April 2009 - Nottinghamshire County Scouts



April 2009 - Nottinghamshire County Scouts
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Your Voice on Scouting in
in brief
Help for
HE Walesby Forest Lodge
is holding an ‘Open’
meeting at Redhill Scout HQ on
Saturday 13th June to which
Scout Leaders and their
partners are invited.
The subject of the meeting
will be a talk on “Masonic
Donations to Charity”, with
particular emphasis on
identifying the needs of local
Scouting and ways in which
Masonry can assist. You may
have read Tony Harvey’s
article in Scouting Magazine
about this topic. The talk will
give a local flavour to the same
Following the talk there will
be a Buffet lunch across the
road at The Wagon & Horses at
a cost of £10 per person.
If you would like to attend,
please contact Howard Parker,
Tel: 0115 877 0875 or
[email protected]
A Booking form will be sent
to you along with details of the
sea of 36
smiley faces
from Newark
District at Czech
Friendship Exchange
Camp 2008 (Cz08),
hosted by two
CzScout Groups at
Ratbor & Planany.
This was our 8th Cz
Exchange, held every
other year since
Page 2 Awards. Outdoor Training.
Page 3 D of E. Fund Raiser. Robin Hood
Page 4 Scout Shops. Big Bounce. Can you
help? County Football Tournament.
Page 5 N & L Scout Events. Phoenix Fun
Run. 44th Nottingham. Charity Gig.
Page 6 Orienteering Competition, County
Camp. Support YOUR favourite charity.
Page 7 Galleries of Justice.
Page 8 Scout Association Campaign.
Page 9 CLIC Sargent, Caring for Cjildren
with Cancer. N.E.S.S.T. Challenge Walk.
Friendship Exchange
Camp 2008
Exchange, with
Newark hosting is
planned for 2010.
Very best wishes for
2009, and thanks for
all activities and
contacts during 2008,
much appreciated.
S c o u t i n g i n Ta n z a n i a
District Scout Leader
Phil Barlow and his
wife Elaine have been working
in Tabora Tanzania during the
Autumn and had the
opportunity to meet with the
local Scout Group in the town.
Eric Ngatunga is the Group
Leader and has been looking
for tents and camping
equipment for his group.
The Group has very little as
they experienced and it will be
a real help with the surplus
tents and equipment they are
sending over to them in the
container which is leaving the
UK at the end of April.
Included with the 14 tents
being sent is a brand new 6ft x
4ft flat bed trailer and a solar
powered fridge.
While in Tabora Elaine will
be working in the clinic helping
with the administration and also
visiting families giving them
much needed support and
advice. Phil will be building
water towers used to harvest
water from living accommodations and the local school.
Any Groups in the City or
County who would like a talk
on the project please contact
them at the number below.
Phil and Elaine Barlow - Central Notts DSL Dist Sec.
Tel 0115 9526488 07890112865
e mail - [email protected]
The Chief Scout Award
was presented by the Lord
Mayor of Nottingham to
31 Beaver Scouts, 42 Cub
Beaver Scouts
7th Nottingham Renne Hines, Sam Pacey , Harry Warnock, Megan
King .
24th Nottingham Imogen Chaplin, Harry Clifford , Rosie Gough
Beaver , Laura Matthews, Daniel Matthews, Harry
47th Nottingham Ebony Thomas.
62nd Nottingham
Edward Buddo, Anish Bagalkote, Ryan Fearn,
William Hammond, Karam Sangha , Tobias Brown ,
Taylor Mellors , Kai-Yan Lai Beaver.
64th Nottingham
Nathan Farmer Beaver , Joshua Shipman Beaver ,
Joshua Cole.
75th Nottingham
Harry Ilyk, Jonathan Lee, Bilal Qureshi.
102nd Nottingham
Harry Walker, Isobel Walker, Paige Garvin.
1st Clifton
Ruth Carver, Katie-Anne Eyston.
1st Silverdale
Myles Kennelly Beaver √
Cub Scouts
7th Nottingham
The Mayor of Rushcliffe,
Councillor Barrie Cooper,
presented Chief Scout
Awards, at the Rushcliffe
Civic Centre, to the
following recipients:-
Scouts, 19 Scouts and
three Explorer Scouts at
Stephen Lambley
39th Nottingham
Dylan Edwards Cub
48th Nottingham
Steven Rush, Sabrina Rush, Jack Swaby, Eden
Johnson, Jack Foster, Calum Ludlow, Nathan
Askew ,Daniel Fritz , Nathaniel Mills.
