
Mrs. Lisa D. Marshall (2)
Mrs. Nancy Richey Marshall
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Marshall
Mr. Nicholas Shane Marshall
Mrs. Rita W. Marshall (17)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Marshall (2)
Mr.Theodore Jackson Marshall (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Marshall (5)
Mrs. Bonnie Ruth Martin (2)
Ms. Bonnie S. Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Oneil Martin (5)
Mrs. Carol Precious Martin
Mr. and Mrs. John Thomas Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Eugene Martin (4)
Mr. Danny Gale Martin (11)
Mr. David Martin
Ms. Deborah Madeleine Martin
Mrs. Denishia G. Martin
Mr. Douglas G. Martin (2)
Maj. (Ret.) Edward T. Martin (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Bryon Robert Martin
Mr. Everett N. Martin (2)
Ms. Gail Lynn Martin (2)
Mr. Gary R. Martin (2)
Mr. Gary Wayne Martin
Mr. Gregory Glenn Martin (6)
Mr. Howitt Martin
Dr. James Kenneth Martin (7)
Ms. Jane S. Martin (2)
Mrs. Janet Lin Martin (2)
Mrs. Javene Martin (2)
Mr. Joseph E. Martin (3)
Ms. Judith A. Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Earl Martin (4)
Mrs. Linda Jones Martin (3)
Ms. Lisa Joy Martin (13)
Ms. Martha Martin
Mr. Robert Lee Martin (2)
Mr. Roger K. Martin (10)
Mr. Stephen D. Martin
Mrs. Susan Martin
Mrs.Tamara B. Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Gene Martin (4)
Mr.Thomas Martin
Ms. Carolyn Martinette
Mr. and Mrs. John K. Martray (3)
Mr. Robert Edward Maryanski (14)
Mr. Michael L. Marziale
Dr. Richard Mashburn, Jr.
Ms. Cecelia Mason
Ms. Joyce A. Mason (3)
Ms. Kristy Lynn Mason
Mr. Stillie Lee Mason
Mr.Tom Pryor Mason (3)
Ms. Amber L. Mason-Sims
Mr. Glen C. Massengale (3)
Mr. Wendell H. Massengale (3)
Mrs. Maleta Jean Massey
Mr.Tyrone Massey
Mr. Rickie Lee Matar (2)
Mr. and Mrs. John Carlos Mathews (4)
Mr. Martin Lea Mathews (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan K. Mathews
Mr. and Mrs.Terry Lynn Mathews (3)
Mrs. Sheila B. Mathias (3)
Mrs. Deborah McBride Mathis (4)
Mr. and Mrs. William Matlock (9)
Mrs. Kimberly G. Matney
Mr. Michael Glen Matney (2)
Mr. Rodney P. Matre
Mrs. Donna Rush Matthews (7)
Ms. Helen Matthews
Mrs. Judy J. Matthews
Mrs. Leila Matthews (2)
Mr. R. Jerry Matthews (3)
Mr. Ben Mattingly (6)
Maj. Frank P. Mattingly
Mrs. Holly Carol Mattingly
Ms. Sandra Lee Mattingly (2)
Dr. and Mrs. Cecil N. Mattingly
Mrs.Theresa Mattingly
Mrs. Phyllis E. Maudlin (4)
Ms. Allison Edith Maue (3)
Mrs. Lana Wheat Maupin
Mr. William S. Maupin (16)
The WKU band standing in front of the statue of Peter Tchaikovsky at the Moscow
Conservatory. Later that day the band performed on stage in the park.Tens of thousands of
people were in the audience.
Ms. Diane I. Maurice
Staff Sgt. (Ret.) Cindy L. Maus (9)
Mr. and Mrs.Wendel Ray Maxwell (2)
Mr. Dwight Wayne Maxwell
Mrs. Judith Ann Maxwell (3)
Mrs. Laurie Lee Maxwell (4)
Mr. Michael Joe Maxwell (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. May (2)
Mr. James Dean May (10)
Mrs. Rhonda Denine May
Mrs. Sandra W. May
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth S. May (4)
Mrs. Bonnie Mayer
Mrs. Leslie Mayer
Mrs. Lori Diane Mayer
Ms. Amanda Jean Mayes
Dr. and Mrs. Freddie M. Mayes (4)
Mr. Hubert M. Mayes
Mrs. Jeannie Lee Mayes
Ms. Naomi Florence Mayes (2)
Mrs. Stacy Jeannette Mayes (3)
Mr. John Mayeur (2)
Ms. Amber Leigh Mayfield (2)
Mr. and Mrs. James Callis Mayfield
Mr. Joseph H. Mayfield
Ms. Judith Mayfield (6)
Ms. Kay Mayfield (17)
Mr. and Mrs. Collis G. Mayfield (9)
Mr. and Mrs. W. Robert Mayhugh (2)
Mr. Kurt Maynard
Mrs. Melinda Carol Mayo
Mrs. Janet R. Mays
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Mays (2)
Mr. Steven L. Mays (3)
Mr. James M. Mayse (3)
Jeff and Alisa Maysey (4)
Ms. Anne McAfee
Mrs. Mary Catherine McAlevy (4)
Ms. Ann Lee McAllister (2)
Mr. James McAllister
Mrs. Anne M. McAtee
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Ray McAtee (2)
McAtee-Miller & Association (2)
Ms. Mary Anita McBride (7)
Mr. and Mrs. David Lee McBride (6)
Ms. Mandy McCain
Ms. Lucinda Lee McCaleb (7)
Mrs. Linda S. McCalister (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. McCall
Mr. Edward L. McCarraher
Mrs. Andrea Lee McCarthy
Mrs. Patricia S. McCarthy (14)
Mrs.Vyvian Maynard McCarthy
Ms. Noelle Loraine McCartney
Mr. Jason C. McCarty
Dr. Joseph Stewart McCarty (2)
Mrs. Sara R. McCaskey (2)
Mrs. Jean N. McCaw (3)
Mr. Auston G. McCay (3)
Ms. Kimberly B. McCay
McCay and Associates
Mrs. Glenda H. McChesney (7)
Mr. Kenneth McClain
Mrs. Rebecca D. McClanahan
Ms. Barbara Ann McClard
Mrs. Sandra Kay McClary
Mr. and Mrs. John W. McClellan, III (8)
Ms. Jennie Stephens McClendon (13)
Mr. Charles D. McCloud
Mr. and Mrs. Fred L. McCloud
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas J. McClure (2)
Mr. Christopher Kenneth McClure
Mrs. Deborah Ann McClure (2)
Mr. Gary L. McClure (2)
Mr. Larry T. McClure (8)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gene McClure
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd D. McCollum (6)
Mr. Michael McCollum
Ms. Janice W. McComb (2)
Mr. Jeffrey Dale McConnell
Mr.Thomas R. McCord (5)
Mrs. Autumn Carol McCormack
Mr. Donald R. McCormick (4)
Ms. Janice Lea McCoy (6)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Leonard McCracken
Ms. Amy Rebecca McCraney (2)
Ms. Anna Mae McCubbin (7)
Mr. Donald Craig McCulley
Ms. Rachel Lynn McCullough
Mr. and Mrs. James Rodney McCurry
Mr. Robert B. McDade
Mrs. Elizabeth N. McDaniel (2)
Mr. James E. McDaniel (8)
Mr. Larry R. McDaniel (13)
Mr. Michael P. McDaniel
Mrs. Roseanne N. McDaniel (2)
Mrs. Pamela P. McDannold
Mr. and Mrs. James B McDarment
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Curtis McDivitt (2)
Mr. Carroll W. McDonald
Mrs. Debbie R. McDonald (2)
Mr. Kenneth McDonald
Maj. Kenneth William McDonald (2)
Mr. Mark Joseph McDonald (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Stephen McDonald
Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. McDonald
Mrs. Wilda F. McDonald (3)
Mr. William Rush McDonald
Mr. and Mrs.Walter J. McDonough (3)
Mr. Douglas McDonough
Mrs. Elvira McDonough (10)
Mr. Robert Andrew McDougal (3)
Ms. Janet Reas McDowell (2)
Mr. Lonnie L. McDowell (2)
Mrs. Maxine C. McDowell (16)
Mr. Daniel William McElheney (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Neil McElroy (3)
Dr. Mark K. McElroy (3)
Ms. Mary Ann McElroy
Mr. Russell Lee McElroy (2)
Mr. Hutch L. McElwain
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Lee McEuen
Mrs. Patricia Buffin McEwen (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold S. Oaken
Mr. Arthur Andrew McFadden (3)
Dr. Gloria S. McFadden
Mrs. Linda Fay McFall
Ms. Alison Denise McFarland
Ms. Betty Jane McFarland (9)
Ms. Hye-Mi McFarland
Mrs. Pamela Jean McFarland (9)
Ms. Rebecca M. McFarland
Mr. and Mrs. Mark James McGee (2)
Mrs. Marria T. McGee (2)
Mr.Thomas R. McGeehan, Jr.
Mr. Glenn S. McGehee, Sr.
Mr. Joseph Campbell McGehee (2)
Ms. Mary Ann McGehee
Mrs.Veronica McGill
Mr. Lance Eric McGinnis
Dr.Thomas H. McGloshen, Jr. (18)
Mrs. Diana F. McGowan
Mr. Kyle Grant McGowan
Ms. Shelley R. McGowan (3)
Mrs. Brenda McGown (4)
Mr. James Barton McGown
Mr.Truman E. McGown (3)
Mr. David McGregor
Mr. and Mrs.William R. McGregor (3)
Mrs. Jennifer M. McGregor
Mrs.Tonya Jean McGue
Ms. Pamela McGuffey
Mrs. Wanda McGuffey
Mr. Edward McGuire (20)
Mr. and Mrs. James Eugen McGuire (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Don K. McGuire (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael McGuire (3)
Mrs. Martha S. McGuirk (7)
Ms. Melva McGuirk
Mrs. June R. McGuyer (3)
Mrs. Mary R. McIndoo
Mrs. Cynthia Allen McIntosh (8)
Western Kentucky University - Annual Giving
Cupola Society
The following individuals and
organizations deserve special
recognition for 40 or more
consecutive years of making a
gift to Western.
Harold and Novice McGuffey
Brown’s Ice Cream Company
Sue F. Lightfoot-Borders
Integra Bank
Doug and Lucy Bradford
Rhea Lazarus
David R. Browning
U.S. Bank
Mrs. Rebecca B. McIntosh (3)
Ms. Shannon Kathleen McIntyre
Mrs.Toni McIntyre (5)
Ms. Abbie L. McKay
Mrs. Sheila D. McKay
Mr. Harold Dean McKee
Mr. Robert Joseph McKenna
Ms. Felecia Dionne McKenney (2)
Mr. and Mrs.William Y. McKenzie, Jr. (20)
Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Wayne McKiddy (2)
Mrs. Mary McKillip
Mr. Christopher M. McKinley
Ms. Fay McKinley
Dr. and Mrs. Robert N. McKinley (23)
Mrs. Christal Gaye McKinney (3)
Mr. Donald L. McKinney
Mr. and Mrs.Timothy H. McKinney (3)
Mr. Douglas Warren McKinney
Mr. James Ray McKinney
Mrs. Janis B. McKinney
Mr. Ray McKinney, Jr. (4)
Mrs. Sarah Rebecca McKinney
Ms.Takara Melissa McKinney
Mr. Carlos B. McKinsey
Mr. Mike McKown (3)
Mr. Myron D. McLain (16)
Mrs. Beth Ann McLamb (7)
Mr. Ross Howlett McLaren (6)
Mrs. Marcia L. McLaughlin (3)
McLean County Retired Teachers
Mrs. Felicia Cartwright McLean (2)
Mrs. Jean McLean
Mr. William S. McLean (2)
Mrs. Cheryl Joy McLeod
Ms. Betty Ann McLimore
Mr. James Leslie McLimore
Mrs. Jo Ann Williams McMahan (2)
Ms. Mickey N. McMahon (2)
Mrs. Alice D. McMaster (7)
Ms. Lucille Louise Lee McMichael
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lee McMillin, II (2)
Mr. Lyle Bruce McMillin, Jr. (2)
Mr. Scott D. McMurray (2)
Mr. Robert W. McMurry (3)
Mrs. Claudetta S. McMurtry (14)
Ms. Mary Lane McNamara (20)
Mr. David M. McNulty
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. McPeak (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Bill J. McPeak
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Shawn
McPherson (3)
Mrs. Ella S. McPherson
Mrs. Deborah Scott McQueary
Mr. Daniel B. McQuitty
Mr. William R. McRae
Ms. Barbara Jill McReynolds (4)
Mr. Hugh Curtis McReynolds
Ms. Melissa Ann McRoberts (8)
Mr. Michael D. McRoy (2)
Mr. William F. McShane, Jr. (18)
Mr. and Mrs. Allen C. McSween, Jr.
Mr. Kevin Alexander McTavish
Mr. and Mrs. Rex Alan McWhorter
Ms. Mary D. McWilliams (2)
Ms. Mary Justina McWilliams (2)
Mr. Roy R. McWilliams
Ms. Alisa Brooke Meacham
Mr.Thomas S. Meacham (13)
Mr. Robert G. Meade (2)
Mr. and Mrs. John Brent Meador
Mrs. Karen M. Meador (10)
Mrs. Marcia J. Meador (3)
Mrs. Marian Lois Meadows (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dean
Meadows (12)
Mrs. Shannon M. Meadows (6)
Mrs. Sondra Hunt Meadows (3)
Mr.Thomas G. Meagher, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Dane Alexander Medich (3)
The Medi-Sell Company
Ms.Tammy Lane Medlen (3)
Mr. Bryant Aaron Medley (9)
Mr. Chester A. Medley (3)
Mr. David M. Medley (2)
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Medley (3)
Mrs. Wendy Joyce Medley (10)
Ms. Nancy MeEachern
Mr. Micheal Richard Meece
Mr.Timothy Meece (2)
Ms. Karen S. Meeks
Ms. Marcia Combs Meeks (2)
Mr. Wallace Neil Meeks
Ms. Anna Mefford
Mrs. Carol L. Mefford (3)
Mr. Durwood Mefford (2)
Mr. Marty Richard Mefford (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Douglas
Mefford (3)
Mr. and Mrs.Timothy D. Mefford
Mrs. Margaret F. Meggs (6)
Dr. Gretchen Ann Meiers
Mrs. Louella Meir
Mr. and Mrs. Curt Melcher (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Melear
Ms. Patricia H. Mello
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Dale Melloan (4)
Mr. and Mrs. James Michael Melloan (3)
Mrs. Joyce R. Melson (6)
Ms. Maggie L. Melson (2)
Ms. Jennifer E. Melton (3)
Mr. R. Glen Melton
Mrs. Randa C. Melville (15)
Mr. Darren Mendel
Ms. Joanna K. Mendelsberg (2)
Mrs. Emilia F. Mendenhall
Mrs. Gail Rausch Menefee (2)
Mr. Joe William Meng, Jr. (7)
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip M. Menser (3)
Mr. William E. Menser (4)
Mr. Jerry J. Mercer (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Burns E. Mercer
Mr. Russell Martin Mercer
Mrs. Elizabeth L. Merchant (2)
Merck Company Foundation
Ms. Brandi R. Meredith
Mr. Jonathan Ryan Meredith
Mrs. Linda Michelle Pedigo Meredith (3)
Ms. Melody Meredith
Mrs. Raymonde L. Meredith
Mr. Russell I. Meredith, Jr. (2)
Mr. William Howard Meredith (3)
Mr. George Merkle
Ms. Jessica Ann Merman (3)
Ms. Hazel Mattingly Merrell
Mr. Charles C. Merrill (4)
Mr. John L. Merrill
Mr. Sean Andre' Merritt (6)
Col. Ralph Merrow (2)
Mr.Travis D. Meserve
Mr. and Mrs.Ted Messenger (6)
Mr. Gerald Messenger
Mr. Roy D. Messerschmidt (2)
Mrs. Nancy Jo Messmer (8)
Mr. Gary Alexander Meszaros (4)
Ms. Rosemary Meszaros (5)
Mr. Gerald D. Metcalf
Mr. and Mrs. David F. Metzger
Mr. Glenn D. Metzger (3)
Mr. David Metzmeier
Mrs. Barbara Faye Meyer
Mrs. Carolyn Jill Meyer (2)
Mr. Daniel J. Meyer
Mrs. Danielle M. Meyer
Ms. Susan K. Meyer (5)
Mrs. Susan Lea Meyer (4)
Ms. Amee Meyers (8)
Mrs. Jennifer C. Micek
Ms. Amy L. Michael
Mr. Jason R. Michael
Mr. William F. Michealis (2)
Ms. Megan A. Michie
Mr. Paul Joseph Middendorf
Mrs. Patricia R. Middlestadt (9)
Ms. Elizabeth G. Middleton (24)
Mr. Rush Henry Midkiff (8)
Mid-State Exterminators
Mr. Mark A. Miick
Ms. Allene R. Milam
Mr.Terry Ray Milam (3)
Mr. M. Bradley Milburn (3)
Mrs. Nicole Lynn Milburn (3)
Mr. Bryon N. Milby (9)
Mr. Donald Alton Miles, Jr.
Mr. Frank J. Miles
Mr. George Sterett Miles (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher David Miles (3)
Mr. Randall Keith Miles (4)
Mr. Robert S. Miles
Ms. Shannon D. Miles
Mr. Carl E. Millanti
Mr. Warren Gregory Millar, III (2)
Mr.Tom Millay
Mr. James Emmett Millea (2)
Miller & Chevalier Chartered
Dr. Alvin L. Miller (4)
Ms. Amelia Nicole Miller
Dr. and Mrs. James E. Miller (16)
Ms. Bree Ann Miller (3)
Mr. Bruce Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Stuart Miller
Mrs. Charlotte B. Miller (2)
Mrs. Christine M. DeLessio Miller (3)
Mr. Clarence L. Miller
Mr. David Alexander Miller (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Donald F Miller
Mr. Douglas F. Miller
Mrs. Elaine Miller (3)
Mrs. Eleanor E. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. F. Clayton Miller (2)
Ms. Frances Miller
Mr. Frank Miller, Jr. (5)
Dr. Frank Denton Miller
Mr. Gary Lynn Miller
Dr. Georgia Blair Miller
Ms. Grace Evelyn Miller (13)
Mr. Gregory Blaine Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Miller
Mr. Jacki Miller
Mr. James M. Miller (12)
Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Miller
Mr. Jeffery Scot Miller (3)
Mr. Jerome F. Miller (2)
Mr. John Miller (2)
Mr. John W. Miller (3)
Ms. Joy Marie Miller (8)
Ms. Joyce Endicott Miller
Ms. Joyce Marye Miller
Mrs. Kimberly T. Miller (2)
Ms. Kristen Leigh Miller (8)
Mr. Larry Vernon Miller (10)
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Ray Miller
Mr. Mark D. Miller
Mrs. Mary Helen Huddleston Miller (16)
Mrs. Myrna Ann Miller (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Miller (3)
Mr. Orville Miller, Jr. (4)
Ms. Paige M. Miller
Mr. Pat N. Miller
Mrs. Patricia A. Miller (7)
Mr. and Mrs. Jewel C. Miller, Jr. (2)
Mr. Richard E. Miller (5)
Ms. Rita Ann Miller
Ms. Roberta Diane Miller
Ms. Robin Lynn Miller (4)
Mr. Russell E. Miller
Mr. Russell H. Miller (12)
Mr. Ryan A. Miller (3)
Mrs. Sandra R. Miller (8)
Mr. Scott L. Miller (2)
S. Wayne and Brenda K. Miller (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Michael Miller (4)
Mr. Steven Robert Miller (9)
Mr.Thomas H. Miller (2)
Mr.Victor Craig Miller (8)
Ms.Victoria Thorpe Miller (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Rodgie Glen Millet (5)
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Millichap (19)
Mrs. Candace Cornette Milligan (2)
Mrs. Amy Hale Milliken (2)
Mrs. Marcia K. Milliner
Ms.Theresa Margaret Milliner (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher E. Mills (2)
Ms. Beverly Mills
Ms. Cheri Lynn Mills (2)
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Mills (15)
Mrs. Deanna Mills (6)
Mrs. Donna M. Mills
Mrs. Doris B. Mills (14)
Mr. Dwight K. Mills
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory W. Mills (5)
Mr. and Mrs. James Michael Mills (14)
Mr. and Mrs. James Monaghan Mills
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry T. Mills (2)
Mr. Jerry Thomas Mills, Jr. (4)
Mr. Ray W. Mills (19)
Ms.Theresa Ann Mills
Mrs.Twyla A. Mills (2)
Mr. David C. Milner (2)
Mr. Curtis H. Milton, Jr. (15)
Mr. John L. Milton (6)
Mrs. Sandra Kay Milton (2)
Mrs. Margaret Louise Mims
Mr. Brian Lee Minch (3)
Mrs. Ann Shaw Miner (2)
Ms. Barbara K. Minix (2)
Mrs. Ellen T. Mink (2)
Dr. Nicholson and Dr. Minors (8)
Mrs. Karen S. Minsterman
Mrs. Lynn McIvor Minton
Mrs. Phyllis Jane Minton
Mrs. Shirley Minton
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Eaves Minton
Mrs. Amy M. Minuth (9)
Ms. Janice Carolyn Misere (3)
Mr. Michael Misiuta
Mrs. Nancy E. Mitcham (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Preston Mitchell (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Mitchell
Ms. Carolyn Elaine Mitchell (7)
Ms. Demetrice Harper Mitchell
Mr. Dennis P. Mitchell (2)
Mrs. Eleonore Mitchell (8)
Mr. and Mrs. Cletus R. Mitchell (3)
Mr. George K. Mitchell, Jr. (5)
Mr. Glenn Stokes Mitchell (2)
Lt. Col. James Dale Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Mitchell (4)
Mrs. Kim Mitchell
Mrs. Linda Cunniff Mitchell (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Owen Lawrence Mitchell
Mr. Phil Mitchell
Mrs.Vera E. Mitchell (2)
Mrs. Wendy Mize (10)
Mr.Thomas W. Moak (4)
Mrs. H Louise Moblo
Mr. Kevin Daniel Modlin
Ms. Nancy Moghaddam
Col. William F. Mohr, Jr. (3)
Mr. Sri Prakash L. Mokshagundam
Mrs. Susan Jane Mollman (2)
Mr. George Patrick Molloy (2)
Mrs. Kelly L. Molloy (7)
Mr. and Mrs. Danny Moloney (6)
Dr. William G. Monahan
Mrs. Diana K. Monda (2)
Mr. Jerry Dwayne Monday
Mrs. Kimberly J. Monday (10)
Mrs. Cathleen F. Moneyhon (5)
Mrs. Ann W. Monhollon (9)
Ms. Anna Kathleen Monin (4)
Ms. M. Elizabeth Monohan
Drs. Eula and James Monroe
Dr. Jamie Maria Monroe (4)
Ms. Suzanne J. Montabon (2)
Mrs. Dana R. Montague (4)
Ms. Carrol L. Montgomery
Mr. Jerry W. Montgomery
Mrs. Karen S. Montgomery (3)
Mr. Kevin D. Montgomery
Mr. Shannon L. Montgomery
Western Kentucky University
Western Kentucky University - Annual Giving
Ms. Sharon Montgomery
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Montgomery
Mr. and Mrs. David Michael Moody (4)
Ms. Loree Ann Moody (2)
Mrs. Carrie E. Mook (2)
Ms. Pamela Lutes Mooney (3)
Mr.Timothy M. Mooney
Dr. and Mrs. John W. Mooningham (7)
Mr. G.Thomas Moor (4)
Mr. Jason Vance and Ms.Amanda Moore
Ms. Anita Wall Moore (3)
Ms. Moore and Mr. Lessenberry
Mr. Daniel Eric Moore
Mr. Daniel G. Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin L. Moore (2)
Mrs. Jane Phillips Moore
Mrs. Joan Kerr Moore
Dr. John David Moore (4)
Ms. Judith Fay Moore (8)
Ms. Katherine Moore
Mrs. Kelly Renee Moore
Mrs. Lizabeth Aaron Moore (9)
Mrs. Marketha Kay Moore
Ms. Mary Elise Moore (3)
Mrs. Michelle M. Moore
Mr. Paul E. Moore (9)
Mr. Phillip Harvey Moore (7)
Ms. Phyllis A. Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace C. Moore (5)
Mr. and Mrs. James Thomas Moore (2)
Mr. Ray Washington Moore (3)
Mr. Ronnie C. Moore (3)
Mrs. Wendy B. Moore
Mr. William A. Moore
Mr. Jeffrey C. Moorefield (2)
Mrs. Brenda Elaine Moorman
Mr. James Lynn Moorman, Jr. (3)
Mrs. Willa H. Moorman
Mrs.Teresa Moran
Mr. William Blake Moran (4)
Mrs. Angela E. Morehead
Dr. Maureen and Mr. Robert Morehead
Mr. Joseph Lee Morel
Ms. Carolyn Ann Moreland
Mr. Ricky Craig Moreland (3)
Mr. Sammy Moreland (2)
Mrs. Leona Morelock
Mrs. Anne Keen Morgan (10)
Mr. Carl A. Morgan
Mrs. Cynthia Morgan
James Edgar Morgan and Diane W.
