NEW!Wheels of Wonder ® Hardy Iceplant Fire



NEW!Wheels of Wonder ® Hardy Iceplant Fire
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NEW! Wheels of Wonder®
Hardy Iceplant Fire
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Park Seed 2014
Fall Collection
There’s no better time for planting all sorts
of exciting things in your garden! Trees,
shrubs, and perennials do best when planted in fall, as the cooler temperatures and
more frequent rainfall provide the optimal
conditions for them to become established.
Fall is also the perfect time to plant springblooming bulbs and to enjoy your second
season of vegetable harvest. Starting your
cool-season crops at the end of summer
allows for an additional rotation of fresh
garden veggies before winter settles in.
We’ve added dozens of new introductions
as well as several beautiful new designer
bulb mixes, so you can make this the best
fall season ever!
B. Blue Boa Agastache
Table of Contents
Sun Perennials
Shade Perennials
Vines and Climbers
Trees and Shrubs
- Perennials
- Vegetables
Natural Goods
Gardening Supplies
A. Strawberry Sundae™ Hydrangea
p. 2-3
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C. Sweetheart Blueberry
Strawberry Sundae™ Hydrangea NEW!
(H. paniculata ‘Rensun’ PPAF.) Huge bloom trusses open creamy-white, then
turn pink and finally strawberry-red over their long, lovely season. Cut them
for fresh or dried bouquets! Compact, quick-growing shrub offers months
of color. 1-Quart [Shrub] H: 4-5’, W: 3-4’ | Early Summer-Early Fall
Sun-Part Shade | Z: 4-8
36242 $18.95 ea | 3 for $16.95 ea
Blue Boa Agastache NEW!
(PP#24,050.) The largest, widest, most intensely colored flower spikes yet!
Held straight up, these violet-blue blooms lure butterflies and hummingbirds
by the dozen, make great cut-flowers, and keep coming for months on
drought-tolerant, heat-loving plants. 1-Quart [Sun Perennial] H: 24", W: 16"
Early Summer-Early Fall | Sun | Z: 5-10
36310 $15.95 ea | 3 for $12.95 ea
D. Pineberry Strawberry
Sweetheart Blueberry NEW!
(Vaccinium.) The only re-fruiting Blueberry in the world! Enjoy 2 crops (up
to 15 pounds!) of sweet, firm, delicious berries every year! Sweetheart is
self-pollinating, and grows easily in northern or southern climates. 3½-inch
Pot [Edible] H: 5-6’, W: 3-4’ | Fruits: Late Spring-Early Summer and Late
Summer | Part Shade | Z: 4-8
36375 $12.95 ea | 3 for $11.95 ea
Pineberry Strawberry NEW!
(Fragaria.) Marvelously fragrant and simply delicious! This is a modern take
on the heirloom white strawberry, bursting with delectable white berries
studded with red seeds and packed with an ultra-sweet flavor that may
remind you of pineapple. Bred in Europe as a gourmet delicacy, it is now
ready to thrive in your garden and containers! 3½-inch Pot [Edible]
H: 8-12”, W: 10-18” | Everbearing | Sun-Light Shade | Z: 5-8
36351 $8.95 ea | 3 for $7.95 ea
1-800-845-3369 3
| J-K |
B. Wheels of Wonder® Golden
D. Sensation® Sky Blue Sage
Millennium™ Delphiniums NEW!
(D. elatum) Hand-crossed in New Zealand
for improved heat and humidity tolerance, the
New Millenniums™ are stronger-stemmed
and more vigorous than older varieties, with
terrific cold-hardiness, rich flower colors,
and excellent form. Butterflies and hummers
adore them, while nibbling deer and rabbits
look elsewhere. Best of all, they rebloom! Cut
them back after their big early-summer show
and they will encore at season’s end. 1-Quart
[Sun Perennial] H: 4-6’, W: 18-24” | Early
Summer & Late Summer-Early Fall | SunLight Shade | Z: 3-7
43192 Pagan Purples
36447 Sunny Skies
K Sunny Skies Millennum™ Delphinium
$12.95 ea | 3 for $11.95 ea
| L | Summer Memories Mix
Hollyhock NEW!
A. Wheels of Wonder® Hot Pink
(Alcea.) Hard-to-find single Hollyhock
blooms fully 5 to 6 inches wide appear in
rich, clear shades of cream, yellow, red, near
black, and more! Sturdy plants stand up to
heat, drought, and rust, offering a longer
season. 1-Quart [Sun Perennial] H: 5-6’,
W: 2’ | All Summer | Sun | Z: 3-9
C. Wheels of Wonder® Fire
J. Pagan Purples Millennum™ Delphinium
48386 $10.95 ea | 3 for $9.95 ea
Purple Emperor Coneflower NEW!
(Echinacea. PPAF.) Huge magenta blooms on
a super-compact plant! Butterflies and bees
flock to it in summer, while birds feast on the
seed-filled cones in autumn. Adaptable and
easy in garden or container! 1-Quart [Sun
Perennial] H: 15-18”, W: 12-16” | All Summer | Sun-Light Shade | Z: 4-8
G. Heaven’s Gate Coreopsis
M. Purple Emperor Coneflower
36342 $14.95 ea | 3 for $13.95 ea
E. Cinderella Anemone
F. Mercury Rising
| A-C | Wheels of Wonder®
Hardy Iceplant NEW!
(Delosperma.) The biggest flowers ever! Brilliant
colors and quick-spreading habit make this heatand sun-lover ideal for rock gardens, mass planting, and groundcover. Blooms for 6 months in
many areas! Deer-resistant and so easy. 1-Quart
[Sun Perennial] H: 6-8”, W: 24” | Late SpringMid-Fall | Full Sun | Z: 5-10
36230 Hot Pink
| B | 36229 Golden
| C | 36228 Fire
$9.95 ea | 3 for $8.95 ea
Sensation® Sky Blue Sage
(Salvia nemorosa. PPAF.) Lilac buds
open to azure blooms on this dwarf SALE
Meadow Sage! Vigorous, and attractive to butterflies and hummers. 1-Quart
[Sun Perennial] H: 10”-12”, W: 16” | Late SpringMid Fall | Sun | Z: 4-9
32347 $12.95 $10.95 ea | 3 for $9.95 ea
H. Sienna Sunset Coreopsis
Cinderella Anemone NEW!
(PPAF) Pink flowers with gold centers top this
plant over a long season, followed by ornamental
seedheads that look like tufts of cotton wool.
1-Quart [Sun Perennial] H: 12-18”, W: 18-24”
Midsummer-Early Fall | Sun | Z: 5-8
36407 $18.95 ea | 3 for $16.95 ea
Mercury Rising Coreopsis
(PPAF) These deep red blooms are
occasionally “frosted” with creamy
white. Spreading, mildew-resistant
plants are easy to grow. 1-Quart
[Sun Perennial] H: 15-18”, W: 24-36” | Early
Summer-Early Fall | Sun | Z: 5-9
49663 $10.95 $9.95 ea | 3 for $8.95 ea
I. Cheyenne Spirit Coneflower
Sienna Sunset Coreopsis
(C. verticillata. PP#20,470.) These 1½-inch
apricot blooms withstand heat, humidity, cold, and
dry soil. 1-Quart [Sun Perennial] H: 16-20”,
W: 36” | Early Summer-Mid-Fall | Sun | Z: 5-9
48372 $10.95 ea | 3 for $9.95 ea
Cheyenne Spirit Coneflower
(Echinacea.) A bright mix of gold,
scarlet, orange, purple, and cream
blooms. Tolerant of drought, and a
magnet for butterflies, bees, and birds. 1-Quart
[Sun Perennial] H: 18-30”, W:12-20”
MidSummer-Early Fall | Full Sun | Z: 4-9
30237 $14.95 $10.95 ea | 3 for $9.95 ea
Heaven’s Gate Coreopsis
(C. rosea. PP#16,016.) Masses of two-tone 1½inch blooms cover it all season, often repeating
in fall. Stands up to heat, humidity, drought, and
poor soil! 1-Quart [Sun Perennial] H: 9-18”,
W: 12-24” | All Summer | Full Sun | Z: 5-8
35749 $9.95 ea | 3 for $8.95 ea
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for more sun perennials.
Tiny Tortuga Turtle Head NEW!
L. Summer Memories Mix Hollyhock
(PPAF.) Big hot-pink blooms top this handsome dwarf plant, which thrives in damp
soil. Bronzy spring foliage and reddish stems
add to the beauty. Butterflies love it, while
deer stay clear. 1-Quart [Sun Perennial]
H: 14-16”, W: 12-14” | Mid-Late Summer
Sun-Part Shade | Z: 3-8
36415 $18.95 ea | 3 for $16.95 ea
Raspberry Truffle Coneflower
(Echinacea purpurea. PPAF.) Starts out as
a single bloom, then acquires a pompon of
darker rosy-pink! Very vigorous, resistant to
heat, humidity, drought, poor soil, and deer,
this compact plant blooms freely from the
first year. 1-Quart [Sun Perennial] H: 28-32”,
W: 20-24” | MidSummer-Late Summer
Sun | Z: 4-9
N. Tiny TortugaTurtle Head
48928 $16.95 ea | 3 for $15.95 ea
Candy Mountain Foxglove
(Digitalis purpurea.) Upturned blooms set
this Foxglove apart from all others! Freckled
rosy-pink blooms crowd along 20-inch
stems. Heaviest bloom in early summer.
1-Quart [Sun Perennial] H: 3-4’, W:1-2’
Early Summer-Late Summer | Sun-Part
Shade | Z: 4-9
31545 $9.95 ea | 3 for $8.95 ea
O. Raspberry Truffle Coneflower
P. Candy Mountain Foxglove
1-800-845-3369 5
B. Oranges & Lemons Blanket Flower
Phenomenal Lavender
(Lavandula x intermedia. PPAF.) The new Lavender everyone’s raving about! More flowers
than ever on mounding plants that refuse to
die back in winter! The fragrance is fabulous,
the tolerance of heat and humidity unbeatable,
and the branching dense and beautiful. An absolute must-have for sunny, dry garden spots!
1-Quart [Sun Perennial] H: 24-32”, W: 24-32”
Late Spring-Early Summer | Sun | Z: 4-8
34755 $12.95 ea | 3 for $11.95
Oranges & Lemons Blanket Flower
(Gaillardia grandiflora. PP#17,092.) Golden-orange flowers are merrily tipped with yellow, for
a luscious two-tone look. Up to 75 blooms at
once on every plant. Stands up to heat, humidity,
poor soil, and even drought. Cannot ship to GU,
VI.1-Quart [Sun Perennial] H: 18”, W: 20”
All Summer | Sun | Z: 3-10
48391 $12.95 ea | 3 for $11.95 ea
C. Dragon Heart Hardy Geranium
D. Fire Dance Red Hot Poker
Real Glory Shasta Daisy NEW!
