honor roll 2012 university of maryland university



honor roll 2012 university of maryland university
Thousands of UMUC students are helped each year by the scholarships your
generosity makes possible. We have let them share their gratitude in their own
words throughout this honor roll, which forever links you to their future successes.
In 2012, more than 9,500 students earned
undergraduate and graduate degrees from
University of Maryland University College
(UMUC)—and in the process, opened doors
to better jobs, new careers, and ultimately
to the promise of brighter futures for themselves and the ones they love.
This year’s honor roll of donors is a powerful
reflection of the enormous commitment
our donors have made to the students at
UMUC and our global community. As a
result of your generosity, we are supporting
student achievements through scholarships,
enhancing the quality of our academic
programs, and expanding our vast arts
program, both by acquiring new artwork
and restoring historical pieces.
Within this listing, we also acknowledge
members of the Ehrensberger Society,
who have made gift commitments through
their estate planning.
This list includes the names of all donors
who have made gifts of $100 or more during
the fiscal year of 2012—between July 1, 2011,
and June 30, 2012. I am proud that during this
time we saw a marked increase in the number
of alumni who are supporting their alma mater.
Cathy Sweet
Vice President
Institutional Advancement
That success would not have been possible
without the support of our community of alumni,
faculty, staff, leadership boards, and friends,
whose dedication and generosity have helped
position UMUC as a 21st-century leader in
higher education.
of our cutting-edge and workforce-relevant
academic programs, while also enabling our
Arts Program to continue to grow and flourish.
The honor roll celebrates our many donors by
acknowledging the tangible difference their
gifts and annual contributions make. I wish to
thank each and every one of you who support
this remarkable university and its unique and
vitally important mission. Together, we can
continue to ensure that our students receive
the best possible education, preparing them
to become tomorrow’s global leaders.
Private donations have funded hundreds of
scholarships, allowing our students to pursue
their educational goals. Those same donations
serve to support the continued development
Javier Miyares
President, UMUC
Every gift of every size has a positive
impact and supports our educational
mission. On behalf of everyone at UMUC,
I thank you for investing in both our
students and our university.
Mr. Paul R. Aaron ‘96
Ms. Brenda L. Abell ‘08
Ms. Yolanda C. Abernathy-Glover ‘84
Accent on Success, Inc.
Mr. Precious C. Acheru ‘10
Ms. Diane H. Acurso ‘83
Ms. Desiree Adams
Mr. John Ayoade Adejumo ‘10
Ms. Valerie Ozemhoy Agwale ‘06
Ms. Jennifer L. Agwunobi ‘03 & ‘04
Ms. Olakitan Akinmurele
Mr. Winston Apapo Akondeng Mofor ‘10
Ms. Joycenette Alcorn ‘01
Ms. Yvonne M. Alex ‘05
Ms. Amber C. Allen ‘05
Ms. Gwendolyn L. Allen ‘07
SMSGT Richard Lee Allen (USAF, Ret.) ‘90
Mr. Richard T. Allen ‘81
Mr. James Andrew Allender ‘00
Mr. William Allison ‘79
Ms. Betsy A. Alperin
Mr. Azim Al-Salam ‘11
Mr. Andres Arturo Alvarez ‘11
Mr. David Ellis Amerson ‘10
Ms. Kelita Monia Lisa Anderson ‘02
Mr. Robert P. Anderson ‘79
Dr. Sharon Anderson ‘69
Mr. Ron R. Angel ‘08
Mrs. Emelia K. Annum ‘01 & ‘04
Ms. Debbie K. Ard ‘05
Ms. Lynda Nana Frema Arhin
Mr. Hamlet Arutyunov
Ms. Ashley Arvin
Mr. Mansour Ash-Shakoor ‘88
Ms. Danielle Nicole Assante ‘10
CWO Curtis Atkins Jr. (USN) ‘89
AT&T United Way Employee Giving Campaign
Ms. June A. Austin ‘00 & ‘02
Ms. Luci Austin
Ms. Linda R. Avery ‘02
Mr. Paul O. Awunor ‘10
Mr. James Babio
Mr. William R. Bachand ‘84
Ms. Claudette Y. Bailey ‘03 & ‘04
LTC Ernest L. Baillargeon (USAF, Ret.) ‘64
Mr. Patrick H. Bair ‘83
Ms. Tara L. Balfe Clifford
Ms. Tessie L. Ballard
Ms. Patti R. Ballentine ‘07
Mr. Donald F. Baltunis
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Ms. Diane Lanette Banks ‘09
Mr. Peter M. Barbernitz Jr. ‘84
Ms. Pamela Lois Barnes ‘10
Mr. Ralph H. Barnes ‘55
Mr. Robert Lee Bartee ‘01 & ‘05
Ms. Diane Bartoo
Ms. Deborah C. Bassard ‘05
Ms. Nadia M. Bassiouni ‘06
Mr. Charles J. Batt Jr. ‘86
Mr. Lewis H. Batty ‘65
Ms. Kate Bauer
Mr. Christopher Eric Beccles ‘03
Ms. Alba Beckford
Mr. Gerald J. Beeman ‘73
Mr. Stephen M. Beiga ‘02
Mr. Raymond M. Belak ‘75
Mr. Kibwe K. Belle ‘05
Mr. James W. Beller ‘73
Ms. Noell Marie Belton ‘09
Mr. Joshua P. L. Bender ‘10
Ms. Betty G. Bengtson ‘86
Ms. Jackie Benham ‘87
The 2012 Honor Roll represents gifts and pledges received from July 1, 2011, to June, 30, 2012. In the event
that an error has occurred, we extend our sincerest apologies and ask that you contact Taneka Chialastri at
301-985-7124 so that our system can be corrected.
Ms. Tasha Benjamin ‘00
Mr. Herman J. Bennett ‘11
Ms. Deneen Yvonne Bullard-Barriere ‘02
Mr. Carlos Mequiel Bullock ‘10
Mr. Jerrold C. Chadwick ‘03
Ms. Lynette Caprice Chambliss ‘10
Mr. Mark E. Cornelius ‘01
Mr. Clyde Randy Corsi ‘02
Ms. Roberta E. Dillow ‘80
Mr. Michael A. Divittorio ‘96
MSgt Wayne E. Bennett (USMC, Ret.) ‘76
Mr. Harold R. Benson ‘93 & ‘99
Mr. Randall J. Bertsch ‘95
Ms. Pamela M. Betton ‘81
Mr. Morsie Biggs Jr. ‘76
Mr. Robert R. Bikoski ‘79
Mr. Kenneth Allyn Bird
Ms. Judith Ann Bitzer ‘97
Mr. Kenneth D. Blackshaw ‘62
Mr. Carl K. Blakeley ‘02
Mr. Brent William Bland ‘00
Mr. Gairy A. Bobb ‘04
Ms. Christine M. Bodily ‘92
Mr. Marcel A. Boisvert ‘76
Mr. Michael R. Boivin Sr. ‘81
Mr. Thomas Bojito ‘06
Mr. Victor L. Bonaparte ‘93
Mr. James Walter Booker Jr.