Mr. Douglas W. Morgan (11)
Mrs. Ella White Morgan (2)
Mrs. Faye Morgan (2)
Mr. George Joseph Morgan (5)
Mr. James Ray Morgan
Mrs. Jennifer B. Morgan (3)
Mrs. Kerry Sigler Morgan
Mrs. Lisa Gay Morgan (9)
Mrs. Nina K. Morgan (8)
Mr. and Ms. Steve Upchurch Morgan (4)
Dr. and Mrs. Leslie A. Morgan (2)
Mr. William R. Morgan
Mrs. Kathleen Manion Morgeson (6)
Ms. Danielle Moriarty
Morris Jewelry, Inc.
Mrs. Betty June Morris
Maj. Byron Kevin Morris (12)
Mr. Clay Beale Morris, Jr. (3)
Mrs. Donna Morris
Mrs. Frances H. Morris (18)
Mrs. Frances S. Morris (2)
Mr. James E. Morris
Mrs. Karen C. Morris (12)
Mr. Lindell A. Morris (15)
Mr. Loriece Morris (8)
Mr. Matthew Shawn Morris
Mr. Samuel L. Morris (2)
Mr. and Mrs. James Morris (3)
Mr. Stanley H. Morris, Jr. (2)
Mr. and Mrs.Van K. Morris (3)
Mr. Wade C. Morris (2)
Dr. Walter R. Morris
Mrs. Brenda K. Morrison
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Lee Morrison (2)
Mrs. Cali Marie Morrison (5)
Ms. Clarissa D. Morrison
Mr. Donnie Royce Morrison (4)
Mrs. Lori J. Morrison (3)
Alumni Fall 2005
Ms. Peggy Morrison
Dave and Tracy Morrison (3)
Ms. Audrey Morrow
Ms. Kay Morrow (10)
Mr. Robert E. Morrow (12)
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Curtis Morse (2)
Mrs. Cathy Alice Morse (5)
Mrs. Lori Anne J. Morse
Ms. Rebecca Diane Morse (2)
Mr. James Douglas Mory
Ms. Christy Lou Mosby
Mr. Barry Edward Moseley (2)
Mr. Edward D. Moseley, Jr. (4)
Ms. Haley Elizabeth Moseley (10)
Mr. and Mrs. John Brent Moseley (3)
Mr. William D. Moseley
Mrs. Angie Moser
Mr. James Thomas Moses
Capt. Andrew Kyle Mosier
Mr. and Mrs. Roy J. Mosier (2)
Mrs. Judith E. Mosley (3)
Ms. Louise Mosley (4)
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Moss (3)
Mr. Larry Patrick Moss (7)
Mr. Rivers Benjamin Moss (2)
Mr. Roger D. Moss
Mr.Terry Wayne Moss
Dr. and Mrs. William Henry Moss (2)
Ms. Irene P. Motley
Mr. Ralph Milton Moulder
Ms. Sara Louann Moulton (2)
Mr. Faron Dale Mounce
Mount Zion Baptist Church
Mr. Joseph Mountjoy
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Ronald
Moutardier (8)
Jeremy Mowers and Sara Greenwell
Mowers (3)
Mrs. Runell J. Moyer
Mr. David R. Moyes, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs.Tom B. Mracek
MSE & Associates, LLC
Mrs. Rebecca Flener Mudd
Mr. David Nolan Mudwilder (3)
Ms. Deborah W. Muench (2)
Mrs. Karen M. Mujica (4)
Ms. Isabel Mukonyora
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Muldrow
Mr. Wayne Mullen (10)
Dr. Mrinal Mullick (4)
Mr. Donald Ray Mullins
Ms. Judith Rae Mullins (8)
Mr. Leonard P. Mullins
Mr. Lorin Scott Mullins
Mr. Lawrence J. Multerer
Mr. Michael Allan Multerer (11)
Mr. Paul W. Mumaw
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Lee Mumford
Mrs. Karen Lee Munoz
Mr. Jeffrey Munroe
Ms. Rita Muratalla (2)
Mr. James Murley (14)
Mrs. Becky A. Murphey (13)
Mr. John W. Murphree, III (2)
Mrs. Ashley Atkerson Murphy (2)
Mrs. Deanna “Deedee” M. Murphy (2)
Mr. Harold D. Murphy
Mrs. Ines Lucille Murphy (2)
Mrs. Julia Graham Murphy (2)
Ms. Lisa R. Murphy (2)
Mrs. Michelle Lyn Murphy
Mr. Peter F. Murphy (5)
Mr. Robert D. Murphy (2)
Mr. Ronnie Murphy (2)
Ms. Sherry K. Murphy
Mr. William D. Murphy (3)
Mr. David T. Murray (6)
Mrs. Jane T. Murray (5)
Ms. Jennifer Amanda Murray (2)
Mrs. Karen M. Murray
Ms. Sue Ann Murray (14)
Mr. Charles Thomas Murrell, III (2)
Mr. Anson Gay Muse (5)
Mr. Ralph Kenneth Muse (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Jason C. Musgrave
Mrs. Heather S. Muth
Mr. Marcus W. Muth
Mr. Patrick Mwansa
Mr. William Glenn Myatt
Mrs. Catherine J. Myers (2)
Mr. Dale Myers
Mrs. Heather Lynn Myers (3)
Mrs. Jodi M. Myers
Mr. and Mrs. Gary W. Myers (2)
Mrs. Laura Belle Myers (6)
Ms. Loeta Myers (6)
Mr. William C. Myles
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Edward Nachand
Mr. and Mrs. Steve E. Nagel (9)
Ms. Lisa Nagel
Mr. Stephen Nagy
Mr. and Mrs. John Samuel Nahm (2)
Mrs. Robin Lynn Naiser
Mrs. Pamela J. Nalbone
Mr.Thomas Anthony Nall
Ms. Connie J. Nalley
Mr. William Joseph Nally (3)
Mrs. Emily R. Namken (8)
Mr. and Mrs. W. Mitchell Nance (6)
Mrs. Ann H. Nance
Mr. David J. Nance (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Nance
Mrs. Opal L. Nankivell (6)
Mr. Michael Hobart Nantz (3)
Ms. Eileen Taggart Napier (10)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Morris Napier (17)
Mrs. Lisa Simmons Napier (2)
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Napier (17)
Ms. Nancy M. Napier (9)
Mrs.Tammy Clifton Napier
Mr. Steven James Napoli (3)
Mrs. Kristeen Templeton Nash
Mrs. Melody Richardson Nash (4)
Mr. Walter Dean Nash (6)
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Wilbur Nason
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Nason
Mr. Michael J. Nastri
Mr. Marshall S. Nathanson (18)
Mr. Michael Nation
Mr. Phillip Nation (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Randolph Nau (5)
Mr. Steven M. Nau
Mrs. Julia Fields Naylor (2)
Mr. Jacob Neace
Mr. Kenneth H. Neagle
Mrs.Vivian W. Neagle (2)
Neal & Harwell, PLC
Mr. Michael H. Neal (2)
Mr. David W. Neat
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Nedros (3)
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas Lorne
Nedvidek (2)
Mr. Aaron Neel and Ms. White
Mr. and Mrs. Hoover Jackson Neel
Ms. Karen Ann Neeley (5)
Mr. Charles Robey Neely
Mr. Joe B. Neely (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Ray V. Neely (2)
Ms. Shameka Yvette Neely (2)
Mrs. Myrna Neff (6)
Ms. Robin Anne Neff (10)
Mr. Jason A. Neidell
Mrs. Rhonda Johnson Neiderauer (3)
Mrs. Kathy Gaskey Neighbors (3)
Mr. Scott M. Neighbors
Mr. Gregory H. Neilsen
Mr. Ralph H. Neilsen
Mr. Chesley E. Nell (3)
Ms. Caroline Nellis (7)
Mr. David W. Nelson
Ms. Doreen Kae Nelson (3)
Mr. Douglas H. Nelson
Mr. George Guthrie Nelson (2)
Dr. Robert E. Nelson (2)
Mr. and Mrs. James Mark Nelson (4)
Ms. Rhonda L. Nesbitt (10)
Ms. Anna May Nesmith
Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Nester (3)
Mrs. Robyn C. Nethers (2)
Mrs. Mary Jo Netherton (7)
Mr. James Joseph Netti (9)
Mr. George Septer Neubauer
Mrs. Marilyn Jo Neumann (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Neumayer (2)
Mr. Donald Neuss (2)
Mr. David Wayne Neville (2)
Mr. Franklin R. Neville (5)
Mrs. Michele Aron Nevitt
New Hope Baptist Church
Mr. and Mrs. Roland New (12)
Mr.Terry New
Mr. Sedrik Ramal Newbern
Mrs. Dorothy S. Newbold (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Garry R. Newby (3)
Mrs. Brenda Ferguson Newcom (12)
Mr. and Mrs. Curtice Lee Newcom, Jr.
Ms. Patricia Gail Newcom (10)
Mr. Brian L. Newcomb
Mr. Daniel R. Newcomb
Mr. Michael Jay Newell (2)
Mrs. Peggy Jean Newkirk (2)
Mr. Clifton B. Newman (3)
Mrs. Kelly Lyn Newman (2)
Ms. Kristi Ann Newman
Mrs. Phyllis Newman
Mr. Stephen Alan Newman (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Mark F. Newman (4)
Mr. and Mrs.William L. Newman (3)
Mr.Wesley Newman
Mr.William Carroll Newman (12)
Mr. Chuck Newnham (2)
Mrs. Beverly A. News
Mr. Barry Dean Newton
Ms. Jennifer Newton
Mr. Michael Wayne Newton
Mr. Stanley Newton
Next Day Auto Painting &
Bodyworks (2)
Dr. Matthew Doziem Ngwu (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Nicely (12)
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Nicely (7)
Mrs. Andra Cummins Nicholls (3)
Mr. Robert L. Nicholls
Ms. Catherine S. Nichols (3)
Mr. David A. Nichols (2)
Mrs. Deanna Lynn Nichols
Mrs. Gloria Kaye Nichols (7)
Ms. Judy Nichols (2)
Ms. Judy Carol Nichols (3)
Mrs. Karen O. Nichols (3)
Mr. Michael Cody Nichols (4)
Maj. and Mrs. Paul Edward Nichols (10)
Mr.William H. Nichols, Jr. (2)
Mrs. Mary Elizabeth M. Nickell (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bryan
Nicodemus (3)
Mr. Clinton J. Niehaus
Mr. James F. Nielsen, Jr.
Mrs. Elisa M. Nielson (2)
Mr. Ryan Raymond Niemeier (2)
Mrs. Elizabeth J. Niemeyer (3)
Mr. and Mrs. A Nick Niknejadi (2)
Ms.Tracy Anne Nilles (2)
Ms. Kay L. Niman-Meyers (3)
Mr. Glenn E. Nippert (3)
Mr. Jeremy Ray Nipple (3)
Mr. Eugene Nix (2)
Mr. Jared Blair Nix
Mr. and Mrs.Wendell Nixon (5)
Mrs. Marilyn Nixon (10)
Ms. Lori E. Noble
Mr. David A. Noe
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Todd Noe (3)
Mrs. Rachel Nicole Spencer Noe
Mr. John Hopkins Noel, III
Mr.Terrell L. Noffsinger
Ms.Wilma L. Noffsinger
Ms. Janet Green Nolan
Mr. David L. Nollner (2)
Ms. Jaclyn Michelle Noon (4)
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Norman (2)
Mr. Carl W. Norman (8)
Mr. James P. Norman
Mr. Eric Robert Norrid (2)
Norris Well Services, Inc. (3)
Mr. Albert William Norris (2)
Mrs. Bonnie Norris
Mr. Carl D. Norris, Jr.
Mr. Charles L. Norris
Mr. and Mrs. David Keith Norris (2)
Mrs. Jo Ann Norris (19)
Mrs. Krystal K. Norris (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin J. Norris (3)
Ms. Quenna Dawn Norris
Mr. Samuel H. Norris (18)
Mrs.Wilma Gail Norton
Mrs. Kathryn R. Norvell (5)
Mrs. Kara L. Novak
Mr. and Mrs. Don Novosel (8)
Ms. Ruth E. Nuckols (11)
D. Nugent (2)
Mrs. Patsy N. Nugent (8)
Mrs. Amy Beth Nunn
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Damon Nunn (2)
Mrs. Ingeborg Katharina Nunn
Mrs. Joan A. Nunn (3)
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas Michael Nunn
Mr. and Mrs.Tony H. Nunn
Mr. Craig James Nunnari
Mrs. Rebecca Dillon Nunnelee
Mrs. Johnna S. Nunneley (7)
Mr. Charles W. Nye (9)
Mr.William Nye
Mrs. Cecilia M. Oak (3)
Mr. Gregory Duke Oakes
Mr. and Mrs. John Warren Oakes (2)
Mr. Randall V. Oakes, Jr. (3)
Mrs. Doris Oaks (7)
Oak Tree Eye Clinic
Mr. Jerry M. Oates (6)
Ms. Laura N. Oatley
Mr. Brian O'Banion
Mr. John Oberhausen (11)
Ms. Mary Lee Oberhausen
Mrs. Cheryl L. Obermiller (3)
Mr. Richard Todd O'Brian (3)
Mr.Thomas P. O'Brien
Mr.Thomas W. Obrock
Mr. David Allen O'Bryan (5)
Mrs. Rebecca H. O'Bryan
Mr. and Mrs. Roy O'Bryan (2)
Mrs. Barbara E. Ochsner
Ms. Shelley P. O'Connell
Mrs. Carmen O'Daniel
Mr. Joseph Patrick O'Daniel
Mr. David W. Oden (8)
Mrs. Dixie Oden (2)
Mr. Adeirele V. Oderinde
Ms. Kathryn Laurel O'Donnell (3)
Mrs. Barbara C. Oesterritter (9)
Office of International Programs (4)
The Officer Law Offices
Mr. John R. Officer
Mr. and Mrs. Don Carlos Offutt (2)
Mr.Teddy Ogles
Dr. Burch E. Oglesby
Mrs. Rachel M. Oglesby
Dr. Amon Okechukwu Okpala (7)
Ms. Anne Marcie Old
Mrs. Carolyn E. Oldham (17)
Mrs. Debbie Oldham
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Oldham
Mr. John Robert Oldham
Mrs.Theresa Linda Oldham
Olive Branch Missionary Baptist
Mr. and Mrs. Derek Bryan Olive (5)
Mr. Carl Oliver
Mr. Charles Lynn Oliver (14)
Mr. Damian Ray Oliver (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Danny C. Oliver (5)
Mrs. Elsie M. Oliver (2)
Mr. James O. Oliver (2)
Dr. Margurette J. Oliver (2)
Ms. Mary Alice Oliver (4)
Mrs. Meghan E. Oliver (2)
Mr. Philip Martin Oliver (7)
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Bruce Oliver (9)
Mrs.Tammy Scott Oliver (2)
Mr. and Mrs.Todd Brian Oller (8)
Lt. Col. James J. Olliges
Dr. Astrid Hoffmann Olsen
Ms. Sharon K. Olsen (3)
Ms. Colleen O'Connor Olson
Mr. Elmer R. Olson (2)
Mrs. Lorrie J. Olson (2)
Mrs. Donna H. O'Mara (4)
Omega Phi Alpha
Mr. Norman A. O'Nan (2)
Mrs. Jessica D. O'Neal (2)
Mrs. Karen Michelle O'Neal (8)
Ms. Susann Labrie O'Neil
Mr. and Mrs. James David Oney (5)
Dr. Josephine and Mr. Charles R. Orange
Mr. Luis Enrique Ore
Mrs. Susan H. O'Rear (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Orel (10)
Mrs. Euba C. Organ (14)
Mrs. Heidi L. Orlaske (14)
Mrs. Carrie W. Orman
Mr. and Mrs. David Paul Orne (8)
Western Kentucky University - Annual Giving
Cupola Society
The objective of the Cupola Society is
to recognize long-term donors, no matter the size of the gift and bring distinction to those individuals who support
Western Kentucky University through
sustained annual giving.
The name Cupola
Society was chosen for its recognition, its meaning
and its importance.
The cupola is recognized as an
important symbol
of Western Kentucky University. This
symbol is not only representative of the
university’s past (Cherry Hall), but it is
also representative of Western’s future
(Guthrie Tower). The cupola in use
belies several symbols useful in education. As simply a vaulted roof structure
on a building, a cupola draws attention
to the structure, just as Cherry Hall
draws attention as the symbol of the
educational opportunity presented by
Western Kentucky University. Cupolas
are often used as a means to emit air or
light, much as a university offers the
continued on page 73
Mr. and Mrs. George Orr
Mrs. Patricia K. Ortega
Mrs.Tisha Michelle Orth (3)
Mr. and Mrs.William H. Orton, Jr. (5)
Mr. David Elliott Osborne (6)
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Osborne (2)
Ms. Mary W. Osborne
Mrs. Patricia Correa Osborne (3)
Ms. Susan Marie Osborne (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E Oser
Mrs. Ellen F. O'Shaughnessy
Mr. Kevin O'Shea
Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Edward Oslin (3)
Mrs. Chris Stanton Osowski
Ms. Melody L. Ossello (2)
Mr. Armand L. Ostroff
Mr. Richard Ostwald (5)
Mr. Louis L. Oswald, Jr. (3)
Mr.Timothy Eugene Ottersbach (2)
Mr. and Mrs.William Swain Ottman (2)
Mr. Kurt Robert Otto
Mr. and Mrs. Don Ousley (2)
Mr. Danny Wayne Outland (5)
Ms. Keri L. Overall (2)
Ms. Kerrie M. Overall
Mr. Guy L. Overbey
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Eugene Overby
Ms. Christy L. Overfelt
Mr. Kenneth W. Overhults (3)
Mrs. Lois C. Overstreet (2)
Mr. Michael Bryant Overton
Ms. Mary B. Ovesen
Mr. James H. Owen
Mr. Kevin Randall Owen (7)
Lt. Col. Barney Clifton Owens (3)
Mr. Charles L. Owens
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Mark Owens (4)
Ms. Dorothy A. Owens (7)
Mrs. Jackie Owens
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Eugene Reynolds
Mrs. Jodie D. Owings (8)
Dr. and Mrs. Harold E. Ownby (17)
Mrs. Brandi Jo Owsley
Mr. Gary Oyler
Mrs. S. Caroline Oyler (7)
Mr. Alfred Pace
Mrs. Laura P. Pace (3)
Ms. Mary M. Pace (9)
Mr. Randell Evans Pace
Mr. Steven Tynes Pace (2)
Ms.Tracy Lovern Pace (2)
Mrs. Debbie Pack
Mrs. Donna Dawley Pack
Ms. Deborah S. Padgett
Mr. Kiran Kumar Padigala
Dr. and Mrs. Raul H. Padilla (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Eddie H. Page (8)
Mr. Charles M. Page, Jr.
Mrs. Felischa K. Page (4)
Mr. Gary William Page (7)
Mrs.Tina R. Page (2)
Mr. and Mrs.Travis Craig Page (3)
Mr. Richard N. Page
Mr. Ricky Page
Mrs. Sue Ann Page (9)
Ms. Joan Y. Pagel (10)
Mr. Curt Douglas Paige
Mrs. Jennifer L. Painter (3)
Dr. Ernest Harvey Pait, III
Mr.William Robert Pait
Mr. Arthur C. Palmer (2)
Mrs. Kathleen Palmer
Ms. Mandy J. Palmiter
Mrs. Sue Carol Palms (2)
Mr. Scott Russell Panella
Mr. and Mrs. Sebastian L. Pantano, Jr. (7)
Mrs. Catherine B. Para
Mrs. Paula J. Pardue
Mrs.Velma B. Pardue (8)
Dr. Grady H. Pare
Parents Press (6)
Mr. and Mrs. Michalakis Parides (2)
Mr. Charles Hal Park
Ms. Dolores O. Park (2)
Mr. James A. Park (2)
Ms. Janet Park
Mrs. Jamie Renee Parke (9)
Ms. Michelle Dawn Parke (2)
Ms. Shelia Ann Parke (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Carter Thompson Parker
Mr. Christopher Scott Parker (2)
Mrs. Diane Lynne Parker (2)
Ms. Erin Michaella Parker
Mr. Gary Tracy Parker (2)
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Parker (14)
Mr. Jason Ray Parker
Ms. Kathy Parker
Mrs. Kimberly Lee Parker
Mr. and Mrs. Roger N. Parker (7)
Ms. Sandra Gale Parker
Mr.Todd Andrew Parker (2)
Mrs. Barbara Catron Parks (3)
Ms. Brenda Elizabeth Parks (5)
Mr. Kenneth D. Parks (2)
Parkway Liquors
Mr. Rodney Keith Parmley (10)
Mr. Chad A. Parnell (2)
Mr. Michael Lee Parrett (3)
Mrs. Nancy Louise Parris
Mrs. Heather Morris Parrish
Mr. John David Parrish (7)
Ms. Nina Adele Parrish
Mr. and Mrs. Michael David Parsley, II (2)
Mrs. Hazel K. Parson (3)
Ms. Catherine Preston Parsons
Mr. David K. Parsons (3)
Ms. Laura B. Partin
Mrs. Angela Whitehead Paschal
Mr. and Mrs. Charles David Paschall
Mrs.Teresa Lynn Paschall (2)
Mr. Keith Paxton Paskett
Mr. and Mrs. James Michael Pasley (7)
Mrs. Patricia O. Pasley (2)
Ms. Janie B. Pass
Mr. Jerry Passafiume
Mr. Dustin Alan Pate
Mr. Justin Alan Pate
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Roy Pate (3)
Mrs. Sally Elaine Pate (3)
Mr. Donald Thomas Paterson
Mrs. Ashley S. Patrick
Mr. Ralph W. Patrick
Mr. and Mrs. John Patsey (2)
Mr. Mark Van Patten (4)
Ms. Brenda Patterson
Mr. and Mrs. Corey L. Patterson (3)
Mr. Craig Allen Patterson (4)
Mr. Frank H. Patterson (3)
Mr. Howard K. Patterson (3)
Mr. Larry Patterson
Ms. Monica R. Patterson (3)
Ms. Nancy C. Patterson (8)
Mr. Raymond Alexander Patterson
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Leon
Patterson (10)
Mr. Reed Patterson (3)
Mr. Richard Ellis Patterson (4)
Mr. Richard Frederick Patterson (10)
Col. David O. Patton
Mr. Hudson Patton (7)
Mr. Larry Gene Patton
Mr.Thomas R. Patton (15)
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Lynn Paul (2)
Dr. Edward R. Pauley (8)
Mr. James Watkins Pauley
Mr. and Mrs. Ohm W. Pauli (24)
Ms. Sarah A. Paulson (6)
Ms. Maria Kde Pawlikowski
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Paxton (10)
Mrs. Laura Paxton
Mr. John Payeur
Mr. Bill Payne (3)
Mrs. Carolyn Sue Payne (6)
Ms. Cheryl Payne
Mrs. Cynthia A. Payne
Mrs. Cynthia Marie Payne
Mr. Daniel Lee Payne (6)
Ms. Denise Payne
Ms. Eunice Inez Payne
Mr. and Mrs. Mark K. Payne
Mrs. Joyce A. Payne (15)
Ms. Nikcole Danielle Payne (2)
Mr. Richard J. Payne
Mr. Ricky Bryant Payne (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar R. Payne (18)
Ms. Stephanie Ann Payne
Mr.Thomas E. Payne
Mrs. Angela L. Payton (2)
Mr. Karl E. Payton (2)
Mr. Gregory H. Peace (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Scott Peace (2)
Ms. Jewell P. Peach (3)
Ms. Sondra W. Peach (5)
Mr. Michael Christopher Peak (2)
Dr. Patricia L. Pearce
Dr. and Mrs.Winston Tom Pearce
Ms. Jean Pearl
Mr. Donald Pearman
Mr. Emmons O. Pearson, Jr. (d.) (13)
Mr. H. Neale Pearson
Mr. Jimmy Brian Pearson
Mr. Michael Venable Pearson
Ms. Rita Pearson
Mr. John H. Pease
Mrs. Marilyn Peavler (2)
Mr. Albert Rell Peck
Rev. Glenn C. Peck (8)
Mr. and Mrs. John Douglas Peck
Mrs. Mary Peden
Mrs. Beverly Bunch Pedigo
Ms. Kasandra S. Pedigo (5)
Ms. Leslie Ann Peek
Mr. Barry W. Peel (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey B. Peeples
Mrs. Karen Atwell Peerce (8)
Mr. and Mrs.Timothy Alan Pemberton
Mrs. Monica Marie Pemberton (3)
Mr. Michael K. Pence
Mr. David Blythe Pender (3)
Trapper Pendleton
Ms. Amanda J. Pendley
Mrs. Kelli Dawn Penick
Mr. Brian L. Penn
Ms. Jeanette Penn (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Edward Penner
Mr. Charles A. Pennington
Ms. Lisabeth Sue Pennington (2)
Ms.Teresa L. Pennington
Mr. John Edward Penny, Jr. (2)
Mr. Donald Pennycuff
Pennyrile Rural Electric (3)
Mr. Peter Ellis Penoyer
Mrs. Emma Penrod
Ms. Mary Pentangelo (2)
Mrs. Kathy Jean Pentecost
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Pepper (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Pepper (2)
Mr. Noble E. Pepper, Sr.
