press dossier - Machu Picchu Hotel



press dossier - Machu Picchu Hotel
In August 2007 Clabe Andina, a Peruvian business group,
started up the Sumaq Machu Picchu Hotel project in the town of
Aguas Calientes in Cusco, Peru. Sumaq, a Quechua word
meaning “pleasant” or “lovely” and the name chosen for this
unique five-star hotel, sums up its details and services.
Sumaq, the only five-star hotel in the Machu Picchu area, is
located on the road leading to the Machu Picchu archaeological
site, twenty minutes from the train station. It is surrounded by
abundant vegetation that serves as a preview of the
magnificence of the Machu Picchu archaeological site,
considered one of the new Seven Wonders of the World.
The hotel has 5,565.08 m2 of constructed area and its infrastructure is divided in three modules: the central module where the
social and/or common areas such as reception, the lobby,
Qunuq Restaurant, Suquy Café Bar, Aqlla Spa and the event
room are located. The modules to the left and right house 30
guestrooms each.
The area has significant biological diversity, with 22% of Peru’s
bird species, 10% of its mammal species, 8% of its reptile
species and 12% of the country’s species of angiosperms. In
Machu Picchu, up to 300 native species of orchids, 423 bird
species, over 100 butterfly species and 6500 types of plants can
be found.
living the experience of
accommodations worthy of Inca
New suites available from May 2016
Staying at Sumaq Machu Picchu Hotel is a welcoming, unforgettable experience for its
guests due to its modern, luxurious atmosphere, as well as Andean details throughout,
designed for a restful visit with personalized service.
Each guest room has anti-allergenic pillows, 100% alpaca blankets, 100% cotton sheets, a
21” TV with cable service, national and international telephone service, heating, an in-room
safe, a mini-bar and wireless Internet service.
An excellent option for a
wonderful stay.
Sumaq Machu Picchu Hotel has 60 guest rooms, which are classified according to three
categories: Sumaq Suite (03). Junior Suite (10) and Superior Deluxe (47),
New suites available from May 2016
Double Superior Deluxe with an additional bed
Double Superior Deluxe
Double Junior Suite
Double Superior Deluxe for Persons with Disabilities
Rooms for smokers and non-smokers
An alternative designed for
the rest and comfort of our
The Qunuq Restaurant on the second floor of the hotel has 152 m2 of space and
the capacity to serve 120 people. What makes Qunuq unique, in addition to its
haute cuisine menus, is its spectacular view of the beautiful landscape
surrounding Sumaq that guests are able to enjoy while dining in relaxing
The cuisine at Qunuq is a journey of aromas, forms and flavors, taking the
best of the southern region of Peru. Qunuq brings together the most traditional
creations and fuses them with the most sophisticated techniques.
Qunuq Restaurant transmits the chef’s dedication and the research he has done
in order to offer Sumaq guests a sensory experience complemented by the
vastness of nature among the towering mountains around Machu Picchu.
For guests who prefer an intimate lunch or dinner in their room or on their
balcony overlooking the mountains, room service is available 24 hours a day.
SUQUY Café & Bar
Toasting with the Inti Punku (Gateway of the Sun) and the mountains
surrounding Machu Picchu is a privilege reserved for our visitors.
Suquy Café & Bar has a charming atmosphere and offers a large variety
of exotic international, Novo Andina and regional cocktails prepared by
expert bartenders.
Located on the third floor of the hotel, SUQUY has 103 m2 of space and
capacity for 50 persons. Its interior design, like other parts of Sumaq,
was inspired by Inca motifs, from its furnishings to its splendid walls.
Una vista espectacular de las montañas
At Aqlla Spa, our guests enjoy extraordinary sessions combining relaxation, luxury and ancient Inca
techniques for the body and mind. Natural oils, such as coca oil, are included in our service, which is
complemented by an atmosphere of light and floral essences.
For guests wishing to relieve stress, detoxify their skin and clear toxins from their bronchia, the sauna
will aid in alleviating a number of skin and respiratory disorders.
Aqlla Massage - full-body massage
Relaxing Massage
Reflexology for the feet
Champi Massage
Massage with Andean stones
Steam sauna
Jacuzzi with hydrotherapy
4 massage rooms
The millenary ingredients of Peruvian cuisine come
together in the demonstration cooking classes
taught by our chef, who will take you on a culinary
tour of the flavors and secrets of southern Peru.
Its invaluable ingredients facilitate the dynamic
cooking classes taught by the hotel’s resident chef
who teaches guests to prepare traditional dishes
selected according to the preferences of the
Additionally, everyone learns to prepare Perus’s
flagship cocktail, the Pisco Sour. The classes,
which last approximately 40 minutes, are available
for groups of two to twenty persons. They include
sampling the dishes prepared and a recipe booklet.
Pachamanca is a traditional, emblematic dish
from the southern and central regions of Peru.
