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. IB MAY08 *LIVE* - Timmins Chamber of Commerce
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Chamber celebrates excellence in our community
The Timmins Chamber of Commerce presented its 2008 NOVA Business Excellence
Awards to recipients at a gala evening awards
ceremony on Thursday April 17th. This year,
the theme for the event was “fire and ice”.
The stellar event lived up to its reputation as
the premier business event for the Chamber
of Commerce. This year, NOVA judges had a
difficult time whittling down over 90 nomination forms to just three finalists for each
category. Even more difficult was the task of
selecting just one recipient for each of the 13
The “Fire and Ice” event was complete
with ice sculptures, fire twirlers, professional
sound and lighting and fire and ice-themed
appetizers. With a sold-out crowd, the
McIntyre arena came alive with theatrics
during the event.
According to NOVA organizers Gary
Marriott and Joel Bergeron, planning the
event required a lot of time and effort, which
all paid off in the end. “To be able to plan
and execute such a high calibre event for our
region is a great accomplishment,” stated
Marriott. “Based on the attendance of over
450 people and response from people who
attended the event, it was a true success for
nominees, finalists, recipients and all who
attended the gala,” he added.
“As a group, the 2008 finalists & recipients
exemplify business excellence in Timmins”,
stated Joel Bergeron. “To see such a great
turnout for the event – a sold-out success – it
is a wonderful reward for all of the efforts that
have been put forth by the committee members, event judges, Chamber staff, and our
event sponsors, without which an evening
like this would simply not be possible.”
Chamber President Marilyn Wood stated
that “Holding an event of this quality really
makes businesses proud to be part of the
Timmins business community. The
Chamber of Commerce feels it is a tangible
way to celebrate the successes of businesses
in a proper manner. From what I’ve seen
tonight during the awards gala, finalist
videos and recipients, I am impressed at the
quality of businesses that Timmins has to
offer and proud to be part of an organization
that recognizes and values the importance of
celebrating our collective success.”
Award recipients gathered for a photo after the 2008 NOVAs wrapped up at the McIntyre arena. For more on the awards
please see Page 7.
Study reveals hidden benefits of Chamber membership
that is inherent in a traditional opinion poll.
The objective of the research study was to
quantify the impacts of belonging to a
chamber, to identify whether chamber
membership evoked increased support from
consumers and what maintaining an active
chamber membership tells consumers about
your organization.
The study revealed that among
participants, an active chamber membership
is highly effective in conveying to consumers
that a business uses good business practices,
is a reputable establishment, cares about
customers and is involved within the
Compared to other strategies employed by
some businesses, such as sponsoring
encouraging volunteer work among employees, offering scholarships to local students
and encouraging charity donations by
employees, a chamber membership was
revealed to be the most effective strategy to
communicate the aforementioned business
Approximately, 7 out of 10
respondents indicated that chamber membership is the most effective way that a
business can communicate to consumers
that it implements good practices and
maintains a good reputation within the
community. Additionally, approximately 6
out of 10 respondents indicated that a
community involvement and care for
Regarding a company’s goods and services,
the research study provided some interesting
results. Specifically, the survey indicates that
when consumers are aware that a business is
a member of the local chamber of commerce,
they are 19% more likely to think favourably
of that company. Moreover, when a business
is known to be highly active within the local
chamber, the average consumer is 12% more
likely to think that its products and services
are better than the competition. Further
research into potential causes of these
phenomena revealed that consumers infer
from chamber membership that a company
is trustworthy, involved within the
Earlier this year, The Shapiro Group and
Market Street Services released the results of a
detailed study outlining what a Chamber
membership means to consumers.
While benefits of membership, such as
financial benefits, access to networking
opportunities and informational and educational sessions, are often apparent to
business owners and managers, the impact of
a Chamber membership – and how it affects
how your business is perceived by
prospective consumers and existing clients –
is one benefit that is definitely worth
Study data was obtained through a
web-based survey of 2000 American adults
and was designed to bypass the subjectivity
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Chartered Accountants
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“Helping You Achieve Your Goals In Your Business
Is Our Goal In Our Business”
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inside business
2 -MAY 2008
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community and is an industry leader.
The Impact of Chamber Membership on
Large and Small Businesses
The study also differentiated between
member benefits according to the size of the
organization. The study found that when
consumers are aware that a large business is a
member of the local chamber of commerce,
they are likely to patronize the company
more often, express favourable opinions
about the company, to know more about the
company and to buy the company’s
products. For large restaurant chains and
insurance companies, membership results in
increases in patronage, likelihood of purchase, consumer knowledge and a more
favourable opinion of the company,
compared to when a consumer is unaware
that a business is a member of the local
chamber of commerce. For a small business,
a chamber membership instills similar
perceptions and impacts. Specifically,
chamber membership confers considerable
increases in customer favourability ratings,
increased customer awareness, increases in
local reputation and an increased likelihood
that consumers will patronize the company
in the future.
According to Chamber President Marilyn
Wood, “This study is welcome news and it
reinforces the belief by being involved in the
Chamber, a business is not only the recipient
of direct benefits obtained through members
programs and events, but also, this study
clearly illustrates the indirect benefits to
which businesses are exposed by being members of their local Chamber of Commerce”.
Overall, the study indicates that when
customers are aware that a business is a member of the local chamber of commerce, customers are more inclined to patronize,
support and provide referrals to these businesses. In order to ensure that members realize these indirect benefits, it is important
that businesses let their current and future
customers know that they are members.
Businesses can show their involvement in
the Timmins Chamber of Commerce in a
number of ways, including active
involvement in Chamber committees,
proudly displaying Chamber window
decals, Chamber publications such as Inside
Business and Chamber Inside, and by
encouraging customers to patronize fellow
Chamber members. To view this study and a
detailed description of results and methodology, visit www. timminschamber.on.ca /
“The Real Value of Joining a Local Chamber of
Commerce” is a research study conducted by The
Shapiro Group and Market Street Services. The
study was commissioned by the American
Chamber of Commerce Executives with support
from Small Business Network, Inc.
