PowerPoint Sunusu



PowerPoint Sunusu
Metrocity Shopping Center
Loud Steps
Istanbul, Turkey
1. Idea
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2. Marketing Target
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3. Execution
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4. Results
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5. Cost
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6. Press Coverage
7. Photos
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The idea of our social responsibility project is to create an environment where visually
impaired people can safely and independently benefit from the resources and opportunities
in MetroCity.
The application guides the visually
impaired to their desired location step-bystep with voice-over feature. Following the
choice, with the Bluetooth Smart
Technology integrated into the
BoniBeacons, the voice-over feature tells
the User, in clock positioning, the place of
the desired location.
Consequently, the «Loud Steps»
application allows the visually impaired to
move freely and consciously indoors, as
well as helping them save time.
Marketing Target
Our marketing target is to prove the success and necessity of such an application so that
Loud Steps can also be used in hotels, hospitals, transportation units and much more.
A press conference
was held on 9th
September, 2014 in
MetroCity to launch
the application and
present it in detail to
the media.
The first use of the
application was
photographed by the
press and the day
after, Loud Steps
showed itself in the
High number of downloads and PR coverage were maintained.
The system was copied by more shopping centers in Turkey.
The application left very positive perception on both disabled society
and non-governmental organizations that serve for the cause.
Loud Steps has recently started to be utilized in a hotel and
municipal building in Turkey.
A test use in an international organization is active.
iBeacon lease
Mall activation
1.500 € (one time mapping
and installation fee)
Press Conference cost ECE part
2.767 € (one time cost)
Embossed elevator buttons
320 € / per month
506 €
5.093 €
Press Coverage
Akşam Gazetesi 14.09.2014
Yurt Gazetesi 12.09.2014
Press Coverage
Yeni Asır Gazetesi 12.09.2014
Ankara SonSöz Gazetesi 12.09.2014
Press Coverage
Vatan Gazetesi 11.09.2014
İzmir Ticaret Gazetesi 11.09.2014
Press Coverage
Hürses Gazetesi 11.09.2014
Press Coverage
Hürriyet Gazetesi 10.09.2014
Yeni Şafak Gazetesi 10.09.2014
Press Coverage
Sabah Gazetesi 10.09.2014
Milliyet Gazetesi 10.09.2014
Press Coverage
Akşam Gazetesi 10.09.2014
Press Coverage
Sözcü Gazetesi 10.09.2014
Takvim Gazetesi 10.09.2014
Press Coverage
Star Gazetesi 10.09.2014
Press Coverage
Cumhuriyet Gazetesi 10.09.2014
Türkiye Gazetesi 10.09.2014
Press Coverage
Dünya Gazetesi 10.09.2014
Press Coverage
Güneş Gazetesi 10.09.2014
Milliyet (Şehir) Gazetesi 10.09.2014
Press Coverage
Gaziantep Zafer Gazetesi 10.09.2014
Press Conference - 09.09.2014
Press Conference - 09.09.2014
Press Conference - 09.09.2014
Press Conference - 09.09.2014
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