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Front Cover: Spiritual Art By Patricia Hayes
The Healing Arts Journal
Mysticism is the child-likeness of
consciousness which penetrates through all
involvements and confusions and, with a single
integrating power, brings order out of chaos. The
greatest source of help within man, which is forever
available and will bring ultimate security, is the simple
and direct feeling of love for God. This loving of God
is the answer to more things than we can possibly
imagine in this world.
With true love there can be no sacrifice, in as
much as the service to the beloved gives man greater
joy than service to self. If love does not make one
forget self in bringing happiness to another, then one
has never known love. If love does not reward itself
through loving, then it is not love. And if the
dedication of the individual to loving the infinite Divine
Source of Self is not a simple, natural, and direct
affection, untouched by creeds and dogmas, he/she
has not yet learned the most powerful aspects of love,
that of humility and compassion. Love is allowing
oneself to quietly disagree with others without the
need to prove them wrong. Love is allowing others to
disagree with you without separating from them.
Man must gradually penetrate through every
mask which hides his love for God, Creator, and
Source of all energy. Man has permitted himself to
obscure the power that comes of loving God by
justifying hate and prejudice. He is unable to
penetrate appearances or to find good in those things
with which he has previously been in discord. Too
many people claim spiritual insight and still live in an
attitude of constant criticism and condemnation
because of their own disillusionment and failures.
The love of the Divine can fail only because man does
not truly experience it. Once it is experienced, it
cannot fail. There is no prejudice within love. The
more simple and direct way to spiritual progress is
through kindness, in which we sense our individual
potential for good. Thus, our life of wisdom begins
not just in study, but in kindness, in the gentle
recognition that there are attitudes available to us if
we hold them with discipline and cultivate their seeds
with integrity. These attitudes will reduce confusion
and make possible the peace of the soul.
The life of a mystic begins with this great
love of God which in itself overcomes all confusion,
both of the body and of the soul. The soul loves God.
If man’s ego separates him from his soul’s love of
God, man feels split and isolated. There is only one
way to heal the split and isolation. The way is often
too simple for man’s mind to accept as real and
The Healing Arts Journal
profound. However one’s soul is not found in the
mind but within the heart. The mind is only an
instrument of the heart, whose role is to fulfill those
aspirations that our heart finds meaningful and
fulfilling. When our soul is free on Mother Earth, we
love our Sacred Self, others, and our world. We give
up the need to divide others and classify them as
good or bad. We give up prejudice and the need to
condemn. We feel loving compassion for our self and
our fellow man who is suffering, and wish all human
beings well on their arduous journey towards SelfEnlightenment.
Mystics examine their lives as wisely as
possible, identifying confusion and resolving that this
confusion must gradually be removed. The solution is
not in neglecting responsibilities, but by guiding every
action with a new method of understanding. It is far
more important to our ultimate good that we shall
learn patience than that we shall escape from the
causes of impatience. It is more important that we
gain one of the greatest aspects of love, humility, than
to gain dominion over the minds or the attitudes of
others. There is only one path that leads man out of
misery, and that path is the practice of humility,
patience, and trust in Spirit. The end of learning is not
that we shall know everything, but that we shall be
patient with everything; not that we shall gain all
things, but that we shall discover the vanity of that
which is not true; not that we shall be the masters of
men, but that we choose to be the servants of love
and wisdom. Mystics think with their eternal mind,
feel with their eternal heart, and become one in the
service of the eternal work. Only in these things does
man find his completion. The natural and spiritual
journey of man is simply a movement out of
loneliness into the presence of the only One who can
ever understand. It is the return to our Divinity within
our hearts. It is a love of sharing that which is true
and good. It is bringing that depth of understanding
into our lives which by itself can delight the soul. If a
child proves to be a wonderful person and rich in
values, the soul of the parent is truly delighted. For
the thing that gives the true parent the greatest joy is
to know that the soul of their child is good and happy,
and has found peace. The Mystic moves out of
loneliness into love, out of separateness into unity,
and out of the fear of life into the love of God. This
motion is the fulfillment of all things, and in it all other
things are perfected. While man is lonely, he is
frightened, and in his fear, he seeks to build defenses.
He seeks any consolation, right or wrong, that will
give him a moment of escape, a second of joy in a
world of uncertainty. But there can be no loneliness
in God, and, when the soul has returned to its home
in the lotus of the heart, it is mature, complete, and
secure. It then becomes natural to organize his
material concerns and responsibilities from his inner
life. He will meet them and fulfill them, and always
from an expanded state and depth of understanding.
His works, deeds, and thoughts will be kinder. He will
be moved by the love of God, and the love of God will
move through him.
Man’s search for Spiritual and Selfknowledge is his tremendous effort to overcome
ignorance, and that ignorance is separation from God.
No matter what else we may want to call it, ignorance
is a state of separateness from that totality which
provides and is a feeling of Unity, Oneness, and
Deity. Our immortal Self is the soul and who each of
us really are. Ego, our temporary personality, travels
through lifetime after lifetime in the dark, until the
whispers of the soul are heard through one’s inner
hearing. And when the soul has once been heard, it
cannot be silenced. Our souls will shake, rattle, and
roll our lives to make sure we are at the right place, at
the right time, for the right reason. Our lives may
change and frighten us to death in the process.
However, the alchemy of enlightenment will always be
present and active. We will become stronger and our
lives will always be better and more fulfilling. One’s
soul loves goodness, wisdom, harmony, beauty, and
understanding. If we do not feel this in our daily lives,
our souls will begin to move us in new directions with
more meaningful values. Man’s unconditioned
surrender to his own love of God is surrender to his
own soul. Feelings of unity are joyful to the soul.
Separation is a pain, a shock, and a stress. Each
time we actually give up a prejudice or harsh
judgment towards another, that has perhaps become
so much a part of our lives; we embrace unity,
goodness, wisdom, understanding and our kinship
with all of life. We embrace Love as all powerful. We
can recognize the supreme fact that it is not important
whether we are right or wrong. The desperate effort
to defend the attitudes or convictions we hold is a
false loyalty and can only bring further sorrow and
tribulation. A house divided falls. We all have one
common bond. We are Man, created in the image of
God! We are spiritual children becoming who we are.
We are many, we are One. We are all in different
stages of spiritual enlightenment. We wish each other
the very best and the smoothest path possible. We
The Healing Arts Journal
love one other. We feel compassion for the sorrow
and suffering of our brothers and sisters. We allow
our healing love to touch each other and the waters of
Mother Earth so they may flow purely and provide
health to all. We use our healing thoughts and
feelings to cleanse Mother Earth of her toxins
because we love her. She is born of Spirit as we are.
We care about her. We care about our fellow man.
We care about ourselves. Our soul is free and it is
not necessary that other people agree with us. We
will not separate from them as brothers and sisters for
such a silly reason. We are more than that! I Am that
I Am! I Am free to Love and Be Loved. And, so it is!
Man is only able to create receptivity to the
experience of God in his own life. Man cannot
demand this. Man cannot insist that this must
happen, nor can man storm heaven with a creed or
doctrine. The individual, by themselves, must enter
into the silence that arises out of the simple
acceptance of the love of God.
If and when man attains the dedicated
purpose of being the living instrument of the Divine
Will, he becomes ensouled with the dynamic energy
of the Divine Being. Under these conditions, he is
strong. True strength comes when we gain that
strange dynamic which preceded creation, and from
which all things come forth, the silence of the heart of
God. This silence is the root of sound, and from it
pours forth the colors and shapes that fashion our
world. For out of the silence of the Infinite comes the
clamoring of the finite. Yet this clamoring is not as
strong or as great as the silence from which they
came. There is no strength in clamoring, nor virtue in
much noise. The virtue lies in life itself, in the
richness of the power by which all living is possible.
Man is divided only because he has never learned to
love anything better than self, and because of this, he
has never given the full devotion of his own nature.
And so, by the simple act of grace, man shall learn to
love, not because he expects to be loved, but only for
the privilege of serving and the right to be humble in
the presence of his Beloved. Then he will move away
from all complexities and will become fully united.
And in this union with God, he will find the end of
loneliness and the beginning of the golden sun of
hope. He will then find all solutions in the silence of
great loving, as his own soul unites with universal
power. Empires rise and fall, but love is eternal. The
maturing of Love is one of the grandest works of man.
My promises and commitments to self,
my fellow man and Mother Earth in 2009:
I vow to allow others to disagree with me
without my need to separate from them.
I vow to allow others that do not agree with
me to live in the world
I vow to agree to be able to disagree with
others without attempting to prove them
I vow to be an instrument for love, harmony,
and unity rather than chaos and
The Healing Arts Journal
What incredible times we are living in.
Wow! Just when you thought it couldn’t get any
more interesting (and scary), it continues to do
so. With all the changes occurring in our
country and in the world, it’s no wonder that so
many are afraid, uncertain, and insecure.
As I sit here writing this article, today is
the day that O.J. Simpson was sentenced to
prison. And as I reflect back, I realize that
Simpson was a catalyst whose fame and
circumstances changed the paradigm. O.J.
Simpson was an icon, a true American hero. He
had fame, fortune, and success. He was also the
one who many believe murdered his ex-wife and
her friend Ron Goldman and he was the one who
initiated the drama of the live-feed video high
speed chase, and gavel to gavel coverage of his
trial and related events, the blueprint for the
media circuses of the future and reality TV. O.J.
was also the one who walked, the one who got
away with murder. But only for a brief period
did he avoid his karma.
Even though OJ may have gotten away
with it, at least for a time, mankind no longer
could, for the OJ events signified a shift and a
marker, one which triggered new and significant
changes in human affairs. From that day
forward, the light began shining more intensely.
It began shining on the darkness, on all those
things that were no longer okay. No longer was
it ok to kill your spouse. No longer was it okay
for televangelist preachers to have extra-marital
affairs, for priests to sexually abuse young boys,
for businesses to cheat people, or for people to
lie, steal, or to abuse others. What followed in
our world was and continues to be a dramatic
exposure of all those things that are no longer
The planet is in the midst of
revelationary change, and each of us who dwell
here are too. If we examine the Book of
Revelation, we will find some of the keys to
understanding today’s tumult, and also
tomorrow’s promises. The book tells us that
change is coming. It speaks of a changing
world; a world of turmoil and upheaval, followed
by a world of peace, and one in which Christ
Consciousness is realized. Few people welcome
change. It is the stuff of fear and insecurity.
