101 Tupperware
Citrus Peeler Uses
1. A Japanese style hair pin
2. A zipper retriever when
the pull is behind fabric
3. Scratch your back
4. Splint a broken finger
5. Use 20 to make a game
of pick-up-sticks
6. A butter knife
7. A cake tester
8. A cat toy
9. Clean gunk out of small
10. Clean inside the rim of
Tupperware seals
11. A crochet hook
12. A cuticle pusher
13. Drink Stirrer
14. Use 2 as chop sticks
15. A fish hook remover
16. Dip fruit or bread pieces
into a chocolate fondue
17. A stake for a plant
18. Mini lawn aerator
19. A letter opener
20. A mast for a homemade
toy sailboat
21. Use 2 for the oars of a
homemade toy rowing boat
22. Nail cleaner
23. Nose picker
24. Take the cellophane off
a CD or DVD case
25. Basket weaver
26. Plastic bag opener
27. Plastic wrapper opener
28. Poke pie vents in dough
29. Remove potato eyes
30. Use it as a wedge to
stop a table wobbling
31. Use it to separate
cheese slices
32. Use it to separate sliced
33. Use it to push through
the waistband cord when it
comes out in the wash
34. Put cotton over the end
for cleaning small places
35. Remove dirt from
between oven top and
kitchen worktop
36. Clean your keyboard
37. Remove hair from
38. Pick up a spider to take
him outside
39. Remove labels from
cans and jars
40. Remove muffins from
their tray
41. Remove skin from
42. Remove wax from
43. Clean dogs’ teeth
44. Separate a hardboiled
45. Spear a baby beetroot
out of the jar
46. Separate a custard
cream puff, so you can eat
the icing first
47. A shoe horn for a doll
48. Smooth out grout
49. Staple remover
50. Fake cigarette to help
you give up smoking
51. Baton to wind up spare
pieces of cotton or fishing
52. Mast of a homemade
sun dial
53. Clean lint from the filter
of your hairdryer
54. Play Doh cutting tool
55. Ding on an empty glass
to get attention
56. Bookmark
57. Gently poke an insect to
see if its alive
58. Use it to get that last bit
of cat food from the can
59. Fish your teabag out of
your tea
60. Make patterns in a Zen
61. Pop balloons
62. Remove batteries
63. Take a “pinch of salt”
64. Remove small stones
from the tread of tires
65. Take cream from your
face cream container
66. tap your favorite tune,
or use two if you want to
drum along
67. Use it to tickle your cat
68. Use it to turn screws
69. Use it to unclog straws
70. 4 make a tic-tac-toe
71. Dividers in paperwork
72. Open taped boxes
73. Use it as an emergency
arm for your glasses.
74. Use as a clothes line in
a doll house
75. Use it to wind pipe
cleaners to make “spirals”
76. Use it to make holes in
soil for planting seeds
77. Use it to pick up dead
creepy crawlies
78. Use it on a picnic to cut
your cake
79. Use it to clean the hair
and from a clogged drain
80. Clean the cake mixture
from your mixer’s blades
81. Clean your dentures
82. Clean your washing
machine’s lint trap
83. Remove lint from your
dryer’s lint trap
84. Use several of them to
help children learn
geometric shapes
85. Use it to hook a pickle
out of the jar
86. Make a smear of puree
when presenting food
87. Make swirls or patterns
in cake icing
88. Part your hair
89. Peg down your picnic
90. Press down the edge of
pie pastry
91. Remove chewing gum
from carpets
92. Remove mud from your
door mats
93. Remove small stones
from your shoes
94. Add just the right
amount of color to icing
95. Use to carve intricate
details in modeling clay
96. Use it to poke out bits
of bread stuck in your
97. Use as an emergency
ruler when you need a
straight line
98. Use as a line guide
when reading small print
99. Use as a guitar pic
100. Use an ear tickler
101. …and you could
always use it as a citrus
peeler – TO PEEL SKIN