Teechers - 6:12 Theatre



Teechers - 6:12 Theatre
by John Godber
Mike Bindon
Playing – Teacher B, Nixon, Pete Saxon, Oggy Moxon,
Mr Fisher, Mr Hatton, Deanie
Judith Kenley
Playing – Teacher A, Ms Whitham, Oggy Moxon,
Mr Basford, Miss Prime, Barry Wobschall, Dennis,
Mrs Coates
Charlotte Clarke
Kate Antram
With thanks to:
Harrogate Theatre staff; King James School,
Knaresborough; Harrogate Dramatic Society; Marion and
Ted Jones;
Lilian Eyre and Beckwithshaw Village Hall;
Niki Holbrook; Wyke Manor School
Frances Sellars
Playing – Mrs Parry, Ms Jones, Mr Basford, Ron,
Piggy Paterson, Oggy Moxon, Mrs Clifton
Directed by Michael Garside
Technical Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager
The academic year 1986-7
The action of the play is continuous – there will be no
6:12 dedicates this production to
our friend and inspiration, Joan Mallett.
All of the themes and issues raised in this play were at the heart of
Joan’s thinking – an actress, director and former teacher, she
understood the power of the theatre and shared her passion readily
with all she met.
She will be sorely missed and fondly remembered.
How they really did at school
Frances moves and works rather slowly and at times appears lethargic.
She needs to speed up her work and complete it in the allotted time.
Sr.D – Y ear 5 Environmental Studies
Generally, Michael has a good attitude towards his work. He can
be rather talkative in the classroom, however, distracting both himself
and others. He must direct more of his energies towards positive
learning and less towards entertainment. He must learn that there
are times when it is necessary to take a back seat.
RP – Year 5 Teacher
A good term’s work. Judith must learn to control her girlish giggles
however, which tend to break out.
MJH – Year 7 Form Tutor
Michael underestimates his ability. I wish he would appreciate that an
educated mind is valuable, whatever career one pursues and often
actually helps in its pursuit. His contribution to drama in the school has
been most valuable.
JRU – Head of Sixth Form

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