The Timmins Chamber of Commerce
How To Perform Employee
Reference Checks
with Guest Speaker Rachel Pineault
of the Timmins & District Chapter of the HRPAO
(Human Resources Professional Association of Ontario)
Join us on
Thursday, May 8th, 2008
at the Timmins Police Service
Community Boardroom
7:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.
(Muffins and Coffee will be served)
No charge for Chamber members
$5 for future members
At this session, you’ll learn:
i Why you should complete reference checks
i What questions to ask to get the best information about
perspective employees
i What questions you can and CANNOT ask
R.S.V.P. your attendance to the Chamber
Phone 360-1900, Fax 360-1193 or
e-mail: [email protected]
This event is
brought to you by:
Building Bridges and Opportunities Conference 2008
“Growing our Region”
You are cordially invited to attend the second Building Bridges and Opportunities Conference that will be
held at the Days Inn in the City of Timmins on June 18, 2008, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Mushkegowuk and Wabun Tribal Councils along with the City of Timmins and community partners have
joined together to host this innovative session with a focus on youth – Growing Our Region.
O N TA R I O ’ S F I R S T D I A M O N D M I N E
The purpose of the “Building Bridges and Opportunities Conference” will be to provide a learning
experience for individuals of Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal descent.
There will be presentations from Chiefs of the Mushkegowuk and Wabun Communities regarding “what
is happening” in their respective communities. As well, Jason Smallboy will present findings from the
Fifth Annual Youth Symposium on the Environment that was held in Timmins in February 2008.
There will be plenty of opportunity to network, discuss and interact with speakers and participants. We
encourage you to join us, and attend, this very meaningful event. It will result in lasting partnerships,
which will help create opportunities and enhance the lives of the citizens of our collective communities.
i CREE: 1-888-795-6469
ENGLISH: 1-888-MINE JOB (646-3562)
Mark June 18, 2008 on your calendar now and make plans to attend!
Mayor Tom Laughren
City of Timmins
Grand Chief Stan Louttit
Mushkegowuk Council
Shawn Batise, Executive Director
Wabun Tribal Council
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Postal Code:
Please fax completed registration form to Kerry Canie, City of Timmins, 705-360-2674 or via email to
[email protected] by Friday, May 30, 2008.
Visit the City’s website at www.timmins.ca for more details.
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package provided to members of the
Timmins Chamber of Commerce and
businesses at large. The positions
expressed in by-lined columns are the
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stated. The Timmins
Chamber of Commerce assumes no
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month. No part of this publication may
be reproduced without the publisher’s
written permission.
Heading into full operations in Q2 - 2008
We’re looking for skilled
people like you to for
diamond dreams into reality.
Visit www.debeerscanada.com
Visit www.debeerscanada.com for current career opportunities.
inside business
MAY 2008 - 3
Chamber launches valuable new club
Growing your business can be a difficult
process and leads are often hard to come by.
Last month, the Timmins Chamber of
Commerce held the first meeting of its Leads
Generation Club, a new resource group for
members. The intent of Leads Generation is
to enable our members to leverage the potential to grow their businesses by maximizing
Chamber networking opportunities. The
group encourages lead identification and
information-sharing for all business people
involved - with the ultimate goal of generating more business leads and opportunities
for members.
The LGC resource group facilitates the
opportunity for our members to share leads
with one another, while also providing qualified referrals to other business contacts.
During a meeting, LGC-members inform fellow group members of potential business
opportunities within our city. Regular attendance and active participation is essential to
the success of the club. Group members are
assigned points depending on the level of
detail included in each lead. In particular,
one point is given to member who provides a
non-specific lead. Two points are assigned to
a group member who provides a lead that
includes a name, address and contact information. Finally, any lead that is shared within the group that turns into a connection
between an LGC member and the lead itself
results in three points for the individual who
originally shared the lead with the group.
Each month, group members are expected to
provide a total of 10 points each to the group;
implementing this standard ensures that all
group members do their individual parts to
contribute lead information to the group. It
is our hope that LGC enables our members to
strategically leverage networking opportunities to grow their business, while also promoting business among and within the
Chamber membership.
The first LGC meeting took place on
Tuesday, April 8th. While all leads shared
within the group are highly confidential,
according to Steven Vachon, Member
Development & Events Specialist at the
Chamber, and administrator of the LGC
Group, the first meeting went extremely
well. “Club members are highly energized
and very much looking forward to acting
upon the leads that were shared at the first
meeting. This is an exciting opportunity for
our members because it provides a solid
forum for members to grow their businesses.
Furthermore, this group really encourages
the Chamber’s “Buy Local, Buy Chamber”
initiative, which encourages our members to
conduct business with other Chamber members”.
According to Club participant Julie
Belanger-Racette, Account Manager with
Grand & Toy, the club was well presented to
Chamber members and the first meeting was
very well received. “I am very enthusiastic
about the LGC club. It is a significant asset of
our Chamber membership and a great value
for all LGC participants. Ultimately, it’s a
great way for me to network with other
Chamber members, build and strengthen
networking relationships, develop more
business leads – and more business. ”
While membership in the LGC group is
limited to 25 participants, the Chamber will
facilitate additional LGC groups as demand
dictates the need for such. Within each LGC
group, only one representative from each
business sector is permitted to join; individuals are selected on a first-come, first-served
basis. This restriction ensures that there are
no conflicts among group members with
respect to sharing and pursuing leads. LGC
membership requires a small annual fee of
$31.50. The initial cost will be more than
recouped through the leads and additional
business generated via group meetings. All
discussions, leads, and information sharing
that takes place at the meetings is considered
private and will be strictly confidential.
Members wishing to join LGC are required
to complete an application form and forward
it to the Chamber. For more information, or
to join the Leads Generation Club, please
visit the Chamber of Commerce website at
enerationClub.htm or call (705) 360-1900.
4 -MAY 2008
inside business
Shopping locally benefits our community
As the “Voice of Business” in Timmins, the
Chamber of Commerce promotes local shopping, buying and selling to show support for
businesses in the community. Supporting
local businesses is integral to a community’s
overall development. By supporting local
businesses, businesses are in a position in
which they are able to give back to the community through various channels of support. Local business owners continually
invest in our community, and have a vested
interest in its continued prosperity. Likewise,
by supporting businesses that belong to the
Chamber of Commerce, you are re-investing
in your Chamber network.