Mrs. Deborah W. Peppers (5)
The Pepsico Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Damon L. Perdew
Mrs.Tara Perdue
Mr. Dee C. Perguson (15)
Ms. Cherie Kay Perigo
Mrs. Cynthia Jo Perkins (2)
Mr. Dale L. Perkins (2)
Mrs. Diane Miller Perkins
Mr. George Perkins
Mr. Jason D. Perkins
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Perkins
Mrs. Kim K. Perkins (3)
Mr. Larry Wayne Perkins (3)
Ms. Leta K. Perkins (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ray Perkins
Mr.Thomas M. Perkins (3)
Mrs. Karen P. Perno (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Perry (2)
Mrs. Emily R. Perry (2)
Mr. Jason Perry (2)
Mrs. Mary Frances Perry (2)
Mrs. Nancy G. Perry (4)
Ms. Shari A. Perry
Mr. Shawn M. Perry
Dr. and Mrs. Darl Neil Peterie (17)
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley T. Peterie (10)
Mr. Karl Peters (2)
Mr. Albert Jepmond Petersen
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin D. Peterson (3)
Mr. Brad A. Peterson
Mr. George E. Peterson, Jr. (9)
Dr. Gilman P. Peterson, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Andrew
Peterson (3)
Mrs. Lucinda Irion Peterson
Mrs. Sharon M. Peterson
Ms. Evelina Vladimirova Petkova
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip L. Petredis (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Earl James Pettey (8)
Ms. Ann M. Petty
Ms. Nicole Marie Petty
Western Kentucky University
Western Kentucky University - Annual Giving
Mrs.Vanessa Petty (2)
Mr. Joel C. Peyton
Mr.William Dudley Peyton, II (10)
Mr.Thomas Pfannerstill, Jr.
Maj. and Mrs. Mark W. Pfefferman (2)
Mr.Thomas Joseph Pfeifer
Mr. Fred R. Pfisterer (2)
Mr.William G. Pflugrad
Ms. Katie Pfohl
Lan Pham
Mr. Kevin Pharis
Mrs. Lee Angela Phaup (3)
Mrs. Cindy Lee Phelps (3)
Mr. Edwin D. Phelps
Mr. Jack J. Phelps
Ms. Nancy Jane Phelps
Mrs.Terri J. Phelps
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas Ray Phelps (3)
Mrs.Tracey Lynn Phelps (5)
Ms. Judith N. Philippi
Mrs. Amanda R. Philipps (2)
Ms. Ann Wallace Phillips (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Phillips (5)
Mr. Harold Levert Phillips, Jr.
Mr. Jeffrey Taylor Phillips (5)
Mrs. Jessica Louise Phillips
Mrs. Michelle Lynn Phillips (2)
Ms. Nancy Jean Phillips (2)
Ms. Noelle Anne Phillips (4)
Mr. Paul Phillips, Jr.
Mrs. Peggy C. Phillips (8)
Ms. Rebecca A. Phillips (3)
Mr. Richard Perry Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. Sam R. Phillips (3)
Mr.Thomas G. Phillips (4)
Mr.Tracy Brian Phillips (2)
Mrs. Joan Philpot (12)
Mr.William Phipps
Ms. Xenia Piaseckyj (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Owen Pichea (3)
Dr. and Mrs. Claude E. Pickard
Mr. and Mrs. Simeon Taylor Pickard (2)
Mrs. Lisa A. Pickerell (3)
Mr. Steven Ray Pickerill
Mr. Rodney R. Pickering (3)
Mr. Daniel Alan Pickerrell (8)
Lt. Col. Lawrence Henry Pickett (2)
Mr. Maurice Pickett (7)
Mr. Charles L. Pierce (3)
Ms. Pennie Roberts Pierce
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Pierce (12)
Ms.Tristan Gay Pierce (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Danny Ray Piercy (3)
Mr. Fred B. Pierson (2)
Mr. Brian Lee Piispanen (5)
Mr. Adam Wesley Pike
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel G. Pike (3)
Mrs. Marian E. Pike
Mr. and Mrs. Reggie Owen Pike (3)
Ms. Stacey Lynn Pike
Ms. Nancy Bach Pillon
Mrs. Linda Belle Pillow
Mrs. Jean J. Ping (5)
Ms. Mary E. Ping
Ms. Donna Sue Pinkston
Ms. Janet S. Pinkston (2)
Mr. James David Pinner, Jr. (2)
Ms. Donna Piper
Mrs. Ginger Piper
Mr. Michael R. Pippin (3)
Ms. Donna H. Pirouz (18)
Mr. Gregory Wayne Pirtle (2)
Mr. Mark Anthony Pitchford
Mrs. Marian Felts Pittard (3)
Dr. Frank M. Pittman (2)
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Pitts (2)
Mr. Billy J. Pitts
Mrs. Karen E. Pitts
Mr. Brad Douglas Platts (3)
Ms. Nancy T. Plessis
Ms. Lisa A. Plotner
Mrs. Katrina Lynn Handschuh Plowman
Mrs. Melainie Lisabeth Plum
Mrs. Nova Jean Plummer (4)
Mrs. Angela Lea Poat (3)
Mrs. Patricia A. Poe
Dr. Richard Greer and Dr. Retta Poe (18)
Mr. Rodney Poe (4)
Ms. Michelle L. Pohlman (4)
Mrs. Sherry Pohlman
Alumni Fall 2005
Mrs. Laura Luanne Pohlmann
Poinciana Laundry & Tan
Mr. Howard Poindexter
Mr. Anthony L. Polio
Mr.William F. Polk, Jr. (3)
Mr. Donald L. Pollard, Jr. (7)
Mr.William Pollard, Jr. (2)
Mrs. Pamela A. Pollock (3)
Mr. Aric P. Polston
Ms. Rachelle B. Poole
Mr. and Mrs.Willis Pooler
Poole's Pharmacy Care
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Lanier Poore
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Pope (3)
Mrs. Donna Kaye Popham
Mr. James L. Porter (7)
Ms. Joyce L. Porter (2)
Ms. Melinda Joan Porter (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dean Porter
Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Porter (3)
Mr. Phillip Leroy Porter (13)
Mr. Robert E. Porter, Sr. (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe T. Porter (19)
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas Price Porter (4)
Mr.William Brandon Porter
Ms. Kimberly Posey
Mr. Kyle Derrick Poston
Mrs.Wanda E. Poteat (11)
Mr. Michael R. Poteet
Mrs. Elizabeth Potter
Mr. Jerry Lowell Potter
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Andrew Potter (3)
Mr. Nat Douglass Potter (6)
Mrs. Cheri Potts
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Leon Powell (2)
Mr. Bruce M. Powell (4)
Mr. Charles Rick Powell (9)
Mr. and Mrs. Darrin Powell
Mr. Derrick E. Powell
Ms. Jaclyn Powell
Mr. James R. Powell (d.)
Mr. and Mrs. James Woodson Powell (3)
Mrs. Pamela Jean Powell (9)
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas Powell (2)
Mr. Rankin E. Powell (9)
Mr. Ricky Powell
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Daris Powell (11)
Mr. Robert Chipps Powell
Mrs. Cheryl Ann Power (3)
Mrs. Sharleen W. Power (3)
Mrs. Charlotte Powers (2)
Ms. Janet Embrey Powers
Mr. Josh Powers
Ms. Kathy Jean Powers (2)
Drs. Mike and Sherry Powers (5)
Mr. Brock Keith Poynter
Mrs. Mary Louise Pozaric
PPG Industries Foundation
Mr. Guy Prall (5)
Mr. Daniel L. Prather
Mr. Edward C. Prather, Jr. (6)
Ms. Karen B. Prather
Mrs. Jessica L. Pratt
Preceptor XP4123
Ms. Mary Lisa Prendergast (2)
Mrs. Kimberly S. Prendeville
Mr. Michael Lewis Presley (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Russell Pressotto (2)
Mrs. Jane Preston (2)
Mr. Kent Alan Preston (3)
Mr. Richard Preston (3)
Dr. Bruce Chapman Prevatt
Ms. Brenda Jean Price (9)
Ms. Carolyn D. Price
Mr. Douglas Alan Price (3)
Mrs. Elizabeth Price (2)
Mr. and Mrs. James Edward Price
Mrs. Kelley L. Price
Mr. Leslie R. Price
Mrs. Mary Ann Price (4)
Mr. Matthew D. Price (4)
Ms. Sarah B. Price (3)
Ms. Sarah Katherine Price
Dr. and Mrs. Charles L. Price (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Price (21)
Mr. Adam Xavier Prida (2)
Mr. C. Brent Priddy
Mrs.Vera B. Priddy
Mr. Murray Franklin Pride (2)
Mr. Christopher W. Pridemore
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Alan Prieskorn (3)
Mr. Ryan Edgar Priest
Prince Hall Masonic Lodge #19
Mr. Paris Alan Pritchett (9)
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Joe Proctor (4)
Mr. Charles N. Proffitt
Mr. and Mrs.Timothy Scott Proffitt (2)
Mrs. Diana Page Proffitt (2)
Mr. Hershel Coleman Proffitt (12)
Mr. and Mrs. Alan D. Proffitt (3)
Prolawn & Landscape
Mr. and Mrs. Danny L. Propes (5)
Ms. Susan Miles Prouse (2)
Mr. James C. Prow, Jr. (2)
Mrs. Shannon S. Prow
Mr.William F. Prow (21)
Prudential Financial
Ms. Jennifer Pruett
Mr. and Mrs. Byron Ross Pruitt (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kevin Pruitt
Mrs. Cristi W. Pruitt (3)
Mrs. Darcy R. Pruitt (3)
Mrs. Doris S. Pruitt (9)
Mr. Steve Pruitt
Ms. Lindsay Prunty
Mr. and Mrs. Greg W. Pryor (7)
Mrs. Patricia Pryor (2)
Mr. David Ray Puckett (2)
Ms. Katherine Ashley Puckett
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Thomas Pudlo
Mr. and Mrs.Walter P. Pudlo (3)
Mr.Thomas E. Pugh (7)
Dr. and Mrs. J. Michael Pulliam (7)
Mr. Michael Clark Pulliam
Ms.Wyllis Clark Pulliam
Ms. Alyssa Nicole Pulphus
Ms. Phoebe Punnett (2)
Ms. Jane Norton Purcell (7)
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Purcell (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Frederick Purcell (4)
Ms. Jessica R. Purchis (3)
Mr.William D. Purnell (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gregory Purpus
Ms. Janet M. Pursell
Mr. Justin Jewell Pursley
Mr.Werner A. Purtzer
Mrs. Elizabeth Carol Puryear (4)
Mrs. Johnna J. Puryear
Mr.William P. Puryear
Ms. Ramona Jean Pyle (12)
Ms. Betty Qualls (12)
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth H.
Quesenberry (2)
Ms. Barbara Ann Quigley (2)
Ms. Barbara Sue Quinn
Mr. and Mrs. Ben T. Quinn
Mr.Thomas M. Quinn
Mr. Jeffrey L. Quire (2)
Mr. Howard L. Quisenberry
Paul and Pam Raake (2)
Mr. and Mrs. David Rabold (6)
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Rabold (2)
Dr. Leonard J. Rabold
Mr. George Eric Raby (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Radabaugh
Radcliff Reading Clinic, Inc.
Mrs. Jerri Rader
Mr. David Christopher Radle
Mr. and Mrs. Rowland A. Raeburn (5)
Mr. Chadwick Stewart Rafferty
Mrs. Paula H. Rafferty (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Rafferty
Mr. Ronald Douglas Rafferty (14)
Rinalino Rafi
Mr. Brian W. Ragan (3)
Mrs. Misty Lynn Ragan
Mr. Robin W. Raggard (4)
Ms. Denise Ann Ragland
Mr. John T. Ragland (4)
Mr.William C. Ragland (6)
Ms. Jessica Raglin
Mrs. Kristen G. Ragsdale (2)
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Raine, Jr.
Mrs. Shirley A. Rainey
Mr. Ray Rainwater
Mr. Bryan D. Raisor (3)
Mr. Bobby E. Rakestraw
Mr. and Mrs. Stan Raley
Mr. David J. Ralph
Mr. Herman Marshall Ralph (2)
oxygen of knowledge and
the brightness of opportunity. The cupola as a
type of blast furnace is
used for the re-melting
of metals before casting.
Education is simply the
re-melting of a base of
knowledge and the casting of that knowledge
into a greater instrument for a person’s
future. The cupola, past, present, and future,
is the perfect symbol for the importance of
continuity in support of Western Kentucky
The Cupola Society seeks to first recognize
donors upon their second consecutive year
of making a gift to Western Kentucky
University and continue recognition for their
consecutive years of giving throughout their
lifetime. Specific recognition will exist within publications and through other means
such as gifts and events. Some specifics
Cupola Society card
suitable for display
Cupola Society lapel pin
Cupola Society coasters
Cupola Society glasses
Cupola Society print
suitable for display
Cupola replica
Guthrie Tower replica
Cherry Hall replica
Western Kentucky University - Annual Giving
Kentucky Challenge is a competition among six of the puiblic universities
in the Commonwealth to measure young alumni participation (graduates
between the years 1995 - 2005).
Mr. and Mrs. H. Allen Ralph (11)
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Ralph
Mr. Kenneth D. Ralston (3)
Dr. and Mrs. Jerry Wallace Ralston (4)
Indiresha Ramachandra
Mrs. Mildred J. Ramage (2)
Mr. Kenneth Benjamin Rambo (2)
Ms. Amanda Ellen Ramer (2)
Ms. Claudia A. Ramisch (2)
Mr. and Mrs.W. Knox Ramsay (15)
Mrs. Christine H. Ramsey (5)
Dr. Darin C. Ramsey (2)
Ms. Dawn M. Ramsey (13)
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence J. Ramsey, Jr. (3)
Mr. James K. Ramsey (2)
Mrs. Jamie O. Ramsey (9)
Mr. Jeffrey Lynn Ramsey
Mr. and Mrs.William Ramsey (3)
Ms. Mary Delaine Ramsey (2)
Ms. Mary Jane Ramsey
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Ramsey (8)
Mr. Michael Harvey Ramsey (12)
Mr.W. Scott Ramsey (4)
Mr. Russell Scott Ranallo (4)
Mr. Robert M. Rand (13)
Mr. Billy D. Randall
Mr. and Mrs.Terry Randall (2)
Mr. David Stephen Randles (2)
Mrs. Elizabeth C. Randolph (2)
Mrs. Kathi Jo Ranes (2)
Mr. Edward Raney (5)
Mr. Jeremy L. Raney (2)
Nagendra Rangavajla
Mr. Matthew Paul Ransdell (3)
Mr. Robert Thomas Ransdell (7)
Mrs. Carol Denise Ransom (2)
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Rash (15)
Ms. Barbara J. Ratliff
Mr. Richard E. Ratterman, Jr. (3)
Mrs. Phyllis Maria Rau
Mrs. Joan T. Rawlings (8)
Ms. Betty F. Ray (17)
Ms. Cynthia Suzanne Ray
Hon. and Mrs. Donald Timothy Ray (4)
Mrs. Debra J. Ray (4)
Mrs. Diana Beasley Ray (2)
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Ray (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Scott Ray (14)
Mrs. Karen Thomas Ray (5)
Mr. Kenneth W. Ray (8)
Ms. Maia Lea Ray
Mr. Malcolm M. Ray (2)
Mrs. Pamela Ray (3)
Ms. Rebecca Ray
Ms. Julia Raymer
Mrs. Linda S. Raymer (9)
Mr. Steven D. Raymer
Mrs. Suzanne Barton Razmus (3)
Mr. Edward L. Read
Ms. Connie Elissa Reagan (7)
Mr. Stuart A. Reagan, Jr.
Mr. Gregory L. Ream
Ms. Kelly L. Reames (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Rearden (3)
Mrs.Toni Delynn Rearden (13)
Mr. Larry Allan Reaves
Mr. Daniel Rebollar (d.) (2)
Mr. John F. Rebrovick
Ms. Belinda Rector
Mr. Mark Rector
Mr.Tracy Rector (2)
Ms. Shirley Ann Redd
Mr. R. Allen Redden (4)
Mrs. Ruth Falk Redel (21)
Mr. Stephen Albert Redfern (2)
Mr. Eric Edward Redman
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. Redmon (5)
Ms. Hannah J. Reeb
Ms. Laura Lucia Grey Reece
Mr. Morris A. Reece, Jr. (3)
Mr. Robert C. Reece (2)
Ms. Barbara D. Reed (4)
Mrs. Candece Browning Reed
Mrs. Carol Hayden Reed (9)
Dr. Deborah S. Reed (10)
Ms. Donna Reed (2)
Mr. Eric S. Reed
Mr. Harry L. Reed
Mr. James Nelson Reed (9)
Mr. John Dupuis Reed (23)
Ms. Leslie Carol Reed
Mr. Michael Joseph Reed (2)
Mr. N. E. Reed
Mr. Ottis J. Reed
Mr. Steve Reed (3)
Mr. Dennis Martin Reeder
Ms. Cheryl L. Reels
Mr. Denny Reese
Mrs.Veronica Annette Reesor
Mr. Seth Richard Reetz
Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey C. Reeves (2)
Mrs. Jamie Lynn Reeves
Mrs. Julie K. Reeves
Ms. Shelia Reeves (3)
Ms. Ruthann Reffner
Ms.Tara Regan
Ms. Alison R. Reichel
Mr. and Mrs. Kelley S. Reid
Ms. Lydia Ann Reid (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Reid (2)
Mr. Ralph Daniel Reid (7)
Ms. Susan S. Reid
Mr. Derek A. Reidy
Mr. Harry F. Reif
Dr. Martha J. Reifsnider
Mrs. Mary Susan Reinhardt (3)
Mr.Thomas E. Reinisch
Mrs. Suzanne Bozarth Reisinger (3)
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Reiss (15)
Ms. Andrea Claire Reitano
Ms. Dorothy Faye Reiter (2)
Mr. Steven J. Rekecaky
Mr. Dennis James Reller (2)
Ms. Laurel Rhea Remington (2)
Ms. Rita A. Render
Mrs.Teresa Williams Render (3)
Mr. Larry J. Reneau (3)
Mrs. Leona W. Reneau
Ms. Angela Kathern Renfro (5)
Mrs. Sandra Renfro
Mr.Thomas L. Renfro
Mr. Brad Renfrow
Mr. Daniel Bryant Renick
Mrs. Deborah Ann Reno (6)
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Renshaw (8)
Mr. and Mrs. James Renusch (21)
Mr. Donald Renzelman
Mrs. Suzanne Replogle
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Revolinski (12)
Ms. Lisa Kay Rexroat
Mr. and Mrs. Atlee C. Rexroat (5)
Ms.Tonya Woodrum Rexroat
Mrs. Lois Ann Rey
Ms. Cathy Reynolds
Jean and James Michael Reynolds (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Turner Reynolds (2)
Ms. Jennifer A. Reynolds (2)
Mr. Leslie H. Reynolds (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry A. Reynolds (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Reynolds
Mr.Taylor Elliott Reynolds
Mr.Tony Ray Reynolds
Ms. Glenda M. Rhea (3)
Mr. Richard L. Rhea (7)
Mr. Matt Rhinerson
Mrs. Lucy Beavin Rhoades (7)
Mr.Tim C. Rhoades
Mrs. Elizabeth S. Rhodes (8)
Mr. Eugene Stephen Rhodes
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lee Rhodes (5)
Mrs.Willie L. Rhodes (7)
Ms. Jacey L. Rhorer
Mr. Raymond Rhorer and Mrs. Linda
Mr. Richard Arthur Ribar (5)
Ms. Amy Louise Rice (2)
Ms. Belinda A. Rice (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Darrell W. Rice
Ms. Diane C. Rice (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Jardane Manwell Rice
Mr. John Martin Rice, II (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Maitland Rice
Ms.Virginia Lee Rice
Mrs. Amanda Faith Rich
Mr. Brenton Lee Rich (2)
Ms. Cheri Rich
Mr. Elbert J. Rich
Mr. Mark Rich
Ms. Sheryl Ann Rich
Mr. Steven L. Rich
Mrs.Tammy Knifley Rich (8)
Mrs. Emily Baker Richard (3)
Mr.Toby Richard
Mrs. Belinda Richards
Ms. Edith Richards (16)
Mr.Thomas Dixon Richards (4)
Mr.Thomas Wayne Richards (2)
Ms.Violet M. Richards (9)
Mrs. Betty Richardson (2)
Mr. Bradley Todd Richardson
Ms. Brenda Sue Richardson
Mr. Christopher Jason Richardson
Lt. Col. (Ret.) Danny B. Richardson (19)
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby H. Richardson (2)
Mrs. Lana Kay Richardson
Ms. Marie Richardson
Mrs. Mary R. Richardson
Mrs. Patricia Richardson
Ms. Patti Richardson
Mr. Phillip Lee Richardson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Richardson, II (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kirk Richardson (2)
Dr. Russell C. Richardson (2)
Ms. Sandra B. Richardson
Mr. and Mrs. Cliff L. Richardson (7)
Ms. Suzanne Richardson
Mrs.Teresa D. Richardson
Mr.Wells Richardson (2)
Mr. James Barry Richey (4)
Mrs. Joy L. Richey (14)
Ms. Patricia F. Richey
Mrs. Patricia Kay Richey
Mrs. Randa Wade Richey (2)
Mrs.Wilma J. Richey
Mr. Curtis James Richie (13)
Mr. Craig J. Richmond (3)
Mrs. Martha Peters Richmond (17)
Rich's Pressure Washing
Mr.Tony Ray Rickard
Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Ricketts (3)
Mrs. Sandra Sue Ricketts (2)
Mr. Michael Ricks
Mrs. Josephine Riddle
Mr. Jonathan E. Ridenour
Dr. Bill W. Rideout (2)
Mr. Adam Joseph Rider (5)
Mrs. Claire M. Rider (8)
Mrs. Cynthia G. Rider
Mr. J. Dorsey Ridley (2)
Dr. and Mrs. Michael T. Ridley
Mrs. Sharon Kay Ridley
Mrs. Sandra K. Riehn
Mrs. Norma L. Rieker
Mr. Lawrence Dale Rigby (2)
Ms. Elizabeth Riggle and Mr. Samuel
Ward (5)
Mrs. Beverly Riggs
Mr. Christopher T. Riggs (3)
Mrs. Debra Larimore Riggs
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Lee Riggs
Ms. Julie Beth Rightley (4)
Ms. Jenny Rebecca Rightmyer
Mr.William H. Rightmyer, Jr.
Ms. Emogene F. Riherd
Mr. Craig Steven Riley (3)
Capt. Douglas B. Riley (4)
Mr. Fritz H. Riley, Jr. (8)
Mrs. Glynneva E. Riley (2)
Mr. James Douglas Riley
Mr. Jason T. Riley
Mr. Jerry Lee Riley (2)
Ms. Joanne P. Riley
Ms. Kathleen L. Riley
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Douglas Riley
Mr. and Mrs. Allen K. Riley
Ms. Lana Jo Riney
Mrs. Patricia A. Riney
Mr.W. Jerry Riney (8)
Mr. and Mrs. Steve D. Ringle (2)
Mrs. Kathy Riordan (2)
Mr. Mark Riordan
Mrs. Ruth M. Risinger (13)
Ms. Claudia W. Ritchie (13)
Mr. Jiles Estle Ritchie (2)
Mrs. Karissa Faye Riter
Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Ritson
Mr. G. Eric Ritter
Col.. (Ret.) James William Ritter (3)
Ms. Julia Ray Ritter (10)
Ms. Marilyn C. Ritter
Mr. Max W. Ritter (3)
Mr. Michael Adonis Rives
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Moore Rives (2)
Mrs. Barbara G. Roach (2)
Ms. Barbara M. Roach (4)
Mr. Charles Roach (2)
Ms. Shirley Marie Roach
Mr. and Mrs. Steven G. Roadcap (4)
Mr. Michael Alan Roadhouse (2)
Dr. Shirley Needs Robards
Mr. Kenneth Hall Robbins
Ms. Amy Ruth Roberson (3)
Ms. Lisa May Roberson
Ms. Martha Jane Roberson (16)
Mr. Michael Lynn Roberson
Mr. Richard M. Roberson
Robert Folger, State Farm Insurance
Robert M. Zoglmann
Mr. Bobby A. Roberts, Jr.