(Leucanthemum superbum. PPAF.) Snow
white, perfectly-reflexed petals surround a
big, central puffball of creamy gold. The star of
your indoor arrangements, these flowers are
also eye-popping in the sunny garden. Cannot
ship t CO, and MT. 1-Quart [Sun Perennial]
H: 26”, W: 16” | Late Spring-Late Summer
Sun-Light Shade | Z: 5-9
35288 $12.95 ea | 3 for $11.95 ea
F. Real Glory Shasta Daisy
Stella de Oro Daylily
(Hemerocallis.) Up to 400 blooms on a
single mature plant! Popular for its reliably
long bloom season and garden toughness.
Gold flowers begin late spring and rebloom
untilfrost. Pack of 10. Bareroot [Sun Perennial]
H: 2’, W: 2’ | Late Spring-Early Fall | Sun-Part
Shade | Z: 4-9
44043-PK-10 $19.95 ea | 3 for $15.95 ea
A. Phenomenal Lavender
G. Red Riding Hood Penstemon
H. Lollipop Verbena
Fire Dance Red Hot Poker
(Kniphofia hirsuta.) Tight scarlet buds open to
long, tubular blooms of lemon-yellow at the
base, shading through orange to scarlet tipped
in lemon at the top. Tolerates both extreme
heat and drought, and needs no shade.
1-Quart [Sun Perennial] H: 14-20”, W: 2’
All Summer | Sun | Z: 4-9
48876 $9.95 ea | 3 for $8.95 ea
E. Stella de Oro Daylily
Dragon Heart Hardy Geranium
(G. dalmaticum.) Let this soft-hued trailing
Geranium meander along the garden floor,
providing a carpet of large, rounded bright
green leaves and magenta flowers with black
whiskers. Blooms for months, complementing
Roses, Coneflower, Phlox, and more! 1-Quart
[Sun Perennial] H: 12”, W: 18” | Early
Summer-Mid Fall | Sun-Part Shade | Z: 4-8
48471 $12.95 ea | 3 for $11.95 ea
J. Old Barnyard
Mix Hollyhock
I. Bright Eyes Phlox
Red Riding Hood Penstemon
The longest-blooming Beardtongue. Brilliant
tubular flowers that attract hummingbirds and
butterflies. This extremely drought-tolerant
perennial offers substantial, healthy foliage on
branching plants that set long, slender flower
stems. 1-Quart [Sun Perennial] H: 18-24”,
W: 18” | Summer | Sun-Light Shade | Z: 5-8
47970 $9.95 ea | 3 for $8.95 ea
K. Butterfly Weed
L. Hello Yellow Butterfly Weed
Lollipop Verbena
(V. bonariensis.) Compact enough for containers yet so free-flowering, this dwarf Verbena is
fragrant and so long-blooming. Butterflies and
hummers love it. 1-Quart [Sun Perennial] H: 2’,
W: 2’ | Early Summer-Early Fall | Sun | Z: 7-10
30719 $12.95 ea | 3 for $11.95 ea
Bright Eyes Phlox
(P. paniculata.) Fragrant domes of soft pink with
rosy eyes reach 6 to 9 inches long. Perfect for
cutting, they hold their heads high without staking.
1-Quart [Sun Perennial] H: 1-2’, W:1-1½’
Midsummer-Early Fall | Sun | Z: 4-8
48395 $9.95 ea | 3 for $8.95 ea
Old Barnyard Mix Hollyhock
(Alcea.) Mix of 3- to 5-inch heirloom singles has
a range of pink, red, yellow, and dark maroon,
plus pastels. Bloom all summer, then reseed for
continued effect year after year. 3½-inch Pot [Sun
Perennial] H: 4-6’ - W: 2’ | Early-Midsummer
Sun | Z: 3-9
48095 $7.95 ea | 3 for $6.95 ea
Butterfly Weed
(Asclepias tuberosa.) Bright orange flowers, 2 to 4
inches wide, are the ideal landing spots for every
butterfly in the garden! Stands up to heat, humidity,
drought, and poor soil. 1-Quart [Sun Perennial] H:
2’, W: 3’ | Midsummer-Late Summer | Sun | Z: 3-9
49296 $9.95 ea | 3 for $8.95 ea
Hello Yellow Butterfly Weed
(Asclepias tuberosa.) Same great garden performance as its orange cousin, with bigger, brighter
golden blooms and attractive seedheads tat make
great Everlastings. 1-Quart [Sun Perennial] H: 30”
Midsummer-Late Summer | Sun | Z: 3-9
49322 $9.95 ea | 3 for $8.95 ea
M. Peek-a-Blue Russian Sage
7-inch Carbon Steel
Shaped Secateurs NEW!
Simply the best bypass shears, pruners, and
all-around garden scissors you can find.
From renowned British firm Joseph Bentley
comes these teflon-coated, carbon-hardened steel blades, with a 2-inch diameter
cutting radius suitable for rose canes,
most shrub branches, perennials, vines,
and more. Ergonomic curved oak handles
make the job even easier. 2/3 lb.
36131 $24.95 ea
Peek-a-Blue Russian Sage NEW!
(Perovskia atriplicifolia ‘WALPPB’.) Spikes of soft
lavender-blue crowd atop silvery fine-cut foliage,
attracting hummingbirds into the sunny border.
Stands up to heat, humidity, drought, and poor soil.
1-Quart [Sun Perennial] H: 24-28”, W: 20-28”
Midsummer-Early Fall | Full Sun | Z: 4-9
36444 $12.95 ea | 3 for $11.95 ea
1-800-845-3369 7
Shade Perennials
| E | Little Cutie™ Sweet Tart
Coral Bells NEW!
(Heuchera. PPAF.) Merry cerise-pink blooms
dangle on cinnamon-red stems above large,
rounded lime foliage! The flowers continue over
3 seasons on plants that tolerate heat, humidity,
and drought, attracting butterflies and hummers.
1-Quart [Shade Perennial] H: 5”, W: 8”
Late Spring-Mid Fall | Part Shade | Z: 4-9
36330 $19.95 ea | 3 for $18.95 ea
Fire Alarm Coral Bells
(Heuchera. PPAF.) Big, leathery, sun-tolerant leaves
are brightest in spring and fall, yet stay rosy all
summer, too. Butterflies flock to the pink blooms.
Very heat- and humidity-tolerant. 1-Quart [Shade
Perennial] H: 9”, W:10-18” | Early Summer-Late
Summer | Full Sun-Part Shade | Z: 4-9
30713 $19.95 ea | 3 for $18.95 ea
B. EverColor® Everest Variegated Sedge
E. Little Cutie™ Sweet Tart Coral Bells
F. Fire Alarm Coral Bells
Sweet Tea Foamy Bells
(x Heucherella. PP#21,296.) Cinnamon, burnt
orange, and claret combine on these handsome
4-inch leaves! Evergreen in mild climates and
topped by creamy-white blooms. Heat and humidity no problem! 1-Quart [Shade Perennial] H: 20”,
W: 28” | Late Spring | Part-Full Shade | Z: 4-9
31561 $16.95 ea | 3 for $14.95 ea
| H | Winter Thriller™ Mango Magic
Lenten Rose NEW!
(Helleborus.) Apricot-colored blooms — the
first of their kind! Big 3-inch flowers combine soft
shades for a luminous look that continues for 3
months or more on super-adaptable plants. 3½inch Pot [Shade Perennial] H: 20”, W: 24” | Late
Winter-Late Spring | Part-Full Shade | Z: 4-8
47966 $18.95 ea | 3 for $17.95 ea
C. Burning Hearts Bleeding Heart
A. Sinonome Toad Lily
Sinonome Toad Lily NEW!
(Tricyrtis.) A splendid fall bloomer for moist,
even damp shade! Long, bright green leaves
dart in all directions below the gorgeous lily-like
flowers, which appear in large clusters of cream,
purple, and burgundy on vase-shaped plants.
1-Quart [Shade Perennial] H: 30-36”, W: 12-24”
Early-Mid Fall | Part-Full Shade | Z: 5-8
36356 $12.95 ea | 3 for $11.95 ea
EverColor® Everest
Variegated Sedge NEW!
(Carex oshimensis ‘CarFit01’. PP#20,955.)
Complementing every neighboring plant, this
white-striped ornamental grass forms a beautiful
fountain of long, slender, arching foliage. Use it
in containers, as accents in the border, and even
as groundcover! It doesn’t mind poor, dry soil.
1-Quart [Shade Perennial] H: 18”, W: 12”
Part Shade | Z: 5-9
36413 $19.95 ea | 3 for $17.95 ea
Burning Hearts Bleeding Heart
I. Royal Heritage™ Strain Lenten Rose
J. Island Breeze Hosta
Radiance Autumn Fern NEW!
(Dryopteris erythrosora.) Bold red and rose spring
fronds keep their color into summer, then turn
green. This evergreen fern is drought-tolerant and
so easy to grow. 1-Quart [Shade Perennial]
H: 18-30”, W: 24-30” | Part-Full Shade | Z: 5-8
36341 $14.95 ea | 3 for $13.95 ea
Sea Heart Brunnera
(B. macrophylla. PPAF.) Charming two-tone flowers open white and blue, then mature to lavender.
Heart-shaped foliage sports silvery veins above
an olive-green base, keeping this pattern even in
the strongest summer heat and humidity. 1-Quart
[Shade Perennial] H: 6-12”, W:12-24” | Mid
Spring-Late Spring | Part-Full Shade | Z: 4-8
31164 $14.95 ea | 3 for $13.95 ea
Island Breeze Hosta NEW!
Bright yellow leaves edged in lime are topped by
small purple blooms on reddish stems. 1-Quart
[Shade Perennial] H: 30-36”, W:18-24”
Midsummer | Part Shade | Z: 3-9
34993 $21.95 ea | 3 for $19.95 ea ea
(Dicentra. PP#20,797.) These delightful flowers have a lovely locket shape and two bright
colors: rich rosy red surrounded by a clean
white edge. Ferny blue-gray foliage on compact,
nicely mounded plants just perfect for the shade
border. Bareroot [Shade Perennial] H: 10-12”,
W:15-18” | Mid Spring-Late Summer
Part Shade-Shade | Z: 4-9
34013 $17.95 ea | 3 for $16.95 ea
H. Winter Thriller™ Mango Magic Lenten Rose
Royal Heritage™ Strain Lenten Rose
(Helleborus.) Nodding 2-inch blooms of purple,
red, near-black, cream, green, pink, or even yellow,
many with freckles and streaks, brighten the winter
and spring border. Evergreen plant is very deer-resistant, long-lived, and tough. 3½-inch Pot [Shade
Perennial] H: 18-24”, W: 2-3’ | Early Winter-Early
Spring | Part-Full Shade | Z: 4-9
44368 $13.95 ea | 3 for $12.95 ea
G. Sweet Tea Foamy Bells
D. Sea Heart Brunnera
Japanese Holly Fern NEW!
