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T H E CITIZEN, Prince George — Friday, December 7, 1979 — 13
UBC 'Birds
at Coliseum
C itizen S p orts R eporter
A 7-5 loss is hard to accept
when you outshoot your oppo­
nent 43-30.
Mohawks didn’t jell until late
in the third period at the Col­
iseum Wednesday and were
beaten by the University of
B.C. Thunderbirds.
R e cord b r o k e n
(R euter) - Film stuntman
Stan B arrett broke his own
world land speed record on
Monday when he reached
1,028.9376 kilometres (643.086
miles) an hour in his rocket
vehicle, track officials said. He .
will try later this week to
become the first man to break
the sound barrier on land by
reaching a speed of about 1,200
kmh (750 m.p.h.). His previous
record was 1,021.8192 kmh.
by C an ad ian P r e ss
Coach Bob B erry of Los
Angeles Kings says his team
has a problem holding a lead
a fter the first period. Pat
Quinn, Philadelphia F lyers
coach, wouldn’t disagree.
After jumping to a 3-0 lead,
the Kings dropped a 9-4 deci­
sion Thursday night to the
F ly ers who extended their
undefeated streak to 23 games
- tying a club record and mov­
ing to within five of the
N ational Hockey League
record held by Montreal Cana­
Philadelphia has won 17 and
tied six during its streak.
"We had a breakdown defen­
sively after the first period,”
Berry said. "We seem to have
a problem holding a lead on the
The F lyers struck for six
unanswered goals in the sec­
ond period, including a pair by
R eggie Leach, who added a
third goal midway through the
final period.
“ They forechecked us like
demons in the second period,
really buzzed us,” Berry said.
"We were badly outplayed in
the second period.”
Quinn was more concerned
about what he considered an
attack on his team by the Kings
in the third period. A brawl
started when Randy Holt
appeared to punch Ken Linseman of the Flyers in the back
of the head in the corner. Four
players were ejected from the
"If the officials don’t want to
live by the rules, I guess there
will have to be vigilante hoc­
k e y ,” said Quinn. “ Team s
have been taking pot shots at
som e of our players and the
officials seem hesitant to call
“ When that happens you
have to take things in your own
hands. If you allow things like
that to happen, you will get run
out of the league. If team s try
Burroughs, 28, who slumped
to a .224 average and 11 homers
this year, was dealt with righthanded pitcher Adrian Devine
and infielder Pepe F rias for
right-hander Doyle Alexander
and infielder Larvell Blanks.
It was the fourth trade of the
day as dealing picked up with
the trading deadline of mid­
night tonight nearing in the
windup of baseball’s annual
week-long winter meetings.
Earlier in the day, California
Angels acquired veteran out­
5 6 2 -2 4 4 1
B e in g a lin esm a n is no fun w h en scr a p p e r s G ary H o w a tt o f th e Isla n d ers an d Stan
J o n a th a n o f B o sto n get to g eth er.
that against us, they better
bring their lunch because
they’re going to be here a long
time. I better not say anything
else or I’ll be in big trouble.”
In the only other games, New
York Islanders edged Boston
Bruins 4-3 and Quebec Nordiques beat St. Louis Blues 5-2.
Goals by Doug Halward,
S teve Jensen and Ron
Grahame game the Kings the
lead but Leach sparked the
F ly ers com eback with two
goals within 20 seconds - a
team record - early in the sec­
ond period. Linseman tied the
gam e at 7:25 and Philaelphia
G ym n asts g e t u sed to s e e in g th e w o rld u p sid e d o w n . R o m an ia’s N a d ia C o m an eci
(top) co m p ete in sp ite o f an injured left h an d . C a n a d a 's M onica G orm an p erform s
on the u n e v e n p arallel bars.
L eague president Lee
MacPhail said it would be up
to the league board of directors
to figure out how the new
guarantee system would work.
W o m e n d u p lic a t e fe a t
FORT WORTH, Tex. (CP) - The Cana­
dian women’s team accomplished on Thur­
sday what the men’s team did the day
before at the 20th world gymnastics champ­
ionships, giving Canada full representation
at next sum mer’s Olympic Games.
Elfie Schlegel, Ellen Stewart, Diane Car­
negie, Shannon Fleming, all of Toronto,
Monica Goermann of Winnipeg and Car­
men Alie of M ontreal com bined to put
Canada in 10th spot in over-all team stand­
The men’s team had come in 11th. The
top 12 teams in each of the women’s and
men’s divisions go to Moscow.
Romania took the women’s team gold
medal d esp ite the ab sen ce of Nadia
Comaneci in three of the four optional exer­
The Soviet Union took the silver and the
East Germans the bronze.
