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04/09/2009 - MalibuSurfsideNews
APRIL 9 • 2009
Trancas Park Imbroglio Continues
to Add Interesting New Permutations
Skeleton Found in Kanan Vehicle
Wreck Is ID’d as Missing TO Man
City Set to Adopt Revised Negative
Declaration for Beach Lot Zoning
NPS and State Parks Rangers to
Educate About Tide Pool Ecosystems
Malibu AYSO to Hold Registration
and Orientation for 2009 Season
ONTINUOUS CHANGE—Spring is evident in this particularly spectacular area of rock formation in Malibu Canyon not far from
Pacific Coast Highway but, interspersed among the flowers and the grasses, one can already begin to see some signs of drying.
Although most of the recent rain that has fallen in Southern California managed to pass Malibu by, meteorologists were right
on about rain arriving in Malibu on Tuesday, the first of a possible series of small storms forecast to occur this week. MSN/Frank Lamonea
Real Estate
APRIL 9 • 2009
Front PAGE
Council Set to Consider Controversial Trancas Park Revisions
■ Still to Be Outlined Changes Sought by Citizens Group Could Cost City Over $250,000
he Trancas Park revisions—
estimated to cost over a quarter-million dollars—agreed
to by a select handful of proponents at an invitation-only meeting
two weeks ago at City Hall are
slated to go before the Malibu
City Council next week.
Dubbed the Trancas Canyon
Park Plan Modifications and
placed on the agenda by Councilmember Sharon Barovsky, the
requested action is to see if there
is a majority vote to direct staff to
make grading and retaining wall
changes to the Trancas Park plans
and bring back those changes to
the council for “a substantial site
plan conformity review.”
This will be the first time the
rest of the council and the public
at large will have a chance to hear
and comment on the modifications described by the attendees as
a settlement or compromise.
“The cost to have the changes
prepared by the design engineer
will be less than $2000. The cost
of the site plan changes could
increase the cost of the project by
approximately $250,000,” wrote
City Manager Jim Thorsen, in a
memo to the council.
The city manager said the staff
prepared sketches that showed
alternatives that would minimize
the ridge grading. “In order to
accomplish those changes, the
proposed dog park would need to
be reduced in size by approximately 10,000 square feet. In
addition, retaining walls would
need to be incorporated into the
design. The majority of the neighborhood residents at the meeting
supported the changes. Staff believes that these minor changes are
still in conformity with the approved plan,” added Thorsen.
The city administrator said he
did not have numbers yet for the
total amount of grading, but that it
would change because the original
plans called for a balanced site,
the same amount of cut and fill.
Now there would be more fill required, which is what adds to the
cost, according to Thorsen, who
said the agenda item is a means to
formalize the procedure.
Barovsky, who was the sole
council member to meet with citi-
zens at the gathering on March 26,
put the matter on the agenda, hoping the majority will agree to recommend city staff complete the
grading plan changes and have
them brought back to the council
on May 11 for a substantial conformity site plan review.
Councilmembers Pamela Conley Ulich and Jefferson Wagner
dissented when the original park
plan was approved.
When City Attorney Christi
Hogin was asked about the process that got the proposed park
revisions where they are today,
she acknowledged the process is
different from what most observers witness after a final approval of measure or resolution by
the council, but indicated that this
time things are different because
the city is both the applicant and
the decision-maker.
Hogin indicated it is the city
manager’s purview to direct consultants or staff to make revisions
that will come before the council.
The city attorney said it is not
unusual for council members to
meet with citizens about issues,
even after a city council vote.
Hogin said she was on vacation
and did not know the details of the
meeting that was controversial
because no park opponents or dissenting council members were
invited to the City Hall session.
Lynn Norton, who sought the
meeting with Barovsky and others, has sent out an update stating
that, despite some park proponents statements to the contrary,
nothing legally changed at the
March 26 meeting.
“Nothing was legislated in this
meeting. This was not a back
room deal, but a simple meeting
between a council woman and
No Acceptable Bids Made
for City’s Empty Building
Some Fear Recession White Elephant
The deadline for submitting a
proposal for leasing out the cityowned building formerly occu-
Father of Soldier in Whose Honor Trancas Field Was
Dedicated Offers an Alternative Proposal for the Site
■ Says Location Should Be Used for Revenue-Producing Solar Energy Farm
he property now at the center
of the controversy over what
is generally referred to as
Trancas Park was originally dedicated as a memorial on June 17,
1967, for the first soldier from
Malibu West to be killed in action
in the Vietnam War.
When Sgt. Alfred Kaspaul was
killed in Quang Tri on Oct. 11,
1966, his family was devastated
by the loss. Their sorrow was only partially eased by the compassion of the Marine Corps family
and the subsequent honoring of
the young fallen solder with the
“Sgt. Alfred A. Kaspaul Memorial Field in Malibu West.”
Kaspaul’s father, Alfred, better
known in Malibu as Fred, has a
Ph.D. in physics and chemistry
from his native Germany. The
senior Kaspaul has had an illustrious career in scientific research,
including time spent at Hughes
Laboratories. He is the author of
numerous monographs on an array of topics in his disciplines, and
has turned to science to craft a
proposal for a way to use the land
that formerly bore his son’s name.
Rather than a park that he sees
as “bringing too much traffic,
noisy, creating dog urine discharge, and being a terrible bother on all of its neighbors,” Kas-
paul has proposed that the site
become LASSIE Park. LASSIE
stands for Large Area Solar
System Installation Electric, in
short, a solar energy farm.
Kaspaul outlines the proposal in
a six-page color pamphlet being
distributed among his neighbors.
He says that in light of the current
economic state of the nation, any
proposal for the city-owned site
should generate an income.
The 35-year Malibu West resident says he and his wife, Erika,
who is a physicist specializing in
methodology and a partner in
their ongoing consulting business, experienced the 1930 Great
Depression. They think the proposal for a solar energy project is
a feasible approach for “surviving the coming depression gracefully,” a “time when we should
reduce spending and use what we
have more efficiently...and a time
for fiscal responsibility by individuals and government.”
Kaspaul says the current park
proposal before the Malibu City
Council will cost the city and offers no return, noting that the “only beneficiaries may be the attorneys who come to deal with the
lawsuits that are bound to follow.”
With a solar project, he says the
city would “see a return in a few
Alfred Kaspaul was not the
typical 21-year-old “semper
fi” U.S. Marine serving in
Vietnam. He was a linguist
(seven languages, including
Vietnamese) and an intuitive
ethnologist who served his
adopted country well until he
was killed in action in 1966.
years...as well as be the focus of
national public attention.”
Kaspaul says he is taking his
lead from the Obama Administration, which he thinks would
not only consider funding such a
some constituents to have a conversation. Something, whether it
be this newly proposed plan or
something else, will have to go to
the city council, with a public
hearing, and the city council as a
whole would then decide whether
to accept some new plan,” wrote
The park has become increasingly controversial, pitting Malibu West neighbor against neighbor, created a volley of emails
and the possibility of more opportunity for acrimony as these
neighbors meet again in council
chambers to hash it out.
project, but also hail it as a example of a community using alternative energy to effect cost
savings and self-sufficiency.
He says the site is perfect for
low-lying aluminum solar panels
that could connect to existing
power lines in the west Malibu
grid and have the potential provide standby power for the city
in an emergency and even service a future charging station for
electric cars, possibly in the
Trancas Country Market area.
Kaspaul says “nothing [at the
site] would be preferable” to
plans that “will mean waste disposal [issues], as well more traffic, more people, more problems
for the limited access road and an
increase in fire danger.”
Listing the “highlights” for his
plan, he says it means “no brushfires, no noise, no pollution, no
urine discharge, limited water use,
and [it is] safe for everyone, including those he calls the SAD
(sex-alcohol-drug) people at nearby rehabilitation facilities.
Kaspaul says LASSIE Park is
“a solution for the usage of the
total area of the former Sgt. Alfred A. Kaspaul field in light of
the pending rough times ahead
for all of us and our nation.”
pied by Coldwell Banker has
been extended until April 30, according to municipal officials.
The city has received several
responses to its Request for
Proposals, but none of them met
the city’s criteria, according to
Reva Feldman, who is the municipality’s administrative services
director, and is handling the leasing matter.
“We hope to get some better
responses,” she said, but declined
to discuss how many responses
were actually received or what
the city did not like about them.
The property is located at the
corner of Webb Way and Pacific
Coast Highway and has been
available for lease for several
months. The nearly half-acre
commercial zoned property was
the focus of attention when the
realty firm moved after the city
raised the rent and consolidated
its offices on Malibu Road.
Coldwell Banker was leasing
the site for $5.83 a square foot,
which is about $337,000 per
year. The city requested a minimum rental amount of $428,000,
which is $7.37 a square foot. The
realty firm’s lease, which the city
assumed in 2006 after acquiring
the property, expired on Dec. 31,
The stand-alone building,
which consists of 4848 square
feet, can be used as an office,
retail or bank space. Due to limitations of the wastewater treatment system, the site cannot accommodate a restaurant or similar more intensive use, according
to city officials.
Municipal officials have stated
that they are looking for a longterm partnership in the building,
(Continued on page 16)
APRIL 9 • 2009
Measure BB Issues
Keep School Board
Members Occupied
Prospects for Porta-Potty Peace
Pact Take Turn for the Positive
■ Infrastructure Necessities Funded
easure BB improvement
plan projects at Malibu
High and Middle School
continue to evolve. The Santa
Monica-Malibu Unified School
District Board of Education, at its
April 2 meeting, voted to allocate
additional Measure BB funds for
electrical upgrades and onsite
wastewater treatment system improvements at Malibu High
School and Middle School. Funding for preliminary geologic investigation and reports for MHS
Measure BB improvement projects was also on the agenda,
along with funding for MHS
CEQA environmental documents
The board was asked to
approve $108,690, for a total contract amount of $169,072 to
Topanga Underground for “septic
system surveys and investigations
services studies” at MHS, to provide “additional septic system
review and analysis, as well as a
comprehensive plan to pump each
system, measure the inflow of
sewage into the systems and measure the outflow and percolation,
in preparation for the permit
application to the Regional Water
Quality Control Board.
The board also agreed to a contract amendment for the firm of
HMC Architects to provide “architectural services for the preliminary design of improvements to
the wastewater treatment system
for Malibu MS/HS, in an amount
not to exceed $62,037.”
HMC will evaluate a secondary
treatment system based on percolation tests and groundwater monitoring, and study the of volume
of existing and future loads per
building and to each system and
prepare an initial evaluation report, as well as design a secondary
treatment system to process a projected load of less than 20,000
GPD (gallons per day) load.
According to district staff,
HMC will also provide “Preliminary design recommendations for
the repair/improvements for 10
septic systems, as well as
“Preliminary design for piping
and pumping system from each
septic tank to the treatment system and back to seepage pits.”
(Continued on page 23)
■ Attorneys for Two Sides Agree to Discuss Issues
epresentatives of longtime
Malibu property owner Bob
Dylan have finally acknowledged the existence of a dispute
with a Point Dume neighbor over
a noxious outdoor portable toilet
and arranged to set up a meeting
to discuss the long-standing strife.
Attorneys who say they represent Dylan have contacted Frank
Angel, the local counsel retained
by David and Cindy Emminger
after they went public with complaints that fumes from the movable outhouse that is reportedly
used by security guards and other
staff on the multi-parcel property
are making family members ill.
Angel told the Malibu Surfside
News that he received a conference call this week from Carlyle
Hall and Jason Karlov from the
firm Akin Gump Strauss Hauer &
Feld, which says on its Web site
that it is “one of the world’s largest law firms...with 800 lawyers
in 13 offices.”
Hall’s name may be familiar to
many in Malibu. For about three
decades, his career centered on
litigating key land use issues and
environmental concerns as the cofounder of the Center for Law in
the Public Interest. He joined
Akin Gump in 2002.
Karlov’s specialization is entertainment law. According to the
Akin Gump Web site, Karlov represents “a variety of clients in the
entertainment and media industries,” advising them in the “negotiating and drafting of contracts relating to a wide array of entertainment-and-media-related transactions,” which now ostensibly include thorny disputes with neighbors over outdoor commodes.
Angel’s husband-and-wife law
firm has a strong Malibu practice
that has been predominately oriented toward group and individual representation on many of this
area’s major environmental and
land use issues in recent years.
The story line of the mega law
firm versus a solo practitioner
may have the makings of a David
and Goliath scenario, given Angel’s solid string of local court
victories, despite Dylan’s display
of legal firepower.
Angel told The News that he has
agreed that all preliminary discussions will remain private. No one
at Akin Gump would do the same.
When contacted by telephone,
Hall said comment would have to
come from Karlov, who has not responded to emails or phone calls
requesting clarification of the na-
the charges cannot be publicly detailed, but he noted, “They are
substantial...and are viewed as
more superior than normal.”
Eriksson’s case is being handled
by the Roteln-för-Grova-Brott department, which only addresses
crimes of a felony nature.
Hallberg said Eriksson has a
Stockholm address, but also uses
an address in Germany, which is
where he headed when he was
deported from the United States
after serving time for offenses related to ownership of the crashed
Ferrari and other luxury vehicles.
Two other men were arrested in
Stockholm this week in connection with the related charges,
Hålean Maltsson and Mehmet
Kose. Warrants were issued for
the trio’s arrest in March. The
charges cover the period from
December 2008 through March
2009, according to court documents emailed by Chief Inspector
Gabriel Ogden of the Uppsala
Polisen. There are reports the men
had been under surveillance as
part of an ongoing investigation,
but no further information is being made available at this time.
Eriksson, a cult figure in Sweden, has the mob moniker of
“Tjock Steffe” or “Stocky Stevie,”
from his days as a reputed key
player in Uppsala organized crime.
Eriksson was arrested and sent to
prison in Uppsala in 1994 following conviction for a list of charges
related to mob criminal activity.
After release from prison, Eriksson headed to London, where he
lived a lavish lifestyle as a highly
paid executive for Gizmondo, an
electronic gaming device company
that went bankrupt under suspicious circumstances in 2006.
Gizmondo financed Eriksson’s
love of fast sports cars, including
the red Enzo that was split in half
when it crashed on PCH west of
Trancas, while traveling at speeds
of excess of 162 mph.
Despite his ostensible inebriation at the time of the Ferrari
crash, Erickson was released at
the accident scene by Los Angeles
County sheriff’s deputies who
bought his story that he had connections to U.S. Homeland Security agency operations. Eriksson was subsequently arrested on
charges of drunk driving, embezzlement, auto theft, and felony
weapons possession.
After lengthy court proceedings
and several changes of legal counsel, Eriksson eventually pleaded
no contest to DUI charges and
similarly plea bargained on multiple charges of embezzlement and
ture of the firm’s legal representation in the porta-potty wrangle.
The issue of how to deal with
the Emmingers’ complaints about
the impromptu outhouse that have
festered for months is compounded by the assertion of City of Malibu officials that there is no way to
regulate permanent use of an outdoor portable toilet on private
land, thereby leaving any disputes
to private party resolution.
This issue has been looked at
by Los Angeles County and California Coastal Commission staff
who have indicated that a preliminary reading of nearly all regulations on the books indicates that
porta-potty placement is allowed
for temporary purposes only.
Without expressing any opinion
on where the upcoming discussions between the two sides might
lead, or whether there’s a possibility that any agreement to resolve
the matter might be precluded
from being made public as part of
a settlement, Angel said that he is
pleased to see “a dialogue having
finally been opened.”
The counsel for the Emmingers
paraphrased another musical icon
of no small stature when he said,
“We will give peace a chance.”
Second Pot
Pharmacy Swede Who Crashed Ferrari Is Back Behind Bars
Seeks Permit ■ Eriksson Is Arrested in His Native Country on Charges with a Familiar Ring
■ Needs MPC OK
The City of Malibu Planning
Commission is being asked to
approve the second pot pharmacy
in the community at its regular
meeting on May 5.
Green Angel Collective is seeking a conditional use permit in an
existing commercial building at
21355 Pacific Coast Highway to
operate a medical marijuana dispensary. The applicant is also
seeking a variance to operate the
facility within 1000 feet of a park.
Several months ago the commission gave its OK for a pot
pharmacy located in mid Malibu.
Last summer, the city council
adopted an ordinance to allow
medical marijuana dispensaries
as a conditionally permitted use
in all commercial zones.
Previous to that, the municipality had enacted a moratorium, after it discovered there were two
facilities in the city, PCH Collective and Green Angel, but that
Malibu had no zoning regulations
to deal with the stores.
The issue initially caused some
debate when both the planning
commission and the city council
previously heard testimony
(Continued on page 23)
he Swedish high-rolling electronic gaming company
executive and reputed mobster, who became an international
media figure when he crashed a
$1.5-plus million Ferrari Enzo on
Pacific Coast Highway in 2006,
was arrested in Stockholm last
week on suspicion of grand theft,
fraud, assault and other charges.
Stefan Eriksson, now 47, is currently in jail in Uppsala, Sweden,
where he formerly served prison
time in the 1990s for convictions
on racketeering, counterfeiting
and other charges related to his
alleged role in what locally was
dubbed the Uppsala Mafia.
Uppsala Polisen (Police) Station Commander Stefan Hallberg
told the Malibu Surfside News by
telephone on Friday that Eriksson, a Swedish national, was arrested in Stockholm on Monday,
March 30, and brought before a
district court judge on Thursday,
April 2, for a detention hearing.
