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magine applying to one of the top universities in the United States. Imagine being accepted
into one of the premier business schools in the country. And finally, imagine graduating
with a degree from a nationally recognized program of study.
Those statements define many of the outstanding programs in the College of Business at
Illinois State University. We are pleased to again be included as one of the Best Undergraduate
Business Schools 2013 by Bloomberg Businessweek. As you spend time exploring this issue of
News and Views, you will find examples of excellence that are part of the fabric and culture
of the college’s exemplary programs.
Many of the college’s activities in the 2013-2014 academic year will be guided by innovation,
impact, and engagement. These themes, borrowed from the college’s accrediting agency (The
Assembly to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, or AACSB), will frame discussions related
to students, faculty and staff, curriculum, alumni, financial resources, our business partners, and
our friends and supporters. We are looking forward to reexamining our mission and strategic
plan to strengthen our position as the leader in undergraduate business education in the state.
We are also mindful that our nationally ranked master’s in accountancy programs and MBA
program will be important components as we advance our mission and strategic plan.
Earl Nightingale, a renowned motivational speaker, often quoted the phrase, “We become
what we think about.” David J. Schwartz, author of The Magic of Thinking Big, wrote,
“Think little goals and expect little achievements. Think big goals and win big success.”
I generally agree with those statements.
If we think about big ideas, we naturally plan a course of action to achieve those ideas. At
the college’s opening faculty/staff conference in August we challenged ourselves to Think Big.
A similar exercise was conducted with the presidents of the college’s 23 student organizations.
The discussions generated many noteworthy Big ideas. We will continue to discuss and act
on those ideas within the themes of innovation, impact, and engagement.
You will be interested to know that students in the inaugural cohort of the college’s
Chicago MBA program is nearing the midpoint in their 12-course plan of study. Each course
in the accelerated program meets on Friday evenings and all day Saturday on alternating
weekends for three sessions. An extra week is added between each course to complete final
case studies, research projects, and exams. The program has received outstanding reviews.
A tentative schedule for the second cohort has been released with courses beginning October
24, 2014. We anticipate strong demand for the second offering of the Chicago program. Target
participants include mid- to upper-level corporate managers, business entrepreneurs, and other
institutional leaders. For additional information on this high-quality and nationally recognized
program, please contact the MBA office at [email protected]
I sincerely appreciate your continued support of and investment in the College of Business.
Your investment allows the college to continue and increase student scholarships and student
leadership initiatives, to attract and retain an outstanding faculty, and to advance Big ideas.
The College of Business has been my academic home for more than 30 years. It was an
honor to serve as the head of the Department of Accounting and have the opportunity to
work with an outstanding accounting and business information systems faculty and staff for
the last eight years. I am humbled by the opportunity and look forward to the challenge of
serving as interim dean of the College of Business for the next two years.
Gerry McKean ’72, M.S. ’75, Ph.D. ’85
Interim Dean
College of Business
News & Views 1
2 Illinois State University College of Business
College startup with humanitarian
mission finds roots in COB
ore than 6,000 children die daily from water-related diseases,
according to UNICEF. Diarrheal diseases, malaria, and other
maladies are common in areas where clean water and safe
sanitation practices are rare. Josh Weingart ’13 has made it his
personal mission to bring clean water to Africa.
A member of Encounter, a nondenominational registered student
organization, Weingart attended a presentation by Christian Ministries
Fellowship International on clean water projects in Africa. That short
presentation was transformational.
“It instantly clicked,” Weingart said. “It was something I always
wanted to do.”
Weingart, a finance and entrepreneurship major, traveled to
Kenya in 2010 with a plan to focus on well drilling in a rural desert
area. He immediately recognized the need for clean water, seeing
people walking miles a day to get it. For many the only alternative was
consuming water filled with silt, sand, and even feces.
“If you talk about dropping a well somewhere, most people think
of big machines, which can cost over $10,000,” Weingart said. “But
when you drop a well without community involvement, it is not
maintained, and no longer in use.”
Rather than using heavy machinery to drill a well that would mildew,
rust, and fall into disuse in little more than a year, five members of the
Clean Water Team, the missionaries’ full-time drilling crew, paired with
five men selected from the community to work with shovels, augers, and
PVC pipe to create a well that would provide clean water.
“The community is raising leaders to take care of the well,”
Weingart said. “It is more productive because the community had
to invest in it and will take care of it.”
The wells produced are more shallow and built closer to riverbeds
than the ones that would be produced with heavy machinery, but the
benefits are great. The men who work on the well gain an understanding
of how it was created, which allows them to make small repairs as
needed. Also, a sense of ownership is created as a direct result of the
community leaders participating in the project.
But Weingart noticed another change that wells can make.
“Water wells also bring girls to school,” Weingart said. “Young
women in the family are known for getting the water. If you put
wells near school, girls are able to attend and then bring back water.”
Kenya—sandals fashioned from old car tires—and thought that this
could be the product he was looking for. The sandals are created by
cutting the tire in the shape of a foot and then using foam and natural
hemp for the padding and strap. The sandals are comfortable, longlasting, and can even resist the rugged terrain of the African deserts.
Weingart spent the next year using his contacts to find a manufacturer
in Kenya that could produce the product he wanted.
With partnerships in place, Weingart founded WaterDrop Shop,
a for-profit, for-purpose company with the mission of drilling clean
water wells in Africa. By selling tire sandals made by Maasai Treads,
a Kenya-based manufacturer, Weingart is able to employ local
workers with a fair trade and wage standard, promote sustainability,
and give back to the region.
“I’ve always had trouble just asking people for money from
a charity standpoint,” Weingart said. “I always liked selling in
fundraisers growing up because you get something for the charity
and someone else receives something as well.”
Ten percent of the sale of each pair of sandals goes toward digging
a well, which, when done through the method Weingart experienced,
costs only $2,500.
Weingart and his team, comprised of interns exclusively from Illinois
State, have already made enough money through a combination of sales
and fundraisers such as the Color Drop 5K to fund the first well.
As he moves forward, Weingart continues to draw on the lessons
learned from faculty in the College of Business to ensure that he is
“ISU is the breeding ground of the entire WaterDrop scenario,”
Weingart said. “Encounter led me to Africa. Study Abroad led me to
Australia, and I found direction from the entrepreneurship team and
Doan Winkel, who pushed me to go outside of the box where I was
WaterDrop Shop has garnered a great deal of attention, making
Inc. magazine’s 2013 list of America’s Coolest College Startups.
However the young entrepreneur takes the praise in stride.
“Publicity is publicity,” Weingart said. “It goes until it turns into
sales, then into revenue, which turns into wells.”
Weingart is working as a full-time consultant for Design &
Technical Services and directly funding WaterDrop Shop. He plans to
grow the endeavor by creating a brand ambassador program, increasing
inventory, and expanding into new markets. However Weingart
measures the success of WaterDrop Shop in wells—not dollars.
“Our main goal is to sell sustainable products with a purpose,” he
said. “I call my team my family. We are out there to serve the good.
We are not in it for the money. We’re a wholehearted group of college
students with the passion and determination to change the world.”
Weingart wasn’t home from Kenya for long before heading off
on his next adventure—a study abroad trip to Australia. While there,
he saw the large part sustainability played in daily life. Weingart
observed that most houses had solar panels and many buildings,
including some large chain stores, used rain barrels to collect water.
Returning from his second major trip abroad, Weingart began
to create an idea from what he had seen.
“When I got back I started unpacking and thinking about
sustainability and Africa,” Weingart said. “I started to figure out
what I wanted to do and what product could help me do it.”
He happened across a pair of tire sandals he had purchased in
News & Views 3
Several Illinois State students are leading
unique campus sustainability efforts they
created during a 24-hour competition
co-sponsored by the College of Business.
he student-led efforts born from last spring’s Act On Climate
Change Today (ACCT) event include a living wall garden to
complement a revitalization of Campus Dining’s West Campus
herb garden and to demonstrate the value of such vertical space-savers;
a campus rain-barrel water collection system powered by a solar pump;
and expansion of an Illinois State energy monitoring program.
“The College of Business created the event to bring together speakers
talking about the science of climate change, and what students and
universities could do to address it, and then letting students share
their ideas and try to get a plan put together,” said James Jones, director
of the Katie School of Insurance and Financial Services and one of
the inaugural event’s organizers, along with Peter Kaufman, who
teaches marketing, and Missy Nergard from Illinois
State’s Office of Sustainability.
About 50 people took part in the
one-day conference on April
15, 2013. Students
I“ T H I N N E S S E S A N S I N T H E L
campus came to hear
Nobel Peace Prize-winning
scientist Don Wuebbles discuss the U.S.
National Climate Assessment. Wuebbles shared
the 2007 Nobel Prize for his role on the international
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. At Illinois State,
he talked about the science behind climate change, as well as
consequences if it isn’t addressed.
Several speakers followed, sharing information about their
organizations’ sustainability projects. Next it was time for
brainstorming—with facilitators leading an open space session,
which uses a discussion circle to promote the flow of ideas.
Out of that evolved seeds for campus sustainability projects,
4 Illinois State University College of Business
with the larger group breaking into five- to seven-person groups
putting together plans. Proposals were due just one day later. The
College of Business provided three winning proposals up to $1,000
to make their group’s idea a reality. Judges used a rubric of how
realistic a one-year completion was for each proposal, how much
each plan utilized ISU student involvement, and whether proposals
were potentially feasible in economic terms, said Jones.
ACCT gave students an opportunity to demonstrate to potential
employers they offer more than merely a pro-sustainability view, said
Kaufman. Developing and managing these projects requires students
to use business budgeting and management practices to make projects
successful in the one-year time frame, he said.
“Having some knowledge about the science involved with
sustainability and why it matters” helps Illinois State graduates stand
out to employers, Kaufman said.
“What we’ve done with Act on Climate Change Today is essentially
project-based learning,” he said, offering real-world experience that’s
similar to an internship.
The college’s focus on sustainability extends beyond a single event.
In 2007 the college became one of the first business schools in the U.S.
to sign onto the UN-sponsored Principles for Responsible Management
Education (PRME) initiative, a framework for academic institutions to
advance socially responsive corporate behavior such as sustainability.
Since then, the COB has created a new minor in business
environment and sustainability, with the first cohort starting last
spring. When college leaders considered the new minor, they sought
feedback from their main 25 employer partners. Almost all of those
companies said they considered sustainability knowledge as valuable
in new hires, said Jones.
In the next decade, businesses will be expected to move beyond
sustainability awareness into sustainability action, said Kaufman.
“I think there’s really been a sea change at U.S. businesses and
among consumers about sustainability issues in the last five years,”
said Kaufman, the marketing professor who helped craft the business
and sustainability minor. In his Marketing Sustainable Products
course, Kaufman teaches students how sustainability permeates every
industry—from renewable energy companies to carmakers.
The sustainability minor—a track now with about 35 students—
is an interdisciplinary curriculum, with several students from areas
such as agriculture sciences and renewable energy, said Jones.
“A lot of students want to get into a job where they are making
a difference, but they don’t necessarily know events to take part in
or the sequence to study,” said Kaufman. “This minor is one way.”
The College of Business and the Office of Sustainability hope
ACCT becomes an annual event, with students playing a larger role
in its planning.
Student competition boosts Corporate Social
Responsibility Day
n today’s business world, it’s not just being in the red or the black
that counts. It’s who’s in the green.
Companies are pushing sustainability issues for myriad reasons,
from the impact on their bottom line to larger issues of corporate
social responsibility.
Illinois State’s College of Business knows this, and over the past
decade has evolved to meet the need for new graduates with green
credentials. The new business environment and sustainability minor
in the Department of Management and Quantitative Methods
(MQM) is one notable change to the curriculum.
Another way the college is focusing on sustainability issues is
through events like Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Day,
which in 2013 added a new a sustainability case-study competition.
“CSR Day is part of the college’s annual Business Week, and is a
major practical experience for students involved in planning the
$25,000 event,” said college marketing director Steve Vandiver,
who advises Business Week’s student leaders.
“CSR Day is an annual event, but this year’s focus on sustainability
was a new twist,” said Norris Porter, the college’s senior development
director. About 150 students attended CSR Day’s main event, the threehour session in the State Farm Hall of Business Caterpillar Auditorium.
Corporate guests judged the case-study competition, which featured
six teams from an MQM sustainability course squaring off.
The groups were charged with the imaginary case of a corporation
trying to decide whether to send its employees on commercial airlines
for business trips, or if it should purchase its own fleet of jet planes.
Students had to factor in costs and benefits of both options, as well
as look at the corporation’s social responsibility, in terms of sustainability.
Porter worked with student CSR Day coordinators to bring in
speakers for the March 23 event from Peoria-based Caterpillar Inc.,
and COUNTRY Financial, GROWMARK, and The Farnsworth
Group, all based in Bloomington.
Timothy Lindsey, Caterpillar’s global director of sustainability
development, shared how a giant corporation such as his dedicates an
entire division to green business. Rob McDade, COUNTRY’s vice
president of customer service, and Amy Bradford, GROWMARK’s
corporate communications manager, each come from companies
with origins tied to the agriculture industry.
Farnsworth representatives Don Forest and Brian Gable discussed
how their engineering and architectural firm has become increasingly
involved in sustainability design. Farnsworth projects have included
work on LEED-certified buildings and the town of Normal’s Uptown
Circle water garden, an internationally recognized park space designed
to exhibit sustainability.
Andrea Northen ’13 and Ashley Carboni spent their junior year
on the 2013 Business Week planning committee. Their job was to
develop a successful CSR Day.
“Not only did we get to interact with these professionals, but we also
learned how many ways sustainability factored into different companies’
cultures, missions and goals,” said Northen, now a graduate of the
marketing program. She said it was also interesting how companies
differ on their interpretations of corporate social responsibility.
