Influential People



Influential People
Influential People
and Significant Yachts
November 18 2011
Martin Francis
- Designer for Norman Foster and
Philippe Stark.
- One of the industry’s true visionaries.
- Radically modern ECO in 1991 still
regarded as a masterpiece.
- Today known for Crystal Ball (459 feet).
Ed Dubois
- Distinguished racing career and the
formation of Dubois Naval Architects.
- Risen to become on of the industry’s
foremost design houses.
- He has produced over 330 designs.
- Kokomo: Best Sailing Yacht 2010 SYAs.
De Vries family
- Feadship was formed by six Dutch
companies including the De Vries family
who amalgamated in 1949 to build
displacement motor yachts.
- In 2006 the De Vries shipyard was
awarded the royal signature by Queen
Beatrix of Holland in recognition of 100
years of yacht building excellence.
Andew Winch
- He beat 10 rival firms to the contract to
design the Dubai - the world’s largest
superyacht. Today he moves seamlessly
between the design of homes, boats and
private planes.
- Time and again he is able to draw out of
his clients their true wishes, likes, dislikes
and objectives.
Jim Clark
- Fertile imagination, thrives on
challenges, likes to take risks and has an
abundance of cash.
- Pushed Royal Huisman to expand the
limits of creativity with Athena.
Paul Allen
- Microsoft co-founder one of the most
high profile owners on our list.
- The 2003 launch of 417ft Octopus
secured its position in the superyacht top
10. This was followed by Tatoosh and
- All eyes are on what he will do next.
Ron Holland
- In 2003 he designed the Mirabella V, the
world’s biggest single-masted yacht.
- Ron Holland is considered the pioneer of
modern superyachts.
- Perhaps the most respected builder of
the 20th century.
- Founded in 1884 and now under fourth
generation of management.
- Unique ability to complete all its
manufacturing in-house, without
outsourcing, thus guaranteeing maximum
quality for every level of detail.
Terence Disdale
- Has become the biggest name in
superyacht design.
- 60 commissions since 1973.
- Al Salamah, Pelorus, Tatoosh, Ice,
- He is the man Roman Abramovich turns
to when he wants a new design.
Paulo Vitelli
- Builds Azimut and Atlantis motor yachts
and custom Benettis.
- 40 agents in 120 offices globally, making
him the number one builder.
Peter Lurssen
- 16 percent of the world’s 100 largest
superyachts have been built by Lurssen.
- Octopus, Rising Sun, Platinum, Al
Salamah, Carinthia VII, Limitless, Ice,
Skat, testify to their dominance of the
- Without doubt Abramovich has changed
things, popularizing superyachting as the
ultimate leisure kick, and in particular
opening up the Russian market.
Fabio Perini
- Described as the Prada of yacht builders.
- Most recently Tom Perkin’s
groundbreaking futuristic sailing yacht
Maltese Falcon has boosted the yard’s
profile as the quintessential craftsmen of
forward-thinking sailing vessels.
Nick Edmiston
- The fact that the company is new
compared to its rivals means that it has a
more modern outlook, allowing it to
move fast and embrace new ideas,
particularly in the arena of marketing.
- Within a yachting dynasty spanning 230
- George Nicholson has more first-hand
experience of the world of superyacht
charter than anyone else in the game.
Larry Ellison
- Ellison’s high position in the list reflects
the fact that not only is he wealthy
enough to own superyachts, but he is also
actively involved in the culture.
Luca Bassani
- The most influential designer since Jon
Bannenberg. His work is universally
admired and revered within the industry
for refashioning the boundaries of what a
yacht can be.
- Boldy futuristic, meshing the zen-like
simplicity of the superstructure with the
aesthetic of a stealth bomber.
- Popular with designers, owners and
competitors alike.
- He is a huge presence within the
industry and is also active amongst
yachting’s trade and regulatory bodies.
- First yacht brokerage company to be
awarded the Queen’s Award for
Tom Perkins
- Owner of Maltese Falcon/
- He dares to experiment, to put his
money into innovation and to pioneer
technology. The design’s fusion of
tradition with bold futurism has had a
profound effect, and has shunted the
evolution of the industry up to the next
- He revolutionized yacht design, breaking with
tradition and refashioning the way yachts were
styled and built.
- Second: this boats are still out there - a staggering
200 came off his drawing board during his lifetime.
- He gave birth to today’s leading designers: Andew
Winch, Terence Disdale, Tim Heywood and Donald

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