Ms. Nipika Borah ‘10
Mr. John J. Borris ‘59
Ms. Joann L. Boswell ‘87
Mr. Brian E. Bowman ‘85
Mr. George L. Bowman Jr. ‘71
Mr. Harry N. Bragg ‘79
Mr. Robert W. Brandenburg ‘92
Mr. Carl E. Bratfisch ‘62
Mr. Wayne E. Braunstein ‘76
Mr. Michael C. Brett ‘86
Ms. Rachel Briley ‘77
Ms. Iris C. Briscoe ‘95
Mr. Donald Brittingham ‘95
SMSgt Roger Broadwater (USAF) ‘92
Ms. Sheryl Delores Brodie ‘11
Mr. William Brogan
Ms. Brandy Jean Brown
Ms. Elaine M. Brown ‘80
Ms. Nancy W. Brown ‘92
Mr. William Eugene Brown ‘11
Ms. Patricia O. Buchanan ‘01
Ms. Georgia J. Bupp ‘90
Ms. Cheryl May Burg ‘88 & ‘99
Mr. Harold F. Burgess ‘00
Mr. Jason Jerome Burkley ‘10
Mr. Kenneth F. Burton ‘07
Mr. John L. Busch ‘87
Ms. Bertha Eva Butler ‘02
Mr. Dennis Leroy Butler ‘06
Mr. Alexander P. Butterfield ‘56
Ms. Eunice LaVerne Byrd ‘08
Ms. Janis D. Byrd ‘93
Ms. Rashel Byrd
Mr. Melvin L. Byrne ‘97
Mr. Terrance R. Byron (USA) ‘95
Ms. Darcia C. Cahalan-Perini ‘05
Ms. Crystal Caldwell ‘00
Ms. Marie E. L. Callahan ‘75
Mr. Nick Denson Callaway III ‘10
Mrs. Judith A. Calvert ‘86
Mr. Keith D. Cameron ‘00
Ms. Shari I. Cammack
Ms. Cheryl R. Campbell ‘85
Ms. Princess R. Campbell ‘03
Ms. Renee Danielle Campbell
Ms. Shanik Denise Cannady ‘10
Mr. Jones Cannon Jr. ‘82
Mr. Stonneal Swanston Carbon ‘11
Mr. Joed Ivan Carbonell-Lopez ‘06
Ms. Joyce A. Carcaise ‘96
Ms. Holly L. Carey ‘01
Mr. Sean M. Carey ‘96
Mr. Theodore T. Carlsen ‘87
Ms. Jenae L. Carr ‘10
Ms. Ann Carroll Lane ‘73
Sgt. Cynthia D. Carter (USA) ‘99
Ms. Doris L. Carter ‘96
Mr. Richard L. Carter ‘87
Mr. Matthew C. Cereno ‘01
Mr. Michael N. Cerino ‘00
Ms. Kai-Xuan L. Chang ‘93
Ms. Ronnie M. Chantker ‘95
Mr. Thomas Chapman Jr. ‘76
Ms. Donna L. Chase ‘90
Mr. Carl L. Chavanne ‘86
Ms. Shahida Yasmin Cheema ‘11
Mr. Timothy J. Chermak ‘08
Mr. David B. Chew ‘02
Ms. Pamela Chisholm ‘04
Mr. Jong-douk Choi
Mr. Jerry Lee Christensen ‘05
Mr. Paul T. Christian ‘82
Ms. Yvonne M. Ciarlo
Ms. Bernadette Maria Clark ‘10
Ms. Joyce Ann Clark ‘06
Ms. Mary A. Clark ‘83
Dr. Roger G. Clark ‘90
LTC Roy C. Clark Jr. (USA, Ret.) ‘65
Ms. Myra M. Clary-Peterson ‘10
Mr. Beau Dedrick Clemmons ‘11
Mr. Robert G. Cline ‘89
Mr. Kevin J. Clouse ‘95
Mr. Robert A. Coelho ‘80
Ms. Brenda Carol Cofield ‘97
Ms. Danette Michele Cole ‘01
Mr. Tony Coleman ‘04
Ms. Sonya L. Coley ‘10
Mr. Paul E. Collins ‘85
Ms. Brenda Cooper Compton Turner
Mr. Eric Brett Compton ‘02
Ms. Jacquelyn Y. Cones ‘86
Mr. Richard R. Conley ‘08
Ms. Rose Mary Cook ‘97
Ms. Kathleen A. Cooke ‘08
Ms. Elizabeth Cooper ‘95 & ‘04
Ms. Karen D. Copeland ‘90
Mr. Raphael P. Cordova ‘87
Mr. Bryant T. Corley ‘09
Ms. Sarah B. Cormier ‘95
Ms. Mary Ann Cortes ‘10
Mr. Delwyn A. Cosby
Mr. Willie Bernard Cox ‘97
Mr. James R. Craig ‘79
Ms. Sally K. Craig
Mr. William F. Crapo ‘80
Mr. Anatolio B. Cruz III ‘90
Ms. Christine Dinora Cunningham ‘11
Mr. James A. Cutlip ‘91 & ‘01
Ms. Graca A. Da cruz ‘00
Ms. Kae G. Dakin ‘96
Mr. Franklin S. Daley Jr. ‘97
Mr. Anthony R. Damiano Jr. ‘82
Ms. Diane B. Dandois ‘92
Mr. Michael D. Daniel ‘03
Mr. Ronald L. Danielian ‘96
Mr. Gabriel Daniels ‘09
Ms. Felicia A. Daniels-Smith ‘91 & ‘96
Dr. Raju V. Datla ‘97
Mr. Jesse B. Davis ‘05
Mr. Marvin A. Davis ‘85
Mr. Orville W. Davis Jr. ‘79
Mr. Oscar N. Davis ‘96
Ms. Tammera S. Davis
Ms. Terita L. Davis ‘05
Mr. Thomas F. Davis ‘83
Mr. Douglas A. Day ‘91
Mr. John Mcalister Dean ‘02
Mr. Davesylvin D. Decker ‘91
Ms. Brigitte Dehart ‘99
Dr. Carol Jean Dell’Amore
Ms. Carmen Marie DeMasters ‘92
Ms. Kelly Lynn Dempsey ‘10
Mr. Roland C. Depew ‘97
Ms. Falguni P. Desai ‘91
Mr. Bernard T. Devaney Sr. ‘84
Ms. Lisa Dewey
Mr. Ronald Dickens ‘80
Mr. Robert A. Dillon Jr. ‘58
Mr. Chuyen Minh Do ‘04
Ms. Marilyn C. Dodd ‘05
Mr. Lawrence G. Doman ‘78
Mr. Jerry Domanico ‘02
Mr. James S. Donnelly ‘03
Mr. John Patrick Donohoe
Mrs. Denise Dorn
Mr. Guy Douglas ‘95
Ms. Renea A. Doyle ‘04
Mr. Gregg Eugene Drake ‘03
Mr. Theodore P. Drennan ‘02
Ms. Patricia A. Dubroof
Mr. Kenneth Gordon Duffau ‘03
Ms. Monica K. Dukes ‘06
Mr. John P. DuMoulin ‘96
Ms. Mary Ellen Duncan
Ms. Nichole Deion Duncan ‘10
Ms. Syretta Elizabeth Dyson ‘11
Ms. Frieda Bernadet Edwards ‘01
Ms. Heather G. Edwards ‘06
Mr. Charles A. Eisenhart ‘73
Ms. Cheryl L. Ellett ‘90
Mr. Patrick S. Elliott
Ms. Cherilynn Ellis ‘07 & ‘10
Mr. David M. Ellis
Ms. Debra A. Ellis ‘04
Mr. Sunday O. Eme ‘94
Dr. Morten G. Ender ‘80
Mr. Okwuchuckwu Matthew Enekwe ‘10
Ms. Cara Anita Ennals
Ms. Lori Ann Enochs ‘07
Mr. Joseph J. Ensor ‘95
Ms. Shaunda LaTrice Evans ‘08
ExxonMobil Corporation
Mr. Paul S. Fahey ‘97
Mr. Patrick V. Farina ‘82
Dr. Juanita Felder ‘65
Mr. Frank F. Fennell Jr. ‘90
Mr. Stephen Lloyd Ferguson Jr. ‘08
Mr. Leopoldo Fernandes ‘93
Mrs. Denise F. Ferrenz ‘84
Mr. Elvis Romeo Wafo Ghomsi ‘10
Ms. Felicia Ann Gibbs ‘03
Mr. John A. Hamilton ‘87
Ms. Mary Ann Hanberry ‘98
SSgt Dwight A. Fields (USA) ‘94
Ms. Norma A. Fields ‘97
Ms. Belinda J. Finn ‘02
Mr. Bennie W. Fitzgerald ‘80
Mr. Michael L. Fitzgerald ‘99
Ms. Cynthia Ann Flagg ‘04
Mr. Robert J. Fleury ‘79
Mrs. Charmaine D. Flint ‘11
Ms. Nofertary Bintu Fofana ‘11
Ms. Raquel B. Fontana
Ms. Nona Elaine Ford ‘07 & ‘09
Ms. Ruth L. Ford ‘88
Ms. Gale Marilyn Forde ‘09
Mr. Byron Fordham ‘94 & ‘00
Ms. Kathleen U. Fornatora ‘90
Mr. Roy A. Forson ‘96
Ms. Valerie Fowlkes-Bynum ‘89
Mr. Alvin A. Frazier ‘97
Ms. Alana Frett ‘03
Ms. Joy E. Freund ‘03
Ms. Susan Fritz ‘06 & ‘10
Mr. Carl J. Fritzinger ‘91
Mr. Robert L. Fuss ‘92
Mr. Anthony Lynn Fykes ‘10
Mr. Jacob N. Gadson Jr. ‘89
Mr. Douglas R. Gaines ‘95
Mr. David Gallegos ‘01
Mr. John Galliano ‘01