It always includes tubers from the Apus
(mountains), such as oca and potatoes,
accompanied by fava beans, lamb and other
Pachamanca is prepared in thanksgiving to
mother earth for everything she provides us.
At Sumaq, we delight our guests with authentic pachamanca prepared with Andean
ingredients according to traditional procedures.
Chicha beverages made from corn are also
part of this culinary experience. We offer 3
types of chicha: chicha de jora and chicha
Another activity that has come to distinguish
the Sumaq Machu Picchu Hotel, due to its
impeccable promotion of Peru’s Andean
culture among its visitors, is the “Payment to
the Earth” ritual, a ceremony led by shaman
Willco – which means “fire” in Quechua –
who with songs and prayer creates an
atmosphere of wonder and thankfulness to
the elements of nature. The ritual is
specially designed for groups of two to
fifteen persons.
The Andean wedding ceremony or “Arac
Masin” is a new option for couples wishing
to enjoy a symbolic ceremony in the midst
of nature and the spirituality of Machu
Picchu. In the presence of an Andean
priest, couples are able to live an experience
full of energy and mysticism, accompanied
by exclusive service in the Sumaq Suite
and massage sessions at the Aqlla Spa.
This particularly ceremony includes:
- Services of an Andean priest
- “Aqllas” or ceremonial assistants
- Private interpreter.
- Flower arrangements: floral arch and carpet
of flowers
- Bouquet
- Transfer to Puente Ruinas
- Typical Andean attire for the bride and groom
- Offerings
- Cocktail for toasting
- Coca leaf reading
- Local musicians to play Andean melodies.
- Special gift for the bride and groom
Adventure, emotion and satisfaction are
some of the ingredients of our guests’ dream
trip. At Machu Picchu, guests can go hiking,
climbing or bird watching.
Sumaq offers excursions to:
Machu Picchu Mountain
Wayna Picchu Mountain
Putukusi Mountain
La Puerta del Sol
Puente Ruinas trekking
Hike to Mandor Valley
Bird Watching
Orchid Trail
Site Museum of Machu Picch
Sumaq Machu Picchu Hotel
Av. Hermanos Ayar L1, Manzana 3. Machu Picchu Pueblo, Cusco - Perú
Código de Registro del Certificado: RA-TO-000063
Estándar: Estándar para Hoteles y Servicios de Alojamiento Rainforest Alliance Certified, 2012
Certificación Valida desde: 25 de Junio de 2015 a 24 de Junio 2018
Tipo de Operación: Hospedaje
Manejo Ambiental: 89.68 %
Manejo Socio-cultural: 94.29 %
Manejo Económico: 94.33 %
Calificación Global: 92.77 %
Calificación de Indicadores Críticos: 93.33 %
*Calificaciones basadas en la más reciente auditoría realizada
Jon Jickling, Director, Certification
Rainforest Alliance
233 Broadway, 28th Floor
New York, NY 10279 USA
La validez de este certificado puede ser verificada en
El Estándar Rainforest Alliance para
operaciones turísticas ha sido reconocido por
el Consejo Global para Turismo Sostenible por
estar 100%.alineado con los Criterios Globales
para Turismo Sostenible.
Para mayor información, por favor visite:
Rainforest Alliance ofrece servicios de certificación de turismo basado en protocolos y estándares desarrollados por
Rainforest Alliance o manejados y administrados por Rainforest Alliance. Este Certificado significa que Rainforest
Alliance ha auditado la conformidad de la organización mencionada anteriormente, con el estándar particular
mencionado anteriormente. En ninguna circunstancia los servicios de Rainforest Alliance serán considerados como
el cumplimiento de verificación de una organización con la ley aplicable o una indicación de aprobación por
cualquier autoridad gubernamental de los productos, prácticas o actividades de la organización. Este certificado
está preparado solamente para el beneficio de la organización mencionada anteriormente y no puede ser usado por
terceras partes sin el consentimiento expreso por escrito de Rainforest Alliance.
New Property Oct 2015
#6 of 25 Top hotels of south america
#1 Aguas Calientes
#1 of 22 hotels of Aguas Calientes
Certificate of Excellente 2013, 2015
Alliance solidarity campaigns
"Restaurants against malnutrition"
2018 hotel 2015
Partnership with productives
associations of the Sacred
Articles about the hotel have also appeared in prestigious international publications, such as Vanitatis, Turismo Attualita, Prime Magazine, Dicas de
Viagen, Elle Canada, Travel and Leisure, Shermans Travel, Canadian Family, Travel Luxury Blocks and Spain’s El Confidencial, among others.
If you require information or would like to visit Sumaq Machu Picchu Hotel as part of a trip backed by your media company, contact us at
[email protected] and we will gladly assist you.
For further information contact :
Lizeth Giurfa Barrientos.
Public Relations
[email protected]
[email protected]
Telef. 511 4470579 - Ext 26
RPM: # 98 906 5971
T. 51 1 628 1082 51 1 445 7828
[email protected]
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