The Chamber is committed to the community and encourages its growth by promoting business opportunities to help members learn more about their immediate business environment and create more awareness for the availability of local goods and
services. As such, the Timmins Chamber of
Commerce strongly encourages members to
“Buy Local, Buy Chamber” whenever possible. Chamber members employ local workers, pay local taxes and are able to re-invest
within the community by supporting
numerous community organizations and
causes. By choosing to “Buy Chamber” first,
you are making a conscientious decision to
invest in your Chamber and in your community. They are more likely than not to support many community organizations and
causes. One of the primary ways in which
the Chamber encourages local shopping is
through the promotion of our members.
This is done through a number of communication channels, including: on the Chamber
website, in the membership directory, via
our weekly e-letter, Chamber Inside and the
Chamber newspaper – all prime examples of
how the Chamber promotes Members and
the importance of shopping locally. One of
the initiatives started by the Chamber to promote local shopping among members is our
popular Member-to-Member Discount program. Essentially, this program provides our
members with a vehicle whereby they may
offer preferred rates to other Chamber members. This mutually beneficial arrangement
has seen fantastic uptake by our membership
at large. The Member-to-Member Discount
program is successful in part because of the
members who fully support and promote the
“buy local” concept and have become
involved in the program by offering – and
utilizing - discounts through the memberprogram.
Encouraging customers and residents to
“Buy Local, Buy Chamber” contributes positively to the city’s economy, promotes community development and supports your fellow Timmins Chamber of Commerce members. Local businesses create jobs, help to
keep the downtown core healthy and alive,
and build a community that is appreciated
by all who live in it.
Businesses within the community help
sustain the economy and our community’s
culture by contributing to local events, sponsoring sports teams, festivals, clubs and
schools. Every time a customer makes a local
purchase, he or she is directly and indirectly
contributing – and giving back - to the community.
By failing to shop locally, consumers support businesses that do not pay local taxes,
nor employ local residents, nor provide local
referrals to shoppers, nor contribute directly
to our community. If local businesses are
poorly supported within the community,
they may not be as capable of giving back
through sponsorship and support of community initiatives.
A number of businesses within our community do their part to promote the importance of shopping locally. When it comes to
local shopping initiatives, Q92 is one company that is leading the way. Q92 and EZ Rock
have run a Shop Local initiative since August
2007. Each weekend, Q92.1 FM and EZ Rock
99.3 FM broadcast 36 Shop Local messages
that air throughout each day following
weather updates: “Weather is a presentation
of the local businesses in your community,
Shop Locally and support your local businesses.“ All of this promotional air time for
local businesses is provided at no extra
charge. To date, Q92.1 FM and EZ Rock 99.3
FM have aired approximately 600 of these
Shop Local “liners”. This translates to a total
amount of air time valued at over $7,000.
We all have to do our part to support the
The next time you’re looking for any product or service, be sure to first look within the
Timmins Chamber network. Chamber
memberships are a solid indicator of community support.
With more than 700 businesses and organizations now registered as local Chamber
members, finding a member is easier than
ever! To access the Timmins Chamber of
Commerce Buyer’s Guide, visit the online
Chamber Directory at www.timminschamber.on.ca/directory.php .
What you should know about the provincial budget
On March 26th, the provincial government released their 2008 budget in which
they announced the planned spending and
investment for the year.
In January of this year, Timmins Chamber
of Commerce President Marilyn Wood presented the Chamber’s recommendations to
the Standing Committee on Finance and
Economic Affairs, a body which reports to
the Legislative Assembly its observations,
opinions and recommendations on the fiscal
and economic policies of the Province of
Ontario. In her presentation, Ms. Wood outlined a number of recommendations that, if
met, would serve to better the business climate in northern Ontario and improve the
ability of our members and other northern
Ontario businesses to conduct business in
our region and beyond. The 2008 provincial
budget speaks to certain Chamber policies
and suggestions, including increasing the
capacity for a skilled workforce, planned
investment in northern roads, highways and
other infrastructure, and some tax relief for
northern businesses.
One way in which northern Ontario businesses will realize some tax relief is via reductions to the business education tax. In
Timmins, the BET for commercial and industrial properties is 2.3% and 2.97% respectively. This translates to commercial and industrial tax classes that are 7.65 and 9.89 times
higher than residential tax rates. Previously,
plans were announced to reduce the BET tax
for all businesses in Ontario to a uniform
1.6%. However, the new budget announced
that northern Ontario businesses will see
their BET rates reduced faster than their
southern Ontario counterparts. For businesses in Timmins and elsewhere within the
Cochrane District, this translates to reaching
an annual ceiling rate of 1.6% by 2010 as
opposed to 2014 as originally announced.
According to the provincial government,
this action will result in total savings of more
than $70M for northern businesses over the
next three years.
Another tax relief program was
announced that eliminates capital tax
retroactive to January 1st 2007 for forestry,
logging and mining industries, as well as
manufacturers who produce primary metal
and fabricated metal products, wood and
paper products and transportation equipment. There was also an extension of the
Capital Cost Allowance, which provides
some tax relief for machinery and equipment investments made prior to 2012. As
well, the province has made a commitment
to modernizing regulatory procedures in
order to reduce the paper burden facing
Ontario businesses.
The total GDP for northern Ontario in
2006 was $27.8B, more than PEI, Nova
Scotia, New Brunswick and the Territories
combined. Greater revenue sharing with the
north, as advocated by the Timmins
Chamber of Commerce, is necessary to
maintain sustainable economic growth in
our region. Currently, the primary channel
through which the provincial government
reinvests in northern Ontario is the northern
Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation.
NOFHC works with northern entrepreneurs,
communities and business organizations to
support vital community infrastructure and
economic development projects that create
jobs and enhance the quality of life in the
north. To that end, the Timmins Chamber
of Commerce is pleased to see that the
province plans to increase NOHFC funding
by $10M per year - from $60M in 2007 to
$100M in 2011.