CMSgt Thomas D. Galliher (USAF) ‘87
Mr. Timothy J. Gannon ‘89
Ms. Linda M. Gantt ‘95
Ms. Lisa K. Gardner ‘95
Mr. Lito Valenzuela Garlit ‘02
Ms. Bernsteine B. Garrett
Mr. Joseph F. Gasper ‘80
Ms. Nakevia Jacklyn Gates ‘10
Mr. Frederick A. Gawlick ‘73
Mr. Dagmawi Gedion ‘06
Ms. Margaret G. Geiser-Kline ‘79
Mr. Paul A. Gifford ‘75
Mr. Brian K. Gilbertson ‘94
Ms. Barbara J. Givens ‘10
Ms. Marcia Urquhart Glenn ‘10
Ms. Joyce R. Godby ‘91
Mr. Frederick M. Goines ‘04
Ms. Sandra L. Golas ‘01
Mr. Anthony Gomes ‘76
Ms. Ina Goocharan ‘97
Mr. Egbert M. Goodman ‘94
Mr. Robert Goodwin
Ms. Janice L. Gordon ‘05
Mr. Bernard Emmons Gracy ‘08
Mr. James W. Graham ‘69 & ‘86
Ms. Julia Rossana Grant ‘10
Ms. Meredith K. Gray ‘01
Ms. Rebecca K. Gray ‘98
Mr. Benjamin Eli Green ‘10
Ms. Lyllis M. Green
Mr. Neil Green
Mr. William B. Greenan ‘89
Mr. Jackie Greene ‘93
Mr. B. Keith Gregory ‘87
Mr. Thomas R. Grippo Jr. ‘79
Ms. Shelly Mae Gross-Wade ‘97
Ms. Vickie Ann Grow ‘09
Ms. Tabatha S. Guion ‘03
Ms. Jenny M. Gunderman ‘99
Ms. Anntoinette C. Gurvin ‘88
Mr. Roger W. Gustafson ‘73
SFC Scott H. Gustafson (USA) ‘01
Ms. Sandra H. Gwynn ‘07
Mr. Brian J. Haan ‘87 & Ms. Courtney C. Haan
Ms. Patricia M. Haase ‘95
Ms. Daliah Dawn Haber-Dixon ‘10
Mr. Robert Eugene Hafer ‘10
Mr. Henry Hailstock Jr. ‘80
Ms. Lucy W. Hall ‘08
Mr. Michael A. Hall ‘99
Ms. Martella L. Hancil ‘06
Mr. Fred A. Hand ‘74
Mr. Edward A. Hanka ‘86
Mr. Tracy Kent Hankins
Ms. Patricia E. Hannum ‘77
Mrs. Evelyn K. Chou Hao
SMSgt Floyd R. Hardman (USAF) ‘88
Ms. Stacy Ann Hardman ‘10
Mr. Milton Dewey Harmon ‘96
Ms. Rebecca Harmon-Coby ‘95 & ‘00
WO Wendy A. Harpe (USN)
Mr. Royal Harrell ‘97 & ‘02
Ms. Anna C. Harris ‘99
Ms. Charlotte B. Harris ‘85
Ms. Jasmine Nicole Harris
Mr. Marvin O. Harris ‘81
Ms. Rosemary Hartigan
Ms. Gloria J. Hastings ‘90
Ms. Lisa Michelle Hawkins ‘11
Mr. Ronnie Devon Hawkins ‘03
Ms. Linda S. Haydon ‘93
Mr. Daniel J. Hayenga ‘96
Mr. Donald P. Hearn ‘73
Mr. Joseph A. Heastie ‘80
Mr. Warren F. Heine ‘75
Mr. Jay L. Heinemann ‘85
Mr. Eric C. Helfers
Ms. Bobbette Henderson
Mr. Michael Terrence Henderson ‘93
Ms. Patricia A. Henderson ‘01
Henggeler Computer Consultants
Mr. James P. Hennessy ‘77
Mr. James L. Henson ‘00
Ms. Mary L. Hepp ‘89
Mr. Robert W. Herbig ‘84
Ms. Diane Marie Herring ‘92
Mr. Frederick A. Herrmann Jr. ‘80
Ms. Ann Marie Russo Herron ‘83
Mr. Troy L. Hewitt ‘92
“It is scholarships such as yours
that motivate students to keep
going and not give up on their
dream, no matter how challenging
their road may be. I am honored
to have been selected to receive
this scholarship.”
Mr. Michael Batten Higginbotham ‘11
LT Deborah J. Hill (USN)
Ms. Joy Lynn Jacques ‘11
Mr. Curtis A. James ‘65
Ms. Andrea C. Key ‘05
Mrs. Dawn L. Kilheffer ‘87
Mr. Edward James Lewis III ‘11
Ms. Marthea P. Lewis ‘01
Mr. Andrew K. Mauer ‘03
Mr. Scott H. Maurice ‘02
Ms. Cheryl L. Hills
Mr. Robert T. Hobble ‘96
Mr. James Hodges ‘85
Mr. John E. Hodges ‘85 & ‘97
Ms. Jenell Marlana Holder
Ms. Greta E. Holland ‘84
Mr. William S. Holmes ‘87
Mr. Michael A. Holser ‘94
Ms. Anna R. Holton ‘90
Mr. Timothy L. Homan ‘92
Mr. William M. Hong ‘04
Mr. Joseph E. Hopkins III ‘72
Mr. Otis Hopkins ‘82
Mr. Fred Horowitz ‘70
Ms. Jennifer Rae House ‘11
Mr. Daniel E. Hranek ‘92
Mr. Ernest D. Huff Jr. ‘84
Ms. Loretta L. Hunt ‘00 & ‘08
Mr. Robert L. Hunt ‘84
Mr. Abe Hunter Jr.
Mr. Jerry M. Hurst ‘81
Ms. Melody Ann James
Ms. Deepa Janakiraman ‘07
Mr. Gregory S. Jarosinski ‘02
Mr. Gregory K. Jenkins
Ms. Phyllis A. Jenkins ‘79
Mrs. Marianne T. Jessee-Solfronk ‘83
Ms. Lucresse Carmelle Jocelyn ‘10
Ms. Carmelita Somerville Johnson ‘10
Ms. Esther M. Johnson ‘83
Ms. Mazie M. Johnson ‘08
Mr. Michael R. Johnson ‘01
Ms. Misty G. Johnson ‘04
Mr. Timothy Maurice Johnson ‘94
Mr. John T. Johnston ‘99
Estate of Antwon Harris Jones
Ms. Brenda Cassandra Jones ‘08
Ms. Debbie C. Jones ‘10
Sgt. Douglas E. Jones (USA)
Mr. John Paul Jones Jr. ‘00
Rev. Kenneth S. Jones
& Mrs. Larocca T. Jones ‘80 & ‘87
Mr. Otis Hurt III ‘95
Ms. Angela D. Hutchison ‘04
Mr. Jonathan L. Hutchison ‘01
Mr. Frederic D. Hyatt ‘71
Mr. Donald P. Hymel ‘86
Ms. Victoria P. Imre ‘97
Ms. Linda I. Inogbo ‘05 & ‘10
Ms. Persida Iorga ‘08
Mr. Dan H. Iredell ‘85
Mr. Peter W. Irizarry
Mrs. Tina M. Israel ‘80
Mr. Donald E. Jaccard ‘96
Mr. Gerald Monroe Jackson ‘05
Mr. Kendrick S. Jackson ‘08
Mr. Kevin D. Jackson
Ms. Vickie L. Jackson ‘84
Mr. Robert Eric Jacobs ‘11
Ms. Penny A. Jacocks ‘97
Ms. Margaret S. Jones ‘76
Ms. May Rose Jones ‘02
Ms. Paulette Jones ‘05
Mr. Richard R. Jones ‘72
Ms. Leslie B. Joy ‘01
Mr. William C. Joyner ‘04 & ‘08
Mr. Roger E. Kager ‘05
Mr. Ronald Benjamin Kaita ‘01
Ms. Shalini Kals ‘10
Mr. Leon Kaplan ‘74
Ms. Amy L. Karch ‘95
Mr. Kevin L. Kasalonis ‘08
Ms. Sara A. Kaufman ‘93
Ms. Bernadette Elizabeth Keane ‘11
Mr. Joseph F. Keckler ‘83
Mr. Orson Keeys ‘09
Mr. Jeffery David Kent
Ms. Natalie J. Kepner ‘93
Ms. Alexandra H. Kim
Ms. Jean S. Kim ‘08
Mr. John R. King ‘95
Ms. Patricia A. Kingsley ‘89
CMSgt. James R. Kinney (USAF) ‘87 & ‘09
Ms. Darlene S. Klinksieck ‘92
Mr. Joseph T. Kobsar ‘05
Mr. Mark Koenigsberg ‘79
Ms. Susannah C. Kolstad
Ms. Amy Jean Konz ‘05
Mr. Dale L. Kopnitsky ‘94
Ms. Jeneba K. Kouadio ‘04
Ms. Jeanne M. Kraus ‘88
Ms. Erica H. Kropp ‘91
Mr. Richard A. Kruckow Jr. ‘92
Mr. Dennis J. Kubicki ‘07
Ms. Kristin Kubik
Mr. Randall Kuldell ‘95
Mrs. Frances W. Kushner ‘82
Mr. Takawira Walter Kwenda ‘10
Ms. Billie M. Labhart ‘81
Mrs. Elizabeth H. LaBuda ‘03
Ms. Darla T. Lacey ‘10
Ms. Jeannie A. LaDriere ‘94
Mr. Paul David Lancaster
Mr. Paul L. Landry ‘57