Yet, we all know that the old must go before the
new can come in. Oftentimes this can be painful,
particularly if the person is unaware or in
resistance. Today’s turmoil must be understood
spiritually if one is to comprehend its true
significance. Man now finds himself in a
transitional period, standing at the end of one
astrological cycle and positioned at the
beginning of the next.
The Piscean Age, the one initiated by the coming
of the Christ and the one that has now concluded,
is and was the time of the Heart, the period when
we were to learn about love. Our current period,
the Age of Aquarius, is the period where man
will become the expression of the love that he
has learned. The marker for the beginning of
this period of higher expression is December 21,
The Healing Arts Journal
2012, the day when the Mayan Calendar ends.
The ending of the calendar does not mark the end
of the world itself, but the end of the world as we
know it. It reminds me of the song by R.E.M.
and its title verse:
Without it, man cannot become Christ
“It’s the end of the world as we know it and I
feel fine.”
R.E. M. Speedway
Not many in our world today feel fine, at least
not yet, unless they have a strong spiritual
connection and reference.
In Chapter 11 of the Book of
Revelation, it talks about the fall of Babylon the
Great. The modern Babylon is New York City,
the financial capital of the world, and indeed she
has fallen. The events of 9/11 and the
destruction of the World Trade Center triggered
the beginning of this momentous change in
human affairs. In the New World Translation
(the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ bible which is a
terrific and modern everyday language
translation of the Bible from the original Greek,
Hebrew, and Aramaic texts) of the Book of
Revelation is contained a chilling account of that
momentous day:
The symbols of American capitalism, the Twin
Towers, and all those trapped inside them were
obliterated in a few moments, and the nature of
the world was changed forever. Please don’t
misunderstand me, for I am not a detractor of
capitalism, quite to the contrary. Economic
freedom produces social freedom, not the other
way around. The most priceless gift that God
gives us is free will and free choice. Freedom.
It’s a necessary essential in human and spiritual
affairs. Without it, man cannot make the choices
that enable him to grow and evolve spiritually.
Following the events of 9/11, our
government made what many believe to be a
huge mistake and invaded Iraq. But a genocidal
dictator was taken down and free elections were
ultimately held. Most of us felt the war was
about oil and in many respects it was. But the
beauty and facility of Spirit is such that many
effects occur simultaneously, not only in the
physical world but also in the higher planes. If
all men are not free, then they can not exercise
their God-given gifts of free will and free choice.
In a world where monarchies, sheikdoms, and
military dictatorships still abound, freedom is
absent. This cannot continue in an evolving
world. This must change because God’s Will
must and will fulfill itself, and mankind, all of
mankind, must and will be free.
Following 9/11, the stock market
tumbled, and the financial status of Wall Street
eroded. Mauricio Panisset predicted this in the
early 90’s and stated with stunning accuracy, “In
the New Millennium, the Stock Market will fall
and never recover”. In response to the dramatic
market declines after 9/11, our government
started to repeatedly lower interest rates which in
turn created new and fresh business and profit
opportunities, namely in the housing market.
Americans, how clever we are in finding new
and innovative ways to make money. New
mortgage lenders and financial instruments soon
appeared: adjustable sub-prime mortgages, no
doc loans, bad credit mortgages, and investment
bundling of so-called real estate backed
securities. What a new and wonderful
opportunity. After all, how could one lose on
real estate? This all worked out really well, at
least for a while. People bought and flipped
houses, and increasing values in one’s home
meant more equity, new credit lines, and new
cash availability. There seemed to be no end to
this prosperity. But then, almost as suddenly as
they fell, interest rates began to climb. Years
later when the majority of adjustable rate
The Healing Arts Journal
mortgages came due, and interest rates and
defaults started to climb dramatically, the house
of cards came tumbling down. Now we find
ourselves immersed in the worst economic
troubles since the Great Depression.
Babylon the Great has fallen. The glory
days of Wall Street are gone, never to return.
Numerous investment banks and stock
brokerages have folded, leaving shareholders and
retirement accounts holding the bag. The firms
that were left standing altered the very
fundamentals of who they are in exchange for a
government bailout and a guarantee of survival.
The largest mortgage insurers in the world,
Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and AIG were
teetering on the edge of collapse when the
government threw them lifelines for billions of
dollars. And even though the house was on fire,
AIG executives continued with their lavish sales
meetings and expensive tastes. Another bastion
of capitalism, the American automotive industry
also landed on the ropes. Their chief executives
recently flew in their private jets to Washington
to ask for a handout. When a chilly reception
followed, they decided to make their next trip in
fuel efficient automobiles. And now they along
with other businesses are desperately looking for
government to save them, without making the
tough decisions they need to make to save
themselves. The line of supplicants outside the
halls of Congress grows longer by the day.
Even the oil companies and oilproducing countries are headed for serious
trouble, as dramatic decreases in demand for
petroleum have created a corresponding
reduction in the price of oil. Oil companies,
whose recent record profits were tens of billions
of dollars per quarter, are now hoping to make
millions. The world’s oil producing nations,
most of whom have spent the windfall revenues
before they had them, enjoyed the elation of
$150 per barrel oil, which has now quickly
turned into the gloomy reality of $40 per barrel
and possibly less per barrel. Moreover,
dangerous oil-producing countries like Russia
and Iran, and rogue nations like Venezuela,
whose saber-rattling and stated intentions have
been to use oil as an economic weapon, have
seen their once boisterous attitudes and
aggressive plans thwarted, although Russia is
still making threats. In this changing and
tumultuous world, no one is immune and no one
has been spared. In the immortal words of Bob
Dylan…….The times, they are a’ changing.
In his letters to the Seven Churches in
the Book of Revelation, the Christ (through the
Apostle John) warns of the shortcomings of and
dangers facing each of them. Out of these letters
come passages that relate to the changes we are
experiencing today. To the Church of Ephesus,
his letter advised to guard against the Forces of
Darkness. The Congregation of Smyrna was told
it would be tested for a period of ten days. In
biblical terms, a day means a year, which means
we will be tested for a period of ten years (post
9/11 to 2012 is approximately 10 years). To the
Church at Pergamum, he warned of the
distraction of psychic phenomena, manipulation
and control by spiritual gurus, and the need to
heal the desire body. To Thyatira he spoke of
the dangers of returning to the old ways and the
need for morality. To the Church of Sardis he
cautioned the congregation to be aware of
Luciferic influences which seek to control
through group consciousness. This is
particularly telling as our country now faces
dramatic intervention of government and the
specter of socialism, which is governmental
group control. Whenever someone or something
offers to do things for you, particularly when it
comes to spiritual attainment, these are the
Luciferic energies at work. John also warned
this group about becoming complacent and too
The Healing Arts Journal
The Congregation at Philadelphia had made
great progress towards the attainment of Christ
Consciousness, although not everyone in the
Congregation held true to this. The lesson they
were to learn was that they must overcome their
shadows if they are truly to become whole. So
the Forces of Resistance would come into their
lives to test and challenge them, and try to stop
their progress. Each of us must turn and face the
darkness, and overcome our own lower nature,
and also the obstacles placed in the way of our
journey to wholeness by the Forces of Darkness.
Many of you have had, will have, or are having
these types of experiences now. Know that the
darkness will persist until it is overcome.
Finally, to the Congregation of Laodicea,
although praising them for their high
accomplishment, he cautioned them not to be
complacent or comfortable and to continue their
walk to Christ Consciousness. Clearly today, so
many have lost their comforts.
All those who cannot adjust to these
new energy shifts will experience significant
periods of turmoil and unrest as they are purified
and transformed. This unrest will show itself
within and without. That which no longer serves
is coming up to be healed, and fear will be a
constant companion to many as it teaches them
to find the light within. Those who resist will
experience great difficulties, while those who
have a strong spiritual connection and
understanding will find their center and maintain
balance. Conflict, disease, and suffering will
escalate in the world until mankind learns a new
way and a different way of being. Governments
will seek to increase their control of human
affairs, and freedom, self initiative, and selfexpression will suffer and, as a result, many will
look to government to save them, something that
is occurring now.
So man is being tasked more than ever
to turn to the light, to overcome fear, and to find
and express his true nature. For spiritual
workers and healers like yourselves, this will
also mean many new opportunities to help others
and to expand your spiritual practice. It is
incumbent upon each of us to do all we can to
bring greater love, light, and healing into our
world, and to help others to gain a greater
understanding of who they are, what they are,
and how they can heal themselves. In order to
live in the New Day, each of us must come into
resonance with the higher energies of light. All
these things are necessary to fulfill the purpose
for which we descended into the world of form
so very long ago. So take heart, keep the faith,
and know that you are an important part of
God’s plan and know too that the turmoil we all
face today will ultimately end as it leads us into a
new world of peace, love, and harmony. And
just as difficult as things seem now, in time the
opposite will become true.
It’s the end of the world as we know it
…………….. and I feel fine.
(Author’s Note: Our love and appreciation go out to Marshall Smith for his exceptional
teachings on the Book of Revelation which are included in his new book, Spiritual Anatomy II)
The Healing Arts Journal
Eliza Parker, Somatic Movement Educator & Spiritual Counselor and Delphi Student
These meditations come out of a class I teach called Somatic Meditation. The word somatic
comes from the Greek word soma, meaning body. In the class, I combine guided meditation with
experiential anatomy. My desire is to help people make the spiritual tangible. I invite you to take
a few moments to connect with your wonderful divine self!
Our physiology offers us much wisdom. With a little information and directed attention, we can access
qualities within our bodies that help us to relieve stress and be whole-ly healthy. We can see how body,
mind, and spirit mirror each other and are each other.
Heart Wisdom: Self-Nourishment & Connection to Source
The heart physiological: continual transmission of nourishing blood, works even while we’re sleeping, has
chambers for in-flow and out-flow.