Comaneci performed on only the balance
beam but received a near perfect 9.95. She
took the spotlight six hours after being
released from a hospital where she is being
treated for an infection.
She was back in her hospital bed soon
after the medals ceremony.
Comaneci wore a five inch long gauze
bandage around her wrist when she per­
The Romanian team score was 389.550.
The Soviets took the silver with 388.925 and
the East Germans scored 388.075. Canada’s
total was 375.100.
The Chinese, competing for the first time
in 18 years in any world-wide gymnastic
tournament came in a strong fourth with
384.600. It will be the first time China will
have entry to the Olympics in more than
30 years, with their last appearance in the
1938 Games in London.
Russia's Neli Kim won top individual
honors. The score for K im ’s fiery, sexy
routine to disco music during her floor
routine was increased from 9.75 to 9.8 fol­
lowing a successful protest. Her total after
Thursday’s optionals was 78.50.
Second over-all high scorer was Maxi
Gnauck of E ast Germany with 78.35. In
third spot was Maria Filatova of the Soviet
Union at 78.30.
Schlegel stood 28th when the scores from
her com pulsory program earlier in the
week and her optional routines Thursday
were compiled. Her total was 76.150.
M acPhail said the rule
resulted from such poor
attendance in two cities that
visiting teams were not even
making expenses. He con­
firmed that Oakland A’s were
of one of the teams, then said
he wasn’t sure of the other.
It was known, however, that
AL clubs received an average
of $3,500 for their road games
in Oakland
Commissioner Bowie Kuhn
described the gu arantee
measure as a good move.
“ I rea ly don’t think the
guarantee came up because of
(A’s owner Charlie) F inley,
but the Oakland situation is
part of it,” said MacPhail.
The A ’s are for sa le and
reports indicate the sale could
be completed before the 1980
season, with the franchise
going to oil magnate Marvin
Davis, who would transfer the
team to Denver.
There is no deadline set to
clear up the Oakland problem,
but every day that goes by
makes it tougher.” said
Nordiques SBlues 2
Blair Stewart scored twice,
his first goals of the season, to
pace Quebec over St. Louis.
Michel Goulet, Robbie Ftorek
and Roland Cloutier got thee
TORONTO (CP) - Major
leagu e b aseball’s annual
winter meeting considered on
Thursday hard-line approachs
to negotiations with the
players’ association on a new
The owners are determined
to change the free-agent re­
entry system, which commis­
sioner Bowie Kuhn described
Monday as a time bomb.
The problem for the owners
is how to get back something
they have already given the
One idea the owners are con­
sidering is freezing a certain
number of players on the ros­
ter of a major leagu e club
acquiring a free agen t, and
making the rest available for
com pensation to the team
stripped of the player.
One thing is certain — the
owners will not go along with
the current system of receiv­
ing an amateur draft pick after
losing a superstar.
From the owners’ stan­
dpoint, baseball’s free-agent
system is the worst in sports.
Another system being consi­
dered is the R ozelle Rule,
nam ed after P ete R ozelle,
commissioner of the National
Football League.
Under this plan, scrapped by
the NFL following litigation,
team s losing free agents are
compensated by players consi­
dered equal in value to the
p layer lost in the re-entry
draft. Rozelle made the deci­
sion if the teams involved were
unable to come to an agree­
ment. Now, though, an NFL
team losing a free agent
receives a specified number of
draft choices based on the sal­
ary of the departing player.
Baseball, led by Kuhn, has
hinted that if something isn’t
worked out in this area, the
possibility of no spring train­
ing, and maybe no 1980 season
is a possibility. Kuhn says a
work stoppage is remote — but
not impossible.
Both sides are reported to be
stockpiling money in the event
of a strike. Each team has con­
tributed two per cent of its
home games for 1979, while the
players are donating from
their licensing fees.
Still another proposal the
owners are considering is a
sixyear salary escalating sys­
tem designed to stop players
from coming in every year or
two and attem pting to
This would set salary scales
from the first through the sixth
year, when a player can
become a free agent.
Kuhn has said that before the
1975 re-entry draft, the aver­
age salary was $46,000. It is
higher than S121.000 now.
¥ * * + ***** * * ****+ * * * +* * * * * #
Pine Centre
Figure & Hockey
Van & Auto Upholstery
Special!ling In:
Van Accessones
For You Need Not Be a Puzzle
Subaru GLF
In the Atlanta-Texas swap,
Devine, 1-2 with a 3.22 ERA in
40 gam es this y ea r, also
rejoined the Rangers, who sent
him packing to the Braves with
Burroughs in 1976. Frias
batted .259 in 140 games this
other Nordiques goals while
Wayne Babych and Bernie
Federko replied for the Blues.