(Cyrtomium fortunei.) In spring, 2½-foot finely
cut fronds unfurl in shades of chartreuse and pale
green, darkening as they mature. This evergreen
fern bounces back easily from rough weather.
1-Quart [Shade Perennial] H: 24”, W: 16”
Part-Full Shade | Z: 5-9
36369 $14.95 ea | 3 for $13.95 ea
K. Radiance Autumn Fern
L. Japanese Holly Fern
1-800-845-3369 9
Vines & Climbers
B. Bourbon Clematis
Margarita Carolina Jessamine
C. Snowdrift Clematis
(Gelsemium sempervirens.)
Evergreen, superbly fragrant, and
covered in 2- to 3-inch clusters of
yellow blooms from late spring ‘til midsummer,
this super cold-hardy Jasmine is a must-have!
Tolerant of heat, humidity, poor soil, and even
drought, it is left alone by deer and rabbits, and
looks terrific year after year! 1-Quart [Vine]
H: 8-10’, W: 5’ | Late Spring-Midsummer
Full Sun | Z: 6-9
49574 $18.95 ea $16.95 ea | 3 for $14.95 ea
A. Sapphire Indigo Clematis
Sapphire Indigo Clematis NEW!
Named for its rich purple blooms, this Clematis is
stays compact (under 3 feet) without any pruning
at all! 1-Quart [Vine] H: 3’, W: 3’ | Early SummerEarly Fall | Part-Full Shade | Z: 5-9
36300 $26.95 ea | 3 for $24.95 ea
Bourbon Clematis
This dwarf variety sports huge 5-inch single
blooms of velvety dark red. Hardy to -20 °F, vigorous, and disease-resistant. Pruning Group II. 1-Quart
[Vine] H: 4-6’, W: 2’ | Early Simmer-Midsummer
Full Sun-Part Shade | Z: 4-9
36294 $26.95 ea | 3 for $24.95 ea
Snowdrift Clematis
(C. armandii.) Thousands of 2-inch blooms fill the
garden, releasing a sweet honey-and-almond scent!
Pruning Group I. 2-Quart [Vine] H: 10-25’, W: 5-8’
Mid Spring-Late Spring | Full Sun | Z: 6-9
36402 $29.95 ea | 3 for $28.95 ea
Sweet Summer Love Clematis NEW!
(PPAF.) Deep cranberry-red and plum-purple
petals form star-shaped blooms that erupt all
over this massive climber. A mature plant will
sport more than 2,000 blooms in a single season.
The scent is strong and sweet. Pruning Group III.
1-Quart [Vine] H: 8-12’, W: 3’ | Midsummer-Late
Fall | Full Sun | Z: 4-9
47984 $28.95 ea | 3 for $26.95 ea
(Lonicera sempervirens.) Floriferous and
brightly colored! The new standard for superior
beauty and performance, this honeysuckle
delights with months and months of goldentipped red blooms that are irresistible to
butterflies and hummingbirds. Fast growing and
very tolerant of drought, it’s also mildew free,
even in humid climates. 1-Quart [Vine]
H: 6-8’,W: 6-8’ | Late Spring-Late Summer
Full Sun-Part Shade | Z: 4-8
41292 $14.95 ea | 3 for $13.95 ea
Pink Mink™ Clematis NEW!
(C. viticella ‘Krakowiak’. PP#24,374.) Candy-striped
magenta-pink blooms arise by the thousand on
this lush, reblooming climber. The heaviest flush is
in early season, followed by encores for 3 months
or more! Ideal woven through a fence, up a pergola, fence, or among the canes of a climbing Rose.
Pruning Group III. 1-Quart [Vine] H: 9-10’, W: 6’
All Summer | Sun-Part Shade | Z: 4-9
36298 $26.95 ea | 3 for $24.95 ea
F. Apple Blossom Clematis
J. Major Wheeler Honeysuckle
K. John Clayton Honeysuckle
(Lonicera sempervirens f. sulphurea.) Boasting a
much more restrained habit than most others,
this glorious reblooming Honeysuckle offers
thousands of 2-inch golden-yellow flowers in
spring and early summer, then repeats all the
way into fall! Irresistible to butterflies, the subtly
fragrant blooms are followed by masses of vermilion berries that bring in songbirds. 1-Quart
[Vine] H: 6-10’, W: 3-5’ | Mid Spring-Early Fall
Full Sun-Part Shade | Z: 4-9
47194 $14.95 ea | 3 for $13.95 ea
Apple Blossom Clematis
(C. armandii.) Sets masses of 2½-inch appleblossom-pink blooms from rosy-pink buds. Strongly
scented of vanilla, they perfume the entire spring
garden, remaining for weeks against bronze-tinted
new foliage. Recipient of the Award of Garden
Merit from the RHS. Pruning Group I. 2-Quart
[Vine] H: 10-15’, W: 3’ | Mid- Late Spring | Full
Sun | Z: 6-9
36403 $29.95 ea | 3 for $28.95 ea
E. Pink Mink™ Clematis
I. Margarita Carolina Jesssamine
John Clayton Honeysuckle
H. Silver Bells Chocolate Vine
Major Wheeler Honeysuckle
D. Sweet Summer Love Clematis
Silver Bells Chocolate Vine NEW!
(Akebia quinata.) The fast-growing Chocolate Vine is a fragrant delight for trellis, fence,
or groundcover. Wide-open blooms held in
pendulous clusters sport creamy outer petals
surrounding a rosy-red center, their sweet aroma
perfuming the spring garden. In late summer to
early fall, 4- to 5-inch lozenge-shaped fruit, tartsweet and useful in jams – may arise among the
long, bright green leaves. 1-Quart [Vine] H: 15’,
W: 15’ | Mid Spring-Late Spring | Full SunPart Shade | Z: 4-10
31172 $16.95 ea | 3 for $15.95 ea
Blue Moon Wisteria
(W. macrostachya.) This amazing native American Wisteria blooms not once, not twice, but
three times every summer! Huge, richly fragrant
foot-long clusters of lilac-blue blossoms perfume
the sunny garden, dangling from sturdy vines
on pergolas, arbors, and other strong supports.
Fully hardy to -40 °F, it needs no pruning and is
a vigorous, quick grower. 1-Quart [Vine] H: 25’,
W: 6-8’ | All Summer | Full Sun | Z: 4-9
49280 $19.95 ea | 3 for $17.95 ea
Jackmanii Clematis
This classic Clematis, Jackmanii creates a purple
spectacle in the garden from June through August!
The flowers reach 4 inches wide, and arise by the
many hundred. Pruning Group III. 1-Quart [Vine]
H: 12-20’, W: 4-6’ | Early Summer-Early Fall | Full
Sun | Z: 4-8
36289 $22.95 ea | 3 for $19.95 ea
Visit us at
G. Jackmanii Clematis
K. Blue Moon Wisteria
1-800-845-3369 11
Trees & Shrubs
A. Red Pygmy Dogwood
Limelight™ Hydrangea
(H. paniculata. PP#12,874.) The
color show begins in early to midsummer, when flower clusters of rich chartreuse
arise all over this shrub. They mature to pure
white, then darken to pink, finally settling on a
rich rosy hue! 1-Quart [Shrub]
H: 6-8’, W: 6-8’ | Midsummer-Early Fall
Sun-Part Shade | Z: 4-8
47784 $16.95 ea $14.95 ea | 3 for $13.95 ea
Everlasting™ Revolution Hydrangea
(H. macrophylla. PPAF.) Bred for the cut-flower
market, this Dutch charmer is the most exciting
reblooming Hydrangea yet! The blooms cycle
through several colors – typically beginning and
ending with bright lime green – often displaying
several hues at once. 2-Quart [Shrub]
H: 3-4’, W:3-4’ | Late Spring-Early Fall
Sun-Part Shade | Z: 5-9
47825 $34.95 ea | 3 for $28.95 ea
The Rising Sun™ Redbud
(Cercis canadensis ‘JN2’; PP#21,451)
Lavender-rose blooms are followed by
foliage that turns from apricot in spring to
lime in summer and gold in fall. 1-Gallon
[Tree] H: 5-12’, W: 5’ | Early Spring
Full Sun-Part Shade | Z: 5-9
36217 $49.95 ea | 3 for $44.95 ea
Annabelle Hydrangea
(H. arborescens.) A very popular old-fashioned
shrub, Annabelle is far more cold-hardy than
most Hydrangeas. Its enormous globe-shaped
snowy white flowerheads increase in size, reaching 12 inches by mid- to late season. 2-Quart
[Shrub] H-4’, W-4’ | All Summer | Part
Shade | Z: 4-9
33571 $19.95 ea | 3 for $17.95 ea
Vanilla Strawberry™ Hydrangea
(H. paniculata. PP#20,670.) Enormous pointed
flowerheads open a creamy white. Within a
week or two, they have turned pink, maturing
to a deep raspberry. 2-Quart [Shrub] H: 6-7’,
W: 4-5’ | Midsummer-Early Fall | Full Sun-Part
Shade | Z: 4-9
36246 $19.95 ea | 3 for $17.95 ea
B. Green Giant Arborvitae
New Low Price!
E. Red Rocket® Crapemyrtle
F. Purple Magic™ Crapemyrtle
Red Pygmy Dogwood NEW!
