JUNE 2015 - Eastview Secondary School



JUNE 2015 - Eastview Secondary School
JUNE 2015
Eastview Secondary School
421 Grove Street East, Barrie, Ontario, L4M 5S1
Phone: 705-728-1321 Fax: 705-728-6053
http://eas.scdsb.on.ca/ [email protected]
Jane Seymour - Principal • Mark Harvey - Vice Principal • Julie Richardson - Vice Principal • Marnie Ridout-Craig - Vice Principal
Greetings! It has been an absolutely fantastic year at
Eastview Secondary School! This past spring, we celebrated
a number of events including: Orchestra Gala, Prom 2015,
Athletic Banquet, Sears Drama Fest, Concert Choir Gala,
Penny Renton, Graduation Breakfast and many, many spring
sporting, arts, music and club events! We had an opportunity
to congratulate and honour our graduates on June 25th on
the completion of their high school requirements at
commencement held at the Eastview Arena.
We are also celebrating the retirement of a number of staff;
Ms. Barbara Kenez, business teacher, Mr. Miles Allemano
Canadian and World Studies Teacher, Mrs. Krista Pain Arts
teacher, and Mrs. Cindy Mills from our front office. On behalf
of staff and students we wish Ms. Kenez, Mr. Allemano, Ms.
Pain, and Mrs. Mills much happiness in the next chapter of
their lives!
It has been a pleasure and honour to serve the Eastview
community for this past year. I would like to thank all
parents/guardians, staff, School Council and all of our
students for their commitment in supporting this exemplary
and vibrant school. Your support solidifies our mission to
provide the best possible education and life learning for our
students. I would also like to thank everyone in our Eastview
community for extending such a warm Eastview welcome to
On behalf of the staff and administration of Eastview, we
thank all our students and their families for supporting
Eastview and wish each of you a wonderful, safe and relaxing
-Ms. Jane Seymour, Principal
July 3
Semester II Reports Mailed Home
Sept 1
Guidance Office Open (see insert for hours)
Sept 2
Link Leadership Grade 9 Orientation
Sept 8
Semester 1 Begins
Sept 21
Picture Day
Login as a student OR a parent/guardian at
www.myblueprint.ca/simcoe and explore potential career and
education plans this
summer! Check out the post-secondary options leading from
your child’s actual high school courses; learn about prerequisites, budgeting and job prospects all from one exciting tool!
Plan ahead: Approved 2015-2016
School Year Calendar is now available
The school year calendar for next year has been approved
and can be found on the Simcoe County District School
Board’s website at www.scdsb.on.ca under ‘Schools’ –
‘School Year Calendars.’ Key dates include:
 Students start school on Tuesday, September 8, 2015.
 The holiday break is December 21, 2015 to January 1,
 Evaluations (5 days) January 28 - February 3
 March Break is March 14 to 18, 2016.
Subscribe to our school website to stay up-to-date
Did you know you can subscribe to our website? When we
post ‘What’s New’ articles and our monthly newsletters to the
website you can choose to receive them by
email! Our ‘What's New’ section is where you'll read about
all the exciting things going on in our school. It's also where
we will post updates during emergency situations. It’s easy to
subscribe – visit our website at http://eas.scdsb.on.ca and
click the ‘Subscribe’ link at the very top of the page. When
you fill out your email and click Subscribe, an email will be
sent to your inbox with a link to click to confirm that you want
to subscribe. You can unsubscribe at any time using the link
at the bottom of each email.
There are times when you need to contact a
teacher at Eastview. Please take into account
the two main avenues of contact:
1) E-mail - Preferable. Please send a detailed message
outlining your need/concern, and include instructions for
return contact.
2) Teacher Voicemail - Most teachers have a voicemail not an extension. When calling into the school, please
select 5, then enter the voicemail number followed by the
# sign.
If you do not know your teachers e-mail address or
extension, there is a complete listing under the Departments
tab - staff list on the Eastview Website
http://eas.scdsb.on.ca. It would be advisable to print this list
off for your future reference.
Jane Seymour - Principal • Mark Harvey - Vice Principal • Julie Richardson - Vice Principal • Marnie Ridout-Craig - Vice Principal
PARTNERSHIP 2015 - 2016
The parent engagement initiatives planned for 2015-16
include the following and all events begin at 7pm:
Thursday, October 22: Scholarship Talk (Café)
Thursday, February 25: MyBlueprint/Option Sheet
Workshop (Library)
Monday, April 11: Dr. Karyn Gordon Presents Discovering Your Dream Career (Café)
We encourage you to follow us on Twitter this fall for regular
announcements and updates: “@WildcatGuidance”.
(If you aren’t sure how to set up a Twitter account, ask your
son or daughter to help you!) Tweets resume September
Did You Know?