The heart transcendental: love, community, open-heartedness, compassion, deep emotion, giving and
What incredible wisdom the heart holds! As you read this, place your hand over
your lower sternum and sink your intention deeper to your heart. You may feel
it beating. Breathe into this place. This organ you’re contacting epitomizes
some important life lessons.
Consider the coronary arteries—they “crown” the heart so that oxygenated
blood goes first to the heart, then to the rest of the body. Nourishing itself is
what allows the heart to continue beating and nourish the rest of you.
Do you nourish yourself before, and so that you may, nourish others? We must nurture ourselves so that
we can sustain our resources as we reach out to others from a healthy place.
The Healing Arts Journal
The other piece of this picture in need of mention is our Divine Source. It’s not that we’re selfishly granting
our own wishes before the needs of others. It’s that we know our true internal source of nourishment, of
everything we ever need. We’re continually connected to our Source—even when we’re sleeping, of
course! Reaching out to others can flow naturally from self-nourishment and Divine Source.
Look at the blood vessels in your hands. The farthest reaches of ourselves are connected to the source of
life. It’s no wonder that the heart physiological presents as the heart transcendental. What better news?!
Embody this Source connection, and “with all your heart,” go forth and shine!
Affirmation: I welcome and receive Divine’s continual stream of nourishment, and as I do so, it flows out to
Anatomy picture from
Cellular fluid and the quality of be-ing
The fluid inside our cells shows us about “being.” As you read this, become aware that your body is made
up of billions of living cells.
Imagine one individual cell. You could visualize it, imagine yourself as one big cell, or zoom in
on one of your billions of cells.
There’s fluid moving outside the cell and fluid passing through the membrane, but pay particular
attention or imagination to the fluid inside the cell.
Seem “out there”? Consider the chemistry of a generalized cell. The fluid inside is unique, having a
different make-up than the fluid outside the cell. This fluid isn’t moving toward or away from anything—
eventually it will, but in this moment it simply exists, within the cell membrane. This is the place of rest on
a cellular level, the place in our bodies that demonstrates a quality of simply being.
Have you ever seen a lake or puddle of beautiful still
water? Focus on this image for a moment.
As you do so, notice how your limbs and torso feel,
the quality of your breathing, and your state of mind.
Know deeply that there is nowhere else to go; there is
nothing else to do. Just be here.
Now consider a situation in which you tend to feel stressed.
Imagine yourself in that situation for a moment.
Notice how your limbs and torso feel, the quality of your breathing, and your state of mind. Has it
From this place, take yourself back to the still waters of cellular fluid.
Spend a moment here in the depths of stillness. All is well. One way to use this meditation in daily
life is to use the pathway you have just experienced whenever you need to find this calm place.
Another way to use this meditation is to bring this cellular quality with you into life situations. So
now, invite yourself to embody this peaceful cellular place as you again imagine yourself in the
stressful situation. Finding this possibility in your imagination will help you find it when stressful
situations arise.
The Healing Arts Journal
Know that you have this pathway and quality available as an option in your daily life. Know inside every
cell you have the wisdom you need for relieving stress and for healing.
Affirmation: There is nowhere else to go; there is nothing else to do, but just to simply be here.
Picture from
Our Nourishment System
Part 1, Introduction: The Digestive System and Our Attitudes about Nourishment
Ponder for a moment:
How do you know when you need to eat?
How do you decide what you want?
You locate it; what action must you take?
It’s in your mouth: another decision—keep going or spit out?
Chewing, swallowing—you’ve taken it in.
Your various organs break it down and absorb what it has to offer …
…until you eliminate the leftovers.
Think of a current real-life situation, choice, or relationship. Read the above again
with this in mind instead of actual food.
“Hard to stomach” “bit off more than I could chew” “a lot to swallow”
We speak these phrases about situations in our lives, with good reason. Our bodies
must have food to live; so must our souls have nourishment. The digestive system
is a wonderful mirror for how we assimilate our lives.
Your alimentary canal, or digestive tract, is essentially an open tube through
yourself from one end to the other, with the insertion of a few ‘gateway’ sphincters.
Its inner surface is continuous with your skin. This truly epitomizes the relationship
of our internal world with the external!
As you read this, take a bite and swallow. Sense or imagine the journey
down your esophagus, whose muscular contractions move the substance
along into the stomach, left-front in the middle of your torso. Saliva and
teeth already began the work of breaking down the food, but it continues here. Then, into the small
intestines—more breakdown; into the large intestines where, aside from some salvageable bits, the
un-usable remains await elimination.
The digestive system offers wisdom about locating and receiving what we need, obtaining the nourishment
it offers, and letting go of what we no longer need.
What is nourishing to you? Food, possessions, inner peace, relationships, creative ideas, divine
presence, a hug?
Think of your attitudes toward food and consider if they relate to how you accept other types of
nurturing. For instance, will you eat anything, or do you choose carefully? Do you enjoy, attack,
or play with your food? Do you give food a lot or a little attention? Does this shed any light on
how you relate to life?
On a soul level, do you look for nourishment externally or receive it from within or both? How do
you deal with what you already have?
The Healing Arts Journal
Explore the following meditation slowly. Name something specific that is nourishing that you desire.
Decide what you want, locate it, and in your imagination sense it with all relevant senses (this
includes movement!).
Imagine taking it into yourself—“taste” it, “chew” it, and decide if you still want it.
If so, swallow and accept it, welcome its nutrients. If not, “spit” it out.
Affirmation: I receive nourishment for body, mind, soul, and spirit from loving, appropriate, and healthy
sources both within me and without.
Part 2, Small Intestines: Assimilating What is Already Present in Your Life
What was the last thing you ate today, and when? By the time the food, now called chyme (“kime”),
reaches your small intestines, it has been mechanically changed and prepared for further digestion. You
now have the opportunity to receive the bulk of the nutrients it offers. We talk about nourishment on many
levels—here is its physiological home. This is the place of evaluating what’s useful or not, of assimilating
what you have already taken in.
Here in the small intestines, 90% of the nutrients pass into the blood over a period of a few hours. Muscle
pulsing causes the chyme to swish and swirl through a playground built for maximum absorption:
- The adult small-intestine journey is about 21 feet long
- The inner wall isn’t smooth, it’s corrugated (that’s more surface area)
- Planted in the wall are millions of finger-like projections called villi (still more surface area)
- The villi are covered by microvilli (and even more surface area)
Cool, but so what? This means that we innately know how to receive nourishment, how to obtain what we
Do you have any challenges digesting food or absorbing nutrients? Is there anything in your life that you
want or need but are not getting? Sometimes these two questions are related. Just be curious.
From a slightly different angle, what is in your life already that you can extract nourishment from? There
may be things that you desire to add or change---but what is there now? What have you “bitten off” and
taken in? What’s satisfying? What’s frustrating?
Place your hand on your mid-belly—not too high, not too low. Be in the general neighborhood of
your small intestines. Breathe into your hand. Sink your awareness down into your organs.
Now choose something in particular—a job, relationship, object, or situation in which you find
Inspect it. Evaluate it. What does it have to offer? What’s the best in it? Churn it over a bit—
what’s valuable? Acknowledge the good it has to offer and allow yourself to take that in.
You have the innate ability to process what you have taken in and to choose what will feed you and what
you will let pass through. Turn your situation into an opportunity for choice.
Affirmation: In every situation, I discern what is valuable and receive the nourishment it offers. Whatever
is no longer nourishing, I let pass on.
The Healing Arts Journal
Part 3, Large Intestines: Letting Go of What You No Longer Need
Do you sometimes find things—movements, behaviors, habits, items in your
closet—that once were useful but now are not? The large intestines’ job is to
make final decisions. With the help of a coating of bacteria up to 1-inch thick,
the final breakdown of food happens. Then, still-useful water and minerals are
absorbed, and the rest moves along to be eliminated.
Scan your physical and emotional life. Is there anything lingering that you don’t need to keep around?
What are the leftovers? Objects, ways of thinking, habits of behavior—these all served a purpose at one
time, and now maybe you no longer need them. So here again you have an opportunity to choose—what
will you relinquish?
Take a moment to:
Place your hand on your belly: the large intestines wrap up one side, across the top of the small
intestines, and down the other side. Take your breath and your attention/imagination to your belly
Think of a particular situation, relationship, or event in your life.
Are there any byproducts from it? Is there any fear in the situation? Anything that could impinge
upon your continued process of life and growth? Perhaps something is not serving you anymore.
Release those leftovers—invite yourself to let them go completely. Trust the biological process.
You may want to do something symbolic: write down what you are releasing and throw the paper
into the trash can; or hold an object, inhale, and release it on an exhale.
Sometimes we have to let go of the old to make room for the new. Easier said than done? Our bodies
already know how! Tuning into our physiological processes can greatly support us mentally, emotionally,
and spiritually.
Affirmation: In every situation, I release what I no longer need and receive the new and better things
coming in.
Anatomy pictures from
Know that the wisdom for health and healing in all aspects of your life already lies within you! Your
physiology is full of treasures that can shed light on challenging life situations and help you journey
through them with grace.
As a Body-Mind Centering® Practitioner, Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitionercm, and
Spiritual Counselor, Eliza Parker helps people make the spiritual tangible. She practices in
Golden, Colorado., [email protected]
The Healing Arts Journal
My grandmother used to say “If these walls
could talk, the stories they would tell!” Grammy was
referring to the fact that the plaster walls had stood
witness to all the events, good and bad, that had
unfolded over the years. No doubt, there were more
than a few secrets and indiscretions that lay hidden in
the folds of time, locked behind closed doors, that no
one ever wanted recalled… or retold.
For the most part, your average person
believes if they share a secret behind a locked door,
then who would know? Walls don’t have ears and
eyes, and they can’t exactly call up their best friend to
share the details of words spoken, or deeds done in
their presence. Or can they?
Obviously, I am not suggesting that the
walls of your home carry on conversations with each
other when you are not present. That would be funny,
well maybe a bit frightening. Okay, a lot frightening.
The point is our walls can’t talk, right?
Well, the answer may not be nearly as easy
or clear cut as you may think. There is actually a
whole lot of research taking place in the field of
Parapsychology, and the study of Place Memories.
Many researchers refer to place memories simply as
It is no shock that people hold memories.
