ClassLink Quick Guide farmingdale



ClassLink Quick Guide farmingdale
1. Sign In
Quick Guide
Sign in with your school network login. 3. Password Recovery
Profile Se)ngs > Password Recovery allows you to set up informa7on to reset your password.
2. Profile Se+ngs
Here is where you change your profile picture, access your password locker, sign in with op7ons, password recovery op7ons and two factor authen7ca7on. 4. Sign In With
Profile Se)ngs > Sign In With allows you to connect other social media accounts to log into ClassLink. 5. My Files
Quick Guide
My Files > Se)ngs > Manage Services > Connect allows you to connect other Cloud services with ClassLink to access all of your files in one loca7on! 7. Single Sign-­‐On
To add your login to the Single Sign On Apps, Click on the apps individually to enter your username and password, click save.
6. App Library
The library contains over a thousand educa7onal resources to choose from. Click the Plus (+) on the top leC of the My Apps screen. Click Add on any app to place it on the My Apps screen. 8. Custom App
App Library > Add Your Own App allows you to add any web resource as an app in ClassLink. 

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