62nd Nottingham
Tobias Burton Rudge, Alexander Habgood,
Nicholas Randle , Phillip Randle, Shaun
Sunderland, Harry Hardy , William Foley, Sam
Towner, Reuben Lee, Tom Walton.
75th Nottingham
Alec Johnson , Alexander Connolly, Joshua Ilyk,
Gareth Ellis
124th Middleton
Thomas Dowd
124th Nottingham
Daniel McDonald, Charlie Smith, Daniel
Deadman -Corsie , Shaun Preston, Joseph Nowicki,
Lewis Banks, James English Cub, Daniel LichfieldDoyle, Oliver Dee.
1st Silverdale
Luke Bell .
1st Clifton
Kalesha Downer, Lauren Featherstone, Aaron
Carver, Adam Carver, Curtis Carnelley, Ethan
Galbraith .
1st Bingham (Aquila) Josh Kirk,
Nicholas Hood, Oliver Dyble, Abbie
Mayes, Tome Dunn, Joshua Bentley.
1st Cotgrave. Victoria Cox, Rebecca
Pick, Michael Mesham, Harry
Haywood, Charlie G Palmer.
the Nottingham High
School for Boys.
34th Nottingham
Andrew Shaker, Chris Houlton, David Barthorpe,
Matthew Wetton, John Charlton, Eamonn Lim,
Dhruva Biswas, Sam Dickinson, Josh Weir,
Christopher Brenchley, Ashley Corke, Franklyn
Richards, Bhargav Srinivasan, Henry Stothard,
Peter Hardwidge, Alexander Hodgkinson.
35th Nottingham
Tom Page, Christopher Driver.
1st Clifton
James Brocklehurst.
Explorer Aurora
Hollie Smith, Rebecca Smith, Amie Jayne Ward.
1st Kinoulton. Daniel Blackburn
1st Radcliffe on Trent (Panther Pack)
Tom Dunnington.
1st Cotgrave. Adam Haywood, Samuel
Massham, Samuel Pick, Ben Warren,
Chloe Warren.
BRONZE AWARD: Tom Ridgard of 5th Hucknall Beaver Scout Colony has gained his
Chief Scout Bronze Award.
2nd Cotgrave (Ashlea School) Lewis
2nd Cotgrave (Ashlea School) Luke
Baldwin, Emma Walker, Dominic
Jackson, Dean Riordan, James Kibble.
SILVER AWARD: Matthew Smith and
Joel North, 2nd Chilwell
Adults Rock Climbing Training
We are running a training weekend for
Rock Climbing and Hillwalking in
Derbyshire on 3rd-5th April 2009. This
course is aimed at any adult who wants
to be able to supervise single pitch rock
climbing, and will cover set ups, group
control, equipment, together with advice
on routes. This can be for Novices or
those with more experience who want to
brush up their skills.
This course will be based at a Peak
District Hostel with instruction from one
of our experienced outdoor team. There
may be the chance of being assessed
for an activity permit, depending upon
previous experience. Cost £30 including
accommodation, food & instruction.
adult who wants to get to Terrain One
Standard, and will cover navigation,
group control, and equipment together
with advice on routes. This course will
be based at a Peak District Hostel with
instruction from one of our experienced
outdoor team. There may be the chance
of being assessed for an activity permit,
depending upon previous experience.
Cost £30 including accommodation,
food & instruction.
With the credit crunch affecting us all,
here are a few local outdoor retail
outlets that offer Discounts, if you know
of any others let us know and we will
update this list:
Cotswold Outdoor
Quote N2053 for a 15% discount, larger
discounts for large orders
Blacks & Milletts
Various stores in Nottingham, Blacks in
Victoria Centre or St James Street
10% Discount on showing membership
Castle Outdoors
Maid Marian Way, Nottingham
10% Discount on showing membership
Desperate Measures
39-41 Trent Boulevard, West Bridgford,
Nottingham, East Midlands, NG2 5BB
Mail order hotline: 0115 981 6815
Canoe & Kayak retailer, 15% discount
for leaders when showing membership
card, larger orders attract larger
discounts depending upon
Castle Buildings
Adults Hillwalking Training Weekend Castle Boulevard, Notts, NG7 1SA
We are running a training weekend for 0115 957 6890
hillwalking in Derbyshire on 3rd – 5th
April 2009. This course is aimed at any
Contact County Resource Centre for
Copy date for the next edition of Bivouacmore
is information
May 22nd
if required.