We can recall minute details of events that took place
decades ago. The smell of cookies baking in our
grandmother’s kitchen, the words of a song playing
when we shared our first kiss, or the way it felt to have
our hearts broken for the very first time. It’s all there,
the hurt, the happiness, the passion, the regret, every
last memory… stored in crates in the warehouse of our
minds. The science that explains how our brains can
record, store, and eventually recall information is the
same science that is being used to understand how
places can remember too.
Not long ago, a woman I met began to tell
me of a ghost that haunted her home. With her eyes
wide with amazement and frustration, she explained
how her uninvited house guest would step through the
door of her kitchen, and stand at the sink as if she
were staring out the kitchen window. Then, shortly
afterwards she would just simply disappear. Time
after time, the woman would arrive to stand in the
same spot, look out the same window, never saying a
word or otherwise try to interact with the frightened
homeowner. “How do I get rid of this ghost? How
can I make her go away?” The woman felt desperate,
and she needed answers.
After some lengthy conversation I was able
to help the woman to understand that the woman that
repeatedly appeared in her kitchen was just an old
memory of the house, an imprint left behind from the
essence, the energy of the young woman that had lived
there many years before. Literally, what the
frightened woman was seeing was a movie clip,
playing over and over, nothing more sinister or
complicated. “How is that possible?” she questioned.
According to the paranormal literature,
ghosts sometimes do not appear to be conscious. They
are completely oblivious to observers, and always look
and act the same, almost like a movie being replayed
over and over again. These activities are called
“imprints” or “residual hauntings” in the paranormal
Active or 'intelligent' hauntings involve the active
presence of a sentient spirit or ghost; and
Residual energy imprint hauntings--often called
'residual energy hauntings' or 'imprints, and ‘place
memories’ are the products of an emotional incident,
often a violent event.
Paranormal researchers believe that imprints
occur when a vast amount of paranormal energy is left
behind and is replayed time after time at the same
location and often at the same time of day. Events that
trigger such an energy release are fights, murders,
rapes, kidnappings, or wars. Virtually any major
dramatic crisis possesses the potential to become an
imprinted memory on the ethers at that location
Famous examples of imprints include the
many Civil War Battlefields across the United States.
In the battlefields of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania the roar
of cannon fire and the sounds of gunshots can often be
heard in the evening hours. The smell of gun powder
can also sometimes be detected in and around the road
where fierce fighting took place for many hours during
the Battle of Antietam in Sharpsburg, Maryland.
The Healing Arts Journal
More often than not, it is an event of some
great magnitude that is imprinted and left behind, to be
replayed time and again. Other times, it can be as
mundane as a screen door that we can hear slam, a
creaking and rickety old latch swinging closed, a trash
can lid that we hear open and close even when no one
is close to it, the soft tapping of a cat’s long nails
hitting a hard wood floor, even though the cat is up a
tree in the front yard at that moment, or a person that
is long gone appearing to come back for unwelcome
It is worth noting that in some situations or
locations there can be a mixture of paranormal
occurrences that take place. One good example of that
would be the historical reports from witnesses that
have been aboard the Queen Mary.
The Queen Mary was in service for decades
as both a World War II transport ship and a luxury
liner. It wasn't intended as such at the time, but the
Queen Mary was named "The Grey Ghost" during the
war because of the color she was painted to make her
stealthy in the war-time waters.
In her time, the Queen Mary carried seasick
sailors, destitute stowaways, and wealthy vacationers.
With this kind of history it's not surprising she saw her
own share of deaths, nearly fifty in all. In fact, there
are so many hauntings onboard that some parts of the
ship are now barred from the public.
Of the numerous deaths, there was a young
seaman by the name of John Henry, who lied about his
age to procure a position on the Queen Mary, and who
was soon crushed to death while trying to flee a fire.
To this day, knocks and bright lights can be heard
around engine room 13 where the young man met his
untimely end. It’s even been reported that the door to
the engine room is sometimes hot to the touch or that
mixed in with a ball of light are tendrils of smoke.
The Queen Mary is not only home to 49
deaths but she was also surrounded by death. In an
attempt to avoid enemy ships, she zigzagged her way
into her companion ship, nearly cutting it in half, and
was forced to leave 300 survivors in the water to
drown or be eaten by sharks. It is reported that
mysterious pounding noises heard on the side of the
Queen Mary are those of the men trying to signal to
the crew in order to come on board.
There are far too many stories to share about
The Queen Mary. I will say that from the witness
reports I have read, every conceivable paranormal
event that known to me has been experienced by
people that have visited that ship over the years.
Do I believe in actual ghosts, spirits of the
dead? Yes, I most certainly do. I have experienced
more than my fair share of ghosts, and the experience
is completely different from that of a place memory, or
an imprint.
A ghost is a conscious energy, which
interacts in some personal way with the person that
witnesses their visit. Perhaps, words would be
The Healing Arts Journal
spoken, or a personal message might be delivered. An
intelligent or a conscious exchange of some kind
occurs. A clear connection is made.
My older brother used to visit me and, as
much as I loved and missed him, his visits were not
always welcomed. Patrick died when he was only 20
years old. His young life was cut short by a bullet.
My brother and I were best friends and Patrick was a
prankster that loved to play jokes on me whenever
possible. In life he was quite hilarious and, since I
have always had a great sense of humor, I enjoyed his
funny antics immensely. About ten years after my
brother died, he began to visit me with more jokes in
The first time Patrick visited, I was anything
but prepared. It had been a long day and all I wanted
to do was finish the last load of laundry before I went
to bed for the night. The children were finally asleep,
my husband was working a late shift, and I had to be
at work in five more hours. The only thing on my
mind was getting to bed. I opened the dryer door and
bent in to retrieve my son’s favorite jeans, when I
heard a loud snap, like a wet towel had been whipped
at me. I jerked upwards and swung around, fully
expecting to see someone standing behind me. The
only thing I found was a wet piece of laundry lying on
the floor at my feet. Obviously, I needed sleep far
worse than I imagined, I thought to myself. As I
walked into my kitchen to shut off the lights,
something caught my eye. Paper towels had rolled off
the cardboard cylinder and lay piled in a heap on the
floor. Inch by inch I threaded the paper towel back
onto the roll, and flipped off the kitchen light. As I
stepped into the living room, making my way back to
my bedroom, the kitchen light came back on behind
me. Unnerved, feeling as if I’d rather not go back in
there, I went back to the kitchen anyway. As I stepped
back into the room, I immediately could smell Patrick.
His smell was his own; he had always worn specific
Musk cologne with this memorable wood and citrus
scent. That aroma filled the kitchen and I could feel
my brother’s presence so strongly that tears ran from
my eyes. The moment was so intense, so unexpected
that fear had no time to reach me. Love… so pure and
tangible and undeniable, filled the entire room.
Patrick was there and, as he had always done in life,
he showed his love and affection by playing his pranks
on me. I stood there for a time, my eyes racing around
the room hoping to see my brother appear before my
eyes, and praying if he did appear I wouldn’t die of a
heart attack. Luckily, neither thing happened. I just
stood there for a time, tears flooding my face. My
heart felt his love and I knew he could feel my love,
my hurt, and just how deeply I had grieved for him.
That was the first time my brother visited
me. For a time Patrick would arrive randomly to play
pranks on me and other family members. As time has
passed, his visits have become very rare. Still, when
he does visit there is some kind of interaction, an
exchange of emotion and energy. Sometimes, my
brother is a ghost and there is no mistaking between
my many memories of him, and his actual visits. My
experiences with Patrick are not historically unusual.
This photo was reportedly taken in
Marblehead, Massachusetts, during a séance in a
house where a mother murdered her children and then
committed suicide. The séance, coordinated by
psychic researcher John Spence, was held in the house
after a new resident complained of a ghostly presence
and felt influenced to harm her own children. In the
photograph there appears to be the semi-headless
shape of a woman in a dark dress with a large white
bow, as well as the dark, faint shapes of several
children. Below is the original photo on the left, and
on the right I cropped just the image that is believed to
be images of the ghosts that haunt this house.
Other phenomenon reportedly took place at
the séance, including a rug folding itself into the letter
W, cold spots, the formation of visible energy orbs
and rays of neon blue light, and the odors of ozone and
a cloying sweet decay. After the séance, the residents
moved out and the house remained vacant for several
As for events that get trapped, or imprinted
on the location where they occurred, it is still not
generally understood how these “imprints” take place.
Some popular theories include the notion that the
building materials “soak up the energy” of the location
and replay these stored energies at a later time or, it is
energy stored in the atmosphere which is activated by
atmospheric changes, or changes made in the building
structure. It is important to point out that in cases of
imprinting, where a terrible event has occurred, the
event and individuals appear to replay the acts as if
caught on film. In hauntings, the apparitions and
reported paranormal phenomena are said to often
The Healing Arts Journal
occur at more random times, and the activity of the
ghosts seem to have some type of intention, or
purpose. Many times, in haunting situations the ghost
will work very hard to communicate with a loved one,
or perhaps a homeowner that has moved onto a
particular property. More often than not the
homeowners are too frightened and confused to
appreciate the paranormal event. In some cases where
a haunting becomes extremely menacing, or residents
feel threatened, help will be brought in.
Whether a situation is an imprint or an
actual haunting, an experienced Medium can be used
to gain information and control of the situation.
Mediums can ‘psychically scan’ a location’s
walls, and other surfaces to gain information and
insight into the events. When the situation warrants, a
Medium can also communicate with the spirit of the
dead person that haunts a location. It has been my
experience that once communication happens,
questions are answered and remedies found, and the
haunting often ends. A quick solution is rare, but as
with any emotional situation, communication is the
key in finding peace for everyone.
A new term has been adopted by many Real
Estate Agents, Lawyers, and Banking Officers.
‘Psychologically impacted,’ is a phrase used to
describe a house and property that is considered
haunted. It matters little whether it is haunted by
ghosts, or suffering from imprints. The words will be
debated by all involved but chances are excellent that
‘psychologically impacted’ will be a permanent phrase
on the deed of the property. So to anyone that still
doubts the credibility or the possibility of a haunting,
proof may be as close your legal library. As far as a
simple imprint may go, the legal and financial experts
are not interested in the science or the terminology
used as much as they are concerned with the financial
impact. Many people are equally frightened by an
imprint, as a ghostly apparition. Personally, I rather
deal with imprints if I have a choice.