(Cornus. PP#15,219.) This dwarf tree stays under 3
feet tall for at least 5 years! Full-sized 3-inch red flowers cover it, followed by fall foliage changes. Cannot
ship to FL. 1-Gallon [Tree] H: 5-7’, W: 5-7’ | Late
Spring-Early Summer | Full Sun-Part Shade | Z: 5-9
49551 $64.95 ea | 3 for $58.95 ea
Green Giant Arborvitae
(Thuja plicata x standishii.) Dense, fragrant evergreen
foliage never needs shearing. Ideal for a screen, easy
to grow, and very long-lived, it boasts excellent disease resistance. 2-Quart [Tree] H: 30-50’, W: 10-12’
Full Sun-Part Shade | Z: 5-9
33468 $19.95 ea | 3 for $17.95 ea
C. Goldspire Ginkgo
Goldspire Ginkgo
(cv. ‘Blagon.’) Gorgeous fan-shaped leaves turn buttery yellow in fall. Non-fruiting, it is tolerant of heat
and air pollution. 1-Gallon [Tree] H: 14-16’, W: 5-6’
Full Sun-Part Shade | Z: 4-9
36234 $39.95 ea | 3 for $35.95 ea
H. Limelight™ Hydrangea
G. Moonlight Magic™ Crapemyrtle
Red Rocket® Crapemyrtle
(Lagerstroemia indica ‘White IV’. PP#11,342.) Red
spring foliage, cherry-red blooms and bright orange
autumn foliage. Cannot ship to AZ. 1-Quart [Tree]
H: 20-30’, W:10-15’ | Early Summer-Early Fall
Full Sun | Z: 6-9
47162 $19.95 ea | 3 for $17.95 ea
Purple Magic™ Crapemyrtle NEW!
(Lagerstroemia. PPAF.) Masses of crinkly violet-purple
blooms that repeat if deadheaded promptly. Bright red
spring foliage. Cannot ship to AZ. 2-Quart [Tree]
H: 4-6’, W: 4-6’ | Midsummer-Early Fall
Full Sun | Z: 6-9
36255 $28.95 ea | 3 for $26.95 ea
Moonlight Magic™ Crapemyrtle NEW!
(Lagerstroemia cv ‘PIILAG-IV’. PPAF.) Columnar form,
maroon foliage, and white blooms! Disease-resistant
and very well-branched. Cannot ship to AZ. 2-Quart
[Tree] H: 8-12’, W: 4-6’ | Midsummer-Early Fall | Full
Sun | Z: 6-9
36253 $28.95 ea | 3 for $26.95 ea
I. Everlasting™ Revolution Hydrangea
J. Annabelle Hydrangea
K. Vanilla Strawberry™ Hydrangea
1-800-845-3369 13
A. Lo & Behold® Blue Chip Jr. Butterfly Bush
G. Chuck Hayes Gardenia
H. Variegated Daphne
C. Chinese Snowball Shrub
F. Fiji Rose of Sharon
B. Early Amethyst Beautyberry
D. Sonic Bloom™ Red Weigela
Lo & Behold® Blue Chip Jr. Butterfly Bush NEW!
(Buddleia davidii.) Less than 2 feet high and wide, this is the smallest Butterfly Bush ever, yet the fragrant blooms just keep coming! SALE
Butterflies and hummers love them, and you’ll love the easy care
and adaptability of this sun-lover. Great along the driveway, in the foundation,
border, and containers. So resilient and beautiful! Cannot ship to WA or OR.
2-Quart [Shrub] H: 20”, W: 20” | Early Summer-Mid Fall | Sun | Z: 5-9
35259 $22.95 ea $19.95 ea | 3 for $17.95 ea
Early Amethyst Beautyberry
(Callicarpa dichotoma.) A very heavy-fruiting, early-maturing variety with
long, elegant canes just crammed with luscious lilac berries for weeks and
weeks of rich color! Fruit in fall, perfect for Thanksgiving displays. 2-Quart
[Shrub] H: 4’, W: 3-4’ | Mid-Spring | Sun-Part Shade | Z: 5-8
47061 $19.95 ea | 3 for $17.95 ea
Chinese Snowball Shrub NEW!
(Viburnum macrocephalum.) Huge 5- to 8-inch-wide bloom clusters open
lime-green all over this vase-shaped, dense shrub, then turn a creamy white.
Heat- and drought-tolerant when mature. Deciduous in the north, semievergreen further south and west. Cannot ship to AZ. 2-Quart [Shrub]
H: 6-10’, W: 6-10’ Late Spring-Early Summer | Sun-Part Shade | Z: 6-9
36277 $19.95 ea | 3 for $18.95 ea
E. Azurri Blue Satin Rose of Sharon
Sonic Bloom™ Red Weigela
(cv. ‘Verweil4.’ PPAF.) This remarkable rebloomer needs no deadheading to keep
setting red flowers all the way to frost! A hummingbird’s best friend, this compact shrub is left alone by deer. Add nonstop color to the foundation or border.
1-Quart [Shrub] H: 4-5’, W: 4-5’ | Late Spring-Late Fall | Sun | Z: 4-8
36280 $14.95 ea | 3 for $13.95 ea
Azurri Blue Satin Rose of Sharon
(Hibiscus. PP#20,563.)The first ever seedless Rose of Sharon, this SALE
beautiful Hibiscus sets big blue blooms with crimson eyes on a
narrow plant up to 12 feet tall. This butterfly magnet is vigorous and healthy,
but non-invasive. Cannot ship to AZ. 1-Quart [Shrub] H: 8-12’, W: 6’ | Late
Summer-Late Fall | Sun | Z: 5-9
35257 $24.95 ea $16.95 ea | 3 for $14.95 ea
Espoma Bio-Tone® Starter Plus
This effective organic fertilizer contains high amounts of
plant nutrients as well as the good bacteria and fungi to help
plants digest these nutrients.Very high amounts of ectomycorrhizal and endomycorrhizal fungi form a symbiosis with
plants’ roots, aiding in water retention. 4-pound bag.
35875 $9.95 ea
Fiji Rose of Sharon NEW!
(Hibiscus cv. ‘Minspot.’) Semi-double flowers
open soft pink with a cluster of central petals, lavender brushwork around the edges,
and dark red whiskers. As they mature, they
turn a creamy white. Lush, deep green foliage makes a dense backdrop for the bright
blooms on this well-branched shrub. Cannot
ship to AZ. 2-Quart [Shrub] H: 5-8’, W: 4-7’
Midsummer-Early Fall | Sun | Z: 5-8
36236 $24.95 ea | 3 for $23.95 ea
Chuck Hayes Gardenia
(G. jasminoides.) Ultra-fragrant double 2- to
3-inch white blooms open up all over this
shrub and keep coming all summer long.
Tolerates both colder winters and hotter
summers than other Gardenias, making it the
ideal choice. 2-Quart [Shrub] H: 4’, W: 4’
All Summer | Sun-Part Shade | Z: 7-11
36232 $19.95 ea | 3 for $17.95 ea
Variegated Daphne
(D. odora ‘Aureo-Marginata’.) Supremely
fragrant pink blooms open from purple
buds, flanked by dark green leaves edged
in gold. Evergreen and easier to grow than
most Daphnes, it forms a rounded, dense
shrub that looks great year-round. 1-Quart
[Shrub] Sun | H: 4-5’, W: 4-5’ | Blooms:
Early-Mid Spring | Z: 7-9
36227 $18.95 ea | 3 for $17.95 ea
Visit us at
I. Flame Creeper Azalea
Flame Creeper Azalea NEW!
(Rhododendron.) A groundcover Azalea
that reblooms all summer and into fall
after a heavy spring show, Flame Creeper
is a bloom machine! Bright orange-scarlet
blooms cover this small-leafed, creeping
evergreen, which tolerates more sun than
most other Azaleas. The perfect carpet for
larger shrubs and trees, it even creeps up
walls and cascades over terraces! 2-Quart
[Shrub] H: 6-12”, W: 24-36” | Late SpringFall | Part Shade | Z: 6-9
36199 $19.95 ea | 3 for $17.95 ea
Taylor’s Perfection Camellia NEW!
(C. williamsii.) Exquisite semi-double blooms
of softest pink banked by dark green foliage.
Ideal as a specimen, part of the border or
foundation, or as a hedge, this shrub needs
little care and thrives for decades. Cannot
ship to AZ. 1-Quart [Shrub] H: 6-8’, W: 6-8’
Early-Midwinter | Part Shade | Z: 7-10
36069 $19.95 ea | 3 for $17.95 ea
J. Taylor’s Perfection Camellia
Kelsey’s Glow Azalea NEW!
(Rhododendron austrinum.) A beautiful selection of Florida Flame Azalea, this deciduous native shrub fills the spring garden with
fragrant yellow blooms blushed with red.
Let it reach its magnificent full size or keep
it pruned a bit smaller. Perfect for woodland,
foundation, and back of the border, it is quite
heat-tolerant and disease-resistant. 2-Quart
[Shrub] H: 10-12’, W: 8-10’ | Mid-spring
Part Shade | Z: 7-10
36202 $19.95 ea | 3 for $17.95 ea
K. Kelsey’s Glow Azalea
1-800-845-3369 15
Classic Roses
B. Don Juan
Perennial Seeds
Sow them in fall and watch them take off
next spring . . . just pennies a plant!