Ms. Jean A. Larson ‘85
Ms. Maria B. Laughlin ‘97
Mr. Ernest P. Lawhorn
Ms. Hayley Lawrence ‘11
Ms. Madonna A. Lebling
Ms. Leslie M. Lee ‘08
Ms. Sheila M. Lee ‘95
Ms. Monica Renee Leftwich ‘11
Mr. Robert B. Legrand ‘03
Mrs. Barbara A. Lehto ‘69
Ms. Theresa M. Lesko ‘89
Ms. Carley Monique Lester ‘11
Mrs. Shondraya Grant-Levy ‘00
Dr. Chimene L. Liburd ‘02
Ms. Carole M. Lieber ‘88
Mr. Thornten T. Liggans ‘02
Mr. William Lineburg ‘94
Mr. Robert B. Link ‘96
Mrs. Ann Lister
Ms. Regina S. Litman ‘82
Ms. Irene Little ‘00
Mr. Jered Dale Little ‘05
Mr. Robert H. Locke ‘70
Mr. Clarence L. Logan ‘88
Ms. Joan M. Lorincz ‘96
Ms. Karen A. Lucas ‘86
Ms. Ashley Sade Lucci ‘11
Mr. Marvis F. Lynes ‘68
Mr. Stephen M. Lynott ‘97
Mr. William L. Machen ‘70
Mrs. Amy Macht
Ms. Laverne R. Madison ‘91
Ms. Patricia A. Madrigal ‘06
Mr. George E. Maillot ‘60
Mr. George W. Mainer ‘70
Mr. Gilbert Mainvielle ‘07
Ms. Nancy J. Maisel ‘01
Mr. James Malone ‘01
Mrs. Claire B. Mansberg ‘71
Mr. Howard Y. Manwiller Jr. ‘87
Mr. Gary Daniel Marcelin ‘11
Mr. Dennis Allen Marglin ‘00
Mr. Philip S. Margolies ‘05
Mr. Raymond Markham ‘06
Ms. Antoinette Martin ‘95
Mr. Robert E. Martin ‘95
MSgt Carlos P. Martinez (USAF) ‘94
Ms. Elaine N. Martini ‘90
Mr. Timothy F. Marx ‘82
Mr. Jonathan P. Mason ‘07 & ‘09
Ms. Xinli Mataya ‘98
Mr. J. Michael A. Matthews ‘83
Mr. Ronald J. Maus ‘84
Ms. Lenoria P. Maxwell ‘09
Mr. Milton D. McClain ‘91 & ‘96
Mr. Charles J. McCabe ‘95
Ms. Lisa Darlene McCants ‘97
Mr. William F. McCarthy ‘86
Ms. Joanne M. McCasland ‘11
Mrs. Pamela S. McClendon ‘89
Mr. Patrick O. McConaghy ‘79
Mr. Richard E. McConnell ‘79
Mrs. Dorothy E. McCormick ‘73
Ms. Ronda Lynette McCoy
Ms. Eileen M. McCrady ‘98
Mr. Jasper M. McCurdy ‘62
Mr. Steven McDaniel
Mr. Edward E. McDowell ‘85
Mr. Robert S. McFaul ‘80
Ms. Rasheedah Angelica McGhee-Bey ‘10
Mr. Dennis L. McGuire ‘75
Mr. Larry D. McNabb
Ms. Josephine D. McNally ‘84
Ms. Layah L. McPhail ‘11
Ms. Cindy K. McVeigh
Ms. Ellen Aleta McVeigh ‘92
Ms. Jean M. Measell
Ms. Emily Medina
Mr. John J. Meiburger ‘96
Ms. Denise Melvin
Ms. Eileen S. Menton ‘90
Mr. Dana C. Merrick ‘92 & Ms. Teresa M. Merrick ‘94
Ms. Kittie L. Messman ‘98
CWO Frank J. Miccio (USN, Ret.) ‘85
Mid-Shore Community Foundation Inc.
Ms. Angela T. Miller ‘05
Ms. Barbara J. Miller ‘84
Mr. George E. Miller ‘87
Mr. Kevin Alan Miller ‘11
Ms. Suzanne F. Miller ‘08
Ms. Kathleen A. Mishkin ‘87
“When I saw the scholarship offer, I couldn’t believe it. I was so excited I
jumped out of my chair and called everyone I knew to tell them I had money
to go to school. I will now be able to get through this, my last year, because
of this scholarship. Thank you so much for your financial assistance.”
Ms. Brenda May Mitchell ‘90
Mr. John A. Mojecki ‘67
Ms. Deborah A. Mooney ‘04
Ms. Heather D. Moore ‘04
Mr. Eugene E. Morath Jr. ‘55
Mr. Dexter G. Morris ‘04 & ‘11
Mr. William J. Morris Jr. ‘81
Mr. Frank & Mrs. Diane Morrison
Mr. Marvin P. Morrison ‘86
PO Andrew T. Motsinger (USN) ‘92
Mr. Chifundo Moya ‘10
Ms. Tracy Mucci ‘98
Ms. Alicia M. Murray ‘07
Mr. Bruce A. Murray ‘92
Mr. Gordon D. Murray Jr. ‘79
Ms. Frances B. Musgrove ‘89
Mr. Wayne R. Myer ‘01
Mr. Stanley T. Myles ‘04
SMSgt Alan T. Nakamura (USAF) ‘88
Mr. Krishna Kumar Sankaran Nambisan
MSG Patricia I. Nance (USA) ‘93
Ms. Patricia A. Nash ‘96
Mr. Rodney Edward Neal ‘97
Ms. Martha K. Neel-Rodenburg ‘05
Ms. Peggy L. Nemitz-Rogers ‘85
Ms. Marcelle W. Newsome ‘96
Ms. Carolyn Newton
Mr. David C. Newton
Mr. Can Xuan Nguyen ‘02
Mr. Anthony William Nichols ‘07
Mr. Esam M. Nimer ‘11
Ms. Suzanne Thamar Njanji Mbollo ‘10
Ms. Caren Armine Norian ‘10
Ms. Annie Mae Norris ‘04
Mr. Douglas W. Norton
Ms. Joan E. O’Brien ‘01
Dr. Paula C. O’Callaghan
Ms. Ellen O’Connor ‘96 & ‘05
Mrs. Thu-Hang Ogburn ‘01
Mrs. Edith Ogella ‘62
Mr. John J. O’Hare ‘88
Mr. Franklin T. Olive Jr. ‘76
Ms. Essie G. Orekoya ‘03
Mr. Augustine C. Ormrod ‘71
Ms. Candace G. Orsetti ‘03
Mr. Alexander A. Orsini ‘04 & ‘09
MSgt Patrick J. Oshea (USAF) ‘93
Mr. Taiwo O. Osifade ‘11
Mr. William A. Owens ‘96
Mr. Thomas Kweku Owoo ‘10
Mr. Oluwaseun T. Oyemade ‘99
Mr. Donald S. Pabis ‘96
Mr. Jeffry R. Paddock ‘92
Ms. Nita S. Pancholi ‘07
Mr. Vijay A. Pandit
Mr. Leslie M. Pang
Mr. Abraham Pappan ‘11
Mr. Richard A. Paradis
Ms. Ruth D. Parker ‘88
Ms. Ali Paskun ‘98
Ms. Alethea E. Patten ‘93 & ‘98
Ms. Jacqueline L. Patten ‘02 & ‘03
Ms. Tia A. Patterson ‘10
Mr. Charles D. Payne ‘61
Mr. Stephen D. Payne ‘01
Mrs. Kathryn S. Pearson ‘95
Ms. Theresa C. Pearson-Johnson ‘88
Ms. Hattie Louise Peay ‘01
Ms. Michon E. Peck ‘85
Ms. Helen M. Pernell ‘98 & ‘00
Mr. James M. Peters ‘85
Mr. Donald A. Peterson ‘88
Mr. Ronald C. Peterson ‘03 & ‘06
Mr. Wade Timothy Petree ‘03
Mr. George W. Pfeiffer ‘74
Mr. Arun Naduparambil Philip ‘04
Ms. Vivian A. Phillips ‘90
Ms. Janet M. Piateski ‘98
Ms. Irene C. Pierce ‘08
Mr. Julian A. Pierson III ‘96
Mr. Andrew C. Pinkham ‘01
Ms. Alison Pope ‘85
Ms. Stella Porto ‘08
Mrs. Barbara A. Power ‘88
Mr. Fitzgerald L. Price ‘01
Mr. Kent H. Price
SGM Linda J. Pujo (USA) ‘86
Ms. Denise P. Pumphrey ‘93
Mr. Cale Terrance Queen ‘10
Ms. JoAnn Foster Queen ‘11
Mr. Michael A. Ragoza ‘95
Dr. Glenda Marie Rainney ‘93
Ms. Syeda T. Ramcharan ‘06
Mr. Robert J. Rayca ‘73
Ms. Melissa E. Reese
Mr. Patrick A. Reid ‘93
Ms. Janice H. Reilly ‘90
Mr. Kevin M. Remmell ‘10
Mr. Anthony J. Rice
Ms. Susan M. Richards
Mr. Wayne M. Richards ‘96
Ms. Earnestine J. Richardson ‘91
Mr. Roger W. Rick ‘79
Ms. Michele Riesenberg ‘04
Ms. Elizabeth Jean Ring ‘92
Ms. Jodi A. Risse ‘97