Eriksson remains in jail in Uppsala (there is no bond provision in
the Swedish judicial system). The
judge gave the attorney for the man
known as “Ferrari Guy” and the
“Ferrari Swede” two weeks to
gather defense evidence and slated
his return to court for April 16.
Hallberg said the specifics of
he was garbed in upscale executive attire for his U.S. court
proceedings, Stefan Eriksson
couldn’t escape evincing the
pugilistic or thug-like image reflected in his reputed Swedish
mobster nickname of Tjock
Steffe or “Stocky Stevie.”
gun law violation and was sent to
California state prison.
When Erikkson was released
from state prison in January 2008,
he was immediately deported
from the United States for illegal
entry into the country from England and faded from the limelight
until his arrest last week.
APRIL 9 • 2009
to the
The dog park comes up periodically like recurrent indigestion. Over 10 years ago, we obtained over 1200 signatures on a document asking our august city council to
consider a dog park—we also raised a fair amount of
funds via T-shirt sales to assist us.
We enlisted the support of the then superintendent of the
S.M.-Malibu School District (Deasy), and he offered us some
land across from Hughes Lab on Malibu Road—two or more
acres. All we had to do was support a bond to give funds to
the district. We exchanged dog kisses—and he got the funds
by a margin that they never would have had without us. God
only knows where that money went, and who cares?
Then came reality. The neighbors did not want this daytime doggie park—in a meeting arranged by the city council, the friendly neighbor group—led by a famous woman
dog lover (at least that is what an article in a local publication said)—threatened to sue my a-s from here to Italy,
if we pursued the matter in a meeting at city hall.
Later, in action at a C.C. meeting with one other dissenter,
the auspicious council elected to “shelve” the matter.
Then we were offered a 750-square-foot piece of land in
the middle of the perhaps future Trancas Park. Even though
it was really in the middle of nowhere-suddenly NIMBYS
came out of the woodwork, threatening to sue our a-s.
Now, again—wake up, there shall never be a real dog
park in Malibu—certainly not on a half-acre or more.
We understand Sharon’s motives, and I feel that the
park should be named Barovsky Bark Park, if it eventually
opens. But I think it should be a 20-foot by 20-foot piece
for small dogs only—the size of a miniature pup.
I would not want to have our dogs exposed to rabies
from bats (please see the MSN article on bats) even
though the chance is 0 percent from a bat on the ground. I
raised bats over 60 years ago, and they do spread rabies.
Also congrats to Ms. Soble on bringing Ms. B to task,
but will these measures have a Stern effect? May I humbly
suggest that the porta-potty (in England we call it a Loo)
be moved to the dog site, as well.
Hey, does Ms. Soble really take what goes on in this
Mecca by the Sea seriously? It is truly the land of fruits
and nuts, but I, for one, still love it, even 35 years later.
F--- the dog park, kiss these wonderful babies every
day, and let them s--t on the neighbor’s lawn—they
deserve it (but clean up after the dogs).
I love your paper. Will you have the “guts” to publish
this letter?
Ron Lawrence
I was at this so-called “secret meeting” where Councilmember Barovsky graciously and generously offered
her time to help “save the ridge.” In fact, I was the one
who happily informed the press about it.
The meeting was held at 3 p.m., at the city hall, in the
grand conference room on a Thursday. Now, I am not
good at keeping secrets, but if that constitutes a “secret
meeting,” then the bar on keeping secrets has been seriously lowered.
It is hard to believe that Councilmember Barovsky is
being unfairly cast as doing something “illegal” when she
was just doing her job—and in fact, doing a damn good job.
Since when is meeting with the constituents a crime?
Especially when invited by a constituent—and not to mention, one that is an opponent of this project. She should be
commended for doing what she was elected to do—to listen
to the people.
She has tried to find a “win-win” solution for all...and,
yes, she has done it in broad daylight in spite of the dim
fog projected by certain press.
P.S. It is my fantasy to have a park.
Justine Petretti
(Letters are continued on page 15)
Is there anything
like a clement
Malibu rainfall to
put life’s ills in
Especially if it
reminds us to try
not to muck up
any of nature’s
Publisher’s NOTEBOOK
Dozer Doggerel
The emails from irate Trancas area residents
haven’t stopped clogging my inbox since last Thursday when residents were treated to word that the
ridge above the proposed Trancas Park has been
“saved” from the bulldozers by participants in a private meeting at City Hall, and no one needs to be
“concerned” about the matter any more. That word
was quickly modified by a subsequent communication from another participant at this meeting who
said that the ridge officially hasn’t been “saved” yet,
but the parties to this new plan expect a city council
majority to fall into lockstep at its next session.
The problem with this scenario is other residents
(insert disclaimer here that I do not live near Trancas,
but farther west in Malibu, and have no personal
stake in the issue) are emailing me and asking how
can the ridgeline have been saved if even more grading is required? Some indicate the new proposal still
endangers the land features that the National Park
Service states are most in need of protection and is
just saving a few rocks rather than the ridgeline.
Is this a case of another Malibu semantics blitz?
Just as some observers assert that all politics are local,
others say that they are usually semantic. The examples of ambiguation are endless. The nation is not at
war, it is in an armed conflict. Noncombatants who
die in crossfire are collateral damage, not murdered
humans. False communication is not a lie, it is misinformation. Is saving one or two outcroppings now
being represented as saving an entire ridgeline ?
If the new city proposal still calls for bulldozing
down the ridgeline some two dozen feet, at an additional cost of over a quarter-million dollars, what is
being saved and what is being destroyed? If the city
council is going to spend more money at a time
when it may not be able to find potential takers for
municipally-owned property that was anticipated to
add more to city coffers than it was doing, members
should look carefully at every project before them.
This is just a hunch, but it’s likely that a fair contingent of the people flooding my inbox with their
concerns are going to show up at the next city council meeting on Monday, April 13, and they will be
less than happy if they think they are being manipulated with word games. With apologies to Gertrude
Stein: a rock is a rock is a rock; and a ridgeline is a
ridgeline is a ridgeline.
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APRIL 9 • 2009
Epidemiology Study Slated for Surfrider Beach Combines Research Techniques
■ One of Three Beaches in Southland Selected for Inquiry into Bacterial Contaminants
The Malibu City Council
will learn next week about a
series of studies, including
one at Malibu Surfrider
Beach that will examine the
relationship between indicator bacteria and health risk
at beaches where non-point
sources are the dominant
fecal input.
The study will be carried
out by the Southern California Coastal Water Research
Policy and involves three
epidemiology studies being
carried out at three separate
beaches between 2007 and
The first was at Doheny
Beach in Dana Point, which
is described as a site where
the bacterial inputs are
thought to be primarily
from runoff and birds,
rather than human waste.
The second is Avalon
Beach on Catalina Island
where a leaking sewage
structure is believed to be
the bacterial source. Third,
is Surfrider Beach, where it
is thought local septic systems, birds and urban runoff
contribute to the load.
The studies are termed
different than past epidemiological studies where the
focus was on beaches
impacted by point sources
with known human fecal
The studies hope to
Missing Man’s
Remains ID’d
Authorities have identified
the skeletal remains found by
hikers in a Malibu canyon last
A spokesperson for the Los
Angeles County Coroner’s
office said dental records
established that the human
remains are those of Jeffery
Scott Howard, 40, who was
reported missing three years
ago from his Thousand Oaks
Determination of the cause
of death awaits additional
professional input based on
anthropological study and
other analysis.
Scott left his home in
December 2006, and neither
his family, nor authorities
were able to locate him.
Hikers found his remains
in his vehicle last week about
800 feet below Kanan Dume
It is believed that both the
location and the position of
the vehicle—it came to rest
nose down in deep brush on
the steep canyon hillside—
prevented aerial search crews
from finding the vehicle.
answer three questions. Did
water contact increase the
risk of illness during the two
weeks following exposure to
water? Among those individuals with water contact, were
there associations between
illness and measured levels
of traditional water quality
indicators? And were there
asociations between illness
and measured levels of nontraditional water quality indicators?
Here is how the studies
are conducted. The water at
various locations on the
popular beach is tested for
bacteria. Simultaneous with
the testing, beach goers are
asked to participate in interviews and then asked if they
went swimming. The study
participants who did go into
the water are questioned further about their exposure to
the water. The participants
are contacted several days
later to determine if they
experienced any ill effects
that they attribute to their
beach visit. The type of illness, severity and duration
are noted. Medical verification of the complaints may
be done by physicians. Then
the water testing results and
the health survey information are evaluated to determine what type of illnesses
are reported. Then researchers check to see if
there is a statistically significant difference in illness
rates between those who
went in the water and those
who did not and whether
there is a correlation between the concentration of
an indicator bacteria or
some other measured pollutant and the number of participants who contracted a
particular illness.
CONGRATULATIONS—The Southern California
School Band and Orchestra Festival was recently
held in Santa Monica. The Malibu High Wind Ensemble, under the direction of Bill Bixler, pictured
above, received superior ratings for its performance
and for sight reading. Under the direction of John
Kibler the MHS String Orchestra also received superior ratings for performance and sight reading. Eric Meyer
❃ ❃ ❃
St. Aidan’s Episcopal
Church member Paul
Elder, above, is teaching
“Centering Prayer” each
Wednesday night at 7:30
p.m. in the church chapel, 28211 PCH. According to a press release,
Elder is holding the meetings “in hopes t unite
seekers in their common
search for God [and] a
way to communicate with
Him. For more information call 310-457-7966.
GATHERING—Members of the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District
PTA were in Sacramento last month for a series of meetings with state legislators to discuss the impact of the state budget. Representing Malibu were
Colleen O’Brydon and Allison Ray. According to a press release, there was a
great deal of discussion on the upcoming ballot measures A through E. Pictured above is the group of attendees with Assemblymember Julia Brownley.
❃ ❃ ❃
APRIL 9 • 2009
BIG NEWS–Malibuite
Thomas Michael Jennings is engaged to
Ellen Burke Farmer of
Washington, D.C. Farmer, who is the environmental program director
for the Telecommunications Industry Association. The daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Woodard
Farmer of Charlotte,
N.C., she is a graduate
of Kings College in London, England. Jennings,
a producer based in
Santa Monica, writes,
produces and directs
TV shows for his company Tom Jennings Productions. The couple
will be married on Oct.
10 in Asheville, NC.
❃ ❃ ❃
MULTI-TALENTED—Malibu’s Miss Junior Miss held its annual competition last
week at Malibu High. Pictured above are competitiors Erica Posey, who was
voted West Malibu’s Junior Miss, Samantha Hereu, Kaitlin Johnson and Jenna
Sherry, who was voted East Malibu’s Junior Miss, and Erin Barlow. Posey and
Sherry will advance to the state competition; the winner of which will compete for
MSN Frank Lamonea
the national title and a scholarship prize in June.
Do you know a student who has
been honored, have an event to let
readers know about, a new job, a
new marriage, a new member of the
family, a recent award or other special events in your life? Let us help
you spread the word to all your
friends and neighbors. Submit items
by Friday to People and Places at
the Malibu Surfside News, P.O.
Box 903, Malibu, CA 90265 or
email us at [email protected]
APRIL 9 • 2009
Mystery of the Tsunami Evacuation Signs Is Finally Solved
■ The Blue-and-White Signs Are Part of a City and County Project in Emergency Preparedness and Awareness
umerous letters to
the editor have
offered theories or
inquired about the new blue
and white tsunami warning
signs that have been put up
in nearby areas, including
canyons in Malibu.
Some people said they
were part of a project by
Los Angeles County, or the
California Coastal Commission, or even the City of
After some sleuthing by
the Malibu Surfside News,
it turns out four of the signs
within Malibu’s city limits
were put up by the city
working with Los Angeles
County. The other signs are
the result of a City of Los
Angeles initiative, which
places tsunami hazard signs
in areas such as Pacific
Palisades and Venice.
“There’s an increased
awareness of tsunmami
danger,” Malibu’s Emergency Preparedness Coordinator Brad Davis said.
“We’ve wanted to put up
evacuation signs for a long
time and we’re finally
getting funding.”
The city has put up four
evacuation route signs in
the Malibu city limits to go
along with the evacuation
signs outside the city limits.
“We want to make people
understand the concept that
tsunamis are a potential
threat,” Davis added. “And
what they should do if such
a thing were to happen, just
the same for wildfires and
Richard Deppisch from
the city’s Emergency Management Department says
their signs were initiated in
response to requests from
residents of Venice and San
Pedro about two years ago.
However, due to the expense of the process the
signs were put up around
November of last year.
“Nothing was really
happening in terms of tangible results until November of last year,” Deppisch
said. “Councilman Rosenthal and my general manager put together a budget
of around $9000 to install
about 45 signs.”
Thirty signs were put up
in areas such as Venice,
Playa Del Ray, Westchester
HIGH GROUND—Critics of the new signs say that
running rather than driving is the key to surviving a
tsunami. “Grab the kids and run like hell,” Malibuite
Don Michael suggested in a recent letter. The goal
is to reach an elevation of at least 90 feet.
and the San Pedro Area.
Signs were also put up in
Pacific Palisades and West
Los Angeles.
“We are working with
Los Angeles County,”
Depisch said. “They initiated contact with Caltrans
and the state of California.
They basically said ‘we’ll
work on it’ and came back
with the maps, tsunami
plans and distributed brochures to those who could
be impacted.”
The driving force for the
sign project was the
concern for public safety in
low lying coastal areas.
Especially after the catastrophic 2004 tsunami in the
Indian Ocean, neighborhood council groups in the
Venice area began asking
about potentially putting up
Eventually Los Angeles
got involved setting up a
task force working with
LAPD, LAFD, Caltrans, the
state of California and
seismologists at USC. As
well, about 14,000 brochures were distributed
about two years ago with
tsunami maps and plans.
“The reason we did this is
because we thought public
safety was very important,”
Deppisch said. “We did this
because it’s a mandate that
we have to make sure the
public is aware of. Even if it
is a rare occurrence we felt
it important to get that message out and make residents
aware of where to go and
what the evacuation plan is
in the event of a tsunami.
Longtime Malibuite and
engineer Don Michael
agrees tht tsunami awareness should be promoted,
but expressed doubt that
evacuation route signs are
the right approach.
“In almost all instances,
there wold not be enough
time to escape along any
roadway, whether or not
using a vehicle,” Michaels
wrote in a recent letter to
the Malibu Surfside News.
Michaels recommends
dropping everything and
running for higher ground
in the event of a tsunami.
“You should not attempt to
drive away, not even in
your beloved Ferrari, unless
you could get that high [50
or more feet in elevation] in
a minute or so,” Michaels
wrote. “ The operative word
is ‘escape’ not ‘evacuate.’”
APRIL 9 • 2009
Local Churches Plan Easter Festivities MHS Named a ‘California Distinguished School’
Malibu High School has
been named a 2009 California
“On Wednesday, April 1,
State Superintendent for
Public Instruction, Jack
O’Connell called us to personally extend his congratulations on being named a
Distinguished School,”
said MHS Principal Mark
Kelly in a press release.
According to Kelly, on
March 16, a visiting team
spent the day at Malibu
High, observing classrooms,
reviewing documents and
meeting with teachers, students and parents.
“The visiting team shared
with me that they were
very impressed with our
school; in particular, with
how well our students
articulated their appreciation for teachers, counselors, faculty and staff
members who care for
them,” stated Kelly. “It is
our working together that
makes Malibu High a great
Topanga Earth Day Festival Set for Next Weekend
SERVICES—Several local churches are holding Easter services on Sunday,
April 12. For the second year in a row Malibu Presbyterian’s service will take
place at 11 a.m. at Bluffs Park. The special guests will include Emmy Awardwinning actor Craig T. Nelson and classical guitarist Christopher Parkening.
Calvary Chapel will hold services at 10 a.m. at Juan Cabrillo Elementary
School and on Friday, April 10, they will screen the feature film “The Passion
of the Christ” at 7:30 p.m. St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church will hold Easter services at 8 and 10 a.m; and a Good Friday service at 7:30 p.m. on Friday.
Malibu United Methodist Church is holding an Easter Sunrise Service at 6:30
a.m. at Tower 7 on Zuma Beach. For more information about the services,
go to the Calendar on page 12.
10th annual Topanga
Earth Day Celebration
will take place from 10
a.m. to sunset on Saturday and Sunday,
April 18 and 19 at the
Topanga Community
Fairgrounds, 1440 Topanga Canyon Blvd., in
Topanga. “It’s a weekend-long celebration of
sustainable living solutions, world-class international, national and
local L.A.-area bands,
ecological fine art gallery, healing arts, workshops, a children’s
area with eco-entertainment, speaker presentations and more,”
stated a press release.
“Local and international
nonprofits, including
the California Wildlife
Center, will receive
two-thirds of festival
profits. The suggested
donation for the event
is $10 per person. For
more information, visit
APRIL 9 • 2009
Trancas Vineyards Wins Award on First Try Potential New Owners Attend Dog Adoptions
yard, described as a new
boutique winery located in
its namesake canyon took
home the distinguished
Gold Award and Best Class
Award for its 2006 Syrah,
as well as honorable
Another Malibu vineyard
has achieved award-winning status. Trancas Vineyards won recognition for
its Syrah wine at the Lodi
International Wine Awards.