LL Assessors for D of E Expeditions at Bronze,
Silver & Gold must now be accredited with the D of
E HQ at Windsor. For us in Scouting we are being allowed
a transition year in 2009 so that we can get all our assessors
trained and accredited for the 2010 expedition season.
All assessors will be required to work through eInduction http://www.dofetraining.org/induction/content.
html at the end of which is a test. A mark in excess of 80%
is required to pass and a certificate can then be printed out.
You need to allow a good hour to work through this audio/
visual presentation. Please keep the certificate safe as you
will need to show it before going on to the next stage which
is that all assessors for Bronze, Silver & Gold expeditions
will then need to complete two courses, each lasting a day.
The first of these is the ‘Introduction to the D of E Award’
which will include information relating to Scouting. We all
have to complete this course irrespective of the number of
years we might have been involved with the Award. I have
completed the course myself and can say that I found it
quite useful as there have been a number of changes to the
Award recently and these are covered in detail.
The 2nd course we all then need to complete is the
Expedition Assessor Accreditation Course and then, if you
wish to assess in Wild Country for Gold (or Silver) there is
an additional online module. All assessors will then have a
‘supported assessment’ for part of a practice or qualifying
expedition. On successful completion of this training a
certificate will be issued giving accreditation for 5 years
and you will be supplied with an ID card. Revalidation will
be available after 5 years.
I attended a Train the Trainer course at Gilwell in
January and will be assisting with provision of the 2
training courses which will be arranged at Regional level
with input from Gilwell and the Award Training
Department. It is expected that these will initially be run in
all Regions between April and July 2009.
For Nottinghamshire the supported assessments will be
carried out by Steve Cree and myself. We both expect to
attend training courses for this in the next couple of months.
To help us in planning our diaries could all leaders
please inform me of the dates of all practice and
qualifying expeditions to be held during this coming
year ASAP.
When you are an accredited assessor you will be able to
assess expeditions for any other Operating Authority as
well as within Scouting.
Our Hillwalking Permit scheme still applies so if you
wish to assess in terrain 1 or 2 you still need to apply in the
usual way.
20 Conditions for D of E Expeditions
The D of E Award Office are emphasising that there are
20 Conditions which must be met by every team
undertaking an expedition. They can be found at
http://www.dofe.org/en/content/cms/Doing your D of
E your D of E programme/Sections/Expedition 20
conditions 20 conditions aspx. Please look at these now.
Although many of them have applied in the past we have
had some flexibility in their implementation however, from
now on, if we wish to diverge from any of the Conditions
we have to apply for a variation through Gilwell at least 12
weeks before the start of the expedition.
I need to highlight two of these Conditions which have
frequently not been adhered to in the past:
Expedition Aims (Condition 4)
I often get books submitted, particularly for Bronze and
Silver Expeditions, where the aim given is “completion of a
successful journey”. This is not now adequate. Please see
the link on the County website
for ideas.
Planned activity (Condition 18)
‘You must do the minimum hours of planned daily
activity for your D of E level’. The daily requirements are:
Bronze: At least 6 hrs during daylight (at least 3 of
which must be spent journeying)
Silver: At least seven hours during daylight (at least 3.5
of which must be spent journeying)
Gold: At least eight hours during daylight (at least 4 of
which must be spent journeying)
It is not now acceptable to have a shortened first day
and longer subsequent days
AWARDS GAINED Congratulations to:
Gemini ESU, Central Notts
Kieran Betts
Ben Kelley
Natalie Scott
Lewis Walker
West Bridgford ESU
Helen Eagle
Rachel Vojvodic
Mansfield ESU
Katie Pepper
34th Nottingham ESU
Alexander Aldred
Stuart Wells
For further information on any aspects of the
Award please contact:
David B Henson, County DofE Award Adviser,
[email protected]
or contact the CRC for my address/telephone
Experian Robin Hood Festival of Running
Sunday 13 September 2009
Volunteers Required must be over 16 years
Time - Between 9 am and 3.30 pm
Goody Bag Stuffing on
Wednesday 9th September 10am – 4pm
Thursday 10th September 10am – 4 pm
Friday 11th September 10am – 4pm
If you can help
Please contact
Rachel Broughton
190 Bagnall Road,
Nottingham NG6 8SF
0115 924 0800
eventsandconferences @headway.org.uk
24th Nottingham (Cavendish) Hucknall Road, Sherwood, Nottingham
Open every Wednesday evening 6-8 pm during term time. Second Saturday in every month (except August) 10 am – 3 pm
Thursday and Friday — Evenings by appointment
Telephone Jenny 07711345986 or 0115 926 7830
Full range of uniforms, record cards, paper work, certificates, woggles and 2007 memorabilia in stock.