Mr. Donald M. Ritscher ‘60
Mr. Richard C. Rivera ‘00
Mr. John Moss Roberts ‘98
Dr. James A. Robertson
Mr. Omar Audely Robertson
Ms. Cheryl A. Robinson ‘90
Ms. Connie M. Robinson ‘10
Mr. Christopher Thomas Robison ‘10
Mr. Steven W. Rodichok
Mr. Daniel E. Roehrich ‘81
Mr. Richard Rollins ‘86
Mrs. Donna F. Ronco ‘04
Mr. Roger G. Rose ‘68
Mr. Victor S. Rosenblum ‘85
Mr. Lewis A. Routon ‘68
Ms. Cheryl A. Rucker ‘00
Mr. John Michael Ruiz ‘07
Ms. Maria M. Ruiz ‘90
Ms. Cynthia J. Ruse ‘96
Mr. Kenneth Russell ‘79
Mr. Stephen V. Ryan ‘80
Mr. Thomas E. Ryan ‘97
Mr. William E. Ryan ‘84
Mr. Eugene Thomas Ryder ‘97
Ms. Sawsan Said
Mr. Jeffrey L. Salisbury ‘79
Ms. Grace E. Sanders ‘92
Ms. Dianne L. Sanna
Ms. Sonya D. Sargent-Oliver ‘05
Ms. Jaylene Sarracino
Mr. Boniface D. Satu ‘11
Ms. Carol A. Savage ‘84
Ms. Patricia P. Savory ‘84
Ms. Laverna B. Savoy ‘93
Mr. Norman Sawin Jr. ‘08
Dr. Hasan H. Sayani
Ms. Julie A. Scanlon ‘94
SSgt Michael P. Schabowski (USA)
Mr. Eric Schanzenbacher ‘02 & ‘06
Mrs. Laura I. Scheeler ‘89
Ms. Elizabeth Scheffler ‘95 & ‘97
Mr. Roger L. Schenck ‘68
Mr. Jimmy L. Schiele ‘94
Mr. Laurence Schiffenhaus
Ms. Maida Schifter ‘85
Mr. Warren Schor ‘90
Mr. Jeremy E. Schroeder
Mr. Chester M. Schultz ‘63
Mr. Holger Schulze ‘09
Mr. Jeffrey D. Schutter ‘92
Mr. Alan R. Schwartz ‘82
Mrs. Denise A. Scott Campbell ‘04
Mr. Richard E. Smith II ‘86
Ms. Shanta Lynette Smith ‘07
Mr. Brian E. Taylor ‘04
Mr. Jeff J. Taylor ‘96
Mr. John D. Veal Jr. ‘94
Mr. Ruben F. Velez ‘82
Ms. Dorothy E. Widdows ‘04
Ms. Twanna Thurmond Wiggins ‘97
Mr. Charlie F. Scott ‘83
Mr. Gary G. Scott ‘91
Mr. Gregory J. Scott ‘98
Ms. Robyn Seabrook
Mr. William E. Sealey ‘93
Mr. Roy Seivwright
Mr. Terrance L. Seldon ‘98 & ‘04
Ms. Donna J. Sellers ‘04
Ms. Lynn C. Selmser ‘84
Mrs. Christine S. Senese ‘78
Mr. Allan H. Senker ‘83
Mr. John L. Seymour ‘85
Mr. Daniel W. Sharpe ‘96
Mr. Melvin Shea ‘95 & ‘01
Ms. Olga Sheyner ‘04
Mr. Jamell H. Shields
Mr. Richard D. Shilby ‘82
Mr. Michael H. Shipley ‘85
Mr. Leonid Shmunis ‘07
Mr. Ronald K. Shorts ‘02
Mr. Steven C. Shriver ‘90
SSgt Shelton C. Smith (USA) ‘87
Ms. Tonita Bell Smith ‘98
Ms. Angela Smookler ‘94 & ‘98
Dr. Darlene A. Smucny
Mrs. Lila A. Snow
Mr. Mabayoje N. Solarin ‘11
Dr. William W. Sondervan
Ms. Mary Ann Spilman ‘97
Dr. Anthony Bernard Spivey ‘91
Mr. John Spooner ‘01
Mr. Robert E. Sprecher ‘95 & ‘02
Mr. Linwood R. Starbird ‘92
Mr. David Stebbins ‘99
Mr. David E. Steele ‘85
Mr. Andrew P. Stefancik ‘81
SSgt Betty A. Stewart (USA) ‘94
Dr. James J. Stewart
Mr. William P. Stivers ‘82
Ms. Sandra M. Stocks ‘91
Ms. Melody M. Stokes
Ms. Katherine Stone
Mr. Jullion Ronald Taylor Jr. ‘10
Ms. Miley A. Taylor ‘95
Ms. Sakinah Monique Taylor ‘07
Mr. Curtis W. Teague ‘96
Mr. Luis Telles Hernandez ‘06
Ms. Hellen Tesfamariam
Dr. George Theoharis
Ms. Donte Lisa Thomas ‘11
Mr. Joseph R. Thomas ‘92
Mrs. Alice E. Thompson ‘78
Ms. Jennifer L. W. Thompson
Mr. Michael J. Thompson ‘03
Ms. Penny E. Thompson ‘86
Mr. Norman K. Thorpe ‘72
Ms. Beverly D. Threadgill ‘10
Ms. Cheryl M. Tobierre ‘08
Mr. Alan L. Toense ‘93
Ms. Pamela J. Tollefsen ‘83 & ‘02
Mr. Charles V. Tramazzo Jr. ‘84
Mrs. E. R. Trice & Mr. S. C. Trice ‘02
Ms. Desiree J. Tritle ‘04
Mr. Justo Silva ‘04
Ms. Magarita Silva ‘06
Mr. Denroy J. Simon Sr. ‘10
Ms. Leonora L. Simon ‘92
Mr. Nicola A. Sisto Jr. ‘04
LTG Ray B. Sitton (USAF, Ret.) ‘54
Mr. Richard Arthur Sixtos ‘05
Mr. Richard H. Skorny ‘97
Mr. Zygmond Edward Slevinski ‘10
Mr. Tyrone Small
Mr. Alfred D. Smith ‘60
Mr. Ernest R. Smith Jr. ‘75
Mrs. Joyce C. Smith ‘71
Ms. Martha M. Smith ‘96
Mr. Michael L. Smith ‘03
Ms. Pelba Jean Smith ‘04
Ms. Penny E. Smith ‘85
Ms. Claudia M. Street ‘83
Ms. Rosiland M. Strother ‘05
Dr. Forrest E. Studebaker
Ms. Maria Suarez ‘03
Mr. Richard Sugarman ‘88
Mr. Willie A. Sugay ‘07
Mr. Gregory K. Summers ‘01
Mr. John Charles Sweeting ‘97
Mr. Donald H. Swellander ‘65
Mrs. Mary E. Switzer ‘85
Ms. Evelyn J. Tackett ‘65
Ms. Amber R. Talbert ‘06
Mr. Mahmut Tamersoy
SSgt Duane C. Tant (USAF) ‘90
Mr. Robert Tarloff ‘99
Mr. Ricky D. Tart ‘95
Mr. Anthony E. Taylor ‘97
Ms. Frances A. Troxler ‘92
Ms. Blanche O. Trueheart
Ms. Leona Lyons Truelove ‘73
Ms. Lynette M. Trumbore ‘97
Ms. Mitchia Darnya Tull-Cook ‘03
Mr. Kuo-Min Tung ‘96
Mr. Joel B. Turner ‘07
Mr. Ralph D. Turner ‘94 & ‘11
Ms. Sherry A. Turner ‘94
Mr. Richard J. Turnmeyer
Mr. Neil W. Tyra ‘85
Mr. Larry Tyson ‘95
Mr. John J. Upman Jr. ‘86
Ms. Helen M. Vaitaitis ‘72
Mr. Kestutis A. Vaitkus
Ms. Gladys Valentin ‘98
Mr. Paramjit Singh Vasir ‘10
Ms. Patricia M. Vernon-Rusher ‘94
Mr. Pedro Nicolas Viera ‘99
Mr. Michael A. Vincent ‘81
Ms. Ana M. Vittes
Mr. Kenneth R. Waddell ‘01
Mrs. Louise T. Wadsworth ‘77
Mr. Edward S. Walker ‘69
Ms. Kristina L. Walker ‘95
Ms. Stefanie B. Walker ‘01
Ms. Lorraine Wallace ‘00
Ms. Samantha Jean Wallace ‘10
Ms. Winifred B. Wallace
Sgt. Raymond S. Walton (USAF)
Mr. Peter M. Wanco ‘01 & ‘02
Ms. Yu-Hsiu Wang
Mr. Brian Lester Ward ‘10
Ms. Deneen Ward ‘01
Ms. Joyce M. Warfield ‘96
Ms. Frances Washington ‘01
The Washington Post Company Matching
Gifts Program
Ms. Marilyn Delois Watkins ‘97
Ms. Rudy Watson
Mr. David R. Watt ‘81
Mr. Kenneth J. Weeks Jr. ‘06
Mr. Robert J. Weesner II ‘91
Mr. Sherman Weisinger ‘61
Mr. Jerome G. Welkom ‘69
Wells Fargo
Mr. Edward F. Wenglowski ‘84
Mr. Michael S. Wenthold ‘11
Mr. Levon West ‘06
Mr. Dale A. White ‘91
Mr. Kenneth H. White Jr. ‘65
Mr. Lance White ‘11
Mr. Larry White ‘94 & ‘99
MSgt Francis L. Whiteley (USAF) ‘94
Mr. William J. Wichtendahl Jr. ‘92
Mrs. Catherine A. Wick ‘86
