Festival Tari Dangkong ke 4 @Karimun,
Indonesia (14th – 18th Nov 2006)
Dangkong Dance Festival IV in conjunction with the celebration of
HUT 61st Republic Indonesia, Arts Tourism & Culture of karimun
organize this festival with a special activities called Traditional Sailing Boat Race. With only 5 performers from Sri Warisan shared the
same stage with other delegations from Malaysia, Johor, Batu Pahat, melaka, Riau Provincials and etc.
International Performing Arts FestIVAL
(IPAF)“Angkorwat-Gyeongju world
culture expo 06, Cambodia (8th- 16th Dec 06)
IMACO International Symposium & Meeting 2006
@Andong, Korea (28th Sept – 08 Oct 06)
Once again, Sri Warisan was invited by the IOV Korea to participate
in the IMACO International Mask Arts & Culture Organization and
International Symposium & Meeting in Andong Korea. Adel Ahmad
was selected as the speaker to represent Singapore at he above
prestigious conference & symposium with a topics given “Intangible
Cultural Heritage & Mask Arts & Culture”. Besides the talk, a special tour were conducted for al participants to get to know more
about the historical place ’Andong’.
An exotic experience in Cambodia visiting the ancient Angkor Wat
and the grand world expo site. Sri Warisan performed Bangsawan in
Dance—Dendam Berahi and Stories of Singapore. Sri Warisan was
invited by Mr Moon Hyung, Director IOV— Asia. 12 delegates were
selected including singer Zubir Abdullah.
@Jambi, Indonesia (10th – 15th Dec 2006)
International Festival of Performing Arts
2006 Jogjakarta, Indonesia (12th– 17th Nov 2006)
A Festival organized by PPPG Kesenian (Pusat Pengembangan
dan Penataran Guru Kesenian Jogjakarta) which involved the
International performing Arts group from America, Japan, Australia & Singapore. Sri Warisan was selected to represent Singapore in this prestigious festival. The performance took place at
the historical venue ‘Bantul’ Jogjakarta where the ‘Earthquake’
took place. 1 hour solid performance from Sri Warisan with Stories of Singapore, Bangsawan in Dance & Gurindam 12.
This is the 4th Jambi Festival, Sri Warisan participated. This year
Tunas youth were given the opportunity to participate in this event
The delegates was led by Fazlyna Aziz and Sudirman Mohamed. 8
delegates were selected including Naem as the presenter and Musician.
Overall experience was superb. The audience enjoyed the performance especially the Zapin Telok Blangah Dance.