Camping equipment books, etc. to order. Come and see what we have, tell us what you would like us to stock.
Compare our prices
County Scouts Football Tournament
Winners of the
County Scouts
3rd Woodthorpe
of Central Notts
pictured with
Explorer Scout
leader Richard
Nottinghamshire Scouts Charity Shop
Could you help?
Can you help?
Do you . . .
Enjoy meeting new people?
Like working in a happy environment?
Have some time to spare?
Want to make a difference
Want to find an easy way to give
something back to Scouting?
If you have answered yes to at least one of the above then it’s you
we are looking for!
We are looking for volunteers to give some time to work in the
Scout Charity Shop on Mansfield Road, Sherwood.
We would like the shop to open Monday to Saturday 10 a.m. until
4 p.m. but we can’t do that without your help.
If you have any time available and you would be willing to work
with the shop team during opening hours then please get in touch
with the County Office and they will pass your contact details on
to us.
Making the difference for Scouting
in Nottinghamshire
County Office: Telephone 0115 9523617.
E-mail: [email protected]
Nottinghamshire Scouts Charity Shop
Hire our electric Go - Karts for your Beaver Scouts
or Cub Scouts on your next activity night
They are ideal as an outdoor activity throughout the summer months.
Our karts are designed to be used by children from 3 - 10 years old.
Their top speed is 6 mph, so they’re nice and safe. We can organise
sessions at your local campsite –
Sherbrooke, Calverton - Hollygate, Cotgrave Walesby, Ollerton - Drum Hill, Derby,
Abel Wood, Ravenshead - Robin Hood, Mansfield
Or any other suitable venue (indoors or out)
We bring everything to make your session safe and enjoyable, which
includes four electric karts,
an inflatable safety barrier
and two trained operators. All
you do is turn up and relax.
We look after everything
Why not take advantage of
one of our special deals
below –
Summer go-karting session
Approx length 2 hours (ideal for 10 – 20 children)
Price - £100
What’s included? Booking of venue; Full safety briefing; 1½ hours of
karting; Organised races if required; A medal for the winner(s)
Deluxe go-karting session
Approx length 3 hours (ideal for up to 30 children)
Price - £130
What’s included? Booking of venue; Full safety briefing; 2 hours of
karting; Organised races if required; A medal for the winner(s);
Bouncy castle (to keep the kids entertained when they’re not racing)
Driving standards session
Approx length 3 hours (ideal for up to 20 children)
Price £120
What’s included? Booking of venue; Full safety briefing; 2 hours of
driving instruction which includes:
Reverse parking, obstacle avoidance, overtaking, etc.
We can even organise a 17 seat scout minibus (with seat belts), at a
very reasonable rate, to pick you up if you’re struggling on transport.
To book your session call Matt or Lou at Big Bounce on
0115 952 6678 or 07743 493 439
or visit our website – www.big-bounce.co.uk
Uniform :: Publications :: Souvenirs :: Scarves and Woggles
Stationery :: No P & P 10% discount
Items as per catalogue or see website
Orders to be collected. :: No credit
Margaret Nurse — Tel 0115 9235408
[email protected]
Around the grounds of
Elvaston Castle Country Park
Sunday 17th May 2009 @ 11am
It’s a 2.2 mile circular route. Run,
jog or just walk!!
£3 per entry. Why not take part in fancy dress?