Mr. Scott A. Wilander ‘94
Mr. Edward T. Williams Jr. ‘89
Mr. George C. Williams III ‘81
Ms. Haley Nicole Williams ‘10
Ms. Jennifer J. Williams
Mr. Jon A. Williams ‘73
Mr. Samuel Stephen Williams ‘07
Mr. Tommy L. Williams Jr. ‘08
Mr. Douglas A. Wilson ‘10
Ms. Inez N. Wilson ‘11
SMSgt Marty Beaman Wilson (USAF, Ret.) ‘90
Ms. Shelia Renee Wilson ‘00
Ms. Gloria B. Wims ‘01 & ‘05
Ms. Aimee Melissa Winchester ‘10
Mr. Gerald M. Wingate Sr. ‘92
Ms. Tanya M. Winheim ‘96
Mr. Kevin F. Winkeler ‘88
Ms. Scarlett Rae Wirt ‘91
Ms. Janna R. Witherell ‘06
Ms. Sue Ok Withrow ‘07
Ms. Jaimie R. Wolf ‘10
COL Donald E. Wood (USMC, Ret.) ‘61
Mr. Charles W. Woodland ‘77
Ms. Merria A. Woods ‘08
Ms. Sandra L. Woody ‘06
Dr. Constance Woolcock-Henry
Ms. Michelle W. Woolfolk ‘96
Mr. Charles K. Woolley Jr. ‘03
Ms. Arabella M. Wright ‘90 & ‘98
Ms. Mary A. Wright ‘92
Ms. Renae L. Wright ‘05
Mr. Michael Yeargin ‘02
Mr. William A. Yoder ‘73
Mr. Brian Young
Mr. Charles R. Young ‘82
Mr. Dominic F. Zaccarelli Jr. ‘98
Ms. Jacqualin Ann Zito ‘10
Mr. Floyd J. Zollicoffer ‘03
Mr. Chester A. Zue ‘94
Ms. Monita R. Crump-Sisco ‘91
Ms. Helen L. Dale ‘87
Mr. Daniel James Hoffman ‘08
Mr. Kevin Gerrard Hokett ‘06
Ms. Dianna L. Adams ‘02 & ‘05
Ms. Jalea’ Nietta Adeboyeku ‘10
Mr. Yaya Omoboriowo Adegboyega ‘10
Mr. Robert W. Ahlberg
Mr. Bobby W. Allen ‘93
Mr. Marquet James Anderson ‘11
Dr. Anna Andriasova
Mr. David L. Armijo ‘87
Mr. Eric K. Ashie ‘10
Ms. LeeAnn Ashton ‘11
Mr. Eric K. Aspnes ‘10
Mr. Donald F. Baltunis ‘68
Mr. Albert C. Barclay Jr. ‘85
Mr. Amir Beshai ‘07
Mr. David K. Biser ‘85
Mr. Mel R. Blackburn
Mr. Andrew I. Both ‘11
Ms. Rebecca T. Boughamer
Ms. Marian H. Bowser ‘85 & ‘91
Mr. Mark W. Briggs ‘85
Mr. Milton K. Brookins ‘85
Mr. Thomas M. Daley ‘89
Mr. Jerrie L. Davis ‘85
Dr. Guy De Genaro ‘57
Mr. John P. Devine Jr. ‘91
Ms. Michelle A. Didier
Mr. Joseph G. Dmello
Ms. Tammy J. Doherty ‘04
Ms. Jennifer Morgan Dollman ‘96
Mrs. Tammy J. Donaldson
Ms. Clorene A. Douglas ‘01
Ms. Theresa Marie Dunbar-Reid ‘10
Ms. Carolyn F. Edmonds ‘89
Ms. Lenore England
Mr. Jerome H. Enis ‘62
Exelon Corporation
Mr. Paul D. Fairburn ‘05 & Ms. Lisa Fairburn
Ms. Lourdes Fernandez
Mr. Richard Flores ‘85
Mr. Peter W. Friedman
Mr. Felipe Fuster ‘08
Ms. Janine A. Galloway ‘03
Honeywell International Charity Matching
Mr. David B. Horwitz & Mr. John F. McGrath Jr.
Dr. James A. Howard
Mr. Manish Kumar Inala ‘10
Ms. Letise S. Ivory ‘99
Ms. Beverly J. Jackson ‘86
Ms. Geraldine Jackson ‘80
Mr. Marc Joerres ‘05
Ms. Muriel Joffe
Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies
Ms. Derryl E. Johnson ‘85
Mr. Robert A. Johnson ‘82
Mr. Orlando Lee Jordan ‘97
Mr. Gregory Thomas Katz ‘97
Mr. Seth Katz
Ms. Kerry Kennedy
Dr. Datta Kaur Khalsa
Mr. William D. Killen ‘93
Mr. Ronald Joe Kindelberger
Mr. Robert H. Lacey III ‘88
Mr. Donald Edward Lamb ‘96
Mr. Christian Alexander Brown ‘07
Ms. Bertha Eva Butler ‘02
Mr. Joseph L. Butler ‘98
Mr. Neil Byrd ‘00
Mr. Joseph A. Campbell ‘00
Mr. Richard G. Carlson ‘80
Mr. David T. Chaconas ‘02
Ms. Mary C. Chambers ‘03
Ms. Maxine E. Chaplin ‘06
Ms. Lucia M. Chavez ‘89
Mr. George L. Child ‘92
MSgt Mark E. Chovanec (USAF)
Mr. Stephen G. Claggett ‘02
Mr. Kirk W. Clear ‘03
Mr. D. L. Clute ‘02
Mr. Theodore R. Comstock Jr.
Mr. Curtis Paul Cote ‘90
Mr. Nigel Ricardo Garcia ‘91
Mr. Joseph X. Garvey Jr. ‘98
Herbert George Associates, LLC
Mr. Tony Correia Goncalves ‘10
Ms. Carla M. Grant ‘90 & ‘98
Mr. Robert Matthew Graves ‘02
Ms. Sherri Y. Gray ‘05
Mr. Mark Douglas Green ‘10
Mr. Theodore H. Grier ‘74
CMSgt James W. Griffie (USAF) ‘91
Mr. Robert Eugene Gross ‘10
Ms. Daijun Guo ‘96
Dr. Sharon G. Hadary
Mr. Kenneth E. Hale ‘77
Mr. Aaron Ross Harms ‘11
Ms. Catherine A. Harris ‘96 & ‘01
SgtMaj Walter D. Higginbotham (USA) ‘91
Mr. John D. Landen ‘92
Mr. Newell N. Langford ‘67
Mr. Thomas M. Lanigan Jr. ‘98
Ms. Barbara A. Latvanas ‘95
Mr. Marc A. Lindemann ‘06
Dr. Garth Mackenzie
Ms. Katherine C. Madaleno ‘78
Mr. Joseph Mahone ‘95
Mr. Nicholas J. Marinaro ‘79
Mr. Gregory F. Marino ‘06 & ‘09
Dr. Theresa Marron-Grodsky
Mr. Edward A. Martin ‘02 & ‘05
Mr. James A. Maybin ‘87
Mr. Anthony R. Mayne ‘11
Mr. Brian P. McCormack ‘03
Mr. Brian J. McCreesh ‘66
Ms. Sonya M. Mercer
“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
I am aware that I should express a
certain level of decorum in accepting
this generous gift, but I am so happily
overwhelmed. This scholarship award
has not only the impetus to help me
continue my degree but will serve as
a testimony for those I seek to inspire
and mentor about the importance of
setting and achieving goals.”
Mr. George H. Miller ‘78
Mr. Vernon T. Miskowich ‘73
Mr. Gordon J. Svoboda II
Ms. Sylvia M. Syphax ‘96
Dr. E. Kathryn Klose ‘01
Mr. Mark R. Laird ‘90
Ms. Cleopatra A. White
Ms. Danielle Y. White
Ms. Barbara A. Mitchell ‘03
Ms. Dawn Nicole Mongelli-Dixon ‘10
Mr. Firas Fathi Musmar ‘11
Ms. Betty Jane F. Myers ‘82
Ms. Denise D. Nadasen ‘90
Mr. Lloyd Nigma ‘92
Mr. John B. Norris ‘07
Ms. Cheri Denise Osborne ‘99
Dr. Robert P. Ouellette
Mr. Bryan A. Pai ‘07
Mr. Charles N. Painter ‘94
Mr. Rony Pappan ‘10
Mr. Raj Parr ‘08
Mr. Billy W. Patterson ‘82
Ms. Linda Marie Payton ‘02
The Hon. Edward J. Perkins
Mr. John F. Potter ‘04
Mr. Michael S. Radonski ‘06
Mr. Keith Neil Rambo ‘10
Mr. Amitabha N. Ray
Mr. Michael Risher ‘04 & ‘07
Mr. Raymond H. Szyperski ‘73
Mr. Willie Thomas ‘87 & ‘89
Mr. James A. Treadaway Jr. ‘84 & ‘93
Dr. James D. Tschechtelin
Mr. Stacy L. Tucker ‘02
Mr. Alfonso V. & Mrs. Sylvia L. Valentino
The Vanguard Group Inc.
