Issue 1 July 2016



Issue 1 July 2016
Issue 1
July 2016
The Birth of WRVDA
After months of strategizing, preparation and planning, the Wisconsin Recreational Vehicle Dealers Alliance
(WRVDA) is alive and well on its way to providing member services. The initial efforts were made by Mick
Ferkey, Owner of Greenway RV and Chairman of the WRVDA. Mick contacted Amy Bliss, Wisconsin Housing
Alliance (the trade association for manufactured and modular housing) to discuss a possible management
agreement or assistance with starting the organization. The fit was perfect for both entities.
Below is a list of the Board members representing WRVDA. If anyone has ideas for services they would like
the Alliance to provide or education needed, please contact either Amy Bliss, Executive Director at
(608) 255-3131 or any of the Board members.
Mick Ferkey, Board Chairman
Amy Bliss, Executive Director WRVDA
Greeneway Inc
Mick Ferkey
Vice Chair
Roskopfs RV
Gary Roskopf
Country Campers
Todd Oberg
At Large
Schieks Camping Center
Tom Schiek
At Large
At Large
Dicks RV
Burlington RV Superstore
Mark Doughty
Tim Wegge
Additional RV Dealers that have joined the Alliance include:
Appleton Camping
Maury Weise
Brickner RV
Lori Deisinger
Burlington RV Superstore
Tim Wegge
Coulee Region RV
Jason Hundt
Country RV
Dehaan RV
Alan Przybylski
Kim Deehan
If you haven’t joined the WRVDA,
but would like to, call
(608) 255-3131 for membership
Issue 7—July 2016
Page 2
The Birth of WRVDA
Dicks RV
Fatheads Country Campers
Greeneway Inc.
Horns RV
Kings Camper
Mound View RV
Roskopfs RV
Scenic Traveler RV Center
Schieks Camping Center
Shoeder RV & Marine
Van Boxtel RV
Wagner’s Trailer Sales, Inc.
Wisconsin RV World
Mark Doughty
Todd Oberg
Mick Ferkey
Greg Horn
John Gajewski
Judy Cushman
Gary Roskopf
Jeffrey Peterson
Tom Schiek
Mr. Thomas Van Boxtel
Leonard Wagner
Christine Eagan
Although the primary focus of the organization and decisions about the organization is all about the RV
dealers in Wisconsin, other related entities that serve the industry will provide financial support and will receive some benefits, as well.
Below is a list of the supply companies that have contributed financially to get WRVDA up and running.
Grand Design RV
Meyer Distributing
North Shore Bank
Northern Wholesale
Bank of the West
Bank of America
Northpoint Commercial Finance
Jerry McCarthy
Bob Berwanger
Jeff Braun
Mike Kellman
John Parron
Olga Quintor
Troy Huber
Chris Pettit
574-825-8000 Ext 2008
Meet and Greet Industry Members at the Golf Outing
Wisconsin Housing Alliance has invited the WRVDA members to join them for a golf outing so members of both
industries can network and meet one another. RV Dealers
and suppliers to the industry will join forces for a friendly
scramble golf outing at Hawk’s View Golf Course in Lake
Geneva on August 25th. There will be food and beverages
and lots of industry discussion.
Sponsorship opportunities are available on page 4 of this newsletter, with the sponsorship and registration
form on page 5.
Issue 7—July 2016
Page 3
WRVDA Joins Coalition to End Personal Property Tax
The WRVDA added its name to a Coalition of 35 business groups
that would like to end the personal property tax in Wisconsin.
Ending this tax could save your business money each and every
The personal property tax (PPT) is a tax imposed on “tangible”
personal property, consisting of that which can be touched and
moved, such as equipment and furniture. Personal property taxes
are assessed and collected by local governments including cities,
villages and towns.
Over the years, the State Legislature has whittled away at the PPT, arbitrarily picking winners and losers by
exempting specific equipment. In the 1970’s, manufacturing equipment was exempted. In the 1980’s, it was
agricultural equipment, and in the 1990’s, computers were exempted. The remaining items still subject to
the tax after more than 50 exemptions are specific to retail small businesses, for example: coolers, safes,
sound and intercom equipment, surveillance equipment, signs, restaurant and bar equipment, soda
machines, store fixtures, time clocks and security systems.