Mr. Brian Wayne Roberts
Mr. Charles Roberts (2)
Ms. Clara L. Roberts
Mrs. Diane Roberts
Mrs. Diann Corn Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. Milton Roberts (2)
Mrs. Elizabeth Lockhart Roberts (3)
Ms. Glenita J. Roberts
Mrs. Jackie Roberts
Mr. James Roberts (3)
Mrs. Janice Lynn Roberts (14)
Dr. Mallory and Mr. Jason Eric
Roberts (6)
Mr. Joe Van Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Roberts (7)
Mr. Mark A. Roberts
Mrs. Mary Sue Roberts (9)
Ms. Michelle Lynn Roberts
Mrs. Patricia E. Roberts
Mr. Robert C. Roberts (3)
Ms. Stacey Redmond Roberts
Mr.Thomas Edwards Roberts (3)
Mr.William Harold Roberts (7)
Lt. Col. Darlene and Lt. Col. Randy
Mr. and Mrs. John O. Robertson (8)
Mr. Lawrence B. Robertson
Ms. Sonya L. Robertson (4)
Mrs.Virginia M. Robertson (3)
Mr.William A. Robertson
Ms. Bonita Carol Robey
Mr. Robert W. Robey (2)
Mrs. Michelle C. Robinette (3)
Ms. Kathy S. Robins (2)
Ms. Charlene G. Robinson (4)
Dr. and Mrs. James S. Robinson
Della Robinson
Mrs. Dorren Andrea Robinson
Mrs. Geneva McGavock Robinson
Mrs. Janie Mears Robinson (18)
Mr. Kevin Brent Robinson
Mrs. Manami Murakami Robinson (11)
Ms. Melissa Moore Robinson
Mrs. Pamela C. Robinson
Western Kentucky University
Western Kentucky University - Annual Giving
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jeffrey Robinson
Ms. Robin Drake Robinson
Mr. Scott Gregory Robinson
Mrs. Susan P. Robinson (7)
Mr.Timothy S. Robinson (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Robison (2)
Mrs. Patricia M. Robison
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Andrew Robson (2)
Mr. James Alan Roby (2)
Mr. Ronald A. Rocco (4)
Ms. Donna Roche
Mr. Emmet Roche
Ms. Amanda Joy Rock
Ms. Pam Rock
Mr. Frederick W. Rockhold, III (18)
Rockwell Automation Trust
Roco Cleaners
Mrs. Deborah K. Roddy (4)
Mr. John W. Rodes (4)
Mr. Joel Rodgers
Ms. Lisa G.White Rodgers (3)
Mrs. Patricia Deason Rodgers
Mrs. Danna Michelle Roe
Ms. Deborah Roe (5)
Ms. Susan L. Roederer
Ms. Shirley Elizabeth Roehnelt
Mr. David L. Roemer (2)
Mr. Robert L. Roemer (5)
Mr. Brian Douglas Rogel
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Rogers (6)
Mrs. Helen L. Rogers (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Lee Rogers (2)
Mr. Joseph D. Rogers
Mrs. Kathy Lynn Rogers
Ms. Kimberly Shea Rogers (3)
Mr. Mark J. Rogers
Mr. Marshall Rogers
Mrs. Martha F. Rogers
Mr. Ron Rogers
Mr.Vick Wells Rogers (2)
Mr.William J. Rogers
Mrs. Roseann B. Rogers-Shah
Mr. Stephen J. Rogier (2)
Mrs. Zandra Karon Rogowski
Mr. Steven R. Rohlfing
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas D. Rohrer (10)
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Roides (3)
Mr. Herman A. Rolfes (3)
Ms. Mildred Mimi Ruth Roll (2)
Mr. Jimmy W. Rolley
Mr.Wendell Romans (6)
Rev. Sammy Kay Romines
Mr. Bryan K. Rone (2)
Mrs. Sally Jean Rone
Mr. James W. Ronkainen
Mrs. Bobbie D. Roos (3)
Mrs. Judy H. Rosacker (12)
Mr. John A. Rosati (8)
Mr. James Howard Rosdeutscher
Mr. Barry L. Rose (2)
Mr. Dennis Lee Rose (2)
Mrs. Laurie S. Rose (11)
Mr. and Mrs. Ray W. Rose (14)
Mrs. Rebecca Lynn Rose
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Thomas Rose
Dr. Mary and Mr. J. Kenneth Roseman (2)
Mr. Stanley N. Rosenbaum (7)
Ms. Gretchen Sawyer Rosenberg
Mr. Howard S. Rosenblatt (3)
Mrs. Sharon W. Rosenhagen (16)
Ms. Deborah Norrine Rosenkrantz (3)
Ms. Amy Louise Ross (2)
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Ross
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Ross (4)
Mr. Harold L. Ross (3)
Mr. Larry Tim Ross (2)
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas J. Ross (2)
Mrs. Mary Sue Ross
Ms. Michelle Ann Ross (3)
Mr. Oliver Ross (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Dennis Ross
Ms. Selma L. Ross
Mr.Timothy J. Ross
Ms. Karen Rossell (3)
Mrs. Carol R. Rossi (8)
Mr. John Paul Roth, Jr. (3)
Mr.Terry Roth
Dr. Edward A. Rothschild, II
Ms. Dara Marie Roudebush (4)
Mr. Rick R. Roudebush (6)
Alumni Fall 2005
Mr. Matthew Brannon Rountree
Mr. David Clay Routenberg (2)
Ms. Sarah Routt (14)
Mr. Mark David Rowan
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Douglas Rowan (2)
Mr. Phillip Dale Rowan (2)
Mr. Brent C. Rowe (3)
Mr. Hazen Rene Rowe (3)
Mrs. Mary B. Huddleston Rowe
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kendall Rowe (12)
Mrs. Rachel Marie Rowland
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Omar Rowland (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Noble Rowley (4)
Mrs. Devon Stafford Roxberry (3)
Ms. Diedra Roy
Mr. James Robert Royal, Jr. (2)
Ms. Carolyn T. Royalty (10)
Mr. Larry Gene Royalty (2)
Mr. Dale Royse (2)
Mr. Henry Gilbarre Royse, II
Ms. Alyssa Royster
Mr.Wesley Vance Rozzell (2)
Mr. Gary Martin Ruba (2)
Ms. Lisa M. Ruble
Ms. Michelle Hilda Ruby (2)
Ms. Lisa Annette Rucker
Mr. Steven Craig Rucker
Ms. Harriette H. Rudd (7)
Mrs. Melissa Irene Rudloff (3)
Ms. Ann Bradley Rudolph (2)
Ms. Carol Ann Rudolph (24)
Mr. and Mrs. Jack L. Rudolph, Jr. (7)
Ms.Tiffany Danielle Rudy
Mr. David Harrison Rue (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Rue (10)
Dr. and Mrs. Nelson B. Rue, Jr. (2)
Rev. Francis Ruff (5)
Mrs. Sheryl D. Ruiz
Mr.Tommie B. Ruley
Ms. Shirley Rumph
Mr. and Mrs. Randy L. Runk (2)
Ms. Della Hildreth Runner
Mr.Thomas A. Runner (10)
Professor Randolph Paul Runyon
Mr. Bill D. Rush
Mr. Dennis R. Rush (4)
Mrs. Linda F. Rush (3)
Mr. Michael K. Rush (d.) (3)
Mr. and Mrs.William M. Rush (18)
Mr. Darris L. Russell (11)
Mrs. Deborah Jane Russell (6)
Deena and Daniel Russell
Mr. Edgar Ray Russell (4)
Mrs. Elizabeth H. Russell (3)
Dr. George C. Russell, III (6)
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Russell
Mr. Ivan L. Russell (6)
Mr. Marcus Bly Russell (d.) (6)
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Russell
Mrs. Pamala P. Russell
Mr. Robert W. Russell (6)
Ms.Tammy Russell
Mr. Jay B. Rust (2)
Mr. Michael Todd Rutland (2)
Ms. Amy E. Rutledge (5)
Mr. Danny Lamar Ryan (3)
Mr. Hubert B. Ryan (12)
Mrs. Laura S. Ryan (3)
Ms. Mary Sue Ryan (7)
Mrs. Susan Carol Ryan (4)
S. Nixon Pressley
Ms. Melisa Ann Saalwaechter (8)
Mr. James Lee Saar
Mr. Steve K. Saborsky (9)
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Sacca
Mr. Brian Lynn Sachleben
Mrs. Deborah Ann Sachleben (15)
Mr.Timothy C. Sack
Mrs. Leslie Lynn Sackman (2)
Mr. Ronald J. Saderholm (13)
Mrs. Judith Kay Sadewasser (3)
Mr. Jason T. Sadler (3)
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Sadler (3)
Mrs. Susan Kay Sadler (2)
Ms. Celia Maria Saenz
Ms. Jane E. Safford (11)
Ms. JoAnn Sageser
Mrs.Tatjana Sahanic (2)
Mr. Phillip C. Saindon
Mrs.Tammy L. Salada (3)
Mrs. Deborah Ann Sales (2)
Mr. Clarence Robert Sallee (2)
Mr. Radford W. Sallee, Jr.
Mr. Branen Salmon
Dr. and Mrs. James L. Salmon, Jr. (8)
Mr. Harold B. Salmon (2)
Marybeth Salmon
Ms. Sueanne Salmon (2)
Mrs.Virginia Salmon (2)
Ms. Elizabeth Holland Saltsman (6)
Ms. Beth A. Salyers
Mrs. Frances R. Salyers (10)
Mrs. Maria Vonderheid Sammis
Ms. Janet H. Samples
Mrs. Margaret H. Sams
Col. Melvin P. Sams (7)
Mr. Robert W. Sams (2)
Mrs. Donna M. Samuels (2)
San Antonio Area Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Sanborn (2)
Ms. Jennifer D. Sanchez (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Lee Sandefur (4)
Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Sandefur (8)
Mr. Bobby Wayne Sandefur (4)
Mr. David Sandefur (3)
Mr. Chad A. Sanders (2)
Mr. James H. Sanders
Mr. and Mrs.William Willard Sanders
Ms. Mattie K. Sanders (5)
Ms. Nada Jean Sanders (9)
Mrs. Nancy Sue Sanders
Mr. and Mrs. Cyril Weldon Sanders
Mrs. Sarah W. Sanders (12)
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Ray Sanders (2)
Mr. Paul E. Sanderson (2)
Ms. Katrina Renee Sandusky
Mr. Jessie Sandy
Mrs. Jessica Sanford
Ms. Rebecca Joan Sanford
Ms. Marie B. Sanfratello
Mrs. Connie Santarelli
Ms. Lata Santhakumar
Ms.Tonya Santos and Mr. Jose Santana
Mr. and Mrs. Brennon D. Sapp
Mr. Paul Ray Sapp (2)
Mrs. Carol Russell Sappington (5)
Mr. Panny N. Sarakatsannis (15)
Mr. John Saranchak, Jr. (6)
Ms.Vicki Sarbacker
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey C. Sasse (3)
Mrs. Sally A. Satterfield (2)
Mr. Richard Allen Sattler
Mr. George E. Sauer, Jr. (4)
Mrs. Mary Joyce Saunders (10)
Ms. Mary S. Saunooke
Mr. Harlan G. Savely (6)
Ms. Angela Kay Sawyer (3)
Ms. Jana Anne Sawyers (4)
Mrs. Pamela Kaye Sayne
Mrs. Martha Travis Sayre (2)
Mrs. Cheryl Jones Sazama (2)
Mr. Robert W. Scales, Jr.
Mr. Bradley Spencer Scalos (5)
Mr. Bobbie E. Scantlin (6)
Mrs. Patricia W. Scarborough
Mrs. Saundra Schaefer
Mrs. Martha A. Schaeufele
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Schaffer, II
Mr. Charles E. Schafroth (3)
Ms. Gail M. Schank
Mr. Chad A. Schapmire (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Boyd Scheetz
Ms. Martha Ellen Schell (17)
Mr. Alan Schellenberger (2)
Mr. Leo B. Schemmel, Jr. (9)
Mr. Michael Schenk
Mr. Gerald H. Schepker, III
Mr. Steven J. Scherer (3)
Mr. John D. Schiff
Mr.Thomas Edward Schiff (3)
Dr. Norma Jean Schira (3)
Mrs. Patricia L. Schlauch
Mr.William R. Schlinker (2)
Ms. Janell Schlueter-Bigler (2)
Mr. Phillip Anthony Schmidt
Mr. Rodney Schmidt (3)
Mrs. Elizabeth Kaye Schmitt (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Schmitt
Sister Mary Schmuck (4)
Mr. Brad Schneider (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Matthew
Schneider (2)
Mary and Douglas Schneider (15)
Mrs. Laura G. Schneider (7)
Mr. and Mrs. Louis F. Schneider, Jr. (9)
Mr. Richard V. Schneider
Mrs. Delma Calvert Schnellenberger (12)
Ms. Emily Walker Schneller (2)
Mrs. Barbara M. Schnellinger
Ms. Helona Schniecers
Mr. Richard A. Schnur (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis A. Schoen
Mr. Marvin R. Schoenecke
Mrs. Peggy Schoenhoff
Mr. and Mrs. David Scholtz (3)
Mr. Charles James Schooler, III
Mrs.Tara C. Schott (3)
Ms. Melia Rose Schrader
Mrs. Connie S. Schreiber
Mr. George F. Schreiber
Mrs. Monica R. Schreiber (2)
Ms.Tammy Schroader
Mr. David A. Schroeder (5)
Mr. Kent Schroeder
Mrs. Maxine M. Schroeder (3)
Mr. Milton Schroeder
Mr. Robert G. Schroeder
Ms. Carol L. Schucker (6)
Mrs. Kallie Jo Schuckman
Mrs. Carolyn Schuh
Mr. Fredric M. Schuler (2)
Mr. and Mrs. John Brett Schulte (2)
Mr. Donovan Schultz (2)
Mrs.Tammy Michele Schultz (9)
Ms. Robbie Sarles & Mr. Richard Schultze
Mr. Edward L. Schumacher, Jr. (6)
Ms. Kay Dorris Schumann
Mr. Joseph M. Schureck
Ms. Lisa A. Schuttler
Mrs. Julie A. Schwab (3)
Mrs.Tracy Lynn Schwab (9)
Ms. Debbie Schwartz
Ms. Janet M. Schwarzkopf (13)
Ms. LeAnn Peel Schweitzer
Mr. Patrick Scisco
Scott Hester, CLU, State Farm Ins.
Mrs. Angela D. Scott (3)
Mrs. Brenda Scott
Ms. Carol B. Scott
Mr. Dan Scott
Mr. and Mrs. James Craig Scott (3)
Mr. David C. Scott, Jr. (3)
Mrs. Eugenia Roxanne Scott (3)
Mrs. Frances S. Scott (2)
Mr. and Mrs. George Albert Scott
Norma and Gerald Scott (8)
Mrs. Holli Jo Scott
Mr. Jeffrey Grant Scott (17)
Dr. and Mrs. L. Jack Scott (4)
Mr. Larry Scott (2)
Mr. Marcellus Louis Scott (5)
Mr. and Mrs.William A Scott
Mr. Norman Douglas Scott
Mr. Robert Franklin Scott (12)
Mrs. Roycelea N. Scott (5)
Ms. Sally Ann Scott
Mrs. Shari L. Scott (8)
Mr. Stephen D. Scott (7)
Mrs. Susanne Lewis Scott (3)
Mrs.Teresa Harmon Scott (2)
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas Clayton Scott
Ms.Wanda J. Scott (7)
Scottsville Cellular (3)
Mrs.Terra Janelle Scovil
Mr. Kevin Gerald Scribner (8)
Mr. Drane Willis Scrivener, Jr. (5)
Mr. Gerald Scrivner (2)
Mr. Casey Brent Scruggs
Ms. Cheryl Scruggs (2)
Dr. Frank E. Scudder, Jr. (9)
Mr. Charles Baxter Seaborne (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Seagle
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Searcy
Mrs. Deborah Kay Sears
Mr. James F. Sears, Jr. (2)
Mr.Terry W. Sears
Mr.Wendell Todd Sears
Mr. Edward L. Seaton (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory O'Neil Seaton (4)
Mrs. Nelda W. Seaton
Mrs. Sherry Gayle Sebastian (13)
Mr. Brian Matthew Seeds
Ms. Barbara Seeger (2)
Ms.Vickie B. Seeger
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Seelbach (2)
Ms. Jane B. Seelig (2)
Ms. Nivedita Rudragoud Seerpi
Mrs. Carol S. Seibert (2)
Mr. James L. Seibert (2)
Mr. Michael J. Seidler (13)
Mr. Mark A. Seifert (2)
Mr. Michael Andrew Seiler (6)
Ms. Sue Seiler (2)
Ms. Marschelle Elise Sekora
Mrs. Christina M. Selby (3)
Mr. Dale Wayne Self (10)
Rev. and Mrs. Donald G. Self
Mr. Eric LeWayne Self
Mr. James T. Self (3)
Ms. Maryellen T. Self
Mrs. Constance Allspaw Selin (9)
Mr. and Mrs. John Michael Selva (2)
Mr. Charles W. Semones
Mrs. June A. Sensabaugh
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Scott Sensel (2)
Ms. Anna Pearl Senter (4)
Ms. Amanda Michelle Septer
Mrs. Becky Sergent (2)
Servpro of West Pasco/Spring Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Setters (3)
Mr. Delbert D. Settle
Mr. Raymond Mitch Settle
Mrs. Bridget Settles
Mr. John Allen Settles (3)
Ms. Kathryn Abigail Seuberling
Lt. Col. Edward Cecil Seufert (2)
Mr.William V. Sevedge, Jr. (2)
Mrs. Jennifer S. Severns (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Lewis Sewell (4)
Mrs. Karen H. Sewell (4)
Mr.Timothy Alan Sewell (2)
Mr.William Sewell
Mrs. Alison L. Sexton (2)
Mrs. Angela England Sexton
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery B. Sexton (6)
Ms. Cynthia Ann Sexton (9)
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Sexton, Jr.
Mrs. Jennifer Sexton (3)
Mr. Matthew Alton Sexton
Mr. Michael Sexton (2)
Mrs. Nancy L. Sexton (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Phillip Sexton, Jr. (6)
Ms. Amy Tracy-Nemon Seymour
Mr. Lon L. Seymour
Ms. Susan Shackelford
Mrs. Solitaire N. Shacklette-Wix
Mr. David Lewis Shadburne (2)
Dr. and Mrs. Herbert E. Shadowen (10)
Mr.W. Fred Shafar
Lt. Col. (Ret.) Tony Ray Shafer
Mrs.Valerie Susan Shaffer
Mrs. Martha C. Shafferman (6)
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Shain (7)
Ms. Christina E. Shank
Ms. Adrienne Shanler
Mr. Clayton E. Shannon (12)
Mr. Edward Shannon
Ms. Maxine A. Shapiro (2)
Mahasti Shariat
Ms. Joanne Sharp
Mr. Joedy Sharpe (7)
Mrs.Traci Y. Sharpe
Mr. and Mrs. Denver H. Shartzer (2)
Mrs. Kimberly L. Shaul
Paula Shaver
Dr.William Douglas Shaver (2)
Mrs. Bonnie Mae Shaw (3)
Ms. Deborah Shaw
Mr. Gordon William Shaw, Jr.
Ms. Heather Marie Shaw
Mr. James Payne Shaw (9)
Ms. Judith Faye Shaw
Lt. Col. (Ret.) Kent Roland Shaw
Dr. Marjorie Bunton Shaw (2)
Mrs. Martha I. Shaw (17)
Ms. Renee M. Shaw (5)
Mr. Brian A. Shawler
Dr. Gene M. Shearer (7)
Ms. Fairlea A. Sheehy
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory C. Sheeley
Western Kentucky University - Annual Giving
Dr. and Mrs.Vernon Lee Sheeley (5)
Mr. Robert Seldon Sheffer
Mrs. Susan G. Sheikh
Mr. Elmer Shelby
Mrs. Ashley McNab Sheley (2)
Mrs. Alma M. Shelley (3)
Mrs. Kristie Jean Shelley
Shelter Insurance Foundation (3)
Mr. Allen Todd Shelton
Ms. Catherine Piper Shelton (3)
Mr. Darrell Eugene Shelton (2)
Mrs. Elise F. Shelton (3)
Mrs. Judy F. Shelton (6)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Shelton (3)
Ms.Teresa Shelton
Mr. David Shely
Dr. Forest F. Shely (13)
Ms. Chun Yi Shen
Ms. Katherine Anne Shepard
Ms. Abby Gail Shepardson (3)
Mr. Paul Shepherd
Mrs. Kelly Hodge Shepperd
Mrs. Deborah Marlene Sherfey
Mr. Gary Sherman (5)
Mrs. Gayle S. Sherman (3)
Mrs. Ruth Sherrell
Ms.Vicki S. Sherretz
Ms. Meredith Leigh Sherrow
Mrs. Ellen L. Sherry
Dr. Gregory J. Sherry (4)
Mr. Kenneth B. Shevlin (6)
Mr. Daniel Shields
Ms. Marsha Ann Shields
Ms. Diane Shifflett
Mrs. Karen S. Shigley
Mr. Robert Todd Shilts
Mrs. Amy Newberry Shipley (3)
Mrs. Julie P. Shipley (6)
Mr. and Mrs. Darren M. Shipley (9)
Mrs. Shawn L. Shipley (9)
Dr. Charles J. Shipp (2)
Mr. Dustin Allen Shipp
Mrs. Jo Lynn Shipp (3)
Mrs. Mary Michelle Shipp (3)
Mrs.Willie J. Shipp (3)
Mrs. Suzanne Shircliff (5)
Mrs. Anne W. Shirer
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Roger Shirley (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Carson Shirley (11)
Mrs. Katherine Marie Shirley
Mrs. Lisa Ann Shirley
Mr. John Kimball Shive (2)
Ms. Mary M. Shive
Mrs. E. Faye Shockey (2)
Mr.W. E. Shockley (7)
Mrs. Jennifer H. Shoemaker
Mr. Jerry R. Shoemaker
Mr. Glenn A. Shope (2)
Mrs. Helen C. Shores (9)
Hon. and Mrs. Robert M. Short
Mrs. Pamela J. Short (3)
Ms. Sue Short
Mr. Bobby Shoulders (4)
Mrs. Peggy F. Shoulders (3)
Mr. Byron Scott Shouse (4)
Mrs. Lynn Shouse
Mr. Robert H. Shown (4)
Mr. Horace L. Shrader, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Cheryl Taylor Shrewsberry
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Wesley Shrode
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Shufelt (2)
Mrs. Amy C. Shultz (5)
Hon. Kimberly Winkenhofer Shumate
Ms. Sharon Shumate
Mr. S. Andrew Shuping, Jr.
Mr. Douglas Shutes (4)
Mr. Mark A. Sibo
Ms. Alice A. Siddens
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Dee Siddens
Mr. Larry Siebelink
Mr. and Mrs. Neal F. Siebert (3)
Mr. Mark A. Siegfried
Mrs. Julie Ross Siepman (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Andrew Siers
Mrs. Mary Margaret Siewert (11)
Ms. Amber Sigman
Mr. Dennis F. Sigwart
Dr. David W. Sihau
Mr. Christopher Ryan Sills
Mr. John L. Sills, Jr. (3)
Mr. Bruce Elliott Simmons (3)
Mrs. Janice Simmons (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Barry Simmons (3)
Lt. Col. and Mrs. Byron J. Simmons (4)
Mrs. Natalie Clare Simmons (6)
Dr. Robert N. Simmons, Jr. (3)
Ms. Sara E. Simmons (2)
Ms.Tammy Jo Simmons
Mr.Tommy R. Simmons (12)
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Martin Simon
Mr. Lawrence Simon
Ms. Diana Simpao
Mrs. Adolfina Vasseur Simpson (5)
Ms. Anna Beth Simpson (2)
Mr. Barry K. Simpson
Mr. George B. Simpson
Ms. Imogene Simpson
Mr. John T. Simpson (2)
Ms. Mary Virginia Simpson
Mr. Nathanial R. Simpson
Mr. Ricky D. Simpson
Mrs. Roxanne Simpson
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Simpson (17)
Mr.Terry Franklin Simpson
Ms.Whitney Jo Simpson
Mrs. Darla Jean Roof Sims
Mrs. Donna I. Sims
Mr. Douglas Scott Sims (3)
Mrs. Linda Marie Sims (4)
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Sims
Ms. Nelda Jane Sims (13)
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Norman Sims, Jr. (2)
Mr.Walter Lee Sims, III
Mr. Marty Singer
Mr. Saurabh R. Singh
Mr. Scott Brian Singleton (16)
Mr.Tommy Lee Singleton (2)
Mrs. Jill M. Sink (2)
Mr. Joseph A. Sipes (5)
Ms. Geraldine Sipple (2)
Mrs. Karen S. Sircy (2)
Mr. Stephen S. Sisco
Ms. Melissa R. Sisk
Mr. Dennis Ray Skaggs
Dr. James Darrell Skaggs (6)
Mrs. Kathy Cheryl Skaggs (7)
Mrs. Melissa M. Skaggs
Mrs. Evelyn C. Skeeters (4)
Mrs. Julie L. Skeeters (6)
Mr.Trent Edward Skillman
Ms. Susan E. Skinner (2)
Skip Bond and the Fugitives
Ms. Elizabeth A. Skipworth
Ms. Ellen M. Skipworth (3)
Mr.Thomas George Skiratko
Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Skowronski (8)
Mr. Paul H. Skyles
Mr. Glenn N. Slack (3)
Ms. Betty C. Slaton (4)
Dr. Monroe Slaton (6)
Dr. Robert Slaton, Ed.D. (2)
Ms. Gina Renee Slaughter (4)
Mr. Jason R. Slaughter
Mr. and Mrs. Lon G. Slaughter (2)
Mrs. Janie Carol Slaven (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Lucas L. Slavey (3)
Mrs. Deborah Jo Sledge (12)
Mrs. Ellen Kay Sledge (4)
Ms. Martha S. Slemp (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Sandy O. Slone (2)
Mrs. Margaret H. Sloan (13)
Mr. Ned Tarter Sloan, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. David Lawrence Small (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Phillip Small (9)
Mr. Michael Douglas Small, Jr.
