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May 2012
MAY 2012
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Saturday, June 2nd
Port Jewish Center’s
An evening of cocktails, dinner and dancing.
Port Yacht Club
7:30pm to 11:30pm
$90 per person, $850 for a table of 10
For more information,
contact Mark Meltzer at
[email protected]
or 516 567 2838
Live Music
Ben Zoma asked:
Who is wise? The one who learns from everyone.
Who is mighty? The one who controls one’s
Who is rich? The one who is happy with what one
Who is honored? The one who honors others.
(Mishnah Avot 4:1)
Shimon Ben Zoma, the second century rabbinic sage,
offered these words as a prescription for life. They are at
once simple and all-encompassing. When we consider
them more closely, they truly offer a description of a life
These lessons have parallels in the secular world, of
course: We speak of wisdom coming “out of the mouths
of babes,” of the strength and challenge of biting one’s
tongue. We consider it of value to live within one’s means,
whatever the measure of those means might be. And we
know that, when we respect others, we invite respect for
There is even greater depth to these lessons when we delve
into words from Jewish tradition. When Ben Zoma spoke
of the wise person, he cited Psalm 119: “From all who
would teach me have I gained understanding.” Later in the
Talmud, Rabbi Hiyya reports, “I have learned much from
my teachers, more from my colleagues, and from my
students the most of all.” There is no experience, no
human interaction, without the opportunity for personal
growth and insight.
Who is mighty? Ben Zoma quotes Proverbs 16:32: “One
who is slow to anger is better than the mighty, and one
who rules one’s spirit than one who conquers a city.”
Many rabbinic sages spoke at great length about our yetzer,
the “id” of our divine creation. On the one hand, without
an id, we wouldn’t have the inclination to work, achieve,
or even learn. If our id is beyond our control, however, we
cannot maintain relationships, be contributing members of
society, or have a sense of our own goodness and merit.
All must be held in balance.
Who is rich? One who follows the teaching of Psalm 128:
“When you eat what your hands have provided, you shall
be happy and good will be yours.” We can enjoy
everything in moderation; there is a distinction between
satiety and gluttony, between living within one’s means
and grasping for every material object just beyond our
reach. We are especially rich, of course, when we have a
bit remaining—time or material—to share with those in
Finally, who is honored? We turn to the First Book of
Samuel, words ascribed directly to God: “I honor those
who honor Me, but those who spurn me shall be
dishonored.” Following God’s example, we learn that
honor is reciprocated quite naturally. When we show
others respect—peers, subordinates, children and elders—
we receive the same in return. We build a community and
society based on building up others, not of tearing them
We note, of course, that none of these virtues—wisdom,
strength, success, or respect—can be attained in isolation.
Each is a product of community and our participation
within it. We achieve our highest potential in relationship
with others. And we help others reach their personal
potential when we offer them the gifts of ourselves.
Shalom Uv’rachah—Peace and Blessing,
Rabbi Sheila Goloboy
Dear Fellow Member:
The Yin and the Yang
There is a popular song now called Hot ‘n Cold, and
the lyrics go something like this:
You’re hot then you’re cold
You’re yes then you’re no
You’re in then you’re out
You’re up then you’re down
That sounds a lot like the last month for me. As you
probably know by now, I lost my dad last month.
While he lived a good full life (he was 89), and he was
happy every day of it, he was still my dad and it was
incredibly painful. But the outpouring of love and
support from our little congregation was stunning. The
kind words, the cards, the calls, the hugs, the tears, the
donations, the food, the offers to help with anything
we needed, the support and respect shown at the
services, and even just the warm caring smiles made
an unbelievably sad situation somehow bearable. Only
at a small congregation can this come so naturally. It
was not institutional. It was real, and I will forever
remember you all for it.
It always will be.
Thank you all.
Come hear the Cantor’s beautiful voice
at the Shabbat Services on:
May 4 - 8 pm
May 18 - 7:30 pm
And as you also probably also know by now, I had my
proudest day ever in April as my daughter
was called as a Bat Mitzvah. It was one of
the best days of my life. It was incredibly
The Summer Splash Committee is busy at work planning this
joyous. The outpouring of love and support
year’s event. We have the place, we have the band and we have
from our little congregation was stunning.
started to gather interesting items to offer to congregants. Now
The kind words, the cards, the calls, the hugs,
we need your help. Do you have access to something that would
the tears, the donations, the food, the offers to
be of interest to congregants? Think about your contacts, your
help with anything we needed, the support
friends, your relatives and your attic. We are looking for:
and respect shown at the service, and even
✦ Tickets to TV shows, plays and/or sporting events
just the warm caring smiles made an
unbelievably happy situation even happier.