Wisconsin businesses left footing the PPT bill are in every main street in every district of the state—propane
dealers, chiropractors, dentists, grocers, convenience stores, restaurants, car dealerships, and the list goes
on. This added tax burden is extremely unfortunate because these are the types of businesses that are the
economic engines of every community. These are businesses that pay corporate taxes, income taxes, labor
and employment taxes, and real estate property taxes, in addition to the PPT. These businesses are also in a
hyper-competitive environment against online retailers that don’t pay property taxes--real or personal--and
also are not required to charge sales taxes.
Eliminating the personal property tax creates an equitable tax code - treating everyone equally under the
property tax law. More importantly, from an economic development perspective, all of our neighboring
states have eliminated or are phasing out the personal property tax and are using it to attract businesses.
Seven states have no personal or tangible property tax, including our closest neighbors: Minnesota, Iowa,
Illinois, North Dakota and South Dakota, with Michigan most recently phasing out the personal property tax
in 2014.
Small businesses make-up 86 percent of Wisconsin’s employers and drive the economy by employing more
than half of all private sector employees, and generating $11 billion in income. We believe that providing
relief for small businesses, as described above, will further ignite the economy by allowing for business
growth, additional spending and job creation. It’s time to remove the “main street tax” and allow small businesses to invest in their businesses instead of plugging municipal debt.
Issue 7—July 2016
Page 4
WI Recreational Vehicle Dealers Alliance invites you to join us for a special golf outing taking place on August 25th,
2016. The outing will be held at the picturesque Hawk’s View Golf Club in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin and will be an
18-hole, scramble tournament with a shotgun start. There will be contests throughout the day and prizes to be awarded immediately after the outing. Show your support for your state association. Be sure to invite your customers,
friends, suppliers and golfing partners, too!!
Registration opens at 10 a.m., lunch will be at 10:45 with the shotgun start at 12:00. Registration includes golf
fees, cart, lunch, balls, 2 drink tickets, and hors d’ oeuvres after the outing. Register by August 9th. Appropriate golf attire is required; shirts must have sleeves and collars (women may wear sleeveless collared golf shirts), no
denim, cutoffs, tank tops, and sweat suits. For specific info visit:
Sponsorship Opportunities
Promote your company and show its commitment to the WI RV industry by becoming an event sponsor. To sponsor at
any level, please complete the sponsorship/registration form on the back of this letter. Sponsorships will be assigned
on a first come, first served basis.
All sponsors will be recognized with signs at the golf course and on a prize list given to golfers. In addition, Hole
Sponsors are eligible to have a representative “man” the hole, the beverage cart sponsor is eligible to have a representative ride in the beverage cart, and prize contributors can present the prizes at the reception immediately following
the outing. Don’t miss this opportunity to have your firm associated with this fun-filled event!
Lunch ($1000)
This sponsorship level is only available for one company and will receive the most recognition of all sponsorship levels. It is
available on a first come basis. Your company is welcome to submit 125 copies of a promotional insert for your business which
would be given to each golfer. (we must receive the finished copies no later than August 9).
Contest Sponsors ($400)
Everyone loves winning! You could be responsible for several prizes that will be given out for this golf outing. If you would prefer to provide prizes, the value of the prizes should equal $400. Example: 4 jackets with your company logo, gas grill, TV, golf
clubs, logo golf balls for all golfers, etc.
Beverage Cart Sponsor ($700)
During the golf outing, each golfer will be given 2 drink tickets. Your sponsorship will provide this refreshment to the golfers.
You will receive recognition with a sign on the beverage cart and the option to have a company representative ride in the beverage
cart. Your name will be seen by attendees and every golfer several times throughout the day!
Hole Sponsor ($250)
Sponsor a hole and you are eligible to set up a display booth at the hole, have a representative “man” the hole, sponsor contests or
simply have a display sign at the hole. We will provide a sign for you, unless you have your own sign that you’d prefer to use.
We would like to donate golf balls, tees or other golf goodies with my company’s logo on it.

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