Mrs. Pamela C. Small
Mr. and Mrs. Jared Lee Smalling (4)
Ms. Melanie Dawn Smalling (2)
Mr. Gary Joe Smallwood
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Mitchell Smallwood
Mr.Virgil L. Smallwood (7)
Mrs. Linda W. Smart (4)
Ms. Lynn A. Smart
Mr. Stephen Joseph Smart (4)
Mrs. Patricia Smeathers (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Jay Smeathers (4)
Mr. Peter Smeele
Ms. Mary Ann Smiley
Mrs. Nancy Gail Smith
Mrs. Ada Civils Smith
Mrs. Amy Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Dale Smith (7)
Ms. Angela Ann Smith (3)
Mrs. Anita Fay H. Smith (3)
Mrs. Anna G. Smith (16)
Mr. Avery E. Smith (8)
Mrs. Beverly B. Smith (3)
Dr. Billy Moore Smith
Mr. and Mrs. John Walter Smith (10)
Mr. Brad D. Smith (3)
Ms. Carol G. Smith (2)
Ms. Carolyn R. Smith
Maj. (Ret.) and Mrs. Leroy H. Smith (3)
Mr. Charles M. Smith (19)
Mrs. Corey Elizabeth Smith
Mrs. Crystal Nalley Smith (4)
Mrs. Cynthia Leigh Smith (2)
Mr. Darryl D. Smith (2)
Mr. David C. Smith
Ms. Dennice Smith (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Melvin Smith
Mr. Derrick C. Smith (5)
Mr. Douglas Smith
Mr. Douglas Smith (3)
Dr. Douglas Clayton Smith (4)
Mr. Douglas Edward Smith (4)
Dr. Edwin M. Smith
Ms. Elizabeth A. Smith
Mr. Eugene L. Smith (3)
Mr. Fred Neel Smith (2)
BG and Mrs. Joseph Andrew Smith (2)
Mr. Gary Thomas Smith
Mr. Gene Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald T. Smith
Ms. Geralda Smith
Mrs. Geraldine B. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn R. Smith
Mr. Gregory Rush Smith (2)
Dr. H. M. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde E. Smith (2)
Mrs. Heather Lynn Smith
Mr. Jack E. Smith (3)
Mr. James Halstead Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Dee Smith
Mr. Jerry Wayne Smith
Mr. John Wayne Smith
Mr. Joseph Brian Smith (3)
Mr. Joshua A. Smith
Mrs. Karen Marie Smith (3)
Mr. and Mrs.Timothy Wayne Smith (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Elvin Estil Smith, Jr. (11)
Mrs. Kechia N. Smith
Ms. Kendra L. Smith
Mrs. Kim S. Smith (11)
Mrs. Koneta Westerfield Smith (3)
Ms. Kristin Leigh Smith
Ms. LaTanya M. Smith (2)
Ms. Laurel Ashli Carter Smith
Ms. Laurie Smith (2)
Mrs. Laurie A. Smith
Ms. Leslie Nicole Smith
Ms. Linda Smith (2)
Ms. Linda E. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Smith (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Edward Smith, Jr.
Ms. Marietta Smith
Mrs. Marisa Smith (4)
Mr. Mark H. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Smith (2)
Ms. Martha F. Smith (3)
Mrs. Martha White Smith (3)
Mrs. Mary Beth Smith (3)
Mr. and Mrs.Wendell F. Smith (3)
Mr. Michael David Smith (3)
Mrs. Nancy Carol Smith
Mr. Perry Michael Smith (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Smith
Mr. Randall Truitt Smith (3)
Ms. Rebecca Sue Smith (5)
Ms. Rebecca Sue Smith (4)
Mr. Richard N. Smith
Mr. Robert Bewley Smith, Jr. (4)
Dr. Robert Douglas Smith (3)
Mr. Robert John Smith (3)
Mr. Robert S. Smith
Mrs. Roberta Smith (3)
Mrs. Ruth S. Smith (3)
Ms. Samra Linton Smith
Mr. and Mrs.William Ray Smith (14)
Mr. Shaun Callahan Smith (7)
Mrs. Shauna Ball Smith (2)
Mr. Stephen M. Smith (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Smith
Mrs. Susan B. Smith
Ms. Susie Smith
Ms.Tammy Louise Smith
Mrs.Tina Weber Smith (16)
Mrs.Tracey L. Smith
Ms.Trina Ann Smith
Ms.Vicki D. Smith (9)
Mrs.Vicki L. Smith (2)
Mr.Willard N. Smith
Ms. Zannetta Smith (2)
Ms. Rebecca Susan Smitley (4)
Mrs. Jennifer Lynn Smoot
Mr. Bryan Snazelle (2)
Ms. Ruth Lynn Snazelle
Mr. Gordon Kent Sneed (8)
Mrs. Nancy G. Sneed (2)
Mr. Richard Lee Sneed
Mrs.Teresa A. Sneed
Mrs. Cathy Paulette Snell
Hon. and Mrs. Steve Snellen (8)
Dr. James Henry Snider (8)
Mrs. Janet S. Snider (8)
Mrs. Laurinda P. Snider (2)
Mrs. Ann Lamar Snively (2)
Mrs. Amy Bauder Snodgrass (8)
Mr. Gerald Paul Snodgrass
Mr. James Tutt Snodgrass, Jr. (9)
Ms. Adrienne E. Snyder
Mr. David Allen Snyder
Mr. Douglas Wayne Snyder (3)
Ms. Joan Marie Snyder
Ms. Judith Lynn Snyder
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Buell Snyder, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin R. Snyder
Mr. Lawrence W. Snyder, Jr. (12)
Ms. Lena Snyder
Mrs. Linda Maureen Snyder (8)
Mrs. Sarah M. Snyder (2)
Mrs.Tina Aldridge Snyder
Mrs. Deborah Burton Sokol
Mrs. Karen Marie Solise
Ms. Cecelia Solomon
Mr. Brady Jonathan Somerville
Mrs. Kathern Mae Son (10)
Ms. Brandy Sorden
Mr. Brian K. Sorrell
Mr. Joseph Todd Sorrell
Mr. and Mrs.William H. Sorrell
Mr. Lee Richard Sorrell (6)
Mr. Steven Robert Sorrell (2)
Mr. Donald Ray Sorrels (7)
Ms. Mary Lou Souders
Mr. and Mrs. Marcus E. South
Mr. and Mrs. John Warren Southall (20)
Ms. Sherry Angela Souther (9)
Mrs. Constance R. Southerland
Southern Comfort Builders (3)
Mr. and Mrs. George Jeremiah Sowards
Mr. Joseph Kent Sowder (8)
Mrs. Cindy Sowders (4)
Mrs. Patricia A. Sowell
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Andrew Spader (4)
Mrs. Elaine M. Spaetti (2)
Judge and Mrs.Thomas B. Spain (11)
Mr. Ryan Allen Spainhoward (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas L. Spainhower (10)
Mrs. Marjorie Keller Spalding (3)
Mrs.Tracey J. Spann
Mr. Kenneth E. Sparks (2)
Ms. Linda Young Sparks (2)
Mr. David Cleo Sparrow (17)
Mr. John D. Spaulding
Mrs. Nancy Green Speakman (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby M. Speakman (3)
Mrs. Barbara Gail Spear (3)
Ms. Danita K. Spear
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin R. Spear (2)
Mr. Allen Charles Spears (3)
Mr. R.A. Spears and Ms. C. B. Spears (3)
Mr. Craig Neal Spears (16)
Mrs. Deborah T. Spears
Dr. Lee and Mr. Ronald Spears (10)
Mr.William C. Spears
Ms. Anita Carol Speck (4)
Mrs. Martha W. Speedy (2)
Dr. David Lee Speer (2)
Ms. Juanita M. Speicher
Mrs. Carol Fields Speight (13)
Mrs. Betty Jackson Spence (2)
Mr. and Mrs. David Charles Spence
Mr. Mike Spence
Mr. Dale R. Spencer (18)
Capt. and Mrs. Greg Spencer
Mrs. Leslie Washer Spencer
Mr. Matthew Irvin Spencer
Mr. and Mrs. Milton Spencer (3)
Mrs. Bonnie Douglas Sperling
Mrs. Cheryl D. Sperzel
Dr. and Mrs. James D. Spiceland (6)
Mr. and Mrs. David Page Spicer (4)
Mrs. Judith L. Spidel (10)
Mrs. Bonita S. Spiegl
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wayne Spillman (6)
Mrs. June S. Spillman (10)
Mrs. Paulene W. Spillman (9)
Mr. Daniel J. Spinner (2)
Mrs. Georgeann M. Spires
Ms. Louise L Spires
Mr. Jared Spitvke
Mr. Lawrence Richard Spitzer, Jr. (9)
Mrs. Gloria Spitzke (13)
Ms. Linda B. Spoelman
Mr. Seth W. Spoelman
Mr. James F. Spragens (2)
Mr. Edward G. Sprague (15)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Sprouse
Mr. Douglas Sprouse (11)
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry M. Sprowl (16)
Mr. John N. Spugnardi (3)
Mr. Nicholas V. Spugnardi
Mr. Ronald Spurgeon (2)
Mr. Andrew Thomas Spurling (8)
Ms. Diana Spyrison (10)
Mr. and Mrs. Billy L. Squires (5)
Mr. Lucian Wade Squires
Ms. Georgia Sroufe
Mrs. Patricia C. St. Amand (2)
Mrs. Doralee St. Clair
Ms. Julianne K. St. Clair (2)
Mrs. Susan Bingham St. Clergy (2)
Mr. Kenneth P. St. John, Jr. (3)
Mrs. Kristen K. Staab (4)
Rev. David C. Stabenfeldt (8)
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Stafford (6)
Ms. Mary Helen Staggs
Mr. and Mrs. Chad Dixon Stahl
Mr. Jesse R. Stahl (2)
Mrs. Mary G. Stahl
Ms. Melissa A. Stahl (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Stahl
Lt. Col. Richard Lee Stalbaum (3)
Mr. Kenneth Joseph Stalder (2)
Ms. Deanna Stalker
Mrs. Delynn M. Stallings
Mr. Joseph Darrell Stallings
Mrs. Julie Ann Stallings
Mr. Stephen Stallins
Ms. Elisabeth Standiford (2)
Mr. Chas Richard Stanley
Mr. David Rust Stanley
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Kent Stanley (4)
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Stanley
Col. Edgar B. and Edith R. (d)
Stansbury (6)
Ms. Patti Louise Stanton (9)
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Douglas Staples
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Starck, Jr. (5)
Ms. Erma F. Stargel (6)
Mr. and Mrs. James Wallace Stark
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stanley Starks (3)
Ms. Sallie Amanda Starks (5)
Dr. Saundra and Mr. Rick J. Starks
Mrs. Nancy Louise Starling (2)
Mr. Larry Andy Starr (2)
Mr. Lawrence J. Starr (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Louis W. Starr, Jr.
Mr. Jeff L. Stateler (7)
Mr. Ken Stayton (2)
Mr. Billy Wilborn Stearns (5)
Mr. Michael Ray Stearns (2)
Mr. and Mrs.William Mark Steedly (6)
Ms. Lisa A. Steele
Mr. and Mrs. James Glyndon Steele (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Steele (2)
Ms. Annabel J. Steen (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. Steen, III (3)
Mrs. Nancy Ross Steen (2)
Western Kentucky University
Western Kentucky University - Annual Giving
Mr. Jewett Steenbergen (4)
Dr. and Mrs. Karl D. Stein (3)
Ms. Margaret Fitts Stein
Mrs. Mary Irene Stein
Mr. and Mrs.Todd E. Steinau (4)
Mr. Ryan Steinbach
Mr.Thomas Leo Steinbach
Mr. Chris Steiner
Mr. David Bryan Steinhaus (3)
Mr. Harry J. Steinsberger (3)
Mr. Don Steinweg
Mrs. Melinda Stella
Ms. Janet L. Steller (2)
Dr.Wilson E. Stemm
Ms. Carrie Stenger (2)
Mrs. Mary Anne Stenger (17)
Ms.Tammie Lynn Stenger
Ms. Kathleen A. Stephan (2)
Mr. Patrick F. Stephan (10)
Mr. Barrett Martin Stephens (3)
Mr. Bennie Cornell Stephens (9)
Mr. Billy Newman Stephens, Jr. (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Kirby G. Stephens
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Stephens
Ms. Laura A. Stephens
Mr. and Mrs. Cornell Stephens (10)
Mr. Ronald M. Stephens
Mr. Sovel Stephens (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall R. Stephens (5)
Dr. John Glynn Stephenson
Mr. Richard C. Stern (11)
Ms. Becky Rene Stevens (3)
Mr. Bernis Stevens
Ms. Bethany Lynn Stevens
Ms. Carol Stevens
Ms. Debra K. Stevens (5)
Mr. Donald W. Stevens (12)
Ms. Hallie Alisha Stevens
Mr. Jerry Stevens (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Shirley G. Stevens, III
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Stevens (7)
Lt. Col. (Ret.) Max L. Stevens (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Stevens
Mr.Vaughn M. Stevens (7)
Ms. Lisa C. Stevenson
Ms. Mary Elizabeth Stevenson
Ms.Wanda Louise Stevenson (3)
Mrs. Greta Lynn Steverson (11)
Mrs. Angela D. Stewart
Ms. Anna Jolene Stewart (3)
Mr. Anthony Kyle Stewart
Mr. Charles M. Stewart (16)
Ms. Dorothy Stewart
Mrs. Heather D. Stewart
Mr. James F. Stewart
Ms. Kendra Arlaine Stewart
Mr. Kevin Phillips Stewart
Dr. Melissa A. Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Joseph Stewart (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Patrick Stewart
Dr. Pippa Pinckley Stewart (3)
Mrs. Rita Stewart
Ms. Shannon Stewart
Mrs. Sharon F. S. Stewart (5)
Mr.Wendell Stewart
STF Transport, Inc.
Ms. Dawn T. Stice
Mr. Douglas G. Stice (2)
Mr. Harold Stice (9)
Mrs. Erin Nicole Stiers
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Alan Stieve (4)
Mrs. Martha D. Stiglitz (2)
Mr. Phillip Wayne Stillwell (8)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Roger Stinnett
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas Bradley Stinnett (5)
Mrs. Jennifer F. Stinnett (16)
Mr. and Mrs. Darrell G. Stinson
Mr. Eric L. Stinson
Ms. Heather L. Stinson (6)
Mr. and Mrs. Bart C. Stinson (3)
Mr. Martin B. Stinson
Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Stinson (3)
Mrs. Ronnell Jane Stirsman (2)
Ms. Jennifer L. Stith
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Herman Stith (6)
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin B. Stith (6)
Mr. Joseph M. Stitt
Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Stivers (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Todd Stivers (2)
Mr. Matthew S. Stivers
Alumni Fall 2005
Mr. Robert Clayton Stivers
Mrs. Stacy R. Stobaugh
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Macon Stocking (2)
Mr. John David Stocking
Ms. Cayce Stockton
Mr.Timothy Darnell Stockton
Mr.Walter Stockton (6)
Mr. Curtis D. Stodlt
Mr. Lee Allen Stofer, Jr.
Mr. Keith Sheridan Stoffer
Mr. David Cory Stokes
Mr. Ryan E. Stokes (2)
Mrs. Sheila Mary Stolberg (13)
Mrs. Pamela Marie Stoll (3)
Mr. Alec G. Stone (2)
Ms. Amanda E. Stone
Mr. Dan Ray Stone (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Stone, ll (2)
Mr. E. Garrett Stone (2)
Mrs. Geraldine D. Stone
Mrs. Glynda Kay Stone
Mr. Henry David Stone
Mrs. Jean Hall Stone
Mrs. Joyce Carolyn Stone (2)
Mr. and Mrs.Wilson L. Stone
Ms. Mary Ann Stone
Mrs. Paula Rene Stone (9)
Mr. Ronald Stone
Mr.Tom Stone
Mr. Alan K. Stonex (2)
Mr. Mark Andrew Stonex
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Storrie (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Ray Story (2)
Ms. Rita M. Story (6)
Mrs. Samantha Rock Story
Mrs. Beverly F. Stott
Ms. Patricia Dianne Stotts
Mr. John A. Stough
Mrs. Barbara Jean Stout (3)
Ms. Jessica Anne Stout
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Carter Stovall
Mrs. Deborah V. Stover (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wesley Strader
Mrs. Robin Davis Strader (2)
Mrs. Sarah R. Strader
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Troy
Straeffer (3)
Mr. and Mrs.William H. Straeffer (8)
Mrs. Dona Sue Strait
Mr. Paul E. Strand
Ms. Barbara A. Strande (18)
Mr. John Strange
Ms. Leonetta Kay Strange (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Lee Strange (2)
Mr. Jason Kevin Stratton (3)
Mr. Kenneth Stratton
Mr.Timothy Allan Stratton (8)
Ms. Charlotte Ray Strause
Mr. Cole Street
Mr. James Street
Dr. Lynn Street
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Street, Jr.
Mr. Michael B. Strickland
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald J. Strickland, Jr.
Mrs. Brenda Strickler
Ms. Erica Frances Stricklin
Mr. John F. Stringer (13)
Ms. Alicia J. Strode (2)
Mr. Jeffrey L. Strode
Dr. John Parker Strode (3)
Mr. and Mrs.Ted B. Strode
Mrs.Virginia Nunn Strohecker (2)
M. J. Strohowski
Mr. Paul Strong (3)
Lt. Col.Thomas Glenn Strong (2)
Mr. David L. Strother (2)
Mrs. Catherine Skaggs Stroube
Mrs. Julia S. Strouse
Mrs. Sheila M. Strouse (9)
Mr. Richard C. Strudeman
Mr. Gary Stuart
Mrs. Helen L. Stuart
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Keith Stuart
Student National Education
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Stuecker
Mrs. Susan G. Stuempel (14)
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Stuerke (2)
Mr. James D. Stull
Mrs.Tammy Tooley Stumbo
2005 - 2006
Alumni Association
Board Members
John Asher, Louisville, Ky.
Angela Baker, Newburgh, Ind.
Marilyn Bristol, Hendersonville,Tenn.
Athena Cage, Bowling Green, Ky.
Cindy Crume, Fremont, Neb.
Melissa Dennison, Glasgow, Ky.
David Dickerson, Glasgow, Ky.
Tom Emberton, Glasgow, Ky.
Jack Glasser, Bowling Green, Ky.
Clarence Glover, Louisville, Ky.
Andrea Gregory, Gallatin,Tenn.
Ellen Hagan, Eugene, Ore.
Ron Markwell, Delavan,Wisc.
Kristen Miller, Louisville, Ky.
Mr. Carl Sturgeon
Ms. Jennifer Lynn Sturgeon (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Sturgeon
Mr.William Greer Sturges (3)
Mr. Mario Sturgess (8)
Mrs. Leslie C. Sturgill
Mr. Bradley Keenan Sublett
Mr. Jeremy David Sublett
Mrs. Lelia C. Sublett (2)
Ms. Patricia Elaine Sublett (6)
Mr. Sandy Suddarth (15)
Mrs. Sandra Sugg (2)
Mr. David Emanuel Suggs (2)
Ms. Sherry Suggs
Mr. and Mrs. Don O. Sullivan (3)
Mr. David Sullivan (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Lee Sullivan
Mr. Gary W. Sullivan (4)
Mr. Harry Brown Sullivan (10)
Mr. and Mrs. James Alan Sullivan (2)
Mrs. Lynda Jo Sullivan
Mrs. Marie B. Sullivan
Mrs. Piatt C. Sullivan (2)
Ms. Rita Sullivan
Ms. Rowena I. Sullivan (15)
Ms. Sharon S. Sullivan
Mrs. Helen C. Summerfield (2)
Dr. and Mrs.William R. Summerhill
Mr. Donald A. Summers (4)
Mr. Paul Allen Summers (13)
Mr. Steven Young Summers
Ms.Wanda Boggess Summers
Mr. Milton Summerton
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Gentry Sumner
Zeqiang Sun
Mrs. Shelley Ryan Sunday (15)
Ms. Anne Maureen Sundermann
Mrs. Barbara A. Suozzo (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph William Survant (6)
Ms. Candace L. Sutherland
Mr. David C. Sutherland (3)
Mrs. Jane Ann Sutherland
Mr. Neil R. Sutherland (2)
Ms. Patricia S. Sutherland (3)
Col. (Ret.) Barbara C. Sutton
Ms. Donna Jean Sutton (8)
Ms. Lyndsay A. Sutton
Dr. and Mrs. Ronnie N. Sutton (2)
Mr. Marvin F. Sutton (7)
Mrs. Patricia A. Sutton (2)
Terrell Sutton
Ms. Ursula Sutton (4)
Mrs.Virginia Sutton
Mr. John Perry Swack (2)
Mrs. Minnie Swack (2)
Ms. Burdell B. Swain (2)
Ms. Lynne Ellen Swaine (2)
Mr.William D. Swann
Mrs. Angela Kristine Swanson
Marcia Newberry, Louisville, Ky.
Leo Peckenpaugh, Henderson, Ky.
Mary Dean Pedigo, Fountain Run, Ky.
Howard Pincus, Atlanta, Ga.
Jerry Potter, Alexandria,Va.
Kent Preston, Henderson, Ky.
Lee Ralph, Tampa, Fl.
Belinda Ray, Russellville, Ky.
Todd Shipp, Lizella, Ga.
John Stewart, Chicago, Ill.
Kim Thomas, Bowling Green, Ky.
Valerie Van Eaton, Nashville,Tenn.
Alice Waddell, Bowling Green, Ky.
Phyllis G.Washington, Indianapolis, Ind.
Brad Watson, Franklin,Tenn.
Ben Wathen, Bardstown, Ky.
Glenn Womack, Flemingsburg, Ky.
C. J.Woods, Bowling Green, Ky.
Bob Young, Bowling Green, Ky.
Dr. Robyn K. Swanson
Mr. Alan D. Swartzwelder (5)
Mr. R. John Swatzyna, II
Mrs. Janis L. Sweat (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Sweat (5)
Ms. Pamela Sweazy
Ms. Susan H. Sweeney (2)
Mr. Michael Timothy Swift (3)
Ms.Virginia L. Swift (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Swigonski (2)
Ms. Charlotte Swint
Mr. Larry Keith Swisher, Jr.