There is currently ongoing research
unfolding that hopes to not only gain a greater
understanding of the science behind imprinting, but to
one day use the knowledge gained in a variety of
ways. One of those ways in particular I find
extremely exciting.
A good friend and colleague of mine, Dr.
William George Roll, explained in scientific terms the
impact place memories could have on the future of
crime solving. Imagine if you will, a team of Crime
Scene Investigators being able to use a high tech
machine capable of playing back an actual crime in
every single detail, exactly as it happened when the
crime was committed. That may seem like science
fiction to the average person, but the realization of this
is not so complicated a technical challenge as it may
seem. It has been long established that we as humans
are beings that are made up mostly of electrical
impulses… energy. Energy waves/impulses can
certainly be read, deciphered, and manipulated. If you
have ever walked into the middle of a huge fight
between two people, you have experienced the
intensity of the energy being exchanged. Even if those
two people sat silently as you arrived, or never even
exchanged a single glance between them, you would
physically ‘feel’ the energy in the location. Now, take
that situation and multiply it by 1,000 times and you
get a better sense of the energy that was imprinted at a
crime scene, precisely as the crime was taking place.
As you can imagine it is quite dramatic, and extremely
physical in nature.
It is that level of imprinting that will be used
one day to solve the most heinous crimes. If you are a
criminal you may find this fast approaching
technology less than desirable. All the rest of us have
something very amazing in which to look forward. I
personally believe we will see a drop in crime like
never before believed possible. How much fun could
it possibly be to commit a crime if you know some
CSI team will arrive afterwards to see you commit the
actual crime? Even the dumbest criminal cannot
believe they will get away with a crime caught on
tape. Of course crimes of passion will see little
decline, but the court systems will be far less bogged
down, so the trials will not take nearly as long, and the
verdicts will become clear.
Undoubtedly, there are a lot of people that
are currently dealing with imprints and place
memories that are more concerned with the immediate
annoyance of having an event or person visiting their
home far too often. One sure way to eliminate the
memories that imprinted on a location is to replace the
old surfaces. Fresh drywall, some new paint, or an old
door replaced might be a small price to pay for letting
go of the past, or in some cases….for getting the past
to let go of you.
Imprints, or place memories, as annoying as
they may quickly become for some of us, are showing
great promise for the future of crime solving.
Personally, I find this particular research extremely
exciting and the potential uses and benefits for all of
us in the future can only be considered nothing short
of miraculous!
Doretta Johnson has been a member of the Delphi staff for eight
years. She is the Author of The People in the Attic, and has
spent over two decades involved in parapsychology research and
the investigation of paranormal phenomena. She serves as a
consultant in psychic investigations and cases of various
unexplained phenomena such as: ESP, PK, Poltergeists,
possession, Imprinting, and hauntings.
The Healing Arts Journal
Dear Patricia,
The Graduate Class was simply amazing. I
would not have believed that I could have felt, learned
and experienced so much in an online course. The
interaction and the expansion of consciousness are
nothing short of cosmic. I went from thinking there
was “nothing to do and no place to go” to “knowing
my connection to God and knowing my connection to
my heart.” Thank you Patricia for your wisdom,
guidance and loving presence here on earth. You are
truly amazing.
Dr. Renee Lanier PhD – Florida
Dear Patricia,
These meditations turned out to be the most
powerful experiences I have ever had, not only the
experience but the meaning behind it all. I feel as if
there was so much poured into my essence. I feel
solidified right to the depths of my Soul. Just when I
thought the worst that could happen to me was the
moment that I was ready for this Initiation as an
Illuminati in the Brotherhood of the Suns. I realized
that I was in a very humble stance, one that left me
open, really open to receive. I sigh in wonder!
Shirley Northrup – Canada
Dear Patricia,
I thank you for your guidance and Love with
this amazing meditative process. I feel a much deeper
love of Self. I have really had to stretch in my
physical world to complete the required readings and
meditations. It has been a joyful experience. I have
gained so much more in working in the Light. My
devotion to God and my Self has grown tremendously.
I just want to say thank you for your love and devotion
to all. I look forward to working with you again in the
next course.
Love you,
Lisa Fraine – West Virginia
Dear Patricia,
This course has been amazing. There is so
much knowledge imparts with the text and then with
the meditations. Many areas of my life have shifted
with this single course. I feel empowered, fulfilled
and humbled by this beautiful energy work. I have
seen relationships change overnight. My body has
released craving and desires that are no longer
healthful. I feel so light. Thank you for bringing this
course to us.
Beth Yates – Virginia
Dear Patricia,
This class for me was a sealing of my
transformation. I was questioning myself for a long
time, but this class has secured my journey on this
path that I choose to follow. I was struggling with old
attachments, low energy ego, judgment…. Where does
this stuff come from? Am I learning to grow toward
fulfillment? Why am I still stuck in this much of low
ego? Am I fooling myself? I have all these questions
and confusion. No, I wasn’t fooling myself. I was
being drawn back into the remnants of dark energies
accumulated over life times. This time, in this class I
really recognized it, and thank God and you Patricia;
and this powerful lineage of seekers and teachers. I
was able to release it. I have so many to thank and to
also be thankful for these lessons, teachings, energies
that enable me to fulfill this opening up. Each day I
give thanks and know that Being: present, connected,
still, giving, receiving, love and peace, is the greatest
gift I can give to those that have and are helping me.
Thank you so much Patricia.
My teacher, I will love you always,
Jai Bhagwan – Ohio
The Healing Arts Journal
Good Afternoon Patricia,
Dear Patricia
It was wonderful hearing from you. I need to tell you
that when I was listening to the CD's of your
Energies of 2008 Workshop, and you were talking
about Marshall's meditation and the image he
received about the old man with energy emitting
from him and the woman walking on the high path
towards earth. I was totally taken back by what you
were revealing. Why I was so amazed is that one of
the Entura art drawings I did, calling upon the
Pleiadians, is what Marshall saw in his meditation!!
I wish I was knowledgeable with the computer
system so that I could scan the drawing to
you. Needless to say, I was flabbergasted!!
I just wanted to tell you, once again, how much I love doing RoHun
Therapy to help so many people. My respect for the process continues to
grow as I see amazing transformation happen. Every so often I find
myself saying, wow, I really get it now! And then laugh because I know
I'll say it again sometime down the road.
I am doing so much better than I was during the past
year. I am feeling abundant, living my life in
abundance and am truly happy to be present on
earth. I believe for the first time I can say that with
passion. For I have found the passion for life on
earth - not just putting in time, waiting for death.
I have learned to live in the here and now and to be
filled with joy at being able to do so. Oh, I have my
ups and downs, doesn't everyone? But there is not
much that can keep me at the point of wishing I were
I have changed some of my career choices - giving
up some of the things I was doing that I had
outgrown and embracing more exciting, lighthearted things that bring me FUN and PASSION.
I think, for the first time in my life, I am truly
living. I have purpose and have found my niche.
I truly believe that I have been blessed with this eyeopening experience.
I thought I would let you know about this since I
truly believe that the enlightenment correspondence
courses have brought me to this level. I hope you
don't stop having them. I find that I grow in leaps
and bounds from participating in the meditations.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
In love and light,
Shirley Northrup
I keep wondering why more people don't know about RoHun and think I
am supposed to help get the word out. My book should be out soon and
an instrumental CD called Wings of Light is in the works. I feel creation
bubbling up inside of me so often that I feel completely blessed.
So thank you! Thank you for trusting yourself so completely that this
gift could flow through you, and for all the energy you contribute to the
I hope you and Marshall are well, and that you feel the support of so
many who have been awakened by RoHun!
Love from Amy G. Martin CT
Dear Kimberly, Charles, Janice, Steve, Linda and Judy,
I know you already know this but I’m compelled to write it
anyway. I just have to tell all of you how grateful I am to have found
you. My experiences at Delphi were truly enlightening. In every part of
me and in my soul I felt that I was home. I am so much happier within
myself knowing I can come to Delphi to learn and do what I’ve always
felt myself to be real and true. I loved every single minute of my time
there with you. I feel so connected to each of you in a way I’ve never
felt before. There’s been a void in me that is hard to explain, but I feel it
is beginning to be filled. Words really fall short of what my heart is
trying to express. I just know that I need to be at Delphi to learn all that
you have to teach. I am so excited for my future and I have not felt this
way in a very long time. Thank you so much! Each and every one of
you is a gift to this world, and I feel blessed to know you and learn from
I will return in February to continue my journey with you. Until then, I
wish you all beautiful holidays surrounded by much love and happiness.
Love, Janice Sinisi
The Healing Arts Journal
I never understood my acute fascination
with spiders. They can hide in a space and you would
never even know they were around. They are quiet and
self-contained. They rely on the energy of another to
exist but they are incredibly creative beings. And they
build the most amazing labyrinths in which to live,
with very little resources. Most of which they create
comes from inspiration from within. This is how I was
in the world in my desire body. My emotions and my
thoughts, that is. As multidimensional beings, mind,
body and spirit, we have both negative and positive
aspects by experience. One of the negative aspects of
self was one created by my inner child and set free in
my adult. Nurturing the positive aspects allows for
integration to a self-actualizing level and the
experience of joy in my life. First, I must understand
the suppressed thoughts and feelings in order to
empower myself and grow into my spiritual nature.
Seeing and understanding the spider nature within
myself has allowed me to accept my own nature, my
reason for being in the physical experience this
By suppressing my emotional one, I created
a very complex system to avoid feeling. I told myself
that emotions are not pleasant and that to be happy I
must avoid feeling them at all costs. But I was not
happy. In fact, I did not even know what the nature of
sheer joy was. Nor did I understand why I could not
remember my life before the age of five. And least of
all did I understand the two events were connected.
That is until I was able to trust my true spider nature
and feel again through the Yhandi process.