The west Malibu vine-
WINNER—Trancas Vineyards, which produced
the award winning syrah wine is owned by Robin
and Gary Peterson. The wine won the gold award
and best class award at the Lodi International
awards. The label, created by the peterson’s
daughter Jessica, received honorable mention.
mention for its 2006 Syrah
label, designed by vineyard
owners, Robin and Gary
Peterson’s daughter Jessica
The Second Annual
2009 LIWA is the first
wine competition Trancas
Vineyards entered. The
fledgling vineyard was
featured on the cover of the
Malibu Surfside News
several years ago. The Lodi
awards competition is
described as a unique
collaboration between wine
experts and sensory scietists. The judging panel
consists of over 30 professionals sampling multiple
wines from over 50 wineries. The competition
was held last month in
Lodi and an awards ceremony is planned for next
month. Winners of the
competition, including
Trancas Vineyard, will be
pouring at the ceremony.
The 2006 Trancas Syrah is
available for retail at $65
per bottle through the
vineyard’s Website at
w w w. Tr a n c a s Vi n e yards.com.
HOME HUNTING—Animal rescue groups converge upon the Malibu Colony
Plaza on Saturdays and Sundays in the hope of placing orphan dogs and
cats into loving homes. Last weekend, Bark Avenue Foundation and
Southeast Area Animal Control Authority were the main attraction as children
of all ages passed by. Above, Sherri and Tyler Farland check out a group of
mixed breed puppies in a play pen. With the economy is such a free fall,
many dogs and cats are abandoned as owners lose their homes. MSN/Frank Lamonea
Name of Project: Zoning Text Amendment No. 05-004, Zoning Text Amendment No. 09-002, Zoning Map Amendment No. 05-001,
Coastal Development Permit No. 05-136, Tentative Parcel, Map No. 99-002, Initial Study No. 06-002 and Mitigated Negative
Declaration No. 06-004
Location: 30732 Pacific Coast Highway (APN 4469-026-005)
Description of Project: The project consists of three components: A) a development standard for beachfront lot width; B)
development standards for the proposed four-lot subdivision; and C) the four-lot subdivision.
On July 29, 2005, the Malibu Bay Company applied for a coastal development permit (CDP No. 05-136) with a Local Coastal Program
Amendment request (LCPA No. 05-002) to subdivide a 2.08 acre parcel located at 30732 Pacific Coast Highway into four-lots
consistent with the proposed LCPA. The four proposed lots would not meet the Local Coastal Program (LCP) Local Implementation
Program (LIP) minimum lot width requirement of 80 feet for the SFM zone district, therefore; the Malibu Bay Company also requested
the LCPA to reduce the minimum lot width requirement for SFM beachfront properties to 45 feet. The City prepared and adopted an
initial study and mitigated negative declaration for the proposed project. On January 22, 2007, the City Council certified the mitigated
negative declaration and approved on appeal, the coastal development permit for subdivision of the subject beachfront property.
However, the approval was conditioned upon certification of the City’s proposed LCP amendment by the California Coastal
Commission (CCC) to amend the development criteria for beachfront lots in the SFM zoning district. On February 12, 2007, the City
Council adopted Ordinance No. 304, adopting amendments to the LIP and forwarded LCPA No. 05-002 to the CCC for consideration.
On June 11, 2008, the CCC conditionally approved the proposed amendment subject to the City’s acceptance of three suggested
1) Modification One – Add site-specific regulations (an overlay district) to the property proposed to be subdivided.
2) Modification Two - Add a map of the suggested Malibu Bay Company Overlay District (30732 Pacific Coast
Highway/APN 4469-026-005) to the LIP Maps.
3) Modification Three – Amend LIP Chapter 6 (Scenic Resources) to include public ocean view corridor standards
for any new subdivision of beachfront residential parcels.
Since the LCP amendment was modified, it now differs from the “project” presented to the City’s decision-makers on January 22,
2007. The original project included an amendment to address the requested lot width and that element of the project was approved
by the CCC. However, the CCC’s modification adds the Malibu Bay Company Overlay (MBCO) zoning district with specific
development standards for the four new parcels which requires an additional legislative action (zone text amendment) by the City.
Although, the development standards in the MBCO are more restrictive than the existing development standards for beachfront lots,
this information was not formally presented to the City’s decision-making body for review and consideration.
This revised initial study/mitigated negative declaration will be submitted to the City’s decision-making body at a noticed public
hearing. At the public hearing the City Council will do the following: 1) consider whether the addition of an overlay zone is substantially
consistent with the previous City approvals for the project; 2) review the legislative addition of the MBCO; 3) consider this revised
mitigated negative declaration; and 4) consider the coastal development permit application for the four-lot subdivision, against all
applicable standards.
Lead Agency:
City of Malibu
Contact Person:
Stefanie Edmondson, AICP, Principal Planner
310-456-2489 ext. 233, [email protected]
Review Period:
Begins: April 9, 2009
Ends: May 11, 2009
The Initial Study and Mitigated Negative Declaration will be circulated for a 30-day review period. Written comments will be received
by the City of Malibu Planning Division until 4:30 p.m. on the ending date of the public review period.
Purpose of Review: The purpose of this review is to allow public agencies and interested members of the public the opportunity to
share expertise, disclose agency analysis, check for accuracy, detect omission, discover public concerns and solicit counter
proposals pursuant to CEQA Section 15200 (Purposes of Review).
Where to Send Comments: Comments regarding the Initial Study and Mitigated Negative Declaration should reference IS No. 06002. Comments may be submitted as follows:
Post: City of Malibu Planning Division Attn: IS No. 06-002
23815 Stuart Ranch Road
Malibu, CA 90265
Fax: 310-456-7650
Email: [email protected]
Address Where Documents Are Available for Review:
City of Malibu City Hall
Planning Division
23815 Stuart Ranch Road
Malibu, CA 90265-4861
Principal Planner
Publish date: April 9, 2009
malibu country mart
Ocean Views
2,848 s.f.
Can be divided
Call Stu at
310-625-5281x 244
APRIL 9 • 2009
The Malibu Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on
Tuesday, May 5, 2009, at 6:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers,
Malibu City Hall, 23815 Stuart Ranch Road, Malibu, CA, for the
project identified below.
NO. 09-013 – A request to permit the operation of a medical
marijuana dispensary in an existing commercial building located
at 21355 Pacific Coast Highway, including a variance to locate a
medical marijuana dispensary within a 1,000 foot radius of a park.
Linda Parsley /
Green Angel Collective
Douglas Himmelfarb
21355 Pacific Coast Highway,
within the coastal zone
Commercial Neighborhood (CN)
Ha Ly, Associate Planner
310-456-2489, extension 250
Pursuant to Section 15270 of the CEQA Guidelines, CEQA does
not apply to projects which a public agency rejects or disapproves.
A written staff report will be available at or before the hearing.
Following an oral staff report at the beginning of the hearing, the
applicant may be given up to 15 minutes to make a presentation. Any amount of that time may be saved for rebuttal. All
other persons wishing to address the Commission will be provided up to three minutes to address the Commission. These
time limits may be changed at the discretion of the Commission.
At the conclusion of the testimony, the Commission will deliberate and its decision will be memorialized in a written resolution.
Copies of all related documents are available for review at City
Hall during regular business hours. Written comments may be
presented to the Planning Commission at any time prior to the
close of the public hearing.
LOCAL APPEAL - Pursuant to Malibu Municipal Code Section
17.04.220, a decision of the Planning Commission may be
appealed to the City Council by an aggrieved person by written
statement setting forth the grounds for appeal. The appeal period expires on May 1, 2009 at 4:30 p.m. An appeal shall be filed
with the City Clerk within 10 days and shall be accompanied by
an appeal form and filing fee, as specified by the City Council.
Appeal forms may be found online at www.ci.malibu.ca.us or in
person at City Hall, or by calling 310-456-2489, extension 245.
If there are any questions regarding this notice, please contact
Ha Ly, Associate Planner, at 310-456-2489, extension 250.
Principal Planner
Publish Date: April 9, 2009
PLEASE TAKE NOTICE THAT the City of Malibu is accepting
applications for City Council appointment of Public Safety Commission ex officio member.
The deadline to submit applications for consideration of
appointment is Wednesday, April 15, 2009, by 5:00 p.m.
Application forms are available at City Hall, on the City’s website
(www.ci.malibu.ca.us on the City Council page), and by fax or
email if requested from the City Clerk at 310-456-2489, extension 228. Said applications will be presented to the Council for
consideration of appointment at the Regular City Council meeting of May 11, 2009. Interested parties are encouraged to submit their applications as soon as possible.
All completed application forms are to be returned to Lisa Pope,
City Clerk, City of Malibu, 23815 Stuart Ranch Road, Malibu, CA
90265. Applications must be received by the deadline - No
postmarks will be accepted.
Publish: April 2, 2009 and April 9, 2009
Lisa Pope, City Clerk
Sealed bids will be received by the County
of Los Angeles Department of Public
Works, Construction Division, for the construction of two retaining walls including
steel soldier piles, tie backs, timber lagging,
and reinforced concrete facia; cable and
metal beam guardrailing and asphalt concrete pavement on base material; and the
performance of other appurtenant work
under Project ID No. RDC0015151, Newell
Road at Corral Canyon Road and Fairside
Road, in the unincorporated community of
Malibu Bowl.
The bids must be submitted at the
Cashier's Office, located on the Mezzanine
level, 900 South Fremont Avenue, Alhambra, California 91803-1331, before 11 a.m.
on Tuesday, April 28, 2009. The bids will
then be publicly opened and read in Conference Room A or at the location posted in
the main lobby.
The work shall be done in accordance with
the Plans and Specifications on file and
open for inspection at the County Board of
Supervisors Executive Office and the
Department of Public Works. The work is
estimated to cost between $4,750,000 and
$5,750,000 and shall be completed in 140
working days. The work requires a California Class A contractor's license. Prebid
questions regarding the Plans and Specifications should be directed to Mr. Harry
Cong at (626) 458-3111.
The bids must be submitted on the proposal forms included in the bidder's package of
the contract documents, which may be purchased for $15, if picked up at the aforementioned Cashier's Office, (626) 4586959, Monday through Thursday between 7
a.m. and 5:30 p.m., or for $19, if mailed,
which includes postage and handling.
Each bid must be accompanied by a certified check, cashier's check, or surety bond
payable to County of Los Angeles in an
amount equal to at least 10 percent of the
bid to guarantee that the bidder will enter
into the contract if it is awarded to him.
All persons performing the work shall be
paid not less than the General Prevailing
Wage Determination made by the Director
of Industrial Relations pursuant to the California Labor Code. Copies of these wage
rates are available at the Department of
Public Works. Furthermore, minimum
Davis-Bacon Act Wage Decisions for this
Project as predetermined by the Secretary
of Labor (Federal) are set forth in the Special Provisions.
If there is a difference between the minimum
wage rates predetermined by the Secretary
of Labor and the applicable prevailing wage
rates per the Director of Industrial Relations
for similar classifications of labor, the contractor and its subcontractors shall pay not
less than the higher wage rate.
The rate of compensation for any classification not listed in the schedule, but which
may be required to execute the contract,
shall be commensurate and in accordance
with the rates specified for similar or comparable classifications or for those performing similar or comparable duties.
The County hereby notifies all bidders that
it will affirmatively ensure that minority business enterprises will be afforded full opportunity to submit bids in response to this invitation and will not be discriminated against
on the grounds of race, color, religion, sex,
or national origin in consideration for an
award of any contract entered into pursuant
to this advertisement.
The goals for minority and female participation, expressed in percentage terms for the
contractor's aggregate workforce in each
trade on all construction work in the covered area, are as follows:
Goals for Minority
Participation in
Each Trade
Goals for Female
Participation in
Each Trade
These goals are applicable to all the contractor's construction work (whether or not it
is Federal or Federally assisted) performed
in the covered area.
The contractor's compliance with the Executive Order and the regulations in 41 CFR,
Part 60-4, shall be based on its implementation of the Equal Opportunity Clause, specific affirmative action obligations required
by the specifications set forth in 41 CFR,
Part 60-4.3(a), and its efforts to meet the
goals. The hours of minority and female
employment and training must be substantially uniform throughout the length of the
contract, and in each trade, and the contractor shall make a good faith effort to
employ minorities and females evenly on
each of its projects. The transfer of minority
or female employees or trainees from contractor to contractor or from project to project for the sole purpose of meeting the
contractor's goals shall be a violation of the
contract, the Executive Order, and the regulations in 41 CFR, Part 60-4. Compliance
with the goals will be measured against the
total work hours performed.
The contractor shall provide written notification to the Director of the Office of Federal
Contract Compliance Programs within ten
working days of award of any construction
subcontract in excess of $10,000 at any tier
for construction work under the contract
resulting from this solicitation. The notification shall list the name, address, and telephone number of the subcontractor; employer identification number of the subcontractor;
estimated dollar amount of the subcontract;
estimated starting and completion dates of
the subcontract; and the geographical area
in which the contract is to be performed.
As used in this Notice, and in the contract
resulting from this solicitation, the ``covered
area`` is the County of Los Angeles.
DC 1553487
The following person is doing business as:
Brodon Realty
29715 Cuthbert Rd, Malibu, CA 90265.
Brodon Holdings, Inc.
29715 Cuthbert Rd.
Malibu, CA 90265
This business is conducted by a Corporation.
The Registrant commenced to transact
business under the fictitious business name
or names listed above on March 2, 2009.
This statement was filed with the County
Clerk of Los Angeles County on March 30,
I declare that all information in this statement
is true and correct. (A registrant who
declares as true information which he or she
knows to be false is guilty of a crime.)
s/Brodon Holdings, Inc.
NOTICE — In accordance with Subdivision (a) of Section 17920, a fictitious
name statement generally expires at the end
of five years from the date on which it was
filed in the office of the county clerk, except,
as provided in Subdivision (b) of Section
17920, where it expires 40 days after any
change in the facts set forth in the statement
pursuant to Section 17913 other than a
change in the residence address of a registered owner. A new fictitious business name
statement must be filed before the expiration.
DC 1553484
The following person is doing business as:
29229 Heathercliff Road, Suite 10, Malibu,
CA 90265.
29229 Heathercliff Road, Suite 10
Malibu, CA 90265.
This business is conducted by a Limited
Liability Company.
The Registrant commenced to transact
business under the fictitious business name
or names listed above on October 8, 1999.
This statement was filed with the County
Clerk of Los Angeles County on March 30,
I declare that all information in this statement
is true and correct. (A registrant who
declares as true information which he or she
knows to be false is guilty of a crime.)
s/Chris J Silva
NOTICE — In accordance with Subdivision (a) of Section 17920, a fictitious
name statement generally expires at the end
of five years from the date on which it was
filed in the office of the county clerk, except,
as provided in Subdivision (b) of Section
17920, where it expires 40 days after any
change in the facts set forth in the statement
pursuant to Section 17913 other than a
change in the residence address of a registered owner. A new fictitious business name
statement must be filed before the expiration.
Publish in the Malibu Surfside News,
April 9, 16, 23, 30, 2009.
Publish in the Malibu Surfside News,
April 9, 16, 23, 30, 2009.
DC 1548411
The following person is doing business as:
Lily’s Cafe and Pastries
29211 Heathercliff, Malibu, CA 90265.
Lilian Castro
1510 Levi Way
Oxnard, CA 93033.
This business is conducted by an individual.
The Registrant commenced to transact
business under the fictitious business
name or names listed above on 1994.
This statement was filed with the County
Clerk of Los Angeles County on March 18,
I declare that all information in this statement is true and correct. (A registrant who
declares as true information which he or
she knows to be false is guilty of a crime.)
s/Lilian Castro
NOTICE — In accordance with Subdivision (a) of Section 17920, a fictitious
name statement generally expires at the
end of five years from the date on which it
was filed in the office of the county clerk,
except, as provided in Subdivision (b) of
Section 17920, where it expires 40 days
after any change in the facts set forth in the
statement pursuant to Section 17913 other
than a change in the residence address of
a registered owner. A new fictitious business name statement must be filed before
the expiration.
Publish in the Malibu Surfside News,
April 2, 9, 16, 23, 2009.
The bid must provide full disclosure of
False Claims Act violations, labor law/payroll violations, debarments, and civil/criminal legal actions as provided for on the
forms included as part of the proposal.
Failure to complete these forms may result
in a determination that the bidder is nonresponsive and/or not responsible.
The contract, if awarded, will be awarded to
the lowest responsive and responsible bidder; however, the Board of Supervisors
reserves the right to reject any and all bids.
Due to the requirements of the use of Federal and State funds on this project, no
Local Small Business Enterprise preference
will be applied to this project as defined in
County Code 2.204.
A responsible bidder is a bidder who has
demonstrated the attribute of trustworthiness, as well as quality, fitness, capacity,
and experience to satisfactorily perform the
contract. It is the County's policy to conduct
business only with responsible contractors.
The successful bidder will be required to
fully comply with all applicable State and
Federal reporting requirements relating to
employment reporting for its employees
and comply with all lawfully served Wage
and Earnings Assignment Orders and
Notice of Assignment and continue to maintain compliance throughout the duration of
the contract. Failure to comply may be
cause for termination of the contract or initiation of debarment proceedings.
The successful bidder will be required to
submit a faithful performance bond, payment bond, worker's compensation insurance, and liability insurance with the contract.
