June 2014 - Illowa Council



June 2014 - Illowa Council
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Rockets Have
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2014 Scout Night 4
The wait is finally over!
Now that Scouts are out of
school, they are headed in
droves to that home-away-fromhome, summer camp.
Why is summer camp such a
big deal for kids? Scouts spend all
year working on advancement
and practicing Scout Skills on
weekend camp outs, but it really
isn’t until that special week in the
summer that Scouts can put
their training to use!
With time in school focusing
more and more solely on academics, summer camp gives
scouts an opportunity to work
on cooperative skills, teamwork,
leadership, character building, and
hands-on problem solving.
Harris Interactive of New
York, designed a study
on the impact of summer
camp in the lives of Boy
Scouts, Scout leaders, and
parents of Scout . The researchers concluded that
within the typical six days
of Boy Scout summer camp,
boys are in an environment
that comprehensively provides
them with critical
elements of healthy youth
At camp, boys have time to consider and reflect on
their place in life. Strong personal
values and character
are shaped as young boys are
encouraged to take a part in
decisions that impact others,
contemplate their relationship
with God, reflect on personal
values, and participate
in patriotic activities regarding
American citizenship.
A majority of boys at camp receive praise from others .
Compliments are received from
adult leaders (76 %)
and peers (72 %) . Another key
finding is that 78 %
of boys indicate that they
“accomplished something
worthwhile” during camp.
Scout camp is a place where
caring and nurturing
relationships are developed and
deepened. According to
the study, most Scouts made a
new friend or became better
friends with someone while at
Parents see the difference
Scout camp makes. A clear
majority (81 %) of parents of
Scouts who attend
camp say the camp experience
resulted in a positive
change in their sons. They agree
their sons have fun, are
safe, and learn and test new
Moreover, a clear majority of
parents (84 %) say
their son learned personal responsibility while at camp.
For these reasons, almost all
parents (96 %) would
recommend camp to others .
Make sure your Boy Scout
does not miss the opportunities
of Scout summer camp. Contact
the Illowa council
office to get information. The
“hidden value” of Scout camp
will benefit your son
for a lifetime!
Camp Loud Thunder
Equipment List
Complete Scout Uniform
Flashlight with Extra Batteries
Hiking Shoes Scout Handbook
Tennis Shoes Spending Money
T- Shirts
Pants & Shorts
Sleep Wear
Sweater/ Sweat Shirt
Swim Trunks & Towel
Notebook and Pencils
Merit Badge Pamphlets
Day Pack
Canteen/Water Bottle
Nylon Cord
Toiletry Kit (shampoo, soap,
washcloth, towel,
toothbrush, toothpaste, Gold
Bond Body Powder)
Light Jacket
Rain Gear
Small Pillow
Sleeping Bag or Two Heavy Blankets
Air or Foam Mattress for Cot
Sun Block
Insect Repellent
Fishing Gear
Hard-Soled shoes for Waterfront
Bible or Prayer Book
First Aid Kit
Pocket Knife (4" Blade maximum)
Sewing Kit
Have a question about uniforms, camping or camping equipment, program material, rank advancement? ...
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The Illowa Scout Shop Bugle
Manager’s Minute - STEM
STEM means, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.
Stem is the future. Fostering a
strong STEM education is our
best opportunity to boost the
spirit of innovation. It is what
we need to help ensure this
country continues on a prosperous and secure journey.
This program is to excite and
expand a sense of wonder in all
of our Scouts. You can earn
the Nova award which should
be put on an advancement
report so that it gets recorded.
After getting the Nova award,
you can go onto earning PI
pins. There is a program for
Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and
Ventures. The Putnam Museum
will be having a program in the
fall for the Cub Scouts and
possibly for Boy Scouts.
You can go on and earn the
Super Nova Award which has
more rigorous requirements
than the Nova awards. When
earning this award, you have to
fill out the Supernova Award
Application. When doing this,
you also need to have the
Council to approve this before
the Scout Shop can sell this
award. All of this information is
at this website,
We have the Guidebooks in
stock for all Scouts. It a great
program for your Scouts to do!
Yours in Scouting,
- Nancy Vasquez
Linda’s Pick—Rockets have Returned to the Scout Shop
For those working on the
“Stem” program for NOVA or
just looking to have fun, we
have a variety of rockets for
The Alpha III Launch set is
designed for the first time user
or younger scout and is easy to
assemble. It comes complete
with everything you need, except the engine (sold separately) including the Alpha III
rocket. Also included in the kit
are the Electron Beam Launch
Controller and the Porta-Pad II
Launch Pad. All for only $29.99
The Alpha III rocket can be
purchased separately if desired
for $9.99.