We applaud the province’s plan to invest
$400M for road and bridge maintenance for
municipalities outside of the GTA, $557M for
the Northern Ontario Highways Program
and $16M to fund 35 projects for
“Connecting Link” highways, including
Algonquin Blvd in Timmins, which serves as
a vital link for our businesses.
Investing in training programs, post-secondary education and increasing the provincial apprenticeship capacity will provide
future benefits to our businesses, which are
often faced with many challenges in recruiting and retaining a skilled workforce. The
Chamber of Commerce commends the government’s investment in Skills to Jobs Action
Plan, including investment in developing
new skills for new careers through its Second
Career Strategy program, as well as muchneeded investment in apprenticeship training, which includes $75M over the next 3
years to reach a goal of 32,500 apprentices by
The Chamber continues to urge Finance
Minister Dwight Duncan to honour the
commitment made by his predecessor, Greg
Sorbara, to keep the diamond tax in the
range of 3-7% for the DeBeers Victor Project,
which had received shareholder approval on
a $1B investment at a fixed 5% tax rate prior
to an increase being announced that could
potentially more than double the taxes they
would pay. It is feared that this will undermine the confidence in mining investment,
and may be a forerunner to similar unexpected changes in the tax regime for all mining
With respect to energy rates, the Chamber
continues to lobby the Ontario Government
to use energy as an economic driver by setting rates that are in line with competitive
jurisdictions including Quebec (now 40%
lower) and Manitoba (60% lower). Ontario
has the second highest energy rates in North
America, and Timmins is home to the one of
the largest energy users in Ontario (Xstrata
Copper). Lower energy rates are crucial to
the ability of our region and our province to
retain companiesthat face exorbitant operational costs due to high energy rates.
“Businesses are facing increased challenges
in addition to workforce development issues,
such as the struggling US economy, a weak
US dollar and an increasing price of energy
and oil,” stated Chamber President Marilyn
Wood. “We will continue to lobby for strategies to maintain and stimulate economic
development in northern Ontario.”
To view the Chamber’s presentation to the
Standing Committee on Finance and
Economic Affairs, please visit www.timminschamber.on.ca/documents/provincialbudgetpresentation.pdf.
To find out more information about the 2008
Budget Ontario, visit www.ontariobudget.ca.
inside business
MAY 2008 - 5
Lake Shore Gold poised to become local precious-metals giant
The Timmins Chamber of Commerce
hosted another edition of its popular Inside
Their Business Luncheon Series on March 6
with guest speaker, Anthony (Tony) Makuch,
President and CEO of Lake Shore Gold Corp.
Lake Shore Gold owns a number of properties in the Timmins region. At the wellattended luncheon, Tony Makuch shared
with Chamber Members some of the company’s future plans for its operations in
Timmins and beyond.
Lake Shore Gold Corp. is a mineral exploration company focused on the acquisition,
exploration and development of mineral
properties in Ontario and Québec. Held at
Cedar Meadows, the highest attended Inside
Their Business luncheon to date, gave
Chamber Members an “inside” look at Lake
Shore’s future plans for our region. Guest
speaker Tony Makuch was recently appointed President and CEO of Lake Shore Gold
Corp; Tony hails from Timmins and has over
25 years of management, operations and
technical experience in the mining industry.
Currently, Lake Shore owns a number of
properties in and around the Timmins area.
The presentation, “New Beginnings in a
Hundred Year Old Mining Camp”, showed
luncheon attendees the properties currently
owned by Lake Shore Gold in Ontario and
Quebec. In the Timmins region, these properties include the Bell Creek Complex (made
up of the Bell Creek Mill and the
Vogel/Schumacher property) found northeast of South Porcupine and the Timmins
West and Thunder Creek projects, which are
both located near the junction of Highway
101 and Highway 144. Lake Shore plans to
re-commission the Bell Creek Mill and continue the exploration programs at Bell Creek
and at the Vogel and Schumacher properties.
In addition, Lake Shore has commenced
sinking a shaft on its 100%-owned Timmins
West gold deposit. Makuch stated that the
Timmins West mine will be in full production by the end of 2009. Based on current
conservative estimates, Timmins West has
1.2M ounces of gold and according to
Makuch, it has “the potential to be the next
big gold mine coming out of Timmins.”
In his presentation to the crowd of 130
Chamber members, Makuch made it clear
that safety and responsibility are of the
utmost importance at Lake Shore. It is
through consistent safety records and corporate social responsibility that organizations
may bring true value to shareholders and to
the communities in which they operate. He
closed his presentation by stating that
“Timmins is a mining town – a gold mining
town. It is times like these, when metal
prices are high, that mining companies must
invest in exploration and capital so that
when metal prices decrease in the future, the
mines remain economically viable and can
help sustain the community.”
Chamber President Marilyn Wood
thanked Makuch after the Cedar Meadows
presentation, “On behalf of all our members,
I would like to thank Tony for making this
informative presentation to the Timmins
Chamber of Commerce. We are very excited
about the exploration and development that
Lake Shore is currently undertaking in our
area; it is certainly good news for businesses
when development in our region is steady
Pictured above, Chamber President Marilyn Wood thanks Lake Shore Gold President and CEO Tony Makuch for his presenation
at the Chamber’s Inside Their Business luncheon.
and continues to grow.”
As part of its ongoing effort to provide
informative opportunities for its members,
the Timmins Chamber of Commerce is committed to offering both members and future
members the opportunity to learn about
businesses that operate in our region. “We
truly value the willingness for industries in
our region to share with our members future
plans for their organizations in Timmins and
beyond”, stated Chamber President Marilyn
Wood. “It is these partnerships that enable
the Chamber of Commerce to continue to
offer value-added programming to our members”.
can see the professional difference
8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.
7 days a week
John Laporte • service bilingue • 20 years with a clean reputation
inside business
6 - MAY 2008
Leadership for the 21st century!
“The rules for work are changing. We’re
being judged by a new yard-stick: not just by
how smart we are, or by our training and
expertise, but also by how well we handle
ourselves and each other.” Daniel Golman
A strong culture begins with strong leadership. Leadership demands have changed
greatly over the last 10 to 15 years leaving
many stunned and confused. What on earth
is needed now that is different from what
worked so well not very long ago?