As provided for in Section 22300 of the California Public Contract Code, the contractor
may substitute securities for any monies
withheld by the Department of Public Works
to ensure performance under the contract,
or enter into an escrow agreement for payment of such monies to an escrow agent.
Each person by submitting a response to
this Notice Inviting Bids certifies that such
bidder and each County lobbyist and County lobbying firm, as defined by Los Angeles
County Code Section 2.160.010, retained
by the bidder, is in full compliance with
Chapter 2.160 of the Los Angeles County
Para mas informacion con relacion a esta
noticia, por favor llame a esta numero (626)
458-3118. Nuestras horas de oficina son
de 7 a.m. a 5:30 p.m. de Lunes a Jueves.
The County supports and encourages
equal opportunity contracting.
By order of the Board of Supervisors of the
County of Los Angeles, State of California.
Dated March 31, 2009.
Sachi A. Hamai
Executive Officer
of the Board of Supervisors
Malibu Surfside News
CN816085 01968 April 2, 9, 2009
DC 1544917
The following person is doing business as:
20178 Rockport Way, Malibu, CA 90265
EarthWays Foundation
20178 Rockport Way
Malibu, CA 90265.
This business is conducted by a corporation.
The Registrant commenced to transact
business under the fictitious business
name or names listed above on N/A.
This statement was filed with the County
Clerk of Los Angeles County on March 17,
I declare that all information in this statement is true and correct. (A registrant who
declares as true information which he or
she knows to be false is guilty of a crime.)
s/Andrew Beath
NOTICE — In accordance with Subdivision (a) of Section 17920, a fictitious
name statement generally expires at the
end of five years from the date on which it
was filed in the office of the county clerk,
except, as provided in Subdivision (b) of
Section 17920, where it expires 40 days
after any change in the facts set forth in the
statement pursuant to Section 17913 other
than a change in the residence address of
a registered owner. A new fictitious business name statement must be filed before
the expiration.
Publish in the Malibu Surfside News,
March 26 and April 2, 9, 16, 2009.
DC 1554760
The following person is doing business as:
1. AppsNminded 2. Apps N minded
23852 P.C.H, Suite 976, Malibu, CA 90265.
1. Cara Hall
2. Jennifer Noonan
25780 Piuma Road 560 Cold Canyon
Calabasas, CA 91302 Calabasas, CA 91302
3. Jesse Douglas
5840 Round Meadow
Hidden Hills, CA 91302
This business is conducted by a General
The Registrant commenced to transact
business under the fictitious business name
or names listed above on January 1, 2009.
This statement was filed with the
County Clerk of Los Angeles County on
March 25, 2009.
I declare that all information in this statement
is true and correct. (A registrant who
declares as true information which he or she
knows to be false is guilty of a crime.)
NOTICE — In accordance with Subdivision (a) of Section 17920, a fictitious
name statement generally expires at the
end of five years from the date on which
it was filed in the office of the county
clerk, except, as provided in Subdivision
(b) of Section 17920, where it expires 40
days after any change in the facts set
forth in the statement pursuant to Section
17913 other than a change in the residence address of a registered owner. A
new fictitious business name statement
must be filed before the expiration.
Publish in the Malibu Surfside News,
April 2, 9, 16, 23, 2009.
SMMUSD Notice of Public Hearing
Measure R Parcel Tax
Notice is hereby given that the Board of Education of the Santa
Monica-Malibu Unified School District (SMMUSD) will conduct a
public hearing on the matter of the 2009-10 Special Parcel Tax
(Measure R): 1) regarding applying a Consumer Price Index
(CPI-U) adjustment; and 2) allowing for public input on whether
the priority programs to be supported by Funding Measure revenues should be modified in the Proposed Annual Plan for
The public hearing will be held on April 23, 2009 at 7:00 p.m., in
the SMMUSD Board Room at 1651 16th Street, Santa Monica,
CA 90404-3891.
Subsequent to the public hearing on April 23, 2009 at the regularly scheduled meeting, it is the intention of the Board of Education to adopt a resolution to levy the tax at the current rate of
$346.00 per parcel, which includes a 0% CPI adjustment. The
CPI-U for Los Angeles-Riverside-Orange County, base year
1982-84=100, from February, 2008 through February, 2009, was
used to calculate the adjustment.
In accordance with The Santa Monica-Malibu Schools Quality
Education Funding Renewal Measure Section 5.C., Accountability, Planning, Public Information, and Compliance Review Provisions-Public Comment Process, the Board shall hold a noticed
public hearing on the Proposed Annual Plan no fewer than 60
calendar days before the annual budget is adopted for the subsequent fiscal year to allow for public input on whether the priority programs to be supported by Fund Measure revenues
should be modified. The Proposed Annual Plan is posted on the
District’s website, www.smmusd.org, and is available for public
review in the Office of the Superintendent.
Publish Date: Thursday, April 2 and 9, 2009
Be Informed Read the Public Notices
APRIL 9 • 2009
Trancas Country Market Plans Headed for Planning Panel
■ Redesign and Expansion of Businesses and Services Offers New Amenities for Western Malibu
MEETING PLACE—Project planners envision Trancas Country Market as a place where Malibu families
can gather and find local goods and services. A playground and open space are part of the proposed plan.
who indicated there would who currently lives in
ermits and entitle- planning panel at one time.
The plans for the ex- be parking for 70 cars.
Malibu West and has spent
ments sought for
The shopping center a great deal of time going
expanding the Tran- isting Starbucks building
cas shopping center located call for two new res- owner said that he hired over the site firsthand.
Bercu said the design
at the corner of Pacific taurants and the con- Burdge & Associates to do
Coast Highway and Tran- struction of additional the design work on the team has already incorporcas Canyon Road are buildings to create a center because it is pri- ated much of the feedback
scheduled for a hearing be- courtyard much like the marily a residential archi- they have received from
fore the Malibu Planning Malibu Country Mart, tectural firm and he sought Broad Beach residents,
a residential approach so who have their own partiCommission on Tuesday, including a playground.
Other retail shops are Trancas Country Market cular interests, Malibu
May 5, at City Hall.
Plans call for the re- planned for a row of new would blend in with the West homeowners, who
have another set of connovation and expansion of buildings along the west neighborhood.
None of the proposed cerns and Malibu Park
Trancas Country Market, side of the existing HOWS
including a 37,372 square market. Additional shops new buildings are more neighbors, who have exfoot addition to the existing and stores are planned for a than two stories tall and pressed other preferences.
He said he wants to hear
commercial shopping cen- concentration of buildings will not be over 18 feet,
ter, a new parking lot lo- along the east side of the according to Doug Burdge, from any interested incated across the street, a grocery store. A freeparking lot north of the standing building that may
supermarket, and a smaller house a bank would be
center across Trancas located in front of the
Creek in the old Riders and market, closer to PCH.
Another free-standing
Ropers equestrian site.
Dan Bercu, who heads building planned for the far
up the ownership of the end of the parcel east of the
shopping center, said that Trancas Creek would
instead of phasing the consist of 11,644 square
project piece by piece, all feet and house local retail
of the permits and entitle- businesses and office
ments are going before the space, according to Bercu,
dividuals. Bercu can be
reached at 310-457-4484,
or his cell at 310-9942694.
Some of the most
frequently expressed concerns that Bercu said he
has attempted to tackle
include keeping vacant
land west of the Chevron
service station as open
He also emphasized that
the parking lot proposed
for behind the service
station, which calls for 80
parking spaces, will be for
employees only. He said it
will be made of a pervious
surface and gated or
monitored to maintain its
employee-only status.
That parking lot will also
be used for the Metropolitan Transit District bus
turnaround. The public bus
lays over at Trancas Canyon Road and has traditionally prepared for its
return run by cutting
through the rear Trancas
Market parking lot.
Other suggestions incorporated into the plans
call for the parking lot next
to the garden center now
located behind the current
market to also be constructed of a pervious
surface. This so-called lot
B is being planned for 74
Other parking consists of
the existing 160 parking
spaces in front of the
When asked about the
plans for development on
the old Riders and Ropers
site, which has been earmarked for acquisition by
the National Park Service
for lagoon restoration, Bercu said the 6.44 acre site is
for sale and he is on record
as being a willing seller if
the NPS can come up with
$3.5 million price tag.
Bercu said he wants to
emphasize his efforts to
keep the current local
tenants and cultivate more
opportunities for local
businesses to locate there.
Both Bercu and Burdge
issued a call for Malibuites
to shop locally and consider viewing the Trancas
County Market as an ideal
venue for shoppers to buy
goods and services from
local vendors, who will become Trancas Country
Market tenants.
Their rationale was different from the usual pitch
for a new center. Pointing
to a paper entitled Carbon
Offset Analysis for the
Trancas Country Market,
the report suggests that
over a year’s time, “If
Malibu residents shopped
locally within a 10-mile
radius of their homes,
instead of shopping outside
of Malibu, as much as 25
miles away from their
homes, they would prevent
their cars from generating
4954 tons of carbon emissions [in one year].”
Fri., April 10
● Malibu Women in Film
is holding a networking
breakfast from 8-10 a.m. at
the Chart House Restaurant, 18412 PCH. The
guest speaker will be author and Hollywood public
relations executive Michael
Levine. The cost is $10 for
members at the door and
$15 for non-members. FI
and RSVP: [email protected]
● Safety Harbor Kids, a
nonprofit, is holding an
Etiquette and Manners
Brunch from 10 a.m.-noon
at Geoffrey’s Malibu,
27400 PCH, followed by a
beach party at Paradise
Cove from 12-3 p.m. FI:
safetyharborkids.org or
call 800-277-0497.
● There is a free showing a
Mel Gibson’s film “The
Passion of the Christ” at
7:30 p.m. in the Juan
Cabrillo Elementary School
auditorium, 30237 Morning
View Dr. There will be free
drinks and popcorn. FI:
● St. Aidan’s Episcopal
Church, 28211 PCH, is
holding the Holy Eucharist in honor of Good Friday at 7:30 p.m. FI: 310457-7966.
Sat., April 11
● The California Native
Plant Society and the City
of Malibu Parks and
Recreation Department are
holding a Wildflower
Show through Sun., April
12 at Bluffs Park from 10
a.m.-4 p.m. There will be
wildflower displays, native
plants for sale, books,
posters and wildflower
walks each day at 1 p.m.
Admission and parking are
free. FI: 310-317-1364.
● The Malibu Garden
Center, 6444 Trancas
Canyon Rd., is holding
free egg-dyeing and
Easter basket decorating
from 11 a.m.-4 p.m. All
materials will be supplied. FI: 310-457-3981.
● The City of Malibu is
holding its annual “Easter
Hoppening” at noon at
Bluffs Park, rain or shine.
The event features an Easter egg hunt, games, arts and
crafts and a visit by the
Easter Bunny. The event is
free. FI: 310-317-1364.
● Pet adoptions in front of
Pacific Coast Pets, 23705
Malibu Rd., from 12-4
p.m. each Saturday and
Sunday. FI: 310-2716096, ext. 27.
● Junior Lifeguard tryouts
will take place at the Malibu High School pool,
30215 Morning View Dr.,
from 1-5 p.m. Other tryout
dates are May 2 at Agoura
High and on June 13 at
Malibu High. FI: leojgs.com or call 310-457-5775.
and rescue, terrorism, team
Sun., April 12
● Malibu United Methodist
Church is holding an Easter
sunrise service at 6:30 a.m.
at Tower 7 on Zuma Beach.
At 9 a.m., there is a potluck
breakfast the church, 30128
Morning View Dr., followed by a children’s Easter
egg hunt at 9:45 a.m. and an
R and B celebration at
10:30 a.m. FI: 310-4577505.
● Calvary Chapel Malibu
is holding an Easter service
at 10 a.m. at Juan Cabrillo
Elementary School, 30237
Morning View Dr. FI: 310589-9673.
● St. Aidan’s Episcopal
Church, 28211 PCH, is
holding Easter services at 8
a.m. with the Holy Eucharist and at 10 a.m. with
the Holy Eucharist, a choir
and children’s choir and
bells. Sunday School will
be in session from 10-11
a.m. FI: 310-457-7966.
● Waveside Church is holding an Easter celebration at
10 a.m. at Malibu West
Beach Club, 30756 PCH.
Waveside Kids will be available for newborns through
fifth graders during the service. FI: wavesidechurch.com.
● Malibu Presbyterian
Church is holding Easter
services at 11 a.m. at Bluffs
Park. Special guests will
include Emmy Award-winning actor Craig T. Nelson
and classical guitarist
Christopher Parkening. FI:
● The Malibu Garden Center, 6444 Trancas Canyon
Rd., is holding its annual
Easter egg hunt at 11 a.m.
sharp. There will be lots of
prizes. FI: 310-457-3981.
Thurs., April 16
● The Malibu Chamber of
Commerce is holding a networking breakfast at Plate,
22601 PCH, suite 102, from
8-10 a.m. The cost is $20
for members and $35 for
non-members. FI and reservations: 310-456-9025.
● In recognition of Children’s Posture Day, Dr.
Anthony Hall, 28990 PCH,
Ste. A205, is inviting children in for a posture evaluation, a scoliosis screening
and a postural exercise program. The cost is $20,
which will be donated to the
child’s school’s PTA. FI:
Sat., April 18
● The City of Malibu is
holding Community Emergency Response Team
training for the public each
Saturday through May 9,
from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. at Malibu City Hall 23815 Stuart
Ranch Rd. The free course
will include the following
modules: disaster preparedness, fire suppression, medical operations, light search
organization and disaster
psychology and a disaster
simulation drill. FI: 310456-2489, ext. 260 or [email protected]
● The City of Malibu is
holding a free e-waste recycling event from 10 a.m.noon at 23555 Civic Center
Way. FI: 310-456-2489,
ext. 286.
● The 10th annual Topanga Earth Day Celebration
will take place through
Sunday April 19 from 10
a.m.-sunset both days at
House Fair Grounds, 1440
N. Topanga Canyon Blvd.
The event is a celebration
of sustainable living solutions with entertainment
provided by international,
national and local bands, an
ecological fine art gallery
and a children’s area. The
suggested donation is $10.
FI: topangaearthday.org.
● The City of Malibu is
holding its 11th annual
Chumash Day Powwow
and Inter-Tribal Gathering
at Bluffs Park from 11
a.m.-7 p.m. from and 10
a.m.-5 p.m. on Sunday,
April 19. FI: 310-4562489, ext. 337.
APRIL 9 • 2009
skate demonstration by
members of the Element
team at 1 p.m. at The Club,
30215 Morning View Dr.
There will also be a teen
skate competition for
beginners, intermediates
and advanced—participants
must sign up by April 22.
There is no charge for
members and $5 for nonmembers.
Sat., April 25
● Malibu AYSO Registration is scheduled at Webster
Elementary, 3601 Winter
Canyon Rd., from 9 a.m.-2
p.m. New and returning
players registering for fall
2009 get a discounted rate
of $120 per player on this
date only. A second registration date will be held on
May 30 at the regular rate
● Proposed calendar listings must be submitted to The News as far in advance of
event as possible. Items for free listings will be screened for community-wide interest
and are subject to space and lead time limitations. If you would like to list a commercial event, contact the advertising department for information about charges. Items
must include an FI, or “For Information” number, whenever possible. Submit items
for consideration in writing (no listings will be accepted over the telephone) by Friday
to: MSN Calendar, P.O. Box 947, Malibu, CA 90265 or FAX listing information to
310-457-9908 or by email to [email protected]
310-317-4531 • 310-456-6990
Sun., April 19
● The 13th Annual Whale
Festival will take place
from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. at Leo
Carrillo State Park. The
event celebrates the annual
migration of the California
gray whale. There will be
live entertainment, environmental
booths, whale watching
and children’s activities.
The event is free and parking is $10. FI: 805-4881827 or malibuinterp.com.
● The “Simpson Stride for
a Cure,” a walk/run that
honors all those affected by
pancreatic cancer, will take
place at Zuma Beach from
7 a.m.-noon. FI and to register: pancan.org/strideforacuremalibu. To sponsor, email [email protected]
Mon., April 20
● Angels at Risk, a parent
teen support group, is holding a meeting for the community from 6-7:30 p.m. in
the Malibu High School
library, 30215 Morning
View Dr. FI: 310-457-1421
or angelsatrisk.com.
Tues., April 21
● The Boys and Girls Club
of Malibu Teen Center and
the Malibu High PTA are
holding their fourth annual
college fair in the MHS
gym, 30215 Morning View
Dr., from 5-7 p.m. FI: malibuyouth.org.
Fri., April 24
● As part of its “Be Great”
series, the Boys and Girls
Club of Malibu is holding a
of $150 per player. For
more information and to
pre-register online visit
● The Malibu Tai Chi
Seniors are sponsoring a
free Celebration of World
Tai Chi Day from 10 a.m.1 p.m. at Pt. Dume Marine
School, 6955 Fernhill Dr.
The event will include
workshops, demonstrations and a potluck picnic.
FI: 310-457-2145.
● One Book, One CityMalibu is holding its kickoff at 3 p.m. at the Malibu
Public Library, 23518 Civic
Center Way. This year’s
book is “Three Cups of
Tea” by Greg Mortenson
and David Oliver Rellin. FI:
310-456-6438 or 1b1cbu.com.