Mrs. Deborah D. Switzer (5)
Mr. F.W. Swope (15)
Mr. Harold Alan Sydnor (3)
Mr. Jake C. Syler (2)
Mrs. Camilla Sympson
Mr. Frank Synder
Mr. Brian W. Szeremeta
Ms.Tamara Kate Szymanski
Mr. and Mrs.William T.Tabb (4)
Mr. James Tabb
Mr. Larry Taber (5)
Mr. and Mrs. James Edgar Tabor, Jr. (5)
Mr. Richard A.Tabor (11)
Mrs. Rita Williams Tabor (8)
Mr. and Mrs.Willie Author Taggart
Mrs. Noriko Taguchi
Mr.Yoshi Takeuchi (3)
Mr. Andy G.Talbot
Mr. George Ray Talbot (8)
Ms. Sarah G.Talbot (2)
Mr. F. Jude Talbott (3)
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel A.Talley (9)
Mr. Joseph M.Talley, Jr. (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Pat Talley
Mr. George Albert Tambini (6)
Mr. Jeffrey Lee Tambornini
Mr. and Mrs.Theodore F.Tamme (3)
Ms. Amy C.Tanner
Mr. Gregory Neal Tapp (2)
Mr. Kenneth D.Tardiff
Ms. Margaret Blair Tarpley (11)
Mrs. Joy W.Tarter
Mr. Sam J.Tarter
Mrs. Carolyn M.Tassie (13)
Ms. Linnie Earl Tate (13)
Mr. Michael Tate (2)
Mrs.Wanda Bates Tate
Mrs. Eula F.Tatman (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Dale Tatum (3)
Ms. Dana Lynnette Tatum (2)
Taylor Chapel African
Mr. and Mrs.Timothy H.Taylor (20)
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Alan Taylor (8)
Mr. and Mrs. John W.Taylor (7)
Mrs. Brenda Gail Taylor (3)
Mr. and Mrs. C.Waitman Taylor, Jr.
Mrs. Cattie K.Taylor (9)
Mr. Charles Quinn Taylor (12)
Mr. Christopher Lynn Taylor
Mr. Danny Holbrook Taylor
Mr. and Mrs.Truman D.Taylor (6)
Mr. E. Murray Taylor (7)
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Allen Taylor (2)
Mr. Harold Anthony Taylor
Mr. Henry J.Taylor, III
Mr. James L.Taylor
Mrs. Jeanne M.Taylor (9)
Mr. Joe D.Taylor (2)
Mr. Kevin B.Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. John L.Taylor (2)
Mrs. Kimberly D.Taylor
Mrs. Krista E.Taylor (2)
Ms. Laura Lee Taylor
Mrs. Leslie Gayle Taylor (2)
Mr. Lonnie H.Taylor (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald T.Taylor
Rev. Orien P.Taylor
Mrs. Patricia Durbin Taylor
Ms. Patricia Gaston Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. L. Rhea Taylor, Jr. (3)
Mrs. Sheri Lyn Taylor (4)
Mr. Stephen C.Taylor (11)
Mrs. Suzanne Turner Taylor (8)
Mr.Timothy N.Taylor
Mr. and Mrs.Timothy Wayne Taylor (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Hal Taylor
Ms.Willa S.Taylor
Mr. and Mrs.William Henry Taylor, III (4)
Dr.Travis L.Teague
Mr. Bruce Alan Teal (6)
Mr. Kent Dwayne Tedder
Mr. Michael Lawrence Teeter (3)
Mrs. Amy Suzette Telli
Temple Inland Found
Mr.Todd Alan Templeton
Tenet Healthcare Foundation
Mr. Donald G.Tepool, Jr. (4)
Mr. Roger Terrell (2)
Mrs. Betty T.Terry (12)
Mr. Donald Lee Terry (2)
Mrs. Judean S.Terry
Ms. Kathryn Beesley Terry (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Lee Terry, Jr.
Mr.Theo B.Terry, III
Mr. Edward Terwilleger
Mrs. Rita Y.Tesauro
Mr. Michael Tewell
Mrs. Cynthia Jean Thaldorf
Mrs. Daisy W.Thaler (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J.Thanas (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde M.Tharp (13)
Ms. Dina Sue Tharp (6)
Ms. Mary Tharp (2)
Mrs. Monica Fargen Tharp (3)
Ms. Nanette Joann Tharp
Mr. Robert Howard Tharp (3)
Western Kentucky University - Annual Giving
Natalie Riley, recipient of the Jerry Baker Scholarship,
performs at the Gift of Music Recital.
Mr. Steven John Theirl (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory W.Theirl (4)
Mr.William G.Theirl (13)
Thermal Balance, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Thiede (9)
Mrs.Theresa M.Thieman (3)
Mr. Mark J.Thieneman (2)
Mrs. Karen R.Thies
Mr. Gary R.Thiessen
Ms. Patricia Ann Thiessen
Mr. Paul Joseph Thiry
Mrs. Kamela K.Thoma
Mr. C. Robert Thomale, Jr.
Dr. Angela and Mr. Keith Allen
Thomas (2)
Ms. Anne Jackel Thomas
Mrs. Barbara Jean Thomas
Mrs. Betty Pearson Thomas
Mr. Billie L.Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Thomas
Ms. Breck Allison Thomas (3)
Ms. Brenda Thomas
Mrs. Carolyn F.Thomas (3)
Mr. and Mrs.Timothy A.Thomas (3)
Mr. David K.Thomas (2)
Mr. David Keith Thomas (2)
Mrs. Dawn Suzanne Thomas (3)
Ms. Deborah Lynn Thomas (2)
Mrs. Ellen B.Thomas (2)
Ms. Geneva Thomas (2)
Ms. Gertrude Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Harry G.Thomas
Ms. Judy Ann Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Thomas (14)
Ms. Leah O.Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. John Thomas (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Kevin Thomas (2)
Mrs. Linda B.Thomas (4)
Ms. Linda Joyce Thomas (3)
Mrs. Lynne Thomas
Mr. Norris Lilburn Thomas (2)
Mr. Paul R.Thomas (2)
Mr. R. R.Thomas (13)
Mr. Richard S.Thomas (2)
Mr. Richard Wayne Thomas (3)
Mr. Robert E.Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Sean Michael Thomas (3)
Mrs. Sharon L.Thomas
Mrs. Sharon L.Thomas (5)
Mr.Terry L.Thomas
Mrs.Tina Thomas (3)
Mr.Willard M.Thomas (4)
Mrs. Carolyn D.Thomason (7)
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Thomason
Mr. Dale Thomason
Mr. and Mrs. Don E.Thomason (11)
Mrs. Elizabeth G.Thomason
Mr. Jason W.Thomason
Ms. Lisa Kay Thomason
Ms. Ruth Thomason
Mr. and Mrs. James Allen Thomason (5)
Ms. Connie Jean Thomer (2)
Mr. Johnathan Ray Thomerson
Mr. Billy Ray Thompson (2)
Mr. Christopher D.Thompson (4)
Mrs. Deb Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. James H.Thompson
Mrs. Jean Thompson (2)
Mr. Jerry Thompson
Mrs. Joann Thompson (2)
Mr. and Mrs. John A.Thompson (3)
Mr. John Rodman Thompson (2)
Mr. Joseph Kelly Thompson
Ms. Judy Lynn Thompson
Mr. Justin Corey Thompson
Mr. Lee M.Thompson (3)
Mrs. Lillian Julia Thompson (2)
Ms. Louise T.Thompson (2)
Mr. Michael W.Thompson (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles L.Thompson, Jr. (2)
Mr. Paul Stacey Thompson (4)
Mrs. Redona G.Thompson (3)
Mr. Robert Allan Thompson
Mrs. Sharon L.Thompson (3)
Mrs. Sherrie A.Thompson
Ms.Terri Mae Thompson
Mr.Terry Thompson
Mr.Todd Jason Thompson
Ms.Verbal Thompson (4)
Ms.Vicki T.Thompson (5)
Mr.William Ernest Thompson
Mr.William M.Thompson
Mr. Michael Scott Thomson
Mr. Patrick W.Thomson
Mr. Kirk Thorlton
Mr. Max L.Thornburg
Ms. Amanda Raye Thornton
Mr. Rondall L.Thornton (8)
Mr. and Mrs. Brent W.Thornton (2)
Ms. Jacqueline A.Thrash
Ms. Kendra L.Thrasher (3)
Ms. Margaret G.Thrasher (6)
Ms.Tammy Thrasher
Mr. Gregory Da'Mond Threat
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Threlkel (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Steven A.Throneberry
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Clifton Thruston (2)
Mr. Mark W.Thuney
Mr. and Mrs. Berny L.Thurman (11)
Mr. Darrell K.Thurman (7)
Dr. and Mrs. James C.Thurman
Ms. Shirley L.Thurmond (9)
Mrs. Kathy Jane Thweatt
Ms. Marlena Thweatt
Mr. Richard Leroy Tibbitts (4)
Ms. Ellen Marie Tichenor (2)
Mr. Michael Andrew Tidwell
Mr. Patrick A.Tierney
Mr. Charles F.Tilden
Ms. Ashlee Erin Tilford
Ms. May Jane Tillman
Mrs. Paula Sue Timberlake (3)
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas A.Timmons
Mr. Michael Douglas Timmons (2)
Mrs. Colleen A.Tincher (15)
Mr. Ronald W.Tines (11)
Mr. Larry H.Tinius
Mr. Ronald H.Tinner, Jr.
Mr. James Tuck Tinsley
Mr. Ronald Mark Tinsley
Dr. Samuel Harper Tinsley (4)
Mrs. Melissa Lou Tippens
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Tipton
Mr. Doy Lee Tipton (2)
Mr. and Mrs.Timothy Wade Tipton (2)
Mrs.Valery S.Tipton (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Timothy Tisdale (11)
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Lee Titsworth
Mr. James E.Tittle
Ms. Brenda Tobin
Mrs. Angela Joyce Todd (3)
Mrs. Brenda K.Todd (2)
Ms. Linda Sue Todd (4)
Ms. Mary Lou Todd (16)
Ms. Mary Nancy Todd (4)
Mr. Mickey Todd
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Ray Todd (9)
Dr.Timothy S.Todd (3)
Mr. David Bradley Tolbert
Maj. (Ret.) and Mrs. Joe V.Tolbert (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Todd Tolbert
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth James Tolopka (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Al Tomassetti, Jr. (3)
Mrs. Janice Smith Tomblinson (8)
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Ray Tomek
Ms. Letha Jane Tomes (3)
Mrs. Amy C.Tomlinson
Ms. Ginger Tomlinson
Dr. and Mrs. Hal Butler Toms (7)
Mr. and Mrs. Frankie Neal Toms
Maj. (Ret.) Leslie Philip Toms (3)
Mr. Scott Edward Toncray
Mr. Harold R.Toney, Jr. (3)
Mr. James Stuart Tong (5)
Ms. Donna R.Tooley
Mrs. Majorie Topf
Mrs. Carolyn Mae Torrence
Mr. Cesar Torres
Ms. Jennifer I.Tougas
Mr. and Mrs. David A.Towell (2)
Ms. Margaret Towery
Mr.W. Carlisle Towery
Mrs. Sandra K.Townsend (3)
Mrs. Bonnie Trabue (5)
Ms. Betsy Ann Tracy
Mr. Dennis J.Tracy (2)
Mr. and Mrs. James W.Tracy (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lewis Trafton
Mrs. Susan G.Trailov (2)
Mr. Christopher P.Trammel (2)
Mrs. Glenna B.Trammell
Mrs. Kelly P.Trammell (2)
Mr. Dung Trung Tran
Mrs. Phyllis Elaine Traughber
Ms. Beth B.Trauthber
Ms. Carroll P.Travelsted
Mr. Casey E.Travelsted
Mr. F. Scott Travis
Mrs. Genevieve R.Travis (2)
Mr. and Mrs. James T.Travis
Rev. Gregory G.Trawick (7)
Dr. Michelle White Trawick (5)
Mr. Marty Traylor (3)
Ms. Leah R.Treesh (4)
Mr.Terry W.Treiber
Mr. Fredrick Martin Tremalgia (4)
Ms. Nancy Catherine Tresch (3)
Ms. Jacquelyn Douglass Tretter
Mr. and Mrs.Timothy Michael Tretter
Mrs. Joy Elizabeth Trigg (6)
Mr. and Mrs. David Lyle Trimble
Mrs. Sarah P.Trimble
Mr. and Mrs.Wesley Todd Trimble (15)
Trinity Full Gospel Baptist Church
Ms. Evelyn N.Triplett (6)
Mrs.Theresa Leigh Triplett
Mr. Don F.Trivette (d.) (14)
Mrs. Joyce F.Trivette (7)
Mr. Larry Trobaugh
Mrs. Dana Lynn Troup
Mr. Mark Troutman (2)
Ms. Patricia Elaine Troutman (14)
Mrs. Sanna Montienne Trouton (10)
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Dwone
Troutt (2)
Mr.V. I.Trowbridge
Mrs. Christy Emberton Trulock
Mr. Derek Angelo Truss (3)
Ms. Diane Tsimekles
Pei-Hua Tu
Mr. Michael W.Tuck (2)
Mrs. Angela Dawn Tucker (3)
Ms. Diana Jean Tucker
Mrs. Kristen K.Tucker (3)
Mrs. Nancy Stephens Tucker
Mrs. Nina Waller Tucker (9)
Mrs. Reva Darlene Tucker (12)
Mr. Roger Keith Tucker
Mrs.Teresa Gail Tucker (8)
Mr. Roy Tudor
Mr. Samuel Patton Tuggle, III (2)
Ms. Lisa Mingus Tullis (3)
Mr. Matthew L.Tullis
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas L.Tunks
Mr.Tommy D.Turbeville (2)
Mr.Thomas Turk
Mr. L. J.Turley
Dr. Louis W.Turley (d.) (3)
Ms. Robin Knight Turley
Mr. Alfred Turner
Ms. Aline D.Turner
Ms. Ashley Elizabeth Turner (2)
Mr. Bradley Alfred Turner
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas Guthrie
Turner, Jr. (15)
Mrs. Charlene Turner
Mr. and Mrs. Nick D.Turner (4)
Mrs. Doris C.Turner (2)
Mr. George David Turner (3)
Mrs. Glynda Y.Turner (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory M.Turner (6)
Mr. James Harold Turner (4)
Mrs. Cinnamon and Mr. Jason Turner
Mrs. Jennifer Brown Turner (6)
Mr. Jeremy Franklin Turner (3)
Mr. Kim Raymond Turner (4)
Mrs. Larue Turner
Mrs. Lori S.Turner
Mrs. Margie H.Turner
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas Clinton Turner
Mrs. Patricia R.Turner (8)
Mr. Paul Eric Turner (4)
Ms. Rhonda Katherine Turner (3)
Mr. Roy Samuel Turner (6)
Mr. Samuel E.Turner (3)
Mr.William Lee Turner
Mrs. Zelma Mae Turner
Ms. Rebekah Marie Turpin
Mrs. Jacqueline M.Tutino
Mrs. Belle B. Ferguson Tuttle (6)
Mrs. Betty J.Tuttle (3)
Mr. Curtis Tuttle
Mr. John William Tuttle
Mrs. Rebekah Johnson Tuttle (4)
Mr. and Mrs.William G.Twyman (8)
Dr. Don Gordon Twyman
Mr. and Mrs.William Lewis Twyman (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Garnett E.Twyman (11)
Mrs. Connie Lynn Tyler (3)
Mr. Larry Tyler (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Blaise Tylicki (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Randall Tyner
Mr. and Mrs. Eric L.Tyree
Ms. Heather C.Tyree
Mr.Wayne Tyree
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stanley Tyrie
Alfred Tyson (2)
U.S. Department of the Interior
Mrs. Sheridan E. Ueber (5)
Mrs. Deborah K. Uhler
Mr. Darrell Uhls
Ms. Lorraine M. Ulak (6)
Mrs. Helen S. Underwood (19)
Mr. J. LeRoy Underwood (5)
Ms. Jeannie Lynn Underwood (8)
Ms. Jennifer Anne Underwood
University of Kentucky
Mr. Bruce A. Upchurch
Mrs. Laura J. Upchurch (3)
Mr.William Alan Uphoff (5)
Mr. John C. Upton (2)
Mrs. Donna M. Urbansky (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Jon R. Urey
Mr. Jeffrey Usleaman
Mrs. Jennifer L. Utley (3)
Ms. Mary Maurice Utley (13)
Mr.Thomas Ray Utley
Mrs. Jamie C. Utt
Mrs. Lois Utterback (3)
Mr.Yoganand Vadari
Ms. Judy Marie Vahling (3)
Mrs. Jahnna A.Valdez
Ms. Mieke Valk
Mr. and Mrs. Dennye L.Van Arsdale
Ms. Elizabeth A.Van Fleet (12)
Mr.Thomas A.Van Laere (3)
Mr. Russell Van Zant
Mr. Collins T.Vance (9)
Mrs. Doris Jean Vance (5)
Ms. Heather L.Vance (2)
Dr. John Charles Vance
Ms. Nancy Louise Vance (2)
Mrs. Pam Vance
Ms. Rene L.Vance (13)
Ms. Angela M.VanCleave (3)
Mr. and Mrs.William R.VanCleave (3)
Mrs. Doris Nell VanCleve (12)
Mrs. Susan E.Vanderwege (2)
Mr. Chester L.Vanfossen, Jr.
Mr. David Hammer Van Hooser (3)
Ms. Nila Vanmali
Mr. Michael L.Vannatter (2)
Mr. Jimmy Vannauker, Jr (3)
Maj. and Mrs. David Lee Vanover (3)
Ms. Donna Vanover
Mr. Marcus Lee Vanover
Mrs. Anita F.Vantrease (2)
Ms. Janice VanZant
Ms. Jeanette Vargo
Ms. Jacqueline Christina Vastola
Mr. John R.Vaughan
Mrs. Jeanne E.Vaughn (3)
Mrs.Trina Vaughn (5)
Ms. Dixie C.Vaught
Mr. Larry Vaught
Mr. Larry Brent Vaught
Mr. Chad M.Veal
Mr. Bryan Patrick Veatch
Mr.Terry W.Veatch
Mr. Carl Michael Veazey (7)
Western Kentucky University
Western Kentucky University - Annual Giving
Mr. Reinaldo Cancel Vega
Mr. Larry Veirs
Dr. and Mrs. Rodney Veitschegger (2)
Mr. Senad Veletanlic (3)
Ms. Shannon M.Verble (3)
Ms. Sidney M.Verble
Vernon E.Wathen PLLC
Ms. Irene H.Vertrees
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew John Vervilles (2)
Mr. Michael B.Vessels (4)
Mr. Joseph D.Vibbert (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Keith Vice
Mrs. Barbara Humphries Vick (3)
Ms. Betsy Kay Lynn Vick
Ms. Carolyn Vick
Mr. Glenn Vick
Mr. Mark Wayne Vick
Mr. Ralph T.Vick, Jr. (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence B.Vick
Mr. Bruce Wayne Vickers (7)
Mrs. Janet Mercer Vickous
Ms. Donna Viera
Mrs. Amy Beth Viergutz (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Jay C.Viktora (7)
Mr. Alan Hughes Vilines
Mrs. Elaine Sue Vilines
Ms. Denise Villescaz
Mr. Gary L.Villeveal
Mrs. Patricia J.Vincelli
Mr. Paul Vincelli
Mr. Albert J.Vincent
Mrs. Amy Louise Vincent
Mrs. Charlotte Moss Vincent (3)
Mr. Gregory Royce Vincent (3)
Mr. Leroy Vincent (3)
Ms. Michelle Vincent
Dr. Sally Ray and Mr. Roger D.Vincent (3)
Mrs. Sharon Ann Vincent (3)
Ms. Stacy Lane Vincent
Dr. and Mrs. Donald L.Vine (5)
Ms. Delores L.Vinegar
Mrs. Cathy L.Vinson
Mr. Lam Thanh Vo
Mr. Eric Lynn Vogel (2)
Mr. Lawrence Darian Vogel (3)
Mrs. Mary Catherine Vogt (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lynn Volk (7)
Dianna and David Voll
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald V.Von Deylen (2)
Ms. Kristen Vongruben
Mr. Gary D.Vough (3)
Mrs. Ellen F.Vowells
Mrs. Nancy C.Wabner
Mr. and Mrs.Wesley Amos Waddle
Ms. Cindy A.Wade
Mr. Gary David Wade
Ms. Jennifer Michelle Wade
Mrs. Judith Knight Wade
Mrs. Linda Wade
Ms. Ruby Wade (4)
Mr. Robert Joseph Wadell (7)
Ms. Angela Wadlington
Mr. and Mrs.William H.Wadsworth
Mr. Jack Hunter Waff, Jr. (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Jack H.Waff (19)
Mr. James Michael Waford (2)
Mrs. Mary Gemma Wafzig (9)
Mrs.Virginia E.Wage (3)
Mrs. Dianne M.Wager (3)
Mrs. Sue Carol Wager (3)
Ms. Patricia M.Waggener
Mrs. Carol Waggoner
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Leonard
Waggoner (13)
Mr. Cary James Wagner (2)
Ms. Debbra Anne Wagner
Mr. and Mrs. Brent W.Wagner
Mr. John R.Wagner
Mrs. Laura McCauley Wagner
Mr.Timothy Alan Wagner (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Layne Wagoner
Mr. Shirley D.Wagoner (7)
Mrs. Mary Patricia Waguespack
Mrs. June R.Waiz
Ms. Deborah Waizenhofer
Mr. Ralph Brig Wakeland, III
Mrs. Dorothy W.Waldeck (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Waldeck
Drs. Gary and Brenda Walden
Alumni Fall 2005
Mrs. Cindy Marie Walden
Mr. David W.Walden (5)
Mrs. Margaret E.Walden (10)
Ms. Mary Patricia Walden (3)
Mr. Michael J.Walden (2)
Ms. Susie Carol Walden (8)
Mr. Alexander Moore Waldrop
Ms. Diana Marie Waldrop
Mr. Chad A.Walker (2)
Mr. Charles Patrick Walker (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Walker
Mr. Frank Walker (6)
Mr. Gregory Dale Walker
Mr. James H.Walker (16)
Mrs. Jennifer Kaye Walker (12)
Mr. and Mrs. John Austin Walker
Mr. John Hunter Walker
Mrs. Karen A.Walker (2)
Mr. Kenneth C.Walker (2)
Mrs. Linda Lou Walker (12)
Ms. Madge L.Walker (2)
Mrs. Mary Evelyn Walker (2)
Ms. Matilda Walker (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew W.Walker
Mr. Mickey T.Walker
Ms. Pamela J.Walker (3)
Mrs. Peggy Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip A.Walker (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C.Walker, Jr. (2)
Ms. Shelia Walker
Mr.Terry Lee Walker
Mrs.Viola Ritchie Walker
Mr.William T.Walker (3)
Mr. and Mrs. John R.Wall (2)
Mr. Joseph G.Wall
Ms. Rebecca Wall
Dr. Debra Peak Wallace (2)
Dr. Mildred G.Wallace
Mrs. Rita Marion Wallace
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Clifton Wallace
Mrs. Regina Kathleen Wallen
Mr. Harris Lynn Waller
Rev. James M.Walling
Mr. Marion L.Walls, Jr.
Mr. Mickey Lee Walrond (4)
Ms. Mary Suzanne Walser
Ms. Erica Lindsay Walsh
Mr. and Mrs. John E.Walsh
Mrs. Mary Lewis Walsh
Mrs. Paulette R.Walsh
Ms. Susan Ann Walsh
Thomas Edward Walsh, CFA, CCM (2)
Ms. Delois I.Walters (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Jason R.Walters
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lee Walters
Mrs. Lisa M.Walters (3)
Ms. Pamela Martin Walters (8)
Mr. Joe Walton (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Joseph Waltrip (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Richard Wanta (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Cyril Lee Wantland (5)
Ms. Karen Lee Wantland
Mr. and Mrs. Barry A.Ward (2)
Mr. Gerald D.Ward (3)
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen D.Ward (12)
Mrs. Kaye S.Ward (3)
Mr. Mark T.Ward
Mrs. Mary Joanne Ward (2)
Mrs. Sharon Gail Ward
Ms. Sheila Ward (4)
Ms.Tara B.Ward
Mr.Thomas Allen Ward
Mr.W.Terry Ward (2)
Mr. Frank N.Warden (2)
Mr. and Mrs. John Earl Warden (2)
Mrs. Mamie Delia Wardlow (11)
Mr. Darrell Ware
Mr. Dean Ware
Mr. Sidney Ware
Ms. Linda L.Warfield
Ms. Ellen M.Warmbrunn
Ms. Dawn M.Warner
Ms. Donna M.Warner
Mrs. Gretchen Peterson Warner (15)
Mr. and Mrs. Kerry Michael Warner
Ms. Melissa L.Warner
Ms.Teresa Suzanne Warner (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Jeffrey Warren (3)
Mr. Charles Warren
Mrs. Erin M.Warren (5)
Mrs. Helen Warren
Mr. Michael D.Warren (3)
Mrs. Patricia C.Warren (5)
Warren Central High School (2)
Mr. Robert Andrew Wartschlager
Mr. Robert Washburn (7)
Ms. Kimberly Patr Washington
Dr. and Mrs. John C.Wassom (4)
Mrs. Marya Waters
Mrs. Susan C.Waters (2)
Mrs. Beverly Wathen
Mr. and Mrs. Edward C.Wathen (8)
Mr.Trevor Dean Wathen (4)
Dr. Cecilia Michelle Watkins (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B.Watkins (4)
Mr. Michael Brad Watkins
Mrs. Priscilla G. Harris Watkins
Mr. Rodney Darrell Watkins (2)
Mrs. Ruth Ann Watkins (4)
Ms. Sherry L.Watkins
Mr.Thomas H.Watkins
Mr. and Mrs. Breese Watson (3)
Mr. Charles William Watson
Mr. Clay Allen Watson
Mrs. Constance T.Watson (2)
Ms. Deborah Renee Watson
Mr. Dwight Daniel Watson
Mrs. Kimberly Morris Watson
Mrs. Linda H.Watson (8)
Mr. Lynn Bradley Watson
Mrs. Mildred M.Watson
Mrs. Monica Cheree Watson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Watson
Mr. and Mrs.William A.Watson (2)
Mrs. Sandra Kay Watson (7)
Ms.Tamara C.Watson (4)
Mr.Willie F.Watson
Mrs. Lisa V.Watt
Ms. Cassandra Denise Watts
Mrs. Cheryl Murphy Watts
Mrs. Deborah C.Watts (2)
Mr. Joseph D.Watts
Ms. Linda Kay Watts
Mr. Rayford Watts (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart J.Watts (12)
Ms.Tessa S.Watts (10)
Mr.Wallace Watts, Jr. (10)
Mrs. Susan Fay Waxman
Mr. Bradley A.Wayland, Jr.