The case-study competition and all of CSR Day’s activities fit well
with the college’s goal of incorporating more active-based learning into
the curriculum, said Porter. Private and corporate financial support
(including donated time from industry professionals) continually
expand these opportunities, he said.
Events and competitions such as CSR Day, which combined the
case study and networking opportunities with corporate executives,
help Illinois State’s business students increase their marketability on
the job hunt. These active-based learning experiences arm graduates
with much more than academic knowledge; they allow students to
also bring real-life experience to future employers.
News & Views 5
OUR G , $50, $75,
6 Illinois State University College of Business
covers the cost to provide Business
Week activities for one student
allows one student to attend a corporate tour, mentoring
visit, or job shadowing for a day in Chicago
covers student membership dues for national
organizations such as Toastmasters International
contribution from three alumni sends one student
to a regional or national professional conference
funding in
fiscal year
2014 is
to state
funding in
fiscal year
Last year,
alumni made
their first gift
to ISU.
support is
less than
Illinois State
student debt is lower than
the national average.
The studentto-faculty ratio
remains at
of total
students received
scholarships from
private gifts last year.
of all alumni gifts
last year were
$100 or less.
News & Views 7
.S. ’8ment, Co
rter f Develo
tor o
By Nor Direc
We appreciate the financial support of our alumni, friends, and
corporate partners. Your gifts are an investment in emerging talent
and are critical to advancing the national reputation and excellence of
the College of Business, enhancing the value and pride of an Illinois
State degree.
Your continued support will ensure that future students continue
to have the same opportunities that you experienced. Our No. 1
challenge is to maintain excellence while remaining affordable and
accessible without burdening students with mountains of debt.
Private funding, including scholarships, will help us meet this
Illinois State recently jumped two spots on U.S. News & World
Report’s rankings of the top public universities in the U.S., to 81st in
the nation. One of the reasons: Illinois State maintains a graduation
rate of 71.5 percent, far above the national average of 56 percent for
public universities.
This fall Washington Monthly confirmed the value of an
investment in an Illinois State education by ranking us among the
top 50 universities in the country on its “Best Bang for the Buck”
list, based on our high graduation rate, affordability, and low loan
default rate of alumni. The loan default rate for Illinois State is only
8 Illinois State University College of Business
3 percent, while the Illinois average is 14.4 percent and the national
average is 13.4 percent. More than 78 percent of Illinois State
students receive some type of financial aid each year.
Thinking Big will mean something different to everyone. Maybe
making your first gift to support the College of Business is Thinking
Big. Increasing your annual gift might be Thinking Big. And to
others, establishing a legacy by creating an endowment or including
a gift provision in your estate planning is Thinking Big.
Every gift is important, and every gift makes a difference in the
life of a student. Thank you for your continued support and faith
in the quality of an Illinois State University education.
URRE $22,090?
100 O
• Our long-term goal is to have an endowment large enough
to generate $1 million per year in income. This would require
an endowment in the $25 million range. The current college
endowment is valued at $14.8 million, with an additional
$2.5 million in expendable funds.
• Funding priorities include support for faculty, students,
technology, and the general excellence fund—investing
in the future of the college.
• We want to grow annual alumni participation from 6.8 percent
to 10 percent. (Less than 19 percent of our funding now comes
from the State of Illinois.)
• Increase confirmed deferred gifts, including bequests, trusts
and life insurance, with a three-year goal of at least $3 million.
(As of June 30, 2013, our total after year one is $3,340,454.)
Toni Burningham ’12 was hired in August
as the associate director of development for
the College of Business. Burningham works
in conjunction with the senior director of
development in helping constituents interested
in supporting the College of Business and
its various programs and centers.
Burningham previously served as a
development associate at Illinois State University
for five years, and before that she worked for eight years at the University
of California Los Angeles in the development office. She enjoys
traveling, meeting new people, and experiencing new cultures.
Increasing confirmed deferred gifts, including bequests, trusts, life
insurance, and charitable gift annuities, can play a powerful role in
generating funds to help the college while also helping donors fulfill
their personal financial and philanthropic priorities. Over the last
three years, 29 percent of all new gifts and commitments were the
result of deferred planned gifts.
Consider why Pat Grogg decided to make
a planned gift. Grogg joined the faculty of
the College of Business in 1976. Grogg, who
specialized in business writing, immediately
took on the task of teaching Business Report
Writing. The course was the first step on a
journey with Illinois State that would span
decades. Though Grogg retired in 1998 after
23 years in the classroom, her relationship
with the University did not end. She established a legacy as the
founding donor of Wisdom’s Torch.
“Wisdom’s Torch is about having the extras available so that students
can attend a conference, a professor can buy sophisticated software,
or even support something as simple as a train ticket to Chicago. Not
every one of our students has those experiences as a part of growing up,
whether they are from the suburbs or the farm,” Grogg said.
Grogg has already made two gifts to Wisdom’s Torch, one in cash
and another as a planned gift.
“The nice thing about a planned gift is that you can put a number
in now, and then you can adapt what might be possible as life goes
on,” Grogg said. “Wisdom’s Torch is an endowed fund that benefits
students. Your gift can honor a faculty member who made a
difference in your life.”
PLEASE CONTACT NORRIS PORTER AT (309) 438-2297 OR [email protected]
News & Views 9
We appreciate our supporters who have established the following new
endowments, scholarships, and restricted funds during the past year:
Brad Halverson, chief financial officer and group president of
corporate services at Caterpillar, directed the creation of this fund
to help recruit and retain outstanding faculty in the Department
of Accounting at Illinois State. The College of Business appreciates
the support from the Caterpillar Foundation and its business units,
as well as the support and involvement of many alumni who are
employed at Caterpillar.
Phillip S. Clary ’83, M.S. ’85, and Lee Ann (Baker) Sauers ’83 created
this scholarship to benefit business students with preference given
annually to nontraditional students, including married students and
students with children. Phil began his career as an auditor for the
Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and then spent 23 years as an examiner
for FINRA (formally NASD and the NASDAQ stock market), the
self-regulatory organization for the securities industry. Lee Ann
spent her entire career as an accountant in the commodities industry,
moving from staff accountant, to controller, to chief financial officer
for companies at the Chicago Board of Trade.
Give online at Advancement.IllinoisState.edu/PLClary
The Caroline Kern Craig Scholarship is intended to help defray the
high costs of education for students with accounting majors who
have demonstrated a record of high academic achievement at the
collegiate level and who appear to have a potential for meaningful
career accomplishment. The scholarship was created by Tom Craig
and Jon Farney ’93 to honor Caroline’s legacy of teaching excellence,
scholarship, service, and commitment to student welfare. Jon is a
past president of Beta Gamma Sigma at Illinois State University and
remembers fondly Caroline’s influence on his life during his time as a
student on campus. Caroline, whose life was cut short when she died
in her early 50s, was the beloved wife of Tom Craig. Both Caroline
and Tom spent their entire post-Ph.D. careers at Illinois State teaching
undergraduate and graduate accounting classes.
Give online at Advancement.IllinoisState.edu/CKC
Kevin Price ’78 and Tom Schramm ’79 created this fund to help
recruit and retain outstanding faculty in the Department of
Accounting. Kevin and Tom both work in advisory services within
Ernst & Young (EY). Kevin is a partner and Tom is a principal. Their
hope is that The Ernst & Young Faculty Accounting Award will
also add visibility for EY within the accounting faculty and student
body at Illinois State University. Kevin and Tom are both married to
Illinois State graduates. Both wives are named Dorothy—Dorothy
Price ’78 and Dorothy Schramm ’79. Kevin and Tom hope that this
faculty award will be useful and help continue the tradition
of accounting excellence at Illinois State.
Give online at Advancement.IllinoisState.edu/ErnstYoung
10 Illinois State University College of Business
William (Bill) England ’77 is a partner with PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLC in Chicago. He and his wife Nancy ’77 established
this endowment to recruit and retain outstanding accounting faculty
in the College of Business. For more than 30 years Bill has enjoyed
serving multinational companies, both domestic and foreign based.
He has been the lead engagement partner on Sara Lee Corporation,
Kraft Foods, Keebler Company, and Fortune Brands and has
significant SEC experience, advising clients on numerous large
acquisitions and divestitures. Bill is a member of the College
of Business Hall of Fame.
Give online at Advancement.IllinoisState.edu/England
The Eovaldi Family Accounting Scholarship was established in 2013
by George and Carol Eovaldi. Five of their six children are graduates
of Illinois State University. George enjoyed a 39-year career with
State Farm, retiring in 1994 as vice president of accounting. It was
in 1981 that George began a close association with academe and
Illinois State, serving on the College of Business and Accounting
Advisory councils for more than 25 years. In 1989, he was asked to
be part of the American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business
accrediting body in St. Louis. George is a member of the College
of Business Hall of Fame.
Give online at Advancement.IllinoisState.edu/Eovaldi
Stephen Hagge ’73 is CEO of AptarGroup, Inc. The AptarGroup
family of companies is the leader in the global dispensing systems
industry with more than 10,000 dedicated employees in 19
countries. His wife Sharon is also a graduate of Illinois State. Steve
fondly remembers Max Rexroad, a former accounting professor.
Max was instrumental in his success during college. Steve created
this fund to help recruit and retain outstanding faculty in the
Department of Accounting. Steve is a member of the College
of Business Hall of Fame.
Give online at Advancement.IllinoisState.edu/Hagge
Mark ’79 and Linda ’76 Hauptman decided to establish this
scholarship fund as a continuation for their support to education.
Preference will be given annually to accounting majors and members
of Alpha Tau Omega fraternity. Mark worked in public accounting
for five years and then moved to the insurance industry where he
spent more than 20 years with HealthMarkets Inc. and held several
accounting and executive positions, including chief financial officer
and executive vice president of sales and marketing. He retired in
2009 and became part owner of a plastic injection molding company
that manufactures jars, caps, liners, pencils, and closures for the
cosmetic industry.
Give online at Advancement.IllinoisState.edu/Hauptman
This award is named for Connie Duffy Krug, who devoted herself
to the personal and professional development of business students
until her retirement in 2000. Connie was an integral part of the
College of Business for more than 20 years. She was responsible for
many programs that honored students and alumni or welcomed
distinguished guests. Through the planning and development of
many of these events, she mentored and guided students as they
learned about leadership, organization, and responsibility. Connie
was known and loved by many years of Business Week and College
of Business Executive Council (COBEC) officers with whom she
worked closely. This award was endowed in 2013.
Give online at Advancement.IllinoisState.edu/Krug
Wisdom’s Torch is a new endowment
Mark Loveall ’88 created this fund to support students majoring or
minoring in insurance. Mark is a vice president for Chartis Insurance
located in San Francisco. He is passionate about his Illinois State
experience and the opportunities it has provided to him. Mark was
an active member of Delta Sigma Pi while on campus, making many
strong friendships that continue today. He is a proud graduate of
Illinois State, and this scholarship is his way of “paying it forward.”
Both of his parents, Philip and Mary Ann Loveall, are Illinois State
alums, graduating in 1963.
Give online at Advancement.IllinoisState.edu/MLI
funded by current and retired faculty and
donors to this fund will have pledged or
This scholarship has been established by Tri Star Marketing,
Accounting Alumni (’73), and friends from Illinois State University
as a tribute to Steve Michels and those who have been afflicted with
ALS, commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Preference will
be given to students who have ALS or who have a parent who has/
had ALS. During Steve’s professional career he exemplified moral
and ethical integrity through his hard work, loyalty, perseverance,
dedication to others and deep Christian faith. Steve had a 37-year
career with Tri Star Marketing, ultimately serving as the chief
financial officer.
Give online at Advancement.IllinoisState.edu/SteveMichels
staff, and those who wish to honor current
and retired faculty and staff of the College
of Business. This fund supports essential
teaching and learning initiatives. Charter
gifted a total of $10,000 prior to December
31, 2013. Current donors include:
William and Nancy England
in honor of Jim Hallam
Elizabeth and Karl Freeburg
in honor of Patricia Grogg
The Patrick G. Ryan Endowed Scholarship Fund was established
in 2012 to honor Patrick Ryan’s legacy of providing leadership to
the insurance industry. The fund will provide financial support to
attract and develop the next generation of industry leaders through
the insurance program at Illinois State University and the support
of the Katie School of Insurance and Financial Services. Ryan is the
founder and retired executive chairman of Aon Corporation, which
today operates with more than 500 offices in 120 countries. He
founded Ryan Specialty Group (RSG) as a holding company aimed
at providing specialty services to insurance brokers, agents
and carriers.
Give online at Advancement.IllinoisState.edu/PGRyan
Patricia Grogg in honor of the
students and faculty of the future
Kimberly and Kenneth Warmbier
in honor of Khalid Razaki (Raz)
The College of Business is proud to recognize the following new
members to the Illinois State University Foundation’s Heritage
Society for making a deferred gift provision in support of the
College of Business:
Scott D. and Mary T. Johnson
Charles and Joan McGuire
Dixie Mills
John and Therese Rigas in honor
of LaVerne A. Cox
Donna and Phillip Zarcone
in honor of Joyce Ostrosky
• William and Nancy England
• Jacalyn Ferree
• Larry Gustafson
• John and Dawn Kocher
• Stuart and Cyndy Schuette
News & Views 11
The College of Business is grateful to the following alumni, friends, corporations,
foundations, and trusts for their generous gifts and pledges received in 2012.
