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01Bonneville - Riff Raff Customs
The Wild Bikes
~\ 01Bonneville
§how '07
he twelve city Easyriders V-Twin Bike
show Tour rocked Sacramento in
January, packing in record crowds
who were not disappointed by their brush
with greatness. Always an electrifying tour,
Sacramento is the second stop in the series,
which means that some of the new builds are
being displayed for the very ~rst time. It's a
smooth-running show that offers attendees such
~rst-class perks as a Starbucks and a Wolfgang Puck
Express, but it's the bikes that everyone has come to see.
From the minute the doors open the excitement is palat-
enthusiasm. Kari's an old friend of many years who was
able, and event president John Green chalks that up to
the on-scene bass. I last saw her at the lone Star Rally,
the diversity of the phenomenal motorcycle builders invit-
in Galveston, where I told her I'd be at the Sacrameno
ed to take part. A glance at the lineup of this year's six
gig. And here
chosen ones would certainly prove that to be an accurate
people appreciate that.
statement: Paul Yaffe of Paul Yaffe Originals, Kendall
I was!
I always keep it real and I know
Check-in and vender setup started on a chilly (for
Johnson of Kendall Johnson Customs, The Detroit Bros.,
Sacramento) Friday morning with venders, exhibitors, and
Ralph Randolph of Rockem and Sockem Motorcycle Co.,
Bill Rucker of Rucker Performance, and Austin Weiss of
builders lined up bright and early to be checked in and
spotted. The show was being put together by professionals
Streamline Designs made this a star-studded lineup worth
with a minimum of hassle. I spent the morning shooting
braving the freezing temperatures all weekend.
until my camera batteries needed a charge. While they
After getting rid of my stuff at the room, I wandered across the street to the Sacramento Convention
were charging, I recharged my own battery with a great
Center and entered through the back door like lee
y'might do well with a setup in Sturgis.)
chicken pesto sandwich at Wolfgang Puck's. (Hey, Wolfie,
Harvey Oswald sauntering into the book depository. I
Ran into Harry and Tommy Fryed, who make up
soon located Kari Robsen, who greeted
the longtime biker band The Fryed Brothers Band.
me with a great deal of warmth and
They performed their brand of raucous rock n'
roll both Saturday and
Sunday. I took a little break
at the Capital Garage Coffee
Company (kitty-cornered
from the back ramp of the
convention center) for a
caffeine jolt. I loves

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