I heard stories and I believed that is exactly
what they were, stories. Stories about abuse and how
the victims never remembered a thing and I thought
how can that possibly be? How could someone be so
powerfully affected by such an abusive event that they
would not want to remember it? Wouldn’t they want
to remember something like that for the rest of their
lives so it never happened again? But, what I didn’t
realize is that this information and the reasoning that
accompanies it, takes place in the mind, not in the
space we call emotion. Our emotional body is so
traumatized by the event that it cannot even fathom it
happened. Our etheric body is essentially shattered, as
a result of the event. After all, it was robbed of its
innocence, its freedom, and virtually its life. For when
you have been in the arms of abuse, the trauma and the
post trauma is dramatically escalated in your life,
whether you are present and aware of its unfolding or
not. In an effort to allow the being to live, our
emotional body, screaming to get out, is silenced by
our thought body. Our mind tells us “its okay” and
“just move on”, never giving credence to the fact that
there was a (negative) experience or even how we felt
about it, and never allowing us to move through the
experience and gain the valuable lessons from within;
the lessons that were designed to empower or move us
forward in our spiritual growth.
When you are ready, great sadness will
enfold you. But in its embracing, there is a great love
for self, for that part of you that died in the trauma of
the human event. This was the feeling I experienced in
the unfolding of my Yhandi experience. There is great
joy in feeling the acknowledgement of the emotional
child and in telling her it was not her fault. I feel so
happy to tell her I am so sorry for ignoring her pain. I
thought in my mental self, if I denied this pain, it was
not real. But she kicked and screamed and she made
me look at her, hurt and ragged. Tired and sore from
my abuse, I held her and begged her forgiveness. I was
so wrapped up in not feeling my own pain, that I
totally ignored her. It also made it impossible to feel
anything in my life. I really did not know the
experience of joy, only sadness. It simply never
occurred to me to know she was in pain. I blamed her.
It was her fault in my mind. Maybe if she hadn’t been
“so innocent” maybe we would have been left alone.
But somewhere deep inside, I knew this was not true
either. I knew on some level that I agreed. I knew if I
am to heal, on all levels, she must forgive me, I must
forgive her, and I must embrace her. I knew on some
level that I agreed to all the experiences, abusive ones
included, in order to feel my greatness, my God
essence. Funny, I thought, my grandmother used to
say “what does not kill us, makes us strong”.
The Healing Arts Journal
The abuse began at a young age and it felt
karmic for whatever reason. On some level I always
knew it would be me in this lifetime to stop the
ancestral link. I felt a strong desire to do things to
others in my care but I would never act on those
feelings. I often wondered where those thoughts came
from but I would bury them quickly like a spider,
before anyone ever felt them. I knew to touch another
in that part of their energy was an invasion and I
refused to go there. It was so important for me to
avoid creating the situation of victim and abuser that I
spent a large part of my life allowing, rather than
being. I would remove my ability to discipline rather
than risk hurting another in the way that I had known.
All I can remember is that beautiful spider
web and how my essence clung to each thread. It
glistened and glowed even in the deepest part of my
existence and I felt the dying breath of my child,
begging to be recognized. I was full of rage and for
fear of hurting others (as I had been hurt) and so I
turned that rage inward. I rationalized with myself on
‘how could she (my inner child) have been so stupid’.
It was all her fault. Blaming seemed to be the only
way out. I couldn’t possibly feel the pain. If I exist as
a spider on the wall, no one will ever see me. And so I
did. My energy became almost invisible. I could exist
on the energy of those around me and I did not need to
feel. My existence was bleak, purposeless. I felt
nothing most of the time. Just the day to day existence,
and the drudgery of the world surrounded and
swallowed my meager existence. After a while
though, you get tired of the game. Then true freedom
begins to reveal itself in the opportunity to be humbled
and humiliated, to feel the pain of the experience,
embrace the depth of your anguish, and forgive
yourself. First in small ways, one has little
experiences, and then each small experience blossoms
and you find greater ways to recognize you have love
and the importance of sharing your own love with
In my hurt and pain, in my attempt to blame
my child, I totally abandoned her and, in doing so, I
abandoned myself. I abused my mind with judgment
and self-criticism. I abused my physical body with
outside elements. I abused my emotions by stuffing
them and denying their existence. Repression,
revenge, anger, and rage to name a few. In my mind,
my life was much too painful, all of it on an immature
emotional level. I knew on some level that I could
never allow my self to experience so much (abuse) or I
would self-destruct. I would rationalize with my
feelings. But I was setting the stage for a more subtle
self-destruction every day of my life by not honoring
my feelings. By not honoring the existence of my
feelings, by ignoring the fact that I had undesirable
thoughts, I was killing my emotional body. What I did
not understand was the impact of feelings. I feared the
fear instead of allowing it to teach me. And because I
did not learn the lesson, the same surfaced over and
over again. Each time, a little more intense.
In that moment of intense physical pain and
retching, I felt the disgust of the act. I felt totally
humiliated and annihilated. I attempted to reason that I
should have known better but I was only a child and it
is not possible to defend self at that age. I felt the
betrayal of my caregivers and of myself. I felt how I
had abandoned my child and blamed her for all the
events and resultant pain and I knew deeply that she
was not responsible. I knew she had been herself the
victim of all she knew. I felt compassion for my
betrayers and for myself. I felt the deep unwavering
love of the Holy Spirit in my physical space, entering
my visionary. I felt a deep knowing that it was not her
fault and I told her how sorry I was for all I had
accused her of. I told her how I was hiding from my
own pain of the experience but now I have insight,
inner knowing and it was not acceptable for me to
abuse her now and to abuse my physical, emotional,
and mental bodies. I held her tight in my heart and
asked for her forgiveness to which she joyously said
I have spent years forgiving others for “what
they had done to me” only to realize they were only
fulfilling the plan; only to realize the only one I truly
had to forgive was myself. I know now, she is alive,
my child. She waited like a spider, “hanging by a
thread” in her emotional body, waiting patiently for
me to find my peace within. She comes to me often.
Since I have been able to forgive me and her, I feel her
beauty and her innocence flowing within. I know her
foundation is strong, like a rock and well-formed. I see
her working, flowing freely in my emotional body.
She lives within the creative waters of my life. She is
not afraid to create in the emotions. Her beauty, peace,
and understanding arise from her feminine self. She is
well planted, well grounded here on mother earth and
she feels a very strong protection for the earth and all
of its creatures. I feel her creating from a space of
freedom and flow. Her ability to manifest in the world
is immense. And I am grateful that she rested in the
energy of the spider until I was able to set her free. As
I pulled the essence of a pink rose within my cellular
memory it became apparent to me that no one can take
my inner essence from me. It is my choice to be my
power or to surrender it in the world. My emotional
body suffered the consequences of my actions but how
quickly we heal when we engage all of our bodies to
feel, sense, and be in this world. This lifetime is the
only lifetime that matters!
The mental body or the adult is the one who
uses the masculine energy to create. As a spider the
doing of life flowed from this end. Since emotion
follows thought, my child would create from the
thoughts of the adult. When our thoughts are of the
shadow, from fear and anger and rage, our emotional
body attracts similar experiences that match similar
thoughts with feelings. Existing as a spider gives the
opportunity to learn to anesthetize your prey before
you devour it. Such was the energy of the emotional
and mental bodies. Learning in this way one will
create from experiences of power and control, victim
and abuser, and the list of dysfunctional activities goes
The Healing Arts Journal
on. But when we are enlightened within these two
bodies, the spider may find her divine self free, free
from the web of deceit. We are not meant to be
attached. We are vastness upon ourselves, free in our
feelings, free to create. Because of our incarnation
with choice we are free to ascend to greater feelings of
awareness. Now as a spider, I am able to create great
intricacies within my life and nourish those abilities. I
am able to choose beauty and joy in which to ebb and
One learns so much from the shadows, for
they are one of our greatest teachers. There is great
importance in honoring their lessons, forgiving
ourselves and releasing them into the light for further
planetary and individual healing to occur. The stability
and healing of the planet is in our hands and in our
hearts. As man ascends to live in our fourth chakra,
the heart, there are so many things we are gratefully
allowing to move within our bodies. Our mental and
emotional bodies must mature and harmonize. They
must “become” in order for enlightenment to truly be
realized. We must be willing to be responsible for the
maturation of our emotional and mental bodies,
bringing them into the light, allowing them the
mobility of movement within the heart to further
restore order and balance within our lives. We must be
willing to take responsibility for honoring the
processes of enlightenment by which we grow. We
must energize our hearts daily and feel the importance
of true vision through the alignment and balancing of
our seven chakras. The process of Yhandi’s Inner
Light recognizes the importance and immediate
balance of these bodies in our physical existence.
Within the space of Yhandi’s Inner Light we are able
to feel our wholeness, our truth, and our God essence
in a vast inner space here and now.
In my state of delusion, I kept waking.
Looking, searching for the reasons but never
understanding, never quite embodying the lessons.
Feeling raw and exposed I kept awakening, my covers
removed. Over and over again, I felt the surrender.
Over and over again, with each incident, I hid in my
delusion. Refusing to look. Refusing to understand.
Unable to listen or feel, numb and frozen in my
delusion of pain.
It was in the rawness and the exposure of the
situation that I was able to embrace the lesson. To feel
to the depth of Hell and back, my glory, my love
reclaiming my life. Beckoning to my child and my
adult to communicate, to weave their alchemy sweetly
and softly. I just kept waking - the covers off of my
physical body - the humiliation of exposure of my raw
feelings, the death sentence, and futility of my
thoughts. My mind and emotions were exposed to
learn the depth of the lesson. It is in the physical
exposure, in the rawness of feeling, in the total hearing
and acceptance of the thought that my freedom is
embodied. It is in the surrender and forgiveness of all
of these that my Self, my Soul is free. I kept hearing
“dark night of the soul” with each embraced incident.
With the acceptance of the teachings and acclamation
of the lessons learned, it is in this space that I touched
God within me. Such an intimate experience it is.
Such a life giving experience it remains.