Lara Aaron
Anita and Scott Ackerman
Dixie and Mike Ackley
Andrew and Emi Adams
Pamela and Kerry Adams
Billy Adkisson and Ellen Bourne
Lisa and Terry Ahrens
Debora and Greg Allen
Lorrie Allen-James and Neal James
Jonathan Allison
Bernard and Pamela Anderson
Keith and Annette Anderson
Pamela and Ronald Anderson
Ryan and Erika Anderson
Gary and Helen Anetsberger
Melanie Angelatos
Enrico and Amy Angkawijaya
Eric Barbour
J. Michael and Sandra Barker
Russell and Andrea Barlow
James Barnes
Nicole Barone
Michael and Barbara Baroni
Kathleen Barry
Catherine and Franklin Bartels
Nancy and David Bartels
Michael Bartenhagen
Mason Bartlett
Deborah and Matthew Barton
Rick Batey
Andre and Danila Battiste
Alan and Deborah Baum
Brian and Aimee Beam #
Curtis and Ellen Beam
David and Carol Bean
“We invest in a database for the College of Business that
provides daily data—stock returns, mutual fund returns,
and other statistics that are the industry standard. If
we didn’t have these daily returns available, that would
certainly hurt our faculty recruiting. It’s a database
that’s pretty standard at a school that does research.
A lot of our candidates look for that when they’re
considering applying for faculty positions.”
— Finance, Insurance, and Law Professor
Tom Howe and Ellen Howe
Millicent Ansah
Mark Anselment
Suzanne and Gregory Antkowiak
Larry and Karen Apfelbaum
Michael Apostle
Karen and Nick Appelbaum
Richard and Ione Arends
Richard and Donna Armstrong
Tina and Kim Arnett
Robert and Sherri Arnholt
Lindsey Arnold
Brett and Karen Arseneault
Steven and Sarah Aughenbaugh
Robert and Lynn Aument
Jana and James Avenius
Marsha and Douglas Awe
Nadiene and Robert Backlund
Larry Bafford
Stephen and Lynn Baginski
Martha and Carlos Bahler
Lucinda and David Baier
Khasim Baig
Glenn and Gaye Bailey #
Elango Balasubramanian #
Victor and Shelly Baldinger
Mark Ballard
Chet Bandy
Sheri Bane
John and Mary Bantham #
Marlene and Melvin Barach
Eunice and William Bean
Sarah and Joe Beck
Alan Bedell and Deanna Frautschi
Anita and Daniel Bedell
Brent A. and Jeri Mullins Beggs #
Nicia Behary
Brooke Bellew
Lee Bell-Livingston
Timothy and DeAnn Bennett
Brian and Jeanette Berg
Douglas and Deborah Berg
Edward and Laurie Berg
Gary and Lora Berger
Kenneth and Debra Beschorner
Richard and Jacqueline Bettenhausen
Darrell Bielema
Dennis Binford
Hope Bingham
Colleen Bird
Larry Birky
Michael and Jean Blakemore
Brenda and Thomas Blight
Laura Bloemker and Lynn Wedekemper
Yvonne and Jerry Blount
Michael and Wanda Bock
David and Nancy Boden
Karen Bojda
Joseph Boma
Debra and Curt Bonds
Vincent and Vicki Boone
12 Illinois State University College of Business
Carol Born
Sandra Borror
Andrea and Stephen Boudreau
Nik and Nancy Bradley
David and Kelly Brady
Jessica Brandt
Pam Bremer
Daniel Brennan
Barry and Teresa Brenneman
Scott and Kristine Bretl
Dale and Judith Bridge
Ron and Dawn Briscoe
Richard and Joan Broaddus
Sue Gourley Brody
Aron Brown
Christopher Brown
Kevin Brown
Sandra Brown#
Stefanie Brown
Willie Brown
L. Joan Brucker
Henry Bruens
Erica Brumleve
Dale and Betty Brummet
Michael and Susan Bruner
Kymberly Buchanan
Bernice Buck
Pamela and Brent Buckalew
Shari and Mark Buckellew #
Cheryl and William Budde #
Julie and Butch Buesing
Debra and Robert Bunchman
Joleen Bunt
William and Patricia Burke
Mark and Melanie Burns
Stanley and Susan Burton
Eric and Karin Burwell
Linda and Richard Busey
Gary and Kristine Bushue
Jeffrey and Betty Butler
Louise and Lawton Butler
Glenn and Mary Cackovic
Jock and Rita Cameron
Donald and Elizabeth Camp
Olivia Campos
James and Marci Carballido
Michael and Norma Caringello
Steven Carlisle and Mark Duda
Richard and Julie Carlson
Scott and Beth Carr
Ann and Daniel Carroll
Clara Carroll
Kevin and Tammy Carroll
Frank Carter
Lisa and Prentiss Carter
Sherwin and Barbara Carter
Beth and Patrick Casey
Shane and Kimberly Casey
Dwayne and Linda Cawley
Matthew and Amber Cekander
Mark and Penny Cermak
Wendy Champion
S. J. and Connie Chang #
John and Nancy Chapman
Mary Chasensky
Jose Chavez
Penny and Craig Cheever
Sandra and Larry Cheffer
Elizabeth and Eric Cherveny
Sherri and Steven Chinski
Edmund and Sally Chmiel
Thomas Choy
Gwendolyn and Michael Christ
Suzanne and John Christein
Scott and Amy Christensen
Stephen and Shelly Christiansen
Yvette Christman
Scott and Deborah Christner
Rodney and Suzie Christo
Barbara Christopher
Jeannie and Scott Church
Sarah and Vincent Ciccarello
Paul and Natalee Ciesiun
Joseph Cizowski
John and Cathy Clair
Lori Clark
Brian and Katrina Clate
Jeffrey and Taeko Clements
Roger and Linda Clemmons
Albert and Colleen Cloherty
Peggy Close
Dawn Cmiel
Beatrice and Gary Coates
Ronda Codemo
Laura and David Coe
Martin Coggins
William and Cheryl Colliflower
Elizabeth Collingwood
Arnold and Debra Colvin
Ruth and Charles Combites
Cynthia and Timothy Condon
John and Beth Conroy
Ryan and Nicole Convery
David and Aimee Cook
Julie and Kevin Cook
Katherine Cook
Kari and Kyle Cooperider
Jennifer Corban
Ruth Corbin
Donald and Debra Cordes
Paula and Roger Corrigan
Jodi and Larry Coveny
Sarita Cox #
Richard Coyne #
Thomas Craig #
Michelle Crawford-Stock and Timothy
Brian and Becky Creek
Michael and Marcia Crewdson
Joseph Crickard
Keith Criddell
David Cripe
John and Paula Cross
David and Susan Crowell
Robert and Dee Crowell
Francine and Paul Crownhart
Paul and Cindi Crusen
Craig Culp
Nancy and Richard Cundiff
David and Margaret Currie
Nicholas Currier
Stewart and Marjorie Daggett
Daryl and Laura Dagit
Judith Dahlman
Jean Dahm
Vrenae and Dennis Daly
Andrew Darding
Narges Davanloo and Masoud Hemmasi #
Karen and Lynn Davenport
Thomas and Jo Ellyn Davey
Janice and Richard David
Andrea Davis
Andrew Davis
John Davis
Scott Davis and Molly Casteel
Seth and Sylvia Davis
Tamra Davis #
Vincent and Sakeena Davis
Carl Davison
*Michael Dean
Larry and Rizalina Deany
Duane and Diana Debs
William and Melissa Dedic
Kent and Nancy Deffenbaugh
Justin Degroot
Gerald and Wilda DeHaeseleer
Nancy del Castillo
David Dellitt
David and Kathleen Deneen
Leanne DeSelm
James and Sherri Devine
Steven and Christine DeVlieger
Jerry and Judy Diamond
Russell and Diane Diamond
Paloma and Harlan Dillon
Joleen and Thomas Dimond
Robert Dinschel
David and Elaine Dion
David and Kristine DiPaolo
Carol Dipazo
Karen and David Dirksmeyer
James and Sandra Dixon
Rocco and Janet Donahue
Gerald Donath
Gregory and Nancy Donovan
Joyce and Bernard Donovan
Laurel and Mark Donovan
Kurt and Lynette Dooley
Teresa and James Dooley
Gerald and Diane Doty
Daniel and Kathy Dougherty
John and Martha Dougherty
Rebecca and Paul Douglas
Lois and Mark Dowling
Lauren Downs
John Doyle
Andrew Drendel
Michael and Jennifer Drew
William Drobny
Nancy and David Drockelman
Sheryl Drohan
Richard Duchossois
Dana Dudley
Martin and Sandra Duffy
Sue and Anthony Duffy
Steven Dulek
Bryan and Karen Duncan
Donald and Carrie Duncan
Sandra and Spurgeon Duncan
Derek Dunlap
Beth and Donald Easterla
Emily Ebert
Dave and Sarah Eddy
James and Sue Edmondson
John and Jana Edmondson
Loren and Luella Ehling
Colleen and Tim Ehrhardt
Greg and Beth Eimer
Frederick Eisenhut
Paula and Theodore Eissfeldt
Kevin and Kira Eldridge
Tammy and Steven Elledge
Mary and William Ellena
Linda and Douglas Ellerman
Robin Ellingson
James and Stephanie Ellis
Gerald and Martha England
William and Nancy England
Bryan and Amy Eovaldi
“Unfortunately we don’t have a system in this country
where everybody can get a good quality education. The
more I talk to good people, the more I hire, the more I
hear of those who struggled to get through but thrive
on the other side. Our scholarship provides help for
middle-income families. There was very little aid for
middle-income families when we went to school, and
those families are being squeezed in many more ways
today. Money they might have been able to save for
college is going for everyday expenses.”
— Melanie and Corey Ferengul ’93
George and Carol Eovaldi
Steve and Jonna Erickson
William and Suzann Erlenbush
Laura Erskine #
Michael and Karen Essington
Paul and Eileen Estrem
Ricky Eurich
Todd and Laurie Evans
John Eymann
Michael and Karen Fahey
Lea and Doug Fairall
Henry and Wilma Falb #
Kathleen and James Fangman
Arlene Farmer
Jon and Tracy Farney
Farzaneh Fazel-Sarjui and Ahmad Fakheri #
Mark and Susan Fedor
Kyle Fee
Gary and Kathleen Feicke
Corey and Melanie Ferengul
Phillip Ferenzi
Harold and Mildred Ferguson
Jacalyn Ferree
Nancy Ferrero #
Robert and Rene Feser
Lynn Filippelli
Larry and Lynda Finck
Rick and Cheryl Finck
Glenn and Noreen Fink
Arshad Firoz
Gary and Judith Fish #
Clinton Fishel
Amanda Fitzgerald
Karen and Daniel Fitzgerald
Dale and Sarah Fitzgibbons #
John and Laurie Fitzsimmons
John and Ardene Flahavin
Jeffrey and Cindy Flessner
George Flickinger
Donald and Diane Florek
Jaime and Lizet Flores
Douglas and Mary Foland
James Follis
Michael and Kim Foltz
Janet and Rick Ford
Patrick and Dawn Forden
Mary and Patrick Fortney
Zachary and Lisa Fortsch
James Fox
Christopher and Christine Franklin
John and Kathlyn Franklin
Jessica Frechette
Elizabeth and Karl Freeburg
Steven and Heidi Freeman
Theresa and Randall French
Thomas and Carolyn Frieburg
Karen and Dan Frink
Randy and Susan Froehlich
Cheryl Frohlich
Robert Frohlich
John and Cheryl Fruin
Dawn and Steven Fueger
Michelle Fulkerson
Karen and David Funk
Jeffrey and Gretchen Furler
Nicholas and Jennifer Gadbois
Sandra Gaddis
Lester and Tami Gaff
Gregory and Denette Gallman
Cynthia and Michael Gann
Jan and Pamela Garber
Elsie Garbin
Mary and Othello Garganera
Mark Garrett
Ruby Garrison
Linda and Timothy Garver
Latwanda Gary
Luis Garza
Samuel and Frances Gattuso
Lee and Alice Gaus
Thomas and Judith Gawlik
Allen and Laura Gaydosh
Tom and Hillary Gebler
Suzanne and Mark Gehrig
Glenn Gehrke
Kent and Leslie Geibel
Mark Geibel
Lawrence and Patricia Geltmaker
Kimberly and Gary Genenbacher
Lauren George
Brian and Marina Gernant
Gary and Linda Gerstman
Brian Gessling
Deborah and Steven Gibbon
Marshall Gilbert
Paul and Geralyn Gilfillan
Douglas and Stephanie Gillam
Joseph and Joyce Glawe
Robert and Tara Glazik
Robin and James Gleason
Karen Glenn
Kenneth and Deborah Glover
Franck Herve Desire Gnagne-Adou
Lisa Goad
Robert Godbey
Carolyn Godby
Gregory Godsil
Daniel and Betsy Goebel #
Matthew Golbeck
Michael and Karla Goldman
Joseph and Ruth Goldrick
Robert and Catherine Goldstein
Kent and Connie Goodrich
Stanley Goodyear and Susan Perry
Robert Gordon
George Gore
Laurence Gorenz
John and Cynthia Grabowski
Sharon Grabowski
Kevin and Julie Grace
W. Lewis and Janice Grace
Benjamin Graeff
Lee and Judy Graf #
John and Kim Graff
Mardel Graffy
Lauren Graham
George and Willow Gramm
Ronda Green
Thomas Green
Ronald Greene
Jean Grever #
David Gribbin
Shawn and William Gross
Julie and Edward Grubb
Rose Guinan
Cathleen and John Guldan
Larry Gustafson
Mary and Richard Habel
Francis and Judith Hacker
Ronald Haddad
James and Maria Hadley
Dorothy Haeffele #
Stephen and Sharon Hagge
Frank and Mary Haggerty
Robert and Cynthia Haines
Ashley and Cliff Hall
Joseph Hall
Robert Hall and Susan Wasilis
William and Sue Hallinan
Timothy and Linda Hallquist
Kevin Halteman
John Hammond
Jeffrey and Tracy Hamrick
Carla and Charles Haning
Gregory and Joy Haning
Dianne and Charles Hanley