There is a Parent Library with over 100 FREE and current
resources for parents/guardians to sign out in the Wildcat
Guidance Office. Come check it out this Fall!
Eastview Guidance Office August Hours
Tuesday, Sept.1: 8:00 am – 3:00 pm
Wednesday, Sept. 2: 8:00 – 6:00 pm
Thursday, Sept. 3: 8:00 am – 3:00 pm
For Registrations and Timetable Changes
Call 705-728-1321 ext. 40894 to make an appointment
Reminder from the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit:
Protect yourself during extreme heat
During extremely warm outdoor temperatures, the body’s
control system can become overwhelmed. Sweating helps to
cool the body, however, when the humidity is high, sweat will
not evaporate as quickly, preventing the body from releasing
heat quickly. Children have a high metabolic rate and
therefore produce more heat. Their capacity to sweat is not
as great compared to adults; so it’s more difficult for them to
release heat from their bodies and the effects of dehydration
are greater.
To protect your child’s health when temperatures and
humidity are high, keep them cool by:
 Giving them plenty of non-caffeinated fluids – even more
than their thirst indicates
 Dressing them in light weight, light-coloured, loose-fitting
 Staying cool indoors
Keeping outdoor physical activity to an absolute minimum –
especially when temperatures are at their peak (between 11
a.m. and 4 p.m.)
For more information about extreme heat and how to stay
cool, visit the health unit’s website at
www.simcoemuskokahealth.org or call Health Connection at
705-721-7520 or 1-877-721-7520.
Summer School 2015
Each year the Simcoe County District School Board offers a
variety of summer programs to over 2,000 students. Summer
School provides students an opportunity to be better prepared
for their future academic goals.
The 2015 Summer School offers students teacher instructed,
face to face classes to assist students to earn credits,
improve grades and improve skills in preparation for future
This year the eLearning summer options have been
expanded to include grade 10 Civics and Careers, grade 12
English (ENG4C or ENG4U), grade 12 Chemistry (SCH4U)
and Families in Canada (HHS4U).
Summer School Programs Offered:
 7, 8, and 9 Preparatory Math Program
 9 & 10 Science & English Credit Upgrade
 9 & 10 Math Credit Upgrade
 Grade 9 Math Transfer Course
 Grade 11 and 12 Credit Courses
 eLearning Grade 10 Civics and Careers Credit
 eLearning Grade 12 English, Chemistry or Families in
Be sure to register early as many classes fill quickly.
For More information http://www.thelearningcentres.com/
Beginner Driver Education
Only Courses offered this summer!
SCDSB’s Driver Education program, for teens and adults who
currently have their G1, includes 20 hours of in-class
instruction, 10 hours of independent work and 10 hours of
individual in-car instruction. The program meets all Ministry of
Transportation requirements and is a Ministry Approved
Course Provider.
There are upcoming summer sessions in Barrie as follows:
July 4 –12 Saturday & Sunday 9:00 - 2:30
July 13 -16 Monday - Thursday 9:00 - 2:30
August 8 -16 Saturday & Sunday 9:00 – 2:30
August 10-20 Monday - Thursday 4:00 - 6:30
Register today to reserve a space - the cost is $600 plus HST.
Visit The Learning Centres’ website
(www.thelearningcentres.com – click on ‘High School
Student’, then ‘Beginner Driver Education’) for more
information, registration forms and locations. To register, print
and complete the registration form, and take the completed
form to your local Learning Centre. Call 705-725-8360 for
more information.
Be sure to check out the Teen Health and Wellness link at
http://eas.scdsb.on.ca/ Use login: eastviewsimcoe and
password: wildcats to explore this tool. It offers
nonjudgmental, straightforward, standards-aligned, curricular
and self-help support and topics include diseases, drugs,
alcohol, nutrition, mental health, suicide, bullying, green
living, financial literacy, and many more.
Eastview Secondary School now has the option to pay for team fees, field trips, club fees, etc., online. It takes less than 5
minutes to register.
√ Convenient: Make payments anytime
√ Easy to use: Fill a shopping cart and check out
√ Safe:
No need to send cash or cheques to school
√ Secure:
Website is protected and PCI compliant
To register go to the School Cash Online website at: https://simcoecounty.schoolcashonline.com/ and select “Get Started
Jane Seymour - Principal • Mark Harvey - Vice Principal • Julie Richardson - Vice Principal • Marnie Ridout-Craig - Vice Principal
Under the Simcoe County District School Board
procedures (APM A7000), it is possible for students to
apply for and receive permission to attend an out-ofattendance-area school.
Students will be permitted to continue in attendance as
long as there are pupil places available. They may be
required to return to their home school or transfer to
another school when the capacity of the school they are
attending has been reached and pupil places are
required for students residing within the attendance areas.