The physical walls around me creaked with
each embrace of the lesson, as if to free the stickiness
of the pattern, the web revealed. With each realization
embraced within the heart, I felt the barriers to my
ability to live and enjoy my life torn down. I felt the
laying of new foundation built in love and strength. It
is in the appreciation of the lesson and in gratitude and
love for the perpetrator that forgiveness of self and
true freedom are possible. It is through our decent as
spirit into matter and ultimately our forgiveness that
we ascend within the state of Grace; within God
within ourselves. I was learning the futility in denying
my greatness, my essence, my God connection. It was
everything to embrace my shadow and my goodness,
my love and my light; for I am all of these. In the soft,
sweet whisper of the rain, my love was embraced;
exposed by the raw wind of relationship, tossed in the
ocean of emotion, misunderstood by the mind until the
forgiveness of the heart was realized.
My life as a spider has allowed for many
lessons; abuse, victimization, control, power, misery,
poverty and so many more. Countless blessed
opportunities to learn and grow. There were hidden
blessings within the meanings of the teachings by the
shadows. There were the teachers themselves who
served the shadows who ultimately serve the light.
Humbly we learn to allow, to breathe with great
distinction, to forgive at most, ourselves, and to be
within, our feet physically planted, here now in this
physical world but with our hearts of balance and
head, our vision of spirit, in the clouds. Our goal is
bringing spirit into matter. Our lives, forever touched
by the forgiveness of the lessons we grow to love and
the greater vision of Self we keep, we embrace, we
choose to embody.
We can choose something new, something
beautiful, if we desire. But only after we have
gratefully chosen to love ourselves in our shadows. It
is truly up to us to decide. Of all of this I have learned
with grace to accept myself wherever I am on this
journey. Some call it courage, some call it will. I call it
love. The most intimate love for Self is the pursuit of
God within. Personal enlightenment is just that.
Personal. What will you create?
The Healing Arts Journal
By Christine M. Prevete, MhD
I had almost declined my sister’s expectant
invitation to the annual parade. It was July 4th and this
is what my family does. I wondered if I really needed
to keep doing this. My thoughts reviewed quickly all
of the years of feeling different from my other family
members. Should I be the one to break the tradition?
I looked at my 3 year old son, ready to see the fire
trucks, and off we all went. There is usually a large
group, and this year was no different as we added my
niece’s boyfriend. As watched from the same spot
we’ve claimed all of our lives, I saw the enjoyment on
this new friend’s face. I told him that this tradition
began with Teresa’s great-grandparents (my Nana and
Grandpa). They moved out from the city to the center
of Long Island when roads were still unpaved. He
served as a fireman and had a truck with a plaque in
his honor. She served as Postmaster for 2 years and
both were involved in service to their community. My
mother and aunt were majorettes for the marching
band; my uncle made and sold the best food in town.
These are just a hint of the sweet things I
remembered, all of them traditional with honor. My
niece’s boyfriend enjoyed hearing all these fond
memories, like riding in the parade on the back of
grandpa’s truck….. The story sharing made my heart
open. My mind began to drift and reflect on how long
I had thought that I was so different from all of them.
I openly abandoned our family religion…. I was never
politically active…. I wasn’t involved in any major
real estate ownership…. I have pursued education in
many areas that were very different from them all….
But right in this moment I realized that perhaps I was
like them, and it was good. I am in service, with
dedication and from the heart, just like them, right
from the center of Long Island. I founded Earth Angel
Center and live my devotion to adding Light to this
place and this world. My doors are open for spiritual
counseling, group education, free talks of inspiration
and healing for those who are seeking. I am still
surrounded by a large family that now includes many
friends of Earth Angel Center. My heart feels the
fullness of the truth embraced at Delphi, “We are
Many, yet We are One.” So different from my
relatives and yet silently taught by each one of them. I
walk my unique path, inspired by a loving tradition of
service, from my family on Long Island and at Delphi.
Many years ago, I embraced the loving
energy of St. Francis. When I was confused about
religion in my youth, I found comfort in his prayer
which is still displayed in my house. To this day I
quickly soften from his guidance to ask, “How may I
serve?” Again, I did not realize I was asking the same
question my family members had asked over the
years. I am answered, “….from the Heart ….of Long
Island.” How may you serve? We each have so many
wonderful qualities, from our life experiences, our
education, and most importantly our hearts. All of it is
needed in the world. Your unique contribution is
needed by someone, right where you are, today. How
may you serve? The world is waiting for you.
Christine Prevete is serving from the Heart of Long
Island, as a Doctor of Metaphysical Healing, Healing
Works International Practictotioner and Ordained
Minister. You are welcome to contact her at
By Coco McClaine
I wish to meet Me.
I began to search for Me.
I found Me.
I looked at me…left, right…
up, down…inside, outside.
I am looking at Me!!!
I am looking at Me!!!!
I am soooo wonderfully amazed!
Yes, I am!!!
I am beautiful.
I am soooo holy.
I am glorious.
I am soooo powerful.
And the LOVE…
I saw and felt how much LOVE is in Me!!
Soooo much LOVE is wrapped inside
of my heart.
And let me tell you this…
You won’t believe it.
I could NOT find
NOT one red thing that I had done wrong.
I am perfect.
I am such a wonderful being.
I LOVE ME!!!!!
The Healing Arts Journal
True intelligence operates silently.
Stillness is where creativity and
solutions to problems are found.
Eckhart Tolle
The Healing Arts Journal
The Healing Arts Journal
Delphi Class Photos..
June 7-14 In-Depth Channeling Class:
Back L-R: Barbara Borchardt, Gina Maria
Smallwood, Shannon Brown, Ashley Johnson, and
Paul Amirault. Front L-R: Kathy Ouimet, Eliza
Parker, Kimberly Curcio, Linda Griffith,
and Susan DeShelly.
June 14-22 RoHun I & II Class:
June 14-18 Advanced Channeling Class:
L-R: Juanita Stueckle, Kimberly Curcio, and
Carolina Impson.
Back L-R: Diane Prete, Linda Griffith,
Pam Iams, Lora Naratil, Lolyklara Palmahuergo,
John Villalobos, and April Martinek. Front L-R:
Carolyn Underwood, and Carmen Littlejohn.
June 18-22 Color & Sound Healing Class:
June 22-26 RoHun Doctorate Class:
June 22-28 Healing Mysteries Class:
Back L-R: Lee Ann Blake, Frances Keller,
Victoria Standard, and Ben Tompkins. Front
L-R: Lisa Fraine, and Kimberly Curcio.
Back L-R: Catherine Durnien, Alice Baldwin, Lea
Ray, Lee Williams, Carolina Impson, Brenda
Alexander, and Charles Curcio. Front L-R: Sonia
Kinzy, and Juanita Stueckle.
Back L-R: Barbara Gagliardi, Rosanne Gauthier, Carolina
Impson, Charles Curcio, Lea Ray, Brenda Alexander, Lee
Williams, and Lorraine Smith. Front L-R: Alice Baldwin,
Sonia Kinzy, and Catherine Durnien.
The Healing Arts Journal
Class Photos II
August 1-5 RoHun Doctor II:
August 2-9 In-Depth Channeling Class:
Back L-R: Tertia Vogt, Rona Newmark, Victoria
Standard, Janice Hayes, and Lee Ann Blake.
Front L-R: Frances Keller, Barbara Burk, Ben
Tompkins, and Elmarie Venter.
Back L-R: Donna Martinek, Robert Meyn, Janice Bartik,
Katrina Polacek, Monica Williams, Mary ZumBrunnen,
Vincent Falcone, and Linda Griffith. Front L-R: Donna
Soares, Kimberly Curcio, and Staci Snair.
August 13-17 Soul Logos Class:
August 17-21 Male/Female Mysteries Class:
Back L-R: Carmen Littlejohn, Diane Prete, Lolyklara
Palmahuergo, April Martinek, Carolyn Underwood,
and Pam Iams. Front: Kimberly Curcio
August 21-27 Yhandi Class:
L-R: Robert Delahunt, Audrey Delahunt, Judy
Potter, Allison Williams Hill, Lea Ray, Lisa Fraine,
and Brenda Alexander.
Back L-R: Emily Pels, Lisa Fraine, Heidi Brooks, and
Allison Williams Hill. Front L-R: Kimberly Curcio, and
Linda Griffith.
August 27-Sept. 2 Spiritual Anatomy &
Energizations I Class: Back L-R: Karla Collom, Lee Ann
Blake, Barbara Burk, Robert Delahunt, Audrey Delahunt, and
Patricia Chesser. Front L-R: Kimberly Curcio, Linda Griffith,
Lisa Fraine, and Nancy Jacobsen.
The Healing Arts Journal
Class Photos III
October 2-4 Inner Sanctuary Training
Class: L-R: Mona Lee, Denise Rinehart, Janice
October 4-8 Inner Sanctuary Instructor
Training Class: L-R: Robert Delahunt, Audrey
Hayes, Judy Leslie, Audrey Delahunt, and Robert
Delahunt, Judy Potter, Frances Keller, and Judy Leslie.
October 4-11 In-Depth Channeling Class:
October 11-15 Advanced Channeling Class:
Back L-R: Kelly Payne, Teresa Briggs, Cosmore
Marriott, Aldren Bernard Manson, Louise Northcutt,
and Linda Griffith. Front L-R: Kimberly Curcio,
and Christine Freebery.
Back L-R: Dan Sanders, Jean Hamilton, Barbara Borchardt,
Michelle Laylor, Pamela Cameron, and Kenneth Franklin.
Front L-R: Kathy Ouimet, Eliza Parker, Kimberly Curcio, Judy
Taylor, Katrina Polacek, Donna Soares, and Staci Snair.
October 15-19 Color & Sound Healing Class:
October 19-25 Healing Mysteries Class:
Back L-R: Donna Soares, Judy Taylor, Jean Hamilton,
Kathy Ouimet, Barbara Borchardt, and Charles Curcio.
Front L-R: Michelle Laylor, Robert Teeter, John
Wendell, Katrina Polacek, and Eliza Parker
Back L-R: Charles Curcio, Judy Taylor, Michelle Laylor, and
Robert Teeter. Front L-R: Sara Chetkin, Katrina Polacek, and
John Wendell.
The Healing Arts Journal
Delphi Class Photos IV
Oct 25-31 Spiritual Anatomy & Energization II
Back L-R: Linda Martin, Marshall Smith, Colby Collins,
Karla Collom, Robert Delahunt, and Lee Ann Blake.
Front L-R: Patricia Chesser, Barbara Burk, Audrey
Delahunt, Lisa Fraine, and Nancy Jacobsen.