Mrs. Gloria H.Wayman (2)
Lt. Col. (Ret.) and Mrs. Allen T.
Wayne (3)
Mrs. Polly Ann Wayne (3)
Mrs. Shirley B.Wayne (5)
Mr. Stephen E.Weafer (2)
Mr. Larry M.Weatherford
Mrs. Laura S.Weatherford
Dr. Bill L.Weaver (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Lynn Weaver (11)
Mr. Jared Jeff Weaver
Mrs. Monica Joy Weaver (8)
Dr. N. JoAnn Weaver (9)
Mr. and Mrs. Bartley Hodge Weaver (9)
Mr.Thomas L.Weaver
Mrs. Beverly Jo Webb (4)
Ms. Dee Dee Ann Webb
Ms. Katherine Elizabeth Webb
Mr. Kevin L.Webb (6)
Lt. Col. and Mrs. Leonard W.Webb (3)
Mr. Mark D.Webb
Mrs. Martha E. Miller Webb (6)
Mrs. Melissa B.Webb (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Webb (2)
Dr. Stephanie Johnson Webb (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A.Webber (5)
Ms. Alicia D.Weber
Mrs. Deborah B.Weber
Ms. Mary P.Weber
Mr. Nathan D.Weber (6)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Martin Weber
Ms. Connie Webster
Mr. Bernard G.Wedding
Mr. Robert Louis Wedding (2)
Mr. Gordon K.Weddle
Mr. Adam Macer Wedeking
Mr. Edward Brent Weedman
Mr. James C.Weedman
Ms. Margaret Whitford Weeks (3)
Mr. Roy E.Weeks, Jr. (2)
Ms. Laura Suzanne Weems
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L.Wegner (3)
Mr. John Victor Wehlage
Ms.Wanda Jo Weidemann (16)
Mrs. Donna Gay Weidner (2)
Ms. Sheree Ann Weiffenbach (3)
Mrs. Judith C.Weigner (9)
Mr. and Mrs. John F.Weikert (4)
Mrs. Kathy J.Weiler (5)
Mrs. Leigh Ann Weinzapfel
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Steven Weis
Ms. Juanita Moore Weiss (13)
Mrs. Petrina Beury Weiss
Mrs. Kathy Sue Welborn
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B.Welborn (3)
Mr. Gary K.Welch
Mr. Jeffery Lee Welch
Mr. Larry Welch
Mrs. Lavonne J.Welch (3)
Mrs. Patrice R.Welch
Ms. Mary Helen Weldy (3)
Wells Richardson & Associates, Inc.
Mrs. Amy E.Wells (2)
Mr. Bobby D.Wells (5)
Mr. Chad J.Wells (2)
Mr. Charles E.Wells, Jr. (4)
Dr. and Mrs. James A.Wells (2)
Mrs. Cynthia Elaine Wells
Mr. Derek Alan Wells
Mr. Freddie L.Wells (3)
Mr. Gerald Zane Wells (12)
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory E.Wells (4)
Ms. Hazel F.Wells
Ms. Jama R.Wells (5)
Mr. James Robert Wells (3)
Mr. Jerry Wayne Wells (4)
Mr. Joe Wells (11)
Mr. Johnny Lee Wells (9)
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas Royal Wells
Mrs. Mary Ann Wells (3)
Mr.Wendell Dale Wells (4)
Mr. Dan Welsh
Mrs. Mary Beverly Welsh (8)
Mr. Evan Albert Welting
Ms.Tracey Lynne Wendt
Mr. Christopher A.Wenzler (4)
Mr. John Lee Werner (2)
Mr. Richard Werner
Mrs. Ruth Dorothy Werth (8)
Wes Strader Productions
Ms. Genevieve L.Wesley (11)
Mr. J. Quentin Wesley (13)
Mrs.Tara Wen Wesley
Ms. Rachel B.Wessel
Mrs. Christy Annette West (4)
Mr. David A.West
Dr. Harold F.West (17)
Dr. and Mrs. Robert E.West, Jr.
Mr. Kevin Brian West
Ms. Kimberly J.West
Ms. Kyda H.West (8)
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M.West
Mr. and Mrs. John Warren Westbrook
Mr. Robert David Westbrook (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Larry C.Westerfield (12)
Mr. Charles Christopher Westerfield
Mr. and Mrs. Dale A.Westerfield (12)
Mrs. Ruth Drake Westerfield (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Barry Westerman
Mr. Marion Westfall
Mr. Mark Browning Westfall
Mr. Ralph M.Westmoreland (3)
Mrs. Brenda J.Weston
Ms. Janice K.Weston (8)
Mr. Ronald Wetherell (2)
Mrs. Jennifer L.Wethington
Mr. Marvin W.Wethington
Ms.Tammy Mae Wethington
Mr. Jack R.Wettmarshausen (6)
Dr. Richard A.Wham (3)
Mr. and Mrs. James Mitchell Whatton (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Eugene Wheat
Ms. Marianne A.Wheat (15)
Mrs. Marilyn L.Wheat (12)
Ms. Amelia Jo Wheatley
Mr. David Anthony Wheatley (4)
Ms. Denise P.Wheaton (2)
Mr. Garry Jason Wheeldon (2)
Mr. Christopher G.Wheeler (2)
Mr. Dennis L.Wheeler (3)
Mr. Frank T.Wheeler
Dr. and Mrs. James Eugene Wheeler, II (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R.Wheeler (3)
Mr. John Craig Wheeler (4)
Mr. and Mrs. John Milton Wheeler (5)
Mrs. Renee Cheri Wheeler (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Joe W.Wheet Jr.
Ms. Julie Ann Wheetley (6)
Mr. and Mrs.William E.Whelan (3)
Maj. Ronald J.Whelan
Whirlpool Foundation
Mr. Carl M.Whitaker
Mrs. Donna Smith Whitaker
Mr. James T.Whitaker (2)
Dr. and Mrs.Tim Whitaker
Mr. and Mrs. James M.Whitaker (2)
Mrs. Oredia Harmon Whitaker (3)
Ms. Rhonda Lura Whitaker (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Presley Whitaker
Mrs. Angela Rae White Henry
White Knight Services
Mr. Alton B.White
Ms. Amy B.White
Mr. Charles E.White
Ms. Christina C.White
Mr. Craig William White
Mr. and Mrs. Derek Blaine White (3)
Ms. Elizabeth E.White (4)
Ms. Evette White
Mr. and Mrs. J. C.White (3)
Mr. James D.White
Mr. James Dale White, Jr. (20)
Mr. Jesse Allen White
Mr. and Mrs. David Olen White, Sr. (4)
Mrs. Kristen G.White (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Harlie T.White, Jr. (3)
Ms. Leslie Anna White (2)
Mrs. Lillian White (2)
Ms. Lindsey A.White
Mrs. Marcheta W.White (11)
Mr. and Mrs. Mendel J.White (8)
Mrs. Meredith Lee White
Mr. Mills Landon White, Jr.
Mr. Ray B.White (4)
Mr. Raymond Oscar White
Mrs. Rhonda Lynn White (3)
Mrs. Sherry Lynn White
Mr. and Mrs.Teddy White (8)
Mrs.Tere-sea Rhea White
Ms.Thelma Faye White
Mr.Thomas J.White
Mr.Todd White (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dale White (7)
Prof.Vernon White (3)
Mr. and Mrs. John White
Ms.Winona Ruth White
Ms. Mary Alice Whitehead
Mrs. Ruth Ann Whitehouse
Ms. Michele Janeane Whiteley
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Cecil Whitenack (8)
Mrs. Mary Florence Whiteside (13)
Whitestone Consulting
Ms. Barbara F.Whitfield (4)
Mr. Carl C.Whitfield
Mr. Donald B.Whitfield
Dr. Gary Whitson Whitfield (13)
Mr. Peter Whiting (2)
Ms. Carol Shannon Whitley
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Whitley
Ms. Rochelle Annette Whitley
Ms. Susan Whitley
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E.Whitlock
Ms. Helen Darlene Whitlow (3)
Mr.Tony R.Whitlow
Mrs. Dorothy M.Whitman (8)
Mrs. Gertrude Ann Whitmer (16)
Mr. and Mrs.William Earl Whitmer (3)
Mrs.Tara N.Whitmer
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J.Whitmer (18)
Mrs. Anita Kathleen Whitney (3)
Dr. J. Gordon Whitney
Mr. Steven K.Whitney
Ms. Cynthia M.Whitson
Mrs. Frieda Gail Whitt (4)
Mrs. Mary Lou Whitt (2)
Western Kentucky University - Annual Giving
Mrs. Shirley M.Whittaker (2)
Ms. Agnes B.Whittington
Mr. Gregory K.Whittington (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Wayne Whittle (3)
Mr. Clyde Eugene Whittle (4)
Ms. Nancy Snoderly Whittle (2)
Mr. Richard D.Whitty (6)
Mr. Daniel Kris Wiatr, Jr.
Ms. Gayle Scott Wible
Ms. Eva Mae Wickey
Mr. Gregory A.Wickliff
Ms. Robin Widener (2)
Mr.William R.Wiebbecke
Mr. Mark Willard Wiedmar (3)
Mrs. Marianne Claire Wigand (2)
Mr. Jeffrey Todd Wiggins (3)
Mr. and Mrs. James Paul Wigginton (2)
Mr. Barry Edwin Wigginton
Mrs. Shirley W.Wigginton
Mr. Mike Wiggle
Ms. Lisa Layne Wigley
Mr.Terry Lee Wigton (7)
Mr. Lyle Jan Wiist
Mr. Stephen Craig Wilburn
Mrs. Juanita T.Wilcher (2)
Mrs. Jennifer Bryant Wilcox (2)
Mrs. Jennifer Suzanne Wilcox (3)
Mr. Ralph Gary Wilcox (12)
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis K.Wilcutt (4)
Mr. Daniel Wildeman
Mr. and Mrs. James Andrew Wilder
Mrs. Laura C.Wildey (2)
Mr. Brett Anthony Wildoner (2)
Mr. Benjamin R.Wiley (2)
Ms. Mary H.Wilgus
Mr. Keith Wilhelmi (3)
Mr. Douglas C.Wilke (8)
Mrs. Maria Wilkerson (3)
Mrs. Martha Diane Woodson
Wilkerson (2)
Mrs. Shirley Hardin Wilkerson (2)
Mr. and Mrs. James Andrew Wilkins
Mr. and Mrs.William M.Wilkins (2)
Ms. Margo Wilkins (2)
Mrs. Nan W.Wilkins (3)
Drs. Edmund and Patricia Wilkins (13)
Mr. Stephen Greer Wilkins (3)
Mrs. Charlene Wilkinson (3)
Mr. Daniel M.Wilkinson (7)
Ms. Rachel L.Will (3)
Ms. Melissa Grace Willard
Mr. Daniel B Willcox
Lee Willeford
Mrs. Nola T.Willeford (2)
Ms. Shanon Denise Willett (9)
Ms. Shellie Denette Willett (3)
William D. Shaver, D.M.D. (2)
Williams Engineering Services Co. (2)
Ms. Alethea Rena Williams
Mr. Andrew Lamport Williams
Mrs. Annie D.Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Kevin Williams
Mr. Barry Lester Williams
Ms. Beatrice Williams
Ms. Beverly Ann Williams
Mr. Bobby G.Williams (15)
Mr. and Mrs. Brian L.Williams (8)
Mr. Buford W.Williams, Jr.
Mr. Charles C.Williams (5)
Dr. Craig F.Williams
Mr. David A.Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph David Williams (4)
Ms. Elizabeth Gail S.Williams
Mr. Gary Nelson Williams (2)
Mr. Giles Williams
Mr. Gregory K.Williams (3)
Mrs. Janice H.Williams (7)
Ms. Jeanne Morgan Williams (2)
Ms. Jeannie Lynn Williams
Mr. Jerry I.Williams (2)
Mrs. Jill D.Williams (2)
Mrs. Jill Lee Williams
Mr. and Mrs. John Mark Williams
Mr. Joseph E.Williams
Mrs. Karen Ann Williams
Mrs. Karen Annette Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Paul David Williams (2)
Mrs. Katie Ellen Williams (9)
Mr. Keith J.Williams
Mr. Kevin Williams (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Don Williams (4)
Mrs. Laura Lynn Williams (3)
Ms. Lucie B.Williams (3)
Mrs. Marcia Ann Williams (2)
Mr. Mark Williams
Ms. Marla Lynn Williams
Mrs. Martha Williams (2)
Lt. Col. (Ret.) and Mrs. Glen W.
Williams (3)
Ms. Megan Williams
Mr. Michael E.Williams (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael T.Williams (11)
Mr. Millard A.Williams, III (15)
Ms. Nancy Elizabeth Williams
Ms. Peggy M.Williams
Mr. Ray E.Williams (17)
Mrs. Rebecca J.Williams
Mr. Richard Dale Williams
Mr. Robert Herbert Williams (2)
Mr. Roland Eugene Williams
Mr. Sean Vincent Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Barry A.Williams (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lewis Williams (2)
Ms.Vicki Williams (4)
Mr. Charles M.Williamson (6)
Mr. Joseph P.Williamson
Ms. Londa N.Williamson
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Wayne Williamson (3)
Ms. Rebecca Graham Williamson (2)
Ms. Melinda Ann Willingham (7)
Mr.William B.Willingham, Jr.
Ms. Adrienne Tyler Willis
Mrs. Barbara M.Willis
Mr. Benjamin Coleman Willis
Mr. Charles S.Willis
Ms. Christina Marie Willis
Mrs. Elizabeth McCubbin Willis (5)
Ms. Ina Jean Willis (2)
Mr. Jeff Willis
Mr. Kenneth T.Willis, Sr. (8)
Mr. Kevin T.Willis (7)
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Willis
Mrs. Lelia G.Willis (11)
Ms. Nancy Carol Willis
Mrs. Sheila Carol Willis (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kenneth Willis (8)
Ms.Wanda Lee Willis (8)
Mrs. Margie J.Willman (2)
Mr. Ashley Scott Willoughby
Dr. Gregory Lewis Willoughby (3)
Mr. Larry G.Willoughby (15)
Mr. Roger McClellan Willoughby
Dr. Sarah Margaret C.Willoughby
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron N.Wills
Mr. and Mrs. James Robert Wilmouth
The Wil-O-Wick Farm (6)
Mr. Alan Kirt Wilson (4)
Mr. Allen O.Wilson
Ms. Annabelle Renee Wilson
Mrs. Bethany G.Wilson (3)
Mrs. Bonnie L.Wilson
Mr. Bradford Stanley Wilson (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Donny L Wilson (3)
Ms. Cassandra D.Wilson (4)
Mr. Cheston W.Wilson (5)
Mrs. Connie Gayle Wilson
Mrs. Dana E.Wilson
Mr. David E.Wilson
Ms. Donna Lynn Wilson (14)
Mrs. Emily H.Wilson (8)
Ms. Heather LeShay Wilson
Ms. Jane T.Wilson (16)
Mrs. Janetta Sue Wilson (2)
Ms. Janice C.Wilson
Mr. Jeffrey Shane Wilson
Ms. Jessie Ruble Wilson (3)
Mr. John Chesley Wilson
Mr. Julian Wilson (2)
Mrs. Julie Christy Wilson (3)
Ms. Karen Renee Wilson
Dr. Lauralee Wilson (4)
Mr. Leight M.Wilson (3)
Ms. Linda S.Wilson (6)
Ms. Marguerite W.Wilson (2)
Ms. Marsha Rae Wilson
Ms. Micah Sue Ellen Wilson
Mrs. Pamela Lynn Wilson (3)
Mr. Rickie Wren Wilson (3)
Mr. Ronald G.Wilson
Mr. Roy M.Wilson, Jr. (7)
Mr. and Mrs. Roye S.Wilson (14)
Mrs. Sandra S.Wilson (2)
Mrs. Sandy Wilson (2)
Ms. Sarah Michelle Wilson (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Allan Wilson (4)
Mrs. Stacy Charlton Wilson
Mr. Stanley Davis Wilson (6)
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A.Wilson (11)
Mr.Ted M.Wilson (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lee Wilson (3)
Mr.Thomas B.Wilson (9)
Mr.Thomas Charles Wilson
Mr.Thomas M.Wilson
Mrs.Tonya Enette Wilson (3)
Mr.Vance V.Wilson (5)
Mr. Fred C.Wimsatt (3)
Mr. Raffo Wimsett, Jr.
Mr. Jonathan C.Winburn (3)
Mr. Ben Wince
Beulah R.Winchel (3)
Mr. Dustin L.Winchester
Mr. Melville P.Windle
Ms. Dana M.Winfrey
Mr. Gregory B.Wing
Ms. Jennifer Kress Wingfield (5)
Mrs. Felicia K.Wingler (3)
Mr. Robert David Wingo
Mr.Timothy D.Wingo
Mrs. Nancy Jane Wininger (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt P.Winkenhofer (3)
Col. David M.Winkler (5)
Mr. Steven Jay Winkler (11)
Mrs.Vana Winn (2)
Mr. Gary R.Winship (4)
Mr.Thomas E.Winski
Mrs. Janet Lee Winstead (3)
Mr. Jerald A.Winstead
Mrs. Ruth T.Winstead (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Shaun Anthony Winter (5)
Mr. Ronald G Winters
Ms.Tara Elise Winters
Mr. James Knorr Wirsen (7)
Mr.Terry C.Wise
Mrs. Jane Elizabeth Wisialowsk
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J.Wissing, Jr. (10)
Ms. Patricia Lynn Witcher
Ms. Donna G.Witham (3)
Mr. James Vinson Withers (3)
Mrs. Candace L.Witherspoon
Ms. Ruth A. withgod
Mr. Edgar Witten (3)
Mr. Jason D.Witten
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Daniel
Wittman (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Greg A.Witty
Mr. Jerry W.Wix
Confidential (12)
Wm. Casey Callis D. M. D.
Mr. Eric William Wolf
Mrs. Leslie Elizabeth Wolf (4)
Ms. Stacia Michelle Wolf
Mrs. Barbara S.Wolfe
Mr. David Lee Wolfe
Ms. Donna W.Wolfe
Mr. Johnny Michael Wolfe
Dr. and Mrs. James A.Wolfe
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Daniel Wolfe (5)
Ms. Caroline J.Wolff
Mr. Clarence Neal Wolff (4)
Mr. Dale E.Wolford
Ms. Gail Wolgast
Ms.Virginia P.Wollin
Ms. Barbara Kay Wood
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Alan Wood
Mr. and Mrs. Billy D.Wood (9)
Ms. Brenda C.Wood
Mr. Christopher Todd Wood
Mr. Dennis F.Wood, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin M.Wood
Mr. Harrell E.Wood (12)
Mrs. Hope Wood
Mr. James T.Wood
Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Scott Wood (3)
Mrs. Linda Wheeler Wood
Ms. Maxine Wood
Ms. Melanie R.Wood (2)
Mr. Paul David Wood (6)
Mr. Phillip Wayne Wood
Mr. Ricky S.Wood
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W.Wood (17)
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Ray Wood (5)
Ms. Sally A. C.Wood (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Stephanie Wood (2)
Mr. Stephen Bradshaw Wood (3)
Mr.Troy Wood
Mr.William Edward Wood (2)
Mr. Gary Howard Woodall (2)
Ms. Denise Landry Woodard
Mrs. Edna L.Woodard (2)
Mr.V. Darrell Woodard
Mr.W. Rex Woodard (3)
Mrs. Stephanie F.Woodcock
Mrs. Claudia Berry Woodring
Ms. Jill Smith Woodrum
Ms. Lynne Woodrum (2)
Mrs. Ruth Carol Woodrum (2)
Mr. Brent David Woods
Mrs. Carol J.Woods (9)
Mr. Darrell Woods (8)
Ms. Deborah Woods
Mrs.Wilma S.Woods
Ms. Nancy Alice Woodson (2)
Mrs. Jacqueline H.Woodward
Mrs. Margaret Anne Woodward (6)
Mrs. Marsha Fay Woodward
Mr. James Steven Woody (3)
Mr. and Mrs. David V.Woody (5)
Mrs.Violet S.Wooldridge
Ms. Allison Jamison Woosley (5)
Mrs. Angela Denise Woosley (5)
Mrs. Cheri Sue Woosley (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Alan Woosley (2)
Mr. James Reid Woosley (9)
Ms. Jill Woosley
Mrs. Sandra Faye Woosley
Mrs.Tommie D.Woosley (8)
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Levi Word
Mrs. Juanita Vance Working (6)
Mr. Ross Wayne Workman
Mr. Jim Worley
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence R.Worley
Mr.William Edward Worley
Mr. Fonrose Wortham (2)
Mr. Michael C.Wortham (3)
Mr.Thomas F.Worthington (2)
Mrs. Amy Croslin Wright (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Earl Wright (2)
Mr. Charles Wright
Ms. Deborah L.Wright
Mr. Don Thomas Wright
Mr. and Mrs. John Wright (2)
Mr. Larry K.Wright (2)
Mr. and Mrs.Tony Wright (2)
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas Franklin Wright (2)
Dr. Patty and Mr. Christopher J.
Wright (2)
Mrs. Rebecca Fullen Wright
Mrs. Sherry D.Wright (2)
Mrs.Tina Conrey Wright
Write Data Solutions
Mr. Michael Robert Wrona (2)
Dr.William H.Wroten, Jr. (2)
Mr. Dean L.Wuchterl (2)
Ms. Kathleen A.Wyatt
Xerox Corporation
Mrs. Ruth L.Yaeger
Mr. and Mrs. J. A.Yager (5)
Ms. Pamela Yakel
Mr. Jay Arl Yale (19)
Ms. Justine M.Yancey
Mr. Randall L.Yancey (2)
Lt. Col. Ronald Lee Yancey (3)
Mrs. Sarah B.Yann (3)
Mr. James William Yarbrough (4)
Yard Doctor
Mr. Kevin Patrick Yaste (3)
Ms. Becky Yates (2)
Mrs. Cecilia Ann Yates (3)
Mrs. Constance S.Yates (4)
Mr. Hansford H.Yates (15)
Ms. Janice Yates (2)
Mr. John E.Yates
Mrs. Kathy L.Yates
Mrs. Kimberly D.Yates (2)
Mrs. Lisa L.Yates
Mr. and Mrs. James Edward Yates (7)
Mrs. Rhonda G.Yates
Mr. and Mrs. Carroll F.Yates (16)
Ms. Shelia E.Yates (2)
Ms. Noreen Yeager
Mrs.Velvet Maria Yeager (2)
Mr. and Mrs. John E.Yeates (3)
Mr. Bill Yeiser
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Kennady Yeiser, II (2)
Dr. Michael Fred Yeiser (7)
Mr. and Mrs. James R.Yeiser (7)
Mrs. Deborah W.Yepsen (4)
Ms. Jean Eidson Yewell (6)
Ms. Laura Ynclan
Mrs. Mildred C.Yochim (18)
Mrs. Miriam G.Yoder
Mr. Douglas Gene Yoeckel (12)
The Yoga Center
Mrs. Rebecca Reynolds Yonker
Hon. Brent Yonts
Mr. Joseph A.York (3)
Mr. Ken Cornell York (3)
Mr. Mark York
Ms. Meredith York
Ms. Rita Taylor York
Dr.Walter E.York
Mrs.Tara Young Edwards (2)
Mrs. Carmen Young
Ms. Carolyn Daye Young (4)
Mrs. Courtney Richardson Young
Mr. Darrell Young
Mr. Donald L.Young, Jr.