An approval may also be revoked by the Superintendent
of Education after consultation with the receiving school
principal for reasons related to the student’s behavior,
attendance, actions or inactions at a future date.
Even with this permission, however, the responsibility for
transportation to and from school is borne by the
out-of-attendance-area student and/or parent/guardian.
Congratulations to this years Athletic
Banquet Major Award Winners!
They are as follows:
Parent workshops offered by Youth Haven Barrie
Tuesday evenings at Barrie Central Collegiate
Free workshops for parents will be offered at Barrie Central
Collegiate (125 Dunlop St. W.) on Tuesday evenings at 7
p.m., starting on April 28. Parents of youth aged 14-24 are
welcome to attend these evening sessions offered by Youth
Haven Barrie. The sessions will include topics such as:
Communicating with youth,
 managing stress
 positive relationship building
 substance abuse
For more information, call Youth
Haven Barrie at 705-817-1148 or
[email protected]
Colin Hood (Female)
Tristyn Jones & Hannah Simms
Safe cycling tips
from Parachute Canada
Colin Hood (Male)
Jake Grace & Owen Ingram
Jr. Athlete of the Year (Female)
Samantha Budd
Jr. Athlete of the Year (Male)
Mackenzie Smith
R.H. Mossop Award
Athlete of the Year (Female)
Anna Prust
R.H. Mossop Award
Athlete of the Year (Male)
Jake Grace
ongratulations to the 321 Eastview Graduates! Our
Commencement ceremony was held on June 25
and proved to be one of our largest turnouts to date!
In addition, we saw 143 grads receiving Ontario Scholar
recognition! On behalf of the administrative and teaching
staff at Eastview S.S. we wish you all the best in your
future endeavors.
Get ready for biking season and be a role
model for cycling safety by following these
important yet simple tips:
 Protect your head - wear a helmet: A
properly fitted and correctly worn bike helmet can reduce the
risk of serious head injury by up to 80%.
 Check your ride: Make sure bikes are adjusted to the
right height for the rider, inflate tires and check that brakes
are working properly.
 Be prepared: Get trained in bicycle safety and rules of
the road. Use hand signals and respect traffic signals,
stopping at all stop signs and stoplights.
 Pick family friendly routes: Protect young riders by riding
on quiet roads, trails and designated cycling routes.
For more tips and resources, visit Parachute Canada’s
website: www.parachutecanada.org/safekidsweek.
Date: September 2, 2015
Busing will be provided one way only at 9:30am from
Forest hill, Guthrie, Shanti Bay, WR Best and Terry Fox.
Parent meeting begins at 1pm.
Message from School Council Chair,
Hello Parents & Guardians!
This year was a really interesting, positive and collaborative year for School Council members. I really enjoyed meeting
parents/guardians and working with staff and students as the ESS School Council Chair. I have learned a lot more about
our outstanding school, the school system and all the services and supports that Eastview offers to our students. I have
also learned about the learning and technology focus with NPDL ( New Pedagogies of Deep Learning), School
Improvement Plan, and instructional strategies in the classroom that really support students’ learning and show
success. School Council members are so impressed with all ESS staff who are most professional, and who leave a
lasting/positive impact on our teens. Please remember to keep involved in your teen’s school and Eastview SS needs our
positive parent/guardian voice. We reviewed my blue print.ca, courses & pathways, OSSLT and EQAO Grade 9 Math
results as well reviewed field trips and upcoming events. The Student Rep Natalie kept us informed about all the wonderful
school events, as well upcoming social events (Thank you Natalie for your positive and inspirational feedback).
Please consider joining School Council next school year. The ballots are self-nominating in addition, you can also nominate
others- the ballots are open in September and our first meeting is planned for Thursday Sept 24th at 7pm in the
library. School Council is really positive, informative, collaborative and reaches out for learning for everyone.