Observe and Report (R)
Fast and Furious 4 (PG-13)
4:15, 7:15, 9:45
Sat, Sun
1:15, 4:15, 7:15, 9:45
4:00, 7:00, 9:30
Sat, Sun
1:00, 4:00, 7:00, 9:30
Malibu Religious Services Times
St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church
28211 Pacific Coast Highway (Rev. Joyce Stickney)
8 a.m. Holy Eucharist, 10 a.m. Holy Eucharist, music, choir,
Sunday School and childcare (10-11 a.m.).
Our Lady of Malibu Catholic Church
3625 Winter Canyon Road (Rev. William F. Kerze)
Sat. 5 p.m. Sun. 7, 8, 10:30 and 12:30
Malibu Seventh-Day Adventist Church
Sat. 9:30 a.m. at Webster Elementary, 3602 Winter Cyn. Rd. Mailing
Address: 23852 Pacific Coast Highway., #611
Malibu United Methodist Church
30128 Morning View Drive (Pastor Andrew Mattick) Adult & Youth
classes, 10:30 a.m. Contemp. Worship & Children’s Class
Malibu Presbyterian Church
3324 S. Malibu Canyon Road (Rev. Greg Hughes, Pastor)
Sun. 9:30 a.m. Trad./Contemp. Blended, 11 a.m. Contemp.
Nursery thru 5th grade Sunday School at both services.
First Church of Christ, Scientist www.tfccs.com 310-457-7767
28635 W. Pacific Coast Highway
10 Church & Sunday School, Wed. 8 p.m.
University Church of Christ
24255 Pacific Coast Highway (Minister, Ken Durham)
Our fall worship schedule is subject to change so please consult our
church web site at http://www.universitychurchofchrist.us for the
current schedule.
Chabad of Malibu
22933 Pacific Coast Hwy. (Rabbi Levi Cunin)
Fri. 6:30 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m. followed by lunch
Pacific Palisades Presbyterian Church
15821 Sunset Blvd. (Rev. K. Edward Brandt, D. Min.)
Sun.9 a.m. Contemp. 10:30 a.m. Traditional
Sunday School & childcare both services www.palipres.org
Calvary Chapel Malibu
Sun. 10 a.m. at Juan Cabrillo School
Wed. 7 p.m., Bible Study at 6136 Tapia Dr.
Park Services Join Forces to Preserve Fragile Eco-Systems
PRESERVATION—Visitors flocked to Leo
Carrillo State Beach last weekend and observe
sea life during low tide. Pictured clockwise from
top left: there were lots of tidepools to see as
beachgoers walked through the rocks that are
usually submerged; Markus Blank and Judy Joy
Lively of the National Park Service and Marie
Lindsey from California State Parks meet on the
beach—the two organizations are working
together to preserve and educate visitors about
the ocean’s fragile ecosystems; a finger serves
as a guide to show the size of an owl limpet, a
shellfish; visitors study different species;
starfish, or sea stars, show off their vivid colors
and a sea anemone, a species that is closely
related to corals and jellyfish. MSN Photos /Frank Lamonea
Sheriff’s REPORT
were still in place.
Two decorative cement lion heads that survived the
2007 wildfires have been reported stolen from the top
of gateposts at a property in the hills of Malibu. According to the owner, the lions, valued at $200 each,
disappeared between March 25 and 27. Sheriff’s deputies report that there were no witnesses to the theft.
An employee of an estate in the Sweetwater Mesa
area reported a possible burglary on March 26, after
discovering glass from a broken window on the floor of
a gatehouse bathroom. Sheriff’s deputies discovered
that a safe, described as “brand new,” and “not yet
bolted down,” and a set of keys that was stored in the
safe had been removed from the gatehouse. The report
noted that the burglary took place on a “large estate
with full-time security,” and stated that security
personnel at the estate would be “evaluating security
camera footage” and submitting any evidence to the
Lost Hills Sheriff’s Department. A print deputy was
Two mountain bikes and a toolbox were reported
stolen from the carport of a Sunset Mesa area
condominium on March 27. Deputies reported that
plastic locks on three storage containers were cut with
an unknown tool, facilitating the theft. The same night,
a person or persons unknown allegedly broke into a
construction site storage unit located in central Malibu.
Deputies received a report that the container’s lock
was cut in two and a black nylon bag containing
carabineers valued at $50 dollars and a canvas tool bag
with $1000 worth of tools were removed. Deputies
investigated, and reported that the interior of the
storage container was ransacked, but several large
boxes containing lighting equipment valued at $30,000
Three cars parked on PCH at Leo Carrillo State Park
were reportedly burgled over the weekend of March
28-29. In all three cases, the passenger-side windows
were smashed, and items removed. On March 28, both
passenger-side windows of an SUV were smashed and
a black duffle bag containing bicycle tools was
removed, along with a wallet containing $30 in cash
and a debit card. A second car robbery the same day
resulted in the loss of a wallet with an American
Express card, $60 in cash, and a cell phone. In a
separate incident on March 29, between 1:30 p.m. and
3 p.m., a purse containing $100 in cash, a driver
license, social security card and credit cards was
removed from a car—the perpetrator(s) once again
breaking the passenger-side window to gain access.
The owner of the purse reported to deputies that she
“left it in plain sight” but locked the vehicle. A print
officer was requested.
APRIL 9 • 2009
Seasonal Dolphin
Sightings Abound
Deputies patrolling PCH in the Los Flores area of
Malibu at 3 a.m. on March 27 observed a white utility
trailer parked with its rear doors open. The deputies
reported that “due to the time of day and recent vehicle
burglaries in the area,” they decided to investigate. They
observed a large speaker box on the ground behind the
vehicle and several pieces of “musical equipment”
inside, which appeared to have been moved recently.
The handle/lock of the vehicle showed evidence of
having been forced open with a pry tool. A DMV
search revealed that the vehicle was registered to a
Malibu resident. A print deputy was requested and a
report memo issued. There were no witnesses to the
alleged burglary.
BOTHERED—Dolphins have been out and about
enjoying the local shoreline and, with many more
people coming to the beach for spring breaks,
encounters with these graceful creatures are
possible. In the top photo, we see a dolphin glide
past a species of homosapianus-jackassicus, more
commonly known as the “sea ass.” MSN Photos/Frank Lamonea
Electrical Contractor
Johnson, Harband, Foster & Darling, CPAs 310-454-6545
Pacific Palisades - Full Service Tax and
Accounting Firm.
[email protected]
Serious injury lawyers/all claims & cases
20 YEARS in Malibu & Beverly Hills
Free Consult
North Bay Electric
Serving Malibu Since 1985
Lic. #493652
Financial Services
Malibu Capital Management Inc./Securities America/
Security America Advisors. Full Service Asset Management.
Wayne Ribnick and Wally Glass
Doctor of Chiropractic
Practicing in Malibu since 1984
Treatment for stress - Sports Injuries.
In Malibu Health Club
310-456-7721 • Fax 310-456-5191
22917 Pacific Coast Highway, Suite 220
Malibu, CA 90265
Gregory O’Connor, O.D.
3840 Cross Creek Road
Sharon A. Talovic, Ph.D. PSY9674
Individual and Couples Therapy
Malibu Veterinary Clinic
Dr. Kay Fransen, D.V.M.
Richard L. Jacobson, D.M.D., M.S.
881 Alma Real Dr., #200, Pacific Palisades, CA
Veterinary House Call Service for Dogs & Cats 310-614-3530
Dr. Armaiti May, D.V.M. www.drmayvethousecalls.com
Oral Surgeon
Physical Therapists
Gregory S. Beaton. PT, OCS
Malibu Rehabilitation Center—Orthopedic/Sport Therapy & Gym
Air Conditioning & Heating
Malibu Refrigeration
P.O. Box 4088
V. Mishra & N. Kripalani, D.D.S.
23706 Malibu Road
Allan V. Pfeiffer, D.D.S.
23440 Civic Center Way, Suite 201
Malibu, CA 90265
David C . Niebergall, D.D.S.
29350 Pacific Coast Highway, Suite 3
28990 Pacific Coast Hwy. (Pt. Dume)
Stephen J. Nahigian, DDS
23440 Civic Center Wy. #201
Ann Forisha Thiel, Ph.D., M.F.C .C .
Clinical Psych. & Marr., Fam., Child & Adolescent Therapy
28990 Pacific Coast Highway, Bldg. C , Suite 220
Susan S. Ransome, M.D.
Board certified eye physician and surgeon
22225 Pacific Coast Highway, Suite 8, Malibu, CA 90265
Malibu Glass Company
3547 Winter Canyon Road
Mary Lee Amerian, M.D.
23410 Civic Center Way, Suite E-8 Dermatology
Malibu Maintenance—William D.
James H. Sternberg, M.D.
23410 Civic Center Way, Suite E-8 Dermatology
Coastal Roofing Co.
P.O. Box 2531
Malibu, CA 90265
APRIL 9 • 2009
to the
(Letters are continued from page 4)
Kudos to Anne Soble for a great publisher’s note on the
Barovsky secret meeting.
Malibu voters should save their old shoes for the next
city council meeting to stop the b.s., bullying and abuse by
Barovsky and Stern.
The community wants the attacks on Pam Ulich, Jay
Wagner, Bob Purvey and many other credible and caring
residents to stop now.
Daniel Hillman
With so much written about plans for Trancas Park, there
are many facts that have been largely unreported. I urge all
of Malibu to learn the facts about the construction project
in Trancas Canyon on city-owned land that city
Councilpersons John Sibert, Andy Stern, and Sharon
Barovsky voted to spend about $4 million dollars of your
money on
1. Construction plans call for so much grading that it
violates the city’s own laws. Trancas Ridge will be
demolished by an average of 28 feet. The amount of
grading to be done: approximately 65,000 cubic yards of
cut and 61,000 cubic yards of fill. This is 10 times the
amount allowed by the City of Malibu. See PowerPoint at:
http://files.me.com/rsbelvin/u34cag This amount of
grading will take several months (the exact number of
months is not disclosed in the city’s environmental impact
report). Bulldozers can work six days a week, 12 hours a
day from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. weekdays, and 11 hours on
Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. This amount of bulldozing
will create dust, air pollution, noise and dump truck traffic
felt throughout western Malibu.
2. The grading will destroy a mapped ESHA (an
Environmentally Sensitive Habitat Area). A large portion of
the rocky outcroppings and caves visible from the north
end of Paseo Canyon Drive will be destroyed; this is in
violation of city codes. Wildlife makes homes in these
caves. Their homes will be destroyed. This is not about a
few bats in a cave. What some members of the city council
don’t want you to know is that the Department of Interior is
opposed to this plan. National Park Service Superintendent
for the Santa Monica Mountains, Woody Smeck,
concluded in an official letter to the Malibu City Council:
“We find the project’s proposed extensive grading is
inconsistent with Malibu Local Coastal Program policies
addressing limits on grading. The grading amounts to
landform alteration to conform the site to desired
development at the expense of scenic, biological and water
quality impacts.”
3. There are five rehab houses across the street from the
park. At 5909 Trancas Canyon Road, 5927, 5941, 5947,
and 5981 Trancas Canyon Road. Creative Care, Inc. runs
these five rehab houses and states, in their own
information, that sex addicts, drug addicts and alcoholics
live there. And they’re free to come and go anytime,
including to the park. City council members have not
explained why they want children to play across the street
from known drug addicts and sex addicts.
4. The City of Malibu will not provide supervision for
the park. The park site is where a fire started a few years
ago that burned hundreds of acres towards Encinal Canyon.
In 1978, a house next door to the site and an entire Malibu
West condo building burned to the ground. The Corral
Canyon disaster in 2007 happened because poor
supervision of a park allowed visitors to start a fire that
burned down more than 50 homes. Corral Canyon residents
had complained for years about fire dangers from lax park
supervision and nothing was done.
5. The fire danger is real. Trancas Canyon Road is too
narrow for some fire trucks and is steep and difficult to stop
on the downhill side at the entrance to the park. Trancas
Canyon is a box canyon with only one way in and one way
out. The City of Malibu’s Environmental Impact Report
(EIR) for Trancas Park states that approximately 100
residences would use Trancas Canyon Road to evacuate in an
emergency. This is wrong. Malibu West alone has 237 homes.
Yet, the City of Malibu's EIR states that Trancas Canyon
Road could accommodate 417 vehicles per hour in an
emergency evacuation. The National Park Service Fire
Management Officer for the Santa Monica Mountains is
Kathryn Kirkpatrick. She has been to the park site, is familiar
with Malibu West, has read the city’s EIR, and she says this is
wrong. Homeowners with first-hand experience trying to
evacuate during an emergency say Trancas Canyon Road
cannot evacuate 417 vehicles per hour.
6. To water the park’s ball field and landscaping and to
service the park’s restrooms, the park will hook up to the
water supply that Malibu West depends on. This puts a
strain on the only water supply Malibu West has, and on
the pipes and water lines, which the City of Malibu’s EIR
states has “leakage problems.” L.A. County DWP
Waterworks District 29 Civil Engineer Sam Kabar told me
that a few years ago they had to repair the water tank on the
Trancas Park site “because the slope failed around the
water tank. This information was left out of the City of
Malibu’s EIR. (Sam Kabar: 626-300-3339, [email protected]). The City of Malibu and L.A. County
Department of Water and Power have been urging Malibu
to conserve water. The water tank on the park site is the
only water supply that Malibu West has to provide the
water to our homes and to supply our fire hydrants. As it is,
in case of fire, there is only enough water in the tank to
save four to five houses, three to four houses on a hot day
when water is in demand (according to Associate Engineer
Kirk Allen with LA County Waterworks District 29). Yet
the City of Malibu and DWP offer no plans to add to the
water supply in western Malibu.
7. Houses were not allowed to be built on this land
because of the bad drainage and geology of the site and
that’s why the land was donated to the city. There are four
mapped landslides in the park and adjacent. An earthquake
fault runs under the site. Bulldozing Trancas Ridge and
moving the dirt onto the existing field adds more weight
and disturbance to the fragile geology and hydrology of the
site and could cause a landslide like what happened at La
Conchita where residents were killed. (The Malibu West
Homeowners Association Board has had independent
geologist Don Kovalesky study this and his geologic study
is available for review by the public from [email protected]).
8. Las Virgenes Municipal Water District, which supplies
water to [parts of] western Malibu, has “adopted
mandatory water conservation measures that will carry
penalties for non-compliance effective immediately,
‘including’ irrigation may not run-off to streets, gutters or
adjacent properties.” (LVMWD.com or 818-251-2200.) Yet
Trancas Park will run-off to Malibu West’s adjacent
properties, to Trancas Creek, and into the Pacific Ocean at
Zuma Beach. The penalty for repeated violations is
termination of service yet there are no plans to truck in
water for western Malibu when the LVMWD cuts off
service because park run-off violates mandatory water
conservation measures.
9. Even though Malibu city council members promised
that the park would not have league play, the fact is the city
council has included a review of the use conditions of the
park 12 months after it is built and every two years
thereafter. This opens the door to league play once the park
opens. League play brings more people to a ballpark than
practices do, meaning more strain on the water supply,
more wastewater, more risky fire behavior and more runoff from irrigation. A review of the use conditions at the
park could also allow for night lighting.
10. Malibu West has just repaved all of its private roads
at great expense. The City of Malibu will have to dig under
La Gloria Road, destroying roadway that was just repaired.
11. The City of Malibu says rockfalls from bulldozing
will require closing Malibu West tennis courts and the land
around the courts where a community garden and orchard
are being planted. There are no provisions for restoring the
HOA’s land or the community garden and orchard or
financial compensation for damage to the land or to the
tennis courts.
A few more facts, please, to correct the notion put forth
in letters to the editor that Malibu West is “seriously
divided.” The fact is there is overwhelming opposition to
this construction. Here are results of a poll delivered and
picked up from every home in Malibu West by a group of
concerned homeowners with the tally observed by eight
homeowners and videotaped. 122 Malibu West residents
voted to save Trancas Ridge. Only one resident voted to
bulldoze the ridge. Only two Malibu West residents said
they would agree to allow the city to close the community’s
land and tennis courts during construction. 110 residents
said they were opposed to such a plan. 73 Malibu West
residents said they would support a lawsuit to block the
city’s current construction plan. Only 13 residents said they
would not favor the HOA contributing to a lawsuit.
No one wants a lawsuit but no one wants Trancas
Canyon destroyed, either. So I am publicly, respectfully
asking city council: if you can meet with some people about
(Letters are continued on page 18)
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health and beauty editorials
on highlighting the most
Photo by Spirit Novel © 2009
c 310/383.5089
w 310/457.0933
APRIL 9 • 2009
The Aquarium AGE
The Week of April 9–15, 2009
his week, even Gandhi could
be cranky. We’re at the midpoint of a volatile planetary
pattern that is at once pernicious as
well as necessary. Pernicious,
because it’s no longer possible to
contain frustration, personal or collective, about the recession, and as
that anger spills over into daily life,
brutal confrontations, personal or
collective, are probable. Necessary,
because you can’t heal what you can’t feel, and as the anger
and frustration release, it will be easier to identify the core
emotions driving that personal and collective aggression.
Pay attention to reactions, yours or others, and do your best
to avoid acting out. The source of the volatility is two-fold.