C. Iceberg
F. Cheyenne Spirit Coneflower
Cheyenne Spirit Coneflower
(Echinacea.) 2012 Fleuroselect Gold Medal, 2013 AAS. An
award-winning mix of bright colors on vigorous plants that
bloom just 5 to 6 months after sowing! Great for cutting,
these daisies arise on weather-tough plants that attract bees,
butterflies, and birds. Pkt is 15 seeds. [Perennial] H: 18-30”,
W: 12-20” | Midsummer-Early Fall | Full Sun | Z: 4-9
51231-PK-P1 8.25 ea | 3 for $7.50 ea
A. Zephirine Drouhin
Zephirine Drouhin
(Rosa.) A favorite ever since its 1868 introduction, this
romantic, fantastically fragrant, old-fashioned climbing
rose blooms in both spring and fall, with loose, semidouble blossoms of vivid cerise-carmine. Performs well
in shade; excellent for north-facing walls and areas
with limited sunlight. Rich, dark green foliage (copperypurple when young), is very mildew resistant; canes are
thornless. 2-Quart [Climbing Rose] H: 15-20’, W: 4-5’
Late Spring-Early Fall | Full Sun | Z: 5-9
39970 $21.95 ea | 3 for $19.95 ea
Don Juan
(Rosa.) Huge, fragrant red blooms arise on vigorous
canes, banked by glossy,dark green foliage. Quickly
reaching 10 to 12 feet tall, this is the climbing rose
you want draped over patio wall, twining up the arbor,
or festooning a trellis. If you saw these 3- to 4-inch
blooms you’d probably assume they were exhibition
quality hybrid teas. Packed with 30 to 35 petals and
boasting a true red hue that won’t fade, they’re superb
cut flowers. 2-Quart [Climbing Rose] H: 10-12’, W: 5’
All Summer | Full Sun | Z: 5-10
33622 $21.95 ea | 3 for $19.95 ea
(Rosa.) Features moderately fragrant, 2-inch pristinewhite flowers with the faintest blush of pink in the
center, and takes on new elegance with its long, arching
branches. 2-Quart [Climbing Rose] H: 12-15’, W: 7-9’
All Summer | Full Sun | Z: 4-9
00769-PK-P1 $4.95 $3.95 | 3 for $3.25
D. Peace
34432 $21.95 ea | 3 for $19.95 ea
Pope John Paul II
32990 $24.95 ea | 3 for $22.95 ea
G. PowWow Wild Berry Coneflower
H. Arizona Red Shades Blanket Flower
Gay Butterflies Butterfly Weed
(Asclepias tuberosa.) 5-inch clusters of red, yellow, and orange cover these plants! Easy to grow, it’s great for cutflowers
and attracting butterflies. Pkt is 20 seeds. [Perennial]
H: 24-32”, W: 24” | Early Summer-Mid Fall
Full Sun | Z: 3-9
33049 $24.95 ea | 3 for $22.95 ea
(Rosa ‘JACsegra’. PP#19,107.) A nearly perfect white
rose, symmetrical, full, and strongly scented with a
citrus zest. Vigorous growth, superior disease resistance, and magnificent formed 5-inch blooms. 2-Quart
[Hybrid Tea Rose] H: 4-5’, W: 3-4’ | All Summer
Full Sun | Z: 5-9
Arizona Red Shades Blanket Flower
(Gaillardia grandiflora.) Begins flowering a MONTH earlier
than others and keeps going right into fall! Expect masses of
gold-tipped 4-inch orange daisies, ideal for cutting, on compact plants. Pkt is 25 seeds. [Perennial] H:12”, W: 10-14”
Late Spring-Late Fall | Full Sun | Z: 3-10
03255-PK-P1 $2.95 ea | 3 for $2.25 ea
(Rosa.) Buttery yellow suffused with pink, so richly colored that it should glow! The flowers are 5 to 6 inches
wide, emerging from pointed buds and with a perfect
high-centered form. 2-Quart [Hybrid Tea Rose]
H: 4-9’, W: 3’ | Full Sun | Z: 4-9
PowWow Wild Berry Coneflower
(Echinacea purpurea.) Boasting more flowers than
any other, this powerhouse blooms heavily for
months with no deadheading. Butterflies and bees
flock to it, and birds feast on its seed-filled cones in fall. Pkt is
10 seeds. [Perennial] H: 18-24”, W: 12-16” | Early SummerMid Fall | Full Sun | Z: 3-9
00212-PK-P1 $3.95 ea | 3 for $3.25 ea
Blue Carpet Catmint
(Nepeta nervosa.) Masses of violet-blue flowers on low,
spreading plants. Easy even in poor, dry soils! Pkt is 100 seeds.
[Perennial] H: 10-12” | All Summer | Full Sun | Z: 5-9
E. Pope John Paul II
01433-PK-P1 $2.95 ea | 3 for $2.25 ea
I. Gay Butterflies Butterfly Weed
J. Blue Carpet Catmint
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Fall Blooming
Sunglow Tulip Blend NEW!
(Tulipa.) Keep Daffodil season going with this
butter-and-sugar blend of beautiful tulips!
Solid golden and yellow-streaked white
combine perfectly in early season. Pack of
10. [Bulb] H: 1’ 6”, W: 12” | Early-Mid-spring
Sun | Z: 3-7
36400-PK-10 $12.95 ea | 3 for $10.95 ea
Darwin Oxford Tulip NEW!
(Tulipa.) Darwin Hybrids are the most
popular Tulips in America. These bright, clear
colors hold well on the stem and make great
cut-flowers, too. Pack of 10. [Bulb] H: 20-22”,
W: 12” | Mid-Spring | Sun | Z: 3-8
H. Yellow Spider Lily
I. Red Spider Lily
J. Waterlily Autumn Crocus
K. Flore Pleno
Double Tiger Lily
36392-PK-10 Red
36395-PK-10 Yellow
$9.95 ea | 3 for $8.95 ea
A. SunglowTulip Blend
Bul bs
Darwin Hybrid Tulip Mix
(Tulipa.) Our biggest and best: huge, sturdy
plants, hand-blended for vivid shades of red,
orange, yellow, pink, and bicolors. These 4-inch
blooms last a week in the vase, even longer in
the garden! Pack of 20. [Bulb] H: 18-24”
Late Spring | Sun-Part Shade | Z: 3-8
08907-PK-20 $14.95 ea | 3 for $12.95 ea
Sunlover Double Tulip NEW!
(Tulipa) A splendid Double Late variety with
petal-packed blooms opening orangey-red,
then acquiring streaks of yellow and gold as
they unfurl. It will remind you of a Peony!
Pack of 10. [Bulb] H: 20-24” | Late Spring
Sun | Z: 3-7
36401-PK-10 $12.95 ea | 3 for $10.95 ea
L. Magic Lily
Ambergate Daffodil NEW!
F. Barbados Tulip
(Narcissus.) A unique combination of deep
bronzy golden and brick red! Large-cupped
blooms do best in part shade, and make
excellent cut-flowers. Pack of 5. [Bulb]
H: 14-16”, W: 6-8” | Mid-Spring | Sun-Part
Shade | Z: 3-8
08369-PK-5 $14.95 ea | 3 for $12.95 ea
Yellow Spider Lily
(Lycoris aurea.) Lovely stalks bear 5 or 6 golden-yellow blooms
each. Grassy foliage stays attractive all winter, thriving in many
conditions. [Bulb] H: 12”, W: 6-9” | Late Summer-Early Fall
Sun | Z: 7-10
08452 $12.95 ea | 3 for $11.95 ea
Red Spider Lily
(Lycoris radiata.) 10 to 20 blooms from every bulb! Best in
areas where summers are hot and dry and winters fairly wet.
Pack of 3. [Bulb] H: 12-16”, W: 6-9” | Late Summer-Early Fall
Sun | Z: 7-10
07911-PK-3 $12.95 ea | 3 for $11.95 ea
B. Darwin Oxford Red & Yellow Tulips
G. Park’s Top-of-the-Line Daffodil Mix
Barbados Tulip NEW!
(Tulipa.) One of the most fragrant
tulips in the garden, this fringed type
slowly opens its blazing red petals to
reveal a wide, deep bowl shape. Lacy
edges are a distinctively different touch!
Great for cutting or garden enjoyment.
Pack of 10. [Bulb] H: 20-22”,
W: 10-12” | Mid Spring-Late Spring
Sun | Z: 3-8
C. Darwin Hybrid Mix
Waterlily Autumn Crocus
(Colchicum.) Magnificent double-flowered lavender-pink
blooms on leafless stems. [Bulb] H: 6”, W: 4-5”
Early Fall-Mid Fall | Sun | Z: 5-8
08088 $9.95 ea | 3 for $8.95 ea
D. Sunlover Double Tulip
E. Ambergate Daffodil
34707-PK-10 $9.95 ea
3 for $8.95 ea
| G | Park’s Top-of-the-Line
Daffodil Mix
(Narcissus.) The varieties in this special
mix were chosen for their ease of culture,
rapid increase, and long life. Our selected
mix contains fifteen or more premium
varieties with a balance of color and
bloomtime. Pack of 10. [Bulb]
H: 12-18” | Early Spring | Sun-Part
Shade | Z: 4-9
08279-PK-10 $14.95 ea
3 for $12.95 ea
Flore Pleno Double Tiger Lily
(Lilium lancifolium.) Dark chocolate freckles on rich orangescarlet petals transform the fall garden! These 4- to 5-inch
blooms are unforgettable in garden and vase. Pack of 3. [Bulb]
H: 5-6’, W: 12-18” | Late Summer-Early Fall
Sun | Z: 4-9
07797-PK-3 $14.95 ea | 3 for $12.95 ea
Magic Lily
(Lycoris squamigera.) Fragrant, trumpet-shaped flowers of
lavender-pink. Appears after the blooms and remains all winter.
[Bulb] H: 2’, W: 1’ | Late Summer | Sun | Z: 5-10
07918 $9.95 ea | 3 for $8.95 ea
1-800-845-3369 21
| F | Pastel Perfection
Hyacinth Collection NEW!
All the Easter tones are present in this soft, wonderfully
fragrant mix. Great for cut-flowers, irresistible in containers, and breathtaking in the garden. Pack of 10. [Bulb]
H: 8-12”, W: 8-10” | Early-Mid Spring | Sun-Part
Shade | Z: 4-8
36379-PK-10 $12.95 ea | 3 for $11.95 ea
Marshmellow Fields Tulip Blend NEW!
A charming Easter blend of lavender-pink and puffball
white, perfect for plantings large and small! Pack of 20.
[Bulb] H: 24”, W: 12” | Mid-Spring | Sun | Z: 3-7
36397-PK-20 $19.95 ea | 3 for $18.95 ea
F. Pastel Perfection Hyacinth Collection
G. Marshmellow Fields Tulip Blend
H. Grape Hyacinth
I. Spring Beauty Crocus
J. Globemaster Allium
K. Naturalizing Daffodil Mix
L. Graceful Beauty Allium
M. Large Flowered Economy Mix Crocus
Grape Hyacinth
(Muscari armeniacum.) Large, deep cobalt blue flowers.
Wonderfully fragrant, they are beautiful planted in borders and under trees. Pack of 10. [Bulb] H: 6-8”, W: 4”
Early Spring | Sun-Part Shade Z: 3-8
08312-PK-10 $6.95 ea | 3 for $5.95 ea
B. Welcoming Trumpets Daffodil Blend
Spring Beauty Crocus
(C. minimus) Offers long, lozenge-shaped buds of dark
violet with wide creamy edges, opening to reveal soft
lavender exteriors. This bulb naturalizes readily. Pack of 10.
[Bulb] H: 3-6”, W: 4-6” | Late Winter-Early Spring
Sun-Part Shade | Z: 3-8
34710-PK-10 $8.95 ea | 3 for $7.95 ea
Globemaster Allium
(Allium x.) Early in summer, 2- to 3-foot stems are
topped by gigantic violet-pink flowerheads, some fully
8 inches wide! This Dutch hybrid blooms for up to 3
weeks. [Bulb] H: 30-36”, W: 18” | Late Spring-Early
Summer | Sun | Z: 4-8
08743 $9.95 ea | 3 for $8.95 ea
C. Wood Hyacinth
A. Queen’s Garden Mix
Queen’s Garden Mix NEW!
A dramatic blend of two varieties of lateblooming Tulips and a rare Blue Camassia.