Richard and Carol Hany
Tina and Frank Hanzlik
Pamela and Vincent Harambasic
David and Terry Harby
Bobby and Greta Hardwick
Harvey Harms
Ruth Harner
Kevin and Laura Harris
Michael and Marilyn Harris
Rodney and Jacqueline Harrison
Douglas and Jenifer Hart
Lawrence and Dorothy Hart
Joanne Hartenbower
Heather and Nathan Hartman #
David and Elizabeth Hartmann
Nancy and Bryan Harwood
Fredrick Hasselman
Paul and Sharon Haughey
Kay and Burton Haun
Andrew and Haley Havenga
Dustin and Kristin Hawkins
Lois and Kenneth Haydysch
Julie and Michael Hazen
Travis Heath
Gary and Gina Hecht
Greg and Tamara Heerde
William and Sharon Heflin
Bernard and Kaylee Heine
Stephanie and Christopher Heins
Kelli Heller
Marian and Kenneth Henckel
Thomas Henderson
Michael and Arielle Heneghan
David and Jean Hengesh
Dennis and Kay Henrichs
Kristen and David Hensley
Michael and Michelle Hermann
Danielle Hernandez
Paul and Denise Herrero
Leonard Hester
J. Gregory Hetrick
Eric Heyen
Christy Hickman
Timothy Higgins
Douglas and Maria Higgs
Jill Hiler
Brett and Jennifer Hilkemann
Frederic and Caroline Hille
Katherine Hill-Gottesman and Russell
Hobart and Marian Gardner Hinderliter
Rebecca Hines
Jon Hinrichs
Gerald and Frances Hinshaw
*Don and Kathy Hinspeter
Brian and Deborah Hiserote
Andrew Hobbs
Ted Hochsprung
Jody and John Hoekstra
Mark and Sharon Hoelscher #
Chad Hoffman
Paul and Jillene Hoffman
Daniel Hogberg
Timothy and Challis Holland
Brenda and Timothy Holm
Brenda Holmes
Darren and Tammy Holmes
Kimberly and Steve Holste
Joy and Jeffrey Hoover
Thomas and Sandra Horvath
Karen Hosack #
Connie and Steve Hoselton
Eric and Terri Hoss
John and Kelly Hougas
James and Karen Householter
Karen Howe
Thomas and Ellen Howe #
John and Gina Howley
Frederick and Caroline Hoyt
Carole and Greg Hubbard
Nina and James Hubert
Patricia and Jeffrey Huffer
Dennis and Tracy Hulett
William and Michalene Hull
Michael and Amy Humphreys #
Lynn and Stephen Hutton
Elizabeth and Paul Illuzzi
Sherra Irving
Diane Isenberg
Gary Ittner and Joshua Sky
John and Kerry Jaburek
Theria and Luther Jackson
John and Elizabeth Jacobs
Teresa Jacobs
Darcy and Gerry Jacobus
Eric Jandacek
Gayle and Mark Jannusch
Neil and Victoria Jansen
Leta and Roger Janssen #
Michael and Patricia Jarrell
Mary Ellen Jaske
Erik Jensen
Karen and Brian Jensen
Eric Jepsen
Richard and Lisa Johannes
Christine Johnson
Connie Johnson
Debby and Gerald Johnson
Lindsey Johnson
Michael Johnson
Philip and Sherry Johnson
Scott and Mary Johnson #
Timothy and Nancy Johnson
Edward Jones
Edward and Gloria Jones
Jennifer and Andrew Jones
Ronald and Karen Jones #
William and Nancy Jones
Michael and Carol Jontry
Jeffrey and Camille Jordan
Jennifer and Jeffrey Jordan
Patricia and Robert Jostes
Scott and Mary Joyce
Michael and Joyce Kaiser
Kim and Glen Kajiyama
Lanre Kalejaiye
Thomas Kallai
Suresh Kallakuri
Amar Kamath
David and Mylene Kane
John and Barbara Kane
Mary and Milton Kane
Han and Soon Kang #
Dale and Linda Kaplan
Tal and Heidi Kaufmann
Michael and Randy Keane
Kenneth and Cynthia Kearns
Deborah and Ken Keilbach
Julie Keitzman
Mark and Luann Kellerhals
Theresa Kells
R. Timothy and Joelyn Kelly
Gary and Janet Kemp
Nicholas and Jennifer Kemp
Chuck Kern
Lucy and Lyman Kern
Patrick and Barb Kessel
Joel and Jennifer Kiedaisch
Colleen Kiel
Bernard Kienstra
Reiko and Ronald Kilker
Chuck and Mina Killian
William and Edith Kindermann
Fredric and Maureen King
James and Judie King
Lori Kirk
Thomas and Constance Kitzinger
Kirk and Michelle Klein
John and Susan Klemm
Jodi Klockenga
Vicki and Brian Kloeckner
Margaret and Elmer Kloepper
Linda Klouda
Kathleen and Norman Knapp
Steven and Molly Knecht
Dennis Knobloch
Steven Knous
Christine and Richard Knuth #
Stephen and Marjorie Kober
Paul Koch and Wendy Perrow
Rodney Koch
Andrew and Jennifer Koehl
Debra and Karl Koenig
Alan and Martha Kolar
Ruth and Edward Kolpacki
Donald and Margaret Koppenhaver
Gary and Kay Koppenhaver #
Francis Korte #
John and Jayne Kosik
Naomi and Thomas Kotek
Vladimir Kotomin and Anna Shebatova #
Michael and Cathie Kramer
Ryan and Jennifer Kramer
Thomas and Julie Krehbiel
Carol Kreiling
David and Amy Kreklow
Louis and Becky Kreppert
Julie and Michael Krivich
Connie Krug #
Kelli Kukulka
Kristi and Rick Kull
Jeffrey and Cathy Kurtz
Thomas and Carol Kwapich
Cassen and Sara LaBounty
Gary and Shelly Lacy
Peter and Kelly Lafnitzegger
Kevin and Charis LaForge
Andrew and Kimberly LaFrence
Somnath and Susmita Lahiri #
William Lamarre
Michael and Carol Lamplot
Robert and Jane Landrebe
Renee Lane
Thomas and Kelli Lane
Dean and Janis Langdon
David and Kathryn Langevin
Michael and Kary Lansden
Brianne Larke and Dustin Weed #
Tara and Robert Latz
Susan Laux-Maede and Ron Maede
Thomas and Cathy Lawson
Peter and Barbara Ledebuhr
Ronald and Patricia Ledvina
Jong-Fwu and Nancy Lee
Richard and Cherie Lee
Christine and Brett Leifheit
Shawn and Tisha Leischner
David and Stacy Leman
William and Jeanne Leman
Tamara and Eric Lemke
Jolene and Jeffrey LeRoy
Daniel Leston
Janet and Peter LeTourneau
Harold and Joan Letterly
Roy and Sharon Leve
Alda and Scott Levitt
Jeannine and Christopher Leyden
Keith and Sharon Lieberman
Andrew Lieder
Michael and Tara Liedke
Kathleen and Scott Likins
Curtis and Paula Liles
Michelle and Wallis Lim
J. William Lin
Alan Lindahl
Kristi Lindahl
Kathleen and Mark Lindgren
Dwight and Kimberly Lindhorst
Ellen and Silas Litteral
William and Mary Littrell
James and Melissa Livasy
Andrea and David Livingston
News & Views 13
“My intent is to be able to offer some help when a little help is
needed. There are plenty of people going to school just like
I did who are working but finding time to take four hours
here or six hours there because they have a dream. I hope
that my scholarship makes a difference in some individual’s
life the way education has made a difference in my life.”
— Willie Brown ’73
Susan Long
Timothy and Loretta Longfellow #
Larry Lonis
Thomas and Zona Lorig
Bradley and Diane Loscher
Anna and Edward Louis
Mark Loveall
James and Maude Lovelle
Terry Lowe #
Gina and Darin Loy
Patricia and Andrew Luber
Sean Lucas
Eric and Jeanine Lundstrom
Cathy and John Lust #
Kris and Becky Lutt
Jane and Steward Lyman
Catherine and Fechin Lynch
Megan Lynch
Martin and Anne Lyons
Thomas Lyons
June Mackey
Stephanie Mackey
Richard and Carole MacMinn #
Dan and Deborah Maddox
John Madera
Michael Madigan
David and Karen Magers
James and Karen Mahan
Todd Maisch and Kimberly Clarke Maisch
Dale and Connie Maley
Christine and Jeffrey Malinowski
Mark Malone
Julie Manahan
Richard and Lois Manahan
Peter Mankivsky
Carl and Patricia Manns
Miron and Anne Marcotte
Kimberly and Jeffrey Margarite
George and Jo Ann Marple
Douglas and Holly Marrinson
Larry and Kimberly Martell
Keith and Kathi Martin
John Marvin
John and Rebecca Marvin
James and Nanette Marx #
Lisa Mathews
Margaret Matthei
Richard and Linda Mayer
Lynn McCain
Donna and Jerry McCarthy
Laura and Jeffrey McCoy
Kimberly and Doug McDonald
James McFarlin
Gerald McGee
Mark and Lianne McGinnis
Vern McGinnis
Holly and Timothy McGrail
Nicole McGrath
Timothy and Bobbi McGrath
Todd and Sarah McGregor
Mary and Robert McGrew
Michael and Diana McGuckin
Charles R. and Joan M. McGuire #
Kevin McGuire and M. Dawn Newman
Russ McIntire
Gerald and Sandra McKean #
Edmund and Carol McKee
Kurtis and Karen McLain
Michael McLauchlan
John McLaughlin
Vernalee McNamara
Paul and Michelle McNamee
Dean and Tracy McNaught
Joseph and Christine McNeely
Brian and Deborah Meade
Kelsey Mearida
Paul and Kimberly Mehring
Rachel Meier
Robert and Janet Meier
Jennifer and Scott Meiss
Richard and Sandra Melgosa
Marla and Thomas Melms
Joseph and Theresa Mercure
Steve Meuser
Dustin Meyer
James and Beverly Meyer
Robert and Nancy Meyer
Ryan Meyer
James and Nancy Micetich
Connie Michles-Franklin and Scott
Eric and Stacia Mickel
Donald Middendorf
Nancy and Gary Mietzner
Sharon and Douglas Mihelick
Anthony and Sara Milano
Brian Miller
Douglas and Koby Miller
Duane and Suzanne Miller
Gregory and Laura Miller
Heath Miller
John and Debbie Miller
Kay and James Miller
Megan Miller
Robert and Theresa Miller
Robin and Randy Miller
Dixie Mills #
Louis and Beverly Mills
Mark and Julie Milner
Mark and Marla Miskell
Mark and Denise Mitchell
Marshall Mitchell
Michael and Angie Mittelstaedt
Ronald Moews
Jesse Moll
Jason and Lani Mondek
Steven Monk
Donna and James Moore
Gregory and Traci Morris
Stephen Morrissey
Patrick Moseley
Joyce and Kurt Moser
Ryan and Julie Mosier
James and Emily Moyer
Donald and Karin Mulder
Brian and Julie Mulhollan
Jeffrey Mullinix
Dorothy and Harold Mullins
James and Jeanne Munz #
Kenneth and Debra Murawski
Donald and Donna Murphy
Joseph and Rosemary Murphy
Karen and Marvin Murphy
William and Mary Murphy
Joseph and Amy Murray
William and Janice Murray
James and Martha Musselman
Dawn and Lee Naffziger
Micah Nance
Virginia and Andrew Nappi #
Donald Nathlich
Ashley Nauman
Scott and Romaine Nease
James and Bridget Neely
14 Illinois State University College of Business
Matthew and Maria Neisler
Benjamin Nelson
Carol and Gary Nelson
Kay and David Nelson
Gary and Amanda Neubauer
Norman and Barbara Neuges
Harry and Melinda Neumayer
Brian Newmister #
Terry and Katherine Nichols
William and Lynn Nichols
Carl Nierstheimer
David and Betty Nierstheimer
Norm Nierstheimer
Raymond and Susan Nierstheimer
Brian and Kathy Nietfeldt
Eric and Sarah Nieukirk
Robert and Linda Nieukirk
Casey and Kerry Noble
Rita Nord
Lisa Norling-Christensen
Charlie Norman
Jack and Kim North #
Edgar and Rebecca Norton #
Dennis Nowaczyk
Kristine and John Nyhan
Patricia and Joe Nykodym
James and Rita O’Brien
Maureen O’Brien #
John and Amy O’Donnell
Betsy Oehl
Richard and Sheryl Ogorek
John and Tamera Ohlendorf
William and Marietta Oleferchik
Mark Olivo
Gary and Joan Ollmann
Kevin and Jane Olson
Susan and Jeffrey Olson
Terri Olson
Patsy and Martin Oman #
Ruby and John Ondek
Judith Onken
Christine Oots
Joseph Oots
Daron and Kristin Osman
Joyce and Anthony Ostrosky #
Richard and Patricia Ostrowski
Wilma and George Oswald
Angela and Jerry Oxley
William and Cheryl Packard
*Dorothy Paine
Eric Pan
Timothy Pantaleone #
John and Michelle Pantone
Timothy and Wendy Papka
Mitchell and Jamie Pawlan
Deborah and Charles Payne
Jeff Pearce and Patty O’Donnell
Maureen and David Peel #
Mary and John Penn
Larry and Neva Periman
Claranne Perkins #
Glenn and Sandra Perkins
Dale and Mary Perona
Alan and Nancy Perry
Barbara Perry #
Jonathan Perry
Jaime and Joshua Peters
Randall and Jacqueline Peters
Betty Peterson
Ellen and Christopher Peterson
Jeffrey and Jaime Peterson
Terry Peterson
Benjamin and Debora Pettie
Stephen and Ashley Pettit
Linda and Steven Pfister
Richard and Kathleen Pfleeger
Sukrut Phadke
Jennifer and Paul Philippe
Nancy and David Philipsen
Albert Phillips
Edward and Diane Pilgrim
Marilyn Pille
Alfredo Pineda
Philip and Michelle Pingsterhaus
Phillip and Beverly Pinney
S. Colleen and J. Gregory Pinto
Julie and John Plattner
Philip and Sandra Pliskin
Bruce and Sherry Plumb
Allan and Jean Podbelsek
Steven Pokrak
Adam and Sissy Polacek
Kenneth and Krisanne Pollock
Ellen Folta Pomes and John Pomes
Martin and Wilhelmina Pomrehn
Margaret Poniatowski
Norris and Elizabeth Porter #
Daniel Pouk