✦ Framed paintings or photos
Only at small a congregation can this come so
✦ Services that you can provide (catering, tax preparation, teeth
naturally. It was not institutional. It was real,
whitening, tutoring, etc)
and I will forever remember you all for it.
✦ Unused electronic and technology products (iPods, TVs,
We all have things happen in our lives. We
experience the saddest of the sad, and the
Please contact Mark Meltzer or Barbara Ring with your
joyous of the joy, and everything in between.
donation ideas. Thanks so much.
But whether it’s a sad day or a joyous day, or
anything in between, PJC is there for us.
PJC Junior Youth Group
Movie Premiers and Awards
PJC Originals and a Surprise Short or Two—Sunday May 6 at 2:00 pm
For more information or to RSVP, please contact Angie Klemes at
[email protected] Junior Youth Group “Bring Your Own Utensil” Dinner Recap
Hello All,
Once again, we had a fun evening at a PJC Junior Youth Group Event. Our traditional Thanksgiving meal was eaten most
creatively, with awards going to participants:
• Rachel Silberg—BBQ Fork: Most Functional Utensil
• Paige Silverstein—Can Opener: Messiest Eater
• Pamela Stern—Ice Tongs—Neatest Eater
• Haley Lustbader—MixerAttachment: Most Creative Utensil
• Rebecca Orlick was a standout in both her sous chef and ice cream sundae eating abilities, landing this cutie pie
the Best Helper Award.
You would have been amazed at the culinary skills of these 5th & 6th graders. They mashed, they mixed, they tore, and
they sliced like master chefs. Paige Silverstein won an excessive amount of lollipops with our word games, with Rachel
Silberg giving her a run for her money—or pops! Aaron Orlick & Stephen Klemes bonded as the only males at the dinner
and made some tasty seltzer for all.
After dinner, game night was on. The kids separated M&Ms into favorite colors, holding on to their spoils. But the hit of
the evening was the balloon obstacle course, won by Sophie Klemes in 66 seconds. Imagine a kid running around going
over chairs, under tables, around columns all while having over 25 blown up balloons attached to her body. And if the
balloons all popped she would have been disqualified.
Movie premiere afternoon is coming up. Submissions must be under 8 minutes long and recorded on a DVD. Even if
you’re not submitting a video, come to enjoy the afternoon—May 6 at 2pm. Attire is formal! We will also view some
professional shorts and have popcorn, M&Ms chasers and smoothies.
See you at the movies,
Angie Klemes, JYG Parent Advisor
PARTY—formerly PJCY
Elections and Barbecue
Sunday, May 20 — Time/Location TBA
All 8th-12th Grade Students are Welcome
For more information, or if you are interested in running for PARTY Board next year,
please contact Jordana Cohen, PARTY Advisor, at [email protected]
April was a very busy month at PJC. We had our
model seder, our Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Memorial
Day) observance and began our Israel unit, the final
unit of the year. Our model seder was a model of
what PJC is all about. We connected our theme of
pursuing righteousness to the rituals of Passover. Our
students studied the text of the hagaddah and then
linked it to their lives. “Let all who are hungry come
and eat,” “we were slaves in Egypt” and ”next year
in Jerusalem” became calls to action. Lucky for us,
we have a member with lots of experience in acting
on Jewish values, Liz Johnson, mom of Ben and Sam.
Liz kindly shared her know how about how to
advocate for social justice. Our students sent more
than twenty letters to Senator Kirsten Gillibrand
urging her to support full funding for the food stamps
program and explaining how that aligns with their
Jewish values.
Before our model seder we sent invitations to PJC’s
seasoned members asking them to join us for our
model seder and to bring along a picture of a person
who has had a positive influence on them. Marian
and Stuart Morgenstern and Judy Epstein graciously
joined us for the traditional pre-Passover seder
practice. They shared with the students how one
person can make a difference in the lives of others.
Marian herself is a perfect of example of that. She
has been coming weekly to work with our students on
their Hebrew. Her gentle manner has made big fans
of the students and teachers alike.