The Hi-Flier Rocket is for the
more experienced scout. It has
the capability to really gain altitude. Try it to see how high it
flies! This kit takes only an afternoon to build and takes any one
of our powerful Estes engines to
launch. The kit is sold for $6.99
and the engines range from
$7.49 for three to $49.99 for 24.
The Illowa Scout shop would
like to welcome Dr. Robert M.
Gates, former secretary of
defense and former director of
central intelligence, as the Boy
Scouts of America’s new national president. In this volunteer role, Dr. Gates will lead
the National Executive Board,
which guides the Boy Scouts of
America as it it serves 2.5 million youth members, for two
one-year terms. He is the 35th
president of the BSA. Dr.
Gates has a long history of
participation and service in the
BSA. He is a past member of
the National Executive Board; a
past president of the National
Eagle Scout Association; a distinguished Eagle Scout; a recipient of the Silver Buffalo Award,
Our Space Explorer 6 Rocket
comes in a 6-pack so a group can
participate in the fun. It is a very
economical way for the whole
troop to enjoy the fun. It is designed for someone with some
experience to
operate and is a fantastic 22”
long that can be customized
by you. The pack of 6 costs
only $44.99 which means it is
$7.50 per rocket!
We have accessories in stock
like the Rocket Recovery
Wadding, Model Rocket Igniters, both priced at $3.99
and a variety of engines for
Imagine the high flying fun
you’ll have!
the highest commendation
given by the BSA for extraordinary service to youth; and a
Vigil Honor member of the
Order of the Arrow, the highest mark of distinction and
recognition for those with
exceptional service and unselfish interests. Welcome, Mr.
...Email or Facebook us your Scouting Questions and we will answer them in our next newsletter!
Volume 1, Issue 2
Page 3
Ken’s Camping Corner
Now that you have all of
your gear for camp, you
need something to put it all
With Summer Camp in
mind, I have two products
that I recommend to Scouts
and Scouters to make their
lives easier.
The first item is ideal for
Scouts of all ages. The Cloud
-Walker, by Camelbak® is a
hydration-ready day pack
designed to carry extra layers, food, trail maps, compasses, and most of your
other Scouting essentials.
The Cloud Walker, in addition to the hydration pocket
with included water reservoir, has another large storage compartment, side pockets, compression straps, a
padded back with an air director to keep your back
cool and dry, and sturdy,
padded shoulder straps.
Hydration back packs are
great because you can carry
several water bottles worth
of water on your back, and
not have to worry about
leaving your bottle at
shooting sports when you
are across camp at the waterfront. Dehydration is the
leading cause of sickness at
camp, so being able to
carry a afternoon’s worth
of water is not only a convenience, but a great way
to prevent and mitigate
dehydration at camp. We
have several Camelbaks in
stock, but the Cloud
Walker is on sale right
now at the Illowa Scout
Shop for $59.98.
The second pack is
geared towards Boy Scouts
and Adult Scouters attending
resident camp. The 110 Liter
Osprey Duffel Bag is designed for ease. This duffel
is the perfect pack to store
your clothes and camping
gear for a week long trip.
This design is so popular,
National Council chose this
model to use at the 2013
National Jamboree.
The advantage that this Osprey duffel has, is the addition of sturdy shoulder
straps that allows a Scout to
wear the duffel bag like a
backpack. So with almost
twice the storage space of a
typical hiking backpack, the
Osprey Duffel is the perfect
pack to take to camp this
summer. $79.99 here at the
Scout Shop. As always, I am
here to help you with all of
your camping needs.
New Guide to Safe Scouting Available
The purpose of the Guide
to Safe Scouting is to prepare
members of the Boy Scouts
of America to conduct
Scouting activities in a safe
and prudent manner. The
policies and guidelines have
been established because of
the real need to protect
members from known hazards that have been identified through 100 years of
experience. Limitations on
certain activities should not
be viewed as stumbling
blocks; rather, policies and
guidelines are best described as stepping-stones
toward safe and enjoyable
All participants in official
Scouting activities should
become familiar with the
Guide to Safe Scouting and be
aware of state or local government regulations that
supersede Boy Scouts of
America policies and guidelines. The Guide to Safe
Scouting provides an overview of Scouting policies
and procedures rather than
comprehensive, standalone
documentation. For some
items, the policy statements
are complete. Unit leaders
are expected to review the
additional reference material cited prior to conducting such activities.
In situations not specifically
covered in this guide, activ-
ity planners should evaluate
the risk or potential risk of
harm, and respond with
action plans based on common sense, community standards, the Boy Scout motto,
and safety policies and practices commonly prescribed
for the activity by experienced providers and practitioners.
The updated version of
The Guide to Safe Scouting
can be purchased at your
Illowa Scout Shop for $5.99.
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