In the past, a good leader and/or manager
was a great boss when he or she excelled at
their craft and were able to direct others on
the proper way to a job well done. They
would tell people what to do and how to do
it right, directing and controlling the highest
standards for the business or organization.
They were the gate-keepers, the truthknowers, the conflict-resolvers, the sole decision makers. They commanded respect
through their role or title and had the sole
burden of responsibility in the end.
The 21st century is calling on a different
type of leader and a new set of skills for success. Leaders and managers now need to
have exceptional people and communication skills. They need to be able to coach people, facilitate processes, be visionaries and
role models for the standards of behavior
they expect from all staff. They need to bring
out the best in the people who work for them
by building a culture of motivation and trust.
They need to inspire a sense of ownership
that filters through the entire organization.
They need to be able to collaborate, partner
and empower. They need to have a strong
ability to adapt to change and embrace new
directions with enthusiasm and ease.
In their book, “Corporate Culture and
Performance”, John Kotter and James L.
Heskett state that leaders are the key ingredients to creating a culture that is conducive to
performance and revenue growth. Leaders
that are able to create organizations with
what they call “Performance Enhancing
Cultures” (PEC) have astounding performance records.
In their research, Kotter and Heskett found
that organizations with PEC had revenue
growth of 682% over a 10 year period as
opposed to 166% for organizations who didn’t possess such a culture. In the areas of
employment growth and net income
growth, the numbers were just as astonishing. Employment Growth for PEC companies was 282% as opposed to 36% for all
other cultures and the Net Income Growth
for PEC was 756% as compared to 1% for
non-PEC companies.
So what kind of leader heads this type of
performance enhancing culture? According
to Kotter and Heskett’s research, they are
leaders who are committed to winning the
hearts, as well as the minds of people. They
give balanced attention to serving the customers, the employees and the stakeholders
(or board members) when applicable. They
are highly energized and able to align people
on common vision and goals. They are receptive to change, responsive to opportunities
and dedicated to creative risk taking. They
provide an encouraging and empowering
environment that builds confidence and
morale. They provide a high-trust environment that identifies and confronts problems
with solution focus and personal accountability. They are clear on their expectations.
They emphasize fairness, and integrity, and
have the “courage” to “do what is right!”
This thorough list tells us “what” is needed. The question now is “how” to create this
type of leadership? The good news is that this
leadership style can be learned. Although
many leaders already possess some of these
skills naturally, all of them can be learned.
And the results of this type of leadership can
be remarkable.
Key Questions to Ask:
What key leadership skills do you already
possess? What key leadership skills could use
some help? What support and resources
would open you up for learning some of
these new skills? What goals and/or success
could be reached if you did so? What are you
waiting for?
Sylvie Gervais-Leduc is the owner of The Art of Excellence,
offering Executive Coaching, Leadership and Management
Training, Workshops and Workplace Enrichment Consultation
Services. Sylvie has worked successfully with thousands of
people helping them to achieve their goals, become inspiring
and effective leaders and reach their highest aspirations for
personal and organizational success!
Developing the leader from within
on’t you wish all staff would have initiative, and watch them maximize their potential and bring huge
follow up, be true to their word, commit to your benefits to your bottom line!
vision and bring it forward?
Come spend the day with Sylvie and see what the
This workshop is designed to bring out the leader “Leader’s Code of Excellence” entails, have the
potential in anyone who takes it. People will discover opportunity to evaluate where you are currently vis a
what it takes to be a great leader. There are huge benefits vis those skills and how to develop Leadership
to having leadership strengths at all levels in a business Excellence at all levels within your business or
and organization. Help people develop those strengths organization!
Join Executive Coach Sylvie Gervais-Leduc from The Art of Excellence on:
9:00 A.M. TO 4:00 P.M.
9:00 am to 4:00 pm
$ 265.00 +GST per person
Ask about our group rates
(10% off for more than 2)
Online: www.taoe.ca
By Phone: 1-866-827-8448
By Email: [email protected]
Business of the Year
Business of the Year
Business of the Year
(1-5 Employees)
(6-49 Employees)
(50+ Employees)
Sponsored by
Sponsored by
Awarded to a business with up to five employees that has
demonstrated excellence in sales, growth, product development,
job creation and quality.
The Fitness Zone
Runners up: Northern Swing Golf Centre,
Dr. Donald Francis Dentistry
Sponsored by
Awarded to a business with between 6 and 49 employees
that has demonstrated excellence in sales, growth,
product development, job creation and quality.
N. Lacroix Plumbing &
Heating (Timmins) Limited
Runners up: Northern Mechanical Services Inc.,
ANO Architects/Architectes Inc.
Awarded to a business with more than 50 employees that has
demonstrated excellence in sales, growth, product development,
job creation and quality.
The Home Depot
Runners up: TeleTech Timmins,
Xstrata Copper
Construction Trades
Apprenticeship Award
Sponsored by
Timmins Construction
Awarded to a business that sponsors
skilled trade apprenticeships.
Mechanical Services
Runners up: Toromont CAT,
On the Level Construction
6aÉät TãtÜwá
2 0 0 8
Aboriginal Partnership
Business Contribution
to Community
Sponsored by
Sponsored by
Awarded to a business that chooses to make Timmins a better
place by demonstrating a commitment of financial and human
resources to support community goals. This award recognizes a
business, not individuals.
Awarded to an aboriginal or non-aboriginal business
that has demonstrated a commitment to developing
partnerships within the community to forward aboriginal culture,
acceptance and/or employment.
Xstrata Copper
Wawatay Native
Communications Society
Runners up: Perfect Settings,
Canadian Tire
Non-Profit Organization
New Business
(less than 2 years)
Service Excellence
Sponsored by
Environmental Award
Sponsored by
Sponsored by
Sponsored by
Awarded to a non-profit organization that exemplifies
entrepreneurial spirit.
Schumacher Lions Club
Runners up: Alzheimer Society of Timmins,
Barrier Elimination Action Corp.,
KidSport Timmins
Marketing Innovation
Sponsored by
Runners up: Liberty Mines Inc., Wasaya Airways LP
Awarded to a business that has launched
an outstanding and unique marketing ad,
event or promotional campaign for its own product or service.