Our observance of Yom haShoah makes this lesson
even more important. Earlier in the year our Zayin
class worked with Morah Rochelle Potak and Ilise
Bernstein, mother of Daliah Bernstein. Rochelle and
Elise put their hearts and souls into their presentation
of the facts, history and people of that era. They took
an in-depth approach to the background of the
Holocaust and highlighted the groups involved in this
tragedy: bullies, victims, bystanders and upstanders.
Yes, we want our students to know what happened to
the Jews during the Holocaust, but maybe even more,
we want them to know that they should be
upstanders; that one person can make a difference.
There are so many people who contribute to making
our Religious School a great place to learn. Our
wonderful teachers couldn’t do their work without the
support of the Religious School Committee, chaired
by Linda Feldman, the Board and the Rabbi. Thank
you to all of the PJC members who make a difference
in the lives of our students.
B’ahava, with love,
Morah Jessica
Pictures from Model Seder
May Shabbat Services
*Friday, May 4, 8:00 pm, led by PARTY (formerly PJCY) High School Youth Group
Friday, May 11, 8:00 pm with choir participation
*Friday, May 18, 7:30 pm Earlier Service including Religious School teacher appreciation
Friday, May 25, 8:00 pm
Saturday, May 26, 7:30 pm Erev Shavuot Service, dessert, and Study with Temple Beth
Israel, led by Rabbi Sheila Goloboy and Rabbi Michael Mishkin at TBI.
Friday, June 1, 8:00 pm celebrating Confirmation and PARTY Installation
*Rayna Dushman, our Student Cantor, will be with us at these services.
Weekly Torah Portions
May 4-5
13 Iyar
Acharei Mot/ K'doshim
Leviticus 16:1-20:27
May 11-12
20 Iyar
Leviticus 21:1-24:23
May 18-19
27 Iyar
B'har/ B'chukotai
Leviticus 25:1-27:34
May 25-26
5 Sivan
Numbers 1:1-4:20
by Marsha Appel
Rabbi Goloboy used a poignant anecdote by Primo Levi to start this pre-Yom Hashoah observance Board
meeting. After Levi grabbed an icicle to relieve his thirst at Auschwitz, a guard knocked it out of his hand. To
his “Why?” the guard replied, “In here, there is no why,” and that remains the incomprehensible legacy of the
Holocaust today.
The Passover Wine Tasting, PJC Seder, and our second Movie Night (“A Matter of Size”), had good
attendance. The busy schedule of upcoming events is discussed elsewhere, but of particular note are a
softball game slotted for 5/20 and Summer Splash on 6/2, for which several tables have already been sold,
and the e-mail auction is generating excitement and plenty of bids.
A good portion of the meeting was allocated to a report from Adam Silverstein about the Long Range
Planning initiative. The committee of 13 dedicated congregants has put in a considerable amount of time
developing a vision for PJC and a multi-year plan to work toward goals designed to ensure the long term
growth and success of the temple. Their recommendations have been delivered to the Executive Committee
and will go to the full Board by the end of April. The completed plan will be presented to the congregation at
the annual meeting on June 10, so it will be very important for everyone to attend.
Thank you to:
• Our Pesach Wine Tasting event planners: Marsha Appel and Mark Marcellus, Cheryl Littman and Brett
Klopp, and Varietal Wine and Spirits for donating their time and materials.
• All who helped with our Chocolate Seder: …
• Carolyn Horn and an incredible team of Second Night Seder workers, both in advance and in the moment:
Larry and Daniel Wallick, Susan Rosenberg, Gail Thrope, Dave Marcus, Stern Family, Silverstein Family,
Klemes Family, Judy Epstein, and everyone else who lent a hand.
Mazal Tov to:
Linda and Rich Feldman on the Bat Mitzvah of their daughter, Carly.
Bert and Muriel Brodsky on the birth of their grandson, Gavin Alexander.
Condolences to:
Rich and Linda Feldman, Carly and Noah, on the death of Rich’s father, Bernard (Bernie) Feldman
Michael Thaler and Laury Kassell, Jordan, Luke, and Kyra Thaler on the death of Michael’s father, Leo
The Artwork of Hayley Rose Fuchs
will be exhibited
at the Port Washington Library
Community Gallery - 3rd level
May 5th through May 31st.