Jill and Thomas Prescher
Peter and Ruth Pressman
James Pribel
Kevin and Dorothy Price
Laura and Randall Price
Michael and Laura Priess
Monica and Steve Proctor
Michael and Elizabeth Prombo
Judith and George Provance
Steve and Lisa Pruett
James Ptak
Leslie and Wilma Pulfer
Daniel and Candace Purdom
John and Sandra Puzauskas
Jacquelyn Pycz
Diane and Kurt Radcliffe
Sethu and Ramaswamy Radhakrishnan #
Dow Ragan
Douglas and Mickie Rahn
John and Kim Raiche
R. Duane Ralston
John and Susan Ramsey
Charles and MaryAnn Randle
Steven and Jennifer Rankins
Daniel Ransom
Timothy and Julie Rasso
Debra and Bruce Rawlins
Joshua Rayborn
Raymond and Dina Raymond
Trisha Rebbe
John and Taina Redfern
Larry and Carol Reed
Todd and Diane Reeser
Cynthia Rein and Gary Dobson
Ryan and Susan Rempfer
John and Kathy Rennick
Mary and Ronald Rennick
Joseph and Casey Reynolds
Julie and Dan Rhoades
Barbara Ribbens #
Stephen Rice
Michael and Diane Richard
David and Ann Richardson
Bernice Richie
Bradley Ricketts
James and Linda Riddle
John and Therese Rigas
James and Deborah Riggs
Brenda and Rodney Riley
Hobart and Florence Riley
Paul Rinaldi
Deborah and James Ringer
D. Michael and Terry Risen
Gayle and John Risley
Matthew and Tracy Ritter
Robert and Delores Ritter
Todd Roadarmel
Debbie Rodgers
Antonio and Aylin Rodriguez
Richard and Sandra Roenfeldt
Raymond Rogina and Diane Cullen
Michelle and Daniel Rojo
Rachel Rone
Shawndel and Scott Rose
Sandra and John Rossi
Sharon and Duane Rossmark
Deborah and John Rowley
Gene and Jo Rozanski #
Virginia and Jacob Ruby
Kenneth and D. Jean Ruhrup
Russell and Peggy Rumbold
Denise and Art Runyon
Joseph and Carol Runyon
Robert and Annette Rush
Dominick Russo
Phyllis and Alan Ruwe
Patrick and Shirley Ryan
Daniel and Lynn Rymarz
Margaret Safarik
Gary and Lori Safranek
Richard and Margaret Sage
Sharon and Dale Salzman
Brian and Natalie Sampson
Theresa Sanchez #
Keith and Janet Sanders
Dorothy Sands #
Rocco and Tiffany Sapienza
Karen and George Sargeant
Marjorie and John Scanlon
David and Suzanne Schacht
Carolyn and C. Crane Schafer
Donald and Barbara Schaffer
Edward and Sue Schafman
Thomas and Sheryl Schambach #
Curtis Schatz
Scott Scheidecker
Matthew Schell
Parker Scheuermann
James and Kathleen Schlesser
Daniel and Rachel Schlipmann
Michael Schmaus
Daniel Schmidt
Janell and Alan Schmidt
Thomas and Julie Schneider
John and Jenifer Schnettler
Richard and Lisa Schnobrich
Larry and Nancy Schoenfeld
Lee Schor
Thomas and Dorothy Schramm
Kenneth and Janet Schrock
Duane and Rachel Schroeder
Stuart and Cyndy Schuette
Douglas and Michelle Schultz
Nancy and Anson Schulz
Scott and Iris Schumacher
Perry and Kimberly Schwachman
Patrick Schwappach
Brian and Tracey Schwarzentraub
Robert and Marjorie Schwarzlose
Timothy Schweizer
Kathy and Greg Scriba
Kevin and Carol Sears
Jeffrey and Carol Secord
Janet and James Seddon
Gary and Joanne Seegers
Douglas and Dawn Seelbach
Mary Seibert-Morin and Robert Morin
Lauren and Richard Seibler
Kim Seinitz
Julienne and Joshua Shamhart
Richard Shapiro
Sarah Shedden
Kenneth and Diana Shellabarger
Lyle and Jill Shelor
Charles and Janet Sherburne
Nancy Shevokas
Robert and Pamela Shields
*Cyrus Shockey
Connie and Larry Shoemake
John Shoemaker
Joshua Shofner
Linda and Vince Showers #
Brett and Jodi Sides
Herbert and Donna Sieg #
Michael and Georgia Siemann
Robert Siemann
Daniel Sillin
Larry and Helen Simpson
Mary and Ira Simpson
Deidre Sinchak
Jeffrey and Anita Sipes
Timothy and Karen Sirovy
Pamela Skeen
Clayton and Terri Skelton
Edward Slack and Valerie Vidoni-Slack
Erica and Eric Slinger
Walter Small
Alicia Smith
Amy and Bill Smith
Brian Smith and Valerie Chambers-Smith
Caralea and Jared Smith
Gary and Judith Smith
Jayson Smith
Jennifer Smith
Kelley and James Smith
Kevin Smith
Lisa and Mathew Smith
Thomas Smith
John and Meryl Smyth
Beth Snyder #
Darrell and Debi Snygg
Joseph and Patricia Solberg #
George and Lisa Somogyi
Tony and Donna Sorcic
Ronald and Nicki South
Julie and Dale Speer
Gregory and Dawn Spencer
Michael and Kim Spencer
Donald and Jackie Spring
Charles Squire
Thomas and Barbara Stapleton
Kathleen and James Stark
Daryl and Michelle Starkey
William StClair
Carolyn and Peter Stefani
Rebecca and Steven Steffen
Todd Steffen
Sharon Steffey
Liliann and Alan Stein
Glen and Rachel Steiner
Steven and Melissa Steinman
Robert and Cara Stephan
Arlene Stevens
Scott and Susan Stevens
Timothy and Jennifer Stevens
Charlotte Stewart
Benjamin Stickley
Jason and Tana Stieve
Craig and Kimberly Stille
John and Christiane Stoffer
Byron and Carol Stoller
Lanny Stone
Mark Stonesifer
Linda Stratman
Jay and Amy Straulin
Jonathan Strok
Joel and Lisa Strong
John Stuart
Dallas Stucky
Kurt Studnicki
Michael and Natalie Stufflebeam
Judith and Mark Sturgell
Angela and Gregory Sturm
Robert Styrkowicz
Theodore Sullivan
Michael Sulzberger
Michelle Summers
Roger and Debra Swanlund
Sean Swanson
Randy Swartz
Joshua Sweet
Robert and Carol Swiech
Marvin Szidon
Benjamin Tai
Betty Tanzey
Zahidul Tarafdar
Barbara Taylor
Charles and Alyce Taylor #
Kathleen and Raymond Taylor
Mary Taylor
Sherrillyn and Roger Taylor
Eric and Susan Teoro
Beth and David Terricciano
Sarah Tesch
Ruth Teubel
Jon and Lynn Thalman
Kathleen and Gary Therien
Cathy and Charles Thomas
Jakob Thompson and Nicole Skattum
James and Leann Thompson
Karen and Brian Thompson
Mary and Mark Thompson
Andrea and Kirk Thorne
Gregory and Sandra Thornton
Melinda and Rick Thoroman
Betty Thorp
Douglas and Lesley Throneburg
Dawn and Jason Tibbs
Gary and Debra Tiffany
Manoj Tilloo
Scott and Cindy Tinervia
Martin Tipsord
Patricia Tobias
John Todd
Joe and Jennifer Toedt
Brian Tompkins
Kelsey Toothman
Mary Tourney
Yvonne Towers
Hiep Tran
Chris and Julie Travers
Joseph W. and Connie L. Trefzger #
Shawn and Angela Trent
Robert and Linda Trippel
Wayde and Darlene Triska
Emily Triyonis
Gregory and Ann Trompeter
Richard Tubbs and Shari Piekarski
Tammy and Christopher Turk
J. Gregory and Monika Turner
Kristine and Steve Turner
James and Evelyn Tyle
Bernard and Arlene Uffelman
Scott Ulbrich
Michael Valencia
Ryan Van Landuyt
Jonathan Vance
Jeffrey and Karen VanDeCasteele
Brent and JoAnn Vandermyde
Debra and Mark Vandermyde
David and Anne Vari
Carson and Iris Varner #
Aaron and Sarah Vaughn
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John and Melanie Verbout #
Mark and Joanna Vesper
Gino and Joan Vezzani
Michael and Jacque Vicini
John Vincent
Amy and James Viola
Edward Vize #
John and Stephanie Vogel
Derek Vogler
Thomas and Jennifer Vos
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Jean Wager
Caleb and Maria Wagner
Martin and Joan Waits
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Janet White
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Angela Wiebenga
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Harvey Zehr
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Kenneth and Judith Zika
Robert and Irene Zmudka
Jeff and Teresa Zook
Kenneth and Sally Zuhn
Linda and Thomas Zukowski
Christopher and Julie Zurowski
Kyle Zwicker
* deceased
# Illinois State University faculty, staff,
or retiree
3L Corporation
A Perfect Promotion
AAA Chicago
Ace American Insurance Company
AIG American International Group
Allied World Assurance Company
American Agricultural Insurance Co.
American Family Mutual Insurance Group
American International Group Inc.
Amerisure Insurance
Amica Companies Foundation
Anderson Pest Solutions
Anheuser-Busch Foundation
Aon Foundation
APIW Inc.-The Beaumont Group
Arlington/Roe & Co. Inc.
Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.
Arthur J. Gallagher Foundation
Associated Bank
Association of Lloyd’s Brokers
Assurance Agency Ltd.
Auto Club Group
Auto-Owners Insurance
Axis Insurance
Baxter Credit Union
Bituminous Casualty Corporation
Bray, Drake, Liles & Richardson LLP
Brian D. Nietfeldt Ltd.
BSS White Farm
C. H. Robinson Worldwide Incorporated
C. K. Sales
Cassara Clinic
Caterpillar Foundation
Caterpillar Inc.
Central Illinois Trucks Inc.
Charles H. Janka
Chavez Insurance Group Inc.
Cherry Street Innovation LLC
Chicago Chapter Risk Insurance Management Society Inc.
Chicago Office Technology Group
Chubb Group of Insurance Companies
CliftonLarsonAllen LLP
L. & R. Combites Trust
Commerce Bancshares Foundation
Commuter Advertising Inc.
Connor & Gallagher Benefit Services Inc.
Connor & Gallagher Insurance Services Inc.
Corkill Insurance Agency Inc.
Margaret B. Couch Trust
COUNTRY Financial
Cozen & O’Connor
PDR Inc. - Dentsmart of Illinois
DKG Capital Partners LLC
Craig J. Duchossois Revocable Trust
Endurance Corporation of America
Enterprise Leasing Company of Chicago,
LLC-Group 15GG
Enterprise Leasing Company of Chicago,
LLC Group 1599
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Ernst & Young
Farnsworth Group
Fastenal Company Purchasing
First Investors Corp
Focus Capital Advisors Inc.
Foundation for Agency Management
Excellence Inc.
Frito-Lay Inc.
G. Reid & Associates Ltd.
Gabriel Casper and Co. PC
General Reinsurance Corporation
Global Impact-Robert Half International
GROWMARK Foundation
Guy Carpenter
Harco National Insurance Company
Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection &
Insurance Co.
Heartland Business Services Inc.
Heinold-Banwart Ltd.
Heritage Enterprises Inc.
Jennifer L. Hilkemann Trust
The HON Company
Hortica Florists Mutual Insurance Co.
The Horton Group
IMT Insurance Company
Ironshore Management Inc.
ISMIE Mutual Insurance Company
John Deere Foundation
John V. Tibensky CLU CHFC
Kensington Realty Advisors Inc.
KPMG Foundation
Kurt Bruno-State Farm
Larry E Gustafson Inc.
Lexis Nexis
Liberty Mutual Group
Lloyd’s America Inc.
Lloyd’s Illinois Inc.
Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell LLP
Lockton Companies Inc.-Illinois Division
Markel Corporation
Matt Busey Scholarship Fund
McGladrey LLP
George R. Means Trust
Mesirow Financial Corp.
Miller Cooper & Co.
Minuteman Press of COUNTRYside
Monitor Liability Managers Inc.
Munich Reinsurance America Inc.
Nationwide Foundation
Nationwide Publishing Company Inc.
Nationwide Sales Inc.
Navigators Group
Navigators Management Company Inc.
Navistar Inc.
Next Generation Logistics Inc.
NICOR Gas, an AGL Resources Co.
North American Office Solutions Inc.
Patti Jostes Realtor
Pekin Insurance
Pekin Insurance-Farmers Auto Insurance
Philo Smith and Company
Pinnacle Actuarial Resources Inc.
Platinum Underwriters Reinsurance Inc.
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Property Casualty Insurers Association
of America
Prudential Insurance-Aaron Hays
Randy E. Swartz Business Account
Ray Nierstheimer Insurance
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Ryan Specialty Group
Saint Louis Chapter CPCU
Saint Louis Chapter-Risk & Insurance
Management Society
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The Schacht Group Inc.
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Sidley Austin LLP
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Society of Insurance Trainers and Educators
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Starr Insurance Holdings Inc.
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Travelers Insurance
Verizon Wireless-Candice Carter
Vicini Accounting and Consulting Inc.