Entrants collect sponsors on behalf of their
group / unit
For more information including entry and
sponsorship forms go to
Website www.phoenixscoutnetwork.co.uk
Email [email protected]
Call 07929637279
Nottinghamshire & Leicestershire Scout
Councils (N&L Scout Events or Youth
Fundays) in partnership with The Merlin Group
have created a discounted hassle-free
alternative to arranging a day out for youth
organizations and their families and friends.
The tickets when purchased through us not
only give money to Scouting but also are
always cheaper than the Group rate at the
0115 952 3617 OR 0116 277 8998
44th Nottingham
(Basford) Scouts
Air Rifle Shooting
Booking available for Thursday evenings.
Shoot Nights :: Master At Arms Badges
All sessions run by NSRA Instructors (National Smallbore Rifle
Please email [email protected] for further information
and bookings
Nottinghamshire Scouts
County Camp 2009
Welcome to Hollywood
Walesby Forest Scout Centre
1st – 4th May 2009
Beaver Bugs Life Day
Sunday 3rd May 2009
For a fun packed themed weekend
Bigger & better activities, arena events.
Five Themed Sub Camps.
ottinghamshire Scouts, in
partnership with Nottingham
Orienteering Club held their annual Scout
Orienteering competition at Walesby
Forest Scout Camp.
The event was well represented by
Scouts and Explorers from the county.
5th Mansfield Sea Scouts swept the
board in the Scouts and Explorer
categories, winning both team categories.
Scout Luke Williams and Explorer James
Lowe also won their individual sections.
Former Nottinghamshire Chief
Constable Steve Green is Chairman of
Nottingham Orienteering Club. His son
Matthew (14) was attached to 5th
Mansfield for the morning to mentor
newcomers to the sport. He was very
impressed by their ability and enthusiasm,
encouraging the team to attend local open
Young People £15.00 Adults £7.50
Beavers £5.00
For more information, contact the County office
0115 9523617 [email protected]
Scout O 2008:
Luke Williams (Left)
and James Lowe
Scout O 2008
team (below): The
5th Mansfield Sea
Scouts and
Explorers with their
Help support YOUR favourite Charity
ET Mansfield & District Scouts and
the Rotary Club of Ravenshead
organise a fund raising event for you to
raise money for your favourite Charity.
On May 9th 2009 we will be holding
our fourth Byron Challenge Walk.
The Byron Challenge Walk, starts
and finishes at the Ravens Lodge
(Scout Headquarters) (GR 566554), and
takes place in the beautiful rolling
countryside around Lord Byron’s
ancestral home of Newstead Abbey.
The walk is fully marshalled with
refreshments available.
All you need to do is enter; we will
send you a sponsorship pack and more
details. You then obtain as many
sponsors as possible; a trophy is
available for the individual or team
raising the most sponsorship.
Eighty percent of the
sponsorship you raise will go to your
own Charity.
The remaining 20% will go to the
rebuilding fund for the Robin Hood
Camping and Outdoor Activity Centre.
Over the past three events Charities
have received over £13,000 from those
that have taken part in the event. This
year it could be you!
Entry fees are £6 or for a group of 4
walkers it is just £10. If you decide to
give 100% of the money raised to the
Robin Hood Camping and Outdoor
Activity Centre the entry is FREE.
For an entry pack please call Paul
Craddock on Mansfield 467704 or
e-mail [email protected]
Closing date for entries is May 1st
2009, so get your entry pack now.
Happy fund raising!
Special Group Offers
Ask about our special offers for all
Scouts, Guides, Beavers, Brownies
and Cub Packs
Court & Condemned
Take part in a trial before being sent
down into the prison to meet the
Ghosts &
Gallows Tour
Get the heebie jeebies by taking a
tour through the most haunted
building in the UK!
City of Caves Tour
Explore the dark depths
of these tunnels and meet
real cave dwellers from
the past.
Galleries of Justice Museum
The Lace Market, Nottingham
Contact Helen for more details: 0115 952 0555
[email protected]
The Scout Association
Gilwell Park Chingford London E4 7QW Tel + 44 (0)20 8433 7100 Fax + 44 (0)20 8433 7103
email [email protected] www.scouts.org.uk
Patron HM The Queen President HRH The Duke of Kent Founder Robert Baden-Powell OM Chief Scout Peter Duncan
Incorporated by Royal Charter Charity No. 306101
The Story So Far….
If this is the first briefing you have received relating to
changes in surface water drainage charges, you may wish to
look at the November briefing, which can be found here.