November 1-7 In-Depth Channeling Class:
Back L-R: Melissa Kepley, Donna Palmer, Paula Burney,
Justin Prim, Andie Holman, and Brecht Saelens.
Front L-R: Kimberly Curcio, Janice Sinisi, and Carol
November 8-12 Advanced Channeling Class:
November 8-12, 2008 Soul Logos Class:
Back L-R: Beth Yates, Paula Burney, Tom Nelson, Janice
Sinisi, and Paul Amirault. Front L-R: Barbara Gagliardi,
Kimberly Curcio, and Brecht Saelens.
L-R: Heidi Brooks, Rosanne Gauthier, Linda Griffith,
Brenda Alexander, and Lea Ray.
November 12-16 Male/Female Mysteries
Class: L-R: Brenda Alexander, Brecht Saelens,
Kimberly Curcio, Lea Ray, and Charlie Menger.
November 16-19 Crystal & Psychic
Protection Class: L-R: Heidi Brooks, Rosanne
Gauthier, Brecht Saelens, Charles Curcio, and
Debbie Echanis.
The Healing Arts Journal
The Healing Arts Journal
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Doctor of Metaphysics
Integrative & Preventative Medical Therapies
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• Holistic Healing System*
*Prerequisites: Inner Sanctuary Training
(may be taken anytime) and Inner Sanctuary
Instructors Training (may be taken anytime
after Mysteries of Soul Logos)
Certification as a Kundalini Energization
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Metaphysician and RoHun™ programs receive the Master of Science Degree M.S. in Transpersonal Psychology ($50 fee).
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The Healing Arts Journal
In Memoriam
For what is it to die but to stand naked in the wind
and to melt into the sun?
And what is it to cease breathing, but to free the
breath from its restless tides,
that it may rise and expand and seek God
Kahlil Gibran
Juanita Steuckle
Our sincerest condolences go out to the friends
and family of our student Juanita Stueckle of
Kennewick, WA, who crossed over on November 12,
2008. Juanita received her Bachelor of Science
Degree and Metaphysician Practitioner certification in
June 2008, and is a certified RoHun™ Therapist.
Juanita, our love and blessings are with you on your
continuing journey of light. All of us who knew you
will miss you greatly.
Graciela Gatti Stasi
We also want to remember Graciela Gatti, who
collapsed of an asthma attack this past December and
never recovered. She passed on January 5, 2008.
Graciela, your love and grace will always be
remembered fondly by those who were fortunate to
know you in this life. Thank you Vince for your love
of Graciela and the memorial service you held for her.
The Healing Arts Journal
Listed are the current members of the RoHun™ Professional Association. RoHun™ Therapy consists of five educational
levels. The RoHun™ Card Facilitator who is skilled in using the RoHun™ Cards, the Intern who is skilled in RoHun™
Purification Therapy, the Therapist who has additional training in Skim, Cleanse, and Caged One, and the RoHun ™
Master, trained in Androgynous Process, Divine Mother, Origins, and Seven Visions of Self. The RoHun ™ Doctorate level
completes all stages of RoHun™ training with Constructs, Vaults and Tanks. Clinical Doctors have performed 100+ hours of
therapy in their internship. *Indicates a RoHun Field Instructor. **Indicates a Life Member.
Kay Wilson
Doctorate Interns
Ann Walsh
Claudia Waterman
Grand Junction
Amy Martin
Lucrezia Mangione,CMT, Central CT
Deborah Echanis
David Eigen
Clinical Doctor
Denise La Croix
Sue Warm *
Boca Raton
Miami Beach
Linda Griffith
Palmetto Pt.
Charles Curcio
Kimberly Curcio
Janice Hayes
Elizabeth Hood
Elissa MacLachlan Atlanta
Judy Potter
Paula Strong
Doctorate Interns
Evi Budhitresno-Cheung Norcross
Linda Griffith
Freida Harrell
Nancy Smith
Blue Ridge
Steve Smith**
Debbie Antin
Blue Ridge
Decatur/Dunwoody 404-661-0874
Neila Pace
Gail Price
Karen Willis
Terry Jennings
Ann C.R. Millet
Edward Millet,
Yvonne Christman* Glendale Hts.
Gerri Framburg
Arlington Heights 847-374-8469
Susan Atchison
South Barrington 870-370-5181
Doctorate Interns
Lee Ann Blake
Julia Dennis
Judy Jordan
Judith Rovin
Robin Condro
Colleen Hubbard,
Charlene Michel
Park Forest
Julie M. Milne,PhD. Glencoe
Rich Milne, CHT
Mark Roy
Oak Forest
Pamela Sirtak
Doctorate Interns
Barbara Burk, RN
Carolina Impson
Belinda Shroeder
Timothy O’Leary
Fort Wayne
Baton Rouge
Leslie Brooks
Cathy Connoly
Tami Bannister
Battle Creek
Roberta Gabier, MA Kalamazoo
Wendy Sharpe Taggart Oxford
The Healing Arts Journal
Linda Keith
New Jersey
Elizabeth Kim*
Doctorate Interns
Sara Chetkin
Elaine C. Gibbs, PhD** Bedford
Larry Ansell
Vivienne M. Furlong
E. Hanover
Isle Polonko
New York
Ingeborg Fendt
Marion Ross
Barbara DavisThompson
Marjorie Frazier
New York City
New York City
Beverly A. Rivers,Phd.El,msford
Michael Rosenbaum, Golden Bridge
Louise Wiswall Unger Amityville
Elizabeth Wright
Glens Falls
North Carolina
Kathryn Sunshine
Lindsay Spratt, LCSW Asheville
Karen McKnight
Carolyn Underwood
Marian Lassiter **
Julie Allen
P. Dominic DiBlasi
Peggy Koelliker
Victoria Standard
Jackie Rose Ahmadzadeh San Antonio
Waite Hill
Avon Lake
Lucrezia Mangione,
Linda Carol Adrienne Virginia Beach
Clinical Doctor, PhD, CCRht
Jane Barr
Falls Church
Gerri Goodwin
Clinical Doctor
Dottie Graham*
Loretta Huinker
Joan Wash
Emily Pels
Valdeir de France Portsmouth
Randy Hill
Sharri MacKenzi
Bon Air
Corrine Coco McClaine Ashland
Louis Purdey
Pam Richards, LCSW Woodstock
Lisa Gibson
Howard Batie
Clinical Therapist
West Virginia
Poochie Myers *
Lisa Fraine
International RoHun Professionals
Sterling Hayes
Frances Keller
Ramona Hamill
April Martinek
Lucrezia Mangione CMT,
South Dakota
Suzanne Mitchem,
Hot Springs
San Antonio
Doctorate Interns
Sandra Pock
Helen Descovich * **
Karen Simons
Bernice White
Doctorate Intern
Shirley Bridgewater
Ben Tompkins
Deryn Higgins
Shirley Northrup
43 2233-57667
Shediac, NB
33 14 405 0417
33 49 309 2154
Marion Ross
The Healing Arts Journal
Anne Vuaillat
0033 450 715 553
Yukari Makino Tanaka ** Toyko
John Villalobos
Karene Le Drian*
48 28 571 3799 450 50
Adrien Lavergnat
Circe Luginbuhl
Thomas Nahum
41 22 735 6970
131 228 5091
0041 17 960 627 70
0041 17 944 14675
0041 17 954 4467 36
The Healing Arts Journal
Healing Works International Professional Association
Delphi University awards a Doctorate in Metaphysical Healing to students who have completed
an extensive training program, and are qualified to conduct the “Connecting With Spirit” program. These
Medical Intuitives and Holistic Healing Practitioners are certified by Healing Works International.
Doctor of Metaphysics
Kay Wilson
Doctor of Metaphysics
David Martin
Doctor of Metaphysics
Deborah Echanis
[email protected]
[email protected]
Doctor of Metaphysics
Beonca Durling
Doctor of Metaphysics
Evi Budhitresno-Cheung
Linda Griffith
Pam Iams
Steve Smith
Karen Willis
Blue Ridge
South Dakota
Doctor of Metaphysics
Ramona Owen
Doctor of Metaphysics
Jackie Rose Ahmadzadeh San Antonio 210-490-6465
Sandra Pock
San Antonio 210-499-5366
Nora M. Walsh
San Antonio 210-408-7451
Doctor of Metaphysics
Linda Carol Adrienne, PhD V. Beach
Jane Barr
Loretta Huinker
West Virginia
Master Metaphysician
Lisa Fraine
[email protected]
Martinsburg 304-263-7801
International HealingWorks Professionals
Doctor of Metaphysics
Bob Ericsson
[email protected]
Lincolnwood 847-674-0067
Doctor of Metaphysics
Belinda Schroeder
[email protected]
Doctor of Metaphysics
Thomas Kingman
Cape Cod
[email protected]
New Jersey
Doctor of Metaphysics
Larry Ansell
New York
Doctor of Metaphysics
Audrey Delahunt
[email protected]
Bob DelahuntOswego
[email protected]
Ingeborg Fendt
Robin Kepner
Christine M. Prevete
Marion Ross
North Carolina
Doctor of Metaphysics
Tracy T. Latz
David Martin
Kathryn Sunshine
Master Metaphysician
Karen McKnight
Doctor of Metaphysics
Helen Descovich
Doctor of Metaphysics
Shirley Bridgewater
Deryn Higgins
[email protected]
Karen Simons
Doctor of Metaphysics
Sharon Salina
Shirley Northrup
43 2233-57667
Shediac, NB 506-531-6602
Metaphysician Practitioner
Ann-Marie Sage
O’Leary, PEI 902-859-2880
[email protected]
Grandview 914-320-2577
Bloomfield 585-721-4373
Centereach 631-588-5707
Mooresville 704-995-2367
Mt. Mourne 704-500-2655
Waynesville 828-400-5174
Mooresville 704-968-2119
Doctor of Metaphysics
Marion Ross
33 14 405 0417
33 49 309 2154
St. Thomas, U.S.V.I
Doctor of Metaphysics
Allison Williams
Doctor of Metaphysics
Vincent Beetschen
41(0) 79 280 76 95
41(0) 22 534 78 22