Vincent A Boone CPA
Wallis W. Lim Attorney at Law
Wilber and Associates PC
William T. Kemper Foundation,
Commerce Bank, trustee
Wilson, Elser, Moskowitz, Edelman
and Dicker LLP
Windy City Wire LLC
Zayos Global Ventures LLC
Zurich American Insurance Company
“With the current stress on single parent families to provide opportunities for their
children or themselves to attend higher education and meet their career goals, I am
honored to have the opportunity to provide scholarship assistance to a single parent
or one-spouse family. My hope is this scholarship will make a difference in someone’s
life and provide them the opportunities to be blessed with the support they need to
achieve their dreams and aspirations.”
— Connie Fako Shoemake ’77
News & Views 15
News America places alums around the U.S.
Wesley Walker, M.B.A. ’12, has made his mark
on the Normal landscape in a big way.
he Siemens Corporation energy engineer was part of the team
making vast sustainability improvements to the campus of
Heartland Community College, including the addition of
a wind turbine.
Heartland is believed to be the first community college in the
state to have a commercial-grade turbine. The school helped form
the Illinois Community College Sustainability Network.
The turbine is expected to generate approximately 53 percent
of the energy needed to run the community college campus located
in north Normal.
This will result in a savings of $380,000 a year, which is
guaranteed because an agreement with Siemens binds the company
to supplement any shortfall for the next 17 years. The savings will
pay for the cost of the $5.2 million project. Of that total, $1.5
million was received in grants from the U.S. Department of Energy
and the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation.
A sustainability project of this magnitude is nothing new for
Walker, who has spearheaded efforts with the Kankakee Housing
Authority, City of Rockford, and Chicago park districts.
While working on the project, Walker and his wife, Erika,
M.B.A. ’12, began ISU’s MBA program.
“It was really enjoyable to enter the program together,” Walker
said. “We never had an opportunity to see each other in that
scenario before. It was interesting to get to know each other as
students. It was actually really fun.”
The knowledge gained from the graduate program has been
useful to Walker, especially in his new role overseeing Siemens’
engineering group for the Midwest.
“I have a lot more managerial responsibilities for the region
from North Dakota, down to Missouri and to Wisconsin,”
Walker said, “which was my goal of beginning the program.”
16 Illinois State University College of Business
ews America Marketing, one of the largest media placement
agencies in the world, is making Illinois State one of its core
recruiting campuses—a development that’s already paying off
with the hiring of five 2013 College of Business graduates for its
sales department.
The women are spread across the U.S., with Christina
Bender at News America’s New York headquarters; Mariam
“Mimi” Chaib in Los Angeles; Amber Page in Chicago; and
Meghan Kelly and Lisa Bopp in Dallas. Each works as an account
coordinator for the company, which is considered a leading
publisher of coupons in North America.
“We all took the same classes, and know each other very
well,” said Bender, who was part of COB’s integrated marketing
communication program. The Peoria native said she knew she
wanted to work in a big city, but sometimes walking to her
Manhattan office she wants to pinch herself to see if it’s all real.
A division of News Corp., News America publishes more
than 165 billion coupons annually. News America also publishes
SmartSource magazine, which arrives directly as a newspaper
insert to 74 million homes each week. Last summer, the company
launched the SmartSource Media Group, which specializes in
planning, printing, and placing media advertising in newspapers.
It’s been a whirlwind year for the five women, all in their early
20s. They learned last winter and spring they’d gotten the jobs,
graduated in May, and began their careers in marketing sales
that summer.
Illinois State is a relatively new school in terms of core recruiting
sites, said Andy Best, a News America sales development associate.
Other schools on that elite list include Indiana University and
Penn State.
“It’s a direct result of our company finding several of its very
successful employees graduated from there,” Best said.
Illinois State’s Professional Sales Institute Executive Director
Mike Boehm said he’s not surprised by News America’s interest
in the five 2013 grads because of the educational experience they
received at ISU alongside strong competitive personalities. But
it’s noteworthy that the five graduates not only went to the same
employer, but also knew prior to graduation they’d have such
positions, Boehm said.
“These students are highly sought after because they are
competitive, coachable, and disciplined,” he said.
All five alumnae know each other from shared classes and
extracurricular activities. Kelly, Chaib, and Bender also earned spots
together on the Business Week board of advisors their senior year.
Bender and Chaib are best friends who’ve stay connected despite
living and working on opposite coasts. Working for the same
company has strengthened their connection, said Bender.
“It’s great to know my classmates and other ISU alums are at News
America and that I have this network of ISU grads out here,” Bender said.
Both Bender and Chaib cited News America’s team-oriented and
open-door communication structure as key to their decision to join
the company over several other major employers’ job offers last fall.
Chaib, originally from the Chicago area, wanted to work in
Chicago or on the West Coast, because her parents live in Los Angeles.
Chaib said she still is getting used to the famously bad LA traffic, but
other than that she feels right at home among her coworkers.
“I made the final decision to come to News America mostly
because of the people I met who worked for the company,” Chaib
said. “They were people I could see myself becoming in years to come,
and people I could see myself being great friends with in the future.”
The Professional Sales Institute provides Illinois State students
with a place for simulations and role-play in sales scenarios that most
other programs just don’t provide, Boehm said.
Illinois State has about 100 students pursuing a sales sequence,
said Boehm, while about 50 additional students from other areas
generally are in one or two sales courses. One area that sets Illinois
State’s business students apart from competition in the hiring process
is the specific sales training each brings, he said.
“Some new employees are going to have to learn about different
types of buyers, how to listen to a buyer’s strategy, and the need to be
educated on their new employer’s competition through the school of
hard knocks,” said Boehm. But the Illinois State sales program has
been proving to employers that its students already are trained in the
nuances of sales, he said. These students are very driven, said Boehm,
noting Kelly and Page worked in sales at the Vidette.
Kelly credited her time as a sales scholar with the Professional
Sales Institute with preparing her for her new career at News
America. Kelly said she’s now building on the experience she got
at the Professional Sales Institute and the Vidette, where she sold
display ads to local apartment rental companies.
She now works on accounts including Chuck E. Cheese and
Frito-Lay brands. She and Page also were among the nation’s
top competitors at collegiate sales competitions.
“I’m very passionate about what I
do,” Kelly said.
News & Views 17
LCD computer display
Lets a faculty member review content
sent to the classroom projectors.
AMX Touch Panel
Controls audio visual systems,
allowing the faculty member
to display content from DVDs,
VHS tape, a document camera,
or the computer.
VOIP (Voice Over IP) phone
Allows faculty member to request
assistance or receive emergency
(safety) messages even when in
the classroom.
Desktop computers
Provide all the same computing capabilities
faculty members can expect at their office desk.
Wireless microphone
Used to augment the faculty member’s
voice through the room’s sound system.
18 Illinois State University College of Business
Not long ago, college classroom technology
meant having a projector, maybe a computer.
lash forward to today, and things look a lot different when
students fill the seats. Web-connected mobile devices and laptops
are used freely. At the front of the room, the professor may
not be preparing for a lecture so much as getting ready to facilitate
small group discussions of projects, or switching on a user-friendly
A/V station, or getting set to lead the class through computer-aided
“Students and faculty now have access to more than just a
classroom,” said George Wiman, who provides Web and classroom
support at the College of Business. “Learning spaces are no longer
defined by walls. We have Web applications, cloud storage, virtual
desktops, learning management systems, an iPad pilot project in
business education classes, and Google Hangouts.”
“Our culture is becoming pervasively mobile,” added Wiman,
“and so is our way of learning.”
Technology is enriching the classroom experience across the
college, as professors constantly find new ways to incorporate tech
into their curricula.
“There just seems to be more channels of learning,” said Rosie
Hauck, an associate professor in the Department of Accounting.
“There is student-to-student, student-to-faculty, and student-toWorld Wide Web. We are going to see more customized learning
To these so-called digital natives now enrolled as students, just
how exponentially technologies have changed in the past few decades
is mostly overlooked.
“To them computers are not technology,” said marketing professor
Tamra Davis-Maxwell, a business teacher education instructor. “To
them, a computer’s just a tool. It’s been around since before they were
born. Something like Google Glass is seen as technology, but not a
In one College of Business core class, Information Systems and
Organizations, business students learn about different technologies
used in the business world. Whatever their future positions,
questions will arise about hardware, software, hiring qualified
computer programmers, using computer platforms in management
situations, and more, said Hauck, who teaches the course.
Employers also are going to expect new hires to keep company
information and databases safe from hackers or viruses, so basic
information literacy and computer basics are needed, she said.
“I don’t know if I use lecture anymore” in the traditional sense
of the word, said Steven Taylor, the college’s Hobart and Marian
Gardner Hinderliter Endowed Professor.
Taylor has embraced many technological advances during his 20
years with the Department of Marketing. Instead of the formal lecture,
Taylor tends to use a “flipped classroom,” where students go online to
learn the basics of a course topic through videotaped lectures, quizzes,
and textbook exercises via ReggieNet, a classroom management Web
tool similar to Blackboard that’s new at Illinois State.
Taylor said this flipped classroom blends an online format with
traditional classroom time in a way he’s found particularly wellsuited to survey courses with lots of students.
“Let’s face it: Lecturing in front of 200 people isn’t classroom
time. It’s just a presentation,” he said.
Getting quick feedback from quiz scores, for example, allows
Taylor to tailor lesson plans to whether the group understands the
concept at hand. It also helps him identify earlier a struggling student.
That all allows instructors to use time more effectively, said Taylor.
“Then we can focus on the higher-level critical thinking types of
skills in class,” he added.
Davis-Maxwell is part of a college pilot program that puts iPads
into the hands of her business education students. She’s showing
the future teachers how to use iPad apps such as Explain Everything
and iAnnotate PDF—tools which allow teachers to grade digital
documents as if they were pieces of paper, using a stylus as a “pen.”
Apps also allow teachers to attach audio feedback to a student.
“I teach the bring-your-own-device style. I don’t ask them to put
laptops or smart phones away,” Davis-Maxwell said.
Even though COB faculty are making use of these new
technologies, the Illinois State experience is still largely defined by
small class sizes and individualized attention from faculty.
“I do think we are at a critical point” in the history of U.S.
higher education, said Kevin Ahlgrim, an associate professor in the
Department of Finance, Insurance, and Law. At a time when massive
open online courses, or MOOCs, are available, those assessing
the higher education experience need to pay close attention to the
balance of technology and interpersonal interaction, Ahlgrim said.
“What are the objectives and concepts? Sometimes technology
helps. Sometimes it does not,” he said. “My opinion is it’s valuable
to have students come together as a physical community.”
That’s not to say Ahlgrim has shied away from technology in the
“I think there is a great opportunity for teaching with technology
overall. Graduates need to be able to use technology,” Ahlgrim said.
News & Views 19
Susan Dustin
Department of Management
and Quantitative Methods
Dustin is an assistant
professor at Illinois State
University. She has a Ph.D.
from the University of
Iowa, an M.B.A. from
Northwestern University,
and a B.A. from Grinnell
College. She teaches courses
in human resources and
organizational behavior.
Dustin’s research
interests include impression management,
motivation, and performance. She has published
in the Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of
Occupational and Organizational Psychology,
Personality and Individual Differences, the International
Journal of Human Resource Management, and the
Journal of Professional Selling and Sales Management.
Prior to her academic career, Dustin worked for
more than 15 years in a variety of sales and marketing
management positions. She also has several years
of consulting and corporate training experience.
Tera Galloway
Department of Management
and Quantitative Methods
Galloway earned her Ph.D.
in strategic management
and entrepreneurship
from Washington State
University in 2012. Prior
to returning to academia,
she worked for two startup
firms and served as an
executive for six years in
the health and wellness
industry. Her teaching
interests primarily include organizational strategy
and business management.
Her main area of research focuses on
organizational relationships such as alliances,
“coopetition” among founders, and corporate and
private venture capital. Additional interests include
initial public offerings (IPOs), organizational
misconduct, stigma, and legitimacy spillover.
Publication and conference presentations have
included Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice,
Babson College Entrepreneurship Research
Conference (BCERC), and both regional and
national Academy of Management conferences.
knowledge management. He is also serving as an
associate editor for the International Journal of
Information Security and Privacy. In his spare time, Midha
enjoys traveling and spending time with his family.
Yi Ren
Department of Accounting
Stella Liao
Department of Finance, Insurance and Law
Liao earned her Ph.D.
in finance from the
University of Missouri,
Columbia, and is now
teaching the Investments
and International
Financial Management
courses at Illinois State.
Her main research interests
are international finance,
corporate governance,
cross-listings, and IPOs.
Currently, she is working on projects examining
how cross-listings affect the dynamics of domestic
markets. Liao has published a refereed journal
article in Review of Finance.
Vishal Midha
Department of Accounting
Midha joins Illinois State
as an associate professor
of business information
systems. He holds a Ph.D.
in management information
systems from the University of
North Carolina-Greensboro.
Prior to joining Illinois
State he was with the
University of Texas system,
where he received several
awards including the Teaching Excellence Award
in 2013. Midha has published several articles
in top-tier, peer-reviewed journals, including
Decision Support Systems, Communications of the
ACM, and International Journal of Electronic
Commerce, and presented at many national and
international conferences including International
Conference of Information Systems, Americas
Conference on Information Systems, and the
Decision Sciences Institute’s Conference.
His current research focus is on open source software
development, information privacy concerns, and
After spending several
years in public and
corporate accounting,
Ren earned her Ph.D. in
accounting from Southern
Illinois University and
now is teaching the
Federal Income Taxation
course at Illinois State. She
had previously taught tax
and financial accounting
courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels at
the University of Scranton. Her areas of research
include taxation, earnings management, corporate
governance, and international finance.