First, we’re still in the release of the Mars/Saturn opposition,
a tense interaction that tends toward a harsh heart. Be aware,
as this opposition separates, it gets harder and harder to hold
the line of patience. Second, as the steam releases from the
Mars/Saturn pressure cooker, Mars moves into a conjunction
with Uranus. There’s no good picture to paint about this
interaction. Mars is the planet of physical energy. Uranus is
the planet of the nervous system, and when they share the
same space, Geiger-counters rattle as erratic and often explosive outbursts disrupt and interfere with the routines of daily
life. Before you jump in head first, take the pulse of your situation. Listen to the heartbeats of children and animals; they
are often the best early warning system about a situation that
is about to go out of control. I’m sorry to offer up such a
dreary forecast. I’m still staunchly on the side of positive
progress and optimism, and I continue to view the shift
we’re in as highly creative and transformational. But making
the most of this opportunity for change means keeping it real
about what the causal level of corruption is and how we all
participate in it, consciously or unconsciously. The current
brouhaha over bailout bonuses is just a symptom of a much
larger issue. It’s easy to be outraged by the “fat cats,” especially when that outrage is fed by a voracious 24-hour news
cycle comprised of bottom feeders, who wittingly or unwittingly antagonize a mob mentality. And while I don’t think
the bailout bonuses are fair, I never felt the salaries were
either, and I can’t help but wonder why nobody was out-
raged about those salaries ages ago. Did everyone think it
was fair that one percent of the population was prospering
while the rest were getting poor? Why are we against unions
and not the drug cartels, legal and illegal, who run our lives?
And why aren’t we as infuriated by child abuse, the sextrade industry, sweat shops, and every other actual violation
of our humanity as we are by Madoff, AIG, or a war that
continues to drain our coffers, not just of money, but also of
life? This week rather than acting out, ask questions that go
the heart of your personal ire. Probe the deep, and you’ll
expand your understanding about what needs to change in
you, which is where lasting change always begins.
If you know your ascendant and/or your moon sign, read that too.
Aries (March 21-April 19): Think of the coming week as
mindfulness mediation and you’ll have a much easier time
keeping your internal agitation from derailing your external
progress. Like all things, this too shall pass.
Taurus (April 20-May 20): There no need to let surprising
interactions with friends upset your determination to proceed. Yes, you may have to work out a different schedule,
but that’s no reason to scrap the whole project.
Gemini (May 21-June 21): Try not to let work-related
volatility disturb your equilibrium. Do whatever it is you do
to stay focused and calm, and then allow the situation to
unfold before taking any definitive action.
Cancer (June 22-July 22): You’re going to have to take a
stand, but that no excuse to cling to an unreasonable position. Figure out how to find the solid ground of compromise
that will allow a beneficial solution for everyone.
Leo (July 23-August 22): New ideas about your career motivate a new approach, especially if you turn your angst into
positive action. Be yourself, and your innate creativity will
solve the problem.
Virgo (August 23-September 22): The tension continues but
it’s not without possibilities for resolution, especially if you listen carefully what significant others, personal or professional,
say they need. Pay attention and you’ll make progress.
Libra (September 23-October 22): You’re right, your workload is overwhelming, but the only way through it is to do it.
So roll up your sleeves, put on a good attitude and just get to
Scorpio (October 23-November 21): Try not to let difficulties with friends turn into a standoff. Of course you disagree…that’s the beauty of shared opinions. And while
agreement feels good that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s in
your best interests.
Sagittarius (November 22-December 21): Disruptions, internal or external, make you uncomfortable, especially if you’re
already feeling vulnerable. Make every effort to find and maintain your center, and then let that strength fortify you.
Capricorn (December 22-January 19): “Tough love” is not
a synonym for harsh words, so be careful about indulging in
critical conversation. I’m not suggesting you lie. I’m merely
advising you to accentuate the positive.
Aquarius (January 20-February 18): Is it a money issue or is
it an erratic financial flow that’s got you in dither? Maybe
it’s both, or maybe it’s neither. Maybe it’s a lesson about
your anxiety over how to create what you most desire.
Pisces (February 19-March 20): You might want to wear a
warning sign: I’m telling the truth, even if it’s not what you
want to hear. You might also want to explain that’s it’s just
not possible for you to hold back any longer.
Copyright © 2008
City RFP
(Letters are continued from page 2)
seeking a lease term of 20
to 35 years. They want the
minimum annual lease
amount plus triple net.
The sizable rent increase
on the building is part of
the city’s aggressive stance
to increase revenues to
meet its growing overhead.
The city is going to be a
“hard-nosed landlord,”
according to the mayor at a
recent public meeting, and
set the maximum for rents
in the Civic Center area as
a major landowner.
This has some observers
wondering whether this is
the best policy in a period
of economic downturn and
an increased number of
commercial vacancy signs
throughout Malibu.
APRIL 9 • 2009
AYSO Registration Set for April 25 Volleyball Champ to Play in Egypt
Malibu AYSO soccer registration for boys and girls ages
four-and-a-half to 18 will be
held Saturday, April 25 from
9 a.m.-2 p.m. at Webster Elementary School, 3601 Winter
Canyon Rd.
For more information, visit
the updated Web site www.malibuayso.org for preregistration forms, e-ayso, new
player/family orientations, a
video about AYSO soccer and
other information about the
upcoming September season.
Enrollment fees have been
reduced 20 percent to $120
per player for the April registration only, and space is limited for placement on teams. .
The cost covers the uniform,
practics and games.will
A second and final registration will be held Saturday
May 30 at the same times and
location for $150 per child.
AYSO guidelines are as follows: everyone plays, balanced teams, positive coaching, open registration and
good sportsmanship. AYSO
has flourished for over 20
years in Malibu providing fun,
friendship and fitness for
thousands of children. Last
fall 800 boys and girls participated on teams with most
games held Saturday mornings on local fields.
“Players are placed evenly
on teams by age. In addition
PRACTICE—The AYSO season begins in September.
volunteer organization and
gives many people the opportunities to make new friends
by becoming coaches, assistant coaches, referrees, team
parents and many other positions.
Many volunteers did not
play soccer as children so
basic training is provided.
Malibu AYSO will hold
three new player/parent orientations the week prior to
the upcoming registration.
Current players and volunteers will give a brief
overview and answer questions so that new families
can have more information
prior to the registration. The
one-hour orientations will be
held on Tuesday, April 21 at
Point Dume, Wednesday
April 22 at Webster and
Thursday April 23 at Webster Elementary Schools at
6:30 pm.
Any interested in playing
and new participants are
welcome at any one of the
to our returning players, new
boys and girls, are easily
absorbed on all of our teams,
where they are welcomed and
learn fast,” acording to Malibu
AYSO volunteer Rick Erickson.
“The youngest ages are not
competitive and scores are not
kept. Many age groups play
on small fields with fewer
players to encourage each
child to be more involved in
each game,” Erickson said.
As children get older recreation is combined with league
standings, playoffs, some
competition outside of Malibu
and even allstar play. New
players are also welcome.
Erickson says that the
teams play for fun and are
able to compete with success
within Malibu and with other
communities. Some of the
players move on to highschool, college and adult play.
Several of the adult volunteers
having played in Malibu
when they were kids.
The Malibu AYSO is an all
CVU Blue Boys Win Gold in Tournament
Blue Boys U-14 won the
gold medal for their age
group at the third annual
Copa Real Nike Invitational Tournament last
month. The team was
undefeated in the tournament and is bound for the
upcoming State Cup in
Rubenstein wil play for
the USA volleyball
squad in Egypt.
Julie Rubenstein of the
Pepperdine women’s volleyball program has been
30 Years in Agoura
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31143 Via Colinas #511 • Westlake Village, CA 91362
Near Kanan Road and the 101 Fwy.
named to a USA Volleyball
senior-level squad that will
travel to Egypt in midApril for a pair of international matches.
According to a USA Volleyball press release, it’s
part of an exchange program involving the United
States Olympic Committee
and the Egyptian National
Olympic Committee. The
12-player roster was selected by head coach Hugh
McCutcheon and is made
up of elite developmental
athletes on the verge of
being added to the U.S.
Women’s National Team.
The U.S. squad will
leave for Cairo on April 7
and will play Egypt on
April 10 and 12 before
returning home on April
“We have been able to
select this quality group of
athletes, which blends
youth and experience into
one team, and I am very
excited to watch how they
perform,” McCutcheon
said. “For some of these
athletes, it will be their first
chance to experience international travel and competition within the USA system, and we get to evaluate
them in the process.
Overall, it will be a great
opportunity for us as a staff
and program to work with
these players in a situation
that is not as high-pressured as some other international events.”
Rubenstein (Camarillo/
Oaks Christian HS) had
previously played with the
USA’s A2 team during
summer 2007 and a USA
Select team in summer
Rubenstein finished one
of the best careers in Pepperdine history in 2008.
She was named to the
AVCA All-American third
team as a senior, and
earned All-West Coast
Conference honors in each
of her four seasons, including the last three on the
first team. She was selected
to the AVCA All-Pacific
Region first team honors
for the first time in 2008.
Rubenstein was also
voted Pepperdine’s Female
Student-Athlete of the Year
for 2007-08, is a three-time
WCC Commissioner’s Honor Roll recipient, a threetime WCC All-Academic
selection and a two-time
CoSIDA Academic AllDistrict honoree.
She became Pepperdine’s first AVCA AllAmerican selection since
Rubenstein led the WCC
in both kills (4.42) and
points (5.14) per set in
2008. She finished her Pepperdine career third alltime with 1743 kills, third
with 2064 points, fifth with
4.12 kills per set and fifth
with 116 service aces.
Quite impressively, she
never missed a set in her
four-year career, playing in
all 423.
APRIL 9 • 2009
Malibu A and E
Local Choreographer’s Historic ‘Little Step’ Was a Giant Leap for Broadway
As represented by a good
deal of coverage in this
paper, it seems like the
Malibu youth enjoys plenty
of opportunity to explore the
performing arts, from dance
to school plays and music
recitals to various offerings
at Pepperdine. If your older
child shows a passion for
rehearsals and auditions and
thrills at the prospect of
opening night, the theatrical
run of a terrific new documentary, “Every Little Step,”
which begins April 17, is not
to be missed.
As its clever title suggests,
“Every Little Step” is an
access documentary, by
which I mean we are privy
to the usually veiled, always
Darwinian and emotionally
and physically grueling
audition process for a major
Broadway production, in this
case the 2006 revival of “A
Chorus Line.”
If you’re familiar with that
show, you already know it
came about back in 1974
when choreographer and
director Michael Bennett
The cast of the 2006 Broadway revival of “A
Chorus Line” step out.
Photo: ©Paul Kolnik
gathered a bunch of dancers
in an empty New York City
rehearsal space, cracked
open a jug of red wine and
hit the “record” button on
one of those big reel-to-reel
audio machines. The makers
of “Every Little Step” use
those scratchy confessional
recordings, and plenty of
vintage footage and photos,
to illustrate the raw inspiration that went into the
original production, which
began at Joseph Papp’s
Public Theatre before taking
Broadway—and the world—
by storm.
Bennett died in 1987, but
“Every Little Step” is
blessed with plenty of insight from some key players
such as Marvin Hamlisch,
who shared the Pulitzer
Prize for his score; original
cast member Baayork Lee,
who originated the role of
Connie and re-staged the
choreography for the revival;
and Donna McKechnie, the
original Cassie.
The film is a great deal
more than a walk down
memory lane, thanks to the
vitality, tenacity, talent and
ambition of those who face
down fear and near-certain
rejection as they give it their
all in front of Bob Avian,
director of the revival and
co-choreographer of the
The empathetic way Avian
looks upon this seemingly
endless parade of hopefuls is
why he emerges as the
documentary’s true star. The
kind of elegant, silver-haired
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showbiz veteran whose
broad smile you might
notice on a Sunday morning
at Plate or Coogies, he is
gently direct when an
audition doesn’t work out
and clearly moved when
something clicks (at one
point it’s hard for the
audience not to share his
tears when one young man
really nails it). That’s both
the thrill and pragmatic
value of this revealing,
exhilarating, behind-thescenes portrait of the artist at
work: we get to see and
therefore truly understand
why someone gets called
back, both from their perspective and that of the
Bob Avian, John Breglio,
and Baayork Lee confer
during auditions for the
2006 Broadway revival of
“A Chorus Line” and as
seen in the documentary
“Every Little Step.”
Photo: Paul Kolnik / Sony Pictures Classics
Director/choreographer Michael Bennett (R) and
composer Marvin Hamlisch (L) working with the
cast during a rehearsal for the 1975 Broadway
production of “A Chorus Line.” Photo courtesy Sony Pictures Classics.
Like “A Chorus Line”
itself, “Every Little Step”
contains one frank discussion of sexuality and
some salty language (Hamlisch’s anecdote about the
number “Tits and Ass” is
particularly grand) and is
appropriately rated PG-13.
Mark your calendar to catch
it at The Landmark on Pico
week after next.
    
If you find yourself
charged with younger kids
on Saturday, April 18, an
ideal destination may be the
Aero Theatre, 1328 Montana
Ave (at 14th Street) in Santa
Monica, which is screening
the 1964 Disney musical
to the
(Continued from page 15)
about some impacts, can you please talk to
all the people about all the impacts? And I
am publicly and urgently asking all Malibu
residents to contact City Councilmembers
John Sibert, Andy Stern, and Sharon
Barovsky and tell them you’ve had enough
wasteful spending of $4 million of your
dollars on destructive construction, and the
city should either provide residents with
peace of mind about life-threatening
impacts or find an alternative location for a
park or an alternative use for this cityowned land.
Cindy Vandor
Re: Ed Meyer vs. Lost Hills Station,
I’ve read both articles about Ed Meyer’s
allegations against the Lost Hills Sheriff
personnel with some amusement. For
better or worse, I have solid first-hand
experience with many of the officers and
personnel who work at Lost Hills, both as
friends of many years and through a
recent series of unfortunate calamities.
Even during my recent five-day
“detention” in the facility, ending with no
charges being filed, I found all but two of
the folks I dealt with to be respectful,
responsible and in no way condescending. As a “prisoner‚” I would
“Mary Poppins,” starring
Malibu’s own Dick Van
Dyke and former part-time
resident Julie Andrews.
When Mary Poppins
comes to work for the
Banks family in their turnof-the-20th-century
London household, she
uplifts everyone and brings
magic to their lives. Van
Dyke plays Bert, the goodnatured chimney sweep.
The screening starts at 3:00
p.m. General Admission is
$10, $8 for students and
seniors (with ID) and $7 for
American Cinematheque
members. More at www.
have been ripe for negative treatment but
nothing ever occurred.
So, when Meyer alleges officers using
four letter, words or mocking him or his
son in the context of their interactions, it
just makes me want to say “sour grapes.”
Meyer made a mistake by not picking
his son up on time, so what‚ or
“whatever.” To threaten “federal action‚”
calling in the F.B.I. (hear Hannibal
Lecter’s inflection here‚ would that too be
anti-Semitic?), or wasting valuable news
space in this paper better used for
reporting the many good things
Malibuites do, or for discussions of the
recession-induced homeless pet
population at the Agoura shelter, seems
such a waste to me.
Mistakes were made. Get over it.
Malibu is lucky to have the men and
women of the Lost Hills Sheriff Station
available to us. During the fires, tourist
seasons on PCH, or just for general
backup in the area, these individuals give
100 percent to make sure celebrities and
“regular” citizens alike live securely in
My advice is go to court, argue the
misdemeanor charge, and hopefully go on
with your life, knowing it’s a good idea to
pick up your son on time.
Nancy Rosenquist
Stay up to date with
all the local news at
APRIL 9 • 2009
Beach,Canyon & Mountain
Associate Manager
Let the Sunshine in...
Business days will never be affected by
low clouds or the marine layer when you
get out the word in the Malibu Surfside
News on a regular basis...
Call 310-457-2112 for more
information...and get ready to shine.
(310) 317-8373: DIRECT
Malibu Colony Coldwell Banker
PT Dume 3 bd., 3 bath., ocean view home with beach key, 1.25 acres............
PT Dume 1 flat acre lot direct path to beach, Zumirez beach key, old reports ..
Ocean View 3 bd., 3 bath., home on three private acres................$1,750,000
PT Dume Club 2 bd 3bath., with ocean view and low space rent .....$750,000
2Bd, 2Bth Condo at the beach with ocean views, pool, private beach .............
Zuma Bluff Rental 4 bd., 2 bath., whitewater views, across from beach.........
Malibu West Rental 3 bd., bath., beach club & tennis, whitewater views........