In November, we asked members to fill in a survey to
give us a better understanding of the impact that changes in
surface water charges would have on Scout Groups across
the country.
Reporting Back on our Survey…
Thank you to everyone who filled in the survey. Almost 300
Groups responded to highlight the impacts these charges
are having and will have on our Movement. A third of
respondents have premises 650m2 or above, meaning they
fall into the highest bracket for the rateable value of surface
water drainage. Just over half (54%) of respondents also
have a car park, while the vast majority (82%) have some
surrounding space. These could both increase the area that
these Groups are charged for, further increasing costs.
At present only 20% of Groups who responded have
already had some form of charges levied. These Groups
have reported an increase in water costs of between £60
and £600 a year, representing between 1% and 25% of their
overall budgets. For example, 1st Weston and Weston Point
Scout Group in Cheshire are now being charged £564 per
annum by United Utilities, which, when added to their
metered water charges, accounts for around one third of
their total annual budget.
It is also not just Scout buildings that will be affected by
these charges with sports clubs, village halls and religious
buildings also affected. Penrith RUFC has seen its annual
water costs rise from almost £700 to over £4,000 per annum,
and St Luke’s Church, North Thornaby will see costs soar
from £70 to well over £600.
In our survey over two thirds of respondents had not
heard about the charges. Whilst some water companies
have not introduced charges yet, this could mean Groups
are paying these costs or unaware of the need to budget for
them. OFWAT, the Water Regulator, has ordered that all
water companies will have to introduce these charges by
2010 so all Groups will have to pay them eventually.
We also asked Members about measures they could
take to deal with the cause of charges such as soakaways
and rainwater recycling. Many Groups would take action to
improve the environmental impact of their buildings.
• Over half could have a soakaway dug. The main
reasons given for this not being possible (39%) were a
lack of space and the cost.
• 88% would consider rainwater recycling, but many
said the cost of putting in such a system and the space
needed was prohibitive. Furthermore, some Scout
buildings are not used for long periods over holidays,
meaning that capacities would have to be very high, or
rainwater would have to overflow, possibly incurring a
cost once again.
What we are doing now
The Scout Association Public Affairs and Campaigns Team
have been working with MPs and the Government to raise
concerns about the impact of these charges on community
groups. We are delighted to say that the Department for the
Environment has now confirmed they are looking again at
this issue and the guidelines that OFWAT have issued.
We will ensure that the information gained in our survey is
shared with DEFRA and will be meeting with the Minister
responsible on behalf of our Members shortly. We also want
to make sure all MPs know about the impact of these
charges on community organisations so that they can add
their voice to calling for the charges to be removed and for
help for groups to make their properties more
environmentally friendly.
How you can help
Please help us by writing to your MP to ask them to raise this
matter with DEFRA and calling for these charges to be
scrapped. We have drafted a sample letter that you can send
via email here. This will automatically send your email to
your local MP. If you would rather write your own letter you
may wish to include the following points:
• An overview of what the charges are.
• The cost implication of these charges for your Group
along with the percentage of your total budget this
• What sort of activities may have to be scaled back in
order to cover the increased costs.
• The fundraising that you already do and the
challenge that meeting the additional cost would present.
• The willingness of Groups to act to improve the
environmental impact of their buildings through using
soakaways or rainwater recycling.
• Ask your MP to take the case to Jane Kennedy, the
Minister for Farming and the Environment within DEFRA.
You can find out who your local MP is and how to
contact them here.
We now have over 100 members signed up to help
campaign on this issue - if you want to join our campaign
please email [email protected] to receive campaign
updates. On behalf of The Scout Association I would like to
thank you for your help – together we can and we are
making a difference through this campaign.
Stella Creasy, Head of Public Affairs and Campaigns
The Scout Association 020 8433 7215
[email protected]
Get your kids to ‘Kick for Children
with Cancer’ this season
One Day
Opportunities in
LIC SARGENT is urging families to
pull on their shooting boots this
season and get involved in fun football
fundraising events to raise money for
children and young people with
The charity is encouraging young
fans of the beautiful game to take part
in its nationwide fundraiser, ‘Kick for
Children with Cancer’. Schools and
youth clubs can sign up and organise
fun events like sponsored penalty
shoot outs or fancy dress matches.