What: Join us for a day in Albany to discuss the crucial
issues of today with state legislators and celebrate RJV’s
10th Anniversary with a special reception!
When: Monday, May 7, 2012
Where: Albany, NY!
Register at:
The cost of the entire day, including breakfast, lunch and
the 10th anniversary reception, is $25 (student rates are
Questions? Contact Molly Benoit, RJV Staff, at:
[email protected], or at (202) 387-2800
Reform Jewish Voice (RJV) is a project of the
Commission on Social Action of Reform Judaism that
engages congregations as advocates for progressive
social and economic policies in New York State.
General Fund
Observing the yahrtzeit of Aunt Nettie
Lisa & Robert Alpert
Observing the yahrtzeit of Trudy Dreyfus, mother of
Joan Charney
In honor of Helen & Rich Albertson’s new grandson Finn
In memory of Bernard Feldman, father of Rich Feldman
Joan Charney
In honor of Jessica Hyland’s Bat Mitzvah
Amy & Brian Hyland
Observing the yahrtzeit of Stanley Emerman
Kathy & Bob Emerman
In memory of Bernard Feldman, father of Rich Feldman,
grandfather of Carly & Noah
In memory of Leo Thaler, father of Michael Thaler
Arlene & Joe Labenson
Observing the yahrtzeit of Violet Lustig
Carl Lustig
Mazel Tov to Charlie Safran on becoming a
Bar Mitzvah for the second time
In memory of Rich Feldman’s father
Marian & Stu Morgenstern
With appreciation to PJC
Dawn & Fabian Sauger
Observing the yahrtzeit of Sylvan Silverman
Karen Quesada & Leah and Richard Silverman
Social Action
In honor of the birth of Helen & Rich Albertson’s grandson
In memory of Rich Feldman’s father
Leslie & Arnie Sucher
Rabbis Discretionary Fund
A thank you to the Rabbi and members of PJC for helping to
make the
Temple Emeth/Port Jewish Center Kallah a wonderful
Beverly Lazar
Wednesday, May 16, 8:15 pm - The Eichman
Trial by Deborah Lipstadt
National Jewish Book Award Finalist
(2012) The capture of SS Lieutenant
Colonel Adolf Eichmann by Israeli agents
in Argentina in May of 1960 and his
subsequent trial in Jerusalem by an Israeli
court electrified the world. The public
debate it sparked on where, how, and by
whom Nazi war criminals should be brought
to justice, and the international media coverage of the
trial itself, was a watershed moment in how the civilized
world in general and Holocaust survivors in particular
found the means to deal with the legacy of genocide on a
scale that had never been seen before. Also see the NY
Times review.
Wednesday, June 13, 7:30 0m - Second
Person Singular by Sayed
Kashua. Acclaimed novelist Sayed
Kashua, the creator of the
groundbreaking Israeli sitcom, “Arab
Labor,” has been widely praised for
his literary eye and deadpan wit. His
new novel is considered
internationally to be his most
accomplished and entertaining work
yet. Also see the NY Times review.
Lunch and Learn
The Sixth Book of the Torah: Joshua and the
Promised Land
The Book of Deuteronomy ends with the death of Moses;
the Israelites have yet to cross into the Promised Land.
Enter the next book of the Hebrew Scripture, the Book of
Joshua, which Elie Wiesel calls “A stunning adventure,
the echoes of which reverberate in our consciousness—
and in our newspapers—to this day.”
Our group meets biweekly; come for the series or drop in
when you can. Bring a bag lunch.
Wednesdays at 12:00, May 2, 16, and 30
Adult B’nai Mitzvah Class Begins this Fall!
In honor of the birth of Helen & Richie Albertson’s grandson,
Janice & Gary Zeltzer
This list reflects donations as of April 10. Donations received
after that time will be listed in the next newsletter.