Three Small Rooms
Runners up: JackpineJunction.com, CHYK FM (HBG Radio)
Awarded to a business that has been in
operation for up to two years and has
demonstrated outstanding growth and success.
Christopher’s Coffee House
Runners up: Dubé Designs,
Liberty Mines Inc.
Media Person Of The Year
Awarded to a business that has demonstrated a commitment to
providing top quality customer service.
Uptown Auto Parts
Timmins Inc.
Runners up: Three Small Rooms Boutique,
TeleTech Timmins
Awarded to a business that has demonstrated a commitment to
preserving or enhancing our natural environment.
Goldcorp Canada Ltd.
Thank you to our
event sponsors:
Young Entrepreneur
(Under 30)
Sponsored by:
Sponsored by
Awarded to a local media person who has
contributed to the promotion of the Timmins
business community.
Lydia Chubak-Kapel
Channel 3 News
Awarded to an entrepreneur 30 years of age or younger who
has demonstrated leadership and ability in operating
his or her business.
Brisco Media
Runners up: Praztek Construction,
First Class Limo
Insurance &
Financial Services
inside business
8 - MAY 2008
New member profiles
Esthetics works with nothing but high quality
products, such as: France Laure Paris, Gehwol
and O.P.I.. Gift certificates and wedding party
discounts are available. Cancellation policy is
in effect. For more information, please call
267-7117 or visit them on location at 258
Kimberly Avenue, Timmins.
DeBastos & Sons Ltd.
Debastos & Sons Ltd. is a logging company
with 20 years of forestry experience. Their harvesting services consist of Feller Bunchers
(cut), Grapple Skidders (skid) and Delimbers
(delimb). During the past few years they have
expanded their services to include road construction. Their road construction equipment
consists of dozers, excavators, graders, articulate trucks, dump trucks, as well as floating
services. For more information, please call
Dino DeBastos at 268-6479.
Servunet Computer and
Network Services
Servunet offers computer & network support, consulting, maintenance and installation. The company values quality, fairness, and
consistency. That’s what they believe when
working with each and every client –every
time. From initial assessment to on-going support, they help small to mid-size businesses
stay connected so they can focus on what’s
important for them - - And all with a smile.
Some of their services include network analysis & support, network & computer backups,
remote network support & monitoring, consultation services, and computer repair & support. For more information, please call Gus
Minor at 222-8721.
Strongco Equipment
Strongco Equipment is a Volvo
Construction Equipment dealer, featuring a
full product line - from compact equipment to
large articulated haulers. Strongco also caters
to parts and services for all makes and models.
Strongco Equipment is committed to their
work and their customers. That’s why they
carry industry-leading brands that offer you
the diverse options you need to get the job
done. Strongco’s mission is to promote an
optimistic and enthusiastic organizational culture, succeed through teamwork and be a premiere customer-care company. For more information please call 267-1012 or visit
TD Waterhouse Financial
TD Waterhouse Financial Planning provides
custom-tailored investment advice and management. It is an in-depth and ongoing
process that results in solutions that reflect
clients’ objectives at every stage of their life.
Through comprehensive information gathering, analysis, decision-making and evaluation,
an accredited TD Waterhouse Financial
Ambiance Esthetics
Ambiance Esthetics team of bilingual professionals offers various esthetic services including body and facial waxing, services, acrylic
nails, manicures, pedicures facials and hot
stone massage. Rest assured, Ambiance
National Car Rental
National Car Rental congratulates the
Chamber of Commerce for providing
excellent service to the business community.
A lot of
470 Algonquin blvd E.
• Competitive daily, weekly and monthly rates
• Special weekend packages • Minibuses
• Insurance replacement vehicle program
• Customer pick-up and return in service area
For reservations 1-800-CAR-RENT (1-800-227-7368)
www.national car.com
Professional Bookkeeping • Personal & Business Tax Returns
Planner can provide clients with a truly individualized plan. For more information, please call
Timmins Northland
Monuments Inc.
In 1977, E. John Stephens started Timmins
Northland Monuments at its present location.
He believed that there was a need for this type
of business in Northern Ontario. The company
evolved from doing all work manually to a system that utilizes mostly computerized equipment. Although this equipment produces a
much higher level of quality and productivity,
Timmins Northland Monuments still employs
four full-time employees during the summer
months, including an artist on staff to create
personalized etchings. Altogether, Timmins
Northland Monuments has a combined 50
years of experience in the monument building
business. For more information, please call
Francine Lessard at 268-0600 or visit
The Art of Excellence
Sylvie Gervais-Leduc has extensive experience and qualifications in Psychology,
Business, Social Work and Executive Coaching
and has been helping people bring forward
their very best for over 20 years. She is the
owner of The Art of Excellence, which offers
Executive Coaching, Leadership Training,
Workshops and a Workplace Enrichment
Consultation Program. Sylvie has worked successfully with thousands of people interna-
tionally, helping them to achieve their goals,
become inspiring and effective leaders and
reach their highest aspirations for personal
and organizational success! Sylvie has an
“Inspiration” Deck of Cards being sold at
Chapters and anticipates her book on “The Art
of Setting and Achieving Goals for Success” to
be on the shelves by late spring. Listen for
Sylvie’s monthly guest appearances on CBC
radio’s (Radio-Canada) “The Heart of Work”
series. As well, look for Sylvie’s column,
“Workplace Enrichment”, in the Northern
Business Journal. For more information, call
Sylvie Gervais-Leduc at 866-827-8448 or visit:
Dental Hygiene Care
Owner and operator Julie Bolduc celebrated
the official grand opening of the Dental
Hygiene Care Clinic on Tuesday, March 25th.
The Dental Hygiene Care Clinic offers teeth
cleaning, zoom laser whitening and bleaching
for teeth, custom-made sport mouth guards,
and preventative pit and fissure sealants.
