SMGSA Senior Rookie Regalations



SMGSA Senior Rookie Regalations
Objectivesof the SeniorRookie Division:
To get young girls interestedin the gameof softball andfor them to get a general
of the basicskills.
Stressis madeon maintainingactiveparticipationby all players. This is accomplishedby
utilizing asmanyof the playersaspossibleboth offensivelyand defensively. To ensure
that eqtialtime is spentin both the defensiveand oflensivepositions,the lengthof the
inningswill be controlled.That is, an inning will consistof either:
Three(3) outs oR seven(7) Batterswhicheveroccursfirst.
Whenthe seventhbatterhits the ball, the defensiveteammust eithergetthe 3rd out or
returnthe ball to the pitcherwho must be in control of the ball andbe standingwithin the
parametersof the pitcherscircle. All runnerswho havecrossedthe plateprior to this
point will be counted.
General Rules:
S.M.G.S.AHouseLeagueRuleswill apply with theseexceptions:
Girls mustbe between6 &9 yearsof ageasof Dec.31stof thepreviousyear.
In seniorrookie , the offensiveteamcoachwill pitch to the batters.
No baseson balls(ie.walks)will be allowed.
Therewill be no strike outs,only after the seven(7) pitches'
Therewill be a mandatorydistancethat the coachneedsto standawayfrom the batter.
The coach is to remainwithin the pitcherscircle'
No intentionalbuntingwill be allowed.
The infield fly rule will not aPPlY.
A hit will constitutea single,double,tiple andevena homerun. The playerswill not be
pitching from the beginningof the yearuntil the firn toumamentwill be doneby the
coacheJ.After the fun tourneycoacheswill only pitch innings1,3,5,7.The playerswill
be pitching2,4,6,
Sametimeline would apply for stealinganybaseotherthan home. ln orderfor the nrnner
to comehome,the ball needsto be hit by the playerup to bat into fair territory.
Two umpiresper gamewill be provided.
Teamsweatersaremandatory.They belongto the players at the end of the season.
All playersMUST throw overhand(asopposedto underhand).
Therewill be no stealingof base
An eleven(11) inch Incrediballwill be usedinsteadof a regularsoftball.
All battersandbaserunnersmust wear a CSA Approvedbattinghelmetequippedwith
earlugs and chin strapuntil they returnto the bench.
Therewill be nojewelry (including studs)allowed.
All playersmustwear pants- no shortsareallowed. Therewill be
no exceptionsmade.
A pitcherscircle (sameasMite) is to be drawn into the gravel. Under objectives,
the useof this circle was discussed.All play stopsoncethe ball hasbeenreturnedto the
pitcher who hascontrol of it within the pitcherscircle.
Eachdefensiveteamshall consistof a:
Catcherwho shall play in a position normally takenby a catcher,but far enough
back asnot to interferewith the batter,andmust be equippedwith the proper
catchersequipment(which will be suppliedby the league)
Pitcher(who will-standbesidethe coach). The coachwitl only be thereto pitch
the balls to the batter. The pitcherwill be responsiblefor all playsand gettingthe
ballSack to the coachfor the next pitch.
The defensiveteamwill not be allowedanyoneelseon the field. Coachesmust
remainin the dugout. Time must be called if consultationwith a playeris
Note, for the first 5 gamesa defensivecoachwill be allowed on the field.
Playersareto play in the appropriatelocation of the position that they areplaying
(ie. they arenot to all standat the pitchersmound)
Therewill be a distanceof 45 feet betweenthe basesand28 feet to the pitching
Scheduling Rules:
.. The seasonwill consistof an 8 week schedulewith a fun tournamenton the final
weekend.Detailedschedulewill be madeby the convenorafter the numberof teams
anddiamondavailability is known.
o. All gameswill be playedduring the week atthe Anne Hathawaycomplex.
.. Gameswill havea time limit of I hour and 15minutes. No new inning to startafter
.. Therewill be onegameperweek for all teamsunlessthereis an odd numbered
amountof teams.
.. Therewill be oneweekly practicetime allocatedfor eachof theseteams.
o. The coachesareto contactthe parentsof the girls and inform them of the first practice
Playing Rules:
To beginthe game,the umpirewill instructthe hometeamto taketheir positionsin
the field andwill give the ball to the pitcher who will take it backto the pitcherscircle
andgive it to the coach.
Wheneveryoneis in position,the umpirewill call 'play ball'.
In the eventof an overthrow,therewill be NO stealingof basesallowed. A player
must stopat the basethey were approaching.
Therewill be no stealingof basesallowed.
Players are automatically out on a dropped third strike
o. Playersof the SeniorRookieDivision will be invited to the banquetin September.
o. Therewill beno call-ups.
.. Only the 1998SeniorRookieplayerswill be eligible for call up to Juniorhouse
league. This will be donevia the Junior Rookie convenorwho will compilea list of
eligible playersand submittheseto the Junior convenor.
r. At the endof the seasonthe coachesof eachteamwill be responsiblefor the selection
from their teamof:
OneMost ImprovedPlayer
OneMost SportsmanlikePlayer
OneMost ValuablePlayer
and OneMost SportsmanlikePlayerfrom your division
This informationwill be tumed into the Director of Banquet& Awards.
.. Whendoing a report for the BeaconHeraldthe HOME TEAM is to submitthe
following: DatePlayed,TeamNamesoScoreandany otherinfo you may wish.
This is to be submittedimmediatelyafterthe game.

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