Mr. Eddy Vleugels ‘99
Ms. Luann H. Vondracek
Ms. Sharon L. Walton
Ms. Cynthia Washington ‘98
Ms. Beth Raber Waters ‘91
Ms. Marcia R. Watson
Ms. Elizabeth A. Westerburg ‘92
Ms. Deetra A. Whatley ‘04
Mrs. Mary Lou Winder
Ms. Daisy Lenice Winters ‘10
Mr. Juan F. Woodroffe ‘79
Ms. Jessica T. Yaeger ‘03
Ms. Penny L. Young ‘85
Ms. Pershail C. Young
Mr. Qin Zou ‘92
Dr. Monika Zwink
Ms. B. Lee Lambert ‘99
Ms. Geraldine F. Lanier ‘94
Ms. Lana Larsen
Ms. Julia Lindenmeier
Mr. Philip E. MacNeill & Ms. Barbara R. MacNeill ‘78
Ms. Anne V. Maher
Mr. Daniel McCollum
Mr. Bernard J. Mcguinness II ‘00
Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
Dr. Elizabeth Mulherrin
Ms. Jennifer Papp Newlin ‘95
Ms. Dorothy B. Parker ‘95 & ‘99
Ms. Carol A. Parker-Perez ‘98
Mr. Douglass F. Peagler ‘92 & ‘03
Ms. Melissa M. Penn ‘04
Mr. Charles C. Philipp
Mr. Thomas Porch
Ms. Theresa Poussaint ‘01 & ‘05
Mr. Kevin Pratt ‘01
Mr. William T. Rachford Jr. ‘72
Mr. Robert C. Ricker ‘98
Ms. Victoria Z. Rindone ‘01
Mr. John N. Roberts ‘82
Mr. James A. Ruby ‘96 & ‘03
Mr. Jeffrey Rudy
Dr. Linda R. Ruggles
Mr. John P. Serock ‘08
Mr. Kevin M. Sprague ‘96
Stanley Black & Decker
Dr. Robert E. Steele
Mr. Mickey D. Sullivan ‘85
Ms. Cyril P. Svoboda
Mr. Robert Milton Taylor ‘05
Mr. George Trujillo ‘07
Ms. Patricia D. Vestal ‘85
Mr. William C. Wallace ‘84
Ms. Maureen M. Walsh-David
Dr. Kathleen Barr Warner
Mr. Harold L. Weiss ‘81
Ms. Kawoanna L. Wiggins ‘02 & ‘06
Mr. Clay Wilson III ‘79 & ‘95 & Ms. Aleta R.
Wilson ‘94 & ‘96
Ms. Charisma J. Wooten ‘89
Mr. Gary E. Yates ‘92
Mr. Charles H. Youngblood ‘72
Ms. Pamela S. Risik
Mrs. Deidre E. Robinson ‘94
Ms. Kathryn Roginski ‘05
Ms. Lisa M. Romano
Ms. Michelle Dawn Ruble-Denes ‘11
Mr. Michael Sallada ‘91 & ‘95
Mr. Rene Sanjines
Mr. Edward J. Schechter ‘71
Schwab Charitable Fund
Mrs. Elinor Seidel ‘63
Mr. Bruce A. Shadle ‘96
Ms. Joellen E. Shendy
Mr. Larry J. Silva ‘88
Mr. Craig A. Simmons ‘99 & ‘07
Ms. Beverly Slavin
Mr. Jacob W. Smith
Mr. Ronald L. Smith ‘77
Ms. Catherine M. Speakman ‘80
Ms. Cheryl A. Adams ‘91
Mrs. Neelkamal Ahuja-Agarwal ‘05
Mr. Kaya Timida Badjo ‘10
Bankers Business Management Services, Inc.
Ms. Barbara Barnett
Mr. Deward E. Benton ‘60
Mr. Albert P. Bieri Jr. ‘88
Mrs. Inger A. Bischofberger ‘79
Dr. Richard E. Brogdon ‘67
Mr. Orson Butler ‘79 & Mrs. Ruth Butler ‘82
Mr. John W. Carman ‘72
Mr. James W. Cocke ‘59
Creative Information Technology Inc.
Mr. James B. Cronin
Ms. Pamela J. Dello-Russo
Ms. Grace Denman
Mr. Manuel F. Dennis ‘05
Mr. Michael Andrew Dickerson ‘10
Ms. Anna R. Doroshaw ‘91
Mrs. Yolanda Elliot Dowe ‘03
Employees Charity Organization of
Northrop Grumman
Mr. Richard England Jr. ‘83
Ms. Jennifer M. Eubanks
Ms. Teresa Floyd ‘96 & ‘02
Ms. Crystal Frye
GEICO Philanthropic Foundation
Dr. John W. Gustafson
Ms. Mary J. Harmon ‘04 & ‘07
Ms. Maureen F. Harvey ‘81
IBM Corporation
Dr. Allen L. Ingling ‘85
ITT Industries, Inc.
Ms. Elaine F. Jacobs
Mr. Arthur L. James Jr. ‘91
Ms. Patricia J. Kelley ‘74
Mr. Alex M. Kelso ‘74
Mr. Naveed A. Khan ‘85 & ‘93
“I tried to complete my academic studies at other institutions at various
points in my adult life. However, it was not until I began my studies at
UMUC that I found real progression. I could not have come this far
without the structure, resources, and supportive staff at this university.”
$1,000–$2,499 DEAN’S CLUB
American Endowment Foundation
THE ASSOCIATED: Jewish Community Federation
of Baltimore
Ms. Sheryl Elizabeth Banks ‘00
Mr. Carl Robert Berman
Ms. Demetria V. Hanna ‘90
Mrs. Andrea Hart
Dr. Blair Hayes
James R. Hoffa Memorial Scholarship Fund
Dr. Robert W. Jerome
Ms. Savitha Krishnamaneni
Mr. Carrol G. Lewis ‘89
Mr. George A. Shoenberger
Sotera Defense Solutions
Ms. Patricia K. Spencer
Ms. Cheryl A. Storie
Ms. Patricia J. Toregas ‘84 & ‘91
Mr. Albert L. Troupe ‘92
Verizon Foundation
Dr. Murray D. Blank
Mr. Harold J. Bothner III ‘82 & ‘93
Mrs. Bonnie N. Broh-Kahn ‘77 & Mr. Jere Broh-Kahn
Mr. Jay Browning
Mr. Duncan R. Butts
CACI International, Inc.
Mr. I-Ling Chow
Mr. Hyun Chung
COL Rennie C. Coleman Jr. (USA) ‘66
Mr. Wallace H. Currey ‘61
CyberPoint International, LLC
Dr. Cynthia A. Davis
Ms. Winifred C. Day ‘97
Mr. Earl H. Foote
Dr. Michael S. Frank
MG James E. Freeze (USA, Ret.) ‘64
Ms. Bernadette Gormally ‘05
Dr. Stephen B. Hameroff & Mrs. Beatrice Hameroff
Mr. Eugene Donald Lockett Jr.
Mr. Edward J. Lubbers ‘75
Mr. Charles H. Lynch ‘81
Mr. Dennis Mateik ‘88 & ‘00
Dr. Brian R. McNeill ‘90 & ‘10
Mr. Javier Miyares and Mr. Dean Amahboub
Mrs. Betty M. Montgomery ‘86
Dr. Dennis S. Palkon
Dr. Mark L. Parker
Mr. Charles E. Peck
Mr. George J. Petrello
Ms. Patricia C. Pezzuti
Ms. Nadine M. Porter
Mr. Charles R. Rogers ‘87
Mr. Paul S. Ross ‘77
Mr. James H. Selbe
Mr. Dharma R. Selvanayagam
Dr. Koo-Sik Shin
GEN John W. Vessey Jr. (USA, Ret.) ‘63
Ms. Frances A. Volel-Stech ‘89
Dr. Greg von Lehmen
Mr. John A. Waksmunski Jr. ‘79
Ms. Robin Celine Whitfield ‘03
Mr. Woodrow W. Willey Jr. ‘89
Mrs. Nancy Williamson
$2,500–$14,999 PROVOST’S CLUB
Dr. Susan C. Aldridge
Mr. Robert H. Asplundh
AT&T Government Solutions
Mr. John & Mrs. Doris Babcock
Dr. Thomas C. Bailey ‘86
Ms. Blanche Berman
Mr. Richard F. Blewitt ‘73
Mr. Dennis H. Blumer
Mr. Stephen A. Burch
Mrs. Marc M. Campbell
Mr. Reginald & Ms. Marilyn Camphor
Mr. Daniel F. Case ‘97
Center for Business Inclusion and Diversity, Inc.
Dr. Marie A. Cini and Dr. Andrea Lex
Ms. Diane St. Clair Clarisse
The Community Foundation
Copyright Clearance Center, Inc.
Deloitte LLP
Mr. John Derrick Jr. & Mrs. Linda Derrick
Mr. Willis K. Drake III ‘01
Jonathan S. & Patricia G. England Foundation
Mr. Oladipo Famuyiwa ‘95
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Greibo K Designs, LLC
Dr. Christina A. Hannah and Mr. Laurence M. Hannah
Mr. Eric D. Harbison ‘90
Mrs. Dona R. Hildebrand ‘57
Ms. Michele E. Jacobs ‘74 and
Mr. Joseph V. Bowen Jr. ‘84 & ‘95
Mr. Eric Key
Mr. O. Wayne Krumwiede ‘66
Mrs. Joan W. Lee ‘97 & ‘06
Mr. Jerry J. Masin ‘04
Mr. Harvey M. Meyerhoff
The Harvey M. Meyerhoff Fund, Inc.