•—For Sale—•
• MALIBU OCEAN VIEWS: 3+3 Townhouse...clawfoot tubs, slate shower,
fireplace, pool, clubhouse...come see & stay . . . . . .offered @ $795,000
• EXTRAORDINARY OCEAN VIEWS: Santa Monica Penthouse...large
2 bdrm plus office (possible 3rd bdrm) in sought after building... full
security, well equipped exercise room, gracious social room and
pool are just some of the amenities...best location...call to view...
offered at . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$3,999,000
• POINT DUME WHITEWATER VIEW: End unit 2 bdrm 2.5 bath townhome
in Gated community...fireplace, pool, tennis, easy access to the
beach...available now . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$3500/mo
• OCEAN VIEWS CLOSE IN MALIBU: 2 bdrm 2 bath condo...pool, clubhouse,
tennis...close to all...available May for long term lease . . . . . .$3100/mo
• SUMMER LEASE: Pt Dume Gated 5 bdrm 3 bath furnished home...open,
flowing floor plan...pool, great barbeque area w/pizza oven...easy stroll
to the beach...also 4 sale . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$14,750/mo
Vicki Salsberg
Direct: 310-456-5759
Email: [email protected]
REDUCED! $12,500,000 or $75,000/mo lease
Architectural Triumph on the Sand
Prestigious Properties for Distinguished and Discerning Clientele
Featured Homes
Call for Additional Properties
$ 15,999,000
$ 12,950,000
$ 7,900,000
$ 4,450,000
$ 3,795,000
$ 3,400,000
$ 2,250,000
$ 2,199,000
Featured Homes
Call for Additional Properties
Estate Land
Build Your Dream Home in Malibu
Homes for Lease
Live the Malibu Life
$ 75,000 per month
$ 65,000 per month
$ 30,000 per month
$ 25,000 per month
$ 6,500-5,500 per month
$ 5,000 per month
PT. DUME TOWNHOME W/ BEACH KEY $ 3,800 per month
$ 3,750 per month
See More. Learn More. Visit www.SusanMonus.com • 310.589.2477 • [email protected]
©2008 Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. Coldwell Banker®, Previews®, and Coldwell Banker Previews International® are registered trademarks licensed to Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. An Equal Opportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity. Owned And Operated By NRT LLC. Broker does not guarantee the accuracy of
square footage, lot size or other information concerning the condition or features of property provided by seller or obtained from public records or other sources, and the buyer is advised to independently verify the accuracy of that information through personal inspection and with appropriate professionals.
APRIL 9 • 2009
Beach,Canyon & Mountain
310.456.6271 (Direct) • 310.980.4434 (Cell)
w w w. M a l i b u M o b i l e H o m e s . c o m
This unique ocean view home has a
versatile floor plan with three
bedrooms, two or three offices, and
two and a half baths. Located in a
gated community close to the
market, and beaches. Two-car
garage. Offered for lease at
Margaret Hauptman
$5,000 per month yearly.
TERRIFIC REMODEL: Upscale 1+1 beach home. Walk to sandy Cove Beach. Saltillo tile
flrs & counters. Fenced & private, quality slider to sizable deck.
In Escrow
$ 259,000
STEPS TO THE BEACH: Great little home for year-round living or vacation get-away. 1+1,
nicely remodeled, singlewide. Fenced, decks. Fully furnished.
$ 279,000
SUNNY LOCATION: Nice creekside 2+1 beach getaway. Large prvt back patio, just 250 yds
to the sand. & surf. Custom remodel, wood flrs & room to build. Incl furnishings.
$ 345,000
FANTASTIC CUSTOM HOME: 1 bd + 1 ba, just steps to the beach. Fully furnished. Hardwd
floors, stone bathroom, everything perfect.
$ 345,000
LOCATED CREEKSIDE: Newer 2 bdrm, 2 bath home, fully furnished. Front and back decks.
Good parking. Ready to go!
$ 475,000
AFFORDABLE, NEWLY RENOVATED DOUBLEWIDE: 2 bd + 2 ba and bonus room. Upper
level location. Light & bright, large fenced yard. Ready to move into.
$ 475,000
CUSTOM BUILT BEACH HOUSE: 2 bedrooms, loft, 2 bathrooms, wood & tile throughout.
Patios, fenced, private setting and spa tub. 2-car parking.
$ 495,000
EXTRA-LARGE: Private & fenced, landscaped yard with lawn. 2+2, high ceilings, covered
patio and deck. Great value.
$ 545,000
WHITEWATER OCEAN VIEWS: 150 yards to the sand! Total custom 2+1 beach home.
High ceilings, tile & wood floors, decks, grass yard.
$ 655,000
NEWER MODERN HOME: Located upper level. 2 bedroom, 2 bath, tile & granite, high
ceilings. Extra 3 bedroom/den. Some ocean view. Immaculate condition.
$ 740,000
MODERN FRONT ROW HOME: Newer 3+2, trees, cyn & distant ocn vu. Hi-celings, drywall,
wood & tile. Sep fam rm/den, fp, decks, spa, fenced yard. 3-car pkng, near bch trail. $875,000
NEW CUSTOM HOME-BLUFF LOCATION: 3 bd + 3ba, 2,100 sf, with loft and garage. Huge
landscaped lot, fenced and private.
FABULOUS OCEAN COASTLINE VIEWS: Newer 3+3, 2,000 sf home. Bluff location. High
ceilings, fireplace, private, fenced, decks.
ULTIMATE BLUFF LOCATION: Incredible ocean and whitewater views of Santa Monica Bay.
Stunning 3bd+2ba home with 2,200 sq. ft. of luxury.
For all your local news, visit
Malibu’s only real
online newspaper
PANORAMIC OCEAN & MOUNTAIN VIEWS: Very private 2+2 with bonus rm/ofc, 1,550 sf.
Nice flr plan, wood flrs, secluded deck. Lovely garden & fruit trees. In Escrow
$ 399,000
BEST PRICE HOME: 2+2 in a sunny location near beach gate. 1,550 sq. ft., decks, backyard,
patio. Ready to move into. Low space rent.
$ 435,000
AFFORDABLE OCEAN VIEW HOME: 3 bdrm + 2 bath + office and craft room. 1,750 sf,
nice sunny decks and fenced yard. Low space rent.
$ 475,000
CLOSE TO BEACH EXIT: Outstanding ocean view 2+2. Nice open floor plan, wood flrs, big
wrap-around deck with ocean, sunset & mountain views.
$ 495,000
SPANISH ADOBE-STYLE: 3 bdrm + 3 bath, 1,750 sf home. Ocean and mountain views.
Granite counters, Saltillo tile floors. Very open.
$ 575,000
NEWLY BUILT CRAFTSMAN: Sunset & ocean views. 3+2, 1,760 sf of custom luxury. High
ceilings, hardwood floors, custom tile, roof deck.
$ 845,000
OCEAN VIEW LUXURY: Newly built 3+3, custom 2,200 sq. ft home,. Stone & travertine tile
floors, gourmet ktchn. Large glass sliders to open decks. Fully landscaped.
RESIDENT OWNED PARK: Affordable 2+1 on large lot w/mtn vus. Drywall, wd flrs, tile bath,
open ktchn, 2-car pkng. Park incl s fishing lake, club hse, pool, spa, gym…
$ 159,000
FANTASTIC MOUNTAIN VISTAS: Great location! 2 bed + 2 bath, 1,700 sq.ft. home, on a
large lot. Hardwood Floors, bonus room, high ceilings.
$ 249,000
NEW CUSTOM BUILT HOME: Architecturally environmentally designed 2+1 1/2 & lofts. Mtn
vus, sep art studio, koi pond, waterfall, fire pit, walkways & decks. Fenced yard.
$ 275,000
Good Financing Available!
GAYTON PLACE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$2,995,000 SANDY BROAD BEACH . . . . . . . . . . . . .$7,995,000
5 Bedroom
6305 Gayton
5 Bedrooms
VINEYARD ARCHITECTURAL . . . . . . . . . . . . .$3,795,000
6 Bed/Pool
Terry & Gwen Lucoff 310-317-8391
APRIL 9 • 2009
THE MALIBUMarketplace
The rate for classified advertising
is $35 for 30 words or less. There is
a charge of 50 cents for each additional word over 30. This ad copy
plus payment may be mailed to
MSN Classified Advertising, P.O.
Box 903, Malibu CA 90265. Ads can
be placed in person for the current
week’s issue until noon on Tuesday
at our offices at 28990 Pacific Coast
Highway, Suite C-116 (PCH and
Portshead Road, just north of
Kanan-Dume Road).
For your convenience, ads may
also be telefaxed to MSN at 310457-9908 until noon on Tuesday for
the current week’s issue. The rate
for all faxed ads, as well as all classified ads billed to open display
advertising accounts (display ads
in newspaper during current
month), is $35 for 30 words or less
and 50 cents for each word over 30.
The News reserves the right to
decline to publish any advertisement, to address objections in
wording and to delete copy to
match payments submitted with an
ad. Submission of advertising
copy to The News is not a guarantee of publication or an agreement
for continued publication. The
News is not liable for failure to
publish an advertisement or for
more than one incorrect insertion
of an ad. Liability is limited to the
cost of the advertising space only,
with maximum liability being the
cost of the first incorrect ad or
republication of the correction.
All offices of The News are open
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and
Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and
Wednesday from 9 a.m.-1 p.m.
There is an ad copy drop-off box at
the main MSN entrance for after
hours use. For additional information about advertising in “The
Community Forum of Malibu,” contact 310-457-2112, 310-457-4235 or
310-457-NEWS (6397).
Sookie is a fouryear old red lab
with a glorious russet coat. She loves
playing with other
dogs. This girl is a
wonderful family
pal. Please bring
Sookie home at
Gentle Snow is a
beautiful white
and cream jindo.
She is tender,
trained and is terrific. Snow is just
a puppy at a little
over a year old,
don’t leave her.
Adopt Snow at
Baron is affectionate beyond words.
His handsome color
and soulful eyes
grab attention.
Baron is a hound
mix, three years
old, and a very
gentle soul. A shelter favorite! Please
adopt Baron at
An adorable corgi
mix with a bushy
curly tail, Bunty is
just two years
young. Bunty has
had a hard life but
is always smiling
with a tail ready to
wag. Adopt Bunty
at #A1017639.
Contact ANDREA for more information: [email protected] 323-363-4909
SOUTH L.A. ANIMAL SHELTER • 888-4LAPET1 or 888-452-7381
3612 11th Ave. Los Angeles, CA. 90018
specializes in
For information
about readings, call
Write to Ralfee Finn at
Post Office Box 343
New York, NY 10025
You can visit her
web site www.aquariumage.com or
email her at [email protected]
Andrea for Hair, formerly of Bay
Cities Beauty, is now at new location at Kanan Beauty Supply. Specializing in hi-lights. 818-405-7030,
[email protected]
Need help with your bookkeeping,
or with your QuickBooks or Quicken program? Call Tony, 310-4553780.
Rabbits are not Easter toys!
Parenting a rabbit is just as important as raising any other kind of animal.
They require mature and responsible care for their entire lives.
Neither The News nor any of the animal volunteers can determine the
appropriateness of a particular animal for a prospective adopter.
Caregiver/caretaker, houseman.
W. Malibu gent will drive, shop,
cook, clean, repair and maintain
property with a smile. Part or full
time. Low rates. Please call Joe at
Custom stone work, pillars, flagstone, walkways, pavers, fire pits.
35 years experience. All work
guaranteed. Bonded, insured.
310-457-2139, 310-985-1800.
Caretaker available. Live-out.
Cooking, errands, doctor’s appt.
Own transportation, Calif. Driver’s
lic. For more information, call
Beth, 818-857-1345.
New construction and remodeling, new decks, roof leak repairs, plumbing and electrical,
home theater, cabinets, countertops, tile and stone, pools and
ponds, gazebos, plans and permits, excavation, landscaping
and maintenance, concrete
work. Surveying and story poles.
John, 310-456-3311, CA lic.
Construction/remodeling. Drywall, finish carpentry, electric,
plumbing, block, brick, stucco,
tile, deck, painting, new construction. Also we read blueprints. 15
years experience, free estimates.
Call Simon, cell 323-535-5451 or
Paulo, home 323-569-5917.
[email protected]
All Valley
Kitchen asst. needed for one
Malibu person. 2 days/week, 6
hrs./day. Chemically sensitive,
no fragrances of any kind. Car
needed, must like pets. 310457-3319.
Brush Clearance • Sprinkler Systems
Spring Clean-ups • Full Landscape
Insured & Licensed C-27 662421
Garage sale take two! Back by
popular demand! Prices slashed
to fit the new economy! Bruce
won’t be here so come and get
it! 7004 Fernhill Dr., Saturday,
April 11. 9 a.m.-1 p.m. only.
Need cash? Turn your furniture
and valuables into cash. We
market, display, sell your stuff.
Call 805-383-6836 or e-mail us,
[email protected]
I fix things. Rotten, broken, stuck,
cracked, sagging, loose, rusted.
Doors, windows, cabinets, flooring,
furniture, tile. Mechanical/electrical.
Architectural details, post/beam.
Terence J. Oehlberg. Contractor,
lic. #518294. 310-457-8491.
Spring cleaning sale. Clothing,
records, CDs, tools, new toys,
furniture, flotsam and jetsam
from lifetime pack rat. 29711
Harvester Rd. Sat., April 11, 8
a.m.-2 p.m./rain date Sun., April
12, 9 a.m.-2 p.m.
Happy Hauling Malibu. Hauling
single items to gigantic loads.
Residential and commercial
clean-up. Yards, closets, storage,
houses and furniture moving.
New 17-foot moving van! We
love helping out with anything
you need help with! 7 days. 310228-8158.
Find the
Lucky Star
Garcia Gardening Service.
Landscaping, maintenance,
planting, clean-up, low-voltage
lights, sprinkler systems, hauling. Everything your garden
needs. Call Efren at 818-8818523 or 310-733-7414.
Adopt a pet
from your local
(818) 609-0183
Acre Mowing • Weed Abatement
• Roto Tilling • Weed Discing
Agoura Animal Shelter • 29525 Agoura Road, Agoura Hills.
Call All Local Agriculture Now :
Springtime In Malibu! Drive Into The
Farm On PCH to Know Your Local,
Certified Naturally Grown Food
Growers and Get the Very Best Food!
Free Samples: Raw Malibu Honey
and Fresh Harvested and Gourmet
Heritage Processed Foods. The Local
Malibu Farm Co-op is Growing.
Malibu Somis Farm: Bacon Avocados.
Malibu Wildlife Farm: Blood Oranges,
Grapefruit, Aloe, and More. Vital
Zuman: Today-Harvested Prime
Greens for Juicing or Saute; Collards,
Kale, Arugala, Chard, Wild Spinach,
Wild Mustard, Curly Mustard, and
More. Rangpur Limes, Super Gourmet
Salad Bags, Wild, Raw, Malibu Honey,
Medicinal Herbs, Edible Flowers,
Organic Compost, Firewood and
More. Trade or Donate Your Clean
Backyard Fruit to the Co-op. Open 10
a.m. to 4 p.m. weekly. Local
Volunteers Welcome.
“Take a break From Your Day, Enter
the Nartural World, Go Home
With Something Good.” Right turns
only in/out the farm.
Calvin’s Specialty Gardens.
Rose gardens, container gardens,
organic vegetable gardens,
drought tolerant gardens, hummingbird and butterfly gardens,
houseplant and garden maintenance. Call 310-460-8760 for free
in the ad
you placed in the
Malibu Marketplace
Two Tickets to
the Malibu Theatre!
APRIL 9 • 2009
THE MALIBUMarketplace
Manny’s Hauling and all construction work, including demolition and building. Carpentry,
masonry, drywall, painting, tile
work, building retaining walls,
framing, plumbing and fencing.
20 years experience, local references. Call Manny, 323-2736895.
Quality interior and exterior
house painting. No job too big or
too small. Best quality materials.
Local and national references.
Clean, neat workmanship. No
mess. Phone Steve at 310-4566534.
California Cottage. 3 bd., 2 ba.
plus den, dining room, toy room, 2car garage. Big yard. Open Sat.
and Sun., 6721 Windermere,
$5400/mo., 310-457-2122.
Southwest Serene, miles of
trails. Buff and Hensman Awardwinning architect. Vistas bonitas,
private, peaceful, spacious, 4
1/2 acres, teak cabinets, horses
OK, $5750/mo. Pictures “A
Southwest Home” are at
Welcome “Pep Law.” Ready
for immediate occupancy. MCV
unit. Can accommodate 3. Completely remodeled. Quarter-mile
from campus. Underground parking. Security gated. Pool, tennis,
sauna. www.maliburentals.com
Need stress relief? Foot reflexology and body balancing. 310-4571681.
All Seasons Painting. Spring
clean-up specials. Kitchen cabinets, decks, garage doors. No
job too small. Interior/exterior
painting specialist. For free estimate, call Randy, 310-6787913. License #571061.
Professional service. We make
your home or business star
sparkling clean. Serving the community for over 13 years. The best
in housekeeping for the best price.
Good references. Call Bertha,
home: 323-754-6873 or cell: 213393-1419.
Reliable cleaning service. Dirty
house? We are experts. Commercial and residential. 20 years
of serving the community. Contact Sylvia at 310-592-3497 or
[email protected]
Commercial &
Residential License
& Exterior
Faux Finishes - Stain
Oil Paints - Sealers
Epoxy Coating - Lacquers
(310) 435-7551
Marcia’s Housecleaning/houses, offices, apartments. I have
10 years experience. I am bilingual and I have references,
available. Ask for Maria. Cell:
310-480-1168 or 310-674-5403.
Tree service. Pruning, topping, removing service for fire regulations.
New lawns, ivy, topping. Sprinklers, lots. Hillside garden maintenance. Free estimate, call Salomon, 323-252-0112.
West Malibu office space at bottom of Kanan. Quiet, convenient,
accessible. $475/mo. 310-7958867.
Malibu Road Open house, 10
a.m.-12 noon, Thurs., April 9. 3 + 3
Townhouse. Oceanfront unit
w/amazing views. 100 ft. of sandy
beach. Remodeled w/granite &
limestone in entry, kitchen & bathrooms. Spa tub, steam shower,
fireplace, BBQ on oceanfront
deck, vaulted ceilings, 2-car parking, recreational area, laundry &
large storage room, can be furnished. Pets will be considered.
