Adventist University in Puerto Rico begins construction of its first



Adventist University in Puerto Rico begins construction of its first
Seventh-day Adventist Church - Inter-American Division
Adventist University in Puerto Rico begins construction of
its first church building
Aerial view of the construction site where the very first temple on the campus of Antillean
Adventist University in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, began recently. Church leaders and members
from across the island gathered on Apr. 26, to witness the progress of the new temple and to
contribute funds for the three-story building project. Images courtesy of Antillean Adventist
May 11, 2015 | Mayaguez, Puerto Rico | Lorell Varela/IAD Staff
Seventh-day Adventists in Puerto Rico came together to contribute to the construction of the
first church built on the campus of the 53-year-old Antillean Adventist University.
More than 3,000 church leaders and members from across the island gathered on the campus
on Apr. 26 for a special celebration to witness historic event and participate in spiritual
moments, reflections on blessings and fun activities for the family.
Seventh-day Adventist Church - Inter-American Division
The chapel at the university has been used as a church since the institution was established.
The event was part of a fellowship celebration which is held every five years on the island. This
time, the project to build a new church was highlighted. The temple will cost $3.5 million and will
hold some 750 worshippers in the auditorium.
“Some 50 years ago, Antillean Adventist University was a place that did not have the
commodities it now enjoys,” said Abiezer Rodriguez, pastor of the university. “It was a ranchlike wooden structure covered with wires for students to study under, a few rooms, and there
were very few students that could come on campus because of the inaccessible roads, among
other challenges,” added Rodriguez.
A small chapel had been built decades ago and used as a church.
“Today, after 50 years, this university has grown, but the dream of having a temple, a house of
worship for God, has not been fulfilled yet,” he added.
Pastor Israel Leito, president of the church in Inter-America spoke during the event and
encouraged the congregation to continue in pursuit of a unified church. “The focus of the church
should always be Christ,” said Pastor Leito “And amid the diversity we see in the church, there
must be unity and faithfulness in God’s truth.”
Seventh-day Adventist Church - Inter-American Division
Another aerial view of the construction of the new temple on campus of Antillean Adventist
President of Antillean Adventist University Dr. Obed Jimenez was pleased that thousands of
church members across the island have joined together to see the Adventist university have its
own temple on campus. Jimenez thanked church members for contributing more than $175,000
toward the building project.
“We plead for your prayers so that our institution can enjoy a temple dedicated as a place of
worship for God for generations to come,” said Dr. Jimenez.
University officials said construction began with university funds, donations from alumni
students and funds from the West Puerto Rico Conference. Construction is scheduled for
completion in April 2016.
The new temple will have will three levels: the first level will house the Theology department and
Sabbath schoolrooms for children and youth. The second level will feature the 500-seat
auditorium as well as the Religious Affairs department. The third level will include a multi-media
production studio.
Antillean Adventist University came to be from the educational institutions in Puerto Rico and
Cuba. In 1961, the institution received authorization to offer programs which were offered at the
Adventist College in Santa Clara, Cuba.
Seventh-day Adventist Church - Inter-American Division
Drawings of the new three-story facility that will serve as a church, offices, Sabbath school
rooms and multi-media production studio.
Antillean Adventist University is located in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. The campus occupies
hundreds of acres in a mountainous region facing the Atlantic Ocean.
The university currently has 1,337 students from more than 30 countries and offers 27
undergraduate degrees, 7 master’s degrees and has seen more than 5,550 students graduate.
The university will offer a nursing degree in anesthesia and a doctoral program in physical
therapy starting next year.
Antillean Adventist University has been distinguished in Puerto Rico for its academic excellence,
spiritual environment and cultural diversity.
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