When the opportunity to be an independent
practitioner was made possible in September
2007, Julie jumped at the chance to start her
own business. Julie has worked long hours,
but believes her hard work pays off in the valuable service that she brings to the City of
Timmins. To date, Julie is only one of 18 (out
of more than 10,000 Dental Hygienists in the
province) to be practicing independently. The
Dental Hygiene Care Clinic now offers extended evening and weekend hours and also does
house calls for the homebound. For more
information, or to book your appointment,
call 264-6677.
Timmins Chamber of Commerce
NorthernTel Mobility
Cellular Corporate Rate Plan
Exclusive to Timmins Chamber of Commerce voting members
Save Big with our mobility partner rate plan
• 1,000 incoming local minutes
• 250 anytime minutes
• 30 long-distance minutes
• Unlimited evenings and weekends
• Unlimited incoming mobile to mobile
• And much more ....
for as low as
per month
M.O.E. = Profits
204-670 Airport Road, Timmins
Phone: 268-4474 • Fax: 264-0011
Maurice E. Proulx email: [email protected]
Immediate First Aid can make the difference between
complete recovery and permanent disability.
More than 90% of all injuries are predictable,
understandable, and preventable.
Special rate plan
for employees of
Chamber Members
The Canadian Red Cross is WS&IB recognized
and offers public and workplace training.
Canadian Red Cross
Croix-Rouge canadienne
For more information contact:
The Canadian Red Cross, 60 Wilson Ave., Ste. 201 • Timmins
Phone 267-4900
Fax 268-6388
*Se in-store for Details.
inside business
2007-08 Chamber President Marilyn Wood (center) and Marketing Committee Chair Art Pultz (right) present Adrienne Hart of
Adrienne Hart Esthetics with the Chamber Member of the Month Award for March.
MAY 2008 - 9
2007-08 Chamber President Marilyn Wood (left) and Marketing Committee Chair Art Pultz (right) present Lisa Roy of Lisa’s
Fancy Paws with the Chamber Member of the Month Award for April.
Congratulations to Lisa’s Fancy Paws:
Congratulations to Adrienne Hart
Esthetics: March’s Member of the Month! April’s Member of the Month!
Adrienne Hart Esthetics, “Your Friendly
Esthetic & Cosmetic Boutique,” is located at
70 Second Avenue in Downtown Timmins.
Adrienne’s esthetic services include facials,
manicures, pedicures, and other beauty
treatments, day spa packages and a unique
gift boutique.
Adrienne Hart Esthetics prides itself in
offering superior customer service. Adrienne
works to ensure that the needs of her clients
are met by undertaking extensive research
and training courses about her services,
responding to client requests for new services,
offering services in both French and English
and accommodating her clients’ busy
schedules by offering services at special times.
Adrienne strives to offer relaxing beauty and
esthetic treatments to help her clients
destress, rejuvenate and maintain a healthy
work-life balance. Adrienne’s future goals are
to continue to offer quality services to her
customers while continually expanding her
selection of services. Adrienne knows that to
continue to see the success she has to date,
she must keep up with the ever-growing list of
services offered through the field of esthetics.
A significant factor in creating awareness
for her business has been is word of mouth,
according to Adrienne. “It’s very important
in this type of industry because our services
are very personalized. By continually improving customer service, we are able to guarantee
that each customer has an individualized,
positive experience. By doing so, I am confident that our customers are willing to share
their positive experiences with others – this
word of mouth has really helped to expand
my clientele”, stated Hart.
Owner and operator Hart has been in
business for herself for two and a half years
Some of the main challenges in operating
her business have been capacity and ability.
All challenges aside, the one thing that
Adrienne stresses most is balance. “You have
to be able to keep a balance between your
professional life and family life. Sometimes
that can be quite a challenge”. One of
Adrienne’s proudest accomplishments has
been the growth of her own personal ideas.
Seeing her creative ideas flourish into
tangible results that have helped her to
expand her business has contributed to
Adrienne’s success on both personal and
professional levels.
Joining the Chamber of Commerce was “a
given” for Adrienne. Her main reasons for
becoming a member were the member-only
benefits and the numerous networking
opportunities available through Chamber
Adrienne Hart Esthetics is open Tuesday to
Friday from 8:30 am - 6:00 pm and on
Saturdays from 8:00 am - 2 pm. For more
information or to book an appointment
please contact Adrienne at 264-4278.
To join the
Timmins Chamber of Commerce
please call 360-1900
Lisa’s Fancy Paws is a pet grooming business, owned and operated by certified pet
groomer Lisa Roy. Lisa attended the Pets
Beautiful Inc. School of Pet Styling in
Ottawa, Ontario where she trained using
the latest grooming and styling techniques
for all canine breeds.
Lisa’s Fancy Paws offers full grooming
services. All dogs get shampoo and conditioner treatments, nail and ear grooming
and a breed-appropriate (or customer
specified) trim and fluff. “I specialize in
show cuts and trims for clients who want
their pets to appear the way they were bred
to look. I stay current on what’s in style and
can advise you on what’s best for your pet.”
In addition to providing ‘show-dog’ looks,
Lisa will also happily groom a pet according
to its owner’s specifications; she listens to
her customers and will work to maintain
their satisfaction. Lisa emphasizes the
importance of patience and care when
dealing with both pets and people.
Customers are eased through the
experience and receive knowledgeable
advice as to what is best for their pet. What
drives Lisa is having the skill and ability to
provide the best-quality grooming service
possible. “I take great pride in my work and
love that I have the chance to work with
animals on a daily basis. This type of work is
truly rewarding, especially when you
continually see happy human and canine
customers.” For Lisa’s Fancy Paws, word of
mouth is very important. “When customers
are happy with the job I do, they are sure to
spread the word.” To that end, it is no
surprise that Lisa is very outgoing and great
at interacting with clients, potential clients
and their pets.
One of Lisa’s biggest challenges with pet
Annual Evening In
Italy shines as
prestige event
On Saturday March 29th, the Timmins
Chamber of Commerce hosted the 17th
Annual Evening in Italy to a full house of
Chamber members. This year’s event was
sold out within three days of its announcement. Over 180 Chamber supporters were
in attendance! Mark your calendars for
Saturday, February 28th, 2009 – the next
Annual Evening in Italy!
grooming was penetrating the market.