$5995/mo. Call 310-770-6434. For
additional photos, go to: http://www.
Malibu Mountain Houses: Reduced! 2 bd., 2 ba., loft, fireplace,
separate office, Jacuzzi. Remodeled, private, safe, with spectacular views. $2500/mo. 3 bd., 1 ba.,
2-car garage, hardwoods, walk-in
closets. $2600/mo. Pet friendly.
818-707-1804. Brad.
3 bd., 3 ba. plus bonus room,
very nice, bright, Pt. Dume Club,
pool, Jacuzzi, gated. Washer/dryer, cul-de-sac. Must see!
$3450/mo., 1-yr. lease 5/5/09.
Karen, 994-7344.
Industrial shops, “New” 600'2400', for sale or lease. City of
Oxnard (20-30 PCH minutes
from Malibu), 10 x 12-roll
door, office, bathroom, 15'
ceilings. No automotive, vehicle
storage OK. 805-486-8796.
Walk to beach, Malibu West,
creekside backyard, wood, glass,
beams, fireplace, atrium, beach
club, tennis, 3 bd., 2 1/2 ba.,
bonus room. $5500/mo., 310393-1818.
Big Sur on Pt. Dume. 3 bd., 2
1/2 ba. house, 2-car detached
garage. Included is downstairs
studio with separate entrance.
Perfect artist retreat! Incredible
sunset views over the canyon.
New paint, new carpet. Open
Sat. and Sun., 6721 Wandermere Rd. $4000/mo. 310-3820264.
Room for rent, Pt. Dume. Asking $1350 per month, includes
utilities, maid service and private
beach access. Price negotiable
for weekend warriors! To inquire,
call 310-457-3678.
Pt. Dume, 720 sq. ft. 2-story
guest house. Private garden entry court, private parking, full
kitchen, 1 1/2 ba., many windows, open beam ceilings. No
smoking, no pets, one person
only. $1750/mo., 310-457-1465.
Ocean view beauty, Pt. Dume
Club. 2 bd., 3 ba. home, 2 huge
viewing decks, incredible garden, maple hardwood floors,
steam shower, stainless steel
appliances, W/D, pool, sauna.
Gated, overlooking Zuma, can
be furnished. $4100/mo., 562397-8110.
The best ocean view in Malibu.
Completely remodeled 2-story
condo. 2 bd., 2 ba., small office.
All new kitchen, bathrooms, carpets, drapes. Tennis, pool,
sauna, gated. $3100/mo. Lease
by owner. 310-403-3737.
Breathtaking ocean view, 2story home. 3 bd., 2 1/2 ba.
Open beam ceilings. Large
fenced yard. Dogs OK. Many
fruit trees. Fireplace. $3950/
mo. Lease. 310-403-3737.
Ocean views, 2 story guest
house, gated, Malibu estate. 2
bd., 2 ba., Jacuzzi, granite, travertine, hardwood floors, 2 garages, huge deck, and French
doors to pool. Horses and pets
considered. $2500/mo., 818991-1879.
Malibu LaCosta area luxury
unit. Whitewater ocean view, 1
bd., den, 2 ba., vaulted ceilings, wood-burning fireplace,
close to town. $2600/mo. References required. No dogs.
New stand-alone guest house.
Studio size. One person, no pets.
Full bath, kitchen, washer/dryer,
parking. $1100/mo., utilities included. Above Zuma Beach. First and
last month’s and security deposit.
Apartment at County Line. 1
bd., ocean views, spacious,
sunny, covered parking, laundry
hook-ups. Across from beach.
$1895/mo., 310-910-8108.
Magical house with spectacular
ocean view! Stunning 2-acre property. Country lifestyle. 2 bd.,
den/3rd bd., 2 ba. Woodsy farmhouse kitchen, 2 fireplaces. W.
Winding Way across Paradise
Cove. $6300/ mo., first, last and
deposit. Available June 1. 310457-4214, [email protected]
Pt. Dume. Gated 4 + 4 Mediterranean. Ocean view master.
Large yard. Pool/spa. Walk to
beach. Short or long term.
$6900/mo. long term. Call for
short term rate. Lynette, bkr.,
Malibu home. Must see! Las
Flores Cyn. Close to PCH.
Charming 3+2+office. Ocean/
canyon views. Fireplace, hardwood floors, granite, stained
glass. $4800/mo. Electric/water
included. Call Paul, 719-4885552, 310-308-4704.
Villa Malibu, 3 bed., 2 ba. +
loft. Expansive living room with
f/p, new paint/carpet. Washer/
dryer/refrigerator, onsite maintenance, low security deposits
OAC, pool, concierge, chauffeur, beach porter, fitness center. $5000/mo. Matt, 866-2718058.
Malibu Maintenance
Complete Housecleaning
Reasonable Rates
Call Now For
Bathrooms • Windows • Carpets
• Floors • New Construction
• Weekly/Monthly Service
• Local References
• Schedules Available
20 years local experience
August-September rental
wanted by longtime resident.
Reasonably priced. Great references. 520-742-3132.
Environmental Tree Care,
Inc. Complete tree service and
fully insured. Serving the community for the past 20 years.
Give us a call for professional
service. Lic. #725258. 310456-5969.
Malibu townhome. Beautiful
end unit at The Pointe at Malibu.
Large 2 bd., 2 1/2 ba., granite
counters, 2-car garage, pool,
spa, tennis, gym, pet OK.
$3900/mo., year lease. Available
May 15. 805-370-1932.
Weddings and Events
30 Years in Malibu
Carol on call
Scripts, Book Ms.
Resumes, Mailing Lists
Legal Briefs, Notary, Editing
Ghost Writing, Member WGAw
Skiing and snowboarding.
Mammoth Mountain townhouse. Winter weekends available. 4 bd., 3 full ba., comfortably sleeps 10. Indoor pool,
Jacuzzi, fireplace, W/D, maid
service. Weekends, $375/
night. Sun.-Thurs., $200/ night.
818-599-1086, 818-880-8075.
Marketplace Classifieds Are Malibu’s
Best Advertising Buy–Dollar for Dollar
APRIL 9 • 2009
THE MALIBUMarketplace
Malibu Rentals
• 2 Bed, 3 bath Zuma Bay Villa Condo. Whitewater ocean views. New
paint/carpet. Gated complex. 2 car garage, pool and tennis. . . . . . . . .$3900
• Mulholland 2 bed ranch on 11 acres. Very clean. Majestic setting. Room for
horses. Miles of trails. Very quiet and private . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$3600
• Cliffside Drive. 4 bedroom Hamptons style with hardwood floors. Designer
kitchen. Swimming pool. Private Pt. Dume Beach key. . . . . . . . . . . . .$20,000
• Architectural Cavalleri Road. 4 bedroom with pool and guest house.
Panoramic mountain and ocean views. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$15,000
Second Pot Permit Sought
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Critics of the plan have stated that the
City of Malibu does not currently permit
reinjection of wastewater. In the preparation of the City of Malibu LCP, Coastal
Development Permit (CDP), the district
must meet the requirements of the Los
Angeles Regional Water Quality Control
Board (RWQCB) for ground water monitoring wells to determine the water quality resulting from septic systems at the
Malibu Middle/High School and Cabrillo
Elementary School sites.
The board was also asked to approve a
contract amendment “to provide the ability of GeoConcepts to perform the drilling
operations for nine of the eleven monitoring wells closest to the classroom areas
on Saturdays, as the noise from the drill
rigs would be prohibitive to conducting
school classes concurrently.” Geo
Concepts is a Van Nuys based company
that specializes in geology and geotechnical services.
A contract amendment requesting for
“Biologist Study Report Services—
Malibu High School Athletic Field
Lighting Project,” from the consulting
firm of Glenn Lukos Associates was
amended shortly before the meeting.
The amendment, which provides consultant services “to perform a nesting
raptor survey, according to the requirements of the California Coastal
Commission, as well as the performance of surveys for special-status
plants,” was changed to remove the reference to the lighting project. The
board is scheduled to vote on whether
to continue with the controversial lighting plan at its May 7 meeting in
Critics of the lighting plan, which is
an “add alternative” project that can
only be built if funding remains once
“core” projects are completed, charge
that the change in language does not
change the intent, since only the athletic field improvements, which include
permanent concrete bleachers at the
football field in addition to the four to
six 70-to-80-foot tall lighting structures, have the potential to negatively
impact either raptors or native plants.
“The district is playing a transparent
‘hide the consultant’ shell game,”
Malibu Park resident Marshall
Thompson told the Malibu Surfside
News. “Who do they think they are
kidding by cloaking their intent to do
an expensive biological diversity
study for the already in place sports
fields unless the real purpose of the
study is to ascertain the impact of
nighttime lighting on local fauna and
flora. How stupid do they think
Malibu residents are?”
Another area resident concurred.
“This really makes me mad,” Carol
Gable told the News. “All the money
they are spending to continue the studies for lighting.”
Opponents of the lighting plan have
previously questioned whether the campus has the electrical infrastructure to
accommodate the field lights requirements, even if all other concerns were
adequately addressed. The answer may
be no. According to the staff report, “As
part of the District-wide technology
upgrades, each Measure BB school site
has been evaluated to determine if adequate electrical power is available to
accommodate the new technology
equipment standards for classroom and
non-classroom environments. HMC has
surveyed the existing electrical panels
at the Malibu MS/HS site and determined that electrical infrastructure
upgrades are required. HMC will
receive $34,428 for “the architectural
services for design and documentation
of the electrical infrastructure upgrades
required for Malibu MS/HS,” for a
revised contract total of $5,180,501.
whether to establish a law
allowing such facilities and
how many in the city could
be allowed. No more than
three in the city would be
allowed, council members
decided, and the procedure
would include getting a
CUP from the city. At the
last minute, decision makers
added a laundry list of locations near where the pot
pharmacies would not be
welcome, including schools,
churches, parks and other
This could provide an
obstacle for Green Angel,
except that the park, Las
Flores Canyon Park, is
tucked into the canyon
over a ridgeline and not
down the block a 1000 feet
as would be the case in a
conventional city with a
street grid pattern.
However, that determination will have to be made
by the planning panel.
For all your local news, visit
Malibu’s only real
online newspaper
Offices in Malibu and Topanga
Malibu: 310.456.6771
I t ’s d i f f e re n t h e re.
Topanga: 310.455.4363
Malibu: Beautifully maintained ocean view
townhouse with 2 bedrooms, large den, upstairs
deck and large yard and decks downstairs.
Completely private tennis, pool and spa.
Elizabeth Campbell 310.456.6771
Malibu: Light and bright spacious architectural,
maple floors, stone deck with built in BBQ and
sink. Ocean views, 4 bedroom. Steps to private
Also available for lease @ $7,500/mo
John Cosentino 310.456.6771
Malibu: Beautiful estate property overlooking
Carbon Beach on approx. 2 very private acres.
Opportunity to remodel existing wood, glass,
home or create your dream. La Costa beach
rights included.
Jack Pritchett/Jeff Chertow 310.456.6771
Malibu: Only 8 minutes from Zuma Beach is 320
acres of Malibu’s finest ranchland. 2 homes,
lakes, tons of flat & useable. Great ocean views.
Potential for 6 vineyard/equestrian estates.
Kirk Murray 310.456.5621
Malibu: Best priced Pt. Dume home with Riviera II
beach rights. Completely flat .65 of an acre lot
with frontage on Wildlife & Fernhill. Classic
Ranch style home with 3 bdrms, 2 bths. Create
your private Pt. Dume estate with this property.
Matthew Ogden 310.456.5621
Malibu: Rarely available high ceilings and great
floor plan. PRivate driveway, landscaped garden
with fountain. Gorgeous mountain views. Riviera
III beach rights at amazing price!
John Cosentino 310.456.6771
Malibu: Stunning three level masterpiece
on Malibu Road. Offering 4 bedrooms, 4.5 baths
with multiple oceanfront decks. Open floor
plan, gourmet kitchen, private rooftop deck
and garden.
Jeff Chertow/Dan Dillon 310.456.6771
Malibu: Exquisite 2 bedroom, 2 bath beachfront
condo in best complex on Malibu Road. All the
rooms on the water with a large private beachfront deck & top of the line finishes!!
Jeff Chertow/Paul Woodman 310.456.6771
Malibu: Completely secluded yet close in 3 acre
estate. Approximately 6000 sq. ft. two story
home. Beautifully manicured grounds, tennis
court, pool, horse facilities and so much more!
Brant Didden/Jim Rapf 310.456.5621
Malibu: Great location across from the bluff.
Ocean views of Santa Monica Bay. Home is a
newer 3 BDR + 2 BA, open floor plan, high ceilings, fireplace and bonus room. Large outdoor
Kirk Murray 310.456.5621
Malibu: Situated on 60' of beach, this Big Rock beachfront duplex has an upper 2 bdrm, 2 1/2 bath unit and
a lower 2 bdrm, 2 bath unit. Each unit has their own
private entrance & retractable staircase to the beach.
Extensively remodeled w/all the amenities.
Matt Ogden/Gayle Pritchett 310.456.5621
Malibu: Fantastic ocean, mountain and sunset
views from this well priced move-in condition
home. 2 BDR, 2 BA w/ a bonus room. Garden,
private deck, open floor plan. Low space rent.
Kirk Murray 310.456.5621
Malibu: Stunning 4 bedroom architectural home
with walls of glass to capture the gorgeous
views of Catalina, Pt Dume and Surfrider beach.
Adjacent vacant lot is included. 3 car garage.
Jeff Chertow 310.456.6771
Malibu: 2 bedrooms plus loft that can be a
perfect 3rd bedroom! Fireplace in living
room, vaulted ceilings. Original owner, ideal
for a remodel!
Allison Ray 310.456.6771
Malibu: Upgraded 2 + 2.5 beauty! This one has
it all - top floor, corner unit, double balcony, 2
fireplaces. Includes coveted, separate storage
room! Steps to beach!
Susan Cosentino 310.456.6771
Malibu: Great ocean view 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath
at Tivoli Cove! Beautiful expo designed kitchen,
Italian laminate cabinets, state of the art
appliances, guard gated complex pool,
volleyball, gym!
Susan Cosentino 310.456.6771
Malibu: Spectacular mountain & meadow views
from amazing Monte Nido property! Eat-in
kitchen, Viking range, limestone counters, hardwood floors & open beamed ceilings throughout. Beautiful grounds! Don’t miss!!
Susan Cosentino 310.456.6771
Malibu: Completely private 80 acre compound
entirely surrounded by parkland. Endless
views in every direction. Main house, guest
house, horse corrals and other out buildings.
A must see!
Chris Frost/Brand Didden 310.456.5621
Malibu: Completely remodeled new kitchen,
baths, roof, windows and doors. Large master
suite w/ocean view and huge walk-in closet.
Lushes landscape one one of blocks largest
Shen Schulz 310.456.6771
Malibu: Behind private gates atop famous “birdstreets” sits this contemporary home with spectacular views. Motor court, guest wing, pool &
media room! Exquisitely landscaped with
indoor/outdoor design.
Brant Didden 310.456.5621
Malibu: on almost 1/2 acre overlooking Zuma
beach w/incredible panoramic ocean views.
2 bed, 2 bath contemporary w/ private pool &
ocean view sundecks.
Avail furnished for $8,500/mo.
John Cosentino 310.456.6771
Malibu: 2 bedroom, 2 bath with huge, private
ocean view deck. Perfect for entertaining and
star gazing! Across the street from renowned
County Line beach!
Alison Ray 310.456.6771
Malibu: Beautifully appointed home with oceanside decks, views from all rooms, outdoor entertaining area with BBQ, bar and lounge. 3 bedroom,
3.5 bath. Step out onto beach. Available now!
Elizabeth Campbell 310.456.6771
Malibu: 4 bedroom, 3 bath. Huge fantastic backyard in one of Malibu's best neighborhoods.
Price includes Beach Rights and Tennis Club.
John Cosentino 310.365.2001
Malibu: Latigo Beach, Tivolia Cove complex.
2 bedroom, 2 bath and loft. Gated resort living.
Premier location near pool/spa. Ocean and city
lights view.
Shen Schulz 310.456.6771
Malibu: Spectacular 5 acre property. Full
architectural drawings and coastal approval
for 5960 sq. ft. house, guest house and 3 car
garage. Many permits ready to be pulled!
Chris Frost/Brant Didden 310.456.5621
Malibu: Recently upgraded with outdoor entertaining area, wine care & stone guest house.
Handcrafted rock walls throughout property.
Mature oaks and pines and views! The perfect
Jack Pritchett/Chris Frost/Brant Didden 310.456.5621
Malibu: Ocean view property in Ramirez Cyn.
Plans for approx. 7100 sq. ft. 5BR + 5BA
Mediterranean estate with library, theatre, dining
room, wine cellar, chef’s kitchen & elevator. Beach
Chris Frost/Brant Didden 310.456.5621
Malibu: Close in, ocean view property to build
ultimate Malibu Estate. 10 almost all useable
acres with wide open views. Plenty of privacy.
This won’t last!
Chris Frost & Brant Didden 310.456.5621
Malibu: 2.9 acres with views of Surfrider and
Malibu Pier. Gated with designs ready for a
new home. La Costa Beach Club and tennis
rights. Full reports.
Chris Frost/Brant Didden 310.456.5621

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