Islanders 4 Bruins 3
The Islanders handed Bos­
ton its fourth defeat in the
Bruins last five games. Bob
Bourne gave New York a 1-0
lead. Terry
O’Reilly tied the game early in
the second but Mike Bossy and
Bryan Trottier gave the Islan­
ders the lead. John Wesnik cut
the margin but Trottier got his
16th goal of the season for the
winner. Peter McNab scored
Boston’s last goal during the
last minute of play.
Tough stan d considered
Logical Choice.
field er Al Cowens and sent
slugger Willie Mays Aikens to
Kansas City in a five-player
Alexander, who played out
his option with Baltimore and
New York Yankees to become
part of baseb all’s first free
agent reentry draft in 1976,
signed with the Rangers and
won 17 gsm es in 1977.
However, he slumped to 8-10 in
1978 and 5-7 with a 4.55 ERA
this year. He is 29.
American League, voted 12-2
Thursday to require home
teams to provide a minumum
guarantee of $ 10,000 to visiting
baseball team s, com pared
with the customary 20 per cent
of the gate.
was off and running.
Dennis V ervergaert, Bill
Barber and Jim Watson gave
Philadelphia a 6-3 lead by the
end of the period. Linseman
scored a second goal at 8:39 of
the third, Bob D ailey added
another less than two minutes
later and Leach got his third
just over a minute after that
before Andre St. Laurent could
reply for the Kings.
Ball deal
at meeting
Former Atlanta star
comes back to Braves
TORONTO (CP) - Jeff Bur­
Am erican
League’s 1974 most valuable
player traded by T exas two
years later to A tlanta, was
returned to the Rangers by the
Braves on Thursday night in a
five-player swap.
L.A. Kings blow big lead
UBC’s opportunistic win was
personified by two second
period breakaway goals from
speedy forward Bill Trenaman.
The Mohawks’ frustration
was evident when the Terry
Shaw, Brian Toll, Randy Car­
son line fashioned two threeon-one breaks on one shift in
the first period, but couldn’t
’Hawks coach Bill Bell says,
“ that was the difference in the
game . . . they capitalized on
their scoring chances and we
Bell admits the lack of body
contact by the Mohawks hurt
them against a fast, smoothskating team like the Thun­
The standout ’Hawk de­
fencem an was recentlyreturned John Huber.
Bell feels, "if everybody was
hitting like Hubie was, we’d
have won the game."
The Mohawks came to life in
the third period, after trailing
6-3 entering the period.
Under-rated Prince George
left winger Don Thompson
poked in goals at 17:21 and
18:13 of the final period to
make it 6-5 and when UBC took
a hooking penalty at 18:53, it
looked like overtime was a real
However, Rob Jones was left
along at the side of the ’Hawks
goal and his shot past Glen
Bueckert with 43 seconds left,
restored UBC’s two-goal cush­
Jim McLaughlin helped
UBC’s cause with a goal and
three assists, while Dino Sita,
Ron Lanzarotta and Sam
Bowman had a goal apiece.
Bob Law, with an unassisted
power play score, Elgin
McCann and captain Terry
Shaw had the other Prince
George goals.
Thompson says he thought
the ’Hawks might have "got­
ten too high for the gam e,”
considering “ we get only one
shot at them.”
UBC, which plays each
BCSHL team once, with re­
sults counting in league stand­
ings, visits the Kangaroos in
Quesnel tonight.
The ’Birds, coached by
form er Mohawks Bert Halliwell, got good goaltending
: from Mackenzie’s Lome Bodin, especially in the first two
The Thunderbirds have a 2-1
record, while the third place
Mohawks drop to 3-5, remain­
ing four points behind the
Delta Hurry Kings (5-2) and
the Kamloops Cowboys (5-4).
P rince George has two
weekend games in Delta and
Shaw feels, "we can beat De­
lta, if we get our act together
and play for 60 minutes.”
The Mohawks might have
centre Bruce Johnson in the
lineup, if they can get his re­
lease from Nelson Maple Leafs
of the Western International
Hockey League.
Johnson, who once played
for the Steinbach Huskies in
Manitoba, can also play either
wing or defence.
The Cowboys visit last place
Quesnel (1-4) for two other
weekend games.
Watch C.K.P.G. T.V.
Saturday, Dec. 8th 9:30 p.m.
F o r
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lo c a l
1142-3rd Av
* u **
~ t-in N S
W E N ’S
F a s t E x p e rt
S e rvice
New aerodynamic design Front wheeidrive "Zeroscrub"
suspension. Power assist
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zontally opposed engine
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