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Saif ul Malook:
A celebration of a Literary Masterpiece
Wednesday 3rd September 2014, 5pm – 8pm
Future House, Bolling Road, Bradford, BD4 7EB
Bradford & District’s Supplementary Schools are invited to take part in
Saif-ul-Malook. A celebration of a literary masterpiece giving the message of
love and harmony.
The event is being organised to honour a great Sufi poet and scholar Mian Mohammed Bakhsh who
had enormous breadth and depth capturing and inter-weaving romance, spiritualism, religious
beliefs, ethnics, morals, social and cultural statement and critique of the time.
Saif-ul-Malook (originally titled Saffar-e-Ishq: Journey of Love) remains his most popular book,
written in Punjabi . It is an awesome convergence of dialects and languages, rendered with skill
and panache, easy on the tongue and flows without breaking the melody or rhythm-indeed a
linguistic master piece.
Saif-ul-Malook is enjoyed by Punjabi speaking populations on both sides of the Pakistan and Indian
borders and revered by Muslims and Sikhs alike. In Britain, Saif-ul-Malook is read, listened to, and
enjoyed in homes, and public gatherings (religious, cultural and social). It is also one the most
musically recorded works by some of the major artists and performers in Pakistan, India and other
parts of the globe. In Britain religious, cultural and social gathering or musical performance is
considered incomplete without some rendering of Saif-ul-Malook.
The central theme of Saif-ul-Malook is love. The author sees ‘love’ as a bridging or connecting force
for humanity and bringing humanity closer or uniting it with the creator. It is this appeal and the
scheme of life that the author builds around that makes its message universal and appealing to
people from different divides. It is in this respect, Saif-ul-Malook has become one of the important
and potent influences on those who turn to it for inspiration and guidance.
Saif-ul-Malook is widely practiced, listened to, played, vocally performed and used as a platform to
promote harmony amongst different communities and religious denominations.
To share this message of harmony and love we are involving international scholars and experts to
give young people and parents an insight into the magic of the Saif-ul-Malook. Join us for an
evening of speakers, performances and activities which will inspire and amaze.