Fringed wine-red blooms, twisty violet-charcoal
Parrot Tulips, and starry azure Camassia all
open just as spring turns to summer – the ideal
farewell to the season! Pack of 20. [Bulb] H:
24”, W: 16” | Early-Late Spring | Sun
Z: 5-10
36399-PK-20 $24.95 ea | 3 for $22.95 ea
Welcoming Trumpets Blend NEW!
(Narcissus.) Greet spring with solid yellow, solid
white, and bicolor Giant Trumpets! Sweetly
fragrant and eager to naturalize, they will grace
your garden for many years all blooming at the
same time in spring. Pack of 10. [Bulb] H: 16”,
W: 6-8” | Early-Mid Spring | Sun-Part Shade
Z: 3-8
36378-PK-10 $12.95 ea | 3 for $11.95 ea
Ordering with us online is safe,
secure, and easy!
Wood Hyacinth
(Narcissus tazetta.) Blooms indoors for the
holidays! Just set the bare bulbs in a dish of
pebbles and shallow water, and before long you
have ultra-fragrant, cheery blooms that last for
weeks!. Pack of 5. [Bulb] H: 16”, W: 6” | Mid
Fall-Early Winter | Sun-Part Shade | Z: 8-10
08486-PK-5 $9.95 ea | 3 for $8.95 ea
D. Paperwhites
Large-Flowered Economy Mix Crocus
(C. vernus.) Even before the snow has melted, these 2to 4-inch blooms have popped up! Bloom for decades,
naturalizing into huge colonies over time. Pack of 10.
[Bulb] H: 3-5”, W: 2-4” | Late Winter-Early Spring
Sun-Part Shade | Z: 3-8
08119-PK-10 $6.95 ea | 3 for $5.95 ea
Citrus Splash Daffodil Mix NEW!
A refreshing blend of pink-cupped and butter-and-sugar
trumpet Daffodils, just right for welcoming spring into
the garden! Fragrant, long-lasting, and ready to return for
many seasons to come, this is the ideal mix for border,
meadow, and bed. Pack of 20. [Bulb] H: 12-16”, W: 6-8”
Early-Mid Spring | Sun-Part Shade | Z: 3-8
36377-PK-20 $24.95 ea | 3 for $22.95 ea
Fall-Blooming Crocus
(C. speciosus.) Naturalizing easily, this Crocus
forms large colonies that return each year. Pack
of 20. [Bulb] H: 3-6”, W: 2-4” | Mid-Late Fall
Sun-Part Shade | Z: 3-8
08089-PK-20 $9.95 ea | 3 for $8.95 ea
Graceful Beauty Allium NEW!
Soft puffballs of ivory-white freckled in pale lavender
bob atop sturdy stems. The perfect cover-up for leggy
roses and other tall plants, these 3-inch globes are also
charming in the vase. Pack of 5. [Bulb] H: 12-16”,
W: 8-10” | Late Spring-Early Summer
Sun-Part Shade | Z: 4-8
34715-PK-5 $9.95 ea | 3 for $8.95 ea
(Scilla siberica.) Quickly forms colonies of
pretty, bell-shaped flowers on 10- to 15-inch
open spikes, and will naturalize in the garden or
woods, even in deep shade. Pack of 20. [Bulb]
H: 10-15”, W: 6” | Mid Spring | Part-Full
Shade | Z: 4-9
48114-PK-20 $9.95 ea | 3 for $8.95 ea
Naturalizing Daffodil Mix
(Narcissus.) This yellow- and golden-hued mix is handblended, with large bulbs chosen for vigor, beauty, rapidity
of increase, length of bloom, and ability to naturalize in
the widest climate zones. Pack of 20. [Bulb] Various Sizes
Early-Late Spring | Sun-Part Shade | Z: 4-9
08481-PK-20 $16.95 ea | 3 for $14.95 ea
E. Fall-Blooming Crocus
N. Citrus Splash Daffodil Mix
1-800-845-3369 23
B. Renato
G. Splatter Art
F. Grand Canyon Sunset
C. Sarah Bernhardt
Coral Charm
(Paeonia. PP#4,247.) Deep coral buds open to
bowl-shaped blooms with gracefully incurved
petals of coral-peach surrounding a frilly, glowing
mass of stamens. 3/5 Eye. [Bareroot] H: 36”, W:
30” | Late Spring | Sun-Part Shade | Z: 2-8
44479 $14.95 ea | 3 for $13.95 ea
A. Coral Charm
(Paeonia x.) A vintage shade of bright red on
double blooms, which open in midseason on fastgrowing plants. 3/5 Eye. [Bareroot] H: 32”, W: 24”
Late Spring-Early Summer | Sun | Z: 3-8
44845 $16.95 ea | 3 for $15.95 ea
Sarah Bernhardt
(Paeonia tenuifolia.) Gigantic double blooms
of fragrant luscious pink arise in early to
midseason and last for many weeks. 3/5 Eye.
[Bareroot] H: 30”, W: 30” | Late Spring-Early
Summer | Sun | Z: 2-8
44595 $9.95 ea | 3 for $8.95 ea
Bushel of Peonies Mix
It’s nothing less than a dream come true—
an assortment of top-quality, named Peony
cultivars in all colors and forms, including
both singles and doubles! Pack of 5. 3/5 Eye.
[Bareroot] Various Sizes | Late Spring-Early
Summer | Sun-Part Shade | Z: 3-8
32031-PK-5 $49.95 ea | 3 for $42.95 ea
D. Bushel of Peonies Mix
E. Pink Sorbet
(Paeonia lactiflora.) Frosty pinks, whites, and
creams combine on 5-inch double blooms.
Delectably lemon- and rose-scented. 3/5 Eye.
[Bareroot] H: 36”, W: 30” | Late Spring
Sun-Part Shade | Z: 3-8
40327 $14.95 ea | 3 for $12.95 ea
H. Sea Power
Tall Bearded Iris
(I. germanica.) Increasing in bloom strength every
year, these perennials are easy to grow and very
adaptable to stress. Pair them with Daylilies for
a carefree sunny border that blooms all summer.
[Bareroot] W: 12-18” | Late Spring-Early Summer | Sun-Part Shade | Z: 3-8
I. Medici Prince
Grand Canyon Sunset NEW!
Bearded Iris
Breathtaking apricot, gold, and orchid-purple
blooms on 35” H plants! Free-flowering and
richly colored.
36382 $9.95 ea | 3 for $8.95 ea
(I. pumila) Blooming about a
month before their Tall Bearded
cousins, these exquisite flowers
are ideal for the rock garden, the
front of the border, and accent
plantings. [Bareroot]
W: 6” | Mid-spring
Sun-Part Shade | Z: 3-8
Splatter Art NEW!
Giant 6-inch blooms, subtly fragrant, offer ruffled
lavender standards and violet falls broken with
rays of white on 38” H plants.
36387 $9.95 ea | 3 for $8.95 ea
Sea Power NEW!
Sweetly fragrant and lavishly ruffled, this 38” H
pure blue beauty is a delight.
36386 $9.95 ea | 3 for $8.95 ea
Absolute Joy NEW!
Pink, fuchsia, and gold. H: 11”.
36380 $9.95 ea
3 for $8.95 ea
Medici Prince NEW!
Tall and majestic at 39”H, with ruby-purple standards and burgundy falls. Weather-tough and very
floriferous, it outblooms most others.
36383 $9.95 ea | 3 for $8.95 ea
J. Queen’s Circle
Cat’s Eye NEW!
Rose with white and black whiskering and pink edges. H: 15”.
40074 $9.95 ea
3 for $8.95 ea
Queen’s Circle NEW!
Winner of multiple awards, this exquisite blueedged white is a must-have, complementing all
other colors in the garden. Petite at just 32” H.
36385 $9.95 ea | 3 for $8.95 ea
Posing NEW!
Lavender-gray with burgundy
blaze and gold edges on standards. H: 14”.
K-M. Absolute Joy, Cat’s Eye, Posing
36381 $9.95 ea
3 for $8.95 ea
1-800-845-3369 25
Mason Bee House NEW!
Create a home for pest-eating carpenter or mason
bees with this all-natural fir and bamboo structure. As
attractive as it is useful, it hangs from a sturdy chain or
rests atop any level surface. H: 3.9”, W: 5.5”. 1 lb.
36184 $16.95 ea | 2 for $15.95 ea
Bee Buddies Wildflower Mix NEW!
Back to Nature
Make your garden a valuable source of nectar
and pollen for honeybees and other pollinators with this mix of 20 annual and perennial
species. Find a sunny spot and broadcast the
seeds across 50 square feet of soil, then enjoy wildflowers from late spring through fall! Pkt is ¼ oz.
51076-PK-P1 $4.95 ea | 3 for $4.25 ea
Garden Giant Soil Therapy
Composting Mushrooms NEW!
Sprouting for Health
If you have wood chips in your garden, you can grow
King Stropharia, a gourmet native mushroom! Flavored
with hints of asparagus and red wine, it is a treat that
harvests in no time and returns for years to comejust add more wood chips! 5 lbs. per season. Z: 3-9.
31010 $39.95 ea
Jute Vegetable Sack NEW!
Store your root crop harvest safely and attractively in
this 100% biodegradable sack! Measuring 27.6 inches
high and 15.8 inches wide, it is strong and breathable,
offering a well-aerated container free of moisture and
condensation. Made of vegetable fibers and natural
dyes, it lasts for years.
E. Mason Bee House
36188 $4.95 ea | 3 for $4.25 ea
Joraform Composter 70 Gallon
The best dual-chamber composter we’ve ever used!
Stand it up or mount it on a wall (all hardware
included), and it finishes compost super-fast. The
tumbling chambers are insulated with 2-inch-thick
polyethylene, creating temperatures above 160
°F, which helps matter break down more quickly.
Galvanized steel exterior and stand. 44” x 28” x 52.”
Weight 86 lbs. Holds 6 to 8 gallons of raw material
a week.
Park Seed
96915 $389.00 ea
B. Easy Sprout™
F. Bee Buddies Wildflower Mix
Park's Sprouting
Seed Collection
1 Pkt each of Alfalfa, Broccoli,
Mung Bean, and Watercress.
(4 Pkts total)
90480 $10.00 value now $5.95
s a ve
C. Sprouting Bag
Wheatgrass NEW!
6-10 days. Grow this nutritious grass and make your own wheatgrass shots!
Ready in no time, it is packed with healthy nutrients your body will thank
you for! ½ lb. Use with the handy Wheatgrass Grower Shelves (opposite).
51092-PK-N $8.95 ea
Easy Sprout™
The easiest sprouter to use and the simplest to clean, it’s our customers’
favorite! Just drop the seeds into the interior compartment, fill the base of
the exterior compartment with water, and you’re done!