Ms. Donna G.Young
Mr. Eric Todd Young (7)
Mr. and Mrs. Ray G.Young (7)
Mr. Joe Vernon Young (3)
Mrs. Linda R.Young
Ms. Lisa Ann Young (8)
Mr. Lloyd D.Young (4)
Ms. Martha J.Young
Mr. Polk Young
Mr. Ralph Martin Young (3)
Mr. Ray Young
Mr. Richard A.Young
Mrs. Sharon Lee Young (5)
Mrs. Shirley C.Young (7)
Mrs.Virginia Ruth Young
Mr. Dean G.Youngman (2)
Ms. Sharon K.Youngs (2)
Mrs. Laura E.Younkin (2)
Ms. Linda Elizabeth Younkin
Mrs. Carol Hall Yowell
Mr. Roy A.Yowler
Yum! Brands Foundation, Inc.
Mrs. Helen Van Zandbergen
Mr. Behzad Zandieh (2)
Mr. Andrew Zaragoza (2)
Mrs. Michelle L. Zaydon (2)
Mr. and Mrs. James Marcel Zeghers
Ms. Amy Zehm (3)
Mr. Naim Paris Zeibak (d.)
Mr. Joseph C. Zeitz (8)
Mr. Bertrand Louis Zeller (4)
Mr.Tingying Zeng
Mr. Daniel P. Zengel
Mr. Charles Zettlemoyer (8)
Ms.Yunfan Zhang and Mr. Xianjing
Wang (3)
Mr.Wei Zheng
Mr. Bill Ziegler
Mr. Richard Louis Ziegler (17)
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Benjamin Zike
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan D. Ziliak (4)
Mr. Henry P. Zimmer
Mr. and Mrs. Michael George
Zimmer (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Steven W. Zimmer
Ms. Barbara Sharp Zimmerman (5)
Mrs. Carol Zimmerman (6)
Mrs. Judith D. Zimmerman (3)
Col. Stanley G. Zimmerman (3)
Ms. Marla J. Zippay (2)
Dr. David Zoeller
Ms. Margaret S. Zoglmann (2)
Mrs. Nikki W. Zoglmann
Mr. Robert M. Zoglmann
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wayne
Zoglmann (10)
Mr. John M. Zomchek (12)
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas Daniel Zoretic
Mrs. Lucy Ellen Zornes (3)
Hon. and Mrs. George Harry
Zubulake (2)
Mr. Louis Stephan Zulevich
Dr. Patricia Ann Zulkosky (6)
Mrs. Barbara H. Zupon
(d.) Deceased
Western Kentucky University
Class Notes is a feature which allows WKU sustaining alumni members to update fellow classmates on significant accomplishments
that have happened in their lives. Sustaining alumni memberships are $25 for an annual membership and $500 for a lifetime membership. If you wish to join the Alumni Association or publish announcements in Class Notes, please submit them to WKU Alumni
Association, 1906 College Heights Blvd. #31016, Bowling Green, KY, 42101-1016 or via e-mail to [email protected]
Photo by Tiago Pinheiro
At Campbellsville University’s commencement service May 7, 2005, one of
the highest honors any higher education
institute can present an honorary doctorate of public service was given to a
WKU alumnus, Beulah Campbell.
Campbell is a native of Campbellsville, born May 7, 1916. She attended
Campbellsville College from 1935 to
1936 and received an associate of arts
degree in education. She received her
bachelor of arts and master of arts from
Western Kentucky State Teachers
Campbell was named to Who’s Who
in American Education, was awarded the
Trustee’s Award at Appalachian State
University for outstanding teaching and
has been awarded grants from the U.S.
Department of Education to conduct
institutes in children’s literature.
Campbell has been recognized for
conducting children’s literature conferences, workshops and festivals. She also
conducted study tours in children’s literature for teachers and librarians in the
United States, British Isles and
Alumni Fall 2005
Lively M. Wilson
(’48) of Louisville,
Ky., presented the
address during the
Louisville Louis D.
Brandeis School of
Law graduation May 14, 2005. Wilson is
an attorney with Stites & Harbison in
Dr. William Monahan (’51) of
Morgantown, W.V., was inducted into
the West Virginia University College of
Human Resources and Education Hall
of Fame in April 2005.
Irene (Nicholson) Erskine (’53) of
Bowling Green, Ky., was named president of the Kentucky Retired Teachers
Association in July 2004. She taught at
Western for 28 years.
Bobby Rascoe
(’62,’85) of
Bowling Green
Ky.,WKU basketball great, with his
grandsons (LtoR)
Robert Skipworth
(3), Luke Skipworth (1) and Matthew
Shipley (2) enjoying fun at the beach.
Marion Ray (’62) of Lakewood, Colo.,
was named a life member of the
Colorado Society of Certified Public
Accountants for 35 years of service in
February 2005.
Robert L. Baker (’63) of Louisville,
Ky., retired after 34 years as a salesman
in the industrial market.
Dr. Jenks Britt
(’66) of Bowling
the El Toro Award
for excellence in
food animal medicine from Auburn
University in April 2005.
Denver, Colo. area alumni gathered for a Derby Party on May 7 at the home of
Tim Eckardt ('83).
Dr. Howard Lee Beall (’70) of
Broomfield, Colo., is a real estate broker and appraiser for Beall and Beall.
Janet Tally Schneider (’73, ’77) of
Horse Cave, Ky., retired in December
Lorraine M. Ulak (’70) of
Collingswood, N.J., retired from the
Camden Board of Education after teaching elementary school for 31 years.
Michael Francis Zimny (’74) of
Bismarck, N.D., retired from the
Department of the Interior and
opened Meridian Land Surveys.
John J. Wingfield (’70) of Prospect,
Ky., began as vice president for
Investments with Smith Barney in
Louisville in January 2005.
R. Dan Reid (’77) of Waterford, Mich.,
was named the Quality Leader of the
Year by the Automotive Division of the
American Society of Quality in June 2005.
Ronald Berry (’72) of Bahama, N.C.,
retired from Verizon in November
2003 after 29 years, and joined PSI
Group Inc. as general manager of the
Durham, N.C., operation.
Thomas D. Collins (’79) of
Independence, Ky., opened a law practice in May 2005 in Independence.
Paula (Vance) Cohen (’72) of
Spokane, Wash., is director of catering
for The Davenport Hotel in Spokane.
Joseph B. Dwyer (’72) of
Murfreesboro, Tenn., retired in January
2005 after 31 years with the Social
Security Administration and opened his
own Social Security consulting business.
Destrehan, La., earned a M.A. in
Directing from the College of
Performing Arts at Roosevelt
University in Chicago, Ill., on May 13,
2005. She completed the program over
the course of three summers in their
Fast Track program. Dastugue is currently a drama teacher at Destrehan
High School in Destrehan, La.
Todd Lowe (’82) of Louisville, Ky., was
appointed to the Kentucky Arts Council
by Gov. Ernie Fletcher. Lowe also
serves on the Executive Committee of
the Metro Louisville Cultural Blueprint,
and completed his term as President of
Actors Theatre of Louisville Board of
Directors in July 2005.
David Suggs (’83) of Houston,Texas,
was named Northeast News’ Coach of
the Year in 2004. He also set school
records for most wins in a football season (10) and made it deepest into the
playoffs (quarterfinals) at Beaumont
Central High School in fall 2003.
Penny (McDowell) Cecil (’85, ’88,
’03) of New Haven, Ky., is principal of
Hodgenville Elementary School.
Andrew G. Lano II (’85) of Irving,
Texas, a PGA tour caddie, caddied for
Kenny Perry in his 2005 win at the
Bayhill Invitational. This is the fourth
time Lano has caddied for a winner, all
with Perry.
Western Kentucky University
Michael S.Tarter (’85) of Somerset,
Ky., was promoted to president of Key
Broadcasting, which operates 18 radio
stations in Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois.
Eric Marlow (’86) of Shelbyville, Ky.,
was named vice president of marketing
and development, and executive producer for the Taipei-based game software
company Rava Ideologie. He currently
lives in Taiwan with his wife Kai-Yi and
their daughter Rebecca, 18 months.
Robert H. Tudor (’86) of Nashville,
Tenn., is IT manager, enterprise network at Lifeway Christian Resources.
Mark E.Woodall (’86) of Greenville,
Ky., received patent No. 6,694,886 for
an explosive method and device for
cleaning power plant boilers.
Jim (’92) and Leigh (Sowards)
Lindsey (’95) of Bowling Green, Ky.,
are proud to announce the birth of
their son, Henry Mason.
Tal Johnson (’87) and wife Lynnette,
of Oxford, Miss., are pleased to
announce the birth of their daughter,
Samantha True Johnson, born April 25,
2005, at Baptist Memorial HospitalNorth Mississippi.
Monica (Brockwell) Culver (’93) of
Northglenn, Colo., married Dean
Culver in October 2004.
Scott (’88) and
Laura (Holian)
Dillard (’90, ’92)
of Sterrett, Ala., are
proud to announce
the adoption of
Jackson Scott Dillard
from Guatemala. Jackson is pictured
with his big brother,Thomas.
Ricky Dalton (’92) of Bowling Green,
Ky., is serving a one-year deployment in
Iraq with the 617MP Co. of the
Kentucky Army National Guard, from
approximately November 2004 to
November 2005.
Alumni Fall 2005
John Stark (’93) is enrolled as a fulltime student at the University of
Minnesota’s Humphrey Institute seeking
his master’s degree in Public Affairs. John
is a certified urban planner (AICP) and
had been working for the City of
Richfield, Minn., for 6 1/2 years as assistant
Patrick Monohan (’94) and his wife,
Chrissy, are proud to announce the birth
of their son, Colin Murphy on April 21,
2005. He weighed 8 pounds, 9 ounces.
Bryan Staples (’94) of White House,
Tenn., earned a national Peabody Award
for a 3-year investigation involving the
awarding of state contracts and friends
of Tennessee’s former governor. Staples
works as a producer/photojournalist
for News Channel 5 in Nashville where
he has won an Edward R. Murrow
award, a Dupont Columbia award and
was nominated for seven Emmys in the
past year. He is married to Krista
(Burford) Staples (’95) and has one
son Connor, 6 years old.
Crowell (’91)
of Nashville,
Tenn., released
his first feature
film, Stranger, on
DVD earlier
this year. Crowell’s film took four
years to make. Several WKU alumni
and faculty assisted in the production. Tim Hubbard (’90), Doug
Burysek (’92) were both actors in
the film, Marc Hudson (’90) was a
camera operator and John
Buchanon (’85) worked on film
to video transfer. WKU communication and broadcasting faculty
members Cory Lash (Director of
Photography) and Steve White also
worked on the film. For more information on Stranger, check out the
Web site: www.firebrandfilms.com
Shane (’95, ’05) and CheyAnne
(Hurt) Fant (’98, ’02) of Glasgow,
Ky., would like to announce the birth of
their son, William McLean. He was
born on April 25, 2005, and weighed 9
pounds, 6 ounces.
Lana McCray (’95) of Louisville, Ky.,
has been promoted to program director of COMFORT KEEPERS, a nonmedical, in-home, caregiving agency
serving seniors in the Louisville and
Southern Indiana area.
Pamela (Page) Thomas (’95) of
Nashville, Tenn., is an Accounting
Manager at Nashville Structures Inc.
Pam and her husband, Patrick (’90), live
in Spring Hill, Tenn., and are adopting a
baby girl from China.
Brandon (’96)
and Stephanie
Rucker (’96) are
proud to announce
Caroline Grace,
Oct. 12, 2004. She
weighed 8 pounds, 7 ounces and was 22
inches long.
Jennifer (Bryant)
Wilcox (’96) of
Louisville, Ky., married Brad Wilcox on
Nov. 20, 2004, in
Paducah, Ky. The
couple resides in
Louisville, where Jennifer is an assistant
Commonwealth’s Attorney and Brad is
a project manager at River City
Development Corporation.
Troy (’96) and Laura (Reatzman)
Straeffer (’96) of Elsmere, Ky., are
proud to announce the birth of their
son, Benjamin Charles on Dec. 6, 2004.
Jason Kron (’97) of Decatur, Ga, is a
firefighter with the Dekalb County Fire
and Rescue located in Atlanta.
Ashley Burris (’98, ’99) of
Lexington, Ky., is associate band director at Beaumont Middle School. The
band was chosen to participate in the
Midwest Clinic, only the second middle
school band from Kentucky to play at
the clinic.
Western Kentucky University
James Bilodeau (’02) of Bowling
Green, Ky., accepted a position with the
Kentucky Tourism Department, and
will be working at their location in
Franklin, Ky.
Gentry, daughter
of Chris Gentry
(’98) and his wife,
Tanya, of Bowling
Green, Ky., celebrated her first birthday
on March 20, 2005.
Chris (’98) and
Laura (Hawkins)
Houchens (’98,’02)
announce the birth of
Houchens. He was
born April 14, 2005 and weighed 8
pounds and 12 ounces and was 21 1/2
inches long.
Derrick (’99)
and Heather
(’01) of Sugar
Land, Texas, are
proud to announce the birth of their
son, Caleb Daniel. He was born March
30, 2005 and weighed 7 pounds, 10
ounces and was 20-inches long.
Kelly (Sullivan)
McMullen (’99)
and her husband,
Brett, of Collierville,
Tenn., are proud to
announce the birth
of their daughter,
Courtney Anne Nicole. She was born
at Baptist Memorial Hospital for
Women in Memphis on April 7, 2005,
and weighed 8 pounds, 6 ounces.
Charles W. Adams, (’00) of Bowling
Green, Ky., graduated from the Law
School at Oklahoma City University.
He practices law in Bowling Green with
the firm of Hodges and Haynes.
Alumni Fall 2005
Several Western Alumni and students visited with ABC News
anchor Diane Sawyer, a Kentucky
native, during a trip to New York
Pictured are (L-R): Jenna Smith,
Junior; Carla Coleman (’03);
Chasity Moore; Diane Sawyer;
Tenille Gary (’04); Brandi
Smith (’04); Brooke Coleman;
Andrea Childers (’00).
Steve (’00) and Sara (Shaver)
Ringle (’99) of Creston, Ohio, would
like to announce the birth of their son,
Hayden James. He was born on April 9,
2005, at 11:08 a.m., weighing 6 pounds
and 14 ounces.
Cali (Koerner) Morrison (’01) of
Bozeman, Mont., received a master’s of
Education in Adult and Higher
Education with an emphasis in Student
Affairs from Montana State University
in May 2005.
Chandra Beyer (’02) of Palm Bay,
Fla., is working at DRS Tactical Systems
and Sam’s Club.
Dr. Adam P. (’01)
and Lauren
Rogers (’04)
were married on
May 28, 2005.
Lauren is a graduate student at WKU in Speech
Communications. Adam is a chiropractor with Magna Chiropractic in Bowling
Green, Ky.
Christopher (’02) and Deena
Gibson (’02) of Evansville, Ind., are
proud to announce the birth of their
son, Landon Christopher. He was born
July 21, 2004.
Clayton Raymer (’02) is serving
overseas for the U.S. Army in Baji,
Iraq, and he brought a friend to
keep him company in the desert.
(Fehribach) Bevington (’03) of
Frankfort, Ky., were married on April
30, 2005, in Evansville, Ind.
Tim Rink (’03)
and Rebecca
Bean (’02)
became engaged
on Dec. 25, 2004,
and will be married in July 2006.
Rebecca is a marketing teacher at Fern
Creek Traditional High School in
Louisville, Ky. Tim is a GIS specialist at
Arcadis in Atlanta, Ga.
Traci (Evans)
Duff (’03, ’04)
and her husband,
Charles Duff Jr. of
Bowling Green, Ky.,
announce the birth of their first child,
Charley Grace Duff. She was born
Dec. 15, 2004, weighed 8 pounds, 6
ounces, and was 21 inches long. Traci is
a paralegal at English, Lucas, Priest &
Owsley, LLP in Bowling Green.
Amanda L. Grant (’04) of
Madisonville, Ky., is proud to announce
the birth of her son, Brayden Kolby
Smith. He was born Jan. 28, 2005, and
weighed 7 pounds, 7 ounces.
Trevor and Kari Aikins of Bowling
Green, Ky., are proud to announce the
birth of their daughter, Lola Christine.
She weighed 6 pounds, 11 ounces, and
was 19 1/2 inches long.
Joseph Jefferson and Mel Mitchell
returned to the Hill in April 2005 for
a golf scramble to benefit the
Touchdown Club, as well as the annual Red-White Scrimmage to end
spring practice. Mitchell plays for the
New Orleans Saints and Jefferson
plays for the Indianapolis Colts.
for a new job?
On March 10, 2005 Clarence
Martin's life was tragically cut short
at the age of 41 as the former
Hilltopper Basketball great died in
his sleep at his home in Marietta, Ga.
Recently, a memorial scholarship
fund was established at WKU's College
Heights Foundation in Clarence's honor
and a T-shirt honoring the former fan
favorite is also available.
For more information contact the
College Heights Foundation at
(270) 745-4597.
Need some tips on
electronic job searches?
Is that résumé a
little “dusty”?
Three Generations
of Hilltoppers
L. Faye Tomlinson Terry, (’70,
’71), Elizabeth Terry Merchant
(’02), and Sarah Elizabeth
Merchant, born Oct. 25, 2003
(potential ’25).
WKU Career
Services Center
We’re not just for students anymore …
and never have been. Alumni seek our
advice and expertise regularly. Check out
our web site www.wku.edu/CareerServ.
call 270.745.3095
(PSSST, it’s FREE!)
Ninety-nine years ago a tradition of
excellence was established with the
creative mind and foresight of
Henry Hardin Cherry. Since then,
Western Kentucky University has
established a tradition of excellence in the classroom and
throughout the Commonwealth.
In honor of great traditions, the Western Kentucky University Alumni
Association is proud to present the OFFICIAL WKU class ring.
The official class ring is just one of many programs the alumni association
supports.We strive to enhance the student experience and foster relationships
between alumni. A strong alumni association contributes to a greater university.
Don’t wait 99 years before you “return” to Western. By joining the WKU
Alumni Association today, you’ll never really leave.
Any graduate of WKU is eligible to obtain a ring. Information is available at
www.wkualumni.org/partners.cfm or by calling (888) 958-2586.
For more information on WKU Alumni Association programs and membership,
or to locate the chapter nearest you call, (888) 958-2586.
25 WKU Heartland Planning
Team Meeting
6:30 PM
BackHome Restaurant
10 Central Kentucky
WKU vs. EKU - Bus Trip
Departs 2:00 PM (Eastern time)
from Keeneland
$30 Alumni Assn. Members / $33
non-members. Includes tailgating,
dinner, general admission football
ticket, and round trip transportation in an air conditioned coach.
Game time 6:30 pm CT.
10 Parents’ Weekend
19 Greater Louisville Planning
Team Meeting
6:00 PM
Home of the Innocents
Contact Missy Hans at
24 Big Red Tailgate Party
Auburn, Ala.
24 WKU Day with the
Washigton Nationals
5:00 PM - Tailgate Party
7:05 PM - Game time
RFK Stadium,Washington, DC
29 Heartland Chapter Student
Recruitment Night
6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
Pritchard Community Center
14-15 WKU Homecoming
Bowling Green, Ky.
See pages 19-25.
22 Central Kentucky Fall
Day at the Races
Gates open at 11:00 AM
Tailgating begins at 11:30 am. Grills
will be provided. Look for the WKU
tent near the rock gate house.
Individuals purchase their own tickets. For general admission tickets
call Keeneland 859.288.4299.
27 Louisville Open House
6:00 PM
Kentucky Derby Museum
Contact the admissions office
6 Fall Day at the Races
12:15 P.M.
Churchill Downs
Contact Dian Graham Fuller
at 502.451.4769
19 Big Red Tailgate Party
Miami, Fl.
Contact the Office of Alumni
Relations and Annual Giving at
270.745.4395 or
For further information
go to www.wku.edu/Alumni
and click on event calendar.
“Mascot Mania:
The NCAA Hall of Champions has opened an exciting new
exhibit called “Mascot Mania: Our Fascination with Collegiate
Traditions”. This exhibit features collegiate mascots from around
the country. The exhibit will be on display June 6 to Sept. 24, 2005.
The NCAA found some fascinating stories from their member institutions. There’s the story of a mascot who received an
honorary degree from the institution. Another school reported
that their mascot derived from a combination of the president’s
dog that he walked every morning, and the school fight song!
of your dreams.
The Emerald Isle
Ireland Vacation
Departing June 2006
Dr. James Baker of WKU’s Department
of History will lead an expedition to
learn more about the pipers, poets and
people of Ireland. For more information contact [email protected]
or call 888.WKU.ALUM.
Our Fascination With
Collegiate Traditions.”
What is the story of your mascot? Do you have artifacts that
you are willing to loan us? We are looking for interesting stories,
old mascot costumes, photographs, etc.
As with any exhibit we produce, we will be sure to give name
recognition to the schools that are able to loan items.
If you have any ideas, artifacts, photographs, etc., please
contact the NCAA at (317) 916-4265. Thank you in advance for
your help!
In Memoriam
In Memory, we pay tribute to our alumni and friends who have passed away
during the past year. Our thoughts are with the friends and family.
Mr. Eldon E. Allen Sr. ’49
Ms. Aileen A. Babb ’33
Mrs. Jean S. Baggett ’51
Mrs. Jennifer E. Banks
Mr. Kenneth C. Berry, BU
Ms. Cheryl Boucher
Dr. Clarence G. Bowman ’39
Mr. Richard Boyd Jr. ’72
Mr. H.W. Bradley Jr., College High ’47
Mr. Charles “Charlie” P. Campbell Sr. ’58
Mr. Kermit P. Campbell
Mr. John D. Carroll, student
Mr. Charles E. Carwell, student
Mr. Robert E. Church
Mr. James M. Combs, retired staff
Ms. Mary Elizabeth Scott Cossey,
retired staff
Mrs. Mary Ruth Cross, BU
Mr. Estiel N. Daniel, retired staff
Mr. Donald Dawson, retired staff
Mrs. Sherry S. Day, ’88, ’94
Mr. Elbert Dearing, retired staff
Mrs. Hazel C. Doughty, retired staff
Dr. Phil A. Drake, ’77
Mr. Johnathan Evans, student
Mrs. Paula J. Frailley, ’91
Mr. Paul M. Kelley
Mr. Ryan W. Ladd, student
Mr. Charlie Labhart, ’51
Mr. Glenn W. Leach, ’47
Mrs. Mary June Miller McElroy, ’43
Mr. Buel D. McGuffey, ’87
Mr. James W. McGuirk
Mr. Joe Milton Jr., BU ’49
Mrs. Judith Baker Morris, ’70
Mrs.Virginia Hall Sledge Oliphant
Mr. John Baxter “Johnny” Outlaw, ’83
Mr. Onis E. Owens, Jr., staff
Mr.Thomas Pfannerstill
Mr. Robert A. Phillippi, ’94
Mrs. Charles Purdy, ’32
Mrs. Katrina D. Ramey, ’84
Mr. Steven W. Ramsey, retired staff
Mr. Leamon A. Ray, BU ’58
Mr. Daniel M. Rebollar, ’00
Mr.William Reeder, staff
Mr. Garland E. Reeves, ’43
Mr. Andrew Renick, ’52
Mr. Elmer E. Rich, retired professor
Mr. Douglas E. Robertson, faculty
Mr. Danny Rumph, student
Mrs. Barbara Reynolds Runner, ’64
Mr. Jerry F. Safford, ’68
Mr. Russell A. Sims, retired faculty
Ms. Frances E. Skulley, BU ’32
Mr. James T. Starks, Jr., ’65
Mrs. Corinne Strausburg
Mr. Jerry Duke Thomson, ’71
Mr. Ronald A.Thum, ’99
Lucile C.Thurmond
Dr.Tom C.Venable, BU ’46
Mr. Robert B.Wade, ’75
Mrs.Yvonne DeCarlo Simpson Ward
Benjamin Watson, Student
Mrs. Sarah Yarbrough Whitaker, ’41
Michael Wilhite, Student
Mrs. Bonnie Wilkerson
Mr. Francis J.Wright, BU ’37
Western Kentucky University has lost two former students in
the war in Iraq. LtoR: 1st Lt. Robert Henderson, 33, of Alvaton,
Ky., died April 17, 2004 in Diwnalyah, Iraq and Spc. Michael Ray
Hayes, 29, of Morgantown, Ky., died June 14, 2005 in Baghdad, Iraq.
Mr. Robert T. Franklin, BU ’52
Mr. Bertram C. Gass, ’74, ’83
Mr. Robert E. Gillion, BU ’59
Mrs. Jean H. Goddard, BU ’62
Dr. Norman A. Gooch, ’63
Mr. Lonice C. Goodbread, ’87, ’90
Mr. James H. Hagerman, BU
Mrs. Joan M. Hale
Mr. Donald W. Hawkins, ’66, ’70
Mrs. Marilyn L. Hill, BU
Mrs. Grace Hunt, ’60
Western Kentucky University

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