There were already a number of certified and
experienced pet groomers in the Timmins
area. However, that did not prevent her from
following her dream of owning her own
Another challenge that Lisa must
frequently deal with is pets (and sometimes
pet owners) who, at times, are frightened by
the initial experience. Lisa’s Fancy Paws
allows potential clients to tour her facility
and get a step-by-step walk through of the
grooming process to provide some peace-ofmind. According to Lisa, a first-time groom
can be a very stressing experience if not
handled properly. A negative grooming
experience could create difficulties in
grooming for years to come. To prevent
this and to provide for a pleasant
experience, Lisa will offer her services at a
pet’s home, when necessary. As well, relief
breaks are provided to prevent pets from
becoming stressed during the experience.
“Sometimes it’s hard to get a pet to stay
calm to provide the service they require and
deserve. Often it may take two to three trips
before pets are fully accustomed to being
groomed,” Lisa says. However, until her
canine customers are familiar with the
grooming process, Lisa has a special
technique she uses to relax a nervous client.
So what exactly does she do to calm down
anxious pets? “I sing to them,” Lisa laughed,
“I’ll do whatever it takes to ease the pet into
the experience.”
For more information on Lisa’s Fancy
Paws, visit them on location at 110 Fourth
Avenue in Schumacher, or call Lisa at
705-267-0482 to make an appointment.
Your pet will thank you for it!
10 - MAY 2008
inside business
Dental Hygiene Care Clinic celebrates grand opening
Jim’s Welding and Ironworks celebrates grand re-opening
On Tuesday, March 25th, Registered Dental Hygienist Julie Bolduc celebrated the Grand Opening of her Dental Hygiene Care
Clinic – the first of its kind in Timmins. The Dental Hygiene Care Clinic is found on the main floor at 66 Balsam Street
South and can be contacted by calling 705-264-6677. In attendance to celebrate the Grand Opening of the Dental Hygiene
Health Clinic with owner Julie Bolduc were (L-R): Anita Damini of Downtown Timmins BIA, Rob Galloway, 1st Vice-President
of the Timmins Chamber of Commerce, Julie Bolduc, Charlie Angus MP, Jack Slattery and Michael Doody, Members of City
Council, and City of Timmins Mayor Tom Laughren.
Pictured above, Jim Nawroski demonstrates his new precision plasma torch to Mayor Tom Laughren.
On Wednesday, March 12th, 2008, The Timmins Chamber of Commerce presented another installment of its popular Business
After Five series, featuring the Grand Opening of Jim’s Welding and Ironworks. Their new location is at 440 Algonquin Blvd
E. Unit 8 - behind National Car Rental, facing the Gillies Lake Conservation Area.
Chamber cited for
friendly welcome
*The following is an open letter to all Timmins
Chamber of Commerce Members from Mary-Lee
Boissoneau, writing on behalf of the students of
the NOSM Charter Class who completed their
clerkships in Timmins during the 2007-2008
academic year.
Dear Members of the Timmins Chamber
of Commerce:
On behalf of the Timmins group of
Northern Ontario School of Medicine
(NOSM) students, I would like to take this
opportunity to thank you for generosity and
support as we carry out our first clerkship year
as medical students here in Timmins.
The past two and a half years of attending
medical school have seen us all face challenging – and rewarding - experiences. The time
spent away from our families, the countless
hours invested in becoming skilled physicians, and the costs associated with medical
school can be quite daunting to the average
student. However, the support and generosity
demonstrated by the Members of the
Timmins Chamber of Commerce has certainly helped to ease some of this burden.
Furthermore, support from member businesses has helped NOSM students’ transition
into the community. We feel very fortunate
to be a part of your community and look forward to one day returning to provide the
much needed healthcare services to residents
of Timmins and area.
Once again, thank you for supporting the
Timmins NOSM students. Your generosity
truly makes a difference.
Mary-Lee Boissoneau, Ella Goodman,
Teresa Furtak, Jennifier Hammell, Nicole
Beauvais, Megan Messenger, Danielle
Hamilton, Zhiish McKenzie.
For a full list of office solutions check out
425 Algonquin Blvd. East 268-3000
inside business
MARCH 2008 - 11
Get in the Know at TREO 2008
May 28, 2008
Northern College
(Porcupine Campus)
- Community and business leaders
- Managers, owners and key
personnel of small and mediumsized businesses in the region
- Public sector business advisors
and resource persons
- Business consultants and
- Members of economic and
community development
- Educators and trainers
- Anyone interested in business
Event sponsors:
(to date)
The Timmins Chamber of Commerce
is pleased to host the Tenth Timmins
Regional Economic Outlook, a one-day
conference and networking opportunity.
This event is planned and designed by
business people. Its objective is to help
you identify opportunities and access the
information you need for growth,
expansion and continued success in
northeastern Ontario. Join your fellow
community and business leaders at
TREO and get the inside edge on
developments in our region’s business
Get the Inside Track: What does the future look like?
For more information and/or to view the confirmed list of
speakers, please visit www.timminschamber.on.ca
Register by
May 12th
and be entered in
our Early Bird
Registration Information
Cost to members (of a Board of Trade or Chamber of Commerce in the region) is $99.00 including GST
(Prospective member is $129.00 incl gst). Student rate is $50 incl. gst.
Fax the completed form to the Timmins Chamber of Commerce at 705-360-1193, or call 705-360-1900.
You may also e-mail the information to [email protected]
Name of Delegate _____________________________________________________________________
Business Name _______________________________________________________________________
Mailing Address ______________________________________________________________________
Phone Number ____________________E-mail ______________________________________________
Payment Options:
Please Invoice Me ____ Cheque Enclosed ____
Visa/MasterCard/AMEX _____________________________________ Exp ____/____
Signature _________________________________
Chamber Sponsors:
Northerntel Business
Your communications provider
Stay ahead
with our business Curve.
Do business
with our all-in-one fixed
price E-mail, Internet and
Voice rate plan.
Do business
with the new
BlackBerry CurveTM 8330.
To do business. Better.
Visit an authorized NorthernTel Mobility dealer.