06865 $15.95 ea
D. Wheatgrass Grower Shelves
Sprouting Bag
Made from 100% natural raw hemp woven for maximum breathability,
which improves air circulation around your sprouting seeds, facilitates drainage, and prevents mold. Just pour your seeds into the bag, dip it in water for
30 seconds twice a day, and hang it on a cabinet knob or hook.
96882 $14.95 ea
Wheatgrass Grower Shelves NEW!
Grow up to 3 pounds of nutritious wheatgrass with this sturdy, attractive
3-tier shelf system! Comes with 3 11x16” trays, sprayer bottle for misting
the wheatgrass, and instructions. Each tray grows up to 1 pound of wheatgrass, which makes 10 to 14 ounces of juice!
36195 $149.95 ea
G. Garden Giant Soil Therapy Composting Mushrooms
H. Jute Vegetable Sack
I. Joraform Composter
70 Gallon
1-800-845-3369 27
Delicious Edibles
B. BrazelBerries®
Peach Sorbet™ Blueberry
E. Cranberry
F. Tea Plant
(Vaccinium macrocarpon.) Very easy to grow, this
vining shrub makes a great groundcover! Creamypink spring blooms dot the tiny, evergreen leaves,
and burgundy fruits arise in fall. Extremely coldhardy. Cannot ship to CA, OR, WA, MI. 3½-inch
Pot. [Edible] H: 6”, W: 3’ | Late Summer-Late Fall
Full Sun-Part Shade | Z: 2-7
48011 $18.95 ea | 3 for $16.95 ea
Tea Plant NEW!
(Camellia sinensis.) A charming evergreen shrub
that grows slowly and bears handsome creamy
flowers as well as masses of delicious leaves! Harvest them for either green or black tea. 1 Gallon.
[Edible] H: 6’, W: 4’ | Fall | Sun-Part Shade
Z: 7-10
49948 $34.95 ea | 3 for $32.95 ea
C. Sunshine Blue Dwarf Blueberry
A. Chandler Blueberry
Chandler Blueberry
(Vaccinium corymbosum.) Huge, rich, ultra-sweet
berries ripen over a long season, for 2 months of
harvest! Bushy shrub offers blazing red fall foliage,
too! Cannot ship to CA, OR, WA, MI. 3½-inch Pot
[Edible] H: 5-6’, W: 4-6’ | Early Spring | Full Sun
Z: 4-7
46076 $12.95 ea | 3 for $11.95 ea
BrazelBerries® Peach Sorbet™ Blueberry
Coffee Plant NEW!
(Coffea arabica.) Fragrant white blooms reminiscent of gardenia are followed by small berries that
turn from green to yellow to red. Easy to grind
into the perfect cup of joe! Bring indoors before
first frost. 1 Gallon. [Edible] H: 6’, W” 4’ | Winter
Light Shade | Z: 10-11
36194 $34.95 ea | 3 for $32.95 ea
Sunshine Blue Dwarf Blueberry
G. Coffee Plant
33804 $34.95 ea | 3 for $32.95 ea
48092 $12.95 ea | 3 for $11.95 ea
30722 $34.95 ea | 3 for $32.95 ea
Miracle Fruit
(Synsepalum dulcificum.) An all-natural, caloriefree sweetener! This evergreen shrub sets masses
of bright red berries that, although not strongly
flavored, turn everything you eat after them much
sweeter! Cannot ship to HI, PR or TX. 1 Gallon.
[Edible] H: 2-3’”, W: 12-18” | Full Sun
Z: 10-11
(Vaccinium corymbosum.) This dwarf boasts attractive pink (not white!) flowers; an easy-care habit,
and silvery evergreen leaves. Each plant offers 5-10
pounds of sweet, dime-sized berries. A self-pollinator with a low chill requirement. Cannot ship to
CA, OR, WA, MI. 3½-inch Pot [Edible] H: 36-48”,
W: 36-48” | Early Summer | Full Sun | Z: 5-9
| D | BrazelBerries® Raspberry Shortcake™
(Vaccinium ‘ZF06-043’. PP#23,325.) New spring
(Rubus idaeus ‘NR7’. PP#22,141.) A dwarf with
foliage of peach, pink, orange, and green covers
full-sized fruit! This thornless, bushy plant is packed
this compact plant, accented by bell-shaped
with flavorful bright red berries. And it never needs
white blooms. By summer it is green with juicy,
delicious blueberries. In fall, deep purple markings staking, fitting neatly into containers or the garden.
1-Gallon [Edible] H: 2-3’, W: 2-3’ | Midsummer
accent the leaves, which remain on the plant
Full Sun | Z: 5-9
through winter. 1 Gallon [Edible] H: 1-2’, W: 2’
Mid-Spring | Full Sun | Z: 5-10
30721 $34.95 ea | 3 for $32.95 ea
D. BrazelBerries®
Raspberry Shortcake™
Meyer Improved Lemon
(Citrus limon ’Meyer Improved’.) Fragrant flowers,
juicy fruit, evergreen foliage, and a size so compact
you can grow it on an urban balcony! In mid-winter the tree is covered with sweet-scented white
flowers, followed by armloads of thick-skinned,
ultra-juicy fruit. Cannot ship to AZ, CA, FL, HI, LA,
TX. 1 Gallon. [Edible] H: 6-9’, W: 10-12”
Mid-Winter | Full Sun | Z: 9-10
48022 $34.95 ea | 3 for $34.95 ea
H. Miracle Fruit
I. Meyer Improved Lemon
1-800-845-3369 29
G ar lic
(Allium sativum ssp.) You’ll love the flavor of fresh garlic from your own
backyard! Softneck varieties are mild and store well, while hardnecks are
strongly flavored and powerfully aromatic. Best planted in the fall in northern
climates and in winter farther south and west. Full sun and well-drained soil.
Chesnok Red
Hardneck. Brought to this country
from Georgia in Eastern Europe,
this purple-striped beauty is very
strongly flavored and easy to peel.
Matures in late season and stores up
to 6 months.
32761-BAG-1/2 LB $18.95 ea
German Red NEW!
Hardneck. Best in cold climates, this
is the gold standard for rich, potent
garlic flavor. Sleek purple-and-white
cloves peel easily and add indescribable richness to the plate.
36193-BAG-1/2 LB $18.95 ea
Kettle River Giant
Inchelium Red
Softneck. The best of both flavors!
Softneck. An heirloom American red All the heat and spice of a hardneck
combined with the buttery mildness
garlic discovered on the Colville Indian reservation in Washington State. of a softneck. These 4-inch bulbs
store very well.
A national taste-test winner.
32760-BAG-1/2 LB $18.95 ea
32759-BAG-1/2 LB $18.95 ea
B. Garlic Inchelium Red
I. Button Mushroom-Growing Kit
L. Shiitake Log Spawn Plugs
M ushrooms
Indoor Mushroom Kits
A. Garlic Chesnok Red
C. Garlic German Red
D. Garlic Kettle River Giant
It’s so easy to grow fresh, nutritious mushrooms
right at home! Our kits come ready to go – all
you do is mist them and wait to harvest the
delicious crops!
Button Mushroom-Growing Kit
The most popular mushroom in America, with
a mild flavor and firm texture. Yields 6 lbs.
57409 $29.95 ea
Shiitake Fruiting Kit NEW!
An aromatic and flavorful gourmet brown
mushroom. Ships year round. Yields 2-3 lbs.
31019 $39.95 ea
Portabella Mushroom-Growing Kit
Frequently used as a meat substitute, it grows
quite large. Yields 4 lbs.
E. Stevia Sweet Herb
F. Peppermint
Stevia Sweet Herb
G. Lemongrass
(S. rebaudiana.) Stevia is 20-30 times
sweeter than sugar cane, yet is noncaloric! Float the leaves in hot drinks,
crush them into concentrate, or
extract the oil. Pkt 50 seeds.
(Mentha x piperita.) Strongly fragrant
and so easy to grow, it spreads like
crazy! 3 feet tall. Best in containers to
keep it from wandering too far.
Pkt 100 seeds.
05942-PK-P1 $4.95 ea
3 for $4.25 ea
01347-PK-P1 $2.95 ea
3 for $2.25 ea
H. Park’s Culinary Herb Garden
Park’s Culinary Herb Garden
3-foot leaves are aromatic and delicious on fountain-shaped plants. A
lovely ornamental for container and
garden. Pkt 100 seeds.
Contains Dill, English Thyme, Greek
Oregano, Chives, Sweet Marjoram,
Basil, Parsley, and Cilantro. A terrific
value on all the cook’s favorite herbs!
00632-PK-P1 $2.95 ea
3 for $2.25 ea
90447 $12.95 ea
J. Shiitake Fruiting Kit
Loved this kit. The mush“rooms
grew like magic. Some
days they would triple in size.
Wonderful. I cooked many a
recipe with this kit.
Rachel from CT
56902 $34.95 ea
Button and Portabella mushroom kits
are shipped September through May.
Cannot ship to HI.
Shiitake Log Spawn Plugs NEW!
Enjoy years of shiitake mushroom harvests in
your own garden with these plugs! Simply tap
them into fresh-cut deciduous hardwood logs
or stumps, “paint” them into place with wax,
and water them weekly. Before you know it,
gourmet treats await! Pack of approx. 100 plugs.
Ships year round.
31007 $16.95 ea
K. Portabella Mushroom-Growing Kit
1-800-845-3369 31
Park’s Superior
Vegetable Seeds
Now is the time to plan your second season
of harvest! Choose cool-season vegetables to
sow in late July onward to extend the rewards
of your vegetable garden into late fall, or plant
a cover crop (below) to improve the soil for
next spring.
Detroit Dark Red Beet
Coronado Crown Hybrid Broccoli
Packman Hybrid Broccoli
Falstaff Brussels Sprouts
Tendersnax Hybrid Carrot
60 days. Eat fresh or can them. Roots are
tender and sweet. Pkt is 200 seeds.
59 days. Delicious giant 6- to 8-inch
domed heads. Pkt is 100 seeds.
57 days. Won’t bolt in the heat, and is ideal
for freezing. Pkt is 100 seeds.
125 days. Milder than green varieties. Color stays
after steamed or boiled. Pkt is 50 seeds.
68 days. 5 to 6 inches long, sweet, and tender. The
taste-test winner! Pkt is 1/32 oz, app. 800 seeds.