Andrea Butcher- Milne
Jane Seymour - Principal • Mark Harvey - Vice Principal • Julie Richardson - Vice Principal • Marnie Ridout-Craig - Vice Principal
from the
Action First Aid
Acute Electrical
Altima Dental
Barrie Court Services
Barrie Veterinary Hospital
Barrie Welding & Machinery
Barrie YMCA
Bear Creek Exotic Wildlife
Bike Zone
Blondie's Hair Studio
Bohemia International
Canadian Tire – Bayfield
Chalmers Construction
Chartwell-Whispering Pines
City Direct
City of Barrie – Arts & Culture
City of Barrie – By-Law Office
Colournow Allandale Decorating
Computer Solutions R Us
Crazy Fox Bistro
Doogan’s Pet Store
Douglas Ford
Eastside Mario's
Fox’s Bakery
G.D. Coates Fine Cars
Garage Clothing Store
GoodLife Fitness
Grove Park Home
Hampton Inn
Headquarters Hair Salon
Helix Hearing
Horseshoe Resort
JCI Agri
KB Electrical
Krueger Electric
Learn and Play Daycare
Lennox Construction
Little Electric
MacLaren Art Centre
ME Audio Visual
Michael & Marion's
Mid Ontario Truck Centre
MPC - Molded Plastics
Northern Stars Montessori
OK Tire
Pharmasave Quarry Ridge
Photo Gift World
PJ Pets
RCM Glass & Mirror
Right Choice Heating
Robinson Hardware
Ruff Haus
Saint Elizabeth Health Career
Scarpaccio Risontante
SCDSB – Elementary Schools
Skater’s Choice
Slickers Hair Salon
St. Onge Recreation
The North Restaurant
The Original Mom’s Restaurant
The Restore
TIFT – Talk is Free Theatre
Urban Planet
Utopia Towing
Wallwin Electric
Wally’s Mechanical
Western Mechanical
Wolseley Supply
World Gym
Yanch Heating
We are excited to have the Military Co-op happening again next year with the Grey and Simcoe Foresters. There
will be one running first semester, starting in September for students interested in the infantry which runs out of the
Barrie Armories. Another exciting opportunity is being offered with the 32 Canadian Brigade Group at Base Borden with
Co-op placements in second semester having a greater focus on communications. At the moment we have several
applicants who have applied and are currently working through the various stages of the selection process. This is a
highly competitive group of applicants and we at Eastview have had many successful candidates in the past and I am
sure this will be no different. Students who take part in this Co-op will earn 4 credits towards their OSSD, and training
towards their BMQ (Basic Military Qualifications) and BMQ – Land certifications, while getting paid!!
Success in the Workplace - Co-op experiences can often lead to employment opportunities and more. If you're a
student who shows great initiative and passion for the work you are learning at your placement, you could earn
opportunities which pave the way for your future. Some examples of success stories from Eastview's Co-op program
which are worth noting; Molded Plastics Consultants offered a first time high school Co-op placement which led to a
summer position, as well as a potential offer for future employment once the student completed their post-secondary
schooling. Another great story is with Colournow -Allandale Decorating Centre of Barrie who hired their Co-op
student to continue working on their web presence with Houzz. The student will continue with their informative blogs on
the company's website as well. This student, who will complete a Bachelor of Interior Design, has work experience prior
to completing their post-secondary education which will give them invaluable experience and a lead in the competitive
market. Many other students managed to secure part-time work during their placements, some actually at the placement
and some at similar locations because they now have experience in the sector.
We would like to congratulate one our students for being accepted into the specialized Co-op program called Precision
Metal Cutting Apprenticeship. This unique program offers students an opportunity to get a jump start into the
world of manufacturing, in areas such as Tool and Die Maker, General Machinist and Mould Makers. These students
are automatically registered as an apprentice, and have the opportunity to gain on-the-job training with a summer
internship and during their Co-op placement in Semester 2, and complete the first level of in-school apprenticeship
training through Georgian College.
OYAP “The Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program” - Eastview Secondary School successfully signed more than a
dozen students again this year into an apprenticeship, in areas of Automotive Service Technician, Child Development
Practitioner, Plumber, Cook, Cabinet Maker, Hairstylist, Heavy Equipment Mechanic and Electrician. Many Eastview
students have had the opportunity to be sponsored by their Co-op employers for an apprenticeship this year. Thank you
to Mid-Ontario Truck, KB Electric, Little Electric, SCDSB for ECE, RVH for Electrician and Plumbing, Mon Cheri Hair
Studio, Northern Stars Montessori, Douglas Ford, The Crazy Fox Bistro, G.D. Coates Fine Cars, Blondies, The
Original Mom’s Restaurant and Lennox construction for guiding our students in a chosen pathway.
Currently the Co-op Department is trying to develop a new and exciting pathway program for student athletes who are
training and competing at national and provincial levels. If you are one of these students please see Mrs. Szentes or
Mrs. Grigoriadis in the Co-op office 160B.
Students who are interested in finding out more about the various Cooperative Education opportunities are welcome to
join one of the many presentations we, and previous Co-op students, organize throughout the year and present to all the
Grade 10 Career and Civics classes. Students are also encouraged to stop by the Co-op office and talk to one of the
teachers, in Room 160B.
The Co-op Department is always looking for new Co-op placements to provide meaningful, real life experiences. A Coop student can provide a company with assistance in work related tasks as well as some new and innovative ideas for
the business. If you, or someone you know, is interested in finding out more about becoming a Co-op employer, please
contact the Co-op office at 705-728-1321, extension 40861.

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