“Every kick goes a long way to
help families living with childhood
cancer,” says Danny Burke, the
charity’s Football Events Manager. “If
you have a football-crazy child or
perhaps teach or coach a youth team
then do get involved. Taking part is
easy and your child’s school or club
can choose to keep 25% of any
money raised.”
To find out more information
about CLIC Sargent’s Kick for Children
with Cancer 2009 campaign, or to
sign-up, visit www.clicsargent.org.uk/
football or call 08451 20 22 32
O you want to be involved in
something special? Something big?
Something to REALLY put Nottingham on
the map?
Why not help us by volunteering to
either marshal, help out at the end or do
goody bag stuffing for the Experian Robin
Hood Festival of Running? It aims to be
the biggest and best event the UK has to
offer and really will be a carnival
atmosphere on the day!
CLIC Sargent, the UK’s leading
children’s cancer charity, have been
fortunate enough to be chosen as one of
the official charities for the run. Could you
help us by volunteering?
Marshal volunteers — Sunday 13
September 2009
If you can volunteer for just one day
we would be delighted if you would help at
this event. We need 80 volunteers on
Sunday 13 September, 60 will be along
the route helping with directions (you must
be over the age of 18 to volunteer to be a
marshal on most parts of the course,
although on some parts you can be 16 or
over if with suitable adult supervision) and
20 at the finish line, giving out goody bags
(we welcome volunteers of 14 plus for this
opportunity). Timings depend on which
section you get allocated. The longest time
you will be needed for is from early
morning to around 3pm.
No experience is necessary and full
briefings will be given to all volunteers. For
more information and to volunteer please
contact Dee on 0113 2307902 or dee.
[email protected]
Goody bag stuffing volunteers — 9
September 2009
Join fundraisers from the official
charities, including CLIC Sargent to help
fill 12,000 runners’ goody bags to be given
out at the finish line. If you can volunteer
for the morning, the afternoon or for all day
you will be very welcome to help stuff
these bags. Goody bag stuffing will take
place between 9:30am and 4pm.
No experience is necessary and we
welcome help from anyone or any
organisation. Stuffing will take place at the
marathon start point on the embankment
in Nottingham.
For more information or to volunteer
please contact Dee on 0113 2307902 or
[email protected]
N Saturday 17th January
2009, over 750 Leaders,
Explorers, Scouts, Guides,
Cubs and Beavers took part in the
19th N.E.S.S.T. Challenge Walk and
Ramble organised by the
Nottinghamshire Emergency Scout
Support Team at Walesby Forest. The
first walk commenced at midday with
170 Beavers, Leaders and Parents
taking a gentle stroll around Walesby
stopping half way for hot dogs and
drinks. Later on in the afternoon 210
Cubs commenced their walk which
was five miles taking in local footpaths
around the site boundary. The Cub
Walk finished around 18.00hrs after
which a sausage and fish supper was
served in the Sherwood Lodge. The
sun shone ‘briefly’ with rain appearing
mid afternoon ensuring some walkers
got a little wet. Everybody arrived
back in good spirits!
weather in the early part of the
evening, we had more than normal
dropping out however; all walkers
were home by 06.00 Sunday morning.
On behalf of the organisers, I
would like to thank everyone who
took part especially the 80 plus staff
as without them we would not be able
to continue this popular scouting
event. I look forward to meeting you
all again next year at our
2 0 t h
2010. We will have special routes for
all walkers and discounts available for
groups that have supported us over
the last few years. Further information
will be available shortly.
1st Warrior ESU
2 1st Nuthall Leaders
3 SHU FMC Elite / SHU Fell Walking
& Mountaineering Club
At 18.00hrs the night hike
commenced with over 400 entrants
walking over two routes around
Sherwood Pines, Vicars Water,
Clipstone, Sherwood Forest,
Edwinstowe, Rufford and Ollerton.
Checkpoints were provided
throughout by very enthusiastic
Scouters offering snacks and hot
drinks to those in need! The night was
eventually dry but only after the
biggest downfall of rain which we
have ever encountered on one of our
night hikes. This helped keep
everyone on the move. Due to the
1 2 East Leake Scouts
2nd 2nd Mansfield Scouts A Team
3rd Six Blokes and a couple of Birds
20th N.E.S.S.T
Challenge Walk – 23rd
January 2010
Application forms will be available in
September 2009