05048-PK-P1 $1.25 | ½ oz. for $2.75 ea 05054-PK-P1 $3.50 | 3 for $2.75 ea
05056-PK-P1 $3.50 | 3 for $2.75 ea
05057-PK-P1 $2.95 | 3 for $2.25 ea
05099-PK-P1 $2.95 | 3 for $2.25 ea
Cheddar Hybrid Cauliflower
Georgia Collards
Tiger Collards
Lacinato Kale
Black Magic Kale
68 days. 25 times the beta carotene of
white varieties! Pkt is 20 seeds.
80 days. Quick-to-finish, non-heading;
tender bite Pkt is 800 seeds.
69 days. Tasty savoyed blue-green leaves
regrow quickly after picking! Pkt is 200 seeds.
62 days. A Tuscan variety with a sweet, rich, earthy
bite; ideal for Italian cuisine. Pkt is 100 seeds.
60 days. A superb Tuscan (dinosaur) kale selection,
with deeply savoyed leaves. Pkt is 100 seeds.
05085-PK-P1 $4.95 | 3 for $4.25 ea
05083-PK-P1 $1.95 | 3 for $1.50 ea
52607-PK-P1 $4.95 | 3 for $4.25 ea
52550-PK-P1 $1.95 | 3 for $1.50 ea
52615-PK-P1 $2.95 | 3 for $2.25 ea
White Russian Kale
Buttercrunch Lettuce
Green Towers Lettuce
Jericho Hybrid Lettuce
Red Giant Mustard
50 days. Slightly frilly leaves are graygreen with white veins. Pkt is 100 seeds.
65 days. Thick, juicy and crisp leaves are
so satisfying! Pkt is 600 seeds.
60 days. Mild flavor, semi-savoyed texture. Pkt is
200 pelleted seeds.
55 days. Heavy 2 to 3-lb Romaine heads. Sweet,
crisp flavor. Pkt is 200 seeds.
40 days. Brilliant maroon leaves with green
midribs. Pkt is 100 seeds.
52617-PK-P1 $2.95 | 3 for $2.25 ea
05142-PK-P1 $1.25 | 3 for $0.95 ea
05182-PK-P1 $2.25 | 3 for $1.75 ea
05170-PK-P1 $2.25 | 3 for $1.75 ea
05619-PK-P1 $1.50 | 3 for $1.25 ea
Park Seed
Organic Arugula
Cherriette Hybrid Radish
Starburst Radish
Salad Bowl Mix Organic Greens
Palco Hybrid Spinach
50 days. Peppery-mustardy leaves are
delicious. Pkt is 100 seeds.
24 days. 2-inch globes with a crisp,
ultra-mild flavor. Pkt is 400 seeds.
60 days. The best variety for pickling, with 2 to
2½-inch diameter globes. Pkt is 100 seeds.
50 days. Lettuce, arugula, and mustard greens.
Great as baby greens. Pkt is 200 seeds.
38 days. Quick, yet bolt resistant, and strongly
flavored. Pkt is 200 seeds.
05891-PK-P1 $1.75 | 3 for $1.25 ea
05747-PK-P1 $1.95 | 3 for $1.50 ea
52643-PK-P1 $3.95 | 3 for $3.25 ea
05842-PK-P1 $1.95 $1.75 ea
52558-PK-P1 $2.75 | 3 for $2.25 ea
Park’s Organic Cover Crop Seeds
Suppress weeds, control erosion, and attract
beneficial insects. After these plants bloom, till
them into the soil, improving it for next year’s
crop! Contains red clover, bell and fava bean,
field pea, barley, reeves oats, and winter rye. ¼lb,
which covers 1600 sq. feet.
Park Seed
05882-PK-L $14.95
Renegade Hybrid Spinach
Bright Lights Swiss Chard
White Ball Hybrid Turnip
White Lady Hybrid Turnip
30 days. Adaptable, quick, high-yielding,
and sweet. Pkt is 400 seeds.
60 days. Great in containers and showy
enough in flower beds. Pkt is 125 seeds.
75 days. Mild to spicy flavor; suitable for every
season. Pkt is ¹/16 oz. app. 900 seeds.
35 days. Vigorous, quick to finish, with sweet
flavor. Pkt is 600 seeds.
05780-PK-P1 $1.50 | 3 for $1.25 ea
05308-PK-P1 $1.95 | 3 for $1.50 ea
52566-PK-P1 $3.50 | 3 for $2.70 ea
05464-PK-P1 $2.95 | 3 for $2.25 ea
Park sells only fresh,
top-quality seeds,
so you know you’re
sowing and growing
the very best. Rely
on us for superior
germination and
big, healthy seedlings every time!
1-800-845-3369 33
Park Seed's
Bio Dome Seed Starter
Seed Start ing Suppl ies
Grow & Store Hobby Greenhouse
It’s a greenhouse, a shed, and a potting bench
in one! Sturdy, long-lasting, and weather-tough,
this A-frame lets you store all your supplies just
steps away from your plants! Twelve feet long,
with 8’ devoted to greenhouse and 4’ to shed
space. Each part has a separate entrance, so
cold air won’t touch your plants when you have
to pop into the shed for a tool in winter! The
roof panels are adjustable, letting you control
conditions in the greenhouse. Very spacious at 6’
W and 6’ 10” H, with side walls that reach 4’ H
before slanting up and in.
37690 $1,379.00 ea
A. Grow & Store Hobby Greenhouse
37691 $1,399.00 ea
Snap & Grow™ 8ft x 8ft
Hobby Greenhouse
Heavy-duty aluminum structure mounts to a
concrete floor, level gravel, or soil surface with
a kit (included). Assembly’s a snap with the
SmartLock connector system and crack-resistant
SnapGlas™. Adjustable vent, split-style door,
weather-stripping. Easy instructions included.
96977 $1,039.95 ea
24-Inch Table Top Plant Light
Promotes healthy plant growth
without sunlight. Grow houseplants, SALE
seedlings and cuttings in almost
any household location. The white hood reflects
the light from wide-spectrum fluorescent tubes.
Metal stand permits adjustment of hood height
as plants require. 24 x 11 x 25” high, with two
20-watt plant light tubes.
B. Essence Hobby Greenhouse
06879 $112.95 ea $99.95 ea
E. Seed Starting Mix
Seed Starting Mix
The Best Possible Start in Life! The health and
beauty of your plants depends on a great start,
and that’s just what they’ll get with our premium
seed-starting mixture. Composed of top-quality
Canadian sphagnum peat moss, vermiculite, and
perlite, it also contains a wetting agent and is pH
adjusted. 8-qt. bag.
06981 $4.95 ea | 2 for $7.95
D. 24-Inch Table Top Plant Light
F. Park Starts Seedling Fertilizer
Park Seed
Benefits of using the Bio Dome:
- Reusable
- Space Saving
- Economical
- Great for Beginners
- Strong Roots
- Minimizes Transplant Shock
Park Starts Seedling Fertilizer
Soluble seedling food, specially formulated
to keep your seedlings growing into vigorous, healthy plants! 20-20-20 water soluble
fertilizer with chelated trace elements. 5 oz.
96988 $4.95 ea | 2 for $7.95
Superior Air Flow
Well-spaced planting
cells encourage seedlings
to develop big, healthy
leaves without crowding.
Climate Control
Removable clear plastic humidity dome and adjustable
vents let you control heat
and humidity
Park Seed's Exclusive Bio Dome Seed Starters
Essence Hobby Greenhouse
96 sq. ft. of growing space! Weatherproofed,
dual-polycarbonate paneling in a rust-resistant
frame offers great winter protection for your
plants! Two large vent windows improve air
circulation, while the A-frame structure provides
nearly 8 feet of head room at the apex! Split
double doors and ramp threshold make wheelbarrow access easy. 5-year limited warranty. 8’ W
x 12’ D x 7’7” H.
C. Snap & Grow™ 8ft x 8ft
Hobby Greenhouse
The easiest, most successful way to grow big, healthy
seedlings every time!
Our Bestselling Product of All Time!
Base 147/8" L x 9½" W x 2¼" H
Top 14 7/8" L x 9½" W x 4½" H
06529 – 60 Cell Bio Dome (The Original)
06456 – 40 Cell Bio Dome jumbo cells for
slightly larger young starts.
96064 – 18 Cell Bio Dome whopper cells for
large seed or perennials.
Rooting Medium
Bio Sponges always
maintain an ideal moisture level. No drowning, no drying!
Any of the Park's Bio Dome Seed Starters Above
$29.95 ea | 2 or more for $26.95 ea
Deep Planting Cells
Grow bigger, better-rooted
seedlings in less space.
Bio Dome Sponge Refills
06565-PK-120–60 Cell Sponge Refills 1 x 2¼”
$18.95 ea | 2 or more for $16.95 ea
F. 60 Cell Bio Dome
06452-PK-80–40 Cell Sponge Refills 1¼ x 2½”
$24.95 ea | 2 or more for $22.95 ea
| K | 09323-PK-36–18 Cell Sponge Refills 1¾ x 3”
$19.95 ea | 2 or more for $17.95 ea
G. 40 Cell Bio Dome
H. 18 Cell Bio Dome
Park’s Intense Light Grow Shelves
Our customers have been asking for grow
lights to use with their Bio Domes, as
well as stronger intensity lighting systems.
Here's both in one! Our new Grow Shelves
replaces the Garden Condo, adding 2 inner
cross-beams to each shelf to support up to 5
Bio Domes, as well as the outer beams that fit
standard 10x20 grow trays. Each of the 2 lighting units
contains four 48-inch T8 cool white fluorescent bulbs.
The power strip on the side features six 3-prong outlets. And the long-lasting, attractive galvanized white
enameled aluminum construction with removable
casters and adjustable light heights remains the same.
Easy to assemble with just a screwdriver, this premium
grow unit is rust-proof and durable. 47" high x 18"
wide x 49" long.
32242 $425.00 $399.00
All Purpose Algoflash Fertilizer
This patented formula from Europe is
capable of stimulating flower and vegetable
production at rates you simply won’t believe (a Chrysanthemum with 7,791 flowers;
a 193-inch carrot — and the list goes on!),
but we think its most remarkable feature is
its 100% mineral base — no chlorides, no
carbonates, no sodium — and it’s odorless,
colorless, and environmentally safe. Oneliter bottle makes more than 100 gallons of
solution. Use within 1 year of opening.
09221 $11.95 ea
Park Seed
L. Park’s Intense Light Grow Shelves
1-800-845-3369 35
One Parkton
- GreenwoodGuaranteed!
SC 29647-0001
Park Seed® Co.
NEW! Starburst Radish
The best variety for pickling,
this watermelon type has rosy
flesh beneath white skin.
See Page 33
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