Tina Thompson
Department of Management
and Quantitative Methods
Thompson earned her Ph.D.
in organizational behavior
and human resource
management at Florida
State University. In her
research, she examines
the effects of subjective
economic stressors, and
attributions on individuals
and organizations.
Thompson’s research has been published in Human
Relations, the Journal of Occupational Health
Psychology, and Business Horizons. She has presented
her work at several conferences including the annual
meetings of the Academy of Management, the
Southern Management Association, and the Society
of Industrial and Organizational Psychology.
Thompson has taught courses in organizational
behavior, cross-cultural management, and human
resource management. Before pursuing a Ph.D.,
Thompson worked as an information technology
consultant in manufacturing, banking, and
Jay Rich named interim chair for Department of Accounting
Jay Rich has been named the interim chairperson of the
Department of Accounting for the 2013–2014 academic
year. Rich assumed his new duties July 15, 2013.
During his academic career at Illinois State, Rich
has played many important roles in the department. In
his new role, he will be preparing for the department’s
Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business
(AACSB) 2016–2017 maintenance of accreditation
visit, continuing progress on the Assurance of Learning
program, and maintaining relationships with the
department’s stakeholders.
Rich has published papers in The Accounting Review, Accounting,
Organizations and Society, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision
20 Illinois State University College of Business
Processes, Auditing: A Journal of Practice & Theory, The Journal of Accounting
Literature and Advances in Accounting Behavioral Research. He also has
published research in an AICPA monograph that discusses consistency issues
related to the expectation-gap standards.
His dissertation won the American Accounting Association Audit Section
Outstanding Dissertation Award in 2000 and another of his papers won the
Audit Section Notable Contribution to the Literature Award in 2007. Rich’s
projects in process relate to emerging review process trends in financial
statement audits and auditor knowledge representation.
Rich has also earned recognition for teaching excellence at the University
of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, University of Washington, University of Iowa,
and University of Connecticut.
The largest snowstorm in the spring of 2013
was not enough to stop the annual Business
Week events from moving forward. The five-day
festivities had a successful start on Friday, March
22, with more than 30 students traveling to
Decatur, for a Site Day visit to Archer Daniels
Midland (ADM) corporate headquarters. On
Saturday, more than 100 students attended the
Corporate Social Responsibility Day event to
learn how corporate social responsibility and
sustainability are handled in today’s growing
business world from Caterpillar, COUNTRY
Financial, Farnsworth Group and GROWMARK.
However, Mother Nature decided to throw
Central Illinois a curve ball late Sunday night
and early Monday morning, when almost 9
inches of snow fell on the Illinois State campus
in less than 10 hours. Illinois State closed for
the day, but the Business Week team jumped
into action. By 7:20 a.m. Monday morning,
the Business Week team had rescheduled the
Professional Development and Etiquette Dinner
planned for that evening with Bone Student
Center, emailed all expected attendees (400
seats), and contacted the presenters.
“The teamwork I saw that morning and
the quick decision-making of the team leaders
is a testament to the quality and dedication of
the Business Week student team,” said Steve
Vandiver, advisor for Business Week.
The dinner was rescheduled for April 10, but
the rest of the week’s scheduled activities went
off without a hitch—the Transition Seminars
on Tuesday evening; Keynote Speaker Stuart
Shuette, chief operating officer of US Foods,
and the Alumni Networking Reception on
Wednesday; and the Hall of Fame Induction
and Luncheon and MBA Leadership Perspectives
Dinner with William Hallinan ’66 on Thursday.
Business Week enables students to interact
closely with alumni, employers, and business
leaders on issues ranging from leadership to
communication to career management. The team
works diligently to make sure that Business Week
events are not limited to College of Business
students, nor is it only for juniors and seniors.
Business Week culminated countless hours
of prep work for the 24 students on the planning
team. The Business Week team started work
on the 2013 lineup almost as soon as the 2012
festivities ended. The team met at 7 a.m. every
Tuesday—the only time most students were free,
and a good time to weed out those who aren’t
serious—and divided up the work.
The Business Week team did a “great job
putting together a comprehensive week of
valuable sessions and information that will truly
benefit all students and reconnect many alums
with the University and current students,” said
Tim Pantaleone ’07, a Business Week mentor
coach who works as a financial business analyst
at Bloomington-based State Farm Insurance.
By joining the Business Week team, students
who participate create amazing opportunities for
their peers, building real-world skills and making
valuable contact with alumni and industry partners.
Ryan Brown ’06, M.B.A. ’08
Stephanie L.H. Calahan ’95
Rachel Cobb ’09
Timothy L. Ervin M.S. ’09
Ryan Fiala ’04, M.B.A. ’06
James Fielder ’01
Zach Frazier ’06
William Hallinan ’66
Brian Hamilton ’88, M.S. ’91
Kevin Haynes ’89, M.B.A. ’92
Eric Hoss ’81, M.B.A. ’90
Deborah Lindberg
Bailee O’Brien ’03
Tim Pantaleone ’07
Dan Schlipmann ’97
Julie Travers ’83
Scottie Venable ’86
Carrie White ’06
Ron Whitton ’80
Doyle Williams ’80
Scott Williams ’05
Bruce Zaret ’81
State Farm Insurance
US Foods
COUNTRY Financial
Heritage Enterprises Inc.
Afni Inc.
Archer Daniels Midland Co.
Commerce Bank
Dean Foods
Andrew Drendel
Farnsworth Group Inc.
Kensington Realty
Advisors Inc.
Travelers Companies
Widmer Interiors
Zayos Global Ventures
The Business Week 2013 team.
Front row: Alex Hausmann, Chris Dall, Seth Stalter, Drake Taphorn, Marko Grcic, Ryan Ritchie, Benard Teko
Back row: Frank Busch, Christina Bender, Jessica Findley, Andrea Northen, Ashley Carboni, Lindsay Hirschauer, Mallory
Remus, Lauren Bohm, Kayla Pernai, Leanne Wagner, Meghan Kelly, Natalie Edwards, Lauren Sroka, Elise Cowan, Mariam
Chaib, Alexis Huchthausen, Alex Levi, and Joey Pishghadamian.
News & Views
News & Views 21
Steve Hagge ’73
Hagge is president and
CEO of AptarGroup
Inc., the global leader
in consumer product
dispensing systems.
Hagge has been
instrumental in the
company’s growth and
success over the past
30 years. Since joining
the company in 1981, he has held various senior
executive positions including chief operating officer,
chief financial officer, and group vice president of
finance. He has also been serving as a member of
AptarGroup’s board of directors since 2001.
Listed on the New York Stock Exchange with
the symbol ATR, AptarGroup is a member of
the S&P Midcap 400 and had annual revenue in
excess of $2.3 billion in 2011. With more than
10,000 employees and facilities in 19 countries,
AptarGroup provides dispensing solutions
for a wide variety of fragrance, personal care,
household, food, beverage and pharmaceutical
products used by millions of consumers every day.
Customers include Procter & Gamble, Heinz,
Unilever, Kraft Foods, GlaxoSmithKline, Pepsi
Co., L’Oreal, and Estee Lauder. AptarGroup is
headquartered in Crystal Lake.
Hagge is chairman of the AptarGroup
Charitable Foundation, which funds an employee
matching gift program and provides grants for
health and human service organizations as well
as cultural programs in the communities in which
AptarGroup’s employees live and work. He also
serves on the board of directors of CF Industries,
a global leader in fertilizer manufacturing and
distribution. Prior to joining AptarGroup, Hagge
obtained his CPA license and worked for Arthur
Andersen in Chicago.
Born in Galesburg, Hagge attended Illinois
State University and currently resides in Crystal
Lake with his wife Sharon ’73. They have three
children and eight grandchildren.
22 Illinois State University College of Business
William J. Hallinan ’66
Hallinan is a co-owner,
president, and chief
operating officer of
a privately owned
multinational group
of affiliated industrial
and service entities
comprising approximately
25 companies doing
business throughout the
world and having either or both manufacturing and
service facilities in 12 countries.
The affiliated group, generally referred to as
Cryogenic Industries, is a premier provider of
process equipment and services to the industrial
gas and hydrocarbon industries selling, fabricating
and servicing cryogenic equipment and collateral
products such as air separation plants, gas
liquefaction units, heat transfer equipment, radical
inflow turbines, and a variety of cryogenic pumps.
Prior to joining Cryogenic Industries, Hallinan
was CEO of a public corporate finance company
which was sold to Berkshire Hathaway in 2001
and, for approximately 30 years prior, was a
corporate attorney representing large public
corporations in securities, financial and merger,
and acquisition transactions.
After graduating Illinois State, Hallinan
attended The John Marshall Law School in
Chicago. He practiced corporate law in Chicago
for approximately five years before relocating to
Phoenix, Arizona. Hallinan resides in Scottsdale,
Arizona, and maintains offices in Scottsdale and
Murrieta, California, where Cryogenic Industries
is headquartered.
Karen M. Jensen, M.B.A. ’86
Jensen earned her degree
in civil engineering
from the University
of Nebraska and an
M.B.A. from Illinois
State University. Prior
to joining Farnsworth
Group Inc. in 2002,
Jensen served in various
senior management roles,
including president and COO for Environmental
Science & Engineering, Inc. (ESE), a national
environmental and engineering consulting firm.
Farnsworth Group is a full-service engineering,
architecture, and survey firm with more than
300 employees located throughout a nationwide
network of offices. In addition to traditional
services, the firm provides cutting edge
technologies, including LEED consulting and
building commissioning. Farnsworth Group is
ranked as one of Engineering News-Record’s Top
500 Design Firms, with an in-depth portfolio
of projects and a client base that includes farm
communities, Fortune 500 companies, and the
federal government.
As an active community leader, Jensen serves
in board positions for a number of organizations
including American Red Cross–Central Illinois
Chapter, McLean County Chamber of Commerce,
Peoria Area Chamber of Commerce, commissioner
on the Metropolitan Airport Authority of Peoria,
OSF Saint Francis Community Advisory Board,
and serves on the Society of Military Engineers
National Senior Executive Group.
Mike Kasaba ’88
As chairman and CEO
of Artisan Vehicle
Systems (formerly
known as CalMotors)
for the past 10 years,
Kasaba has guided the
company’s product
development through
a diverse collection
of hybrid and electric
vehicle programs. Kasaba’s early recognition of
the rise of hybrid technology has given Artisan
a competitive advantage, a deep understanding
of the needs of vehicle manufacturers, and key
intellectual property for its clean vehicle programs.
Prior to Artisan, Kasaba founded Quiet Energy,
an electric utility company offering clean energy
alternatives such as solar and wind to businesses.
Kasaba set up Quiet Energy as a certified utility
company with the California Public Utility
Commission and competed with Southern
California Edison for large industrial accounts.
Kasaba built one of the largest solar arrays in
California as a demonstration of economic
and technical feasibility. Kasaba testified to the
California Power Authority proposing widespread
and economically competitive use of alternative
power throughout California.
In 1995, Kasaba founded NewLink
Communications, an Internet consulting firm
building sophisticated e-commerce and business
process systems for large corporations and wellfunded startups. Kasaba merged his company with
similar firms and went public in 1997 under the
name USWeb, becoming a technology consulting
firm with worldwide reach and more than $300
million in annual revenue.
Kasaba started his career at Andersen Consulting
(now called Accenture), building customer care and
billing systems in the telecommunications industry.
Kasaba’s clients included Sprint, Pacific Bell, and
AT&T. Engagements included customer service
and billing system design, IT strategy, and Internet
Kasaba holds a B.S. from Illinois State University
with a double major in organizational management
and management information systems.
Duane L. Miller, M.S. ’72
Miller served as CEO of
COUNTRY Financial
from 1974-2001. As CEO,
Miller was chairman
of the COUNTRY
management committee
and a member of the
investment committee
for the insurance
companies and
COUNTRY Trust Bank.
Miller also served as president and chairman
of the board of Middlesex Mutual Assurance
Company of Middletown, Connecticut; chairman
of Holyoke Mutual Insurance Company of Salem,
Massachussets, and MSI Preferred Insurance
Company of St. Paul, Minnesota. He joined
COUNTRY in 1959 as an actuary in COUNTRY
Life Insurance Company. Miller also served as vice
president-finance and treasurer of both the Illinois
Agricultural Association (IAA) and COUNTRY.
Miller, of Estes Park, Colorado, earned a bachelor’s
degree in mathematics from the University of
Iowa, Iowa City, and a master’s degree in business
administration from Illinois State University. He
also is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and
Certified Financial Planner (CFP).
Miller served on the board of governors of the
National Association of Independent Insurers
and is past president and director of the Illinois
Insurance Association, formerly the Illinois
Insurance Information Service.
Miller also served on Illinois State’s Foundation
board of directors, and was a founding member of
the Insurance Advisory Board of the Katie School
of Insurance and Financial Services at Illinois State.
Miller was president and director of BroMenn
Healthcare in Normal, and president and director
of the United Way of McLean County. He also
has served as president of the board of trustees
and elder of the Second Presbyterian Church of
Bloomington, and president and member of the
Dean’s Advisory Council at Illinois State.
Erick W. Miner ’78
Barbara A. Baurer
Miner is president
and CEO of CIT
Group Inc., a group
of 15 retail heavy and
medium-duty truck
dealerships representing
franchises for Kenworth
Truck Company,
Volvo Trucks North
America, Mack Trucks,
Isuzu Commercial Trucks of America, and
Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation in
sales territories throughout all of Illinois, half
of Missouri, and northwestern Indiana. The
company also owns a finance company, CIT
Equipment Finance Inc., and a truck leasing
company, CIT Group Leasing Inc. The company
was founded in 1975 in Normal.