National Contract Management Association
Northrop Grumman Corporation
Pearson Learning Solutions
Ms. Clarissa A. Peterson ‘87
Ms. Sharon R. Pinder ‘01
Rachuba Family Foundation, Inc.
RFS Gives Back Foundation
Mr. Jonathan Sheppard
Mr. Walter R. Somerville Jr. ‘70
Mr. Stephen Stein
Ms. Cathy Sweet
Ms. Elaine S. Ullian
United Charity Campaign of Maryland
Mr. David Westlein ‘88 & ‘95 & Ms. Patricia A.
Westlein ‘88
Ms. Joyce M. Wright ‘90 & ‘94
Mr. Peter C. Young
$15,000+ 1947 CLUB
Baltimore Community Foundation
Mr. Michael J. Batza Jr. and Ms. Patricia K. Batza
Blaustein Philanthropic Group
Carnegie Corporation of New York
Mr. Wayne A. Chasen ‘81 & Mrs. Nancy R. Chasen
Comcast Foundation
Gallagher, Evelius and Jones, LLP
Mr. Mark J. Gerencser ‘93
Mrs. Mary Anne Hakes ‘90
Mr. Ronald J. Keller ‘67
Lockheed Martin
Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation
Open System Sciences
Dr. and Mrs. Donald S. Orkand and
the Orkand Family
Mr. Henry A. Rosenberg Jr. and Mrs. Dorothy L. Rosenberg
SAIC, Inc.
Named in honor of Dr. Raymond “Ray” Ehrensberger,
UMUC’s first chancellor, The Ehrensberger Society is
an exclusive club created for UMUC benefactors who
choose to make planned or deferred gifts that will benefit
the university in the future. Members of The Ehrensberger
Society have confidence in UMUC, and their generosity
will benefit generations of students to come.
Mr. James Robert Barchiesi
Mr. Charles R. Bolden
Mr. Barry Borella
Mr. Richard R. Bowers
Mr. Ronald G. Bryan & Mrs. Beth Bryan
Ms. Barbara Cihak
COL Rennie C. Coleman Jr. (USA)
Mr. Jerome H. Enis
Mrs. Mary Anne Hakes
Dr. Julie E. Hamlin & Dr. Paul H. Hamlin
LTC Kathleen W. Harrison
Mr. Ronald J. Keller & Mrs. Mary Lou Keller
Ms. Ann Blake Kelley
COL Dieter C. Knuepfer (USA) & Mrs. Cathryn
Wiggins Knuepfer
Mr. O. Wayne Krumwiede & Mrs. Grace Krumwiede
Mr. Edward J. Lubbers
Dr. T. Benjamin Massey
Mr. John L. Milton
COL Fitzroy Newsum (USAF)
Hon. Anne S. Perkins & Mr. Thomas P. Perkins III
Mr. William T. Rachford, Jr.
Mr. Joseph P. Rockhill & Mrs. Patricia C. Rockhill
Mr. William Schultz & Mrs. Janet P. Schultz
Mr. Joseph Sheppard & Ms. Rita St. Clair
GEN John W. Vessey Jr. (USA, Ret.) ’63
& Mrs. Avis Vessey
Mrs. Shirley A. Walker
Ms. Patricia Westlein & Mr. David Westlein
COL Vernon E. Wickman, (USAF, Ret.)
LTC Ethelyn B. Wiggins, (USA, Ret.)
Dr. Ching-Hung Woo & Mrs. Rosalie Woo
Rebecca Boughamer
Advancement Services
Taneka Chialastri
Assistant Director,
Scholarship and Grant Programs
Sarah Conboy
Program Specialist,
Annual Giving and Scholarships
Pam Dello-Russo
Associate Vice President,
Grants and Donor Relations
Jennifer Eubanks
Assistant Director,
Corporate and Foundation Relations
Earl Foote ’02
Program and Support Services Specialist
Harriett Hayes-Hubbard
Administrative Assistant,
Alumni Relations
Sylvia Henri-Wonasue
Executive Assistant to the Vice President
Robert Hilderbrand
Assistant Director,
Finance and Administration
Carla Solis
Grants and Donor Relations
Cathy Sweet
Vice President,
Institutional Advancement
Javier Miyares
Joseph K. Adams
Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer
Allan J. Berg, PhD, JD
Senior Vice President,
Overseas Operations
Dennis Blumer, JD
Senior Advisor to the President
Sean Chung
Vice President,
Enrollment Management
Marie A. Cini, PhD
Acting Provost and Chief Academic
Margo Coleman-Seiffert, PhD
Chair, University Advisory Council
Ex-Officio Member
Eugene D. Lockett Jr.
Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Susan O’Brien
Associate Vice President
State Government Affairs
Nadine Porter, JD
Vice President and Chief
Human Resources Officer
James H. Selbe
Senior Vice President,
Partnerships, Marketing, and
Enrollment Management
Joyce Shirazi, DSc
Vice President and Chief of Staff
George A. Shoenberger
Senior Vice President and
Chief Business Officer
Cathy Sweet
Vice President,
Institutional Advancement
Greg von Lehmen, PhD
Senior Vice President,
External Relations and Initiatives
Nancy Williamson, JD
Vice President and General Counsel
Peter C. Young
Vice President and Chief Information
Tara Holder
Research and Prospect Specialist
Cynthia Davis, PhD
Acting Vice Provost and Dean,
The Undergraduate School
Simmy Papali
Assistant Director,
Advancement Services
Sarah Dufendach
Associate Vice President,
Federal Relations
Theresa Poussaint ’01 & ’05
Associate Vice President,
Alumni Relations
Michael Freedman
Senior Vice President,
Mark J. Gerencser, Chair ’93
Executive Vice President,
Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc.
Michael Richmond
Annual Giving Programs
Robert C. Goodwin, JD
Acting Vice Provost and Dean,
The Graduate School
Evelyn J. Bata, PhD ’68
Collegiate Professor,
University of Maryland University College
Dharma Selva ’02 & ’04
Assistant Vice President,
Andrea Y. Hart
Vice President,
Arts and University Events
Angela D. Smith
Office Manager
Blair H. Hayes, PhD
Director, Diversity Initiatives
Richard F. Blewitt ’73
Member Emeritus,
President and Chief Executive Officer,
The Blewitt Foundation
Nicholas H. Allen, DPA
Provost Emeritus
Joseph V. Bowen Jr. ’84 & ’95
Senior Vice President,
Operations and Managing Principal
McKissack & McKissack, Inc.
David W. Bower
President and Chief Executive Officer,
Data Computer Corporation of America
John M. Derrick Jr.
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (Ret.),
Pepco Holdings, Inc.
Karl R. Gumtow
Founder and Chief Executive Officer,
CyberPoint International
Michèle E. Jacobs ’74
Managing Director,
Special Events at Union Station
Donald S. Orkand, PhD (Former Chair)
Member Emeritus,
Founding Partner, DC Ventures and
Associates, LLC
Lt. Gen. Emmett Paige Jr. (U.S. Army, Ret.) ’72
Vice President of Operations (Ret.),
Department of Defense and Intelligence
Systems, Lockheed Martin Information
Charles E. (Ted) Peck
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (Ret.),
The Ryland Group, Inc.
Sharon R. Pinder ’01
Founder and Chief Executive Officer,
The Pinder Group
Brig. Gen. Velma Richardson (U.S. Army, Ret.)
Vice President, DoD IT Programs and
Special Projects IS&GS, Lockheed
Martin Corporation
Gen. John (Jack) Vessey Jr. (U.S. Army,
Ret.) ’63
Member Emeritus,
Former Chairman, U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff
William T. (Bill) Wood, JD
Wood Law Offices, LLC
Joyce M. Wright ’90 & ’94
Chief Claims Officer, People’s Trust
Homeowners Insurance
University of Maryland University College (UMUC) is the largest public university in the
United States. As one of the 11 degree-granting institutions of the University System of
Maryland, this global university specializes in high-quality academic programs tailored to
working adults. UMUC has earned a worldwide reputation for excellence as a comprehensive virtual university and, through a combination of classroom and distance learning
formats, provides educational opportunities to more than 92,000 students.
The university is proud to offer highly acclaimed faculty and world-class student services
to educate students online, throughout Maryland, across the United States, and in more
than 25 countries and territories around the world. UMUC serves its students through
undergraduate and graduate degree and certificate programs, noncredit leadership
development, and customized programs. For more information regarding UMUC and its
programs, visit www.umuc.edu.
“Please know that your money will
not be wasted. I have dreamed of
earning my degree for seventeen
years. Thanks to your scholarship, it
is finally in sight. I am so excited to
be able to continue my education.
Once again, thank you.”
District of
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
South Carolina
and Okinawa
Saudi Arabia
South Korea
United Arab
United States
This brochure was printed
with soy-based inks on
recycled FSC-certified paper
from well-managed forests
using an environmentally
friendly process.
Cert no. SW-COC-2006
13-IAD-012 (11/12)
Office of Institutional Advancement
3501 University Boulevard East
Adelphi, MD 20783-8008 USA
[email protected]

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