Seeking to live as a diverse, multigenerational



Seeking to live as a diverse, multigenerational
Thank you to all those participating in this morning’s service.
Greeters: Dawilla Madsen & Joyce StibitzSound: Greg Gibson
Last Sunday, June 28, we supported Morrow Church through:
Our PresenceOur Gifts
8:15am (Worship in the Garden)
Weekly Offering
10:00am (Worship in the Sanctuary)
Our Prayer List
Mary Saenger (Don & Barb Illingworth), Anne Smith, Janet Painter, Garrett Backman (Janet Painter), Leslie
Linden-Chiger (Soraya Kressler), Dawn Pemberton, Will Earley (Nephew of Matt & Deb Ellsworth), Family
of Angelo Vayas, Jim George, Hildegarde Howell (Kim Feddersen), Seema Bhise (Kim Feddersen), Petrus
Family, Reed Family (Barra Family), Eva N., Family of Laura Nichols, Jesse (Sheila Wolfinger), Family of Fred
Lacon (Arlington Hazel), Chris Gilbert, Jeanne Adams, Gracitta & Edith (Steve Bryan), Grace, Matt, & Holly
Gilbert, Amy & Barbara LeBlanc, Nicole Van Giesen (Poutre Family), Corey Ayala Fagundez & Family, Bob
Schultz, Family of Elizabeth Davis, Ursula Helmig (Andrea Northfield), Chris Holub (Poutre Family), Linwood Martin, Glen Albright (Poutre Family), Barbara Guida (Poutre Family), Patricia Hibbits (Poutre Family),
Viola Ziyambe, Anima Jagtiani (Kim Przekop), Maria Galarza (Kim Przekop), Judy Ellsworth (Matt Ellsworth),
John and Tina Painter, Tony Masi, Janine Poutre, Valerie Anderson (Linda James), Bill Witherspoon, Glen
Albright, Thelma Carroll, Sandra Charlap (Brenda Ehlers), Mervyn Connor (William and Betsey Knowles),
Abigail Finch, Grace Gilbert, Amanda Hutt (Kathy Briedis), Frank Lavelle, Elizabeth Marzano (Mary
Marzano), Gloria R. Mayor, Susanne McKirdie (Kathy Finch), Al Mende (Kathleen Good), Miller Family (Julia
Cerny), Eileen Muench, Mary O’Kee (Sarah Macyshyn), Deb Ribeiro (Judy Rogers), Ralph Riekenberg (Dave
Riekenberg), James Rohrer (Sue Ellen and Martin Leys), Robert Roth (Nancy Gagnier), Doris Schafer (Bruce/
Donna Schafer), Alma Schreiber, Joan Sciame, Mary Sheridan, Linda Thornley, Pete Wurzer (Bill Ehlers), Art
Wiese (Margaret Prentice)
Seeking to live as a diverse, multigenerational, inclusive Christian community,
where lives are transformed
If you would like to be added to the prayer list, please contact the church office.
Rev. Dr. Bradford L. Motta
Senior Pastor
Rev. Brenda Wheeler Ehlers
Associate Pastor, Children & Youth Ministries
Dr. Holland Jancaitis, Director of Music Ministries
Paige Chant, Communications Specialist
Cynthia Hicks, Preschool Director
Kenny Rueca, Building & Grounds Maintenance
Bishop John Yambasu, Mission Partner, Sierra Leone
600 Ridgewood Road, Maplewood, NJ 07040 • 973-763-7676
July 5, 2015
Worship 10:00am
* Please stand, as you are able.
William Matthias
*Call to Worship
Leader: Come! Weak-kneed and tongue-tied, come. All you who are feeling hassled and harried,
come. All you with shattered dreams and punctured hopes, come. For here is the water of life and the
springs of joy.
People: We come as we are.
Leader: Gather round. All you with lonely hearts and worried brows. All you fragile vessels bearing
the hurt of the world, all you carrying the wounds of rejection, all you knowing the ambushes of life,
come. For here is the love of a community gathered around a table.
People: We come with our needs.
Leader: Come. Here is a banquet for your soul, a vision of peace and harmony, a feast of hope and
healing. Come.
People: We come to be fed.
Leader: Come close; gather in. God is here. Hear the whispers of grace. Feel the warmth of love.
Know the healing of wounds. Sense the hope and embrace the joy.
People: We come together. God’s love makes us one.
*Opening Prayer
Gracious and loving God, how prone we are to come to worship with our heads full of what
we need to do after worship is over and what we should have done before we arrived. All of
our yesterdays are but memories and all of our tomorrows are out of our reach. Now that we
are here O God, let us be truly present in this place. May your spirit help us to let go and allow your spirit to comfort, heal, challenge, and uplift us. Speak to us in this hour that we may
leave here this morning inspired to be the people you have called us to be. Amen.
*Hymn, TFWS 2001
We Sing to You, O God
Scripture Reading (New Testament, p. 185)
2 Corinthians 12:2-10
Concerns and Celebrations
Call to Prayer: Hymn, TFWS 2193
Lord, Listen to Your Children Praying
Pastoral Prayer
*The Lord’s Prayer and Passing the Peace
Time for Young Disciples
*Hymn of Preparation, TFWS 2164
Scripture Lesson (New Testament, p. 40)
A More Perfect Union
Mark 6:1-13
Rev. Dr. Bradford L. Motta
Presentation of God’s Tithes and Our Offerings
Offertory, UMH 696
America, the Beautiful
Doxology, UMH 94
Praise God, from whom all blessings flow; praise God, all creatures here below: Alleluia!
Alleluia! Praise God, the source of all our gifts! Praise Jesus Christ, whose power uplifts!
Praise the Spirit, Holy Spirit! Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!
*Prayer of Dedication
Sacrament of Holy Communion
Prayer of Confession
Call to Confession: God loves us and invites us to be open and honest in prayer so we can experience God’s love more fully. In that spirit of trust let us offer our confession to God. Let us pray.
O Great Spirit, whose voice we hear in the winds, and whose breath gives life to all the
world, hear us. We come before you as your children. We are small and weak; we need your
strength and wisdom. Let us walk in beauty and our eyes ever behold the red and purple
sunset. May our hands respect the things you have made, our ears be sharp to hear your
voice. Make us wise, so that we may know the things you have taught your people, the
lessons you have hidden in every leaf and rock. We seek strength not to be superior to our
brothers and sisters, but to live in harmony with ourselves and all of your creation. Help us
to be ever ready to come to you, so that when life fades as a fading sunset, our spirits may
come to you without shame. (Traditional Native American Prayer)
Word of Assurance
The Great Thanksgiving (see booklet in pew)
Receiving the Bread and Cup
Bread of the World
Richard Shephard
*Hymn, UMH 206
I Want to Walk as a Child of the Light
Fugue in D major, BWV 532
J.S. Bach

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