Miner graduated from Illinois State in 1978
with a degree in accounting. He obtained his CPA
certification and worked in public accounting
until joining CIT Group Inc. as controller in
1984. He became president of the company
in 1991, purchasing the company in 1992. In
the past two decades, CIT has grown from two
dealership locations generating $12 million
in annual sales to its present size, becoming a
consistent market share leader with annual sales in
excess of $300 million and employing more than
500 people. The company has received a number
of industry awards over the years, most recently
winning three Kenworth Truck Company North
American Dealer of the Year awards in the past
four years.
In addition to serving on the boards of several
community organizations and industry groups
over the years, Miner has held positions on the
Volvo Trucks North America Dealer Advisory
Board and the Kenworth Truck Company North
American Dealer Council, ultimately serving
as chairman of the Kenworth dealer council
in 2003. In 2011, Miner was a finalist for the
American Truck Dealers Association Dealer of
the Year, the industry’s top dealer award. CIT has
worked closely over the years with Illinois State
University’s Professional Sales Institute and is
proud to be a Platinum Partner with the institute.
Miner is on the institute’s advisory board and
enjoys speaking to sales, marketing, and business
administration classes at the university. CIT
employs a number of Illinois State graduates.
Miner and his wife Jada have six children and
live in Bloomington. Two of their children are
Illinois State graduates.
Baurer has served as chief
operating officer for
COUNTRY Financial
since September 1999.
She is a member of the
board of directors for
alliances COUNTRY
has made with the
following insurers:
Cotton States Life
Insurance, Alpharetta, Georgia; Holyoke Mutual
Insurance Company of Salem, Massachusetts;
and Middlesex Mutual Assurance Company
of Middletown, Connecticut. Baurer also serves
as president for Holyoke and Middlesex.
Since joining COUNTRY in 1977, Baurer
has served in various positions, including vice
president and general manager of the property
and casualty companies. Prior to that, she served
as vice president of information services. She
joined the COUNTRY management committee/
leadership council in 1989.
Baurer, of El Paso, earned a bachelor’s degree in
mathematics and an M.B.A. from Eastern Illinois
University. In 2006, she received the Distinguished
Alumni Award from Eastern Illinois University.
She also furthered her education, earning
three insurance designations: the Chartered
Life Underwriter (CLU), Chartered Financial
Consultant (ChFC) and the Chartered Property
and Casualty Underwriter (CPCU).
She is a member of the board and executive
committee of the American Institute for CPCU.
Baurer also serves on the board and executive
committee of the Griffith Insurance Education
Foundation. She currently serves as chair of the
Eastern Illinois University College of Business
Advisory Board.
Baurer is past board chair for Advocate BroMenn
Regional Medical System. She also serves on the
United Way of McLean County board and was
the 2012 campaign chair. In addition, Baurer
was named a 2004 Woman of Distinction by the
YWCA of McLean County. She was named a 2010
Woman Worth Watching by Profiles in Diversity
Journal. Baurer is also one of the National
Diversity Council’s Most Powerful and Influential
Women in Illinois for 2010 and 2011.
Baurer was instrumental in formation of the
Illinois State University Katie School of Insurance
and Financial Services Advisory Board and is a
past board chair. She further played a key role
in establishing the Edmondson-Miller Endowed
Chair in Insurance and Financial Services. While
chairing the Katie School advisory board, Baurer
provided input regarding the school’s need for
classrooms and office space in the new College
of Business building. She also facilitated a
contribution from COUNTRY Financial for
the new building.
News & Views 23
Each year, the Early Career Achievement
Awards recognize younger graduates
who have demonstrated innovative and
responsible professional leadership, the
potential for future distinction, and a
commitment to serving others. A winner
often demonstrates exemplary professional
capabilities through entrepreneurial
success, rapid promotions, industry
recognitions, or innovative practices
that lead to measurable outcomes.
Winners continue to embody the five core
principals outlined in the College of Business Standards of Professional Behavior
and Ethical Conduct: responsibility,
honesty, respect, fairness, and trust.
This year’s honorees were no exception.
Oscar Baeza ’96
Baeza is the chief financial
officer of Midwest
REM Enterprises Inc.,
a locally owned Hispanic
construction firm boasting
more than $18 million
in sales annually. As the
CFO he is responsible for
managing the company’s
finances, heads the
accounting department, and has oversight of the
company’s assets.
He graduated from Illinois State University with
a dual B.S. degree in marketing and management
and quantitative methods. He was trained in the
hospitality industry for four years prior to joining the
firm in 1998 and earned his M.B.A. in 2003 from
the Kellstadt Graduate School of Business at DePaul
University, with a concentration in finance. Baeza
builds on his knowledge by enrolling in professional
education courses regularly. Most recently, he
participated in “Growing the Minority Business to
Scale,” an executive training program hosted by
Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College.
After graduating in 2009 from the Metropolitan
Leadership Institute, hosted by the United
Neighborhood Organization, he became active
in civic organizations. He is an active member of
the National Society of Hispanic MBAs, Hispanic
American Construction Industry, and the Illinois
Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Baeza also
volunteered as a tutor at the Mercy Home for
Boys and currently serves as a mentor to students
in the Big Shoulders Fund.
24 Illinois State University College of Business
Paris Blalock ’99
After graduating
from Illinois State,
Blalock joined the
family business,
T&L International, a
distribution company
whose products
are internationally
purchased and nationally
After four years in the family business, Blalock
realized that her real passion was in a more
creative field. In 2004, she developed, owned,
and operated Paris’ Boutique, an upscale women’s
clothing and accessories boutique. After five
years, she decided to expand her career into the
hospitality, sales and event planning industry. It
proved to be the best career decision for her as she
realized that she has a talent and passion for this
industry that allows her to be highly successful.
Events at Refinery was her first stepping stone
as she developed the newly established events
department in a short amount of time.
Following her time at Events at Refinery, Blalock
became director of catering at Holiday Inn Urbana.
During her time at both Events at Refinery and
Holiday Inn Urbana, not only did she book,
plan and execute client events, she also developed
internal events from concept to execution.
Blalock is active in her community as she
attends and hosts many chamber of commerce
events as well as serves on local charitable
committees such as Salt and Light based in
Champaign. Blalock holds a bachelor’s degree
in entrepreneurship from Illinois State. She was
voted a 2007 East Central Illinois “20 Most
Outstanding Women You Should Know” for her
accomplishments on the job, her relentless pursuit
of excellence, and always giving her time and
talents to help others in need.
Dominick Bruno ’02
Bruno is vice president
of the excess casualty
retail unit of Navigators
Commercial. He is
responsible for managing
the central zone out
of the Chicago office.
Bruno has held various
underwriting and
management positions in
the insurance industry over the past 12 years.
He joined Navigators in January and is reporting
to Peter Burns. Bruno’s insurance experience is
primarily underwriting excess liability business.
Bruno was previously assistant vice president for
AWAC in Chicago for the past four years. Prior
to AWAC, he held various excess underwriting
and management roles with AIG for eight years in
Chicago. He is a graduate of Illinois State with a
B.S. in finance and insurance.
Martin Franchi ’01
Franchi is the chief
financial officer and
partner at Mirus Trading
Solutions, a Chicago
futures industry firm
focused in four key
areas: low latency
trading software, high
speed global network
architecture, futures
brokerage and investment services, and trading
media and education. He is also the partner
responsible for legal, human resources, and M&A
and sits on the strategy, compensation, and
capital steering committees. He played a key role
in the divestiture of the firm’s managed network
services business 7ticks, LLC to Interactive Data
Corporation in 2009.
Franchi began his post-Illinois State career at
Kraft Foods, where he held various accounting and
finance positions ranging from corporate functions
to international business for Asia Pacific and Latin
America. While a COB student, Franchi completed
an internship with the Town of Normal in the
finance department.
He and his wife, Maureen, are proud parents
to three children, Emily, Colin, and Isabella.
Franchi is active in the Elmhurst community as
a board member for the Elmhurst District 205
Foundation. He is the first of three brothers to
graduate with finance degrees from Illinois State.
Amanda Giles ’02
As a student at Illinois
State, Giles was excited
to be an intern with
COUNTRY Financial.
After completing her
degree in business
administration in May
2002, she began her
career with COUNTRY
as a financial representative.
Establishing an office close to her hometown in
the Decatur/Forsyth area allowed Giles to help
provide financial security to many of her friends
and family. Working diligently, she quickly grew
her client base and continues to do so today. Giles’
goal is to help her clients grow and protect their
money from now until retirement.
In 2003, Giles married her husband Zeth ’04,
who studied criminal justice at Illinois State. They
reside in Forsyth and have four children, Zayn
(age 8), Bianca (6), Ace (6), and Vincent (2), and
another due this spring. Giles credits her success
to God, her Catholic faith, and her supportive
and encouraging husband.
Audrey Hahn ’09
Hahn is a senior
financial auditor at
State Farm Insurance.
She began her career
as a financial analyst in
property and casualty
financial reporting.
After three years,
she transitioned to
the internal audit
department where she has conducted auditing
activities, coordinated internal audit engagements,
and worked on a variety of department initiatives.
Hahn remains active on campus as an accounting
recruiter and currently manages the Illinois State
accounting recruiting team at State Farm. Hahn
has earned her Certified Public Accountant,
Certified Internal Auditor, Chartered Financial
Consultant, and Fellow Life Management
Institute designations.
While attending Illinois State, Hahn was
named a Robert G. Bone Scholar, Outstanding
Undergraduate Student in Accountancy, and
received the Outstanding Master of Professional
Accountancy Award.
Hahn resides in Normal with her husband
Justin ’06, M.B.A. ’08, and their daughter, Lucy.
John Hill ’11
Hill is a community
manager at Leo Burnett
at the world headquarters
in Chicago. His role entails
creating content strategy,
assisting with content
creation, developing
assignments briefs,
moderating fan activity,
and constructing reports
where key takeaways influence future content for
clients on social media channels. He’s been a
community manager on award-winning teams
for multiple clients, receiving Bronze Reggie and
Facebook Studio Gold awards. In Hill’s first year
and a half at Leo, he managed third party vendors
to successfully plan, implement, execute, and
monitor client marketing initiatives.
He has stayed in touch with Illinois State faculty
and students by frequenting IMC Nights hosted by
the College of Business. In his free time Hill enjoys
the outdoors, traveling, golfing, and photography.
Kristen Knake ’10
Sarah Otey ’97
Knake graduated from
Illinois State with a degree
in business information
systems. As a student, she
served as president of the
Business Information
Systems Club and founded
one of the first student
chapters of the Association
for Information Systems.
Knake currently works for The Boeing Company
as a functional analyst in its business and supply
chain systems organization. As part of a team
supporting an enterprisewide application, she serves
as a change management focal point while also
leading an effort to adopt a more agile development
methodology amongst her team. Knake also serves as
a mentor for new employees and interns, acclimating
them to the company and culture.
Knake is recently married to her husband,
Matt, and together they have a dog, Rocky. She
enjoys volunteering with Boeing in promoting
STEM careers at area high schools and grade
schools, and is training Rocky to become a
certified therapy dog for children and the elderly.
Otey is the customs
compliance manager
for Claire’s Stores.
Her responsibilities
include operations and
government regulatory
compliance for imports,
exports, and the foreign
trade zone. Since
in 1997, she has held various positions in both
customs broker and importer organizations. In
2000, Otey earned her customs broker license.
She is currently active in Toastmasters, where
she has completed numerous communication
awards and holds many club leadership roles.
Amanda Luebchow ’08
While at Illinois State,
Luebchow was active
in various groups
and organizations
throughout the school.
She was a Delta Zeta,
part of the American
Marketing Association,
the Professional Sales
Institute, a sales scholar,
and also had the opportunity to represent Illinois
State at the National Collegiate Sales Competition
in Georgia.
After graduation in 2008 with a marketing
degree and a minor in sales, she accepted an offer
with Frito-Lay (PepsiCo) as a district manager
working in various territories throughout Illinois
and Indiana for five years. In June of this year, she
joined the private company KIND Healthy Snacks
as its Midwest district manager. She manages the
accounts in 11 states throughout the Midwest and
oversees three sales reps, and helps to set the pricing
and promotions for KIND in the majority of the
grocery retailers throughout the Midwest.
Luebchow lives in the Wicker Park neighborhood
of Chicago and loves to play sand volleyball, spend
time with family and friends, and root for the Packers.
Kevin Vlk ’07
Vlk grew up in Downers
Grove and started
his business career in
high school as a Cutco
knives sales rep. This
lead to a successful
College Pro Painters
franchise manager role
during his freshman
and sophomore years
at Illinois State. He interned with State Farm
Insurance, Caterpillar, and Ernst & Young (EY)
during his junior and senior years.
Upon graduation in business teacher education,
he began working full-time for EY in Chicago.
While at EY, Vlk helped assemble, train, and
mentor a new Midwest events team, planning
more than 100 events a year. He collaborated
with EY’s Digital Platforms Team to develop a
mobile events app and run onsite app support for
national and international events. Vlk transferred
to EY’s San Francisco office in January 2012
and in early 2013, was recruited by Google on
LinkedIn. He now works with the Google Search
team in Mountain View, California, on various
projects, events, and project calendaring.
Post-college, Vlk went back to school to learn
character animation, following his childhood
dream of wanting to learn how to animate. He
continues to take workshops lead by Pixar animators
in Emeryville, California, and works on personal
animated projects in his free time.
News & Views 25
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Steve Vandiver, Director of Marketing
Illinois State University | College of Business
Campus Box 5500 | Normal, IL 61790-5500
You asked, and we heard you! We’re happy to announce that
This document is available in alternative formats upon request by contacting Steve Vandiver
at (309) 438-2646. An equal opportunity/affirmative action university encouraging diversity.
University Marketing and Communications • 14-1100 printed on recycled paper
RedbirdGear.com now offers College of Business clothing displaying COB
logos. While you’re on the site, we invite you to shop around and find even more
cool Illinois State items. Purchase for yourself, family, or friends. Fifteen percent
of all proceeds directly benefit the Illinois State Alumni Association.

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