The first stage—learning Hebrew—is winding down. If
you already know Hebrew and would like to join the
group in the fall as we prepare for an adult B’nai Mitzvah
service next spring, please contact Rabbi Goloboy.
photos by Tab Hauser
May 2012 Yahrtzeits
To be read May 4
May 1
May 2
May 4
May 4
Lucille Isaacs, grandmother of Muriel Brodsky
Mollie Goldstein, mother Dan Goldstein
Bob Wolf, Uncle of Michele Greene
Emma Beckerman, grandmother of Dick Silverman
To be read May 11
May 5
May 5
May 8
May 10
Abraham Blumenthal, father of David Hall
Stephen Ginsbourger, brother of Elaine Berman
Irving Lerner, father of Terri Lerner Frey
Raleigh Good, mother of Sara Lucks
To be read May 18
May 14
May 15
May 16
May 16
May 16
May 18
May 18
Marvin Becker, husband of Barbara Becker, father of Susan
Samuel Small, grandfather of Mark Meltzer
Hilda Greene, mother of Michele Greene
William Hochhauser, uncle of Arlene Labenson
Staci Love, niece of Barbara & Joseph Mayer
Alfred Ilton, father of Evelyn Strauss, grandfather of Julie
Tobias Bruner, grandfather of Tab Hauser
To be read May 25
May 19
May 21
May 21
May 23
May 23
May 24
Ira Julian Schulman, father of Elyse Lemonda
Charlotte Potak, mother of Rochelle Potak
Calvin Axinn, brother of Nadine Heyman
Susan Hauser, mother of Tab Hauser
Jack Love, father of Barbara Mayer
Francis Graham, uncle of Janice Zeltzer
To be read June 1
May 30
May 3
May 31
Harold Alpert, father of Rob Alpert
Ruth Hyman, Friend of Elaine Berman
Zeena Thrope, mother of Jeff Thrope
May their
memories be a
for us all.
*Asterisks indicate that a loved one has been permanently memorialized with a plaque in the temple
sanctuary. If you are interested in acquiring a plaque for your loved one, please contact the PJC office.
Save the Dates!
June 1, Services including
Confirmation and PARTY (formerly
PJCY) Board Installation, 8:00 pm
June 2, Saturday: Summer Splash,
7:30 pm
June 3, PJC Booth at Harborfest,
10 am to 3 pm
June 10, Annual Meeting,
followed by bagel brunch, 10 am
June 15, Friday: First Summer
Outdoor Service, 6:30 pm
Port Jewish Center Newsletter
Submission deadline is the 10th of the month prior to publication.
Newsletter Editor: Susan Rosenberg
Please send all submissions to [email protected]
and [email protected]
20 Manorhaven Boulevard
Port Washington, New York 11050
516-944-7202 Phone 516-944-7693 Fax
Rabbi Sheila Beth Goloboy
Student Cantor Rayna Dushman
(contact via main office)
Jessica Braginsky, Religious School Director
[email protected]
Cindy Ellner, Office Manager
[email protected]
Laurie Ellis, Bookkeeper
[email protected]
Marcelo Fernandez, Custodian
Jordana Cohen, PJCY Advisor
All submissions to the Newsletter should be sent
to [email protected] and
[email protected] by the 10th of the month
prior to the Newsletter issue.
Would you like to Save a Tree or Two?
You can now receive the PJC Monthly
Newsletter as a PDF File!
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Be the first to read the news at the comfort of
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PJC Office Hours
Our administrative office hours are:
Mondays, 12:30 to 6:30 pm
Wednesdays, 12:30 to 6:30 pm
Fridays, 10:00-4:00 pm
Beginning May 14, MWF 10-4
[email protected]
[email protected]
President: Richard M. Feldman ([email protected])
1st Vice President: Adam Silverstein
2nd Vice President: Renae Cohen
Treasurer: Gary Zeltzer ([email protected])
Corresponding Secretary: Mark Meltzer
Recording Secretary: Tina Fuchs
Immediate Past President: Hilary David Ring
Helen Albertson
Marsha Appel
Judy Epstein Curtis
Amy Hyland
Stephen Klemes
Arlene Labenson
Susan Rosenberg
Larry Stern
Arnie Sucher
Gail Thrope
Larry Wallick
Arthur Zeidman
Donna Berman, Rabbi Emerita
Teacher Appreciation Shabbat
May 18, 2012 6:15 Dinner; 7:30 Service
Join Rabbi Goloboy and Student Cantor Dushman for Shabbat services,
honor our Religious School faculty and celebrate the end of our Religious School year
We invite the entire congregation to join us for a special Shabbat dinner
Please RSVP with payment by May 14: $15 adults; $10.00 children ages 4-13
Port Jewish Center
20 Manorhaven Blvd.
Port Washington, NY 11050

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